Shaft (2019) Movie Script

You know it seems so hard
To find the real love
A love that is soft and warm
You know
There aren't many things in life
That I can hold on to
Because I've been let down so many times
But I found now
A real joy in knowing you
Youbrighten up my life
Ah, you're the key, girl
To my world
Let me tell you
There is no greater love
What you have shown me girl
Drives me wild...
Now, you ain't got
fucking shit to say.
Now you wanna be quiet.
Now, when I got you
in front of my motherfucking face,
and I'm asking you questions...
What the fuck are you looking at?
I'm right here!
This is the fucking problem.
You don't show me no fucking respect,
and you don't listen.
I say the same shit to you
over and over and over and over again,
like I'm a motherfuking tape recorder.
Not to mention the fact that my apartment
smells like a fucking cow barn,
because ofall your fucking
leather jackets.
And what is this, huh?
You're a grown ass man.
Open a fucking checking account.
Your name is Shaft, not Chase.
Nigga, I'm not gonna keep dealing
with thisshit.
Now, I done told you,I don't know
who the fuck or what the fuck
you think this is.And you know what?
You think this shit is fun for me?
You think I like hearing myself,
repeat myself, repeat myself?
Hello? Are you even listening to me?
Course, I am, baby.
Come here.
Wanna do me a favor?
Oh, fuck, no!
Fuck, no!
Who the fuck do you think I am?
You think I'mma put my sanctified lips
on that tainted community dick?
What the fuck?
- Okay, I'm gonna need a minute.
- Where are you going?
- Just stay here. I'll be right back.
- No! Don't go! Please don't go!
Oh, shit!
Weak shit, motherfucker.
Fucking Gordito.
Please don't!
Don't shoot! Please!
Girl, what's wrong with you?
You were saying something
about my bank account?
What the fuck was that?
What the fuck was that?
You said no one would hurt us here.
- Not in Harlem.
- It's not my fault, Maya.
No! John, this is different.
I can't... I can't. I can't. I'm not...
I gotta get him away
from all this.
- No! Maya.
- I gotta get him away from you!
Maya... don't do this.
Dial the seven digits
Call up Bridgette
Her man's a midget
Plus she got friends, yo, I can dig it
Here's a forty, swig it
You know it's frigid
I got 'em chillin in the cooler
Break out the ruler
Damn! That's the fattest stog'
I ever seen
The weather's heat in Cali
Gettin weeded makes it feel like Maui
Now we feel the good vibrations
So many females, so much inspiration
Yeah, this is how we chill
From 93 'til
This is how we chill from 93 'til
Yeah, this is how we chill
From 93 'til
This is how we chill from 93
Led by cutting over
255 million dollars...
OJ Simpson has been trying...
You 'bout to feel the chronicles
Of a bionical lyric
Lyrically splitting dismissing
I'm on a mission of just hitting
Now it's written and kitten hitting
Wit mittens
I'm missing wishing man listen
I glisten like sun and water
While fishing.
Bust the move and then swerve
Serve words with nerve embedded
I said it word
Damn, you nerd man, you heard
Coming from the town
Of Illy and alleys
Are full of Phillies and Rallys
Suckers get silly as sally
Then found in alleys,
I'm rowdy, really
So here we go now
Holla if ya hear me though
Come and feel me flow...
Like a fatter bad
Bladder boy ya pissing me off
Before you even started
So what? So long. See you.
Fly by my try
It's okay.
So here we go now
Holla if ya hear me though
Come and feel me flow
Don't spill my drink
Now, listen
Boy I'm also homie
Boy you know what it is
So y'all need to hide your kids,
hide your wife...
Got a pistol you don't want it
Boy you know what it is
I'm way flyer
My pay is way higher
I they ever mention sire
Boy you know what it is
I write that drama
You don't want no problems
I lup that Llama
Boy you know what it is
I get money all I got is big money
Boy you know what it is
The wait is over here we go again
I'm back in the play
I sell another couple mill
And put it back in the A
I take another couple mill
And put it back in the safe
Five cash for the crib
On the back of the lake
I'm a real niggahomie
Tell six figures only
No, thanks.
- Drive safe.
- Okay, let's go.
Oh, seriously?
Yeah, we back at it, yeah
We're back and watchin' you, bitch
IHOP in the 'Vrones,
She breakin' her neck
We back in this bitch
I need a new day
New chains, go look and let me naked
- Hey!
- Watch out, dipshit.
- Excuse me, sir, but it's a pedestrian...
- Yeah, yeah. Fucking millienials.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Got you.
Yo, where the hell have you been, man?
I just got back.
But we need to talk about someshit.
So you down to hang?
Oh, what, "hang" hang? Like in person?
Hell, yeah, I'm down.
What's going on over there?
It's an ambulance. I just...
I'm walkingto the hospital.
Hospital? You good?
- Do you mean, am I using?
- No.
No, that's not what I said.
I know you're looking out for me, man.
I appreciate that. Sorry.
I'm actually just going
for a routine check-upwith...
your favoritedoctor, in fact.
- Who? Sasha?
- Uh-huh.
Dang. Man, I bet she looks good in scrubs.
You know, I will tell her that
you've beenthinking about that.
No. No, no, no. Come on. Don't do that.
No, J, you know I wouldn't do you
like that. Come on, now.
And plus, you're like
a badass FBI agent.
She might actually give you a shot.
I'm not an "agent" agent, per say.
I'm a dataanalyst.
Data analyst?Please tell me
you don't tell anyone else that.
Are you kidding me? Of course, I do.
Cyber's running shit around here.
Hey, Shaft.
- Aye.
- Conference room. Now.
Um, it's John, sir.
Okay, I gotta go.
Yeah, run shit, huh?
All right, everybody, listen up.
As expected, the White House
wants to ramp up cybersurveillance
of potential terroristthreats.
Specifically, we are keeping an eye
on the Rashad Azzam Mosquein Harlem,
and its cleric, Farik Bahar,
who's drawnour attention with his
frequent trips to Afghanistan.
Now, we are going to need
a completedigital blackout.
- Is that clear?
- Yeah.
The last thing I need is that asshole
from Channel Eight news
spewing somebullshit story
about Islamophobia
running rampant through the Bureau.
So heads on a swivel.
Okay, who wants lead on this?
Anyone else?
Wait, seriously? I can do this.
No. You can't.
Put me in the game, coach. I...
Listen, rookie. This isn'tsome bullshit
exercise they give you at the Academy.
This is the real world.
There's a certain hierarchy here
you need to respect.
Gotta give respect to get it.
I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.
What did you just say?
How the hell did you hear that?
Listen, kid, I don't have time to deal
with the latesthotshot outta MI looking to flex his nuts.
I am dealing with daily terrorist threats,
the worst heroin epidemic
this city has ever seen,
and a seven yearold daughter
who wants meto call her "Frank".
You are a rookie.
Know your fucking role.
Pasternack, you run the show.
Meeting dismissed.
You want another?
Happy Hour's almost up.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Can't say no to a $16 wells.
Are you like...
an FBI agent or something?
Yeah, well...
Uh... I'm actually...
more of a data analyst
rather than an "agent" agent,
I'm kind of like a cybersecurity
Okay, she left.
Again, bro. If someone is asking
if you're an FBI agent,
just sayyou're an FBI agent, man.
- Hey, man.
- Good to see you.
Especially if she looks like that.
- Oh, I got you a little surprise.
- Sasha!
Oh, my God!
- Hey!
- What's up?
Oh, it's good to see you.
Oh, you know, when I heard
that you guyswere hanging out,
I had to invite myself.
Of course!
I mean, I can't even remember
the last time
the three of us were together.
What do you guys want to drink?
Let me...
- Thank you. Well, I'll have a club soda.
- Can I get a whiskey, please?
- I'm serious.
- What did you have to leave town for?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I had to send up some stuff
for, uh, my new business.
- New business?
- Wait.
He didn't tell you about
Brothers Watching Brothers?
Yeah, damn. Okay, so...
It's this rehabilitation program
that me and my Army buddiesstarted.
Basically the idea is to helpvets
who were coming back,
who are going through
the same shitthat I went through,
with addiction,
and so just sort of helping them out,
get them on their feet.
Oh, shit.
That's... Yo, that's what's up.
There's something else, too.
Something else?
Like what?
Sorry, guys. I actually... I gotta go.
- You gotta go?
- Yeah.
I gotta go. Some work stuff poppedup.
You just said you're gonna
tell us something.
Yeah. And I'll just... text you
about it later in the week. I just...
There's something I gotta do.
Yo! Karim.
You good?
What? Yeah. No, I'm fine.
Get back in there.
You said that you wanted to talk.
I figured we can talk right now.
No, man. No, that's...
I just want to say... uh, thank you.
Thank you for always being there for me,
for always...
you know, having my back.
