Shabd (2005) Movie Script

London, saturday, Nov 14, 1998
And the Booker Prize for this year goes
to Mr. Shaukat vashist for Mindscape.
Ordinary is not for shaukat.
Mindscape! Bold adventures.
Shaukat gives language a new dimension.
- And I myself will change it
You might think I'm joking,
but I have no words to say
Words have got where they had to.
I begin this journey afresh
I will now pen a new saga with words.
I forgot to say... thank you
We will wait for your next book
Mumbai, Wednesday, March 15, 2001
Time stands still.
Lack of experience in shaukat's book.
- Experiences matter. Not more or less
shaukat runs out of words
at a crucial point
That's what I'm saying
It's too far from reality
But it's not a fantasy.
so you tell me what's real!
What is reality?
Words sound hollow because they
aren't related to real-life
We have this habit
of kidding ourselves
I write not for the sake of writing.
I write, so I can live
I will write, keep writing. I will
prove that my characters are not fakes
Lies! Just a pack of lies!
I'm ready Antara.
- As usual
shaukat, this evening why don't we...?
- I'm ready to write
A new novel! I see!
Just help it this.
Guess what? At the college...
- It's going to be fun again
I'll once again live and die
with my characters
In an altogether different world
I wish you could experience
the high too
What are you calling it?
And what's the subject?
Look at this! The silly laundryman!
He can't even iron clothes properly!
Why does this happen, Antara?
No one has any passion for his work!
They'll do anything silly
Is a job meant to be just a job...?
- You were telling me about the novel
Don't be afraid. I will
not say anything to Ramakant
In any case, I don't have much to
tell you about the novel today
But I'll surely start writing today.
- After two years?
So what must I wear?
You tell me what I should wear!
After two years.
But the beginning will be made today
coming, sir!
What's this?
Who has done this?
I have. Looks good, doesn't it?
- Please forgive her, sir
It's her first day at work.
- Why're you asking for forgiveness?
She's my wife. Her mistake
is my mistake
He's right. I'm willing to apologise
too, but what wrong have I done?
She asked me to clean the place,
and I did. So what's wrong with that?
She didn't know,
it's her first day at work
The next time there's a mistake...
- There won't be!
But if I could at least know
what wrong I have done?
Actually, Rajni...
- I'll explain!
If someone plants a vessel in
place of a pan on the stove...
and a cooker in place of a pan...
how would you react?
Antara, shut the door
while you go
Rajni, let things be as
they are in the study
Just sweep and mop the floor.
Nothing else. You get that?
You mean I let the mess remain...?
- C'mon
When something goes wrong in my
kitchen, I scold even my husband
Listen... you scold your husband?
- Yes. If he makes a mistake
And who decides whose
mistake it is?
Good morning, Walrus Publications.
- Can I speak to Mrs. Bose please.
Hi Meera! How're you?
Dissatisfied, as usual...?
This is shaukat vashist here.
I'm starting my next book today
You'll get to know about the subject
when the time arrives, Mrs Bose
I'm not Mrs Bose.
- So where is Mrs Bose?
Mrs Bose is not in
the office right now
Mrs. Bose is not in the office.
All right. Tell her that shaukat
had called. She'll be delighted
The goddamned world!
How people change!
Nobody has been able to
understand women. Have I...?
This time, I'll write
the story of a woman
Why not.
Her heart, her wishes...
not torn by relationships...
about the woman and her story.
Who is she?
- What is it?
Why're you scared?
- I'm not scared!
You've worked here for years
and you're still so scared
He's not going to eat you up!
How'll he write then?
Wait... you don't understand!
- And you've grown old before your time
The boss will be angry if
he's disturbed. Stay here
Take this. And remain standing here
A woman... with big,
expressive eyes...
or small, mischievous eyes?
Hair that is all in knots,
or finely combed...?
A serious, straight face?
Or a face with a sparking smile?
From across the seven seas?
Or a desire to go across the seven seas?
Tamanna (Desire)
Hi, Tamanna!
I'm shaukat.
Will you go with me?
Let's get together and write
your story. Let's see what happens
Tamanna. Nice name
Tamanna, where are you going?
I asked you to go with me...
and you're walking far ahead.
Where're you leading me to?
On a new journey...? Great!
Is there something you
want to say to me?
What do you like? Are you happy?
Sad...? Or just plain annoyed?
What do you expect from life?
Ladyfinger, gourd, beans... what are
you going do with so many vegetables?
Don't worry. You won't have to cook.
You can take off
Rajni's not scared of cooking. But
there ought to be someone to eat it
Look at this...
Why haven't you eaten?
- Did I ask you why you're late?
You were checking the exam papers,
I know
Don't you know? I lose all sense
of time when I'm writing?
Will you help me in the kitchen?
I wonder how you get such
nice ideas in your mind
It's so difficult to express freely.
I wouldn't even be able to tell someone
about my own life, if I were asked to
That's because you don't try.
- Try?
No matter what I do, I wouldn't be
able to write a single line
And they such nasty things.
- Who're they?
I don't know about getting real,
but what you write is really very nice
When they have to write themselves,
they will know...
how difficult it is to
write about real things
Your new book is going
to silence them all
Will it make you happy
if they're silenced?
If you're happy, I'm happy.
- Not my happiness. Talk about yours
What makes you happy?
- Me...?
Yes Antara vashist.
What makes you happy.
Don't laugh, answer me
It makes you happy.
I've never thought about it.
- So think now, Antara. Think!
Does cooking give you happiness?
Or prayer...?
Cooking is like a prayer.
Or like a therapy.
Well, have you ever done something
you shouldn't have done?
Yes, several times...
- I don't mean arguments, fights...
or coming home late and so on
something bigger Antara.
Something that has changed your life?
- Life?
