Sharkula (2022) Movie Script

(water whooshing)
(gentle music)
(ominous music)
(angry mob shouting)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous vocalization)
(dramatic drumming music)
- [Man 1] That's the Dracula!
- [Man 2] Kill him.
- [Man 3] Hell is ready for
you, you foul blood drinker.
Dracula must be destroyed!
- [Man 4] Bastard, pay!
(dramatic music)
(angry mob shouting)
(water whooshing)
(dramatic music continues)
- [Man 5] Die, Dracula.
(Dracula growling)
(dramatic music continues)
(Dracula hissing)
(dramatic music continues)
(Dracula growling)
- [Narrator] In the darkened sea,
the last of the scourge of Dracula
as he plunged off the
cliff to the ocean below,
his heart pierced with my sword.
Little did we know there
were forces working
beyond our understanding,
forces determined to keep Dracula alive,
dark forces that we had
no comprehension of,
forces that were determined
to keep the curse of Dracula alive.
An alliance was made that day
between man and beast,
and a cult was determined
to keep Dracula's evil
and presence alive here on this earth.
Where would he go? Where would he end up?
How would he rule in the future?
What type of people
would want to keep Dracula's legend alive?
For now, forever, and in the future,
in the next century,
the next two centuries.
How long can evil live?
(upbeat rock music)
(upbeat music rock continues)
(song ends)
- Would you knock off that
(indistinct) whistling?
It's getting on my nerves.
- Your constant complaining
is getting on my nerves.
Lighten up.
- I'll lighten up when we get to Arkham
and start working for the summer
so we can afford to pay for college.
(indistinct) University is
expensive, we knew that going in.
How many times are you
gonna read that thing?
- Until we get our first paycheck.
- Oh, I can't stop you.
- "Dearest Arthur Smith and John Beaumont,
please accept this letter as acceptance
for summer employment at
the Arkham Dock and Marina.
Room and board at the Bucket
of Chum Inn and Restaurant
are a part of the seasonal employment.
Check in at the front
desk at your arrival,
and all matters will be taken care of.
Best wishes, your employer,
Vladimir Constantine."
- Sounds too good to be true.
(ominous music)
(crickets chirping)
(water splashing)
(ominous music continues)
- Doesn't look very inviting, does it?
- Work is working guess.
- I'm sorry I'm in such a foul mood.
I just wanna be there and get started.
- It'll all fall into place.
I have to agree with you though,
there is a air of dread in this area.
- Yeah. Have you noticed we
haven't seen a car pass by
in either direction in a long while now.
- I guess unless you're
into fishing and shipping,
there's no reason to come here.
- Wait, does that mean that
there's a shortage of women
in this town?
- No, silly.
I'm sure there's some 400 pounds
salt of to see females here
with tattoos up their arm and facial hair
just looking call you big daddy.
- Sick.
(Arthur laughs)
(ominous music) (water
splashing) (boats creaking)
- Everything's all decayed and rusted.
It must be the salt water.
- Typical New England coastal town
on the brink of collapse,
and it's all ours for the summer. (laughs)
- Look, there's the Bucket of Chum,
we should go check in.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lead the way, bro.
(seagulls squawking) (ominous
music) (water splashing)
(Sharkula growling)
(dramatic music)
Well, here we are. Look at this.
You sure you wanna go through with this?
I mean, look, the Bucket of Chum.
- Yeah. They were just
trying to be creative.
- Do you even know what chum is?
- Yeah. I mean, sort of.
Fine, what is it?
- It's bloody scraps of fish and animals
they toss in the ocean to attract sharks.
- Sharks?
- Yeah, sharks, Atlantic's full of them.
- Do you think they serve sharks
here at the inn for dinner?
- Better not to ask. Let's go.
(ominous music)
(door closing)
- This town is abandoned.
There's hardly anyone around
- Hello? Anybody here?
I said, hello, anybody here? Hello?
- Anybody here? Hello?
- Can I help you gentlemen?
- Oh shit.
- Don't do that. You scared us.
- My apologies.
- It's quite alright.
My buddy and I are here for
the summer job positions
offered by Mr. Vlad Constantine.
Can we speak to him?
- I see. Mr. Constantine
doesn't see visitors.
- Oh.
- I bet he can't even read.
- I can hear and read perfectly well.
I see also room board in
our fine establishment.
- Can we speak to him now?
- In due time he will seek you out.
My role is to get you settled in
and give you a run out of your duties.
- And you are who exactly?
- My name is Renfield.
I assist Mr. Constantine
right in this establishment
for him and other business related duties.
- Your name is really Renfield?
- Yes, why?
