Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) Movie Script

I'm in.
Dead end? Huh?
Thank you, "Mad Magazine".
Come in, team.
I'm in Chamber Two.
Are you okay?
What do you need?
Fin Shepard.
Yes, the Shepards. Hi.
I'm Prime Minister Ravenwood,
and I must say how both myself
and our friends at NATO are
so pleased that the U.S.
has decided to send their
finest shark soldier
in such an hour of need.
When the President, the U.N.,
and your father ask you
to help Europe sort out their
problems, how do you say no?
I'll be your escort to the
emergency session of NATO
being held at Parliament today.
And this is your... / The name's Gil.
Let me know if you need anything.
Yeah, our other kids are back home
dealing with the aftermath
of the last attack, so...
Semper Paratus, right, Dad?
Yes, son.
A Shepard is always prepared.
Mm. Yes. Thank you.
Mr. Shepard, emergency call for you.
Nova? Where are you?
We're about to start the
strategy meeting with NATO.
You want me to meet you where?
Where's Nova?
Right this way.
I thought Nova retired after she rode
the Eiffel Tower across the Atlantic.
You know her better than that.
Be careful, Mr. Shepard.
It's a long way down.
I got it.
You've done this before?
I've done everything before.
I'm not gonna argue with that.
Mission accomplished.
Eat your heart out, Cruise.
More like mission demolished.
Where'd you learn to climb like that?
Hi, Fin. Miss me?
Hi, Nova.
After the Sharknadoes ate my family,
I busted them out of the whale
with my chainsaw.
Sharks run from me now.
He's quite the little rebel, isn't he?
Yes. I treasure every
moment I have with him.
Remember, this isn't about sharks.
It's about family. / Why'd we stop?
I'm to show you how we protect
our family in the U.K.
Can you keep a secret?
Ah, please, right this way.
Llewelyn will take it from here.
Ah, the Shepards.
Quite the setup you have here.
You're just in time to see
the latest in U.K. defense.
In the unfortunate event of
an encounter with a shark,
we'll arm Londoners with a variety
of effective, yet elegant weaponry.
Prepare the dummy, Ms. Moore, please.
Just a sec.
Ready, Llewelyn.
Helmets on.
Ah, yes. / Quick.
You'll want these.
And you'll probably want to duck.
Just two clicks of a pen, and...
Not bad, eh?
I see you've got some
wings there, little chap,
but this will really make you fly.
There you are.
Just your size, chap.
Now this shark tech creates
a fiber-optic shell,
enabling anyone inside
to weather any storm.
It also includes
a storm-tracking device,
so he'll always know where he is.
Earth to Mommy.
Come in, please.
What's really going on here?
The writing's on the wall.
These storms have happened before.
All around the planet.
Look at this.
Humanity not only fought
Sharknadoes in the past.
They won.
That is called the Harness of Dakuwaqa.
The what?
Shark god.
Of course. Shark god.
The Druids used the harness as
defense against the Sharknadoes,
and according to this map...
it's saying it's hidden
somewhere in this cave.
So you came here to get it.
Nope. We came here to get it.
We've been in this together
since the beginning.
Couldn't leave you out now.
Sounds like you missed me, too.
What makes you so sure this whole
shark-god stuff isn't just a fairy tale?
It's history, Fin, the real deal.
My Sisterhood discovered sites like this
in Bali, Jerusalem. / Sisterhood?
You've met some of them,
actually, my Sharknado Sisters.
Please tell me you
started a band, not a cult.
Why does it always gotta be sharks?
Tag. You're it.
There it is.
Heh. Check this out.
That's not my style.
I'll take this, though.
Hold on.
This might be booby-trapped, too.
Oh, my God!
Come on.
You okay?
Look at that.
No, no! We need a counterbalance.
Take this.
Yeah, it's part of my collection.
Stonehenge is gonna blow!
Go, go, go!
They're tailing us!
Take that, bub.
Come on.
Fin, I don't need your help.
I've got this.
Get your own harness on! / Shh!
Did you just shush me?
Just keep going!
Come on, Fin!
We got it.
Yeah, but I think we started
World War Shark.
Come on! We gotta get out of here!
Let's go! Let's go!
Jock, fire it up!
We're out!
Come on! Go!
Be careful.
What the hell is going on?!
Same shark, different day.
Fin, where are you?
We're five miles out of London.
A Sharknado just took out Stonehenge.
