Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) Movie Script

The legend of the ten rings
has been told for thousands of years.
Every generation,
the story grows.
But at its centre
there is always one man.
Some say he found the rings in a crater
or stole them from a tomb.
They gave him the strength of a god,
and the gift of eternal life.
He could have used them for good.
But all he wanted...
was power.
He called his army The Ten Rings.
Over the centuries, they spread
into every corner of the world.
They moved in the shadows...
Toppled governments...
And changed the course of history.
He chased money and power
for a thousand years.
But he still wanted more.
Have you heard the legend of Ta Lo?
A hidden village with mythical creatures
and ancient magic.
Where people practise
a martial arts style from the gods.
I want to find it.
Of course. I'll send a scout
to explore the area,
and come back
with more information.
I want to go now.
The forest... moving.
He had nothing left
on Earth to conquer.
That's when he came
for my home.
Where's the entrance
to Ta Lo?
You're not welcome
in our village.
You don't know who
you're talking to.
I don't care who you are.
Turn around now,
and I won't have to hurt you.
Is that all?
That was the first time
I met your father.
He was the last person
I thought I'd fall for.
But love had other plans.
there's much more to know
about the legend of the rings,
but you'll learn about that
when you're older.
If Dad's rings were so powerful,
how did you beat him?
Where I'm from, we are empowered
by the magic of the Great Protector.
When you have the heart
of our dragon,
you can do some amazing things.
Can you still do those things?
I left those powers in Ta Lo
with our dragon,
but what I got in return
is so much better.
I want you to have this.
Whenever you feel lost,
this will help you
find your way home.
Can you remember that?
Hello, sir,
welcome to the Fairmont...
I'm driving.
No, you're not... Katy.
Hey, hey, get back here.
Give me the key.
Please open the door.
Oh, my God.
- Get out.
- You get in!
Look, if happens
to this thing,
we're gonna be jobless
and in debt
for the rest of our lives.
Oh, come on. Nothing's gonna
happen to this car.
I'm the Asian Jeff Gordon.
I don't know who that is.
Most career wins
in all of NASCAR history?
Please get out of the car.
we've been friends
for 10 years, okay?
You know I'm not an idiot.
Please, get in. I'll go slow.
Katy, watch the...
I knew Katy was trouble
the first day we met
in high school.
I was getting picked on a lot,
for all the reasons
we all get picked on a lot.
Plus, I had just moved
to the US,
so I was struggling
with my English,
and I was on my way
to lunch one day
when this guy
who was like twice my size
yells at me
from down the hall,
"What's up, Gangnam Style?"
So I yelled back,
"I'm not Korean, idiot."
And I turn the corner,
and I see this guy
drop his backpack,
he's getting
all up in his face...
And right before he was about
to throw the first punch,
Katy comes out of nowhere,
steps right between us
and starts screaming the lyrics
to Hotel California.
It's the art of confusion.
Works great on stupid people.
And that's how we met.
Then I pulled him
into the parking lot...
At which point she revealed
that she had also swiped
the keys to the guy's Mustang.
Yeah, we went on a little
joyride around the block.
And your wife
was in the car, too.
- That's true. You were.
- What?
I was just in the back seat.
That's a part of the car.
That's still
a part of the car.
How have you
never told me this story?
You know,
before she was a lawyer,
your girl was pretty wild.
Oh! What happened?
I grew up.
What's that supposed to mean?
Yeah, what's that
supposed to mean?
That maybe there's a point
where you're supposed
to stop going on joyrides
and start thinking about
living up to your potential.
Please tell me
you're kidding, Soo.
we're now living in a world
where at any moment
half the population
can just disappear.
Life's too short
and too fragile.
Katy, you're a valet driver
with an honours degree
from Berkeley,
and Shaun can speak,
like, four languages.
You've always been the most
talented people I know.
I just don't get why
you're scared
to actually use it
for something serious.
You sound like my mom.
You also...
dress like her
a little bit, too.
Where's this from, Talbots?
We're not running
from adulthood.
How is it running to have jobs
that you actually like?
Yeah, that doesn't
even make any sense.
Did you think
valet parking is easy?
It's like the most
challenging job ever.
You need people skills,
driving skills...
Soo can't even
parallel park.
Well, it's almost midnight.
We got the early shift.
Should probably be
responsible, go to sleep.
Yeah, we can be responsible.
We can do that.
sideways and under on a...
Take my horse
to the old town road
I'm gonna
Close my eyes
I don't wanna...
Morning, Mrs Chen.
She's not ready yet.
Come have some joe
while you wait.
Katy, Shaun's here.
