Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (2016) Movie Script

We created faster,
smarter space transportation.
We brought Colonel
Gilbert Grayson Shepard
back from the moon.
We prevented the
formation of sharknadoes
with our revolutionary weather
stabilization system,
and we made the world
a cleaner, safer place
for our nation's
What will Astro-X
do next?
Hi. I'm Aston Reynolds,
and I have totally eradicated
the sharknado threat,
so join me
at the grand opening
of Shark World, our themed
hotel in Las Vegas.
What does that equal?
360, 24/7 fun.
Slots, sharks. What?!
Bring the family,
and I guarantee you...
- Sweetheart, what are you drawing?
- will have a great time.
It's Mommy!
Why don't you go out
and get your daddy
and tell him
to come in.
Daddy, Daddy,
Daddy, Daddy!
Daddy, Daddy!
Cousin Gemi's coming
over to pick you up.
Go inside,
and get ready.
Okay, come here, man.
What's happening,
my little Gila monster?
Ha ha ha! Let's go.
Come here.
Come on, Gil.
Say goodbye to
your cousin Gemini.
- We gotta go.
- What if a storm comes?
You don't worry
about that.
You're a Shepard,
and I love you.
Come here, you.
I love you.
Take care
of Grandma, okay?
- Okay.
- Love you, Ma.
Bye. Have fun.
Mom, I promise.
I may get a little crazy.
Don't go to prison!
Mr Reynolds,
Mr. Reynolds, excuse me Mr. Reynolds
Mr. Reynolds,
what inspired you
to create a hotel
full of sharks?
I wanted to create the
greatest hotel in the world,
and with this hotel,
I give it to 'em,
and I achieved it
with clean energy.
Oh, my God. I love you, Aston.
So you're here for the Shark
World opening, I take it.
No, we're having a family
reunion at the Stratosphere.
My son's
on military leave.
Military leave.
That's nice.
Must be proud.
Drop, and give me 40!
Keep your eyes
on the road!
It's not my first rodeo.
I got this.
Be careful in this town, by the way.
This is a nutty place.
You might
get in trouble.
Oh, no. We'll take care
of it. We're fine.
We're just here for a little
family fun and relaxation.
Yeah, Vegas is
a great place to relax.
Drinking, gambling,
smoking, prostitution.
Bring the kids.
That's what I say.
What are you doing?
That was Kansas,
and this is Vegas.
You got a problem
with the way I look?
Ah, we're here.
Hey, if you like
those jokes, I got more.
Look, it's nice
being your Uber driver.
If you need me,
I'm in town.
Give me a buzz.
Fin Shepard?
How you doing?
Hey, how'd you like to be a
guest host at Chippendale's?
Yeah, maybe
in another lifetime.
You're welcome anytime,
though, sweetheart.
Come here. Go ahead.
Throw the dice.
Ohh! Blow.
Girls, girls, girls,
give me luck.
Yeah! There we go.
You know I'm not much
of a gambler.
Think after this thing, I'm just
gonna head back to the room.
No, no, no.
I promised Raye Raye
we're gonna have
some good family fun.
Oh, yeah? In Vegas?
In Vegas.
We'll see.
Who's that guy?
Looks fun.
I'll jump
if you jump.
It's not happening.
Prefer to keep my feet
on the ground.
There are a lot of single
ladies out here tonight.
Looks like it.
Try to keep yourself
out of trouble.
What's the matter?
Do I need to protect you from a
little thunder and lightning?
I can see where
Li'l Gil gets it from.
It's not that.
- Dad!
- Matt, where are you?
In a plane!
What do you mean
you're up in a plane?
You're supposed to meet
me here at the pool.
We're over Vegas.
We'll meet you poolside.
Ground control,
I have eyes
on what looks
like a sandstorm.
Should I change directions
or head back to base?
Proceed with
your flight plan.
Is that a sandstorm?
I know what
you're thinking,
but we haven't had a
sharknado in five years.
That's what worries me.
We're right by
three Astro-X pods.
They'll take it down if it
grows into something bigger.
Sandstorm is approaching
AstroPod 49A. Copy?
Roger that.
Do you have
the coordinates?
Zero vector Charlie.
We have visual.
Locking in coordinates
right now.
Son, are you prepared to
take the plunge and jump?
do you accept Matt
to be your
lawfully wedded husband?
I do.
Matt, do you
take Gabrielle
to be your lawfully
wedded wife?
I do.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
What the hell is that?!
Do you still have eyes
on the storm?
The pulse didn't work!
The thing
is still moving,
and it's headed
straight towards Vegas!
- They're not decreasing.
- Yes, sir.
We've increased
the pulse by 30%,
and I can confirm that all
AstroPods are fully functional
within a 200-mile radius.
But the storm
isn't responding!
No, sir. I don't know
why it's not responding.
Some days, I wish my job was
just drinking wine all day.
We've gotta get you
over to the press room.
Not now, number eight.
Sir, on instruction,
it is a code 9-dash-5-9-B
level emergency.
How bad is it?
Do not open the hotel
until I give word.
I'm on it. I'm gone
with the wind.
Go! Go! Go!
Ladies first.
You've gotta
be kidding me.
Oh, no!
Whaah! Ohh!
Come on.
- Where are we going?
