Shadow Conspiracy (1997) Movie Script

Mr Pochenko. go ahead. please.
MAN: Bobby. I must see you right away!
MAN 2: Hey. Professor! What's up?
Don't tell me - your study group
of conspiracy nuts
finally figured out who killed JFK. right?
Bobby. you were never
so disrespectful
when you were my student.
I MUST see you immediately.
I'll have Janet schedule a dinner.
It'd be great to catch up with you.
This is not backburner. Bobby.
I have to see you today!
When can you meet me?
You got a problem. tell me now
and I vvill take care of it.
This is not something
I can discuss on an unsecure phone.
Alright. Professor. I'll be home by 10:00.
You come by then
and we'll talk about it. alright?
I'll be there.
I just wish we had more proof.
These names. the surveillance data
are just fragments.
You just have to convince Bishop.
If he knows where to look.
I'm terrified.
Very good. Neil. Keep searching.
(Puppies whimper)
MAN: I could take off!
MAN 2: Bobby. get off your ass!
Yeah. free shot! Here we go!
Nice shot! Watch the back door. man.
You. Bobby! It's all you!
Oh. no. no. I got it! Oh. yeah!
Let's go. let's go. let's go!
Here we go. here we go!
Time out. gentlemen.
Time out?
Don't tell me.
Alright. I'm on my way.
Yo. Bobby. Think your man could hook
the brothers up with some jobs?
I'll run it past him.
Soon as your contract
with the Bullets expires.
Fuckin' Bobby Bishop!
See you guys next Saturday.
Who'd have ever thought?
Thanks. guys!
You're welcome. Mr Bishop.
Sorry to bust up your day with this.
I finally get my jump shot back
and you call me in? What's up?
The redoubtable Bobby Bishop
not in the know?
That'll be the day.
Let me guess - you've seen
his draft of Monday's speech
and it's a little more than we expected?
"A little more" is hardly
the expression I would use.
Papers are gonna kill us.
Everybody's inside. Let's go.
(People chatter)
Hello. everyone. Mr Vice President.
Morning. Robert.
Bobby. he's been up there all day
working on that speech.
He wants change - big change.
Yes. but what he wants is radical.
Too far-reaching.
It's gonna scare the hell
out of the financial markets.
He wants to freeze all government
contracts - not only that...
Make massive Defense cuts.
MAN: We're talking about millions
of people out of work overnight.
WOMAN: You know What that will do
to the stock exchange.
MAN: The man has created
an agenda for disaster.
It's far too much for the country
to handle all at once.
Not to mention a PR nightmare.
Since he won the election.
he's not listening to anybody.
It's as though
he were suddenly unaccountable.
He refuses to recognise
that change like this
has to be made step-by-step.
otherwise we'll be eaten alive
before we can get the American
public to understand and accept it.
And a draft of the speech
was leaked to the Herald'.
Who's writing the story?
Amanda Givens.
The perennial pain in the ass.
Certainly a persistent thorn in our sides.
Where is he now?
In the Office.
But he asked not to be disturbed
before dinner.
Well. I think I'd better go disturb him.
(Sighs) Bobby's the only one
who can get through to him.
Screw them.
These gutless bureaucrats.
They think this will bury the Party.
Do you agree?
Well. it is pretty risky.
A move this radical could send
the markets tumbling.
You don't know that.
Well. it could be.
But even if they drop.
It'll only be temporary.
My bet is in the long run
they'll be twice as strong.
Bobby. in my first term.
I listened to the experts.
I didn't rock the boat.
Well, I'm not gonna Wait any longer.
You don't have to convince me.
But you'll have a hell of a time
getting it through Congress.
I only have four years left.
If Congress doesn't like it.
there'll be a hell of a fight.
If I fail. I've failed trying.
Do I have to remind you
who helped draft this speech. Bobby?
I guess you're a little more daring
when you're 14 points behind
on the campaign trail
and half a bottle of Scotch
under your belt.
I just found out the story's
been leaked to the 'Herald'.
And with that much lead time.
There's a good chance
your opponents will massacre you
before you even get your ideas out.
Let me kill the story for now.
You can't sneak up on the enemy
when they know you're coming.
So how long do you Want me
to delay this speech?
