Shao Lin men (1976) Movie Script

Shaolin was the origin of martial art.
Its feat was unmatched as time went by.
However, the Ching Dynasty wanted | to put it under control.
They gathered power to destroy Shaolin Temple.
The Shaolin monks were killed on sight.
Some of them barely escaped.
But Dynasty would never give them any chance.
Shinh tried to prey down the Shaolin monks.
A cold blooded killer.
Who killed so many Shaolin monks.
Let's go.
Go, master.
Shinh know he's hated by too many.
So besides training his eight body guards.
worked out daily for 10 years.
...and perfected his 'Goose Fist' moves.
We've been hiding all these years.
When will we get our defector?
Please let us go, teacher.
We should beat Shih.
It's not that easy.
You have to be really good. even get close to him.
We may not be good enough.
But we can gather other fighters.
...and outnumber him.
I appreciate your zeal.
But among yourselves.
...only one can beat Shih.
Southern Boxing.
Northern Kicks.
Tiger club and Dragon Sword.
Yun Fei, you passed the exams.
You can take off | for Shih's head.
I swear to God.
I won't come back empty-handed.
Before you kill Shih.
Crack his conspiracy first | Conspiracy?
The revolutionaries are | planning a revolution.
They'll be meeting at the border.
Achang I will have a map | of the Manchu military bases.
Does Shih know?
Sure. Chang will by-pass Shih's town. reach the border.
Shih's ready to ambush him.
I must find Chang | and protect him.
Go to Shih's town | Find the Shao Lin fighter Chiu Kuo.
Ho knows where to find Chang.
Shih's town is no less dangerous.
...than the man.
You got to be careful.
I will.
A martial artist should defend justice | I'll get Shih.
...even if it'd cost my life.
Good man.
Shih's more experienced than you.
But you're more intelligent.
So use your head to beat him.
Yes teacher.
Take care.
Thank you.
Who're you?
A delivery boy.
Seen any stranger on route?
Who's he?
My brother, no... uncle.
Will you wake up?
Move on | Yes, sir.
Come out.
Give me a hand.
Who's he? | Must be a Shao Lin fighter.
You're a fugitive?
A fighter?
Who are you anyway?
A Shao Lin fighter.
Thanks for your help just now
What are you doing?
The eagles may eat his body.
Wait a minute.
Listen: Some people get killed easily.
Nosy fellows.
...and Shao Lin fighters.
Come here.
Chiu Kuo will be beheaded right here.
...for attempiting to assassinate | Commander Shih.
All terrorists.
will be treated likewise.
Chiu Kuo?
He's the revolutionaries' leader.
Who are those man up there?
Must be his rescuers.
And those below?
Shih's eight body guards.
Oh no! | What's wrong?
Let's run.
They're trapped.
Sly Manchus!
God, have mercy!
Search around! | Right.
Who is it? | Who're you?
Get him inside | This way.
Open the door!
What took you so long?
I'm sorry, sir.
Good day, my Lord.
Did a wounded dog come in?
No, my Lord.
Search! | Yes.
I didn't lie, my lord.
You idiots spoiled my nap.
Stand back.
May I know your nane?
I've been waiting for years | to meet a good fighter like you.
Want a job? | No thanks.
Commander Shih likes me.
And I like you.
Because you're such a good fighter.
I can get you a nice job.
I'm Tu Ching | Look me up at the Police Station.
Let's go.
Please come again.
How bad is he?
He'll be all right.
He's a brave young man.
Fighting the Manchu like mad | A typical Shao Lin hero.
Out of luck though.
What are you here for, anyway?
To get Shih.
Then you're a...
Shao Lin fighter.
I should have guessed.
You're so tough.
Even Tu respects you.
You mustn't reveal my secrets.
Of course not, I hate Shih too.
Wasn't there a flute-player... | with a sword just now?
Who's he?
Unlike you.
Ho's useless.
But he looks like a martial artist.
He used to be one.
Quite famous too.
He was really good a year ago.
No one knew his name | People called him Zorro.
Mr. Zorro.
Please show us some moves | Please.
