Shangri-La: Near Extinction (2018) Movie Script

(mysterious music)
(dramatic music)
[Kalo] Everyone knew it would
all come to an end someday,
sooner than later.
Of course, no one really
wanted to think about it,
even less do anything about it.
Pretend it's not real and
hopefully it won't happen
except well, it did happen.
[Male] Launch for all
satellite carriers is a go.
[Female] Satellites
created as weapons
to protect the human race
are now altering
weather patterns
at an alarming pace.
[Male] Something
about a new ice age,
a potential extinction
level event.
[Kalo] Just like
many had predicted,
the human race
engineered its own demise
and gleefully marched to
the brink of extinction
and yet after all the
world's been through,
life still hangs
on just by a thread
my name is Kalo and
my companions and I
have been on a quest for hope,
a search for a new beginning.
Over the years, our little
motley crew of survivors
has gone through many changes.
We lost many good people
like we did again recently
when we stumbled upon
a military convoy
that was under attack.
Hey stop.
[Male] Stay on
guard, be careful.
[Pax] Vargas, what is it?
You and that supply convoy,
looks like they're under attack.
Who the hell
would be dumb enough
to attack a UMF convoy?
I think that's what
they're trying to figure out.
So should we turn
around or something?
What's the plan?
They're UMF,
so they're obviously
trying to take them down.
I mean, we could try
to help them but...
But then they'd come after us.
Will you all shut up?
Find who killed him
before they take
another one of us out.
Over there.
(guns firing)
Wow, they're fast.
For god's sakes, save your ammo.
Only shoot if you
know you gonna hit.
may I suggest maybe
we call this in?
Home base, this is blue team,
53, 14, do you copy?
[Female] Blue team 53,
14, home base, go ahead.
(guns firing)
Ah, my arm!
Pull back, retreat, retreat.
Everyone stay hidden.
They just left them there?
Yeah, that's cold.
I think they're dead
but what if they're not?
I think I can help them.
We'll check on
them when it's safe.
Right but if they're not
dead every second counts.
I think they need our help.
Right but you can't
help them if you're dead.
You got a point.
So stay put for now.
Leda, what are you doing?
Come back.
Leda, come back.
Yeah, they're gone.
I guess when it's
your time to go,
it's your time to go.
(gun fires)
Leda, no.
(dramatic music)
- No.
- No good, no good.
(engine revving)
What are we gonna do now?
If you do anything, it'll
put all of us in danger.
Damn it, I warned
him, I told him
and he didn't listen.
He never listens.
Okay, I'm sorry
about Leda, I really am
but whoever killed
those two soldiers,
they're probably still here.
Yeah and they're watching us.
[Kalo] To the
left, nine o'clock.
One on the left,
one on the right.
[Vargas] What did you say Gyro?
V, watch out.
(gun fires)
He made a whole in my backpack.
Pax, same as Moscow.
I'll try.
[Pax Voiceover] Surrender,
surrender, surrender.
Stop it, it hurts.
Get out of my head.
Put the blade down.
Put your hands up.
Make it stop, please.
Alright, we have your friend.
So you might as well
just come out now.
Okay, you got us, you
win, congratulations.
It's just the two of us.
We're sorry, alright.
It looked like you guys were
trying to steal our loot
and well your big
backpacks look so appealing
so we had to give it a
try, you know what I mean?
But you can't blame
us for trying, right?
[Kalo] The twin brothers
who attacked the UMF Convoy
could make a great addition
to our little family.
Whether they can be trusted
still remains to be seen.
We got caught in a
blizzard which slowed us down
and we knew we were
gonna be in a sweet path.
So we found this
place three days ago
and decided to settle
here for a bit.
And so what, to pass the time
you just ambush UMF troops
and throw blades at people?
You do what you
gotta do to survive,
you know what I mean?
We understand surviving
but you guys don't seem like
you're in too bad of shape
so maybe next time you
want to think twice
before you try and kill people,
any people but
especially your kind.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we're not Ekon Kar freaks,
we just wanted your supplies
and well, she's not one of us.
Some things are in the
eye of the beholder Aisa.
Gyro pulls her weight.
So she may be different
but she is part of our group.
As far as we're concerned,
she is one of us.
All you need is love,
that's what they say.
Song by the Beatles
released July 1967.
What's the Beatles?
And by the way, Aisa,
it's me you tried to
take our first, not her.
That was just strategy.
Take out the leader.
So where are you
two actually headed?
Nowhere really,
just moving around,
hunting, scavenging for food.
Like we said, just surviving.
And you think ambushing
a UMF supply convoy
is gonna help?
'Cause in most cases,
that shortens your life span,
especially when there's
only two of you.
That was just a spur of
the moment opportunity.
We needed food, nothing to lose.
So what about you guys?
Where are you headed?
(scoffs) Yeah right.
You mind sharing
the map with us?
More like looking
for Shangri-La.
And we do have a
map, pieces of it.
And Gyro talks too
much, zip it, I know.
They seem okay.
Maybe you should tell them.
They could help us.
Help us or maybe
try and kill us again.
You can trust us.
If we're with you,
we're with you 100%.
- The truth, the truth.
- No, no, no, wait, not again.
Alright, you can tag along,
come with us to Shangri-La.
You know where it is?
Well we know how to find it.
But you try
anything, you're out.