Just a couple of days. sir. That's all.
Good. I'll let them know.
He's agreed to reconsider for now.
Think you'll be able
to kill the story?
The Herald' goes to press in two hours.
The damage is done.
Well. like you said. sir.
we do have two hours.
That's not enough time.
It is for me. unless you'd rather
keep me here arguing about it.
Your boy is a confident
little prick. isn't he?
A prick? Really.
I find it so difficult
to distinguish between the...
...pricks and everyone else
around here.
'Washington Herald'?
I have Senator Joseph Powers
calling for Amanda Givens.
MAN ON PHONE: Uh. Miss Givens
is out on assignment.
Hold. please.
Bobby. she's out on assignment.
You Wore that tie yesterday.
That was yesterday.
Does she no longer keep
her appointments
with United States senators?
This is an outrage.
Well. I'm sorry. sir.
but Amanda Givens is out of the office.
She's interviewing Congressman Page.
She's got Nate Page. that fucking
snake. Grab his file. please.
You tell Miss Givens
we are extremely disappointed.
I'll tell her. sir.
Here we go.
I can smell it from here.
Get the press office
to call a conference at 6:45.
I want all the national
correspondents there.
I want the works.
6:45 is way too close.
The Herald' runs at 8:00.
Plenty of time. Make damn sure
Amanda Givens is there.
Alright. alright. I'm going.
WOMAN: Congressman Page's office.
May I help you?
(Speaks with German accent)
Ja. this is Dr Schmenke.
It is imperative that I talk
to the Congressman immediately.
He's in Committee Room 1312.
WOMAN: Robert Bishop's office.
Bobby Bishop. please.
This is Yuri Pochenko calling.
Mr Bishop's unavailable.
He'll be back this evening.
Please! I must speak with him
It cannot Wait until tonight.
Please! It is a matter of life or death.
I'm sorry. Professor.
When he returns.
I'll let him know you called.
Congressman Page.
What a coincidence.
Coincidence? Oh. I sincerely
doubt that. Mr Bishop.
Monday's speech?
I don't know quite what you're
talking about. Mr Bishop.
No idea.
Then I guess you're also unaware
of an additional base closure I'm
submitting to the Pentagon on Monday.
It happens to be in your district -
another coincidence. I suppose.
Yeah, 30,000 jobs is a career-buster
if I ever saw one.
You can't intimidate me. Mr Bishop.
Well. it's your choice. Congressman.
By the way. uh...
Are you still doinking
your legislative director
at the Crystal City Marriott?
Room 327. I think it was?
Yeah. I'd hate to have that leak out
on Monday as well.
Hey. Mike.
MAN: Mr Bishop.
Next question.
REPORTER: Mr Bishop.
we've been hearing rumours
that the President is planning
radical change for his second term.
You've been hearing rumours.
have you?
The President will present his agenda
for the next four years
when he's ready
and I can guarantee
it will be rational, not radical.
Next question.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
The Herald' has it
from a very reliable source
that part of the President's plan
is a freeze on all government contracts.
Excuse me. miss.
That is yet another irresponsible
rumour I'd like to put an end to.
Name's Amanda Givens
and as I said. Mr Bishop.
We have it on a very reliable source.
Congressman Page.
Would you care
to address this rumour?
I'll be very happy
to address and terminate it.
Thank you. Bobby.
I've just come from
the President of the United States
and he has assured me that despite
small differences between us.
That from here on out it will be... as usual.
Yes. Bobby!
Next question.
I'm gonna buy that little prick a drink.
MAN: Good evening. Robert.
Congressman Colbert.
Nice to see you.
Good to see you.
Yes. Senator Jones.
Good evening.
Good evening.
You have our support.
Did you get the bill passed?
We've got it done.
Hi, how are you'?
Oh. Oscar and Bertha!
WOMAN: How are you'?
Always a pleasure. Good!
Boy. oh. boy.
you are some kinda big shot!
I could have sworn
it was just last week
you were stuffing envelopes
and licking stamps.
That was last week.
It was. wasn't it?
You gotta try some of this vodka
the Finns sent us.
It's fantastic.
Couple of good shots
and you're Eric the Great.
Eric the Great never made it to 60.
