Shadowchaser (1992) Movie Script

TECHNICIAN 1: T2 over four.
TECHNICIAN 1: Input mode.
TECHNICIAN 1: Touch system.
Touch system, check.
TECHNICIAN 1: Body tissue.
Body tissue, normal.
Skin temperature.
TECHNICIAN 2: Level fine.
Time code check.
Time code check.
Report complete.
Doctor, doctor
I need a doctor
Doctor, doctor
There you go,
that's for you and you.
See you later.
Oh, Michelle.
-Oh! Hey, listen, did you
talk to Naomi for me? -No.
You can go. I ask you to do one
thing and you can't do that.
What are you doing?
Naomi, if, what if,
I asked did you have any plans for
this weekend? What would you say?
I have and they
don't include you.
Why don't you save
some of that energy
and find yourself a girl who at
least thinks you're attractive?
Oh! That was good.
You see, with your wit, my brains, my
brother's car, baby, we can go places.
-You like Italian?
-Italian what?
Politics, football,
underarm deodorant?
No, food.
I hate it.
You see, I hate it too. We got
something in common already.
Let me get this straight. You
don't think I'm interesting.
You don't think I'm sexy, you
think my sense of humor sucks.
And you wouldn't go out
with me if I was the last man
in this hospital
named Jackson.
That's right.
You see, I think
all those things too.
We were made for each other.
-Get your ass of my desk.
This floor is off-limits.
Okay, that's far enough.
What the hell was that?
Be right back. Hey, don't
go nowhere, all right?
You've got two minutes
to clear this area.
You now have less
than two minutes.
-Get down!
-Get down!
-Go on, move it, move it,
move it! -Let's go, let's go!
What the hell is...
ZANUCHI: Okay, let's go,
everybody. Let's move out!
Oh, shit. Somebody
is having a serious party.
Let's go, come on. Get
out! Let's go, come on.
Smart people run the other
way when they hear gunfire.
Which means you must
be incredibly stupid.
Or the hero type.
Which is it?
I guess I'm very stupid.
Hi there, Mr. Trevelian.
This is Agent Blackwood,
Agent Whiteside.
That's cool.
Are you alone down here?
That's right, the computers
and I have an understanding.
They do all the work and
I let them. (CHUCKLING)
This way.
They told me
I'd go crazy down here.
But I didn't believe 'em.
I like silence.
Know what I mean?
No, I don't.
Not bad, eh?
BLACKWOOD: This place
gives me the willies.
WHITESIDE: What happened
to the heat ventilator?
It's hell to clean
though, man. This way.
And there you go, gentlemen.
Prisoner number 569.
Patrick Dickson, architect.
Crime, murder.
Life? In this?
Man, why don't they just take
the guy out back and shoot him?
Because that's too easy.
It's no return value, right?
Right. But a lifetime spent
in one of these babies...
Your body frozen.
Your mind still active.
Forever wandering,
never able to rest.
Hell, if I wasn't so mellow, it
would scare the shit out of me, man.
I can just imagine.
Now, this guy, he just
got lucky. Get him up.
Anybody got a beer?
-Nice threads.
-They're all right.
-How long have I been
in? -Just 24 months.
Felt like 24 years.
Hey, I pulled guys out
after 20 stretches,
and they've gone totally
batshit, man. You got off light.
Hey, who pulled me out?
Beats the hell
out of me, man.
Good luck, Dickson.
Hey, my name isn't...
TREVANIAN: Mr. Dickson?
Trevanian, FBI. These are
Agents Blackwood and Whiteside.
-Have we met before?
-DICKSON: Er... No.
Why did you guys pull me up?
Look, we don't have time to
explain. We'll talk on the way down.
BLACKWOOD: Let's go.
DICKSON: Hey, guys.
Look, I'm not going anywhere
till I know what's happening here.
Mr. Dickson, listen,
we need your help.
-Oh, my help?
-People's lives depend on it.
-Is that right?
That's right.
Whoa! I'm not leaving
this pleasure palace
until I know what's in it
for me. Okay?
Look, Dickson,
don't be an asshole.
You got a chance here.
You can go along with us.
We'll forget about the rest of
your sentence. You'll be a free man.