Yeah, Mom,
be there in a minute.
you're supposed to be helping
your dad stock the shop.
Mom, I can't work on an empty
stomach, my legs get crampy.
Maybe Shaun can help him
instead of just showing up
every day to eat our food.
I'm happy to help.
No, it's Ruihua's job,
let him do it.
That seat's for Waigong.
Oh, sorry.
He's getting all his favourite things
this year for the Day of the Dead.
Are you sure
that Waigong's allowed to take
Funyuns and cigarettes
back to the afterlife?
He can take anything.
Last year I put a bottle of whisky
on his grave...
And it was gone the next morning.
I know you kids think it's silly.
We don't think
it's silly, Waipo.
We just know Waigong would've
wanted you to move on
and enjoy your life.
"Moving on"
is an American idea.
You're American, Mom!
Don't forget.
did my daughter apply
to any new jobs this week?
She really likes her job.
We both do.
Waigong didn't move here
from Hunan
so you could park cars
for a living.
Well, on that note,
I think we're gonna
miss our bus.
I'm sorry
for my unacceptable job.
And for staying out late
last night,
trying to enjoy my life.
But one day, I'll make you
proud, I promise.
I'm proud of you, sis.
Parking cars is super hard.
Thanks, bro.
Maybe one day you'll pass
your driver's test,
live the dream like me.
Come on, Shaun, let's go.
When are you two going
to get married?
Waipo, we're just friends.
All right. Go, go, go.
Look. Look at that.
Look at that girl.
She's writing a research paper
on a bus.
That is exactly the daughter
my mom wishes
came out of her vagina.
I'm sorry about her.
How's it goin'?
Give me the pendant,
and no one gets hurt.
Do you know this guy?
I don't know what
you're talking about, dude.
- Hey! Get off of me!
- Whoa.
What is wrong with you,
I don't want any trouble.
Then give us the pendant!
You have the wrong guy!
Does he look like
he can fight?
Come on, bro!
You okay?
Yo, what up, y'all?
It's your boy Klev,
comin' at you live on the bus.
I actually did take
a little bit of martial arts
as a youth,
so I'm gonna try and grade
this fight as we're goin'.
Holy shit.
Who are you?
You got this, bro!
My bad.
No, no, no!
What the hell's going on?
You really wanna talk
about this now?
Bus driver is down.
I'm not gonna handle this.
Every time I've tried to drive
a bus, I get yelled at.
Go, you freak!
Open the door, please!
The back is about to go.
On my signal,
make a hard right.
What signal?
Everybody to the front now!
Go! Go, go, go.
What's up, y'all? What's up,
y'all? What's up, y'all?
You and your sister
deserve what's coming.
Hold on, everybody!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God!
Sorry. Heh.
We make a good team.
Shaun. Hey.
You need to tell me
what the hell's going on.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
- Macau.
- Macau?
Those guys are going
after my sister next,
and I have to
get to her first.
You have a sister?
Look, I know
this is confusing.
I'll explain it
when I get back, I promise.
No, no.
Hell no, dude.
This is bullshit!
I have been by your side
for half your life.
I get there are things you
never wanted to talk about,
and I never wanted to push.
But a guy with a freaking
machete for an arm
just chopped
our bus in half, Shaun!
Who the hell are you?
My sister sent me this
a few months ago.
I think it's the address
of where she's staying.
Those guys back there
were sent by my dad.
If they hurt her...
I'm sorry, but I have to go.
You can explain on the plane.
No, Katy, you can't just...
You can explain
on the plane, Shaun!
After my mom died...
my dad started my training.
From sunup to sundown,
I was taught every possible
way to kill a man.
By the time I was 14,
I could barely remember
what life was like
before she died.
That's how old I was
when he sent me
on my first assignment.
I was willing to do
anything he wanted.
If he asked me
to burn the world down,
I would've asked him...
Beef or vegetarian?
We're all out of the chicken,
so I can only offer you
beef or vegetarian?
- Vegetarian would be great.
- Yeah, same.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Oh, we're out
of the vegetarian too.
Now we only have beef.
Beef. 'Cause that's all
you have, right?
- Okay, you'll have the beef.
- Yes.
- And...
- Beef.
- And the beef.
- Two beefs.
Did you go through with it?
I knew that I couldn't
go back to him, so I just...
I know this is a lot
to dump on you.
I'm sorry about your mom.
I should also probably mention
that my name's
not technically Shaun.
What is it?
It's Shang-Chi.
No. Shang-Chi.
- Shaun.
- Shang.
S-H-A-N-G. Shang.