- To get 'em!
Breaking news just
into our newsroom now.
There are reports of a
tornado near Las Vegas.
Already reports of damage,
and residents and tourists
are urged at this time to get inside.
Now, Emergency crews...
What channel is NBC,
Show me NBC.
We will keep our viewers
up to date
as more details emerge.
- How did you do that?
- Voice remote.
We just had
Xfinity X1 installed.
What everyone
must be wondering
is why these storms
are happening now
Aston Reynolds
created a successful
pulse technology
to stop the formation of sharknadoes
before they became a threat.
it's now faltered.
Oh, my God.
Ah hah! Jackpot!
Come on.
Come on, Norm.
We gotta go.
- Let me off!
- Help!
All right,
I'm gonna get Matt.
Help those people
over there.
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Come on! Get out!
Come on! Get out!
Out! Come on, guys! Out!
Out! Get out!
Go, go, go!
Try to land
down there!
The wind is too strong!
Dad, grab Gaby!
Dad, grab my wife!
Hold on!
I'm coming for you!
Hold on!
I can't hold on!
There are
sharks below!
Come towards me!
We'll get in the car!
I can do this.
I could do this.
You're gonna
have to climb up!
Climb up me!
It's safer in the car.
We'll be safer
in the car!
Fin Shepard.
Welcome to the family.
Fin! The car
isn't steady!
You need
to get out of here!
We can take care
of ourselves!
You're not safe here!
We need to get
out of this car.
Strap in.
What are you doing?
I'm surfing.
You're crazy!
It's what I do best.
Heading towards that!
Open your door!
Just hold on!
All right. Let's go
find Matt and Gemini.
jump in the back seat.
Gemini! Over here!
Fin! Thank God
you're alive!
How'd you get down?
What happens
in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Hail to the king.
I found Matt. He's a
mile down the Strip.
I don't see Matt!
The G.P.S. says
he's on top
of the Empire State
We have to get to him.
How are we gonna drive
through the flood?
We're not.
The devastation of the
Las Vegas sharknado,
which curiously this time
is sand-based, is immense.
Many iconic hotels
have been destroyed,
as well as the famous
"Welcome to Las Vegas" sign
that has greeted visitors
from around the world.
Oh, Aston,
what have you done?
I see the hotel!
We've got incoming!
Gabrielle, take the wheel.
Stay the course.
Let's find some weapons.
Savanna, I told you
to lay off the buffets.
now's not the time!
Where's your brother?
Get over here!
Hold on! Hold on!
Hold on!
Hey, bud, you know
how to raise a sail?!
Of course not!
Well, grab your friends,
and figure it out.
Hey, grab this line!
Pull as hard as you can!
Don't stop pulling!
Pull it, you baby!
You're hoisting
like my sister!
Sorry! I've never raised the
sails on a pirate ship before!
I'm an accountant,
all right?!
There's sharks coming!
Okay, grab that end.
Grab that sword!
What am I supposed
to do with this?!
Fight for your life!
Oh! You see that?!
Yeah, great, kid!
Don't get cocky!
Fin, get up here!
I need you!
I'm on my way!
Storm's getting
close to Matt.
I'm coming
for you, baby!
I gotta stop it!
I need explosives!
I saw fireworks
down below!
Go get 'em!
to come aboard, sir.
Permission granted.
Come here.
You still haven't
kissed the bride yet.
right ahead!
We're sinking!
Run to the mast!
Hang on, guys.
It looks like it's
leaving Las Vegas.
It's heading
into the desert.
We're all gonna die!
I need a weapon!
Viva Las Vegas.
And so Sin City digs out
after an almost
biblical scouring
by sand and water
and sharks.
After five years without
a sharknado attack,
they're back.
Are the tarps
holding up?
Okay. Well,
we're headed home.
Look, if it
gets too difficult,
stay in
the storm shelter.
You're well protected
There's plenty
of food and water.
It should last you until
at least we get home.
Ah, sweetheart, please
come home in one piece.
Tell Gilly I love him.
I will.
I'm a big
bad shark, fish.
I'm gonna eat you all up.
See him soon.
- I love you.
- Bye, Mom.
But the looming question,
what happened
to Astro-X's
vaunted atmosphere
stabilization system
and the billion-dollar
AstroPod locations
created to prevent them?
Is this the end of the public's
love affair with Astro-X?
San Francisco's calling,
and they want to know if
they should just cancel
your media conference you
had scheduled for today.
Cancel it.
I gotta stay here.
Also contact
Colonel Shepard.
I gotta accelerate the
timeline for his Mech program.
Something tells me
we're gonna need that
before the day
is through.
All right. Got it.
Talk to me, Colonel. I need to
hear if the mic is working.
Say something, like
that speech you gave
to the fifth graders
There I was,
alone, stranded,
abandoned by everyone
and everything.
Was I scared? No.
Now, you gotta
I didn't know
that Aston Reynolds
was relocating
the rockets--
Okay. And you're not
here to win an Oscar.
Hey, I get a standing ovation every time.
Every time.
That's because they're getting
ready to run out to recess.
Okay, you got me there.
Dr. Wexler,
we're ready.
Beam me up, Wilford!
3, 2, 1...
We have a problem.
You okay?
Better than blowing me up
like you did last time.