Radar confirms a cyclone
entering our airspace.
Have the helicopter take you
to the Royal Air Force pad,
and we'll have your family
meet you there!
I'll see you, guys soon...
Dad, can you hear me?
I can't get a clean signal.
This is Jeff Rossen reporting
from the United Kingdom,
and as you can see, here in London
it is a tsunami of shark-fueled terror!
The Prime Minister's called for a convoy
to get everyone out of the city safely.
You need to hurry!
Hello, again. Welcome back
to "Good Morning Britain."
Uh, we have some breaking news,
a breaking weather alert
for all of London.
The Ministry of S.W.
has issued a red warning.
A T10-level Sharknado is
approaching the London area.
London's under attack.
It's not safe for us or for anyone else.
What are we meant to do?
We're stuck in traffic.
Well, look, we've got
word that evacuations
are currently taking place
in the entire London area at the moment.
And citizens are advised
to stay away from the storm.
Please do not confront,
aggravate, fight,
pet, or feed the sharks.
You know it.
I want to have some fun.
We gotta get off this bridge right now!
We're not safe here!
Listen to my Mom. She knows
what she's talking about. / Okay.
Come on, guys!
Get out of here! Run!
Are you okay?
I'm not sure.
Go! Take my son to safety. Go!
Brace yourself!
We're going down!
It's okay.
That was awesome, Dad.
Whew. Nice work.
Someone's gotta do it.
Nice hat.
The sharks can't touch me now.
They think I'm one of them.
In possession of Skyfall.
London Bridge is falling down!
It's not gonna hold.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
We need some wheels! /
I got it, Fin. Be right back.
Go! Go!
Sir, you should be avoiding
danger, not heading into it!
I've faced far more greater threats!
The hunter becomes the hunted!
Ha ha!
Nova got us a ride. / In what?
Need a lift?
Come on, Gil!
Get to the Palace!
It's the only safe place! /
But your leg!
I have to go and launch
the Sharknado defense.
But... I love you.
Are you kidding?
Well, it's about time.
I've been waiting for
this moment for so long.
Gil, protect Mom. / Okay, Dad.
Out of the way.
How's it going back there, Fin?
Oh my God, I just killed Bret Michaels!
I'm okay!
Hold on tight!
Hey, be careful.
They're in my way!
Fin, we got trouble!
Think you pissed 'em off.
Oh, and you don't?
Whoa! / Hang on, everybody!
We're gonna need a vacation after this!
Mountains, not beaches.
Don't get better than this.
Hang on!
Come on!
Come on.
Storm's getting closer.
Come on, we gotta go!
Queen takes pawn, bitch!
I'll be safe in the water!
You can't catch me!
Dj vu!
It's getting closer.
Everyone in the park will be killed.
It's heading towards Big Ben. / Yeah.
I'll take care of that!
Whoa, didn't know she could do that.
Come on!
Take Gil to safety!
I'm going back!
Okay. Come on, Gil.
Come with me.
But I want to help Dad fight sharks!
Gil, protect Nova!
Come on! / Okay, Nova.
Get down!
I hate to say this, but it looks like
the Sharknado is heading directly
towards Buckingham Palace.
The authorities there confirm
the Queen is trapped inside,
as all entrances are blocked by sharks.
Now, if the Sharknado hits the palace,
it will be a devastating loss
not just to the British Empire,
but to the entire civilized world.
Little help?
You guys are here
to save the Queen, right?
Well, now's the time!
We fight, or we die!
What's it gonna be?
I'll save you, Nova!
Oh. / Nova!
Gil, come here!
Give me your hand!
Don't let go!
Don't let go!
Don't let go!
God save the Queen.
What's wrong?
It's Gil. / What about him?
Where is he? /
I tried to hold on to him,
but the storm was too strong.
I-It all happened so quickly.
I don't know,
I was holding on to him
as tight as I could.
Fin, but the storm, it was so strong.
It was stronger than anything
we've ever seen.
It ripped him right out of my arms.
You let him go?
Sorry. I tried my best.
You should have never
let him go! / April, don't.
Why are you always protecting her?
I'm sorry.
I'm only human, April.
Baby... / Fin, he's gone. /
We'll get him back.
I don't care what it takes.
I don't care what I have to do.
We're gonna get him back.
These are tough times
and tough circumstances.
We just have to deal, right?
Oh... Oh, my God.
You guys!