Or you can piss me off, I'll
stick you back in that tank,
you can keep pushing your
beard up through your chin.
Full pardon?
That's the idea.
When do we leave?
You really know how to show a
girl a good time, don't you?
You should've come with me
when you had the chance, man.
We could've been chilling out
with some linguini and white wine.
Now look at us.
Hey, maybe these guys will
let us phone out for a pizza.
Just say the word, baby,
and I will kick his fat ass.
Go for it, Jackson.
(WHISPERING) Maybe later.
(SIGHING) My hero.
For crying out loud, will somebody
get a picture on these things here?
We only got about
three minutes. Come on.
Three minutes to what? Hey,
how about a little hint here?
President's on the line.
No, sir. We haven't heard
anything specific yet.
We're due to hear from them
again in about two minutes.
Yes, sir. Right.
Yes, sir. Yes,
the architect's here, sir.
President was
asking for me?
Well, this is your baby, Dickson.
You built the goddamn thing.
Now take a look at this.
Look familiar to you?
Now, we don't draw plans
as good as you,
but best we could do
on such short notice.
It's... It's terrific.
It's a...good effort.
I mean, you got
the scale and everything.
TREVANIAN: Now, the terrorists have
taken over the top half of the building.
Here. From what we can figure out,
holding at least about nine hostages.
Nine hostages.
Why is the President
so interested?
Well, one of the hostages
is special.
She's his daughter.
SARAH: Oh, you seem to think I
haven't got this worked out yet.
I'm your star hostage.
So there's no way
you're gonna shoot me.
Want some free advice?
I think you should
get therapy.
Let me explain
something to you, okay?
Because I don't know what planet
you people have been living on.
But obviously, you don't know
how things work around here.
You're never
gonna pull this off.
The minute you walked into
this room, you gave up living.
But you see...
I've never lived.
We're ready.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one.
ROMULUS: Who am I talking to?
Trevanian, FBI.
It's 10:15.
In four hours,
if I don't have what I want,
it's gonna start
raining hostages.
And I will save
the best for last.
Jesus Christ.
Say hello to your
father, Sarah.
I'm sure they have a hook up
to the White House.
Say hello
to your father, Sarah.
Don't give them anything.
So predictable.
Just tell us
what it is you want.
Where the hell do you think we're
gonna get that kinda money from?
You figure it out.
Hey, my man.
This guy needs
some serious attention.
If he doesn't get treatment,
he's going to die.
We all die.
Sooner or later.
Hey, you ain't gotta do that, man...
You ain't gotta do this.
-TREVANIAN: All the stairwells
are booby-trapped. -Uh-huh.
Now, they've shut down the
elevators here, here and here.
Except this one here.
They've left it just below the
roof. Now, that's our way in.
No shit!
The assault team go through the
elevator, into the ventilation system.
Then the second team goes in.
First team,
disable the booby traps,
the second team,
take out the terrorists.
Yeah, right.
The only problem is,
they may have booby-trapped
the air ducts too.
So when you get up there, you'll be
looking for anything that doesn't belong.
When I get up there?
Yeah, they won't be expecting
that we're moving this quickly.
Okay, look. Let me... Let me
help you out a second here, okay?
I don't wanna
rain on your parade,
but why don't you just
include me out?
Listen here, Dickson.
You belong to me now.
You jump when I say jump.
Or I'm gonna make sure you disappear
off the face of this planet.
Look, I'm just
an architect, all right?
Yeah, right.
And nobody's asking you here
to do gung ho.
Because I don't do gung ho.
TREVANIAN: Now once you get in
there, all you have to do is...
DICKSON: ...look if I see something
suspicious. TREVANIAN: That's right.
And if you see
anything suspicious...
that looks suspicious.
Go silent running.
This is Bird Dog.
We're in position.
Roger, Bird Dog.
Move, move, move, move.
Get down, get down.
Dickson! Dickson, get your
ass over here. Get down.
-Get down!
-Planting charge.
TEAM 2: Charge ready.
Everybody, head down.
TEAM 1: We're at the top
of the elevator shaft.
Going down.
Go, go, go, go.
Move out, move out.
That's it. That's it.
TEAM 1: Come on, Dickson.