You changed your name
from Shang to Shaun?
Yeah, I don't... Yeah.
I wonder how
your father found you.
Okay, I was 15 years old.
All right?
What is your
name change logic?
You're going into hiding.
- Okay.
- And your name is Michael,
you go on
and change it to Mishael.
That's not what happened.
It's like,
"Hi, my name's Gina.
"I'm gonna go into hiding.
My new name's Gina."
Can't hear you. I'm sorry.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, yeah, you can hear me.
Sign here to get in.
I'm looking for my sister,
Xu Xialing.
Have you heard of her?
This is the address she gave me.
Seems like a nice fella.
And this elevator
is definitely up to code.
There's absolutely no chance
of it just falling off
the side of the building...
Bus Boy!
Two million views
in three days, bro!
Damn, dude.
Oh, no.
And you're the driver!
Oh, my Chinese sucks.
Oh, all good.
- I speak A-B-C.
- Oh, great.
- I'm Jon Jon.
- Jon Jon.
to the Golden Daggers Club.
let's get you ready to fight.
Wait. What?
We're a multi-platform
global operation.
Every fight livestreamed
on the dark web.
Thousands of viewers
placing bets as we speak.
This is gonna take your brand
to a whole new level.
Think there's been
some sort of confusion.
I like your spike face.
Usually, you gotta
fight your way to centre ring,
but a viral star like you?
Front of line, baby.
I'm not here
to fight anybody. Okay?
I'm looking
for my sister, Xu Xialing.
Never heard of her.
We just lost a fighter
at the last minute,
so you get the next slot.
Nice one, Helen.
Is he gonna be
fighting in one of these?
Oh, no, no, no. These are
like low-level fights.
You're gonna be
fighting up there.
That hurt, Emil.
You want me to show you
how it feels?
Wong! Wong! Wong!
Wong! Wong! Wong!
Go, Wong!
I always bet on Asian.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, look, I'm not
going up there, okay?
- I'm just trying to...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's too late to back out now.
- You already committed, bro.
- What?
You signed
the contract, remember?
Your name's on the roster.
The bets are piling in.
- Really? What's our cut?
- Oh, it's huge.
It doesn't matter.
It matters.
Dude, I saw you
fight five assassins
and a giant Romanian
with a razor for an arm
on a moving bus.
This is just one guy.
Just do it.
Then we all get paid,
and then I'll help you find
whoever you're looking for.
Come on. You got this.
- You got this.
- Don't be nervous.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
How's the jaw?
Maybe you'll start
controlling those punches
like we practised?
Love that guy.
Now take your shirt off.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the fight we've all
been waiting for.
The incredible
viral sensation,
all the way
from San Francisco, USA,
it's Bus Boy!
What happened to your shirt?
And his opponent
for tonight,
it's Macau's
own fearsome killer...
Xu Xialing!
Wait, wait!
What are you doing?
I know you're upset.
But can you hear me out?
We don't have time for this.
Ooh, that's gotta hurt.
Can you please stop hitting me?
Stop it! I'm trying to help you!
Dad's coming for you.
I'm not fighting you.
You shouldn't have come back.
Sometimes when I'm doing my forms...
I close my eyes,
and it's like I can feel her.
Do you ever feel like that?
I know
what you're going there to do.
I don't know what
he's telling you, but Mom...
Mom's dead.
Please don't leave me here.
I'll be back in three days.
Xu Xialing, you're amazing!
We love you, Xu Xialing!
You run this place?
I own it.
Where'd you
get all that money?
Did you bet against me?
Hi, Xialing. I'm Katy.
You're, like, such a badass.
Everything that you do is,
like, so cool.
That was really cool.
I like your pants.
Thank you. Thanks. Yeah.
What do you want?
The Ten Rings ambushed us
in San Francisco.
I saw the video.
They took my pendant.
They're gonna come
for yours next.
I don't know
what he wants with them,
but we both know
it can't be good.
You know what he said to me
when he left?
"I'll be back in three days."
And after three days,
I went to our mom's shrine
and waited.
Three days
turned into a week,
a week turned to a month,
and a month
turned to six years.
That's how long
it took me to realise
I didn't need him any more.
I built this place on my own.
I didn't need you then,
and I don't need you now.
Then why would you
send me the postcard?
What postcard?
I didn't send you this.
Is there a back exit?
Hey. Hey!
Hey, open up!
She's gone, dude.
What do we do?
What do we do?
Come on!
Oh, hell no. Screw you!
I'm not doing this.
If we make it to the elevator,
we can hop in
on the next floor.
Katy, we're out of options.
