Shahid (2012) Movie Script

Come in.
What was so urgent?
Inder, get some water.
You could have come in the morning?
What does it mean?
I don't understand English well.
By showing me injustice..
..God taught me about justice.
By inflicting pain and suffering..
..He gave me the courage to fight.
He taught me to help the helpless
A criminal has no religion.
Eventually both the killer
and his victim are human.
Did I say too much?
Never forget this
(Voice on walkie-talkie)
Come in. Kill "those" bastards.
I haven't had any sleep.
Kill the bastards.
Mother, where's my shirt?
It's right there
I can't find it
look carefully, son
Press it like this
and take it out this way.
Done that.
Vvhe re you going?
Shahid, where are you going?
Shahid, where are you going son?
Coming mother
Where is Shahid?
Mother, open the door.
I think it's Shahid.
Please let me in.
Mother, it is Shahid.
Get out of the way.
Why did you go out?
Why did he go out?
Everything's been set ablaze.
They are killing women, children..
They will destroy everything.
Are you alright?
Okay. Be quiet.
Mother, Shahid is back
Shahid, what took you so long son?
We've been waiting
What about your exams?
Are you prepared, son?
Come on, freshen up.
- Let me talk to him.
He just returned from our
village let him freshen up first.
Let him rest for a while.
He has returned after a long time.
Shut up!
I haven't told them where you were.
Shahid, switch off the lights.
I can't sleep.
Just a minute.
Switch it off.
Did we ask you to stay
this long in the village?
Quiet. I have work in the morning.
Now study.
Shahid, what is this?
Switch off the light.
Shut up all of you.
Go to sleep. Stop creating a ruckus.
Shahid, switch off the light.
Just a little while longer.
- Shahid, do it now.
Go to sleep!
Driving me insane.
Just shut up and come with us.
- I've done nothing sir. Honestly
My son has done nothing, sir.
He has a job.
What do you need to know from him?
We just want to question him.
Get out of the way
Shahid, they are taking
your brother away.
Who the hell are you nov
Shahid, move aside.
You are Shahid?
Leave that guy.
Take this one in. He is our man.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
Get in the fucking car!
What are you staring at?
Come on let's go home.
Tell me now motherfucker.
Sit straight and stop crying.
3 terrorists.
You don't recognize them?
Did a cat get your tongue?
What about him?
Don't you recognize him?
I've done nothing, sir. I swear.
We found your phone number..
..In his fucking diary.
How does he have your number?
Why not ask him, sir.
I've done nothing.
Shall I go to his grave to ask him?
You fucking liar!
You thick skinned pig!
I'll piss on your face.
I swear I've done nothing sir
Sir, I am Arif.
Sit down, why are you standing?
Sir, actually I wanted a meeting
With whom? - With Shahid. My brother
Stand up.
Can't you hear me? Stand up.
He is no longer your brother.
He's now an enemy of the country.
Do you know what the
anti-terrorism act is?
Sir, I went to Arthur Road jail.
Fuck Arthur Road jail!
Where have you come from?
Where do you live?
Sir, Bombay.
It's almost 6.
Take the next train to Bombay.
Come back in another 6 months
6 months? I've been coming everyday..
.. For several weeks
without an answer.
Are you doing us
a favor by coming here?
We didn't tell your brother
to join the terrorists.
Sir, he is not a terrorist...
Don't show off by
speaking in English.
If I speak English
you'll choke on your balls.
Why are you swearing at me?
I'm trying to be respectful.
All I want is to meet my brother
Just get the fuck out of here
Get out now!
What do you mean get out?
Get the fuck out of here.
You have no right
to treat me like this.
I'll show you 'rights'
when I break your face.
Don't talk 'rights' with me.
Throw the fucker out!
Listen brother.
Sign here
Take my advice and
you will be let off lightly
Or you may be stuck here forever.
Sign here.
Believe me.
I'm not your enemy, brother.
This is your only chance. Sign it
How is Shahid?
He is fine, mother
Do they still trouble him?
Do they still torture him?
He is absolutely fine.
Tell me.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
What happened?
Can't you hold on to
your fast for even 30 days?
What kind of Muslims are you?
Eating like gluttons
when you should be fasting..
..And you call yourselves Muslim
Stop staring. Stuff your faces!
I'm Omar Sheikh
I know. I've heard about you
What's your name?
You are really quiet...
I'm sorry about the other day
I tend to lose it during the Ramzan.
Firstly, you're starving...
..and then you see your
brethren hog before you
What can they do? The jail doesn't
allow them to follow
the Ramzan routine
We are just minorities.
Do YOU play chess?
So then lets play.
When? Now?
- Then when?
Lets go. Come.
I'm getting out of here
But your term is much longer?
They will do anything
to get me out of here
Hijack a plane,
take people hostage, anything
For whom? You or Masood?
Come with me.
Look at me.
Look at me, Shahid.
What do you think?
Will you ever get out of this place?
Tell me, when?
- No idea.
Arif, stop visiting me
You are wasting your time
What do you mean?
It's pointless.
It's a waste of time.
I'm trying to get you out, Shahid
I grow weak every time I see you.
I won't survive this
if you come again.
Don't come back again
Take care
So the 'Jihadi' likes to read?
I am not aJihadi
What was that?
Come again, what did you say?
