Shark Bait (2022) Movie Script

[dance music playing]
- [mumbles] You're cute.
- I love you.
Spring break!
Awesome! [chuckles]
- Greg!
- Here you go, girl.
[indistinct chatter]
- [woman] Cheers.
- [laughter]
[man] Best night ever!
Whoo, Milly!
[cheering, laughter]
Oh, my... No, come on!
I can't. I can't.
- [man] Yeah!
- Oh, my...
Oh, my God! [laughs]
Whoa, no! Oh! Milly! Milly, no!
- Tom! Help!
- I can't do shit.
[all chanting] Nat! Nat!
Nat! Nat!
Nat, Nat, Nat, Nat, Nat!
[man] Work it! Work it girls!
Work it, girl!
- Take a pic... Take a picture!
- And me!
Hey! Spring break! Whoo!
Come on!
- Yeah, I could dance.
- You know you wanna dance.
[laughter, chatter]
Okay, worst hangover ever.
I mean, easy, that's tomorrow.
Best hangover cure?
Um, pancakes and syrup?
- [groans]
- Easy, it's tequila.
[all] Tequila!
- To friends!
- To amigos!
- Salud!
- [cheering]
Let me help you out there,
baby girl.
- [laughs]
- Alright, line 'em up.
- Bad news.
- [groaning]
- Time to play spin the bottle?
- Yeah!
Okay, and then, and then
the loser has to go to the bar.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, alright, okay!
[Milly] Whoa...!
- Of course!
- Loser!
- Okay, beers? Beers, beers?
- [all] Beers!
And don't forget the tequila!
[all shouting]
[Tom] She better not come back
with water.
Oh, you know she's gonna
drink water.
- That's Nat in a nutshell.
- [laughter]
[background chatter]
[phone dings]
Hi, Mom and Billy!
I just wanna say
I really miss you guys.
- Can't wait to see you.
- [coins jangle]
Por favor.
Let me see. Uh, one second.
- There.
- Gracias.
Uh, can I get you something
to eat?
Quieres comer?
No, gracias. Cigarillo?
Oh, no. No, thank you. No fumo.
Uh, donde estan tus amigos?
Uh, my friends, uh,
they're on the beach. Partying.
[man] Ah.
Hmm. Tiburon.
Gran Tiburon Blanco.
Hey, Nat. Who's your new friend?
- Are you gonna introduce us?
- Uh...
- Tiburon.
- T-tibur... what dude?
I think that's how
he must've lost his legs.
It's a good thing
we're out of here tomorrow.
Escuchame. No estoy mintiendo.
- Whoa. Uh...
- Oh, geez.
- No estoy mintiendo.
- Dude's loco.
And in serious need of a bath.
[muttering in Spanish]
- [gasps]
- Cuidado.
- Hey, dude. Hands to yourself.
- Cuidado. Cuidado.
- Cuidado.
- "Watch out."
- Cuidado.
- He told me to watch out.
It's fine.
[muffled chatter]
[Milly] Ooh! It's warm!
[Nat] Ooh! So nice!
- [Milly] I don't wanna go home.
- [Nat] Me neither.
[man] Oh, man! I almost slipped
in the water! [chuckles]
What are you guys doing?!
- What are you doing?!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Get the fuck over here!
- [laughs]
It's our last spring break.
[men shouting]
[Tyler] Vamos a la playa,
Hey! Let's get this show
back on the road.
Nada mas. I need to sleep.
No, honey. Come
six o'clock this evening,
our asses are on a plane
back to Kansas.
And that's it. Adios.
Plea-ease! When we're back
home, you can sleep for, like,
the next 50 years for all
I care, but... right now,
you're gonna get that cute
little butt of yours into gear.
And we're gonna party!
- Okay!
- [both laugh]
- [MIlly] Whoo!
- Wait up, boom, uh...
- [glass smashes]
- Whoo!
- Whoo! Loser!
- Yeah. Douche! [laughs]
[both shouting indistinctly]
Jet skis?
[both chuckling]
[gasps, laughs]
Guys! Look what we found!
Go, go, go!
[Greg] Come on, get over here!
Ride or die, motherfuckers!
[Tom] Just break it, man.
This is such a bad idea,
you guys.
We're just borrowing
a couple of jet skis.
[Nat] Still stealing!
Oh, my God,
keep taking those chill pills.
Spring break!
And our last chance
to do some dumb shit like this.
