Shades of Winter: Between (2016) Movie Script

I do feel connected to the elements. When
I'm out there, the rest just disappears.
One thing that drives me
and inspires me, is gravity.
The mountains are, for me,
one of life's most important things.
It gives me so much energy,
and a sense of life.
There is a connection
between the ocean and snow.
I mean, ulltimately,
it all comes down to water.
I want to be a white paper
and just set off from there.
We should never forget yesterday,
but, always, live for today.
Because we never know
what tomorrow might bring.
I feel fortunate
that I grew up in the Alps,
and that I call
these beautiful mountains home.
I've learned a lot about myself
and what I can do, through skiing.
It has made me who I am
and gotten me where I am, today.
My life as a skier and film maker
has taken me to beautiful places.
But I simply love
the feeling of coming home.
It's here that I get to reflect on
incredible journeys with friends.
There's Janina, the crazy-fun "Kiwi".
Carissa, a female surfing powerhouse.
"Super Jules",
the Olympic, racing queen.
Matilda and Evelina,
our Swedish chicks.
And then, Nadine and I,
the Austrian explorers.
The start of each season is
filled with production planning.
Everyone has ideas of exciting
trips we should do for filming.
We all want to show each other
our own backyards.
But me, I was seriously fascinated
by a 200-meter-high cinder cone...
Mauna Kea, a volcano in Hawaii.
This mystic mountain captivated me.
I told Jules, who lives in Hawaii,
about my idea to ski there.
Even she thought I was crazy.
Well, why not start my winter
season on a tropical island?
Maybe I'd even get a chance to talk
to the snow goddess on Mauna Kea.
Mauna Kea is a sacred mountain,
and it's the highest point in Hawaii.
It was glaciated during the Ice Age.
It's name means: "White Mountain."
Not often, but sometimes,
it snows up there.
I try to listen to Poli'ahu,
the snow goddess of Mauna Kea.
I'm asking myself...
Will it ever be covered in snow?
I felt extremely connected to
the elements of nature up there.
And I hope to ski
that beautiful mountain one day.
A mutual friend
introduced me to Julia.
Despite having the worst sushi at
our first meeting, we're friends.
It was easy to get Jules hooked
on the idea of skiing Hawaii.
She's never one
to shy away from an adventure.
Jumping is easy. Then you get in
the ocean and the energy is...
Super Jules grew up in Squaw Valley
and is USA's decorated female skier.
Being able to go freeskiing,
and competing on the World Cup tour,
was really my biggest conflict.
When I made the U.S. ski team,
it was difficult finding time
to live my passion for freeskiing,
and enjoying the mountains.
I love being a part
of an all-girl film
because I'm really passionate
about inspiring girls.
It's not just about the skiing,
it's about living that lifestyle.
When you think of Hawaii,
you immediately think of surfing.
While I was on the island
I was able to see Carissa Moore.
She was pumped to film with us.
I grew up on the south shore
of Oahu with my family.
There's no greater place
for surfing.
It's great to be a part
of a film project.
Not having to wear a jersey or
worry about time limits is great.
Just being able to breath a little
and express yourself more freely.
Surfing is a big part of my life.
I wouldn't be the same without it.
My office is the ocean
and I'm doing something I love.
There is a connection
between the ocean and snow.
Ultimately, it comes down to
There's a huge connection
between a surfer and a skier.
We're both riding waves.
Skiers are riding a mountain wave,
and I get to ride water waves.
We both get to carve
and create lines on these waves.
It was amazing to watch Carissa
drawing her lines in the ocean.
But it was time to get going.
- It's sad to see you go.
- I had such an amazing time.
I don't want to leave,
and it's time for winter again.
Be safe, I'll see you in Europe
I'm really excited!
It's Canada time.
It felt good to see Evelina
and Janina again.
Even though we're spread out,
it's always easy to reconnect.
- Aw! It's good to see you.
- How are you?