I am not a 'Jihadi'
So you aspire to be one?
What do you know about me?
Birds of the same feather,
flock together..
So, you don't want to be one?
What flock?
The ones you play football with.
They are my friends.
They are nobody's friends..
They are smart people.
They know when to say what.
First, they will give
you a political lecture.
Then they will use you.
They believe they're
far superior to you.
I'm aware of Omar's oratory skills
He speaks well.
So what if he speaks well?
Omar knows Kabul has
more than just horses.
It's simple.
Gather all the asses around
and you automatically
end up as their leader.
How are you such an expert?
Because I know the
story of one such ass.
Greetings, sir.
Bless you.
This is Dr. Saxena.
A professor at Punjab University
Now let me introduce him.
He's a great guy.
He is Gulam Nabi War
He is opening a civil
services institute in Kashmir
Especially for the poor
I am helping him with his project
War's father owned a carpet factory
But all businessmen had to pay
a protection tax to the terrorists
War refused to pay once
and they had him framed.
And now he's serving time.
He is quite a short-tempered man.
His father died two months ago.
How can they just throw
people in jail without reason?
How far have you studied, Shahid?
I was preparing for my
college's second year exam...
Shahid, you should study further
No, no..
I want to study
So what's stopping you?
The warden won't let me
I will talk to the warden
Now what's the problem?
Nothing, just..
I don't want to ask my family
I will pay your fees
Fine. Sacrifice your education
for your silly self-respect
No. It's not that.
I will return the money
That's what I am saying.
Return it when you can
Yes. I will - This isn't charity.
It's a loan
There is a condition
You have to stop meeting
Omar and his donkeys
But I don't know anyone here
Why? You don't know us?
I do...
Ok, meet them on Sunday
Over a game of chess, only!
Don't get brainwashed
You're too smart for them
Why don't you join the game?
No. Go ahead enjoy yourself
He is a bright kid
No matter which country's history
you are reading..
..There's one thing you
should understand clearly.
It is not only about wars,
conquests and battlefields.
It's much more than that
Dr. Saxena always says..
...That it's difficult
to swim against the tide
But if you manage to do it...
You may find a shore
that nobody has ever seen
Make the most of this time, my friend
Study hard
You won't even realize
how time will fly
J ust study
I maybe leaving this jail,
but I'm still with you
I'll see you again
Thank you
It is obvious that principles
of natural justice have been..
Violated in the State
vls Shahid Azmi case.
Shahid is hereby
honorably acquitted..
And the court apologizes
to Shahid and his family..
For the inconvenience caused.
It takes time, but it works
Stop here.
This is home now. How is it?
We are on the first floor
Mother, the door bell
Answer it
He is all grown up now.
Mother, the milkman is here
Chandu, can't make yoghurt
from the milk these days
How are you?
I'm okay.
Where do you roam around all day?
Where do you go?
Looking for jobs.
Job? He wants to do a job
Brother, I want to study law
I've filled the form.
Why are you getting
involved with the law again?
This is what I want to do
If you want to study, then study
You can't study and
work simultaneously
Do one thing at a time
Mother, I will manage
Mother, my first salary.
You keep it son.
You will need it.
I have enough.- No mother, keep it.
Do well, my son.
Bless you.
What's for dinner?
What do you want?
Will you make Biryani?
Is Arif home?
I've got a job
With lawyer Maqbool Menon
I would have to leave
the job that I'm doing..
..But they will pay less.
How much?
Rupees 1200 only
How will we manage?
No worries, I have a plan
I have a meeting with Mr. Menon
What time?
4 pm.
Please take a seat
Mr. Galaadari,
how long have you been working here?
7-8 years?
The judge will throw
this file on your face.
And all of you handle
civil cases, right?
Just like civil cases"
..that rot for years
in old dusty cupboards"
..your brains too have begun to rot.
Look at this pencil
Blunt and small like all of you
Nobody ever bothers to sharpen it!
Your English is pathetic
How can you be
practicing in High Court?
You guys deserve to
be in the Lower Courts
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Where can I meet Gaffar?
I have come from Menon's office
Where is Menon?
He's busy
Who are you?
I'm Shahid
He can't come. He has sent me instead
Do you know who you are talking to?
Yes, I know
You have stolen 20 cars from Bombay.
While stealing your last car,
you also assaulted the owner.
He has lost an eye
Now whatever you have to say, tell me
Can we sit and talk?
I will speak to Menon, you go
Abdul, remember his face.
Maryam? - Yes
I'm Shahid, from Menon's office
Tell me
You have a hearing next week
So you are here for the fees?
Sir asked me to...
I have seen enough lawyers
More than you can imagine
I could not arrange the fees
I can part with a percentage
after selling my property
Sir wanted the money
before the hearing
Please leave then
I said, leave..
I can talk to him if
you want...if you need..
I met him, he's lying
I know
First he needs to trust you...
..then you will begin to trust him
It takes time
I know sir, but...
Police is right. he is guilty
I know
Then why are we defending him?
Because he is a client
It's an open and shut case.
If we know he is guilty, then..
You want me to teach
you law again?
What do we do first?
We collect the facts..
We collect the facts..
..Then we manipulate
and present it the way we want
The more you waste
your time on these books..
Son, you will lose
all cases that you fight
And witnesses?