Well, I-I'm out of here,
you guys.
[Milly] Oh, my God, you can
take a girl out of Kansas...
You were doing
a good impersonation
of someone who knew
how to enjoy herself.
Hey, Nat.
Something to tell the grandkids!
Alright! [chuckles]
[Milly] Come on!
- Has he got the keys?
- Yeah.
- He has the keys?
- He got the keys, got the keys.
Are we actually doing this?
[Tom] This is gonna be
fucking awesome.
Alright, come on! [grunts]
[Tyler] 30 bucks an hour, guys!
Who's paying?
[Tom] Ha-ha, yes!
Gimme them bad boys.
- Okay.
- Hell yeah!
[Milly] Hey...
[giggles, shrieks]
- Hey!
- Whoa!
[Nat] Hey, guys. Wait up!
- And we have lift off!
- Whoo!
Let's do it, Tyler!
- Yeah!
- Vamos!
- [Milly laughs]
- Whoo!
- [laughter]
[Greg] Where is he?
[Greg] Tom, you're a douchebag!
- [Greg] Is he al... Ah, hey!
- [Milly] Hey! Whoo!
That's it dude,
I'm definitely driving.
Oh, yeah? Keys.
Hey, there's room
for a little one.
Hop on, honey!
[Greg] Come on,
a quick five minute blast
and then we can get churros
for breakfast!
[Milly] Churros!
- [chuckles] Yes!
- Ahh! Yes!
- Woo!
- Are you on?
[Nat chuckles] Yeah.
- Whoo!
- [grunts] Do it!
[laughter, screaming]
[Milly] Yeah!
[Milly] Whoo!
[upbeat pop music]
[screaming, whooping]
- That's all you got?!
- Losers buy breakfast!
Let me show you, baby!
[screaming, laughter]
- Yeah! [laughs]
- [screams]
- Yeah!
- Go on!
- Come on!
- Go on!
We're going too far out!
- Greg, I wanna go back to shore!
- [laughs]
Greg, please!
Take me back to shore!
Come on! Yeah! [laughs]
- Where are they going?!
- Jokers!
- [laughs]
- [Milly] Go get 'em!
- Okay!
- What are you doing?!
- Slow down!
- Whoa!
Let's go!
[Tom] Losers!
You wanna play chicken?!
Let's go! Come on!
- Greg, that's enough!
- Whoo-oh!
Yeah, let's go! Woo, woo!
Greg, that's enough.
This is wrong!
That was totally awesome!
- Do it again! Do it again!
- Let's go again!
Please take us back to shore!
Don't be a chicken.
Come on, man!
[Tom] Yeah, come on!
- Whoo!
- Greg, no.
Who's the chickens here?
Come on!
[both gasping]
[mumbling] My leg... My leg!
- [Nat] Greg?!
- I fucked my fucking leg!
I'm coming!
[muffled voices]
I'm coming! Greg!
[Milly] Help, Tom. I can't swim!
[Tom] You alright, Milly?
[Tom] Milly, you alright?
[Tom] Okay, stay there,
I'm coming.
[muffled voices]
Don't worry, I got you.
Hold on to me. Okay?
Is it bad?
[panting] No, no.
Nothing we can't fix.
- What's that smell?
- Gas.
Fuel tank. Must've ruptured.
[Nat] Tyler?! Where's Tyler?!
Tyler?! Where's Tyler?!
Dude, dude. Come on. Dude!
[grunts] Come on.
[Nat] No, Greg, Greg, Greg,
Greg, Greg. No, please.
[Nat] Okay, hold on.
- You need to talk to him!
- [Tom] What?!
In case he has a head injury.
Ask him some questions!
- Dude, what's your name?
- Huh?
Your name, dude! Your name!
It's Tyler, you dumb shit.
- How long you known me for?
- He's good.
Okay, dude. Come here.
Nice and easy. Nice and easy.
One, two, three.
- [groaning]
- Alright, one, two, three...
[screams in pain, panting]
Oh, God! [yells]
[Milly] My cell!
You gotta keep still
or you're gonna tip us over.
[screams in pain]
[Tom] You okay, bro?
It's working!
Oh, fuck. No signal.
- Fuck, fuck!
- Here, let me.
[Greg groaning]
Son of a bitch, come on!
[Nat] It's okay.
[Nat] We'll be okay.
[Nat] Hang on.
[waves crashing]
Oh, no, no. No, no.
