Shakhahaari (2024) Movie Script

Life has landed
on this world
In forms, varied and complex
Life has landed
on this world
In forms, varied and complex
Laced with
colourful thoughts
Day in and out,
squandering peace for nought
Laced with
colourful thoughts
Day in and out,
squandering peace for nought
Don't go in search
of joy, O' mortal
Don't go in search
of joy, O' mortal
Don't you go out
and day dream
Yes, Sire
[ON CALL] Hello?
- [ON CALL] Hello?
- Hello.
Did you get your relieving letter?
I will get it.
Today's Sunday, right?
I'll get it tomorrow.
Once I do, I'll leave right away.
I've spoken to the
doctor about the scan.
It's better to have this
conversation in person.
Be done with that village.
- Get out of there immediately.
- Fine. I will.
Once I get the relieving letter
tomorrow, I'll leave. Okay?
Let me see.
Please don't stress yourself.
Take care.
Mallanna, are you
returning from your native?
- You're from Bagalkote, right?
- Yes.
Wait a minute.
Weren't you here on Thursday?
Did you go all the way
home just for a day?
Didn't your department
sanction your leaves?
- Hello. Good morning, Sir.
- Tell me, Mallikarjuna.
- Are you back?
- Yes, Sir. I'm back.
I've moved my family
back to my native.
- Is it something urgent?
- Well... Not really...
Yet you've called me this early?
I wanted to find out if the
transfer process has begun.
Tch. Get done with
the homicide case first.
Until then you can't
leave the station.
I know, Sir.
As soon as we receive the
post-mortem report on Monday
We'll handover Vijay to the
court, along with the charge sheet.
And then?
Well, that marks the
closure of the case, right?
If the transfer is processed,
I can shift immediately.
I've moved my family.
You're aware of my
wife's health issues, right?
Until the case closure report is
filed, I can't relieve you Mallikarjuna.
I've been baby-talking things to you.
Yet you don't get it.
I get it. I was just
following up, Sir.
Fine. Let the procedure
end, we'll figure it out then.
- Hope everything is fine.
- Yes, Sir.
- I just want to...
- Have a good day.
Same to you, Sir.
We've leaves to take.
They just won't let us.
Good morning, Sir.
- Give it to me.
- No need.
Why do you seem dull?
Are you not well?
I'm exhausted having
travelled all night.
I would've sent the station
vehicle to pick you up.
I'm done with
the station, aren't I?
Babanna, please sit.
I'll be back.
Doesn't the officer look a bit weak?
Looks like he's waiting for me.
Yes. He wants to
discuss something with you.
Why didn't you talk to
him and send him away?
I won't get involved
with any new case.
I'll leave as soon as I'm done
with the Vijay homicide case.
Since the village council
election is taking place next week
He's here to discuss his personal security.
I won't be around till then, will I?
- Did you feed Vijay?
- Yes, Sir.
Did you file the charge sheet
for the homicide case?
It's ready.
Once we get the post-mortem report
tomorrow, we'll have to attach it along.
We were supposed to receive certain
equipment from the head office, right?
They've loaded it in
the bus this morning.
We got a call from the
Shivamogga police station.
Haleshappa and Nagaraju
have gone to collect them.
Once the equipment arrives,
assemble everyone.
I need to submit a report.
I hope you've got the camera.
I'll shoot it on
my mobile phone.
Hold it properly, man.
Brother, make sure all three
votes of yours are for our Babanna.
Make sure you vote for Babanna.
Don't forget.
Sir, I'm putting up the
posters and buntings.
Where is she?
This time the
publicity's going to rock.
- What is it?
- Where is she?
She must be around here.
Over there?
- He needs to be taken to the hospital.
- Clearly.
- Subbanna's dosaes are delicious.
- The Sambar was also good, right?
Subbanna, why was the
hotel closed yesterday?
You weren't there for the
drama practice either, right?
- Well...
- Were you unwell?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Subbanna, will you
throw this old radio or not?
I'm tired of listening to it everyday.
In today's world of touch screens,
you're still stuck with this piece of junk.
What a whacko you must be!
You can do it.
Trust me and throw it away.
Replace this. I know you can do it.
Uncle, shall I have
a couple of dosays?
I'm famished.
What a moron.
Go on. Eat all you want.
Not like there are
loads of options.
Dosay, Dundu-idly and Chitranna.
Annoy him and he'll pour an extra
spoon of sugar in the Kashaya.
Am I not right, Maani?
Subbanna, you
need to stay updated.
You really do.
But why would you stay updated?
You're not even married yet.
If it doesn't rain in time,
the land will go barren.
The plough will corrode away.
It's not really heroic if a king can't
get his infantry to fight, is it?
Wait. Tell me this.
What happened to that
good-for-nothing fellow?
Your brother? Where did he go?
Shouldn't you have rapped him
on the head and put him to work?
But there's no need for him either.
Why do you need him for the
three odd dishes you serve here?
You please eat.
Don't worry about the world.
- Oh! Haleshappa!
- Namaskara (Greetings). What's new?
Bhattre (Chef)!
Two cups of tea.
I prefer coffee.
Why are you telling me?
Tell the chef.
So, Mr. Shastri?
Had your breakfast?
Maava, have your breakfast here.
The cops will pay for it.
You moron! I'll go home and eat
Haleshappa! What's in the box?
- Is there a bomb in the box?
- Yeah, right.
It's our department's equipment.
Who's getting down at Melige?
Get down now.
Hurry up!
Man, get down sooner.
Quit wasting time.
Why are you carrying
both the boxes? Wait for me.
- Subbanna.
- Yeah?
Haleshappa has
kept the money there.
Why don't you also pay up?
- I will. It's right here.
- Like he'll pay.
Let's go.
- Maava, the money?
- Shut your trap, chimp!
Did you receive an
order from the DC office?
Not at all.
Babanna, to provide security, we
need to receive orders from the DC office.
The orders will come.
They better give them.
On the day of the results,
Ameshappa will surely cause a ruckus.
I'll be winning.
Make a note of it.
Sir, the equipment are here.
- Go take a look.
- Okay, Sir.
Listen, Babanna.
Village council
elections aren't new to us.
We'll perform our duties earnestly.
Let the orders come
through. We'll figure it out.
He'll surely cause a ruckus.
I'm telling you before hand.
You don't know the villagers well.
We've informed sir.
He'll take care of it.
Let's go now.
We shall take your leave, Sir.
Let's go.
Bhattre (Chef), I've kept the money.
- Namaskara, Sir.
- Yeah. Carry on.
Namaskara, brother.
- Subbanna!
- Who's it?
Oh! Babanna.
The food's over.
There's only two idlys
left. Shall I give them?
Our brother's not a
dog to eat the leftovers.
Did he call me that?
This is a restaurant.
Not our homes to throw
the leftovers to the dog.
Subbanna, looks like
you're cleaning up.
- Done with the morning business?
- Shall I put a poster here?
- How many are left?
- Five.
No need. People barely come here.
Make sure you vote for me.
I don't see your brother around.
Tell him too.
Come on, Babanna.
Why will be here?
Who knows where he's lazing around?
I haven't seen in months.
Bhattre, you can't make such excuses.
I'll lose a vote.
I'm not taking a no.
Get him back here.
Not like he listens to me.
He comes and goes as per his whim.
Bhattre, your brother
has to come. Period.
Don't forget it.
Go and help him.
- Pick it up.
- It's okay.
- No problem, Bhattre.
- We'll do it.
Subbanna, you step back.
Remember to vote for
the 'SLIPPER' symbol.
Let's go.
