Sharktopus (2010) Movie Script

- You're texting again?
- Huh?
Come on,
put that down and swim with me.
In the ocean?
There's fish out there.
Your loss.
Oh my God. Bree!
Bree! Shark!
Bree, there's a shark!
Oh my God!
Somebody help her, please!
There's a shark!
Bree, shark! Oh my God.
Oh my God. Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- What just happened?
- There was a shark.
- Oh my God.
Welcome to Blue Water.
This better be good, Sands.
I stood up an admiral to be here.
Trust me, Commander.
You're gonna wanna see this.
What are we looking at here?
S-11's been fitted with cameras.
We received these images
10 minutes ago.
My God.
Very "National Geographic,"
isn't it?
Freeze it.
See? The girl got away.
Why didn't S-11 go after her?
Because we jerked its leash.
We told it to behave.
- Come again?
- Like a shark...
let me let my daughter explain.
Like a shark, S-11 can sense
electrical impulses,
helping it navigate.
We manipulate this ability
by transmitting
focused electrical charges
to a series
of receptors implanted
in S-11's cerebral cortex.
I have no idea what she just said.
S-11 is now totally
under our control.
Blue Water Corp. Has just created
the Navy's next superweapon.
Sands, you crafty SOB.
You did it.
Was there any doubt?
Baby girl, bring S-11 home.
Sir, we've got S-11 on an intercept path
of a fast moving vessel.
Change course.
No, take it in closer.
Commander, the swimmer
was a chance encounter.
S-11 still needs more testing.
I procured millions of dollars
of taxpayer money to develop that thing.
Before Blue Water gets one more cent,
I better see it perform.
But the external interface
is a prototype.
If something were to happen...
What did you have in mind,
S-11 was designed
to go where the Navy can't, right?
Sneak into hostile waters, hunt down
drug runners and pirate vessels.
So you want us to treat
that craft like the enemy?
Move in tight
and pursue without being seen.
- Dad?
- Make me proud, pumpkin.
I told you to stop
calling me that.
Make me proud, Nicole.
- Isn't this fun?
- Yeah, man.
Hold on!
You can breathe now.
Whoa. What was that?
You hit something?
What's going on?
S-11 isn't responding to command.
The propeller must've damaged
the external interface.
I told you it wasn't ready
for adverse conditions.
Get the system back online now.
It's not working.
I'm engaging the kill switch.
In three...
- one.
- It's too late, Nicole.
We've lost our signal.
- Oh my God.
- What just happened?
S-11 escaped.
So you ever see anybody
fall off one of these things?
Fall? Nah.
I seen a guy jump once, though.
Wife left him
so he took a nosedive
from 60 floors up.
- That's horrible.
- Ain't so bad.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Feel the wind in your hair.
It's all over with.
I can think of worse ways
to go anyhow.
Like what?
Like falling face first
in a French fryer.
I'll have that image
in my head all day.
How about getting jammed
into a wood chipper?
Oh no!
Not like this!
Signals from the tracking implant
are fading,
but it looks like
S-11's heading south.
You just unleashed an eight-legged
man-eating shark on the world.
A minor setback.
If you're thinking of going back into that
lab and creating a new freak, forget it.
I'm cutting off all Blue Water funding
until you get S-11 back.
Fail, and that's not all I'll cut off.
Relax, Commander.
We'll get S-11,
even if we have to go
to the ends of the earth.
Okay, telemetry shows
he's heading to Mexico.
Let's get a team down there now.
Any changes?
Hard to say.
The tracking implant was damaged
when S-11 ripped off its control plate.
But we're still receiving ghost signals
indicating S-11's presence
in the coastal waters.
Can we pinpoint its location?
Not exactly, Dr. Sands.
But S-11 is here, and for some reason,
it's sticking around.
Migratory instincts.
It'll feed along the coast
a few days and then move on.
- This is us, sir.
- We're here?
I chartered a smaller craft too
for the recovery mission.
A fast one, I hope.
- It will do the job, sir.
- Good.
Sir, I think we should
also contact Andy Flynn.
He's here in Mexico?
Since you let him
go two years ago.
I didn't let him go, Santos.
I fired his ass
'cause he demanded a raise...
a big one.
He's a greedy bastard, no doubt,
but he knows these waters
better than anyone.
And he knows
what we're up against.
