Shadow of Doubt (1998) Movie Script

...Senator Paul Saxon,
the fiery senator...
from California.
His new book, "Vision For America",
is now a best-seller.
By now, most of the American public
is familiar with his liberal views.
Talking about
liberal views, Senator...
what are the key points
in your vision for America?
You're against big government.
What do you mean by that?
Face it with a smile. But seriously--
Miss Devereux, your witness.
Mr. Bixby, it is your testimony
that Councilman Mayers...
misused public funds.
- Is that correct?
- That's correct.
How do you know my client?
We served on the Los Angeles
Subway Committee together.
I was brought in to replace Mr. Mayers
after inconsistencies were found...
in the financial plan.
And what about the engineering plan?
Didn't you decide
to reroute the subway?
Originally, it was to be built
80 feet beneath the Hollywood Freeway...
through the Cahuenga Pass.
- Isn't that right?
- Objection.
Not pertinent to the case.
- Do you need me to repeat that?
- There were many problems...
with the project as it was being
supervised by Mr. Mayers.
The route was just one of them.
It was such a big problem that you
strongly lobbied to change it...
and burrow through
the Santa Monica Mountains...
necessitating a tunnel
800 feet beneath the surface...
costing taxpayers
approximately $150 million more.
Is it true that you have a residence
in the Cahuenga Pass right about there?
- Objection.
- Overruled. Answer the question.
Yes, it is.
I don't suppose that years
of subway construction...
was going to increase the value
of the homes in the area, was it?
-Objection. Calls for an expert opinion.
No more questions, Your Honor.
You may step down, Mr. Bixby.
We are live outside the home
of Jana Calloway...
the daughter of Los Angeles billionaire
Norman Calloway...
where police are investigating
an alleged murder.
Not a lot of details are available.
The coroner showed up
a short time ago in his ambulance.
Someone else has just arrived.
It's Assistant District Attorney
Jack Campioni.
Mr. Campioni, we're live.
Can you tell us what's happened?
I'll make a statement when I know
something, but I don't know anything.
You are a family friend
of the Calloways, are you not?
As I said, not a lot
of details available.
All we know is, sometime last night Jana
Calloway's home became a crime scene.
So, Bridget, what time was that?
About 3:00 in the morning, I guess.
When you went out again,
where'd you go?
I went to the cash machine.
To get some money for drugs, or what?
I had this sudden urge for pizza.
Pizza? I like pizza.
- Hi, Jack.
- Morning, Harry.
- Hi, Jack.
- Detective Baker.
- Is that the one who found her?
- Yeah.
It's her roommate, quote-unquote.
M.E. estimates the time of death
around 4:00 this morning.
Poor girl.
Uh-uh. Rich girl.
Has anyone notified Norman Calloway?
We're having trouble
getting in touch with him.
He's in Hawaii. I'll contact him.
-What all do you have?
-We found visible prints in the bedroom.
You still out on the street,
Mr. Campioni?
- Thought you'd be mayor by now.
- Thank you for your endorsement.
- That all you got?
- That's all that was here.
Plus a couple of overdue tapes
from Video Village.
Who the hell does these things?
- Where is Robert Medina?
- Over there, mate.
Excuse me.
- Medina!
- That way! I'm right behind you.
Get him up!
- Get out of the way!
- Get outta here!
What do you think you are,
a stuntman?
You got him? Get in the car.
It says here you're
a recording artist, huh?
Where are all those gold records?
I don't got to answer
none of your shit without my lawyer.
Come on. We're talking to
the Artist Formerly Known As Scumbag.
Ever do any modeling, Bobby?
Ever do any models?
More than you ever
whacked off to, bitch.
Yeah? Cool.
What do you usually do in the morning?
Take them to breakfast,
or kill them or what?
Come on. You can tell us.
What's it called, the back flip?
Hit of coke, while you're doing it,
choke your partner.
Supposed to be a terrific orgasm,
right, amigo?
I ain't your fucking amigo, pig!
Oh, Bobby, hitting a cop.
Not good.
So where am I going,jail?
For hitting a cop? No.
You go to the hospital for that.
You're out of here.
- How do you know?
- Four hours for a verdict?
Now all we have to do
is fight civil charges.
If you're right,
I'll buy you dinner at L'Orangerie.
Forget it. That would give them
grounds for an appeal.
Have you reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
We, the jury, find the defendant...
Steven Michael Mayers...
not guilty.
So I guess you cleared the name of
another faceless policy wonk, eh, boss?
- Congratulations.
- Thank you. You're working late.
Not really.
I'm quitting in about an hour.
- I sent out for Indian.
- What color is it?
Earth tones.
It's supposed to be great.
- No date tonight?
- I had one, but she flaked on me.
Al, will you grab the wine?
- Yeah, I got it.
- Great.
Hey, Zig.
Cheryl, are you hungry?
Oh, no, thank you.
I have a dinner date.
You're not feeding him
Indian food, are you?
He loves it. Don't you, Ziggy?
Here you go. What's that?
Surveillance on those cops
in the Venville case.
These guys stopped at three bars
between breakfast and lunch.
I didn't know they sold
doughnuts in bars.
What I wouldn't give
for that dog's digestive tract.
Twenty-three-year-old Jana Calloway...
daughter of billionaire philanthropist
Norman Calloway...
was found in her West Los Angeles home
this morning.
She'd been stabbed.
You see this? Every 15 minutes
in this town, a hot new murder.
- They have anybody?
- Yeah. Here he comes.
...25-year-old Robert Medina,
an up-and-coming rap artist...
who was seen leaving
the trendy Shag Room...
with the victim
just hours before the murder.
Police have confirmed that his
fingerprints were found on the scene.
Blood and semen tests are pending.
Authorities are not commenting--
- Messages?
- Tons, on your desk. You want them?
Yeah, all except for the Medina case.
How'd you know they called?
Because I'm on the short list, Cheryl.
There are very few defense attorneys in
this town with my flawless reputation.
How many times did they call?
Twice, so far.
Her name is Bridget Paul.
You are Jana Calloway's roommate?
I was, yes.
- Did you see anything?
- I saw someone leaving...
about 3:00 in the morning,
and then I left and went back out.
When I got back, she was dead.
Thank you. That was Bridget Paul.
Hey, look who. Your ex.
Fingerprints were found
all over the bedroom.
He was the only one seen with her
that night, and he's got a rap sheet.
What do you think?
He's taking those logic pills again.
Didn't the roommate say she saw somebody
leaving just before the murder?
- Did you kill Jana Calloway?
- Do you have an alibi--
The kid's going down. Flames.
On fingerprints and a rap sheet?
That's circumstantial.
Yeah, but he's guilty.
You can see it in his eyes.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Why don't we just tie him to a tree
and string him up?
I gave her the message.
Yeah. Let me see if she's here.
It's Large G. Ray about Medina.
Kitt, this guy is relentless.
- He's trying to talk deals with me.
- Okay.
Hi. This is Kitt Devereux.
- You know why I'm calling?