- How long have you lived here?
- All my life.
Although the town has seen better days,
our employee's doing his best
to make it more hospitable.
Follow me, please. This way.
(ominous music)
(clock ticking)
(stairs creaking)
(ominous music continues)
This is your room.
- Both of us?
- Yes. I was given strict
orders that you share a room.
- But what if we...
- If you what?
- You know, what if we wanna
hook up with some chicks at night?
- Oh, there's a no chance of that happen.
No one in Arkham is allowed after dark.
The whole town shuts down
at 8PM and no one goes out.
- You must be joking.
What if I want a drink or something?
- The bar is up until 7:30 PM.
And I'm not joking.
Here's a copy of the menus.
I should tell you, I'm the cook as well.
- Oh, that's comforting.
- Get settled in. Meet me in
the restaurant in two hours.
I'll take you over to the
dock where you'll be working.
(ominous music)
(seagulls squawking)
- I bet this room is
gonna be hotter than hell
in the middle of summer
with no air conditioning.
- We have the ocean breeze.
I mean, you sure you wanna do this?
We could be making $15
an hour at McDonald's
back in New Haven.
- It's too late now. This
place is strange though.
(boat horn blowing)
- It's like a boarding school.
Can't go out after 8PM. What's that shit?
- Sharing a room with you isn't my idea
of a fun time either.
- I promise I won't
snore too loud. (laughs)
(boat horn blowing) (bell
ringing) (ominous music)
(stairs creaking)
(ominous music continues)
- Master, I did as you said.
The new workers are in their rooms.
Yes, I'll take them to the docks
and go over their work duties soon.
Yes, everything is all ready for tonight.
Our guy will find this one most appeal.
(ominous music)
(Renfield laughing)
(woman cries)
(ominous music continues)
(water whooshing) (boat
horn blowing) (bell ringing)
(dramatic suspensive music) (bell ringing)
The master spoke to me about you.
- Why? What for?
- He isn't pleased with what you did.
- I didn't do anything.
- No?
Mailing letters is forbidden.
Who is this for?
- A friend from grammar
school, that's all.
- The master doesn't think so.
He sent me here to warn you.
If you disobey one more time,
you'll end up in the sacrifice!
- No, no, please, not
that. Anything but that.
I didn't mean anything
by the letter, I swear.
- You're lucky the master
likes you, desires you.
I desire you too, more than he.
I would have different purposes for you
if you were my bride.
- Well, I like you too, Renfield.
You keep me outta trouble. You help me,
and I need your help.
- What kind of help?
- I need you to help me escape
from this dreadful place,
- No, never! The master won't allow it,
I won't allow it!
Be careful what you think and say,
his rats have ears.
- You're the only rat in Arkham!
(Mina groaning)
You better be careful, Renfield,
the master would reign
down the wrath of Hades
if he thought you laid a hand on me!
If he knew the things you say
and the things you think in
that twisted mind of yours!
(Mina wincing)
- I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Sometimes I can't control myself.
- Your time is coming, Renfield,
and when it does, even he
won't be able to help you.
- Remember what I said.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
(water splashing)
(dock creaking)
(metal creaking)
(Sharkula growling)
- I hate this town, and I hate you,
Bladamir asshole Constantine.
You corrupted this town when you got here
with your rules and your companions.
You should be (indistinct) by that beast
that's runs shore,
your pet.
(metal creaking)
(ominous music)
What's that? That can't be.
(metal creaking)
(Sharkula growling)
(water splashing)
(dramatic music)
(water splashing)
(Sharkula growling)
- This tastes like piss.
- How would you know?
- I don't, but I bet
it tastes pretty close.
- You know, this paper is 15 years old.
You get news around here?
Second thought, do they
get anything around here?
- Gentlemen, if you'll follow me.
- Can't wait. Let's do it.
- Shipping is Arkham's bread and butter.
Mr. Constantine ships
and receives shipments
from all over the east coast.
- Oh, I was just waving to
that young woman in there.
- Mr. Constantine prohibits his employees
fraternizing with the
locals, women included.
- Geeze, is this place a monastery?
- Mina runs the Historical Society.
She belongs to Mr. Constantine.
- Nobody belongs to anybody,
unless you mean they're married.
- Something like that.
- You know, this town has
a lot of strange rules.
- Arkham is a different town. This way.
The containers and crates
arrive here at night
so they're ready for you in the morning.
- Wait a second, Renfield,
I thought you said no one
was allowed out past 8:00 PM.
Well, who does the unloading?
- The shiphands do, and when
finished leave immediately.
- I guess no one wants
to stick around here.
- Your shift starts at 10AM.
