Shakha Proshakha (1990) Movie Script

Come, I know you sit in
this room every morning.
That's why I did not go to
the garden and came here.
I have not spoken
to you for a long time.
Looking at the flowers? You know
today is a big day, Proshanto?
Your father is seventy years old today.
You don't have to remember that.
Leave it... leave it... Sit...
Why are you going over there?
I do not often meet you.
Sometimes I forget that
you are even staying here.
Where are they?
Your brothers wanted to
come but I stopped them.
All of them work. There is no
need to leave work and come.
Everybody works...
What did you say?
Everybody works...
You too used to...
You had bad luck, Proshanto...
Do you know why you don't work?
You had been abroad to
study Minerology. Remember?
if I can make you remember...
Saying "I don't work... I don't work"...
No need to feel sad about it.
Listen, listen carefully...
Abroad... London...
You met with an accident. You had
a severe head injury... Remember?
Doctor... Hopkins...
Right. Hopkins saved you.
There was no hope of survival.
What a horrible time it was...
Your mother didn't even touch water
for ten days.
I only saw darkness.
The moment we knew,
we made all the arrangements.
Passport... Tickets...
Two days before leaving... A miracle...
We got news. The difficult time
was over and there was no fear.
You started recovering,
returning to normalcy...
and got back home...
But, you couldn't work. Doctors tried...
but something was missing...
God gave us a lot...
and so we made our peace...
Among four brothers,
you were the most brilliant.
And only you said you will
live here and work here.
They never wanted to stay,
I never insisted.
You remained,
but as a different person.
Please do not mind Proshanto.
It's alright the way you live. You stay
in your room, listen to music...
I remember everything...
What's that?
The tune, the music...
Lots and lots of tunes...
It stays with me...
What's that tune? Whose is it?
Maybe I won't understand...
No Sir... No Sir...
You are still naughty.
Your friend Himanshu sent records
from abroad. Did you like them?
And how's the music system your
brothers gave you for your birthday?
Very good. Very good...
What is called?
I really do not know...
Hi fi... Hi fi.
You know what they gave me?
Kashmiri shawl, silk sheets,
Tussar payjama kurta...
A dhoti set with the
latest fashion big border.
And your sister-in law
knitted a woollen pullover too.
Manilal had been to Calcutta.
They sent it through him.
This evening there is public meeting.
I didn't tell you because...
No... No... Baba... Baba...
Son... I am here... Sit...
- Lightning...
- Where?
The banyan tree... Here...
in front of me...
What are you saying these days...?
Have you turned into a saint?
Get ready... Get ready...
Okay. I will get ready.
I will get ready wearing my
birthday clothes. I will be ready.
The truth is I don't
like these felicitations...
I wish the old days
would come back...
You four brothers...
Lovingly I call out to you.
Atul, Batul, Shamla, Shatul...
One is good, one is naughty,
one is quiet and one is smart.
I would return from the office
and would see... A bustling household...
And today the same house
is empty... Only three people...
The father is there but not quite.
Your mother wasn't...
even fifty and went away.
The only consolation...
she did not suffer.
One by one,
all three sons went their way...
When I sit alone,
I feel miserable...
The days that were...
and what's left now...
The past is gone... Won't come back...
Be happy with what you have.
That's why I am here Proshanto.
And I console myself...
I am lucky that my
three sons are doing well...
They took the family name
to the heights.
You know the reason for it?
I used to believe in two
very old proverbs.
Even now...
Work is worship.
Honesty is the best policy.
Oh... You remember that?
Work is worship.
Honesty is best policy...
I'm sorry Baba...
My head... I...
I am talking to you after so many
days... Will you not listen to me?
Please forgive me, Baba...
You talk... Very sorry... Talk...
My opinion and belief... The the way
the three sons were brought up...
They definitely believed in these proverbs.
And that is the reason for their success.
Everybody says these
are times of corruption...
I hear so many awful things...
You don't hear them. Money
is of two types. Do you know?
Two... Two...
There are two kinds of money...
Yes, one is white which is accountable.
One black. Not accountable.
Honest money and dishonest money...
Anyway... Money can be any type.
I will never believe...
Even if one wants to stay straight;
One cannot. And being straight...
Zero... Zero... Zero...
What's happening Proshanto?
Stop it, Proshanto!
I hurt you...
Please forgive me Proshanto.
Injustice... Injustice...
I have lost my head...
Sir... Sir...
Nirupama Trust has sent three
gentlemen with bouquets...
Listen, I want to tell you one thing
Proshanto, because you're with me...
At least I can see
one of my son's faces.
Do you think it's a small thing?
If you weren't here, how alone I'd be.
They come. Enquire. Take care of me.
Love me... All this is fine.
But they cannot take my son's place.
You are not working...
but you are my son... my blood...
You understand?
As long as you are with me,
I'm at peace. Always remember this.
We can never pay
back our debt to him.
What we can do is let him know
our gratefulness toward him.