- Yes. I've heard about the case.
- It sounds interesting.
- And?
Unfortunately, I no longer
specialize in cases like this.
- I'll pay you $300,000.
- That's quite a bit of money.
- Well, he's worth it.
- You must really like his singing.
If we have a deal,
I want you to meet with him.
- I could meet with him tomorrow morning.
- Thank you, Miss Devereux.
Mr. Medina, I'm Kitt Devereux.
Your record company called
about your case.
I told them to.
I've seen you on TV.
I usually don't take
cases of this nature.
The crime that you're accused of
is a sexually related one.
Yeah, well, they're charging me
for killing her, not for fucking her.
This bitch was into head games,
kinky shit.
When I left there,
she wasn't dead, she was smiling.
Don't con me. You're looking
at a first-degree murder charge.
What happened to your face?
- The cops.
- Why'd you run?
I've been busted before.
I was stupid.
Look, I didn't kill no one.
The roommate saw me leave.
Why would I want to go out
and kill somebody?
Things are happening for me now.
I got a record coming out.
So I'm going to go out and kill
some freak bitch for fun? No, man.
If the D.A. knows that I'm involved,
I can probably get you a deal.
- Are you interested?
- That means you think I'm guilty.
Mr. Medina, not every guy in the world
gets a murder one thrown at him.
Not every guy who gets that gets me.
Personally, I think they moved
way too fast on way too little.
But I can't guarantee
you're going to walk.
Why wouldn't I walk?
I didn't do nothing!
If I didn't think you had a case,
I wouldn't be here.
I'm Mary Jane Stevenson at the Court TV
News Center with a special report.
- Kitt, you're on.
- Producer Large G. Ray has announced...
that high-profile defense attorney
Kitt Devereux...
will be representing
accused slayer Bobby Medina.
Why did you take this case?
Everyone in America
deserves a fair trial.
The D.A.'s office seems to forget that
when it comes to minorities.
Yes! Say it!
Devereux made her controversial
reputation as a defender of...
high-profile cases involving
murder and sexual assault--
Do I ever get described
as anything but controversial? No.
I'll be in the van.
The Medina case marks her first
violent crime trial since 1995...
when she won a much debated
"not guilty" verdict...
in the rape trial of Laird Atkins.
Join us in one hour--
Okay, you guys,
let's just get back to work.
You know, I've never been able
to understand you.
A woman as talented as you
rushing to defend creeps like Medina.
- Why bother?
- What do you see, Al?
My handsome face.
Okay. Now what do you see?
A guilty face.
Unless somebody like me
represents your rights.
- We all have them and--
- All right. Do me a favor.
Erase that before I get busted.
You want all the background
on the Calloway girl?
Yeah, plus specs on the cops
who handled the arrest.
Yeah, the works, right?
Guess what just danced over the fax.
An invite for a reception
for Paul Saxon.
It's tomorrow at his mommy's house.
Wow, a presidential invite!
I'm impressed.
The saddest thing I've seen
in recent campaigns...
is the effort to turn the word "liberal"
into a four-letter word.
- Good afternoon, Miss Devereux.
- Hello.
Devereux, 04:02.
We did not open our gates
to the poor of the world in fear.
We opened them with confidence.
Change is good,
and faith in liberal doctrines...
is what's made us the bravest,
most forward-thinking democracy...
the world has ever known.
Haven't we heard all this before?
- I'd like to turn the mike over--
- What are you doing here?
I came for the lobster Newburg.
Thank you, Paul,
and thank each of you--
- How are you, Kitt?
- Good. How are you?
Mad. I'm mad at you.
Next time you take a case
that I'm assigned to...
I would appreciate finding out
about it from you first.
I believe that you are the one
who owes me the call. make this dream a reality,
to show me a clear commitment...
to the spirit of America.
- I acted like an asshole.
- Come on, Jack. You weren't acting.
Paul Saxon will be the next president
of the United States.
In closing...
my mother Sylvia,
my wife Leslie and I...
would like you to join our children,
Corey and Samantha...
in observing a moment of silence
for our dear friend Jana Calloway...
the daughter of our friend
and supporter Norman Calloway.
- Well, Samantha, how are you today?
- Good.
I'm not clear on this.
I thought you were done running
with the big, bad wolves.
- Was the offer that rich?
- The offer is great.
- But that's not why I took it.
- Hors d'oeuvres?
No, thank you.
It doesn't matter anyhow.
You don't have a prayer with Medina.
His prints were all over that room.
Case closed.
Well, he admits that he had
rough sex with her.
That includes stabbing her
and slitting her throat? How are you?
- Thanks for coming.
- What kind of deal are you offering me?
- There's no deal to be had here.
- Even if he pleads to manslaughter?
I thought you believed in him.
You still can't stand
the gray areas, can you?
Miss Devereux, Mrs. Saxon
would like to see you in the library.
- You didn't tell me why you're here.
- I'm about to find out.
- Mrs. Saxon will be with you shortly.
- Thank you.
Endangered species, beware.
My mother-in-law bagged that one.
She will be exactly three minutes late.
She's always three minutes later
than anyone who's expecting her.
It's called Sylvia Standard Time.
Would you like a drink?
No, thank you.
I'm Kitt Devereux.
I know who you are.
I'm Leslie Saxon.
Are you here
in a professional capacity?
Frankly, I don't know yet.
I don't recall seeing your name
on the roster of Paul's supporters.
- I stay away from politics.
- A very political response.
Well, maybe the old girl's
finally gone and done it.
Done what?
That of which we all know
Sylvia is capable.
Well, Miss Devereux.
I'm so happy we could finally meet.
- So am I.
- I'm Sylvia Saxon.
- Would you be so kind--
- To get out of the way?
Nice to meet you.
My dear...
you did such a splendid job
for Steven.
- Don't tell me you've forgotten already.
- Councilman Mayers.
He's counting on you to fight
those civil charges.
I've been following your career.
Women have so much to overcome
in our society...
but a woman like you
sets an example for all of us.
Did you invite me here
to compliment me?
No. I invited you here...
because a very dear friend of mine,
Norman Calloway...
has lost his daughter,
and the man who killed her--
Excuse me.
Deserves a simple and eloquent
form of justice.
Which is why I'm defending
Bobby Medina.
Why do you waste your talent?
You could be doing good work
for people of promise.
For instance, my son.
He's looking for a bright
female attorney to join his staff.
I don't do politics.
Certainly you realize he's guilty.
And yet, you defense attorneys
will say anything...
to get the guilty back on the street.
I thought you admired my work.
Or is that only when I'm defending
a friend of yours?
Justice doesn't discriminate
between your friends and your enemies.
They both have the same rights.
It's no secret that Jana was
a very troubled girl.
It's bad enough that
her father's heart is broken...
but things could get a great deal worse
if every detail...
of her unfortunate way of life
came out.
What was unfortunate
about her way of life?
Now you're playing games.
- I don't play games.
- I'd rather you didn't.
- And I don't respond to threats.
- Who's threatening you?