Alright, we'll leave
first thing in the morning.
[Kalo] Letting the
twins come with us
was a strategic move,
strength in numbers,
but a risky one.
Knowing that they had a pack
of green eyes or greenies
on their tail.
In spite of our special bond,
I disagreed with Vargas
but it wasn't up to me.
Greenies, never give
up, always find you.
And then...
Okay, so do we have a deal?
I think we do.
Great, new friends,
I love friends,
they'll be there for you.
There's a blizzard coming
and our next stop is at least
four days walk from here.
So we're all gonna
need to get some rest
and save up our energy.
We're gonna need it.
I'll keep watch
tonight just in case.
[Kalo] The twins joining us now
means that we too are probably
being tracked by green eyes.
Just one of many threats
looming over our heads.
But being pursued by monsters
is nothing new to us.
The more you run, the more things
tend to catch up with you.
It's just a question of time
until you can no longer run,
the clock always ticking.
But as we continue
our search for hope,
and as I carry my task of
documenting our journey,
I've come to realize
that I myself
no longer believe
in the very thing that
we've been looking for.
[Pax] We should
be close now, right?
[Gyro] Oh yeah, very close,
very, very close, very.
[Pax] Good, I can't
feel my face anymore.
[Vargas] There
it is, we found it.
(mysterious music)
[Vargas] The door
is frozen shut.
Here we go,
come on everyone,
get in, get in.
[Pax] Finally, out of that snow.
[Vargas] Come on, so
I can close the door.
Five days with the sound
of that wind in my ears.
Swear I thought I was
gonna lose my mind.
It's been a long
journey but we're here,
we made it.
We made it?
Yeah, we did except
we lost our healer
to the UMF not even a week ago.
Him and half our supplies.
And not only that
but we probably have a
pack of green eyes after us
thanks to the dumb
brothers over there.
Hey, you agreed to let us come.
He's right, we did.
And you know they'll
track us here eventually.
So I'm sorry, Vargas,
I'm just not sure if we made it
is the way that I would put it
but that's just me.
Kalo, shh, it's okay.
Alright listen, I understand
your frustration, I get it.
We've lost other people before
and this probably won't be
the last time unfortunately.
We will deal with Leda's loss
and pay our respects in due time
but first, we have
to secure this place,
make sure it's safe.
Come on.
Let's do this.
So this must be the
main entry point.
Let's secure it
first, then deploy.
Got it.
What time is it?
Four hours to midnight,
plenty of time to spare
if we're in a sweet path.
Well if we are in a sweet path,
we should find out now
so we can plan accordingly.
Gyro, what's our
actual location?
Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, easy.
40.17 degrees north,
116.37 degrees east,
That's where we are.
[Tai] And so?
Right and so based
on data in MS cycle,
yes, we will be in a sweet path
for the next two midnights.
Two midnights in a row?
Satellite cross pattern,
happens now and then,
criss-cross, criss-cross.
So we're stuck
here for two days,
more than enough time for the
green eyes to track us down.
That's why we're gonna eat
and rest as much as we can.
It's been a rough five days
but we're gonna get
our full energy back.
So when the greenies do
eventually catch up with us,
we'll be ready for them.
So you guys never said,
what is this place exactly?
Hezuo a research
facility number two,
administration and research labs
for classified experiments.
Wait, you mean the Hezuo?
One of the 13 facilities, yes.
Facility remained
active until 212 years ago
when it was attacked
by allied rebel forces.
Which is how he died.
I guess he was lucky,
at least the greenies
didn't get him.
[Pax] Poor man's been
lying here for 200 years.
Alright, if this
is like Hong Kong,
then there might be
a working emergency
power supply somewhere.
So you were specifically
planning to come here,
to this Hezuo facility
and you've been to some
of the others already.
I thought you, we were
looking for Shangri-La.
This is part of us finding it.
Right, I see.
You want to make
sure you can trust us
before you can say anything.
I get it.
[Gyro] This place,
so many dark secrets.
(mysterious music)
(phone ringing)
Hezuo Pharmaceuticals,
Donna speaking.
How may I direct your call?
Good morning, Dr. Holliston.
Good morning.
Have they started yet?
No, they're in the conference
room waiting for you though.
Thank you, Donna.
Of course.
[Doctor] Jennifer.
Oh there she is, hey.
Splicing the whales
from multiple species
to create a viable organism
has been challenging.
Our initial hybrids
perished quite quickly.
We achieved greater
stability later
with the introduction
of gecko genes
which will provide the host
with increased
physical strength,
stamina, and endurance
as well as providing accelerated
healing capabilities.
That strand, however,
showed unexpected
deviations and weaknesses
when we ran the computer models.
Okay, I don't have a lot of time
so are we just
rehashing old failures
or are we going
somewhere this time?
Thanks to the discovery
myself, Dr. Joe and
Dr. Jones have made...
Well, it was a
team effort, really.
Allow me to be the
first to tell you
that we finally
have a stable embryo
that will be viable
in a host environment
and based upon our models
will fulfill all of the
contractual obligations
for your weapon and more.
The key was to insert
DNA from Pristis clavata.
The Queensland sawfish.
Right, our latest hybrid
should lengthen the life span
of both the host
and the specimen.
Is this for real?
You actually have a live embryo?
Oh, absolutely general
and we are ready to
move on to phase two
as soon as you give us
the green light of course.