We have to go now.
One, two, three.
Just head
straight for that elevator.
You got this.
I'll buy you some time.
Just keep going.
On a dark desert highway
Cool wind in my hair
Shaun! Shaun!
Oh, my God! Ohhh!
I'm coming!
Hang on.
You left us for dead!
Now you know how it feels.
What does
he want with the pendant...
Did America make you soft?
He has the pendant!
I told my men
they wouldn't be able
to kill you if they tried.
Glad I was right.
I've missed you, my son.
Let's go home.
My son is home.
Take the girls to their room.
I've seen some really
scary stuff this week,
but your dad's on,
like, a whole 'nother level.
Is he gonna kill us?
Just nod. Don't talk.
He'll forget you're there.
That's how I survived.
He always treat you like that?
Only after my mom died.
He said he couldn't look at me
because I reminded him of her.
I wasn't allowed to train
with the boys.
But I watched
everything they did
and taught myself
to do it better.
When did you leave?
I ran away when I was 16.
As soon as I knew
my brother wasn't coming back.
You started an underground
fight ring in Macau
when you were 16 years old?
If my dad won't let me
into his empire,
I'm gonna build my own.
Hell yeah.
That's enough.
Have you been
practicing your English?
You have to strengthen your
mind along with your body.
If you want them
to be yours one day,
you have to show me you're
strong enough to carry them.
How did you find me?
I always know
where my children are.
I gave you 10 years
to live your life,
and where did it get you?
Now it's time for you
to take your place by my side.
That's not gonna happen.
American girl.
Her name is Katy.
What is your Chinese name?
Names are sacred, Ruiwen.
They connect us
not only to ourselves,
but to everyone
who came before.
A funny story.
Some years ago,
a terrorist from America
needed a boogeyman
to bring your country
to its knees.
So, he appropriated
The Ten Rings.
My Ten Rings.
But because
he didn't know my actual name,
he invented a new one.
Do you know the name he chose?
The Mandarin.
He gave his figurehead
the name of a chicken dish.
And it worked.
America was terrified.
Of an orange.
The truth is,
I've had many names
throughout my life.
The Warrior King, Master Khan,
the most dangerous man
on Earth.
For years, I thought that was
all I was meant to be.
But when I met their mother,
everything changed.
She showed me a part of myself
I didn't know was there.
It was like I was seeing
the world for the first time.
She gave up everything
so we could be together.
And so did I.
You know who's in there?
Say, "Hello, little sister!"
After all those years,
I finally found something
worth growing old for.
My real name is Wenwu.
She was the only one
who called me that.
And when she died...
I was lost for many years.
But I'm not lost any more.
When you children ran away,
I was so desperate
to connect with your mother,
I threw myself back into
the studies of her village.
The legendary Ta Lo.
I wasn't able
to find the secret path
to the village entrance,
but I did find
what they are hiding.
There's a gate
deep in their mountains.
Your mother
is waiting for us there.
I know this is a lot.
I might not have believed it
if she didn't tell me herself.
What are you talking about?
I was sitting right here
in this seat,
deep in my research...
and she spoke to me.
It was like
she was standing in this room.
I could feel her breath
on my cheek
and her hand on my back.
She told me she needs my help.
To do what?
To save her from her people.
After we fell in love,
your mother wanted us
to live in Ta Lo.
She asked permission
from the elders,
and they refused.
They said I wasn't worthy.
She would still be with us.
We would all be
living there together.
Ta Lo did this to us.
They locked her behind
that gate to punish her.
Don't you see?
She's leaving clues for us.
She wants us to find her
and bring her home,
so we can be a family again.
Dad, Mom's gone.
She's not talking to you
from behind a gate,
and she's not leaving
any clues for us.
Then what are these?
The passage to Ta Lo
is guarded by a moving maze.
But there's a direct path
through the forest
that only opens once a year
on Qingming Jie.
To get through,
you need to know the route
and the exact time it opens.
Now I know both.
Three days from now,
we will rescue
my wife from her prison
and bring her home.
This is why you're here.
To help me
bring her back to us.
And what happens if they don't
let you open the gate?
We'll burn the village
to the ground.
You can't just march
into our mom's village
with this bullshit.
I mean, do you have
any idea how insane...
Where are you taking me?
When will you stop pretending?
Lock them up.
It's okay, my dear.
We're all going to be
together soon.
So, um,
pretty confused right now,
because, uh, initially
I thought your dad should
definitely see a therapist
for his delusions,
but then that dragon
vomited a magical water map,
and now I have no idea
what's real.
Is what he said
about your mom's village true?