You sort the crates by destination
with the code and stack them. Easy.
Lunch is at 1:30,
your shift is done at 6:00.
The remainder of the day is yours.
- Yeah. What's the left of it, right?
- Hey, when do we get paid?
- Every Friday, cash.
- It's the first good thing
I've heard since we got here.
- Yeah, definitely.
- And let me guess, you're
in charge of payroll too?
- Certainly.
It's late. I have other work to do.
You can start now if you like,
or wait until tomorrow.
- I'm a bit tired. I think
I'll wait until tomorrow.
- Yeah, me too.
- As you wish. Remember,
don't be out after dark.
- Yes, mother.
(boat horn blowing)
I have a feeling it's gonna
be a really long summer.
- Yeah. Tell me about it.
(water splashing)
(upbeat oriental music)
(dramatic music)
(wood creaking)
(dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music continues)
- Your ordained time has come.
Others serve me as their master.
I too serve a master.
You will be given to it.
(dramatic music continues)
(flame crackling)
(ominous vocalization)
- Hey, come over here.
Take a look at this.
What do you make of that?
- Looks like some sort
of parade or a ritual.
It's hard to tell.
- (sighs) Nobody's screaming,
so I'm sure it's harmless.
We should probably follow them and see.
Could be some sort of
a midnight beach orgy.
- Oh God. (laughs)
It's our first night here,
we should probably lay low.
We have plenty of time
to figure this town out.
Besides, with the folks we've seen,
you'd really want to see an orgy?
(dramatic music)
(ominous vocalization)
(water whooshing) (dramatic
vocalization continues)
(deep hissing)
(deep hissing)
- Hear me, master of the red seas.
We bring you our sacrifice
for your blood lust.
I, Dracula, king of the vampires,
offer my service and power to you,
Sharkula, the devil fish of the waters,
that we may fulfill one another's destiny.
Come forth and receive your offering.
(dramatic music)
(woman crying)
(ominous music)
(Sharkula growling)
(woman crying)
- What the hell was that?
(ominous music continues)
(thunder crackling)
(water splashing)
(Sharkula growling)
(ominous music)
(Sharkula growling)
(ominous music)
(water whooshing)
(Sharkula growling)
(birds chirping)
- Coffee, sir?
- No, thanks.
Say, I heard some screams
on the beach last night,
do you know anything about that?
- Screams? No, what you heard
was seagulls eating the fish
that (indistinct) near the shore at night.
- I think I know the difference
between a seagull screeching for food
and a woman screaming in terror.
- I'm sorry. I can't help you then.
- Is something the matter?
- Yeah. I was telling Renfield over here
about those screams I heard
on the beach last night.
- Yeah, probably seagulls.
- See, I told you. Thank you.
- Whatever.
- I'll see you this evening for dinner.
- Enjoy your new job.
(water whooshing)
- I swear I heard screams last night.
- Look, if it wasn't seagulls,
maybe you dreamt it or you imagined it.
- It sounded so real.
And what is that over there on the sand?
Looks like an altar.
- For virgin sacrifices?
I'm sure that's a rarity in these parts.
Looks like pieces of
broken ship or something.
- I'm not so sure.
- Well, let's go. We gotta get to work.
Our first big day. Woohoo. (laughs)
(water whooshing)
(gentle music)
- Master, the newcomers are at their post.
But one of them is very curious,
and I feel they need
to be watched closely.
Yes, I'll take care of things
if they get in the way.
Yes, master.
(dramatic music)
(Renfield breathing deeply)
(bell ringing) (boat horn blowing)
(men groaning)
- These crates are heavy.
What do you think is in 'em?
- It's hard to say,
but they definitely are heavy.
- I need a break. I think
I'm gonna step out for a bit,
get some fresh air.
- Yeah, stay outta trouble.
(suspensive music)
(ominous music)
- What the hell?
(water splashing)
(gentle piano music)
Hey, there.
No, don't be afraid. I'm new here.
Did you make those?
- I'm not supposed to talk to you.
- Why not? What the hell's
wrong with this place?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
- You shouldn't be here.
You should go as fast as you can go.
- Is there some sort of danger
that we need to know about?
- I said too much already.
- You're from the town
Historical Society, right?
Your name is Mina. It's
a really pretty name.
- Thank you, John.
- There, that's better.
See, it's not so hard to be friendly.
Do you ever get out and do things?
Would you like to sometime?
- I have to go.
(water splashing)
(ominous music )
- Where the hell have you been?
- I was talking to Mina. Hm, sort of.
- Who's Mina?
Oh, the chick from the Historical Society.
You stay better away from that, remember?
