Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure (2011) Movie Script

There's a moment
when you realize
that something's changed
And all the bits
and pieces start to fit
It's so fab!
When nothing that you know
will ever be the same
Ring the bell
That's my cue
Gotta try something new
Gonna shine
And make the moment mine
Now my time has arrived
Gonna shine so bright
The sun will run and hide
And I'll be the only star
that lights the sky
I'm gonna shine
Listen up, fellas.
Now there's nothing in this universe
to hold me back
Bye, Gab.
No endless night
can keep me in the dark
And I just might give my dear old dad
a heart attack
- But he'll live
- He'll live
- And he'll see
- He'll see
What his girl is meant to be
Gonna shine
And leave the past behind
Gonna try to fly so high
Gonna climb
and make the prize all mine
Then I'll write my name in letters
across the sky
I'm gonna shine
And if my present
luminescent state is second rate
I'll turn it up a notch past nine
And watch the world go blind
Got a diva dazzle
that you just can't touch
Like an angel in Armani
I'm too fabulous
They'll be lining up for blocks
Once I bop to the top
With a poochie in my Gucci
I just can't be stopped
I'm gonna shine
And make the moment mine
Now my time has arrived
Gonna shine so bright
The sun will run and hide
And I'll be the only star
that lights the sky
I'm gonna shine
There she is. Wonderful!
- I know, I know.
- I loved it.
Excuse us. There's our little superstar!
Princess, you had better watch out
for law enforcement.
They are gonna come after you
for stealing the show!
Honey, on a scale of one to 10,
you were an entirely different scale.
And you know my aversion to scales.
Yes, I know. And thank you.
We'd like to introduce you
to Jerry Taylor.
He's a good friend of our family,
visiting for the week.
May I just say how wonderful you were?
As many times as you'd like!
I really see a unique talent here.
I mean, a true gift.
And your kind, true words
are a gift as well.
It was so nice to meet you.
But if you'll excuse me,
my friends have been waiting.
I'm a casting agent from New York.
And will keep waiting until I tell you
how much I love your suit.
I'm about to start casting
for a new musical on Broadway.
Broadway? As in "Broadway?"
Yeah. And I think
that there is a perfect part.
I would be more than happy
to arrange an audition
if you happen to find yourself
in the Big Apple any time soon.
That would be... I would be...
It would be, like...
The show is gonna star
Amber Lee Adams.
- No.
- Yeah.
Stop. Seriously, stop.
Who's Amber Lee Adams?
She's only the most
amazing performer ever!
We have so much in common.
I won't keep you.
It was so nice to meet you, Sharpay.
Congratulations again.
And, who knows, maybe
we'll see you in New York. Okay?
- Congrats!
- Bye.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
- No!
- No?
- No!
- No?
I don't understand!
What language is that?
No, I don't think going to New York
is a good idea.
See, there you go,
believing everything you think.
Do you really believe you're ready
for such a monumental step?
Daddy, the main reason
I buy such expensive shoes
is to take monumental steps.
Sweetheart, when you graduated
from high school almost a year ago,
do you remember what you said to me?
"How come no one makes
a cap and gown in hot pink?"
"How come you get a car and driver
and I don't?"
- No.
- "Good luck finding anyone
"to fill the talent-less void
of boring and unattractive
"that will exist in these hallways
- "once I graduate"?
- No.
Yes, but you also said
that you needed a year to find yourself,
to figure out what came next in your life.
That year's almost up,
and you haven't found anything.
It's a small town. I mean,
there's only so many places to look.
Besides, I did find something.
A show I wanna be in.
This is more than just a show.
You're talking about going it alone
in the big city.
Right! To star on Broadway
with Amber Lee Adams.
Could you really deny the world
that opportunity?
I'm sorry, princess.
But nothing you've shown me
convinces me
you're ready for something like this.
Okay, ladies. Team Sharpay.
Mission: New York.
Daddy says I'm not ready for this.
So, what does that mean?
You pout, throw a tantrum,
and he buys you a new Burberry bag
to make you feel better?
That's good, but no.
It means we show him I'm determined.
And when I make up my mind...
And no one is better with make-up. mind looks amazing.
Okay, here's your assignments.
I texted Bridget, who e-mailed
Constance, who tweeted Bethany,
who IM'ed Jenn, who Facebooked Kara,
who has an ex-friend
who she caught with her boyfriend,
who she then dumped,
so now Kara's her friend again,
who knows of a New York apartment
available in a luxury townhouse.
That is, like, the best house you can get
in terms of towns.
- Sounds perfect.
- It gets better.
- It can't.
- But it does.
It is equal distance
from both Chanel and Wicked.
Okay. Now, on to travel plans.
That's right. Albuquerque to New York.
One adult and one dog.
Excuse me? Coach?
I'm calling for Sharpay Evans.
Mr. Taylor wanted to set up
an audition with her for a new musical.
Two weeks from today is perfect.
Now, new outfits.
And this would be for opening night.
The beading actually doubles
the reflection of paparazzi flashbulbs!
You can wear anything.
You should have your own reality show
called I Can Wear Anything.