Hurry up.
-DICKSON: All right.
-TEAM 1: Come on.
All right, we're clear.
step on it. Let's go.
Move it.
Come on, Dickson,
move your butt.
Control panel
has been disabled.
We're gonna
try to bypass.
Bypass complete.
Gonna hook the remote.
Oh, God!
Get the medics down there.
Move it!
All right!
(SIGHING) Of course.
Nobody leaves the party.
TREVANIAN: There's got
to be a file on this guy.
People just don't appear
from out of nowhere.
No record of him.
Well, keep looking,
BLACKWOOD: Wait a minute.
Subject Romulus.
File status, classified.
Shadowchaser personnel only.
Romulus Shadowchaser.
-What the hell is this?
-BLACKWOOD: I don't know.
This guy's skin temperature
is practically non-existent.
There's no blood flow,
no warm areas.
No evidence
of human life whatever.
And his voice is hitting
sub-sonic ranges,
way beyond the capacity
of human vocal chords.
BLACKWOOD: I've got something.
Project Shadowchaser.
Project leader,
Joseph J. Kinderman.
Jesus Christ.
BLACKWOOD: You know this guy?
Oh, yeah.
He's the head of ATR.
BLACKWOOD: ATR, that's...
WHITESIDE: Military research guys.
Get him on the phone.
If Kinderman's involved in this, the
shit hasn't even begun to hit the fan.
Jesus Christ.
you son of a bitch.
you son of a bitch.
I don't know who
or what the hell you are.
But you just murdered
five of my people.
ROMULUS: You've got
three hours left.
I suggest you
don't waste them.
TREVANIAN: Three hours just
isn't enough time, though.
We're dealing with a massive political
and bureaucratic problem here.
Well, I've decided to
make it easier for you.
As you can see, we have
a very sick man here.
So I've decided
to send him down.
You're a very,
very lucky man.
I'd say that clarifies
the situation.
Very clear.
Trevanian, life is simple.
You live...
Or you die.
-I don't believe it.
Trevanian. Trevanian,
can you hear me?
TREVANIAN: Dickson, what the
hell? We thought you were dead.
Didn't anybody
count the bodies?
Listen here, Dickson.
My name is Dasilva.
You got the wrong guy.
-That's impossible.
-Check it out.
My name is Michael Dasilva.
I'm not your goddamn archi...
your goddamn architect.
Get a hold of that spaced
out dipshit at the prison.
I want to know what
he's given us here.
-You listen here...
I don't give a shit
what your name is!
-What the hell are you trying
to pull here? -(INAUDIBLE)
Come on, Trevanian. I mean, I'm
in the deep freeze for years, okay?
You wake me up,
you offer me a pardon.
What was I supposed to say? "Sorry,
mister, you got the wrong guy."
Well, he does have a point.
-Just get me the hell out of
here, okay? -TREVANIAN: How?
"How?" How the hell am I supposed
to know? You got me in this mess.
Now listen to me
carefully, Dickson.
There's no way that we can come
and get you out at this time.
I suggest that you hide out
somewhere until this is over.
You understand?
That's your best suggestion?
Boy, you guys really
got it together.
I'm telling you, Dasilva,
stay out of the way.
If the terrorists find you,
they'll think you're one of us.
You'll be endangering
the rest of the...
He's gone.
Check this out.
TREVANIAN: Yes, that's right.
I'll back you up.
TREVANIAN: No, that's right.
No. No, Margaret.
-BLACKWOOD: Ahem! -I don't
know when I'm coming home.
Except... Yes.
Look, I'll call you if I can.
Is this gonna make me more
unhappy than I already am?
BOTH: Yeah, pretty much.
"Michael Dasilva,
ex-pro football..."
I knew I'd seen this
son of a bitch before.
Yeah, he killed himself a redneck
in a bar and claimed self-defense.
And I guess
they didn't buy it.
A football player.
I put a goddamn
football player up there.
I could have picked
the ladies' room.
Oh, I'm filthy.
All right, come on out.
Don't touch the trigger!
It's a hair-trigger. Don't...
Don't worry. I know
how to handle a gun.
Goddamn it, lady!
You could have killed me.
