Sharkenstein (2016) Movie Script

- What is the meaning of this?
- You are working on
experiments of regeneration
in bringing the dead back to life.
Are you not?
- I owe you no explanation.
- Mein Fuhrer has a deep interest
in the work you are doing.
This work has not been sanctioned by CSS,
so you will turn everything over to us.
- I will not.
- You will,
you will.
You animals, I will not turn
my work over to butchers!
- You will,
you will.
Such medical advancements
wasted on a monster.
Hitler has bigger plans
for the work done here,
much bigger.
You have no idea how we
plan to build on the design.
The brain and the heart,
collect them, now!
- Duke Larson to Harbor Command.
- Harbor Command, what is it?
- I'm about to go out and
make a sweep of the cove,
any word on those missing boaters?
No report on the people.
- But, a few life
vests were found in the tide
just an hour ago.
- Any markings to identify
where they might have come from?
- None, standard issue.
- All right, well keep me posted.
The last thing we need is a
summer full of missing swimmers
and boaters, bad for business.
- Great deduction,
Captain Obvious.
- This is a vacation, Coop,
enough of the technology already.
- Madge, you have your books,
I have my electronic devices.
- Skip, say something, please.
- Uhm, what is the weather
supposed to be like today?
I don't wanna get stuck out
in the water, in a boat,
when it's gonna pour down rain.
Do you?
- That's not the point.
- Uh, yes, it is.
- The point is, we've been
planning this excursion for weeks
and our intentions were to
leave all this baggage behind.
- Why'd we bring you then?
Why do I bother?
- We're only teasing you.
- It's because we like you.
You wanna go on a date?
- You know I'm seeing Jimmy Calton.
- See, there you go again, Madge.
He's only teasing you, a joke, haha.
- You mean neither of you would date me?
- No!
- Ugh, seriously?
You two.
- What's the name of this place?
- Katzman Cove, why?
- I'm gonna look it up
and get all techy on it.
- Who's gonna drive the boat?
- None of us, the boat's
rental has its own driver.
- You mean like a personal tour guide?
- No, like someone who actually
knows how to pilot a boat.
- Wow, stop the presses, folks.
Some bad stuff on Katzman Cove on the net.
- We're adults, hit us with it.
- Well this is from a recent news report
dated three days ago, and I quote,
"The recent disappearance
of several boaters
"and sunbathers has hurt
the tourist industry
"of Katzman Cove.
"Authorities are looking into the causes
"of the recent tragedies, but
no answers are forthcoming."
- That doesn't sound very comforting.
Is it too late to get our deposit back?
- Yep.
Everything on the internet is true.
Can't believe you're
gonna let that spook you.
People disappear in the ocean every day.
- Coves, Skip, a cove.
I can look it up but it's
an end let of the ocean.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't
need a geography lesson.
My point is, that it could be
some kind of isolated incident
and we shouldn't let it ruin a good time.
- Why let disappearances and death
get in the way of a good time?
- See, that fellow over
there isn't deterred
by urban legends or old wives' tales.
- Biting already.
- That's exactly how I found him, sir.
What do you reckon it could be?
- Looks like scraps.
Scraps of different species of sharks.
- Scraps of shark?
Who'd carve up a bunch of shark
and dump 'em down here like this,
it doesn't make any sense.
- Yeah, the tide washed 'em up here.
For the record, nothing makes
sense around here anymore.
Maybe there's another shark
out there, a bigger one,
eating all the little sharks.
- That's a piece of a great white.
Ain't nothing bigger and
meaner than a great white.
I've fished these waters for years,
I ain't never seen anything like that.
- Never?
- No sir, great white
has no natural enemy.
- Well he does now.
- What are you thinking?
- Disappearing people,
sharks eating sharks,
the only thing missing from
this story is a mad scientist.
Return, return.
Return, my friend.
Soon, very soon.
All these years of
secret work will pay off,
and we'll finally create a
legion of indestructible voyages
and finish what was started
by so many, so long ago.