- There was a big dump up there.
- I'm so pumped to ski.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's go!
It was exciting to be back with
them We were ready to go play.
I meet people on the mountain who
ski to get away from the city.
It's because the mountains
can bring that freedom,
and joy, and fun.
They bring you back to being a child.
The Monashee Powder Lodge is
located southwest of Revelstoke.
It's accumulated annual snow
is nearly 59 feet.
- Woo hoo!
- Yeah!
- Woo!
- Yeah!
- Wow!
- We're going!
- How does the snow feel?
One, two, three...
- Okay, diving board.
- Yeah!
JANINA: I think it's so cool,
grownups skiing,
and being so passionate about
EVELINA: For me, the most
emotion, is, I guess, excitement.
SANDRA: Evelina is the youngest of
our group. She really pushes hard.
You would not expect that
from a little Swedish girl.
MEDIC: Just breathe.
It kind of feels like I got all
of the speed to that one foot.
The impact... sort of...
I don't know.
- Hi!
- Wow! Look at that pillow stack!
- You made your own pillows.
- Yeah, I did.
SANDRA: You're going to rest
tomorrow and then we'll see...
- I feel confident with the crystals.
- Yeah.
I shouldn't have worried
about Evelina.
Our little warrior had her own
method of dealing with the injury.
SANDRA: A couple of days later,
she was back with us.
SANDRA: It's so cool that
your ankle is feeling better.
- I know! I'm so pumped for skiing.
- I bet!
JANINA: I feel like I can relate to
Evelina and give her good advice.
It shows in her skiing.
On the last day, it was remarkable.
SANDRA: It's fun to ski with Janina.
You can feel the energy around us.
JANINA: It's such a good feeling
for the whole group.
We can come together at the end
of the day and say, "Whoa,"
that was a day that we can
remember for a long time.
SANDRA: I couldn't have asked
for a better start.
But my heart was ready
to return home to the Alps.
SANDRA: After a quick stop at
home I headed to pick up Julia.
JULIA: I never would have
imagined, skiiing in the Alps
in the middle of my World Cup
season and being able to break away.
Spending time with awesome girls
and exploring the Alps in a new way.
SANDRA: Engelberg Titlis,
the largest ski resort in Switzerland
has easily accessible all-pace
It's the home of many pro skiers
like my friend, Mathilda Rappaport.
- Hey, it's good to see you.
- How was the long trip?
It was long planes but an easy
SANDRA: Mathilda grew up in
After university, she followed she
followed her passion for skiing.
I'm glad she moved to the Alps,
as this is the place where we met.
Mathilda was excited to show us
around her angel mountain.
Having Julia along with us
was something special,
since she only knew the Alps
from her racing experience.
Julia is a great personality
to have in the crew, she's fun,
she keeps the spirit high,
and she's one of the best skiers.
I've learned a lot about racing
from skiiing with her.
Her mindset and how she tackles
a new situation is interesting.
Since this isn't what she does
daily, she appreciates it.
MATHILDA: My hometown, Engelberg,
to me, has the best skiing.
I realize that this
is my very biased opinion.
Since I have a lot of friends there,
I know the mountain very well.
It's easy to know where to go
and when to go.
A powder day back home
is hard to beat.
JULIA: Freeskiing, to me,
is where the sport started.
Being able to go outside and
explore and choose my own line,
push myself how I want to be pushed
and really just enjoy nature.
Freeskiiing is just so different,
no one's telling you how to move.
You can really conquer the
We do it as a team,
encouraging one another,
pushing ourselves on the run...
but it's just complete freedom.
- Hey!
- Yeah!
SANDRA: Mathilda was always special to
me, she encouraged me.
She was an inspiring athlete
and friend.
She gave you the comfortable
feeling of being seen and heard.
MATHILDA: Sandra is the one
I've skiied with the most
throughout all
of the Shades of Winter filming.
What I've learned from her,
is how to push and challenge myself.