To execute this duty,
on his seventieth birthday,
a memorable day...
We, residents of this town
that is named after him,
raised this function.
This great man,
who has done so much for us...
We have his blessings
and for that we thank God.
Today we wish this great man
a heathy, eventful and active long life.
Everybody knows the
great literary maestro.
Mr. Jaidev Mukhopadhyay.
He has written
Mr. Anando Mohar's biography.
First he will read out passages
from the book and then present it.
Respected Mr. Anando Mohan Majumdar...
Friends and companions...
I cannot tell how successful
I have been in my work.
To document this great man from
childhood to his ideals and aims...
To this township, which is a
strange and unbelievable story
has not been an easy job.
I don't know how successful I have been.
The readers wil be the best judge.
But I can say one thing...
Without Mr. Anando Mohar's help,
this would not have been possible.
I am eternally...
Are you feeling uncomfortable?
I now wish to present
my small gift to him...
I request this great man
to say a few words...
Probir... This is Dada.
What happened?
Baba... Heart attack.
You mean he is dead?
No no he has survived.
He is at home. The
specialist is with him.
And our Dr. Shom is there.
He is not serious...
But, you can understand at this age.
When did it happen?
It happened this evening.
Jagdish Babu has been
trying to call since then.
Does Pratap know?
Pratap's phone is not working.
He isn't far from you.
If you could send a small
note with Bansilal...
I'll do that. But... we have to go...
Of course...
Must... We must. We must go.
Tomorrow morning.
I have to go to the office.
You come here by 10.30 with Pratap.
Uma will go. You,
Tapti, Dingu and Protap.
Six people and two cars.
No problem.
You want to know for how many days?
That we cannot say right now.
Be prepared for seven days.
How is he doing?
Both the doctors are here
and waiting for you.
He is Dr. Sahay. Cardiologist.
I have heard a lot about you.
He's from Ranchi. Luckily he was
here for a case and we informed him.
Everything was arranged so quickly.
We decided to keep him at home.
You will not believe it.
Medicine, oxygen, day
night nurse... Everyhing is arranged.
How do you find him?
We cannot say anything
for the next 72 hours.
But, we are doing our best.
Can we...
He is under sedation...
You can see him tomorrow morning.
He is my assistant, Amar Dey.
He is staying here.
If needed, he will help out.
Arrangements for your stay...
Your Manager has put us in that room.
Can I take your leave?
Are you going now?
I shall go now.
I will see you tomorrow.
Your father is highly respected.
Last night the telephone
was horrible. Unexpected...
- I was there.
- Were you there?
At the reception?
It happened in front of me.
That's why everything
could be arranged so quickly.
But, Dr. Sahay to be here...
It's just unbelievable...
Yes, in a small place...
Else it would be very difficult.
Otherwise... there isn't
another Cardiologist like him here.
We are very, very lucky.
But he still has regular checkups...
Yes. There is no complaint.
Pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar...
Everything normal.
Surprising. One can never tell...
Rest. You must be very tired.
I will be in that room.
Uma, please ask Laxman
to make some tea.
You sit Didi, I'll go.
Please keep quiet and
do not speak loudly.
Will you have a cup of tea?
I do not mind. Pratab?
Yes, please.
Mezda will you have tea?
Will you have tea, Mezda?
Are you all okay?
Softly, Mezda. Baba is sleeping.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.
Baba, why is the man doing this?
He is your Mejo Jetu.
Have you forgotten? He is not well.
did you go to the reception?
No... No...
I knew... I knew...
What do you know?
I know. I know...
Did you know,
Baba would suffer like this?
I know.
Will all of you have a bath?
Should I ask for hot water?
Yes please. So dusty...
Ditto. For everyone...
Won't any of you meet him? Who?
- Thakurda?
- I refuse to go...
I cannot handle senility.
He won't recognize us. No use.
Then I will go and see him...
- Greetings Ma'am.
- How is he?
Better. Watch.
Please raise your hand, Khuda Babu.
Please raise your hand...
Don't you want
to wear your pullover?
Raise your hand...
Very good... Very good...
Good... Good...
Let's wear it.
Put your arm in... Good boy...
Good boy. Good boy.
Very good boy...
I am your grand daughter-in-law...
Grand daughter-in-law...
I'll take your leave now.
I'll come tomorrow. May I go?
Grand daughter-in-law...
- How is he?
- Like the last time.
Come let's go Dingu.
What an useless existence...
He is now 93... Isn't it so, Proshanto?
Hasn't grandfather turned 93?
You all are working people.
Work... Work is...
Tea is ready.
Please come here everyone...
How is your Hi fi doing?
Hi... Fine, very fine...
Come Probir...
Enough. Stop licking... Get up.
Today is the first day.
Please don't expect too much.
As long as there's chicken...
Will you have some roti?
Thakurpo... Rice or Roti?
Baba, when will we go back?
When Grandpa gets better.
Please have...
No. I am not hungry.
You too come and eat.
Surprising. His health was perfect...