Klaus will be that person
to take 60 years of work,
and bring it into the 21st century,
and make humanity beg.
I have a feeling good fortune
will soon be coming our way.
- Finally, we're here.
- Due in no part to my fantastic driving.
Now, let's get our stuff gang.
- I have everything I need.
Man it looks like a used car lot.
- Lead the way.
- There's row B, right there.
Hello, are you our guide, Hoskins?
- We rented the boat for eight hours.
You'll take us where
we wanna go to, right?
- Does anyone else have
a bad feeling about this?
- Well, we paid for the boat.
It's not like they'd hire
a psychopath to drive it.
Would they?
- She's got a point.
Permission to come aboard, Captain?
Out there, that way, my good man.
- Man, this is awesome.
I wonder how fast one
of these things goes?
- Fast enough to kill you
if you're not careful.
- Blah.
- Don't even ask to drive it.
Even Hoskins thinks it's a bad idea.
What's eating' ya, Madge?
- If you stare into the
blackness of the water,
then it makes you wonder.
- Yeah?
- What if there was something down there?
- Like what, the Loch Ness Monster?
- Or Flipper?
- Puff the Magic Dragon?
- Son of Godzilla.
- I'm serious.
All those missing swimmers
and boaters went somewhere.
I mean, something happened to them.
- Maybe Hoskins knows.
- Do you know what's
been going on out here
at Katzman Cove?
- Doesn't sound good,
whatever he's trying to say.
- Let's just keep going.
- Hey!
- Oh what now oh, what
the hell, dude it just...
- Afternoon Hoskins, folks.
- Is something wrong, sir?
- Yeah, there is.
- Did we do something wrong?
- No, no, not at all.
But, I have to ask you
to cut your fun short
and head back to the marina.
- What the hell for?
We rented this thing all day
and we still have six hours left.
- I understand you're disappointed.
But, there's been some trouble
and for everyone's safety,
you need to get off the water.
- Hoskins, take 'em in, okay?
Thanks, we still on for
beers at The Rambler tonight?
- Can we ask what the danger is?
- Ah, that's confidential.
But for your own safety, you
need to get back to shore.
- Can we at least finish eating first?
- Sure, but wrap it up quickly.
You guys have a good afternoon, okay?
- We better get a refund.
- Just do what the man said, huh?
- My friend, one last
test before we move ahead
to the final transplant.
We must make sure the
range on our control device
is pushed to the limit.
Soon, the world won't
have a leg to stand on.
- This just keeps getting
better and better all the time.
Where the hell's the rest of 'em?
- Maybe in the water?
Yeah, he broke in half all by himself
and jumped in the water.
- Those are shark bites.
- Everybody's ready to blame sharks, yet,
none have been seen
offshore or in the cove.
- Either way, only a shark could do this.
Did you see the teeth marks?
- Yeah, I did.
- Well what are you gonna do about it?
- Guess it's time to take
this investigation underwater.
All right, tell the divers to move in.
And I want a full report
when they surface.
- Yes sir, right away.
- Okay, let's move in.
Remember, stick together.
Let's go down a bit
farther, into the crevice.
- Did you see that, it was huge.
- Hey keep your
cool, let's go check it out.
Keep your lights on.
- Very good, let's try
10 kilometers northeast.
Kill, kill, my friend.
Now, make your way back to home base,
and spare nothing in your path.
- We've hit something, down in the water.
Or something hit us.
- Is it a submerged log?
- I can't tell, it's gone now.
- Hey Hoskins, let's do what
that patrol master asked
and get back to harbor.
What is it, what's wrong?
- Doesn't sound good.
- He's indicating the
propeller might be broken.
Guess we're out here
for a while longer then.
- Can you fix it, Hoskins?
- Keep us posted, okay?
He doesn't know how long it's gonna take.
- That sucks, what now?
- Well there's a small island over there.
Why don't we go explore it?
Hoskins can pick us up when
he gets the boat fixed.
- Cool idea.
- Seriously?
- Beats roasting out here.
- Yeah.
- It's an easy swim.
