Sharmaji Namkeen (2022) Movie Script

I'm here to share something that
makes Sharmaji Namkeen a very special film.
This film is special for me not only
because it's my dad's last film.
But dad really believed in the story.
I remember when dad
got sick in the middle of the shoot
He just wanted to finish this film any how.
But life had other plans.
There's a saying....
The Show must go on.
We all have heard this,
but I have seen dad live this life.
When he left us, for a while we all thought....
that this film will never be completed.
We thought of taking VFX route or...
I wear the prosthetics and finish this role myself.
but nothing was working out.
It was a tough time for all of us and
that's when Mr. Paresh Rawal stepped In...
And helped us finish the film.
It was very generous of
him to take up this challenge
Because palying one character
by two different actors...
It's very rare in the film world.
Thanks to Paresh Rawal
we were able to finish dad's last film.
And able to release this
film for the audience.
It will always be one of my most
fondest memories of my father.
Up there on screen,
bringing a smile to his count less fans
Hope everyone enjoys the same way
as we did while making it.
So presenting to all of you.
Rishi Kapoor, your beloved 'Chintuji'
In an as...
Please enjoy the film.
Mic check...
A lot of people think that VRS means
the company is letting you go.
this is absolutely untrue.
This office is like your family.
And VRS...
your mother.
A round of applause!
Look... MD sir has arrived.
Please welcome MD sir
with a big round of applause.
Please come, sir.
Now I request
Mr. Kultar
Mr. Bakshi
and Sharma.
To come forward...
And accept their retirement cheque
and gift from Sikka sir.
Mr. Sharma, theyre calling you on the stage.
Please shoot my video...
- Sure.
One second!
I want to say something...
Mr. Awasthi suddenly dropped this bomb.
Theres still a lot of work left until Diwali.
No problem...
You'll can handle the load now.
If you need any help,
then Im always there.
Nine-to-five, 24/7.
You have my number.
- Yes, yes.
9871716 - 991.
Just one minute...
I just want to share one last thought, please...
One day youll become part of the soil
'Only your words will remain.
Wonderful... a big hand!
Congratulations on the new life, Sharma.
Enjoy yourself.
Have fun, okay!
Thank you.
More than you,
well miss your tiffin, Mr. Sharma.
After all what is our companys motto?
- In Every Home
And now, the weather in Delhi...
Strong winds coming in from
the north-east will keep the weather dry.
However, in a few areas,
it might rain a little bit.
Considering the strange weather...
Seniors above the age of 60 are advised
to stay at home and relax.
The Health Minister himself,
has requested them ... to relax.
Relax... Relax...
You want to sit on my lap?
4 Months and 13 Days Later...
Whatre you doing?
One minute, one minute...
Man, get him a job or something.
Its not even 7am yet.
Attention... Water Tank is full.
Please switch off the motor.
-Full! See?
Your water alarm is now fixed
As soon as your tank gets full,
the alarm will go off.
Zero wastage!
Uncle, tank is mine, water is mine... right?
You forgot what happened in Mussoorie?
All the taps had dried up.
Dont you read Whatsapp?
Water is life. Life!
I suggest...
Let go, man!
I suggest you take a vacation from Whatsapp and
go check out the Taj Mahal instead.
All these alarms of yours will stop on their own.
Yeah go, go...
An idle mind is the devils workshop.
- Dad?
Please come down now.
The water motor, colony gate, parking...
Everyday you find a new headache.
Theres Kejriwal, and then theres you.
That Parminder is crazy.
Dad, thats why Im saying, lets shift to Gurgaon.
No water tank, no Parminder.
Its a top class building.
I built this house with so much effort.
Should I give it to charity?
Dad, it was built a long time ago..
At least come and see the place.
Three bedrooms. Modular kitchen.
Theres a swimming pool as well.
Change will be good?
Why don't you go to work in a T-shirt today?
Change will be good for you.
Dad, what is he doing?
-Hey hey...
Eat your breakfast peacefully, come on.
Hey Rinku...
I made your favourite dish today.
I want to see your lunchbox empty
when you're back.
Oh great, look at this...
I can send 10 messages in one go.
Do you have this feature? - No.
And my phone is old? Huh...
Very nice.
Do you have it?
Uncle, pass the billet please.
If this comes here again, Ill whoop
your ass with the bat.
Brother, good morning.
Yeah, hello.
O' lord...
Throw a good morning this way
as well once in a while.
How many times have I told you...
bring the clothes before 9am, not after.
Hey Rinku...
Today is Ashus birthday. You remember, right?
Keep your lunch light.
Look at this, brother...
the whole office was there.
What a grand event Mr. Sikka had organized.
Very good, isnt it?
The whole office...
- Hey, Hey
Hey hey...
- Sneha!
The phone will break...
Sorry uncle.
-Sit quietly.
how many days has it been
since you retired?
Four months and thirteen days,
to be exact.
Right... but you had two years left,
didnt you?
Uncle, forget all this...
What about that Zumba class?
Nikki said you have joined.
Its all rubbish, its nothing.
Oh no no uncle, Pinki maam
was talking about you.
She said youve become an
inspiration for everyone
Chicken! Chicken?
Give him some chicken.
What a luxurious life, uncle.
Everyday is a sunday.
We have the same grind...
Just go and sit in the shop everyday.
You bought an SUV while sitting there.
Yeah, jinx it...
Hey, listen to me...
Why don't you come to the shop
if you get bored.
It's your shop as well.
You'll like it there
Yes, Ill have to do something...
Ive had my taste of retirement.
Its enough now.
Hey man...
I have an idea.
Get some garlic naan
You got the plain one.
Oh hello...
And sprinkle some cumin on the rice.
Im talking here, cant you see?
Hey man... I shouldnt eat?
Plain naan?... Is it my birthday or yours?
Uncle, heres the thing...
I have a great idea... if youre interested.
No man, forget it. Hes not interested.
Wait man, shut it, one minute...
Im interested. Go on...
You should get into the property business.
My friends got a shop on the east side.
I can fix up a meeting in a second.
Brokers boom throughout the year.
Yeah, we also saw a big boom, didnt we?
Every corner of the city got sold,
only we didn't get anything
It's alright.
Again with that?
Hey! Siddharth!
My blood pressure will rise.
Cant you handle him?
Son, stop it!
Listen to me...
How much would one earn?
40-50 grand at least!
Uncle theres nothing to it.
Sit in an air-conditioned office all day.
Show couple of properties to people.
Close the deal.
Pocket the commission.
Alright then! Ill come on monday first half.
Monday first half.
Come, come...
I'll order some snacks for you.
I've made some beans, its in the car.
Take it with you.
Brother... you didnt have to.
What is it!
What is this Zumba class?
Nothing, man...
Nikki said if Im getting bored
at home, then drop by.
So I went there, what else.
Very good.
Do Zumba...
Run a shop...
Become a property dealer.
Property dealer my ass!
Ill shove Ashus counselling up his...
Alright, alright... cool it.
Just drive.
Dad, you never get it...
Those guys were making fun of you,
and you were laughing away.
Making fun of me?
You think I couldnt tell?
Ashus a kid.
I was just humouring him.
Right, Vincy?
Yeah, yeah Dad...
This is how they scammed us and took over
the entire Rohini property.
Have they ever showed
you a copy of the family will?
Now tell him.
Not this left, its the next left!
Are you mad?
- Whatre you doing?
Fucking Idiot!
You think you own the road?
Leave it, leave it.
Focus here.
Why do you always...
you know theres a way from here as well.
Can you guys get home and fight?
I dont want to die in
a second-hand car accident.
Take a cab then.
Youll give the money, right?
Now will you two just shut up? Please!
If youre tired, then Ill drive.
If you want to drive,
why dont you learn first?
I can drive very well, get it!
Hey, so many times
Ive told you not to do this.