Regular habits...
He never drank or smoked.
You forget. He worked hard until 60.
Should I tell you something? Me?
Stop smoking.
You think I've never told him this?
Three years of the same thing...
What is the use of giving
up the thing I enjoy most!
Smoking reduces a lifespan...
Do you know that?
How long did Dada live?
Till the age of 80.
80 for sure, if not more.
Till the last day he
was drinking and smoking...
Should I serve you some vegetables,
What did you tell your office?
Father's ill health...
Did you say how many days?
How could I tell?
I too couldn't. Let's see
what Dr. Sahay has to say tomorrow.
Protap has finished eating.
What's wrong? We travelled 200 miles.
You didn't speak a word.
We are all worried about Baba.
But not like you.
Baba will be fine.
What did you say?
Baba will be fine.
As if you know
everything from before.
Baba will be alright.
Bless you for saying so.
I was hoping there would
be some improvement this time.
It is not a curable illness.
But this time he at least ate with us.
It would have been better to
put him in an institution.
Why? He is not troubling anyone.
And he isn't an insane person.
But still bad enough.
Is this any time to listen to music?
Here Baba is ill and
look at his concern...
You forget that he is ill.
It's wrong to expect normal
behavior from him.
Only he knows
what rubbish he plays.
- It is Bach.
- What?
Johann Sebastian Bach.
Have you not heard of him?
I've not only heard his name.
I even know he fathered a lot of kids.
Very good!
Where did you get that from?
Readers Digest, Madam!
They are never wrong, you know!
How come you said Bach?
Dada came back from abroad with
this passion. Heard a lot of it.
From 15 till I got married,
I heard only this music.
- Did you like it?
- Very much...
Who's that?
Did you get the flask?
No. But it doesn't make a difference.
I don't get thirsty in the
middle of a winter night.
Do you sleep well these days?
Tell me what is happening to you...
You don't hide anything from me...
Tell me... Please?
There's nothing wrong with me. Leave me.
And switch off the
light as you go out.
Who are you?
My name is Amar Dey.
He's my assistant.
He's staying here.
- Here means?
- In the next room.
On your bed.
It's more comfortable than mine.
Can we see him?
Your family has come to see you.
You can come and meet him.
One by one.
I can't bear to see you lying in bed.
I didn't think you would
have to bear this.
Are you fine?
Yes Baba, we are all fine.
Now I'll go...
The others are waiting to meet you.
Proshanto... Will you go...
Don't you want to meet Baba?
Probir... You go in...
Get well soon, Baba.
Shall I go...
There's a long queue outside.
Protap... Your turn...
Bodi, you go in...
Okay. I will go.
We all are here Baba.
All of us want you to get well soon.
It feels so good to see you smiling.
Don't remain in bed for too long.
I can't bear to see you like this.
Get well soon.
Hey... Come...
Is this a new bed?
When you get better,
we'll go to Mungadi.
Enough Dingu... Come here...
I'm going Dadu. Okay...
I'm going Dadu.
I must go too... Until the evening.
Thank you doctor.
Dr. Sahay... I was...
Ramdahin... Ramdahin...
Why did you let him out?
I went out for one minute,
Oh my old man... Come on...
Back to your room...
Sorry. He is... your...
Grandfather. 93...
Four generations...
Difficult to believe!
You know the case very well.
Can you tell how long...
How long you have to stay.
You see, my brothers and I
have to go back to work...
Mr. Majumdar, to be quite honest.
Only after 3 weeks will we know for
sure the patient is out of danger.
- Three weeks?
- Three weeks.
Dr. Sahay, I have a suggestion...
My younger brother, Probir.
Hello... Yes, tell me...
The distance isn't much...
If we go back in a week...
We can return if needed...
He is your father. I can't decide.
I can give you my opinion as a doctor.
This is the general rule
for cases like this.
What you want to do
is up to you.
For one week, it is difficult
to give any assurances.
It's just a five hour journey. We
can be called by phone.
Was this your suggestion?
As a matter of fact, yes.
Very well. As you deem fit.
Let's hope for the best. Good bye.
Thank you doctor,
thank you so much.
What is it?
A reporter from The Statesman.
- Wants to meet you.
- Come on.
Please have a seat.
What can I do for you?
I'm a reporter from The Statesman.
Bijon Sarkar. We got to know of
your father's illness from the PTI.
My editor called me about it.
Not much is known
about him in West Bengal.
He asked me to collect
facts to write a story.
I reached here yesterday.
- If you can...
- Sure. Go ahead.
Just a minute...
Can I tell you something about him first?
See if that's right.
Please go ahead.
The name of the place was Salgiri.
Later it was known by Anandnagar.
In the year 1980, on his 60th birthday,
without his permission...
some VIP's took this decision.
And this was announced in
a public meeting in his honour.
Your father was born in Hazaribaug...
That's right.
Yes, My grandfather was teaching
English in St. Columbo school.
Your grandfather's name?
Abhoy Charan Majumdar.