Get me down from here!
Hello, sweetheart!
You need
to get down.
Aston just called.
You okay?
I've had better days.
Back to the drawing
board, eh?
We need to talk,
don't call me Grandpa.
I know. Colonel.
Thank you. So...
what did Aston want?
He wants the Mech suit ready
before the end of the day.
Uh, sure.
Let's go get it.
How's it going,
Good. We're good.
- You?
- Good.
Dad, I'm sorry I wasn't
there for Mom's funeral.
No, don't, Matt.
She knew how much
you loved her.
She loved you very much.
She'd be very proud of you.
You're just a little
sore right now,
but you'll be
good to go.
Mr. Shepard.
Mr. Shepard,
I'm with MSNBC.
Not now, please.
I just have
one question.
Are you single?
Because I might
be able to set you up.
Why didn't you want
to be interviewed?
You saved
all those people.
I need to get back
to Kansas.
Gotta get back
to little Gil.
I promised him
I'd be home.
I wasn't there enough
for Matt growing up.
I don't want
to make the same mistake.
He turned out
just fine.
Yeah, he did.
All right, I couldn't
get us a rental car,
but I got us
a ticket to that.
Yes. It'll take us
out of the flood zone,
and we can just take
a train or a plane
and just head
home, right?
Yeah. Let's do it.
Hey, Dad.
April, you did well.
34.2 miles.
That's Olympic-worthy.
And right now
you need to plug in.
I know.
Oh, Mr. Reynolds.
- Parker.
- Yeah.
You're responsible
for the pods for Vegas
and the surrounding areas
for 250 miles, right?
- Yes, but--
- You're fired.
Hang on. It wasn't--
You failed to properly
maintain the pressure systems,
allowing a sharknado to appear for
the first time in five years.
Technically speaking,
it's a dust devil.
What is he still doing here?
Get him out of here.
- Gotta come with me.
- Hey!
You're in charge.
Talk to me.
Why isn't this stopping?
I mean, we tried to neutralize
the pressure around it.
Well, I tried to.
It didn't work.
This thing is
on a mission.
All right, give me a chance
to think about this.
The jet is waiting
for you, sir.
How about you? How did
you two lovebirds meet?
Well, we were enlisted
in the same month,
but we didn't
actually meet until...
Two years later.
Three years later.
I know, because I was
flying back from--
- Finland.
- Germany.
Oh, right.
He gave up
his airline seat for me.
I hate sitting
in the middle seat.
I just wanted an excuse
to keep talking to you.
So did you find out where
the sharknado was heading?
No reception.
I couldn't
get a call out.
I think I found it.
What the hell's
going on?
What's happening?
Oh, hell, no.
Get Aston on the phone.
He's gonna want
to hear about this.
Mr. Reynolds, you're looking
at the satellite images
of the flood
in the Grand Canyon.
The casualties will be higher than Vegas.
Your company will be ruined.
We gotta create some
kind of artificial dam.
Guys, you aren't
gonna like this,
but we're gonna have to
blow up the Grand Canyon.
Dispatch, we have
a tornado with boulders
and, I believe, sharks
heading toward this train.
Can you copy?
Please advise.
Did you say,
We have passengers
on this train.
Can we reroute this train? Or I
need to pull the emergency stop!
Getting permission to
emergency stop. Over!
It's coming in close--
It's a shark!
All right, the train's
out of control.
I gotta stop it.
Gemini, Gabrielle,
get to the front.
Bring all the passengers
with you.
Matt, you pull the pins halfway
out between the back cars.
- Yeah.
- Ready? Let's go.
Come on, everybody! Get to
the front of the train, now!
Go! Go! Go! Get up!
Wait, no! We've got
to stay right here!
Front of the train now!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Move it!
How are you gonna get
to the conductor?
His door is secure.
You can't get to it
from the passenger cars!
I'm going
up and over.
Roger. Mr. Reynolds, the flood
is coming right at you!
Stay on target!
Stay on target!
Red five going in.
Folks, folks,
lives have been lost.
We've lost the trust of the
greater American people.
For five years, for
five successful years,
there's not been
one sharknado.
Not because nature said
we're done,
because I said
we're done.
And we're still not done.
Any questions?
I'm not done.
We need to find out
what's happening, folks,
and we need to
find out now.
Sir, we found
Fin Shepard.
Bring him here.
You guys all right?
Who would do this?
Who would want to destroy
the Grand Canyon?
Looks like
we got company.
I got
a pretty good idea who.
Unleash that potential!
Faster, April!
Come on!
Come on!
Faster, April!
You got this!
Come on!
That's it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why the hesitation?
Let's go.
Because of what happened
to you last time.
What, my arm? This has
nothing to do with me,
has everything
to do with you.
Give it to me!
Come on!
That's good!
Come on!
How 'bout that?
Pull it!
Come on!
More! Come on!
Let's see what Swiss
Army April's made of.
Now try out
your voice commands.
Chainsaw on.
Chainsaw off.
Now this one, you
gotta concentrate.
Turn on the Force.
May the Force
be with you.
What are we doing
at an Astro-X facility?
Mr. Reynolds wanted
to speak to you.
Never met
a billionaire before.
Think we can get
a honeymoon out of this?
Pretty good idea.
