Shadow Government (2009) Movie Script

Cloud Ten Pictures Proudly Presents Based
on the Grant R.
Jeffrey book: Shadow Government In Association
with CleanTV
and Act of Media SHADOW GOVERNMENT It's obvious
that if a
government wishes to control its people and
make sure they
do exactly what you're told to do they have
to monitor.
They have to know what they're doing at all
We may soon find ourselves living in a nightmare
that I think
even George Orwell couldn't have anticipated
as to how
much control we're putting into the hands
of government,
large corporations and people we perhaps tend
to trust.
If you're talking about wars, if you're talking
about money management,
if you're talking about orchestrating crisis
these people are behind it.
It sounds like a conspiracy.
If you're an average person you've definitely
got a data file on you in the hands one of
the many private companies that compiles data
about Americans for the business world.
Austin Texas and in other places around the
country they're
using smart thermostats and the power company
gives you a thermostat for free, installs
it in your
home for free, charges you nothing for it
but there's
a catch and the catch is to get this high-tech
thermostat you have to allow them in the event
of, you
know, excessive power consumption to reach
into your
home through radio waves and literally turn
it off.
So one of the basic things about using a computer
on the Internet is that your
communications pass through the networks of
various Internet service providers
starting with the internet service provider
that you are a customer of and
going through possibly several others and
then ending up at your destination.
And each of those entities technically has
the ability to look at
all your communications and to record all
your communications.
How did you sleep?
Good, how about you?
Coffee is on.
One of the most alarming trends has been the
increased centralization of personal information.
I'm a little worried about Kate's cough.
She's got a headache too.
She will be fine.
You are buying all sorts of stuff that means
the consumer credit folks will have you.
But I will check online to see if anything
I guarantee you that many of these other database
holders have files on you.
You didn't hear her last night?
Many, many more entities have wanted to know:
Well what kind of person are you?
Wonder if she'll want to eat something?
No nothing here.
She's always crabby in the morning when she
up though, kind of like somebody else I know.
- Nice.
Well, I've got to go.
Every day in so many ways we are being watched.
We're told it's for our own good, for our
protection, to make our lives better but is
I'm Grant Jeffrey prophecy expert and author
of over twenty six books.
I spent two decades researching and detailing
how our fundamental freedoms
are being systematically eroded, 61 00:04:34,698
--> 00:04:38,298
how our governments are not controlled the
way we think they are and how
all this ties into remarkable prophecies from
over 2,098 years ago.
Until recently all of this would have been
considered science
fiction or the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist
each of the technologies you have just observed
either already
exists or is being planned on a drawing board
The evidence is all around us.
There is no denying that we live in a surveillance
and really no matter what we do there is no
turning back.
In the 2010 census, census workers in the
United States have
actually been sent out a year in advance to
the actual census
being taken, they've been sent out with hand-held
GPS devices
and told to go to every single dwelling in
the country.
That's an absolutely unprecedented undertaking.
Its kind of happening without very much media
mention or much awareness and now to have
ability to pinpoint every single location
in the
country is really unprecedented and it's not
just in the United States that they're doing
this, we actually found some documentation
this is part of a global effort that is being
promoted by the UN by their statistics department.
Right now we're the most surveilled society
in history obviously.
This has gone into high gear.
People don't realize that every time they
use Google, every
time they log on to the search engine that
Google is making
a record of everything they search for, linking
it to the
cookies in their computer, linking it to their
IP address.
But going one step further Google also reads
all of
Gmail, all Gmail messages that are sent or
The reality is that Google is offering you
all this
bait to bring you in because you're the product.
And once they get you in there then they slice
and dice
your information and they sell you to the
And the ad came up and it said a Clydesdale
mom loses 37
pounds using some diet aid and there's a picture
of this.
Mom from Clydesdale Montana.
Yeah, great.
You have to come home eventually for school.
Start to pack up my computer I bring it home
connect it to my home here near Boston and
back and visit the same web page again and
ad comes back up same woman saying Brooklyn
mom loses 37 pounds using such-and-such diet
aid so of course you know they know whether
I'm in Brooklyn or my household because they
have to ship the bits one place or the other.
In November 2008 there was an effort by Google
to show that they were able to
pinpoint a flu outbreak before the Center
for Disease Control could do that.
Based on their sophisticated algorithm they
could tell
that the person doing those searchers had
the flu.
They were searching for chest congestion or
or certain types of medication, cold or flu
medication and whenever one of those keywords
be entered into Google it would set off a
red flag.
They would pinpoint that person's location
on their internet service provider and then
they would put a red dot on the map and over
time we would see lots of red dots in certain
locations on the map and then they shared
that information with the Centres for Disease
Control and sure enough they were able to
pinpoint those outbreaks two weeks in advance.
Now some people might say well gee that's
a really helpful thing to do
but when you log on to Google to look something
up you don't do so with
the expectation that Google is going to be
capturing your information,
studying you and handing that information
over to the federal government.
So I think a lot of people find it very invasive
and what it raises is the potential for Google
or really any other Internet or service that
use to turn over other sorts of information.
You know?
Who's concerned about abortion rights or who's
a democrat or who's a
republican or you know, who has an interest
in the second amendment.
Well because we don't always know the downstream
risk and the downstream harms.
Their were rumours that a bank had done it
to a cancer
registry that they had taken a Kansas registry
crossed it
with names of people who are in their bank
and then tweaked
the creditworthiness of the people if they
had cancer.
Some day when all of our products and all
products have instead of a bar code they'll
have a tiny RFID tag on them we will be able
keep track of those products in people's homes.
And their proposal was that a smart refrigerator
would actually have an RFID reader
in the fridge every product that you put in
the refrigerator from the milk to the
you know, the cream cheese to the hot dogs
would all have an RFID tag added to
them in their packaging and so the refrigerator
would actually know it's contents.
There are plans afoot to actually monitor
your garbage.
Every time you throw something into the trash
can the trash can would
actually be equipped with an RFID reader and
would monitor what you do.
Are you throwing into the right trash can?
Is this a recyclable item that you are throwing
into the regular household trash?
How long did it take you to consume that item?
How long was it in your home before you threw
it away?
The idea that we would be at the point where
everyone will be watching every move.
And it would be tied into the television,
so we would have personalized advertising.
We would have HMO's for example, your health
insurer keeping tabs
on you know, who's eating Hagen-Dazs and
how much green leafy
vegetables is this family consuming because
they're literally
monitoring what happens in in your house through
your refrigerator.
You know some would say it opens up great
opportunities to improve
public health other people would say well
it opens up super
horrifying opportunities for Big Brother to
be right there in
your refrigerator and sitting at your dinner
table with you.
With rising technology and with the motivating
forces from the government level to push
that technology in the direction of the capability
of monitoring human activity, with that
technology emerging it's very frightening
because it means that totalitarian regimes
very soon indeed have the power to control
and monitor every human being on the planet.
People working in major office buildings have
an access
pass, a badge that they use to get into the
Every time you scan that to get into the building
revealing what time you got there what time
you left.
Those records have actually been used by employers
to determine whether
someone was claiming sick leave when they
weren't really sick.
The reasons for surveillance and the need
better surveillance systems are compelling.
If you want to keep track of your pets or
children, livestock
or possessions you can now put ID tracking
devices on them.
If you want to make sure employees are working
the way they should you can now monitor them.