I heard that Bhattru's
brother is a vile man.
Apparently, he's always
hanging on to women.
I don't give a damn if he's
the most vicious man ever.
What do we want?
A vote.
I shouldn't lose a vote.
This is a brand new walkie-talkie.
It has great range
and a solid battery.
This is a new register book.
Looks like the FIR is
in a different format.
Take a look and you'll know.
Don't record a video.
Just the pictures will do.
- Okay, Sir.
- I've to tell you everything.
This is a spy camera.
This is the camera's remote.
Press the button and
the camera will turn on.
The footage will get
recorded in the memory chip.
Mamatha, put the new cell in it.
- It's in the box.
- Okay, Sir.
Is it the big cell or
the smaller one?
The big cell's for your head.
This is the new printer.
It has both the black-white
and colour option.
It sends out faxes too.
This is a fibre lathi.
- That's about it. Mamatha?
- Yeah?
Take printouts of
these photographs.
Send the reports to
the head office. Got it?
We're done. Everybody disperse.
- Okay, Sir.
- Let me sign.
- An old report needs your sign.
- Shall add it.
Kavya, edit the photographs.
Weigh them, woman.
What's this, Bhattre?
Is that all?
More than enough.
I hope your business is doing fine.
Yeah. It's going on.
Did your husband return?
He's out of town. He'll
be back in a day or two.
Vijay has escaped, Sir!
Get on the vehicle!
You wait here!
Mamathakka, get in the car.
Let me know if I should
inform the other station.
Hurry up!
- Nagaraja, get the bike.
- Everybody get in the car!
- Which way did he go?!
- He's heading towards Devangi.
Hurry up! Faster!
Vijay! Stop right there!
Vijay! Don't you dare run!
Get hold of him instead!
He fell down the ditch, Sir.
We'll find him.
Where will he even go?
We're searching for him.
If he comes by, you
need to inform the station.
- Okay?
- Sure, Sir.
- Shall I intimate the city control room?
- No need.
Sir has instructed us not to
inform anyone until evening.
Where is she?
What is it?
- Where is she?
- She went over there.
- Over there?
- Yogesh, let's go!
I need to get rid of these rats.
Sir, please save me.
I'm innocent.
I didn't commit any murder.
I'm innocent.
Please save me.
The police are looking for me.
Please save me!
If you think of informing them...
I'll slit my throat
and bleed to death.
Who even are you?
Who is it?
Bhattre! Please save me.
Save me!
- I'm innocent.
- Please keep quiet.
I'm coming.
Do we come in or not?
Come on in, Haleshappa.
What's up, Bhattre?
How's it going, Bhattre?
Done for the morning?
Let's put up barricades immediately.
Haleshappa, check every
vehicle leaving to the city.
Make sure you check
every neighbouring village.
- Yogesh, stay with me.
- Okay, Sir.
Should we inform the city
control room? Dog squad?
Wait till the evening.
Why are you jumping the gun?
- Bhattre!
- Huh?
What's there to eat?
- Dosay? Idly?
- Coal!
You'll get coal at this hour.
Am I right, Bhattre?
Well, yeah.
It's 11.30 A.M. now.
- What beverage do you have?
- Tea.
Here's our order.
1... 2... 3... 4... 5
- Five cups of tea.
- Okay.
Sir? Will you have one?
- Sir!
- Tch!
Hurry up and let's leave.
- A cup of tea for Sir.
- Okay.
Did you see a lean guy with a
wheatish complexion come by?
Aye! There's no way he came here!
It took us this long to come
here on our bikes. Rubbish!
Exactly! There's no way he came here.
Covering such huge distance?
With a bullet in his leg?
- Come here.
- Huh?
He's Vijay.
He's absconding.
Did you see him around?
No, Sir.
I did not.
Is he a thief?
No. A murderer.
- Inform us if you see him.
- Okay, Sir.
- Hurry up everyone.
- Haleshappa...
- Which way are you heading?
- We'll look by the Kuruvalli circle.
Haleshappa, pay him.
- Bhattre!
- Yeah?
Six cups of tea.
- Nagaraj, take the bike.
- I'm still not done, Sir.
I only gave him
money for the tea.
Not for the cup. Drink faster!
- Bhattre?
- Huh?
- Six cups of tea.
- Yeah.
- I paid you 50 rupees.
- Yeah?
- You only need to return 20 rupees.
- Yeah.
I'll take your leave.
Let us know if you
see him around here.
A culprit has escaped
from the police station.
- If he comes by, let us know.
- I will.
Are you awake?
I was about to wake you up.
Take this.
Have this Kashaya.
- You'll feel better.
- Thanks, Bhattre.
I'd decided to kill myself
if you ratted me out.
You kept me alive.
You don't look like a bad man.
That's why I didn't rat
you out to the police.
- That doesn't mean...
- I know, Bhattre.
- I'll leave.
- I didn't mean that.
You leave after
your pain reduces.
I don't mind.
You seem naive.
Share your sorrow with me.
Got it?
What went wrong, man?
I'm innocent, Bhattre.
I had a world of my own.
My friend meant the world to me.
We both were orphans.
We grew up in an orphanage.
Our tryst with the
orphanage ended with college.
He didn't study further.
I finished my degree with a scholarship.
While working for a private
company in Bengaluru...
I wrote the entrance
exams for the BSF.
I passed.
One day, Harsha adamantly
made me go home.
- Harsha!
- Who's it?
What are you wearing?
You finally made it.
I texted you casually.
To check if you
would actually come.
What?! Didn't you say
it was an urgent matter?
- Get inside first.
- Fine. After you.
- I hope you've packed enough clothes.
- Yes.
- When does your training begin?
- They'll inform me.
I've shared your address.
They'll send the call letter.
They're nice, right?
Didn't you have something
urgent to discuss?
First go and freshen
up. We'll talk later.
I was hired as a Junior Engineer
in the the BSF technical department.
He forced me to stay with him
until I received the call letter.
- The BSF?
- Yes.
- There you go.
- I meant the world to him.
He took care of me
like a younger brother.
What was the urgent
matter you had to discuss?
Fill your tummy first.
Come on now.
Tell me what it is now.
We'll talk about it later.
Have your food.
Idiot! I've been watching
you ever since I returned.
You've been tormenting
me about something urgent.
Sit down!
Now tell me.
- Tell me.
- I will. Let me go.
- The thing is...
- Is...?
I've found you a girl.
You should marry her.
- A girl?
- Yeah.
Have you lost your marbles?!
I've just got a job in the BSF.
I'm yet to receive my call letter.
Exactly why. You
haven't got it yet, right?
Get married before you do.
Later, you won't
find time for it.
Haven't we been orphans all our lives?
We need a change in our lives
I've found someone
who is right for us.
They have no family either.
Her parents were orphans too.
The girl's pretty.
You both will make a good pair.
You won't find a
family like this again.
Let's visit the girl tomorrow.
Please say yes.
You could've married her, right?
You settle down first.
Then I'll have you both.
We'll be a family of our own.
- Please say yes.
- Get lost!
Viji! Please accept?
Woman, say yes to this alliance.
You're 29 already.
How long will you
keep resisting?
Fine. I will.
Have you seen his photograph?
No. I found out yesterday
that they're coming home.
Apparently, he works in the BSF.
We both were orphans too.
All I have is a tiny grocery store.
She's my only daughter.
She's had basic education.
He's told me everything, Uncle.
Please ask her to come.
Come here.
We're coming.