It's Gil.
He's alive? / Look.
The reader locked on
to his suit's tracking device.
Right now he's in a wind system
of 500 miles per hour towards Holland.
He's alive! /
Yes! Yes, look at his vitals!
Holland? / Yes.
It's his helmet.
Llewelyn said that it would protect him
in the strongest of storms,
including a Sharknado.
We're gonna get him back.
How? / NATO.
You think I'm going to some conference
when my kid's swirling around
in some storm? / No, Fin...
The leading scientists
and physicists
in the whole world are all
in an emergency session
in London right now.
If there's any hope in getting
your son back, it's them.
We should have never
gone into that cave.
That's when all this started.
We're gonna get him back.
I promise.
I won't let you down, April.
Hello again. Welcome back
to what's been a devastating
morning here in England.
Thankfully, though, the storm is over.
We also have reports that revolutionary
and controversial billionaire,
scientist Dr. Gerald Michael Angel,
will showcase his new aerial defense
against future Sharknado attacks.
He's calling it the Hindenburg XP 3000.
A blimp?
Yeah. Good luck with that one.
These guys are top of the line.
We're in good hands.
Let's make this quick.
Do we even know what the Chinese
are gonna do with it
once the waste gets there?
Make glow-in-the-dark cellphones?
I think not. / Order!
Now, while China has
graciously volunteered
to take over the nuclear waste cleanup
following the last Sharknado
attack on North America...
These storms created
the nuclear disaster.
Dr. Wobbegon?
I'm sorry I blew up your lab
the last time I was at CERN.
Am I still banned?
Still banned.
L-London is in shambles!
I-It's burning,
and we're here having our afternoon tea!
Mr. Ambassador, that is enough!
We are a proud federation of countries,
and you shall address
everyone here with respect.
I apologize, Secretary-General.
I have brought us a war-torn veteran,
Mr. Fin Shepard.
You have gone where
no man has gone before.
Please shed light on this dilemma.
If you underestimate these storms,
you'll wind up just like
Aston Reynolds and Astro X,
missing and bankrupt.
Now, if you want to squash this threat,
you're gonna have to push
fear out of your mind
and replace it with fury.
Now, back home,
we're trying to make
America great again,
but if you follow my lead,
we'll make the world great again.
And then what?
How do we fight this threat?
Our strongest weapons
are knowledge and preparation.
Now, each time these Sharknadoes appear,
they're bigger, stronger, and stranger.
We need to anticipate
the next evolution.
They evolve, like apes?
Unless you can prove
there's some truth to this...
What the truth is, is that we found out
that our ancestors were also
terrorized by these Sharknadoes,
but they fought back, and they won.
They won with this.
Oh, dear.
Our ancestors wanted us to inherit
this knowledge, but first we have
to find out how to decode it.
Nova, the stone.
Mr. Prime Minister, you're alive!
It's coming again!
What did you two do?!
Where is it coming from?
Can't tell.
Bad reception. But close.
That has to be the one that Gil's in.
Helga, my parasol!
It's a NATO-nado!
Mr. Shepard, my colleagues,
Dr. Bramble and Dr. Angel,
they'll get your boy back!
Come on!
Hit me with your best shot!
It's traveling at a speed
of 500 miles per hour.
My system's too weak.
I don't have enough energy to fly. /
Mr. Shepard! Come with me!
We can give you a lift. Look,
Dr. Angel's waiting inside for us.
A blimp?
It's not just a blimp!
It's the Hindenburg XP 3000!
Did you say, "Hindenburg"?
I know. Bad family name.
But it can withstand a tornado?
Where is Dr. Wobbegon?
Sharknado got him.
I'm so sorry.
Well, everyone's replaceable.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard!
Good to see you, Dr. Angel.
What can I do for you?
Our son is trapped in a vortex
inside a Sharknado.
We have to wait for the storm to
dissipate before we can get inside.
Why wait? We can use the
magnetic ion generator tractor
to force the storm to evaporate.
I've learned a lot
since bartending school.
I'm gonna activate the magnetic charge.
Will that help?
We need protection if we're going to fly
directly into a Sharknado.
Get ready for a massive
scientific event.
The vault is empty.
I swear there was something inside.
Dr. Angel, just get us close
to the Sharknado.
Don't put us inside.
Well, too late for that, Shepard.
What's happening? /
We're just hit the Sharknado.
We're in trouble.