Your father did his Matriculation
from there and came to Calcutta...
Yes. City College.
After his BA, he joined
Orient Mica Works very soon.
Yes, with the recommendation of a friend,
he joined as an apprentice.
At the age of nineteen.
Now I want to know about
your father's progress.
Very simple! Overseer, Manager...
General Manager... Partner.
Oh Great... Hop, skip and jump!
Actually, Baba was noticed by
the top guys from the start.
He was very intelligent
and extremely hard working.
To some extent, he was responsible
for the expansion of Mica Works.
Almost for everything.
It was during his General Manager days.
Increase in output,
export, mine expansion...
New manufacturing units,
upliftment of workers. All due to him.
He is also known and famous
for his humanitarian deeds.
Yes, schools, children's parks,
hospitals, etc.
Workers to date
treat him like God.
He started a small trust in memory
of my mother. Nirupama Trust.
A regular charitable organization.
Your father has numerous qualities.
Which is the most striking?
Yes, without doubt...
his honesty...
Can you give an
example of such a case?
As an export firm, bribes
are normal to get orders.
But Baba never
offered a single penny.
He used to say, the quality of our.
Mica will automatically get orders.
It used to happen.
You are four brothers, right?
- And sister?
- None.
Your mother?
Passed away in 1973.
Thank you. This is enough.
Very good. If you want more details,
there is his biography by...
Jaidev Mukhopadhya - Thank you.
Are you leaving?
I'll just drop in at Col. Chaterjee's.
Listen... I am making coffee for Dada.
If you want some, come up.
Hello... Sanyal?
This is Majumdar from Ananadnagar...
I need to stay here for
a week or so longer...
Please manage everything. And listen,
don't forget Chimanlal's work.
That's very important.
In case you need to call...
The number here is 214... 214...
I'll hang up now. And listen,
if you have to call,
this is the right time.
I saw Sezda going out.
He is a very restless person...
How long could he sit at home...
I won't go without knowing
what has happened to you.
I didn't expect this from you and
I cannot tolerate this behavior.
You must tell me.
I left my job.
- What?
- You heard me.
Have you gone mad? You left a ten
year tenure? Such a good salary...
When did this happen?
December 6, 1989.
A month has passed and
you didn't tell me...
Sorry Bodi.
I did not want to worry you.
What was the reason? Please tell me.
I can't believe this!
Yes, I'll tell you everything.
Why I took up the job; Why I left it.
I'll tell you everything.
Baba wanted me to work with a good firm.
I didn't disappoint Baba.
The reason for taking
up the job... was Baba.
Good work. Good salary.
Everything was fine.
But in the past 10 years
I noticed something wrong.
I started wondering what
was right and what was wrong.
I was doing something
that was hurting my conscience.
And in simple words...
I was not happy.
In the meantime if I see a person...
A person I know very closely...
And know him as an honest man...
Who, with one of his colleagues,
commits a heinous crime
by taking huge bribes.
Of lacs of rupees from a client.
It is impossible to work in
the same office with such a person.
Is he Romenda?
He is more than my brother...
And gave me the job...
How did you know this?
The news leaks. I hear...
And I run to him...
No, no not 15... No...
Not 15... 18 would be okay.
What time? Monday...
At my office... Around 4.30?
- What is it?
- Romenda...
Please tell me just once
that you are doing this...
Doing what? Come sit.
Try to understand. Just once.
I laughed it off.
Even in death I cannot
believe this is true?
If you don't believe, don't.
Why are you getting so upset. Sit.
He casually told me the client's name...
The amount... Where... When...
The people involved... I just...
Did you see the watch?
Rolex. Gold. Brand new.
- Yes...
- Do you know the price?
My head is spinning, Romenda.
Why is it happening?
Why can't I recognise
you in this mask?
Why have you turned
into a different person.
Do you know why?
After being in this line for 10 years,
you've remained an innocent babe.
So it's true...
You and Alokda...
Yes. True.
But Romen Datta will have
a single scratch on him.
Are you blind?
The times have changed.
Your father's principles
do not work in today's world.
Whatever we are doing,
is the law and rule.
If you can't stand it, leave.
You have no future here. Get out.
How terrible...
I've met him a few times.
I'd liked him.
You will like him now too.
You won't see it from the outside;
But inside... Cancer. Corruption.
Did you resign after this?
The very next day...
On the other hand I was proud
of standing against corruption.
But to lose such a good job?
Now what are you going to do?
I want to publish a magazine
that I'd mentioned to you.
The one in which you were
to write very boldly?
Yes, one wealthy person
is going to back me up...
What happened?
What happened?
What shall I write Bodi?
Whatever has happened in China.
Poland. Hungary. Romania.
Germany. Czechoslovakia.
I feel so confused.
Whom should I believe?
I myself do not know...
But you need a job to run the house...
Don't you need another job?
Have you heard of Kiran Kumar?
Kiran Kumar?
There are two ads in the newspaper.