If you want S-11 back,
Andy Flynn is your best shot.
All right, find him.
Who's ready
for some tequila ball?
- Ready, gringo?
- Whoo!
You missed. Let's go, ladies.
- There you go.
- Gracias.
Andy Flynn.
Still drinking that rotgut, huh?
What's up, brother?
What are you doing here?
Looking for you.
No, you didn't.
- Blue Water wants you back.
- Not a chance, man.
Not a chance.
- If it's about the money...
- Look, it's always about the money.
All right? That idiot Sands,
he won't pay me what I'm worth,
so I'm retired.
Not anymore, amigo.
S-11 escaped.
Please help me!
Please! No! Please!
No, don't! No no no no no no!
No! No!
Hey, guys.
So glad you could join us,
Mr. Flynn.
- Do we have a location?
- No.
But like an octopus, he's very territorial.
It won't stray far.
You understand you are to capture S-11,
not terminate it, right?
Well, your fish might
have other ideas.
S-11 can be controlled,
Mr. Flynn.
Let me show you.
We call these interface darts.
Once attached, I can access S-11's
bioimplants with my computer
allowing me to direct
its movements.
Like a remote control toy.
Sounds easy.
It won't be easy, believe me.
First, we have to tranquilize S-11.
That'll make him docile.
And then he won't resist commands.
The tranqs will bring S-11
to the surface,
and then we can hit it
with the interface dart.
Why don't we just nail it
underwater with your dart?
They're more accurate if shot
from a grenade launcher.
And since we only
have two darts,
accuracy is key.
Once I establish a link,
I can then navigate S-11 to open waters.
Then our techs on the yacht
will be able to fix the interface.
So what do you say?
Are you game?
100 grand,
200 more upon completion, why not?
You think a great deal of yourself,
don't you, Flynn?
Yeah, you know what I think?
I think you're
a money-grubbing Neanderthal.
And the word on you is
you like cheap women
and cheaper booze.
Is that right?
300 grand
or I go back to the pool.
Fine, 300 grand.
But only if you
bring S-11 back alive.
Otherwise you get nothing.
This is a bad idea, Sands.
We should just 86 that freak
before it takes any more lives.
That freak represents a giant leap
in genetic engineering.
Damage it and heads will roll,
Mr. Flynn.
Yours will be first.
Fine. Get your stuff ready.
We're going to the boat.
Santos and I will meet you
at the dock.
Donde esta senor Kingsberry?
Ay ay ay.
You Kingsberry?
Well, the locals call me Pez.
What can I do for you, angel?
First, Pez,
you can stop staring at my rack.
They're just boobs. They're not gonna
get up and dance or anything.
you can tell me about this.
How'd you find me?
It's what I do.
I'm Stacy Everheart,
an investigative reporter with CNE.
- And this is my cameraman Bones.
- Hey, buddy.
You sent that to our station
two days ago.
It was a joke.
- A joke.
- That's right.
- Oh, we like jokes.
- Sorry to waste your time.
You're lying.
A creature fitting this description
was sighted just last week
in California.
Now it's in Vallarta
and you've seen it.
Well, I wish to the devil I hadn't.
I can't close my eyes
without imagining that...
that thing squirming towards me.
It's gotten so bad
I can't take my boat out.
No, I'm done with that thing.
There's nothing you can...
What do you wanna know?
All right, Pez.
Can we stop?
Come on. We gotta burn off
those enchiladas from last night.
But we're on vacation,
and it's Mexico.
I think it's against the law
to jog in Mexico.
Fine. You're gonna have to
save your breath anyway.
You'll be screaming
your lungs out soon.
Wait. Why?
Two words... bungee jumping.
I found a great spot over the ocean.
So not funny.
You know I'm afraid of heights.
Gonna have to get over that
sooner or later. Today's the day.
All right, tell you what.
Do this and spend the rest
of the day at the spa.
Mud-baths? Seaweed wraps?
- Sure.
- Okay, you're on.
All right! Yes! Great.
- Nice.
- Whoo!
Babe, that was awesome.
I can't believe I did it.
Who's afraid of heights now, huh?
Not my girl.
- Wait, I wanna go again.
- Wild child.
Listo. Vamos!
It's gonna be
like old times, Santos.
- Yep.
- It's gonna be like old times.