Witnesses are all hostile now
All in the palm of my hand
What is this?
Sir, please appoint
someone else for this case.
You came to my office
begging for work
"I want to fight criminal cases!"
"I want to fight criminal cases!"
Nobody cherry picks
cases in my office
Get out
What's happening at your end?
The world chases only money
I did not become a lawyer for money
I'm thinking of
starting my own practice
There is a little cost involved,
but not that much
I already have two loans to repay
Okay, I'll apply for another loan
Don't worry, start your practice.
When do you want to start?
I'll get the license tomorrow
Oh! So you applied already?
Hello, Maryam!
Maryam! This is Shahid, remember?
from Menon's office
Oh no, not for that
I have started my own practice
Have you hired another lawyer?
How do we manage the house expenses?
Please don't cry
I'm Maryam
Please wait
Don't worry,
case is in your favor
Please come
Sorry to keep you waiting
Tea or water?
Nothing, thank you
Go get some water
And get some tea as well
Property dispute case, right?
Please tell me a
little about your case
My step mother has challenged
my father's will in the court
My father had left
me a house in Mumbai
She is now claiming it
Your step mother?
Is this the file?
I don't have anything
else apart from this house
Don't worry
This is your house
and it will remain yours
And your fees?
It's ok. Not that important
You must tell me
Whatever you feel is right
There is a thing in
our lawyer's code of ethics
First we win the property
from your enemies..
..And then keep it for ourselves
Then you will have to hire another lawyer
to reclaim the property from us.
I've never heard of this before..
- It was a joke
Yes, mother.
I'm in office.
Yes, I am coming.
He is Zaheer's child.
He hasn't seen his father yet.
What's his name?
You're going to
meet your father soon.
Partition has caused loss to many.
Especially Muslims.
We're suffering in India
..Pakistan and in Bangladesh too.
Yes, we all are suffering
due to mistakes done by few.
What to do?
Well, remember I
told you about Zaheer.
The one who was accused
of Ghatkopar blasts? - Yes.
He's a software engineer.
He's completely innocent.
Did you meet his family?
Yes, I've done all
the research from my side.
He's completely innocent.
I'm sure that we will win this case.
God willing.
Your fees?
Don't worry about that.
Only for official needs.
Yes, that we will give.
I was asking because..
..Our finances come
through donations.
During the month of Ramzan..
..We visit people's homes.
And the donation given
to us by them are then used..
..To run the 'Jamaat',
so I hope you understand.
No, don't you worry about the fees.
Zaheer, tell me everything you know
Don't try to lie
or hide anything from me
If I find out later that you did...
I will drop your case
Tell me everything.
I have done nothing wrong
I just made a small mistake
I gave my laptop..
- I know that
It's been over 18 months
I'm beaten up everyday
Everyday I'm treated like a fleabag
No value for human rights here
You visited my house..
Do you think I am a terrorist?
Zaheer This laptop...
Whose laptop is this?
Tell us whose laptop it is..
Who is the owner?
It's mine
Your laptop?
Who did you give it to?
Reply quickly!
To my friend
So you didn't know what your
friend was using the laptop for?
No, I didn't know
You gave him your laptop..
But you didn't know what
he was doing with it?
Prosecution is trying
to lead my client..
..When he has said
that he does not know
How can he not know? He said
That he gave it to his friend
Your honor, the laptop
was being used to send letters..
..For a banned organization
This is all unsubstantiated
The laptop was with his friend
when they found the videos.
This does not have to be proved
Why not?
What was inside the laptop..
..Patronizing Jihad, Gujarat
riot videos, inciting messages
It was not my client's,
But of his friend who used it
It was his friend who used..
- If the prosecution.
..The laptop for all this
- saying the same thing
..then what is the case about?
Please, you are a senior
Do you want to ask something else?
Zaheer you gave the
laptop to your friend?
You gave the laptop
to your friend, Enamul?
His computer had crashed
and he needed it
You have a computer repair shop too
Why did you not repair
it instead of giving your laptop?
He needed a computer urgently
If he needed a computer
he could have gone to a cyber cafe
Laptop is not a cycle that can
be given to anyone who asks for it.
They are childhood friends
They are childhood friends
- How long have you known each other?
Since we were about 5 years old
Since they were 5 years old...
How can he not know? They have
known each other since they were 5!
If a childhood friend
asks for your camera..
..Pen or mobile won't
you give it to him?
I will, but I will know
what he might do with it
Mr. More, you are a senior lawyer,
please sit down
Your honour, you have
been asking me to stay quiet..
..Just because I'm a senior
A childhood friend
comes to my house..
..And asks if he can stay
in my house for two three days
Will I not let him stay in my house?
If he keeps a bomb in
my house how will I know?
If the bomb is found in your house..
..Then evidence
is against both of you
For a minor error of judgment my
client has been languishing in jail
You were just leading
the friendship issue.
Don't you know your
childhood friend inside out?
Wheres the need to get angry?
You are not making any sense..
Tell me one thing,
wouldn't you know your friend?
Especially if you had
known him since you were 5?
I understand..
I have childhood friends too..
Show me what's in it? - Nothing.
I can see a sandwich, give me some.
Police is investigating.
It takes time
For the last 1.5 years
they have been investigating
Please finish your investigation soon
My client is ready
to give an undertaking..