- I don't know about this idea.
- Come on, Madge,
don't be such a party pooper.
- Yeah.
Hey, Hoskins, we're gonna
swim over to the island,
pick us up when you get the motor running.
- Don't worry, we'll be okay.
Something brushed up against me.
- It's probably just a
fish, you are in the water.
Come on, we're almost there.
This place looks pretty remote.
- Yeah, there's tons
of these small islands
pocketing the cove.
Hey, maybe we'll find
some lonely native girls.
- Or maybe we'll find trouble.
- Which way?
- Well, we can work our way up that side,
or we could follow the shoreline.
- Let's follow the shoreline,
that way if Hoskins
fixes the boat, he'll be able to see us.
- Okay, I'll leave the bag
here for a reference point.
- End of the line guys.
- Looks like it's been here for 60 years.
Let's keep going.
- No way, there could be a mad hermit
ready to unleash some
wild dogs or something.
- We'll just go a little ways in,
if we hear any dogs
barking, we'll turn back.
Come on.
- I knew someone lived back here.
Let's head back.
- Looks like something
from Sanford and Son.
- Yeah, the house looks
completely abandoned.
Let's check it out.
- I'm game.
Coming, Madge?
- Do I have a choice?
- Yeah, you can wait right there.
- The bodies keep piling up,
but the clues sure don't.
- Yes, sir?
- Keep those no swimming signs going up
every 50 feet along the beach.
- We're working on it.
- Has Hoskins returned to the marina?
- Not sure.
- Well check the log books.
- One moment.
No, there is no record of
Hoskins in the log book.
He must still be out on the water.
That's what I was afraid of.
Have a boat ready for me, I'm
gonna go out and look for him.
Him and those kids he
was escorting must be
in some kind of trouble.
Yes, sir, right away.
- This place is disgusting.
- 100 years ago this
place was probably home
to elegant parties held
by someone very wealthy.
I guess they shouldn't
have fired the maid.
- Someone still lives here.
- What makes you say that?
- That looks fresh.
- So what, you think we're the only people
who trespass in here?
Bet you half of Katzman Cove comes here
to get high and have sex.
- What was that?
- It sounded like an iron gate closing.
- Did you feel it?
It came from underneath the
floor like it was in the water.
- Who cares what it was,
let's just get out of here.
- Oh where's your sense of adventure?
- Back on the boat with Hoskins.
- Well you can stay here if you want.
I'm gonna go check it out.
- He's gonna get us all
in big trouble some day.
- That's Coop.
- Looks like an experimental tank,
but what would it be doing
here in this old place?
- If I was doing something sinister,
I'd wanna hide away in a place like this.
- Maybe they train killer
whales or dolphins.
- There's something in the tank, look.
- She's right.
- It looked like what I saw earlier
when we were just on the boat.
- Like I said, it's a
dolphin or a killer whale.
What the hell did we just see?
- A shark, a monster shark.
I've never seen a shark like that before.
- It looked like a grotesque combination
of different sharks.
- There's something really
weird going on here.
- So true.
So, so true.
Welcome to my humble home.
- Harbor control to
Hoskins, do you read me?
This is Duke.
Look, I know you can't
talk but you gotta send me
some kind of signal.
Hoskins, I need to know that you're okay.
Send me some kind of signal.
Damn it!
- What are you gonna do with us?
- I ask the questions, young lady.
Who are you and what are you doing here?
- I'm Skip, this is Coop, she's Madge.
We swam to this island from our boat.
It broke down in the cove.
- Is that so?
- Who else is aware of your presence here?
- Just the pilot of the boat.
- Well, this could be fortuitous
for all parties involved.
I may need a few extra hands.
- What if we don't wanna help you?
- Then all your troubles are over.
- What do you need us to do?
- I need your help with an
experiment, that is all.
- Then you'll let us go?
You'll let us leave?
- Yes, if you cooperate
you will be set free.
- How do we know you'll keep your word?
- Klaus is a man of his word.
If I promise you something,
you can be guaranteed it will happen.
