Shadow (2018) Movie Script

May I speak with you, sire
Him again
what now?
He visited jing city yesterday
He went to jing
for what?
To give Yang a birthday greeting
he went yesterday
and you only tell me now?
My most trusted minister
this is how you serve me?
Has he returned?
Not yet
go, wait for him
the minute he returns
bring him to me right away
yes, sire
commander's residence
What does it say?
This reading
is about masculine power
no place for women here
qian, the male, origin of all things
shall rule the world
this reading
is "qian"
this is heaven's will
there's been talk of this in the palace
the reading's also a positive sign
when will the battle begin?
Summer, or Autumn?
The reading says...
Our time will come in seven days
seven days?
After seven days of rain
we'll win when the waters rise
the commander enters!
Our brave lone hero returns!
I've heard
you went to celebrate Yang's birthday
I'm sure you gave a lovely speech
I went to jing to claim one thing
the city yan kingdom has
occupied for 20 years
is he willing to return it?
So you declared war?
Yang and I have agreed
in a few days, under the city pass
to duel one-on-one
and see who wins
our two nations are allies
a duel between our chief commanders
means war
don't you understand this?
He agreed to it
alright then
tell me
are you sure you can beat him?
Yes or no?
What are your odds?
3 out of 10 at best
were it not for our peace treaty
pei would have been lost long ago
great work
you've ruined everything
jing city still belongs to pei
it's under yan kingdom's occupation
every righteous man of pei
longs to win it back
no ruler can oppose his people's will
if jing isn't reclaimed
pei will perish under your reign
how dare you say that?
I'd rather never take jing back
than destroy the alliance
on your behalf
I've told them otherwise
and would you also be king on my behalf?
What's done is done
and my punishment?
let's not argue
father died too early
my sister and I had only each other
it was thanks to you, commander
that I finally gained the throne
let's drop the subject
sire is right
let's just enjoy this rare gathering
I've long heard that
you and your wife play
the most exquisite duets
I've always wanted to hear you
will you play for me?
Our kingdom is in distress
I'm... not in the mood
don't disappoint the king
yes, please
we'll all enjoy your music
bring the zithers
come. Come
I, your king
can't get you to play for me?
Es se - = -
I am guilty
you haven't started yet
what could you be guilty of?
I will not distract my husband
with beautiful sights and sounds
I've sworn to heaven
that until the day jing's reclaimed
I'll not play a note of music
otherwise what?
I'll cut off my finger
to prove my resolve
An impressive vow to heaven
but I am the heaven of pei
I've asked you to play
will you not obey me?
Fine then
don't play today
take them away
they will play
then I won't listen
madam is ready for you
Madam's vow
is mine as well
I'll cut my hair
to beg heaven's forgiveness
commander, don't
commander, don't
don't do this
Alright, don't play then
no need to make a scene
we'll take our leave
Sire, why did you insist
that commander play?
I was just trying to
deflate his arrogance
I'll have to clean up his mess
there's only one option left
Yang's son, ping
has not yet married, right?
Sire means to say...
Marry off my wild sister
shouldn't we ask if she's willing?
I'm her elder brother
no need to ask
you must make Yang understand:
Commander doesn't represent me
we don't intend to take back jing
much less start a war
my proposal
will show my sincerity
all right
I'll choose a good day
to go make the proposal
you may leave
yes, sire
To play as one
two hearts must beat as one
as is the case with you and madam
I haven't even dared to practice
I deserve to die
had you been exposed
you would indeed deserve to die
we'd both deserve to die
you must master the zither
and suffer this cut
please proceed
These herbs are harsh
in an hour
the wound will rot
and look just like mine
Whatever you're holding in...
Let it out, you'll feel better
let it out!
When I was 8 I strayed from my mother
and drifted, lost, through jing city
I passed out from hunger
your uncle happened to pass by
I'll never forget that bowl of rice...
I've been here over 20 years...
Your days here
have indeed been hard
I owe you both my deepest gratitude
uncle was a cruel man
every time you tried to escape
he beat you so hard you passed out
this place
is your prison, your cage
press on it for me
And after he died
I put you through such brutal training
you must hate me for it
how could I hate you?