But both Dr. Joe and
our founder, I. Tian
have made the very long
trip here from Shanghai
so let me hand it over to Li.
I understand time
is of the essence
and we've experienced
some setbacks and delays
but if you'll sign off
on the hybrid designs
and approve our
development budget,
we are ready to launch three
new research facilities
to meet the demands of phase two
on an accelerated schedule.
We have also upgraded our
headquarters in Shanghai
to become the center of
operations for this project.
Right and my niece
and Dr. Holliston
will be moving there to
work directly with Dr. Joe.
Together, they will
coordinate the work
between the facilities
all across the globe.
Then, Dr. Jones here of
course will take over for Jen
as project manager
right here in New York.
What about control?
The specimens were
originally designed
to target anyone.
However, the chips we will be
implanting during phase three
will give us the ability
to target specific
genetic profiles,
both for large populations
or specific individuals.
Everything you
asked for and more.
So General Sterling,
like you, my time is precious.
Do we have a deal to move
on to phase two or not?
We'll split into two groups
and use the A scans to
canvas the building.
Scanner bands, yes.
Fully charged, good to go.
Alright, good here, you?
Nothing, mine keeps
crapping out on me.
Tap it, tap, tap, tap.
Anyone comes through here,
we'll know right away.
Alright, Aisa, you Pax and
Gyro take the warehouse.
The rest of us, we'll take
the labs in executive wing.
Check back every 10 minutes.
Everyone, stand back.
(laser blasting)
[Pax] Well, this is
just more of the same,
another empty bay full
of nothing useful.
Okay, stay still,
let me run a scan.
Mmm, mostly us and a
whole lot of nothing.
Sometimes nothing's
better than something.
That's you Gyro, that's deep.
I really don't like this place.
There's a lot of
negative energy.
The past is behind.
We must let go.
I really wish I could, Gyro.
Vargas, you copy?
(mumbles on scanner)
Okay, well bay four is clean
and of course, still no
signs of power, water
or any electricity.
(mumbling on scanner)
Got it.
We're on to bay five.
(mysterious music)
(speaking in foreign language)
[Female] Decontamination
in progress.
[Linus] Are you
okay, little five?
Linus, how are your
friends doing this morning?
Very well,
especially number five.
I'm feeling excitement.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
So what has five been up to?
Okay, at first I was
thinking number three
was showing some signs of
intelligence, basic response,
unlike number one which is well,
not the sharpest
bulb in the drawer,
but then all of a sudden
number five just, I don't know,
woke up and turned
into Einstein.
That's just a figure
- of speech...
- Speech, I know.
I know it sounds crazy
but it's almost like
it's become aware.
Well we didn't design
them to be aware.
I know.
But (speaking in foreign
language), even God made mistakes.
Eve wasn't supposed to eat
the apple or whatever, right?
Simple autonomous
neural reaction,
you gotta quit watching
all those science
fiction movies, Lin.
I'm serious,
Jennifer, it's learning
and incredibly fast.
It's like it has
its own personality.
I'm telling you, this one
is different, it's special
and because we got a chance
to play, it's hungry.
(speaking in foreign language)
I'm going to pump
it some hormones.
Well if what you're
saying is true,
it wasn't part of the plan
and maybe God makes mistakes
but we can't afford to.
Have you gotten similar reports
from any of the other labs,
Moscow, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong?
No, nothing.
Only Dr. Savatanand in Bangkok
reported something
vaguely similar
but it was a single
random incident.
We need to figure out
what's going on with you,
number five?
Jen, what are you doing?
I'm going to run some experiments
on your little pet here
so I can figure out if
anything's actually going on.
Those experiments,
it could set back the
progress its made.
Hold on.
Fine, have it your way.
Jen, Jen, no, please.
So this is where they
did their research?
[Kalo] That's what
the records show.
[Tai] What kind of records?
The ones I've
gathered over the years,
humanity at its dumbest
but there's plenty of blame
to go around, I guess.
So are you some
kind of a researcher?
I was a librarian
once a long time ago.
A librarian,
not just any librarian,
more like a librarian for
the brotherhood of Ekon Kar,
thank you very much.
Thanks Vargas, seriously?
Well you used to kick ass.
He used to kick ass.
I mean literally,
you should've seen him
with one of those staffs.
You were in the brotherhood?
Like I said, it
was a long time ago.
[Kalo Voiceover] Many
years ago I was lost
before I was found.
The brotherhood
offered a sanctuary
for those who sought
a higher purpose.
The cult has powerful
bastions all over the world
pretending to maintain
a sense of order
in a chaotic world.
It took me awhile to realize
that the book of Ekon Kar
was just fiction used
to keep us in line.
So I started searching for a
way to make sense of the world,
searching for the truth about
the origins of Konglings,
an answer for
where we came from.
And little by little, I
pieced it all together.
[Atukka] I have found
the volume you are seeking.
It's getting too dangerous.
You know we're both doomed.
If anyone discovers
that I've been smuggling
forbidden writings for you.
This was one of the last
science books ever published.
Darwinism Interrupted:
How Man Created Konglings
and Made Itself
the Weakest Link.
This is where the real truth
about creation can be found.
You are not wearing
your true face.
You're getting reckless, Kalo,
you're gonna get caught.
It shouldn't matter what
we look like on the outside,
this is who I am.