Tell me something...
Whenever you get serious,
why do you start speaking in English?
Attitude, man. Swag!
Swag reminds me...
This mornings hot scoop...
Oh shit...
What is it?
Birthday boy. Rinkus first bike.
Looking awesome you handsome man.
Man, hes got swag for sure.
Shit man, what do I do about him?
Ever since he retired, hes gone nuts.
All day long Facebook-Whatsapp-
Something or the other all the time.
Though he cooks amazingly well.
Why dont you try living with him then?
How can someone cook Taro so well?
Man, he made it for me specially.
Im getting some coke.
You guys want some?
Eat, Rinku Sharma.
Dont be grumpy.
It's Sandeep.
You told your Dad about the house?
There could be a 'castrophe' any moment,
when will you act?
My Hindis bad or what?
'Castrophe'- 'Catastrophe.
You south-Delhi kids...
Once the house is finalised,
Ill tell him.
Hes acting weird these days.
Honestly, Im worried about him.
Hes too sweet.
Its like he wakes up and
chugs four Red Bulls.
Cant sit still in one place.
Yes, Susheel... Howve you been?
What... yeah yeah,
Im fine, absolutely fine.
Just out of breath from all the stairs...
Wheres the time?
I just went to the bank,
there was a lot of work.
Then Rinkus laptop needed fixing,
so I got that done.
I just got home, will eat now and
then watch TV...
And then evenings are for walks.
The luxuries of retired life...
Yes, yes...
You tell me, what else?
By the way, how did you like the beans?
You never told me...
Alright, go go... okay.
Yes yes, Im fine... okay, okay.
I always had pain in my knees...
I used to put hot water bottle on it.
You wont believe...
... how helpless I was.
Thats when I found out about Painless.
Yesterday I was sitting around
feeling depressed...
There was nothing to do...
Thought Id go over to the neighbours
house and commit suicide...
Today's generation...
Has become very smart and practical.
For them every relationship...
Is like a ladder,
which they climb to get ahead in life.
And when that ladder becomes useless....
They just throw it away...
Last scene of the film Baghban.
They should make it compulsory
in schools and colleges.
Its a life-lesson.
How do you guys do this all day?
Im losing my mind.
How much do I walk around
and watch TV?
Its been six weeks and the story of the
TV show is also stuck at the same point.
Sharma... need to throw
your watch in the gutter.
This is how retired life is.
Slow and long.
Youll get used to it.
I dont want to, man.
Is it a compulsion?
Mr. Sharma...
What's the issue here?
The government must have put some
thought in deciding the retirement age, right?
Does the brain stop functioning at 58?
Amitabh Bachchan is still acting,
hes 78.
And do the big industrialists sit
at home after 58
Youre right.
Look, having your own
business makes a difference.
You know Juneja from block 37...
hes about to turn 75.
Every evening, he sells soup.
The prick sold so much soup
that he bought a car.
A businessman never retires.
Wow, Mr. Sharma...
Whats with all the snacks?
Try the dahi bhalle and the chaat paapri.
Took me a full two hours to make it.
Not here, not here... Come lets sit on
the table and eat.
Hey Vincy!
- Yes.
Where are you off to
this early on a Sunday?
I had some work, so...
Come on, sit and eat breakfast.
Shut up and eat.
Dad took two hours to make this.
I have dance, man...
Come on, eat.
You have no respect man,
Dad put in all this effort...
Dad, Vincy has no respect.
Theres dahi bhalle,
paapri chaat, bread fritters...
Wow, Dad... youve outdone yourself.
Ah, great...
Should I transfer some money
in your bank account?
No, no...
My retirement
fund is still untouched.
Transfer in my account.
Shut up!
Seriously man, Ive to go outstation
with my dance group.
Please, I need it.
Youre 21.
Focus on your career.
Right, and youre a big shot,
who goes to office on a Sunday?
Anyway, Ive been planning ahead...
Im talking to both of you.
Tell me...
I was thinking of opening a
fast food joint.
Fast food Joint?
Yes, fast food Joint.
Well serve everything -
Dahi Vada, Tikkis, Paapri etc...
Later well expand the menu...
what say?
Sounds good.
11am to 2pm during the day.
6pm to 9pm in the evenings.
And its not much of an investment either.
Well even get the food
home 2-3 times a week.
Sounds great
And think about the profit.
Ive already spoken to
Ashu about the place.
Dont kid around, hell get serious.
What did I...?
Im serious, man.
Dad, a mans got his dignity...
Youre going to open a
snack shop at this age?
Just chill at home.
Whats the problem?
How many times Ive told you...
take driving lessons.
Start doing yoga...
You used to do it before, right?
Just the other day on the news,
they showed...
A 70-year-old Japanese couple
climbed Mount Fuji.
So, should I climb a
mountain at this age?
Dad, do something in your field then.
What is this stupid snack shop,
property dealer, zumba?
Where do you get these ideas?
Nobody else behaves this way.
Chadda uncle is also retired.
So is Mishra and Jain uncle.
Theyre all crooks.
Should a man become a
piece of furniture when he retires?
Dad, what are you worried about?
Do we have money problems?
Am I not making enough?
Everything can't be about you.
How much you earn,
how much you give...
There are other people also in this house.
What about their feelings and problems?
Dad thats what Im asking,
what problems do you have?
Please tell me.
You wont get it man.
You wont .
Get sentimental at the drop of a hat...
Who am I saying all this for?
Okay, I have to leave now...
Well talk in the evening.
Sorry dad, I have to go too.
Rinku is right.
Sharma should find a respectable job.
Wheres he going to apply?
Hes not a CA or MBA...
Youre very chirpy today, Mishra...
Don't you have to cut vegetables today?
The longest side of the
triangle is called hyponetuse.
Uncle, hypotenuse.
You want to learn English or Math?
Kukreja uncle from Patparganj
have a big agency.
Why dont you meet them?
Whos going to travel that far?
Is Mr. Kukreja there or not?
How long will you make me hold?
The Great Dane.
Or this... a cute Beagle.
The Britishers went back.
But left their dogs behind.
Theres good money in it.
And its a prestigious line of work,
dog walking.
Dont dismiss it.
Hey Vincy, man!
-Ill return it!
Bye, dad.
Man, dont get so depressed.
Well figure out something.
Here, have another...
-Yes, yes, lets begin.
Or if she leaves again, who knows
when she might come back.
[Priest chanting]
What did she say?
She meant to say...
Dad... dad...
Huh... youre back?
Yeah, why dont you
sleep inside comfortably?
Ill heat up your dinner.
No no, dad... Ive eaten.
Youve eaten?
You could have messaged.
I have to tell you something.
Its a good news.
I told you theres a been talk
of my promotion for the past 6-7 months?
I got the letter from the head office today.
Sandeep Sharma, Operations Manager.
God bless you, son,
this is great news.
Wait a minute, Ill get some sweets.
Here, son...
Very good, son.
May you succed more in life.
- Thanks.
Im very happy.
Im thinking of getting
the house painted before Diwali.
Dad, I need to talk to you
about the house as well.
Remember I said we should
look at a bigger house...
So I saw a place in Gurgaon...
Again with that?
Whats your problem with this house?
Look at this place.
Its an old construction...
And going forward
well need more space, right?
You getting married? Huh?
No dad, I mean...
I have a... a friend... a colleague.
Yeah Ive seen her pictures on FB.
Have you finalized it?
No dad, I mean... not without you.
Son, if you want to go,
you can go. Im staying here.
Your mother breathed her last in
this house...
And so will I.
Have you told Dad...
...that youve already paid the token
for the apartment?
What do I tell him, man?
He gets emotional at the drop of a hat.
He brought up mom today.
Dads not going anywhere, man...
You know, right...
His whole life is here.
So tell me, what should I do?
Bring Urmi here?
In this house?
Stop being childish.