I'm sorry, but if you're asking me
to drop the case, the answer is no.
And if you're telling me,
the answer is "hell no."
I'm sorry if I upset or confused you.
I just was begging
for a little relief...
for a very dear old friend.
You'd have done the same thing
in my position.
At least, I hope you would.
Joseph, show Miss Devereux to her car.
I know these campaigns are stressful.
I'm wondering how you're holding up.
I'm doing great.
It takes a lot of stamina.
Excuse me. Kitt.
- How are you?
- Ed.
- Ed Dimitri, Kitt Devereux.
- Hello.
- Ed is Paul's campaign manager.
- A pleasure.
Tee-off's tomorrow at 8:00.
I'll be there.
Do you really play golf with him,
or is that just a front?
See ya.
I want to introduce you to Paul.
Paul. No, thank you.
I'm leaving.
I'm talking about our next president.
He wants to meet you.
One more Saxon might send me
right over the edge.
What did Sylvia say?
First, she invited me to join
the senator's staff.
Then she invited me
to drop the case against Medina.
And finally, she invited me to leave.
I know you're busy, but I was wondering
if we could get together sometime soon.
Yeah. How about next week?
- Okay.
- In court.
Hello, Kitt. It's me, Laird.
Do you have any secrets
behind those beautiful eyes?
Everybody has secrets.
- Tell me one.
- Well...
you're the first client
I ever slept with.
I have missed you.
Actually, I'm in L.A., and--
I'd love to talk with you.
I mean, I think
we need to talk, don't you?
We have nothing to talk about.
Don't be negative, okay?
I've made a lot of
positive progress in my life.
I mean, I'm doing
my photography again.
My therapist thinks that it'll be--
- I have a really big secret.
- What?
I did rape that girl.
Part of my recovery
is to ask forgiveness...
from those people that I've harmed.
So I need to ask your forgiveness.
I want you to know everything about me.
I want to share things--
Come on! No! Kitt!
Stop it!
This is serious.
You know that, right?
A restraining order's easy to get.
The guy attacked you.
I know. I was there.
Maybe I shouldn't have turned him in.
Maybe he would've just gone away
and never come back.
What were you supposed to do?
He was a rapist, and he was guilty.
You did the right thing.
Only after I got him acquitted.
Mr. Campioni on line three.
My office has decided
to make a deal with Medina.
What kind of deal?
That's the call. We'll take
manslaughter, no special circumstances.
- In return for?
- Drug buddies.
His record company's built
on a mountain of powder.
The narcs want to bust them.
Sounds great.
Why the sudden turnaround?
We feel that Medina could be
more valuable to us this way.
By no means are we conceding
his innocence.
Of course not.
The Calloway girl is poison, isn't she?
Didn't her old man
support you for election?
We make our own decisions here.
Yeah, right. Okay, 15 to 30.
That means parole in eight.
Right. It's a good deal.
I'll have to speak to my client
before I say yes.
I didn't do it. Why should I
do time for somebody else's shit?
These guys are being jerked around
by the girl's father...
who does not want a scandal.
- You should take this.
- You take it. I'm innocent.
- You're innocent?
- Fuck, yeah.
- And you're going to prove it up there?
- That's your job.
No, that's our job.
Once again, when did you meet her?
About 8:00 that night.
We were doing coke in the bathroom.
Where'd you get the coke?
From your manager?
From a friend, all right?
Your friends are coke dealers?
Aren't you one too?
Haven't you been busted before?
- Man, I don't got to answer that shit.
- You will.
- What happened next?
- She invited me to her place.
- How did you get there?
- Her car.
On the way, she started talking
all kinds of crazy shit...
like what she was going to do to me
and how it was going to feel.
She wanted me to slap her around.
Bitch was a real pain freak.
What happened next?
She told me to tie her up to the bed.
She was really kinky
and knew what she wanted.
She said she liked it real rough.
Then she starts saying shit
to piss me off.
Like what?
She called me a spick
and said I wasn't man enough...
to fuck her the way she wanted me to.
Made her snort some more coke.
That really got her going.
..jumping up all over the bed.
Because she was scared?
It was a game. She wanted it.
So she taunted you
and made fun of you.
No bitch is going
to talk to me like that.
And you decided that you were going
to teach her a lesson.
- So you stabbed her with a knife.
- I never touched her with a knife.
- It felt so good, you kept stabbing her.
- That's a lie.
Then to prove
what a really big man you are...
- pulled back her head--
- Who the fuck's side are you on?
You killed her, Bobby! Say it!
- "I killed Jana Calloway"!
- I didn't kill her!
- You okay in there?
- What the fuck is your problem?
Oh, God. My problem is I believe you.
- How could you let this happen?
- I didn't let it happen.
- But you have no case.
- He doesn't want a deal.
Well, he's going down.
Really bad move.
What, not rolling over to protect
your office and its lousy rep?
My client didn't kill her.
Why should he take a plea?
This is a new one on me. It actually
sounds like you care about the truth.
Too bad you picked the wrong case
to start caring about.
If he's guilty,
he would've taken your deal.
If he's innocent,
he wouldn't be paying your prices.
Your Honor, the State
would like to propose...
that, in view of the heinous nature
of these crimes, bail be denied.
In view of the fact that the evidence
against my client is circumstantial...
I ask that bail be set or my client
be released to his own recognizance.
This man has been accused
of a violent and dangerous crime.
He needs to be detained
for the safety of the community.
While we're at it, we should also detain
the officers who beat my client.
I am prepared to launch a suit against
the L.A.P.D. for their behavior...
and I'm equally prepared not to
if my client is no longer detained.
Bail is set at $300,000.
This matter will be set for trial--
Miss Devereux,
can you comment on this case?
This D.A.'s office
is so peculiar.
They lock up the first person
they catch.
They don't investigate any further
and then they offer my client a deal.
Why didn't you accept their proposal?
I have to assume they realize
they have no case.
So you think this is another botch
by the L.A.P.D. and the D.A.'s office?
Maybe, or maybe it's
something much bigger.
- Such as?
- Watch the trial.
- May I help you?
- I have to call you back.
- Is he expecting you?
- If he's not, he's dumber than I think.
- How are you?
- Fine, except for getting fired by you.
I am not firing you.
I simply can't afford you.
Come on.
Your wife's paying for it.
Or is she maxed out
on her gold cards?
It's nothing personal.
Does this have something to do
with the new case I'm handling?
Absolutely not.
Don't forget that I was your lawyer
and I can tell when you're lying.
- I'm afraid I'm going to have--
- To ask me to leave?
That's convenient.
By the way, Sylvia Saxon had
warm words to pass on to me...
about how happy you were
with my work.
You should be careful around her.
It's better to have her
as a friend than an enemy.
Thanks for the advice.
Don't bother to get up.
You might trip on those strings
she's got attached to you.
You told the cops you saw somebody
leaving around 3:30.
Was it my client?
This guy.
Yeah, I think so.
One sec. Hi.
Bridget, I got you
E Channel at 3:30.
