Shadow Fighter (2018) Movie Script

No luck?
No. Nothing.
Hey, where you at?
[SIGHS] Just looking.
Just looking?
Yeah, just looking.
Reg, if you ever
need to talk, I'm here for you.
Talk about what?
Oprah? What?
You want to talk about Oprah,
we can talk about Oprah.
You know, Reg.
There ain't nothing
to talk about.
Don't go giving me
attitude, Reginald.
- Reginald?
- Yeah.
- What's that? You're my mama now.
- Your mama?
- You're going to scold me? Huh?
- You don't look anything like my mama.
- I'm sure of that.
You need to go.
- Go.
- Reg...
Mariah, go!
REGGIE: Go, okay.
What's going on, tough guy?
PICK: Mmm-hmm.
[EXCLAIMS] That yours?
'Cause I'd like
a little of that.
Hey, if she's yours,
I got you, bro.
I'll even help you out.
Break you off a little something,
make her lay down for her man,
if you know what I mean?
Hey, If not, that's sweet,
is all I'm saying, bro.
Cause you know I got a sweet
tooth, ain't that right, Brick?
- Hey, where you going?
Reggie, what you been
up to, man? Where you been at?
- School.
- School?
What, you play ball now?
Yeah, I ain't think
he was a baller.
So why you do it, dawg? Why you
buy into all this school shit?
How old are you now?
- Sixteen.
- Sixteen.
- Where your ride at?
- Don't have one.
That's right. Cause you're
in school all the damn time.
You see that?
You ain't going to get that
playing their game, dawg.
No, what you going to get
is a bunch of nickels and dimes
and cheap ass talk
about success.
But, nickels and dimes they don't get you
the ride. They don't get you the girl.
And it damned sure,
ain't get you this.
See this right here, baby?
This is what
it's all about, dawg.
This is where
you live, dawg.
But you're smart,
You get started and you will be
flushed overnight. I guarantee it.
- I'm good, all right?
- Reggie.
Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.
What's up?
Why you being so cold?
Oh! I know
what this is about.
Your brother.
Look, man,
I loved Chill Will too,
but he wasn't
as smart as you.
And that's why
that happened.
He made
the big mistake, right?
He stopped selling
and he started using.
But, you're smarter
than that, kid.
You're smart enough to make
this money and stay clean.
Money to buy your little bit
of sweet some pretty clothes.
- Money to put your mom in a new...
- I'm good, all right?
Hey, where you going?
I really don't think
you hear me.
This is it
right here, bro.
This is what
it's all about.
Matter of fact,
watch this. Yo!
Wanna make a dollar?
Yeah, come over here and make
you some money, dawg.
PICK: Come on,
man. Move.
Come on, dawg.
Watch this, bro.
- Hop on one leg.
You see
what I'm talking about?
Yeah, there you go.
You earned it.
- Better calm that down.
- BRICK: Calm down.
Ooh, bueno.
Come make
this money, dawg.
Come over here
and kiss my ass.
Come on, man.
- PICK: Watch this.
- BRICK: Get out of here.
When you got money,
people do for you.
When you don't,
you do for them.
So who you
want to be, Reggie, huh?
Who you want to be?
- Look, man, I told my mom...
- PICK: Your mama?
- Yo, you hear this guy?
- Your mom...
Will always told me that
you was a mama's boy.
And that's probably the only smart
thing that dead fool ever said.
Because your mom
ain't nothing but a...
BRICK: Hit that boy.
You don't talk
about a boy's mama, man.
Gun. Let's go. Go!
So, I blew him off and I told
him that I would let him know.
Because I want you
to come too.
It's a cop thing
and all.
Me? Oh, no. [CHUCKLES]
I don't think so, Viv.
It's not a double date
or anything.
I want to hang around Reg.
Reg is a big boy.
Are you sure he wants to spend
his Friday night with Mama?
- I know.
I know, Viv, but...
What is it with you and
this whole cop thing now?
Well, I have dated everyone
at Children and Youth,
- and it's time to give...
- True.
- enforcement a try.
Starting with Vice.
Seriously, Joce,
you should come out.
I mean, who is going to tell
me to keep my panties on,
if you are not there?
- You mean, help you find them at closing.
- Oi...
- Seriously.
You need to get out.
I told Reg we'd go out
to a movie.
He's not going to be watching
movies with mama forever.
And besides, I told you
I see him with the, uh...
The King girl, Mariah.
The girl with
the woman's body.
- Whoo!
- I'm sure Reg doesn't notice.
He's a teenage boy,
honey. He sees it.
And he wants it.
Hell, I want it.
If I had a tight little booty
like that, I wouldn't need to
just throw myself
at the Vice.
[LAUGHING] They... They
would come looking for me.
- Viv, it's like I told you,
Reggie's still adrift.
Ever since
his brother died, he's just
going through the motions.
I know, hon.
Just try to take
a step back for a minute,
and take yourself out
of the picture, I mean,
we've seen this
a million times
- at Children and Youth, right?
- Yes.
And what do we
tell the clients?
Well, what do we
tell the clients?
You have to think
of yourself too.
You have to show them
that life goes on.
I know, Viv.
It's just different when it's
your home that's suffering.
Wait, stop.
Go away.
No. Stop.
- Wait.