Its the story of every household, Sharma.
Kids today look out for themselves...
And youre no Mother Teresa,
not like youre easy to live with.
If you have so many problems,
then why do you keep meeting me?
Did I call you?
Go to the park and relax.
Play cards with those crooks.
Alright, dont get pissed.
Theres a good news.
Atleast hear me out...
You know Sweety, right...
My niece.
Theyre having a spiritual gathering
at her friends place, on the 15th.
They need a solid cook.
Pure home-cooked food.
Our problem is solved!
Chadda, have you gone nuts?
Do I look like a cook to you?
You cooked for 10-15 people last year
at a festival, didnt you?
Its the same thing.
And it's not a random job...
its a special gig!
Thats why theyre calling you.
Get lost!
Ive already said yes.
Youve said yes?
Okay, why don't you go then?
Sharma, listen to me...
Forget it, man...
-I wont repeat myself...
Go die then...
Don't come to me later
with your complaints.
Everything sucks, my kids dont care,
I am very lonely ...
I... I...
You know what, you deserve this!
Hey, Chadda!
Listen up man,
lets take the train together.
I wouldnt ride a bicycle with you.
- Don't get pissed...
Let's sit and talk.
He's giving only 100 bucks as
a promotion treat.
Here, take 10 more and enjoy...
You cheap asshole, I curse you.
You swine... I'll show you what curse means.
Stop it or I'll hit you.
Whats going on here?
- Nice shoes...
Take it!
You going somewhere?
No... why?
You dont get dressed and
make breakfast every day, thats why.
Oh... sorry.
Forgot to take permission.
Ill ask before getting ready next time.
Im very late.
I have to leave for office.
What do you keep watching?
Theyre always jumping
around like monkeys.
Theres no use of watching
these dance videos.
Whyre you after my life now?
Just look at the time, its almost 9 am.
Go to college, study,
do something in life...
Oh my...
Im going...
So should I play the bugle?
What's wrong with him...?
Yeah, Chadda...
Sharma... all set?
Yeah yeah, both of them have left.
Theres still some time
for me to leave...
Listen, Chadda...
Everything will be fine, right?
Were not going to get in a soup, right?
Everything will be fine, man.
Its the Lords work, go for it!
And have some sugar
for good luck.
All the best.
You have the address, right?
-Yes, yes...
Hey, watch it... Lisa!
Hes already bitten two people since
yesterday, so stay back!
Is Mrs. Gulati there?
Who are you ?
Im the cook.
Who is it, Vishnu?
Dont know, maam, some cook...
-Who is it?
Yes... whats the problem?
We spoke on Tuesday... on the phone...
Im Mr. Chaddas friend,
B.G. Sharma... Cook.
Right right ,
I spoke to Mr. Chadda, yes yes...
So... whos going to cook?
Then who spoke to me on the phone?
That was also me.
That's my card...
I thought you were an
income tax officer.
My husband would have
had a heart attack.
This is what cooks
look like these days?
Come, come...
Please come in.
Vishnu, give some biscuits to the dog...
He barks a lot...
Please come, the kitchen is here.
So... the menu is the same as
we decided?
Cutlets, Puri, black chickpeas,
and carrot pie, right?
You'll be able to manage, right?
-Yes, yes.
Come, come...
The kitchens here.
Madam, is this your kitchen?
Sometimes even the neighbours
come and take pictures.
Youll find everything
you need in our kitchen.
Vishnu will show you everything.
Just one thing...
The whole group
will be here at 2 o clock.
Itll be ready by then, right?
Yes yes... Ill whip up a storm.
God is great.
Youre okay with onion and garlic
in the food, right...?
Of course... theres no
fun without that.
God is great.
Uncle, what are you doing here?
Let's go.
Once youre done kneading,
get it fixed.
Whatre you staring at me
for? Go get it done...
I know her favourite colour is carrot-red,
something like that...
Theres a maroon saree.
Shes fair, isnt she?
Hes a home chef.
Someone recommended,
thought Id try it.
Ive never seen you around before.
Have you been cooking for long?
Yes, yes...
Mixier, blender...
you found everything, right?
Should I call Vishnu to help you?
No no... its all good.
Coming along.
Come on, stop bothering him.
Let him work. Dont disturb him.
Did I say anything wrong?
Theyre calling you downstairs.
Where are you roaming about?
Go and help him a little.
He sent me to get the pan fixed.
How else should I help him?
Now come along,
you chatterbox...
Vishnu, my lord, please come...
Please wash the pan and
give it to me.
Can I take it now?
Wait, let me put these leaves on.
Are you making Taj Mahal?
Sir, everyone is waiting back there.
Done. Now take it.
Hey, wait... hey!
Wheres the bathroom?
Whatre you doing, you idiot?
I hope I haven't screwed up.
Spiritual gathering!
Chadda, you slimy bastard...
You asshole, Chadda...
where did you send me?
You said it was a spiritual gathering.
I know youd call to break
my balls about it...
Grand dad...?
Bells, son... I said bells.
But even I found out at the last minute.
Turns out Sweety is a
sleeping partner in the kitty group .
She thought it was a Spiritual gathering.
It was a Sunny Leone
performance, asshole.
Rinku had warned me several times not to
get involved in your schemes.
My friend,
Sunny is also one of us, isnt she?
Food is food.
It has no religion.
And feeding people is the Lords work.
And anyway, you were
surrounded by babes...
Buddy, I'll screw your
happiness if I see you again.
Motherf... how many times
do I tell you, dont call...
Mr. Sharma!
I've been trying to
reach you for a long time.
You simply disappeared,
didnt even take the money...
Whats up, uncle?
- Everyone was so worried about you.
Is there a problem?
A big problem happened.
Your food created a riot over here.
Everyone must have eaten
at least two plates each.
The black chickpeas... wow!
Well have to do gymming for a week,
and then some pilates.
Not at all...
You see, black chickpeas
are very healthy...
They feed it to the
grooms horse at weddings... it doesnt get tired.
People have just given it a bad name,
claiming it makes you gassy...
Yes, yes, Mr. Sharma...
Actually I was calling you because...
Next week we have another kitty...
Our friend, Aarti, shell give you a call,
please talk to her, okay?
Im sorry, but Im not
a caterer.
I have a friend,
Chadda... K.K. Chadda.
He asked me for a favour, so I did it.
I suggest you find another caterer.
Please, Mr. Sharma, dont say that...
I'll look like a liar.
Please find another caterer, madam.
In fact, youll find a better one...
No, we dont pick up dead bodies!
Sorry, this isnt the
number for an ambulance.
Uh look...
What should I do if
the caterer has died?
Who died?
Mr. Sharma... just talk to her once.
You arrange it yourself.
There is no caterer here.
He doesnt drink too much, does he?
Who was that?
Some wrong number...
some caterer died somewhere,
so they were asking for
the ambulance's number.
Whats with the tie and the suit?
I called in the afternoon too,
you didnt answer.
Went to the NGO.
Thought Id start tutoring the kids again.
And my phone was on silent.
It rang.
What amazing black chickpeas,
Mr. Sharma...
I swear, well have to do workout
the whole week now,
Everyone must have eaten
two plates each, Mr. Sharma...
In brass plates...
In this world of brass...
You are baby doll of gold...
Beware, Mr. Sharma...
Shes bitten two people since yesterday.
Hello, uncle...
- Hello, children.
Uncle, how do you do...
- Hello, hello
Hello, brother.
Everything alright?
Whats up? How are you?
Where are you off to?
Dont see you around
these days. Huh?
And what about that job?
You had interviews lined up, right?
What happened?
- Yes...
I got a call from a couple of places.
Lets see what happens.
You did?
- Yes.
Thats great.
Listen to me, brother...
Why dont you take a trip to
Kainchi Dham for a few days?
Its supposed to be a very spiritual place.