Caressing us gently, our
perspiring desires await
Love has now
moved closer to us
A bit of intimacy
has entwined us
These new utterances has left our mind and
soul shivering, as I drown in your attraction
Henceforth, talks of the night
dawning is only circumstantial
O' Sougandhika, you're alike
the dimple laced with fragrance
Madam, this bus goes
to Shivamogga, right?
Couldn't you've found out
before boarding the bus?
Chanting constantly
about your existence
Has made me
forget my way home
This enchanting
composition that you are
Is making me write poetry
Your melody has graced
me, leaving me intoxicated
The flower has bowed,
thanks to the resting pretty bee
Being coy, now
comes to me effortlessly
Blossoming grandly is
this lotus of deep desire
For emotions have no fences
Our dreams have
turned a pleasant indigo
Our youthfulness has been
stirred, thanks to your love
Henceforth, talks of the night
dawning is only circumstantial
O' Sougandhika, you're alike
the dimple laced with fragrance
Shwetha seems like
a peppy girl, right?
Yeah. She's from Sagara.
They're getting her married
to a Theerthahalli guy.
Did I disturb the couple?
- Viji?
- What's the matter, Hari?
- Here.
- Honeymoon package?!
Where did you get the money?
Why now?!
Isn't now the right time for it?
Where did you get the money?
I borrowed money for the store.
- Viji!
- Yeah?
- You're here too.
- Come here.
- Vijay sir!
- What is it?
- Your call letter's here.
- Really?
Take me with you.
The training period is for 2 years.
I've to live in the camp.
Where will you stay?
I'll come home whenever I
get an off, even if it's for a day.
Try and understand!
I can't live without you.
The pain that lies ahead
tomorrow, haunts me as a nightmare
The lonely line of fate on
the page, serves as a warning
The dreadful thought of our
separation continues to coddle me
As I hold back my desires, the
silence has begun to feel familiar
My abode has now
accepted the struggle of pride
For desire has no shame
As I wait for
you this evening
My youthfulness continues to melt
away, awaiting my union with you
Henceforth, talks of the night
dawning is only circumstantial
O' Sougandhika, you're alike
the dimple laced with fragrance
Henceforth, talks of the night
dawning is only circumstantial
O' Sougandhika, you're alike
the dimple laced with fragrance
I spent two years training at the
base camp and during emergencies.
In those two years, I only
spent 23 days with Sougandhika.
One day, I received
a letter, Bhattre.
- For me?
- Yes.
Who writes a letter in today's times?
My friend has sent a letter.
'My dear friend, Vijay'
'You might be wondering
why I wrote a letter'
'What I'm about to tell you is
extremely sensitive and important'
'I'm assuming you're doing well'
'But your family's
well-being is on the decline'
'I don't find Sougandhika's
behaviour acceptable'
'She's becoming close to another guy'
'I don't know if it's just friendship
or if there's something more'
'I went by your house to
discuss this with Sougandhika'
Sir, are the Hegde
products worth buying?
'I enquired about this with
Sougandhika's friend too'
'His name is Madana'
'He met Sougandhika when
she was drying out clothes'
Not bad.
Your house is spacious
enough. One can play in here.
- Are there kids in your home?
- None of your age.
Thank you for calling me a kid.
- Who was that guy?
- How would I know?
How much is this?
Hey! It's you!
The ball girl. Sorry.
She received a message that day.
She was hiding and
reading it. But I found out.
Don't you think you're wrong?
As a wife, I know I'm wrong.
As a woman, I'm doing
right by myself. But...
Where is he from?
Where does he live?
I don't know.
'Get here ASAP, Viji'
'Save your family'
You're here out of the blue?
I'm so happy, you know?
I'm surprised too.
Come on in.
Are you tired?
Sit down.
Couldn't you have informed me?
I would've cooked your favourite meal.
I've only cooked
Tili Saaru for myself.
But it tastes good.
You're fine with it, right?
You didn't tell me because
you wanted to surprise me, right?
I'm really happy.
I was shocked too.
Fine. Now go take a hot shower.
I'll make paayasa
and fry some sandiges.
There's some pickle.
This will do, right?
Should be enough.
- Sougandhika?
- Yeah?
Who is he?
Who do you mean, Vijay?
It's your fault, Vijay.
I had such big dreams, you know?
I'd dreamt of living
such a good life with you.
You left me a few
days after our marriage.
Do you know how
lonely I was after you left?
I used to miss you a lot, Vijay.
As a woman, won't I
have my own desires?
It's true that I was unfaithful.
But it's all your fault, Vijay.
Why did you leave me alone?
Why didn't you understand me?
Won't I have my own
desires and needs?
It's true that I was unfaithful. But...
Idiot! Being a man, how can you cry?
Control yourself, Viji.
Control yourself, man.
What wrong did I do, Harsha?
Calm down.
I don't wish to live any more.
What an immodest
woman she must be!
She justified it too.
Isn't she ashamed?
I was angry enough to kill her.
What?! Viji!
I wrote to you because I wanted
the nip the issue in the bud.
Don't lose control and speak rubbish.
Relax first.
Have this.
Take it.
I don't want it.
Don't you know that I don't drink?
This is the medicine for
the turmoil in your heart.
For all we know, he
might have misused
the fact that she
was all alone, right?
Maybe he messed
with her head. Moron!
Take it easy.
I'm an orphan.
I thought she was my everything.
What did she do?! That bi...!
This is wrong, Viji.
Sougandhika isn't the type.
That bastard is behind all this.
Loneliness can push people
to do unimaginable things.
Drink some more.
I didn't realise how much
Harsha made me drink.
He kept pouring
and I kept drinking.
His words consoled me.
I'll come home tomorrow.
Let us all sit down
and talk, okay?
No, Harsha.
You were right.
That bastard is
behind all of this.
We're home.
You son of a...
- Vijay...
- Aye!
Ay! Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up! Enough with the drama!
You did what you
had to and now...
Look at you sleeping
like you're innocent.
Get the hell up!
Stand up!
Come along!
Can't you hear me?!
Come with me!
Keep walking!
Keep walking!
I don't know anything
about the issue, madam.
I heard a loud commotion at 8.30 P.M.
- I saw her husband come by in the morning.
- Keep quiet!
- I thought the couple were fighting.
- Cordon the area!
- But I didn't expect this to happen.
- Her parents?
- Are you done?
- We're almost done.
They are on a pilgrimage.
They're yet to return.
Make a note of that.
What a dreadful story yours is!
My god!
I'm innocent, Bhattre.
I need to prove my innocence.
- I'll leave right away.
- Ay!
Not now.
Sleep. Recover first.
You can go later.
If one can die from a single blow...
Maybe they can.
Can I ask you something?
How much did you love her?
I loved her more than
she loved her desires.
It was an unfortunate moment.
Think about your future.
Now sleep.
Didn't you mention your friend?
Call him.
Here you go.
- No, Bhattre.
- But why?
The police will be watching him.
I'll leave to Bengaluru.
Nobody should
suffer because of me.
Ay! Move aside!
- What do you want, Sir?
- Look over there.
Sir, there's no one here.
- He must be around.
- What are you looking for?
- Please tell me something.
- Search the backyard.
Please talk to me.
What is going on?!
Your friend Vijay is absconding.
You better inform
us if you see him.
- Else, we'll put you behind the bars.
- What happened?
- Tell me what happened to Viji!
- He's nowhere around.
- Look inside.
- Speak up!
Let us get our hands on him.
We'll tell you everything.
- Sir!
- Look around again.
He's not here. Shall
we inform the officer?
Hold your horses! Let's
look around all night.
Stop right there.
- Where is she?
- Did you see him?
- Where is she?
- You there!
- She's over there.