Didn't marriage make you regret that
you couldn't do all those things...
you might otherwise have done?
- Regret? Marrying you?
Don't you miss your folks
and your father's house?
Don't you want to start all over again.
No. I'm just like
any other girl out there, shaukat...
why're you trying to
look for a story in me?
Don't you feel like looking at yourself
other than from my eyes?
If you met someone who said, there's
no one like you. What would you do?
Has someone said that to you?
They're scared, aren't they?
- Who?
- What does that mean?
If I were your student,
I'd give you a rose everyday
Hasn't anyone given you a rose so far?
- No. I wouldn't accept, even if he did
Why not?
- Because it's wrong
Because I'm a lecturer
and they're my students
Wasn't I your lecturer too?
That's a different story.
You're elder to me
But what if I were younger?
Then you'd have been
my husband, the professor
Is it wrong to be younger?
No. For me, it's wrong to accept
a rose from anyone other than you
Because I love you very much, shaukat
I love you very much.
Yes... I've found my subject
No, no... it's forbidden
This thing that is forbidden
is going to be my theme
Nobody likes restrictions
And that which is forbidden,
you begin to gradually like
The more you want to give
your relationship a description...
it gets stronger and stronger
Wouldn't you want a relationship like
that one...? Tell me, Tamanna
You'll want a relationship
that sates your hunger
A relationship that someone
else does not accept
The beginning. Two years later
Thanks Tamanna.
"The body is just an excuse"
"It's in soul
that we have to merge"
"Ever since I have held your hand..."
"I feel I hold the reins
of the world"
"A new story of love
is now beginning..."
"all distances are being bridged,
the chasm is vanishing"
"There's something happening
in which words are lost..."
"in the deep meaning of it all"
"I have loved you
with all my heart..."
"permit me, my love,
that I may go to flounder"
"freeze these moments of love
in time..."
"arrest these moments,
they're about to go by"
"Never before was there so much
of youthfulness in the air..."
"it appears to be
a new world to me"
"There shall be more
of these wonderful times..."
"forever, tugging
at two loving hearts"
They'll give you a fragrance
all day
I hope you have a nice day too.
- I will
The story will surely pick up
tempo today
And I will set out
on a strange journey
Wish me luck.
All the best.
I'm sure a beginning
will be made today
Tamanna, I've promised Antara that
my story will pick up tempo today
The first twist in my story
is about love
Try loving someone, Tamanna.
The lanes will appear to be like clouds
Here on earth, you will be able
to reach out to the skies
It's time you flew with someone,
Tamanna. You must at least try!
Excuse me.
Close your eyes and the fragrance
disappears. So keep your eyes closed
I'll ask my question later.
- It's okay. What is it?
Staff room.
You're a new arrival in the college?
- Yes
Dr Tripathi, the students' counsellor,
is not in the staff room
But where is the staff room?
As I said, you will find
Dr Tripathi in his office
Okay, now miss...
- Antara.
Staff room.
You will find Dr Tripathi
in his office
Gotcha! Gotcha!
Will you marry me.
- What!
That's what they say
in such a situation
What's wrong with you.
You jerk, you...
Hi Antara.
What's this...?
One man on another?
No, Ma'am. He's sitting on me.
And I'm a teacher here
What? You're a teacher...?
Yash! Photography.
Get out of here.
Sorry madam.
It's okay.
Watch out these guys.
Get out from here.
What are you doing here? Get going!
Well come to collage professor Yash.
But how about the staff room...?
I gave you your freedom, didn't I?
And yet, why're you so lonely Tamanna?
What are you afraid of, Tamanna?
There is no bond of relationships.
You are free... absolutely free
There's just no discipline nowadays
Hi! Miss Kapadia.
A bit to the right, to the left...
Thank you very much.
Sorry for trouble guys.
I'm not a student. I'm a teacher
I'm Bhargava.
Let that handshake be.
Your hand is bandaged
My hand has healed long ago.
- So have it cut
Excuse me...?!
- No, the bandage
Old company. I've sort of
fallen in love with it
see how difficult it is?
It takes so much of energy!
Know what? Let's share.
You, your lunch-box. I, my jokes
There used to be a sardar...
won't you laugh?
- It makes everyone laugh. No...?
One second please.
Mr Bhargav, want to listen to a joke?
- Sure, go ahead!
There was this sardar...
What do you mean he was?
Okay, maybe not a sardar.
How about ourselves?
"But we're lecturers,
we mustn't be seen laughing..."
I hope you don't suffer
from those notions?
What are you up to?
- Excuse me?
Now tell me, how did the two of you
meet for the first time?
You must've met before your marriage,
isn't it? So how did you meet?
Shouldn't we have met?
- No, that's not...
I know, you don't like me.
You want me to go back
I know, you've tolerated my husband
for years...
and you're now wondering who the
hell is this new chatterbox
Whatever happens,
we've taken the vows
We'll live together
through thick and thin
Why isn't your name Basanti?
- What's wrong with Rajni?
And Rajni's not leaving.
- All I asked is how you met...
how you fell in love?
- Love...?
Father said there was a suitor
for me, who lived in the city
I said I wouldn't marry a drunkard. But
father was told, he doesn't even smoke
I had a friend who moved to
Bombay after her marriage
14 people slept together in
a room on the first night
My father said my suitor had a room
of his own. So we got married
Will you have some tea...?
What is it?
Senior Master...?
- Why do you call me senior Master?
Because the junior must
soon be on his way
You talk too much!
- But I only offered him tea
Excuse me Yash.
I mean... sir.
Sir, I wish to join
your classes in photography
Hi, I'm Karishma.
I wished to show you my photographs.
Actually, I'm a student of fine arts
I'll look at all your photographs.
Okay? Bye!
Monday morning, 9 O'clock.
He is so cute.