This is all his fault.
You don't mess
with nature.
Nature always finds a way,
and I'm gonna tell him that.
Look, he's got his faults, but
he got my dad off the Moon,
so let's cut him
some slack.
Yo, Finny.
How's it going?
It's going good.
You blew up
the Grand Canyon.
I stopped the flood.
And I probably
saved a couple
of boy scouts that
were beneath it,
and I didn't even
ask for a thank-you.
Thank you?
My pleasure.
Fin, I got a beast
of a storm,
and it's headed
this way.
I need your help.
What do you want from me?
I need you to get in
front of those cameras
and let all of America know that
everything is gonna be all right.
I'm not your mouthpiece,
Come on.
People believe in you.
Just get in front of the
world and say that.
They gotta hear it
from you.
Buy me some time so I can fix this.
I can fix this.
This isn't
a P.R. problem.
This is a "you messed with Mother
Nature" problem, and I can't help you.
I can see now.
You're not ready for
this whole thing, huh?
This is what you do.
Los Angeles, D.C.,
New York.
Where's the Fin Shepard
everyone knows and loves?
Oh, I see.
You're just pissed off
because I brought your
old man back to Earth
and you didn't.
Dad, come on.
Real cute, everybody.
I'm out of here.
Just remember they're looking for
anchors at the Weather Channel.
Yeah, "Partly cloudy,
"uh, but fix bayonets,
because there's
a sharknado coming!"
And somebody
gotta save the day.
And who you gonna call?
It's not you anymore,
is it?
Back to your world.
We are live from the Astro-X
headquarters in Prescott, Arizona,
where the first sharknado attack
in five years has occurred.
That's right, Natalie, but what
everyone must be wondering
is why these storms
are happening now.
Regular sharknadoes
are water-based,
but the one that formed over Las
Vegas was created from sand,
so a sand-nado?
Well, Natalie,
to be exact,
a shark-sand-nado.
And once the sand-nado
hit the Hoover Dam,
it picked up rocks
in the desert
to form what is now being
dubbed a bouldernado.
We're now
going to go live
with "Today Show's"
new storm chaser van-cam
and reporter
Ron McDonald. Ron?
I'm proud to be joining
the "Today Show"
as part of
the storm chaser
mobile studio.
This vehicle
was designed
to get as close as
possible to a tornado,
a sharknado.
What is this?
This is where
all the magic happens.
Is that the Mech suit?
The one that Aston
sent you to get.
It's not even finished.
Yeah, I know. You want
to tell him that?
What does he
need it for?
To boldly go where
no man has gone before.
Seriously, Colonel?
Star Wars?
- Uh, Trek.
- Huh?
Star Trek,
not Star Wars.
Yeah, we got
a lot of work to do.
And a lot of movies
to see.
We got trouble.
It's gaining on us.
Hurry! Can't we
go any faster?!
Dad, let me drive.
I drove combat--
I got this.
- I can do this.
- Matt, I got it.
We need
to find shelter!
This is bad.
I need you
to find supplies.
My phone doesn't work.
We're running out
of options.
We can't keep running
away from it.
We have to fight!
Kill or be killed!
Matt's right.
We need to stop.
Chainsaw store!
Hi. I'm Lori Greiner.
Today we're
making available
the original sharknado
preparedness kit.
The big thing that
makes this special...
Nope, we don't deliver.
Hang up, lame-o.
I need a chainsaw.
You've come to the
right place, sir.
We got the best
selection of chainsaws
in the whole
state of Texas.
Not to mention
the sweet meat
that my brother Chop-Top puts
into his croissant sandwiches.
Will this be for
logging or home use?
Heh heh.
Lot of people recommend
the Stihl 3000,
but personally,
I say you
can't go wrong
with this baby.
Homelite calls this
one the turbo model.
That's right.
And when
those pesky teenagers
start snooping
around our property,
we take this bad boy
and hand it over
to my brother Gunnar
He chases 'em
clean away.
- I'll take it.
- Let's go! Let's go!
Sharknado's coming! You guys
gotta get out of there!
Oh, no! It's a great white!
Grab your--
We lost 'lectricity!
It's gonna hit
the oil field.
That's new.
That's not good.
It's gonna burn down
this whole town.
We need to find
something to put it out!
Hey, Chop!
You got any fire
extinguishers around here?
Yeah, we got some around back!
Help yourself!
This isn't
gonna cut it.
We're gonna need
something bigger
to get near that storm.
What's that?
You're all set.
Matt, when I clear, you
know what to do, right?
Good luck, Dad.
Get down!
The saw is family!
It wouldn't be Texas without
a chainsaw massacre.
Dad, you're good!
Get out!
Matt, you got it?!
Got it.
Bite this!
It worked!
It changed course!
Let's go!
C'mon, move it!
What do we do now?
Now we go to Kansas.
We have the approval
to install 75 more pods.
Okay. I like that.
Terry, you can
handle that, right?
Well, sir,
each of these tornadoes
survived the blast from
our atmospheric reactors
because they're
not water-based.
They're sand,
they're oil,
they're fire, and our reactors
didn't anticipate this.
We just need
a solution.
How do we find a reactor
that is strong enough
to penetrate
the elements?
That's the solution.
That's our prize.
We can infuse more
isotopes into the base.