- Go away, kid. Don't follow me.
- Just leave me alone.
- Look, I just...
I just want
to thank you.
Yeah, well, don't.
Just forget it.
Forget you ever saw me.
You forgot your...
Oh, wait. Wait. Here.
Here. Here. This...
This is yours.
Okay. Pick and Brick,
they might
have killed me.
Uh, thanks.
Take it. Okay.
They might've
killed you too.
Yeah, thanks
for the money.
Uh, why'd
you do it?
You know you don't
have to live here, right?
You shouldn't
live like this.
My mom,
she could help you.
Go home to her.
- I just want to talk to you.
- No.
- I... I just want to...
- Go away! Just...
Go take care of her.
Learn to fight, kid.
JOCELYN: Reggie!
[STAMMERS] In the bathroom, Ma.
JOCELYN: Dinner's ready
in five minutes.
No, no, no! [SCOFFS]
It's good. I'm cool.
No... Nothing happened.
No, he just gave me
the usual rap,
you know, the world
according to Zeke and blah.
Uh. Tonight?
I... I don't think so.
Yeah, maybe tomorrow.
All right.
Talk later.
Bye. Bye.
- JOCELYN: Reggie, come on, honey.
- I'm coming, Ma.
Hey! Ooh!
How was work?
Long though.
REGGIE: Great, but, long.
JOCELYN: Can you grab me that
pitcher from the top shelf?
I'll make us
some tea.
what happened?
- Huh? What?
- What's wrong?
Oh, uh,
[LAUGHS] nothing, I pulled
a muscle in gym class.
A muscle?
Yeah, it's a muscle, Mom.
Leave the pitcher.
Come here. Let's talk.
I want to hear
all about it.
Let me make sure
I got this right.
You were fighting
with a homeless man.
No. No, no, no.
He was fighting
Pick and Brick.
Zeke and Theo?
Oh, my God.
- Pero what?
- [CALMLY] Mom. Mom.
It's okay.
What part of this
is okay, Reggie?
You don't understand.
All right,
they were hassling me.
And this homeless guy...
This homeless guy, he just...
He just lost it, Mom.
Reg, what have I told you?
To stay away.
You promised me.
Mom, they stopped me.
And they were hassling me.
And this homeless guy,
Zeke, was hassling him,
and the next thing I know, he was
standing up to Brick and then...
The homeless guy?
Mom, he was...
He was unbelievable.
Man, he was like...
He was like a boxer
or something. I mean...
[GRUNTING] Bam! Bam!
And the big dummy
was on the ground and...
Really? A homeless guy
did all this?
Who is he?
I don't know.
He was just
some guy walking by.
And what happened?
He hit you.
[MUMBLING] He was talking
about Will and you.
- And?
- And I tried to hit him.
What have I told you?
It doesn't matter
what he says,
you don't do anything,
you don't say anything.
- You just walk away.
- They do not let you walk away.
I can't lose you too.
Sorry, Mom.
When he starts
talking about Will,
I mean, like he had nothing
to do with that...
I just get so mad.
I know.
We just can't let that anger
poison our lives.
I guess, we should give
thanks to the stranger too.
you should have seen him.
Well, he could be
dangerous too.
- [LAUGHS] No doubt.
- I want you to stay away from him.
What do you mean?
He helped me.
This time,
Reggie, but,
so many of those people
are unstable.
And if he's as talented
as you say he is,
- it could be a scary thing.
- Mom, he...
He wasn't crazy
like the rest of them.
Want to know what he said
right before he beat on Brick?
He said, "You don't talk
about a man's mother."
Maybe so.
But, I want you
to be careful.
And I want you to stay as
far away as possible
from Zeke and Theo,
do you understand?
They're going to want
payback, Reggie.
- And they're not going to care who it is...
- Okay, just...
Just don't go
report him to anyone.
Zeke? [SCOFFS] That's
going to make a difference.
The homeless guy, Mom.
The homeless guy.
After what he did,
- he deserves a medal.
Keep that on.
Love you, Mom.
Hey, uh,
have you seen a guy,
- this tall, uh...
- Oh, kid...
A kid.
Excuse me, sir?
Excuse me, sir, I'm looking
for a guy, uh, this tall,
rough around the face,
he punches, and...
You must mean Lightning.
He's definitely over there.
No, he's there.
I don't want it!
Get away!
Uh, excuse me, sir, um,
have you seen the guy?
Hey, uh, miss, uh, I think
his name is Lightning.
Lightning! He...
He lives over there, kid.
Over there.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Go away!
Leave me alone.
Kid, is that you?
You need to stay
away from me!
Leave me alone, please.
[SOBBING] Leave me alone.
How you doing? Oh!
Good morning, pancakes!
For my hero.
I know you were sticking up
for me and Will yesterday.
Oh, Mom.
I just want you to know that I
understand and appreciate it.
We just have to be careful,
if we're going to make it.
Oh, yeah. Uh, right.
Make it.
There's your syrup.
I'm going grocery shopping, honey.
Do you want anything?
Uh, no...
No thanks.
Okay. Enjoy.
See you in a bit.
Hey, I... I just wanted
to thank you.
- Properly.
My mom, she made, uh,
some pancakes for me.
She said I was a hero, you know,
for sticking up for her and Will.