Antara... lovely name!
Who gave you that name?
Must've been your Mom. Only
women can think of such lovely names
Did you have something to say?
- Yes, but I forget what it was
Give me a smile before you leave.
- Why?
I don't know why! Give me a smile,
like you did this morning
This is the first time I've had
such a strange request
You've met me for the first time too.
- What meaningless...
so let's laugh because there isn't
anything to laugh about! What say?
Like, there was this sardar...
sorry madam.
Thank you.
I've fallen in love!
Will macaroni and cheese do?
With tomato and parsley!
A new lecturer arrived at the
college today. His name is Yash
from his looks and behaviour, no one can
say whether he's a student or a teacher
I've never seen a lecturer
like him, shaukat
Trendy clothes, a rucksack,
his left hand in a plaster...
his fracture has healed, but he
hasn't taken the bandage off
You should have seen.
What didn't that plaster have!
It was like some kind of artwork!
He tried to make me laugh all day...
- C'mon, What interesting.
He had no shame or inhibitions!
No one has ever screamed "Antara" at me
And that too, from a distance
of 500 meters!
He kept yelling away! The insolent!
- Insolent...?
Maybe he's bowled over by you.
- Rubbish, shaukat! Bowled over indeed!
Why can't someone be
bowled over by you?
I'm a married woman. And if he's
still smitten by me...
he's a terribly insolent guy
You are sounding like my mother.
But that's how I am.
You know, shaukat...
ever since I've got married,
I don't like it if anyone...
tries to get intimate with me.
- How'd he know you're married?
He simply took a liking to you.
So how's the poor guy at fault?
All right, the poor guy's
not at fault
I'll clear his misgivings tomorrow
and bring him back to his senses
Instead of bring him back to his
senses, why don't you befriend him?
You're scared like Tamanna.
It's just a friendship, Antara
- Why not?
I don't like the idea.
- How about another?
I don't need to make friends
with another man
Is it because you're married?
- It's because I'm happy with my life
That's because you haven't lived
life any other way
You haven't called out to anyone from
one end of the corridor to the other
Because you consider all that wrong.
Only because you're married
Meet people with an open mind, Antara.
And see what happens
You're scared, aren't you?
- Of whom?
You're afraid Yash will make
you do things...
Mrs shaukat vashist
shouldn't be doing
Let go Antara.
Let go.
You're in love with me, aren't you?
- Don't you believe that?
I do, but maybe you don't.
Because you're afraid
Of falling in love.
- That will never happen
If you keep running away from people,
it'll never happen
But the real test is to meet people,
mingle with them... and prove it
Help me out Antara.
I'm writing the story of a woman,
and I'm up against a dead-end
I need a bit of support
I've got to go to my class.
If Lalaji had seen you laugh, he'd
have been amused at his foolishness
If I keep laughing at Lalaji's antics,
the students will laugh at me
They won't have any respect for me.
- You're a fashion teacher...
all this stuff about respect
is meant for the archives
Being punctual is respectful, right?
- There you are. The perfect teacher!
Laughter. How would
Tamanna's laughter be?
What sort of laughter...?
A sparkling laughter.
What makes you laugh so much, Tamanna?
Is someone making you laugh?
Who is he?
So you've found someone?
Who is he, Tamanna?
You never let me see your face.
At least show me his
Hi, Yash.
I'm shaukat
Welcome to shaukat's world.
Everything here is decided by shaukat.
You'll only be going through the motions
Everything's for real.
Because real is what they want
so you really exist.
In shaukat's story
Not just in Antara's life, you will
also be part of my story henceforth
How do you find Tamanna?
- Thank you.
Looks like I'll have to pay
your mother a visit soon
I've been eating the food she cooks
and haven't even thanked her
It's not fair.
When can I drop in to say thanks?
By the way, don't you cook?
My mother doesn't cook either.
It's Rajni, my maid. She cooks for us
Where's your mother...?
Mother! Where are you?
My mother's very far away
I'm glad she's far away!
She's always asking me to get married.
- So get married
Good God!
- What happened?
My landlady's daughter!
The landlady has a crush on me!
Mother sent this. She said it's not
nice for you to ask someone for food
sorry, I'll ask her for the food today.
Maybe tomorrow. Okay?
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
And tell your mother not to worry
about me. I've grown up now
- Bye.
What's wrong with her?
- I like someone else
Her hair...
short, this much. She has very
mischievous eyes...
they're always conveying something.
She's still very child-like...
and it shows every now and then
I feel like just looking at her...
just looking at her...
What else?
- What else? She just can't laugh!
When she laughs, it sounds as if
she's splashing a pail of water!
Can you think of a girl like that?
Yash, today is your lucky day.
Want me to tell you a joke?
- Joke...? Ofcourse.
There was this sardar...
- There was this sardar...
Okay, Lalaji...
If the very idea of a joke
can make you laugh so much...
which idiot wants to listen to a joke?
It's your laughter I'm interested in
You're falling in love.
You are, Yash...
you must! The story has
to move further, you see?
Guess how Lalaji ties
his laces, Antara?
Check this out.
Very funny.
Can't you do without laughing loudly?
I'm checking the papers!
Sorry, hope we didn't disturb you?
- Yes, you did.
I didn't expect this from you, Antara
They can hear you laughing
out there in the corridor!
Oh my God.
Sorry sir.
- It's okay.
Antara, she is right.
Antara, what did you eat
for breakfast...
that you can be heard laughing
at the end of the corridor?
It's your joke that's special, Yash.
We never heard her laughing like that
Am I right, Mr Bose?
Oh my God, Miss. Kapadia.
You are only too fair.
You give all the credit only to
the one who makes her laugh. Right?
Where are you going?
- Home. I'm done
I've got just one class to go.
...I'll join you, too!
Can't be helped.