- I remember. It's bullshit.
- (sighs) Like or not, you
better head that morning, mister.
- Oh, I forgot. I gotta show
you something. Come here.
- Well, what is it?
- Earlier in the water I
saw something, like, big,
with glowing red eyes.
- What?
- I swear, it was right there.
- God, a hard day's work
has made you soft upstairs.
- And that chick from
the Historical Society,
she was throwing these in the water.
I think these are what scared it away.
- A homemade cross, shapes
underwater, glowing red eyes,
guess another layer of mystery to Arkham.
- I think our boss has
some weird hypnotic hold
over these townsfolk.
Something weird is going on around here.
- I don't know, John. This
place is strange for sure.
I'm sure none of this means anything.
There has to be an
explanation for it somewhere.
- Yeah, well, let me
know when you find it.
- Oh, yes, my lovelies.
Your suffering, (sniffs) your pain.
I remember each one of you.
My master's play things.
Secretly wanted you chained, tied up,
it didn't matter.
You were all important to me.
(breathing deeply)
Yes, master, I hear you.
Dinner tonight? Yes.
I will tell them,
and I'll make sure they attend.
(intense music)
I'm so sorry, my lovelies.
So sorry.
(water whooshing)
(gentle music)
(door creaking)
(Arthur sighing)
(door closes)
- What's this? A new note?
- Well, are you gonna read it or what?
- "Arthur and John,
Mr. Vladimir Constantine would
like to have you for dinner,
7:00 PM sharp, dining room A.
Sincerely, Renfield."
- Oh, what do you know,
dinner with the boss.
Maybe we should use this opportunity
to tell him that he needs
to get with the time's
a little bit better.
- It's 6:30 now, we
probably should get ready.
(gentle music)
(water whooshing)
(deep hissing)
(ominous vocalization)
- Master, your guests have arrived.
(clock ticking)
- Ah, gentleman, pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Renfield, please bring
the meal for our guests
and employees.
And remember, address me as
Mr. Vladimir Constantine.
He's a bit odd, but harmless.
I brought him over with
me from the old country
when I started my shipping empire.
- Well, I mean,
we would like to thank you for offering us
seasonal employment.
- It's my pleasure.
Good help is so hard to find.
How are you finding your
lodgings and the work?
- It's fine, thank you.
But the rules you seem
to impose on this town
are a bit harsh, stifling.
- It's a fair question.
Please let me explain.
I come from a part of the world
where strict rules and
regulations keep a town thriving,
prosperous, free of
corruption, make it pure.
Do you understand?
- I think so. But don't people...
- Please understand,
no one is forced to stay
in our seaside town.
People come and go all the time.
The ones who stay except
our integrated values.
In time you will too.
- Fair enough.
Sounded odd at first.
- Ah, a man of reason.
A toast, my friends,
to a profitable summer.
- Cheers.
(glasses clanking)
- Cheers.
(gentle violin music)
- [John] Aren't you eating?
- I eat late at night.
I simply wanted your
company and conversation.
Dig in, as they say.
How are things going at the docks?
Any trouble with the shipments?
- No, everything is fine.
It's backbreaking work,
shipping schedule's a bit weird,
otherwise, no issues.
- Yes,
because of the speed of our receipt
and eventual delivery,
it has to be that way.
- Mr. Constantine, what's in the crates?
- Many things. Soil, food products,
that type of thing.
- No wonder they're so heavy.
- I must caution you gentlemen,
never, ever let your
curiosity get the best of you
and open the crates.
It would be disastrous to the product.
- Never crossed our minds.
You don't think that we...
- Of course not, just a
friendly reminder is all.
- Have you had issues in the past?
- Yes.
And the employees were
reprimanded harshly.
It cost me dearly.
- Would you feed 'em to the shark?
(Dracula chuckles)
- You Americans and your sense of humor.
- No, I saw a shark today.
It was huge and its eyes were glowing red.
- You thought you saw a shark. Be clear.
- Sharks are not uncommon around here.
You may very well have seen one.
They do frequent docks and
piers looking for food.
After all, they are scavenges by nature.
- This one looked evil.
(clock ticking)
(gentle music)
And then I saw something strange.
Mina from the Historical Society,
she was throwing these handmade
crosses into the water.
And I think that's what scared it away.
- Mina is a special woman,
superstitious and withdrawn.
I wouldn't be overly concerned.
I will speak to her if you'd like.
- Now you got her in trouble, John.
- I just thought he
should know, that's all.
- It's no trouble.
- One more thing though.
Last night I saw a procession
make its way to the beach.
And there was screams in
the middle of the night,
and down on the beach,
it looked like there
was some sort of altar.