But, dude,
you're the hero.
You're the one
who deserves this.
What do you want, kid?
Then, go.
You thanked me,
you gave me my medal,
get going.
Your name's
Lightning, right?
The pancakes were good.
Kid I don't live
in your world.
My world's pretty ugly
and I can get ugly.
Now get the hell
out of here.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
You must've been someone.
A boxer? A boxer, right?
I mean,
is that what you did?
I mean, the way you...
You laid into Brick. You were up
and down that big bully like...
Like he was
your punching bag.
Big ones are easy.
They think they
just have to show up.
It's what?
Sneaky, mean ones,
the ones
that'll do anything...
You can see it
in their eyes.
Like Pick?
What do you want, kid?
Leave me alone.
REGGIE: Wait! Wait!
Yesterday you said something.
You said, "Learn to fight."
How am I going to do that? Who's
going to teach... I don't have anyone!
Yeah, street punks,
you know,
they're all the same.
They just got a few moves
and lots of attitude.
What are you doing? I'm
just trying to thank you.
Want to thank me?
Thank this?
Over here.
Watch the footwork.
it's the footwork, huh?
That's right.
Keep your feet
under you.
Now it's your turn.
A guy rushes you.
Kid, you don't
back straight up.
What you got to do is
give him an angle.
Step to the side and pivot.
Step to the side
and roll under.
Then, only then,
you strike.
Wait for it.
Sooner or later,
every big guy
is going to rush you.
And it's your turn.
Then, it's your turn.
- Go?
- Go.
Come on, kid.
Come on, kid.
I'm coming to get you.
I'm coming to get you.
Okay. I'm okay.
Let's go.
Come on, kid.
Yeah, attaboy.
Come on.
[GRUNTS] That's it.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
- Come on.
Not bad.
Why are you
doing this, kid?
I got to...
I got to learn
to protect myself.
Protect my mom.
You know why you didn't
hit that punk yesterday?
You weren't
ready to hit him.
Yeah, you were mad.
You wanted to hit him.
You weren't ready.
You weren't
in position to strike.
See, that's what
it's all about.
You gotta be in position
to strike first.
Be where you need to be.
What do you mean?
So, who you going to watch
your movies with now, Mama?
Be grateful,
she's a smart girl,
and she's in school
and she isn't some little
on the street, right?
- Amen to that.
Oh, is that
where he's at?
Oh, yeah. Soon as
we got home from church.
Off to work on
his project with Mariah.
now don't you worry.
- He's always going to be your boy.
Have a boy of your own,
then tell me not to worry.
You know, it's not
Mariah or girls, I worry about,
I know.
It's just growing up
here, in this.
You know he had a run in
with Zeke the other day,
after school?
- He's the one with the, uh... [SPEAKING SPANISH]
- Yeah, the ice pick.
Guess he followed Reg home.
He hit him.
- What for?
- You know what he's all about.
Getting kids
to deal for him.
- So, he did what...
- VIVIAN: You don't think Reg would?
My Reg, oh, Lord, no.
He would rather cut off
his hand than do that.
Not after watching
his brother
go down
that road.
So why he hit him?
Well, Reggie said,
he tried to hit Zeke first.
He said that he was
talking about me and Will.
He can't go doing that.
He can't always
walk away either.
He's gotta learn
to take care of himself.
The Zekes of the world,
they ain't going away.
I know.
And get this. Reggie said,
that they were also
hassling some guy,
some homeless guy,
and that the guy,
the homeless guy...
- ...beat the hell out of Theo, Zeke's big muscle.
- Yeah.
What? [LAUGHS]
- Do you believe that?
He said the guy
beat him up and down,
threw him on the ground. Hit
Zeke too and then chased him off.
[GASPS] Oh, my
God, this is crazy.
You joking, right?
Well, that was my week.
- How was yours?
- Mmm.
I didn't ask you
about the cop thing.
- Mmm...
- And?
Eh, it's not bad.
But, I think the boys in blue
were on their
best behavior for me.
So, you had to keep
your panties on.
But, they're good guys, and
they know how to treat a lady.
You know, I think we should
double up next time.
Mmm. Uh... Maybe.
- Sure.
- Hmm? A maybe? A...
[LAUGHS] Big changes
in the whole household.
Big changes. [GASPS]
I'm going to
hold you to that.
Okay, thank you.
- Anything you want.
- I told you, I see it in the future.
This is good.
- Ah, I'm going to have to go to the gym.
Got to move around.
Just punches
and punches.
Uppercuts and hooks.
Bam, bam, bam, bam!
That's it. Uppercuts
and hooks to the body.
Bam! Bam!
Just Keep moving. Yeah.
Ooh. Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Now we're walking.
Now we're walking.
Let me see you jab.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Get up.
Side to side. Relax.
Come on, stay loose.
- Stay loose, shoulders loose.
- All right.
- Kid, move.
- Okay.
Kid, move.
Move around.
Side to side.
Side to side.
Come on.
No, no, no. No.
Side to side.
Left leg leads.
Lead leg.
Now, don't cross your legs.
All right, stand.
Work a jab.
Work your jab.
Work your jab.
That's your rear hand,
that's you right...
- That's your cross, your jab, your lead...
- Yeah, but
- this one feels good.
- No, no.