- Go in there, go have fun.
- All right, I'm out.
Wish me luck.
Hey, Ma. What's up?
You okay?
I'm fine.
Ma. Hey, what's wrong?
They found Karim.
He's dead.
Ready. Fire!
Ready. Fire!
Center face.
I just can't believe
he was using again.
He wasn't. He was clean.
JJ, don't make
any excuses for him, okay?
The police found him.
I don't care how they found him.
The light was back in hiseyes.
You saw him.
You examined him, for Christ's sake.
Yeah. But my examination
doesn't negatewhat the police found.
To them, he's just
another dead junkie vet.
We need to find out
what really happenedto him.
Well, you're in the FBI, aren't you?
You see innocence, I see inner sin
Sick of asking,
We bout to start blasting
Sick of waiting
We bout to start taking
We occupy the spot
Hey, which of these is the...
The night is ours
Just fight the power
We gotta fight the powers that be
Just fight the power
Give me your wallet! That's right.
Then I'll sit here all day.
My spot.
Maybe I can come over today
or tomorrow? I don't really matter.
Hey. You lost, B?
No, I'm just... I'm chilling.
Yo, you a cop?
I'm a FBI agent.
That's funny. You funny, B.
But for real, where you work?
Like Apple Store, or a Panera?
Oh, wait. You're one of them dudes
who makethe fancy coffees
and shit, right?
A barista?
I knew it!You a bay-reesta!
Hey, yo, how you get the milk
to turn into that Cool Whip shit on top?
It takes years of practice,
all right, kid?
- Thanks for your help.
- Oh, crap.
That's that fool they found laid up,
tweaking off of Manny's shit.
Wait a minute. Who's Manny?
How you gonna ask me something like that?
You think I'm a snitch?
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
- Well, I am.
For a price.
How much cash you got on you?
Are you...
I don't know, actually.
Okay, I usually use Apple Pay.
Let's see... I... Um...
- My gosh.
- Manny runs this block.
Anyone copping dope around here,
gets itfrom him.
That's his spot right there.
- Now move, bozo.
- Oh!
Oh! Hey, excuse me, miss.
Ten dollars.
For what?
Ten dollars, I'll suck your dick.
But for five,
I'll let you lick my titties.
No, those are... those are
reasonable prices, but you know, I...
But what, motherfucker?
- What? You don't like titties?
- No, I love titties.
Titties are the best, right?
I just... You know, I had a big breakfast.
I didn't really anticipate
licking titties today.
- The fuck are you doing here, then?
- Well, I'm here looking for somebody.
Somebody say my name?
Yeah, Manny.
Name's Manuel.
Only my friends call me Manny.
And you and me...
We ain't friends, are we?
No. No, we're not.
Oh, we ain't friends?
No! Yeah...
Wait a minute. Hold on. See, I just...
You know, I came here to ask you
about somebody
who's a mutual friend.
So that's gotta count for something,
Here, let me just...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Come on, guys.
Where the hell did he come from?
Come on, now.I'm just
grabbing my cell phone.
See, I just... Hold on, I'm gonna...
show you something.
I'mma pull this picture up.
Shit, not that picture.
Hang on. Give me one second. This is...
This is dumb.
I just I hate this new update.
This shit is stupid.
Um... Here. Okay, okay.
Did he come in here, maybe last week,
looking to...
you know, make a purchase
from you, did he?
He didn't do that, no.
No, that doesn'tmake sense at all.
Look, I'mma... I'mma just get out of here,
you know. This is absolutely...
Look, I'm just happy that you're okay,
and that this didn't
turn into a shootout or something.
It's kinda hard for itto escalate
into a shootoutwhen you don't have a gun.
Like you ain't got a gun.
That's funny.
No. Like, I'm not a gun guy.
Not a gun guy?
JJ, you're in the FBI.
Even I have a gun.
And I live in the nice part of Brooklyn.
Do you know that most gunshot wounds
are self-inflicted?
Statistically speaking,
you're saferwithout one.
Not when you're in a drug house
investigating a murder.
Did you at least find anything?
Yeah, but it's nothing good.
All right.
So, I hacked into the medicalexaminer's
database and I pulledthe initial
toxicology report.
The cops might have been right.
Looks like he OD'd.
Wait a minute.
There's no way that Karim
could've done this to himself.
The concentration levels are too high.
He would've OD'd
before he evenfinished using.
Who would do this to him?
Where are you going?
I gotta get Manny to talk.
Karim's body was found outside his place.
He has to know something.
You are not going back there.
Not without the police.
Manny is not talking to the police.
So, if he won't talk to thepolice
and he won't talk to you,
then who is he gonna talk to?
Hi... Um...
I'm... I'm just...
I'm looking for...
- for...
- Shaft?
Is he here?
Right here, motherfucker.
Who's asking?
Oh, shit!
Um... I...
It's me. It's JJ.
JJ who?
JJ! John Shaft, Junior.
- Your son!
- My son?
Son? I thought you pulled out
on time,every time. Shit.
- Junior?
- Yeah.
Fuck you doing here?
Come on.
What the fuck are you wearing?
I thought "Irresistible" was
some kind of stripper name or some shit.
I looked at your driver's license,
that shit's for real.
I'll call you.
No, you won't.
I will.
Hell of a Pilates teacher.
Do you want a drink?
I'm good.
I can fix you a bubbly water
with awedge of lime,
if you like.
It's eleven o'clock in the morning.
Like you aren't shaming me
by suggesting that me drinking water
would actually be a bad thing.
And as for that wedge of lime,
it makes it an alkaline, so...
Oh, my God. Your mom
has really fucked you up.
No, she just raised me.
She didn't abandon me 25 years ago.
Whoa, whoa, pump your brakes now.
I did not abandon you.
It's a little more complicated than that.
Oh, okay.Well, I didn't realize
that it was complicated.
You know, in that case, all is forgiven.
You're standing here acting
like I ain't remember you.
Like I ain't send you shit
every birthday...
Like the condoms you sent me
when I was 10?
Remember that year I sent you
those VIP passesto Honeybuns
with the complimentary $500 stacks?
Ah! Your mama didn't give you that, huh?
She's scared you're gonna
run into your grandma up in there.
You know, she had
more stripper girlfriends
than an Arab got hoes in the harem.
Could you not talk about
my grandmotherlike that, please?
Whoa. Whoa, whoa.
So my blood
is collecting checks from theFBI?
That's right.
How's it feel, you working for the Man?
You mean having an actual job?
Like... paying taxes?
Not living off the grid
in an all-cash sublet? It's great.
you in the city now?
Oh, no, don't tell me.
Uh... down in Soho, exposed brick loft,
with a bi-curiousroommate,
with a little furry-ass dog.
Oh! A farmhouse sink.
You've been stalking my Facebook?
I look like I'm on Facebook, motherfucker?
You come in here
with your skinny-ass jeans,
your button-down plaid Gap shirt,
and what looks like some
badminton fucking Nikes.
Any nigga with two eyes and a dick
could read you a mile away.
Oh, your mom did one hell of a job
turning you into a bona fide white boy.
Oh, what? 'Cause I shop at the Gap
and I havea college degree
and I know my FICO score,
that means I'm not black?
- Well, it kind of does.
- You know what?
I'm not doing this withyou.
I didn't come here to argue
about myclothes,
or where I work,
or any of the father-son stuff
that you wanna talk about.
I'm here for business.
What kind ofbusiness
could your Don Lemon ass
have in my world?
I need your help.
I knew it!
I knew this day would come.
No matter how hard your mom
tried to kill that family shit in you,
those Shaft swimmers found their way
all the way up inthat pussy, didn't they?
Come on. How far along is she?
How much you need?
No, there's no she.
I need to hire you.
I need your help for a case.
You can't afford me.
You owe me.
Just consider it payback
for fatherfigure deprivation.
Nigga, what?
Please don't use the N-word.
What's the case?
- I think my best friend was murdered.
- You think?
It was ruled as an overdose,
but I have reason to believe...
Whoa. Stop right there.
I've heard all this before.
You've heard all of what before?
Friends and family of the junkies,
always looking for some other reason,
when a junkie is just a junkie.
Case closed.
You didn't know him. He was clean.
That overdose was bogus.
He had enough heroin in his system
to kill 10 people.
There's no way he could've
done something like that to himself.
I traced the supplier to this run-down
tenement in Harlem on 139th Street.
On 139th Street?
You sure?
Well, that's interesting.
Why is that interesting?
Who did that to you, son?
Don't act like you care about that.
No, no, no, no. You tell me
who put hands on you
like you're some little punk.
And you tell me right now.
All right, it's this... this henchman.
This guy named Manuel.
One of Manny's push-up-doing punks
did that to you?
That motherfucker must have lost
his goddamn mind.