Obviously, you haven't read it.
New artiste Kiran Kumar
in the title role.
Did you join a "Jatra"?
No... Theater...
Professional theater.
It is a thousand times
better than the agency.
The theater owner, Santosh Pramanik
saw me in the office play.
You know when? 1983.
Even you've seen me then.
Gentleman had offered you work.
You have chosen wrong line.
I'd told him it was
impossible to leave my job.
He'd said, my doors are open for you.
When I went to him this time;
He was ecstatic.
But I want to tell you this, Bodi.
I didn't take this on thoughtlessly.
I really love acting.
And you are really good at it.
Then why are you surprised?
I'm thinking of you. Of your family.
Anando Mujamdar's son...
Wearing make up and walking the stage...
Isn't it a little difficult?
The new play will open
two Saturdays from now.
The rehearsals are on.
Does theater have no politics?
Tell me where it isn't.
But comparatively less in theater.
That I know.
Okay for a bachelor.
But how long will you be unmarried?
For a man 34 is not too old.
Its painful for me to think there
is no one to care for you.
Bodi, I forgot to tell you one
more thing... Don't be angry.
I met a girl.
Wonderful. Who is she?
She's a researcher. Doing a
random survey before Elections.
She came for some
opinions related to that.
- Met her then.
- What's her name?
Nandita. Nandita Sen.
How old is she?
- 28.
Appearance doesn't matter to me;
But I'm still asking.
Is she good looking?
A soulmate?
Then why the delay?
I told her, if I get fame in theater,
my income may increase.
Whatever has to happen will happen then.
Not before that.
- What are you looking at?
- You.
With a new vision.
You don't know how happy I am.
I hope your wife
will be your friend...
If the wife is a friend;
Does Bodi stop being one?
You will have your family...
That's my biggest happiness.
My husband will never be a friend.
That's a fact.
But still,
I see a change in him.
For the better.
But he still goes to the races.
But he comes home
early and even drinks less.
The one thing I loved,
his full bodied
laughter... Is coming back.
I don't know what the reason is.
But my uneasiness has eased a lot.
Once you are married. You will be away...
It's a fact. But that's natural.
I have no scarcity of occupation.
My biggest job is
bringing up my son.
I know that will reduce a lot
of the emptiness in my heart.
And without the luxury of friendship...
I will live the rest of my life.
Will you not take some Ghee,
What is the day today?
I forgot it's the 10th today.
Calcutta is having races.
Winter season.
You could not go this Saturday?
Why are you laughing?
Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore,
Madras. Wherever a race is on...
Wherever you are; You can bet.
What do you mean?
If you are in a village it won't
happen. You need a telephone.
- Whom will you call.
- My bookie.
- Bookie?
- Bookmaker...
Who plays for us...
- On credit?
- Naturally!
The long distance business...
Can you depend on these bookies?
Generally it's okay.
But sometimes it goes bad.
You have to take that risk.
What do you mean by risk?
You talk as if you
are going to play races...
I'll go for races.
Dingo babu is going for races.
Dingo go to your room.
Dingo go to your room. You are a good boy.
I am going.
What problems? We don't know.
What is there to know?
Wait, it's interesting.
Suppose you called your
bookie and told him...
To play a particular
horse for one lac.
Bookie did not listen to you...
he gave the jockey 25 grand.
Your horse lost the race,
the bookie took 75 grand...
And you are left sucking your thumb.
Hear that? Still you will
say I want to play the races?
But I am convinced by one thing;
Gambling cannot make you rich.
There is no use
talking about all this, Dada.
Gambling is an age old practice of man.
Some are lucky; Some are not.
Don't talk about Dharmraj.
Never... I won't forget his state.
That is not my state,
as you can see.
But you have to agree
that it is a vice.
One hundred times.
But the fact is I don't
hide it from anyone.
A whole world knows that
Prabir Mujamdar goes to the races.
But the race is not your actual income.
You have a business.
I hope you won't call that a vice too!
That depends.
Listen Dada...
Speculation doesn't
happen only in business.
Every level,
every profession has this...
Nobody can survive without
number two money. Impossible.
Honesty does not pay.
You will perish.
You are General Manager of a company.
I'm a businessman.
There is no difference between us.
Both of us are looking
for dishonest money.
What do you know about me?
We hardly meet twice or trice a year.
You want me to tell you
what I know about you?
Yes. Tell me.
You are asking for it.
I am telling you to,
so go ahead.
Whatever you get over
and above your salary...
Are called perks.
I don't count that.
That amount doesn't fall
under the income tax slab.
But whatever is your declared salary,
it is taxable.
On which you have to pay tax
which must be 10 to 12 thousand.
Am I right?
Carry on.
Still, I know and a lot of
other people also know that...
Apart from the company flat,
you have two houses...
Apart from the company car;
You have two more. Both air conditioned.
You have two colour TVs, both Japanese.
At your occasional party,
you serve nothing but scotch.
You had your daughter's wedding
reception in Fort Williams.