..That he will not leave the city
What good's an undertaking?
Witnesses can turn hostile
He can kill someone or get killed.
Don't worry the verdict
will be in our favour
I don't understand the verbiage
you use inside the court room
I don't know if it's
in our favor or not
A lot of people don't understand it
The judgment should be out soon
It will be in our favor
In a month?
Maximum of three months
Are you in a hurry?
Just wanted to sell the
property and go back to Delhi
Why? - I want to start
a school there and teach children
You can open a school here..
.. There are kids here
too who want to study
They also need good teachers
You want me to stay here?
It's not like that?
Are you married?
Because I'm your lawyer and
I should know everything about you
ls the judge going
to ask this question?
No, I'm asking
I'm not married
It's ok, don't answer
But are you married?
You ask too many questions
That's my profession
Who is this Maryam?
This is Ramanathan.
So, you started your
practice without telling me
It's not even started
By the way, who is this Maryam?
Just a client
Tell me.
Yes, speaking
Drop Zaheer's case immediately.
Who's this?
Your father!
Drop the case, you motherfucker.
..Or you will be sorry
that you were born.
Where are you calling from?
Doesn't matter where.
Next time I won't call you.
I'll kill you.
A gangster threatened me.
Over the phone
Don't know, they were saying..
..That you have to step
back from Maryam's case
My case? - Do you have
any relatives like that?
I don't know anybody like that
But somebody did threaten me
They want me to back
out from another case
What do I do?
What does your family say?
I haven't told them
Please tell me what to do?
I think you should not back down
I knew you were going to say that
Really? How?
Because, I think the same
New evidence submitted in the court..
..Has the confession statements
from Altaf Ahmed & lmran Qureshi.
The police charge sheet
states that Zaheer..
..Was involved with
them in the conspiracy.
Their statements
clearly states that..
..They just knew Zaheer and
he was not a part of the plan.
We are waiting for the
external affairs ministry..
..Until they confirm that
the mobile number is not Zaheer's..
..We can't corroborate
the other evidence in court..
How much time will it take?
Ministry of external affairs,
time frame is difficult to ascertain
This is between ministries
this might take a lot of time
He is a father who hasn't
seen his child since its birth
They don't have any
proof against my client.
They are deliberately delaying
the verdict, while my client suffers.
What we are doing is completely
legitimate, how can you say that?
We are following the procedure.
I am not saying that they
are not within their rights..
..When you arrest someone under
the act, at least have a timeframe..
..You can't keep an innocent
behind bars for 10 years like this.
Police is well within it's right..
After 15 years even if you
free someone, what's the point?
Sir, delaying justice
is denying justice
Hello, brother Aslam
I have an important favour to ask
You have a link in the UAE
external affairs ministry, right?
I have to get a fax
to the Indian Ministry
Please get this done
Somebody will bless you
for the rest of his life
Bail denied for the 9th time
When they have nothing
all they can do is delay things
How much time do you think?
A month, maybe more. I don't know
You can see that I am trying
You heard the judge telling
prosecution that day
"You are on slippery ground"
Our case is strong Zaheer
All they talk about
is the Gujarat riots video
What about history channel videos,
educational videos?
It's their case and they will show
what they want, the way they want.
What did I say earlier?
What did I say earlier?
It takes time but...
It will happen.
This is from the external
affairs ministry..
..And it's been confirmed
by Dubai Ministry.
And it states that,
the mobile number's..
..Registered user which the
prosecution keeps talking about..
.. As vital evidence belonged
to Khwaja Yunus and not my client.
I am not aware of this
This is primary evidence.
Prosecution has been waiting for this
We haven't had time to review it.
You were saying that the
mobile number had come from Dubai.
Here is your confirmation
Does not matter whether
it comes from Dubai,Kuwait or Iraq
It has just arrived and we need time.
Prosecutor, if you have to
directly say anything please do..
..Or I am moving ahead
The Dubai ministry has confirmed
that the number is not my client's.
It can be any ministry,
how does it matter?
every case has its own facets
It is relevant under
the Indian Evidence Act 1872..
And I will admit this evidence
How long will they
keep saying bail denied.
Someday they will
have to say 'not guilty'.
Have you tried the 'Biryani' here?
It's very good
Really? then I will have to try it
Do you want to try it?
- Now?
Not now - We can go for dinner today,
tomorrow, whenever you want
Tomorrow? - Yes
Not today?
No, I'm busy today
I know you are very busy
Now that I've won
the case because of you
I've got a lot to do!
Without you I would've been visiting
one lawyer's office to another.
Oh! One minute
It's just a small token.
I will pay you the rest
after selling my property.
I can't take this,
please take it back
But this is for you I
will take it when I need it
This is just a part payment
That's why I am not taking it!
I will take it when I need it
I'll call you back in a bit.
Maryam, I want to marry you
I want to marry you
I know it's not the right
place to propose but...
You do know that I am a divorcee
And that I have a child
Maryam, I want to marry you
What happened?
Your fees..
Kid, look after my bag.
What happened?
Why is everyone awake?
We were waiting for you
If I would have known
I would have informed you
Who is that girl?
Which girl?
You don't know?
Brother, we know everything
Who is she?
There is no one
The same girl with you on the beach
Khalid told us.
Speak up. Who is she?
Your success has gone to your head
Why do you go to her house?