- It's gonna be okay.
- [Greg] No, no, no, no, no...
[screams in pain]
We need to get him to hospital.
You think you could take us
back to shore? Nice and steady?
What? Yeah, uh,
but how are we all gonna fit on?
There's only room
for three of us.
Let's get Greg to the hospital.
No. No, no, wait, hold on.
I can't swim properly!
- We'll come right back for you.
- What?!
The sea's calm
and the water's warm.
[Milly gasps]
No. No, no, no way, sorry!
You can hold on to the other
jet ski if you have to.
We gotta get him back to shore.
Please. Please, I don't...
I don't wanna die.
Milly, Milly. We're good
right here. Okay? Right here.
Hold on to me if you have to.
- Alright?
- We need to do this. Right now.
Hey, breathe. Breathe.
- [Nat] Hold on to me, okay?
- [Greg] Okay. Okay.
- [Nat] I got you.
- Alright. Okay.
You two cool?
It's a nice day for a swim, bro.
- Nat?
- Yeah, I got him.
Okay, yeah. Alright. Yeah.
[engine stalling]
- Shit!
- What?!
- God damn!
- Well, what is it?
It's dead!
- Motherfucker!
- Can you fix it?
I major in history. Tyler,
you know anything about engines?
I don't even know
where the engine is.
I can feel something.
- I... I think it's a clasp.
- Good work, dude.
We need to move him
so we can get under the seat.
We're gonna move you, okay?
Guys, we need help.
Come on.
- [Tom] Okay, go.
- [Nat] W-w-w-wait!
- Hold on to me, alright?
- Yeah.
- You gotta hold on.
- [Nat] You got him?
- [Tom] Hold on to us.
- [Nat] Easy.
[Tom] Slow. Slow, Greg. Slow.
- [bone cracks]
- [all gasping]
[Greg crying]
- [screams in pain]
- It's okay, it's okay, dude.
It's okay, dude.
We got you. We got you.
Let's do this. Quickly.
- [Tom] You got it?
- [Nat] Yeah, I got it.
[Nat] Can you see anything?
[Tom] I don't know. Hang on.
[Tom grunts]
How am I supposed
to get this thing off?
Uh... uh, is there a toolbox?
No. Fuck!
Alright, try starting it again.
[engine stalling]
[Greg yells in pain]
We need to get him back up.
[Greg groaning]
[Greg] Pull me up!
Three, two, one...
[Greg screams, panting]
[Milly sobbing]
[Greg breathing heavily]
[engine switched off]
It's, like,
seven in the morning.
No one's out and about.
You got any other bright ideas?
I was just saying.
Well, don't.
Cos every time I listen to you,
I end up in trouble.
[Tom] We're drifting out.
[Nat] What?
There was a church tower on the
left and I can't see it anymore.
[Tom] The tide must've changed.
We have to get signal
on Milly's cell.
- [Greg] Tom?
- Shh, dude, someone's coming.
No... I'm so thirsty.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Greg, you can't drink the water.
- Please. Please.
- Dude, I'm sorry.
[Greg] Okay.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
- [Greg] Okay.
- [Tom] I'll get us out of here.
[Greg] Okay. Okay.
[Nat] "Can't stop thinking
about last night."
[Nat] "So hot."
Give me the phone.
What are you doing?!
- What am I doing?!
- Give me the God damn phone!
- No!
- Give me the God damn phone!
- No! I...
- [Tyler] Shit!
- [Tom] Look what you've done!
- [Nat] What I've done?!
[Tom] Yes, you!
- [Nat] I trusted you!
- [Tom] Nat, I was drunk!
- [Nat] Cheaters!
[muffled shouting]
- Asshole!
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You are such an asshole.
- Nat, I am sorry.
- Fuck you.
[ominous music]
[Tyler] He's never gonna get it.
[Tyler] God, where is he?
- No! Whoa, whoa!
- [Greg] What was that?
- [Greg] Milly?!
- Shit.
[gasps, coughs]
You dragged me under!
You asshole!
Didn't think
I was gonna make it.
Here's the cell.
[Greg] Asshole.
[foreboding music]
[engine stalling]
Natty, I'm so, so, so sorry.
I was so drunk.
So was he.
He said you two weren't
getting on and that's why...
That's why he what?
I may not be the only one.
Did anyone notice
that dude in the boat?
- What?
- We passed him on the way out.
He was on some kind of sailboat.