You know that Facebook guy,
whats his name... Mark Zuber!
Mark Zuber...
He too went there.
Things might take time,
but theyll happen for sure.
Okay, Ill take your leave.
Let me drop you somewhere?
No, I am just going closeby.
Theres a lot of space, come in.
- Yes go, go...
It's just down the street...
Come come... Ill drop you.
You please leave, youll get late.
Alright then...
Okay then...
Buddy, gold prices are soaring.
It's the right time to buy it.
Even I'm thinking to buy some.
Hey Sharma!
Dont get angry. Listen to me.
No, I dont want to.
Man, I was only helping
you out, wasnt I?
Now, dont you ruin my day...
I have to buy vegetables, pay the bills,
pick up the laundry...
I dont have time for your bullshit.
Yeah, you just keep buying
vegetables and paying bills.
Hey kiddo...
Yeah uncle?
Give me a medium-sized watermelon.
Keep slaving around like an idiot.
I had set him up nicely...
Ran away like a thief.
Youre a first rate pussy.
You should have atleast
thought about my status.
People respect me here.
Here you go, uncle.
No, cut it and show me,
it should be red.
You listen up...
If anyones status is at stake, its mine.
What if Rinku finds out that I'm going
around catering at parties?
To hell with your status.
You think youre the Duke of England?
The Lord has given you an opportunity
and youre whining about your son.
Uncle, look at this... blood red!
Okay, stick it back in.
Youre incredible...
A great opportunity has come knocking
and you're saying you don't want it.
Tell me... whats your problem?
Theyre calling you back,
everyone loved your food...
Just go!
Thats all fine Chadda, but...
Stick your 'Buts' up your ass.
Dont worry about a thing, champ.
Youre a star.
A working class hero.
Take the Lords name,
and march ahead..
Hello, hello...
this is B.G. Sharma speaking.
You mentioned you wanted a cook, so...
Yes, yes...
Ohh... Mrs. Gulati told you about me.
I don't need a helper.
Knives, ladles and spices
I will bring myself.
Dont worry, madam...
Im more nervous than you.
Dont worry, Im absolutely ready.
Just tell me the menu
once again please.
Enough! No more fighting!
Like I said, corners are still open.
I dont believe you. First show me...
Why should I? Pay attention to
the numbers next time...
No no, I dont want to play.
Were always late because of you.
Why dont you all
gang up against me?
Lets continue the game...
Say the number...
Beautiful legs - 11.
Just say my name, darling.
Women go flirty at 3 - 0 - 30.
Well have to keep an eye on her.
Lucky chor - 7 and 4 - seventy four.
Yay! Im done.
This whole thing is rigged.
I dont want to play,
you guys carry on..
Witch, youre on a winning streak.
What did you eat for breakfast?
Just my style...
By god...
-You wont get it, fatty.
Gone, gone... corners gone to Veena!
The driver didnt show up and
I had to drop my mom-in-law to the temple.
You guys started without me?
Whyve you dressed up like a cheetah?
Today is 'aqua' theme, Rupali.
- You'll have to pay a penalty for this.
- I swear to god, I didnt get any message.
- Liar!
Check my Whatsapp if you like.
Whyre you revealing your Whatsapp?
Its a real gold mine.
Did you show them the
Swedish plumber video?
Swedish what?
Sweet dish, aunty. I found a new recipe,
Ill tell you about it.
Madams asking about food.
Itll take time.
How much time?
Why? Will the auspicious moment pass?
So Mr. Sharma...
What are you feeding us today?
It will be ready in half an hour.
The thing is...
We couldnt even compliment
you properly that day.
You just left.
Since when have you been cooking?
I just started... four days back.
No I mean,
Ive been cooking for a long time.
I cook all the meals at home.
I see...
You must have heard of
Madhuban Home Appliances?
We had a monopoly in juicer-mixers.
I used to be an assistant manager there.
Now Im retired... and look...
Now Im making this dish.
It smells good...
I dont know how to cook.
You seem quite
stressed all the time...
Its a simple dish.
- Show me...
Be careful, its very hot.
Its not bad...
Maybe a little too much salt.
Even I know that.
Karaokes about to start,
whatre you doing here?
You know what Rupali just said...
That Pakistans prime minister
is Dawood Ibrahim.
No, sorry sorry...
It's Javed Miandad.
What rubbish...
- Shes a genius.
Okay listen... you put in potatoes
for that, right?
Boiled or raw?
Boil the raw potatoes in the broth,
They'll soak all the salt quickly.
Or tell him to put tamarind,
it reduces the salt in a jiffy.
How many potatoes would be enough?
Will one kilo be fine?
How many people are
you making it for?
You there?
I dont know what
he keeps doing these days.
One kilo potatoes?
You keep going...
My stomach is going to be upset,
hundred percent.
Here, taste this...
Look girls, you have to admit...
We are kingmakers.
No doubt, no doubt.
We spotted the artist in the man.
Mr. Sharma, too good!
Why dont you just eat yourself to death?
Its lovely...
Pass me lentils as well...
You have to cook
at my next party.
Im booking you right now.
Your sauce was a blast, Mr. Sharma...
Look... Ive got goosebumps.
What did you put in this?
The usual stuff... black pepper, chilli powder,
salt, cumin, ginger, fennel, tamarind...
... crushed coriander, raisins, cashews,
asafoetida and red chilli.
And yes, most importantly... jaggery.
Dont forget the jaggery.
Ill Whatsapp it to you if you want.
Just a minute, uncle...
What happened?
Thank you uncle, you came
on such a short notice.
And cooked such a delicious meal.
This is your payment.
Oh no, no...
Sorry uncle...
...we dont have a big budget.
But therell be a bonus on new year
and Diwali, plus tips.
Look, child...
Im a cook, not a waiter.
You guys liked the food,
thats enough for me.
Forgive me but...
...youre like my father.
Please take it...
Hundred percent cotton.
Aarti gives very good gifts.
All done?
Hey Aarti... what was he saying?
Nothing, he was just
saying its his hobby.
He's not in it for money.
He even refused to take a tip.
Poor guy, looks like
hes from a good family.
God really tests you in different ways.
Im sure the kids must have
kicked him out of the house.
You let it be...
You know nothing!
They always tell the same story.
Didnt you watch
Crime Patrol the other day...
A prim and proper insurance agent...
...scammed everyone!
Tell me... can you
really trust anyone?
My husband brought home a dog
the next day.
Lets ask for his
ID card next time.
Yeah, sounds good...
Have you guys gone nuts?
Ive found a nice cook after so long,
don't want him to run away.
Wow, Mr. Sharma...
Your Black lentils turned out perfect.
What did you do?
I just waved my wand... its a secret.
Alright fine, dont tell me your secret.
Which way are you going?
Towards Subhash Nagar.
Subhash Nagar?
That falls on my route.
Come, Ill drop you.
No thats alright, Ill take a cab.
Come on, you wont find cabs here.
Normally, I get my own car.
But this odd-even business
has got me totally confused.
Get inside, Ill drop you.
These clothes...
Oh Im so sorry...
It's just stuff from my boutique...
I had forgotten about it.
Keep it behind.
All the ladies have become
your fan, Mr. Sharma...
Yes, it's not a big deal.
So how did you go from
home appliances to home science?
When did you leave your job?
I didnt leave my job...
I was forced to take
voluntary retirement.
So, you miss your office?
I had no life outside of the office.
Mr. Sikka used to call me the shining jewel.
I held a company record...
Maximum attendance in a calendar year.
I see...
So how did you get into cooking?
You see, my job had me traveling a lot.
Eating at roadside joints
would give me acidity.
Burps, indigestion, diarrhoea...
So then I thought, enough is enough...
Ill cook for myself from now on.
Even my kids love my cooking.
Whatever it is...
you have a special gift.
Cooking is an art.