Let me ask, who is she?
WhY do you go?
She is my wife
I told you that he is having a scene!
Stop talking like a ruffian
Why are we hearing this from others?
Why didn't you tell us?
Do we mean nothing to you?
I was about to tell you
But then I was scared..
..Then she wanted to leave so...
It's ok mother,
a bride will only help you
She is a nice girl
Are you happy?
If you keep glaring
at me what can I say?
Are you happy?
I want to meet her
So early? All ok? No work?
I won't care even if I have to die,
if I am allowed to be your love slave
Get ready, quick.
Wear this.
- Mother wants to meet you.
You told her?
Now go quickly get dressed
What's this?
You want me to wear it?
Have you ever seen
me wearing a burqa?
Just for today
Did you ask me?
- Just for today please
Am I not looking good?
You look beautiful
Did you tell them about Sameer?
I will
I just told them about you
After some time I'll
tell them about Sameer.
Give me some time.
But right now we don't have time.
Stop arguing with me
I am going to make you wear this
Tariq, Arif and the informer - Khalid
He smokes a lot
I quit a long time back
Weren't you smoking the other day?
Tariq, wasn't he with Rahul that day?
No, that wasn't me - Mother
Mother, this is Maryam
How are you?
I am good
Please sit
I have asked Khalid
to look for a bigger house
Not necessary
He will stay with me
I was also thinking about this...
It's up to you, son
I did not decide your marriage
How can I decide where you will live?
I'll get some tea
Arif, I have to get somewhere
It's ready - We will get late
If you have to leave then go ahead
Ok, mother, I'll leave.
I'll drop her on the way
Why did you have to say it today?
You were meeting
her for the first time
I don't want any
compromise with my son
What kind of compromise?
He won't get a decent
upbringing in that home..
..Neither will he be able
to concentrate on his studies.
Look at me!
Even I cannot live like this.
Even we grew up and
studied in that home.
We will take another house
But in the same colony
Will that do?
Let's go out for dinner today?
Yes, of course. Let's celebrate.
Let's do something
Will you come along?
I'll just finish my tea and come.
I have just filed a petition for it
We must get this lake cleaned up
This has to be done.
What happened?
Are you angry with me?
What happened?
What do I say?
Your life is settled
now that you are married
And as usual I'll
look after the family
Shahid, I'm really tired
You asked me to think about my life,
didn't you?
When should I think about myself?
It's not like that.
Then how is it? How?
Don't worry, it's not a problem..
And if you have any problems,
come to me
I will help you.
Your honor, prosecution
maintains that Zaheer Shaikh...
..should remain behind bars
Defense wants us to see his face,
the face of his new born
Yes, we should
But let's not forget the
faces of the blast victims..
..And their family members too..
This case is going on
under the State Terrorism Act..
..He is a prime suspect
and this is not a small matter
..this man should remain behind bars.
We should give our agencies
more time for investigation
Zaheer Shaikh can be
a very dangerous man.
Zaheer has been in
jail for the last 2.5 years
His bail plea has been
rejected over 10 times
The police have been unable..
..To get any substantial
evidence against him in this period.
Prosecution always mentions
about ongoing investigations"
..without proving anything
Zaheer has been labeled a terrorist.
Not only by them, but the world too..
..Without any concrete proof
He is Zaheer's father.
He lost his job of
30 years in a minute
Because, police arrested his
son for being a suspected terrorist
ls prosecution of the opinion that
Islam and liberalism can't be one?
Or is Zaheer punished
because his name is Zaheer?
Not Matthew, Donald, Suresh or More.
Is he still in jail
just because of his name?
If the investigation
drags along for 10 years..
..Will Zaheer languish
like this for 10 years?
After 10 years even if
he is acquitted what will he do?
Who will give him a job?
He will be known as a terrorist
for the rest of his life.
Prosecution says
he is a dangerous man.
Why is he dangerous?
What has he done?
Because he made a wrong choice
in giving his laptop to a friend?
Many innocents have lost
their lives in the blasts...
I sympathize with them completely
But then you can't penalize
an innocent man for that.
I request the court
to deliver its verdict today
Prosecution has no valid
reason to detain Zaheer any more
For the last 2.5 years Zaheer
has been in jail because of this act
The court admits that
the common man at times..
..Faces great hardship because of it
This act is very important"
..for the safety of this country
Prosecution has not provided the
court with any concrete evidence..
..Which proves that
Zaheer Shaikh is guilty
Therefore, this court in State Vs.
Zaheer Shaikh..
..Gives Zaheer Sheikh an
honorable discharge, not guilty
Journalists will be outside
just give simple answers
How do you feel?
I'm still dazed
Despite being innocent you were
in jail for so many months.
Your thoughts?
Do you want the
state to apologize to you?
Apology sounds good.
But here it won't work
When you haven't seen
your only child since he was born
What is the point of an apology?
Mr. Shahid, your comments?
Terrorism is a reality that
the whole world is facing right now
I am dead against it.
But then you can't put
an innocent man behind bars..
..Just because he has
no means to defend himself
I am not saying that, all those
arrested by the police are innocent
What about those...
..who lose precious years of
their lives imprisoned for no reason.
I am against that.
Are you going to
file a defamatory case?
Where were all of you till today?
I don't want to do anything
- No more questions please...thanks
He wanted to thank you.