Because it's
the power hand.
You get...
You got to... [GRUNTS]
It's a right hand,
it's power hand.
So, you wait
after you jab,
you jab and then you throw the right.
You throw the right!
Let me see you
do your jab, kid.
Jab, jab. Jab.
- Not that.
- That's the...
- I got it.
Stay... Kid.
- What?
- It's...
This ain't working. I don't
know if I'm the guy for this.
No, no, no,
I can do it.
- Just...
- Jab. Jab.
No, no, no,
don't cross your feet.
You don't cross your feet,
somebody'll push you,
you'll get knocked down
to the ground.
You don't do it,
it's technique.
It's important.
Technique's important!
- Lightning...
- Like Paddy taught!
It's all right, Lightning.
- Paddy.
- I... I can...
Technique is important!
Right hand! Right hand!
Right hand! Right hand!
Right hand, left!
Right hand, left!
CORNERMAN: Lightning,
you've got to get up.
So, you excited about
the dance Friday?
Something like that.
I got this
really sexy dress.
It's going to be
a lot of fun.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Who you going with?
Oh, well, now since you
asked that, probably Eddie.
- Well, he's not that cute, so...
- Mmm, okay.
And besides,
Stacy asked me out.
- Really?
- Yeah, it was a great proposal.
[CHUCKLES] I mean, no one else
asked me, so...
Oh, come on, that...
That's not fair.
Ooh, all right,
I got to go.
- What?
- Gotta go.
I thought we were supposed
to go to the library.
That was your plan.
You were supposed to
help me with it.
Yo, Lightning.
Lightning, yo!
[SCREAMS] Yo, Lightning.
Yo, Lightning.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?
Lightning, yo.
Where'd you get
all this?
Well, you come around there
growling like a bear and stuff.
Yeah, well, come on,
let's patch this stuff up.
Come on.
- Yo, where'd you get all this stuff?
That old gym down
on Philbert Street.
- My old gym.
I knew it. So you are
from around here.
Once upon a time.
Well, you got
to take me. Please?
No. It's been
shut down for years.
Nothing but rats and garbage.
Here, I got this for you.
- That's a...
- It's all we got, kid.
Put it on.
Your head.
Yeah, okay.
- Of course, we should wash it first.
- Oh, come on.
Relax. Hey.
Look what I got you.
You don't have to put those on your head.
Put these on.
Real deal boxing mitts.
Come on, put them on.
- Come on, man.
You'll never know
whose hands were in those.
Thanks, man.
Keep your hands up.
- Oh, you don't want this.
- Hands up.
- No way.
- Jab.
Let's see that jab.
Come on, kid.
I'm going to teach you
about trapping.
Just get the kid
out of the way.
Reggie, call it out.
Jab, jab.
- Jab!
Come on, send him up.
Jab, cross. Jab, cross.
- You wanna go?
- REGGIE: Lightning, knife!
No more of
that macho stuff.
- REGGIE: Knife!
- THUG: Your homeless hero's busy.
little school girl.
Where's your boyfriend?
He really shouldn't let a sweet little
treat like you walk home by yourself.
I just want to talk
to you, sweetheart.
- MARIAH: Stop it.
- Hey!
I just want to talk.
- You know why they call me Pick, baby?
I don't give a damn
how sweet you smell,
I will pick your ass apart.
Nice piece.
Don't touch it.
- Reggie gave it to...
- Shh.
Yeah, I got
a gift for Reggie.
You see to it that Reggie
gets his hands on this.
Okay? He'll know
what to do with it.
Reggie? Reggie!
- REGGIE: Mom!
- Reggie!
- Come on, come on. Come on.
- No, who is he?
- What's going on?
- Mom, this is Lightning. Come on.
- What happened?
Nothing happened.
He's hurt.
Wait, are you hurt, honey?
Mom, stop.
I'm okay, all right?
There was a fight
and he took a knife for me.
- We need to get him in.
- Reggie, I am not a doctor.
Mom, you studied
to be a nurse.
Okay, you study this
kind of thing all the time.
I see you practicing your books.
Now, help me get him in.
- [STAMMERING] Okay, we'll take him to the hospital.
Stay right here.
Just wait right here.
- No, I told you, no doctors, no hospitals.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Stop, stop. Stop. Mom...
- Reggie, I can't.
Mom, Mom, Mom, this is
the guy that helped me.
- I can't do it.
- Mom, please.
This is the guy
that helped me.
- Remember?
- Reggie, I... [STAMMERS]
Just put him
in the kitchen.
Come on. Lightning,
let me help you.
Okay? You helped me.
Now, let me repay the favor.
- Come on.
- Just...
What's your name?
- Not some street name.
Your real name.
It's not a street name.
It was my...
Just call me Lightning.
I will not.
Everyone has
a proper name.
What's yours?
Rodney, I'm Jocelyn Hall.
Reggie, can you please give me
some towels from the laundry?
And get me
an old shirt of Will's.
- And a T-shirt.
- REGGIE: Okay.
How does that feel?
You made quite
an impression on Reggie.
Yeah, well,
he's a good kid.
Thank you.
It's not easy.
What's that?
A mother,
to raise a good son.
No, sir. It's not.
I wish you would see a doctor.
So, who's Will?
Reggie's brother.