She used to tell us stories
about Ta Lo
when we were kids.
A village in another dimension
full of magical creatures.
I thought
it was just a fairy tale.
What if Dad's right?
About Mom being locked
behind a gate
by her own people?
Crazier things
have turned out to be true.
Look, I don't know
what the hell is going on,
but if we don't find a way
to get to Ta Lo before him,
he's gonna destroy everything
that's left of our family.
This family was destroyed
a long time ago.
The hell was that?
You're going
toward that noise?
"Wake Duncan
with thy knocking.
"Oh, I would'st
though could'st.
"My deed 'twere best not..."
Oh, hello, loves.
What year is it?
Who are you?
Trevor? Slattery?
The actor from Liverpool?
Are you the governor's kids?
I've been preparing
a monologue
for your homecoming dinner.
Oh. Where's she going?
Why are you down here?
Well, some time ago,
I was offered
the role of a terrorist.
I know, facile, trite,
I couldn't agree more.
But times were lean,
you know what I mean?
Anyway, the producer told me
he worked for the BBC.
But, ironic twist,
it turns out he, in fact,
was a terrorist,
and I wasn't playing
a character at all,
but what I now recognise to be
a rather unflattering portrait
of your father.
We all got our just deserts.
The producer
got blown up by Iron Man,
and I served time
in federal prison,
which turned out
to be the best thing for me.
I got clean,
I rediscovered my passion.
- Then my dad broke you out?
- Exactly.
- To kill you.
- Exactly.
But just as his men
were tying me up
for my execution,
I launched into a performance
of my Macbeth.
"Whence is that knocking?
Wake Duncan
"with thy knocking.
I would'st though could'st..."
They couldn't
get enough of it.
I've been doing weekly gigs
for the lads ever since.
So you're like his jester?
I can give you a quick preview
if you like.
"Nuncle, nuncle, nuncle..."
Uh, thank you, Trevor.
I think we're okay.
Right now, we really just
need to find a way to...
What the hell?
What the... Oh!
- Whoa!
- What is that?
What's what?
- That! What is that?
- That! That! That!
You can see Morris?
Oh, Morris!
They can see you! You're real!
All this time I thought
I was hallucinating him.
Oh, this is such fab news.
Where's his face?
He's a bit sensitive
about that.
Oh. Really?
Morris says he knows
who you are.
It talks... It talks to you?
If he didn't talk to me,
I'd have gone mad yonks ago.
How would he know me?
He says he grew up
with your mum. In Ta Lo.
Apparently, your father picked
him up in some magic forest
on one of his expeditions
to find the entrance.
He wants you to take him home.
Believe me, buddy,
I would if I knew how.
According to my dad,
the path there
only opens once a year.
Morris says he can guide you
there right now.
You can get through the maze
without waiting
for the path to open.
But, and it's a big "but,"
it's very dangerous.
How dangerous?
No one's ever
made it out alive.
But Morris is 90% confident
he can guide us
through safely.
Look, I've done dumber things
with worse odds.
But even if
that chicken-pig is right...
...we're still locked
in your...
How did you...
Dad has a tunnel system
under the whole compound.
That's how
I escaped last time.
This will take us
straight to the garage.
Oh, my God.
I kinda like this guy.
Just head up that ramp
and through the front gate.
Should be a straight shot.
Figure we got about
30 seconds until he...
Do you mind?
I get sick in the back.
That's my car!
God damn it.
Hold on.
Is there another exit?
The other end of the garage.
But we need a fingerprint
to open it.
What's happening
back there?
Doing my best.
hand print for gate access.
- Hurry up!
- I'm trying!
Scan hand print
for gate access.
Access approved.
They will come back
once I bring her home.
Prepare the men for war.
Yes, sir.
The first time
I witnessed pure artistry.
1968. Planet of the Apes.
I was sitting in the cinema
next to my mum,
watching mastery
unfold before my very eyes.
After the film, I asked her,
"How did they get those
monkeys to do those things?"
And she patted me on the head
and she said,
"It's not real, pet.
It's just acting."
That's when I knew.
If they can teach
those monkeys
to act that brilliantly,
just imagine what I could
bring to the world.
So you became an actor
because you thought
the monkeys were actually...
Riding horses? I did. Yes.
When, in fact,
they were simply acting
as if they were riding horses.
I still can't get my head
round it, to be honest.
Good for you, dude.
You found your passion
and went for it,
and eventually used it
to cripple the US government,
but whatever.
No, yeah, thanks.
Um, this is really cool
and all,
but how long
do we have to sit here?
Morris is very clear.
The way through
is all about timing.