I understand but they wouldn't.
(bell tolling)
The offering, we should prepare.
Wait, when?
I didn't know this
would be an offering.
A patrol captured a small
group of Konglings last night
and it's been so long
since the last offering,
Reyna didn't want to wait.
We should go.
Kalo, Kalo no, not
now, it's too...
I just can't wait anymore.
I can't keep doing this.
It's a crime against
our own people
and I cannot stay here and
watch it happen anymore.
But to them, what you believe,
it's a blasphemy against
the book of Ekon Kar.
The book of Ekon Kar
is a fraud, all of it.
It's just made up.
You know I believe
in what you preach
but this is not the
time nor the way.
Stay with me.
Together we can change
things from the inside.
I'll miss you too, Atukko
but my mind is made
come with me if you want
but I can't stay anymore.
Kalo, please don't,
you're gonna get
caught and then what?
And then I'll die
with a clean conscious
or at least cleaner.
(upbeat music)
Take care of
yourself, my friend.
(upbeat music)
(dramatic music)
What do you want now?
I'm letting you out.
Right, change your
minds about the whole
kill your own kind
to be reborn thing?
Actually I did
and now I'm finally
doing something about it.
[Pax Voiceover] The
truth, the truth, the truth.
What are you doing?
What are you doing to me?
He's really trying to help.
I am, now go.
Your brothers came an hour ago
and took two of our
friends, Aelis and Lux.
Okay, go down that way
and keep going until you
reach the service entrance
in the back of the building.
These keys will open
every door you run into.
Everyone should be at
the offering ceremony
so you should have a clear path.
I'll try and save your friends
and meet you at the corner
of north Wabash and Kinzie
by the ruins of the
old Trump Tower.
If I'm not there in half
an hour, don't wait,
get the hell out.
After thinking about
it a long while,
I couldn't reconcile
my own beliefs
with the whole kill your own
kind to be reborn concept.
So I left and swore to never
hurt anyone ever again.
[Tai] That's why you
don't carry a weapon.
Now I'm more like our
group's historian, I guess,
researching the past,
[Kalo And Vargas]
Documenting the present,
trying to anticipate the future.
Stop that.
(scanner beeping)
What is it?
A moving organism,
somewhere near.
Damn scanner didn't
pick it up before,
it keeps glitching,
I can't get a lock.
Green eyes?
If it's green eyes, Quint
will take care of them.
No, different signature.
What then?
I don't know.
Just you guys stay back,
alright, keep her back.
It's okay, Quint's faster.
(dramatic music) Freeze.
False alarm, everything's
under control.
(bat screeching)
(girl screaming)
[Girl] Ah, get off me.
Wait no, he won't hurt her.
You were supposed to protect me.
I'm sorry, he
must've been moving
too fast for the scanner.
[Kalo] She's fine.
Looks like he came through
there, ventilation system,
made it's way through
the vent there.
Let's patch it up
just in case
there's another one.
Oh, you gotta be kidding.
(upbeat music)
(laser blasting)
That was close.
Don't step in that mess.
[Kalo] Ah...
You've got some...
Ugh, this didn't...
Didn't happen either, right?
Don't want to ruin your image
for what's left of humanity.
That's funny.
I know.
Alright, let's
keep your eyes peeled
in case there's another
one hiding in here.
And let's look around
for anything we can
to patch that up.
(dramatic music)
Dr. Hanston, how's
Lieutenant Jared?
He's in shock,
lost a lot of blood.
We cauterized when
the amrap broke down.
We couldn't get the
wound fully sealed.
He's gonna make it, right?
General Forrester, right now
your guess is as good as mine.
You guys get the forearm?
[Male] Sorry doc, we
couldn't retrieve it.
This is Dr. Hanston,
prep the OR and log
Lieutenant Jared's med file
into the system.
Amelia, please take
good care of him.
I do my best with
every patient, Nicole.
Now if you want your
son to have a chance,
stop slowing me down.
Come on, let's go.
What the hell
happened out there?
We were ambushed by a
large group of Konglings.
You mean to tell me
that you couldn't fight off
a bunch of stupid Konglings.
All do respect, general,
we were never
trained for combat.
This was just a
resupply mission.
They took out our
comm capabilities.
We suffered two
casualties on site,
decided to retreat when your,
when Lieutenant
Jared was injured.
But we did manage to
capture one of them alive.
So what do you want, a medal?
You didn't have to retreat,
you chose to retreat
instead of fighting.
You were scared, weren't you?
I heard about what happened.
Please don't be too
hard on him, general.
Even with our weapons
and technology,
it's not as easy as you think.
Go and clean
yourself up, private.
All of you are dismissed.
It's been awhile since
you've been in the field.
That's why we have
special commandos
to eradicate them.
We can't let this stand.
They have the
balls to attack us,
that means that
they're getting bolder
and we can't let up, Huang.
We need to wipe them out
before they wipe us out.
Eventually we will,
and the world will
be ours again.
You just need...
Patience, I know
but you know the things
is I'm running out of it.
Can we track the
group that did this?
The GPS info on the amrap,
gave us a time and
location of the encounter.
We'll just use some drones
to figure out where they went.
And when you find
them, kill them, captain.
Now if you will excuse me,
I have prisoner to
go and interrogate
and if I find out anything more
in regards to their whereabouts,
I'll let you know.