Come inside. Please come inside.
Have some tea.
I already did
Have some more.
(Voice on News Channels)
The blast took place..
At the most important
landmark of Mumbai..
..Gateway of India
Sajid Sheik from Mumbai, Meera Rd.
The POTA court will
soon give it's verdict..
..For the accused
arrested under this act.
After the blasts at Gateway
of India and Zhaveri Bazaar..
..There've been other
terrorist attacks in Mumbai.
For example, the bomb blasts
in local train on 11th July, 2006.
(Voice on News Channels) The Verdict
will soon be announced before August.
Is Sameer asleep?
So sorry, got held up
(Voice on News Channels)
26/11 Attacks on Mumbai Landmarks"
Mumbai will not be the
same city it used to be.
There are more than
100 deaths reported.
That female American officer
She felt me up all night
While my hands were tied
She showed me pornography
And then..
..Touched her menstrual blood...
My God will never forgive me
They won't let me out of here
They won't let me out of here
Do you think you're Gandhi?
Jihaadi's Gandhi.
Who is this?
You fight for Jihaadis, asshole.
Obviously, only a terrorist
can empathize with another.
Bloody traitor.
You're very patriotic?
You want to kill me?
You'll die on the streets like a dog,
Go ahead kill me.
I won't become a traitor
because you say so
I know what you did in Kashmir.
I know it all.
I know what you did in jail too.
People should know too.
Do what you have to and so will I.
You can threaten
me as much as you like
You will die like a dog,
Kill me
Police has found some kind of a map..
..From the terrorist's dead body.
And they started hunting
for the accused in different jails..
..And caught Faheem Khan.
His only fault was
when he was arrested..
..He also had a map.
Why will Zaheer make
a map for the terrorist?
Why will he make such a mistake?
Especially when he is in jail?
They should at least think
before arresting someone.
It's an open and shut case.
It looks a little precarious.
You're confident and sure of it?
Of course I am.
Otherwise I wouldn't have asked you.
If we don't defend him
they will hang an innocent man.
And what about the phone
calls you were getting...
..did you find out who's behind them?
No, I don't know.
- Didn't the police help?
No, I've stopped thinking about it.
I'm really concerned
about your well being.
Take care of yourself.
I'm fine. I'll be okay.
Faheem Khan is accused of
providing maps to terrorists...
..for the target locations
of the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai
That attack had a devastating
impact on all of us
Not just public places, the
common man feels unsafe at home too
Our laws deem death penalty
as the most severe punishment
But my request to
the court today is that..
..Faheem and his ilk
are awarded a penalty..
..That is even more
severe than death..
..So that nobody ever dares
to commit such a heinous crime again.
These terror attacks have
claimed many innocent lives
Many people have lost
their near and dear ones
This is very tragic
All of us watched these disturbing
images on TV for over 3 days
These images will remain
forever etched in our conscience
The total death toll
in this attack is 164
164 innocent people lost their lives
And if what the prosecution wants..
..Without any corroborative evidence
If that happens...
Then this toll will rise to 165..
..And the 165th innocent
man will be Faheem Khan.
Why does it always happen
that anything of this magnitude..
..Attracts imprisonment
for an ordinary man.
And the case lingers on..
..While the real culprits might
be celebrating somewhere far away..
..Drinking in AC rooms
and planning future attacks
Why can't the Police ever reach them?
Why do they almost always
never end up standing here?
Why do we always see
a helpless man standing here
One who does not have
the ability to fight back
Prosecution does not have any evidence
to prove that Faheem is guilty
But we have strong
reasons to believe..
..That forget death penalty
or anything more severe
He should not be here at all
Please tell the court your name
Swapnil Mazgaonkar
What do you do?
I run a computer
institute in Jogeshwari
In Jogeshwari? - Yes.
Do you know this man?
Yes, he studied at my institute
What name do you know him by?
Sahil Pavaskar
When does a person need
to change his identity?
When he is depressed or is
running from his past - I object.
But in this case..
She is raking up his past.
This case is about 26!11.
Not about my client's past
Sir every case is
about someone's past.
Sir, defense is just
trying to obstruct me.
This point is baseless.
In 2007 Faheem Khan came to Mumbai..
..To survey terrorist
target locations
He first made a fake passport
Took admission in
a computer institute..
And then rented an
apartment in Lamington road
My client has been living in
the apartment for the last two years
If someone moves to Mumbai
he will have to live somewhere
Your honour,
all the rental documents"
..have been submitted to the court.
Prosecution was living on rent till
2 years ago. Is she also a terrorist?
Where I live is not the point!
What is your name?
Swapnil Mazgaonkar
And your institute is in Jogeshwari?
How many students
in your institute?
175? Exact?
So you must know all students well?
Yes - You must know
them by their names
- Excellent
Can you tell me the name
of the boy in the blue shirt?
What is the point of this silly game?
As someone who studied
in his institute
If he can recognize my client
Why can't he recognize other faces?
Tell me, what's his name?
Go on tell me if you know - This way,
it's difficult
You know his name? Yes or no?
Just simply say 'no' if you
don't know
Sir, he's forcing him..
Yes or no? No.
What is the minimum qualification
for your institute?
12th grade pass
You collect the
marksheet for students?
- They must be in your records?