E Channel at 3:30?
Well, can you ask them
to reschedule?
- Reschedule?
- I got to deal with my hair and makeup.
You asshole, that was my agent.
I don't care if it was
the goddamn president. Give me that.
Miss Devereux is here to question you
about a very serious matter.
You can be charged with obstruction
if you don't cooperate.
Did your agent tell you that?
Don't worry. He just likes
saying things like that.
Is this the guy?
That was him.
And you saw him leaving
around 3:30 a.m., right?
I'm pretty sure.
- Would you testify to that?
- I guess.
Good. You cannot go around selling
that information. Do you understand?
I'm supposed to do "Hard Copy" tomorrow.
My manager set it up.
Wait. You got an agent
and a manager out of this?
I had the agent before,
but now I'm getting hot.
Bridget, my client is counting on you.
You're the only person who saw him
leaving before the murder was committed.
If you sell your story, you lose
credibility and I can't use you.
So, what do I get?
You get to save an innocent person.
You'll probably get
a series out of it.
Do you mind if my friend
looks around her room?
I guess.
There's a lab guy in there.
First one off the hall.
The big one.
So when did you move in?
About a year ago.
She couldn't afford it on her own
after her dad cut her off.
- Why did he cut her off?
- You know, she was messing up.
Got kicked out of UCLA, doing coke,
hanging out with weird guys.
Did you two sleep together?
Once. We were both toast.
I don't remember much.
She liked coke, right?
We did a lot of it
when I first moved in.
- Then--
- Then what?
She went to one of those places,
like Betty Ford...
but it was cheaper.
It was in the Valley.
It was weird.
What was? Did she OD?
It was weird, because that's what she
said when she got out, that she'd OD'd.
But I know that she hadn't
been doing any for a while.
Did she stay clean?
About a month.
Okay. Thank you.
- Hey, can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
Are you going to make it sound
like she deserved it?
That's not my intention.
I want to make sure that
the right person goes down for it.
Hey, buddy, come here.
You seen this?
We got a hidden digital camera
with a hookup to the computer.
Naughty girl. I've never
been able to understand that.
Looking at my own ass
while I make love.
What a bad idea.
Maybe she liked to have proof.
- Of what?
- Of who her visitors were.
Come on.
Hey, wait till you see this.
What you pay me for.
Dirty deeds done at exorbitant prices.
I downloaded some pictures
from Jana's computer.
Jesus Christ!
Our future leader?
This is why the Saxons
want me to back off.
They might've been playing
strip poker, but I doubt it.
Holy shit!
Is that who I think it is?
None other.
Bridget said that Jana wasn't using
when she went into rehab.
- Yeah, right.
- Right?
Give me a half hour in the war room.
I'll see if I can't dig something up.
Wow! Provocative.
- Yeah?
- You're about to meet Ernie Sokolov...
Northwood Rehab's
I busted him twice
when I was undercover.
He gives me cocredit with God
for his new life.
- Ernie, you there?
- Hey, Chuckles.
- "Chuckles"?
- That was his undercover name.
You must be the new chick he works for,
the one with the great legs.
This is Miss Devereux, you loser.
What about the files
on the Calloway girl?
I got it right here.
Calloway, Jana, right?
I'm sending it to you now.
She was here last November,
checked in as a double "D".
- What's that?
- A dual diagnosis.
Manic depressive
with drug and alcohol addiction.
It says admittance was involuntary
and preceded by a suicide attempt.
That's strange,
because we didn't accept suicides...
unless they'd been to a general first--
Cedars, UCLA--
Why would you take her if you
weren't qualified to deal with her?
Well, it says her visit
was paid for in full.
It's a business, you dig?
Chuckles, what do I get for not selling
this hot story to the tabloids?
I'll buy you breakfast
sometime after the millennium.
Eight thousand for a two-week stay...
paid in full, Vilkor Enterprises.
It's probably her old man's
shell company. I'll check it out.
Robert Medina's bail
was posted by Large G. Ray...
president of the controversial
rap label Bail the Nabe...
and who himself faces two pending
counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
Medina recently recorded an album
for Large G. Ray...
which received a parental advisory
for violent subject matter...
and explicit lyrics that degrade women.
Large G. Ray had no comment.
In other news, a subway tunnel
has collapsed under Runyon Canyon.
Hello, Kitt. Are you there?
Are you sure you're not there?
I saw you on TV tonight...
about your new case
with that rap guy.
He's a handsome boy.
His music is so hostile.
You know, I can see how he would--
how he would need someone like you.
Someone who's open to finding
the good in people...
that other people
have just thrown away.
There's so much good and bad
in all of us.
It just seems like the bad is paying
better than the good these days.
Bail the Nabe Records.
You know what they say, don't you?
First, you nail the babe...
and then you bail the nabe--
Hey, you're early.
Cover your eyes.
I don't want you getting excited.
Online USA?
You still looking for a date?
Well, you won't go out with me.
Careful, or I'll sue you.
I know a good lawyer.
So do I, and I got some info for her
when she wakes up.
- I'm up.
- Did you work late?
Not exactly. What do you got?
I got a match with Vilkor Enterprises,
the folks that brought us Jana's detox.
A guy called Ed Dimitri.
Must be Calloway's business manager.
He's Saxon's campaign manager.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Get me a number on Senator Saxon.
You can't just call a guy like him.
What should I do, hire a skywriter?
Oh, yes!
Do you recognize him?
Yeah. Paul Saxon.
Politician guy.
Jana was real into him.
- What do you mean?
- They'd been seeing each for a while.
They were real close.
Close in what way?
She said he wanted to leave his wife
and marry her.
But Jana wasn't that type, you know?
Could you identify
this man in court...
as someone who used to come over here
to have relations with Jana?
I never saw them
doing nothing or anything.
- Do you know about the camera?
- No.
You haven't been talking to anybody?
I've been doing like you said--
not saying anything to nobody.
No pillow talk either, right?
I was working out,
if it's any of your business.
Let's go.
- What do you think?
- Let's go to Saxon's.
Geez, she didn't even let me know
she was coming.
- I hate it when chicks do that.
- What?
Not let me know when they're coming.
You were supposed to wait for me.
Need a jump start?
Well, Miss Devereux. I understand
that you wish to speak to my son.
He's very busy, so I thought I might
be able to answer your questions.
I doubt it.
They're of a personal nature.
If you're hoping to dredge up some dirt
on the Jana Calloway situation...
he wouldn't be of any help.
What situation are you referring to?
The suicide attempt posed as a detox?
I told you Jana had problems.
Paul and I were very concerned.
He was like an older brother to her.
You came here to tell me your son was
like an older brother to Jana Calloway?
Things can get very misinterpreted
if they're not said face-to-face.
Look at this wild theory you have
about Jana's drug problem.
She tried to kill herself...
and her father is not
the one who checked her in.
They weren't speaking at the time.
Paul and I took care of her.
Jana trusted him.
Is that a look of trust in her eyes?
Get in the car.
These pictures are doctored.