She's got
a sexy-librarian vibe going.
- You ever notice that?
- Don't even think it, bro.
Oh, what?
I'm just gonna talk to her.
I've heard that before.
Remember Cairo?
The lady snake-charmer
with cobras?
- Cairo, come on.
- My left butt cheek went black, Flynn.
- Almost fell off.
- So you miss me?
Excuse me?
You might've noticed I took
a little hiatus from Blue Water.
By hiatus,
you mean my father fired you.
Yeah. I did notice, Mr. Flynn.
Look, call me Andy.
All right.
Let's just get this over with
so I can get back to work.
Give me your best line.
Okay. Um, here.
- What?
- Souvenir from Baghdad...
piece of shrapnel from an IED.
Went in back here,
played ping-pong with my insides.
If it weren't for Santos over there,
I probably wouldn't have made it.
So I have him to blame.
Look, I remember you too,
Nicole, all right?
You spent your whole life
in that lab.
First one there,
last one to leave.
And I get it. That was me once.
All right?
My whole life was work.
Thanks to this little guy,
it looked like
there was no tomorrow.
So that's my line.
What do you think?
Being first in the lab earned me
a doctorate from MIand made me one of the best
biomechanical engineers in the country.
I care about what I do,
Mr. Flynn.
As for you,
you're a mercenary.
Says it all.
Hmm. Okay.
As smooth as ever, huh?
Oh, shut up.
Okay, if that didn't get
your booty shaking,
have somebody check your pulse,
'cause you might be dead.
I'm Captain Jack
and this is PV Pirate Radio,
your spring break destination.
Just in case they're listening,
I wanted to give
a special shout out to the FCC,
'cause those are the boys
who kicked my ass out of America.
And, boys, you have doomed me
to a life filled
with sandy beautiful beaches,
smoking hot senoritas
and ice cold pina coladas.
You sure taught me a lesson.
Folks, I may never leave here.
God, I hate it here.
You're kidding me, right?
I mean, this place is amazing.
Yeah, whatever.
And what is it with all this...
what do you call it?
- Sunshine?
- Yes. Sunshine.
Enough with
the freaking sun already.
It's annoying.
What do you got here?
Tell you in a sec.
You are live in five.
Four, three, two...
Hey, party people,
it's Captain Jack
and you are listening
to PV Pirate Radio.
First mate Stephie has just handed
me some breaking news.
Apparently a half shark,
half octopus
has been sighted off the coast
two miles south
of Playa Del Sol.
According to sources,
it is armed and dangerous.
Yes, it's half octopus, so it would be
eight-armed and dangerous, right?
Well, Stephanie apparently is hitting
the tequila a little early today
and she's not sharing
with her captain.
I always share with you.
Yeah. So what is this, Stephie?
Is this some mad experiment
gone horribly wrong?
- Maybe they're doing a movie.
- Oh, yeah. I could see that now.
A former Navy SEAL
slash oceanographer
is tracking down this abomination
before it takes any more lives.
I'd watch it.
Yeah, I know you would, Stephanie.
That's because you're easily amused.
I've seen you mesmerized
watching a frozen burrito rotate
in a microwave oven.
Let's get back
to the music, shall we?
Coming up next,
it's the Cheetah Whores,
very hot band out of New York City.
Here is their latest hit.
It's called
"Hot Rod Hell Kitten." Meow.
What are you doing with this stuff?
I'm a hot rod hell kitten,
get inside
I'm a hot rod
hell kitten, take a ride.
Itty-bitty pretty kitty.
Let's go out and prowl the city.
Do you wanna be my pet?
Do you wanna be my pet?
I'm a cheetah whore,
can you run with that?
Yeah! Yeah!
Well, this is it.
- Nice view, huh?
- Yeah yeah, breathtaking.
- Hey!
- There.
Thank you.
- Hook me up?
- Not a chance.
Aw, you're no fun.
So what makes you think
it'll come back here?
Well, when you spend
your days gutting fish,
you learn a thing
or two about marine life.
Hard to believe you're still single.
Would've thought some lucky lady
would've snapped you up by now.
As I was saying,
octopi are very territorial.
He'll be back.
Santos, take it 20 miles south
and stop by the rocks.
Let me see that thing.
Easy, bro.
Those spears inject enough MS-222
to put a bull shark to sleep.