If you want to protect citizens from thieves,
con artists,
drug dealers, hate mongers, paedophiles, terrorist
and basically anyone and everyone who's a
threat to
society you can now track monitor and scrutinize
If you can save lives and protect property
why wouldn't you?
And if you yourself are engaged in unsocial
or illegal
actions your rights to privacy should be taken
Those are compelling arguments but is it right?
And are only the bad guys being watched Hey
honey what's up?
Was that tonight?
Well we need to be there.
I'll try and get home early.
Alright, I love you.
Bye, bye.
Whenever people say: If you aren't doing anything
wrong why do you care if people watch you,
I kind
of turn that around and say if I'm not doing
wrong then you have no business watching me.
President Bush, Attorney General Gonzales
and the head of the NSA all admitted
that well the Times was right that the NSA
had been spying on Americans without
a warrant required by law, required by the
Constitution and required by federal
wiretapping law and that they'd being doing
this for a number of years.
There used to be a joke you know, we're from
NSA we read your email so that you don't have
All of our phone calls are now processed essentially
by computers in
the digital form and so wiretapping a phone
call is just a matter of
telling some of those devices to remember
or to divert some of those bits
rather than necessarily physically clipping
anything on to anything.
So as you can imagine it's very cheap and
very straightforward.
You know when I turn it on to make a call
then I'm going to shut it off.
It's just like the old handset telephone that
I have
in my house except I've been walking around
with it.
Well it isn't, because first of all when you
have it on it's
constantly telling the telephone company where
you are.
It notifies the nearby cell phone towers whether
you're talking on it or not, what your
location is because that's how the phone company
knows where to root your incoming calls.
It doesn't try every cell phone tower in the
world it has a constantly updated
record of where the telephone is and that
data is stored and can be used somehow.
The thing is a location device as well as
a communication
device well fine but I'm going to leave it
off all the time...
Well you know it's really not a telephone
it's really a computer connected
to a radio transmitter and receiver a microphone
and a speaker.
And the computer can make the radio transmitter
and receiver, microphone and loudspeaker act
kind of the way a telephone does but it can
make it do all kinds of other things as well.
These devices can actually be used by appropriately
authorized government officials to turn the
cell phone
into a kind of roving bug, so that when you
press the
power button and you think you're turning
the telephone
off you're actually turning the microphone
on and the
radio transmitter on so that the conversation
whatever noise is ambient around where the
is is being sent back to FBI headquarters
or wherever.
A knife is a piece of technology, now a knife
used in
a bar fight to carve somebody up is a terrible
That same knife can be used to perform an
emergency appendectomy
and save someone's life is a very good thing
and without it
you couldn't save that person's life The knife
neither serves
good or evil it's just a knife this is how
technology works.
In addition to the Big Brother phenomenon
which is
definitely out there there's all this little
You know there are the teenagers with the
cell phones who take embarrassing pictures
of themselves, of their friends and so on
and I say did you ever lose your cell phone?
You say I've lost a cell phone three or four
Did the pictures come back to the cell phone?
Well yeah the pictures come back to the cell
phone, well
where did the pictures come back to the cell
phone from?
You know, there is an agency out there you
that actually has a copy of everything on
cell phone which is a fine thing if you lose
cell phone, it's good that you can get all
your data back but again that information
be available under court order to someone
could file a civil suit against you this is
example of ourselves being our own worst enemies.
One condition for employment for a lot of
major corporations is that in your
employment contract there's actually a clause
that allows your employer to monitor
what you do on the computer and if I want
to log onto a website or you know to
check on the political returns or whatever
it may be that that's something...
Hey, I've got a fifteen minute break why not?
And to discover later that your employer was
doing that, making
judgments on you on the basis of your politics
and the basis
of your interests 38 00:16:56,298 --> 00:16:58,298
could be, you know, it could get people in
trouble and it has.
Invention of the electronic swipe lock, where
they would give you a card which would be
reprogrammed so you know once you've checked
it can no longer be used to open the same
It was a great security improvement there
than keys of course a complete record of every
time (to the second) of every time you go
your room is being logged somewhere and uh...
you know if you go to the gym in the morning
they know when you went into the gym.
If you go in the back door of the hotel after
the door gets locked you know
that's being logged as well and you know this
is very useful information for
forensic purposes but does any of us know
weather this information is being
exploited commercially for any reason you
know are they correlating my..
let's say record of whether I go into the
with, whether I had a free Friday breakfast
in the morning which they also have because
we use the same ID at the hotel dining hall
in the morning and they use the same record
to bill me for both the room and my meal so
what happens to the information how does it
get correlated, who does it get shared with?
Somehow the various national banks and various
investigative entities convinced this printer
association that it would be in their interest
to include
a tracking mechanism in all coloured laser
printers that
they sold and the basic mechanism that's generally
used is patterns of very tiny yellow dots
the arrangement
of the yellow dots in codes in some way or
another the
serial number of the printer that produced
the document.
So if you have any document that was printed
on a colour laser printer
and the appropriate knowledge you can reconstruct
which printer out
of all the colour laser printers in the world
produced that document
and the same technology is also included in
colour photocopiers.
There's a couple of initiatives to monitor
whether or not
people wash their hands when they go into
the bathroom
and they operate by using an access pass or
an ID badge
that employees would have that read the tag
that determine
whether or not you use the soap dispenser
whether or not
you turned on the sink it can actually monitor
you in what
I think are the most private of all locations,
you would
have these people monitoring every single
breath you take.
There's got to be a point at which you say
some things are
private and so we are all adults here we are
and if you're employing me and you need somebody
trust and not be prying into my personal business.
Almost everything you do is traced, everything
you buy
is tracked, my car's equipped with OnStar
you know they
know where I am at any second I can push a
little bottom
on the mirror and it will tell me precisely
where I am.
You know some of this stuff is good, some
of it's bad.
If I was a car thief it would be bad because
OnStar can also
turn the car off while I'm in the process
of steeling it.
So in the communications theory area what
we're talking about is systems
or programs to try to keep track of what people
are saying on the
phone, surveillance of what people send in
an email, surveillance of
the records of who you talk to when you talk
to them and for how long.
Then on the other side location surveillance,
we are very
much into systems that track where you go
and everyday life.
This is really a growing area of concern.
You get that with the growth of the public
surveillance cameras that actually watch you
record your images while your in public places
in shopping malls or pretty much anywhere
also comes about from GPS devices which can
you to track cell phone technology can allow
to be tracked and then finally of course RFID
tags which can allow you to be truly tracked
You have a lot of different modalities of
location surveillance they're are all
of great interest both to the government and
also to commercial marketers.
It's almost impossible really to live off
the grid.
You have to live without credit cards; you
have to live without bank accounts.
It's hard to go in and out of the country.
You know one of the areas about which I've
been alarmed
is the kind of information you have to give
up at the
border when you go in and out if you carry
a computer
with you US border security asserts the right
to inspect
what's on your computer in the same way they
can inspect
what's within your suitcase and since our
whole lives
now for many of us are on our laptops pretty
everything professional and personal about
us is there
so we've seen certainly that the FBI they
are customers
of ChoicePoint they will call up data about
from ChoicePoint and they say well if any
merchant can
use ChoicePoint why can't we so it's a very
world when it comes to data about us because
both the
government wants to know about us and private
want to know about us and when they gang up
on everyday
people that's really quite an unholy alliance.