I. on the other hand.
am alive and going strong
simply because
I have always restricted myself
to slowly sipping old reliable.
And eating apple pie.
And making love like a missionary.
And sailing that yacht of yours
around the Chesapeake.
I tell you. Bobby.
when I'm out on that bay.
All the crap that we go through every day
just to try and keep this country
from going under washes off me.
And I look back at that shore
and my mind is clear -
crystal clear.
And I rediscover Virginia
the way it used to be.
God. that sounds like
Thomas Jefferson. doesn't it?
(Sighs) Ah. Jake.
We kicked some butt today.
You did. Bobby.
He who gets the first sound bite wins.
(Sighs) Bobby. Bobby. Bobby.
You've learned faster and better
than anyone I've ever seen
how to play the game around here.
I think I feel some more
fatherly advice coming on.
Well. then listen up. son.
The ritual. the manoeuvring -
that's all it is. It's just a game.
And your precious sound bites?
They're like a drug. They get you high.
You think you've achieved something.
but in reality.
It's nothing but shallow.
superficial. pointless manipulation.
I wrote a lot of that speech
he was gonna give. Jake.
I know.
Want my car to give you a lift?
No. I'll just walk. thanks.
Get yourself mugged.
Tell Saxon it takes one to know one.
(Laughs) Call me.
I will.
Mr Bishop. we meet twice in one day!
God must be punishing me.
Hello. Amanda.
This is Jergon.
Jergon. this is Bobby Bishop.
Gorgon, how are you'?
it's Jargon, pal.
Of course it is.
(Laughs awkwardly) Jergon. would you
please see if our table is ready?
I'm curious. Bishop. What do
you have on Congressman Page. hmm?
Is he...doing
his legislative director? What?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You and I both know that
that story was true.
Story? Perhaps you could enlighten me.
(Laughs) Still terminally cute. I see.
I think the word is irresistible'.
Watch your back. Bishop.
I'm gonna screw you twice as bad
as you screwed me today.
Gives me something to look
forward to now. doesn't it?
And stop referring to me as 'miss
on national television.
I didn't know that that bothered you. miss.
Jesus. Professor!
You scared the hell out of me!
I thought we said 10:00.
Bobby. you must listen to me.
Something terrible is happening
inside the government
at the highest level.
There's an enemy within - a traitor.
Come on. Professor!
Bobby. there's a shadow...
(Woman screams)
Get down. Get down!
A man's been shot!
(Woman screams)
Hold the door. please. sir.
(Maid screams)
Don't burn it. pal.
WOMAN: Goodnight.
have a good weekend.
Have a good weekend
MAN: Yeah. what's left of it.
Bishop on line two for you. sir.
OK. I gotta go. 'Bye.
Hey. your date lose
the handcuff keys? (Laughs)
Jake. listen to me. I've been shot at.
There's some fuck roaming
the streets trying to kill me.
Don't call her a fuck. Bobby.
she's probably a very nice girl.
This is not a joke.
They killed Yuri Pochenko.
Where are you? I'll come get you.
Meet me at the Georgetown Theatre.
15 minutes.
Make it 10.
I need a car and every man
you can spare.
Whoa. Jake. let's not make
a production out of this.
Special Assistant to the President
says that he's been shot at.
But this administration can't
afford an incident like this.
His safety is my concern. sir.
There he is.
MAN: We've got two civilians
and two agents dead on the scene.
The shooter got down
the back fire-escape.
And Bobby. did anyone see
if Bobby Bishop was hit?
No. he wasn't.
Thank God for that.
This country is falling apart.
MAN: Bishop is on line one.
Bobby. are you there?
What the hell happened back there?
We don't know. Are you alright?
Where are you?
Close by.
Jake. Pochenko gets blown away
after making these wild accusations
about something going on in the
government in the highest levels.
Then some zombie
with a gun goes after me.
I call you and there's someone there
waiting to take a shot at me.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out
that something really fucked up
is going on here.
Well. somebody set us up. Bobby.
Literally in 10 minutes they set us up.
You have to come in.
Tell us where you are.
No. Bobby. what did
Pochenko say exactly?
He just said that something was
going on at the highest level.
Something about us
watching each other.
He said there was this program
that pointed to it.
What does that mean?