So, he's the reason
for the bad blood
with the punks, huh?
That Zeke, sucked him in.
Got him into dealing.
It wasn't long until
Will started using.
After that,
you know the story,
you've been around.
I'm sorry.
Reggie was devastated.
Just about killed him.
He still hasn't
come to terms with it.
- But...
- But what?
Meeting you has helped.
Well, I don't want
to insult you,
but, you stink,
you're dirty,
so take off your clothes
and jump in the shower.
Come on.
Got it.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I'm home.
where are those towels?
Uh, I'm coming, Mom.
It's just me.
I brought some towels.
I'm setting them here.
Thank you.
what are we going to do?
You just met me,
you don't even know me.
Yes, but,
you're involved now.
Not just
because of today, but,
you've become
part of Reggie's life.
That's what happens when you
make an impression on someone.
You don't want that.
You don't want me involved.
Mr. Rhodes.
We're all in this together,
Whether you like it or not.
Sorry, there no "we."
Nothing good
can come of that.
It never does,
when I'm involved. Just...
Just let me go
and I'll walk away.
- Everyone will be better off that way.
I'm sorry.
- Come on in, Mariah.
What's... What's wrong?
What happened?
You okay?
When I was heading home,
he stopped me.
That's where he was.
No. There was
a fight with Brick...
Oh, I'm sorry, did he hurt you?
Are... Are you okay?
- No. I'm... I mean, I'm okay.
- You... You sure?
He didn't do anything.
But, what happened?
He gave me this.
He wanted to make sure
I gave them to you.
You're supposed
to sell them.
Reg, this is what you've
been doing, isn't it?
No. No! No, okay?
I hate that stuff.
All right, that's not me.
Hey, you know me.
Reggie, I'm scared.
I'm so sorry.
What are we
going to do?
I don't know.
what's going on?
Mariah, what happened?
But why Mariah?
He could've just stopped
me like he's done before.
You would've
just said no.
This way,
you're stuck with it.
I guess.
I'm sorry, Reggie.
RODNEY: He's telling
you something.
Heh. He gets to
the people you love.
That's how
cowards operate.
[STAMMERING] I'm not gonna
let anything happen to you.
This is between
Zeke and me.
Just what to do
you think you're gonna do?
I don't know, all right?
But I'm gonna tell him
he do this, all right?
He doesn't threaten her,
or you, or anyone
that I care about.
All right,
this is between us.
No, you don't go near him.
You'll be playing his game.
Don't... Reggie, your mom, she's...
She's right,
I mean, do you think
he's gonna listen to you?
Hey, he's trying
to draw you in.
To engage you
on his terms.
What have I taught you?
[YELLS] What have I taught you?
To strike
when you're ready.
Not when the other guy
wants you to.
That's right.
Well, what are we
supposed to do?
Go to the police.
The cops?
What, are we supposed to
find one, give him the stuff,
and tell him our story?
Come on, Mom.
Reggie, this isn't some
schoolyard scuffle, honey.
Reggie's right,
it won't work.
I mean, it's not gonna even
get the drugs off the street.
You hand them drugs
to the wrong cop,
he'll hand them
right back to Zeke.
Yeah, we go to the cops
and he'll kill us.
You gotta fight.
You gotta beat him
at his own game.
No. No, no. There's not
gonna be any fighting.
[STAMMERS] Reggie, I'm not saying we
go running into a police station. Okay?
But we can't do this alone.
It's just not gonna work. Okay?
Viv, she knows
some cops, some detectives...
Aunt Vivian?
We can talk to them,
off the record.
Okay. We can talk to them
and tell them what's going on
and they can protect us,
okay? They can warn him.
I don't know.
It's something, right?
Let me just talk to them.
Okay, let me just... Please.
Mariah, do you know by when Reggie
had to do this? Did he say anything?
Okay, this is what
we're gonna do.
JOCELYN: Now you need to
go home. It's getting late.
Uh, I'll walk
you home. Okay?
They deserve
better than this.
We all do.
Yeah. I better go, too.
You don't have to
leave, you know.
You can stay
on the couch.
I can't.
What if they
come back for you?
You don't understand,
I can't stay here.
There'll always be
a place for you here.
- If you ever need it.
- Yeah, well,
for everything.
Be sure to come back
so I can check on the cut.
Just a scratch.
Good night.
Good night.
Sports has an exclusive interview
with legendary boxing trainer
and coach, Paddy Grier.
Grier is trainer to boxer
Rodney ' "Lightning Rod" Rhodes,
who went missing, following
the murder of his mother.
And is considered a person
of interest in that case.
Rhodes forfeited Thursday
night's World Title match
when he failed to appear at
preliminary weigh-ins earlier today.
I asked Grier about this
strange chain of events.
This is just tragic.
Mrs. Rhodes, a wonderful
woman, dead like that.
And Lightning missing.
A talented young man like him,
his career just, shattered.
It's sad. Rodney is the most
dedicated fighter I have ever known.
For him to forfeit
this fight,
something's wrong.
- REGGIE: Mom?
Everything okay?
I mean, Mariah's shaken up
is all, but...
She's fine.
Was she scared?
Is that what you've been
doing with your time?
Training with Rodney?
You mean Lightning?
Yeah, he's been
teaching me to box.