We know you're the best swordsman.
My Zorro hero.
...your presence flatters us, my Lord.
We have so many pretty girls.
Just choose.
Chiu Yueh.
But she's booked already.
Lead me in | Yes.
Chiu Yueh!
What's it?
Commander Shih wants you.
How dare you!
Zorro, catch!
Chiu Yueh.
Why don't we finish him too?
He's more painful alive.
The incident affected Zorro greatly.
He wouldn't use his sword again | But drinks and fools around.
All because of a woman.
What a waste of talent!
Talent cannot be wasted.
It should be put to use though.
Hey, fellows...
Don't move, you're wounded.
Thanks for saving my life.
Don't mention it. You're a brave man.
But I'm no good | Couldn't get Shih.
I'm so ashamed.
Shao Lin... | You're...
Will you change the water please?
Sure. know me?
I'm Yun Fei | Reverend Ta sent me to find you.
About Chang's map?
It's dangerous to talk here.
Can you walk?
Yes | Good.
How can I find Chang?
I have a meeting... | with him in five days.
How did you get caught?
I was to assassinate Shih | on behalf of Chang.
But I miscalculated.
Want to try again?
You got good plans?
You're my means of access to Shih.
I think I can handle him.
I'll do anything to help you | At any risk.
Thank you.
Here's the passcode to meet Chang.
Get him to cross the river | Our people will be waiting for you.
I get it.
What is it?
I want to see Tu.
Who're you?
Your father.
How dare you!
Hey... wait!
I knew you'd come to me.
Because heroes flock together.
Want a job, huh?
I'll recommend you to Shih.
You can be a fighting instructor | Lots of money.
$50000 a year | Like it?
I want $500000
That's my salary!
You want to replace me?
I want to be a lord too.
Not just a humble instructor.
All right.
But what will Shih say?
I'll give him... offer he can't refuse.
We'll see.
Move on.
This man's really something.
Shall we go then?
Right away.
So you're the...
...self-confident Yun Fei, huh?
And that's your gift to me?
Why aren't you on your knees?
My men all kneel before me | That's a rule.
Men who beg aren't heroes.
Your men may be cowards | Know only how to beg.
You got a point.
But my men aren't only loyal.
They're also competent.
Are you competent?
Kill him.
I'll kill you.
This is Ma Lieh.
Nicknamed Smiling Fox
This is the sentimental Tu Ching | Founder of the 'Hawk Fist' school.
Both you've met.
You've no right to be policemen.
You are murderers.
If one can't be a saint.
Why can't one be a devil?
You're neither though.
You're a loser.
I disagree.
You're already my prey.
Stop faking your identity.
Reverend Ta is my teacher.
He was my teacher too.
You want my head?
Yes, it's teacher's order.
I've killed many proud kids like you.
Let see what Ta has taught you.
Kid's stuff.
Meet my eight bodyguards.
Such a sloppy Shao Lin loser!
Come, kill me.
I won't kill you now
Lock him up.
Make him confess Chang's whereabouts.
That's enough.
Why don't you cooperate?
Come, be a smart man.
Commander Shih is invincible.
I'll kill him eventually.
You're too stubborn.
It's true I like you | But I've to obey orders too.
I can't spare you.
He's gone.
Feeling better?
Yes, thanks.
I told you some people get killed easily.
Nosy fellows and... | Shao Lin fighters.
You won't live long.
Neither will you.
Because you're a nosy fellow
You saved me...
Listen: Sooner or later you'll get killed.
One has to die anyway | It shouldn't matter sooner or later.
Tan Hsiung?
He's my brother, killed by Shih.
We were trained at Shao Lin.
Like other young men | we wanted to be righteous.
Shih's deeds infuriated my brother.
So he gathered just fighters | to kill Manchu officials.
Too bad Shih got him first.
To avenge your brother.
You've become Shih's delivery boy.
I'll hit at the right time.
Out of the way.
Anyone harboring Yun Fei will be killed | $10000 will be...
...rewarded for information about him.
Your club is too match Shih's sword?
Your club is made of wood | But Shih has a steel sword.