You invited 1500 people.
Swear and say, is it possible
without dishonest money?
The wealth you saved from income tax...
Prashanto, Prashanto...
Protap, do something.
Please do something...
Please Mezda calm down,
please calm down.
Please Mezda...
Calm down... Please Mezda...
Leave him...
I'll take care of him...
Did you see Proshanto's condition?
There is no place for him
except the mental asylum.
Will you not call this madness?
What is this? Are you crying?
Listen, don't be childish.
Try and understand.
There is nothing wrong in
whatever Probir said. It isn't wrong...
You heard about the tax.
Half the salary goes toward tax.
The way inflation is going up...
You don't have to tell...
You can understand
by the way we spend.
5 years ago,
Hilsa was 25 rupees a kilo.
Today it is touching a hundred rupees.
Without the extra income,
we could not have lived in this style.
You have also been
brought up the same way.
No one thinks about it anymore.
It's become a way of life.
Have you forgotten
whose son you are?
I don't know what Baba will say...
I consider myself successful.
What Probir said about me...
Could I not have given him a reply?
Of all the bad vices he indulges in;
Do I do that?
I invite people and offer scotch.
But I don't drink as much.
I don't smoke and I don't gamble.
Have you heard a single
scandal about me to date?
I know only two places.
Office and home...
I sleep at 10 at night
and wake up at 5 in the morning.
Still you don't know
what your husband is?
Why can't we have a limited income?
I too know about that money,
but can't we live without it?
It is nothing, Uma.
Nobody will talk ill
about Probodh Majumdar.
But if there's one
car instead of three...
Or Indian alcohol instead of scotch...
Then people will talk...
You mean there is
nothing called honesty?
The way Baba had in his days?
Those days are gone.
You will feel bad to hear this.
It may trouble you.
But trust me.
You are forgetting one thing, Uma.
Did your husband ever give
you one moment of pain?
Tell me, please tell me...
Tell me...
What are you looking at? You...
Mrs. Probir Majumdar.
After the honeymoon, I never got a
chance to see you this closely.
Are you tired of that?
Did you hear such a thing?
Did Col. Chaterjee not arrange
any entertainment for you?
Such a good friend of yours...
He did propose...
What did you say?
No. Thank you.
Your husband is reformed now.
Don't you know that?
How has the impossible
become possible?
Look on your right;
You will know.
- Understand?
- I'm very happy.
But I'm not happy about one thing.
What did Dada do that you
spoke like that in Didi's presence?
Did you see the effect
of your words on Mezda?
I would not have said anything if
he wouldn't have initiated it.
What do you know about me?
I spilled the beans.
You mean, Didi was not hurt?
What do you want to say?
That Bodi knows nothing about Dada?
I know she worships him.
It shows in her every word and action.
I'm sure she doesn't know.
Then I have done her a service.
If you live in a fool's paradise,
you have to repent.
What a problematic thing
this dishonest money is.
Since you are saying this,
I want to tell you something.
What is that?
This dishonest money
was not at all required.
If I would get my 1/4 share.
What rubbish are you talking?
It's not rubbish Tapti.
The last time I was here,
Baba said he had a will.
Equal shares among four brothers.
Do you know the kind of wealth
Anando Majumdar possessed?
One portion of that will solve
all problems and pay off all debts.
The question is when.
When and how.
Is this your reformed character?
If you'd just a little love for Baba,
you would not have spoken like this.
Now I know he means nothing to you.
Baba never gave me a second glance.
I don't need to feel for him.
Baba did not like you, you mean?
Now he does. Because of you, Dingu.
And I am a success.
I am talking 20 years back.
Baba sent Dada and Mezda to America.
When it was my turn,
why did the rule change?
Can you think of the humiliation?
He did not think about it at all.
Maybe he didn't think so as
academically you were not that good.
I don't know what Baba
saw or did not in me.
The moment I knew I had to fend for myself,
I did not wait for a moment.
I started earning and drinking at 22.
Baba was responsible for both.
I had guts to stand on my feet.
And I made it.
When I first met you, I was 28 and
my monthly income was ten grand.
Because I had a good income,
I proposed to you.
Why I agreed, I don't know.
We had nothing in common.
Besides the heart, there was
another attraction... Physical.
Have you forgotten what you've
done in the last 12 years?
No. I haven't forgotten.
But this too is true:
That it's been five years
since our son was born.
How do I deny it?
If you are talking about affairs,
then I too have nothing to say.
Are you talking about Protap?
I'm no fool, Tapti.
You are a fool.
Protap is my friend and
nothing else. Nothing.
And for your information.
Protap has met a girl he wants to marry.
Forgive me, Madam.
There is still time...
What is the news?
You did not go to sleep.
Not so early. Insomnia.
What are you saying!
Yes. I cannot sleep before two.
Cigarette? I stopped.
Being a cardiologist, you smoke?
It's wrong. I accept it.
I'm trying to give it up.
Sit. I didn't get to know you.