Um... What are you doing?
We gotta go handle our business. Come on.
- Where are we going?
- Look, you either get in or getgone.
But if you get gone, you stay gone.
I ain't no joke,
I used to let the mic smoke
Now I slam it when I'm done
And make sure it's broke
When I'm gone no one gets on
Cause I won't let
Nobody press up and mess up
The scene I set
I like to stand in a crowd
And watch the people wonder damn
Damn, man. How old is this car?
Your clicker's not working. Come on!
What? You're just gonna march
right in there?
You said youwanted my help.
Yeah, help finding out
who killed my best friend,
not help getting my ass kicked again.
Well, this is the streets, son.
What do you expect me to do?
I don't know.
I thought maybe you had his cell.
You could send a tersely worded text.
Oh, no, no, no. See, I'm anti-gun.
There's a reason I'm an analyst
and not anagent.
- That some of your mama's shit?
- No, it's some of your shit,
that turned into my mama's shit,
that turned into myshit.
I think.
That's some more of your mama's shit.
You think too much.
You know what?
I think I'm gonna wait in the car.
That's what your mom would do.
Some of my mama's shit.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
What'd I tell you about that last time?
Shit! My arm!
The fuck you doing?
My man.
I'm supposed to be meeting
my real estate agent here.
But you know,
the virtual tour she sent me,
I could have sworn this place
had a lot more light.
What? Look, man,
I don't know what the fuck you...
Oh, my God! I thought you
was really gonna shoot him.
- Get their guns.
- Okay. Yeah.
I got it. I'mma be taking these.
Now, which one of these motherfuckers
lay his hands on you?
- Um... That one.
- Him? Oh.
- Oh, shit, no. I pointed at the other one!
- Yeah, I know,
but since you're gonna be
whooping his ass, I wanted to make sure
he didn't jump in.
You are gonna whoop his ass, right?
Oh, no!
Where's Manny?
How's he supposed to answer you?
You're crushing his nuts.
No. When I get leverage on the wall
and lean like this,I'm crushing
His nuts. Where's Manny?
Yo, what the fuck is going...
Qu pasa, shitbag?
What do you want?
What do I want?
Wow, it's so long
since somebody asked me that.
Well, now that you asked,
I want cheap,
over-the-counter erectile cream.
Uh... I want Jodeci and Al Green
to drop aChristmas album.
I want 24 hours uninterrupted
with HalleBerry,
hence the erectile cream.
But what I reallywant to know,
is why you...
didn't afford my son...
the respect associated
with the Shaft
family name.
That's your son?
Pride and joy.
He's running?
- Yeah.
- Shoot him.
- Where are the guns you picked up?
- Oh... Um... I threw those out the window.
You don't throw guns out an open window!
- Kids live up here!
- Oh!
- Move!
- Hey!
Son of a...
Gentrification's a bitch, ain't it?
Here, cover.
- Uh...
- Take the gun!
What the fuck!
Oh! Damn!
Yo, your pinkie just got fucked up.
Show him the goddamn picture,will you?
Oh... Ah...
So, my friend's body
was found outside your building lastweek.
So, what?
Was he buying drugs from you?
- Can't hear you!
- No, no, no, look, look, look.
I don't knowwhat he was doing there.
He used to cop from me,
but I ain't seen him in a while,
ever since he was fucking
with that
Brothers Watching Brothers bullshit.
Brothers Watching Brothers?
Damn, son. Sounds like your boy
might've been on the down low.
Anything you wanna tell me?
- No.
- You sure?
'Cause that damn sure would explain
a whole lot of shit.
Yes, I'm sure.
So you like pussy?
Yes, I like... I like pussy. Yeah.
The way you say "pussy,"
it don't sound like you like it.
Describe what a pussy look like.
It's got this little...
No, you know what... Fuck. Listen, man.
Brothers Watching Brothers
is a rehab center for Army vets.
- For real?
- Yes!
- For real?
- For real?
- That all?
- Look, that's all I know. All right?
All right, then.
For real, though?
Them motherfuckers need a new name.
See, Manny, that wasn't hard, was it?
You broke my whole fucking hand!
I broke two fucking fingers!
Is me breaking your whole fucking hand.
I hate it when motherfuckers exaggerate.
Oh, and you fucked up my coat.
That's gonna be $100to get it cleaned.
- Hundred dollars.
- Oh...
- Wow.
- All right, then.
- That's...
- We're good.
- Get in the fucking car.
- Holy...
Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, hon,
I got the old pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
But I can fe-fi or fo,
Diddly-bum, here I come
So Peter Piper,
I'm hyper than Pinocchio's nose
'Cause I'm
The supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro
I gave my oopsy, daisy,
Now you've got the crazy
I'm crazy with the books,
Googley-goo where's the gravy
Aggravated assault,
illegal use of a firearm, torture?
You didn't just break laws,
you committed human rights violations.
I work for the FBI.
I can't be aiding and abetting
the city'shighest-profile sociopath
as he just tears through Harlem
one drug dealer at a time.
Look, you asked for my help,
I gave you my help.
You don't like the way
the sausage is made,
close your eyes when you're eating it.
The fuck kind of metaphor is that?
I think what you're trying to say
is "thank you".
Right. Thanks.
Could you drop me off, please?
I think coming to you was a mistake.
- I'll take it from here.
- Take what from here?
I'm going to Brothers Watching Brothers.
See what I can find out.
Fuck that! We are going
to Brothers Watching Brothers.
- We?
- Yeah, we.
If you're gonna pursue this investigation,
I'mma have to babysit your ass.
You're the worst father ever.
No, that would be mine.
But I can't have your ass out here
in these streets,
besmirching our family name.
Snap a neck for some live EFX
For some live EFX
Welcome to Brothers Watching Brothers.
How can I help you?
Stop. Yes. Hi.
- We were actually just hoping to talk...
- Yo!
Could whoever's in charge
of this motherfucker come up front?
Why do you... Really?
Can I help y'all?
Sorry about that. I'm JJ.
- This is...
- Shaft. John Shaft.
Ignore him.
He thinks he's the black James Bond.
If that motherfucker was real,
he'd think he was me.
Please... Stop.
I'm Major Gary Cutworth. We liketo keep
it a little casualaround here.
Around here just call me Cutty.
What can I do for you fellas?
I was hoping to talk to you
about a friend of mine, Karim?
I remember seeing you at the funeral.
Everything okay up here?
Yeah. Gentlemen...
meet Sergeant Keith Williams,
Staff SergeantEddie Dominguez.
These fellas are friends of Karim's.
They want to talk.
Why don't y'all come back?
- We'll have some coffee.
- Yeah, decaf for me.
- What's that?
- I'd love a decaf.
We opened this facility two years ago,
and we conduct therapy,
both physical andmental,
not to mention a majority of our staff
that work here are retired vets.
We help them feel more comfortable
transitioning from service
to the workforce.
Last year, we started bringing
back donated vehicles damaged
from overseas missions,
and we refurbish them here,
sell them, help make profits
for our rehab operations.
It's crazy for us to go through those
three tours together
and to just lose Karim like that.
Yeah, it's tough. It's real tough.
Hell, why didn't he just come to us?
Maybe he was scared to.
Scared? You ever been to war?
Frontlines, Harlem, '80's.
That work for you?
What Dom's trying to say is that
the war really took its toll
on alot of men.
The drinking, drugs, and...
Karim was just... He was worst of all.
He just couldn't cope.
Yeah, and with the lack of funding
and the red tape,
the VA couldn't even begin
to start helping.
That's why we started this place.
Brothers Watching Brothers.
Built for soldiers, by soldiers.
See, now that's a better name.
And no surprise,
this place was Karim's idea.
That's why it was so strange
when he started pulling away.
- Pull out? What?
- Away. He said, "pulling away."
Yeah, ever since he... found religion,
he basically stopped comingaround.
Karim? Religious?
He was never that guy.
Well, he started going to a mosque uptown
after he met his girl, Anam.
The Rashad Mosque.
Yeah, I think that's right.
Once they got together,
that's where he spent all his time.
That's probably where
he fell back intousing.
Shit, man. You know what? I don't think
I wanna talk about this anymore.
Hey, no, look. I'm sorry.
What exactly are y'all looking to find?
- Uh, we were just trying to get some...
- Closure.
Just trying to get some closure here,
that's all.
Yeah. Thanks, fellas.
Yeah. Of course.
- Appreciate it.
- Of course.
Thanks for your help, guys.
I appreciate it.
The hell is the matter with you?
Something ain't right
about that Dominguezmotherfucker
not making eye contact and shit.
Maybe 'cause he's upset
he just lost his friend.
I'm more concerned
about that Anam girlin the mosque.
You know, the FBI monitors thatplace
- for terrorist activity.
- So you think your boy
- might've been aterrorist?