We need more help.
To kill Shih's eight guards | We need a swordsman.
Zorro, catch!
Have a seat please.
Bring us some wine | Sure.
Are you Zorro?
The world's best swordsman?
And your head's worth$10000
That's Shih's estimate.
I don't think I'm worth that much.
Two of Shih's scouts just came.
Turn me in | and you'll get $10000
You think I'll do that.
No. Zorro's a righteous man.
This sword's been frozen for a year.
All because of a woman | What a pity.
Shut up!
You're not in shape.
Else I'm a dead man now
What do you want?
To draft you to kill Shih.
Nice sword.
Let's go.
I'm a fugitive now
We've been looking for you.
You left the Temple.
Teacher knew of Chiu Kuo's death | Thought you might need help.
So he sent us along.
I sure can use some help.
It's you, Zorro.
You know each...
That sword... | can only belong to the famous Zorro.
You're flattering me.
And these two...
Friends from Shao Lin.
Hold it.
That's my job.
It takes time to re-sharpen it.
What's the...
Watch it.
Tiger Claw?
Shih likes to use fake moves. intermingle with his lethal ones.
If you can grab his arm | and break it.
He'll become impotent.
Oil it.
Which hill did you come from?
Mount Loyalty.
And your name sir?
Seek and you'll find.
Come with me, Mr. Chang | O.K.
Nice shot, Commander.
No need to flatter me.
Has my scout returned?
Commander, Chang has appeared.
And Yun's coming to get you.
He can't beat my eight guards.
Bring the arrow
I want my eight guards stationed... | at the river.
Some stupid kids get together | Think they'd scare me.
Bring him over.
Can't trust men who care for you.
You're a genius.
Cut it out.
Zorro, Yun.
With this we can kill Shih.
The 'White Lance.
Just a weapon.
Bad news.
I did some scouting yesterday | Shih has mobilized...
His eight guards to the river | to ambush you tomorrow
Thanks for the message | You better go now
God will punish that Shih devil.
Sly fox!
Let's get Shih now
No, not yet | We must plan our moves first.
Else we'll get ourselves killed.
Besides, Chang's safety is at stake.
We must stay cool.
Shih doesn't know our exact number.
That's to our benefit.
We can work in units.
And distract Shih's gang.
Shih's house's 5 miles from his town.
Shih usually stays home | Leaving his station to be guarded... Tu and 5 of his guards.
There's a toll bar outside town.
...guarded by Shih's remaining two guards.
Tomorrow, I'll attack... | the toll bar.
When Tu gots the news | he'll come to the toll bar.
with the five guards.
Zorro and I will wait.
...until they've left the river.
We'll escort Chang across the river.
Then come back for Shih's head.
I owe you fellows so much.
If I get though tomorrow
I'll always be grateful for your help.
I got to avenge myself anyway.
My brother was killed by Shih | I want Shih at all costs.
I've never done a meaningful deed.
Now is my chance.
I'd rather die than be ruled by the Manchus.
Some men are coming this way.
Shao Lin fighters?
Report to Lord Tu | Shao Lin fighters are storming in.
Out of the way.
Shao Lin fighters are attacking... | the toll bar.
They got nerves.
You fellows.
Go to the toll bar.
Shao Lin fighters attacked the toll bar.
Over there.
Come | Right.
There's a toll bar outside town.
We got to the toll bar | But they weren't there.
They fooled us.
It's my fault.
I shouldn't be so careless | Please punish me.
Our scouts haven't found them yet | Where can they be?
Don't get frustrated so easily | Go to the river now
We'll catch them.
Our horses.
Got to teach them a lesson.
To the river.
Something's wrong.
You go first.
No, we go together.
I've waited three years for this.
To the river.
Let me.
Are you all right?
You got to hurry.
I'm O.K.
Yun, time's running out.
We got to go.
Get Chang aboard | Right.
Get the map.
But you... | Don't argue.
Where's your map?
In here.
Come with me, Chang.
I made a mistake | of underestimating you.
One of us is destined to fall.
You've teased me enough.
Now you've to pay.