- Over there?
Check the incoming vehicle.
Have you seen him?
Haleshappa, check with him.
Hello, Sir.
Are you upset about
today morning's call?
No, Sir.
The thing is...
Vijay, the accused has escaped, Sir.
What are you saying, Mallikarjuna?
What do you mean he escaped?
What the hell were you doing?
Forget your transfer request.
You won't get your transfer without
producing the criminal in the court.
What a shitty officer you are!
The case was on
the verge of closing.
- Search everywhere!
- We are on it, Sir.
Also, he's been shot.
Did he die by any chance?
Tell me what the truth is!
No, Sir.
The bullet hit his leg.
Forget your transfer.
Try and save your job, first.
- If he dies, you know...
- I know.
You clearly know a lot.
Fine! Keep me updated.
Hope everything's fine.
Vijay was arrested on Friday morning.
Tonight, they came home and
claimed that my friend's absconding.
Sir, I now doubt the police.
I feel Vijay's in a lot of trouble
Please do something.
When was his wife murdered?
On Thursday night.
- When was he arrested?
- Friday morning.
- What day is it today?
- Sunday.
They claimed that
he escaped today.
What the hell were you
doing all these days?
Did you meet Vijay at the station?
Why not? Were you in coma?!
- Chikkappa (uncle), that night...
- Keep quiet.
You tell me now.
I suspected that he
might have done it.
That night, he
was out of control.
No matter how much he refused...
I got him drunk to console him.
That's why I didn't visit him.
In a way, I'm responsible
for his condition today.
The court won't see
it your way or his way.
It seeks evidence.
Why did you come to me now?
He ran away, didn't he?
The case against him
will only get stronger.
- What can I do now?
- Chikkappa...
He's already suffering.
Before things get worse,
please do something.
I can't think of anything now.
Mr. Pai, how are you?
I'm good.
What's the status of the
case, Head Constable madam?
Oh! So you heard
about it, didn't you?
We were supposed to file a charge
sheet and produce him to court.
The moron escaped before that.
- Didn't you arrest him on Friday?
- Yes.
The post-mortem
report hadn't arrived.
It was due tomorrow.
Your SI is a genius.
He's cornered now, isn't he?
Just let him be, Sir.
He's already tensed.
Your tiff with him
was in the past.
Why dwell on it now?
I won't do anything, Kini madam.
It's all in your hand now.
What can I do now, Sir?
Shouldn't you be doing something?
An elephant can't go
where a cockroach can.
Isn't a cockroach
hungry too, Pai Sir?
You keep me informed.
I'll keep some pink or
grey slips coming your way.
You talk in riddles.
But yeah. Keep them coming.
Her post-mortem report
should come in a day or two.
Let's figure it out.
- Manjunatha!
- Maava?
The joy of reading a newspaper
on a Monday morning is something.
A fresh set of information awaits.
'6,775 crores allotted to
the agricultural sector'
It's necessary.
What a fresh news for the day.
Yet there is a man.
Stuck with the same
dosay, idli and vaday.
There it comes.
Why did Bhatta head over there?
This one's not for us.
We'd ordered dosay too.
How dare he make us wait.
- You took so long.
- Just eat.
- Bhattre!
- Oh! Mamathakka!
Two cups of tea.
Bhattre! Tea!
- I'll see you.
- Yeah.
What do you want?
- Nippattu.
- I'll give them to you.
- Your hands are dirty.
- Is that so?
What happened?
He said my hands are dirty.
There you go.
- Tea, right?
- Two cups.
- Attend the call.
- Good morning, Sir.
Did you collect the report?
Sir we were about to
leave for Theerthahalli.
We were having tea at Melige.
We'll leave in a while.
Do you have any common sense?
Are you still there? Leave
now and get the report!
Have you lost it?
- Head back to the station, got it?
- Yes, Sir.
Where else will we go?
- Mamathakka!
- Hold on.
This guy's overdoing it.
Manjunatha, isn't the
chutney a bit spicy...?
Don't forget to
eat the dosay too.
- Subbanna?
- Yeah?
- I've kept the money here.
- Sure.
I've made sure to
keep the money, okay?
- I shall leave now.
- Okay.
I can't take this any more.
You leave at the earliest.
Wasn't he with us when Vijay escaped?
It's just that his family
ordeal's messing with his head.
His wife's not able to
adjust to our village's climate.
She's suffering
from severe cold.
What disease is it?
Well, it's a case of tonsils.
That's why he's been requesting
for transfer since a year.
It was sanctioned only recently.
Just when he was ready to move out,
this homicide case dropped out of nowhere.
When they first moved here, his
wife suffered from pregnancy pangs.
She wasn't taken to
the hospital in time.
The baby got aborted.
This has been
bothering Gayathri.
- Who's Gayathri?
- Haleshappa, Namaskara!
- Gayathri is Sir's wife.
- Oh.
I wonder what more this
case has in store for us!
Bloody hell!
- Subbanna!
- Oh.
- Oy Subbanna.
- Just a minute.
Oh Seenappa! Did
you just arrive in town?
How's your business doing?
A plate of dosay and
ginger kashaya for me.
Bringing it right away.
- Bhattre!
- Yeah?
What's this stench, Bhattre?
- What stench?
- A terrible one.
Do you smell it?
- What stench? It tastes fine.
- What?!
- Don't you guys smell it too?
- Nope.
Just eat and leave.
Quit throwing attitude.
Are you here to ruin my business?
You'll face my wrath.
- Wait...
- Get out.
- I didn't meant to...
- Just get out of here.
Listen to me.
Quit messing around. Leave!
Comes here to ruin my day.
Sir seems to be upset, right?
Ask officer Basavaraj
if they found him.
Poor guy's been
looking since morning.
My my! Somebody's concerned.
Have some concern for us too.
We also work hard.
Wasn't our SI very
quick with cases before?
Maybe if he puts his family worries aside,
this case might reach a conclusion soon.
Sir is still here.
- The doctor's asking you to come over.
- What is it?
He says it's an important matter.
Okay. I'll be there.
What was that, Subbanna?
It sounded like
someone was screaming.
It was me.
I was sleeping right here.
The damn rat ran right over me.
It's clearly not afraid of me.
I was having a nightmare.
I woke up startled.
I ended up screaming.
Okay. Did you have dinner?
You're the only one who
asks a chef if he had dinner.
Won't the feeder feel hungry too?
Wow! You've learnt
your way with words.
Okay then. I'll leave.
I need to patrol
the village, right?
What the hell was that?
My soul almost slipped
away from my body.
Don't you have any empathy for me?
Why do you do this?
If you need something,
you can ask me, right?
What a grave mistake I've
done by keeping you here!
Now leave!
Why are you troubling me?
What do you want?
What the he...?!
It's hurting a lot, Bhattre.
I'll leave tomorrow.
You're struggling a
lot because of me.
These are two different sets
of finger prints on her body.
The fingerprints on her
cheeks and neck are different
Try a different approach
to investigate, Mallikarjun.
'Wasn't our SI very
quick with cases before?'
'Maybe if he puts his family worries aside,
this case might reach a conclusion soon.'
- Hello?
- We've looked everywhere.
We couldn't find him.
- No clue yet.
- Okay.
- Brother.
- What is it?
- Did you see Vijay around here?
- No.
- Sister?
- Yes?
- Did Vijay come by here?
- Nope.
What happened?
It's nothing. Let's go.
Please don't!
Please don't do this.
I'm innocent, Sir.
Shush! Keep quiet!
- What is it?
- I'll leave now.
I'm troubling you a lot.
Your body's burning from the fever.