You mean fight?
Reggie, do you think
it's a good idea
to be spending all that time
with a homeless boxer?
Oh, come on, Mom. You talked
to him. He's all right.
Yes, I did, but...
People like Rodney,
you don't really know
who they are.
Okay, I know what
you mean, Mom,
but Lightning's not
like that.
I mean, you can tell right?
And he likes me.
Yes, he does.
He likes you.
Well, I'm off
to bed, Mom.
Good night.
Good night.
Later in the day,
Paddy refuted any speculation
that Lightning may actually be
a suspect in his mother's death.
No, absolutely not.
Rodney was devoted
to that woman.
She raised him by herself
in some pretty rough
She did a fine job.
She raised a damn good man.
There's no easy way
for a woman to do that.
[SIGHS] Rodney and I,
we talked a lot about that.
RODNEY: Hey, you did really good today.
I'm proud of you.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, how do you
knock out a big guy?
- So, you wanna knock out a big guy?
- Duh!
What you've got to do, is you
gotta throw the overhand right.
Now, it's not easy.
It's not a straight right.
It's a looping punch you gotta
kinda throw it... [GRUNTS]
Now I know
how Paddy felt...
- Paddy?
- ...not being able to do it.
Who's Paddy?
My trainer
from a long time ago.
He got too old,
couldn't fight anymore,
but, you know,
that son of a gun,
he could look into
the soul of a fighter,
find the lion in him
and just unleash it.
He's the one that made
me the fighter I was.
You mean, the fighter you are.
Yeah, right.
So, uh, when's your mom
gonna see, uh, the cops?
When's she gonna
talk to them?
Off record.
Off the record,
Sort of a double-date thing
with her friend Vivian.
Reggie, don't
expect anything.
There's nothing
in it for them.
I know, but my mom,
she's, you know,
got a lot of faith
in the system.
She told me about Will.
How Zeke
sucked him in.
Got him dealing.
And Will started using.
And after that,
that was it.
It was all over.
that feeling,
hold on to it.
- That was good.
- Well, good night, I had a good time.
- Viv, bye.
- Wait, let me walk you to the door.
- No, it's okay. Thank you.
I have been waiting
to get you alone.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Listen, uh, I wanna talk
to you about your problem.
Can, uh,
we go inside?
Nice house.
Look, uh, I know
what your problem is.
And I feel for you.
I really do.
I think I could help.
You said without evidence
there was nothing you can do.
Martel said that.
Me, I get it.
I know about
your son and all.
I know
your whole story.
You just want
a little payback.
I never said that.
No, no,
of course not.
But, look, uh, if you
want to play some ball,
maybe we could help.
I don't play ball.
A little
quid pro quo.
Isn't that what
the lawyers say?
You do for me,
- I'll do for you.
- [SCREAMS] No, no!
Get your hands off.
Get your... [SCREAMS]
Get your hands
off me!
Get off!
Get off me!
- Hmm?
- Get off me!
I'm no whore!
No, you're
not a whore.
Whores are
smarter than you.
- Here comes your quiet boy now.
- Mom, what's going on?
Your mother's trying
to save your punk ass.
But she's too stupid to...
- Shut up and get outta here.
- JOCELYN: Reggie! No, no.
- Oh!
- Wait.
Oh, yeah?
What... What happened?
- Settle down, Chuck.
- [GRUNTS] What the hell happened?
You dropped
your left, fat man.
Your kid hit me?
- You're screwed, kid.
- Come on.
Just like your brother and every
other piece of garbage in this town.
You're doomed.
You're finished.
If the gangbangers
don't get you, I will!
- VIVIAN: Are you okay?
- REGGIE: Mom?
- [SOBS]
No, not these people.
Wait right here.
I'll be right back.
That scumbag
hurt you?
No, baby,
I'm okay.
Joce, I am so sorry,
I had no idea he was
such a... [SIGHS]
You didn't know.
Don't worry about it.
I know, but still I...
How about this guy,
Like he has
got some skills.
Mr. Rhodes was right.
You do have talent.
JOCELYN: You can take
care of yourself.
I could take care
of you.
You okay?
He never touched me.
I can see that.
Is he gonna have any trouble
because of this?
Nah, I don't even think
Chuck'll remember
but if he does,
I'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Oh, I think it's the least
that I can do, right?
Where did you learn
to fight like that?
A friend sort of teaches me
what he knows. It's nothing big.
Well, he's either
a great teacher,
or, man, you're a natural,
'cause I think you should start
competing, get a real coach.
Well, yeah, you're already
better than half of those guys
at the Police Athletic League.
Well, we have other things
to think about first.
That's right.
Yeah, it's a tough one.
Without any evidence...
You said you destroyed
the drugs, right?
I did.
Well, without that,
what do we have?
Just someone with a grudge
trying to pitch
a pretty unlikely story.
No offense.
We know.
All right, well,
let me sleep on it,
and I'll
see what
I can come up with.
Thank you.
Okay. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Ciao, mijo.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Anyway, he seems
pretty cool.
And he said he's gonna
see what he can do.
You're just saying that
cause he liked your boxing.
Okay, I mean, yeah,
but, no, he was cool.
I mean, not like
the other guy.
The other guy was like a
bad cop out of a bad movie.