Okay. Okay, you go
with that, Terry.
The news
is not good, folks.
We understand that the
bouldernado has now evolved.
Well, to understand how
this is even possible,
let's turn once again to our
storm chaser Ron McDonald. Ron?
The storm has been
rushing through Texas.
It hit an oil field,
creating an oilnado.
The oilnado exploded,
creating a firenado.
The firenado hit
an electrical plant,
a lightning-nado.
And it's headed
straight for Kansas.
And we will keep our viewers
informed as more details emerge
from yet another
catastrophic event.
But the big
question, Natalie,
that's on everyone's
minds right now...
where is
Fin Shepard?
- Is Fin alive?
- April?
You mean you've been lying
to me this entire time?
April! April!
I want to see
my family.
You're not ready.
What we've done here
is temporary
- until you recovered.
- What's wrong with you?
I want you to be with your
husband and your children,
but I can't offer them hope, only
to have it taken away again.
I'm gonna find them.
Open the door.
No! I'm not gonna
open the door for you!
You stay in here! This
is where you belong!
Open the door.
No! I'm not gonna
open the door for you!
You stay in here!
Pay attention
to your dad! Come on!
I'll be back.
Lopez, do you copy?
Go for Lopez.
Do you have
the new isotope?
Yes, sir.
Isotope's in hand.
Placing them
as we speak.
You need to hurry. A lavanado
activated in Yellowstone.
I'll protect
Mount Rushmore.
I'll superkick that storm
back to the Dark Ages.
Rushmore's hot.
So are 15 other
key anchors in the U.S.
We've dropped a reactor
in each of these pods.
- Did you juice 'em up?
- Yes.
In addition to increasing
isotopes in key areas,
we were able
to get the reactors
over the same level
of launch used
as the ones that got
Colonel Shepard off the moon.
- Okay.
- Sir, hold on!
I own the building.
Are we able
to get rid
of all the sharknadoes
in the U.S.?
We're only talking
about two right now.
We're talking about
a sharknado here
and one here.
Okay, now what about
this one?
that's a new one,
and it's
heading north.
It's headed
towards our headquarters.
Come on.
We gotta get out of here.
Where are we going?
Just keep your head down,
and get in the car.
Get in.
Watch out, Grandpa.
Hang on. Hang on.
What's going on?
The storm is
getting too strong.
What's going on here?
The car is being picked
up by the storm!
- Be careful!
- Hang on.
Go to your mom!
I'm scared.
What's your name?
Alex, I need you
to trust me, okay?
Do you like Iron Man?
I'm his wife, okay?
Now run to safety. Go!
You're both alive.
We thought
you were dead.
I thought
you guys were dead.
Where were you
all this time?
With my dad.
- Wilford?!
- Yeah.
He didn't tell me
anything about this.
He lied to us.
Get in.
That doesn't sound good.
That firenado really did
a number on this car.
I know someone
we can call.
Here. Take my phone.
Look for Colton
in the contact list.
You're watching
"Chicago Today,"
your number one news
source for the Windy City.
I'm Howard Beale.
We're joined by
Mayor Sandra Mansfield.
Now, Mayor,
you're saying
the cause of all
these sharknadoes
is this man,
Finley Allan Shepard
I am mad as hell, and I'm
not gonna take it anymore.
Wherever he goes,
danger follows.
You're a threat, and you're
not allowed in Chicago.
I'm gonna get you
Fin Shepard
and your
little chainsaw, too.
Well, we're in Kansas.
Where is your friend
and his car?
Don't worry about it.
He'll be here.
Should we get in?
Fin! Ha ha.
You found her.
Ah, she's got a mind
of her own sometimes.
Yeah, nice trick
with the remote control.
I need a car. I gotta get to
my son in the next town down.
Your son?
Oh, don't worry.
She can get you there
no problem.
You fighting sharks?
Ah, something like that.
We got a little spider
infestation at Fort Lauderdale.
But it's no problem.
We got the job done,
her and I.
Ah, looks like we got
some saving to do.
You take care
of her, okay?
And she'll find me
when you're done.
- She? Got a name?
- Christine.
She's bad to the bone.
I'll see ya, Fin!
Ha ha ha!
Oh! April.
Colonel. Claudia,
good to see you.
Grandpa Wilford, why
wouldn't you tell us?
Wilford, seriously.
Well, the doctors didn't
know what they were doing.
I had to get her out
of that hospital
so I could take over
and protect her
and build her back
into what she is.
And I used our resources in the
Mech program to rebuild her.
I knew I could
fix you, honey.
You're my daughter.
You're my blood.
But you told me
they were dead,
that when the shuttle
fell, that they died.
You lied to me
this whole time.
I believed you.
And then you told me
that the Colonel
was left on the Moon.
You didn't need
to hear this.
You bring her
back to life,
but you let all of us
believe she's dead!
Hey, Colonel, I respect
you very much,
and I hope
you understand
when I'm talking about
the science of--
You're not a scientist.
You're a lunatic.
I know what I'm doing.
Dad has your ashes
on the fireplace.
Uh, that's your dog.
Oh, my God.
The ashes
are your dog.
Now I have this
to show you.
This is for you,
Aston, I got it.
I need a lift.
