Shadow Wolves (2019) Movie Script

Nabahe, have you found their tracks?
There's one woman, one coyote
headin' up the south side.
Still no sign of them.
Cheyenne, they could be
headed your direction.
No sign of them here.
Got 'em.
Eighty degrees past the gulch.
Got them.
Yeah, they're runnin'.
Coyote's got the pack with drugs.
A woman's behind him.
Human trafficking scum!
Movin' your direction.
Ray and I are on the move to intercept!
Parked and ready.
Ray, this way!
Nabahe, come in.
Nabahe, where are you headed?
Looks like they're headed
for the ravine.
Cut 'em off!
They gotta have transpo waiting.
Cheyenne, go check down
by the car trailer, over.
I already found it.
We got movement from the west.
Comin' fast.
Heading right for you, Cheyenne.
In position.
Almost there!
Got a vehicle incoming.
Dead men driving.
Not comin' my way.
Could it be a drug intercept?
I can see 'em.
Gotta be a hijacker!
I'm right here with you.
Hey, don't move!
- Don't move, drop your gun!
- She means it!
Drop your weapons!
Horse, get over here.
We got drug dealers
robbin' drug dealers.
On the ground!
Down, down!
- Get down, hands in the air!
- Get down!
- Come on!
- I said get down!
What's happening?
- Guys?
- On the ground!
Get down, hands in the air!
I said get down!
Get down, down!
Coyote's makin' a run for it!
Son of a...
- Get down!
- Shooter's on the ridge!
Stop her!
Stay behind that Jeep, Ray!
Horse, come in.
Guys, will someone answer me!
You guys all right?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Horse, can you see who's up there?
Gotta be a cartel lookout.
They must be protecting a drug run.
Sniper killed the intercept.
This is really weird!
Shots keep goin' 200 yards
up on the ridge.
No one's moved, so stay down.
Yeah, that's good advice there, sheriff.
Ray, can you see
where that woman's gone?
Nah, nothin'.
I know this is too obvious,
but this is a real Mexican standoff.
Look, we can't just
stay pinned down like this!
Get down, Ray!
Get back, Ray.
Ray, get back!
Damn it, Ray.
Ray, you hit?
No, I'm just grazed.
Oh, stings like a bitch.
Cheyenne, can you see him?
Mother, that's a big gun.
She's goin' for the Jeep!
What the hell!
Sniper's on the run!
Horse, he's too far away.
I can't get a shot.
He's heading away from you guys fast,
down the south side of the ridge.
Ray, cover us!
On it, Chief.
It's a man.
Holy Dinah.
Heroin, cocaine.
Hey, this is strange, boss, look.
Yeah, there's weird things
happenin' at the border.
It's gettin' a lot weirder, boss.
What the hell is that?
All right, I want
pictures of everything here,
especially that detonator.
I got people in D.C. who wanna see this.
And burn those drugs!
- What about Homeland, evidence?
- Do it!
Come in.
Is this everything they sent?
Yes, you have all the photos
they've sent you.
And I'm gonna need hard copies as well.
Okay, what do you think?
It's definitely a detonator,
probably some kind of dirty bomb.
So, an ISIS cell is tryin' to bring...
An ISIS cell likely
already in place in the U.S.
and this is someone's plan
to detonate a bomb
with a radioactive cloud big enough
to destroy a major city.
Who sent this?
Some old friends of mine.
They call themselves Shadow Wolves.
Shaw, we have a location.
Head toward Marble Arch.
Khan is sending her for a meeting.
Abdula's on the move.
Sending you coordinates, standby.
Shaw, proceed with caution.
I repeat, proceed with caution.
Remember, she's Khan's main assassin.
Over 20 confirmed kills.
Shaw, stay there and wait for backup.
I repeat, wait for backup.
They're on their way.
Shaw, don't go in there without backup.
You know who I am.
Tell me about Khan!
Where's Khan?
He's already gone.
He can't just do that.
Where is he?
Headed to Mexico.
Your days of killing are over.
Get your team here now.
Stick the girl with morphine.
I've got a few more questions for her.
I'm filing a protest.
Yeah, CC me on that.
Major, do not go in there!
What the hell do you want?
