Shark Killer (2015) Movie Script

(Mayor): As promised,
our beaches
are safe once again.
We have taken
every precaution
to ensure that this is
the last shark
you'll see in these waters
for a very long time.
Now, let's hit the water
and get the summer started.
(man): Yeah, let's go!
(Raymond): Mayor! Mayor!
We may still have
a shark problem.
Lower your voice, Raymond!
Don't be an ass.
We don't have a shark problem
without a shark.
Mr. Walker says we caught
the wrong one. It's too small.
- I've heard that one before.
- But what if he's right?
He's not! Besides,
Raymond, we never hired him.
He doesn't work for us,
- Well maybe we should.
- Maybe he should take his
over-priced services
somewhere else.
Somewhere that
actually has a shark problem.
He says the public has
a right to know.
Where is that
son of a bitch?
Now, you see here,
you son of a bitch!
If you think for one second
I'm going to stand by
and allow you to spread
wild rumors to the press
about another
sh ...shark,
you're stupider
than I thought!
Why is it
you people never listen?
- I hate the damn ocean.
- Are we clear?
(shouting over each other)
(woman): Okay, come on...
- (man): Behind you!
- (Cindy): Ahh!
I don't think
we've met.
I'm Chase Walker.
There's someone
at the door.
Go away!
All right,
all right!
Well, hello.
Hmm. Chase Walker?
Oh, look, I'm sure
I'm not the father,
I'm always
very careful that way.
We can all be
thankful for that.
Well, hey, wait!
Where are you going?
We were just getting
to know each other.
Be ready to go
in 10 minutes.
I'm ready to go now.
(woman): Mmm...
Where are you going?
To where the sharks fly,
Go back to sleep.
You deserve it.
(Chase): You know,
it's been over 10,000 miles,
and I still don't know
anything about you.
I think we should
probably keep it that way.
Come on, I don't even
know your name.
- Do you ever stop talking?
- One of my many charms.
What can I say?
It's Jasmine.
Jasmine... I like that.
You know what I love
about South Africa, Jasmine?
That none of the girls here
know anything about you?
Ha! Good one.
But no.
I love South Africa because
I'm here getting to know you.
Okay, look, you can cool it,
all right?
I'm not one of
your little beach girls
that's gonna fall for
your endless supply
of cheesy lines.
You know,
there's a lot to be said
for learning how to take
a compliment.
So... Is Jake
house-sitting or what?
Hell of a view,
wouldn't you say?
Not really my taste,
but whatever floats
your boat.
I see you're still
not a fan of the water.
So what gives?
Did you rob a bank
or con some woman out of
her fortune,
because we both know you're
sure as hell not smart enough
to make this kind of money
on your own.
Yeah, I'd be
careful there, Chase.
Things have
kind of changed
since you and I were kids.
Yeah? Sorry
to see your face
never really got over
that awkward phase.
Always a smart ass, eh?
Always a criminal.
Jake specializes
in high-end security
transportation services.
There's nothing
criminal about it.
I see you have her
- I am his lawyer.
- Okay...
She's very protective.
Letting a girl
fight your battles.
I thought you said things had
changed since we were kids.
Trust me,
this is one girl
you don't want to get
on the wrong side of.
Might be
a little late for that,
but thanks for the tip.
What is it you want?
The only thing
you're good for.
I want you to kill
a shark.
You know what this is,
This is a piece of Chase,
bought and paid for.
You see, I'm the only man
that ever saved Chase's life,
and this is from the shark
that was gonna kill him.
He owes me.
So now, when I whistle,
he comes double time.
Isn't that right, Chase?
There's a great white
that ate something of mine.
You're going to get it
back for me.
Well, a shark can eat
a lot of things.
What are you looking for?
An old pair of boots,
maybe a license plate?
It's the largest diamond
in existence.
It's unsellable
because it's priceless.
One of a kind.
Kind of like Jasmine here.
I can assume there was
some idiot in possession of
this priceless diamond
when it was eaten?
There's a lot of
great whites out there.