SARAH: Scared you, didn't I?
ZANUCHI: Come on, let's go.
Yeah, you scared me.
You think he cares
about you?
He doesn't care about any of
you. You're all expendable.
Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
Let me talk to him.
I don't care if he is busy,
interrupt him.
Damn it!
KING: Stand up.
Up, bitch.
-Hey, where are you taking
her? -It's all right.
(NERVOUSLY) Hey, come on,
man, you can't be doing
this kinda shit...
I'll blow your head off.
Zanuchi! Zanuchi!
I was only kidding.
We got a survivor.
-Deal with it.
-We'll head him off.
Oh, come on.
I must've been a real shit in
another life to deserve this.
We got him. He is in the elevator
shaft. Ventilation system.
We've lost him.
Goddamn you.
He's not one of my men.
Now look, you've got
my word on that, okay?
-Tell them your name.
-Romulus, let her go.
-Tell them your name.
-(SHAKILY) Laura Jamieson.
-How long have you
worked here? -11 months.
Romulus, he's not
one of my men.
-Trevanian, you're repeating
yourself. -(LAURA SOBBING)
If I tell you
he's one of my men,
you're gonna go ahead
and do this anyway.
So for God's sake,
what difference does it make?
Let her go.
You know, I have to do this.
DASILVA: Hey, asshole,
can you hear me?
I'm not a Fed.
Okay, then who are you?
Just the wrong guy
in the wrong place.
You don't have to
kill the girl.
Look, it's me who you want.
Why don't you come and get me?
Look, what's the matter?
You scared of me?
I'm up here,
laughing at you, man.
Goddamn you, listen...
Trevanian, you've got
two hours left.
TREVANIAN: Hey, Dasilva,
can you hear me?
Goddamn it, Dasilva.
Are you listening to me?
Go fuck yourself, Trevanian.
TREVANIAN: I told you
to stay out of the way.
Now, because of you, we've got
another dead hostage on our hands.
Listen, you son of a bitch.
You think I'm enjoying this?
Look, I don't know what's
gotten into your head, pal.
But you sure as hell
ain't helping my job any.
You're outclassed, Trevanian.
Don't you understand that?
Why, you asshole!
What do you think this is?
The first and ten
at the Super Bowl?
Maybe you need
a manual to tell you
when you're getting
your ass kicked.
But I don't.
Forget about your
pardon, Dasilva.
Not only am I gonna stick
you back in the freezer,
but I'm gonna make sure you stay there
for the rest of your goddamn life.
Do you hear me?
Same old Trevanian.
I see your ulcer
is playing up again.
I want all excess personnel
removed from the lobby.
"Excess personnel"? What the
hell are you talking about?
This is no longer
a hostage situation.
This is now
a national security matter.
National security, my ass.
You think I'm gonna hand this over
to you and your stormtroopers here?
My Pentagon clearance gives me
authority over you at all times.
Isn't that correct,
Mr. Trevanian?
Isn't that correct?
Yeah, that's correct.
Then remove your men.
These two, they stay.
Whatever you say, Trevanian.
Whatever you say.
Is anybody down there?
Can you hear me?
Who the hell are you?
I'm Joseph Kinderman.
I'm with ATR. That's
Advanced Technical Research.
What's the matter? You lose
one of your lab rabbits?
I understand that you've been
giving Mr. Trevanian problems.
That won't happen anymore.
I'm in charge here now.
Ah, that's great, Doc. You've
really put my mind to rest now.
KINDERMAN: I run a department
called Shadowchaser.
Sometimes known as
the Romulus Project.
Is there any relation to the
fruitcake running around up here?
Your perspicacity amazes me.
Now the aim of the project was to
create a perfect synthetic warrior.
Intelligent, adaptable,
Unhindered by any
sense of morality.
And Romulus is that creation.
DASILVA: An android.
You gotta be kidding.
This psycho's an android?
Android, yes.
Psycho, no.
His mind is not disturbed.
Merely free of the usual social
and emotional inhibitions.
Well, that's terrific, Doc.
Because this guy's stairs
definitely do not reach the attic.
Romulus is a billion-dollar
killing machine, Mr. Dasilva.
You have
no chance against him.
I'd advise you
to keep out of his way...