- Okay, okay, it's cool.
- You would be wise not
to test my generosity.
I have been working here for many years.
And the experiment for the great cause
is close to coming to formation.
- What experiments are you working on?
- You saw the shark, the
specially created shark.
A combination of great
white, blue, hammerhead,
and mako, all killers of the sea.
I stitched it together with
my own hands, these hands.
The great experiment will succeed.
- What is this great experiment?
- I'm so glad you asked.
It started back during World War II.
The FBI found out about an
experiment being furthered
by scientists without approval.
The heart and brain of
the Frankenstein monster,
still alive, here.
- That's just a fictitious story.
- Oh no, my friend, it was very real.
The plan was to use this
miraculous feat of science
to create a race of creatures
that were indestructible
and unstoppable, used to win
the war on the water front.
It was brilliant.
- Germany lost World War II, badly.
- I am aware of that but it doesn't mean
the experiment would end.
Pockets of resistance
groups have combined forces,
and we will see is the
birth of a new weapon,
and we will start a new war.
One we will finish, and win.
- Why Frankenstein's heart and brain?
- Why not?
A beautiful blend of animal and man.
- Sharkenstein?
- Very clever, yet so fitting.
We have the brain and
heart of other top leaders
and scientists, all preserved
in the same manner as the monster.
Once we perfect the shark experiments,
we will move toward human transplants.
- You mean they saved Hitler's brain?
- Precisely.
You will assist me in
putting the monster's heart
and brain into my super shark.
This is the part where
you tell me I'm crazy.
- Looks like a storm's brewing.
- It is time, my friends.
It's a fantastic success.
It's alive, it's alive!
Quickly, we must move it to the deck.
- Seems unstable.
- Don't be stupid.
It's recovering from the
side effects of the surgery.
How would you feel if you
woke up in a shark's body?
The monster hasn't known
true life for many decades.
I will communicate with
it, and it will understand,
and learn.
You have been very useful to
me in the great experiment,
now I must detain you until
I have time to decide.
- Decide what?
You said you'd let us go.
- I will, but now I have
important matters to attend to.
And I need you where I can
call on you if need be.
Now move.
Stay put, I will be back soon.
- We should have known
better than to trust him.
- He had a gun trained
on us, what could we do?
- Don't worry about it, we'll
figure a way out of this.
We just have to keep our heads.
- We just operated on a
shark and transplanted
the Frankenstein monster's
brain and heart into it.
This is a vacation we
aren't sure to forget huh?
- Well we need to find a way outta here,
because he is coming back
and then he's gonna kill us.
- We don't know that.
- We know too much, we
know his whole crazy plan.
- Our main priority is to get outta here
and warn the authorities.
Now let's try to find something
to break out of here with.
- Do you hear me?
I am your master and you will obey.
Do you hear?
You will obey.
You are the Frankenstein
monster and I am your master.
I know you are full of cruelty and hate,
and I will help you channel that.
Is that better?
I am Klaus, my voice will guide you
and I will be your master.
Are you ready for your first assignment?
There is a small boat anchored a short way
from this building, seek it out
and kill the human on board.
Now go!
You are attracting unwanted attention.
This is not part of the plan!
I am your master, obey me!
I am you master, obey me, obey me!
You stupid beast!
Monster, you will obey!
You cannot stray from the plan.
You will obey!
- Hurry up, Klaus von Butthead
will be back any second.
- I'm trying, Madge, cut us some slack.
- Come on, just a little
more, I think it's budging.
The building is falling.
That sounded like a support beam breaking.
- It's the shark, it's going berserk.
- I think it's going over.
- We'll be killed.
- Is everything okay?
- We need to get to shore.
- She's right.
- No, Skip!
- Hurry up,
get in!
- That was too close.
- What the hell was that thing?
- Sharkenstein.
- Sharken-what?
- It's a monster, made
from different sharks,
and Frankenstein's heart and brain.
- Like the story?
- Yes, yes, let's just talk about it later
and get the hell out of here.