SANDRA: Mathilda knew every run
in Engelberg.
Following her through her home resort
was challenging but so much fun.
That's the kind of skiing we want,
that's the best skiing in the Alps.
MATHILDA: Sandra is an open and
special person. We laugh a lot.
Being around her is never
SANDRA: Throughout her career,
Julia has faced physical injuries.
But you don't know Jules
if you think this kept her down.
I needed surgery for hip
pain I've been dealing with.
My life hasn't been too crazy
It's been a lot of rehab
and keeping things controlled.
Being able to get
out to the mountains...
I realize that's a big part
of my life.
I like the uncertainty and adrenaline
from not knowing what comes next.
SANDRA: Next up was a trip
to Mathilda's homeland, Sweden.
- Hey! It's good to see you!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hi! (LAUGHS)
It's good to see you.
- How was the flying?
- It was long.
- Coming from the other side?
- It was good. I'm excited to ski!
I think the coolest "between" moments
are the relationships I've made,
the moments when we get to have
fun and not worry about performing.
We can just enjoy where we are.
I think what's special
about Novasol is the long days.
It's my home country,
and it's cool to show it
to the other athletes.
We have great skiing
here in Scandinavia.
I've been working so hard and I
can't believe I'm really here.
Are you nervous to be back on skiis?
Do you feel fine?
I'm nervous to stand on the
mountains and push myself.
I'm just planning on going out
and having a great time.
Anytime we're together we have fun.
I'm here to make smiles and memories.
Well, we're happy to have you here.
They didn't want me on the helicopter
because of how I was walking.
JULIA: This trip is special
because I haven't been skiing.
I've been pushing myself
since having my surgeries.
- Are you excited for skiing?
- I'm so excited!
- Are you nervous?
- A little.
- Woohoo! Let's do it!
- Oh yeah!
Welcome back to the crew.
This is definitely the way
to get back on skiis.
No hiking, just the crew
and a helicopter.
MATHILDA: We were blown
away by the scenery.
MATHILDA: Flying out the first
day, seeing all of these mountains
for the first time
with their challenging runs
was a very special memoment for
This is a warm-up run for me.
I'm a little nervous.
MATHILDA: You go where you feel good.
I can't wait to see you skiing.
Ten seconds for you, lady.
JULIA: Here we go, have fun!
I usually don't think about it,
I let the adrenaline kick in
and I don't get nervous.
I'm where I'm supposed to be.
In that moment everything's
I was experiencing uncertainty
when I stood at the peaks,
so it was nice
to be able to conquer my fears.
It's the next step
towards remembering the passion.
Being away from the sport,
I forgot how much I love it.
- Beautiful! Good job!
- Welcome back!
- It feels good. Look at the light.
- It's so amazing!
Woohoo! Sweden!
A really fun moment was when
we tried to do ice fishing.
GUIDE: Keep the lure
moving all of the time.
MATHILDA: I was enjoying it
for about ten minutes
and then I got bored,
because I'm not patient. (LAUGHS)
I love that we got to explore
and see different cultures.
We're gearing up to go
to these beautiful mountains.
I'm going to need that!
I'm the lucky girl
who get to ride in the chariot.
SANDRA: At least you can ski
better than you walk.
It's going to be even better
for your profile!
It was special to spot a wolverine.
That does not happen often.
I'm feeling okay, a little bruised.
I'm getting some good lips. (LAUGHS)
I really look up to the other
girls, seeing how confident they are
and how cool they are.
I get inspired every run.
I'm super grateful
for being here with you guys.
This season has been a rollercoaster.
Celebrating it with you is amazing.
I can't believe
the season went by so fast.
I'm glad you came to Engelberg
and got to ski my home mountain.
Coming here to northern Sweden
in May is cool.
Especially skiing
at 10:00 o'clock at night.
It was incredible to see it
in a different way,
normally I'm racing and going
crazy skiing in the Alps.