I don't have a fucking clue.
It's your move. Bobby.
I need some time.
You Wait. I'll find you.
We should call the FBI
and the DC police.
That's the President's decision.
Who did this?
Answers. gentlemen.
He's a Special Assistant
to the President. goddammit.
What are you doing to stop this?
Mr President. we're dealing with
a highly trained killer here.
We're combing through all our people
in the intelligence community.
Yes. but what puzzles me
is why Bishop?
Out of all our senior officials.
why go after him?
Is he involved with something?
Bishop's integrity is not in question.
Get him off the street and get
to the bottom of this - quietly.
Bobby needs more time. sir.
until he can...
Until he gets himself killed.
Come on. Jake.
We gotta bring him in
now before this goes any further.
I agree entirely. for
Bishop's own welfare.
Sir. we're ready for you.
I'll be at Camp David.
He trusts you like a father. Jake.
He's a good kid.
Bring him in safely - whether
he wants to come in or not.
Yes. sir.
No FBI. We'll handle this ourselves.
Frank. it's Bobby.
I need to talk to you.
Bobby. if this is an apology
for smothering the story.
Don't bother.
Remember the article
you ran last spring
on the theory of a shadow government
inside the White House?
I need to talk to your sources.
Bobby. you said
that article was absurd.
Why do you need my sources?
For starters. I don't think it's a theory.
Four or five people are already dead.
Now I've got some lunatic chasing
me with a gun. How's that?
I need those sources. Frank.
That's not an exclusive. Bobby.
How long do you need?
I need two or three hours.
I gotta get to my office. Meet
me at the News Cafe. 5:00am.
It's right across from my office.
The line Bishop just called is dialling out.
MAN: Trace it and keep tabs
on Bishop's line.
Listen, Jargon, no means no.
Hey. hey. hey. no. it's Frank.
Oh. hi. boss.
Sorry. (Chuckles)
Listen. Amanda. that conspiracy
piece you wrote last spring?
I need you to contact
your sources tonight.
Bobby Bishop says
he can confirm that story.
He what?
Meet me at my office - now.
Ah. here it is.
Givens. Amanda.
125836th Street North-West.
Hey. man. give me a dollar.
Mrs Olson?
Professor Pochenko'?
Earlier tonight.
Area residents were shaken by
the sound of gunfire in Georgetown.
One man is reported dead
and several are said to be wounded.
The names of the victims
have not been released.
Police have blamed the shoot-out
in front of the Georgetown Theatre
on rival gang wars.
And now. in other news.
Fifth-graders at a school in
Greenfield. Massachusetts...
Rival gang wars my ass.
Bad night. huh?
The worst.
Old Buzz hung-over again. is he?
morning - it's two minutes after the hour
and this is the Sunday
morning news round-up.
I'm Bella Chambers and these
are the headlines today.
In Washington. the President...
Eugh. Bad date. huh?
I hear you've got a hot story for me?
You wrote the article?
Yeah. I got a story for you...
...if your sources are good.
Frank's office is this way.
(Chuckles) Hey. Frank.
Come on, Frank, Wake up, will you'?
Come on.
Come on!
Sweet Jesus.
Sir. we need some help here.
No. no. no!
What just happened?
Who are your sources?
Bobby. what just happened?
Was it Pochenko?
I'm not telling you my sources
until you tell me what just happened.
Pochenko is dead.
The same guy that just tried
to kill us shot him in the head.
He died in my fucking arms last night.
Pochenko tried to tell me some wild story
about a traitor in the government.
He started to say something -
something about a shadow.
You gotta talk to me. Amanda.
Yeah. it was Pochenko
and his study group.
They have this database
that correlates everything
that our public officials do.
If there's any evidence of bribery
or misuse of government funds
or inter-agency misconduct -
stuff like that -
then this program will find it.
And they call it Shadow!
I don't know.
After Frank's phone call. I tried
to get in touch with him -
even drove out to the retreat.
Nobody was there. It was weird.
The place wiped clean. Hard drives
gone from the computers.
Check this out -
I call the White House
to make arrangements to go in -
someone's there waiting
to put a bullet in my ass.
Then I call Frank at home.
I figured that...
Oh. sonofabitch!