- What? Of course not! No.
Sounds like you're saying
your friend was a terrorist.
That's pretty fucked up, if you ask me.
Are you insane?
Karim was my best friend. I'm just saying
that therehas to be areason
he didn't tell me
about that part of his life.
Yeah! 'Cause that motherfucker
was a fucking terrorist!
- Jesus.
- No, Allah.
Girl, what' up?
I want you body
Give it to me, now
Give it to me, now
So give me that body
Come on, man.White people
don't even listen to this shit.
Come on.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Now that is music.
Gonna take care of you
If you think I have
Got what you need
Show you right
Whoo-hoo! I think you might've
been conceivedto this song.
Thanks for that.
Man, where are you going?
My place is in the opposite direction.
I'm smarter than GPS, motherfucker.
I know that.
- We gotta make a pit stop.
- Oh!
No. Please, no. I'm exhausted.
Can you just take me home?
No can do.
You coming with.
If you think I am
Gonna take care of you
If you think I have
Got what you need
Show you right
No, I think I've seen enough
of Harlem's underbelly for today.
I think I'm
all good on this one.
You wanna solve your case, right?
Hey, what does this place have to do
with solving the case?
Just trust me, okay?
Trust you?
You know, I really don't think
you understandwhat that word means.
Oh, oh
You've got the best of my love
You've got to be fucking kidding me!
Trust you, really?
First drink's on me.
You said that we were
coming herefor the case.
We are. We're here to clear our heads,
blow off some steam.
That's the key to solving any case.
No, I'm not about to go clubbing with you.
And why the fuck not?
You're a 60 year old man,
and it's a Tuesday.
Rule number one.
Any woman that dressesup
to comes out on a Tuesday night,
is my kind of woman.
How you think I met your mom?
Okay, that's that's enough with therules.
You know what? I'm out of here.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
These are courtesy of those two ladies.
Who-ho! Rule number two.
Never turn down free drinks
from a beautiful lady.
Hey, Shaft! Looking good.
Yeah, when are you gonna let us
give you the two-for-one special? Mm?
Who's your friend?
Oh, ladies.
This is my son, Junior.
- Oh, my God, you have a son?
- Look, I always get y'all mixed up.
- Baby.
- And Sugar.
- Sugar!
- Come here.
Oh, okay. Come on, now.
Wait, those can't be your real names.
I bet there is nothing junior
about this Shaft.
Well, too bad you're not gonna
have the chance to find out,
'cause he was just about to leave.
What? No. Stay and have
a couple more drinks with us.
You know you want to.
- Maybe one... one more drink.
- Okay, it's lit!
Go! I said move.
Get away. Thank you.
- Andre, we got a new friend.
- Mm-hmm.
Three of our favorites, Buttery Nipples.
- Have you ever had a Buttery Nipple?
- Just put it in your mouth.
- Oh, um...
- Cheers!
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Okay, okay.
- Just put it in your mouth. In, in.
Yeah, then swallow it.
You've been out of that boy's life
20-some-odd years.
Now all of a sudden
you wanna play daddy?
- That's fucked up, you know that?
- Play daddy?
Don't bullshit me, Shaft. You hear me?
You think you could tear up half of Harlem
chasing down Manny with your kid
and me not hearing about it?
Don't nothing happening in these streets
without me knowing.
Yeah, and that's why I'm here.
Junior's got a lead,and I think
it's gonna take me straight to Gordito.
Now, that rat motherfucker is about
to stick his head up out his hole,
and I'm gonna whack-a-mole
the shit out of him.
I need you to get some info
on this dudefor me.
Name, Eddie Dominguez. Army vet.
Think he's involved with Gordito,
works over at
Brothers Watching Brothers.
That's a terrible motherfucking name.
Yeah, they need to change that shit.
I'll see what I can do.
So, you're saying that
with an associate's degree,
I can then apply for night classes?
- And get my bachelor's?
- Absolutely, yes.
Dreaming and scheming is so sexy.
Oh, girl, let's dance!
Oh, this is my song.
Oh, God! Y'all so strong.
Of course, you know,
if Maya hear about this...
Maya don't know shit.
- And she ain't gonna know shit, all right?
- Okay.
Gordito's slimy ass has been
slipping throughmy fingers
since before this kid was born.
This shit is personal.
Now, if Junior is my ticket
to finally nailing his ass...
Well, that's motherfucking
street poetic justice.
You feel me?
Besides, I'm looking out for the boy.
I've put him in the Baby-Sugar sandwich.
You gonna be out here
with this shit on?
Yeah. That's some good
looking out right there.
What, you think you sexy?
- Oh, shit!
- ...not doing...
Bring me back
a drink or something, Shaft!
Yeah, you might wanna hurry.
- Get your hands off me!
- Oh, shit!
The fuck you doing over here with him?
Who fucking told you to come to the club?
What the fuck you got on?
Whoa, whoa, hold on there, partner.
You don't want none of this.
No, no, no, I got it. Trust me.
He's just upset
'cause he's wearing silk.
Get your hands off me, motherfucker!
I'll smack the shit out of you, man!
What you gonna do, man?
Bob and weave, nigga.
You motherfucking dancing?
- Shit!
- Shit!
Oh! Did you see that shit?
See? Like father, like son.
Oh, shit!
Oh, go to sleep, big fella.
Two! Three!
Oh! He down, man!
Ah, yeah!
Ah. It's good!
What the fuck was that?
It's capoeira.
Brazilian dance-fighting.
Ma had me take lessons
when I was a kid, so...
And when I get drunk,
it just comes out sometimes.
I was this far from being proud of you.
I can teach you, man.
Come, do this. All right.
- Hey!
- Sugar! Baby!
Where were...
What the fuck!
Rule number three.
Never throw up on the hot girl
that's feeling you.
Whoo! What the fuck!
I feel like I just
stepped into an apartment display
at Pier 1 Imports orsome shit.
Oh, no.
Is that a lemon tower?
You know what that says to me?
"I hate pussy."
No, it makes a house a home.
No, it makes a homo house.
Not cool. You cannot use
the H-word anymore.
Oh, really? So what are you then?
You're a metrosexual?
A heteronormative? Cisgender?
Fluid? Stop me when I tick your box.
I don't feel good.
Want ginger ale?
I need some medicine.
It's on my desk.
All right.
You gotta puke, puke in that.
Sasha texted.
Ah! Late night booty call.
Maybe I underestimated you.
No, we're just friends.
Survey says: I didn't.
Oh! I fucked up.
I told her we we're going to the mosque.
Now she wants to come.
It could be dangerous.
What if something goes down?"
A lot of concern for somebody
whose ass you ain't tapping.
Look, me and Sasha...
Just no... There's no ass tapping.
Ah! But you wanna be
tapping that ass, though, don't you?
- Uh...
- Right?
We all got that one special girl.
Hey, could you grab me
a coconut water,please?
Yeah, coconut water, coming up.
I could use the electrolytes.
You still got this?
Now, you know this is
a real Super Bowl ring, right?
Got this from L.T.
Did him a serious favor back in the day.
I'm caught up
In these feelings that I got
Just went to see my pops
In the ATL like Rashad
Came back with a new new view
On how I see you
And how I see myself,
I'm not the same bitch, I grew
A few big checks, a few gold chains
Would really help a young nigga
Find peace inside his brain
I know that I'm gon' shine,
So I find peace beside the rain
I know I got a couple problems
on my father I could blame
But I'm not gon' play that game
Just leave me out the lineup
Jesus! My head is killing me.
Oh, don't be that
whiny hangover guy, son.
Nobody likes that guy, you know.
Just frown, grab your head, and say,
"Damn, I kicked it too hard last night.
I am fucked up."
That's the guy everybody
wants to hang with.
- Oh, shit. Sasha.
- Thought you said she wasn't coming.
She wasn't. But, you know,
she's not exactly the type
to take no for an answer.
Well, well, well.
You must be Sasha.
Yeah, literally just told him that.
Uh... Yeah, I am, and who are you?
This is the private detective
that I've been working with.
He's also kind of my dad.
John Shaft.
I'm sorry, I just...
I wouldn't know what you look like
because, you know,
you haven't shown up
for the last 25 years.
Oh, beautiful and fiery.
What is he doing here, JJ?
He's helping.
I doubt it.
Now that we're all acquainted...
- I thought it was a good question.
- Yeah. I'm sure.
- Yeah...
- You okay?
I'm just...
I'm not feeling, um...
Ah, damn, I kicked it too hard last night.
I'm fucked up.
He took me out last night.
We blew off some steam.
You should have seen
this motherfucker inthe club.
He was tearing it up.
JJ, turning up on a Tuesday, huh?
On a goddamn Tuesday.
Can you believe that?
Boy's got more Shaft than I thought.
