Shark Lake (2015) Movie Script

Lake County Sheriff Department!
Holy shit.
Are you okay?
Liberty time, you ready?
Give me twenty minutes.
You say goodnight
to some friends.
Geez, man!
Let him make a mistake.
He's not making a
mistake on his own.
Maybe we should
call for backup?
I'm pretty busy right now,
but you go right ahead.
This is, uh, Sheriff Deputy
Galloway with a high speed
pursuit on a white...
Ford Econoline van
on pine road.
Down on your knees!
Down on your knees!
You're under arrest!
Where's her morn?
Died a year and a half ago.
So who's coming
to get her?
Grandma, aunt, neighbor?
Child care services
will get here
when they get here.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
In order to get the
deep end bracelet,
you got to make it
to the other end.
Hey, where are you going?
Home. Swimming is stupid.
That's not what you
said on the way over here.
I changed my mind.
Hmm, you swam across
the shallow end without
touching the
bottom, right?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Guys, c'mon...
Oh, I see!
Those guys can pass the deep
end test, but you can't?
I think you should
get back in the water.
I don't want to.
Carly, there's two types of
girls in this world:
girls who say I can't, and
girls who say watch this.
Which one are you?
This is DCFS. We would like
to set up a time for...
Do you have any idea how
stupid the state of Nevada is?
I have a feeling you're
about to tell me.
Clint Gray is a problem?
Child services is trying
to arrange a supervised
visit with him and Carly.
This is how it starts, Lewis!
Look, hang on a second.
- No, no! It's not happening.
You need to get Judge
Grimes on the line now.
That's not how it works.
2005, assault and battery.
2009, assault and battery
of a police officer.
2005 to 2010? Trafficking of
illegal animals through his
house which include
Burmese pythons, wolves,
a god damn tiger.
You ever heard of a
sports team named the
Brooklyn Bunnies or the
Pennsylvania Puppy Dogs?
A lot of people like wild,
vicious animals, Meredith.
He just sold people what
they wanted to buy.
It's no different
than dealing.
He had them in the
house with Carly.
And he served his time,
and now he's out,
and he's still her dad.
I'm not letting
him near her.
That's not up to you.
Look, it could be six
weeks, it could be six
months, but it's
gonna happen.
You should be more
concerned with enforcing
the law rather than
ignoring the parts
that you don't like.
It's my job to
keep her safe.
Just make the call, please.
Alright, I don't think
it will help, but
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Christopher, did you see
the bears are active sign?
Do you think that
the bears are active?
Do we have to do this
without people around?
What about the bears?
Come on!
Christopher, I
forgot my iPad.
I need to take some
pictures of the lake
and send them
to Lois Etsler.
She said she heard
it's not that nice.
Yeah, well she's an idiot.
I think she's just jealous
because Bernie took her
to the Lobster Lounge
for their fortieth.
She's just gonna die when she
sees how clear it is.
I Wish.
What did you say?
I said I'll be right here
when you get back, darling.
Holy moley!
No. no!!
So, a forty niner tries
to escape into the lake,
but the bear was faster?
It catches him a few
feet into the water
and proceeds to rip
the poor guy apart.
And the wife
saw all this?
M'mm. She was coming
down from the car.
She's not exactly
Usain Bolt.
She heard the attack, but she
fell down and hit her head.
By the time she got here,
yogi was already done
with lunch.
What kind of bear?
A big one.
You sure it's a bear?
Wasn't a deer.
Are there tracks?
In the water?
On the beach.
I don't know. I'm
not Jane Goodall.
She's gorillas, not bears.
Will you stop?
I just don't get it.
Here we go.
So a bear went into the
lake and killed somebody?
They eat fish, our bear
went in to get dinner,
and this poor asshole
got in his way.
Look, don't over
complicate this.
Park rangers are on their
way, we're sending some
of their younger guys to
help outwith the hunt,
they'll kill this thing,
and then we'll go back to
breaking up house parties.
We still have to
rule out homicide.
You're kidding me, right?
No person is
capable of this.
You sure about that?
Perfect. I'm starving.
At least you could tell
us what's on the menu.
You got thirty seconds
to get out of my house.
Don needs to see you.
Time to get back
to work, buddy.
I don't work
for him anymore.
Well, he doesn't agree
and not all opinions are
created equal.
Look, here's what we
are going to do...
You are going to go for
a little ride, see Don,
and you two can figure
out the details.
Your thirty seconds are up.
Make this easy. We don't
like to hurt old timers.
You're not gonna shoot me...