You touch the persons
soul with your food.
Thank you.
I cant even cook to save my life.
My husband used to say...
We have the best cooks...
Why do you need to step into the kitchen?
-Then I never learned.
What does your husband do?
He passed away in an
accident three years ago.
Oh... Im sorry.
He was returning from a medical conference.
Him and his colleague.
Both died on the spot.
Its okay...
It's been long.
I run a small boutique now.
And in my free time...
long live kitty parties.
Being busy is the key.
Isnt it, Mr. Sharma?
What happened?
I ruined your mood?
No no, its just that...
The topic got very sensitive, right...
Youve got a lot of strength.
So do you.
At this age, youre doing so much...
- Age?
At my age?
Pain in the knee, 4 and 3, 43.
Im only 43.
Good joke, good joke.
See I lightened the mood, didnt I.
Youre even younger than me.
Looks like a fight is happening
Its a daily affair.
Are you buying vegetables or gold?
- See their problem is...
Look over here... oh shit!
Lets go, lets go...
Whats wrong?
Lets go, start the car.
Hey, move it!
- Are you okay?
Im fine, just drive the car.
But how?
Come on, you too, go on woman.
Oye hurry up!
Are you okay?
Yes, yes, absolutely fine.
The draft from your air-conditioner
was coming right at me so...
I covered myself, was feeling cold.
You can stop the car up ahead,
my house is close by.
Stop, stop the car... stop, stop!
Yes, right here, right here.
Here? But...
Say bye at least.
Yes yes, bye bye...
He's always in a hurry.
Sharma, whatre you smiling at?
Let us have a look too.
Im a golden baby doll...
Im a golden baby doll.
Dad! Dad!
Hey, wait wait! Its mine!
Its yours only,
what did I...
Yes Mrs. Gulati, what happened?
You've to cook chinese
at the next party...
Sure, it will be done.
- Really?
No problem at all.
Half of China is already here anyway.
Ill whip up a storm, dont you worry.
Chinese, Chinese, Chinese...
Mix the carrots and cauliflower.
Its like a marriage of ingredients.
Let them hug and kiss each other.
This is how we prepare the Manchurian spice.
Now we will dunk these
Manchurian balls in the mix.
But not so much that it becomes a broth.
Now taste it and add a little vinegar.
Those who like it very sour
can add a little more.
Chinese food is a bit spicy, isnt it?
Have a taste and tell me how it is.
Tan-tan-a-tan Made in China.
Cauliflower Manchurian.
Come on.
Sir...Ive already submitted
copies of my IT returns thrice.
Ive got other stuff to do.
I was supposed to get the
possession of the house last month.
Mr. Sharma, Im amazed,
you have no trust in us.
Im here for you. Dont worry.
Its a government thing man,
paperwork takes time.
But thatll get sorted.
You dont have to worry.
Sir, please understand.
Im about to get married.
And we cant proceed with it
until we get the flat.
Mr. Sharma... you get married
without any worries.
Youll get the keys to your flat
before the reception dinner.
Consider this as Building Dreams promise
and our wedding gift to you.
Mr. Jain, honestly speaking,
Im regretting doing business with you.
I want possession by the
end of the month. Period.
Well exchange pleasantries later.
Thank you
So what do you think?
Come on, eat, eat.
Hot and spicy, straight out
of the pan. Fresh!
You eat.
I've lot of work, sir.
Wait, Ill pack the rest for your family.
Happy birthday.
Sir, lot of work to do, Ill leave.
Okay... bye-bye.
Rinku, youre home at this hour?
Everything alright?
Forgot some papers, came to get them.
Wow, dad...
Dropped a Chinese bomb today?
Im cooking in my own home.
You got a problem with that too?
You know, cooking is an art.
Now move out of my way.
So Ganesh, Shanti...
Bablu who works at uncles house...
theyre all artists?
Nice, very nice.
Yes they are. No work is small or big.
Do whatever you want, man.
In fact, I think you should put a few tables
and chairs and turn the house into a restaurant.
Dad, get out of the kitchen once in a while.
See the world, meet people.
Have a little fun in life.
Yeah sure, sure.
Hey, whatre you doing?
I didnt even touch it yet.
Let me take a look at least.
How did this even happen?
I fell in the bathroom.
She was doing couple yoga
with her husband.
Poor thing...
...he sprained his back as well.
Mr. Robbie...
welcome, welcome.
Check it out, hes here.
- Hello, hello...
Got a break from all the campaigning?
Never underestimate the power
of the womens vote.
We're here because of them.
That's enough...
- It's just a small drink. Have it
Veena sis... Ive been wanting
to show you my designs.
Very pretty, Aarti.
Youre very good at this.
Thank you!
Im thinking of asking Kunal
to invest in my business.
Good idea.
Catch him in a good mood,
while his beers still cold.
His mood is fine now.
Hell have a headache in the morning.
Forget morning,
take advantage of the night.
Then take his word.
And when he commits,
you can give him the reward he deserves.
Look at her...
Good luck!
Okay listen... I know a few good artisans.
Next time you also come along
with me to the market
Thank you, sister!
I'll be back...
- Okay
Veena is so strong, isnt she?
Runs a business all on her own.
She has to be strong...
...very sad story.
Her husband had an affair
with his colleague.
They were doctors in the same clinic.
She found out after the accident.
Manju here knows the whole thing.
Tell her, Manju!
But one things for sure...
Robbie helped her out a lot.
At this age, one needs a
pillar of support.
Im serious.
So I have to make you meet the person
who does it so well every time.
Mr. Sharma... hes very good.
You have to meet him.
Where are your hands?
Your made amazing momos.
Very good, simply brilliant!
It's Dimsum.
Not momos. Dimsums...
...theres a difference.
A momo can be a dimsum,
...but a dimsum isnt necessarily a momo.
No worries, everyone makes mistakes.
Anyway, lets forget about
dimsums and momos for now.
Lets talk business.
Theres a small religious function
happening close by on the 17th.
If youre free...
...then please handle
all the food at the event?
Oh no, no...
Who has the time?
Im very busy.
Cooking... cooking...
theres no time at all.
Mr. Sharma... you have to do it.
I recommended you to Robbie myself.
Look at this...
Look at this diary, I am fully booked.
Its very difficult to make time.
Its okay... some other time then.
But these momos...
sorry, dimsums... are amazing.
What are you so busy with?
Show me your diary.
Come on, show me your diary.
Lets see what youre so busy with...
- One... one minute... just a sec...
You said 17th right...?
I am available on the 17th.
It works.
See, done?
Mr. Sharma, you are the best.
Only for you.
Wow Mr. Sharma, what have you done?
Youre hitting back to back centuries.
You wont find better
momos in China as well.
These are not momos, darling.
Mr. Sharma, what do we do with her now?
Now explain it to them.
Please eat...
Whats her name?
You know, Sharma...
...there are a whole variety
of pills available these days.
If a man wants, he can touch the sky.
Have some shame, Theyre my friends.
A boy and a girl can
never be just friends, Sharma.
Get lost... idiot!
Gather around everyone, have some Kaanji.
Here you go...
Kaanji... its like organic Red Bull.
Hand him a glass as well.
-Mr. Sharma...
Thank you... thank you very much.
We have to meet
Urmis parents next Saturday.
Yes, youve mentioned it three times today.
Three times!
Because I know youll forget...
Sharma! Sharma!
Mishra got a hernia attack!
Is he dead?
No no, hes far from dead.
Lets go, lets go before he dies!
Hernia attack?
Chocolate or pineapple?
Its been more than a month since
Dad and I fought.
Its weird, right?
Youre weird, psycho.
Now theres no problem,
and even thats a problem?
Somethings not right.
Im sure hes having an affair.
Seriously, his behaviour is
very off these days.
Excuse me...
Wed like the pineapple.
The second one, maam?