...and mine, until this
situation is resolved.
Don't be stupid!
Come on! Shoot me. Shoot me!
Do I look like
a goddamned terrorist?
Well, I'm not.
Well, what are you? You a cop?
Not exactly.
-Special Forces good guy?
They've been fiddling with that
computer for the last 20 minutes.
They're working on a newfangled hot
idea to beat the android. (SCOFFING)
BLACKWOOD: Yeah, well, maybe they're
gonna challenge him to a game of chess.
Yeah, maybe.
Come on. We're leaving.
Oh... Wait a minute.
I have to change.
We don't have
any time for that!
Oh, no, I'm not going out there
looking like this. I'd look ridiculous.
DASILVA: You'd look a lot
worse in the morgue, lady.
Close the door.
Please close the door.
No, I haven't seen him.
Well, let's look this way.
SARAH: Ready.
What is that?
I got food poisoning at the French
Embassy. This is all I have to wear.
Lose the shoes.
Who the hell do you think your
pushing? What are you doing?
How do you expect me...
-Listen, lady!
Out there you may be
the President's daughter,
but in here, you're just
excess baggage.
Oh, you think I'm gonna
tie you down.
Tennis, swimming,
track, archery,
fencing, gymnastics,
horseback riding and riflery.
Now do you think you can
keep up with that?
Look, lady, I've had
a very shitty day.
And if you give me anymore
trouble, I am gonna leave you here.
Got it?
Yeah. Got it.
One thing...
Keep your paws to yourself.
No, thank you. I don't think that I'll
wear them, as you so politely suggested.
Smart girl.
Tell him I'm rescuing you.
He says he's rescuing me.
That crazy, gung ho
bastard's got the girl!
Look, Dasilva, there's
no place that you can go.
-Romulus, this is Kinderman.
-What the hell are you doing?
-Dasilva is with the girl.
-Are you crazy?
He's not acting on my orders, he's
working on his own. He has no...
Hey, asshole. You're
supposed to pull the pin out.
Jonah, level 38.
You pull a stunt
like that again,
I won't care what kinda clearance
you've got, I'll bust your ass!
Look, I have one chance, just
one chance of retrieving Romulus.
And I'm not gonna let you
or Dasilva stand in my way.
Retrieve Romulus?
You're slime.
You don't care about
the hostages.
You just want
your goddamn robot back, huh?
Yeah. That is correct.
Just tell me,
how are you gonna do that?
That information comes
on a need to know basis.
You do not need to know.
-It's only me.
-I can't climb in this.
Please! You have no respect.
-Push me up.
-DASILVA: Come on, get up!
All right,
all right, all right.
SARAH: (WHISPERS) Respect...
-DASILVA: What are you
mumbling? -Respect. It's gone.
Look, don't let it
go to your head, okay?
That 50,000,000? There's only one
guy who thinks you're worth that.
And he runs on batteries.
My white knight.
What are you doing?
Catching up on some sleep.
I've only had
a couple of years.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is not naptime.
Why don't we keep moving?
-Where to? -Oh, out of the
building, away from here.
All the exits are blocked.
You mean this is it? The light
at the end of the tunnel.
Look, you wanna go out there and
get yourself killed, terrific.
Me, I got a couple more
things I wanna do with my life.
Number four!
You were in the Saints play-off
game. That Saints play-off game!
-Right? Am I right?
-You were there?
You bet I was there.
Right! You were
the third strength quarterback
who ran over 100 yards
in the fourth quarter.
-That was so incredible.
Yes, that was a great run.
My God, I've never
seen that done before.
And you know, I think they should've
really started you in that game.
I mean, I knew
that you had an arm.
I had no idea you had
a pair of legs like that.
What wheels, you were smoking!
- Man, I knew the first quarterback...
But you really should've passed
to Andrews when you had the chance.
What are you talking about?
Andrews was covered by Rudge!
Yeah, yeah. Stoker, no, he was on
the 40, Hirsthill took him down.
-Are you kidding me? -You
had time to make that pass.
Give me a break! Valentine and
Cobley, they were up my ass.
What was I supposed to do?
Stand still?
Davies, he was smoking
up your ass.