Nice to see you too, Major.
You know I was on leave in Majorca
up to my eyes in tequila shots and tits.
And I've never heard that before.
Come on.
You've missed me.
Ever since we were stuck together
for those freezing nights
in that safe house in St. Petersburg.
Only your fantasy.
No proof.
He's on the verge of something.
Send someone else.
She'll be at The Old Fox
in Tunbridge tonight.
You got her involved?
Don't be a presumptuous twit.
She was the best choice,
and she wanted the assignment.
Are you sure you've had
no contact with her?
What, ever since you ordered me
to leave her?
You know I haven't.
This is top priority.
And this time, let's try
and minimize the damage,
loss of life, et cetera.
Shadow him, I don't trust him.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Can we chat?
Oh, for God sake.
Milton handed me intel
on how you've infiltrated
Khan's operation,
and he's up to something nasty.
Screw you!
Wait, we did.
How many times?
I lost count.
That's it?
After two years?
You just disappear, I have
no clue if you're dead,
and now you show up here
asking me about Khan?
Yeah, and nobody's heard from you
in a long time, either.
We haven't got long.
He's planning something big.
Find System House Labs look for anything
on our project called Tohono.
Haven't been able to.
He's watching me too closely.
Something's just snapped in him,
and he's gotten way closer
to ISIS leaders.
You know, just get out of here.
You're gonna blow my cover.
Wait, shoot at me.
I'm gonna run and you shoot at me.
One more thing.
Make sure you miss.
You wanker!
Sanchez, I can't choose!
I just can't.
You choose for me, Sanchez.
You are no fun.
You used to be fun.
Have some of this.
It is exquisite.
Each bottle is made out
of 20 bushels of pears.
Can you believe that, Sanchez?
I want to go to France.
I want to visit this vineyard.
I want to buy this vineyard, Sanchez.
You think they'll sell it to me?
I know that face.
I never like that face on you, Sanchez.
You have something bad
to tell me, don't you?
And I was so enjoying this cognac.
Spit it out!
We got hit last night.
One of our runs across the border.
How many did we lose?
One of our coyotes was killed.
Who was it, Bertran, Hector?
Not sure.
No trace of them.
They just burned our truck
and they burned our load.
Fuck it, man.
All right, come on out.
Aw, Chucky.
How many times have
I told you not to sneak up
on Daddy like that, huh?
- Lookin' good.
- Oh.
You know, you never were a good liar.
For god sakes.
Reward for your hard work.
All right, kids.
Let's jug up.
Horse, bring that over here.
Smells great.
Yeah, what did you make this time?
Voila, linguine and capers.
Yeah, you're the only
all-state quarterback I know
who can cook like this.
You're gonna make somebody
a real nice wifey someday.
Well, yesterday was tough.
A whole lotta killin'
even for rival cartels.
Wars are gettin' worse every day.
So, did you hear from your sources
in Washington about
those Arabic notebooks?
Well, now that you mention it,
I did hear from them,
and they're, sending us
a new guy for the team.
Why, they think we miss something?
No, it's...
Play cowboys and Indians?
No, they wanna assess the situation.
Oh my God.
You know D.C.'s in a frenzy
about ISIS crossin' the border.
'Cause they already have.
Well, maybe.
But we still have friends in Washington.
And I just wanna say that,
the way you handled
yourselves yesterday,
I'm proud of ya.
Now, if we can just keep knucklehead
to stay behind cover here.
Junior, is your cousin's honor
ceremony still this week?
Yeah, Kallum was up on
his prosthetics this morning.
Wow, that's awesome.
- Oh, good for him, man.
- Yeah.
Well, you know after four tours
over there, he's my hero.
And he wants to join
the organization here.
Any objections?
Of course not.
Man, I hated it over there.
I mean, there's a bomb on every road.
Hit Kallum when he didn't expect it.
They always do.
That whole region is a mess.
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan.
Hey, we did our job.
You really think the military cared
about what we taught them over there?
I mean, do you?
What's the use in tracking the old ways
when you got a drone
that can do the same thing?
No, we were the ones that led them
to specific terrorist units.
And then what did they do?
Good question.
Did you just push a button
from an office somewhere
and bam, explosion everywhere.