Yeah, well, let's hope thatthere's
a prescription for that. Shall we?
Prescribe something
for them tight-ass jeans
cutting off the blood to your brain.
This is not feeling
like a terroristtraining ground.
I still don't know.
Is that the girl from the funeral?
- That hasto be Anam.
- Yeah.
May I help you?
We'd like to talk to Anam.
We didn't get a chance to meet,
but we're childhood friends with Karim
and we'd really like
to ask yousome questions.
I met Karim not long afterhe returned
from the war.
We didn't start dating
until early lastyear.
That's when he got clean.
Everything was so perfect.
Did Karim have any enemies?
Somebody want to do him harm?
He had so much to live for.
He was building our new youth center.
Yeah, that's nice.
- Any way we can look inside?
- No!
You may not.
This is highly inappropriate.
- You cannot speak to my daughter.
- Please excuse my father.
You're father's Imam?
Sir... Please excuse us.
No. You must leave now.
are you a Muslim from a Muslim country...
or did you find Allah in some cell block?
What did you say to me?
Can we just calm down
for one second,please?
Zakat? Zakat?
Yes. Yes. Zakat. How about a...
a donation, as a sign of good faith?
Hey, you got change for a 10?
What is that? FBI?
You are FBI.
What? Where'd you get
that crazy idea from?
Do I look like I'm in the FBI?
Out! Out at once!
You know, I'm trying to give homeboy
the benefit of the doubt,
but that motherfucker is annoying.
I need to find out how muchzakat
it's gonna take to build one of those.
Oh, I'm thinking a shitload for sure.
Only problem is,my laptop's
registered to the Bureau.
I need to get to a computer
they can't trace.
I got a computer you can use,
in my office.
Where'd you get a computer?
I won it in a game show called
"Beat the Shit Outof a Piece-of-Shit
Drug Dealerand You Get to Keep his Shit."
So, I have a shift to catch
at the hospital.
- I'm gonna talk to you later, okay?
- Okay. I'll call you.
- Okay.
- Or, you know what, I can text you.
Because we've got text history
for days, so I can...
Yeah. Get the thumbs working on that.
Why the hell can't you young people
just talk to each other?
Fuck a text.
It's a phone. Call her.
Or better yet,why don't you just
take her to dinner,
and debrief her over the meal?
That actually sounds really nice.
It does.
Yeah. Yeah!
- I'll call you about dinner.
- Awesome.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
All right, thanks.
You got to stop being
so afraid of women, son.
You know, women...
want a man to be a man.
They don't want some pussy.
Well, some women want some pussy.
And some women want both.
That's my preference. But...
in general, women want a man to be manly.
I'm pretty sure women don't like
being told what it is that they like.
See, that's the shit I'm talking about.
Men used to be men.
Now, you millennial motherfuckers
are running around
worrying about what women think,
and how they feel,
and apologizing and shit.
It's embarrassing.
Apologizing is embarrassing?
Yes. Men don't apologize.
That's a trap they set for us.
Real men just own their shit.
No. Real men take responsibility
for whatthey do.
Real men are strong enough to admit
when they're wrong.
Real men are strong enough
to puttheir foot
in a motherfucker's ass
when they get pissed off.
What is that? The Shaft family motto?
It's an unwritten rule, Stephen A.
- Who that?
- It's Ma.
Do not tell her you're with me.
Look who's being a little bitch now.
You're about to be the victim
of the unwritten rule.
- Don't fuck around.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, Ma.
Hey, baby.
I'm just checking in.
Oh, you know what? I'm so, so happy
that you called.
Ma, you willnot believe
who I've been hanging out with.
Aww, Sasha. I love her.
I'm so glad you two have each other
to get through this.
- You tell her I say hi.
- I will.
Listen, I'd love to see you this weekend.
I'm coming into the citytonight
- for adate.
- With who?
Since when do you
care about me dating?
No, you're right. Sorry, Ma.
Forget I even said anything.
He's picking me up
from the hotel andtaking me
to this place called Trista's.
Well, that's good.
Well, just call me
when you get in town, all right?
- I love you. Talk to you later.
- I love you, too, baby.
- Bye.
- All right, bye.
How many motherfuckers
your mom beenwith since me?
Nine or ten maybe.
Oh! So nothing serious.
Wait a minute.
If you don't use acomputer,
how do you keep track
of all your case files?
I got a system.
You have unlimitedinformation
available to you in seconds,
the tools to store
and to organize all your files.
Graphics, music, HD porn,
and that's just...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, HD porn?
Can you hook that up to the TV?
Music, too.
All the mosque filesare encrypted.
Like... crazy encrypted.
Shouldn't they be?
Yeah, if they're up to
some real shady shit.
All right,I'm gonna
have to work some magic
if I'm gonna have any chance
of phishing the quantum network
and converging the endpoint
protection platforms to unlock this data.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you do what you do.
I'm in.
Wait, come look at this.
Five hundred thousand dollars
directly deposited
to the cleric's personal account
from El Supemercado Fantastico.
I've been in this neighborhood forever.
I ain't never heard of that one.
Well, apparently, this one just opened up.
A grocery store...
gave a half million dollars
to the cleric,directly.
Who that?
It's my boss.
Agent Vietti.
Why am I looking at
an empty desk?
I'm sorry.
You know that mosque?
I think I found some information.
The one I specifically told you
to stayaway from?
- Well, yeah. I know, but...
- You disobeyed a direct order.
You placed a highlyclassified
operation in jeopardy.
Effective immediately,
you're on administrative leave.
For how long?
Till I think you know your fucking role!
Administrative leave.
"Know my fucking role"?
I'm the best analyst they've got.
That's what you get
for working for the Man.
you gonna stay on the porch...
or you gonna come run
with the big dogs?
We're going grocery shopping.
I wasn't youngy
When I knew I was the fox
I was the fox
I started talking
'Cause I knew I was the fox
I was the fox hey, hey
I knew was the fox
I knew was the fox
Oh, my bad.
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck am I?
Puta cucaracha...
Oh! I'm sorry.
He doesn't knowhow to properly
speak to women.
We're just here...
looking for the owner, Bennie.
I'm Bennie.
And again...
who the fuck are you?
Oh, could you give us one moment, please?
Yo, what is wrong with you?
She picked up a bat.
So what're you gonna do?
You're gonna break her fingers, too?
You can't beat up a woman.
- Why not?
- Because she's a woman!
That's like... misogynistic.
You're the one being misogynistic.
I ain't mention no gender.
You the onebringing up
her being a woman and shit.
- I don't give a fuck about her gender.
- Okay.
I'm an equalopportunity ass-whooper.
Okay, just... Can I handle this?
Thank you.
Hi, Bennie.
We don't want any trouble. You know,
we just came to ask you
just acouple of questions.
- Oh!
- Damn!
I was just trying to talk.
Now, my son says I can't put hands on you
'cause you're a woman.
Now, since I can't whoop your ass,
I'm gonna have to beat the shit...
out of your shit.
What the fuck?
Oh, there's no non-violent people
in Harlem?
Oh, damn, she's strong.
I think she's ready to talk.
Oh, it's bleeding.
You know this guy?
Se parece a un come mierda...
English, please.
The boy speaks Mexican, notPuerto Rican.
What about a guy named Farik?
Oh, oh! So you do know Farik.
Well, let's talk about
that 500k you sent
Farik and his friends at the mosque.
Hey. You better find
a whole new answer or something,
because he's running out
of things to shoot.
The mosque is a staple of the community.
Supermercado is proud
to support all groups.
- Really?
- Really.
Hey, you remind me...
Have you and me...
ever done the... horizontal boogie?
No, papi.
I'd remember fucking a blackguy
dressed like Morpheus from Matrix.
Coo! That shit was ostrich!
I don't give a fuck.
What was that for?
I'm sick of these Laurence Fishburne
comparisons. It's just getting old.
You know what?
We're gonna leave you alone.
Hasta la vista... Bennie.
I meant to say that shit
like Schwarzenegger.
Oh, yeah. You gotta be deeper.
Hasta la vista.
I know I've seen
Bennie somewhere before.
I ain't sure she wasn't lying
about metapping that ass.
You've gotta be kidding me, man.
You're never gonna find anything
on her in this mess.
No way.
How'd you just do that?
I told you, I got a system.
This is my "Puerto Ricans
I don't trust" file.
You literally have
a racist-based catalog system?
Ain't that how the FBI does it?
Yeah, pretty much.
Got her!
Oh, shit. That's Bennie!
Who's this dude that she's with?
That is Pierro "Gordito" Carrera.
He's been the head of Las Caras boys,
you know, the baddest gang up in Harlem,
since like forever.
Those motherfukers
were the ones responsible for bringing
crack intothe hood in the '80's.
Now, they're the reason
45's talking about
"an opioid epidemic."