I'd be willing to die in pieces
to repay your gracious kindness
it's Yang who should die in pieces
if you kill him
I'll let you go home
My husband
uncle was so right to choose you
besides looking just like me
you're incredibly quick-witted
since making your debut a year ago
you've been so good you've fooled them all
sometimes I even wonder
if my wife can still tell us apart?
I've found your mother
my mother
she's still alive?
She's still right there in jing
wandering homeless in the streets
I've bought your old house
had everything set up
she's settled in there now
how did you find her?
Does she know I'm still alive?
So you have a huge stake
in this battle
after jing's taken
you two can reunite
Your zither needs tuning
Yours is in the major key
the strings need tightening
Thank you
You can go
You've got just four hours
to put this ointment on the wound
you can't be a moment late
Your husband
is the most noble,
most strategic,
most admired man in pei
and 1?
But I'm nothing but a servant
nothing more than his shadow
you're not a shadow
you are you
who am I then?
You were born in jing
you yearn to go home
maybe your mother
is waiting at the Lane's end
watching every passerby
waiting for your return
Many years ago
my mother went blind
she couldn't even see me
if she were waiting there
she could only listen,
straining to hear the sound of my steps
no earlier, no later
you've suddenly found her,
just in time to ensure I'll obediently
fight this battle for you
you've kept me caged in secret
do you great, noble people
know what scares me most?
no one else
no light
no sound
only me in total darkness
I'd touch everywhere
touch everything
rub every tiny crack in the wall
to keep from going mad
to prove to myself I was still alive
And so you always sleep on the floor
with the lamp lit all night
It's time for you to go to court
the great hall of pei
Who wishes to speak?
I, sire
I've disobeyed your commands
went to jing and declared war
damaged the alliance
please, sire, punish me
and the punishment?
you can't behead him
our kingdom's great hero
our great general
you can't be beheaded
how could we do without you?
My dear lu
what do you think?
He declared war on his own
put pei at great risk
a grave error indeed
cee ===
all right
I hereby revoke commander's powers
confiscate his sword and seals
henceforth he is a commoner
== ==
Do it
I have no other choice
you see this "ode to peace"?
I wrote it and hung it here
as a reminder to us all
the alliance is our lifeblood
anyone who violates it,
lord or subject, will pay the price
we will always keep the peace
never speak of a war you can't win
from this day on,
anyone who speaks of this again
will be instantly beheaded
thank you for sparing my life
I'm leaving
what more do you want?
I'm just holding court
The commander
has fought countless battles
and suffered many wounds
but the one
that concerns me most
is the wound from Yang's saber
a wound few could recover from
indeed, yes
it still hasn't healed
I've found a rare ointment
that can heal your wound
after you leave today,
who knows when we'll meet again?
I want to see you've used this
so I'll know you'll be alright
why trouble yourself with this?
I'll go back and have my wife...
As I said
I want to apply it myself
Commander's wound
is pei's as well
should any of you prove as loyal
I would serve you the same way
this wound
looks fresh
you're trying to trick me
I beg sire's punishment
my old wound has healed
this cut
was self-inflicted
my loss to Yang is my greatest shame
this cut is a reminder that
as long as Yang lives,
my wound will never heal
until we reclaim jing
how can we speak of peace?
How dare you
brazenly resist my orders?
I'm a commoner how
I'll have my duel with Yang
why should that concern you?
At court today
the king suddenly challenged him
he handled it well despite the scare
quite impressive
he's good
but no one could tell that wound is new
the king was testing him
My "ode to peace"
is quite well-written
why did you demote commander?
So tell me
why'd he have to go cut himself?
Why bother?
To remember the shame of defeat
it was an honorable act
he's not like you
you wouldn't dare retake jing
all you do is compromise
you've become a pitiful joke
I do this all for pei
you think I don't know you?
You do things only for your throne
fine, for my throne...