They're monitoring my calls.
DC police are saying that.
So far. the associate editor's death
looks to be an apparent homicide.
More details as they develop.
Ridell's computer was wiped clean.
Metro Police tell me there were
no cordite traces on his hands.
Mr Grasso. what is
taking you so long?
It's Sunday morning
and we're not exactly installing
a Xerox machine here.
Precisely because
it is Sunday morning
you should be able to
get things done more quickly.
NSA isn't the same without you. Jake.
Isn't this a little down and dirty
for the White House Chief of Staff?
Bobby Bishop is my personal
Never thought we'd be using
our mobile system
to track down the great Bobby Bishop.
Alright. here's the deal.
We fed this baby
every contact Bishop has
in the three-state area.
If Bishop calls any one of these
people from any phone.
This computer will identify
his voice instantaneously.
Likewise if they call him.
It's kinda like putting a tap
on 1.500 people all at one time.
It's amazing. Amazing shit.
I know. I designed it.
Now sing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'.
Mr Grasso.
Doesn't he remind you
of James Cagney?
Sir. you need to take a look at this.
DC police just got us this tape.
Bishop entered with
an unidentified woman
three minutes before
Ridell was killed.
They're looking for him
for questioning.
I've got a detective on the line now.
Tell him whereabouts unknown.
(Sighs) Wake up. Mr Blythe.
Searching the subject's vehicle.
Excuse me. I'd like to ask you
a few questions. please.
MAN: Sure thing.
Do you live in the neighbourhood?
We're trying to locate a neighbour
of yours - Robert Bishop.
Did you happen to see him?
Take a walk.
14th Street Bridge underpass.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
The President wants me
to get you to come home.
I'll see you at the underpass.
Hey. Jake!
I don't know what you've
gotten yourself into.
But the DC Police have you there
when Ridell was murdered.
If they ever find out
that you were also there
with Yuri Pochenko.
I mean. circumstantially you're...
I don't know.
Pochenko tried to warn me
about something going on
at the White House.
Maybe he picked something up
out of one of our computers -
I don't know.
If the problem is on the inside.
What are you doing on the outside
running around?
Come on. Bobby.
The only thing you can get out here
is arrested or killed.
I'm not coming in -
not till we dig this bastard out.
Are you gonna help me. or not?
Yeah. of course I'm gonna help.
You're making it very hard.
Give me a secure line.
Er. 569.5683.
I'll be in touch...
...I promise.
It's not good.
It's not good at all.
Somebody's trying to implicate me.
I wrote down everything
I could remember
about Pochenko's study group.
And I came up with something.
He used to work at his girlfriend's
apartment sometimes.
Remember her? Tamara?
Yeah. of course.
He always said that he did
his best thinking there.
You know where it is?
Over on Calvert Street.
Better get there before they do.
You alright?
They're gonna come for us again.
aren't they? Wherever we are.
Do you want the truth?
No. lie to me. You were always
so much better at that.
Hey. sir. you better take
a look at this.
How do you fit into
all of this. Miss Rashov?
She was Yuri Pochenko's
significant other.
Still no answer at Tamara's.
Sit still. There's a trick to it.
If you see anything
that looks suspicious.
Anyone that could be a killer.
honk the horn twice.
What's a killer look like?
Use your instincts.
Are you looking for me. please?
I am Tamara Raschova.
May I help? you, please'?
(Muffled screams)
Hey. hey. what the hell is this?
Start the car!
Start the car!
Drive! Drive!
Good driving. Miss Givens.
You found something?
I found Tamara dead
and a list of names that
Pochenko was investigating.
MAN ON INTERCOM: Grasso. the police
reports are starting to come in.
Sir. you'd better
take a look at this.
There's a homicide
over on Calvert Street.
The deceased is that Tamara Rashov.
Description fits Bishop.
Witness saw him drive off
with somebody in a jeep.
Did police get the plates?
That's a negatory.
Just got a partial plate number -
enough to start a trace.
I tell you.
Bishop's turning into a death train.
Everywhere he stops. people die.
Keep your brilliant metaphors
to yourself, will you, Charlie?
And 'negatory' is not an English word.
OK. we're tracking onto him.
MAN: Check. Moving forward.
Alright...let's get started.