What's up with that?
- It's none of our business, John.
- Not much escaped your friend's watch.
Curiosity, I like that.
It's simply this,
we have an old Transylvania custom
where we say some native
prayers in parade to the beach
and offer a sacrifice of flowers
and fish to the great sea
to help the fishers with their catch.
You may find it strange,
but we do it several times
over the course of the summer solstice.
And I can assure you,
we don't sacrifice virgins
at midnight on our coast.
- Well, can we participate in one?
- I am afraid not.
It's for the town villagers only.
They would be very upset with me
if I let outsiders
engage in the festivals.
My apologies.
- We understand, no worries.
- It grows late, and I have
other business to attend to.
Thank you both for an engaging evening.
Till we meet again.
Goodnight, gentlemen.
- Goodnight.
- [Arthur] Goodnight.
- Hey, I wasn't done with that.
(water whooshing)
(Sharkula growling)
(car engine starting)
- Not again.
This car is a piece of crap.
- Well, this shortcut
was your idea, remember?
- What's that got to do
with it breaking down?
Besides, if we'd have
stayed on the main road,
you wouldn't have been able
to bang me on the car hood
10 miles back, in the middle of nowhere.
- Point well taken. (laughs)
But now what?
- You have to fix it.
It's like a loose wire or something.
(Reggie sighs)
- Whatever.
(woman laughing)
(tense music)
Well, I think it's finally had it.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
(water splashing)
- All right, Reggie,
can you fix it or not?
- Hey, is anyone here?
(dramatic music)
My car broke down on the
road and I need some help.
(dramatic vocalization)
(ominous music)
What the hell is that?
(Sharkula growling)
(water splashing)
- Reggie!
(dramatic music)
(woman groans)
(car horn honking)
Hey! I'm talking to you!
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(woman screaming)
(deep hissing)
(dramatic music continues)
- I'm telling you, man,
I just don't like it.
Mr. Constantine's excuses
just don't add up.
Something weird is going on around here.
- We're lucky your big
mouth didn't get us fired.
You were digging too deep.
He was being gracious, but he
knew you were being too nosy.
- Screw him. We don't owe him anything.
- Only our jobs for the summer,
a steady paycheck.
Look, give him a break.
He's from a different country,
he does things different than us.
Let it go before you get into trouble.
- Let's get one thing straight,
I'm not afraid of him or
his 17th century mindset.
- You heard what happened
to those who crossed him,
they were disciplined.
Those are tough words from a supervisor.
(John laughs)
- What are you reading anyway?
- "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.
It was in the nightstand.
- How appropriate. Isn't that normally
where they keep the Gideon Bibles?
(Arthur laughs)
- Yeah.
I read this when I was a kid. It's creepy.
Hey, Ark can be a pretty good
place for Dracula to vacation
now wouldn't it?
- Yeah, maybe it would.
(dramatic music)
(Mina gasps)
- I'm sorry I frightened you, Mina.
- It's okay.
But I have to get going
'cause it's almost curfew.
- One moment.
I need to speak to you.
- What can I tell you?
- The outside help,
the dock bookers,
you spoke to them, didn't you?
- No, I didn't, I swear.
- You lie! I know you did.
- It was small talk, I swear.
- One of them saw the shark,
saw you throwing crosses into the water.
If our master wants fresh
meat, he can take it.
Do not interfere.
I would hate to punish you.
- I won't talk to them again. Promise.
It's not me you need to worry about.
- What do you mean?
Speak, girl!
- Renfield, he plots against you
in his mind and in his heart,
be weary of him.
He spreads lies about me
because he wants me for himself.
- Renfield is a little fly,
I could crush him into
dust in mere seconds
if I chose to do so.
- He is as cunning as he
is stupid and perverse.
- He of all people knows
that you could only love me.
Is that not true?
- Yes.
- Yes, what?
- Yes, master.
(ominous music)
- Make no mistake, Mina,
you will be my bride.
I have an eternity to wait.
When you join me, you will have eternity.
(ominous music)
(deep hissing)
(bell ringing)
(ominous music)
(crickets chirping)
- I'm tired of being
stuck in here all night.
I'm going for a walk, the
hell with all these rules.
(ominous music continues)
(door closes)
(ominous music continues)
(clock ticking)
- No master, please!
- Mina told me some
things tonight about you.
Some things that displease me.
- She lies, lies about me
'cause she's jealous of my service to you.
- Why should she be jealous
of a little grub like you?
- She is! She is!
- What the hell?
(ominous music)
(clock ticking)
- I expect more from you.
Do not disappoint me.
(ominous music continues)
- Yes, my master.