Now if he'd made the touchdown,
you'd have been dead meat.
No way! I was miles ahead of
him. He never would've caught me.
That's only 'cause Hal took him
down before you made the TD.
Well, that's what you call
team-work, babe.
-Yeah. And your timing was
incredible. -(CHUCKLING)
You really, really did it.
God, what the hell
happened to you?
Special Forces good guy.
So, you're just gonna sit
around here on your ass, huh?
Tell you what.
I'll flap my arms and I'll
fly us out of here. Okay?
There are only two ways out.
The stairs and the elevators.
And they are all booby-trapped.
They're all booby-trapped.
Of course!
-They'd have to.
They'd have to what?
Come on. Come on.
Fox, this is Chicken Hawk.
Fox, this is Chicken Hawk.
Do you read?
This is Fox.
What's your status,
Chicken Hawk?
Sir, Blackwood.
What do ya got?
We're picking up a high
frequency radio transmission.
Put it on the speaker.
ROMULUS: On schedule.
Wait for my signal,
15 minutes before pickup.
Roger, Fox. Chicken Hawk out.
Chicken Hawk.
-That's an old helicopter
designation. -Yeah, yeah.
Well, it makes sense. A helicopter's
the only way they could get out of here.
Harris, keep us posted.
Come on.
-No, no. Nothing more.
Right, if Romulus is gonna
give his pilot an all-clear
15 minutes before
he's due to pick him up,
that chopper's got to be
parked within this radius.
There are only
a couple of possibilities.
The dump site and the old
factory on the east side.
The rest is residential.
All right, check it out.
We got exactly one hour
to pull something
out of the hat.
You think if we pull
this one off,
there's a nice,
big, fat bonus?
If we pull this off, we'll be lucky
to keep what's left of our nuts.
I hear you.
Come on,
let's get out of here!
Trevanian, where are
those men going?
That information comes on a need to
know basis and you don't need to know.
Excuse me, I don't mean to
ask a trivial question but...
Shh! I think I just
found a way out of here.
Oh, you've made a decision.
That's because I'm concerned
about your future.
Mr. President, I believe we have
one chance of overcoming Romulus.
But it will have to be done
face to face.
And the only possible
is during the exchange for
the money for the hostages.
Yes, Mr. President,
I'm quite aware of that.
But this will work.
I can absolutely guarantee it.
Thank you, Mr. President.
You won't regret
this decision.
The money's on its way.
Pardon me.
Can you tell me where
the men's room is, please?
Oh, so sorry, I thought
you were a man.
Come on, lady, let's not
go through this again.
Give me the gun.
Come and get it!
Back! Up! Up!
Oh! Hold back! Off!
Trevanian, I'm sending
the girl down now.
You bring her down, I'll buy you the
biggest goddamn beer you ever saw.
See ya.
You're crazy.
Let's go.
Hey, Dasilva,
what're you waiting for?
No more heroics.
You want your pardon, you
get the hell outta there now!
You get outta there now!
this is Kinderman.
It isn't every day you get the
chance to talk to your creator.
Should I be honored?
Romulus, you can't win.
Oh, can't I?
I know your limitations.
You can be brought down.
Blind optimism.
It is such an
endearing quality.
Why are you doing this?
You have no interest in money.
ROMULUS: I've learned
that money is freedom.
What was my future with you?
A toy soldier?
There's a lot of me
in you, Romulus.
I don't wish to
see you destroyed.
Oh, am I touched.
Are you concerned with your
billion dollar investment?
Then I'll have to bring
you down, Romulus.
Then who better to do it
than my creator?
Or I will have to destroy you.
But what if...
The creation destroys
the creator?
Now that would be
true freedom.
Okay, come on folks, there's
a better party downstairs.
Let's go! Do you think
you can handle this?
No, but I'll figure it out.
-All right, let's get
outta here. -Come on.
Come on, everybody. Come on.
Listen, I never got a chance
to thank you.
-Maybe we can talk about it
downstairs. -Let's get outta here.
I can see why they
had to freeze you.
Come on. Come on.
SARAH: Come on.
-Come on. -Come on. Come
on, let's go, let's go.
Come on! Move it, move it,
move it! Come on, let's go!