I don't think he was moving
very fast,
so he might still be out there
between us and the shore.
So why can't we see him?
I don't know. But I think
I'm gonna take my chance.
We have to stick together
till someone comes.
And what if no-one comes?
Look, I can ace this.
I can do this.
Tyler, no.
You took a bang to the head.
That might be a problem if there
was something inside of there.
You don't have to do this.
- Please.
- I reckon I do.
Thank you.
[Milly] Here.
I got it when I was 14
at the Platte County Fair
from the guy running
the bumper cars.
That all he gave you?
[Tyler] That's so cool.
[Tom] Bro.
Kick ass.
Dude. [grunts]
You got this.
Good luck, Tyler.
Y'all just hang tight now,
No partying when I'm gone.
[all chuckle lightly]
- [Tom] Go, Tyler!
- [Milly] Whoo!
- [Tom] Go on, Tyler!
- [Nat] Go, Tyler!
- [Tom] Go, Ty!
- [all shouting] Go, Tyler!
[Milly] Whoo-ooh!
[Greg] Shit.
[Nat] Don't worry,
he's gonna make it.
He's got this.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
[sinister music]
Shark. Shark!
Tyler! Shark!
- Tyler!
- Tyler!
[all yelling]
Get out of the water, shark!
- Where did it go?
- [Nat] Uh...
You sure it was a shark?
Shit, I don't know! What does
a shark even look like?!
[all screaming]
[Tom] Let me up!
[all screaming]
[muffled shouting]
[muffled shouting]
[Tom] Greg! Greg!
- I can't swim! Ah!
- [Tom] Milly!
[Milly] We need to get out
the water!
[Milly gasping]
[Tom] Milly!
[muffled shouting]
- [Tom] I'm coming! Milly!
- [Nat] Greg!
I felt something on my leg!
[Tom] Milly! Come on!
- [shrieking]
- Come on.
- [Milly shrieking]
- [Greg grunting]
[Milly whimpering]
We need help! Somebody help!
[Nat] Somebody help me!
[Milly whimpering]
[Nat] Tom!
- [Greg groaning]
- We need help!
[Tom] Nat, stay there.
I'm coming.
[breathing rapidly]
- Please, God.
- [panting]
[screams in pain]
[all screaming]
It's dragging both of you!
You have to let go!
[Tom] Nat!
[Nat screaming]
[Tom] Nat!
[Greg groaning]
[gasps, coughs]
- [Tom] Nat!
- [Milly] Oh, my God!
[Milly] Oh, my God,
come on, come on!
- Keep going, keep going!
- Keep swimming!
[Milly] Come on, come on!
You can do it, you can do it!
[Milly] Come on!
[Tom] Grab my hand.
- [Milly] Tom, help her.
- [Tom] I got her.
[Nat grunting]
- [Nat coughs]
- I thought we lost you.
You're safe now, okay?
You're safe now.
[Milly] Just breathe.
- [Nat panting]
- [Milly] Nice and slow.
[Milly] It's okay, Nat.
[Milly] It's okay.
[Nat coughing]
Is there any way that...
Greg, he maybe...
[Milly sobbing]
Gran tiburon blanco.
The beggar... in the town.
He told me he had lost his legs
in a shark attack.
He said it was a great white.
What if no-one comes?
What if Tyler
can't find the boat?
Milly, shut up!
The shark gets him
and then comes back for us.
Milly, shut the fuck up!
I'm such an asshole,
you're right.
How many others were there?
How many besides Milly?
I'm sorry.
My mom and dad got you down
as a stand-up guy.
Real son-in-law material.
And Billy, he hero worships you.
I mean, why are you even
still with me?
Cos I love you.
Tom, the only person you love
is yourself.
So, maybe you should start
trying to show yourself
some love.
And stop doing shit for people
and trying to please everyone.
[Nat] It's called
showing respect.
It's called being a doormat
and that's why people
walk all over you.
Hey! Over here!
[music playing on radio]
Hey! Right here!
[in distance] Hey!
[sinister music]
[sinister music]
[gasps, crying]
[muffled] No! No!
[cries] No, no. No...
Help! Shark! Help!
[music playing on radio]
What time is it?
Nat? Time.
It's 3:15.
How long we been out here?
Tyler must've found the boat
by now.
[Milly] Someone's gotta be
missing us? Right?
Someone cares?
I just wanna go home.
I hope you can forgive me.
I think I've found something.