Is your Dada playing the gramophone?
Dr. Som was saying
something about him.
Most unfortunate.
To be reduced to this
for such a promising man.
He has always liked music.
He still does.
It is surprising. I have not seeing
him going into Baba's room.
He keeps to himself.
In his world.
I could not believe,
I could see Baba so closely.
I've hero-worshipped
him since childhood.
In school, he was the example
of Karmveer. The doer.
Surprising. Even in this state,
he enquires about my well being.
Times have changed.
You don't see such purity anymore.
What can one say?
The state he is in,
can anything happen, anytime?
Would you like to go there?
Can I go there?
Of course. Go on.
Come on.
Reduce the volume.
Has the bulb fused?
Did you do it deliberately...
Sorry Mezda.
You were listening to
music, I interrupted.
I just wanted to know one thing.
Are you alright?
Now... good...
I feel good. Good...
I left my job. I've joined
a professional theater group.
Profession... Work...
When Baba knows
he will be very upset.
That I did not keep the respect of
the Majumdar family, Mezda.
No one...
Nobody can... Everybody...
Sometimes I think... You sit
quietly in your room... humming...
Now we are here.
How do you pass your
time? Do you go out?
Grass is green.
Sky is blue. Rose is red.
Do you go to the garden?
Seven colours of the Rainbow.
Seven notes of music.
Do, Re, Mi,
et cetera...
You love music, don't you Mezda?
The reason for my life...
Light in darkness...
The easier the better...
Brothers... Brothers...
In a way, you are better, Mezda.
Where man is led today...
You don't need to see that.
I know... I know... Darkness...
Darkness... Black... Black...
Mezda calm down. Mezda please...
Mezda please... Mezda please...
Alone... Alone...
Now you are not alone. I am here.
Your brother. Protap...
One is me... the other is you...
Why are you here?
Working man... why are you here?
I will go, Mezda...
Go... Go...
How is the report now?
Very good.
Come child. Come... Come...
Are you well now?
Much better. Much better.
Please come in.
He's much better today.
Come in everyone...
Today you are looking
much better. Baba.
We are going tomorrow.
If need be, we will come back.
You had to suffer
too much all these days.
Why so much sacrifice for an old man?
You relax, Baba.
All the tension is over now.
Take a break today.
Go and enjoy yourselves with an outing.
All of you go and have good time.
We are all fine at home, Baba.
It was no trouble, Baba.
I know how difficult it is for
a working person to sit idle.
Go for a day's picnic.
- Mungadi?
- Yes. Mungadi.
Go where you all used to
when you were children.
What is your opinion, Doctor?
Why not,
you are much better today.
You heard what the doctor said?
Please don't talk so much Baba.
If you don't listen,
I will be disturbed. Would you like it?
Okay. We'll think about it.
Come on.
What should we do?
I am confused.
Listen to Baba...
Listen to Baba...
I think it's better to keep
Baba happy at this stage.
Anyway we have to eat; We can carry
some simple food to the picnic.
Bread and boiled eggs.
would you like to come along?
- If everyone's going...
- Mezda?
Okay. Let's go to the old picnic spot.
Our Dingoo Babu will be happy.
Mungadi... Mungadi...
Mama, I'm going that way...
- Don't go too far.
- No, I won't.
This place has not
changed even a little bit.
I've gone back 20 years in age.
Continue... I haven't heard you
sing for so long. You've a sweet voice.
It's been a long time since I stopped.
Before Dingu's birth.
It just came to me here.
You remember the last
time we were here.
I think I was in
school at that time.
You and Proshanto were in school.
Protap a baby.
I went to Calcutta to
study the same year. 1959.
We had a lot of fun at that time.
- What kind?
- Tongue twisters.
What's that? Tongue twisters.
Words that twist your
tongue while speaking them.
She sells sea shells
on the sea shore.
That's a simple one.
The one Baba used to
say was very difficult.
That's in Bengali. Listen.
Jale chun ta ja,
tele chul ta ja.
Jale... What is the rest?
Jale chun ta ja,
tele chul ta ja.
That is very simple.
You have to say it very fast.
- Fast?
- Fast.
Give it a try, Bodi.
Jale chun ta ja, tele chul ta ja.
Now faster.
Enough laughter. Now you say it.
- That was very tough.
- Protap...
Come and join us...
Proshanto was the real talent.
You did not know him then.
Outstanding student.
He was equally outstanding
in studies and games.
Really. It's so sad.
The mere thought of it.
There's coffee in the flask.
Anybody for coffee?
Protap... Coffee?
Me too. Give me a little.
Do you have some disease?
That you are running away from us?
Coming to a picnic and brooding
silence all around. I don't like it at all.
Please don't fight now.
Let him be quiet if he so wishes.
It's been two days since
he's spoken to anyone. Is it right?
He has gone to irritate Protap.
You still call yourself a Marxist?
Why this question?
Do you have absolutely any interest in it?
Please sit with us...