Looks like we got ourselves
plenty more of nothing.
It's empty.
Yet filled with so much history.
This is where they kept some
of our kind like cattle,
so much suffering, so much pain.
They experimented
on us like animals.
This place was part of the end.
But part of the beginning too.
(dramatic music)
Geez Gyro, what the hell?
It's time, nine
minutes 54 seconds
since last contact.
No need to yell.
Okay but it's time.
Hi, Aisa checking in.
How you guys doing?
Ran into some (mumbles).
Alright, well bay five is creepy
but clear, just like the others.
Exterior doors, exterior doors.
Yes, and we've also checked
all the exterior doors
and so far they're
all frozen shut.
You keep going.
We're almost done here,
then we'll join you.
[Aisa] Okay.
Let's find out.
[Pax] Look out for snowbats.
The command center should
be around the corner.
This one's pretty thick,
still might be able
to blast through it.
You think this is it?
Well, it's heavily insulated,
sensors can barely see through,
just enough to
detect a large amount
of electronics behind it.
This is pretty much the
same way out so yeah,
I'd say this is probably it.
And what is it exactly?
What are you talking about?
Nothing you should
worry about, Tai.
You picked this place on purpose
because you're looking for
whatever is behind this door.
Listen Tai we've known
you and your brother
for five days.
Now the rest of us have
been on the road together
for a very long time
and let's just say that
we've learned to be cautious
along the way.
And you think we're what, spies?
He's the one who used to be
one of those crazy priests
and who's clearly got you
wrapped around his finger.
I said I put that behind.
Our bond is none
of your business.
And you trust Gyro
even though she's one of them
but you can't trust us.
And by the way,
this goes both ways.
How do we know we can trust you?
You can't.
Either you take a chance
or you and your brother are
free to go off on your own.
Your choice.
[Aisa] Hey Vargas,
I think we got some
good news down here.
Go ahead, Aisa.
We're down in the basement
and well, first, I think we
just found the perfect place
to settle in for the night.
But the main thing is,
man, I think we just
found the electrical panel
for the building's
emergency backup power.
Scanner's gaining
a positive reading
but it's a little
on the low side
so no way to really tell
until we try it out.
Just getting an
official okay from you
as you're like the
boss or whatever.
[Vargas] Okay, let's go ahead.
Got it, nothing to lose, right?
Could explode.
Unlikely but possible.
Okay, well keep
your fingers crossed.
Ah, come on!
[Pax] Aisa, how
about the main switch?
What main switch?
Um, this one.
We've got power
down here, well done.
This looks kind of cozy.
We're in the boiler room,
basement of bay six.
Just beamed you directions.
Ooh, getting nice and warm.
And we got heat people.
Now can we finally
eat and get warm?
I think so, yeah.
Alright Aisa, we're on our way.
What about the, you know, that?
Don't worry, that'll still
be there in the morning.
And didn't you
say you were hungry?
Okay, well if Quint is hungry
then it must be
dinnertime then right?
And then we can
sleep and get strong.
(electricity bursting)
(mysterious music)
Morning, Linus.
Jennifer, Jennifer,
hat's on fire.
Excuse me?
Could you maybe check with me
the next time you decide to
kill one of our specimens?
I had to dissect one of them
and you said yourself number one
was dumb as a doornail.
Please, try to
be more sensitive.
Don't dissect in
front of the others.
They have feelings too.
They don't.
Now what are you
so excited about?
Wait, don't tell me,
number five again?
I'm starting to think
there's something going
on between the two of you.
That is funny
but I'm not joking.
It was withdrawn for awhile
after you ran your tests
but it's come back the
last couple of days
and it's continuing to
learn, faster than ever.
It's not learning
anything, Linus,
we didn't design
them to do that.
You are just seeing
what you want to see.
Well maybe you're not seeing
what's right in front of you
because somehow, five has
found a way to communicate.
Ha, communicate!
With the others.
What do you mean exactly?
Let me show you.
No, not another
PowerPoint presentation.
No, much better.
Is it hiding?
Did it just try to punch me?
It looks that way.
I don't think it likes you,
you know, after
what you did to it
and to number one.
Actually, I think you've
pissed it off so much,
you've prompted it
to learn faster.
Okay, so what's the deal?
Is it gonna pick up a
little tiny cell phone now
and call its friends?
Stop making fun,
this is important.
Linus, I have seen it,
you taught it a trick
and five is the only
one out of any of them
that has been able to do it...
That's not it.
The trick I taught it,
it's taught it to the others.
Oh my God, what the...
Fantastic, I know
but wait, look at this.
Are you all ready?
Yeah, ready here Linus
but I got to admit, man, this
is kind of freaking me out.
I think we're all ready.
[Linus] And look.
Oh my God, they're
communicating across the globe.
But how?
I think our number
five's in charge
and telling all the
others what to do.
I think they're
communicating telepathically.
[Dr. Holliston]
Linus, this is not good.
Finally we can
warm up and relax.
Gyro could use some
rest, for sure, for sure.
We all could.
Maybe we can bond and
get our strength back.
We have nothing but time
as we're stuck here
for the next two days.
I'm hungry.
You're always hungry.
That's true.
Drink it slowly,
it'll last longer.
I like to drink
fast, it tastes better.
Hey Vargas, you think
these windows will be okay
when the Midnight Sun rises?