One has to go home
I hate going alone.
And today...? No way
Mrs Kapadia, how many classes
have you to take?
- I'm very depressed today
The plaster's been taking off my
arm. But the pain isn't in the arm
It's in my heart
I'm sorry.
Shall we go?
Naughty boy.
I knew it.
There was this sardarji who...
Yash replaces sardarji's with Lalaji's
in his jokes, and makes them all up!
Very talented...
I'm not kidding. It's not easy
to make up jokes
His jokes are so stupid!
And yet, I feel like laughing...
and I feel embarrassed later.
- Why? 5315
Have you ever heard me
guffawing away?
And Mrs Kapadia...? She keeps
glaring at me...
and she even takes digs at me.
This chap Yash, he's such a...
But the girls in the college
are absolutely crazy about him
How about him?
He was telling me today
what sort of a girl he'd like
What sort? Like you?
Just the opposite
I thought I must tell him then
that I'm a married woman
Didn't you say he likes girls who are
just the opposite of you?
Yes, but Mrs Kapadia...
- Who the hell is Mrs Kapadia?
I know better. I'm glad
you didn't tell him
If you told him you're married,
his behaviour would've changed
Relax Antara.
Just relax.
There will be discomfort.
Forbidden territory, after all
But don't care. It's not time yet
to tell Yash the truth
I'll tell you
when to tell him
Happy Rose Day Antara.
- What nonsense Yash.
We're not students...
- What's going on here with the roses?
Why don't they simply rename India
as America?
Such nonsense I tell you.
They don't care for seniors
or elders...
I'm told a student has
given you a rose, Yash?
Not one. 15. I can't figure out
who to give the roses to
That's the problem with this generation!
They know nothing about values and morals
Excuse me.
- Yes
Happy Rose Day.
Such nonsense.
You want one more.
Capture every moment, Yash.
Let nothing of it go away
Antara, give me a smile! Please!
- Yash! The things you do!
I was capturing it for memory.
- Stop it now
Yash can't be stopped anymore
He has found what he has been
looking for, all his life
This face...
- What?
I'm capturing it for memory
Yash is captivated. In his love for
Tamanna. As for my story...
I'm not lying, but you won't believe it
unless you meet him in person
I want to meet him too
fire... provides light
chaos. Mayhem
fire, smoke...
together, everywhere
Noisy, silent...
who are you?
"I'm a stranger to myself,
I know not who I am"
"Deeper than pain,
higher than the skies..."
"the pure white of love,
your features..."
"I imagine somewhat hazily"
"I'm a stranger to myself,
I know not who I am"
"What do your eyes make of me?
Do please tell me"
"What's in the eyes?
- A face"
"Whose face?
- Ask your heart"
"I was lost in the
maze of the world"
"Ever since I met you,
I found myself lost in your eyes"
I've given you a name.
I'm now giving you a face
"Innocent-eyed, a naive-looking
face. Smiling lips"
"Are you just a word,
or the truth...?"
"Or are you a
complicated question?"
"Right now, you're just
a figment of my imagination"
"What's up?
- What's up..."
"I wonder what excitement this is"
"There's a change...
- Ever since you've arrived"
"say nothing...
- Why mustn't I?"
"I'm afraid, I might be lost
in the embrace of your words"
I imagine a picture of you,
a picture very colourful...
resplendent with the
glorious colours of spring...
of your victory...
of my defeat
Of denial, of waiting,
of requittal, of petty tiffs...
and a faint colour of love
"What are you all about?
- You tell me..."
"what have you learnt about me?
- I've learnt that you..."
"I'm so thrilled you've
learnt something about me"
"Tell me now, will you?
- Don't bother me like this"
"We might end up doing
the unimaginable"
"Your simplicity is priceless.
Your character is impeccable"
"Whatever you are,
you are beyond compare"
"Are you a question
or are you a thought?"
"Anyone who meets you
is bound to fall in love with you"
You guys don't want to go home?
Go on! Move it now!
Excuse me.
- Yes sir.
Antara vashist, the professor...?
- Oh yes, she's a wonderful lady!
But she left during the lunch-break
Is it something special? I'll give
her the message. Sure, I will
Excuse me.
We know each other.
- Yes we do.
You're shaukat, aren't you?
I'm a huge fan of yours!
The other day, when your programme
appeared on tv...
my God! Antara has already left!
Hasn't she gotten home yet?
I'm Mrs Kapadia.
- Nice meeting you
I loved that novel of yours...
Maybe some people didn't like it,
but I really loved it
Thank you.
Come on, come on...
What are you guys doing over here?
Excuse me.
Yash... the new professor...
- Oh yes, strong boy, I say!
What does he do all day...?
He went away in the evening
He takes class. In the amphitheater
over there. Photography classes
Is there something to say to him?
- No...
I'll tell him...
- No, there's nothing. Go on
Exactly as I had imagined!
Brilliant shaukat.
- Hi
for the first time, you weren't
at home when I returned
Where are Rajni and Ramakant?
- They were here till lunch-time
You were coming for lunch, weren't you?
- Yes, but...
- Yes
I knew it.
- What?
That you'd be late
Women...! Antara, this is
the first time you've lied to me
And Tamanna will lie to me tomorrow.
But I'm not letting that happen
Henceforth, I'm going to decide
what's going to happen. I will!
Mr. Bhargav, one minute.
I'll just join you.
Hi, Anatara.
- Hi.
Well, well, your husband's nowadays
coming to pick you up...?
- Yes, he was here yesterday...
but you weren't here at all!
Poor guy, he look so sad.
But my wish was fulfilled.
Oh yes, it was
I thought I'd introduce him to Yash,
but he wasn't around either
What a guy, your husband.
Keep an eye on him, okay? Or you'll
have problems with the other girls
Oh yes, I'm coming Mr Bose!