Yes - So,
what did you say his name was again?
Sahil Pavaskar
Then you should.. You should
have it in your records, right?
Say it. Aloud
I do
- You do?
I do
Do you have written
exams in your institute?
Your students must
use paper for the exams
What's this got to
do with the use of paper?
The court's time is being wasted
All institutions use
paper for examinations
Maybe the prosecution isn't
aware that technology isn't aware
Examinations can be conducted
on the internet too.
Our country still
uses paper extensively.
The prosecution's entire
case is dependent on handwriting.
I suggest we have the handwriting
analyzed by forensic experts.
Because their entire case
is dependent on handwriting.
Mr. Mazgaonkar
- Yes, sir?
Do you have the important
documents the defense needs?
Deposit them in court
Were there any phone calls?
- No.
Come, Mitali
- My name is Parangama
Why do you only fight
cases for terrorists?
This is your question?
Isn't it true then?
No. Absolutely not
Then what is the truth?
Mitali, do you really
believe that the police...
Sir, my name is Parangama
Yes, Parangama
Do you honestly believe
that the police are always right?
In that case we wouldn't
need the judicial system?
The police would arrest
you and that's that.
I don't expect you to know the truth,
but at least the pursuit
has to be for the truth
..or are you also like the others,
who do not care for the common man.
But you are not a common man.
Why do you say that?
I even fight cases for the common man
The ones who can't
afford lawyer's fees
Those who don't have the
means to afford a fair trial.
I fight for them
Not the terrorists
Does that mean you do
it to stay in the limelight?
This is your second question?
This is actually my 4th question
Please have some tea
Sorry. This interview is over
Actually, these questions
were written by my senior
Then tell your senior
to try and find the truth
Tell her to go beyond the questions
and try to find some answers too
Why did you decide
to become a lawyer?
How are you my child?
I'm good.
Are you fine?
How is your mother?
She's good
She got second rank in her class.
Tell your father
I stood 2nd
Well done my child
Don't trouble your mother. Ok?
Be good okay.
Your father will be with you soon
Your father will be with you soon
Do you know Nooruddin?
They are calling him as a witness
We never got along in Dubai
Mr. Nooruddin,
how long have you known him?
He was with me in Dubai
What did you do in Dubai?
I was a driver. He was a mechanic
Did you ever feel that
he was connected with terrorists?
He met strange people, that I know
They would talk for hours
What does he mean by strange?
I am not being allowed
to question the witness
I want the witness
to define "strange"
He is obstructing my questioning
Strange means that they
were hard to understand
Their facial expressions were weird
Did you know them?
No. I did not even
understand the language
But they used to talk
strange and in Arabic
I only understood Hindi
When did you see him last?
In Nepal
Why had you gone there?
I had gone on a vacation
with my wife and children
Where did you see him first?
I was near my hotel
and he passed me by
He looked at me and ignored
me as if I was a stranger
He ignored you in Nepal, why?
I don't know, ask him.
Please tell her why you ignored me
What happened after that?
After three four days
he came to my hotel in panic
I ordered food. His phone rang
His phone kept ringing incessantly
He was carrying papers..
..Which slipped out of
his hand and fell on the floor
Did you see those papers?
- Yes, I did
What was in them?
Green, blue, white papers maps.
A lot of stuff - Maps, too?
- Like this?
Police claims, that you did see
him handing over maps to terrorists
Yes, I had seen him. He used
to move around with a bundle of maps
Where did you see him?
In Nepal
These are the same
maps used by terrorists" orchestrate the biggest
terror attack in Mumbai.
The map looked like this?
A little bigger
A little bigger?
Like this?
These maps are available on Google
Why would any organization
rely on a handmade map..
..When a more accurate
map is available on internet?
We don't know if a terrorist
organization can stage an attack..
..Of such a magnitude with
maps provided on internet or not..
..But it looks like
Mr. Shahid is an authority on this.
You have spent a lot of time with
terrorist organizations, haven't you?
I can sue her for this but I won't.
What are you implying?
Am I on trial?
Even in Jail you had links
with the terrorists inside..
Because this case is
about Faheem Khan. Not me!
You have spent a lot of time in jail
You also had links
with the terrorists inside
So, are you inferring that you have
to be a terrorist if you are in jail?
I didn't say that -
This way even King Shivaji..
..And Bhagat Singh
can be labeled terrorists
So, now you are comparing yourself..
..With King Shivaji and Bhagat Singh
No, I'm not comparing..
Prosecution, please sit down
Mr. Nooruddin, did you
go to Nepal on your own expense?
No, my friend Balwant
Thakur paid for the trip
So, your friend Balwant
Thakur paid for the trip - Yes
How did you go to Nepal?
Flight? Train? How?
We took a taxi to the station,
then a train.
And from the station
on a taxi to the hotel
What was the name of the train?
I don't know, I travel to
so many places that I don't remember
He does not know
the name of the train.
No problem.
Which month did you go there?
February, 14th February
- When did you return?
No problem, if you don't remember
What is the currency of Nepal?
Surely you shopped there?
My wife handles money
You did not spend any money?
Where did you stay?
- Hotel
How was it?
- Good
Food was good?
Did you get good service?
What was the name of the hotel?
The name of the hotel.
Nepal's currency. Name of train.
What is the point of asking all this?