MAN: Roger that. 61
We got the make and model
and a partial plate.
I want a cross-reference
of all of Bishop's associates
who have similar vehicles.
(Exhales deeply)
Seems like old times. huh?
(Chuckles) You never took me
anywhere this nice.
How does it feel?
How does it look?
Pretty bad.
Secretary Murphy...
General Blackburn.
Chairman Cutler?
(Gasps) This is insane!
And what do these names
have in common?
You don't think one of these
could be a traitor?
Always keep a file.
It's something Conrad taught me.
I got files on all these guys.
Oh...let me guess where.
Call Conrad. have him do it.
Whoever's behind all this is probably
monitoring the entire White House.
Call Jake. he could be the next victim.
Sir. there's been another murder.
And Bobby has been placed
at the scene of this one too.
DC police have an all-point bulletin
out for him.
What about someone
trying to discredit him. frame him?
Mr President.
I've called the CIA. NSA.
Give me something. people.
They've got nothing for us.
Yes. but we can't
rule out the possibility
that Bishop's been turned
by one of our enemies.
We should not rule anything out.
Jake. what do you think?
We have to get him in here. sir.
Then we'll find out what's going on.
Alright. goodnight.
Goodnight. sir.
It's funny how 24 hours in this town
can put you on the other
side of the fence.
If they're smart.
they've kept their search internal.
That's how Jake would do it.
If not. they're following Saxon's lead.
And the guards will be looking for us.
Now. if we make it past the guards.
Once we get inside. they will enter
my name on the in-house computer.
If that system's being monitored. we
could have as little as five minutes. can bail out
if you want to.
No. you need me...don't you?
I'd give us about a 50/50 chance.
You never could say it.
Let's cut the chit-chat. alright?
GUARD: ID please.
Mr Bishop. Amanda Givens.
'Washington Herald'. B5.
Remember. you gotta see what happens
after they enter my name. OK?
If the screen starts flashing.
get out of there.
May I help you. ma'am?
Robert Bishop wanted
to see me right away.
He said that maybe you could
find him for me? Is that possible?
May I see some ID. please?
I'll see where the system has him.
Oh! So sorry.
That's quite alright.
I do this 100 times a day.
Bishop hasn't been logged in
on my watch.
OK, then...I'll Wait.
(Hangs LIP)
Hiya. George. How are you?
OK. What happened with you?
Catch another elbow?
Two elbows. George.
You have a visitor waiting.
There you are. I've been
looking for you.
How's the wife?
Doing fine. Mr Bishop. thanks.
Good. glad to hear it.
Be sure to send her
my best. would you?
I'm sorry.
Should I just...leave this here?
Yes. please.
Come on. Miss Givens.
We don't have all day.
How'd the O's do. Mike?
Not so well. Mr Bishop.
Anything else?
Check this over for typos.
Yes. sir.
And...let Richard look over this paper
before you send it out.
Yes. sir. Very good.
I talked to Congressman Myers...
I got you. baby!
Amanda Givens - 1A1 142.
Got your ass!
You're mine now. (Laughs)
Chief of Staff Conrad.
You've forgotten your password
again. haven't you?
No shit.
Have your assistant
call NSC Security.
Save your data. End query.
Terminating in two minutes.
How will you get in?
Conrad once showed me
a back door into this database.
He changed the password every week
and he would tend to forget it.
So if I can just remember it...
(Tests door handle)
OK. Attorney General Toyanbee.
let's see what they've got on you.
Look at this.
It's active classified.
Try Oliver Murphy.
It's the same.
Lawrence Blackburn.
Lawrence Blackburn. Shit.
Hey. Jake. did you log on
to the NSC secure database?
I'm here. Mr Grasso. I'm here with you.
How could I possibly log on to
whatever it is you're talking about?
Well. somebody did.
and they're using your name.
Check it out.
Doesn't look good to me.
I'll try one more name.
What is this?
Transfer list. Transfer to what?
There's a separate directory
just for me.
Damn. Call Conrad - 5683.
(Dials digits)
Bobby. I've been ordered
to bring you in. Where are you?
Get this.
Three of our top cabinet officials
have active files
in the classified NSC database.
Active files?
What's that mean - active?