Okay, but how long
are we talking?
Like, hours? Days?
I am but a transitory vessel
for the infinite wisdom
of a creature
far more advanced than
we'll ever truly understand.
What he sees, what he feels
of this vast, unknown universe
is beyond anything
our simple brains can...
Oh. You can go.
Go. You can go. He says "go."
You should speed up.
What? Why?
Katy, go, go, go!
Morris says,
- "Hard right on three."
- What?
Hard right where?
And left.
It's all about staying
in the pocket.
- What pocket?
- We're in it now.
What happens if
we don't stay in the pocket?
The forest eats us.
Eats us? What does that mean?
He says it eats us.
Go left.
- Watch your back!
- Stay in the pocket.
- How close is it?
- Five metres.
- Stay in the pocket.
- What is that in feet?
Really fricking close.
Stay in the pocket.
Will you just stop saying,
"Stay in the pocket"?
One last right,
then straight on to the end.
You might wanna hurry up.
What do you think I'm doing?
We're not gonna make it.
I'm coming home, Mummy.
Morris says,
"Great job, everyone."
Now, all we have to do
is go through that waterfall,
and we're pretty much there.
Bloody hell.
I think those birds
are on fire.
Really? Oh.
Morris says it's normal.
They're old mates of his.
That's a weird horse.
What's it looking at me for?
Hi there!
I am Xu Shang-Chi.
This is my sister, Xu Xialing.
We're Ying Li's children.
This is my friend, Katy.
Get in your car and go home!
Please. You don't understand.
Guang Bo!
What are you doing?
Put down your weapons!
I'm your aunty Nan.
I've waited so long to meet you.
You look like your mother.
Hi, I'm Katy.
Welcome to Ta Lo, Katy.
Oh, thank you.
Look who has found
his way home!
I'm not a threat.
Just an entertainer.
Morris can vouch for me.
We don't have much time.
Our father is coming.
Our people have been
here for over 4,000 years,
preparing for something
we hope will never happen.
We are the keepers
of the Dark Gate,
sworn to protect this realm
and yours
from the evil
that's locked behind it.
Our dad is coming
here to open that gate.
He thinks
you're holding our mom there.
Why would he think that?
She told him.
He says he can hear her
asking for help.
Is he wearing the rings?
He hasn't
taken them off since she died.
What do they have to do
with all this?
The realm of Ta Lo
stretches far beyond
the shores
of our small village.
We have cities that surpass
any in your universe,
rich with culture and history.
Thousands of years ago,
all of our people
lived in peace and prosperity,
until the attack
of the Dweller-in-Darkness.
He came with his army,
devouring every soul
in their path,
and with each kill,
they grew stronger.
After decimating
our largest cities,
they were headed to
your universe to do the same.
The leaders of Ta Lo sent
their strongest warriors here
to stop them from reaching
the portal to your world.
But our ancestors
were no match for them.
Until The Great Protector
joined their fight
and turned the tide.
Together, they pushed
the Dweller and his army
into the Dark Gate
and locked it behind them.
Our people have guarded
that gate ever since,
empowered by the magic
of The Great Protector
and the gift that she gave us.
Dragon scales.
Makes very good armour.
Your father isn't the first
to come here
to open the Dark Gate.
Many have tried and failed
over the centuries,
and they all had one thing
in common.
They were lured here
by the voice of something
on the other side.
A voice that promised them
their greatest desires.
So you think soul eaters
are talking to our dad?
They know The Ten Rings have
the power to break them free.
Here you go.
To the range.
What? Okay.
Um, looks like I'm gonna go
deliver some dragon arrows.
Oh, you're gonna deliver
some dragon arrows?
Make myself useful, you know.
Thank you.
Let's go see your mother.
I just love how you guys know
exactly what you wanna do,
and you spend your whole life
getting really good at it.
I wish I was more like that.
It's like every time I get
moderately good at something,
I just quit
and start something new.
But I just know my own limits,
and I'm not gonna waste
my time chasing something
that will ultimately be
a disappointment for me.
That's not me.
Guang Bo.
Let her shoot.
If you aim at nothing,
you hit nothing.
You were everything to her.
She knew that one day
you would find your way here
and asked me to prepare
something for your arrival.
After losing someone like her,
it's easy to feel alone
in this world.
But you're not.
You are children
of this family,
and I welcome you home.
You're not
in your father's house any more.
In Ta Lo, we train as equals.
You've been in the shadows
long enough, my child.
Guang Bo, you saw that?
That was tight!
My mother was the only one
who could beat him.
Show me how she did it.
No, sorry.