Exactly, and then
there's a few less terrorists
to blow your cousins' legs off, what.
We're their terrorists.
We're the invaders in their eyes.
Hey, what your cousin
was doing is honorable.
He was doing his duty.
Just like we're gonna do our duty.
We operate in secret.
But our funding is secure.
And it's like I always say.
Oh, no.
If a man farts alone and then...
No, no, no, you mean,
a man who thinks his farts
don't stink...
No, no, it's, if a man is
in the forest and he farts...
A man who farts in confidence
is a man who has lost...
His sense of smell.
- I like that.
- That's what it was.
That's so gross.
Why would you break her arm on camera
when you don't know who's watching?
Except to make a shit storm for me?
One nuclear attack on our soil
and all of this political
correctness evaporates.
It was a stupid thing to do
and it makes things very difficult.
You mean you're gettin' soft
in the middle.
All I do is bend the rules for you
and you're always pushing it.
Yeah, and for years your colleagues
have been holding open
a huge revolving door shouting,
come on in and attack us.
Well, that's a bit of
an oversimplification,
but I do understand your frustration.
Frustration, now you're even
using D.C. appeasing words.
I'm sending you to do something.
I'm not sure what it is,
but it's out of the box.
Nabahe, what the hell kind
of a name is that?
It's Navajo.
We were in the first Gulf War together.
Saw some shit.
He runs a unit called The Shadow Wolves.
Yeah, I've heard of 'em.
Indian trackers catchin' bad guys
the old fashioned way.
And they're very good at it.
I thought they were with the DEA,
drug trafficking.
Didn't budget cuts shut 'em down?
This is a new covert unit, nobody knows.
Even Bor-Tac?
They work with Border Control Tactical,
but there's a reason I fund them
and my friend's in charge.
It's Nabahe.
So, you're funding covert Indians.
They found the Syrian
with the nuclear bomb parts.
In Germany.
Nabahe's expecting you.
And you'll disavow them
if something's revealed
or uncovered just like you would me?
Your plane's waiting.
I'm sorry your man
was killed in the desert
by those damn wolves.
I don't like this kind of news.
Muhammad dying like that.
Should we still move forward
with your plan?
We must go ahead, immediately.
No delays, I don't have time.
I know this gap.
I know it, it will come back to me.
Lauren, please, come in.
What is he doing here?
He gives me the creeps.
Me, too, in fact, everyone.
But that's why I keep him around.
I've been worried about you.
Who is the man who accosted you tonight?
A footballer I used to see.
You know I dated a few of them
before you, right?
Yes, yes, you did.
But did you shoot guns at them?
When they tried to abuse me.
He must've played for Liverpool, then.
I didn't know you carry it.
Oh, I just started.
May I see this gun?
Omar doesn't like guns.
He prefers other methods of defense.
This evening is now
officially past exhausting.
I'm going to bed.
You won't need this here.
Especially with Omar around.
You Shaw?
Well, get in needle dick, let's go.
Hang on to your shorts.
Well, welcome to our high tech teepee.
You built this all under the radar?
Yeah, with the help of your boss
but you can't tell anybody.
Branson will scalp me before you can?
Hey, everybody, listen up!
Here's our newbie.
He don't look Indian to me.
Yeah, well, he doesn't either.
He's part Japanese.
His grandfather was stationed
in Tokyo after the war.
Yeah, we call him our native samurai.
I'm a half-breed also, French mother.
Ooh, Catherine Deneuve.
I bet he's from that one tribe,
what's the famous tribe?
- Ooh!
- The Wannabe tribe.
- The Wannabe tribe.
- Yeah.
That's the one.
So, what, you got nothin'?
I didn't realize there was such a thing
as a female Shadow Wolf.
Oh, they're
the most ferocious kind, brother.
And she's got claws.
And her bite?
It's worse than her bark.
What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna join us?
Or you gonna run?
You know, I'm not sure.
But I'll tell you what I will do,
is I'll learn from you.
Because of a story I heard this morning.
About him.
About bein' in some godforsaken village
in Iraq during the Gulf War.
He held off wave after wave
of Saddam's Republican Guards
saving his unit and my boss.
Just native folklore.