Why am I under surveillance?
What? You're not under surveillance.
It's in your goddamn computer. Jake.
Bobby. you're not under surveillance.
It's in the goddamn NSC database.
Somebody's gotta know about this.
Well. I for sure don't. for Christ's sake.
How can I know anything about it?
I can't even remember my...
I'm a computer illiterate.
(Hangs up)
Jake. he's in the building.
Go get him.
We gotta move. Come on.
Come on!
MAN: It's available.
let's get him out there.
Activate the silent alarm.
Shit. silent alarm.
This guy's a piece of work. huh?
He's a very bright young man.
Switch to secure frequency.
Halt! Stay where you are or we will fire!
( BANG! )
GUARD: They're on the roof.
Have accessed rooftop area.
Come on. Come on! Follow me.
Careful. it's slippery.
Through the skylight. Rawlings.
Open the door.
Let's not move.
For God's sake. son!
Come on!
Yes. alright.
They're down here somewhere.
Bring the elevator up -
we'll flush him out.
See him?!
No! "
I'm bringing it back up!
Come on.
Come on!
Get in.
Don't make me tell you again.
I said get in!
Move it!
Get your hands off me. asshole.
Where's Bishop?
You're such a big boy -
find him yourself.
Where is he?
(THUD! )
I said where is he?!
Get out!
Don't touch the cables!
Here. Amanda!
Come on. come on!
GUARD: Pull back!
GUARD 2: Grab him!
(Whispers) Come on.
Damn it! Sonofabitch!
Him and his nice wife
and that lovely home in
the rolling hills of old Virginia.
It was him all along.
I believed in that bastard.
He had Pochenko killed.
We know Conrad's in charge
of this shadow program.
Now we gotta find out
what they're up to.
If you pour water in the hole.
the rat will come out.
This rat swims.
DC police are putting out
an all-points bulletin
for Bishop and Amanda Givens
for questioning in these homicides.
Grasso. I want you to feed
Amanda Givens automobile specs
into the keyhole satellites.
To find a car?
Jesus. I'd have to pull satellites
off operations in Cuba.
Maybe even the Middle East.
We'd have to get
a written authorisation from...
From me! From me!
I am authorising it!
I'll Write it clown for you!
Now do it! Now!
We've got company.
I can get us in
through the back alley.
What's up?
Apartments are clear -
let's get out of here.
Call it in.
Base? We're movin' on.
I've got some infra-red film
and a long lens.
Over here.
WOMAN: Sir. we're resolving grid A4.
Look. the license matches.
It's Amanda Givens. Jake?
Where is it?
On the street.
two blocks from her apartment.
Blythe. move your men on this now.
Oh. good. I'm starving.
You got any friends in the building?
Yeah. a few.
Any that'll lend you a car?
I'm not sure I would call it a car.
Yes. Mr Conrad.
I'm sure you know who this is.
No. I don't. Am I supposed to guess?
Well. we almost met on the White
House roof earlier this evening.
I'm running a story based on
a theory by Professor Yuri Pochenko
and his associates.
On government dishonesty?
Oh! I'm sorry. did I say theory?
I meant fact. Mr Conrad. based on
what I witnessed this evening.
I thought maybe you would like to
comment before it hits the presses.
Traditionally. it's been my policy
not to comment to the press.
Because it is my conviction
that the press prints to sell.
It doesn't print to inform.
It doesn't print the truth.
I have a rather good source. Mr Conrad.
His name is Bobby Bishop. You do
know Bobby Bishop. don't you. sir?
Yes. of course I know Bobby Bishop.
And I will stand by him.
We didn't get it.
Did he bite?
I don't know.
He did a lot of dancing.
Leave me alone. will you. please?
Let's get some fresh air. shall we?
It's Conrad.
MAN: Mr Blythe.
These people lent them their van.
It usually clears my head
being down here.
How's your back?
I'm having a disc
reconstructed in two months.
The goddamn thing has
ruined my golf swing.
I'm sorry about that.
You're late.
I'm not used to driving myself.
Well. Jake...
I think.
You said to me two hours ago
that Bishop was no problem to us.
No. I said he was not yet
aware of our scenario.
But now. with that -
what did you call her? -
pain in the ass Givens...