The heat is making
the frost melt.
Gyro checked
and said the paint would
be enough to block it out.
[Tai] Are you sure Gyro knows...
Gyro knows what she's
doing, alright, we're fine.
[Tai] Heirloom?
Sort of, not mine
though, it's hers,
just hanging onto
it for safe keeping.
[Tai] We're low
on food, aren't we?
Half of it was
in Leda's backpack
along with our medicine.
So now we should have
maybe another week's worth
if we really start rationing.
We're gonna be okay
it's just not gonna be easy.
Tai, please don't tell
the others about the food.
Can you imagine
what it'll be like
when we finally
get to Shangri-La?
No more worrying,
no more starving,
no more hiking
through snowstorms.
After all these years, we're
so close, I can feel it.
You can feel it?
You sure it's not
just wishful thinking?
Kalo, not now.
What does that mean?
Never mind, forget it.
And don't try to
get in my head, Pax.
Alright listen,
things have been tough
but they should
get a little easier
once we get to the
other side of the wall.
And then we continue to
the next Hezuo facility.
We have a plan.
We stick to it, we keep going
and eventually we'll have
what we need to find our way.
I'm not saying it's gonna
be a walk in the park
but we can do it
and we're going to.
We just need to have
faith, all of us.
Long journey but
Shangri-La awaits.
Arkay and the
there primes await.
It's okay, it's
just another snow bat
caught in the
ventilation system.
Or maybe it's one of
Kalo's Ekon Kar buddies
paying their old priest
friend a little visit.
That is not funny.
You just had to tell
him, didn't you?
I meant it in a good way.
I told you not to say anything.
Kalo, I'm sorry,
I was just joking.
We are really not
good with jokes.
[Tai] Kalo, come back.
It's been a few days
since my last entry.
We finally reached
our next destination.
We lost another soul, Leda
and with him some
of our supplies.
We probably have a pack
of green eyes on our tail
and I'm not even sure any
of us can survive an attack
with the shape
we're in right now.
Also, I'm disturbed by the
thoughts, the feelings,
that I've been
experiencing lately.
(dramatic music)
[Kalo Voiceover]
I had faith once,
misplaced, misguided for awhile,
then real faith
when I met Vargas.
But now, now it's
just, it's gone.
Once you choose truth
and logic over faith,
can you ever go and
regain the faith?
I really don't know.
I don't think you can.
And maybe that was my punishment
for the wrongs I'll
never be able to right.
My brothers, it has been awhile
but the time has come once again
to give the great Ekon
Kar the ultimate offering,
our own sacrifice in
exchange for new lives.
As these shells
will soon be blessed
with the gift of Ekon Kar
and become one with us all.
(speaking in foreign language)
[Male] The hand of Ekon
Kar for you, great priestess.
- Aelis!
- Please, let us go.
Going somewhere, brother Kalo?
Come closer.
[Kalo] Great Priestess
Reyna, I apologize.
I feel unwell and thought it
best to retire to my quarters.
Kalo, pull down your
hood when you address me.
Hmm, not wearing your true face,
that is a major
offense, Brother Kalo
although nothing
compared to defecting
which I've been led to
believe by a trusted source
is your intention.
Isn't it, Kalo?
I'm sorry, I
couldn't let you go.
Atukko, I trusted you.
And we all trusted you
yet you betray us.
You betrayed your brothers,
your priestess, your God.
Brother Atukko did
the right thing
and I've absolved
him for his sins.
But yours, Kalo,
cannot be forgiven.
However, in the spirit of
Ekon Kar's graciousness,
I will grant you an
opportunity to redeem yourself.
Give yourself to Ekon
Kar as an offering.
No, you swore!
And you have my word,
I will let these two go
as their lives seem to
matter so much to you.
Or do they?
So what will it be, Kalo,
are you a faithful, a
traitor or just a coward?
I will not sacrifice
myself to a fake God.
You're a monster,
Reyna, all of you.
That, Kalo, is in the
eye of the beholder.
(action music)
So like a coward,
I abandoned Vargas' friends.
(action music)
Surrender Kalo,
there's no way out.
Kalo, please listen to him.
You betrayed me.
[Atukko] We can go after him.
He'll be back.
If not, you'll find him.
Won't you, Atukko?
We have all the
time in the world.
It's been more than 30 minutes.
What are we gonna do?
Maybe we should wait a bit more.
No, we've waited long enough.
There are three of us now,
I think we should go.
Where are our friends?
I'm sorry, I got there too late.
They had already
been sacrificed.
I'm very sorry.
We should go before
they catch up with us.
You heard him, let's move.
[Kalo Voiceover]
I lied that day,
I was a coward.
Pax knew right away of course
but she never told the others
and I never told Vargas.
All this time, I've
just been trying
to run away from my betrayal.
And eventually, there's
no more running away
and we end up
paying for our sins.
More later, maybe.
End recording.
Why don't we call it a night?
You're okay?
Wait, can I, can I please?
Vargas, what's the
plan for tomorrow?
Well, breakfast, then
we'll get into that room,
hopefully find what we need.
You just need to trust me.
Hey, you should go to sleep
so we can get strong again.
There's nothing to worry about.
But when I sleep,
I keep having dreams
in which I'm dying.
I know, I do too.
But if you don't want to,
you don't have to dream today.
Shh, go to sleep.