How will you even go out?
Let the fever recede.
You can leave after that.
Go on. Have the Kashaya.
It's hot.
Bhattre, some Chutney
and half plate Chitranna.
- Annappa, calm down.
- Coming.
What is it?
I've been watching
you since two days.
Every time this news plays on
radio, why do you act like this?
- Don't worry. Share it with me.
- Why the hell did you come here?
- Move.
- I can't come here?
Is this the Kashmiri
border that I can't enter?
That's not why.
I have a fixed schedule for everything.
When the news starts
playing, I wash the vessels.
I finish cooking by the
time the songs start to play.
Subbanna has his own time-table, eh?
- Everything has to happen on time...
- Now leave.
The man has changed.
He's not the same any more.
Something is really off.
What is he doing...?
Get out of here, Shastri!
What's with your detective act?!
I was just taking a look at how
you've maintained the house.
How else will a bachelor's
house be?! Moron!
You wretched fellow!
Get out of here! Keep moving!
He's really changed.
- If you come back...
- Fine. I'm leaving.
Get lost!
You never came by the store today?
So, I only came by.
Give me tomato. That's all.
Is that all?
- Are you buying it elsewhere?
- No, lady.
Bhattre! There's a woman
in Mrugavadhe. Interested?
She's a widow but is
a very good woman.
She's pretty too.
She works in a factory.
If you agree, I'll talk to her.
She must be around 40.
I'm not interested
in this, Lalithamma.
When did you get into this?
I was just trying
to do some good.
Oy! Don't read
between the lines, okay?
Is it okay if I pay tomorrow?
Bhattre, put your mind to this?
How long do you plan to
manage the hotel all alone?
Let some bangles and
anklets jingle around the place.
You leave now.
I don't have time for that.
'Let some bangles and
anklets jingle around the place.'
Bhattre, three plates of Idli.
Let me check.
I'll leave, Bhattre.
The fever seems to have reduced.
What's wrong, Bhattre?
Why are you stressing yourself?
Forget this. Let's think about the future.
If only she'd shared her
dreams and desires with me...
I could've done something, Bhattre.
Look where I am today.
Desires is like a paayasa (milk pudding).
One should savour it when it's hot.
If you delay savouring it, it'll
leave you with a bitter taste.
Things will go awry.
Hold on.
Forgive me, Bhattre.
I'm not in a state to
accept your consolation.
You're right.
When a rock breaks,
it turns into sand.
But when a heart breaks, one
ends up with a heart of stone.
Then leave.
I'll make all the arrangements.
I'll see you then?
Did the scorching heat blend with
the wind and burn us as we breathe?
Did the curse you uttered take
over and wipe our destiny away?
When the truth sets
out on the streets
It stands face to face,
with destiny opposing it
Has a rain that showered in a place far
away, turned into a flood beneath your feet?
Did a spark that flew elsewhere,
turn into a selfish need that burns?
When's the earliest
bus to Bengaluru?
At 4.30 A.M. From Kuruvalli circle.
The secrets that stand
afar and provoke you
The ties that once seemed
effortless, continue to wrangle you again
What value does death
that occur everyday hold?
Why hasn't this wound not faded away?
When the truth sets out on the streets
It stands face to face, with
fear that creeps in like a shadow
Has rain that showered in a place far
away, turned into a flood beneath your feet?
Did a spark that flew elsewhere,
turn into a selfish need that burns?
Where is she?!
Where is she?!
Has water, the quencher of
your thirst, turned into a whirlpool?
Did the sunlight spew
venom on a blossoming plant?
The words of the heart has
been locked up by the lips
Every moment has now
turned into an act of struggle
When the truth sets out on the streets
It stands face to face, with the
sunlight that wishes to sacrifice it
Has rain that showered in a place far away,
turned into a flood beneath your feet?
Did a spark that flew elsewhere,
turn into a selfish need that burns?
Shall I leave now, Bhattre?
All in time. Now wait.
I've made the arrangements.
The first bus to Bengaluru at dawn
arrives at Kuruvalli circle at 4.15 A.M.
If we leave here at around 3.30.
It'll merely take us half
an hour to get there.
That's it.
Take this for now.
Have this medicine.
Let the fever recede.
I'll wake you up at 3.
Go to Bengaluru.
This bag has two
pairs of clothes.
A towel and a panche.
There's everything.
Everything necessary is in this, okay?
There's around
600-800 rupees in this.
Use it for yourself.
Forget everything and live a happy life.
I was in a position of
protecting all of you.
You've protected me.
You're a soldier in my eyes, Bhattre.
I'm a chef who grinds
the batter at night
Then hope that the
batter rises in time.
The batter is all this chef protects.
Don't compare me
with a mighty soldier.
With the fear I'm experiencing...
I'm wishing that
you leave from here.
I'm also blessing you to
have a good life ahead.
- I mean it.
- I got it, Bhattre.
Now sleep. The tablet has to work.
The fever has gone down.
The medicine worked.
Wake up.
Wake up man!
My dear!
What is it? The fever has reduced.
My dear?
I hope you're not messing with me.
Wake up now.
What happened?!
Wake up, kid!
Kid! Please get up!
- Check who it is at this hour.
- Yes, Sir.
Oh! Subbanna. What
are you doing here?
At this hour?
Oh! It's Subbanna, our Bhattru.
Yes sir. From the Melige hotel.
What are you doing at this hour?!
Where are you off to?
What is it, Subbanna?
Pipe down, Seenappa!
It's all your fault!
What did I do?
Yesterday, he came to the hotel
and complained about a stench.
I cleaned the place all night and was
heading to the garbage pit to dispose it.
Idiot! Have you lost your mind?
Do you know what time it is?
It's 3.30 A.M. What
will people think?
Leave this place now.
I'll come in the morning
and we'll figure it out.
What for now?
I've cleaned the place.
Seenappa, ask him to leave.
Leave now. Get going.
Fine, Sir.
I'll come back in the
morning to dispose it.
Fine. Now leave.
Leave now.
Did it have to be my
hotel for you to die?
You... Ru... You ruined my... life.
I'm innocent, Bhattre.
I'm innocent.
I'll go.
I'll leave this place.
Nobody has to face
troubles because of me.
- Hello?
- Hello, Sir.
- I'm at the station.
- I'm inside. Come in.
I'd asked the ASI to
collect the hard disk.
He's gone to get it.
Why didn't you go
home last night?
Come on. Let's go.
Will you come like this?
Ask them to get the chairs.
- Where is she?
- She's over there! Just go!
Over there?
Not in there.
Go over there.
Over there?
Look over there.
Once brother wins...
Once brother wins the
election, we need to sort him out.
You're right.
Dosay, Idli, Puliyogare, Kesaribath!
Neer dosay, Badami haalu, Kashaya!
My my! Are they
just on the board?
Do you have it for
real in the kitchen?
Not for you.
It's for the others.
Wha... What?! Why not for me?!
I'll also pay for it, mister!
Get me the Kesaribath.
- I need to taste it.
- Really?
Shastri, the
Kesaribath's damn good.
Annappa, you continue
gorging on the food.
I even found cashew
and raisins in them, man.
Was it dry or fresh grapes?
- Come one, man.
- No. Stale ones.
Of course things are going
to be stale at this old hotel.
But you would never know the difference
between stale and spoilt food, would you?
All you know is to
bluff and gorge on food!
- Manjunatha.
- Maava?
- You think he's done with puberty?
- A whole new man!
This one's a side-kick of yours!
Is he there to
clean up after you?
His tail's always wagging
on your command.
Show me your hand.
- His palm lines have faded.