- How are you?
- Good, how are you?
- Pretty good.
So this comes to $3.75 Thanks.
Lets retry.
Lets try one more time.
I'm sorry sir this card doesn't seem to be
The ''eat and run'' that's right.
Yes I've just been trying it, it's a Mr.
John Wilson.
Yeah he is right here.
it's for you.
- Hello?
Oh yeah.
Just regular things, gas, groceries, coffee.
It seems that a guy a couple of states over
has been using
my card too bad I cant keep the plasma TV
and motorcycle.
- That's too bad.
Many of us can't think of the things we normally
on our credit card and the convenience which
it is to use a
credit card and how much of your daily life
is visible through
your credit card statement, it's pretty amazing
So I can see patterns of abuse, patterns of
behaviour I can see things
about the kind of person you might be, the
kind of lifestyle might live.
Your spending habits do you tend to spend
a lot at the beginning the
year, do you spend monthly, at the beginning
of the month or at the end.
Many young people barely know what cash looks
like they use credit cards for
anything, many of us too I shouldn't say young
people it's true for me as well.
I use credit cards for everything because
there are incentives to do it but they
are great data collection tools, we give up
lots of information about ourselves.
There is the only anonymous way to conduct
any kind of business
though the problem with cash is it's rapidly
becoming an
anachronism and if you don't think so take
ten thousand dollars
and go and try and put it down in cash on
a new car...
By the time you get the paper signed you'll
be sent two FBI agents wanting to
know where the ten thousand dollars came from
because if you transfer more
than ten thousand dollars it can be a crime
Now, that means that now cash is
not anonymous except in smaller amounts and
how small is a smaller amount?
You know their are things that you can buy
twenty dollars and thirty dollars but if you
any higher than that you know if you bring
hundred-dollar bills most stores won't take
There is a desire by several forces coming
together who do want to add
a biometric identifier to government identification
so the leading
push in the United States is most likely a
biometric added to your
driver's license the biometric is most likely
going to be a fingerprint.
Under that model the fingerprint becomes your
new social security number.
So what does that mean I'm touching this chair
touching the table I'm leaving my fingerprints
behind, you
come along with a piece of tape and dust see
you pick up
my print you stuck it on a fake ID and now
you're me.
There's proof by this phoney fingerprint that
you've just lifted up.
And then if things get really bad with your
identity theft and social security numbers
you can
actually get a new social security number
what do I do about getting new fingerprints.
I'm always forgetting my wallet and then I
can't find and
I don't know where it is and the idea that
maybe someone
could put an RFID chip somewhere where I would
have to wave my arm it's a very attractive
There are plenty of reasons to be worried
about a cashless society where we have
microchips implanted in her hands and simply
make our payments in that way.
For one thing you would be unable to ever
make a payment or to make a
purchase that someone wasn't watching and
recording you in a database.
Marketers would like to get a hold of that,
hackers can hack in to that and then
government could use it to investigate you
or try to control your behaviour.
Nobody ever reads those disclosure requirements.
No one, no one.
No one, no one, no one.
Every year I teach this material at Harvard
I ask
my big class you know, who has a Facebook
And every hand goes up and then I said: How
many of you read the thing, you know
what you were agreeing to before you click
the I agree button on your Facebook?
And I never ever get a a single answer and
these are Harvard students if anybody
is going to read the fine print you would
hope it's going to be Harvard
students they don't nobody does so a lot of
the time even when there are protections
about the sharing of data we really had no
awareness of how far they go.
Data can be shared between commercial business
partners and there is sharing
that also happens between government agencies
and the private sector.
But I think even more serious is if a purchase
that kind of a hand stamp then if you become
a non-person
for whatever reason someone decides they don't
your political views, they don't like the
actors and
they like the fact that you campaign against
the current
president in the last election cycle then
you go to
press your hand to the reader and it says
rejected sorry
you don't count we won't allow you to participate.
Hitler actually did that back in the early
part of his era of terror and control of
Germ any it actually determined certain things
that the Jews weren't allowed to do.
Set certain streets that they couldn't walk
that they weren't allowed to
enter and even set certain restrictions on
what they could buy at the store.
Understanding how money works and how the
only real way we have right now
of hurting them is through money which is
one of the reasons there trying
to create a cashless society because as long
as you and I have cash and can
eat and as long as we can eat we're free at
least we can defend ourselves
when you take the cash away and you create
credit cards and create
microchips what your doing is, suddenly, you
know we are at the whim of the
powerful people they can punish us by pressing
delete three times on a
computer screens and suddenly ten thousand
dollars turns into ten dollars.
One of the most important developments in
this privacy
area that's come with the digital revolution
is that
Orwell's picture of loss of privacy, the government
watching us, the surveillance cameras everywhere...
Certainly is true to some degree there are
surveillance cameras everywhere.
That's hilarious where did you get all this
- I don't know how I lived before Youtube.
What do you just search all day?
- No Painful and stupid is easy to find...
Useful and factual take a while.
Employers, law enforcement agencies, stores
insurance and credit companies,
hospitals and the government would all argue
that their surveillance is necessary.
They'd also all state that individual surveillance
and data systems are
non-invasive and pose no threat of creating
personal profiles or a data shadow.
Simply stated one source of surveillance at
one location on one part of a person's
life is not a real concern but if all this
discarded information is gathered
and sorted and filed in a central location
it would create a complete and
detailed profile much more invasive than anything
even a police check could get.
The infringement on individual's personal
freedoms and the possibilities
for abuse would rival George Orwell's Big
Brother government.
You go through your life almost most of the
time some computer somewhere
is recording something about you and so if
you think about it it's just
tons of information on each of us and then
there's certain efforts of
some kinds of data that are put together to
build profiles and so forth.
So this is a lot of data, this is a huge explosion
of data being collected on individuals.
One other thing that people often say is you
know well, you know, who's going
to be watching me all day long who has the
resources or the time to watch
me and the answer is really no one is going
to be sitting there watching
everybody there's not enough resources for
that, but the computers can do it.
Now that we have almost unlimited storage
on computer hard drives it's possible to record
everything that happens in front of a video
camera or
every transaction that occurs you know in
a credit
card database for example and that that information
is actually becoming immense it was revealed
the New York Times that Wal-Mart's database
as big as if not bigger than the entire internet.
After 9/11 a lot of the failures to prevent
the attacks were attributed rightly or
wrongly to the failure of different government
agencies to share data with each other
to form a complete picture that would have
identified the terrorists before they got
on the airplane and so those walls between
government agencies are coming down.
And then it turns out you know, in the US
there's data the government is prohibited
collecting itself but which it can perfectly
go buy on the open market from private vendors.
Even you know where there are walls that are
supposed to keep the data separate they come
It's pretty much across the board this ongoing
for linking more and more information on individuals
you know, what you purchase the credit card
what your telephone says where you are now.
Is this an opportunity to send you a text
message and to remind
you to go to the grocery store if they have
a sale on orange
juice I mean this is the kind of vision that
many people have
and they spend a lot of effort moving towards
that vision.
The computerized age where information doesn't
vanish into the air but is always been
recorded somewhere and then collected and
aggregated into a database is that every
purchase you make every step you take where
there's a public video surveillance camera,
you know, when you use a credit card, the
searches you do on Google all these things
get collected and the way the law looks at
it right now is well you typed in that
search trend into Google so you knew they
were going to get it of course they have the
ability to keep it and because as a practical
matter we have this giant information
collecting system the threat to privacy today
is far greater than it ever has been.