Which has never been safe for a day
Legend says Yang's great saber
was forged by a master blacksmith
on a night of a full moon
it's destined to take hundreds of lives
as offerings to the saber god
it weighs 40 kilos
glows in the night
glints cold in the day
and kills in three rounds
Round one
you're not focused
your mind is elsewhere
Round two
my dear husband
you need to stop
I fear your strength won't hold
why worry?
It's either you or me
come on
Round three
that was exactly the blow
I took from Yang that day
though I used only half its force,
you're already done for
my dear husband
I'll help you up
Your mind's elsewhere
a distracted mind
means shaky breathing
shaky breathing
means no firm steps
how will you survive
without firm steps?
Have you forgotten who you are?
Tell me
who are you?
You named me after jing city
so I'd never forget our great cause
I only need you because I'm dying
focus on your task
forget everything else
Strokes with rhythm
words that dance
my unique style
how exquisite
superb calligraphy
truly great
look at the "pei" I wrote
what do you think?
Lu is here
Humbly reporting
how was your trip to jing?
The yangs have been told
of your marriage proposal
they are quite pleased
who's getting married?
Without even telling me?
What do you think I am?
A single marriage
to make peace between two nations
you're the Princess
you should understand this
I won't do it
go yourself
to thank them for protecting the city,
the king of yan has offered his daughter
to Yang's son, ping
they can't refuse
so... what do we do?
Well, ping has an idea
which is...?
Sire, may I
brief you privately?
What are you afraid of?
Everyone here
has risked his life for me
in front of these men
there can be no secrets
ping proposes
to take Princess as a concubine,
thus fulfilling everyone's wishes
Well that's...
Also a way...
Ping has offered his personal dagger
as an engagement gift
provided sire does not object,
the marriage is confirmed
kill those damn yangs
give me 30,000 soldiers
I'll bathe jing in blood
seize jing city
hack the yangs to pieces
win jing back
don't you dare
have you forgotten my order?
Those who talk of taking jing
shall be beheaded
this is spineless
our kingdom will perish
under your reign
tian, how dare you defy the king
drag him out
strip him of his rank
I'l do it
How dare he be so insolent
does he still see you as his king?
Clownish king
sire, tian's words
amount to rebellion
Don't trouble yourself, sire
Sia sia
Step aside
step aside
I'll accept the gift
tell him I agree
Jing practice grounds
You forced me back two steps
good tactic, son
we yangs are known for
force, speed and death in three rounds
but responding nimbly to
a master fighter's moves
is the true essence of our technique
have you ever fought a true master?
No, not yet
When the pei commander visited
what was your impression?
Just as I'd envisioned him
distinguished and strong
that crippling blow I'd given him...
I was shocked to see
he's recovered completely,
good as new,
poised and gracious as ever
he'd come just to see you, father
he wouldn't dare give offense
you've proposed to take the Princess
as your concubine
isn't that "giving offense"?
I want them to give up trying
to use a marriage
to win jing city back
but I've just been told
they've accepted your engagement gift
don't you think that's odd?
So what?
Their king dismissed their commander
wounded tian
forfeited two great generals
they must all be demoralized
and anyway
if there's any sign of trouble there
our spy will tell us right away,
so there's no need to worry
you're right
now that the city's stable
his majesty has again asked us
to redeploy troops...
The situation's quite tense there
let's do this
keep 800 soldiers here
and send the remaining 30,000
to support his majesty
will we have enough left here?
We have strong natural barriers...
And in any case
I and my saber are unbeatable
800 will suffice
let me try
I've often watched you
I think I understand it
pei umbrellas are soft and flexible
they work best in the rain
they are water weapons
water is yin
Yang's moves are hard and fierce
like fire
fire is Yang
yin counters Yang
water puts out fire
and so
wield it with feminine moves
what do you think?
Feminine moves?
I designed this taichi diagram
why haven't I thought of this?
Watch us from the side
practice with jing
teach him quickly
What are you waiting for?