They're tasteless, considering our
relationship with the Calloway family.
You don't have a case.
Or else you're trying to deflect
attention from your client's guilt.
The photos are not doctored.
If you don't stop
this vicious attempt...
to smear my son and my family...
you'll be practicing law
out of the back of a car.
I already am.
The California Bar Association...
already finds your ethics
That case where you successfully
defended a sexual predator.
And once he was free, you pressed
assault charges against him.
There's nothing different
that I could've done in that situation.
If they'd known of
your personal involvement...
they would've ruled very differently.
Your professional ethics bind you
to share your client's position...
not his bed.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Look to your most trusted friends.
You'll find I've been there.
Good-bye, Mrs. Saxon.
Keep the pictures.
Use them as your Christmas card.
...the highest conviction record
in the D.A.'s office--
This case has got political overtones.
Campioni's openly active
in Saxon's campaign. It's no secret--
You can bet Campioni will be playing
to the cameras on the courthouse steps.
In that atmosphere,
can Medina really get a fair trial?
Why not?
Come on in.
- Can we talk?
- Sure.
- You want some wine?
- Yes.
Thank you.
- So what's on your mind?
- Sylvia Saxon just paid me a visit.
I left a message for her son...
and she showed up
at my place unannounced.
She told me to look
to my most trusted friends...
and I would find
that she had been there.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- I thought maybe you would know.
Me? No.
What did you want from Paul?
I think he's involved in this case...
and he had a relationship
with Jana Calloway.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I've even got--
I just have a feeling.
It's like they don't want me
to get near him.
You can't blame them.
You've been sending strange messages
about a murder case.
The victim was a friend of theirs.
Well, get real.
The poor girl had a rough past...
and you're known for putting anything
on the stand to win the case.
Is that my reputation?
You earned it.
It's all from one case.
You know what I'm talking about.
This was a bad idea.
No. Wait. Hey.
I'm sorry. We shouldn't even
be talking about this case.
- You hungry?
- Yes.
No shop talk, then.
I had to take that bar exam
three times before I passed.
Those guys back home,
they wished me well...
but they made fun of me behind my back,
like I was some kind of a fool.
I made it.
It's just up from here.
I detect a bit of anger
in your voice, Mr. Campioni.
- Me?
- Yeah.
You know me.
If you can't be best, be first.
- And if you can't be first, be best.
- Be best. You remember.
What happened, Jack?
We were both workaholics.
It was fun, though, wasn't it?
It was special too.
But we were both too driven.
I wouldn't, and you couldn't,
stay at home.
I have a lot of respect for Paul Saxon,
and I think you would, too...
if you gave him another look.
Wow, there goes that moment.
I really do believe
that one man can make a difference...
in this insane world.
I do.
And Paul Saxon is that man?
He will be a great president.
And you'll be an even better
attorney general, right?
Leave Paul Saxon alone.
Don't arbitrarily drag him into this
to save a scumbag like Bobby Medina.
I thought we said we weren't going
to discuss the case.
To us.
And to me kicking your ass in court.
L.A. superior court judge--
You have to sleep
on your own side.
Leave a message,
and I'll call you back.
It's me.
Listen, I'm very concerned
about this new case of yours.
I don't want to sound negative,
are you sure he's not guilty?
'Cause as you know, when the jury
says "guilty", it's not over.
You can always appeal.
But when they say "not guilty"...
well, there's nothing
that can be done, right?
So how can I work through my guilt
if you won't talk to me?
I've gotta talk to someone.
I'd much rather it be you.
Rap artist Bobby Medina,
whose first CD...
has risen to number one
on the music charts.
What is this crap?
I don't know. Ask Paul.
This is an obvious phony.
You're never gonna get
Saxon on the stand.
You don't subpoena a man like him
with this flimsy piece of trash.
It's not even pertinent
to the case.
Watch me.
Any other messages, Cheryl?
No Saxon, huh?
Okay, go home. Bye.
You look so beautiful.
Don't. No, don't!
You smell so very expensive.
What do you want?
If you just admit that we
have something, I'll be happy.
My confession to you...
was a necessary part
of our emotional growth.
You are out of your mind!
I'm in yours.
It's all coming out.
They're all gonna know soon.
They're gonna know what really happened.
We made love.
When are you going
to admit that?
You know we were meant
to be together, don't you?
I'll be waiting for you.
March 3, this cozy
little scene happens.
Four nights later, this one.
What about the chain?
What do you think?
Are you okay?
What's up, Kitt?
Is something bothering you?
Look, I can't help you
unless you tell me what's going on.
- Atkins is all over me.
- What?
He's involved with this case.
He is involved with the Saxons.
I'm gonna put a tail on him
and pay him a little visit.
No, no, don't.
This is a chess game.
We can't make the wrong move.
Let me handle it.
Norman Calloway, father of the victim,
is an industrialist...
who's been part of the Los Angeles power
structure for the past several decades.
Roll tape. Roll.
Coming now is Mr. Norman Calloway,
father of the victim in this case.
A word, please?
Your feeling about the strength
of the prosecution's case in this trial?
I think justice will be served.
Are you concerned that your daughter's
lifestyle could become an issue?
- No comment.
- Have they asked you any further--
Miss Devereux.
Mr. Calloway says that he doesn't think
your client stands a chance.
- Could you comment?
- No comment.
Did you get that?
Is my tie straight?
All rise.
Los Angeles Superior Court
now in session.
The Honorable Judge Joseph Norton
The state is confident
that it will prove...
beyond a reasonable doubt
that this defendant...
did take the life
of Jana Calloway...
after first forcing her
to endure...
hours of abuse...
and torture.
He left her to die...
brutally stabbed...
with her throat...
slit like an animal.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm going to tell you a story.
See if there's something wrong with it.
There's a kid
who comes from the barrio...
and he believes
that he can sing.
He dreams of being a star.
Everyone tells him,
"No way. That doesn't happen.
That only happens in the movies."
But he keeps on working
because he believes in himself...
just like we're always telling kids
that they should.
And guess what?
It pays off, big time.
His dream comes true.
He lands a record deal.
And just when he has
a little taste of success...
before it even has a chance
to go to his head...
he commits a murder for which
he has absolutely no motive.
That's what's wrong
with this story.
It's the wrong ending.
I believe the D.A.'s office felt
they had the wrong ending, too...
because they offered him a deal
to plea to manslaughter.
- He refused because he didn't do it.
- Objection.
Your Honor, this is
an opening statement, not testimony.
Be that as it may, that information
is argumentative and inflammatory...
- against the state's case.
- Sustained.
Miss Devereux, you know better.
Disregard the last bit
about the plea bargain...
even though it's true.
You're skirting contempt.
Sorry, Your Honor.
Detective Baker...
in the course
of your long career...
how many homicides have you attended
where you were the lead officer?
Over 120.
How many of these involved
crimes of a sexual nature?
- I'd say more than half.
- More than half.
When you first viewed
the crime scene...
what was your initial impression
of what happened to Jana Calloway?