It's more like the creation of an encyclopaedia
and if you think about an encyclopaedia you
know back in the old days when we had and
through Z encyclopaedia you wouldn't sit down
and read every single volume but when you
wanted to look up Amazonian tree frogs or
country of Columbia it was right there at
fingertips and so I think what's happening
with the databases is the best way to understand
it, is that you're just a blip on the
screen right now but the moment someone wants
to look you up and wants to drill down and
find out about you they open up your entry
at that point all of this data that's been
collected really would paint a shockingly
detailed picture of a single person's life.
When Big Brother is government what are the
consequences well government
can take away my liberty you know, if Big
Brother is industry
maybe my finances at my credit card company
or my bank oh they
could just broke my credit worthiness, they
might take my money.
So the consequences of whom the Big Brother
is are nontrivial
if there have been other attacks and more
pressure was
put on more privacy put at risk the consequences
for Big
Brother could have been really large because
what if more and
more Americans were caught up in a dragnet
more and more
innocent Americans caught up in a dragnet
believed to be
terrorists, might be terrorists which there
scared of you kind
of thing you know, those consequences are
really extreme.
There's a push for every nation on the globe
to identify and number
all of it's citizens were seeing this happening
in China where
you've got over a billion people that have
now been issued unique
ID cards, literally national ID cards with
radio frequency
devices in them that can be used to track
them and identify
them at a distance you see now it's happening
in Mexico they're
going to be doing national ID cards to all
the citizens in
Mexico 1.2 billion people in India about to
go into a database.
Virtually every country on the globe you know
I go to the doctor I have a lab test
done my blood is there they sequence it they
know something about me but they also
know something about my family and even if
I agree that they could use it for research
to what extent that I now bring my family
and release information about them.
This is an RFID credit card and they have
been tens of millions if not
hundreds of millions of these issued and the
vast majority of people who are
carrying them don't actually realize that
there is RFID in them there's
nothing on it anywhere that says RFID there's
a small symbol on the back that
if you know what it means then you would know
what it was but if you're
just looking at it it's just another logo
you have no way of knowing that
there is an RFID chip in it the problem with
this is that because you don't
know that there is and RFID in it you won't
take any steps to protect it.
Which means that I can come along with a device
like this I bought this
on eBay for about two hundred dollars and
it reads these RFID credit
cards it gives me full card information that
is sufficient to process a
credit card transaction so using my two hundred
dollar device I've got
all of these people walking around with all
of these credit cards in their
pockets that they don't know have RFID and
that they don't know how
vulnerable they are to off-the-shelf devices
like this that can read
their credit card information and then conduct
transactions with there
credit card without that card ever leaving
your wallet what kind of
questions could someone ask about you that
will be answered by a database
that kept track of where you were, why did
you visit that person's
house, what should we know that that person
was holding a meeting of the
Communist Party or gee you go to this place
every Wednesday at noon,
well it's easy to find out that that's a church
and there's Alcoholics
Anonymous meetings there's a million ways
that simply knowing where someone
is on a regular basis allows you a tremendous
amount of information.
I believe the American people and indeed the
people of the world are in that same position
we've got a couple of little tiny glimmers
that there's something wrong that there are
databases being collected but what my research
for the last ten years has been about is trying
to identify the black balk of that iceberg
floating under the water so we don't hit it.
There is no question that we are being monitored
all the
time all of us that's not science fiction
that's fact.
But who is controlling the information?
Who's watching the watchers?
If you live in a free and democratic nation
you may rest easier
knowing that a totalitarian regime won't come
knocking on your door.
But journalists Christians, aid workers and
many others around the
world in places like China, North Korea and
the Sudan are not
as fortunate they are routinely abused arrested,
tortured and
even killed for their seemingly innocent and
innocuous actions.
The people in Hitler's Germany and in Ceauescu's
Romania never thought their
freedoms could be squashed or that they themselves
could be seen as a threat.
Could such a thing happen in other nations
or here in America surely our information
is safe with our elected officials and were
protected by our constitutional rights.
If everyday citizens don't stand up for their
rights then a big
government will take more and more of their
rights away from them.
Everyone should be concerned about this because
this affects them, it affects
us, none of us is exempted from what's happening
in the world today.
This affects our lives, our children and our
grandchildren's lives and
if we really care about anything anybody outside
of our own skin,
if we really care about other people, about
society, about our nation,
about the world we'd better take an interest
in what's going on.
So if your phone calls, your letters, the
contents of your home's, the contents of your
automobiles, the contents of your computer's
are open to surveillance by the government
or by private entities who share that information
with the government then I think it's
going to be very hard for most people to be
free in the way they live their lives.
If we get to the point where the government
is watching everything we do then we're going
to see some serious erosion of our civil liberties
our right to assemble peaceably,
our right to free speech, our right to free
religion, free practice of the religion
of our choice, all of these rights are going
to be eroded through these technologies.
The saying is if you put a frog in cold water
then you put the heat on the frog he will
warm up so he won't know to jump out so he
will be
boiled to death because it's such a gradual
Now I don't know if it's true with the frog
but I can pretty much
tell you it's true with the population and
I'm watching it happen.
We're in a situation now where technology
clashing with privacy and society keeps ending
up in
this take it or leave it situation and what
we really
want is for society's to enjoy the benefit
of the
technology as well as have privacy the ability
Google to be able to tell everything about
you and the
house you live 202 00:41:38,998 --> 00:41:42,198
the ability to watch you on the street, to
you I can understand the reasons for Great
setting up the camera spy systems that they've
set up
but if used incorrectly it can destroy you
and of
course computers are another thing that government's
want to control and they have the ability
to do
that in communist China you cannot use a computer
without the government knowing what you're
and who you're saying it too and what you're
up to.
The founders of this country understood that
sure there were bad guys but
they also understood that if you give the
executive branch, if you give the
government this sort of arbitrary unbridled,
unchecked power to search and
to cease than you are really inviting tyranny
and the abuse of power.
The America that stood for liberty and personal
freedom that
peaked probably in the fifties and sixties,
no longer exists.
Most of us have taken comfort in the law,
protection and that's out the window we are
no longer
governed by the Constitution as much as the
people think
they are but that's been shredded and no longer
There is a faction within the country that
the constitution's a living document and because
it's a living document presumably you can
it until it says whatever you want it to.
The truth and that's leading to a socialist
and will ultimately lead to tyranny and so
to those
that love freedom it's an end of an era the
experiment that was once America has been
by special interests the environment is the
cover for
the real objective of sustainable development
is to change our system of justice and change
system of economics to a system of social
You can talk to most judges in America today
and they will proclaim themselves to be agents
of social justice well there's no concept
private property in a system of social justice.
So what is being done is our whole foundation
for the American
experiment is being undermined with this environmental
We all want to promote those good causes but
the real
question is how much bare are you really getting
for the buck are we really making a difference
or are
they just trying to get more surveillance
You're going to see increasing encroachments
on freedom
of speech and it takes some interesting colouration's.
In the press you can say what you like against
Christianity no
problem but you say a peep against Islam and
you get clobbered.
In our schools they'll teach Islam but you're
not allowed to teach the Bible.