Hi, thinking about me, weren't you?
- Good morning, Yash
Good morning.
Did you go to the college
to pick me up yesterday?
Shaukat, did you...
- I knew Mrs Kapadia would tell you
Are you afraid? Afraid that
Yash might...
- Don't turn around!
If Yash falls in love with you,
how are you to blame?
But I shouldn't be lying to him.
- Where have you lied to him?
Did he ever ask you
if you were married?
No one asks a question like that.
- Beautiful
- Very nice
Now tell me what you want.
You want Yash to know the truth?
Will you like it if your
friendship with him ends?
A friendship must never be based
on a foundation of falsehood
What is it about the friendship
that really appeals to you?
You can tell me.
I've started doing things
I had given up
Like laughing over small things,
getting together and chatting away...
and those small...
- challenges?
Yes, challenges
Like who can snap his fingers more
in a minute...
or who can sit without blinking
for a longer time...
stupid things like that.
Childish things I've begun to like
However... I'm not in love with him
You know that.
You are the one I love
so why are you afraid?
Don't be afraid, Antara.
My story will come to a standstill
I'll set everything right
Antara, call for you
Antara... call for you
What were you doing?
Not thinking about me, were you?
No, I was getting a haircut.
- Small cut...?
Why've you called?
- We're watching a play...
at the Habitat centre.
- Play? No...
I don't go anywhere on sundays.
- What nonsense, Antara! Why not?
First tell me who picked up the phone.
Tell me, go on!
He had such a heavy voice...
- Go on! Go, Antara!
What play is this?
- Why aren't you telling me?
I get it! You don't want to tell me.
"Antara, call for you"
I was scared. You never told me
your Papa lives with you
At what time?
- The play begins at 7
But we can meet right now,
if you wish
Okay. At 6:30 then
can you come to the Habitat centre?
- All right
I can even come and pick you up...
- No, no. That's not necessary...
I'll get there on my own
Yes, It's okay.
Okay, bye.
You must go with him.
Because I want you to
Take care how you dress, Tamanna.
Today's a special day
In just a moment, you make
me feel so much younger
What spell is this...? I fall
in love with you again and again
There's just one thing missing
It's just perfect now
I'm very selfish, isn't it?
If you go out looking like this,
I'll eagerly wait for you to return
Go on. Aren't you getting
late for the play?
Go, Antara
You want me to give you an idea, Yash?
Don't take Tamanna to the play today
Let's see how things unfold
Weren't we supposed to see a play?
What place have you brought me to?
This is the inevitable place two
people walking together arrive at
since when are we walking together?
- Ever since I've met you...
I've been trying to keep in step.
But you're forever ahead or trailing
Are you scared of your folks?
Sorry, but why must you be angry?
What mistake have I made?
You must've been bored arranging
the clothes in the wardrobe...
I'm only keeping you entertained!
Mother's right
Good deeds aren't meant
for these sinful times
You talk so much, Yash, one never
knows where you start and where you end
You know Antara? You are right.
The world is round.
Go where you want to,
you'll return to the same place
Why're you wearing that ugly look?
Because I'm not feeling like
laughing at what you're saying
All right, let me try
something else
If I don't make you laugh by the
time we get there, my name...
sorry, I'll take a ride up there!
What sort of a joke is this, Yash?
- Laugh, if you think it's a joke!
Okay, Lalaji and Laliji once arrived...
- I'm going home
Lalaji said to Laliji...
"What will you give me if I reach
the peak of that mountain?"
This is not funny.
Laliji was a bit shy.
Lalaji again asked her...
"what will you give me if
I make it to that peak?"
Guess what Laliji said?
She said...
A push!
Should I make dinner
for the lady?
What happened?
- How did she leave him alone like this?
He'll leave water all over the place!
And we can't even stop him
Take off this blindfold, Yash.
- My eyes are open. Trust me
Ask her whatever you want to.
Damayanti knows everything. Sit down
- About you, about me...
about today and tomorrow...
she knows it all
You have something to lose
and something to gain
You'll get to discover a very
crucial truth. Do you want to?
The same old story told afresh.
From childhood to adolescence
Dreams of those days of youth,
you shall now revisit
"Tell me, someone...
what is love?"
"Tell me, please...
why do I pine thus?"
"As I sit by myself,
why am I reminded of someone?"
"Are you also going through
what I'm going through?"
"Are you...?"
"No, never... don't ever
let such a thing happen"
"Don't ever lose your heart,
let's not talk about this, please"
"Don't say such things,
please tell me...
"what's love?
Tell me, why do I pine this?"
She's beginning to soften
towards him
"Tamanna's stepping into
adolescence all over again"
"It's this age of adolescence
that is beyond one's control"
"Or it's perhaps how
you and I feel at heart"
"Not without reason does one feel
a sense of belonging to someone"
"This in itself bears testimony
to what I've just said"
"There is someone I love
from the depths of my heart..."
"does she also have the
same feeling of love for me?"
"No, never... don't ever
let such a thing happen"
"Don't ever lose your heart,
let's not talk about this, please"
"Don't say such things,
please tell me...
"what's love?
Tell me, why do I pine thus?"
Unknown territory for you, Tamanna
I hope you know where you must stop
and where you can walk on
Where to stagger,
where to steady yourself
"This is the path I've
chosen to tread..."
"even if the world
calls me mad"
"With you, it all began.
With you, it now culminates..."
"that's the story of my life,
everything I have ever done"
"Are you also going through
what I'm going through?"
Say "yes", Tamanna
"Tell me, please do..."
"Don't ever lose your heart..."
Between gaining and losing there's
just a moment... don't refuse
Go ahead. Take his hand
Else, your refusal will turn
into a long wait for me
I want to move on. I want to see what
lies behind this thing we call love
Go ahead!