I believed that she'd been murdered
in the course of a sexual assault.
What exactly led you
to that opinion?
From the physical evidence, it was clear
she'd been engaged in intercourse...
shortly before the stabbings.
You found no prints on
the broken chain clutched in her hand?
The water from the hot tub
made any print I.D. impossible.
Would you describe your investigation
of the crime scene as thorough?
Reasonably thorough.
Complete in all respects?
No crime scene investigation
is complete in all respects.
Move to strike. Nonresponsive.
The witness will answer
yes or no.
No, it was not complete
in all respects.
Was there a particular item that you
failed to mention in your inventory?
we didn't locate a camera...
that was hidden
in the victim's bedroom.
Describe the camera
and its specific location.
It was a digital camera,
hidden in the clock.
Do you know where the lens
of the camera was aimed?
I believe it was pointed
towards her bed.
Objection. This doesn't go to
the crime scene investigation.
- It will, Your Honor.
- Proceed.
Based on your 19 years
of experience...
what would the purpose of a camera
hidden in such a manner be?
Objection. Calls for speculation.
Irrelevant and prejudicial.
I'll allow it.
She was a voyeur.
Or a blackmailer.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
No further questions,
Your Honor.
And the blood seepage
from the nose and the mouth?
That would be the result
of internal bleeding...
due to the knife wounds.
How long after her throat was cut
would she have survived?
It's difficult to say.
Perhaps as long as several minutes.
Would she have been conscious
during that time?
Probably not.
Most likely she would've gone
into shock from loss of blood.
Thank you, Doctor.
Your witness.
I'd like to request
a ten-minute recess, Your Honor.
Court will resume tomorrow
at 9:00 a.m.
What is that?
Nothing. Look, I'm paying you
to ask questions.
- What the hell is going on?
- You tell me right now if you did it.
I didn't do it.
Attention, people of Earth!
Senate hearings continue--
The L.A. underground club scene.
A billionaire's daughter,
looking for Mr. Right...
but she ran into Mr. Wrong.
The heiress and the rap star--
a deadly combination.
Tune in to "Roving Eye" tonight.
Large G. Ray is a respected man
in this town. He stuck with me.
Your attorney, Kitt Devereux,
has yet to present her case.
- Have any idea what it will consist of?
- Yeah, she's it. Bridget Paul.
She knows I wasn't there. She's
gonna tell them everything, the facts.
In fact, that's how we met.
I was leaving their place,
and we started talking, huh?
Bobby, your former girlfriend,
Conchita Perez...
once filed battery and assault
charges against you.
How do you think that will affect
your innocence in this case?
That chick is whacked.
All I ever did was slap her around,
wrestle her around, play-like.
- You know what I'm saying?
- If you go free, what are your plans?
I've been talking to some studios
about doing a movie,
about my experiences.
I'm gonna write the script,
star in it.
I'm not having a screwed-enough time
trying to fight your case...
- had to go and do that.
- Shit, I helped my case.
I got the word out,
changed some attitudes.
I can't even call Bridget.
Do you realize that?
Your one key witness
has been totally compromised.
I didn't say nothing those people
don't already know about anyways.
What Campioni knows and what he can say
to the jury are two different things.
Now he's been allowed
to call your ex-girlfriend.
Yeah. And she's a lying bitch.
- When did you meet the defendant?
- In 1989, my last year of high school.
Was he a student?
No, he hung out with these guys.
Bazzayamos, they called themselves.
They were a gang.
- What did they do?
- Objection. Vague.
- Did they commit robberies?
- Objection.
- Leading and argumentative.
- Sustained.
Did the defendant commit
violent offenses?
Calls for speculation.
I'll rephrase it!
To the best of your knowledge,
was the defendant engaged...
- any illegal activities?
- Objection. Lack of foundation.
Your Honor, I am simply
trying to find out...
what Mr. Medina's occupation was
at the time!
Why don't you ask
what his occupation was?
What was Mr. Medina's occupation?
Objection. Asked and answered.
She said he was in a gang.
Answer the question.
He was a dealer.
He sold me and my friends...
you know, crack, blow.
You know, coke.
Miss Perez...
did Mr. Medina engage...
in rough sex with you
in April of that year?
It was just play fighting.
Move to strike.
I'll have to ask the court...
to declare Miss Perez
a hostile witness...
if she doesn't
answer the questions.
Answer the questions he asks.
What kind of things did he do
when he got rough?
Throw things.
Did he ever hit you?
Yeah. A couple of times.
What was the event...
that caused you to end
the relationship with the defendant?
One night he...
smoked up all our stuff.
He put a knife to my throat.
And he told me
that if I didn't do him...
that he would cut me.
I have no further questions.
We'll pick this up tomorrow morning
at 8:30 a.m. Court is adjourned.
- You know something?
- What?
With Bobby's brains,
he should've been a boxer.
Cheer up. It's not over.
No, it's not.
What is that?
Love letters to Paul Saxon.
Holy shit.
Are they originals?
The day after she took
those photos in the bedroom.
"J, need to talk."
Wow. October.
The suicide attempt.
"Don't call. No more threats.
Things are too complicated. Paul."
- So, who left this here?
- Maybe her father.
But Calloway's tight with the Saxons.
He wouldn't give us this stuff.
Unless it was the only way
he could get at the truth.
We got a case.
How did you obtain this material?
I'm not at liberty to reveal.
You got yourself a Deep Throat?
Who, Kitt?
Your Honor, I can lay a foundation
with this material...
showing the senator's involvement
with her...
going back to when she was 16.
Your Honor--
Your Honor,
if you allow this...
you'll be putting one of the most
respected political figures...
of our time...
in the dubious position
of having to defend himself...
against charges that have
nothing to do with this case!
Will this material go to the larger
issue of why Jana Calloway was murdered?
It will, Your Honor.
If you're going to accuse a United
States senator of murder,just do it.
But this hinting around...
all that's gonna do is hurt this man,
professionally and personally.
Why do you want to do that?
What is the purpose?
If I were to allow this material...
it would have to be under stringent
guidelines and in a closed session.
But I am not gonna
go down in the books...
as the ringmaster of the biggest
courtroom circus since...
Thank you, Your Honor.
- How could you do this?
- What?
- Have an affair with Jana.
- What are you talking about?
- I've known her since she was a kid.
- How do you explain this?
You're blowing this
out of proportion.
Next time stick
with cocktail waitresses.
Don't you ever knock?
The servants can hear you.
Perhaps you should calm down.
Perhaps you should
mind your own damn business.
Tell her to leave.
For once, let's work out something
just between us.
- What exactly is bothering you?
- Stay out of our marriage!
Or what's left of it.
You speak to Medina's lawyer?
I'm taking care of it,
Remember this
for the very near future.
Just because a president
screws around...
doesn't mean screwing around
makes you president.
Help me with this, won't you?
Nobody will be calling you
to testify.
Trust me.
Things are going to stop
right where they are.
Even at this early date,
Senator Paul Saxon...
appears to be the front runner
for his party's nomination...
for President of the United States.