- We're too late.
It's circling back to ram us.
- So what's the plan
before we run out of gas?
- I'm gonna get us back to land.
- Great plan, I would have
never thought of that.
- Hey, if you don't like it,
you can jump out and swim.
I could've left you and your girlfriend
back in the water to end up as shark chow.
- She's not my girlfriend!
- Yeah, well I figured a square like you
couldn't get a girl that good looking.
- Sharkenstein won't give up.
- Get us to land, fast.
- I'm working on it, Rome
wasn't built in a day you know.
- No, but your coffin will be.
- Move it, move it!
- Over there, a dock.
- Well take us in, he's almost on us.
Eat shit Frankenstein.
- This is for you.
- What's it doing?
- Looks like it's sizing up the situation.
- Don't worry, it can't live out of water.
We're safe.
- Oh oh.
- We're in big trouble.
- How so?
- Lightning is what brought
the Frankenstein monster
back to life.
That's bad.
- Get behind me!
Everything's afraid of fire,
especially Frankenstein.
- Sharkenstein.
- Whatever!
We gotta follow it, and stop it.
- Are you nuts, I'm outta here.
- Duke is right, we have to stop it.
It's a killing machine.
- You're only saying that
because he said you were cute.
- Well, yeah.
- Look, you two lovebirds
do whatever you want.
I'm going after it.
- We already lost Skip, isn't that enough?
- We have a duty to do something about it.
- The only duty we have is to survive.
We've been through enough already.
- Put my cow down.
- How do you know we're
on Sharkenstein's trail?
- I'm following these fin tracks.
- Oh.
- Come on.
- How long has this been going on?
- What, shark hunting?
- No, the disappearances, the murders?
- A few weeks in abundance.
You say the guy that created this mutant,
he was a mad scientist?
- Yeah, he was a Nazi wannabe.
This is part of a larger experiment.
Others around the world are
working on the same thing.
- Well, once we stop Sharkenstein,
we'll have to deal with that too.
One thing at a time, Maggie.
- It's Madge, the name is Madge.
- Damn it, I'm lost.
I have a weapon, and I know karate.
Who's there?
Must just be my nerves.
I hope you found dinner already.
- That sounded like Coop.
- It came from that direction.
Come on, let's go.
Hold on, let's listen.
- A giant shark, a monster, on land.
It almost got my cattle, it went that way.
We need to kill it before
it harms anyone else.
- Yeah!
- No one's safe while this
creature roams the land.
- Yeah!
- Let's go kill this instant!
- Yeah!
- Come on!
- Shouldn't we follow them?
- No, we're gonna go that way.
- Why?
- Cause this looks like a scene
from a Universal horror film.
These yokels will do nothing
but shoot themselves up,
and us if we get in between them.
An angry mob's nothing to mess with.
- Okay, Cathy, step over
the water and give me
some of those poses that
your fans will remember.
- It's not Cathy, it's Bonnie.
Bonnie Boom Boom.
- That was back in the '80s
when you were a porn star.
- Adult entertainer.
- Well Bonnie Boom Boom, the
publisher of Adult Stars Today
would like some pictures,
so if you don't mind,
can you do something?
- I thought you said
this was a closed shoot?
I don't wanna be swarmed by my fans.
- Yeah, all five of them tracked you down
after all these years.
- Watch it.
I'm guessing you're not
interested in an autograph,
are you?
- This way folks!
- Yeah!
- What a grotesque
mockery of man and fish.
- Do you think it'll return to the water?
- No, I doubt it.
The human side is taking over.
It becomes a battle of both parts,
and nobody wins.
Remember, it has the
monster's brain and heart.
Legend says it's
indestructible, unstoppable.
- Nothing's indestructible.
- Think back to the movies,
maybe there's a clue there.
- The Frankenstein book
and movies differ greatly.
There's no consistency between
them and the real thing.
- How many movies are there?
- Scores.
Some based on the book,
and most famous series
are the old Universal films
and the British Hammer films.
- Boy you sure do know a lot
about that subject, don't you?