This is a unique political experience in all
of human
history and in the future of humanity really
upon the political recognition of every individual's
unalienable rights and that's what's wasting
Increasingly in the name of fighting illegal
immigration there are arguments that daily
activities basic activities that are required
for just living should require an ID card.
Whether it's getting a job whether it's renting
an apartment,
whether it's visiting a doctor and ultimately
I think
it's whether it's going to a store and actually
food and so you see this kind of writing on
the wall.
Right now there's an employment database held
by the federal
government that they want all employers to
run every
single person applying for a job pass this
database to
make sure that they have legal status in the
For many years I've been concerned about the
likelihood of a free world for my grandchildren
and my children and now I'm very worried about
for myself because things are accelerating
so fast.
One of the big concerns that I have is that
you get to the point where everybody's carrying
RFID tagged items whether it's a driver's
whether it's a tagged jacket whatever it might
be then that all it would take for the government
in order to round people up or put people
on a
watch list they could just put an RFID reader
in a backpack, they can blend in with the
mill back and forth walk among the the protesters
or the gathers or the people in the Church
or the
Mosque or whatever it might be and automatically
download and capture all of there information
upload it to a huge database and say oh these
all the people who were seen at the peace
or this was all the people seen at the Democratic
national convention whatever it might be.
I think surveillance and tyranny or surveillance
and the loss of freedom really go hand in
When you look at other civilizations other
societies over
the years all the way up into the twentieth
century there's
this really strong link between autocratic
or despotic or
excessive government power and at the same
time all sorts of
surveillance mechanisms whether they're secret
police or
national ID cards or other kinds of mechanisms
that are designed
to make sure that people are being watched
and perhaps
even more insidious that they know they're
being watched.
Won't all this surveillance and technology
make us safer from crime,
isn't it a good idea to watch everybody and
monitor everything they do?
If that were the case, then you should be
able to look back and
say okay, well let's look at the most monitored
and surveilled
people in history and arguably that was the
Soviets living under
the Soviet Union under Stalin and the folks
who came after that
every phone call could be listened to, every
piece of postal mail
could be opened if you had a party at your
house you wouldn't
know if government enforcement where at the
party listening, you
know after-all if you have nothing to hide
why would you care?
But the Soviet Union under Stalin was the
most deadly regime in all of history.
In fact under that regime with all of that
watching sixty million people perished.
Sixteen million people were killed by their
own government, by
the very government that was supposed to be
protecting them.
You know the bad guy might today be Al-Qaeda
it might tomorrow be fundamentalist Baptists.
You take homeland security who issued a report
that said those people
who own guns, those people who are antiabortion,
those people who are
the tax protesters, and all kinds of Americans
are all really terrorists
in waiting and attempts should be made to
silence those people.
The MIAC report which was from the Missouri
Information Awareness
Center, it was a report put out for law enforcement
that was actually
leaked into the public sphere and it was defining
potential domestic
terrorists and disturbingly this MIAC report
was listing people
who could be your next-door neighbour even
you, they were listing
people you know, anybody who is concerned
about constitutional issues
anybody who supported Chuck Baldwin or Ron
Paul anybody who was a
Libertarian or Constitutionalist people who
weren't just mainstream
Republican Democrats, anyone, the part that
shocked me was anyone
concerned about RFID privacy you know so that's
me that's what I work
on and I'm certainly not a domestic terrorist,
people who we're concerned
about abortion and issues around that people
who are wanting to
defended there second-amendment rights which
are constitutionally
protected your right to own and bare arms
all of those people were
identified as potential domestic terrorists
and in this report that was
going on to law enforcement they were being
told to watch out for us.
To look for people who share those characteristics.
How much additional security do you get by
having so much less privacy?
It a really fundamental question and it is
always easy to say I don't really care
I want the government to know everything just
keep the bad guys away, keep the
terrorists away, our history tends to demonstrate
that governments re-purpose
information, they get information for one
purpose and they use it for something else.
The unchecked surveillance tends in the long-run
cost us more than the security that we gain
from it.
We would like to know how they define the
bad guys, you see in Germany that was true
to, the bad guys they were Jews and murdered
six million of them by whose authority.
Well it's the common good that was a state
decision you know the whole
concept of master race all those ideas where
given the colour of law.
You see the way you persecute a people is
find out what they do discourage it,
marginalize them and then pass laws against
what they do and then enforce the laws.
When it came out that the government and the
census bureau was collecting the GPS
coordinates on everyone's front doors a lot
of us said why would you need that?
You have a street address, you clearly know
how to find the location or the census worker
couldn't have gotten there in the first-place,
so why would you need this extra step that's
costing an enormous sum of money the only
explanation that could occur to many of us
that they want to know the GPS coordinates
of your house so that they could target you.
And that sounds crazy but when you look over
what's happening in Pakistan and in Afghanistan
where there are unmanned aerial drones that
can literally target a home we regularly
hear about how houses that have been blown
by the military, there was a wedding party
going on in this house and then boom bombs
were dropped on it and it was blown up.
So I think there's a real question mark.
Now it becomes a question of whether or not
you trust the government.
The problem of governments is there made up
of people.
If you didn't have people in they'd probably
be okay but you know
as soon as you give a guy a little bit of
power well that's never
quite enough it becomes his mandate it's his
human 127 00:51:56,598
--> 00:52:01,098 natural instinct to accumulate
more power.
One of the problems when you create these
technologies is
it's like putting a noose around your neck
and you may
think well gosh it's someone who I really
trust and where's
the danger but then that person you trust
goes away and
then someone else can rise to power we've
seen it happen
all over the globe we've seen it happen century
century where evil people have this bizarre
tendency to
rise into the positions of power and authority
over others.
You look at what Hitler was able to do with
limited technology, he was able to pinpoint
single person and destroy large numbers of
that he just personally decided he didn't
That capability that he had back in the nineteen
forties and then multiply that exponentially
in terms of what could be done today you could
turn people into none entities,
you wouldn't even have to kill them you could
just make it so they couldn't access the
ATM machine they couldn't go to the grocery
store they couldn't get to see the doctor.
So I think the bigger picture and what we
to be thinking about as a society today is
really should not be creating the power to
our lives and putting it into anyone's hands.
Whether you trust the current administration
or not is really irrelevant
because ultimately I believe there will be
someone who will come
along and who will take advantage of that
they'll remove all the
safeguards we put in place and then where
just going to be sitting ducks.
One of the founding fathers said those who
trade liberty for security deserve neither.
Hello John Wilson speaking.
Okay do I have to come down?
Sounds a bit strange.
No offence but I don't know anything about
Yeah sure that would help.
Okay, what's the address?
Okay, how long is this going to take?
I understand.
Okay, bye.
- What's going on an emergency prayer meeting?
- No, a division of homeland security wants
to ask me some questions.
- Come on you?!
- Yeah.
Hey, this is not one of your jokes is it Barry.
- No man.
Wish I thought of it though.
- Hilarious.
- Relax.
Buddy this is the U.S.
After this is over you will be able to sue
for emotional trauma and wasting your time.
What most people don't realize is that for
hundreds of years thousands of extremely
wealthy, powerful and connected people have
been working to create a one-world government.
Many of these people are Americans most have
all the best intentions
in the world and many are in positions of
power right now.
With every passing year, with every new crisis
the reality of America
not being in control of it's own destiny comes
closer and closer.