Network polls--
Al, you hungry?
I was just going out
to pick up some Indian food.
- What's the special?
- Something green.
It's green?
- Whatever. Yeah, bring it over.
- All right. See you soon.
Ziggy, food's on the way.
- Whoa, it's me!
- Sorry, Al. Call the vet.
Yeah, all right.
Ziggy, you're going to be okay.
You'll be all right.
I just want to take him in
for some X rays.
We'll keep a special unit
around the neighborhood all night.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Sure.
It was Atkins, wasn't it?
Why don't you
let me deal with this guy?
The Saxons have hired him
to try and scare me off.
At least tell the police.
If I go to the police, the Saxons
will get what they want: a distraction.
The press would have a field day
over my past with Atkins.
I want Saxon on the stand first.
I'll deal with Atkins second.
Right now I'm worried
about poor Ziggy.
He'll be all right.
Here, let's eat.
Senator Paul Saxon
has been called to testify...
for the defense
in the controversial Medina trial.
This trial has taken on
mammoth proportions.
We have journalists here
from all over the world...
attempting to cover
this sensational story.
Come on. If I take the Fifth,
I'll look like another guilty bastard...
with something to hide.
No, I'll just have to
answer their questions.
It is unclear at this time what
Saxon's involvement is in the case.
That's all there's left to do.
This could hurt the senator's
standing in the polls...
but it is still too early
to determine just how seriously.
We're here live at
the Los Angeles County Courthouse...
awaiting the arrival
of Senator Paul Saxon...
who has been called in to testify
in the murder trial of Jana Calloway.
- Because of Senator Saxon's bid--
- They'll arrive here momentarily.
There he is!
For God's sakes, Paul.
I will not allow them to treat you
with anything but the utmost respect.
Do you understand? This is not
going down on their terms, but on mine.
We'll be fine. It's just
my 20-year career on the line...
and any chance you'll have
at becoming attorney general.
No comment!
We got it. Coming through.
Right this way, Senator.
Keep Jenkins at the door.
Senator, would you please
take the stand?
Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth...
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
Good morning.
The court appreciates you giving us
your time, which we know is limited.
I'm glad to.
- Did you know Jana Calloway?
- Very well.
Is that you in the photograph?
Yes, it is.
Can you identify the girl
in the photograph?
That's Jana Calloway.
How well did you know her?
I've been a very close family friend
for many years.
- Did you know she had a drug problem?
- Yes, I did.
Did you try to help her
with her drug problem?
I talked to her many times.
Are you familiar
with Vilkor Enterprises?
Are you familiar
with Ed Dimitri?
Of course.
He's my campaign manager.
Did you know that Mr. Dimitri's
corporation, Vilkor Enterprises...
paid for Jana Calloway's stay
at Northwood's Rehab...
in October of last year?
I wasn't personally involved.
I asked Ed to help and make
whatever arrangements were necessary.
What was the reason
for her stay, Senator?
I believe she needed
to dry out.
Jana Calloway didn't need to dry out.
She attempted suicide, didn't she?
Objection. No foundation.
There will be, Your Honor.
Do you recognize this picture?
I've seen it.
Do you recognize this note
addressed to you from Jana Calloway?
- Yes, I do.
- Would you please read it?
"Paul, if you'd told her about me
like you said you were going to...
this wouldn't have happened."
You were going to leave your wife
for Jana Calloway, weren't you?
In the note, who is she referring to
when she says "her"?
She asked me to contact
a former assistant of mine...
who was on the admissions
committee at UCLA.
She'd been expelled
from school and...
sought to use my influence
to get reinstated.
Naturally, I never promised
such a thing and refused.
But it sent her off
on one of her episodes.
Did you have sexual relations
with Jana Calloway?
Your Honor, that's irrelevant.
I object strongly
to this line of questioning.
I am not going to sit by and watch
this trial degenerate any further.
It is highly relevant.
It goes directly
to the defense's theory...
that someone other than my client
had a motive to kill Jana Calloway.
I'll allow it.
Senator Saxon, I repeat:
Did you have sexual relations
with Jana Calloway?
Absolutely not.
These pictures were taken
with a camera...
hidden in a clock by the bed.
She threatened to expose your affair on
the eve of your most important election.
- Didn't she?
- There was no affair to expose.
- Is that you in the photographs?
- Yes, in the first one.
I have no idea who it is
in the other two.
Did she usually greet you
in her underwear in her bedroom?
The drugs had taken their toll.
She hardly ever left her bed.
I was the only one in our families
whom she felt comfortable talking to.
Are you saying that is not you
in the other two photographs?
I'm not even sure that's Jana.
It could be her roommate.
Let the record reflect that these
pictures were taken consecutively.
I will ask you again: Is that you
in the other two photographs?
Your Honor, the word "consecutively"
could be misconstrued.
Yes, it could be minutes later,
but it could also be hours later...
days later, weeks later,
The senator has already stated...
it is not he in the second
and third photographs.
The day after
these pictures were taken...
you sent her this note.
Do you recognize it?
I do.
Would you read it, please?
"J, need to talk.
Return my call. No more threats.
Things are too complicated.
What threats were you
referring to, Senator?
She called her father
and asked him for money.
When he refused,
she called me...
and said if we didn't send some,
she'd break into her father's house...
and steal something.
My wife and I realized
she was in one of her states...
that's when I wrote that note.
You see, in politics...
the smallest thing can be
construed as scandalous.
Were Jana to have broken into
her father's house or my house...
and done something rash...
I'm sure you, of all people,
realize how the press...
can blow things
out of proportion.
Senator, is it your testimony
that you had no personal involvement...
with the deceased?
Your Honor.
Asked and answered.
Miss Devereux, if you have any further
evidence you'd like to introduce...
I'll see you and Mr. Campioni
at sidebar.
If not, I think the senator...
has adequately addressed
all of your concerns.
No further questions.
Mr. Campioni,
would you like to cross-examine?
No, Your Honor.
- The state has no questions.
- You may step down, Senator.
- Thanks.
- This place is like media central.
I'm putting call block
on all major networks.
After today,
we won't need call blocking.
You're doing fine.
Cheryl, you're a great assistant,
but you're a really lousy liar.
You know, he squirmed
right out of it.
This guy had an answer
to absolutely everything.
Everything except
why she was killed.
It's over. Bobby is
the only one left I can call.
What are you gonna ask him?
Did you kill Jana Calloway?
I rest my case.
Did you call?
We haven't been able
to locate Mr. Medina.
Van usually picks him up
at 8:00 a.m.
He wasn't there.
It appears your client
is late for court.
- Your Honor--
- Spare me.
I'm issuing a bench warrant
for his arrest.
Is Bobby in there?
Here, I'll check the back.
Is anybody home?
Kitt, call 9-1-1.
Come on. Get up! Bobby!
Good morning, Bobby.
Handcuff the asshole.
You know the drill.
You have the right
to remain silent.
- Anything you say can be used in court.
- I didn't do this!
- You have a right to an attorney.