Just so you know, I kill the
wrong one, it's not my problem.
(Biggs): This one's got
a big black fin.
Real big. I've never
seen anything like it.
Couple of notches
in the scoop.
You'll know it.
What're you still
standing here for? We're done.
Next time I see you, I want
something bright and sparkly
distracting me from
that ugly face of yours.
I'm gonna need a driver.
Someone who knows the area.
Hire someone.
That's your problem.
You owe me the favour, remember?
I remember.
I'll take her.
- How much does she charge?
- Really?
- She's off limits.
- I completely understand.
A guy like you
needs to be careful.
You can't have her spending
too much time with a real man.
Give it your best shot.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no--
Take him wherever
he needs to go
until this thing is done.
I am not a chauffeur,
especially not for this moron!
You're wasting time.
The quicker
you find the shark,
the quicker you'll be done
with the moron.
You've got to be
kidding me.
How dare you!
Is this going to be an
ongoing thing? The slapping?
Because I kinda like it.
Okay, look,
I am not some prize
in your stupid
Oh, wait,
just so we're clear,
Jake's the one with
the attitude, not me.
"How much does she charge"?
Hey, you can't go holding
everything I say against me.
We will never get along.
Look, just...
get in the car...
get in the car.
Okay, so what's the story
with the shark tooth?
Ask my brother.
Okay, and who's
your brother?
Jake, ask Jake.
Jake is your brother?
Well... not by blood,
thank God.
I'm adopted.
(Chase): No, no,
There's been a mistake.
I can't stay here.
Don't worry,
Jake's picking up the tab.
Oh, sorry, dude.
This is close
to the ocean.
I hate the ocean.
I hate the sound of it,
I hate the look of it,
and I hate the smell of it.
Are you kidding me?
I never kid
about this.
You're in Cape Town,
you're practically surrounded
by the ocean,
and not to mention,
you're here to hunt
a shark.
Well, I'm not getting
out of this car.
Nope, and I am
not staying here.
Now this.
This is what
I'm talkin' about.
You are so strange.
All right, I'll need you
to pick me up at 7 AM.
We're gonna need
a guide,
a boat, sonar,
a depth finder,
GPS, the works.
And don't forget,
dive equipment.
And maybe a smaller car.
(yelling in another language)
(yelling in other language)
Pass, pass, pass, pass!
Yes, yes...
- Hi, excuse me...
- Yes?
Do you have
any rooms available?
"Rooms available"?
(speaking in other language)
Around the corner.
Number 6.
you can't see
the ocean, right?
"You can't see
the ocean"?
(other language)
You're in Langstraat,
there's no ocean in Langstraat.
Langstraat. Enh?
Come, come,
the game is on.
You can't smell it
either, right?
(scoffs): "Smell it"!
I get a lot of complaints
about the smell,
but it ain't
the ocean, my bro.
(concierge laughing)
Come, come, come.
Yes, yes, yes...
(knocking on door)
Chase, if you're not out here
in the next 30 seconds,
you can find yourself
another ride,
and I don't care
what Jake says.
(Chase): Thanks
for the ride.
(car door slams)
I had a really great time.
See ya.
You're on time.
Ahh, I feel great.
Not even the smell of the ocean
can ruin it.
I'm so happy
you slept well.
I didn't sleep
a wink.
So, where's this guide
you hired?
Shouldn't he be helping us
get all this stuff?
You're looking
at your guide.
But this isn't Flipper
we're talking about here.
No, no, no,
this is a shark.
A great white shark.
And, by the sound of it,
a hell of a big one.
I need a real guide,
someone who knows what
they're doing,
not just a weekend
I've been diving
these waters for a long time.
Trust me,
you're in good hands.
Look, I'm really serious
about this, I...
I think maybe
we can make this work.
(Jasmine): Okay,
so this is the spot
that Biggs said his men
got attacked.
You don't actually
think that this thing is
hanging out down here
waiting to be caught?
No, but we've gotta
start somewhere, right?
Right, but a shark the size
that Biggs described
is probably closer
to Geyser Rock,
where there's
plenty of seals to snack on.