Why are you keeping so aloof?
Please come and sit.
Sit... Sit...
How can we enjoy a picnic alone?
Understood. I think I've got it.
He has stopped talking, considering
the condition of socialism. Right?
Picnics and politics don't mix.
That's right. Change the subject.
What? Cinema?
I have not seen a film in
a theater for a long time.
Same here. These days movies
are watched at home.
Protap do you watch films?
I don't have a VCR. But if I hear
of a good film, I go and watch it.
I love watching films.
But he has no interest at all.
I watch the Mahabharata.
I haven't missed a single episode.
Oh Bodi. I watched one episode
and lost all interest.
Mama... I saw two lizards...
Did you go very far? No...
Aren't you hungry?
No. Not hungry.
But we are soon going to have lunch.
Come back quickly.
Your grumpy attitude isn't
going well with the picnic spirit.
Why are you
irritating him so much?
Baba's now fine. Yet he's quiet and mum.
Should we not know why?
Is there any problem in your agency?
I hear in the market
that they don't have as
much goodwill as before.
Come on Protap.
Open your mouth. Open up.
Okay... I'm tried of listening
to your one question.
Now listen.
I have resigned from my job.
- Oh... Why?
- What?
Now the curtain raises.
Why did you do that? Why?
You would not
like to hear the reasons.
We will listen.
This is a serious matter. Tell.
Then listen.
The values and ethics in today's jobs
are not acceptable to me.
How man stoops
for dishonest money...
I have seen it
and my eyes have opened.
I don't have a job or business.
I don't want a dual life. I want peace.
I want to stay as far as possible
from corruption. I want a simple life.
And one more thing.
I have joined a professional theater.
This is meaningless coming from
a 34 year old of an affluent family.
There are many more like me who
don't live in your kind of world.
That's why you don't know them.
I want to be one of them.
Yes. You want to
come up like Baba.
Please Sezda, no double talk.
Don't take both names together.
Baba is a great man.
I don't come anywhere close to his deeds.
He achieved the peak from
scratch without a compromise.
What are we?
You have 3 houses and 2 cars;
Does that make you exceptional?
We are ordinary. Mediocre.
You, me, Dada. All of us.
We have only taken,
not made any contribution... Nothing.
When we die...
nobody will remember us.
Enough... Please stop...
Let's eat now.
- Dingu...
- Yes?
- Come and eat...
- I'm coming...
Will you agree to one thing?
Are you not feeling light
after speaking you mind?
Yes. I do.
How is he?
He's alright. Wants to meet you all.
We were anyway going to him.
We obeyed your orders, Baba.
Did you enjoy yourselves?
Ask your daughters-in-law...
It was a great picnic.
We really enjoyed ourselves.
And did you enjoy yourself, Dadu?
I saw two lizards.
Now you can go back peacefully.
I don't think you need to come back.
What do you say, doctor?
That's what we all wish for.
These old bones are still very strong.
Probodh. They will go on for long.
What are you saying, Baba.
We are at peace knowing you are with us.
Give me your hand.
I do not feel like going at all.
I could have stayed some more days.
Baba says to go back without a worry...
But how can I not worry?
I'm worried about Protap.
He will do very well in theater.
I have seen his acting.
That even I have.
But what he said today
is not pertaining to acting.
He spoke what he believes in.
There is not a single doubt about it.
You knew about Protap, right?
I knew from the
look on your face.
He really gave it to us.
He has guts.
Please note that your
1/4 share will not work.
I know it.
I'd forgotten they aren't corrupt.
That means your
debts won't be paid up.
Debts of habitual
gamblers never get paid.
Do you know what can happen?
I can repay your debts.
How will it happen?
It will happen... It will happen...
I'm trying...
Have a little patience.
Can't you?
Yes. I'll try.
Come Dadu, come.
I have come before everyone.
You are a big boy now.
Yes. I know many things too.
Many things?
Mama told me how
Tintin saw the Yeti.
You know Yeti? I know more too.
I know Mechamo, Windinbomb...
What is that?
Windinbomb... where they play tennis.
I know honest and dishonest money.
I know honest and dishonest money.
How do you know?
Baba was talking to Jetu about it.
Very loudly. I heard everything.
You have dishonest money;
I have dishonest money...
I heard everything.
What do you have Dadu?
Baba, we will leave now.
We've asked Jagdish Babu to call everyday.
We'll call you too.
You lost too much...
You don't have to think
about all that, Baba.
We should get news that
you are getting well.
We'll get going Baba.
I am going Dadu.
What happened?
I can't bear to see Baba like this.
I don't feel like leaving him.
We will come back, if required.
He looks so sad.
Don't cry Didi. Baba will be alright.
Don't worry.
Come on now. Come...
Okay Proshanto. Look after Baba.
We are leaving.
What did I hear...
What did I hear... What...
What did I hear...
Car... Car...
Yes... Yes, it's a car.
Who? Proshanto... Please come...
Come closer.
You are my everything,
You are my everything...