Not for my boss.
My mother has some Cherokee in her.
Does that count?
Oh, man.
Everybody got Cherokee in them.
Even Johnny Depp.
Ooh, now there's a real Indian.
You don't look like
no Johnny Depp to me.
14 days.
That's the most time I have left.
My lab can only discover how to kill,
but not how to heal.
Account numbers are in there.
Take care of all debts.
And make the man in D.C. pay dearly.
And make her wish
she had never been born.
When's your flight to Mexico?
Milton's got me on 10 o'clock.
She calls, you jump.
Don't we all?
I have my two best agents tracking Khan.
Yes, Lady Milton, I understand.
It will take some time.
That's right, I will be in touch,
thank you.
Well, your hunch to send Shaw
to the border was right.
But what are the odds of him
actually finding Khan?
They're not good.
ICE and Border Patrol
do the best they can
with limited resources,
but their hands are tied.
And Khan won't be
the only one getting across.
Thousands of Syrians crossed last year.
Who knows how many of them are ISIS?
But, Sir, the vetting process.
The vetting process is fake news.
It's bullshit!
Who knows how many could turn
or have already turned?
I'm worried about you.
I understand what happened
when your daughter was killed
in Afghanistan, but I believe
that you are operating
from a position of revenge and frankly,
you are breaking so many rules
that it not only alarms me, it...
Go ahead and finish the thought.
Sir, please listen to me.
No, listen to me, because
I'm only gonna say this once.
You have no appreciation
for the significance
of the fight that we're in.
The U.S. is making the same
mistakes so many others have.
Your generation doesn't read
history, so you have no clue
that we're reliving the
appeasement mistakes of Wilson,
of Chamberlain, and stumbling
into our own siege of Vienna.
That's right.
Shake your head at me
because I don't know
what I'm talking about!
You don't read the daily ISIS
social media press briefings.
Beheadings of dozens on a beach,
burning men and women alive in cages,
and we're supposed to do nothing?
And some chicken-shit soldier
that she was training,
who she was helping
to lead a better life,
he turns his gun on her and sprays her
in the face with bullets
and says, "God is great."
Sir, I'm sorry...
Get out!
So you're just gonna roam the streets
of Mexico knocking drug dealers' doors?
Something like that.
Has to be one of the things
I missed about you most.
No fear.
You're wrong.
I've got plenty of fear.
But I got one code.
I know, embrace it.
Wait, I have something for you.
Try this, Stilton.
Made just down the road from your mum.
So, what's got Khan wanting
to sneak a dirty bomb into the U.S.?
Well, he's been financing
terrorist attacks for years.
And you know this
because Milton has you
following the money?
I never knew my LSE degree
would take me to such heights.
I used to be closer to him,
but I'm just eye candy now.
We haven't slept together for months.
And there's something
really wrong with him,
some kind of sickness.
He won't tell me a thing.
And you think that's
what's driving him now?
Into doing something with ISIS
on the U.S. border?
A last chance to avenge his family.
They come from Afghanistan.
Well, I should say they came.
U.S. military annihilated most of them.
Tracked him to his family's village,
called in drones, everyone wiped out.
His nieces, nephews, cousins,
but he wasn't even there.
We've become high tech savages.
Omar, what are you...
See, these are
all the coyote trails here.
You got a call, from Branson.
Hey, Cheyenne, et him up, at your desk.
So, your name's Cheyenne
but you're Navajo.
Yeah, and that's Reynaro.
He's not even Italian.
What, are you talkin' to me?
What, are you talkin' to me?
No, you talkin' to me?
Are you talkin' to me?
Stop defaming the only great Niro.
Oh, that's a good looking guy.
Is that your boyfriend?
That's the monster slayer.
It's a Navajo spirit?
The slayer of strange gods.
Sounds like my job description.
Well, now you're screwed.
I can't say I haven't heard that before.
No, I'm serious.
He will come for you.
And when he does, you won't escape.
Is that one of your peoples' legends?
What people?
Who are you talkin' about?
The ones with the beads?
And the rugs?
Those people?
You know what I meant.
No, I don't know what you meant.
Why don't you tell me?
What the hell have you gotten me into?
What is it?