But it can't bring down S-11?
S-11's metabolism
is higher than a typical shark.
Tranqs just make it more...
Kind of like you and tequila, huh?
I got a signal.
- It's two miles south of here.
- Yeah, I know the place.
Resorts all over the area.
- Dad.
- Yes, Nicole.
- We got a signal.
- I don't have to tell you what's
at stake here, pumpkin.
I told you to stop
calling me that.
I'm counting on you, Nicole.
Bring S-11 home.
Okay, Stacy, in three, two...
Stacy Everheart here
with local fisherman
Ryan Kingsberry.
It's Pez.
All right, Pez.
Can you tell us what you saw?
Well, I first saw
the creature coming in
from out there chasing a charter.
I thought it was a shark at first,
and then I saw the tentacles
and black soulless eyes
like my third wife's.
Cut. What are you doing?
Are you high
or just that stupid?
Holy crap!
Hey! Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Inhale. Exhale.
Break left.
Hola, senorita. You wanna play?
Not really.
Hey, what's the holdup?
Got it!
- Are you getting this?
- Yes. Yes.
Get out of there!
- Is it over yet?
- Um, not quite.
Oh, this ain't happening.
That was horrible.
Sure. Sure.
Horrible. Come on, let's go.
Damn it! Lost the signal.
- What?
- I lost the signal. S-11's gone.
Damn it!
You sure that thing works?
I told you the tracer got damaged
when S-11 escaped.
So we're chasing ghosts out here.
I don't think so.
We sure our freak did that?
The abrasions on his body
are tentacle markings.
Why didn't it eat him?
Maybe he wasn't hungry.
Oh, keen insight.
I'm so glad you came along.
Tell me something,
Ms. Sands, what do you know?
I know octopi like big rocks.
- Sir.
- What is it?
There's something on TV
I think you should see.
My crew and I captured
this footage an hour ago
around Playa Del Sol...
So far only CNE
is carrying this.
And that's supposed
to make me feel any better?
The creature appeared to be
some hybrid of shark and octopus.
- A sharktopus, if you will.
- Hell.
As viewers can see,
the creature is like nothing
ever witnessed before,
and neither is its brutality.
There's no confirmation
by authorities yet,
but fatalities are certain.
Dr. Sands, you've got
an incoming call on satellite link.
- It's only a matter of time...
- It's Commander Cox.
Before the sharktopus
strikes again.
- All right, patch him in.
- Stacy Everheart reporting.
First bring me a great,
big, enormous scotch.
- Three and neat, sir?
- Yeah.
Got it.
What's going on?
Why did we come ashore?
To get away from your dad's
Eagle Scouts
so you can tell me
what the hell you're hiding.
- What are you talking about?
- S-11's killing at random. Why?
I told you, I have no idea.
Look, even I know sharks
aren't serial killers, okay?
They kill for a purpose.
And octopi?
Smart as hell,
and not to mention stealthy.
Okay, so they're not gonna
expose themselves
unless they got a damn
good reason not to.
Maybe our neural implants
are damaging the impulse controls
in S-11's brain.
Or maybe your father
did something to that freak,
something you don't know about.
You know, a little gene splicing
behind closed doors?
No, he wouldn't do that,
not without consulting me first.
My father is a man of science.
How about you tell that
to the dead guy out there?
What's that supposed to mean?
It means that I think your dad
intended S-11
to succeed at all costs.
Blue Water didn't hire you
to think.
They hired you to do a job.
And if you can't do it,
we'll find someone who can.
Get Tom on the phone.
Look, I don't care if he's
in a meeting.
Tell him Stacy Everheart wants
to talk to him now.
Thank you.
Yep, I'm watching
the recap right now.
So what'd the network say?
The network
is replacing you, Stacy.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
- That's the decision they've made.
- But it's my story.
- Hey, Stacy...
- I hope you understand, all right?
No, I understand.
Rat bastards are sending
in another reporter to take the lead.
- What?
- What is this?
Pez figured out a pattern
in the attacks.
Show me.
This is where I first spotted
the creature.
This was the attack
on the bungee tower.
And this was the attack
on the resort.
So it's sticking
to the coast heading south.
- Yeah.
- What are we supposed to do?
Just head south
and hope we run into it?
Worth a shot, and maybe we
can get some more footage.