We need to put the city
on lockdown immediately.
the National Guard.
Get ahold
of General Burton.
If the Sharknado
heads this way,
it's gonna go right through the
downtown heart of Salt Lake City
and the Salt Lake
Comic Con.
Hey, Salt Lake Comic Con!
Dan Farr and I
have to tell you
the panel has been canceled.
There is a huge storm
brewing outside.
We're sending people
to safety.
We're trying
to evacuate the area.
Have the hyperjet
ready for me.
We got company!
- Whoa!
- Go!
- Oh, my God!
- It's getting faster.
- Oh, my God. Crap.
- It's gaining on us.
- Come on. Come on.
- Oh, my God.
There's the ball of twine
right there.
It's coming closer!
I know. I'm going
as fast as I can.
Dad, pull over!
This thing is
way too fast.
We can't outrun it!
Pull over!
Hold on.
Go! Go! Go!
Hey, get out of here!
I can't leave
my equipment! Oh, my...
Shark! Help!
Help! Shark! Help!
Come on! come on!
Thank you.
My dog! My dog!
Let's go! Move!
You okay?
- Yeah.
- How far is your farm?
It's close,
less than a mile.
- We run it!
- Come on.
You know,
it nearly killed Fin.
He visited you every
single day for four years.
You just wouldn't
come out of the coma.
Your dad declared you
brain-dead with the doctors.
Dad never
lost hope.
And Gil?
What about
little Gil?
Gil! Little Gil.
Well, he's great.
He's five.
- He's five?
- He's five.
He's funny.
He's smart.
He's--He's beautiful.
- Do you have a photo?
- Yeah.
Thank God
he takes after you, eh?
We have
to call Dad.
- No.
- We have to tell him.
he wouldn't believe it.
He's gotta see this
for himself.
We need to get
to the shelter!
Get in, little Gil!
I'm scared, Raye Raye.
Heh. It's okay.
You'll be all right.
The storm of the century is
tearing through Tornado Alley.
obliterating Kansas.
It's done nothing but
destruction in its wake.
What's that up ahead?
Be careful, you idiot!
It's a--It's a cow!
It's another cow!
Actually, I think
it's the same cow.
It's a cow-nado!
Follow the road!
Follow the yellow
brick road!
I can't believe
I just said that.
Come on! There's
weapons in the shed!
Follow me!
Thank you, Nova.
I bet she's glad
to be in Paris right now.
Matt, head to
the storm shelter.
Protect Gil and Raye.
Okay, Dad.
Come on!
Come on. The storm
shelter's over here.
Raye! Little Gil!
Oh, Matt.
Where's Daddy?
He's coming.
Don't worry about him.
I'm gonna go get him.
Wait! No! Come back!
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad!
Come to Mama.
Come on.
Come on.
We gotta go inside.
Come on.
Come on.
Hold on.
Come on, Gil! Ahh!
Gil, grab on!
Grab on!
Gil, hold on!
Hold on, Gil!
Hold on, son! Hold on!
Fin! Fin!
Ahh! Hold on!
Hold on!
Daddy! Daddy!
Hold on!
Grab my hand!
Gil, grab my hand!
Daddy! Daddy!
Dad! Daddy!
That was a stop sign!
I totally paused.
What's going on?
Why are we stopping?
We can't make it
to the evac zone.
What are you
talking about?
Ma'am, we have to get to
the shelter immediately.
You know whose fault
this is, right?
The storm?
No, you idiots,
Fin Shepard.
I don't know what, I don't
know how, I don't know where,
but I can smell it. I have the
sixth sense for stupidity.
He's around
here somewhere.
Man, is she always
like this?
No, that's her
on a good day.
Get down!
Moments ago,
the mayor's caravan
was swept aside
by fierce winds
that have been generated by
the approaching sharknado!
We are here on the
scene-- Here she is!
Mayor! Mayor Mansfield.
Oh, hello, Howard.
Nice to see you again.
Mayor, are you okay?
I am fine. The state
of Chicago is fine.
We just all need to get
inside, all of us.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
The storm's looking like
the end of the world!
Should people be outside, or
should they be in their homes?
just stay put.
Get away
from glass windows,
and just hold on
to anything.
I gotta go.
Let go of me,
you idiot.
Okay, let's see if
these new isotopes work.
Copy that, Astro One.
We are ready to fire.
Mount Rushmore's
up first.
We've got eyes
on the target.
It's almost there.
It's getting closer.
Nuke 'em high!
Got it.
Seattle's up next.
We've found
Mr. Shepard.
We're taking
a detour.
Buckle up.
Come with me
if you want to live.
Come over here.
I need your help.
Are you okay?
Dad, I don't think
we're in Kansas anymore.
I think
you're right, Gil.
We have a plane
waiting for us.
Wait! We found another.
Baby, I pulled your body
from the wreckage,
what was left of it.
April, you were in a
hospital bed for four years
Your dad convinced me
to pull the plug.
You died in my arms.
I don't remember anything
after the accident
until my dad
woke me up.
What did he do to you?
He kept me alive.
He saved my life.
I don't know how we're
gonna move past this.
Move past what?
You're alive,
There's nothing
to figure out.
There's nothing
to talk about.
As long as you have
a beating heart,
I'm gonna love you.
There's more.