Where you wear anything.
All right. I'm ready to show Daddy
what we've accomplished.
Ladies, and people I don't know,
New York is calling.
And this is one call
that is not going to voice-mail.
So, by way of review,
this is my shoe closet,
that is my bedroom,
these are my new clothes
and where I'll wear them,
and then I'm a star! See?
I'm just not totally convinced.
Daddy, you said
I haven't shown you anything
to let you know I'm ready for this.
But, look, I took matters
into my own hands,
and without even
chipping my manicure.
Sweetheart, it's not as easy
as putting pictures on boards.
But I've worked everything out!
And used this pointer.
- I don't know...
- Please, Daddy.
Alone, in New York?
My dear college friend, Michelle,
has a son that goes to NYU.
I've met him. He's a very nice boy.
I could ask her to make sure
that he keeps his eye on you.
Are you sure
you're ready to take this on?
I know I can do this.
I know it like I know
purple washes me out
and that my eyes are the exact same
distance apart to be a supermodel.
What I don't know
is whether you believe in me.
Mom seems to.
Okay, you have my blessing.
Thank you, Daddy!
I'll call my friend Michelle
and have her talk to her son.
Thanks, Mom.
There's just one condition.
Fine. I love a good conditioner.
You have one month.
I'll fly you to New York,
I'll pay for your penthouse,
but you have to
get yourself in that show
and prove to me
you can take care of yourself.
One month.
- Deal?
- So deal!
But if it doesn't work out,
you come back here and work for me.
At the country club.
- Work?
- A job.
That's the deal.
Prove yourself, or come back
in a month and work for me.
Fine. Prove myself it is!
Look, Boi, look!
- Sharpay?
- In the flesh and pastels!
- We've been awaiting your arrival.
- Then the wait's over!
We spoke on the phone.
I'm Marjorie Grande,
the manager for the building.
My pleasure.
Please, follow me to the penthouse.
I hope this is to your liking.
No. It's to my loving!
Boi, you've gotta see this.
- That's a dog.
- Try to get him to believe that.
I'm sorry.
There are no dogs in the building.
Sure there are. See?
The members of the co-op board
have a strict no-dog policy.
My father heads
our country club board,
so I'm sure that gives me
some kind of board immunity.
Miss Sharpay, this building
is pleased to have you.
This dog...
Not so pleased.
Miss Grande, Ma'am. If he goes, I go.
What are you doing?
Filming you.
Just keep doing what you're doing.
Do you always just film
totally stunning people on the street
that you don't know?
Only when I think the subject
is interesting.
And you look baffled and scared
and really pink.
So, yeah, interesting.
Are you paparazzi?
I'm a film student at NYU,
working on a short film.
The assignment is to capture
one unique New York story.
Maybe you're it.
So, you decided to film me
without my permission,
just for a school assignment?
- Yep.
- How dare you!
And my left side is better for close-ups.
I'm Peyton.
Sharpay Evans. Actress, heiress,
soon to be Broadway legend.
- Wait!
- About 105,
- but it's really not polite to ask.
- No...
I should know my own weight, okay?
No, I'm Peyton Leverett.
Our moms went to college together.
This is crazy!
I was on my way up to your apartment
to make sure you were okay.
And here you are.
Right, they told me to expect you.
Well, glad we could finally meet.
- Oh, and this is Boi.
- Well, nice to meet you, Boi.
So, why are you out here?
Is everything okay?
Not really.
When I rented this apartment online,
it never said they don't allow dogs.
And now they won't let us live here.
Yeah, well, it's their loss!
- Do you have someplace else to go?
- Okay, it's my loss and their loss!
Actually, the only place
I have to go is home.
And trust me, that is not an option!
Listen, there's an empty studio
in my building, if you're interested.
I'm friends with the building manager.
I'm sure I can make a call.
Well, I'm sure I can make a call
and arrange something.
Maybe get you to see it.
Well, since I don't seem to have
any other options.
Oh, yeah, right.
Careful with those!
This is all I have to get by on
until the truck arrives
with the bulk of my things.
Oh! That's good.
Okay, now, go outside,
and then come back in
and give me even more of that
it's-the-end-of-the-world look. Okay?
- Hey, Peyton.
- Hey, Peyton!
- What's up?
- Off to acting class.
"Maggie, the cat is alive. I'm alive!"
Singing lesson.
Cool, guys. Okay.
Hey, this is Sharpay and Boi.
Hi, Sharpay. Hi, Boi!
Anyways, gotta go. See ya, Peyton.
- Nice meeting you, Sharpay.
- Later, guys.
Okay. Really, you're going to love
this place. Okay? Up you go.
Sorry. It's a pre-war building.
And during the war,
they didn't fight for an elevator?
Listen, the building has two things
going for it.
It's got something available,
and I live here.
Fine. But if I break a heel,
or a sweat, you're responsible.
Get my bags.
See? That wasn't so bad.
Yeah. Down the hall.
The one with the police tape
and chalk outline.
- You said this was a studio.
- It is.
No way! MGM was a studio! This?
This is a roach motel
with no room service.
Yeah, a studio apartment.