I asked Nabahe what was goin' on.
He told me that the feathers
of a bird protect it
from the frosts of the winter.
Yeah, that's one of his favorites.
Yeah, he seems to have a lot of 'em.
The intel I just passed to him
is from a reliable British source.
The Menendez Cartel outside
Monte Rey are aiding ISIS camps
near the Mexican border.
Nabahe's gonna have you cover the trails
that he knows their coyotes use.
Yeah, well, I'm goin' out
with him tonight.
Shaw, just find me something tangible,
signal or reliable human intel.
I can't get a dime out of anyone here,
especially for something covert,
unless I have something concrete.
Yeah, well maybe a lone warrior
can do more damage
than an entire army
in unfamiliar territory.
I haven't heard that one.
From a Cracker Jack box.
I was 10, it spoke to me.
Just go.
So, my boss is out of town.
I'm running this place.
This way.
Oh, if only I had my rifle,
you little rat bastard.
This is a lot of money.
Yes, it is.
But you are a tricky one.
So, what's stopping me from killing you
and keeping all this, eh?
I just had her killed.
For betraying me.
I think you would be foolish
to make me your enemy.
You don't look like a fool.
I also need you
to watch out for this Brit,
how you say it, thug.
When do you want to leave?
Tomorrow night.
And your men are meeting you there?
I'll let them know when.
I don't want any surprises
like last time.
That won't happen.
But those wolves, I can't guarantee.
Don't worry about them.
I have plans for them.
Oh, don't mess with her.
She's a mean one, eh?
You know what?
You need to quiet your soul.
You really become one
with nature out here, huh?
Oh, you see
a lotta weird things out here.
Make you city people run back
to your condos and your shoppin' malls.
What's the strangest thing
you've ever seen out here?
What, beside you?
About a week ago we were
lookin' at a path up there,
just over that ridge,
and saw this little red light,
this little red dot.
No, it was just a red dot,
and then it went zip!
Over here about 200 yards and then this
smell, this stench,
rotten, and then this
laugh, this weird cackle,
I don't know what it was,
and then out of nowhere.
I got ya pretty good, didn't I?
Very funny.
What about the smell?
Well, that part's true.
Sometimes we can catch people
just 'cause you can smell 'em,
sometimes half a mile away.
Do you smell something now?
Yeah, you been eatin' too many burritos.
Stay away from the beans, will ya?
The worst smell is fear.
You can smell guilt, too.
Comes outta your pores.
Up the path over there.
Coyotes leadin'.
It looks like four people.
Go find Horse and Cheyenne.
Get down, get down, get down, get down!
Don't move, don't move!
- Don't move!
- Get down!
Get down, get down.
- Get down.
- On the ground, now!
None of these are Khan.
Get down, get down.
- Hey, hey!
- Stay down, stay down!
Hey, get back here, get down!
Stay down, stay down!
- On the ground! On the ground, hey!
- On the ground.
Cheyenne, keep 'em covered.
Get back here, hey!
Where the hell did he go, Horse?
We're never gonna find him.
Out here coyotes
can disappear just like that.
Get over there.
What'll happen to the girl?
Probably gonna sell her
to the sex trade.
The coyote's gonna make
his money one way or another.
Monster slayer, Navajo spirit.
He's the slayer of strange gods.
He will come for you.
And when he does, you won't escape.
You saw the slayer?
You wouldn't come back to us
until Cheyenne called to you.
Come on, I got a place for you to bunk.
Why can't we just call in Homeland?
- Have drones search the desert border?
- Because they won't do anything.
They'll listen in on innocent
peoples' phone calls,
they'll read every goddamn email,
but ask them for
surveillance on the border,
and it's, oh, no, we can't do that.
But I have a connection at Homeland
and he owes me a favor.
What are you gonna tell them?
Oh, I know something bad
is gonna happen?
Alex, they didn't listen to the Saudis
when they told them
about the Chechen bomber
blowing up the Boston Marathon,
but they'll listen to you.
Excuse me.
Close the door.
Just in time.
I'm getting nowhere here.
Your agent is the best chance we have.
I need you to push him.
To do what, exactly?
We need to find Khan.
I'll see what I can do.