This is
only temporary.
That's why he didn't
want me to leave.
It's why he
didn't tell anyone.
That's why he
didn't tell you.
He didn't want you
to lose me again.
is what
keeps me alive.
I don't know
how long I have.
Well, we're just gonna
have to figure that out.
That's what we do.
I want you
to meet somebody.
Looks like we're a family
of second chances, aren't we?
Hey, Gil...
this is your mom.
It's nice to meet you.
That's not my mother.
My mother's a shark,
not a robot.
It's all right.
He'll come around.
Okay, if you're
just joining us,
three powerful
sharknado storms
have ripped through
the United States.
San Francisco,
Salt Lake, and Seattle,
they were all attacked
by a hailnado.
In Yellowstone,
a lavanado formed.
But two
have been stopped,
the lavanado
and hailnado.
And the lightning-nado?
Uh, Natalie, I'm afraid
it is not good news.
The lightning-nado
is headed
straight toward the Perry
Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.
That lightning thing is--
is messing up our system.
We're trying
to fix it, sir.
Don't try to fix it.
Zap it.
It's not working.
It's not
the worst of it.
Well, what could
be worse?
How are you feeling?
I'm all right.
The new AstroPods
are all working.
All the sharknadoes
have been destroyed
except for the one
we are following.
We are--We're gonna
make it through this.
We will.
We stick together.
We're Shepards.
Gil, you've got to give
your mom a chance.
She's been through
a lot.
Fin! I'm glad they
found you in the rubble.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Good.
Look, I know what I'm doing
here, but why are they here?
Uh, news flash.
This is Fin Shepard,
the sharknado
Sharks bite him,
he chomps back.
Chainsaw, chainsaw,
bzz, bzz.
Look, you're gonna
need a better plan
than to have me
as your spokesperson.
Seriously, what's
going on, Reynolds?
The storm's
gone nuclear.
So there's
a nuclear sharknado
plowing through the
United States right now?
With all this technology,
you can't stop it?
Um, no.
The nuclearnado has
just taken a turn.
It's coming this way.
We have
to change course.
I really need your help.
What about my family?
They'll be safe as long
as they're with me.
I want to go home.
Oh, come here, kid.
Come here.
So what are you thinking?
How we gonna stop this?
You have to create
a coolant system
that diffuses
core radiation.
The radiation is what's
making it impossible
for the pods
to take it out.
So we need to turn it back
into a regular sharknado
in order
for your pods to work.
But we don't have a body of
water that's big enough.
And, dude,
even if you did...
There's no way
to get it into the storm.
Yes, there is.
We have to contact
my father.
It doesn't work
like that.
The quantum box
doesn't attract water.
It attracts a liquid metal,
which is called ferrofluid.
But good news,
because ferrofluid
is what is being
released in the 'nadoes.
It's what breaks them up
and destroys them.
We just need a body of
water and a quantum box?
Think of a quantum box
as the engine,
but it needs a battery to
run it, but we got both.
I know where we
can find the water.
Tell your pilot
to head north.
We're going
to Niagara Falls.
Go get 'em!
I need a two-mile
evac zone now.
Give me that.
I need an E.T.A. on
the storm's arrival.
North of Pittsburgh. It'll
be here in 20 minutes.
I removed one
of the two engines
from the Mech suit
that Wilford built.
I can make this work.
- Mr. Reynolds.
- What is it, Shaelyn?
Niagara Falls
International is closed.
Fly as close as you can
to the falls
and hightail it
out of there.
Save yourself,
and save them.
What are you doing?
I'm fixing what
I started.
You're not the only one who
gets to pull crazy stunts, Fin.
Aston, don't.
One man
can't do this.
One man has,
and that's you,
but there's another man,
and that's me.
And he wears
a squirrel suit,
and I make this
look good.
it's a suicide mission.
Look, Fin, I can't
get you into this.
All right, you finally
got your family back.
You do that.
I do this.
Buckaroo Banzai!
He's coming in!
He's coming in!
Keep all eyes on him.
What's he gonna do?
He's winging it,
but I think he's gonna
get himself killed.
Now you know how I feel every
time you do something stupid.
Bombs in a tornado?
It worked, didn't it?
Maybe this will, too.
Booyah, baby!
All he has to do is
turn the quantum box on
close enough to the falls, and the water
should flow straight into the nukenado.
He's locked in?
Yeah, I'm here.
I'm about to activate
the quantum box.
All right.
I'm going back to base.
Detonating in 5, 4,
3, 2, 1.
It's not working.
It's not enough energy.
I think we're gonna need
two of these things.
Did he get the box
turned on?
He did, but it wasn't
powerful enough.
He didn't survive.
Wait. There's
another quantum box.
We still have the other
engine in the Mech suit.
Head back
to Niagara Falls.
What do you
want to do?
It's up to us now.
I'm in.
Let's do this.
I'm born ready.
Where's my chainsaw?
Family rules.
Hey, hey, come on. We're about to land.
Come on. Here we go.
Are you in charge here?
Gena Koenig, manager of the New
York Department of Astro-X.
Most of the area
has been evacuated.
How soon before
the next nado gets here?
Five minutes tops.
All right, five minutes.
We're gonna
have to move fast.
I'm gonna need some help
unpacking the hyperjet.