Then the network would have to
make us the leads.
You know,
I bet we could cover
a lot more miles by boat.
But you're gonna
double my salary
and you're gonna pay for my car.
Oh, Pez,
I could just hug you right now.
I mean, if you were better looking
and had better hygiene.
Oh, what the hell!
- Pez!
- I'm sorry.
Lock and load, boys.
It's time to get wet.
You got the helm, brother.
You better watch your back
down there.
Oh, watching my back is your job.
- I don't know. Am I in your will?
- You get my dog.
You don't have a dog.
Hey. Remember, my dad doesn't
want S-11 harmed, all right?
And we always do what Daddy says,
don't we?
Relax, I've got 300,000 reasons
to bring that thing back
in one piece.
We stick to the plan,
tranq it,
force it to the surface,
then Santos shoots it
with your remote control gizmo,
and you guys jockey it back
to your yacht,
if your gear really works.
Yeah, it does work.
So make sure you don't miss.
I haven't yet.
Now I'm ready. Patch him in.
Guess what I just saw on CNE.
S-11 looks impressive on TV,
doesn't it, Commander?
Are you drinking?
Yes, I am. Scotch.
- Good scotch.
- Damn it, Sands.
You said you could handle this.
- Listen, if you can't handle...
- No, Commander, you listen.
The Navy said they wanted
a killing machine.
That's exactly what I gave them.
And yes, the civilian deaths
are a tragedy.
But greatness comes at a price.
It always has.
Just capture that freak
before it shows up on TV again.
If the media links this to the Navy,
we're screwed.
Don't worry, Commander.
I've got my best man on it.
Don't worry.
Flynn can take care of himself.
Worried? Why would I be worried?
- No reason.
- Hey, do me a favor.
Stay out of my business
and focus on the shooting.
- All right?
- Yes, ma'am.
What is that?
- Ink.
- Oh God, no.
It's right behind me.
It got me in the leg.
Did your tranq hit it?
It pulled it out of its hide.
- What about the others?
- They're gone.
They're dead.
So what makes you think
we'll spot it out here?
I don't know, but if you've got
a better idea, I'm all ears.
No no, you're the captain.
Nice yacht, by the way.
Bite me.
What do you think?
Two or three stitches?
This is nothing.
Remember that go-go dancer
in Bangkok?
Crazy chica nearly bit
your pinkie toe off.
Now that was bad.
Man, I have no idea
where that thing came from.
- It's like it knew we were coming.
- That's what sharks do, amigo.
No, this wasn't predatory instinct.
This was a planned attack.
- Is that mine?
- Damn it.
You better not have any diseases.
Yeah, well,
it burns when I urinate.
Shouldn't be concerned, should I?
- Oh, there's Daddy.
- Dad.
Yeah, it escaped
and the tracer went dead again.
Is that your dad?
Tell him I miss him.
Is that Flynn?
Yeah, he's still in shock
from the blood loss.
- Can he continue the mission?
- He'll be fine.
But the others,
they weren't so lucky.
They knew the risks, Nicole.
Dad, S-11 is a killer,
and they're random.
It's not even feeding on its victims.
I had the tech boys
make some adjustments
to S-11's subroutines.
You altered my programming?
S-11 was a hunter.
We needed a killer.
So we enhanced
its aggressiveness.
I designed the bioware.
I should've been consulted.
This isn't right.
It's time for you to grow up,
baby girl.
Our feelings are irrelevant.
Right now all that matters
is getting S-11 back.
Am I clear? Are you with me?
- Yes.
- Good.
Now bring S-11 home, baby girl.
Did he ask about me?
- Can you move on that thing?
- Why? Wanna go dancing later?
Do you always make asinine jokes
when men have died?
Look, what do you want from me?
I want you to do your damn job
and capture S-11.
Okay. You heard the woman,
fire it up.
- Where are we headed?
- South.
He's headed straight for that boat.
I'm pulling up behind them
to get their attention.
We gotta get them out of here.
- Leave!
- Hey, this is a restricted area!
Can you hear them?
I can't hear what they're saying.
This is restricted area.
Bones, get on the clock.
Something's going on.
Please go!
They're not listening.
They'll listen to this.
Keep filming.
- What are you doing?
- I didn't sign up to get shot.
That's my story
you're running away from.