But what I can't figure out,
is what business
a motherfuckerlike this
has got with a mosque.
Maybe Supermercado Fantastico
is just a front
for the Las Caras' drug money.
You know, they could be using
the cleric's mission trips
over to Afghanistan to bring in heroin.
Karim probably found out about it,
and they killed him
because he was gonna
blow the whistle on the whole thing.
That's very, very possible.
Damn. I can't wait to push this
in Vietti's stupid face.
No, no, no, no.
We're gonna solve this shit ourselves.
Then, I tell you the Shaft way
to tell that dick head boss of yours
to kiss yourass.
- No, that's... that's what I meant.
- But first, we gotta put eyes on Bennie.
So we can get some proof.
So, I'mma go out, get some coffee,
a bunch of Papaya dogs, and we gonna do
an old-fashioned stakeout.
How about we don't do anything
that starts with "old-fashioned"?
planted a micro-cam on Bennie's desk.
So, you know, we can watch the footage
back tomorrow morning.
Take the night off, Big Dog.
I'mma go get dressed
for dinner with Sasha.
Hanging out with Mom after.
Why the fuck would you be
hanging out with your mom after,
when youshould be knee-deep in pussy?
I don't even know what direction the...
You know what?Nevermind. You're right.
I don't know where in the world
I would be withoutyour fatherly wisdom.
Better late than never.
Go tear that ass up, son.
Oh, you wanna use my car?
No, I don't have no driver's license.
Me, neither.
And, son, remember.
It's your duty... to please that booty.
Give her the Shaft, Big Boy.
This is crazy.
You're telling me that the cleric
and this gang are working together?
Yeah, it was hard for me
to believe that at first, too.
Even if any of this is true,
why would Karim
- have anything to do with it?
- I don't know,
but I'mma find out.
And when I do,
whoever killed him is gonna be sorry.
Starting to sound a lot like your dad.
Are you serious?
You motherfucking think I sound
like thatgoddamn motherfucker?
He's actually really funny, though.
And you should see the way the people
in Harlem react to him. He's like...
a legend.
Well, I mean, I'm happy your dad's funny,
but it doesn't make up for the fact
that he abandoned you when you were a baby
and wantednothing to do with you.
All right. Look.
He's obviously...
screwed up.
Borderline insane.
But, deepdown, I feel like
he's actually an okay dude.
Don't get me wrong.
There's no way that I'm just gonnaforget
that he abandoned me as a kid.
- Would you like me to take your coat?
- Oh, sure. Thank you.
Ooh, lookie here.
Will someone call Ripley's,
'cause this woman
is too beautiful to be believed.
Thank you so much.
Well, you know,
you don't look so bad yourself.
Well, you know, I do what I do.
Goddamn pants on. You L.T.
You're a Super Bowl hero.
Not ID, porno star.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
You know him?
Who is he exactly?
Just somebodywho destroys everything
he touchesand never seems to go away.
Oh, he's a contractor.
I'm sorry, I'm... I'm...
I just...
I just need to go to the bathroom.
I'm sorry?
That is what you said.
I'll be waiting.
Oh, lookie here!
Maya! Maya!
Ghetto rose.
Gracing Harlem with yourpresence.
Damn, girl. You're looking good.
How long has it been?
Mm... Never long enough.
I can see you're enjoying
yourself as usual.
Lady Syphilis.
Madam Chlamydia.
It's lovely to meet you both.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I am actually on a date.
That's where the guy pays for your dinner
before you have sex with him and...
not all three.
Try it.
- Good seeing you.
- Bad seeing you.
That's Junior's mama. She a little bitter.
Don't worry about her, though.
Come on, now.
How did this motherfucker
know where I was?
Is this motherfucker following me?
He's trying to...
He's trying to get me back.
Motherfucker, I don't want you back!
And I'm happy. I'm so happy.
I gonna be the happiest bitch.
The girls weren't even cute.
Did they look sad to you?
They looked sad to me.
I like a nigga with no swag.
I'm about the swagless
motherfucker with a check.
You think'cause youwalking
around here smelling good...
I'm not even mad.
And, and 'cause you got a big fucking...
I mean, honestly.
Fucking niggas.
What the fuck?
My man. VSOP, time three.
Make that one Chardonnay.
What are you doing?
I'm vetting homie here.
I heard you kicked 10 motherfuckers
to the curb. So this must be
- number 11.
- No, no.
That is not true.
It's five at most.
Still no luck replacing
that magic stick, huh?
Motherfucking magic stick...
You think I'm talking about...
Excuse me?
No offense, but this is a table for two.
- Yes, it is.
- Two people.
One, two.
It is, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Ron, let's go. I told you
he was an asshole.
Oh, come on, Maya.
You know that's not true.
I don't cause problems.
I solve them.
Well, solve this.
- Maya?
- What?
What the fuck?
Feel like old times, don't it?
Roll, baby, roll. Don't stop.
Get 'em, Shaft!
Whoop his ass!
Ron, calm the fuck down!
Stop screaming like a bitch, Ron!
Why is it every time I'm around
you it's a fucking gun fight?
So now you're trying to act likea little
gun fight don't still turn you on?
Why do you think
that shit turns me on?
Them hard ass nipples.
This is not a joke, John.
This is why JJ and I had to leave
your ass in the first place, remember?
Oh, shit. Junior.
Junior? What do you mean "Junior"?
Please tell me
that you did not get him
involved in your bullshit.
- Do you drive?
- No.
- Excuse me, Maya.I don't think...
- Did you drive?
Awesome. Come on.
Excuse me, but it's my car.
The date ain't over. Come on!
It is a lease.
Could you be a little more careful?
I don't know what the fuck is going on,
but if you don't get our son out of this
- shit that you got him into...
- Maya, I didn't get him into...
You're his father!He's your son!
And not that I expect you to understand
what that means, but there is
- one fucking rule. You keep him safe.
- I'm trying.
No, John Shaft.
You're failing. Again!
I still can't believe
that you're in the FBI.
You used to get your ass kicked
when we were kids.
What was that guy's name?
- Mike Mitchell.
- Yes.
He would steal your pudding cup
at lunch every day.
Until Karim dropped his ass
in front of the whole school.
- Remember that?
- Mm.
He had to give me a pudding cup
- every day after that.
- Mm-hm.
That sounds like him.
Happy birthday!
Move, move!
I thought you were joking when you said
you had agun.
- It's my First Amendment.
- No, that's freedom of speech.
Let me see this thing.
Get over here!
Somebody help!
The night we met I knew
I needed you so
And if I had the chance
I'd never let you go
So won't you say you love me
I'll make you so proud of me
We'll make 'em turn their heads
Every place we go
So won't you, please,
Be my, be my baby
Be my little baby,
My one and only baby
Say you'll be my darlin',
Be my, be my baby
Be my baby now,
My one and only baby
Be my, be my baby
Be my little baby
My one and only baby
I hate guns.
Sash! You okay?
What the fuck?
Where did you learn how to do that?
I said I wasn't a gun guy.
I didn't say I couldn't shoot.
Got your ass.
Oh, this can't be good.
Oh, my God.
- Ma?
- JJ!
Oh, I'm so glad you're okay.
So y'all all right?
Good job, son.
Yeah, regular chip off the same
fucked up block.
Don't do that anymore.
Ow. You're worse than the shooters.
Dad, check this out.
I got this off of one of the shooters,
and I tracedthe hit
straight back to Bennie.
- Boom!
- That's not all.
Look, this is thing full of messages
about a huge drop.
You can get all this from the carrier.
Nothing's ever really erased.
- Until you delete it.
- No. That's what I'm saying.
Like, you can't truly delete
anything ever.
Even like pictures you text?
- Yeah, they're still on the server.
- For real?
- Yeah.
- Oh, shit.
- No. No. No.
- No, it's okay. This is mine. JJ used it.
- Oh, it's pretty. I like the purple... Oh.
- And he's gonna buy me bullets.
Wait a minute. Look at this.
Another shipment from Afghanistan.
Say anything about Gordito being there?
Um... No.
But between thisand the bank statements,
that's more than enough
evidence to tie the Las Caras gang
to the cleric,right?
So what's next?
We go back up
to the Supermercado Fantastico
and bust some heads open?
You know, now...
just might be the right time
to turn the case over to the FBI.
Wait, what happened to solving
this shit ourselves?
You did!
Now you get to rubyour dickhead boss's
face in it, you dig?
I dig, I guess.
Are you sure about that?
Oh, yeah, I'm sure.
JJ... Are you okay?
So Maya and John Shaft
have ababy together.
You know, they say
that cat Shaft is a bad mother...
Shut the fuck up.
Disturbing and frightening footage
coming out of Harlem
where a team of FBI agentsraided
the Rashad Azzam Mosquethis afternoon.