Antara, you...?
I had stolen the idea of Tamanna
from your life
But how could you yourself
turn into Tamanna...?
Congratulation, shaukat
The story has turned into a reality.
And it's time now to accept love
No shaukat. What are you writing?
Your wife's love...?
Antara cannot love Yash.
- Why?
Because it is wrong.
- Wrong, forbidden, taboo
That was the theme, isn't it? How come
realisation dawns all of a sudden?
And what about reality?
I have come too far to rectify it
Love will happen,
the outcome hardly matters
How could you do this?
She is your wife.
You can't write about that
Might be your wife, but
she's only a character in my story
And a story cannot stop
sorry, shaukat
What's there in your house
that you can't show to others?
There are some things...
- Like the house? That's new to me
I'm new to you too.
- You're keeping something from me?
- Why?
Because that's how
I want it to be
My car awaits me
All right, I can't come in,
but do I exit from your thoughts too?
Yash, there are some things...
- Okay, I don't want to know
That we met, is enough for me
You know, I like everything about you,
your secrets too...
your self-drawn limits too...
your slip of the tongue too
There's something that stops you
from smiling. Well...
that's what draws me towards you
for me, that's you;...
Your secrets, your innocence,
your reservations...
and your weakness
Where were you until now, Antara?
She doesn't return home tonight...
will that conclude your story?
Shaukat, the writer,
answer me
You are the one who decides,
aren't you? Can you answer that?
How was the play?
Aren't you asleep?
I was waiting for you
- How long?
I waited till 4:30 am.
Was it such a lengthy show?
Or was it dinner and analysis
after the play?
No... we didn't go to watch the play
I knew it.
- Meaning?
Will anyone go and watch plays
in such a lovely weather?
I'm very sorry.
I didn't notice the time
sometimes you never know
how time flies
Where were you? At the beach?
Must've seen the clouds descending,
before it started pouring
Rains wash away everything...
even the sense of time...
trees, plants, grief, sorrow, sin
sometimes accidents also take place
Is your car on track, Antara?
I trust you completely
I was sure, my Antara would come back
It happens sometimes
What happens?
Why do you trust me so much?
Doesn't it make
any difference to you?
I'm your wife. Ask me
what kept me so long
What game are you playing?
What are we doing?
Shaukat, this is reality
And the truth is, he's a man
after all. Young and handsome
Why doesn't it make
any difference to you?
It happens? What if love happens?
Novel, life, fiction, reality...
it's all the same now
Let's see what happens
Don't be afraid, Antara.
You won't have to do anything
I will decide on everything
shall we go out somewhere?
Want to run away from Yash?
Is it wrong to run away?
Then what's right?
How could I forget the time?
That you forgot the time
didn't hurt me
But I will certainly be hurt
if you return home...
because of your responsibilities,
because of your conscience...
because of your marital status
We're staying here.
You're not running away
Why did Yash come into our life?
It was inevitable.
- What?
You can neither hurt me
nor Yash
You're kidding.
- It's the truth
And people say
I don't understand reality
I have mind-power
And I love it
I love you too
You are the most precious of all
More than books?
- That's what I can't decide
All I know is
I dearly love you
Where to...?
- It's raining
Where have you brought me?
- The place seems familiar
The rain's stopped
Antara belongs only to me!
Nobody else can touch her
Do You think You have
all the rights to her?
I stopped the rains!
I will decide on our lives. I!
I will tell you, when to pour.
Do you understand?
Scream! Let Him know that
you are here
We all live by the will of God
We are all puppets.
But some strings are in my hands
I can do anything and I
can make anyone do anything
I've got back the joy of writing
You look so pretty
But you don't seem to belong to me
smile once, for my sake
Won't you? Smile
Your smile, that I've given
to the world in words
smile, Antara
You were scared
you were out of Antara's life, right?
Fiction, life, reality, novel...
it's all the same now
It's time for you
to enter the scene
Hi shaukat
I'm shaukat
Welcome to shaukat's world
Nothing can be more real.
The husband had to enter
It's forbidden.
After all it's a love-story
Will Antara go to meet Yash?
Yes, as per the story.
She should be stopped?
Antara cannot go to college today?
I'm her husband
could you inform
the person concerned?
Thank you
I told you, she will go
Why didn't you wake me up?
I'm late for college
No. I called up the college
for a leave
I can't. I must go.
- I knew it
Knew what?
- That you will still go to college
I must go to college, because...
- Because you're a sincere teacher
Yash and Antara didn't go to watch
the play last night, as I decided
The husband tried, but she
didn't stop, as I decided
What do I do with you now?
I'll keep you quiet today
Because, Yash won't be able
to stand your silence
The story's next twist... Dilemma
What happened, Antara?
- It's time for my lecture
fiction wins. Because from now on,
it won't be written like real life
Life will be like a story
I can't wait anymore.
Why do you ignore me?
Give me a smile, please
After college
she will be late.
- That's rocking!
Reading the other's mind!
Saves words
can you read Ramakant's mind?
- We're newly married, you see
I will write your fate, Antara
And that's what is going to happen
But, please don't go
Prove me wrong, Antara
When life and fiction merge into one,
why does it hurt so much?
If what I decide turns true,
I'll be hurt
Even if it goes wrong,
I'll be hurt
Nothing happened to you?
Don't lie
The ache in your eyes...
is that nothing?
Troubled because of me?
Yes. Not your mistake though
so what if I'm younger to you?
I'm in love with you
Are you scared to reciprocate?
If you reciprocate,
I'll rejoice
If you don't,
I'll resort to memories
But the shadow of fear in your eyes
don't suit you
Yash, don't get into
Antara's complications
If she doesn't,
you profess your love
What are you afraid of?