What's the latest on McLaren?
He verified Khan's in Mexico.
You should head there now.
Before he just charges in again?
Unfortunately, it's what makes him
so effective and destructive.
Like all the men I know.
The first woman
to lead this place was
called the housewife spy.
She went through hell.
Trying to contain Dante's nine degrees?
I keep him there to remind myself
that we're dealing with the same hell,
just different devils.
White House.
I need to speak to Ryan Blake.
Alex, what's up?
Branson is up to something with MI-6.
Come over now.
Are you real?
Are you?
That's a good question.
Chucky, leave him alone!
You slept in my room.
Wanna see a magic trick?
Shaw, you hear me?
I did.
Go ahead.
For me?
Now eat your damn pancakes.
We gotta go.
Thank you.
Come on, you're not escaping.
Hi, hi, guys.
So, this is Junior's aunt, Kallum's mom.
You must be very proud.
And this is their grandfather.
Who's that?
Oh, that's Natanni, Nabahe's brother.
He's a decorated war hero.
SEAL Team Six?
They haven't spoken in many years.
Yeah, something,
something really bad happened
between them and they just don't.
That's the way
you white people would say it.
Not-ah-nee, it means leader.
Come on, boys, give me a hand here.
You followed the path of our ancestors.
You fought to save our land.
I'm proud of you, son.
I want you to join the team.
What, you didn't think
I knew you were coming?
You've got some serious issues.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You know what he just told us?
That Khan has two ISIS cells
already here, in the U.S.,
and they've been
waiting for 'em for months.
And I told you I will not stand
for these kinds of interrogations.
Alex, there isn't time.
We don't have the luxury
to make him our friend
and help him see the error of his ways.
And what if he just lied to you?
Just to get you to stop?
And you wanna take that chance?
That if he's telling the truth
we miss the opportunity
to stop an attack?
Nobody's gonna care
how we got the information
if we can stop this.
It's not a fair fight.
You don't get it.
It's that simple.
Ceremony get to you?
Everything's got to me.
You do see the irony?
Your people, the ones with the beads?
But also the ones that have
a long-standing history
of serving this country's military.
The very army that
ran them off their lands,
slaughtering and scattering them
from one hellhole of
a reservation to the next.
Nabahe has a saying.
You mean, "All is connected?"
Yeah, that one.
But he has another one.
"Each generation
sacrifices for the next."
The connection is the sacrifice.
He's across.
I left him in that
burnt factory in Juarez
with some of his kind.
And another thing,
not a word to anyone, eh?
The boss can never know.
I can smell your stinky ass
from here, amigo.
Dirt bike's on the trailer.
You know where he is?
Well, I know one thing for sure.
Junior, got my mic?
Your boss is
always good at getting intel.
Mic system's up and ready.
It's an abandoned factory not far away.
Junior, vest!
Call in Bor-Tac, Border Patrol?
Ray, take the .45 and the case.
Not yet.
Guns are loaded.
Listen, I'm not gonna risk getting crap
for some Brit's hunch.
I got a vest for Shaw.
Come on, let's go!
You have just been baptized
with Sanchez's piss, my friend.
That's nothing.
Drank my own piss in the Iraqi desert
for two weeks to stay alive.
That is disgusting.
But you are a young strapping,
tough boy, huh?
No, just British.
Oh, thanks for
gettin' dressed up for me.
You're welcome.
In fact, I have you to thank,
because I am hosting a fundraiser
for the families of dead English spy.
What do you want coming here
to my country?
Listen, I don't care
about you sellin' drugs
to stupid American kids,
but you do understand
you're makin' deals with ISIS bastards
who are gonna blow up
those same customers,
smuggling nasty terrorists
across the border
just to destroy your markets.
I mean, how stupid are you?
What the hell is he talkin' about?
He's delirious.
Oh, mate!
And I thought Parliament was devious.
I'd watch your back if I was you, amigo.
Nonsense, jefe!
I'll cut his head off
and send it to his...
Dead customers don't pay my bills.
And since you like it so much,
we will provide some more piss
for your lunch.
Just give us one of your Coronas.
It tastes about the same.
Yeah, well, you are a...
How do you English say?
You are a cheeky fellow.