If we don't find a way to beat Yang
we'll have wasted all our efforts
This will be another
Yang-style saber round
hug tight together
if our minds can meld as one
you'll grasp the technique
pardon me
This is it
this is it
this is it
This is it
get up
though Yang's attacks are fierce
he loses stamina fast
= == tee es
if you apply madam's technique
you can kill him
= = = creams sees ee ae - aa
There's someone you must go see
you can leave now
en ===
Your hearts and minds
were truly at one just now
we were merely copying your moves...
Why speak of hearts and minds?
Can he win?
Your technique
can give jing confidence
he has to believe
he can win
in order to last three rounds
and after three rounds?
I'll just need an hour
That lingering, echoing melody
felt trapped, with no way out
that must be
how you're feeling, sir
you know what lies beyond the forest?
100 convicts in hiding
they live for fighting and killing
yet look strangely gentle
I've promised
to let them go free if they reclaim jing
I brought them there to train,
yet couldn't find a winning technique
but now we have a way
learn it, train them
become their leader
yes, sir
take this flute
when you play it
they'll know you've been sent by me
and they'll obey you
I'll do as you say, commander
commander wants to see you
I'm neither man nor ghost
not the commander you've known
you will always be my commander
In the mang river battle
you killed a dozen men
to save my life
suffered over twenty wounds
lay in a coma for three days
my little cut is nothing
When I was eight
on the first day of spring
was assassinated
it happened in court
in front of all the ministers
the killer
cut his head off
with an ax
uncle worried I'd meet the same fate
he searched everywhere
at last, in jing city
he found a boy my age
who looked just like me
he brought him here for secret training,
hoping to shield me from palace intrigue
to protect me
that boy's become the "shadow"
my wound worsened last year
my health failed
I suddenly aged
no one is to know this...
So you started using the shadow
but madam, does she...
Madam knows
she pities him
she's urged me
to let him go home
I called you here today
so she can show you
how to defeat Yang
I see...
That day the king inspected his wound...
Did he already
suspect he's a "shadow"?
What do you think?
why stay locked in this narrow cell
trying to read the king's mind?
Why not replace him
and become our king?
There's not a general or soldier
who'd hesitate to support you
what impudence!
the king serves his purpose
Are very good
you've always been good
To win jing back
I'll need three people
one is the shadow
one the king
and the third is you
from this tiny cell
I'll launch my scheme
and watch you each play your part,
reclaiming our land on my behalf
won't it be thrilling?
And then?
I will
be king
you'll be commander
You're more like the commander
than he is
for a moment there
I didn't know how to react
I've been your commander
I'll still be your commander
that's all there is
Yang's saber technique
is hard and strong
wield your umbrellas
with feminine moves
borrow the slickness of the rain
using yin to counter Yang
is our only way to win
nonstop clouds and rain
we'll win when the waters rise
it's rained for four days
if it rains for three more
the river water will rise
and submerge jing's storm drain
commander rightly chose
this moment for the duel
whatever happens, win or lose
the moment has arrived
false, true
true, false
just like in a game of chess
but who, after all
are the pawns?
So turning me into a concubine
was also a move in your game?
Just an improvised ploy,
a decoy move
and the real move, then?
Tell me then, what is real?
To tomorrow
to a swift victory
You left home so young
do you know your way back?
I think so
you'll be able to find it?
They say a pup taken at birth
can find its birthplace
by tracing the scent
I've been yearning to return
I know I can find it
I also long to go home
But isn't pei your home?
Home has many meanings
Isis ee
to a swift victory
I know
I can't win tomorrow
you've had many chances to refuse
you could have run away
why didn't you?
You've always seemed so obedient
so willing to do this
because of you
when I was young
I was being forced
but since I've grown older
and come to know you
I've only had one thing in mind
I would do
anything for you
In tomorrow's fight
I'll be just a decoy
no one cares whether a decoy lives or dies
I care
is the last you'll spend here
thank you
Reporting to general Yang
the pei commander has arrived alone
says he's come as agreed
Jing city pass
how'd the ship slip through so easily?
Some sort of cheap trick
Our foolish king has dismissed me
I've no power
no soldiers
honor our gentlemen's agreement
duel with this commoner
to see who prevails
something seems odd
that's a taichi diagram on the deck
it could be a trap
it's just hocus pocus
I'm curious to see
what game he's playing
I know you've agreed to do this
but you should still be cautious
how about bringing a few soldiers?