But we both know that
I will shoot you.
Come on, get up.
Come on, big boy,
let's get out of here.
Whose turn is it?
Mine. I got a good one.
Okay, is it a girl?
Okay, is it Locklyn?
Is he in second grade?
- Nope.
Is he in third grade?
You don't know any fourth
grade boys, do you?
Mom, no!
Hmm, is it grandma's
friend Mr. Mean?
Ew, no! Mom, it's
an easy one.
Is it your dad?
What? No.
It's Lewis G.
Oh, right.
I told you, an easy one.
Just the two of you?
Follow me.
Thank you.
Are they the ones
looking for the bear?
No, who told you that?
Patrick, he said it was
twenty-two feet tall.
Well, it's not.
Do you know what
you wanna eat?
Do you think it's
still eating that guy?
How much of him do
you think is left?
There was a bear
attack today?
Patrick said some bears
only like the taste of
humans and that he is
stalking is next victim
right now.
Well, Patrick is
being highly creative.
Patrick also said that
a police man would
kill the bear and I
said it would be you.
But he said it had
to be a policeman.
Well, Patrick is sexist,
now go wash your hands.
Mom, he's nine.
He's still sexist.
You re a cop?
Another PhD at a bar?
Can I ask you about
the bear attack?
I can't talk about it.
Oh, of course, yeah.
It's just that statistically
a bear attack is very
unlikely, contrary to
what Patrick might think.
I mean there have only
been twenty-seven bear
fatalities in north
America since 2000.
Meanwhile, thirty-two
people were killed by dogs
last year alone.
How do you know all this?
I actually do have a PhD.
In bears?
I teach oceanography at the
University of Rhode Island.
So what are you doing
in a bar at Alpine Lake?
I'm here for
the trout sex.
I'm here writing a paper.
It's not as exciting
as it sounds.
It doesn't sound
exciting at all.
As for the super
impressive bear stats,
it's not the PhD.
It's the Internet, and
according to this,
a bear attack is
not impossible,
I just wouldn't
bet on it.
So I should interrogate all the
neighborhood dogs instead?
Stats would support that.
Hey, good luck.
Oh, you little hooligan.
Shh! Carly's asleep.
This dog is gonna
be the death of me!
Should we be worried
about this bear?
It's not a bear.
Has Carly mentioned
anything to you about
her dad recently?
I'd tell you if she did.
- So she hasn't?
You know he's...
I know. He's going to
see her sooner or later.
I have a great idea.
Let's make a
fire and then...
Are you okay?
Should we go back?
I'm so sorry that I
distracted you.
Let me see how I
can make it up.
Warmer in the water.
What was that?
What was what?
I just felt something.
I don't know.
I did, too.
No, I'm serious.
Dude, Anthony, if you're
messing with me right now,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Hey, its okay.
If you're not ready
then we can just wait.
If I'm the one
that gets the bear,
Lindsay's totally
gonna take me back.
Especially when she reads
about me in the newspaper.
Lindsay can't read.
Oh, I'll be on
the news, too.
Think they'll let me
mount the bear head
on the wall?
Dude, these are
tranquilizer guns.
All I'm saying is...
I talked to the dogs.
It was a bear after all.
You were wrong.
No, I'm not.
Your killer's
definitely not a bear.
This has been a terrible
tragedy for the victims,
and our thoughts and
prayers are with
their families.
Jesus, he's not picking up.
Pick up your phone, Lewis!
I do want to commend the
Department of Conservation
and Natural Resources for
their quick apprehension
of a black bear.
It is a male approximately
five hundred pounds
and now the people
of Nevada don't have
to worry anymore
about being harmed.
How big was the bear?
Uhh, five hundred pounds...
everybody, get out
of the water!
We got him! It's
under control!
No, it's not!
Get 'em out now!
Get em out!
Oh shit!
Tell him what you told me.
Okay well, see...
Most sharks, if you
drop them in a lake,
they'll absorb too much
fresh water relative to
their body solvents
basically causing them
to drown from
the inside out.
But bull sharks, bull
sharks are very special.
They're unique in that
they have the ability to
regulate their kidneys
to suit the salinity
of the water
they're in.
This type of variable
osmoregulaiton is only
seen in a small
percentage of sharks.
It's not possible.
Who's ever heard of
a shark in a lake?
Bulls have been known
to swim way up the
Mississippi River.
They've been spotted
in Lake Michigan.
A whole bunch of
them swimming happily
in Lake Nicaragua.