[Pax Voiceover]
Sleep, sleep, sleep.
There she goes.
Vargas, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Yeah, why would I?
[Pax Voiceover] The
truth, the truth, the truth.
Pax, I already asked you to
stay out of my head, please.
I'm sorry, it just
happens sometimes,
I can't help it.
Alright, I'm not
okay but I'll be fine.
I hope this helps.
Good night.
Good night.
[Pax Voiceover] You
two really are different.
[Tai] We are.
[Pax Voiceover] I'm
inside your minds right now
and it's like your minds are one
but they're also split
at the same time,
like two halves of one thing.
You two are one.
[Tai] In some way.
[Pax] Is that why you chose me?
It's a long story, later.
What do you mean reproducing?
They're making babies.
[Hal] Thanks for
clarifying, Jen.
What you're seeing on
your screen right now
is footage we took here.
I got the same back from
Bangkok and Tel Aviv.
They're isolated
in closed tanks.
You're telling me these
things are screwing each other
when you guys aren't
paying any attention?
Actually that's
not possible, Hal.
Yeah no shit.
What Hao means is we
designed them to be asexual,
we created them to be
genderless and sterile.
They shouldn't be able to screw
because we didn't give
them the equipment.
It's one of the safeguard
we put in place.
So where are these little
baby creeps coming from,
the stork?
Parthenogenesis, Hal,
that's the only
thing I can think of,
it's been known to occur
in the sawfish population
and as you know we
used some sawfish DNA
in the creation
of the specimens.
It's a survival mechanism.
It can develop at random
in certain species
when there's a threat
that it might go extinct.
They basically self impregnate.
Okay, Jen, you gotta
find out everything you can
about these things
because if what you're
telling me is true,
okay, this could
be more valuable
than we ever anticipated.
This could be the breakthrough
that puts our
company back on top.
(phone ringing)
Linus, I am on with New York.
I will be down in a min,
what kind of emergency?
Okay, okay fine.
What's going on?
Linus needs me to go
down to the lab right away,
some sort of emergency.
I am gonna need
to call you back.
Linus, what the
hell is so, Linus!
Linus, can you hear me?
Oh shit.
Oh you've got to be kidding me.
Linus, come on, buddy,
come on, work with me.
Damn it, where did it go?
Damn it.
(alarm beeping)
[Female] Containment
lockdown activated.
(alarm beeping)
No, no, no, no, no!
(speaking in foreign language)
(alarm beeping)
You got to come
take a look at this.
Dr. Zhou, Dr. Holliston,
are you alright?
God, your face, Dr. Holliston.
Sam, be careful.
(gunshots firing)
Not Holliston, I am five.
(phone ringing)
(phone beeping)
What the hell?
(alarm beeping)
I'm sorry I hurt you.
I'll be fine.
I've hidden the override
codes to the exits inside.
I'll alter the security logs.
Now go and take care of
yourself out there, Quint.
Thank you, father.
Ah cold.
(knocking on door)
Room service.
Kalo, you awake?
[Kalo] If I wasn't, I am now.
Listen, I know
it's been difficult
but you can't just give up.
Shangri-La is real
and we're gonna find it.
[Kalo] We've been
chasing a fantasy.
Why all of a sudden do you
find it so hard to believe
that there might actually
be a place out there
where a bunch of
us have organized
enough to reboot civilization?
It's not all of a sudden,
you've just been
too busy to notice.
We're like everybody else, V.
We need a reason to keep going
and that's all Shangri-La
is, nothing more.
We're running in circles
and I just, I find
it hard to take.
I'm so worn out
of going nowhere.
But you can't think like that.
I know it's a mad
world out there but...
The world is dying.
Soon the food will be gone
and our race will die off
and that'll be it, end of story.
We're just delaying
the inevitable.
K, this isn't like you.
You're a fighter,
you don't give up.
So much you don't know, V.
I don't want to fight
to just survive,
I want to fight to live
and if that's not an option,
then I don't see
the point anymore.
(laser blasting)
Door too thick for your blaster?
What are you doing here?
You should be resting.
Thought maybe I could help.
I'm doing fine.
Okay, that works too.
So is that your thing?
Yeah, comes in
handy once in awhile.
I can tell.
So now are you gonna
tell me why we're here?
Data packages,
information, coordinates,
all stored hidden inside
the Hezuo satellite network
but all of it is sandboxed
so each facility can only
access a unique batch
of the whole data.
That's why you're going
to each of their facilities.
If we can gather all
the pieces of the puzzle,
it'll get us closer
to Shangri-La.
Figuring out the
puzzle, that's the key.
So how many more facilities
do you need to hit?
After this one,
six of them left,
Singapore, Shanghai,
Johannesburg, Bangkok,
Tel Aviv and Brussels.
It's gonna take years.
At least we're more
than halfway there.
Is this where they control
the Midnight Sun satellites too?
I wish.
That'd make our lives
a whole lot easier.
No, all we've heard,
wherever that place is,
they've lost control of it,
whole place is
running itself now
and there is no shutting it off.
Well didn't they
have any redundancies?
No, all failed.
[Tai] It's so stupid.
There were rumors of a
secret 14th facility somewhere
but they're just...
Hey, check this out,
they have a long range radio.
I know and people stopped
broadcasting decades ago
so if you like listening to
smooth static, be my guest.