I completely agree.
So you won't be needing a spear
gun when you go down there.
When I go down there?
Yeah, you know,
in the water,
under the boat.
Someone has to go look
for the diamond,
in case the shark
didn't swallow it.
No, see that part
I understood,
but don't you mean,
when we go down there?
I mean, this is
your job.
No, I'm not
going down there.
Haven't you been listening?
I hate the ocean.
Oh, fine.
You don't wanna
go down there, I guess
we can just hang out
up here until
we find
something better to do.
I should warn you,
I like to sunbathe
in the nude.
no, no, really.
I would rather take my chances
with the shark.
There's way too much
area to cover.
If it's down there,
we're never gonna find it.
So you're giving up.
Is that
what I'm hearing?
No, I am not giving up.
But why don't you stop
being such a wuss
and get in the water?
I told you I...
(screaming and splashing)
(sarcastically): Help me!
Help me!
Look who's all wet now.
Is the great
Chase Walker
at a loss for words?
Oh, I've got
plenty of words,
you're just not going to like
any of them right now.
Behind you.
Oh, yeah, right.
where are you?
(Chase): Hey!
Will you give me
a hand here or what?
- You okay?
- (panting): Phew!
(groaning): Oh, man!
What is it with
sharks and boots anyway?
- Yeah, I thought you were...
- Dead?
Huh? See, you are
starting to fall for me.
No, I thought you were
gonna kill it.
Well, she caught me
by surprise is all.
And as I recall,
there was someone
distracting me
at the time.
Yeah, excuses, excuses.
Don't forget these.
Well, it's all they had
in your size, so...
I'm going to kill that shark
just to get my boots back.
Well, it's always good
to have a goal.
See you at 7:00--
oh, and...
maybe ask your girlfriend
if she can set the alarm.
I'm sure
between the two of you,
you can figure out
how to work it.
(starting car)
Wait a minute.
Look, guys,
it's been a long day.
I'm not really
in the mood.
Get in the car.
Sorry, man.
It's late. I'm hungry.
I've got some new shoes
to try on.
My night's pretty full.
Do you know what this is?
It's the world's
smallest violin.
Get in the car.
You're hilarious.
That's an improvement.
(cocking gun)
On second thought,
let's go for a drive.
Where are we going?
Screw you.
Try again.
these people...
You don't know who
you're messing with.
Nix, he runs this town!
Wrong answer.
Come on!
All right,
all right!
22 Water Street.
- At the docks.
- See? That wasn't so hard.
Hey, violinist!
Don't go passing out
on me, man.
I don't know
my way around here.
(starting car)
(door opening)
(door shutting)
- (guard): Not so fast, my man.
- It's cool.
I'm expected. Nix actually
sent me his own personal invite.
Really thoughtful
of him, really.
You can go and get it
in the car, if you want.
Look, just tell him Chase Walker
is here to see him.
I have to frisk you.
(sighing): We were
getting along so well.
I understand
someone by the name of Nix
is interested in having
a little face-to-face.
Interested indeed.
Quite the operation
you've got here.
Tik, Mr. Walker.
Drug of the masses.
It's always nice to meet
a dedicated public servant.
Care for a sample?
Fresh kill.
Always the tastiest.
It's been a long day.
How about we just skip
the theatrics,
and you tell me
what the hell it is you want?
Boss, I'm sorry,
we asked him to...
If I'd have known
you were going to do that,
I wouldn't have put so much
effort into beating him up.
I know all about
your arrangement
with that
little parasite, Jake.
- So?
- So...
the diamond
Jake wants you to find
belongs to me.
That's right. I paid him
to steal that diamond
from one of
his security trucks.
Paid him well.
But it appears
he's gotten greedy.
He even had the audacity
to kill two of my best men,
if you can believe it.
I can see you treat your men
just like family.
You're missing my point,
Mr. Walker.
You're right.
What is your point?
My point is,
you're a man
that enjoys life.
Good food, good drink,
good women.