Dr. Angel!
My arm. My other arm.
We gotta get out of here!
Fin, we're gonna miss the Sharknado!
Hold on!
Oh, the humanity.
Bist du von da oben gefallen?
= Did you fall from up there? =
Danke schn?
= Thank you very much? =
Come on!
We need to get in that Sharknado!
Over here!
Incoming! Get down!
Oh, no.
We gotta get Gil out of there!
He's getting away.
That's not good.
We're gonna have
to find a way to dissolve
the Sharknado in order
to expose the vortex.
Let's use this stuff. Come on!
We're too late!
April, take this. / Why?
You gotta use it as a propeller.
We have to draw Gil's Sharknado
closer to us so we can get into it.
I'm a lot of things, Fin,
but I'm not a human helicopter.
You gotta try. It's for Gil.
You guys take cover.
Come on.
You got this, April. Come on.
Spin, April, spin!
She's like Wonder Woman!
But shorter and blonder.
The hills are alive, all right! Fin!
April, stop! / Stop! Stop!
We gotta outrun this!
Surf's up.
Come on, April.
Heads up, Fin! / Watch out!
Come on, April.
Dad, just leaving you a message.
I'm worried about you.
Everything's under control.
Actually, Steven next door
is doing all the work for me.
I heard that!
I think he's got the hots for Grandma.
I heard that, too, and it's true!
What can I say, man?
She's smoking hot!
Claudia's with the Colonel in Houston
consulting with NASA.
Send Mom and little Gil my love.
I'll talk to you soon.
What you looking for, sharks?
Bad habit, I guess.
You two okay? / Gil's in there.
It's moving further away from us.
Not for long.
Mush! Mush!
Yah! Yah! Mush!
Hurry up, Fin! The vortex is closing!
The vortex!
We're almost there, guys! Come on!
Get ready! We're going in!
Hold on!
Fin! Do you see him?
April! Grab him! / Gil!
Where are you, son?! / Gil!
Do you see him? / I don't know. /
I don't think he's here.
Gil! / Gil!
He didn't come out.
He must still inside the Sharknado.
Or he's over there.
We're in Australia?
How the hell did we get to Australia?
Hey! A little help!
Stop! / Help!
Please! Down here! / Little help?
What are you doing in the water?
What? We can't hear you!
Don't move.
You're surrounded by sharks!
I forgot they come from here.
Stay still.
What do we do?
Backs together.
Stay still!
We're gonna toss down rope!
That's it! Let's go, let's go.
Swim for it!
Come on, April!
The East Coast of Australia
is in a state of high alert
as emergency services prepare
for extreme weather.
Lisa, gale and strong wind warnings
have been issued for the Sydney area.
Winds are currently at 50 knots an hour.
You're gonna want to hold on
to your budgie smugglers.
So we advise Australian
residents you'd better run.
You better take cover.
I'm just saying the hospital's
not gonna be able to fix
her cyber technology,
but I know who will.
Australia's top weapons
expert, to be exact.
Stop bouncing so much, sweetie.
Sorry, honey.
When we get there,
let me do the talking.
Ursa, code red!
Who are these people?
Are you a doctor? Who...
No, Fin, they're better than doctors.
I'm not leaving my wife alone.
I'm not alone.
You're always here with me.
Fin, I promise.
They're gonna take care of her.
You're in good hands, April, the best.
How's it going, love?
Ms. Shepard, it is an absolute
pleasure to meet you.
Looks like you've had
quite the adventure.
I wish we were meeting under
different circumstances.
Your wiring's rather wonky.
It's like someone tried to shove
a Commodore 54 hard drive
into a MacBook Pro.
Who put you together in the first place?
My father.
Men. No worries, love.
Oh, yeah. We'll fix you up.
Since you're tuning me up, do you think
that maybe you can make me less...
Leave it to me, love.
I've had tons of experiences
in these kind of makeovers.
Yeah, Mom's got the magic touch.
And nothing's gonna stand in my way.
I'm gonna need the digital
zoning enhancers.
Gotcha. Just stay away from
everything labeled Cyberdyne.
Have you spoken to the other Sisters?
Everyone's on full alert.
It's a busy day.
How do you afford all this?
We don't. The Sisterhood
is a covert organization.
Our sect includes world leaders,
doctors, and even a stripper.
I heard that!
So you're working with
governments, military?
Nope. We're actually efficient.
What is this thing?