I believe all of us should be concerned about
world government especially
if you understand those who are at the forefront
pushing this agenda.
If this comes in I don't believe that it will
be a democratic world government although
some of the organization's pushing this agenda
are trying to make that case right now.
I believe it will be a highly centralized
world government where if you
disagree with those in authority you have
no option than to go along.
Those who disagree with them will be persecuted
there is no
doubt in my mind we would lose our freedom
of speech, we would
lose our freedom of worship and any other
freedom you can
imagine unless you're willing to come under
their authority.
They believe that freedom is not a good thing
in the world today.
They really believe that.
They think that freedom leads to anarchy it
leads to none unity, it leads to
inefficiencies and so forth and of course
it leads to challenge of their own rule.
And so the really want to bring all of mankind
into some kind of a regiment.
We're at the point in history right now where
two groups of people
those who believe in the good of humanity
and that stand for justice
and the other side who for the last eight
hundred years are trying to
destroy the symbols of what our humanitarian
society really means.
And we are at the point in history where there
is no second choice of third ways
and forth opportunities it's a time where
everybody has to make a moral decision.
Whether to defend truth, justice, freedom
and basically
the planet or take up the point of view of
other side which is the destruction of nation
republics and the destruction of life on this
There are several different organizations
that have risen to the forefront
depending on whether they're pushing the political,
the economic
or the spiritual aspects of the one world
movement and within those
organizations I'm speaking of the United Nations
the Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR) the Bilderberg organization
and others there
are those even in the current administration
who have this type of
view of the world that they want to move the
United States and western
society in the direction of globalization
and world government.
If you tare down the barriers between the
countries of the world and their
is this I call it ''Mafia'' this powerful
Mafia above the countries
of the world they are coming down through
sustainable development and the
United Nations and all kinds of control to
take the soul of the world.
I have covered a hundred and five global meetings,
I've interviewed presidents
and prime ministers I've read tens of thousands
of pages of their documents.
This is not fiction, this is fact!
A lot of these societies and organizations
working together but it's not only
the secret societies that work together but
the reason they are so powerful
so difficult to destroy is that they have
politicians on their side all taped
into society's, you have members of congress
of parliament you have the
banking representatives you have the royalty
you have the newspapers that
of course form part of these elite that have
sworn to secrecy and then of
course you have NGO's (Non-Government Organizations)
that are also tapped into
this because again they control all of these
organizations through money.
When I first understood and saw world government
at my first
global meeting in nineteen ninety four first
I was shocked I was
amazed why wasn't anybody talking about it,
why wasn't anybody
doing anything to protect the sovereignty
of the United States?
If we look at the source of these problems
we find here at least
in the United States we find a relatively
small group of people.
It's called the Council on Foreign Relations
the CFR
is not very well known to the average American
but in
reality it is our hidden government because
if you look
at all of the real important positions in
the power
centres of society and by that I mean the
positions in government, the president, the
vice president,
secretary of state, the the secretary of defence,
head of the CIA and so forth even the supreme
justices and senators but the ones at the
very top of the
political power structure and then you look
at those
who are dominant within the media centres
the heads of
the networks ABC, CBS, NBC, the Turner broadcasting,
the Murdoch network and then you look at the
heads of the
great Universities the schools and so forth
it doesn't
take a lot of people to really control the
masses if
they're at the heads of these kinds of organizations.
I believe that economics ultimately will be
the number one way in
which the emerging world government will try
to control people.
If you can control a person's ability to buy
or sell you can run their life.
If you have a single currency over the whole
world a currency
system it provides no other alternatives or
Back in nineteen sixty eight George Ball was
the undersecretary
for economic affairs with of JFK and Johnson
at the meeting
in Montreal, Canada, Quebec he said: How can
we create
corporations that shall one day give orders
to governments?
And that's what Bilderberg is all about it's
one world order it's one world company limited.
A highly organized agenda to break the back
of the American free enterprise
system because it stands in the way of those
that have a globalist
agenda and so they're succeeding and so there
backed by big-money,
backed by the trade unions backed by the multinational
There all playing that game for there own
Increasingly our utilities are under the influence
people from other parts of the world in other
Most of our main industries are now a majority
foreign owned.
Few Americans have any idea of this and the
that own our major industries for the most
part favour
Globalization and World Government, so they
are I would
say a big part of this drift toward world
The main event is the wholesale destruction
of the world economy.
Are you saying to me that Joe the Plumber
is more intelligent than David Rockefeller.
He's lending the money the question is why?
So you destroy the economy and you destroy
the wealth
of all the people because again you destroy
wealth of the people, you destroy the power
growth of nations and of course the population
I believe we are just one major world crisis
from having a totalitarian type of system
in place.
Our indebtedness here in the United States
is now approximately sixty five
trillion dollars in foreign obligations it's
way beyond what most people realize.
It can never be repaid and because the United
States has presented
a specific challenge to globalists because
the American
people have always been a independent freedom-loving
so how do you get the United States into a
global government?
Well ultimately you have to crash their economy
and make them so dependent
on foreign powers that you can blackmail them
to come into a system.
The thing about this is you have to have a
crisis big
enough for the public to be able to accept
the solution is, you know, It can't be a half
crisis like Rahm Emanuel said a few months
You know last thing you want is to waste a
good crisis.
Every time we turn around there's a new crisis,
an economic crisis, there's a war crisis,
there may be a
pandemic crisis, there's a crisis everywhere
you look and
as long as people are in this crisis mode
they're not very
vigilant about watching what's happening to
their liberties
all they are thinking about is 'oh government
something to protect me, save us from all
of this and the
government says: Yes that's exactly what we
intend to do.
Every time there's a new war or threat of
war there's
motion in the direction of merging our military
other national military forces through the
United Nations
so-called peacekeeping forces so all of these
lead to more legislation, more treaties and
more movement
in the direction of giving up our sovereignty
as a
nation merging with a global structure and
the creation
of that global structure into a totalitarian
Thanks again for coming down Mr.
Wilson I know you're a busy man so we'll try
to keep this short come on in and have a seat.
So for the record your name is John Francis
Wilson and you live at 15 Clear Heights Drive.
I'm sorry could you clearly reply yes or no
to my questions.
Yes, I am John Wilson.
Is this being recorded?
Are you a member of the Church of God on Springer
Well yes, but what does this have to do...
- Do you plan on attending this evening's
meetings with this group?
- Yes.
- Mr.
Wilson are you aware that it is legal in this
country to have an abortion.
Yes but it hasn't always been that way.
- Are you aware that some healthcare providers
have been
attacked and murdered by members of groups
like yours.
- Hold on we have nothing to do with those
groups we are peaceful people that are...
- We believe in preserving life and not taking
- Are you aware Mr.
Wilson yes or no?
You are a member three different right to
life groups, you are a member of a
number of Evangelical Christian organizations
you have donated money to Christian
Science Research and the Salvation Army, you
receive daily emails from radical
organizations that encourage prayer for our
government on matters of policy
you signed a number of petitions supporting
the traditional definition of marriage,
you frequently visit Web sites that are pro-Israeli
and others that believe
in an imminent cataclysmic event, your wife
and children are also enrolled
in or are talking to many other radical antisocial
organizations and people.
Wilson there's a lot more here.
Are these the actions of a peaceful man and
his family?