I too appreciate the art
of self-indulgence.
As you can see, I have
quite a passion for diamonds.
Just a pretty rock,
if you ask me.
Oh, no, no.
They are much more than that,
I assure you.
Their great beauty aside,
are among the hardest
substance in the world.
A lifetime of pressure
makes them
nearly unbreakable.
This is something
I can relate to.
So many people have...
tried to take what's mine,
tried to kill me,
that I've lost count.
I've been shot...
stabbed, run over,
you name it.
But like these diamonds,
I too am nearly
Are we, uh,
getting close to the point
where you tell me
what it is you want?
Fair enough.
If you wish
to stay alive,
you will cut my diamond
out of that shark,
and return it
to its proper home.
Could have just called,
told me that
over the phone, no?
Right you are.
I'll be seeing you,
Mr. Walker.
I didn't give you
my answer yet.
It wasn't
multiple choice.
Pick your enemies wisely,
Mr. Walker.
Ask around.
I'm a hard man to kill.
(laughing and chatter)
(man laughing)
(laughing and shouting)
(wood cracking)
(indistinct chatter)
(news anchor): Um, do you know
any people who...
Excuse me? Do you know
what happened here?
- She followed us.
- Where the hell have you been?
- She followed us here.
- Who?
Black Fin.
"Black Fin,"
what, the...
What, the shark?
She killed
two people and a dog
right here in the marina
last night.
- Oh, my God.
- Now every moron with a boat
has gone out there
looking for her.
Like we don't know
how that's going to end.
So what exactly
are we doing?
I went shopping.
Got us some new toys.
Hey, what happened
to your shoes?
Whatever it was I was
picking up on the depth finder
is long gone now.
There's a pretty large hunting
group headed toward Seal Island.
They're not going
to find her out there.
Oh, come on,
you don't actually think that
this thing is stalking us,
that it followed us
to the marina.
She was hunting us.
Leaving a message.
(scoffing): A "message"?
I mean, come on,
it's just a big fish.
It's just a big fish?
Did you know that
a shark is the only fish
that picks its head up
out of the water
just to see
what's going on?
They're smart creatures.
They adapt,
they plan,
they hunt,
and they kill.
So, what exactly is it
that you're doing?
They make these devices
that mess with
their electrical signals
and help repel sharks.
I changed
the electronics around
to help attract sharks.
Smart, huh?
You changed
the electronics?
All by myself.
Yeah, but doesn't
that take, like, physics
or electrical
engineering and...
And maybe you're not
the only one on this boat
with an Ivy-league
All right,
now all we gotta do
is find the voltage that makes
old Black Fin salivate.
So why don't we just
chum the water?
I mean, a shark can
smell blood for miles.
Nah, that hunting party
is going to have
the ocean red with chum.
We need something that'll
cut through all that.
So what do we do now?
(device pinging)
We wait,
and we watch.
I mean, come on, you don't
expect me to believe that
that little black box is...
Wait... Ah.
Well, well, well.
You didn't think
it would work, did you?
I mean, I was just
a little bit skeptical, so...
Maybe if you stick around
long enough,
I might prove you wrong
on a few other things.
Now, what's going on?
what are you doing?
Those sharks were
too small,
makos or tigers.
We need to find the voltage
that brings in the big ones.
The whites.
Let's just go
the same direction
as those other sharks,
quarter speed.
Aye-aye, captain.
How's it going
down there?
Well, the changes I made
should do it.
Should draw her in.
(gun firing)
Stop the boat!
Where are we?
We're in the exact spot
Jake's guys were attacked.
Son of a bitch!
(Jasmine on radio): Can
anybody hear me?
Is anybody out there?
Can you hear me?
is anybody there?
Goddamn amateurs!
Okay, look,
we're not getting anyone
because there's
too much chatter
from that stupid hunting
She lead them here on purpose.
She wanted to kill them here.
Yeah, okay, that doesn't
make any sense, Chase.
She's marking
her territory.
Okay, look,
if even part of that is true,
then that's more reason
to go back and get some help.
