Shake Hands with the Devil (2007) Movie Script

United Nations, New York
November 1, 1993
United Nations Mission in Rwanda
(UNAMIR) Headquarters
Excuse me?
Do you know those young men?
The boys with the wigs.
They're lnterahamwe.
What's that?
We have to protect ourselves
from our enemies.
Happy to see you, Prime Minister.
Glad to see
you're not always working!
I'm a Hutu,
It's bad enough to be a woman.
If I were a Tutsi as well...
I wouldn't be prime minister.
I'm a Hutu but...
since I'm a so-called moderate,
the Hutu hardliners hate me.
Come to Mommy.
Only French.
- You speak French, right?
- Yes.
You're very courageous.
I'm just stubborn.
I love my country.
I hope you'll love it too.
I love its beauty.
Everybody loves beauty.
Loving a beautiful child...
That's easy.
What's harder
is to love a child
who's not so beautiful.
South of the D.M.Z.
(Demilitarized Zone)
North of the D.M.Z.
Rebel Army (RPF)
General Kagame's HQ
December 23, 1993 Government and
RPF negotiate at Kilometre 64
Major Kam enzi
RPF Chief Negotiator
Colonel Bagosora
Government Chief Negotiator
It's late, we're uncomfortable.
There'll be nothing to eat or drink
until we settle the last points.
Which are, first:
Which parties nominate ministers
for the interim government?
Second: accommodations in Kigali
for the RPF representatives
and for troops to protect them.
RPF (Rebel) troops arriving
at new HQ Kigali
Please, General.
Meet my wife.
A pleasure, madame.
What shall we toast?
We all want peace,
except Tutsis.
As I was explaining
to Colonel Marchal.
Tutsis don't want to share power.
They want everything!
Notjust Rwanda!
Uganda, Zaire...
You Belgians
won't hear the truth.
Because you're to blame.
Tell me, Col. Bagosora...
What is it, my dear General?
Does President Habyanmana
have an heir?
If something happened to him,
who'd be his successor?
Has he appointed anyone?
He doesn't like to think
about such things.
It's OK, I just want to talk.
I always carry a gun.
My name doesn't matter.
You can call me... Jean-Pierre.
U.S. Embassy
Office of President Habyanmana
These allegations are...
very disturbing.
It's a bunch of lies.
Tell me again, General...
Who is peddling this story?
I can't reveal his name,
but we believe him.
Temporary Rebel HQ in Kigali
They caught Tutsis
trying to get out.
They say they're spies!
April 6, 1994
8:15 p.m.
Yes, Prime Minister?
It was his plane.
The president was on board.
Things could get out of control.
I'll need your help.
I'll send troops.
As for me, Prime Minister,
you're in charge.
- I 'II inform Col. Bagosora.
- Thank you, General.
Thank you.
Rwandan Army Headquarters
Not only our president,
but also our chief of staff,
and Burundi's president...
It's amazing!
Let me assure you,
our Crisis Committee
will run the country
until the politicians resume power.
But Rwanda has a government
under Prime MinisterAgathe.
That old whore!
Madame Agathe!
She is a woman who talks too much.
Neither the people
nor the cabinet support her.
I can't recognize your committee
as the legal government.
It's not up to you to say
who controls my country.
Call Mr. Booh-Booh.
Col. Marchal?
The roadblocks downtown...
Were they your orders?
Tell him we're on our way.
We tried to secure the crash site.
They stopped us.
The Presidential Guards
are out of control tonight!
They are mad with grief!
Their president is dead,
maybe murdered.
It might calm them to hear
the government still rules,
that there hasn't been a coup.
Get out!
- Get out!
- Idiot!
Do you know who I am?
Let them go!
Lucky you still control the Guard.
We might have been in trouble.
J. R. Booh-Booh,
Political Head of UNAMIR
Madame Agathe is the legitimate
head of your government.
Can you get her safely
to the radio station
so she can make
a public appeal for calm?
I asked Col. Marchal for an escort.
Belgian Paracommandos,
some of my best men.
Colonel, everyone is anxious
to get the situation under control.
I spoke to the US ambassador.
He's calling a meeting
for 9:00 a.m. at his embassy.
Prime Minister Agathe's Residence
I understand, General.
We'll stay right here.
All the armed men outside,
aren't they here to protect me?
Thank you, General.
Good night.
I order you to disarm your men!
This place is under UN protection.
I represent the government
of Rwanda,
and I order you to disarm. Now!
You've no authority.
I'm head of security here.
You're wasting my time!