Bet your head would make a good football
for our Saturday game.
Get him out of here, now!
Take him to the warehouse!
There's nothing.
Man, I hate this part.
The waiting.
We're waiting for what?
They're in there.
They're sittin' ducks!
Junior, anything?
A bad tip?
Well, sometimes you just gotta wait.
Figure when you're
huntin' rattlesnakes...
Beware, they bite you first.
Oh, what the hell are you doin' here?
She's got you followin' me, hasn't she?
We got about a minute
until they get here!
Maybe less.
Get McLaren, let's get outta here!
McLaren, we gotta go!
Come on!
I'm going to kill you!
Can't afford to lose you, Major.
Not yet, at least.
Plus, I have a situation
that needs your particular expertise.
I know they're in there!
I know they're in there, I can feel it.
Sit still, Ray.
But they're in there and
we need to get 'em now!
I think something moved.
Far west end.
Somebody's down there.
Yeah, they're in there.
I know they are.
We gotta take these guys now.
You don't know that, Ray.
Just hold still.
Hold still, are you kidding me?
What are we waiting for in here?
Just tell Ray to stay calm.
Nothing's moved.
Wait, look!
Northwest corner.
I see 'em.
They're there.
Yeah, damn right they're in there.
Ray, what the hell are you doing!?
Ray, you're gonna
get a hell of a beatin'
when this is over.
All right, hit it.
Hey, Ray, get back in here!
Damn it, Ray, I said stand down.
Ray, get back in here!
Shaw, cover that fool's ass.
Tryin' to get yourself killed?
No, I'm goin' south.
Now, watch my six.
- Am I followin'?
- Yeah, follow him!
Ray, don't go out there!
Just about down there, hold on!
Come on, come on!
Junior, get the van down there now.
Meet me up at the warehouse.
Ray's down, he took three hits.
God damn it, Ray.
Horse, Horse, get back here!
Get back here and help me with Ray.
One of them's heading inside.
Cheyenne, is there any sign of him?
The one Horse shot is definitely dead.
Get Ray ready to move.
I'm under fire!
- Come on.
- Horse, Horse, give us cover!
- Come on.
- Let's go!
Horse, get up there
and back up Cheyenne!
She's takin' fire.
Ray, look at me, Ray!
Get the bastard.
Get off my ATV.
One more down.
Come on, wake up.
Well, you're one lucky SOB, son.
Can you make it to the van?
This isn't Khan, so where is he?
The one I shot wasn't Khan.
He's gone.
I couldn't bring him back.
Oh, Ray.
You damn fool.
We're in the clear.
Cheyenne, Ray's dead.
Junior couldn't save him.
God damn it.
Junior, get Homeland on the phone.
I have twelve missed calls
from your wife.
No messages, just all these calls.
What's goin' on?
He's got Chucky.
What are you,
what are you talkin' about?
I do have Chucky.
I also have your wife.
She forgot to mention that.
If you harm them, I'll...
You'll what?
Call a drone?
Kill all of us?
Like you did to my family?
I don't know what the hell
you're talkin' about.
Tell your wolves, and
your murderous NSA sidekick,
that if they make a single call,
I'll blow your wife's head off.
In front of Chucky.
I mean it!
I'm watching you with my cameras.
What have you done?
Death comes that quick.
Something fired from the heavens,
generations wiped out,
slaughtered innocent children,
blow the heads off of grandfathers.
If you kill them...
And you ran away!
You and your little wolves.
So brave, running back here
to your sacred lands.
You thought you were safe.
Brave warrior, your pain
will not be over so quick.
Nabahe, do what he said, please.
You can have me.
Just let them go.
I never got to make such an offer.
Early morning, a village sleeps,
not bothering the great American empire.
Then a button is pushed.
Rocks crush the head of my mother,
the very cheeks I kissed each night.
You do not think I would have
begged for what you do now?
Me for them?
Me for them!
Nabahe, hey, hey!
Nabahe, you gotta keep your head.
He hasn't killed 'em yet.
He's just buyin' time.
We gotta call Homeland.
No, he will kill them!
Well, he's gonna kill a whole lot more.
It's our tribe's casino.
Yeah, and we gotta find
this trailer now.