Oh, shit!
SARAH: Come on! Go! Go! Now!
Let's go.
-DASILVA: Watch it!
SARAH: Quit whining, will you?
(WHISPERING) Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, come on.
Going somewhere?
Why isn't he following us?
Hold on!
-Hold on!
-DASILVA: Hold on!
-I am!
Time's up.
And I hope for the girl's sake
that you have the money.
-KINDERMAN: It's here.
-I've sent down the elevator.
I'd like the President
to bring it up himself.
Are you absolutely crazy?
That's not the deal, Romulus.
That was never the deal.
Mr. President,
I'm sure you're watching this.
It isn't a difficult choice.
Either you bring
me the money...
Or you watch
your daughter die.
KINDERMAN: Now, this dart contains
a compound of acid and ZSV.
It's a micro-explosive.
I know what the hell it is.
Once injected into
the bio-stream,
the ZSV travels instantly to
the cortex, where it detonates.
A tiny explosion.
But a fatal one for Romulus.
A sort of android embolism.
-Dr. Kinderman.
-Mr. President.
I believe you've been working
on a surprise for Romulus.
Yes, sir, it's ready, sir.
Mr. President,
there's no guarantee
that this half-assed thing
is even gonna work.
Speaking in ignorance again,
Mr. Trevanian.
Gentlemen, at this late stage, I
do not believe it serves any purpose
in quibbling
amongst ourselves.
Is this your marksman?
Yes, sir. The very best, sir.
I hope so.
As I have discussed
with Agent Trevanian,
Romulus will not
be expecting me
so we can use
the element of surprise.
It will all be over
in a few seconds.
Good luck, Mr. President.
This may be the last chance I
have to talk to you, Romulus.
You said that if the creation
destroys the creator,
that would be true freedom.
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
I remember.
Well, now's your opportunity.
Are you going to take it?
You're a popular man,
Mr. President.
Your policies of
international appeasement
have earned you acclaim
the world over.
And while you have been busy
touting for votes,
our enemies
have been laughing at us.
Laughing at the new America,
the soft America.
Many of us do not share
your vision, Mr. President.
So that when
you step down from office,
you'll make way for
a stronger government.
One that wants to see
this country great again.
Step down from office?
You're insane.
I have no intention
of stepping down!
Kill the girl.
DASILVA: Trevanian.
Looks like you've been shafted
good and hard, pal.
Looks like we both have.
Fox to Chicken Hawk.
Come on in.
Go ahead, Fox.
You've got the green light,
Chicken Hawk.
Come and get us.
Roger, Fox. I'm on my way.
-Hold it right there! FBI!
-Don't move.
BOTH: Jesus!
Trevanian, the booby traps
have been reset.
And they're counting down.
In 15 minutes, this whole
place is gonna blow.
Yeah, Dasilva, I know, I know.
Pretty good scam
you just pulled, Kinderman.
You don't know when you're
finished, do you, Dasilva?
Sorry, but I gotta settle
something with this freak of yours.
Come on, asshole,
you can do better than that.
Leave him.
He's insignificant now.
Whatever you say.
DASILVA: Hey, sweetness,
my grandmother can shoot better
than that. And she's dead.
What's the matter, piss eyes?
You need a fresh jumpstart?
Okay, you're not
in the shape you used to be,
but this is one touchdown
you can't afford to miss.
Big mistake.
You've been a constant
source of amusement.
Well, try laughing
this off, shithead.
They'll hunt you down.
You'll never get away with it.
My dear child,
I have got away with it.
It's over. Let her go.
I got ya! I got ya!
Dasilva, hang on! Come on!
Hold on, hold on!
SARAH: Hold on!
Pull him up! Pull him up!
Hang on!
Come on! Pull him up!
Pull him up!
Come on, man.
Just a little bit more.
Come on!
WHITESIDE: Just a little bit
more, pull! Be strong, be strong!
Come on, now. Pull up!
For Christ's sakes, pull up!
Sarah! Sarah!
Sarah, are you all right?
Sarah, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.
Oh, Sarah.
Come on home.
I thought you said
he was dead.
He never had a monopoly
on android research.
You son of a bitch.
JACKSON: Yo, Dasilva!