Well, how long can it
last in that without having
saltfus... ozmo...
whatchamacallit kills it?
Bullsharks won't expire due
to the lack of salinity.
In English?
It will live and thrive
until somebody removes it
or kills it.
We don't have a river that
connects to the Pacific
so professor, how did
it get into my lake?
That's a good question.
If I had to guess, I'd say...
- Somebody put it there.
Are you ready for
your big swim meet?
Don't be nervous!
You need to go right now.
I'm sorry.
Just um...
Just tell her that uh...
Just tell her I stopped
by to talk to her, alright?
I'll tell her.
Sheriff, can you
confirm its a shark?
As I'm sure you
all know by now,
there was another accident...
on the lake this morning.
We don't have a ton
to go by just yet,
but we are taking
every precaution here.
We are temporarily
closing the beaches,
and urn, we are asking
everyone to stay out
of the water until we can
confirm that it's safe.
The headline here is
that we're on it!
And soon everything
will be back to normal.
Trust me.
I love you, and I'll
always protect you.
You know that right?
It's not that he's, he's...
Look, I have to say this,
and I'm not trying to
scare you, but if he
comes up to you somewhere,
and he's not going to,
but if he does,
you just have to
go find an adult.
Grandma, me, or your
teacher. Right away.
Does that make sense?
But he's not bad, right?
My dad?
He's made some mistakes.
But no, honey, he's not bad.
Morning, clint.
Don, could you not
eat on my couch.
I'll send my maid over.
You know, lately my wife has
been on this vegan kick.
I gotta get my
meat where I can.
So, how you been, clint?
Well, good for you.
I wish I could say the
same about myself.
I've been stressed
Have you been
following the news?
Not particularly.
Well, apparently there's
something in the lake.
And guess what?
It's mine.
I'm not interested.
Well, it's not a matter of
your interet level, Clint.
We had a deal and your about
five years late on your rent.
No, Don,
I paid for it.
And I feel for you,
but when I buy something,
I expect to get it.
And if I start letting things
slide and calling it even,
this puts me in a very
precarious position.
So I tell you
what I'm gonna do...
I am gonna come
back here tomorrow
and you are gonna give
me one of two things...
My money or my shark.
Clint, you're my only friend
who's really good at finding
these animals.
I mean, most of my other
friends, they're just good at
finding uh, people.
She's cute.
You touch her and I
kill everyone you know.
She's very sweet.
GO fish and I give
this back to you.
I'll even let you use my boat.
You have a day.
Oh, just remember to
wash it when you're done.
A shark?
I need that restraining
order, today.
Not now Hernandez.
I also don't believe a
shark will respond
to a restraining order,
but don't worry lovely,
he'll respond to me.
Garreth Ross.
Good for you.
Host of fish
fried on the BBC.
Never heard of it.
I catch these monsters
for a living, hun,
and I'll catch yours
for the great low price
of allowing me to film it.
We'll cut in some interviews
with concerned citizenry,
add a little dun-dun,
dun-dun. Dun-dun.
Catch the bastard and be out of
your knickers by nightfall.
Unless, of course,
you have other ideas.
I'll leave you to it.
Tell that guy to take his
camera and shove it up his
arrogant ass.
People died here.
We're not making a reality
TV show out of this.
Look, he's done it before.
You know, for some reason
everybody else around here
calls me Sheriff.
What's your point?
You wanna know the reason
why we're letting this guy
catch the shark?
Because he knows how
to catch the shark.
He's done it before.
That ass clown
doesn't care.
Stop! You're down
lifegaurding now.
Okay? It's out
of your hands.
What about Clint Gray?
Seriously? We're
bringing that up now?
It can't wait.
Have you noticed we're in the
middle of a shit storm?
He came over to my house.
I don't care.
- Lewis!
We're done.
This big. Extraordinary!
Celebratory cocktails
this evening, officer?
I'll take that
as a maybe.
Wait, I shouldn't
smile, should I?
Or should I?
Just be emotionally
honest, darling.
How do the events of the past
twenty-four hours make you feel?
Well, scared I guess.
I mean I'm just here for
a bachelorette party,
I wasn't even planning
going swimming.
I lay out. Lakes gross
me out, you know?
Oh, absolutely disgusting
things, lakes.
I love your accent by the way.
It's my money maker.
Tell you what? Why don't
you tell the camera
that you don't feel safe in
your own backyard anymore,
that your terribly frightened,
but confident at the same
time, that you feel safe
again now that I'm here.
In your own words, of course.