- I pride myself on it.
- Well, name Universal films.
- Well, there's the original Frankenstein,
and The Bride of Frankenstein,
both borrow heavily
from the book.
Then there's Son of Frankenstein,
Ghost of Frankenstein,
Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman,
and House of Frankenstein.
- Okay, now the Hammer films.
- All in blood curdling color.
There's Curse of Frankenstein,
Revenge of Frankenstein,
Frankenstein Must Be destroyed,
Frankenstein Created Woman,
Horror Frankenstein
and Frankenstein and
The Monster From Hell.
- Well that's a boat
load of Frankensteins.
- You asked, I told you.
Back to destroying it.
- Well, we know it's afraid of fire.
Maybe we need to trap
it and burn it to death.
There's an old lighthouse that sits
on the north ridge of the cove.
The state uses it to
store munitions that were
left over from when they
dredged the channel.
If we can lure it in there,
and set those things off,
that's sure to be the end of it.
Either way, Sharkenstein
must be destroyed.
- First we have to locate it.
- Yeah, well, I've got that covered too.
We'll just let the angry
mob flush it out for us.
All we have to do is stick
close and buy our time.
Come on.
- Hold your places, folks.
We're just a few yards ahead of him.
He's gotta come through
here sooner or later,
and when he does, let him have it.
- Can you believe this?
Shark monster on land?
- What's the world coming to?
- When we kill it, we'll take its carcass
and tour around the world,
and make a fortune out of it.
Sharkenstein, live and in person.
- There's just one problem with that.
- What might that be?
- It is in person, but
it isn't gonna be alive.
- Just give me a second to think about it.
What the?
- Over there, shoot it!
Follow that fish feed!
- There it is, the old lighthouse.
- And you said there
were munitions inside?
- There used to be.
Let's go see if they're still there.
- What a pit.
I'm surprised this place
hasn't fallen in on itself.
- They only use it for storage.
Look around for some large crates.
- Like that?
- Let's open it up and find out.
- Dynamite.
- And plenty of it.
Enough to blow Sharkenstein
back to the stone ages.
- So now what do we do?
- Well, we'll wire this stuff together,
then we'll place some
charges in various points
around the base of the lighthouse.
We'll run 'em all the way up to the top.
Once we lure that monster
in here, we'll trap him,
and we'll set 'em off.
- How do we do that
without getting ourselves
killed in the process?
- Yeah well we'll think of something.
But in the mean time,
let's just get started.
And be careful, these
things are old and volatile.
- Just like you.
- Funny.
Well, Madge, I guess that about does it.
- Now, all we have to do
is lure the creature here.
- Yeah, and I know just how.
You may be the expert
on Frankenstein movies,
but I know a little bit about sharks,
and one thing they can't
resist is fresh blood.
- I could have saved you the trouble.
- How so?
- I have my period.
- Now you tell me.
- Now you know how we feel.
- Gross.
- There it is!
Don't let it get away this time!
Come on!
- It's headed this way
along with the angry mob.
- Good, now get down here.
God, I hope this works.
Okay, now listen to me very carefully.
I need you to take cover in the thickets.
And no matter what happens,
do not go into the lighthouse.
- But, the explosives,
you could be killed.
Hey, we're a team.
- Look, everything will
work out at the end.
Just go take cover.
Crazy kids!
Come on, come and get
me if you got the guts!
Or didn't your master sew any into you?
- It's trapped in there, set it ablaze!
- Burn it down!
- No, there's someone in there,
Duke the harbor patrolman.
- We have to kill the monster!
- No, please!
- Get her off of me!
- Duke, you have to get out of there!
The lighthouse is on fire!
- There they are!
- Shoot at the explosives, now!
- No, Duke, you'll be killed!
- It's too late for me, just shoot!
- You heard him, start shooting!
Everyone take cover!
- That'll be the end of the monster,
and the terror that's plagued us.
- It'll never be over,
the brain and the heart
of the Frankenstein monster
can never be destroyed.
Never be destroyed.