Yes, thats the one.
Weird light, man?
You spoke to Bhalla?
What did he say about the flat?
Some stupid red tape.
Theyre waiting for some
government clearance.
Please tell me if you need any help.
We can ask my dad as well..
Excuse me, sir...
...should I write HBD
or the full Happy birthday?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Look at that smile finally.
He must have thought no one
will remember his birthday.
My kids dont even love me.
Now how do I stay sad ?
Ill cut the cake.
Let's sit there...
Oh wow, Rinku... 42 inches.
What a stud... Showing off?
Speaking of meat...
the kids surprised me today.
I didnt prepare a thing.
Come again next Sunday,
Ill treat you all to a
new Parsi-style dish.
Nikki... Nikki!
Come here quick....
- You go...
- Come, sit...
Whats so funny, Ashu?
Is he okay?
Uncle... what are you doing?
Hey, whatre you watching?
Show me, on FB?
What happened?
What are you watching?
- Can you connect FB to your TV?
Obviously bro...
Then play it right now!
Its a smart TV.
Brij... What the hell are you doing man?
Four words...
Hindi, hindi...
Man, Ive seen this film,
its a great film.
Theres a snake...
She dances in the bylanes
Ashu bro... this used to be your
favourite film as a kid.
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.
That was a very emotional film.
Oh man, I remember it, I swear I remember,
Ive seen this film man...
'The Dance of the Snake!
Very good! Brilliant!
Uncle, that was the
best snake dance in history.
Youve put Vincy to shame in dancing.
What a sight!
Hey Ashu... dont forget who guessed it.
I was Dumb-C champion in school.
We have a small group... a kitty.
Theyre all my friends...
Kitties meaning?
Dad whats going on?
Dad tell me, who are these people?
I go to their houses and cook for them.
You cook for them?
- Yes.
Where do you cook for them?
At their houses.
They have these parties...
So they need a specialist cook.
So they call me.
Theyre very respected people.
Dad, dad...
Youre saying that... go to these kitty party aunties
houses and cook food.
This is what youre saying?
This is your NGO?
Dad, you lied to me?
No Rinku, its not what youre thinking...
Dad, then what is it?
Theres a limit!
Will you listen...
the thing is, its good work.
And these women respect me a lot.
Anyway, I was getting bored at home.
So I went...
So if youre bored, youll go
and start doing their dishes?
Look at the mess youve created, Dad.
Did you see how they were laughing?
Now Ashu and Bittu will
spread the word like fire .
Think about others as well, dad.
If Urmi's parents get to know that my
father cooks at peoples houses...
Theyll be very thrilled, wont they?
Theyll say, Wow, what a great profession,
lets fix the wedding immediately.
Im cooking food,
not robbing their houses.
Youre getting mad for no reason.
Im going... Im going mad?
Have you ever seen anyone
else behave this way?
The whole world gets bored,
youre not the only one.
I am what I am!
I dont need permission from anyone!
You will have to, dad.
We live in a society.
You might not care but I do.
You cant have your way all the time.
Okay, thats enough man...
You shut up!
Dude, theres a limit to everything.
Shut up, man!
Yeah, you just keep shutting everyone up.
Let him do what he wants,
its his wish, whats it to you?
Youre right.
You also start dancing at
peoples weddings.
Did you tell dad,
you failed the exam?
I didnt fail, I got a re-test.
Ill make it up.
Make it up...
And youve achieved so
much with your stupid MBA?
Go do your shitty job.
One tight slap, and youll be on the ground.
Go for it, Im right here!
Such a hero, arent you?
Did you tell dad youre moving out?
Moving out?
Hes booked a flat.
Hes so busy all the time,
mustve forgotten to mention it.
What is he saying?
What is he saying?
Yes, I've booked a flat.
Im moving out of this zoo.
One doesnt get out of the kitchen,
and the other keeps jumping in front of the mirror.
When were you planning
to tell me this?
Dad, Ive told you a hundred times,
lets move out of this house.
How many times do I say it?
And I havent got the flat yet.
And thanks to you guys,
it doesnt look like I will.
And listen up...
Its the last day for the
electricity bill. Pay it.
That's enough!
Rupali, weren't you suppose
to eat 12 in 2 minutes,
Twelve only. Shut up and let me eat.
Take care... its so spicy,
your piles will act up again.
Dhingra, you have piles?
Mr. Sharma, youre killing us.
Whatre you doing?
Who wants almond milk?
- Yes.
My god, what did he put in this?
Take it.
Have some, itll cut the spice.
Aarti, youre wheezing
constantly. Have some...
I said, I dont want any.
Why is she upset?
Kunal refused to invest in her business.
Oh, I see...
No problem, you can take it out of my kitty.
Its not about the money.
My mother-in-law doesnt
want me to start my own business.
Same story... Myra is growing up,
shes about to enter first grade.
And Kunal wants another child as well.
Raise kids, handle the kitchen
and serve your in-laws...
Thats what you keep doing
your whole life.
I wanted a job too.
Even did a beautician course.
Nobody allowed me to work at that time.
And now they keep accusing me
of doing kitty parties all the time.
Thats how it is...
And why shouldnt
we have our kitty parties?
Its our life!
Don't even do kitties now.
Our husbands never take
permission from us for anything.
But we have to take
the whole worlds permission.
I swear... this country is bad for women.
Absolutely right.
Why take anyones permission?
Are we children?
Family has become a disease now.
Do this, dont do that...
You do what you feel is right.
Or youll be sitting around
with a sullen face your whole life...
And keep listening to his nonsense.
Here you go...
What happened?
Tell me?
Keeping too many secrets can
cause stomach-ache.
Tell me.
Its nothing...
I never told my sons that
Ive been cooking for you guys.
As in, kitty parties etc...
You didnt tell them anything?
Rinku found out yesterday.
Then nothing... turned into a war.
Bodies everywhere...
You mean youd been lying
to them for all these months?
So what?
Rinku lied to me as well.
Booked himself a new flat
without telling me.
Yes, but your lie still
remains a lie, doesn't it?
This isnt something to hide anyway.
Why should I tell them?
Who gives a damn about me?
Until its time to pay the bills,
no one cares about me.
No one ever calls and asks
how I am? Or how my day went?
They got a cake on my birthday,
and their dutys done.
Whats the point of such a family?
Family is still family, Mr. Sharma...
I dont want such a family.
At least youve got someone in your life,
with whom you can fight and get upset.
Good, Bad, Ugly... theyre still family.
Dont distance yourself from them.
Life isnt built on lies...
I know this.
Ive suffered it.
Anyway, forget it...
Theres a shop nearby.
It has the best desserts in Delhi.
Lets go.
My treat.
Gupta Sweethouse?
You know it?
Suman used to love this place.
She had a big sweet tooth.
She was crazy about it..
Id keep scolding her,
Dont eat too much, you'll get diabetes.
But she wouldnt listen.
We had a fixed date every
weekend at Gupta Sweethouse.
We use to ride on a scooter with...
Vincy in front,
Suman and Rinku behind.
So... what happened to her?
Double typhoid.
Wasnt detected on time.
Then what could've happened.
Im sorry.
No, thats alright,
you didnt even know her.
Ah, here it is!
My mouth started watering.
Lets drink away our sorrows.
Mr. Gupta...
...two packets of Jalebis to go.
- Okay sir.
...two bags of Jalebis to go.
- Okay sir.
Lets give madam a taste of your Jalebis.
But why two packets?
One for you, and one for the house.
I see...
Rinku also loves Jalebis.
First of all, just shup up!
I went to the Municipal office today.
No, I dont want any explanation.
I want my token money back immediately.
You can scream on the
phone as much as you want.
Just pray, I don't land up at your office.
Im also from Subhash Nagar.
Nothing... shouldnt we get going?
Urmis place.
Oh shit...
Very good house.
First owner?