Okay, what are you doing?
You're not going in there.
If she were here,
we would pick her up
on the sonar.
- Not if she's hiding.
- Hiding where?
The wreckage
right below the boat.
Okay, look, Chase,
this is stupid.
You're not going in there.
Chase... Chase!
Don't go...
God damn it,
(metal clanking)
Now that... was a rush.
What the hell
were you thinking, going
down there like that?
Oh, what the hell were
you doing down there at all?
You could have got
yourself killed!
I was worried about you!
Okay, what are you
smiling about, you idiot?
We almost just died.
You've fallen for me,
haven't you?
I have not.
Ha ha!
No, you've fallen for me,
fallen hard.
You know, I didn't
think that ego of yours
could possibly get
any bigger.
I know,
it's impressive, right?
(boat starting)
Hey, what are you doing?
That was just
round one down there.
I've got to go finish her off
before she kills again.
Yeah, well if you think
that I'm gonna stick around
and watch you get killed, then
you're dumber than I thought.
You have fallen for me!
Oh, Jesus.
how did a girl like you
end up with a guy like Jake,
So, why does a guy like you
hate the ocean so much?
I have my reasons.
I'm all ears.
Okay, I'll go first.
First of all,
I am...
I don't...
I'm not with Jake,
I work for Jake.
I happen to be
a very good lawyer,
and he's in need of
a very, very good lawyer.
And the money's
not so bad.
Okay, your turn.
I was 17.
I was supposed to go fishing
with my father on our boat.
I don't even remember
why I didn't go.
He hit a really bad storm.
Never saw him
or the boat again.
So now Jake blames you.
He's right.
I should have been there.
I'm so sorry.
(Jake): JASMINE!
Where the hell
have you been?
Nix is on
the bloody warpath,
and you disappear
for two bloody days!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Jake, take it down a notch.
We were looking
for your shark.
Thank you,
not talking to you.
Where the hell were you
last night?
Excuse me?
You were with my asshole
brother, weren't you?
Oh, hoo hoo!
I love it
when she does that.
You're done with him.
Now get in the bloody car!
- Jake, you're hurting me!
- Nix has guys all over
the bloody place,
man, it isn't safe here!
Jake! If you ever wanna
get off this dock,
I suggest
you keep your hands off her!
- You keep your bloody hands...
- You two guys stop it!
(speaking in another language)
I got this.
You disappear
for two days,
Chase doesn't check
into his hotel room,
what the hell do you think
I'm supposed to think, man?
Stop thinking.
You're not
very good at it.
Are you coming
or what?
Where are we going?
- Anywhere but here.
- Ha ha!
Come on,
come on, come on!
You think you know who I am,
Chase, but you're wrong.
You have no idea what
I'm capable of!
Oh, I've got
a pretty good idea
what a coward like you
is capable of,
after what I saw
in that shipwreck today!
Hello! I'm in
the bloody water, here!
Get him out of there!
Sorry, boss!
- (Chase): You okay?
- (Jasmine): Yeah.
It's probably done.
Thank you.
(bottles clinking)
Look at you,
all prepared.
I got these from
a guy's car
I borrowed last night.
- Don't ask.
- Okay.
What was it that
you were telling Jake,
about what you found
in the wreck?
Don't you think we've talked
enough shop for one day?
You know,
Jake and I, there's...
I don't know why he's being
such an asshole.
People rarely turn out to be
who you think they are.
Well, look at you,
being all insightful.
Like I said,
people rarely turn out to be
who you think they are.
I guess I've just spent
so many years
swimming with sharks...
...of one kind
or another.
What you need
is a really big knife.
Oh... Big knife.
That's it.
All right.
Okay, so,
why don't you...
tell me something...
about sharks that
I don't already know?
Real ones
or metaphorical ones?
You choose.
The lateral line...
runs down the entire
length of a shark,
allowing them
to hear their prey.
All along their
entire body.
I swear to God,
I'm going to kick
the crap out of you.
Is that the sound of a couple
of love birds I can hear?
who the hell are you?