Then you can give me
your phone number and
I'll meet up with you and
your bachelorette party
as soon as I'm done fishing.
Roll it.
I'm like super scared of
the shark, but so, so happy
that you're here
to save everyone.
I feel like I can
finally breathe again.
I'm not going to lie to you...
We're dealing with a monster
here, nature's serial killer.
I can only promise
to do my best.
I'm Garreth Ross.
Listen, I don't pretend to
know how television works
and while it's really
interesting watching you
stare at yourself like my
fifteen-year-old daughter
in the mirror, we need
to catch this shark
and we need to do it now.
By all means.
Shall we?
First rule of shark fishing
is a good chum slick.
Shark smells that, he
thinks it's dinner time.
He would be wrong.
And cut. Good?
Wont be long now.
Soviet APS underwater
assault rifle.
What the hell are you
doing with this thing?
How long can a shark
survive in that lake
without anybody
knowing about it?
Morning, officer.
You're sleeping in
the middle of the day?
Yeah, I was up all night
researching bull sharks.
So, how long?
I don't... I don't know.
There's plenty of food, no
predators, and it's a big lake.
Five years?
I don't... I don't know.
It's possible I guess.
This is a bull
shark, right?
Hang on.
I think five years ago, Clint
Gray put this shark in the lake
and now I think he's
trying to kill it.
What's wrong?
You're gonna kill
it with that?
No, I'm gonna
dance with it first.
You have to give the
people what they want.
Then I'm going to get back
in the boat and catch it
like the proper
fisherman I am.
Looks to be about
an eight footer.
Relatively docile.
Roll it. Shoot to
hide the spear.
Our shark is in the water,
circling the boat very
quickly, erratically,
from what I can tell,
were dealing with a very
aggressive animal here.
At least a thirteen footer.
I'm about to come face to
face with a ruthless killer.
Wish me luck.
Cut it. Gear up.
Come on man, chop chop!
It's a coordinated attack.
Not possible.
Bull sharks hunt alone.
- Turn it off.
I mean, occasionally
in pairs, but that's rare.
I'm serious, Hernandez.
The first one is acting
as bait, but then
before you know it, the
bait becomes a predator
and then it's over.
Turn that god
damn thing off!
It really doesn't
matter how they hunt.
Tomorrow, we're hunting them.
Every fisherman in the
state who wants to get
paid is going after them. I
got approval from the mayor.
10k per dead fish.
All do respect, sir,
that's not such a good idea.
If you don't have the right
gear and more importantly,
the right kinda boat, it'll
be Thanksgiving out there
for the sharks I mean.
Oh, I understand the problem.
We got a big boy out there
and two of his friends, but
there's gonna be a whole lot
more of us.
It's actually a big girl,
and by the looks of it,
two of her pups.
What do you mean?
She was pregnant when
she went into the lake.
Same old shit.
You need a break.
I'm fine.
Do you always look this
angry when you're fine?
C'mon, let me buy you a
drink. It'll be good for you.
How do you know
what's good for me?
I'm a doctor.
Who studies fish.
Still a doctor.
One drink?
Okay, fine. One drink.
Just let me change.
First date jitters?
This isn't a date.
Cause I've been on a
few dates before.
I mean, not a ton, but
a respectable amount.
This is usually
what they're like.
Do you think they
enjoy killing?
I take that back, this
isn't what they're like.
I'm sorry, but do they?
No more than any
other predator.
I mean, they like eating,
they don't like starving.
So you don't think
they're evil?
No, no, I just think they're
really good at their job.
Their eyes. The one
that killed Garreth?
They were evil.
You can make them villains, but
they're just doing what millions
of years of evolution has
programmed them to do.
They're surviving.
I can't stop thinking about
those people that died.
All they did was go into a lake
that was supposed to be safe.
Well, who said
it was safe?
You know what I mean.
Earth is a bad
neighborhood, Meredith.
Isn't that a little dramatic?
No, I mean, in fact, people
underestimate all the time
what a bad neighborhood
it is, alright?
Humans build buildings,
and bridges, and roads,
and resorts on lakes.
Okay, we have police departments
and all sorts of other
things to help us
pretend that we're safe.
We put all these
layers on top of nature
and then we pretend
that it's not nature.
I mean, maybe it's too
scary to think about
what it's really
like out there.
It doesn't have
to be like that.
Yeah, it does.
Because all living things
on Earth are doing
the same three things.
One, they're finding food.
Which is exactly what
that shark was doing
when he went after
those people.
And two, all animals
are programmed to
protect their young
which is what you do
every day of the week.