We two have a gentlemen's agreement
he's come alone
if I bring soldiers
won't I look like a fool?
My saber
please be careful
guard the pass
protect the banner
yes, sir
I'll guard it with my life
watch how I teach him a lesson
This is a pei umbrella
made specially for this duel
I humbly request the general's
teaching and guidance
Round one
I can see
you've taken great pains to prepare
I couldn't dare do otherwise
Round two
Each man's crossbow has only 12 arrows
so move right through, don't bog down
Young general
there are enemies in the city
Remove crossbows
open umbrellas
Sie aera senn see ==
Round three
well done
never in our family's history
has anyone
against the Yang saber
not bad
I'll save face for you
let's call it a draw
and stop here
Let's go again
we agreed to duel
to determine a winner
if we keep going now
it will be for life or death
Jing city is taken
Why doesn't a girl like you
stay home where you belong?
Did you come looking to die?
You've insulted me
insulted you?
I don't even know you
said you'd make me your concubine
that was you?
I'm here to give this back to you
Dear wife
using the shadow
was I right, or wrong?
Some things
don't have a right or wrong
what's done is done
Dear husband
here, now
let's play our music together
Jing is taken
Jing is taken
Commander promised to let me go
commander promised to let me go
I've been ordered not to look at your face
on whose order?
The king's
Would you like to go back?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
A == en = -- a see
used ping's dagger
to kill him
Today we celebrate
the reclaiming of our homeland
the first toast
must go to commander
please wait a moment
pei's great hero
will arrive shortly
As ordered by the king
behead him
Commander has arrived
commander has arrived
welcome our commander
reporting to sire
you've fought hard and well
please rise
and be seated next to madam
thank you, sire
you're back...
Today pei
has retaken jing city
our kingdom rejoices
per the king's order
the first toast
goes to commander
let's drink another day
you may all leave now
the king orders
all to withdraw
Dear lu
you stay
take it
to your achievements
know why I've kept promoting you?
Treated you as my closest confidant?
My deep gratitude for sire's trust
what trust?
Have a special use
your secret reports to Yang
made our victory possible
how much gold did he pay you?
Surprised I killed him myself?
It's because I'm truly happy
when he conveyed my marriage offer
Yang paid him a bribe, and he came back
proposing my sister be made a concubine
I don't care whose idea it was
I had to take back that pound of flesh
Now that you're back
my mind is at ease
see =
are a true talent
our kingdom can't do without you
very much alike
don't you agree?
You know
there's been one thing
weighing on my mind
even more than retaking jing
it's been keeping me up at night
but all I could do was wait...
Wait for you
you've won my city back for me
now let me do something for you
there's no one here but us
let me put this simply
a fake couple
is no match for a real one
I will make your wish come true
and as for commander
he wants to be honored forever
his wish will also come true
a king's duty
is to make men's dreams come true
when we step out of this hall
the world
will know only one commander
the obedient and loyal one
you and I, king and commander
the two of us
what do you say?
I knew you'd come back
only a fool wouldn't have
A young, vital husband
at your side day and night
what do you say, madam?
you've come just in time
from now on I'll sleep well at night
Don't you want revenge?
For years
I've been misunderstood
we can both find relief
Did you all expect
my head
to be in the box?
There's something all in pei know
that only he
never grasped:
Who am the heaven of pei
Without the real
there can be no shadow
a principle no one's understood
sent assassins to ambush me
you had jing's mother killed
and put the blame on me
how can someone so vile
be king of pei?
Dear husband...
Never mind me
I don't have much time left
leave all of this
to me
ze ee=ce3==
ze ee=ce3==
kill him
avenge your mother
then take madam with you
I've spent my life
on power games and war
never tasted the beauty of the world
go live it for me
te ee te a = ==
the further the better
without the real
there is still a shadow
you should have grasped this long ago
I'l summon the palace doctor
stay calm
An assassin attacked our king
the king is dead
I, your commander
killed the assassin
on the spot