[Tom grunts]
[Tom] I don't know
what I'm looking at.
[Nat] Don't.
If you wanna feel even more
dehydrated, be my guest.
Try, uh...
Try licking your lips.
[engine stalling]
[engine ticking]
[ominous music]
[Nat] It's 6:30.
It'll be dark soon.
[Tom] Least we'll be
out of the sun.
[Milly] We were supposed
to be home by now.
[Milly] The airline, they'll
know we're missing, right?
[Milly] I don't wanna be
out here in the dark.
So cold.
- [splash]
- [gasps]
What the fuck was that?
I don't know.
- [splash]
- [all gasp]
Do sharks hunt at night?
I guess... it depends
if they're hungry or not.
[Tom] This thing's
fucking with us.
[Nat] There's a light.
[gasps] Guys!
Is that a boat?!
Guys, there's a light.
Over there!
- Hello?!
- Hey!
Somebody?! Hey!
- Hey, over here!
- We're over here!
- What is it? What is it?
- That is a boat over there.
- Hey! Dude!
- We're stuck!
- Hey!
- Over here!
- Over here!
- I don't think they can hear us.
Use the torch! The torch
on your cell phone
so they can see us in the dark!
Somebody, help. Please!
Hey, hey! Over here!
What are they doing?
Give me the phone.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- This way!
- Help!
- What are they waiting for?
- Don't know.
How far is it?
50, maybe 60 yards.
You think you can swim it?
One of us is gonna have
to swim over to the boat.
[breathing heavily]
[Tom groans]
[Milly whimpering]
[breathing heavily]
You can do this.
- [splashing]
- [Milly shrieking]
I can't, I can't.
I can't. I'm sorry.
[Tom panting]
[Tom] I'm sorry.
[Tom] You don't have to.
[breathing heavily]
You see anything...
move in the water... holler.
[Milly gasping]
[Milly gasps]
[Nat] Are you okay?
What happened here?
[Nat screaming]
- Nat!
- Nat!
- [Milly] Nat!
- [Tom] Hey!
We have to do something!
- [Nat screaming]
- Do something!
Oh, fuck.
- It's only me!
- [shrieks]
[Tom] It's only me,
it's only me.
It's only me. Come on. Got you.
[Nat gasping]
[Tom] I got you.
[Tom] We're almost there.
Nearly there.
[Nat whimpering]
[Tom] It's okay.
- Milly, come on, help.
- Give me your hand, here.
Did it bite you?
There was...
[breathing heavily]
- Tell me.
- There was a man... the water in a life vest.
He must've been a sailor.
[gasps] I think the shark
must've wrecked his boat
and killed him.
- [gasps]
- Oh, what is it?!
Oh, geez.
Holy fuck.
If we sit here and do nothing,
we're shark bait.
If we don't die of dehydration
There's some driftwood.
You think we can reach it?
[grunting, gasps]
Got it! Got it.
For you.
There's a life vest.
What if I fall in the water?
I can only do the doggy paddle.
[Nat] Okay.
Now hold it right there.
Holy shit.
Who's doing this?
[Tom vomits]
[Tom retches]
[Tom groaning]
[Tom grunts]
[groans] Ew, ew, ew, ew.
[breathing heavily]
Are you sure it's this way?
Uh, I can't tell.
[Milly grunts]
Come on, back there.
I'm exhausted.
[Milly] God, I'm sorry.
Sorry's... not good enough.
Screw you, Nat.
Screw... you, Milly!
[both screaming]
[both breathing heavily]
[Milly] Where did it go?
[both breathing heavily]
[all screaming]
[yells in pain] Oh, shit!
[Nat grunts]
- [yells in pain]
- [Milly screaming]
[Milly] Oh, God.
[screams in pain]
Nat got the motherfucker
real bad. Like, real bad.
So why would it even bother
coming back?
Cos now it's pissed
as well as hungry.
[Tom grunts]
We gotta get this thing started.
We all get up, real slow.
We already did that.
There's no way I'm going into
the God damn water.
We have to try.
How are we gonna do this?
You go the left,
I'll go to the right.
- [Tom grunts]
- Hold on to each other,
keep ourselves
from falling into the sea.
[Nat] Whoa, whoa! We have to go
at the same time. Okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
[Nat] On the count of three.
[both] ...two, three.
[Tom grunts]
- [shrieks]
- I got you. I got you.