All right, I'll free you
of this predicament
I'll marry you, Antara
Will you marry me?
You were afraid because you had
no answers to my questions, right?
I knew it
forget that I ever
asked you something
Now give me a smile.
What could've been
your answer anyway?
Scared again?
- Surprise!
It's shaukat, whom you use to telephone
Tell me, shaukat.
- This is my best book
Keep your floating
candles ready, Meera
Oh! Mrs Bose
Wine, candles and narration
send it over, I'll read it
I'm very busy in narration
we're in the rhythm at the moment
We'll talk later
for this novel, I've put the most
precious thing in my life at stake
This has to be the best
This will be best
What's the matter, shaukat?
Are you hiding something from me?
My story. I'm waiting to narrate it
to you, after it's complete
I'm waiting eagerly.
- I'm stuck at the climax
I can't help you
You helped me all along.
- Meaning?
You are my inspiration
Let's go out for dinner
Amazing. I was thinking
about it too
Reading minds, after spending
so many years together
I'm stuck at a crucial turn
Give me one hour, okay?
Don't wear white, Antara. Makes you
look pretty and pristine, but weak
Don't go weak, shaukat.
The end is inevitable
Yes red. That's your colour
The colour of power,
The colour of passion
My Antara, the carefree soul
My Antara will do only what I want
forget the past, gather the present.
Let this colour invade you
Love you for ever.
A sacrifice has to be made anyway
something has changed
Why can't we remain
the same, shaukat?
Eyes... a world in the eyes,
questions, answers, words, silence
Eyes, all the way
Never! I'm yours, shaukat
Great joint. You would've
enjoyed more had Yash been here
He is somewhere around
I can see him clearly
Naughty eyes...
innocent looks...
smiling lips...
and lots more
But why does he bite his nails?
That's him, right?
I hear, you dance well
I hate it when I hear
something about you from others
Will you dance with me?
Can I have dance with you, Antara
"fiery eyes..."
"who are they for?"
"Moonlit face..."
"who is it for?"
"That smile and
those downcast eyes..."
"are for me! Only for me"
"Understand my signal"
"All that is mine,
belongs to you"
"I'm a canoe lost in the waves"
"You are my shore"
"My attitude, my love..."
"are for you, you know"
"My fiery eyes..."
"are for you"
"My moonlit face..."
"is for you"
"Give this madcap a smile"
"Let the inevitable happen"
"The dilemma in your heart..."
"don't stop it from coming
to your lips"
"These tender lips,
these warm breaths..."
"are for me! Only for me"
"fiery eyes..."
"who are they for?"
"Moonlit face..."
"who is it for?"
"That smile and
those downcast eyes..."
"are for me! Only for me"
You belong only to me
Yash must leave
I thought he'd give you happiness
But he is hurting you, isn't he?
Okay. Decided
End of the story
Let's go back
sorry, Yash
Good bye
I know it's wrong.
it's essential for the story
More than that, I think I need it
I love you, Yash
I can't kill you.
That's why you must kill yourself
You got to die
No hard feeling, okay?
Know what? You will live
in this story
Always. Immortal
You got to die
sorry, Antara
lt'll obviously hurt, since
it was a beautiful relationship
But you will have to take the step,
he's your friend after all
- Hi
You look great in red.
Hey, sugar in coffee? Again?
I guess sweetness returns in my life.
Sorry, I intentionally turned up late
since you were waiting for me,
I couldn't resist. Today is special
Will you marry me, Antara?
I wanted to give you more time
Will you marry me, Antara?
Think before you say anything.
Either Yes, or Nothing
Don't say "No", please.
I'll die
Why the tears?
I need to tell you something
The mystery is about to unravel,
and you think I'll retract
You are free to say anything.
And I'll repeat the same...
Will you...?
I'm married
I live with my husband
He's the one you heard
over the phone
I'll live only with him
I admit, I've been unfair to you
I also know that you are
a precious friend
The times I spent with you
have given me a lot
You know how to live, Yash...
and probably I lived it up with you
Why did I do this?
I was selfish
My laughter wouldn't let me
break this friendship
But I know it is wrong
It's all absurd,
but this friendship is true
I think I'm being selfish again...
but I want you to forgive me
forgive me if you can.
Are you happy with your husband?
All right, be happy
You extended a hand of friendship,
and I misread it. Not your fault
I just took it for granted
that you are made for me
One fault of yours, though;...
There's no one like you, Antara
That's the end of our friendship?
Friendship remains, but I'm not
so great as you imagine
Bye, Antara
How's that possible?
You spoke to him,
and he gladly said it's all over?
Yes, tell me. I want to hear it.
You're lying now, like you lied before
I lied?
- Yes, that he loves you...
and it'll break his heart.
- What's wrong with you, shaukat?
Why would I lie?
He said, "Be happy", and went away
He walked out of our lives
for good. Isn't that good?
Your looks don't seem to suggest
it was good
Did you see the agony in his eyes?
Recollect, Antara!
I didn't meet his gaze!
In fact, I couldn't
Because I don't have the guts to look
into the eyes of someone I'm hurting
It can't be
That's why I wanted to tell him
that I'm married. But you forbade me
And I obeyed you, because
I had faith in your judgement
Let go... let go
It was my mistake to obey you
It must be his ego
I thought you knew
more about life than me...
that you understood the world more.
That was again my mistake
Because your world is unreal!
It's a world of fiction
And there, people do only
what you want them to do
But people, emotions, humanity...
it's hard to understand them
I should've figured that
You think I don't understand
the human mind?
Nobody understands the human mind
better than shaukat wishes
You think I don't know
that he is hurt?
Still you...
- But what about the experience?
Every experience enriches us
Had you not met Yash, would
you be speaking to me like this?
You may not realise, but
you are disrespectful with me
It hurts you badly, no?