No word on what exactly
they were lookingfor,
but the Bureau has acknowledged
that no evidence of foul play
or terrorist ties were discovered.
Leaving many left
to wonder, does the FBI
have a racist Islamophobic bias?
Fuck me.
You know, for him to justautomatically
assume we're Islamophobic,
- is actually racist for him.
- Shut up.
I can't believe I listened to you.
- What? What about all the evidence?
- You think you can fuck up this badly
and not leave here
with all your shit in the box?
We haven't even gotten
to your littlefirefight,
the illegal search of the bankrecords.
We're done here.
Leave your badge and yourID.
Clear out your shit.
Yo, who this?
Yeah, I got
that information you wanted
on the Dominguez kid.
Talk to me.
Clean, as far as I can tell.
Decorated soldier.
Nothing but love
from everybody in the neighborhood.
Only thing is...
His family.
- What about them?
- A cousin.
Runs with Las Caras' boys.
She washes the money, from what I hear.
This cousin got a name?
Sure do.
Bennie Rodriguez.
All right, my man.
You always come through for me.
Goddamn right.
So I guess now that you got
this lead on Gordito's ass,
you can finally stop
fucking around with Maya's kid?
- Yeah. Something like that.
- I'll holla.
And to think this whole time, I actually
thought that you wanted to help me.
- It's not like what you...
- You've beenusing me...
to solve your own case.
When I first came to you about Karim,
the first thing that crossed your mind
wasn't that it could lead to Gordito?
Yeah, that's exactly what I thought.
But now you got what you needed.
You can abandon me again and go ahead
and follow him now, right?
What am I supposed to do?
Hm? Dominguez is a trained soldier,
who's apparently not afraid to kill.
And Gordito is the most dangerous
motherfucker in the city.
I put you through enough, son.
I'm just trying to keep you safe.
So now for the first time in my life,
you wanna pretend to be my father?
I am your father.
No, you had a choicebetweenbeing
my father and being Shaft.
And you chose.
Ain't no love in the heart of the city
Ain't no love in the heart of town
Ain't no love, sure 'nuff is a pity,
Ain't no love 'cause you ain't around
Nigga, I'm not gonna
keep dealing with this shit.
Now, I done told you,
I don't know who the fuck
or what the fuck you think this is.
Ain't no love in the heart of the city
Ain't no love in the heart of town
Ain't no love
Oh, crap.
Ain't no love
I've gotta get him away
from all of this.
Maya, Maya.
I have to get him
away from you!
Ain't no love in the heart of the city
Ain't no love in the heart of town
Ain't no love in the heart of the city
Ain't no love in the heart of town
- Who is it?
- Maya.
- It's me, John.
- John?
How did you...
- Never mind. What do you want?
- You ain't gonna let me in?
I can hear you.
Come on, girl. Open the door.
Let me see your face.
Nigga, no. I ain't opening the door,
and you don't need to see my face.
- What do you want?
- Come on, give me a...
I came back because...
I wanted to tell you that...
I'm sorry.
Is this nigga high?
I never heard you say that before.
Yeah, I never said it before.
But I mean it.
Sorry for putting you
in harm's way lastnight.
And I'm sorry for putting
our son indanger.
John, you promised me
a long time ago.
Yousaid as longas
you were living this life,
that you would stay away from JJ.
We agreed.
Yeah, I know but he's my son, so...
He's my son too, Maya.
He came to me. He asked me for help.
Now that I've gotten to know him,
things just can't go back
to being theway they were.
He came to you?
I spent all these years trying
to keephim away from this mess.
But at the end of the day,
I guess he'sstill a Shaft.
If JJ's going to put himself in danger,
at least I know
you'll be there to protect him.
Yeah. I will.
Yeah, I know.
You gonna break a brother off?
You had fuck it up, didn't you?
Yeah, she's thinking about it.
We were wrong.
The cleric wasn't the supplier
for Las Caras.Dominguez was.
Bennie is Dominguez's cousin.
So Bennie is the one who put out
the hit on us at the restaurant.
Right. I mean, think about it.
It makes a perfect sense.
Dominguez goes overseas
with the other Brothers
to visit troops.
They bring the damaged vehicles
back tothe States, filled with drugs.
All right, I need to get closer.
Just wait here.
- What the hell? No.
- No. Trust me.
It's not that I don't think
that you cando it. It's just...
I need you.
Watch my back.
Just text me if Dominguez moves.
- Go! Come on, let's go.
- Oh, yeah.
This is all going to hell.
- I told you not to kill Karim.
- Relax.
What's your big plan now?
'Cause you always got one.
- Enough.
- What is it?
Seriously. 'Cause now they're
getting close, Bennie got popped,
and now they know it wasn't the cleric.
It's only a matter of time
before they end up here.
- You're being paranoid.
- Oh, now it's me.
We just need tocontinue as planned.
We'll get this stuff to Gordito.
No. Fuck that, man.
Smuggling drugs was supposed to be
temporary, okay?
This is all your fault.
You got us into it. Now, get us out.
No. That's some
simple bitch shit. Okay.
We ain't gonna be her.
It's funny 'cause you never seem to mind
after I cut you in.
Keith, this getting out of hand.
We need to turn ourselves in right now.
You know, you're really starting
to sound a lot like Karim.
And look where that gothim.
It's gonna break Bennie's heartwhen I
tell her that her cousin was asnitch.
What the hell's that supposed
to mean, Cutty?
It means...
I'm not gonna let loose ends
mess thisup.
That's what it means.
I mean did you think
that we should turn ourselves in?
Huh? Did you?
Fuck! My phone!
It's that Shaft kid.
He saw everything.
Get him!
Come on!
The phone. Now!
Not gonna ask again!
Don't give it to him, JJ!
Hey, stop.
Come on.
Put it on the ground.
Junior! Get in the car!
Oh, shit!
Let's go! Hurry!
I'm in. Go, go!
That motherfucker's got to die.
We need to go find Sasha.
Can't the FBI handle that?
You just don't think that I can do this.
Look, I know the only person
that you givea fuck about is Gordito.
But I can'tlose her.
And I can't lose you.
Do you wanna know why
I want Gordito so badly?
That motherfucker's the reasonour family
got tornapart in the first place.
Now, he came for me,
your mom was in the car.
So were you.
You were just a baby.
I can't let that shit go.
But you know what?
Fuck Gordito if it means
I lose my sonagain.
I didn't come here looking
for that motherfucker.
I came here looking for you.
I'm glad you came.
I'm actually a little impressed
that you found me.
I keep telling you I know way more
about this city than that GPS shit.
You know what? I think I can
track Sasha's phone.
I just gotta get to a computer.
I got you. Officer Thomas!
Let me holla at you.
What is it, Shaft?
You got something you wanna tell me
about this little shitstorm
that blewthrough here?
But my son needs to book a flight.
You mind if he uses your computer?
Book a flight.
So Cutty was running the drugs.
Gordito was selling them.
And Bennie waslaundering the money.
Excuse me...
I'm sorry. Do y'all
want some mints?
Charge your cell phone?
Y'all need some music...
No, thank you. We're good.
All right, if you need something,
you just let me know.
- I got it all right here for you, okay?
- Okay.
So, I figure
Dominguez was using Cutty as a pawn,
to get in the gang
with Bennie and Gordito.
Did you say "Gordito"?
Ain't that like a big burrito
or something?
Say what?
Shit is good.
When the other Brothers found out,
then Cutty tried to just cut him in,
but Karim wouldn't go for it.
Hey, speaking of the Kareems,
why come y'all think it is thatJabbar
don't get the credit he deserves?
He scored more points than Jordan,
- LeBron...
- Babycakes.
- Mm?
- In case you ain't noticed,
we're trying to work some shit out
back here, all right?
You just having a conversation
out loud, so I thought I could be in it.
My bad.
Now, that still don't explain the mosque.
Well, maybe when Karim
didn't take the money,
they tried to just make him happy
by having Bennie forward his amount
to the cleric.
Right. That way, the clericwouldn't know
the money was dirty.
Yeah, but I don't think
that Karimcould live
with knowing the truth,
and Cutty couldn't have any loose ends,
so their only option...
- Kill Karim.
- Kill Karim.
- Y'all want to kill Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?
- No!
But I'm about to kill you,
if you don't mind your damn business
and drive this fucking car.
If we gonna take on Las Caras,
we're gonnaneed a lot more firepower.
I know just the motherfucker
to hook us up.
Look here, sweetheart. I need to
change the address we're going to.
Oh, you talking to me now?
I don't actually need to know.
You just need to put it into the app.
Put it in the what?
Yeah, I'll take care of it.
How come I couldn't just tell her
where we're going?
No doorbell?
He don't believe in those.
- Just bang on the door on your left.
- Okay.
You know,
on second thought, fuck it.