Sorry. Offside, offside.
Your mother knew
who she was.
Do you?
You are a product
of all who came before you.
The legacy of your family,
the good and the bad,
it is all a part
of who you are.
Stop hiding, nephew.
It only prolongs the pain.
We'll be together soon.
The men are ready.
The passage will open at dawn.
I'll prepare the vehicles.
Lead with your breath.
Look into your heart,
the light and the dark.
To know yourself,
you must face them both.
Your husband tried to destroy us.
The Iron Gang is here
to repay that debt.
My husband is not the man
he used to be.
It doesn't matter.
Your business with him has nothing
to do with my children.
They can go,
but someone has to pay.
Xialing. Shang-Chi.
Go inside.
I'm going to talk to our guests.
But you don't have your powers.
Shang-Chi, you have nothing to fear.
She told me I could change.
That I could leave my past behind.
But she was wrong.
If I hadn't taken them off,
those men wouldn't have
dared to do this.
And now they will pay for it.
Where's your boss?
I don't know!
I swear I don't!
A blood debt has to be
paid by blood.
Will you help me?
We found the man
responsible for killing
your mother.
It is your right
to finish this for both of us.
And when you return,
we will rebuild The Ten Rings
to what it once was.
Been looking
everywhere for ya.
You okay?
I'm not who you think I am.
You already apologised
for that. We're good...
That's not what
I'm talking about.
What... What is it?
When my dad sent me to find
the man who killed my mom...
I told you
I couldn't go through with it.
I lied.
I thought that
I could change my name,
start a new life, pretend like
it never happened.
She would hate
the person I've become.
Your dad trained you
to be an assassin
when you were seven.
He sent you on a hit at 14.
You realise how messed up
that is, right?
My mom is dead because of him.
And now he's coming
to destroy her home.
A blood debt
has to be paid by blood.
What are you saying?
I'm gonna do
what he trained me to do.
I'm gonna kill him.
He's here.
You're not ready.
She stays here.
Are you here
to help the people
holding your own mother
She isn't back there.
You're being lied to
by a creature
who wants to destroy us all.
Is that what they told you?
I know my wife's voice.
I miss my sister
as much as you do,
but this is not the way
to honour her memory.
Did you honour her
when you turned her away
from your gate?
You fool. We turned you away.
The sins of your past would have
destroyed this place.
Be careful how you speak to me,
young man.
I've lived ten of your lifetimes.
Let me pass.
We cannot do that.
Burn it down.
Stop him!
Are you planning to stop me
all by yourself?
I'm not afraid of you.
Yes, you are.
You've spent
your entire life afraid.
Always running,
always hiding.
You were there
when they came for her,
and you did nothing.
You stood at a window
and watched her die!
She was gone
and we needed you.
But you chose those damn rings
over us.
You trained your son
to be a killer.
Is this what you wanted?
Even if you could
bring her back,
what makes you think she'd
want anything to do with you?
Save me.
Save me, my dear.
Save me.
I'm coming, my love.
He breached the gate!
Those things
are gonna kill us all
if we don't work together.
You think
I'm going to fall for that?
Your weapons are useless
against them.
We don't need your help.
We are the mighty Ten Rings,
and any...
We... We should work together.
Release them.
Release them!
What are they doing?
Stealing souls to
feed the Dweller-in-Darkness.
If it grows strong enough,
it will break
right through the gate.
That was just the beginning.
It's too dangerous.
I have to help my friends.
Don't die.
Everyone to the water now!
To the lake! Let's go!
Let's go!
Hey, where's your brother?
I was hoping you knew.
Save me.
Aim at the sky,
to win or die!
Deep breath.
Shang-Chi, you have nothing to fear.
You have the heart
of our dragon.
I will always be a part of you.
And your dad will too.
Take everything we've given you
and make it your own.
I'm so proud of you.
Our family needs you.
You have to stop your father!
She's not back there, Dad.
Get out of my way, boy.
Calm down, mate.
I'm not dead,
it's just a performance.
Now get down here
and play along.
I have to save her.
She's calling to me.
I wish that were true.
Dad, please.
Your family needs you.
Let me out!
It's headed for the village!
If it gets our dragon's soul,
it will be unstoppable!
Aim for the throat!
You have to let me go.
Let go!
I'm not leaving you again.
Holy shit.
we honour those
who gave their lives
so we might see another day.
They were more than warriors.
They were our mothers
and fathers,
our sisters and brothers.
And though we will always
hold on to their memories,
tonight we release them
to rest with our ancestors.
Farewell, Dad.
Mum, we'll be okay.