Hey, don't touch her!
(Jasmine): Let me go!
Didn't think Nix was
keeping tabs on you, huh?
What are you doing?
Just taking out
a little insurance.
Get your hands off of me!
You see, everybody
and their brother's uncle
will be out looking
for Nix's shark,
and that's not good.
(shouting in other language)
Ha ha!
Hate to think what'll happen
if someone finds
that shark
before you do...
Before you kill it
and bring Nix what's his.
Your girl here,
she's got
an expiration date.
(muffled shouting)
and Nix wouldn't
want her going bad.
Get in touch when you've
got something to trade,
Mr. Walker!
(shouting and struggling)
Let me out!
(tires screeching)
You home?
(Biggs): You're on my hand...
Thought you were dead.
Do I look dead?
Besides the whole
talking thing...
You look really dead, Biggs.
Listen, if you're
looking for that
two-timing, back-stabbing,
low-life, no good--
Son of a bitch?
Where is he?
(wheezing): He took off
the moment
Nix's men showed up.
(sirens wailing)
Sounds like help's on the way.
(sirens approaching)
How is it, brother?
Just the son of a bitch
I've been looking for.
(tires screeching)
Oof! Ow!
Hey, hey, hey! My gun,
we're going to need that--
(Jake moaning)
Hey, hey, hey!
Cool it! Cool it!
- Cool it, cool it.
- Oh.
You're asking me to cool it
after you put a gun to my head?
Well, look at it
from my perspective!
How do I know you're not
working with Nix's guys, huh?
You know, Mom always said
you had trust issues.
Yeah, well, that figures,
considering she always liked you
better than me, better than
her own flesh and blood.
She didn't
like me better,
she just-- she just didn't
care much for you.
You see,
now that's just mean.
- Okay, okay!
- Come here, come here!
Well, what did
you expect?
You spent half
of high school in juvie.
Yeah, and while
I was away,
you got all the perks,
didn't you, college boy?
It's not my fault you were
such a screw-up.
Or maybe I got into
so much trouble
because I wanted
some attention, huh?
Did that ever occur to you?
I could
just never keep up
with the great
Chase Walker!
Okay, okay, man!
- Just wanna say...
- Oh!
Huh? Huh?
You okay?
I think you broke my nose.
What's the deal
with the accent, anyway?
I mean, you're from Hawaii.
Yeah, well...
When in Rome,
you know?
You got some
serious problems, man.
And I saw...
what was going on at
that shipwreck.
You cuffing those people
for the sharks?
That's messed up, man.
No, that wasn't me.
You gotta know that
that's all Nix's doing,
all right?
I mean, if one of his guys
just looks at him wrong,
he pops them.
Feeds the body to the sharks
to get rid of it.
Black Fin's protecting
her feeding ground.
When I heard
where he wanted to meet,
I knew he was going to try to
take out my guys, so yeah,
we killed
all of his guys.
Well, we may need
to kill a few more.
Hey, look,
I'm really glad
you're taking this all
so personally,
but right now, I just
want to get that shark,
get my diamond,
and get the hell out of here.
I don't think that's
going to happen.
Oh, the hell it is, or have
you forgotten you owe me?
Nix has Jasmine.
And he's expecting
his diamond.
Straight-up trade,
so either we go get
your stupid diamond,
or we get the girl.
Well, that's a no-brainer.
Nix totally wiped me out,
all right?
He took everything I have.
Without that diamond,
I'm ruined.
All right, fine.
You go get the diamond,
and good luck
with that.
I'm gonna get Jasmine.
(car starting)
Whoa, whoa, okay!
I'm joking. Hello!
I'm joking.
Of course, you're going
to get Jasmine first, huh?
But, uh, then we'll get
my diamond, right?
You're dead, you hear me?
You're dead!
(gun firing)
Nix wants her
in one piece.
At least to start with.
Take off her clothes.
Don't you dare
come near me!
Fine, we'll do this
the hard way.
If you assholes
touch me again,
I swear
I will kill you!
It's not us you need
to worry about, princess!