I'm getting the hell out of here.
You crazy bitch!
Oh my God!
Your dad's gonna have to settle
for damaged goods.
It's heading away from the rocks.
I'm gonna run that bastard down.
Santos, take the helm.
- I'm gonna take a shot at it.
- Got it.
- Santos.
- I'm on it.
How about that one?
All right, man. Perfect.
To the boat and back.
Loser gets the tequila.
Let's do it.
What are these morons doing?
Hey, you're a little close, huh?
What are you doing?
What is this,
an amusement park to you?
- Hey!
- I'm trying to fish here.
Hey, Maria.
I can't believe this.
What's going on, honey?
Bunch of stupid punks.
Dios mio.
Tequila's on you guys,
and I'm super thirsty.
Where's Bob?
I don't know.
He was just right behind you.
Hey, something
just touched my leg.
What was that?
Ed. Ed!
Ed! Ed!
I've been horrible
to you this whole time.
And you don't deserve it.
I'm sorry, Flynn.
It's Andy.
Andy, there's something
I need to tell you.
Got it. Gracias, Miguel.
Nothing. What'd you find out?
The powerboat was rented
by some Blue Water Corporation,
some shady
genetics engineering firm,
in defense department contracts,
enough cash
to go all Frankenstein
and create our fish.
That's great.
What is wrong with you?
Were you a lawyer in a past life?
Or no,
maybe you worked at the DMV.
Do you feel nothing, Stacy?
That guy was killed right in front
of us inches away.
Inches away!
Gosh. He was kind of
a nice guy, you know?
Smell a little funky,
but he was okay.
Now he's dead.
And that's tragic truly.
But the story of a lifetime
is right out that door.
And we can find it
thanks to Pez's map.
- No no.
- Oh, come on, Bones.
He would've wanted it this way.
Don't let his death mean nothing.
You are so full of crap.
I know,
but you're coming with me anyway.
Hell not!
Your father did what?
Altered S-11's neural implants,
disrupting serotonin levels.
Making it more aggressive.
That explains all the random attacks.
You know what I gave up
to be my dad's perfect little scientist?
Now he goes
and does this behind my back.
Look, I'm sorry, Nicole.
What can I say?
He's my dad. I love him.
It's the tracking device
on my computer. S-11's near.
Do you mind telling us the plan?
We've been one step
behind that freak all day.
Time to cut it off.
You aren't gonna believe this.
You're finally ready
to admit you're attracted to me?
Thank God.
The sexual tension was unbearable.
Ew! Gross. God.
- You?
- All right, easy.
A simple no would've sufficed.
The captain has feelings, you know?
All right, Jack, there has been
another sighting of this creature.
And now supposedly CNE
is running footage of it.
Really? Wow.
- How gullible do you think I am?
- Look, this isn't a joke, I swear.
Just, please, warn the audience.
Okay, I'll warn them.
Attention all hands.
This is your captain speaking.
We're getting more reports about this
half shark, half octopus creature
that's terrorizing the coast,
but please do not panic.
There is a way
we can stop this thing.
Virgin sacrifices.
Yes, the Mexican Fish
and Game Commission assures me
the only way to appease
this beast
is to offer it a beautiful virgin,
preferably 18 to 25 years old.
I repeat...
sharktopus wants our virgins.
So all prospective candidates,
please email your photos,
preferably nudes,
to Captain Jack
at pvpirateradio. Com.
I wish there was another way.
I'm sorry.
This is our only hope.
Damn you, sharktopus!
Oh, what?
Don't look at me like that.
How can you live with yourself?
- You're not punking me on this thing?
- No.
Stephie, this has to be a hoax, okay?
It's gotta be.
There's no way a shark-octopus
fishy thingy really exists.
- Well, I hope you're right.
- Trust me, okay?
There is no such thing
as a sharktopus.
Gotta love these Mexican roads.
Where are we?
just keep your eyes on the road.
Shame on you if you kill us
before sharktopus does.
Honey, why don't we go back
to the resort?
Not until I hook a fish.
You still worried about
that shark we saw?
It wasn't a shark.
Look, babe, relax.
It's a big ocean.
No matter what it was,
we're not gonna see it again.
What are we doing here?
- We're two miles off the last signal.
- Check your map.
You'll notice the distance between
S-11's attacks are nearly equal.