(ominous music continues)
- This place really is creepy at night.
(ominous music continues)
Maybe this wasn't such
a good idea after all.
(ominous music continues)
(clock ticking)
(ominous music continues)
(door creaking)
(ominous music continues)
Don't tell me this is a casket.
- Help me, please.
(ominous music)
- Oh my God, what happened to you?
- Mm. A man came out of
the night and attacked me.
My boyfriend's missing.
Please untie me.
- I'll try, but how did this happen?
- I don't know, I woke up like this.
- This man, did he have
a cape and piercing eyes,
and did he speak with an accent?
- Yeah. Do you know him?
- Yeah, unfortunately I think I might.
- I'm hungry. I'm tired.
Please come closer.
- Okay.
(deep hissing)
Oh, God! What's wrong to you?
(woman roaring)
I'm thirsty for your blood.
- You're whacked out
sister, I'm outta here.
(woman roaring)
- Blood for you, bitch!
(woman roaring)
(tense music)
(deep hissing)
(dramatic music)
(water whooshing)
(Sharkula growling)
(dramatic music)
(ominous vocalization)
(dramatic music continues)
(Sharkula growling)
(dramatic music continues)
(water splashing)
(Sharkula growling)
(Arthur snoring)
- John?
Oh, man, that jerk didn't
wake me up for breakfast.
Oh, boy.
Footing his keister. (laughs)
- Hey, Renfield, have
you seen my friend, John?
- He was in the dining room
earlier, but left a while ago.
- I hope he's not chasing
after that Mina chick.
- I hope not either.
(tense music)
- John? John, are you here?
Oh, where the hell could he be?
Yo, John?
Damn, where is he?
(tense music)
(water splashing)
- [Dracula] Mina.
You are not alone.
(ominous music)
- When will I be free of this nightmare?
(boat horn blowing)
(ominous music continues)
- Hey, John, are you here?
Where the hell did he be?
(water splashing)
(ominous music continues)
- God, John was right,
there is a monster shark in these waters.
Oh my God.
(ominous music continues)
- Renfield.
- Yes, what is it?
- I need to speak to Mr. Constantine now.
There's something strange going on here.
- Mr. Constantine is away on business
and won't return till later today.
I handle his affairs while he's away.
- Can you give him a message from me?
- Yes, I suppose so. What is it?
What's your problem, asshole?
- My problem is you,
this town, everything.
I know you're lying about John,
and I know you know what's going on
with this mausoleum of a town!
- I don't know what you're talking about!
- I saw a giant shark with
gloring red eyes in the water.
What is it? And don't
tell me you don't know,
or I'll break your neck!
- Okay, okay! The shark is a sea monster,
my master obeys it.
- Your master? Is there
a cult ring in this town?
Why is everybody afraid to do anything?
- Mr. Constantine rules this town,
he has a pact with the sea devil.
That's all I can tell you.
- John's dead, isn't he?
- I don't...
- Isn't he?
(Sharkula growling)
- Yes, he was food for the beast.
- You're gonna regret ever coming here.
- I already do.
And when I come back,
you better not be here.
(intense music)
Mina, what is it?
- You're in danger, come with me quickly.
We can't be seen.
(tense music)
(suspensive music)
You need to leave here now.
- We need to get the authorities here
to put a stop to this madness.
- There's no time. Listen to me.
This town is controlled
by Mr. Constantine.
And he is not who he appears.
- Who, what is he?
- He's the lord of the
undead. He's Dracula.
- What?
- Master, he hurt me.
(thunder rumbling)
The outsider struck me.
He needs to be dealt with.
- Yes, Renfield,
but not before I deal with you.
- Master, I tried to fight him,
but he was too strong.
- Too strong?
So he pried information from you?
- I don't know what you're saying.
- You told him too much.
You talked, you broke our pact.
- No master, please!
(deep hissing)
(woman roaring)
- She's hungry.
Maybe she has a taste
for weasley little grubs
who betray their master.
- I served you fearfully.
- Yes, Renfield, you did serve me.
(Renfield screaming)
(woman growling)
(Sharkula growling)
(ominous music)
(water whooshing)
(fire crackling)
(ominous music continues)
(bat chirping)
- Count Dracula? That's a
made up story. It's not real.
- It is real, and he's here now.
I bet Renfield already told him about you,
and he's on his way for you,
or he's gonna send his slaves.
- We need to go now under
the cover of darkness.
- I can't go.
- Why not?
- Because he has too deep of a hold on me.
Anywhere I went, he would follow.
- She's right!
You'd be wise to stay put.
I have no reason to kill you
unless you give me just cause.