A thousand years ago,
and a thousand years from now,
we will always be together.
I seriously thought
we were going to die.
And I'd only learned
how to shoot a bow,
like, a day earlier,
now I'm on a battlefield,
killing all these Soul Suckers
with Shaun's aunty,
who's this awesome,
magical kung fu goddess.
And I'm hanging on
to The Great Protector
with my sister at this point,
trying not to get eaten
by the Mega Soul Sucker.
Oh, the Mega Soul Sucker
was such a nasty bitch.
Yeah. It was trying
to eat our dragon's soul.
Which would have
allowed it
to destroy
the entire universe.
I only had
one arrow left,
and all I could hear
in the back of my mind
was my mom's voice saying,
"Just take the shot,
you little mooch!"
And so, I aimed
right for the Sucker's throat
- and I let her fly.
- She hit it dead on.
And then Shaun used
the Ten Rings
to do this crazy
Kamehameha fireball
that exploded the thing...
...and he saved the world.
Yeah, we, uh, lost
some good people that day...
but we made it.
We made it.
Are you done mocking me?
Oh, no. We're not mocking you.
So where is this sister
of yours?
She's back
at my dad's compound,
shutting down his operations.
Yeah, his dad was the head
of The Ten Rings
for the past thousand years.
Two weeks ago, you were
parking cars for tips,
and you want me to believe
you're now saving the world
from soul-sucking monsters?
I know, you're trying
to get me back
for what I said last time,
but I'm not gonna apologise...
...for speaking the truth
as a friend.
I really meant what I said,
and, in fact, I actually think
this whole bit you're doing
just further proves my point.
You guys are obviously...
- What?
- Shang-Chi.
Uh... Here.
My name is Wong.
Yeah, I know, sir.
I'm a huge fan...
Do you have the rings?
Uh... Yeah, yes.
Good. Let's go,
we have a lot to talk about.
You too.
Me too?
- I think we should...
- Yeah.
- Uh, we gotta go.
- Yeah.
I know this is, like, crazy,
but I'm gonna text you,
and we'll do this again.
Nice to see you, John.
I'll Venmo you for the...
You was crusin' with your top down
Fourth of July
I was movin' down the block
We got caught at the light
Out my window
I was shooting my shot
Watching fireworks in the sky
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
You'll find love with me somehow
Yes, somehow
I'm calling it now
In the summers we let the top down
Soak up the light
All I wanted was just to lock down
the love of my life
Nice and simple
like a midnight drive
Watching fireworks in the sky
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
You'll find love with me somehow
Yes, somehow
I'm calling it now
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Every line, every word
every noun and verb can define you
Ooh, ooh, ooh
You were shy
but you told me to pull over
And now I'm right behind you
We was movin' kinda fast
but the feeling was right
We should cruise up to Nevada
Get married tonight
Life is simple
as long as you're in my life
Watching fireworks in the sky
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
I'm calling it now
You'll find love with me somehow
Yes, somehow
I'm calling it now
They don't match any artefacts
from our codex.
What do you think?
Mm, I'm not sure.
They're not vibranium.
Not like any alien tech
I've seen.
How long did your dad
have them
before he gave them to you?
About a thousand years.
Their thermoluminescence
they're older than that.
By a lot.
The first time
you used the rings,
we felt it in Kamar-Taj.
What is it?
A beacon.
They're sending
a message.
A message to where?
I'm so sorry.
I have to deal with this.
You can get my number
from Bruce.
It was so nice to meet you.
Yeah, I...
I don't have her number.
She... She does this a lot.
Guys, stay safe.
Welcome to the circus.
I know this is a lot
to take in,
but you're gonna have
to start getting used to that.
From now on,
the trajectory of your lives
will be like nothing you've
ever experienced before.
And there's no going back.
You both have a long journey
ahead of you.
Go home, get some rest.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
Yeah. Yeah,
we probably should do that.
Welcome to the Hotel California
- Such a lovely place
- Such a lovely place
- Such a lovely face
- Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
- Any time of year
- Any time of year
You can find it here
Her mind is Tiffany-twisted
She got the Mercedes bends, uh
She got a lot of pretty,
pretty boys she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard,
sweet summer sweat
Some dance to remember,
some dance to forget
So I called up the Captain
"Please bring me my wine"
He said, "We haven't had
that spirit here since 1969"
And still those voices
are calling from far away
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say
Welcome to the Hotel California
- Such a lovely place
- Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin' it up
at the Hotel California
- What a nice surprise
- What a nice surprise
Bring your alibis
They're waiting.
Let's get started.
We have a lot of work to do.