- Don't blindly do as he says.
- Is something burning down there?
- It's itching all over.
That's why you look
like a withering fruit.
I don't care.
Dry fruits are always expensive
compared to fresh fruits.
- Isn't that right, Annappa?
- Of course!
- Of course! He agrees!
- Mister, shut it!
Maava, looks like it's not your day.
Moron you pipe it down!
- Want anything more, Shastri.
- No need.
We're in Melige!
Get down.
Get down! We're in Melige!
He's always dozing off.
Get down! Quick!
Devangi's two stops away.
Is the raisin stale?
Never mind!
Two cups of tea.
Brother, a Kashaya for me.
Bhattru's right here.
Tell him directly.
- Bhattre, a Kashaya for me.
- One for me too.
Bhattre, two cups of Kashaya.
Mr. Shastri, where did
the Kesaribath come from?
There was a lot left.
I'm helping him to finish it.
Bhattre, a Kesaribath for me too.
It's over, Haleshappa.
It was my grandma's
death anniversary.
So, I made some as offering.
What is this, Mr. Shastri?
He's spewing straight lies!
Shut your face, Manjunatha!
I wonder why.
I forgot to ask you.
Did you find your convict?
We stopped looking for him.
Why? Doesn't your department want him back?
It was a simple case.
Our SI lost control over
himself and went bonkers on it.
You know what's the news?
Vijay who went absconding...?
It's been proven
that he's not guilty.
What?! Really?
Was the murderer found innocent?
Now our officer won't
just get his transfer.
He might even get promoted.
You know what's the deal?
The absconding suspect Vijay,
was never the murderer.
Somebody committed the
act and tagged it on him.
'I'm innocent.'
'I'm innocent, Bhattre!'
'I'll go.'
'I'll leave soon.'
'I didn't commit any crime.'
I really am innocent, Bhattre
What if you'd used the dog squad?
We could have...
But there's more to the matter.
Brother, let the case reach an end.
Why are you being hasty?
- We can talk later.
- Quiet!
The officer's beloved pupil.
Thinks he knows better.
Are you done?
Pay up.
- Bhattre, I've kept the money.
- We shall leave now.
- Sure.
- We'll leave now, Mr. Shastri.
- Can you make way for me?
- Oh ya. That was my spot.
How can the police be so careless?
- Shastri!
- Yeah?
The money?
I don't pay for offerings.
I'll see you then. Tomorrow.
Let's go, dimwit!
- Can I eat the rest?
- Shit on the rest!
Just come!
Get lost!
He's here.
Sir, did you find out anything about Viji?
Uncle, he's very upset.
He's unwell too.
Did you find out anything?
It's been proven that
your friend Vijay's innocent.
But turns out he was fired
at the day he tried to escape.
Have you lost your
mind, Subbanna?
You were out at 3.30
A.M. to dispose garbage.
How do I put some
sense in your head?
Come on now.
Let me help you clean the place.
You messed up and are
now acting all innocent.
I cleaned everything
and am clean myself.
Now leave.
I will go.
But I'm famished
after working all night.
Give me something to eat.
A plate of Dosay and
Puliyogare please.
Yuck! Bhattre!
What a terrible stench!
How do I eat this?!
God knows what you cleaned.
Eww! Disgusting!
There you go with your smelly drama!
Son of a dog! Aren't
those eating here humans?!
- Do you people smell anything?
- I don't smell anything, Bhattre.
Did you hear that?
A ghost must have possessed
you during your night patrols!
Now get the hell up!
I'm helping you out and
you're cussing at me!
What's wrong with you?
Let a dog loose and it'll lick
every corner in the kitchen.
Get your damn nose operated!
Now move!
Get out!
- I'll never come back!
- Don't! Just leave!
- Your nose is bloody nosy!
- I shall never step back in here.
Get out of here now!
Him and his stench!
You guys please eat.
Please eat.
Do you have any sense?!
How could you get
into a tiff with Bhattru?
I was striking a deal with him
and you ended up fighting with him.
You don't know, woman.
- His food stinks!
- Poor Bhattru.
He's making a living
feeding people in his hotel.
You go over to
complain of stench.
You'll ruin his business.
Good-for-nothing fellow!
- Sir, hold on.
- The place has a weird stench.
I was famished.
I lost my cool and scolded him.
- You've a mongrel's nose!
- Let me check.
- Don't bring my nose into this.
- Like it deserves a medal instead.
- What's this ruckus about?'
- Madam, look what he's done.
He ruined Bhattru's business
today and had a tiff with him.
I was putting some
sense into him.
I didn't ruin anything.
His food was stinking.
I only told him about it.
Won't that ruin his business?
He's got a mongrel's nose.
We live next to a cemetery, right?
That's why his nose's sensitive.
He's always complaining
about bad smell.
Why are you causing a
ruckus out in the street?
Keep this within your
home. Now leave.
- Get going now.
- Tell her that.
Lalitha, get going from here.
Get going both of you.
Didn't you hear? Leave.
Shall we go?
- Bhattre!
- Yeah?
Good you're here.
I was going to cast my
vote and come to you.
Hope you're not upset, Bhattre.
Upset? About what?
My husband came by and caused
a scene about a stench, right?
I was worried if you got upset.
Put some sense into him.
He complains of stench when
there are customers around.
He has a nose like a mongrel's.
Now let that be.
There you go.
Rat poison.
Rats tend to enter hotels.
My husband's nose
is very sensitive.
He always catches bad scents.
Quit supporting
his baseless theories.
Lace some food with poison.
The rats will eat and
die somewhere far away.
Fine. How much do I
owe you since yesterday?
Don't bother about that now.
Did you give a thought about
what we discussed yesterday?
Get married, man.
Don't let her being
a widow bother you.
She's a very good woman.
Just leave, woman.
I'll take my commission from her.
You don't have to pay a rupee.
Give it a thought, Subbanna.
Let that matter go.
I don't want to get married.
Your husband left
this torch behind.
- I'm trying to help you out.
- Okay. Now leave.
- How many have voted?
- 228 in total.
Is that all?!
It's only 11.30 A.M.
There's time till evening.
Subbanna, don't forget
to vote for our Babanna.
Where's your brother?
I don't see him.
I've no clue where he is.
Didn't I tell you already?
I've not seen him in months.
Excuses won't do.
We'll lose out on votes.
We've to tally our list.
- What's happening?
- It's nothing.
- Oh. Are you on duty here?
- Yes, Bhattre.
We were casually talking.
Take his number.
Let's call him up.
Subbanna, give us his
number. We'll call him.
- Hello?
- Today's Wednesday.
Didn't you inform
them about my scan?
What happened now? How are you?
I'm still alive. Looks like that village's
problems mean more to you than I do.
Try to understand.
There's been a
major disaster here.
I'll call you back later.
What time did he come on that day?
I saw him at 10 in the morning
while I was watering the plants.
He'd come after a long time.
Did you see anybody else come by?
No, Sir.
When in the night did you
hear a commotion from inside?
- At around 8.30 P.M.
- Okay.
What time did you say
you heard the commotion?
Sir, at 8.30 P.M.
How are you so sure of the time?
There was a power cut.
I was watching a TV
soap outside on my mobile.
Which soap was it?
'Love is life'
I've to check the timings to verify.
- Ask about the girl's parents.
- Okay, Sir.
Tell me.
After her marriage, they
left for a pilgrimage.
He left for the BSF training.
Things are grave here right now.
Is it graver than my death?!
I want to live!
I really want to live!
Leave that wretched
job behind and come.
Did you know I stopped
breathing yesterday?!