I think We should rethink.
Perhaps We should Wait and regroup.
He who hesitates is lost.
I can't believe you said that.
Those were exactly
the words you used
when we discussed
this the first time.
We've run out of time. Jake.
The target returns
from Camp David at 7:00.
The future of the country
is in our hands.
We may never have another
opportunity like this again.
Like the poor cat in the adage.
The cat Wanted to grab the fish
but didn't Want to get its paws Wet.
Today... noon... planned...
...we assassin...
What was that?
You spooking out on us. Jake?
Hey. you got some sun.
Thanks. Jake.
We have to go... (Clears throat)
...go over
the Bobby Bishop problem
and your children's
fundraiser speech.
If you call the White House. they'll
trace it and be onto us in seconds.
If I can talk to him directly.
that won't matter.
Who is this?
MAN: We got the
license plate number
from the neighbours
who lent them their van.
We have the keyhole satellite
tracking the van
as well as a ground tracker.
I guarantee we'll have their
asses within the hour.
God. Bobby. What are we gonna do?
If I can get to Conrad.
there's a chance I can stop him
if he thinks we have a tape
of the conversation.
Which. of course. we don't have.
Conrad doesn't know that.
WOMAN: Sir. we have another van.
Go with the license plates.
MAN: OK. Go. More. More.
Tighter. Tighter. Good. and lock.
That's it! That's our mouse.
That's our freaking mouse.
We got him! We got Bishop!
Where? Where is he?
He just parked the van
on Connecticut at P Street.
Alright. attention all units.
Connecticut and P.
I could go to Adams Hall
and if you don't
find Conrad. I could...
...try and hold up
the speech or something.
I don't know.
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Hey. Amanda.
You were right. I do need you.
Be careful.
MAN: K6 is moving out of range.
Come on. I got you.
Yeah. those look good.
Give me a hat. will you?
Sure thing. my man.
Keep it.
Stay on him.
Come on.
Come on! We're right on his ass.
Stay on him.
Where the hell is he?
I just had him.
MAN: Let's move. people.
Unit 22. we have
south-east corner locked.
DC patrol blocking
the corner of Connecticut...
They're waiting for you. sir.
Feeling alright?
Fine. Everything's just fine.
I'll be there in a minute.
Hey! Hey!
OK. Where to?
Adams Hall.
Jesus Christ!
You're paying for that window.
Can't you drive any faster?
You want me to get a ticket too?
What are you doing?
This ain't Adams Hall.
Uh-uh. with friends like you got.
You're taking the train. motherfucker.
Get out of my damn cab!
Out of the way!
MAN: Mr Conrad.
MAN: Testing. Testing.
One. two. three. four.
Testing. One. two. three. four.
Here you go.
And this?
What happened?
I didn't make it to Conrad.
Oh. God. He just went in.
A minute to go.
I've got to get inside.
I've got an idea.
Good luck. Bishop.
Amanda! Wait!
What? Hey! Wait!
Bring her down!
I need to see the President.
He's my father. the President!
He's my real father!
Call it off.
I can't. It's too late.
It's out of my hands.
It's a fait accompli.
Stay out of it. Bobby.
You'll get yourself killed.
What did you do it for?
What was in it for you?
Not for me. for Christsakes.
Not for me. For this country.
For everybody in it. For you.
For that stupid journalist
friend of yours.
Saxon's a patsy.
You're gonna be running
the country. right?
Somebody has to run it.
that's for sure.
Somebody is. The President.
He's a madman. Bobby.
There are still a few people
that voted for him. remember?
Because they fell for
your fucking sound bites.
You said that I'd never believe
in anything enough to go down for it.
You were wrong.
You were wrong!
Bobby. Bobby.
Oh. God.
Get down! Get down!
Thanks. Bobby.
You alright?
(Woman screams)
Look out!
Get him out of here. Come on.
Let's get him out of here.
Move it. Come on. Move.
Move. everybody.
An inside source tells me Bobby
Bishop turned down Chief of Staff
to head the President's
new jobs program.
Is the source reliable?
We'll see.
Come on. I'll buy you a Popsicle.
Is the star reporter offering
a bribe to one of her best sources?
Oh. you know something. Bishop?
I may just be starting to like you.