That's a tracking system,
shows every location
of a Sharknado Sister.
Actually, I need to alert
my China contact.
Don't be mad.
About what?
You recruited my cousin? This is a cult.
It wasn't a coincidence
that Gemini was in Las Vegas
while I was taking care of Paris.
She's always been a Sister.
This doesn't look good!
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I know you, and I
know you would never allow me
to put your family
in any kind of danger.
Gemini, what's the situation
like in China?
My radar indicates we're
10 miles from the cyclone!
Once I securely dock the tanker,
I'll call you right back.
Gemini? It's glitching.
Need to try the other monitor.
Only a couple more knots,
and this entire ship could capsize!
Gemini, get someplace safe
till I can come get you.
No, Gemini, you have
to contain the waste!
We can't risk contamination! /
Copy that.
What are you telling her?
Damn it! I lost her!
She's my blood.
You don't get to tell her what to do!
She's part of the Sisterhood! /
She's my family!
Well, I need your family
fighting on the field!
The most important thing is...
Saving my son! / ...saving the world!
Oh, really? Is that so?
We used to be on the same side, Nova.
Well, there's a reason I don't play
follow the leader anymore, Fin.
You're always so shortsighted.
If your family wasn't involved,
you'd probably still be
running some bar somewhere,
reliving your glory days.
Is that so?
Well, what about you, Nova?
What about you?
It's never really been
about the Sharknadoes, has it?
It's been about you wanting to
kill every shark in the ocean,
because one killed your grandfather.
Does the Sisterhood know they're laying
their lives on the line for that?
These tornadoes are just an
obstacle getting in the way
of the revenge you've always wanted.
My number one priority right now
is untapping the power in that artifact.
And, yeah, Fin, I hate sharks.
I hate them more than
anything, and you know that!
Once they're gone, wiped,
annihilated, dust,
then, yes, all this can go away.
Then maybe, just maybe we could go back
to living peaceful lives
where no one we love
or care about has to die anymore.
Seems like we're on the same side to me.
No! Go grab the silos!
Grab some rope! Knot it up here!
We'll never get it done in time!
Yes, we will.
It's not safe out here!
Everybody get inside now!
I'm not leaving behind
10,000 tons of nuclear waste
until I know that these silos are safe!
I have to get you inside,
or you could die, too!
If we don't secure these
canisters, we'll all be dead.
Come on!
Oh. Oh, come to Mama.
I've missed you!
Sharks. It always starts with sharks.
Hey, stud.
Tell me about it.
No, don't.
Sorry. We couldn't repair
your flight module.
You can't fly anymore.
But we did upgrade your cyberkinetics.
Plus no more constant recharging.
Yeah, and your entire body
is a living solar battery,
and you control it all with
that switch on your arm.
So what do you think?
I think you're awesome.
Too much energy could
override her circuits
and cause an internal rupture.
I don't think one kiss is
gonna overload her circuits.
Is that what you think?
Heh heh.
Now, just don't get too physical, okay?
You're vibrating.
She's receiving some kind of signal.
Where's it coming from?
Mommy! Help!
It is Gil! Look.
Where is he?
He's headed right toward us.
Starting the reconfiguration process.
It's time to see if this house
can do what it was built for.
What the hell's going on here?
This isn't just an opera house, Fin.
It's a battle station.
Come on! Get to it!
Wait. W-We have a new development.
Roger, can we get a visual on this?
What you are seeing is
the Sydney Opera House,
or at least what we all thought
was just an opera house.
The Opera House is breaking apart.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's transforming, I think.
Transforming into what?
Well, the shells of the station
are blooming out into an
offensive weapon of some kind.
That is extraordinary.
I can't believe it.
Yeah, and I thought it was just an
overrated piece of architecture.
Shells two and three are stuck!
Is that bad?
If one goes, they all go. Tell Orion. /
What's gonna happen?
I think we lost another shell.
This is bad, real bad.
Shells two and three are still locked.
They'll have to be released manually.
Call in the Hawk.
Hawk to Orion and Electra.
I'm in position.
Copy that.
Can you unlock the grid lines?
We need to get the shells in position.
It's not working.
I'm gonna have to cut the lines.
Is Gil inside that vortex?
Yes. Uh, think of it like
the inside of a Twinkie.
The Sharknado acts as a protective
barrier around the teleportation vortex.
How do we get inside that thing?
We need to jump in, grab him.