Martel, he was cool.
Besides, Aunt Vivian
likes him, too, so...
All right, then, I'll talk to
my mom later, call you then?
Reg, wait.
I wanna be with you.
Please. I really wanna
see what you do with him.
Yeah, but it's kinda
one of those...
Reg, if it's important to you
then it's important to me.
- Yeah, but...
- Mmm, please?
- Come on, Reg.
- Ugh, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
- But, one condition.
- What?
If Lightning isn't cool
with it, you'll leave.
- Okay.
- Okay?
All right, come on.
She just wanted to see what it
is we do, if it's okay with you.
She's curious,
you know?
It's okay with you?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
I mean, yeah.
Just don't let her
be a distraction.
What? Huh.
Slip to the left, slip to the right.
Pow, pow, pow.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Time to go.
We should be
good for now.
- Shh.
Mariah, we need to
cut through the court.
- No, it's scary in there.
- Mariah!
It's our safest bet,
all right?
And it's about to rain, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait, wait.
- Yo, yo, yo! Hold on.
Where are you guys
going so fast, huh?
Theo, look, man, I don't have
any fight with you, all right?
- We're just trying to get home.
- Get home?
It ain't happening.
Pick give you something,
something for you to sell.
You did that?
You got my money?
- I don't...
- Where's my money?
I don't have it,
all right.
You don't have
my money?
You don't
have money?
[EXHALES] Reggie,
you got two days.
Two days before Pick
goes mad dog crazy,
on your mama.
[CHUCKLES] Ah, and your
little sweet thing over here.
[CHUCKLES] 'Cause you
know he likes her.
I like her, too.
Now, you can forget
about your homeless hero
because he's done,
he's finished.
MARIAH: Lightning!
Yo, Lightning.
- Reg, you don't think...
- No.
All right?
Theo couldn't do
nothing to Lightning.
Not without some help, at least.
He's gotta be
off somewhere.
- This place looks abandoned,
- Stop.
All right?
No, Reg,
I'm scared.
Come on.
Gotta get
you home.
There's another
place I know.
Where have you been?
You're late.
It's okay, Mom.
I'm fine.
I was worried.
I'm sorry.
Mariah called.
Did you at least
find him?
Well, there's more you should
know about Lightning.
Come inside, I'm gonna
show you. Come on.
No, no, no!
- Reg...
- I know, I don't believe it.
- Reggie...
- Mom, you don't think Lightning did this, do you?
No, I don't.
I think he's
a good man.
- But...
- But? But what?
It does explain
things, Reggie.
Explain what, Mom?
If you don't think
Lightning did this,
explain what you mean.
The way he lives.
Reggie, if he thinks
he caused this,
he lives with
tremendous guilt.
And if he knows
who did it,
he may be
in trouble.
He may have no choice
but to run.
But it doesn't
sound like Lightning.
It doesn't make
any sense.
Reggie, I understand.
But something like this
can change a person.
It might be
why he's gone now.
What do you mean?
We're thinking about talking
to the police, right?
Not about Lightning.
No, not about Lightning,
but we're thinking
about bringing them in.
Okay. Even if we don't
say anything,
someone, eventually, one day
was gonna say something.
And if the police hear something
about a homeless boxer,
So, what do we do?
We take care of all this garbage
with Zeke.
- Mom, what about...
- Reggie...
- We can't just forget about him.
- We won't.
But you know
he would want you to be safe.
Let me see
what I can do.
I'll go look for
him also, okay?
You know, he was
quite a fighter.
Top contender
for the middleweight title.
- Next in line?
- Yep.
Next in line.
MAN: Look at you.
"Lightning Rod" Rhodes,
the middleweight contender,
the best fighter
I ever worked with.
Now, flat on your back
like a bum.
Now, get up!
- The fight ain't over.
- No, Paddy.
It's over.
How many times did I tell you?
It don't ever end!
You pick yourself up off
the mat day after day.
It doesn't matter. If the
bell rings, it doesn't matter.
If they count you out,
you gotta get up.
- Paddy they killed Ma.
- I know, Rod.
I know.
You didn't see her.
You don't know.
Those pricks.
Those cowards.
They beat her
and they left her to die.
Sweet old woman.
But you're still alive, kid.
You still got
things to do!
[SNIFFLES] I can't.
I'm done.
Look at me.
The boy and that woman,
they need you.
And you need them.
I can't.
I'll just bring 'em trouble.
Get up, Rodney!
- No.
- Get up!
Get up, Rodney!
WOMAN: Rodney?
Come on, Rod.
I know you're here.
I know you can
hear me.
wanted to thank you
for bringing my son back.
I told how it was
when Will died.
Reggie was devastated.
Meeting you did
something for him.
I don't know
why that is.
I don't understand,
why you, of all people,
boxing, of all things,
would do that,
but thank you.
He seems so alive
and happy.
You might have
saved us both.
Even though I have no idea
what's gonna happen.
I've got some hope.
Reggie told me
about this place.
Said this is
where you trained.
I guess this was
your world,
once upon a time.
I wish I would've
seen you then.
I wish we both
knew you then.
Rod, I know
why you disappeared.
I get it.
I know the story
but I don't believe it.
Reggie doesn't either.
You've had your problems
but you're a good man.
Such a good man.