- Can you help me?
- Absolutely.
All right.
Let's do this.
The nuclearnado is headed
to Buffalo, New York,
right now,
where Astro-X informs us
they're attempting
to use their technology
to reverse Niagara Falls.
Well, the only way
to stop
a nuclear meltdown
is to cool it down,
so by doing this, it will
neutralize the elements
and allow the Astro-X weather
stabilization system
to stop the sharknado
once and for all.
Now, our sources tell us
that Aston Reynolds,
the founder of Astro-X,
is currently missing,
but there are sightings at the falls
of none other than Fin Shepard,
stepping in
to aid in this fight.
And if we've
learned one thing,
if one man can embrace the
'nado and save the day...
- it's Fin Shepard.
- It's Fin Shepard.
Does this take
quarters or tokens?
Not funny.
She may not
look like much,
but she's got it
where it counts.
I'm gonna go down
and finish
what Aston Reynolds
- Dad--
- End of story!
I know how
this thing works.
It's gonna be okay.
- You good?
- Good to go.
There's no plan B,
If you go in the water,
we can't get you out.
Yeah, I heard that.
Well, there's no lifeguards
on duty today, sir.
Yeah, why is that
always the case?
Bad pay, sir.
Copy that.
I love being
on the beach,
but my parents
wanted me to get a Ph.D.
instead of running around
in a bathing suit all day.
You, too?
Oh, too bad.
All right, everyone,
get back to work!
All right, here's the plan.
I'm gonna help Dad get suited up.
Matt, I need you to make sure
everyone gets to the storm shelter.
- Dad, we can help.
- I know you can help.
You'll help me best by getting
everyone to the storm shelter.
We're not
leaving you here.
Gemini, please, please
just listen to me.
Get everyone
to the storm shelter.
Dad, no, we can
handle ourselves.
I know you can.
Dad, I want
to go with you!
Hey, it's gonna
be all right.
I need you here
when I get back, okay?
you're a Shepard.
I'm staying with you.
Let's go kill
some sharks.
All right, guys,
come with me now. Hurry.
Okay, sir,
you're all hooked up.
All right, good luck.
Piece of cake.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
The Mech suit.
Go out this way!
Back! Come on.
Time to fly.
Oh, yeah.
We gotta put
a stop to this!
I need your help to get
through the storm wall.
It's the only way I can
get to the quantum box.
We're gonna
do this together.
I love you, Fin Shepard,
you crazy bastard.
Dad! Dad!
Claudia got eaten
by a shark!
- Dad!
- Gil!
Ohh! The storm
is too strong.
The barrel!
The barrel! Quick!
He'll be safe in there.
Careful! Careful!
Hold tight!
- Ohh!
- Look out! Look out!
Stay down.
Stay down.
I see the quantum box!
I can't get
through to it!
Let me make
a hole for you.
Good! Good!
I'll get it!
Astro-X, it's turning
into a regular sharknado.
Do you read me?
We read you, Fin Shepard.
Release the AstroPods.
- Gil!
- Aah!
Close your eyes.
Count to nine.
When you open,
the storm has died.
We're ready to launch.
In 5...
Little Gil's in there.
I gotta go after him.
No, you can't.
Your suit is broken.
I'll go.
You stay here.
Yaah! Waah!
Watch out!
Mommy's coming.
I'm coming, baby!
Hold on! I'm coming!
Dad! Mom!
- Hold on! I got you!
- Dad!
- I got you!
- Mom!
- Hold on, baby!
- Mom!
- Come on!
- Mommy!
I got you.
Yeah, I got you.
- Help!
- Daddy! Daddy, I'll save you!
I'm a Shepard.
Hey! I got you!
Dad is still
in the shark!
I got something.
Matt, help me.
Put it on the floor.
Go get him.
Thanks, Gil.
You--You okay?
You okay?
Where's Fin?
Where's your father?
- Are you okay? You okay.
- Yeah.
All right,
we got you, son.
Okay, we got you.
Okay, easy.
Right here. Easy.
Put him down. Put him down.
Easy. Easy.
Come on, now.
Watch his head.
He's not breathing.
No pulse. Okay.
I need someone
to breathe.
Okay, on five,
you breathe.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Breathe. Come on, son.
Come on.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Oh, God.
No pulse. Okay.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Okay, hang on.
No pulse.
We need
a defibrillator.
I have an idea.
Grab those sharks.
All right, all right.
Hook it together.
Let's go.
We need a charge.
We need a charge.
Come on.
I got a spark.
Okay, now.
Now hit him.
Hit him.
Okay, no--no pulse.
No pulse. We gotta
hit him again.
Clear. Waah!
Hang on. Hang on.
No pulse. Okay.
Get a charge again.
Get a charge? Okay.
- Clear.
- Hit him!
Yeah! Yeah,
I got a pulse!
We got a pulse.
Hey, hey.
Ah, it's okay.
- Hey, welcome back, son.
- Yes. Yes, Fin.
It's okay.
It's okay, boy.
I love you, Mommy.
I love you, too.
I got you.
Oh, Gil.
Right here.
- I love you, Daddy.
- Oh, God.
You know what, Dad?
What's that?
Sharks suck.
I don't think
this is over yet.
Take that!
I made it!
I survived!