More than 20 government soldiers
are ordering us to disarm.
Awaiting orders!
- Now!
- Awaiting orders!
Tango 2, you're not to fire
unless fired upon.
If you're overwhelmed,
hand over your weapons.
Weapons down!
Drop them! Lie down!
Down! Weapons down,
and lie down!
You too!
Drop your weapons and lie down!
That's an order.
On the ground! You, down!
Faster! Hands on your head!
Who do you think you are?
You Whites,
who do you think you are?
You've no business here!
You know nothing... nothing!
Nothing at all!
We don't need you here!
Don't worry, children.
Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.
The Guard seized the radio station.
Roadblocks are everywhere!
Tutsis are being massacred
across the city.
Tutsis and moderates,
Thank you, General.
Thank you.
No. Nobody passes!
It's restricted.
I must find Col. Bagosora.
I have orders.
If you drive through, we'll fire!
You're not allowed!
Take aim.
Good day, General.
Where's Col. Bagosora?
You can't go on foot, hop in.
Thank you.
Col. Bagosora is
at the military college.
- Stop!
- Can't stop...
Those are my men!
- It's an order!
- They're out of control!
The camp is out of control.
Gen. Dallairel
Come this way.
We believe that
only our Crisis Committee
can restore order
to the people of Rwanda.
I expect your cooperation.
And for the details...
General Dallaire,
I was hoping
you'd address the ofcers.
First, I deeply regret
the loss of your president.
Some of your units are overcome
by grief and anger.
I understand.
But they've committed grave cn'mes.
That must cease right now.
We in UNAMIR are staying put.
We will do all we can
to prevent renewed civil war.
We won't abandon Rwanda.
Thank you.
What if war resumes?
One moment...
What about my men at Camp Kigali?
I don't know.
But the radio says Belgians
shot down the president's plane.
That's bullshit!
What about my men?
The camp is mutinous.
I want to go in right now.
UNAMIR must stay out of this.
UNAMIR is not leaving.
I've a message from Gen. Kagame.
If the killings don't stop
before sunset,
he'll order in his troops.
If nothing's done, Colonel,
this means war.
If you'll excuse me.
I want to see my men!
I'm told your men
are at Kigali Hospital.
One moment, General.
He says the bodies
of the Belgians are in back.
Did he say the bodies?
He says back there,
behind the morgue.
two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight...
Seven, eight,
Seven, eight...
See these men are washed
and laid out properly.
Treated with respect.
Hundreds of unarmed
observers are missing.
Sorry, Minister.
I'll call you back.
Calm down, please.
Please, calm down.
This hotel is under UN protection.
What's going on?
There are traitors here.
We won't let them leave.
You will not enter
this hotel for any reason.
It's under UN protection.
I order you to bar
anyone who's armed.
Is that clear'?
My observer saw you
unloading ammunition
that was handed to the Rwandan army.
Your observer was mistaken.
We are here only
to evacuate the Whites.
And some good friends of France.
Who are directly responsible
for what's happening.
Who we evacuate is none
of your business, General.
April 9, 1994
Polish Catholic Mission, Gikondo
Yes, General.
I got your message
about a deadline for a cease-fire.
What's your answer?
We're meeting at lunch
and we'll discuss it.
The deadline is 4:00 p.m.
I understand.
Otherwise UNAMIR will be withdrawn.
Your friends here would miss you.
The world will be very upset
if there is no cease-fire
and the atrocities continue.
Very upset.
Rwanda is a small African country
little noticed by the world.
Haven't you found that so?
N airobi ?
Step away from the window, General.
You see,
the UN believes I can do more
for the peace process in Nairobi.
You're head of the mission.
I'll be in constant touch.
lnterahamwe Leaders
We're at your disposal, General.
We'll do everything we can.
Just a bunch of bloody liars!
You gave me your word.
There was a misunderstanding.
I'm ready to work with all leaders,
including you.
If you are leaders, that is.
As people scrambled to leave,
they were shot by the militia.
We were caught in a crossfire.
People were queuing here
when the bombs fell.
They were literally shredded.
We need soldiers to protect us!
Where are your soldiers?
You have guns.
Protect us!
Shoot at them!
Most of my men are unarmed.
Then what use are they?
Give them guns!
- We don't have enough.
- Not enough? Why not?
We're dying and all you say is
there's nothing you can do!
Why not? Why?
Are you part of Dallaire's gang?
Why? ls there a problem?
If I see this great general,
I'll kill him.
Dr. Bernard Kouchner
Emissary of the French Government