He must be aggrieved too
You wanted him to suffer
a heartbreak, right?
That was not decided
I had a different idea
Your tearful eyes
mar the truth, Antara
He can't live without you.
Because, I've written that
"I know..."
"countless teardrops washed away"
"countless sorrows melted away"
"Every dream blew up in smoke,
everytime you sauntered away"
"Don't go away"
"show me my mistake,
don't leave"
"Between truth and falsehood,
I was embroiled"
"I wished, but I could never pen
the real feelings of my heart"
"The agonies that came my way
took the shape of words"
"Don't go away"
"Please don't go"
Will you go with me, Tamanna...?
It's wrong
Let's write your story.
I've found my subject
The first twist in the story...
a desire
It's time you flew, Tamanna!
Hi, Yash. I'm shaukat. You will
now bring love into Tamanna's life
Today's a special day in
Tamanna's life
Tamanna's going to find
the love of her life today
Love, there will be.
Even if it's not culminated
sorry, Yash.
You got to die
What's this, shaukat?
You've reduced Antara to a mere word
I'm yours, shaukat...
your wife, your love
And you've turned my life
into fiction!
But how could you imagine that your
words can decide someone's destiny?
And... what is this that
you've written in the last pages?
I want to put the power of your words
to test. Let's see who wins
Antara's faith?
Or your words?
What happened?
What happened?
Yash felt very bad, did he?
Read this!
- What's this?
You knew everything, didn't you?
Without even seeing him
you knew he used to bite his nails!
How could you not guess
what he would go through?
I guessed it, that's why...
- Lies!
Lies! What did you think?
That Yash would kill himself?
You want to know
what I know?
Read this. Go on!
I won't be able to do it!
- Yash's suicide note! Read it
"My dear...". Read it!
My dear...?
- Respected!
"Respected Antara-ji..."
"I'm solving the test paper,
and I'm stuck on the last question"
"What am I to do now?
I'm writing the answer I know"
"This time I was late, next time
I'll arrive before your husband"
Isn't that what's written?
Read on
"I'll shut your smile...
- in a matchbox and take it away"
How... romantic!
Read on
"I don't know how far
I can carry it. For, I'm in a hurry"
"Else, if I stop...
- I might just carry you away"
"But you won't come with me"
"You are bound to punish me.
- And when punishment is inevitable..."
"I'd rather say farewell to you"
"Please smile, for my sake"
Isn't that what's written?
Each word... I have written.
Each word!
You don't believe it, no?
Nobody does
I have written every word.
I'll show you
It happened exactly like I wrote
How could you believe that, shaukat?
I have written down my goal
I have written my destiny.
Yours too
Hang on... where's that page?
Where's that page?
Lt'll happen just like I've written
Why are you standing there?
Come here and look for it
Where's that page?
Where's that page? Where?
Every word of it, I've written!
Where's that page?
It was right here.
Please find it
Yash is facing exactly what I wrote.
It'll happen with me too
I wrote it... every word
Every word of mine is true!
- What's happening, shaukat?
Yash isn't dead
find it!
I wrote every word
Each word... I wrote
I wrote every word of it
Will words defeat me?
Words, that have written your end,
cannot be true
Let my faith win
Please, shaukat
Did you find it?
The last page?
Find it, Antara,
else... I'll go insane
All that I've written till now
has come true
This will also turn true.
I'll go insane
Words are very powerful, Antara!
- Come to your senses, shaukat
I looked for it all night. All night
I want to change the end
I want to rephrase it
I don't want to kill anyone.
- You haven't killed anyone
I don't want to kill Yash.
- You haven't killed anyone
Look at me. You haven't killed anyone
I didn't want to kill him,
but Yash is dead
You haven't killed him. You can't!
Story is sheer imagination, not reality
I told you to let go!
Why didn't you stop yourself?
Why didn't you say "stop it!"?
Why didn't you say you love me?
- I love you!
Nothing will happen to you.
I won't let anything happen to you
I want to burn it
Why aren't you listening?
Yash isn't dead,
and nothing will happen to you
Why are you saying such things?
- But...
why did you love him?
I love you.
I love you, shaukat
Nothing will happen to you!
Find it... I'll burn it
Look Antara...
my future...
is coming.
- No shaukat
stop it!
I don't want to go
stop it, Antara!
Nothing will happen to you
I don't want to go.
I won't let anything happen to you
Reality! Power of words!
What I write, turns true. What I
wrote about myself turned true too
What say?
What I conceive, will happen.
Do you hear?
Death! You will die
shut up
Hang on.
Leave me alone
Leave me alone
- Okay, leave him alone
Ask Antara. It happens
exactly like I write
Words won, finally.
Words snatched shaukat away from me
But I didn't give up.
I brought him to the asylum
see the power of words, Antara?
I made my words prove themselves
Welcome to shaukat's world
They want to see reality, eh
I have shown them reality
come on, shaukat
Tamanna...? Tamanna, you're back?
Take me home, Antara.
I don't like this place
You will go home.
I will take you back
I promise
Don't disturb me, doctor.
- Relax
Tamanna, tell them. Everything
I write turns true. Isn't it?
You're weeping, Antara?
Don't weep. Laugh...
with all your heart
The story isn't over yet.
It isn't, right Antara?
See me scream here!
Will you dance with me
for the last time?
Will have the last dance with me
Please, Antara
"Here begins a new story of love"
"Distances are being bridged..."
"the chasm is disappearing"
"Tormented and torn apart,
I'd still wish to love you"
"Allow me to break down"
"count these blessed moments of love"
"cherish, hold these moments...
Iook, they are passing"
"something has come up, where..."
"words are lost,
and the meanings..."
"are slowly losing significance"
come back, shaukat.
The story of Tamanna and Yash is over
A new beginning and some new words,
wait for you