Who knows what he's got planned!
You're not gonna get my wife
and daughter killed.
Nabahe, no.
What do you want me to do?
Meet me at your sacred hill.
Your ancestors can watch you die there.
I'll be there.
Junior, get Horse to a hospital.
He says there's a trailer
in employee parking.
Let's get everyone out.
Shaw, they're evacuating the casino now.
There it is!
Come, your wife is this way.
No, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's rigged.
Someone's in there.
Hey, can you hear me?
There's a vent.
Hey, can you hear me?
I can't see anything.
- Chucky?
- Chucky?
Chucky, are you okay?
Chucky, are you hurt?
You just sit tight, all right?
We're gonna get you outta here.
Just hang on.
It's a bomb.
All right, hang on, Chucky.
Hold on a second now.
Shoot me, and your casino blows up.
Everybody will be dead
at their decadent rave.
No, brave warrior.
No white man weapons can save you now.
I found these at your home.
So, choose your weapon.
And, yes, after I kill you
I will burn her alive.
Come on.
Okay, I'm gonna be right back, okay?
Just sit tight.
Listen, you don't have to do this.
Why don't you just kill me
and let her go?
It's not going to be that easy.
I will kill your whole tribe
like you did mine.
I can't reach it.
Can we shoot it?
No, it'll blow.
Call Homeland.
You are not going to get away with this.
I'm going to die anyway!
Homeland's 10 minutes at least.
10 minutes?
Well, we've got less than six.
There is nothing noble about this death.
But you, you could still die with honor,
if you can take this away from me.
Hey, okay, this is
gonna be just like one
of your magic tricks, okay?
Just sit still right there, okay?
I'm gonna try to freeze the wires.
Damn it.
I can't get to it!
I'm just not close enough.
You were the one who led the great
and powerful U.S. Army.
They came to civilize us,
to make us in their own image
just like they did your people.
Damn, there's less than three minutes.
I'm gonna shoot.
No, one last try!
Okay, Chucky, Chucky.
I need you to help me.
All right?
This is gonna be like
the best magic trick ever, okay?
I need you to take this can.
Take the can, come on, take the can.
And I need you to spray it backwards
on those wires okay?
Chucky, you can do this!
Do it for your mom and your dad, okay?
You can do it.
What's she doing?
I don't know.
What's goin' on?
- I don't know.
- Lemme see.
Did you think I had only one way
to set my bomb off?
She's just, ah... Chucky!
Now you can watch
death come to your people.
What's going on, Chucky?
What's going on?
I don't understand.
Nabahe, Nabahe!
Are you okay?
Yeah, is Chucky?
She's alive.
She stopped the bomb.
Where are you?
Where's Khan?
Just lemme, lemme, I,
lemme me talk to her, please?
Here, honey.
Daddy, I'm okay.
It just a couple of rope burns.
Thank God.
I got your mom here.
She's okay, too.
Nabahe, Chucky was so brave.
She froze the ropes to free herself.
That's my girl.
And Khan?
I'm afraid he can't talk
to you right now.
He's got a tomahawk in his chest.
Nabahe, you hang in there.
The ambulance is on the way.
Let me say goodbye to Chucky.
As death comes to us all,
always outta season.
I beat the slayer, Shaw.
You will too.
Chucky, please.
Hush little baby now don't you cry
Daddy's gonna buy you a butterfly
And if that butterfly can't sing
Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond
Bad time?
It's always a bad time.
I've got a situation.
I need you flying out tonight.
Okay, but I'm bringing the Wolves.
Good call.
I hear the sound of destruction
I smell the scent of my light break
I touch your fear in the shadow
I watch the wolves dig up your grave
My spirit hunts in the moonlight
I feel your tracks in the sand
You pretend you don't see me
I see the blood stains on your hands
Shadow wolves on the hunt
Throwin' the dirt
where you will not cross
Spirits of fire shout
Soon you'll revenge your god
Shadow wolves on the hunt
Throwin' the dirt
where you will not cross
Spirits of fire shout
Soon you'll revenge your god
Shadow wolves on the hunt
Throwin' the dirt
where you will not cross
Spirits of fire shout
Soon you'll revenge your god