- All right, all right.
- Mina, you look lovely
tonight, as always.
- He knows everything.
- He knows something,
not everything.
I've lived for centuries,
no one can ever know everything
about someone alive that long.
- Just kill us and get it over with.
- I would,
but you see, I need your help.
Ironic, isn't it?
- It's your stool pitch and
Renfield to get his hands dirty.
- Renfield is permanently detained.
- If you mean dead, I can't say I'm sorry.
- Yes. He served me well for many years,
but was becoming rather sloppy lately.
- What do you want of us?
- It's simple,
help rid me of the beast,
and I will set you free.
- Free? Free of this town? Free of you?
- Yes. As painful as it will be,
it is a sacrifice I must make.
- How are you tied to the shark?
I thought you were the lord of the dead.
- We all serve someone or something,
even the mighty Dracula.
Would you like me to
share the story with you?
- Why not? We're not going anywhere.
- I'll take that as a yes.
Let's see.
Ah, yes.
It's a angry mob
(angry mob shouting)
(tense music)
In my homeland, I was discovered,
and a makeshift mob of uneducated farmers
saw fit to destroy me,
but I gave them chase,
and a good one it was.
(dramatic music)
(angry mob shouting)
- [Man 1] Catch the Dracula.
- [Man 2] Kill him.
- [Man 3] Hell is ready for
you, you foul blood drinker.
- [Man 4] Dracula must be destroyed.
- [Man 5] Bastard, pay.
(angry mob shouting)
(dramatic music)
(water whooshing)
- Die, Dracula.
(Dracula growling)
(Dracula growling)
They manged to wound me,
and I plunged from the cliff
into the ocean.
A large shark approached, and
was filled with blood lust.
It had an advantage over me.
So I used my mind control
to communicate with it.
If I served him, he would protect me.
So I transferred the curse
to him and we ended up here.
So that's the watered down
version of this sinister tale.
We've been here a long time.
- Why do you wanna be free of it?
- There is so much more to rule.
I am tied down to this
pathetic dot of the map
so long as the shark lives.
- Can't you just walk away from it?
- No more than I could walk away from you.
The shark and I are intertwined,
and until it is dead, I cannot leave.
As those who serve me, I must serve it.
- It sounds like a load of crap.
- Don't push him to anger.
- See, lovely Mina speaks the truth.
Now, what is your answer?
- You promise you'll set us free?
- You have my word.
I never break my promise.
- What's the plan, Drac?
- Good.
That is what we need to figure out.
(dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
(Sharkula growling)
- Look, the beast grows
hungrier by the minute.
It must be fed.
- Do not fear. The
master will not fail us.
He will bring a new
sacrifice and appease it.
(Sharkula growling)
- The only way to defeat it
is to take it by surprise.
- And how do you plan on doing that?
- Everything must appear as normal.
The creature is cunning,
it may know it is being
led into a death trap.
We'll go through the sacrifice
and lure it to the beach.
When it is close to the sacrificial altar,
Arthur, you can drive a stake through it,
there's one hidden beneath the altar.
- What about your goons?
- I'll make sure once
the beast is dispatched,
they harm no one.
I will command them to
flee into the night.
- Two questions.
One, won't it look odd I'm
just, like, hanging around?
- Yes, they will be suspicious.
- We'll, have your hands
bound, loosely, of course,
so you can easily break your bonds.
- It's a bit compromising for me,
but I'm willing to take the risk.
Two, who's playing the phony sacrifice?
- My Mina, of course.
- Oh, no way.
- I will agree.
Just don't miss with the spear.
- You know I would never let
you fall into mortal danger.
It will work out. Trust me.
- (Arthur laughs) Famous last words.
- A word of caution,
be sure to strike the shark behind the eye
to kill it swiftly,
otherwise you will be it's sacrifice.
(ominous music)
(water whooshing)
- No! No! You promised.
(gentle music)
(water whooshing)
- Hear me, master of the red seas.
We bring you our sacrifice
for your blood lust.
I, Dracula, king of the vampires,
offer my service and power to you,
Sharkula, the devilfish of the waters,
that we may fulfill one another's destiny.
Come forth and receive your offering.
(dramatic music)
She is lovely, is she not?
Your bride for the evening.
Take her to the depths
and do as you please.
(Sharkula growling)
(tense music)
- No! No!
- No! Back off!
No! No!
(Sharkula growling)
No! Go!
Back off! No!
(tense suspensive music)
- Pathetic beast.
Did you think I would
serve you for all eternity?
It is you who should have served me.
(Sharkula growling)
(Dracula screaming)
(Sharkula growling)
(fire crackling)
(ominous music)
- We did our part. You go
your way and we'll go ours.