We're just here
to get you ready.
(henchman shouts
in other language)
Ready for what?
Nix has got a romantic night
planned for the two of you,
and he likes his girls
clean and proper.
(water spraying)
(Jake): Okay, yup.
Okay, okay.
Good, good, yup.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
I like your thinking.
Take them all out
from here.
Okay, now,
be careful with that!
Wait, hang on, um...
You sure this is
the smart play, hmm?
Two of us against Nix's
entire gang, I don't know.
Something's not
adding up here, Chase.
It's alright, we've got
the advantage.
Oh, uh, yeah,
Sorry, how, exactly?
We've got the element
of surprise.
Yeah, they'll be
surprised, all right,
when they realize
it's just two of us.
Don't get your panties
in a bunch.
Let's figure out how
many of them there are first.
Hey, wait!
Where are you going?
You're gonna want
one of these, first.
No, no.
I'm better with these.
Just watch my back, okay?
You're gonna watch
my back, right?
Okay, you realize
those guys have guns,
all right,
lots of guns,
and they will shoot us on sight
with those guns.
Okay, you do it your way,
I'm gonna do it my way,
and I'm not
shooting anyone.
You don't think you could have
told me this, well...
Any time before now?
You're nuts, you know that?
Fine, you wanna
get yourself killed
trying to save that bitch,
you be my guest but...
Don't call her that,
you understand?
Aw, little Chase has a crush.
Now you've done it.
No, no-no-no,
no, no.
LM-4? Nice!
See, if you wanna
sneak up on someone,
that's the way
you do it.
- Huh?
- What did I just tell you?
- (men): There they are!
- Oh. Oh, oh, oh!
(guns firing)
(Chase): Here! Here!
What the hell was that? We were
supposed to surprise them.
Well, did you see
the look on their faces?
I think those two
were surprised.
Hey, hold the door!
What are you doin'?
Hey! Easy with
the guns already!
You know, I think
it's about time
you start
respecting my stuff!
Go ahead.
Take it out.
Have fun with that.
I'm gonna go get Jasmine.
You coming or not?
It's not like I have
much of a choice, now do I?
(struggling and moaning)
What is going on
out there?
Sounds like somebody
got past the front gate.
It's nothing
we can't handle.
Because Jasmine and I...
have got a very special night
ahead of us.
Screw you!
All in good time,
my dear.
All in good time.
Boss, it's that
Chase Walker again.
He's in the building.
Well, then,
I'll be needing
my work clothes.
And you...
Chase Walker is
in the building!
It seems your night is
not going to be
so pleasurable
after all.
(muffled protesting)
Take her
to my table.
Ooh! Um...
(Chase): Hey!
A little help here?
I think you got it
under control.
So, tell me, how's that no gun
thing working out for you?
Look, you wanna keep
doing things the hard way,
be my guest,
but I'm telling you,
shooting them...
A lot easier.
- Come on.
- But we gotta get the g--
the guns!
Hey, hey, hey, we gotta
go back for the bag,
it's got
all the ammo in it.
You wanna go back,
be my guest.
All right...
(Jasmine screaming)
- Which way?
- Left.
You're a real asshole,
you know that?
Maybe we should
have gone left.
You think?
You know, maybe if you'd
listen to me for once?
I learned at a very young age
to never take your advice.
Hey, hey, I think
you've forgotten
that without me, you wouldn't
even be alive right now--
(gun firing rapidly)
Stop shooting!
I have the diamond.
(voice): Prove it.
You son of a...
Sorry, Jake,
but if Nix doesn't
get his diamond,
he's gonna kill Jasmine.
Okay, don't shoot.
I'm going to come
If you've got the diamond,
let me see it.
That's not a diamond!
Sorry, need that back.
Oh, no, Chase,
it's out of shells.
Where's Jasmine?
Screw you.
Where... is...
(Jake): Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't you think
that's enough?
You're going to break it!
This is a Clarkson Bullpup,
Tactical Conversion.
You can't just buy them.
All right? You have to steal
them from Special Forces.