Do you bloody know what you're saying?!
If I leave this midway,
I'll end up in prison.
Good lord!
My dear!
Try and understand.
I'm in a big mess.
If it's a mess, leave it
behind and come back.
- Why meddle further?
- It's too late now.
Let it go.
How are you?
What happened last night?
So much for your concern.
All I get are phone calls.
Why do men like you
need a wife and children?
We've lost one, yet
you've learnt nothing.
What are you saying, dear?
Who do you think I'm
getting the transfer for?
For you.
Why bother getting
a transfer now?
So much for striving for me!
Are you going to return
to your native, just for me?
You don't get...
You'll end up with a coughing fit.
Calm down please.
My dear!
I'm bloody going to die!
Hello? There?!
My screwed-up fate!
Sir, I'll go look around and return.
You go ahead.
To the double-starred officer.
Having a flashback, eh?
Your uproars from the past?
Looks like the stars are fading,
Looks like your
survival's in danger, huh?
Is the Sub-Inspector
wondering how I found out?
There's a big hole in your life.
All your secrets are leaking.
Apparently, you got transferred.
Apparently, you shot a prisoner.
Apparently, he escaped.
Apparently, the report
suspects that he's innocent.
If that accused has died
because of your bullet...
Apparently, you'll lose your job.
Forget losing your job.
Apparently, you
might end up in prison.
Nobody's saying it, yet.
But if I wish, the entire
department will say so.
With a big grin on it's face.
Whatever it is...
Certain wounds from the
past have a longer expiry date.
If you don't want this to happen.
Listen to me.
I'll reopen my old case.
Accept that you're
guilty in the court.
I'll step back.
No matter who questions you
in this case, I'll take your side.
Or else, I'll be against you.
Looks like the star's
fading away for real.
I could've broken your
hand and told you this.
But I ask you with folded hands.
Let me go, please.
Forgive me.
Good day.
- Subbanna.
- Yeah?
- Give us something cool to drink.
- Sit down.
Sit down.
- Subbanna, Malenadu has never been this hot.
- Yeah.
- Subbanna, did you cast your vote?
- Yep.
- Who did you vote?
- The winner.
Fine. Don't tell me.
- How many quintals did you get?
- Two quintals.
There you go.
- Is it 10 rupees each?
- Twenty in total.
Shall we leave then?
Subbanna, here's the money.
Watch how Maheshappa will win.
I challenge you.
Wanna bet?
Give me a minute.
- Babanna will win.
- No way. He won't.
You eat, kid.
Wait a minute, Subbanna.
Tell me.
Wa... Wai... Wait!
- Screw Babanna!
- You tell me.
Tell us who'll win.
It'll be our Maheshappa, right?
'Dear Subramanya'
'I felt like talking to
you after many years'
'That's why I came by'
'Long ago, we feared our
families and put an end to our love'
'It's been 5 years since
Chandrashekhar passed away'
'Maybe because I married
my uncle, I couldn't conceive'
'Now, I too am alone'
'I know why you never married'
'If it feels right, let me know.
Let's live together'
'I'll be waiting
for your answer'
'Yours lovingly...'
'Dear Subramanya'
I can't live without you
I can't forget you and live on
I can't live without you
I can't forget you and live on
O' my love, O' my companion
O' the one who won over my heart
O' my love, O' my companion
O' the one who won over my heart
I'm now deep in
trouble, O' my beloved
I can't forget you and live on
I can't live without you
I can't forget you and live on
The flowery arrows of memory
have struck my heart hard
I'm helpless; Tell me what to do?
Don't you forget nor
abandon your girl, O' handsome
I yield before you
On this bed of flowers
in this sweltering summer
On this bed of flowers
in this sweltering summer
I'm now deep in
trouble, O' my beloved
I can't forget you and live on
Sir, will you have some juice?
- They're handing out some right here.
- No.
Looks like the lawyer's
gully point has gone weak?
- I met your SI.
- What did he say?
I bowled a couple of googlies
hoping the past would rile him up.
But he came over and apologised.
No wonder you're pissed.
I told you, man.
I told you not to mess with him.
But you're not the one to listen.
Fine. I'll let him go.
But you can take control
of the situation, right?
You claim that he's bothered about his
family and there's no progress in the case.
Why don't you take it forward?
Hurry up.
It's a simple case, Sir.
If you ask me, the
case ended long ago.
But somehow he's
struggling with it.
I know everything.
Not bad, lady.
You're pretty smart.
Aren't we given our appointment orders
based on a minimum qualification, right?
But still...
Shouldn't he know about
the evidence you have?
Before you retire, why not let another
star land on your shoulder stripe?
Mamatha Kini, A.S.I.
What say?
Before somebody else helps
him out, take charge of the case.
There's no one else to help him.
- Kavya!
- I'm coming.
Well, here's the thing.
I've informed Haleshappa.
Hand over this file to him.
- Did you have your coffee?
- Yes, Sir.
Hello, Sir?
Did you have your
coffee, Mallikarjun?
Not yet. Need to have some now.
What's the point any more?
Did you find him?
- Not yet, Sir.
- Why would you search for him?
Turns out the report has
proven that he's innocent?
You've shot an innocent man.
If Vijay dies, you know
what's coming for you.
Forget your transfer
to a different city.
You'll be transferred
to a different station.
Vijay who? What is this about, Sir?
Are you drunk?
Not yet. I need to drink some now.
Do you realise who
you're talking to?
Why are you blaming
me for everything?
You're my senior, Sir.
I shared everything with
you, hoping for some guidance.
But you're giving
me a hard time.
Which Vijay and what
case are you referring to?
Which court is handling
this case? Come again?
There's no such file here.
I could've kept mum
that he escaped, right?
I could've declared her death
as suicide and closed the case.
Am I not right, Sir?
Let it go, Sir.
I'll collect the details and
submit the report by morning.
The rest is up to you.
I'm your colleague, Sir.
Guide me.
Instead, please don't demotivate me.
Hope everything is okay.
Of course.
Everything is okay.
Dear, I'll be leaving by tomorrow evening.
You rest until then.
What brings you here at
this hour, Mamathakka?
I've a splitting
headache, Bhattre.
Can you make one Kashaya for me?
Why didn't you sit, Mamathakka?
- Bhattre?
- Yeah?
Sit down.
I need to talk to you.
What are you doing here?
I was here for a cup of tea.
Shall I order one for you?
I'll have it.
Sir, did you have
some work to do?
I do.
I'll handle. You may leave.
I see some shelves over there.
So, Bhattre?
What's new?
- You'll have to tell me.
- Of course. I will.
A cup of tea for me too.
You've put less sugar, right?
- You can't enter with the shoes on.
- Oh. Sorry, Bhattre.
Can I take them off here, Bhattre?
- Sir?
- Yeah?
This is a kitchen.
Smoking a cigarette...
- Can I smoke over there?
- Yes.
So, Bhattre...
Do you live alone here?
Yes, Sir.
Isn't there anybody
of your own here?
There's an empty road
ahead and the latrine behind.
You won't find anyone else here.
Oh, there's another room here.
Yes. Take a look.
Are you a single child to your father?
No, Sir.
- I have a younger brother.
- Oh.
Is it?
He's my father's second wife's son.
A man of taste
Indeed, a man of taste
Sorry, Bhattre.
I just remembered the song.
Do you own this place?
Yes, Sir.
This place has been
here since my grandfather.
The hotel business has
lasted for 3 generations.
What about the next generation?
- I don't know.
- Why's that, Bhattre?
I didn't study much.
I never let go of this profession.
It filled my stomach.