- Mina, do you not want
to spend eternity with me?
- Never!
- You don't have a choice!
- You gave us your word!
- I lied!.
What is happening to me?
What has that hell
beast inflicted upon me?
(Dracula screaming)
- Dracula?
- No, Sharkula.
(Dracula screaming)
(ominous music)
- Out my way, worms.
- You are not our master anymore.
You are a sea beast, and we
will no longer serve you.
- Then die.
(dramatic music)
(stairs creaking)
(Arthur exhaling deeply)
- We should be safe here for a bit.
- Maybe not. Look.
- Oh, that's where the
foul creature sleeps.
We should destroy it.
- A vampire as cunning as Dracula
would have more than one resting place.
(woman groaning)
- Oh, there's someone
chained up over there.
- Help me, please.
- Who?
(intense music)
Who's that?
- Help me, please.
Dracula did this.
He tied me up and then
he murdered this man
right in front of me.
- Why are you covered in blood?
It's Renfield blood, isn't it?
- No, it isn't. I swear.
- You're one of Dracula's
concubines, aren't you?
- Give me fresh blood!
Dracula can have your soul.
- Poor wretch.
- God help me. May you find peace!
(woman screaming)
- No! Master!
- She called to Dracula.
- So? He could be miles away.
- He's gonna sense her death,
he's gonna be right here.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- [Vampire] (screaming) Master!
No, master!
(water splashing)
- What's wrong? Can't you get it started?
- There's no keys, I'm
trying to hot wire it.
- Well, hurry.
We're not safe in this wide open darkness.
- Damn it, no good.
- Let's go take refuge back at the hotel.
- You think it's gonna be any safer there?
- It's a chance we have to take.
- Damn it, let's go.
(car door closes)
(ominous music)
(stairs creaking)
(Dracula sniffling)
(ominous music continues)
- I have no need for this anymore.
(Dracula sniffling)
(ominous music continues)
(Dracula sniffling)
(ominous music continues)
I must feast!
(Dracula breathing deeply)
(fire crackling)
(ominous vocalization)
(boat horn blowing)
(bell ringing)
- It's quiet as a mouse out there.
- It won't be for long.
You know he's gotta find us.
There's nowhere we can escape.
He is the true lord of the dead.
- He certainly has taken
a personality change
in the last few hours.
It's all so fantastic.
- It's a nightmare.
He's destroyed this town like a cancer.
- How long has Dracula
been here in Arkham?
- As long as I could remember.
- Well, how long have you been here?
- I was orphaned at the age of two,
an elderly couple took me
in and they raised me here.
I always thought this town was strange.
People started to
disappear, slowly at first
and then more frequently.
Ever since Dracula took
control of this town,
it's been filled with
darkness and despair.
I was lucky to find work here.
For some reason, he's
always had his eye on me.
- Has he ever...
- What? Has he ever what?
- Taken you?
- No, never.
He's wanted to, many times,
but I refused.
He could never disobey me.
That's strange, isn't it?
- No, actually.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe you have more control
over him than he does you?
- No.
He's been around for many centuries.
He's had many brides.
- Maybe he never loved them.
- Is Dracula capable of love?
That's the human emotion.
He's devoid of all emotion.
- Oh, he was once human though.
And those feelings are
probably still inside of him,
probably fighting with him eternally.
- Either way, I don't
know if that can help us.
We do have a destiny to fulfill.
(tense music)
- Nothing can help you now!
Mina is coming with me,
and you will die, young man.
Like it or not, Mina,
you will be my bride!
- I'd rather die than
join the likes of you!
- Maybe you need some persuasion.
(Arthur screaming)
- No, let him go! If you love,
you'll let him go! Obey me!
If you love me, you'll obey me!
If you love me, you'll
obey me! Let him go!
(Arthur breathing heavily)
Obey me. That's right.
Now beg me to wed you.
Beg me to wed you.
(intense music)
- Mina, dearest Mina,
I cannot resist your command.
I am at your mercy.
My love conflicted with my rage.
- Come on, you're the lord of the dead,
you can beg better than that.
I'm not one of your
conquests taken out of lust,
I'm supposed to be your soulmate!
- Dracula!
(Dracula and Arthur screaming)
(dramatic music)
(thunder crackling)
- Took you long enough.
- It was kind of hot the way
you were commanding over him.
(Arthur breathing heavily)
Do you think he's gone?
(tense music)
- Possibly,
but will we ever really know for sure?
(ominous piano music)
(ominous vocalization)
(upbeat rock music)
(upbeat rock music continues)
(upbeat rock music continues)