I'm terrified by that thought.
A global government that would mean that that
the franchise we have
for freedom and for allowing everybody to
vote would be destroyed.
The ability for our people to accept the Bill
of Rights and all the
freedoms guaranteed in the bill rights would
be destroyed because
the rest of the world doesn't have the Free
Press like we have and
women don't vote in most of the countries
in the rest of the world.
You don't have a society in Japan your guilty
until proven innocent.
You don't have the right to protect yourself
in your own home, or
even defend yourself against violent criminals
in Great Britain.
All those freedoms that we have today would
be taken away from us.
So all that world government can do would
mean that the
wrong people would vote on what's right for
Why not have the people of the world living
in unity peace and harmony on the
surface it sounds good but as you get deeper
into the organization's pushing
this agenda and look at where these people
are coming from at the higher levels
it is a very sinister agenda there's a lot
of hatred for Christians and Jews.
Read the Koran if a woman commits adultery
she is stoned
to death, if a thief steals something his
hand can
be cut off there is no ability for the compassion
Christianity to exist and make us a kinder
world with
either Muslim extremists, Communists or dictators
if we had a World Government all of those
beliefs and concepts would have to be represented
including atheism and they're a tremendous
number people
in the world who believe that not only abortion
correct but you should be able to terminate
a life up
to two years if something's wrong with the
child there
are too many different opinions that are evil
us to have a world government that's harmonious
we give up so much of what we believe in you
to understand that the United Nations Charter
is not
based on the constitution of the United States
In order to understand that you need to know
that first
the Constitution of the United States our
come from God, they are not able to be numbered
they are inalienable, they can never be taken
When you take a look at the UN Charter our
rights come from government
they are numbered and they can be taken away
for bad behaviour.
If a one world occult system comes into place
I believe we will entirely lose
our freedoms to speak out, to worship freely
as we will, to own property
as we do now, I believe much of the world's
property will be seized by
the coming global government in the name of
protecting the environment
our health care system if someone controls
our health care to a large
extent they can control us, they can determine
whether you live or die not
only is it a tyrannical form of government
but it's built around the
assumption that this is all for the greater
good of the greater number.
So the people at the bottom who are being
what to do are educated or propagandized or
whatever you want to call it to believe that
after all this is in their own best interest.
A world government could actually dictate
to a farmer what he has
to grow or maybe to get off his land entirely
and move somewhere
else in order to save the environment, maybe
his peace of land
will be designated a special environmental
property under the
United Nations that has already happened with
some of our national
parks and I've seen a map that shows that
ultimately as much
as a third of the United States could be declared
as ''One World''
property where people wouldn't have any access
to it at all.
You're talking about the World Wildlife Fund
(WWF) their
main objective is again to reduce the world's
Prince Philip Queen Elisabeth the seconds
husband he said that:
''If I ever came back I would reincarnate
as a deadly virus.''
Of course he would because that's what these
people are into.
There into destroying the world society.
Now that's how one can begin to understand
the real goals of the agenda 21 sustainable
development UN Global plan, you see that plan
in it's own expression calls for a reduction
in the human population by 85% so you begin
to wonder how it is we can survive in this
country when our resources are taken and put
off-limits for our use, whether it's our
mining resources our timber resources, food
resources etc Now if we were to remove half
of this country's landmass from productive
human use it's only a matter of time before
human population begins to fall but when we
understand that that's the plan of the United
Nations we can begin to put this in a perspective
that we need to be putting it in.
Maurice Strong at the UN you know, he's an
altruistic guy the guy thinks that...
he thinks that is doing the right thing for
most number of people by advocating we kill
some of them because there's too darn many
them I believe the whole concept of population
control and diminishing the world's population
to a place where we can sustain development
and bringing it below 1 billion it is setting
the stage for mass persecution down the road.
What if people actually buy into that idea
much of the world has to be eliminated in
order for
those who are left to be able to continue
to function
you're going to see more wars, more famines,
disease some of this intentionally spread
to reduce
the population of mankind there's a place
I visited
called the Georgia guide stones where they
the Ten Commandments of the New Age movement
a number of different languages and one of
commandments calls for the reduction of the
of mankind down to a fraction of what it is
right now
so a thinking intelligent person should be
how are they going to achieve that if that
is one of
their goals and they're going to work toward
goal then who are the victims going to be
an and
how are they going to choose who lives and
They find it hard to believe because they
don't hear it from
any other source, you're not going to hear
it in the media.
You're not going to hear it from the government
leaders you're not going to hear it from the
people who in fact are creating it that's
the thing
and so they don't realize how far it has gone.
People don't know much about sustainable development
because major media is
really captured by the same interests that
control the banking institutions.
Our public information systems have been bought
or have been taken control over by these forces
that seek the creation of this one-world where
human beings become chattel to the ruling
It seems that they've been plenty of people
signing up to
become slave masters and keep this information
The loss of freedom is not being imposed on
most people in the western world, not
be imposed by force of arms, with bayonets,
guns or bombs but with propaganda.
They've convinced us though it's on the cover
of The
New York Times, The Washington Post, Global
Mail, the
Tribune-Star or CBS nightly news with Peter
if he's still around or alive there has to
be the truth
and everything else thus as a result is a
because if what I'm saying is the truth it
obviously would
be on the front cover of the Tribune Star
well it can't
because the media forms part of the world
The purpose of a media in a democracy is to
inform the electorate.
Their job is to be a watchdog on the government.
Well we have a media that's prostituted ourselves
totally to an agenda and not only in terms
of what it
promotes but in terms of what it hides the
real truth
was hidden from the American people, it still
It's an incredibly well-organized propaganda
The empires they control people, or they manipulate
people by making sure they control how people
think and
this is exactly what they've done so very
well because
again the greatest hypnotist in the world
is this oblong
box everyone has in their living room called
a television
set which has taught us to eat, to think,
to dress,
to walk, to talk we know more about the lives
of Britney
Spears then we know about the lives of our
Its a gradual progression from well-intentioned
who simply want world peace to those that
pantheistic concepts and ultimately a small
percentage of
those that actually go on to worship Lucifer
or Satan.
Evil exists and evil has been able to coordinate
and combine it's efforts to bring us to this
point when you look at how far we've already
down that path especially during the last
years or so and when you look at how many
economic planners in the world favour a one-world
economic system and how various figures at
United Nations are calling for a One World
political system preferably from their standpoint
through empowerment of the United Nations
the point where it actually becomes a world
government and then on July 6th of 2009 the
comes out and openly calls for the creation
a world political authority with teeth to
able to enforce itself you begin to realize
maybe we're closer to all this than we imagine.
I don't know how they knew all about us they
did, no I
wasn't charged with anything it's, it was
a warning though,
yeah I don't, I know we can't, listen why
don't you
just come down here and we can talk about
it alright.
I don't want to talk on the phone anymore
I know how crazy that sounds all right.
I love you.
There is no question that we live in a surveillance
society there's no
question that detail profiles are being created
and stored about each and
everyone of us, there's no question that this
is only going to increase
with every passing day and with every new
technological advancement.
There's no question that with every new threat,
new crisis, the consolidation of world
resources knowledge and currencies our world
moves closer to a one world governmental system.
This new system will not be a friend of Christianity
or Judaism.
Basic rights like the freedom of speech the
freedom of
religion and the freedom to own land will
Already today there are very powerful and
influential people
who have dedicated themselves to see this
comes to pass.