And then jump back out.
Bungee cord.
We bungee in off the Harbour Bridge,
grab him, and bungee out.
Yeah. The... The shell barrier
will stabilize the Sharknado.
It'll make it easy
for you guys to jump in.
So, uh, this is it.
I'm sorry for the way
I spoke to you earlier.
So am I.
We may not be blood,
but we are family.
Don't forget that.
Get your boy.
I'll be fighting down here.
Come on!
I have a message from Nova.
You have five minutes before
the Sharknado hits the bridge.
Use the cables on the roof
for your jump. Best of luck.
Come on.
We need to launch the shells
and form a wall barrier.
Good move.
That'll push the storm out to the ocean.
Engage the Paxson Initiative.
On my mark.
3, 2, 1...
Hurry! The vortex is opening!
Oh my God...
She took my artifact!
Throw another shark on the barbie, eh?
You ready to take the
plunge with me again?
Let's do it!
I see you!
Where are we?
Looks like Rio.
You brought the artifact?
I thought it'd help us find Gil.
Fin Shepard!
The great American hero! Hah!
My girlfriend's gonna love this.
Come with me if you
want to find your son.
How do you know about Gil?
Nova sent me.
She keeps tabs on your
whereabouts at all times.
She tagged me.
Man, every time there's a Sharknado,
you're right in the middle of it.
What are the chances of that?
I'm gonna take you to Vega.
What's Vega?
You mean, who is Vega?
Get in.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Come on.
Vega, you have visitors!
What can I do for you?
You know what to do with this?
Where did you get this?
Ours is a mathematical universe.
The ancients knew this,
and they devised a complex system
to protect against Sharknado disasters.
So it's like an ancient security system.
Orca to Eel, get ready for the kill.
Each arrangement has a lock to keep
the sequence of stones secure,
and should one fall into the wrong
hands, it will mean the end of us all.
You have to return it to Stonehenge.
Stonehenge is underwater.
So swim.
Wait. There has to be another way.
What if we took the stone
to Peru or Egypt?
The world has many portals,
but they are each very different.
There are rules you must follow.
Go back to where all this started,
and do it fast.
As long as the stone
is in your possession,
you can create a Sharknado at will.
I can create a Sharknado?
How do we make one, Vega?
If you clear all thoughts
and you focus, it will manifest.
Allow me to demonstrate and show you.
Where's the stone?
Come on!
Hold on! Hold on!
Who else wants to go to Slam Town?!
The vortex! We'll never make it!
Hold on! Hold on!
The vortex is getting away!
Fin, do something! / I can't!
Come on! / You feel that?
Hold on! Hold on!
Come on.
Where's he going?
Che cavolo? / Stronzo!
= What the hell? / Shit! =
Mamma mia!
My goodness!
I see him! I see him!
Get out of my way!
I'm gonna need that stone.
You want this?
Get it!
There's no time for this!
My son's life is on the line!
You know what?
You're going down, buddy.
Fin, kick his ass!
I'm gonna drive through that car.
I'm getting pretty good at this.
We have to follow the Sharknado!
Over there!
No. No, no, no, no!
Come on!
No. No. No!
No! No!
Gil, no!
Damn it! It closed!
I don't know what to do anymore.
I'm sorry.
Can I have three coins? / For what?
Well, this is the Trevi Fountain.
People used to come here to make wishes.
They take the coins,
you throw 'em over your back,
and, bam, the wishes come true.
I'm willing to try anything.
When in Rome...
Come on.
Where are we going?
To get our son back.
Uh, Mr. Shepard?
Who's asking?
There's someone that needs to see you.
Will you come with me?
I don't have time
for the Sharknado
Sisterhood stuff. Come on.
Fin, let's see what she has to say.
It'll be worth it.
What is a Sharknado Sister?
Is that who I think it is?
Yes, it is.
So, this is the great shark hunter?
I though, he would be much bigger.
Forgive me, Father, for I am Fin.
History is full of surprises.
Don't judge what we've been given.
You should get the Pope
back to the Vatican.
Another storm could
materialize any second.
He brought you here for a reason.
Look, I'm flattered, and it's an honor,
but I gotta come up with
a plan to find my son.
Well, maybe your plan is also his plan.
Well, if it has anything to do
with saving my son, I'm all ears.
This is the last chance
to save mankind, my son.
What will you do with it?
I'm gonna rescue my son,
and then I'm gonna save the world.