- I was set up!
Somebody slipped me something,
you fuck!
Aw, somebody
slipped him something.
Yeah, right.
If you can't afford an attorney, one
will be appointed to you without charge.
Charge of murder brought
against Robert Medina...
and that he's being held
without bail.
Medina's lawyer, Kitt Devereux,
has not made any comment...
since her client failed to show in court
and was found at a murder scene...
identical to the one
for which he is on trial.
Assistant D.A. Jack Campioni
had this to say earlier today.
This is a great victory for everybody...
except the defense lawyers.
It exonerates Senator Saxon from all
the false accusations and innuendos...
that were made against him.
I think it sends out a clear message
to defense attorneys...
that you cannot just cry "setup"...
when you have
no other defense to offer.
Atkins is involved in this case.
I don't know how yet.
Are you sure he's not guilty?
'Cause as you know, when a jury
says "guilty" it's not over.
You can always appeal.
But when they say "not guilty",
there's nothing that can be done.
This is a chess game.
We cannot make the wrong move.
Just let me handle it.
- Hello.
- Kitt?
Is that really you?
- How did you get my number?
- I'm waiting for you.
Over here.
What is this?
This is the future, Laird.
Virtual me.
Why don't you find the real me?
Where are you?
You have to come and find me.
In here.
What happens when I find you?
You get to have me.
Why now?
I may hate what you did, Laird,
but I'll never forget you.
Now, how many men in my life
can I say that about?
Things went too fast for you,
didn't they?
I wanted to tell you every secret
that I had right away...
but I should have waited until we
developed a stronger level of trust.
Come in here
and tell me more, Laird.
We had a--
an emotional...
growing between us...
and I wanted
to take care of that love.
Honesty's the only way
that two people can bond...
but you weren't ready to be honest
about me, about what I'd done.
I am now.
Where are you?
Ooh, you're so close.
I can feel your aura.
Feels great.
See, I can feel yours too.
It's electric
what's between us, isn't it?
Where are you?
Hey, calm down, Laird.
I'm up here.
So, Laird...
I was very surprised to hear
that you told everybody about us.
I was kind of
surprised myself, but...
they were really great
about the whole thing.
They paid me a lot too. It's just
the little whore had to be killed.
No, the other one.
I'm not at all sure
that I should have done that.
The money was really awesome, but I've
never really killed anyone before.
It's not really me.
I don't know how all those feelings
are sitting with me.
How did you do it?
Truth? Okay, truth heals.
I put some roofie in Bobby baby's
tequila while they were making out.
You should have seen it.
It was so strange. It was sickening.
There they were making love in a house
where someone had just been murdered.
When I saw that,
I knew that she was no good...
that I was doing her a favor.
So your boy gets the chair,
and Senator Saxon gets to run.
Should I vote for him?
I'm sure he would
appreciate your support.
Stop playing games!
Hey, where are you going, Laird?
Where are you?
Mm, you're getting warmer.
But before I satisfy you,
you have to satisfy me.
So you killed Jana, too, right?
No, I already told you.
They wanted me to scare you off, then
paid me to do a copycat job on Bridget.
Are you satisfied?
'Cause that's all you're gonna get.
Come on, Laird,
I'm so ready for you.
I just want you to tell me
your most intimate secret.
- That's all.
- You like conspiracy theories?
Every conspiracy theory
contains a grain of truth, right?
But this one's a hall-of-famer!
So you killed Jana,
and the Saxons hired you...
and they framed Bobby, right?
You still don't get it, do you?
But now I get you.
That's the deal, right?
Oh, you get me...
but first you have to tell me
who killed Jana.
Sylvia did it.
Jack did it.
Paul did it.
They all did it.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
I won't bite.
I will.
Help! Help!
Hello. 9-1-1?
I'd like to report an intruder...
at 2317 Via Appia.
Thank you.
My name's Al Gordon.
Casey knows me.
Tell him to call me
in the morning.
I never lied to you, Kitt.
I never lie to the people I really love.
I mean it, Kitt.
I'm on your side.
There he is. Ziggy. Good boy.
That little whore
had to be killed.
- Jana?
- No, the other one.
We still don't have
a confession, damn it.
We got him confessing to Bridget,
so you'll get a hearing for Medina.
The only problem
is that conspiracy stuff.
The truth heals.
I put some--
some roofie
in Bobby baby's tequila--
You should have seen it.
It was so strange.
It was sickening.
The truth heals.
I put some--
They paid me a lot too.
It's just that--
- Oh, my God.
- What?
What is it?
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Can I get your attention,
Come closer. I have
something to tell you.
As you know, the California
primaries are crucial...
to my son's bid
for the presidency.
Tonight, I've had the great
good fortune to learn...
that my son, Paul Saxon...
will be the Democratic nominee
for president.
Thanks to all of you!
To the White House!
All the way!
- Bravo!
- We're with you, Senator.
And warm thanks must go...
to our longtime supporter,
Norman Calloway.
Norman, would you please stand?
And a special mention
to the young man in the back...
talking to my son,
our next attorney general.
What a night, eh?
Oh, what a night.
Sit down, have your dinners.
Afterwards, my son will say a few words.
What are you doing here?
I came to see you.
You should be more careful.
You're with a group of people here
that are not your friends.
No, Jack,
you should be more careful.
You picked Medina from the crowd,
and you were gonna bury that kid alive.
You're full of shit.
You're gonna be sorry for this.
I don't think so. I should've
taken that deal you offered me.
Bobby would have been
in jail for eight years...
and you would have been
attorney general to President Saxon.
I will beat this, Kitt.
Trust me. I will.
Trust you?
In another life, Jack.
You're under arrest
for the murder of Jana Calloway.
What's going on here?
Who gave you permission to--
- Sylvia Saxon?
- Yes? What?
Would you step this way, please?
We'd like to speak with you.
- Speak with me? Paul!
- Yes, ma'am. Right this way.
Paul, don't say anything.
Everything will be all right.
Roll the tape.
Clear out of the way here.
I think you have a lockbox
that belongs to me.
Why didn't you just go
to the police?
- I was too close to it.
- Yeah.
I know exactly how you feel.
Thank you,
for my daughter.
How'd they convince him to do it?
His dream job was going to go away
unless he did the dirty work for Saxon.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
He's going down. Flames.
- That's what I said about Bobby.
- There's only one difference.
Bobby's got us.
This just in.
Senator Paul Saxon has unexpectedly
withdrawn from the presidential race...
citing personal reasons.
But City News has learned that Attorney
General hopeful Jack Campioni...
has been charged in the murder
of Jana Calloway.
We have also learned tonight that
Senator Saxon and his mother, Sylvia...
have been taken into custody
for questioning.
Our sources indicate they may be charged
with conspiracy to commit murder...
in the Calloway case...
as well as the murder
of her roommate, Bridget Paul.
Rap star Bobby Medina has been
exonerated of all charges against him...
and his first CD remains number one
on the record charts.
Several motion picture companies are
negotiating for the rights to his story.