How did you figure this out?
Back at Los Arcos
I wasn't sure.
And now you are?
Nope, but I'm sick and tired of chasing
the freak around all day.
So if I'm right, it'll come to us.
You're in no condition for diving.
Wasn't planning on it.
We can lure S-11 to the surface
without using the tranqs.
And how do we do that?
- Ugh!
- What?
You've never seen five gallons
of fish guts before?
Come here.
Good! Did you get a fish?
Come on.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Got you.
I can't believe you bought that.
- Estupido.
- Oh, estupido? How about now?
- How about now, honey?
- No. No.
How about now, honey?
Huh? Huh? How about now?
Kevin! Kevin, where are you?
Kevin! Kevin!
Kevin, where are you?
Kevin! Oh my God.
Over there.
Get us over there.
No, the chum's working.
S-11's coming to us.
S-11 has gone off the grid.
The software is glitching.
Damn, lost the signal.
- No.
- Santos!
- Santos!
- Help me!
- I got you, buddy.
- Santos, hold on. Don't let go.
Hold on!
Flynn! Shoot it, Flynn!
- Damn you, you freak.
- Shoot it with a dart.
- Shoot it with a dart.
- I can't, it's jammed. Don't let go.
Don't let go. Don't let go.
Don't let go.
Don't let...
- No!
- Santos!
It knew
we were setting up an ambush.
It knew.
What are you doing?
What I should've done
from the beginning.
Take the wheel.
Get that.
Where is it?
I don't know.
It was right in front of us.
Check the trace.
You okay?
Andy, look.
It's heading for the resort.
It must've damaged the propellers.
No no, damn it!
Nicole, what's happening?
S-11 just killed Santos.
It's moving ashore.
- Has it been harmed?
- What?
Has S-11 been harmed?
Listen to me, you arrogant bastard.
Santos was my best friend, all right?
Emotion is blinding, Mr. Flynn.
This is bigger than Santos.
It's bigger than you.
Yeah, I'll think about that when
I'm drowning your freak in bullets.
I have $1 million
that says you won't do that.
One million
to bring S-11 back to me.
What do you say?
What do you say?
Keep your money.
Sir, we've got Commander Cox
on the satellite link again.
patch him in.
What's the news, Sands?
Did you catch our fish yet?
It's my fish.
- And we're closing in on it.
- Not good enough.
You need to bag that thing now.
If you can't do it,
I'll send a team in to terminate it.
- Shut up.
- It can be there in an hour,
turn that freak of yours into chowder
and leave no sign it ever existed.
Shut up!
- Sands. Sands!
- Cut him off. Cut him off!
- What's going on?
- Son of a bitch.
- Find a place to dock this thing.
- Sir?
Move. Contact Briggs.
Tell him to get a car ready.
The engine's toast.
That's all she's got left.
Come on. Come on, baby.
You can make it.
Andy, wait. Talk to me.
I am done talking.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Puerto Vallarta Dancers.
Tell me we can find them.
Yes sir. We're tracking the GPS
in your daughter's computer.
Honestly, Mr. Sands, I don't think
that's gonna be enough to stop S-11.
It's not for S-11.
Which way?
- Oh my God.
- That's great.
- Is that part of the show?
- I don't know.
- Cool, Dad. Look.
- Oh my God!
Oh man!
That way.
Dude, that's awesome.
Move. Move!
Eat this, you bastard.
You can't hide.
I'll find you.
- Damn it.
- Where does this channel lead?
Where are you going?
I might be able to head it off
before it reaches the river.
Okay, if S-11 wants upriver
it has to pass by here.
Check the trace.
Come on, come on.
There's no signal.
Damn it.
What about them?
Excuse me. Excuse me, everyone.
There's a killer shark-octopus
hybrid headed this way.
So please leave the marina
in a timely fashion.
- What are you talking about? No.
- No?
Okay, how about this?
- You enjoyed that way too much.
- It worked, didn't it?
Mr. Flynn!
Tell me, Mr. Flynn,
when did you become
such a people person?
Dad, what are you doing?
Last chance for you
to reconsider my offer.
Or what?
Your boys gonna shoot me down?
What's your life compared
to a miracle of science?
- Dad, don't do this.
- Baby girl, my SUV's in the parking lot.
Go wait for me there.
I'm not your little girl anymore.