I am not throwing away my shot!
I'm sick of squashing all these bugs.
Just want you to have a good time.
Come on.
It's our honeymoon.
We'll throw the ball
around for a little bit,
and then we can go back to the hotel.
You know how much I love
playing with your balls.
Eat me!
Gemini to Nova. Report!
We're still following the nuclear waste.
I-It's mutated into... into
some kind of mass organism!
Is it a creature?
No, it doesn't appear
to be a sentient being,
just... just a blob of sharks!
Wait a minute. It seems
to be changing its course.
Oh, my God.
It's heading towards Japan!
You see Gil's vital signs?
Yes, his vital signs are strong.
Okay. Next Sharknado,
we'll go get him.
Because I learned something in that one.
It's just like surfing.
It's all about the timing.
When you're on a board, you have to
connect with the wave's movement.
That's what we're gonna have to do
next time we go into a Sharknado.
We just have to find
the same current Gil's floating in.
I'll line up with him,
and I'll grab him.
Let's hope that logic holds up.
Now you want logic?
Well, it's just hard to believe
that a stone could start a Sharknado.
I don't want Gil
lost forever in a Sharknado.
Remember what Vega said.
Clear your mind of all thoughts.
Right on time!
I should go into the Sharknado.
Even though I can't fly anymore,
my body's constructed for it.
I know, but you're
a lot stronger than I am.
I need you to pull me out
once I grab Gil.
Come to Daddy.
Don't let go of the rope.
I'll never let go!
Thank you, Pope!
I can see the core!
Hold on!
Fight the wind!
Come here.
There he is!
Baby! / Gil!
Gil! / Gil!
Come on, Gil! / Come on, baby.
Come on, kiddo!
Come on, kiddo!
Almost there! / I got you.
Reach for it!
Almost gotcha!
Come on, Gil! Reach for it!
Let's go home! Come on!
No! We almost had him!
Let me see.
He's still alive.
We'll get him. Come on.
That's a huge shark.
That's no shark.
That's a Shark-Zilla.
Steven, help with this stuff!
The storm's coming!
We don't have time!
N-No, wait! Come here!
Check this out!
Somebody just tweeted this to me.
Is this real, or am I seeing things?
Anything's possible.
Let's see what I can find
on the Xfinity Stream app.
Tell me. How has your family
been affected by the Sharknado
hitting North America?
Oh, I had a cousin up in Niagara...
I love "Talk Stoop,"
but that's not the news.
Check out the news. / ...six legs.
While Sharknadoes continue
to ravage the planet,
we just learned of shocking
new developments in Japan.
Yes, we did, Kath.
Joining us live from Tokyo
to tell us all about it
is "Chicago Today" host,
Howard Beale.
Hello, Howard.
Thank you. Well, the world is
on the eve of destruction,
another sign of the apocalypse!
I don't know what it is!
It's blobs of gross,
disgusting masses of sharks
eating everything in the city!
That is mess up.
Gil's in there.
What are we gonna do now?
Wow! That's a rare one!
That's how you do it.
One down.
5,000 more to go! Level up!
Okay, listen up, Sisters.
Here's the 411.
We're dealing with a
symbiotic organism of sharks
capable of changing its shape.
The plan is to drop down,
then to shoot, slice, dice, and mutilate
until there's nothing left.
Now don't get cocky.
If you get too close,
it will suck you in
just like it did to Gil.
I got that little boy into this mess.
We have to get him out.
Remember, when you see a
shark, grab him by the fin.
Now let's go slay these bastards.
That's gotta be Nova!
What is she doing?
She's saving our son!
Go to hell!
Hang on Gil!
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Nova. Hey, hey, hey!
Hey. Oh, come on.
Hold it together. Come on.
You're gonna be all right.
It's gonna be okay. You've been
through a lot worse at the bar.
You remember George giving you a hard
time? This is nothing compared to that.
You hold it together, Nova.
I can't.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look at me. Focus.
I'm so sorry.
You're gonna be okay.
You stay with me. You stay with me.
Nova. Nova.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Gil's gone.
No. / He's dead.
I did everything I could.
I'm so sorry.
Stay with us!
Nova, you pull it together, Nova.
You pull it together.
Gil has to be alive.
You can fight this, Nova.
Come on! You got this!
I'm not losing you, too.