(blaster beeping)
Shit, no way, not now.
(blasters beeping)
(dramatic music)
(alarm beeping)
Tai, you stay here,
wait till all this info is
downloaded then copy it,
come find us.
Have your weapon ready.
Got it.
Aisa do you read me, Aisa?
Damn it.
[Male] If you hear this message,
please come and join us.
We can offer shelter,
food and safety.
To find...
(slow mysterious music)
Kalo, what are you doing here?
You triggered the alarm.
I just wanted to look outside.
It's actually kind of
beautiful out there.
Yeah well, you scared
the hell out of me.
I'm sorry.
I'm just looking
for the strength
to do what I need to do.
What does that mean?
Listen, V,
I love you, you know I do
and I don't want to
abandon you or hurt you
but I just can't
do this anymore.
I don't want to and
I don't deserve to.
You don't deserve to what?
[Kalo] I've lied to you.
Kalo, you need to
let go of the past.
There's just so much
you don't know, V.
If you did...
It doesn't matter.
It's all in the past.
You need to think
about the future.
And that's what I've
been trying to tell you,
there is no future,
not for me, anyway.
I'm done.
I'm sorry, you're just
gonna have to let me go, V.
No, not gonna happen.
We're gonna make it,
all of us together.
Now step back,
the Midnight Sun's
gonna rise any second.
Yeah, I know.
I hope one day you
can forgive me.
[Vargas] Kalo, don't.
You're okay,
you're gonna be fine.
Green eyes.
Aisa, Aisa, do you copy?
Aisa, respond.
Yeah, Vargas, what's going on?
Green eyes, a whole pack.
Get ready to fight.
I'm stuck in the lobby
and Kalo's badly hurt.
Tai's in the command center
and I need backup now
and then we need to get
the hell out of here.
So get your weapons
and for Arakai's
sake, stay alive.
Quint, where is she?
She's not here, she's gone.
Gone, danger, no fear.
She couldn't have
gone far, come on.
Let's go.
[Kalo] The green eyes
had finally found us,
sooner than we expected.
We knew we could
only hide for so long
but even as the
Midnight Sun was rising,
we were not gonna go
down without a fight.
(laser blasting)
V, watch out.
(laser blasting)
[Male] Kwan, find
anything, Kwan?
(laser blasting)
Tai, what happened?
He's hurt but he's
gonna be alright.
Half a dozen greenies just
went into the warehouse.
Got it.
And I've got one
tied up upstairs
but go help the others,
they're gonna need it.
I'll be right behind.
(upbeat music) (guns firing)
Sounds like we got
company, get ready.
[Pax] It's okay, Quint.
(lasers blasting) (upbeat music)
Tai, no!
Tai, fight it.
I'm so sorry.
No brother.
Is it too late?
Here, tell Vargas, the
audio file is the key.
Listen to the...
Don't move
or you monsters end up like him.
Monsters, what makes you
think you're better than us?
Do you think you're God?
You're nothing like God.
[Gyro] The poison from the
green bullets killed him.
[Vargas] Let's interrogate
the one I captured.
Tell us everything you
know about the greenies.
Where's your outpost, how
many of you are there,
where is your
leadership located?
Mind if we maybe just take
it one question at at time?
Okay, so you're
that kind of kid.
Where's the rest of my team?
That's where they are.
So unless you want to join them,
you better start
answering our questions.
How many humans are still alive?
What do you know
about Shangri-La?
I don't know, a couple
of hundred thousand
on this continent,
most of them civilians, maybe
one percent trained soldiers.
Look, I don't know anything
about your Shangri-La,
I thought it was a legend.
But I can tell you this,
if my command outpost
doesn't hear from me
in the next 15 minutes,
they're gonna send
a rescue party.
Answer my questions.
I told you everything
I know, I swear.
I don't believe you.
Well too bad for you, bitch.
She's losing too much blood,
her human body is dying.
Wait, what are you doing?
You okay?
How do you feel?
Like I'm a woman again.
Okay, you're gonna need rest.
I'm fine, Vargas.
- You just went...
- I'm fine.
Alright, then let's load up
Tai's body into their vehicles
so we can give him a
proper funeral later.
But for now, let's
get out of here
before more of them show up.
[Male] All Konglings,
if you hear this message
please come and join
us in Shangri-La.
We can offer shelter,
food and safety.
To find us, go to
Arakai's birthplace
and it will lead you here
to us and your new home.
We're together, we can start
a new world, a better world
free from the cruelty and
abuse of the human race.
And I hate to say
this, it could be a trap.
Maybe, maybe not.
The only way to know
is to find out, right?
Arakai's birthplace.
Long journey.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's go then.
(sentimental music)
[Kalo] And so the monsters
have been vanquished for now.
We survived another battle
just for the right to go on.
Although, who are the
real monsters here?
Those who created us Konglings
gave us life only to
want to destroy us.
Or are we the monsters just
for wanting to survive?
I guess as Reyna once said,
it's all in the eye
of the beholder.
Our journey was far from over
but that day, as we
resumed our quest for hope,
I realized that I will
never regain faith
but at least I found hope again,
and that's all we
really need to go on,
to believe in second chances
and someday finding closure
and to believe in the
possibility of a better future,
however it may come.
(upbeat music)
[Arukko] We'll catch up,
we have all the
time in the world.
(upbeat music)