But my pockets
were mostly empty.
So, I let go of my
desire to get married.
I heard you're into theater?
I'm into folk dance.
It's a passion of mine.
Come on here, Bhattre.
I had to talk to
you. Please sit.
Please sit.
- What's the matter, Sir?
- Just sit.
Come here. Join me.
What's up with you?
Mastikatte Subramanya alias Subbanna?
What's the matter, Sir?
Bhattre, where's your
younger brother, Madana?
Mr. Shastri...
He's our hotel Subbanna's
younger brother, Madana.
I don't know, Sir.
Hold on, Mr. Shastri.
- Let's see what Bhatta has to say.
- Sir...
If an antagonist is
telling a story, it means that
he sees himself as the
protagonist of that story.
Don't make the
mistake of believing him.
Cuff him and throw him
behind bars at the earliest.
Tell me where your
younger brother is, Bhattre?
I've not seen him in 4-5 months.
Can you collect the
hard disk and get it here?
Your younger brother
Madana came by last Friday.
Where did he go, Bhattre?
That night...
It must've been around 7 P.M.
He was sloshed when he came.
I need twenty thousand
rupees urgently.
You can keep all
of this property.
Tell me where to sign.
I want the damn money!
Don't make me
strangle you right here.
I'll leave this wretched place!
I'll never return!
Give me money!
I need the money urgently!
What do you think of yourself?
I'm not giving you a single penny!
Who the hell are you
to give me this property?
Get lost!
If you'll work and live here,
you'll get what's yours.
Else, I'm not giving
you a penny, you bastard!
You think I don't see your act?
You'll keep coming back
and asking for more money.
Walk away before I lose my cool!
I beg you!
I have nobody but you.
I swear I'll never return.
What did you take from inside?
- I'll fall at your feet!
- Ay!
- Leave my bag.
- What did you take?
Give me my bag.
What did you do to them?
Whose home did you wreck?
What the fuck did you do?!
What did you do?
You better give me money.
Else, I'll kill you right here.
Is it?
You'll kill me?
So, you're here
after killing someone?
- Who did you kill?!
- Let me go.
Who the hell did you kill?
Tell me!
I'll give you money.
- I really will. Tell me.
- Really?
I tried hard for 6 months.
The two of us
were about to unite.
She refused and apologised.
Neither did I get her...
Nor did I get any
money from her.
I'd assumed that she'd died.
That's why, I'll go
far away from here.
Give me money.
Where's the money?
- Ay!
- Let go!
- Let go of the money!
- Don't touch that!
Let go of the damn money!
That's mine!
I worked hard to earn this money!
How dare you touch it!
Ay! Get up!
He was dead.
Yes, Sir.
One slap and he collapsed
like a house of cards.
That son of a gun!
What could I do?
What did you do to his body?
I love my life a lot.
Cooking in the mornings.
This hotel.
Theater in the evening.
This was my life.
I lived it happily.
When I thought of them.
It was scary.
I got really scared.
Where is his body, Bhattre?
- What?
- His body?
My own brother.
Accidentally died in my hands.
I didn't wish to rot
in prison all my life.
I chopped him up and
threw him into the oven.
You chopped your brother into pieces...
and threw him into the oven.
Yet, you're saying it without flinching.
When did you
perform his final rites?
Was it on the next day?
Or was it on the third day?
He's an animal that
hurt people all his life.
I didn't feel the need to perform
his final rites and bid goodbye.
I left two idlys as
offerings to the crow.
It pecked hard and ate it.
That was it.
Good Lord!
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It happened in the blink of an eye.
I didn't...
How can you claim
you weren't wrong?
If you'd informed us, we
could've done something, right?
Where's Vijay, Bhattre?
Who's Vijay, Sir?
Have you seen him before?
You had to return 20 rupees.
I didn't ruin anything, madam.
His food was stinking.
One day, when I
went to the kitchen...
He panicked and threw me out.
Today, he's back to normal?
Now where's Vijay, Bhattre?
I don't know, Sir.
What did you do with them?
I'm innocent, Bhattre.
The first bus to Bengaluru at dawn
arrives at Kuruvalli circle at 4.15 A.M.
My destiny is wrecked!
He came here to die.
That bastard!
What could I've done, Sir?
This was wrong.
I knew that my brother
killed Vijay's wife.
So, I let him stay here.
Was that wrong on my part?
Even though I was scared...
I made all the arrangements.
- I asked him to leave.
- Where's Vijay's body, Bhattre?
Sir, I love my life a lot.
Cooking in the
mornings. This hotel.
Theater in the evening.
I lived happily with my life.
When I thought of them.
I got really scared.
Where is the damn
body, Bhattre?!
Will you have some Kashaya, Sir?
Anything will do.
Is this a vegetarian restaurant
or a slaughterhouse, Bhattre?
Why are you being sarcastic?
Such was my fate.
Didn't I tell you it
was all an accident?
This is just a restaurant.
A restaurant of blood and sweat.
All these days, you made dosays on their
pyres and fed everyone, didn't you Bhattre?
What else could I've done?
Even a tree has life.
Don't we cut it, chop it and
put the wood into the fire?
I believed this to be the same.
I couldn't think of anything else.
Let's go, Bhattre.
Where to, Sir?
To the station.
I can't do anything.
You have to be punished.
Okay? Let's go.
Get up.
I was going mad
in the last few days.
I'm now relieved.
Come on. Get going.
Please sit.
I need to talk to you.
Talk about what, Bhattre?
Come along.
What proof do you
have to arrest me?
I'm not Vijay to come along
just because you tell me to.
What proof do you have, Sir?
My dear Bhattre...
Having completed my 10th and 12th.
Graduated from college.
Having studied hard to
graduate the entrance exam.
I finally took the training to gain two
stars on my shoulder stripes, Bhattre.
Won't I know that I need evidence?
Come along.
Come with me.
You've given me a good Kashaya.
Let me show you a
good movie in return.
Take that, Bhattre.
Take that thing over there.
Take it, Bhattre.
Go on now.
This here is called a spy-camera.
It would've recorded
everything you just told me.
Want to listen to it?
Go on. Give it a listen.
Shall I turn it on for you?
Now listen.
Give it to me.
What's wrong with you, Sir?
Having completed your
10th graduating from college.
Having studied hard to
graduate the entrance exam.
You passed the training to...
Cel... Cell. You forgot
to put the cell, man.
Was this your so-called training?
Were you trained
to forget the cell?!
- Your double star...
- Don't you dare say another word.
Don't say another word!
Don't say another damn word!
Bhattre, don't
utter another word.
Just come with me.
- Your training goes straight into the oven.
- Bhattre, stop laughing!
Oh my god!
Apparently, I gave
20 rupees more.
Apparently, somebody
complained of a stench.
Apparently, that dimwit
Shastri saw me panic.
Apparently, you forgot
to put the cell in it.
Good lord! I can't take this any more.
Don't make it worse
and just surrender, Bhattre.
This right here, is
called an accident.
What wrong did I do, Sir?
What wrong did you do now?
Go on.
Go and find a cell.
You couldn't even save your wife...
You think you can arrest me?
Bloody hell!
My life's turned into a living hell.
I'm in anguish!
I haven't slept in three days.
I'm dying every minute.
I'm unable to talk to
my wife and family.
I'm neither with her, nor
am I being able to live here.
I'm struggling hard!
How dare you speak
of saving someone.
Frigging hell!
Who the heck will save you, shithead?
Get up.
Quit acting and get up!
Get the hell up! Move!
Will you have some Kashaya, Sir?
(My dear Subhadra)