Yes, yes.
Check out the marble.
The flooring is great.
It's not as cold as compared
to last year. Isn't it?
Yes, yes...
Its all due to climate change.
Somebody sent me a
whatsapp the other day...
That due to pollution, everyone
will leave Delhi by 2050.
Everyones going to migrate.
And the state of the
property market... dont ask.
Not the right time to buy property, sir.
Not the right time... right?
This is great.
Son, what do you do?
Aunty, B.Com final year.
I see...
Mom, hes a beautiful dancer.
You should see his videos.
Vincy, whens your next competition?
Next week...
- What competition... he almost flunked.
Sandeep mentioned youve recently retired.
Yes... Madhuban Home Appliances.
We had a monopoly in juicers and mixers.
You mustve seen that
advertisement on TV.
The heartbeat of every house.
In every household - Madhuban
- Madhuban?
Yes, we had a Madhuban mixie
as well, didnt we?
Yes, sounds familiar... Raju would know.
Hundred percent it will be
from our company.
You won't believe, when I retired,
Mr. Sikka sent home half the catalogue.
Induction stove, mixer, grinder,
electric kettle, etc. etc...
All our best products.
And you, sir?
Im a marketing man, sir.
I used to handle Samsungs northern operations.
(-Don't sulk! Please smile.)
Now after the retirement...
I do some private consulting.
I dont have the courage
to sit around at home.
Thats exactly what I keep telling Rinku.
A man needs to stay busy.
Yes and you know what, mom...
Uncle makes the most exquisite food.
Amazing cutlet.
Youll love it...
-When did you eat it?
Im the one who eats
Rinku's tiffin in office.
Tell me one thing...
- Actually, dad is just passionate...
He keeps picking up some
hobby or the other.
Cant sit still in one place.
Hes a workaholic.
...dinners ready.
So Sandeep, congratulations.
Now youre moving to Gurgaon.
Your new house is quite
close to the office, I believe.
Yes, uncle.
Any luck with that builder?
Urmi mentioned youre
facing some problems.
Routine paperwork, uncle.
Nothing to worry.
These property dealings
are always tricky, Mr. Sharma.
Yes, yes.
If I can be of any help,
please let me know.
Pass me the chicken...
Theyre good people.
Chicken was uncooked.
Whats the tension with your flat?
So who were you fighting with, this evening?
I told you, dad...
Its nothing.
Urmis father seems to know all the details.
If theres any issue, then just say it.
I know people as well.
Who do you know?
Drop it, man.
Mr. Sikka has contacts in
the municipal department.
Hes just a phone call away.
If theres any tension, then say it.
- Dad...
Please... let it be.
Dont get into everything.
I've spoken to uncle about it.
Spoken to uncle...
Speak to the whole world, except your dad.
I know a thing or two about life as well.
You saw what happened,
when you tried to be a hero?
Right... so tell me, what will you do?
The flat is stuck.
Theyre not giving me possession.
I paid 1.5 million to block it.
Can you get it back?
You know everyone, dont you?
Youre an expert.
1.5 million?
Such a huge amount...
And you didn't even
bother to tell me?
Sorry dad, I made a mistake.
Forgive me.
Anyway, forget all this...
You go and do your kitty parties.
Keep that chappati-maker, induction stove in
your attache and go do your kitties.
Leave me alone, please.
If Suman was here, she would
have handled everything.
Things wouldnt have gotten this far.
Have faith... itll all work out.
Its the Jain builder's plot, right?
They erected a building on the forest land.
Weve been sending them
notices for six months now.
We've put our entire savings into this.
Uncle, youre such a senior officer...
...there must be some way.
You can always sue the builder.
But nothing will come of it.
Once the court gives a stay order...
... then it will get stuck for a long time.
Take my advice...
Get your token money back somehow.
Bhallas not answering the phone.
Call the builder?
The builder isnt answering either.
I told you earlier,
we should've taken my dad's help.
He knows so many people.
Now what do we do?
Is it sealed for good?
I dont know, Urmi.
We were getting a good apartment closeby.
We should've taken dad's help.
Dad, dad... Urmi, I dont want his help.
What do you expect from me...
Should I beg in front of your father.
Stuck on the same rut...
You see me right here,
calling everyone, going to the Municipal office...
Earlier you didnt want to tell your dad,
now you dont want my dads help...
What do you want?
Let me handle this.
Urmi, shut up!
Urmi, Im sorry...
Urmi, please, listen...
Dont create a scene, Urmi...
Take the car back...
Sir, where do you want to go?
I have to meet Mr. Jain...
- Sir, wait... wait here.
Sir, wait... wait here.
- You cant go in.
Is Jain upstairs?
- No...
First you have to talk to sir,
then you can go up.
Dont touch me...
Get your hands off me.
Hey... stop him.
Stop, Stop!
If theres too much work...
Then take a break for a
few days Mr. Sharma.
No, its nothing like that.
But thank you all so much...
... for tolerating me all these days.
Oh no no...
-Not at all, Mr. Sharma.
But I wont be able to
do any more kitty parties.
What happened, Mr. Sharma?
You see, my son Rinku...
Right, right...
Hes getting married.
I told you, didnt I...
That girl, Urmi... his colleague.
-Right, yes yes...
With her.
Shes a nice girl.
Ill be busy with that, so...
So whats the big deal...
hes like our son too.
You dont worry about a thing,
well handle everything.
Just give us a to-do list.
Youre not understanding. What do I say...
Mr. B.G. Sharma?
Yes, speaking...
Sandeep Sharmas father?
Yes, thats me.
This is officer Pratap from
Palam Vihar police station, sector 38.
Your son has committed a felony.
Get here quickly.
Hello, hello...!
Oh Lord, what happened now...
What happened, Mr. Sharma?
I have to leave immediately.
-What happened?
Rinku is in some sort of trouble.
Hes with the cops, I dont know if
he was in a fight or god knows what.
The call was from the police station.
I have to go.
What happened?
Now stop fighting or Ill lock up
the both of you.
Sir, I left that file on your table.
Where do you think youre going?
Oh uncle...
-Come here!
What happened?
I got a phone call from here.
From whom?
-Sandeep Sharma.
Who Sandeep Sharma?
-Rinku Sharma.
My son, Rinku.
Rinku or Sandeep Sharma.
Make up your mind!
Rinku, his names Rinku.
Whats his full name?
Full name is Sandeep Sharma.
Rinku Sharma!
Ah here, hes here!
Uncle, you cant just barge in like this.
Whats happened to you?
What is this red thing on your face?
- Oh my god!
Is that blood, son?
They ruined his face.
Do you have dettol on you?
Nothing happened, dad, Im fine.
Whore they?
-No no...
No, you come with me to the hospital.
Oh uncle!
- Yes.
A chargesheet is yet
to be filed against him.
You can check your files later.
Let's go son!
Hold on, this is a police station.
Take it easy!
Uncle, hes not going anywhere.
Hes being charged under
three different sections.
Sections 143, 147 and 151.
Have you left any?
He broke the Building Dreams office.
Then we broke him, what else?
What? Is he a table that you broke him?
What is this Building Dreams?
Mr. Jain has pressed charges.
Hes sitting inside with
the station incharge.
You and Mr. Mathur are going
to get me divorced.
Look at this, youre sitting here...
...stuffing your face with oily cutlet.
- Let me in.
What do you people think?
Because were decent people,
well tolerate anything?
Hold on, uncle, hold on!
Who are these people?
He is the father of the accused...
...along with his gang.
-Oh I see...
Alright... everyone get out!
And you call him decent?
He cracked a security guard's head open.
Hes getting stitches at the hospital.
Yeah and they were giving me flowers,
werent they?
Look at his arrogance!
Just tell me one thing...
If youve taken his money,
why cant you give him the flat?
Does money grow on trees?
Hes earned it with his blood and sweat.