[both scream]
[muffled shouting]
- [Milly sobs] Natty!
- You're good. You're good.
Tom, you got this?
- [breathing heavily]
- [Milly whimpers]
[Milly whimpering]
- You ready?
- Yeah.
[Milly] Yeah, yeah.
[Milly whimpering]
[Nat] Yeah.
[Nat] Further.
[metal scraping]
Now what?
We need to get that casing off
so we can get into the engine.
[Tom] If I can get something
under it, I can work it loose.
[Nat grunts]
We need to break it.
[Tom] I'm in the wrong position.
Milly, you try.
[Tom] Nat, grab the other side
and we'll pull together.
Oh, fuck.
[Tom] Come on. Milly?
[whispers] Nobody move.
[sobs] Why?
What's it doing?
Circling us.
[Milly whimpers]
It's getting closer.
We have to get
the seat back down.
[breathing heavily]
[all screaming]
[Nat] Milly! Milly!
- [screams]
- Tom!
- Tom!
- Nat!
[muffled shouting]
[all screaming]
- [screaming in pain]
- Tom!
[Nat] Milly!
[screaming in pain]
Help! No!
[Tom] Fuck!
[Tom crying in pain]
[muffled crying]
Tom, I have to get you
to help me, okay?
[Nat] Hold on!
Hold on! [grunts]
[Tom groaning]
[Nat grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[Nat] Milly!
- [gasping]
- [Nat] Come on, Milly!
[muffled shouting]
[Milly shrieking]
Come on!
I've got you!
- [shrieking]
- I've got you.
- [gasping]
- I got you.
Hold on. Hold on.
- [groaning]
- [flesh tearing]
[straining, panting]
[Tom groans]
[Nat breathes heavily]
[Tom grunts]
[Tom grunting]
[Tom breathing heavily,
[Tom crying]
[muffled groaning]
[soft sobbing]
[Nat] I'm a Kansas girl.
[Tom, weakly] Go Kansas.
Kansas girls go down fighting.
[groans weakly]
[groans weakly]
Stay with me, okay?
[Nat grunting]
[breathes heavily]
Tom, uh, best linebacker?
Come on, Tom. Talk to me, Tom.
Best Chiefs linebacker?
[weakly] Bobby Bell.
Bell sucks.
Derrick Thomas all day! [grunts]
Uh, best quarterback?
Come on, Tom. Best quarterback?
I can't hear you, Tom.
Keep talking.
[weakly] I'm thirsty.
We'll be back in San Jose
drinking a cold cerveza
in no time.
You can do this.
[breathes steadily]
[sinister music]
[weakly] Nat!
[Tom] Nat! Nat!
[Tom groaning]
[breathing heavily] Nat. Nat...
[Tom gasps]
Nat. Nat!
[Tom] It's coming back!
[sobbing] It's coming back!
[Tom] It's coming back!
[Tom] Nat... [groans]
[Nat screams]
[weakly] Nat?
[gentle music]
[Nat breathing heavily]
[Nat gasping]
[Tom, sobbing]
I thought you were dead.
[Nat] Still need to get
the seat up.
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[both grunt]
[Tom groans]
[Nat grunts]
Hold me. Not too tight.
[Nat grunting]
[engine stalling]
Please, God.
[engine stalling]
[engine revs]
[breathes heavily]
Hang on, Tom.
[breathes heavily]
Tom, I can see the shore!
We're almost there!
[ominous music]
We're gonna make it!
Hold on!
[engine whirring]
Shit! We're taking in water.
[breathing heavily]
I don't know if we have
the power to outrun it
and make it to shore.
[Nat] Come on!
[Nat] Tom, we're sinking.
[Tom, weakly] We're too heavy.
[Nat] Can you see it?
[Nat] Is it still following us?
[weakly] Tell your folks
and Billy
I really was a stand-up guy.
- [weakly] I love you.
- Tom!
Tom? Tom! No! Wait!
- Get out of here.
- Hold on!
Shark. Shark!
[Tom groans]
Tom, no!
Come on. Please!
[Nat] I can't do this alone.
[Tom] Just go.
You can still make it.
Come on!
Come on, Tom. Please.
I'm sorry.
- No!
- [Tom screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[engine revving]
[breathes heavily]
[gentle music]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[foreboding music]
[breathing heavily]
[music intensifies]
[inhales sharply]
[breathing heavily]
[panting, grunting]
[breathing deeply]
[gentle music]
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