I have no doubt that it will end soon then
am I not afraid and running for the hills?
Because I knew this would happen.
Incredibly it was prophesied over two thousand
years ago
I'm so tired of people saying you can't go
to the Bible.
Yes you can if you take the trouble to discover
integrity of it's design and then that design
had to
originate from outside time because it writes
before it happens and with the precision that's
and the more you know about your Bible and
the more
you know about what's going on in the geopolitical
order or just the world arena the more you
see a
convergence approaching the classic biblical
The Bible says that in the last days the government
of the anti-Christ rests on three pillars:
first is a global government, the second is
global economy but the third is a global religion.
The people at the forefront of this one-world
movement generally speaking are extremely
anti-Jewish and anti-Christian and they want
to bring together all the religions of the
world and unify them for a specific purpose
which is to put a leadership figure in power
that would rule the world and the Bible warns
us of these kinds of developments in
the last days this is a far cry from where
were in the fifties, sixties the anti-Christian
atmosphere the fact that you're worried about
having the Ten Commandments in our
courtrooms and all that you begin to realize
that it's beginning to evaporate very
quickly what most people don't realize is
that your freedoms will evaporate with that.
There are so many signs today that indicate
that we are living in the last
the Bible has so many prophecies warning us
giving us an idea of this time
getting closer so that those of us who are
alive when all of this happens could
be forewarned and prepared and one of those
the biggest perhaps is Israel.
The coming together out of over 100 countries
from around the world of
nearly seven million Jews returning back to
Israel after two thousand years.
That's incredible some people try to say it's
just a big coincidence or part of a different
agenda but when you look at scripture in over
50 different prophecies in the Old Testament
foretelling that in the last days God would
re-gather the Jews from the four corners
of the earth from one side of the world to
the other all bringing them back to Israel.
Its really difficult to try to explain that
Ezekiel wrote about the restoration of Israel
said that in the latter days that there would
be restored on exactly the same piece of real
estate from which they had been scattered.
As Athenaeus said, they would return with
a pure language, restored Hebrew which
was restored by Ben-Yehuda in 1948 Hebrew
is a working language of Israel
in the day and it was dead before Latin was
developed along with that in the
book of Daniel we are told that there would
be a massive increase in knowledge.
Well the last I heard knowledge was doubling
now every four years that's never
happened before in world history and that
is bringing the world closer and closer
together technologically, things are now possible
you can talk on the telephone
with somewhat halfway around the world and
it sounds as if they're next door.
Travel has become so much easier and communication
through the internet all of these things have
to make the world smaller and which brings
me to
my next point to make global government possible.
Which in revelations thirteen or fourteen
we are warned of
such a global system that would exist in the
last days.
A type of one-world political system that
would use it's
economic and military power to enforce religious
It wasn't even conceivable nineteen hundred
years ago, that any single
individual could have in such a minute way
the centralized control of the
economy, that nobody could buy or sell unless
they were part of a particular
system that was never possible this is exactly
what John saw though
and he sought it in the context of a developing
global government it's in
the context of the fact that the anti-Christ
governments strong suit is
deception and it's power comes from its control
of the economy and it's
ultimate goal is worship of the leader it's
the ultimate fascist state.
I believe when the mark will first be introduced
there will be an attempt
to make it seem very fashionable, a safety
mechanism if you're kidnapped
police would know where you are and could
rescue you that's already happening
right now with animals but also with humans
in some parts of the world.
What is Satan's primary weapon all through
the Bible?
That started in Genesis 3 all the way through
every time Jesus talked about
the end times he opens and closes his discourse
by saying be not deceived.
So that's our challenge you know we are being
deceived we are being conned in a local political
sense but also in a much broader sense Bible
says that Peter was writing to Timothy and
said that in the last days people will keep
themselves teachers teachers having itching
then they'll be turned into fables because
want to hear what they want to hear not what
is necessarily true, and we live in a generation
that truth has become like subjective, I mean,
there can be two versions of the truth finally
in Matthew 24 Jesus warns us of an unprecedented
deception that would take place at the very
end of time just preceding his second coming
specifically in verse 24 he says that even
elect could be deceived if that were possible.
Now that's got to be some kind of major deception
for Jesus to make that type of
statement and we are seeing increased deception
today, false religions coming into and
taking hold in the United States where just
a generation ago most people would have
professed a belief in Christ or at least their
ethic would have been Christian-based.
The culture we are in is a very strange one
it denies the existence of truth.
Well what's the purpose of University I thought
it was to pursue truth.
What's the 157 01:23:49,998 --> 01:23:53,298
purpose of
our scientific establishment out to discover
what's true.
And we live in a culture which denies the
existence of truth.
Another sign is the increased depravity of
man and
in first and second Timothy it talks about
how the
last days man would become more focused on
self a
pursuer of pleasure, self-centered, boastful,
all of that we are seeing that today through
the New
Age movement and in ways we have never seen
it's all about self you literally have millions
people out there who believe that they are
We've never faced a situation like that before
but we do now.
We're broke, we're in a global war, we're
in a religious war, everything
seems to be in decline there getting ready
to talk about getting rid
of the US dollar everything seems to point
towards the US no longer
being the world's only superpower which is
exactly what the Bible says.
You can see it all converging towards that
so we can make a list
of what the main countries in the Middle East
and in Europe
and in the Far East we go through all that
whole list we can
talk about technologies we can make a whole
list of trends
we classically are enterprises monitored a
dozen of these and
the more you know about each one and the more
you know what
the Bible says about each one you see a convergence
it is not
one of them, its all of them happening at
the same time.
''Verily I say unto you, this generation shall
not pass until all these things be fulfilled.''
that's part of all of that discourse but I
mean that
it makes Israel the benchmark you know it's
the time
clock the stopwatch once it starts clicking
we've got
one generation left and we're very close to
the end of
that now my challenge to anyone to which these
are fresh and new and unknown is to find out
not what Chuck Missler or somebody on the
radio or TV
says, find out yourself what the Bible really
The Bible says that the heavens and earth
the very existence and majesty of God our
That same creator gave us a book to share
his thoughts and plans for our lives.
Unlike any other book in all of history it
predicts what's going to happen in the future.
The birth death and resurrection of Jesus
the return of Israel to her land in 1948.
Our remarkable changing world today if someone
you knew could predict
the future with 100 percent accuracy wouldn't
you listen to them?
Well the Bible does exactly that and it predicts
that Jesus Christ will return for his followers
take them to a wonderful eternal home whether
you're around for that event or whether you
pass on
before that I pray that you will accept Jesus
as your Lord and Saviour today you may not
able to control what happens to your nation
or our
world but you can determine your eternal destiny.
The Bible says that tomorrow is promised to
no one make the most important decision
of your life and trust that Jesus loves you
and wants to be part of your life.
Our research into surveillance practices,
losses of freedom and shadow
governments is not meant to scare you, it's
meant to open your eyes to the
shifting world around us, it's meant to shine
a light on God's incredible
prophecies, it's meant to bring you closer
to our eternal saviour Jesus Christ.
What's going to happen a month from now, a
year from
now, ten years from now, how do we prepare
for it?
And the one thing that the Lord over and over
impresses on my heart is the importance of
staying close to him and taking it one day
at a
time and keeping our eyes focused on eternity.