This motherfucker never locks his door.
Yo, where you at?
But I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a drunk.
Alcoholic gotta go
to them goddamn meetings.
That's far enough, punks.
It's me.
Wait. Grandad?
No, it can't be.
Damn. You look like shit.
How could you look 20 years older
than my gray ass?
Yeah, it's good to see your ass, too.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're my grandson?
I haven't been able to see you
since your daddy
drove your light-skinned ass
way the hell upstate.
Only you could be
a worse father than Iwas.
- You were a wonderful father.
- Hm-hm.
After you stopped pretending
to be my uncle.
Wait, what?
Don't pay attention to him.
Come over here
and give your granddaddy some love.
Y'all hungry?
- Want some grits?
- Yeah.
Grits? What's that?
It's a long story.
- Look, I need to ask you a favor.
- What you need?
You still packing?
"Still packing".
Boy, back in the day, we didn't need guns.
All we needed
was our bare knuckles.
Oof. Old school.
But you can't be too prepared.
Oh, yeah.
What the hell?
Yo, what don't you have?
So, what's the gig?
Oh, drug kingpin, military scandal,
bad guys holding Junior'sgirlhostage.
You know, the usual.
Usual shit. Yeah.
You remember when your parents
used to help you with your homework?
You'd go to school the next day,
and it'd all be wrong. Remember that shit?
Thanks, Pops.I'm gonna get
this shit back to you.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.
You think I'm just gonna give youmy shit
and let you have all the funwithout me?
Hell, no. I'm coming with you.
You sure?
Damn right, I'm sure.
I'm bored as hell up in here.
All right.
Let's go get your girl.
Yeah. Let's get Gordito's ass.
I don't know, man. I do not like her
just sitting therewithout restraints on.
Where the fuck's she gonna go, Cutty?
You should take better care of our guest.
- Can I help you gentlemen?
- Yeah.
I was tellingmy boys here,
that even at my age...
I could take you.
Come on, Pop. Ain't you got
something better to do?
Sound like to me
he's calling you out, homes.
That is... unless you're scared.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Take your vitamins?
Are you trying or what?
Hey, where you going?
Still got it.
I bet if we were wrestling
for some Frenchfries,
he might have won.
Not regular fries.For some chili
cheese fries, he'dkick your ass.
Hey, we're in luck.
That penthouse is using
the exact same feed
for the lobby and the elevator.
I'mma just go ahead and create a loop,
and I can use my phone.
A loop. Is that where they don't see us
when we're on the elevator?
- Exactly. See, you're learning.
- That shit don't never work in the movies.
Is that motherfucker snoring?
What's up?
Hmm. Quality is perfect.
As always, it has been a pleasure
doing business with you.
Transfer the funds.
- So they can't see us?
- Oh, 100%.
The only thing that they're gonna see
is the feed I uploaded. We're invisible.
Boy's got skills.
Does that "uh-oh" mean
the movie shit is happening?
- Well, you know, without Wi-Fi, the...
- Do wehave Wi-Fi?
So they can see us.
I mean, there's still a chance
that this is working. Hang on. Let me...
Let me try something
Sir, you should see this.
Come at the elevator!
Watch the girl!
What the fuck?
Don't you fucking move!
What are you doing?
Oh, damn!
Get in here!
Oh, fuck!
Get in here, JJ! Come on!
These motherfuckers ain't playing.
It's been so many years.
No calls,
no letters.
I've missed you!
You hit my girl?
Oh, shit!
You're out as well.
- Yep.
- Mm-hm.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we go old school?
Not bad. Not bad.
Oh, so you wanna go there?
Let me get mine.
Eh, you pussy.
For my car, motherfucker.
Check this out.
- Damn. You back here having a knife fight?
- Oh, hell no. I shot him.
Say hi to Karim for me.
Like I said...
boy's got skills.
Still hate guns.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. You?
- Yeah.
Are you bleeding?
No, it's his blood.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Ooh! Shit.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Son of a bitch threw me into the table.
- The fuck you laughing at?
- I'm laughing 'cause you all thought
you're gonna do all this shit
by yourselves.
Let's not do that.
Okay, you can point your gun at me.
I'm the one you want.
Is that what you think?
That's what I know.
I'm the cop that broke up
your little ghetto crack cartel,
and sent your ass
swirling around the toilet for the last
20 years, like a piece of shit you are.
That was not because of you.
Yeah, it was.
Your assassination attempt
only succeeded in breaking up my family.
That hit wasn't about you.
I wanted to take away
the one thing youvalued
more than anything else.
Now you're truly
about to loseeverything.
How do you feel?
I feel fine.
- Oh, what do I do? What do I do?
- Keep some pressure on it!
Come on, stay with us, Dad!
Don't die on me, Dad, please!
Is that you, Death?
Oh, Pop. Hey.
Oh, shit.
Oh, don't be a pussy, son.
What's that you say? What?
You brought me some pussy?
I can't believe you actually
took a bulletfor me.
Oh, man. Shit was happening so fast.
It's like...
No, and I tripped.
It was an accident.
Oh, yeah?
Is that how you remember it?
You did bring me some pussy.
Can you not refer to my mother
as pussy,please?
Are you really gonna ruin this moment?
This motherfucker
had Junior dead to rights.
I promised you
I was gonna take careof him.
So I...
Now you gonna break me off?
Moment ruined.
How're we feeling, Mr. Shaft?
- Groovy.
- Great.
I'm good.
Sasha, can you please
prescribe this mansomething
for his inflated ego?
You did good.
I'm actually glad you were there.
I'll talk to you later.
Hey, Sash, hang on.
Uh, yeah.
- Oh, kiss her!
- Kiss her!
Go on then.
That's my boy.
Our boy. I pushed
the littlemotherfucker out.
After I shot him in.
You always claiming shit.
Can I get one of those?
No, I don't know where your lips been.
In other news,
the owner of a prominent
grocery store chain in Harlem
was arrested today. Benita Rodriguez
faces attempted murder charges
in connection with
a money launderingscheme
for anotorious drug cartel.
Hey, good job! Way to go!
Nice work, John!
There he is.
My favorite newly reinstated,
newly-promoted field agent
slash computeranalyst.
Welcome back, kid.
Yeah, I'm not coming back.
I'm done working for the Man.
And the name is Shaft.
John Shaft.
So, how'd it go?
- Just like you said it would.
- Told you.
So, what's next?
Got a call from a couple upstate.
Possible kidnapping, embezzlement.
Can't call the cops.
The usual.
Let's do our thing.
Who is the man yo, with the banjo,
With the pleasure?
Who they goin' call
When they come in the van, yo?
Too much Shaft comin' through that
Too much Shaft run through that
Who you gonna call, it's a shoot-out
Black man lookin' for a way out.
Who blessin' all these black suits
And all the fancy shoes?
Who is the man?
Too much Shaft
Who is the man
Too much Shaft
Who is the man
Too much Shaft
Who is the man
Generation after generation
Handle business without hesitatin
Say the word goin' change
But I'm still waitin', I done ran out
but I'm still patient
Who is the man yo, with the banjo,
With the pleasure?
Who they goin' call
When they come in the van, yo?
Too much Shaft comin' through that
Too much Shaft run through that
Who you gonna call, it's a shoot-out
Black man lookin' for a way out, man!
Who blessin' all these black suits
And all the fancy shoes?
Who is the man?
Too much Shaft
Who is the man?
Too much Shaft
Who is the man?
Too much Shaft
Who is the man?
Too much Shaft comin' through that
Too much Shaft run through that
Who you gonna call, it's a shoot-out
Black man lookin' for a way out, man!
Who blessin' all these black suits
And all the fancy shoes?
Generation after generation
Handle business without hesitatin
Say the word goin' change,
But I'm still waitin', I done ran out
But I'm still patient
Who is the man yo, with the banjo,
With the pleasure?
Who they goin' call
When they come in the van, yo?
Uh-uh, who you think you talking to?
Boy, you better shut your mouth
You got that certain style
Ah, you can move me with your smile
Let me tell you
Love me in a special way
No one else can compare
With all your love and care
You make me feel brand new
I'm not the same man as before
I am certain now
That I'll keep coming back for more
You're the one I adore
You're the one
I'm looking for your love sweet love
Why don't you love me, ahh love?
Love me
Ooh love me
Love me over and over and over
And over again
Ooh love, love me, love me, love me
Love me, love me, love me
Love me
Love me, love me
Love me over and over and over
And over again
Why don't you love me?
It's no mystery
Why don't you love me?
Love me
Your love holds the key
Love me
To bring out the best in me
Love me over and over
And over again
Why don't you love me
Love me, love me, love me?
Love me, love me, love me, love me
Love me, love me, love me, love me
Love me, love me, love me, love me
Love me over and over and over
And over again
Love me over and over and over
and over again