It was cool to see the nature and
be inspired by the freeskiing.
Spend time with Sandra in Hawaii was
cool, I want to show you more.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
Alright, so what's next?
Well, don't you have a friend
in New Zealand?
Hello Sandra, it's Janina calling.
It seems I missed you.
Hopefully you and Mathilda
can make it down this winter.
We're having a record-breaking
season, there's so much snow here.
Give me a call back.
I hope to hear from you soon. Bye.
SANDRA: The life of a traveling
skier is never glamorous.
My skis won't budge.
Revolving doors in airports
are a ski bag's worst nightmare.
Skiing in New Zealand
has always been a dream of mine.
It was easy leaving Europe
and chasing winter to the south.
Janina grew up all over the world,
but has found a home in New Zealand.
She has had 24 consecutive
winters in 12 years.
We're following the snow
to both hemispheres.
Oh my God!
It's so good to see you!
I can't believe you're here.
I'm ready to explore New Zealand.
We've been talking about it forever.
I've skied with Janina in many
places but being here is special.
Wanaka is a cool place
to explore.
There's never a down day here.
You don't wait for clear weather.
I wouldn't call it down day,
I would just say activity day.
- Yeah!
- Crazy!
This is all Lake Wanaka.
Over there you can see Lake Hawea.
That's a seperate lake,
which is really cool.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Everything is so grounded.
Hey ladies, what are you up to?
Driving back to the helipad.
Welcome back!
To be around with Matilda.
She's the group's sweetheart.
I've been on some trips with her
I haven't talked to her for a time
and it's like just like I saw her.
I think that's a huge thing with
the girls that we travel with,
In between travelling,
if there is that strong friendship...
I think that's what makes
it work with the group.
We're able to charge
and trust each other
and make ourselves better skier
from feeding off each other.
Happy skiing!
The hut was such a unique place
for us to stay.
It was cool finding out it
was love for the mountains
that made them build this little
biwak to share with other people.
Waking up in the Southern Alps,
is really hard to beat.
New Zealand showed the girls
my style of skiing
and it can be really playful
but it can also be gnarly.
They really got to capture me
in that little nutshell.
Where does everyone want to ski?
when you're good to go.]
Yes, Mathilda
is going to drop first.
[3... 2... 1, dropping.]
Why don't we ask the pilot to land
in my front yard back home in town.
- Seriously?
- Let's see if it would happen
And then we really did it.
We landed the helicopter right
in front of Janina's house!
Her dad was almost crying
as he was so stoked with us...
or because he worried
about his crazy daughter.
After an exciting trip like that,
I need some calm time for myself
to reflect and to
mentally arrive back home.
It's important that every day
is not a rush.
It was a new season
and we had two highlights left.
One we've been chasing for
years, Nadine Wallner's project.
Nadine is a talented and
ambitious young Austrian athlete.
She was the youngest athlete to
the Freeride World Tour
2 times in a row
before a really gnarly injury
took her down for 2 years.
NADINE: The mountains took
me away from the mountain.
It was just a fight back.
the time I got to reflect what
happened the last years,
where I am and what I am.
I think it was worth it to rest
for 2 years, and now I am back
and I can enjoy it much more
I got a lot of emotional moments
when I was on a peak again
and I was able to go up and
My dad showed me Zermatt and the
Matterhorn when I was a child
and from that on I knew
I wanna climb this mountain.
How everything came in my life
with skiing,
I saw that it's ski-able.
So I wanted to ski it.
Nadine called and said, "hey
Theresa, I need a partner to ski it
I thought about it for half
a minute and then I said yes.
I knew immediately that It
would be amazing to do it.
Theresa has pretty good skills
on the mountain
it's always good to have
a good teamwork on the mountain
I knew it would work with her.
Yeah we are going to climb it,
and then ski it.
the weather forecast is right.
The clouds are moving,
and it's clearing up.