Andy's right.
S-11 needs to be put down.
- You don't know what you're saying.
- S-11's a crime against nature.
- We went too far.
- It can be controlled, baby.
You know that.
At what price?
How many more lives
are you gonna sacrifice?
What about my life?
Oh, baby.
S-11 is my creation.
I dedicated my entire life to it.
I will not allow anyone
to destroy it.
Not even you.
- What?
- Dad, it's here.
Come on!
No. No!
Oh my God! No!
No, Dad! Help me!
- No! Dad!
- Nicole!
No no!
- Nicole, no.
- Help me!
Dad, be careful. No!
- Nicole.
- Dad!
- Nicole. Nicole.
- Dad.
- Kill... kill swi... kill swi...
- What?
- Dad.
- You can still...
I love you, pumpkin.
I'm sorry, Nicole.
I've gotta go after it.
Someone will come for you.
Andy, wait.
- This is the place.
- You said that the last three stops.
This map is useless.
We should call it quits for today.
We call it quits
when I say we call it quits.
Hey, it's the guy
from the speedboat.
The one following the sharktopus.
Come on.
The river narrows a few miles south,
so we just need to get a pair of wheels.
All right.
I'm Stacy Everheart with CNE.
Can you tell me what you're doing here?
Get out of my face, lady.
What connection do you have to
the creature known as the sharktopus?
Are you employed
by the Blue Water Corporation?
You got a car?
- Yeah.
- Gimme the keys.
You're going after that thing,
aren't you?
Take me with you,
and you can use my van.
- No.
- Then have fun walking.
Gotta love Mexican roads, huh?
What are you planning?
The river bottlenecks upstream.
I'll cut it off there.
- What about my story?
- No names, no interviews.
Then what the hell do I get?
Exclusive footage
of sharktopus getting shot to hell.
Hey, guys.
Can I get you anything?
Are you finished?
Jack, be careful.
Not too close to the edge.
Mom! Mom!
Help me! Help me!
Help me, please!
Somebody please help me.
Jack! Jack!
Jack! Oh my God!
No! Jack!
Oh my God. Jack!
Looks like we're late to the party.
Great, I've got no bullets left
and we're out of grenades.
- You could use this.
- Nicole, we're past that.
Wait. Hear me out.
S-11 has a kill switch...
explosives laced
into its neural implants.
But the switch became inoperable
when S-11's bioware was damaged.
Then what good is it?
My dad...
I think he was trying
to tell me something.
I think I can access the kill switch
with my computer.
- Bones. Bones.
- What?
I think it's over there.
Come on, let's go.
But only if we establish a link
with the interface dart.
We're gonna blow up
S-11's brains,
but we can only establish a link
if we get close enough
to the interface dart and S-11.
So in other words, what you're trying to
say is that I've gotta tag that mother
with an interface dart and you've gotta
be close enough to blow it to hell?
Yeah, that's the plan.
Better than no plan.
Please help me find my son.
He's missing!
Calm down. What's his name?
- I got him. Stay here.
- He'll be fine. Just calm down, okay?
I cannot believe that
you didn't get that shot.
I am sick of your attitude.
You know what?
I'm tired about you.
I'm tired about the work.
Just go on your way
and I'm going on my way.
- Fine.
- Mom!
Jack. Jack, come here.
Come to me, buddy. It's okay.
Come on. Trust me, it's okay.
Jack, come on.
Come to me. It's all right.
Give me your hand.
There you go. There you go.
Yeah, let's go, buddy.
I got you.
Yeah. Yeah, come here.
I got you. I got you. Let's go.
Here. It's the last one
so you better not miss.
I've been missing all day
and I'm getting tired of it.
Now go over there.
It'll be safer.
No, I'm staying with you.
Nicole, go over there
and get your mojo ready.
I'm gonna draw it to you. Go!
Bones, where the hell are you?
Oh my God.
Oh God.
Oh God. Oh my God!
Got you, you mother.
Nicole, hurry!
I got it. Anytime now, Nicole.
Oh, Dad, what did you do?
I hope you choke
on me, you freak.
Come on!
Oh my God.
Hold on.
Oh, Dad.
Okay, I got it.
Oh my God.
Impressive. You need help?
I'll live.
That thing better not
jump out at us again.
No, that only happens
in the movies.