So if every animal
is willing to do
whatever it takes to
protect their young...
Some will live.
And some will die.
Don't wimp out.
Where are you?
Wanna walk the
mutt with me?
No, thanks, grandma. I
have way too much homework.
It's criminal how
they work you kids.
Yeah, urn, totally.
Okay, honey. I'll
be back in five.
That means nothing
to you I suppose.
What's the third thing?
What do you mean?
All living things.
They find food,
protect their young,
What's the third
thing they do?
Are you flirting with me?
Not at all.
I'm just trying to figure
out what the third thing is.
Do you need my help?
Hmm, no. But I'll let you
know when I figure it out.
Can I have your
keys? I'm driving.
Oliver! Stop!
Where are you going?
Oh, I'm walking you in.
We're not playing
meet the family.
Oh, did I mention
I have a phd?
I mean, that plays
well with the mothers.
Your daughter and
I both like bears.
And I'll make killer
pancakes for the four of us
in the morning.
I'm kidding.
Goodbye, Peter.
You Okay?
They're going to take the
shark to the morgue
and cut it open and
see what's inside.
It was almost my mother.
Yeah, but it wasn't.
Two seconds.
I know.
I know she's completely fine,
but clearly idiotic.
I nearly lost her, Peter.
It'll all be over soon.
You can get back to
human criminals and
I'll go back to fish sex.
She's gone! She's gone!
She was here and
now she's gone!
Are we sure she's okay?
It's him.
Come on! Give me your keys!
- Okay.
Hello? Anybody home?
I need an APB to go out
on Clint Gray for the
kidnapping of Carly Gray.
Send a unit to
14 Pine Road.
He's not here.
He's probably half
way to Canada by now.
Scratch that. We're
gonna need some backup.
Hey, what's the
problem officer?
You're under arrest for the
kidnapping of Carly Gray.
She's been kidnapped?
Now taste the deck!
You heard me. Come on!
Come on. Do it!
Don't hurt my dad!
Stay down, Carly!
How does the deck taste?
We're gonna need a boat.
Come on!
Wow, you're beautiful.
You got so... So big!
Thanks. My mom says I'm
eight going on eighteen.
Yeah, yeah, I can see that.
Look, I'm sorry I
haven't been around.
I miss you very much.
I knew you were nice.
Hey, so how'd you
find me, sweetie?
In mom's office, there
were papers about you.
What you did and stuff
and where you live.
Mom's office, huh?
Are you mad at me?
No! Not even a
little bit.
But right now, we
gotta get you home.
Is it cause the Sherrif
was trying to make you
go back to jail?
No, no. Forget about him.
They're all gone now.
Then why do I have to go home?
Here, put this on.
It's late, your mom's
all worried about you.
Soon we'll get to
hang out all the time.
Maybe we can go to the
playground tomorrow!
Oh, yeah, maybe!
Do you like tacos?
Cause we could get tacos
after the playground.
Yeah, I love tacos.
Me too.
Hey, get up
here. Alright.
We're gonna go.
Hang on.
If we're going home,
isn't it that way?
Yeah, well, we're taking
the scenic route.
So the plan is to take the
boat out, scour the lake
in the dark, and hope we
find Clint and your daughter
before he decides that
tooling around in the middle
of the night isn't the
best way to prove his
parental bonafides?
Hernandez! Right here.
That's your boat?
Well, yeah?
I don't think it's big
enough, but it'll do.
Um, it's my boat.
I'm driving.
Y'all know there's
sharks out there, right?
Yeah, which means you need
to get out of the water.
Oh, I don't think so,
chief. See I got me a plan.
I'm gonna lure those sons
of bitches out there
with these here deer guts.
Look, my buddy Roddy shows
up with his rig, I'm gonna
lure 'em right to him.
Barn! We gonna get us a
ripe, fat paycheck.
Sir! You need to get the
hell out of the water.
What? And leave the sharks
to you? Don't think so.
How big is the lake exactly?
Two hundred square miles.
So we plan on finding
him next month then?
This thing doesn't
have stealth mode.
The faster we go,
the louder we get.
Why don't we just turn back,
you know, and wait for light?
Shh! Shh!
Shh! Did you hear that?
Yeah, where's it coming from?
Throw me a rope!
Hang on!
I'm coming!
Peter, get out of the water!
Don't look back, just swim!
It's my fault.
I shouldn't have let
him come out here.
We shouldn't be out here.
Well, let's go
back. Right now!
Before anyone
else gets hurt.
I can't do that.
Carly's out here.