We're not businessmen like you.
Go away, uncle, I dont want
to argue with you.
And take this choir group
of yours with you.
Whore you calling choir group?
-Have some respect!
One complaint is enough...
To turn Building Dreams into Crashing Dreams.
Do what you want.
-Yes we will!
File as many complaints as you want.
I am not scared of it. Get lost!
Hey, listen!
You want a slap in the face?
Should I oblige?
Im from Phagwara, not Delhi, understood?
This is dacoity in broad daylight.
Daylight dacoity!
Mr. Sharma, call the police.
Yes, call the police.
The police?
No one is going anywhere till
we get the token money back.
Youll have to put us all in jail with Rinku.
-Yes, yes.
Down with Police Hooliganism!
- Down with Police Hooliganism!
Shut Up!
Down with Police Hooliganism!
Dad, who are these women?
Where did you find them?
They are my friends.
I told you, didnt I...
What kind of friends are these?
They are very good people.
This is going straight to
the Chief Minister's helpline.
Breaking news...
The Police and Real Estate dealers scam.
Stop this video, man.
Rajni! snatch the phone!
Problem solved!
Very nice.
Great job!
Rajni, youre a sure-in for cop of the year.
Just one more thing...
Confiscate all these ladies phones
and line them up in the corner.
Give your phone...
What is this behaviour, sir.
You shut up!
This is why India is in such a sad state.
You mustve taken bellyful of bribes.
Cops and criminals sitting together and partying.
You should feel ashamed.
Is this your Help us help you better?
Is it?
Dad, dad...
Please calm down.
Look at this...
I thought the son was a hooligan.
But it looks like the fucking seed is rotten.
-You swine...
- Stop him, leave him...
Its one all.
-Very good.
Throw this father-son duo behind bars.
Slap a section 153 on them, in bold.
Assaulting police officer in police station.
Now Ill show you what
help us help you better means.
Rot in jail for six months,
and then youll find out.
Why did you even come here?
What do you mean?
Youre in trouble and I wont come?
You know who Kiran Bedi is?
She came to our house during the last elections.
So nothing... you should be aware, thats all.
You dont worry...
The cop who locked us in will be saluting
us while letting us out.
Dad what are you doing?
Where did you get this phone?
Someone will see it.
Please dont create another scene here.
Just sit over there quietly.
My husband knows Kiran Bedi too, you know.
Hes taken a selfie with her as well.
Dont you talk about creating a scene today.
Ill call Mr. Sikka.
He must be on a trip.
-Whatre you doing?
Why isnt Vincy here yet?
Ill call Chadda!
Dad, forget your Chaddas and Sikkas.
You havent made a single useful
contact your whole life.
And you have, right?
Take this...
Call Urmis dad. Call him!
If you guys are done...
Can I call my girlfriend?
Myra has an exam tomorrow.
Sharma! Sharma...
- I'll have to get her prepared...
- Chadda!
Oh hello, uncle-nephew...
Where do you think youre going?
Thats my father, B.G. Sharma.
That's Vincy.
Hes my childhood friend.
So what do I care
No you see, we grew up
together in Subhash Nagar.
Well this isnt Subhash Nagar.
This is police station.
One minute...
I just want to speak to him.
Sir, dont you get it?
Ill lock you up inside with him.
Get away!
-Go go...
Or you can meet him inside.
Sorry, sorry.
Sit over there in silence!
Hello... I am...
- Creating nuisance.
Im Sharmas event manager.
I handle everything.
I see...
Yes Im fine, Chadda.
Whats your name?
Thats enough, uncle, pipe down!
Hows your dancing coming along, son?
Your dads told us all about you.
Hey, shut it!
Whats your problem?
Madam, this is a police station,
not your living room.
Dont you dare say another word.
Now all of you better sit quietly
or all are getting locked up.
Its your last warning!
Call, call...
Wait a minute...
Dumb charades... one word.
Theres a mosquito bite, right?
Dimple Kapadia!
Dimple Kapadia is here?
Dad, why Dimple Kapadia will be here?
Dimples movies.
Dil Chahta Hai?
Jai Santoshi Ma.
Zakhmi Aurat.
What are you doing, man?
Hey lady!
What film are you guys making?
Move another muscle...
And Ill throw you inside.
No ones going to be able to get you out.
Shut your trap and sit quietly!
Bobby, Bobby...
Earring... earring.
No, dad, this means it sounds like Bobby.
Rhymes with Bobby...
Shut up.
Who is Robbie?
Call him!
Jai Hind, sir!
Two minutes!
Robbies here!
Whats the matter? Your voice has gone?
stand up, sit down anymore, huh?
Cats got her tongue.
You should have called me before only.
Whyre you running around here and there?
Sikkas phone was unreachable.
His son-in-law is a big tax officer.
Why Sikka, even Obama will show up for you.
Sir... Sorry, sir!
It was a misunderstanding.
He never told me he knows you.
I see...
Ill deal with you later.
So... we can leave?
Not like this, sir... well drop you home.
Oh really?
Pratap, get the car out.
One minute...
How can you leave a police station
without bribing them?
Give us all a taste of your Kaanji,
itll be brilliant!
My mother used to make it exactly the same way.
What a guy!
We tried Sanjiv Shahs recipe at home...
...but not the same magic.
The problem is with his recipe.
The thing is, you have to make it
and keep it out in the sun for a while.
I even commented on his video, but no reply.
People cant take criticism these days.
One has to scream into their ear to make them...
-Dad, dad... thats enough.
No man, if he stops...
then whats there for us to do?
Thank you.
Today I wont call you Robbie,...
...nor brother-in-law.
You are The Mayor of this city.
Come on!
The lines clear. Hes the brother-in-law.
Please compliment me to your sister.
She keeps taking my case at every instant.
Whos sister is she after all?
You two sisters, I tell you...
Alright, now come on...
First time were in a police station,
we need something to show for it.
Mr. Sharma, this calls for a selfie.
Lets go, brother-in-law, come on.
Thank god, this episode is over.
I feel like Im on Indias Most Wanted.
Rinku, remember us at your engagement.
Mr. Sharma, thanks to you,
weve experienced a police station as well.
The picture should look good.
Smile, smile!
Any kitty party work, just give me a call.
You have my number, right?
No, I dont keep a cell phone.
I see...
Okay, bye everyone.
Robbie, bye!
Thank you!
Jain is upset right now.
Go and meet him on Monday.
Okay sir.
Hes got another building in South City.
He said hell adjust you over there.
Right, sir.
Sir, thank you so much.
Really means a lot.
No problem at all.
See you!
I really have no words...
You have to say thank you to thank me.
Thank you!
Its late... youll go back on your own?
Come along halfway...
Ill drop you home.
Your sons are waiting for you.
Thank you, Veena. Thank you.
Im sorry...
I had too much drink and lost control.
Dad, Im sorry.
Hes apologising, sir...
Forgive him.
Please dad, its done now...
please be normal again.
You look ahead.
Check this out...
...the builder sent options for the house.
By the way, how do you know Robbie Sachdeva?
Hes the mayor of west Delhi.
Hes in our circle... old acquaintance.
Yeah but...
Who shows up to help someone in their time
of need these days?
These politicians cant be trusted.
I had already called Mr. Sikka.
Man, this is your problem.
He came forward and helped us...
And youre still stuck on the same rut.
Sikka, Chadda...
My problem?
Thats why were returning from
the police station in the middle of the night?
So youll keep rubbing my nose in it?
Should I give you a written apology?
Yes, with the date!
Somebody give him a pen and paper.
Yes sir...
You keep your eyes on the road.
One second, Ill get out,
you guys can continue.
Keep sitting. You showed up
two hours late anyway.
Hey I changed three trains to get there.
Would you have given me money for an Uber?
At least earn enough to afford an Uber.
I will One day.