You know how hard
that is?
You're dupes.
- What did you say?
- Ahh!
Where is she?
Nix has her.
Fourth floor.
(Nix chuckling)
Mr. Walker!
Don't be shy.
Join the party.
I was just getting started.
Look what
the cat dragged in.
I hope
for Jasmine's sake...
that one of you has
my diamond.
Can we go get
my diamond now?
(Jasmine): Chase!
Oh, you're gonna need
a much bigger gun than that.
Helps prevent
workplace injuries.
(Nix laughing)
You have until noon
to find that shark
before anyone else does.
Do I make myself clear,
Mr. Walker?
Fail me this time,
and I will disassemble
your girlfriend
one piece at a time.
help me...
Do I make myself clear,
Mr. Walker?
Go, Jasmine!
Don't be such a baby,
you're wearing a Kevlar vest.
You okay?
(whispering): Yeah.
You may be
a difficult man to kill, Nix,
but I really don't see you
outrunning this explosion.
You're such
a gentleman, Jake!
What have you done?
You okay?
Oh, yeah... Yeah,
my wrists are a little sore,
but I'm fine.
So, exactly
why am I doing this?
We're just over
the shipwreck.
The shark attractor should
draw Black Fin in.
And then hopefully
that harpoon gun will float,
and if all goes
according to plan,
I kill her.
- And get my diamond.
- Yeah, as promised.
Okay, sounds like
a good plan.
Was that a compliment?
You know,
I, I guess it...
What? It sounds
like a good plan.
Hey, listen...
When I'm in the water,
keep a close eye
on Jake.
He's being
a little too cooperative.
I will.
(guns firing)
Who the hell is
shooting at us?
(Nix): I'm starting
to lose patience with you,
Mr. Walker!
(guns firing again)
That little stunt
you pulled back there...
Not very nice,
taking advantage
of one's disabilities!
How the hell do you expect me
to get your diamond
when you keep this up?
I'm way past that.
Now all I want to do
is kill you.
Okay, what's our move?
We're going fishing.
Hey, Nix!
How's this for a bigger gun?
Nice shot!
(motor revving)
Oh, crap. Quick, quick,
give me your knife!
Well, that's not good.
Well, there's
an understatement.
Not only is the only real weapon
we had on board gone,
your little shark...
finder gadget
is all shot up, too!
Well, maybe if you
wouldn't've stolen from
a psychopath, we wouldn't
be in this situation!
Maybe if you'd listened
to me in the first place...
Hey, hey, hey!
Stop it!
We can think
of another solution.
You know what?
She's right.
We'll do it
the old-fashioned way.
- Are you out of your mind?
- I'm sorry!
Without that
diamond, I'm finished.
Chase! Get me
out of here!
You're finished either way.
You go do what you do,
It's okay,
I got you.
Stay behind me.
Don't screw this up,
- (screams)
- Did he get it?
Did he get it?
Shut up, Jake,
you stupid piece of crap!
Sorry, sweetheart.
Looks like
you bet on the wrong guy.
Um, hey...
Jasmine, go!
Get back to the boat!
I can't,
my leg!
You...can't...have her...
Um... Hey!
Uh, hello!
It's sinking!
Hey, Jake,
just let it go.
All the sharks
in the area
are going to be
all over her any minute.
Don't do anything...
- You okay?
- Chase, he's not worth it.
- He's my brother.
- Chase. Chase!
It's a lot of trouble for
a pretty rock, if you ask me.
I think we've seen enough
trouble for a little while.
Hell of a view,
wouldn't you say?
I mean, what happened
to "I hate the ocean"?
I wasn't talking
about the ocean.
Ugh, can you two give it
a rest, already?
Look, I am still
not talking to you, Jake.
- I told you, I'm sorry!
- "I'm sorry"?
I owe you, all right?
No, it's Chase
that you owe.
Yeah, I whistle,
you come double-time.
- Isn't that right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can I just see
my diamond again?
(together): No!
Hey, you guys,
Australia has diamonds,
It definitely has sharks.