The more I look at it
the more I wanna ski it.
We are waiting so long for it.
- Hope for the best.
- It's gonna be fine.
NADINE: We slept at Hrnli hut
and did and early start.
SANDRA: It wasn't meant to be
for Nadine and Theresa.
It was mother nature's call.
What counts is that they are safe.
I was struggling with myself
because I have been here 3 times.
I was so close.
I was fighting against myself.
I knew that I shouldn't go up
there because it's too warm.
It was horrible to recognize
that my theory doesn't work.
I was kind of helpless.
I wanted to cry.
Sometimes you have to go
to a place many times.
This mountain,
it's gonna be here forever.
One of the things I learned when
I was injured is being patient.
Patience is a virtue
that we all have to deal with.
That's just part of being an
Set a goal, succeed or fail
and set new ones.
It was then, out of the blue
that I got a message from Julia.
It's on. I am flying
to Hawaii to ski.
It seems the snow goddess of
Mauna Kea wanted us to ski.
It had finally been snowing
in Hawaii.
But it still felt crazy to hike
with skis on the tropical island.
Standing on top I remember looking over
at, Maui where I live
thinking nobody would ever
imagine that they could ski here,
no one could dream about it.
To have that experience
just goes to prove
that the passion of skiing,
and all those dreams
have been an incredible journey.
SANDRA: It was satisfying to complete
the goal of skiing Mauna Kea.
It was magical.
It seems crazy that it would make
us so excited to ski this peak.
It was one of the most emotional
moments of my skiing.
- Yay! We did it.
- We skiied in Hawaii.
Skiing Mauna Kea is a dream come
and we did it!
The Hawaiian islands
are a very special place.
Especially Mauna Kea,
it's a spectacular mountain,
it's of the tallest in the
On occasion it snows up there.
It's crazy seeing snow in Hawaii.
- Hi Sandra, how are you?
- It's good to see you.
- Are you ready?
- I'm ready to go surfing!
Let's go surfing!
I am really proud to be
There is so much power in the
and it's empowering to paddle
out and conquer a wave.
Riding a wave all the way to the
beach, doing a new maneuver,
that gives a lot of confidence
and a lot of energy to a person.
It's really cool to have all
of my achievements in one room
but at the same time
they're just things
they are just symbolism
of an achievement.
It's the moments getting cheered
up at the beach that I remember.
I'm lucky to call this valley
home, and to be surrounded nature.
Pure serenity, it's my happy
We should never forget yesterday,
but always live for today
Because we never know
what tomorrow might bring.
Alaska is such a special place.
I always have a hard time picturing
myself skiing those mountains,
but then I remember that I love
the challenge of skiing here.
Skiing in Alaska forces you
to be completely present.
There's no room for distraction when
when you're standing on those peaks.
I haven't done anything
this forward before, I'm scared.
Skiing in Alaska
is conquering your fears.
So you really need
to learn to trust yourself.
It's breathing
and getting over that fear.
15 seconds.
All right. Janina dropping in
- Now?
- In ten.
[5... 4... 3... 2... 1!]
And also really just...
being up there
and talking to yourself
like: "alright, I've done this,
and I can do this again."
Everything is gonna be ok.
I have so much respect
for those mountains.
When standing on the top of my line
all I do is focus on being present.
I take the time
to appreciate the moment.
I exhale deeply and look
straight before I drop in.
there is a long process that leads
to dropping in to an Alaska line.
I see it as kind of a tunnel that
becomes more and more narrow.
In the beginning
there is uncertainty.
What will the snow be like?
Where are safe spots?
Where do I exit?
All these thoughts.
But then the closer I get,
the less uncertanties I have.
Instead I gain more confidence.
At the top of a line I want
focus on what I am doing.
That's the end of the tunnel.
I want to be a white paper
and set off from there.
Our paths intertwine throughout life.
Sport helps bring us together.
We've built a friendship.
Never to be forgotten.