How do you know?
We have every cop in Alpine
Lake out looking for him.
He knows that and if
he's smart, and he is...
He's gonna lay low out
here until morning
when every idiot and
his brother is out
fishing sharks.
He knows the chief is gonna
turn everyone onto them
and he'll ditch his boat
and be gone with Carly.
But he's not gone yet.
Then we'll keep looking.
I'm sorry, Meredith.
I'll call the station. It'll
take them a couple hours,
but they'll find us.
I don't think we
have a couple hours.
Here, take this.
Come on! Pick up!
I don't wanna play
Titanic anymore.
I don't remember there being
any sharks in titanic.
Not funny.
Look, they'll be here soon.
Yeah, well, not soon enough.
What are you doing?
I'm making a weapon.
Sorry, seeing as I left
my glock at home and all.
Maybe they went away.
You think?
The scientist in me says that
predators don't just vanish
from rich, uncontested
waters for no reason.
The human being who's floating
helplessly in these waters
hopes the scientist is wrong.
Well, as long as
this thing is still on,
they can track us by GPS.
Even in the lake?
Technically, yes.
Have you ever done that before?
You Okay?
Yeah, I'm just cold.
Oh, here.
This probably doesn't help.
It does.
I'm sorry. What if I
never see her again?
She's so young.
She needs me.
Yeah, she does. And that's why
we're getting out of here.
Okay? You need to
believe it, alright?
That's what you
said, right?
We're getting out
of here. Say it.
We're getting
out of here.
Feel better?
Not really.
Ahh, see?
It's not so bad, right?
I've been on dates
worse than this.
I doubt it.
This girl in college,
she wanted to have some
fun with handcuffs.
We tried the key and found out
that it went to her bike lock.
I was chained... I was
chained to a pink futon
for nine hours while she
studied for an art history
final three feet away.
Just last month, she was...
Peter, stop!
Oh, shit!
How long before they...
Whoa! Whoa!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
No! Peter!
Where's Carly?
You're not gonna shoot
me again, are you?
If there's one
scratch on her...
I will.
She's sleeping. GO
see for yourself.
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Oh, no, baby! You don't
have to apologize.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I should've told you I
was going to see him.
Wait, what?
I should've asked you.
I'm sorry. I just-just
wanted to see him so bad.
I know, it's fine.
You Okay?
She okay?
What the hell
were you thinking?
She shows up at your house
and you take off with her
like that?
It's still kidnapping!
That's not what happened.
I didn't even know
she was on the boat.
Oh yeah? Tell
that to the judge.
If I wanted to take her,
we'd be gone already.
Oh, so this is just a nice
father daughter boat ride, huh?
Well, I was gonna take her
back once I could do that
without getting shot.
I'm sorry I'm a little
selfish that way.
That's hard to believe
from someone who put
a shark in a lake.
You know? People are
dead because of you!
Yeah, I know that.
But once you and Carly
are off this boat,
I'm gonna end this.
You're in violation
of your parole.
When we get off this
boat, you're going
right back to jail.
That's not happening.
What would you do to
see your daughter?
She's my daughter.
What would you
do to see your...
I'd do anything.
Me too. Except I wouldn't
take her away from you.
I wouldn't do that to her.
You took care of
her when I couldn't.
You probably think I hated
you all these years.
But that's not even close.
You're the best thing
to ever happen to her.
I know that.
But I'm still her dad and
I'll do whatever it takes
to be part of her life.
- Get her!
GO! GO, go, go!
- Carly!
Carly! Carly!
Behind you!
Found you. You okay?
Alright, let's go back.
Okay, you'll be fine.
Just go back to the boat.
Just hang on. Hang
on to me, sweetie.
Carly, swim! Swim!
Come on, Carly, swim!
Thank you.
Shouldn't I be saying that?
If you hadn't... Carly...
That thing would've...
It didn't. She's
gonna be fine.
Come on, come on!
Hey, miss! Over here!
Lake County Sheriff.
We're gonna need to
borrow your phone.
Should've seen the fish.
They'll be here soon.
What now?
I don't know.
Clint, you should go.
I'm done running.
I missed too much already.
He saved my life, he
saved Carly's life.
He can't spend another
five years in jail
you have to do something
about this, like please...
Time to go,
Mr. Gray.
GO where? Where
is he going?
We just need to ask him a
few questions, that's all.
You're gonna see your dad
real soon, I promise.
Love you.
You Okay?
Hey, Don...
You got your shark.
Not a bad night. We cleaned
up the lake and the street.