But, Rod, you can
only run for so long.
you're gonna have to
come back and face this.
If not,
he'll be lost as well.
Promise me,
you'll come back for Reggie.
For us.
For me.
Promise yourself
you'll come back.
Be safe,
Rodney Rhodes.
Well, it's just...
This is not part of an official
investigation it's just...
There's just not a whole
lot I can do, I'm just...
Tell my captain I have a tip
and if someone wants to talk...
[SIGHS] Are you sure Zeke will
be looking for you tomorrow?
Um, if not,
I can find him.
I mean, he practically
lives on the street.
Yeah, but you can't
talk to him on the street.
It's gotta be somewhere...
Somewhere where I can
overhear what's being said.
Like an alley?
Uh, I know one
that might work.
I could bring
him to it.
Nah, that's not gonna
work, it's too open.
And someone could
just come on by.
An empty building?
That may work.
As long as we can get in and
out of the place, sure why not.
I have the place.
So where is
this old gym?
Over on
Philbert Street.
But you're
not going.
I should go.
No, you shouldn't be getting
involed with stuff like this.
- I belong with you.
- With me. Yes.
Will is my brother.
Okay. Zeke is
my problem and...
- What?
- And I love you.
I love you.
And I got you in trouble once
I don't wanna do it again.
I love you, too.
Please be careful.
Nothing's gonna happen
Martel will be there.
Hey. Martel will
be there, okay?
Get out of here.
When Zeke comes looking for
you, you can't run away.
Okay, he's here.
If anything happens, you call 911
immediately on my phone, okay?
- I'm gonna leave it here for you.
- Okay.
And do not, no matter what,
come in.
I'm gonna go on in
and... And wait for them.
Why don't you
get in front,
help, uh... Help
Viv keep an eye out.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Come on, Reggie.
Wait here.
Don't let anybody in.
We need some privacy
for this.
Are they coming?
They're here.
All right, go to your
spot, I'll be right here.
Is this where you hang
with your broke down homie?
Where is he?
Not here?
Too bad.
What's all this?
You think I was
gonna climb in here
and settle this
with you mano a mano?
Oh, we gonna
settle it.
But not that way.
We ain't fighting.
PICK: My money?
I told you, I ain't
selling your crap.
That's your final answer?
So where is it?
- Where's the goods?
- Gone.
- Wrong answer!
- Doesn't matter they're still gone.
My money,
or my drugs,
or I'ma put you
in the cold, cold ground
just like I did
your brother.
Hold it right there.
You set me up.
You're dead boy.
Put the gun down.
You ain't got
nothing on me.
No need to have a confrontation,
nobody's going to jail,
I just wanna talk.
Now, put the gun down.
Just talk? What you
wanna talk about, huh?
Put your gun down first.
You put yours down first.
Let's do this together.
Martel, no.
Shit, I ain't gonna
shoot no cop.
Not with a witness.
I'm putting it down.
- Did... Did you hear that?
- [SNIFFLES] Yeah.
- Call 9-1-1.
- [SOBS]
And now,
about that witness.
RODNEY: Over here,
you worthless piece of...
Oh, my God. That's...
It's Mariah, what's she...
It's not safe,
Reggie's in there.
Martel is with him,
you have to trust him.
We have to just hope
that he's coming.
Wanna play a game, punk?
Here's the first move.
RODNEY: Hey, big money, what're you
packing, a Saturday night special?
Enough to kill you dead,
- Lightning...
- Just stay still.
Where'd you come from?
What're you doing?
Listen, I'm doing the same
thing Paddy would do for me.
- Stay down, kid.
- Yeah, stay down, kid.
Lightning, meet thunder.
Aw. Now there's
no advantage.
You sure about that?
He killed my brother.
MAN: Bravo.
BRICK: I just
inherited a business.
And I get to
kill you both.
Whoa. Martel!
- Reg...
- Lightning, you can't go.
I have to go.
I can't stay here.
- Not now.
- Lightning, please.
All right, I know
what happened, and...
And no,
all right, no, no.
I know. I know that
you're an innocent man,
a good man.
We know you are.
It's not that simple.
It's... It's not what
you think it is.
You can clear
your name.
You gotta understand,
it's not that.
It's not the cops.
It's the people that did it.
The people that killed Ma.
They'll never let
the truth come out.
They can't.
Too many powerful people, will never
let the truth be known, remember that.
Yeah, but...
But there has to be a way.
No, Reg.
Hey, you be strong.
You take care
of Jocelyn.
Let me get
this straight,
you were on the
ground, then what?
They were
I knocked the punk's gun down,
then Zeke,
- he tried to stab him.
- Who?
Who was
[SIGHS] The boy, Reggie.
And that
punk-ass Zeke.
- You sure?
You know the kid
can fight.
Get him
outta here.
What have I taught you?
You don't want this.
Yeah, keep your hands up.
Let's see that jab.
Let's see that jab.
That old gym down on
Philbert Street.
My old gym.
What's wrong, Reggie?
Mariah, you know as well as I do,
it should be his name up there,
not mine.
I know, babe.
Whatever it takes,
I'm gonna clear his name.
I know.
Ladies and gentleman, a man
that needs no introduction,
the middleweight champion
of the world,
Reggie "the Rocket" Hall.