We now have breaking news
from our "Today Show"
global correspondent,
Ron McDonald, who landed in Africa,
with a most unnerving development. Ron?
The storm is sucking up
lions and now gazelles!
Now there's sharks chasing the lions
chasing the gazelles!
It's a safari-nado!
As the United States prepares
for what may be
the worst storm in its history,
it's time to go over
and check in with Al
for the latest on it.
Hey, Al.
Okay, ladies, here's the deal.
As Europe is literally being torn apart
by one Sharknado attack after another,
the United States
facing its own threats.
Texas, obliterated.
San Francisco in ruins,
as is most of California.
In fact, a lot of the Midwest
has been annihilated.
And New York City is
the only East Coast city
that hasn't been attacked yet.
But we have reports that a Sharknado
is heading right down Tornado Alley,
wiping out
communities and about to rip
through Kansas yet again.
It is as if the first Sharknado attacks
on these cities
were test runs for the real deal.
This looks like it could
be the last curtain call
not just for America, but for the world.
Hey, Matt, where's your grandma Raye?
We gotta get her to the storm shelter!
She's in there! / Raye!
Grandma, no!
We gotta get out of here!
Steve, grab my hand!
Grab my hand!
I tried to save everyone!
But it didn't work!
Grandma and Steven, they're gone!
They're dead!
There's no safe place anymore!
The Colonel, Claudia, everyone is dead!
No, no, no, no!
Matt! Matt, you listen to me!
Just do it, Matt!
Be the man I know you are.
Dad, I love you!
They're gone.
They're all gone.
Not gonna let it end this way.
Not after what we went through.
Not after what our family sacrificed,
not after all the people we lost.
So as me and you are
together, it's not over.
There's gotta be a way.
Let's go to Stonehenge,
return the artifact.
We have nothing left to lose.
Let's do it.
It's on!
Fin, look out!
Dad! / I'm here, Gil!
April, I found Gil! / Dad?
Gil, grab my hand!
It's definitely not England.
We really need to learn how to
navigate these Sharknadoes.
Come on. We'll find another way.
There's that symbol again.
"The world has many portals."
Come on.
The shark god.
This place kind of reminds
me of Stonehenge.
So the Druids used the artifact
as a lock, right? / Yeah.
Maybe the Egyptians used it as a key.
Hold this.
Come on.
It's look like it inside the core.
The Egyptians must have built
the machine to control the core.
We gotta find a way
to start it up again.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Let's find out.
You're not gonna believe what
I'm looking at over here.
It's clearing up outside!
Gemini, are you okay?
Fin. Oh, God!
I thought everyone was dead.
The storm stopped.
It's over.
It worked.
We lost everyone, our entire family.
Oh, no.
What's happening?
We gotta stop this.
It's not stopping!
It's jammed! It won't move!
I can stop it.
No, April.
If you absorb too much energy,
you're gonna die for good,
no more second chances!
There is second chances.
I got you.
I can't stop it!
Fin! The staff!
It's the key! I know it is!
Excuse me, but we just received word
that Dusseldorf has been completely wiped
off the map by a barrage of tornadoes!
And our weather radar confirms
that a huge Sharknado has
just entered Berlin airspace.
Ha ha!
The seismic activity
is going off the chart.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
We've got to stop this!
It's beautiful.
There! There it is!
I'm going to stop the vortex!
You stop the tsunami!
I can't hold on much longer!
April? Honey?
April, honey?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no.
April. April. April.
It's okay. Don't worry.
No, stay. Stay. Stay.
Please. Please.
We'll fix this, baby.
We'll fix this.
No, no, no. Stay with me!
Stay with me! Stay with me!
No! No!
April! April!
Is anybody out there?!
Is there anybody out there?!
Who are you?
That's my son's.
What'd you do with my son?
Hi, Dad.
That's not possible.
Semper Paratus.
A Shepard is always prepared.
It's complicated.
I can tell you on the way.
Come on./ Where?
It's where it all began.
It's the only way to save Mom,
our family, and the world.
Come on. You gotta trust me, Dad.
Is that really you, Gil?
How'd you do it?
How did you survive
the explosion in Tokyo?
Well, it sent me back in time,
and then it took years
until I figured out
a way to harness the vortex
to bring me back to you, Dad.
So you turned a Sharknado
into a time machine.
That's my boy.
That's my man.
Well, thank you.
So what about this?
You need a license to drive this thing?
Where we're going,
you don't need a license.