Public prosecutor, please take a seat
Nooruddin does not know
which train he travelled in..
..When he returned,
what is the currency of Nepal..
..Or which hotel he stayed in.
But he definitely knows that..
..The papers he saw on
the hotel floor was a map..
..And that map was
for targets in Mumbai
You should pay heed
to your friends, Shahid
You can't just take off in the court?
What happened?
You don't care right?
Let me call your wife there
is no other way you will listen
Please don't
Why shouldn't I when
you say you don't care?
Are you crazy? she is already upset
Come here you son of a bitch..
You dare speak ill about our leaders?
Keep your hands off me
Keep my hands off?
You dare to speak about King Shivaji?
Are you alright?
I'm coming.
Who is it?
- Where is that Shahid?
He does not live here
I told you he does
not live here any more
Where does he stay?
I don't know. Don't have his address
Who are you?
I will tell him myself
Let me make a call
No calls...
I will call him myself
Go and do your work
Go on and do your work
Shahid does not live here any more
Then where does he live?
- Why are you going inside?
Please tell me your name. I will tell him
- By when will he come?
I don't know sometimes he comes,
sometimes he doesn't.
Please tell me your
name and I will tell him
Where is he staying nov
I don't have the address
I will come back
Let's go
They are asking me
to back off from the case
Someone came to the house yesterday,
looking for me.
No, I won't get Police protection.
I know for sure
ls the food ready?
Who came to your mother's house?
N obody
Why are you scared then?
I'm not scared
Do you think I'm a fool?
Who does not understand anything?
You look rattled
You are not even going to the office
What has happened?
Will you say something?
Threat calls again
You received calls
the day before too. Right?
Did you call the police?
I've asked Ram to draft a letter
But I know it will result in nothing
Don't worry though. Let's eat
I want you to drop the case
Drop this case
I can't! You know that
And why should I?
I don't know how or why
What should I decide?
I am telling you for the
last time you have to drop this case
I am not going to drop out. That's it
Now we are not going to talk about it
You'll get us killed Shahid.
Are you mad?
One second
Do you think I'm
not concerned about you
Will I get you killed?
What kind of bullshit is this?
This is our life. Not some joke
I'm not used to living
like this and I won't
I don't have any
patience left for this
What about the people
that I am fighting for?
Where will they go?
To police? Or where?
They depend on me
Yes, they have nobody..
..And we have the
whole world at our feet?
Your family means nothing to you
Sameer and I have
no place in your life?
You've lost your mind
You are overreacti ng
Listen to me...
Listen to me...
You said..
You said that I should not back down
Didn't you say that?
In the restaurant many years
ago do you remember you said that?
I did
- And now?
We were not married then
Don't try to play God
First you decide what do I do?
I'm sorry.
Let's eat
He's been sick for a week
Do you know?
Did you take him to the doctor?
Why didn't you?
Why did you not take
him to the doctor?
Let's go to the doctor
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Have you gone completely mad?
Put everything back inside
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I will sort everything out. I promise
What will you sort out?
You can sort out nothing
I love you
I did not give him medicines,
did not take him to the doctor
What were you doing?
I did not know. I am sorry
Don't touch me
Prosecution has provided the court
with two important pieces of evidence
These are the trousers
of the slain terrorist
Prosecution! Good morning
Can you tell the
color of these trousers?
Can you tell?
The original color of
the trouser is dark green
It's completely soaked in blood
This map which according
to the prosecution
..Faheem Khan had
given to the terrorists
The map remained in the
trousers for three days..
..Then how can this be
without any blood stains?
It's very simple
This map has been planted
Prosecution's case lacks any logic
Who is the reporter?
Which page?
One second.
Yes, got it.
I'll call you after reading it.
An article is published
in the newspaper, on me.
I mean, I was never
a terrorist or a radical.
Why do they write all
this bullshit about me?
Why can't they leave me alone?
They will force you like this,
to live in your past.
You have to start off
with a new beginning every day.
Move ahead and just
live for a bright future.
You sound so sensible
when you are far away.
I was quite sensible, even before.
You hate me, right?
I don't want to live
a complicated life, Shahid.
I'm coming to bring you back soon.
All I'm saying is that you
need to come at 8 and eat..
..And then get enough rest
Ask them to come in the morning
Ok! I'll be there. Wait
I'll be back in two
minutes - First eat
Get the bread ready.
I will be back by then
Come in
What was so urgent?
Inder, get some water
You could have come in the morning?
By showing me injustice,
God taught me about justice
By inflicting pain & suffering,
He gave me the courage to fight
He taught me to help the helpless
A criminal knows no religion
Eventually both the killer
and his victim are human
My summation is the
same as my friend..
..Late Advocate Shahid Azmi
Prosecution has provided
no credible evidence so far..
..Which can prove beyond
doubt that Faheem Khan is guilty
..most of the evidence presented..
..Reiterates Faheem Khan's innocence
When police arrests a
common man in a terrorism case
Whether he is guilty or not.
The world already
makes It's own judgment"
..for the rest of his
life he is maligned...
Once again our Judiciary has been
burdened with the responsibility.
..To correct a grave mistake
committed by police and society..
..And to save an innocent
man from getting wrongly persecuted
Justice is also due to the man..
..Who always defended
the defenseless..
..And lost his life,
fighting for the cause.