Sure, from certain angles,
it's a bit small.
A two-karat engagement ring
is a bit small!
This is a doll house!
- So what do you think?
- Forget it!
I'd need an entirely separate apartment
just for my lipsticks.
And where am I supposed to sleep?
- What is that?
- It's your bed.
That is not a bed.
It's a closet with a tongue.
You can't be serious!
- There is one really good thing about it.
- Yeah, sure.
See? This is my place!
Looking better, huh?
Am I missing something? Oh, right.
Space! Luxury! Maid service!
Let me guess.
You're used to being spoiled.
I'm not used to it. I just expect it.
You know, half this building
is filled with performers
who came here
with the same ambitions you did.
What makes you
so much better than them?
Money, breeding, talent, great hair,
perfect jaw line, chic taste.
How much time do you have?
All right, fine.
I tried to help you out
like my mom asked,
but whatever.
I'll find someone else to film.
The only problem is if I call my father
and tell him how I messed up
on the other apartment
and how I have nowhere to go but here,
and I ask for his help,
he'll make me come home and...
- So?
- So? Then I'll never get my big break.
Oh, and promise you won't call
your mother and tell her about this,
because then she'll call my mom
who will tell my dad,
and I don't think he really believes
I can make this happen.
He only gave me one month to prove it.
Well, then you've got one month
to prove him wrong.
Why did I do this?
I want my canopy bed
and my housekeeper.
And a shower that doesn't share a room
with a kitchen.
- Come on.
- Where to?
- Do you trust me?
- You suggested this place.
Yeah. Point taken. Come anyway.
Come on.
I hope you're taking me
to a better apartment
than what you just showed me.
Because let me tell you, if that's it?
No way! Absolutely no!
Just come on.
Just don't ask any questions.
I need luxury! Are you kidding me?
That was like a green, dark hole
that I never wanna be in ever again.
All right, here you go.
- Come on...
- Where are you taking me?
- You'll see. Come on.
- Why are we here?
All right, all right. Now, you're gonna
have to close your eyes.
- Close my eyes?
- Yeah, just close your eyes.
- Why?
- Because! Just do it.
All right, now. Keep them closed.
- Well, what if I hit into something?
- You won't. I got you.
All right, all right. Keep them closed.
All right.
- All right, you got them closed?
- Yes, I do.
All right, all right. Perfect. All right.
Now, stay here, keep them closed.
Keep them closed. All righty.
Keep them closed.
All right. Open them. Hit it, Butchy!
I know.
When I left Indiana to go to school here,
I didn't know a soul either,
and I was just as overwhelmed as you.
But I had two things,
my dream and my camera.
And look at me now.
You still only have your dream
and your camera.
Yes, but I met you, didn't I?
So, something's working out.
Well, whenever people meet me,
things get better.
Look, you just have to adapt
to your surroundings.
And remember that for now
this is all just temporary.
Right. Like prom dresses
and first boyfriends.
Look, anything you have to do
will be worth it to get your dream.
I'm gonna meet with
that casting director, get the part,
- be a star and have a palace!
- There you go.
That's the self-indulgent, self-entitled,
optimistic pink hurricane
I've been seeing through my lens.
And I like how perceptive you are.
Okay, New York. Bring it on.
I used to think maybe you loved me
Now, baby, I'm sure
And I just can't wait till the day
When you knock on my door
Now every time I go for the mailbox
Gotta hold myself down
'Cause I just can't wait till you write me
You're coming around
I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine, whoa
- And don't it feel good!
- Hey!
All right now
And don't it feel good!
All right now, yeah
Turn it off. Turn it off!
Just waiting for you
Just waiting for you
Now I don't want you back
for the weekend
Not back for a day
No, no, no
I want you to stay
I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
- And don't it feel good!
- Hey!
All right now
And don't it feel good!
Oh, yeah!
Looking good. So pink.
You're good.
- Do you wanna try some?
- No, I don't want any!
Lay down. Lay down.
Night, Boi!
Boi? Get help!
- Knock, knock.
- Come in!
Wow! And wow.
Hey, are you on your way to meet
with the casting director?
No, I'm on my way
to change theater history.
You think this is a good outfit
for changing history?
Perfect! Mind if I tag along and film?
Not that you could ever mind me, right?
I think you should. After all,
not many people can say they were
there to film the creation of a legend.
Sharpay! You made it after all!
Destiny called,
and I get great reception!
Well, your timing is perfect.
What's tomorrow like for you?
The first day of the rest of my fame.
Well, all right.
I'll set up your audition for 3:00.
I'll e-mail you the musical number
that we'd like you to prepare.
And could you make sure
that he's well-groomed
and, you know,
takes care of any business beforehand.
- What?
- What?
- He?
- Yes.
- Him?
- Him.
- He?
- Yes!
Wait, what?
It's your dog that we want to audition.
He was amazing!
I mean...
I sent you all the information
in response to your e-mail.
I mean, didn't the title of the musical
give you any indication?
A Girl's Best Friend?
A Girl's Best Friend!
And I'm here for the girl!
You're here for the girl?
Well, I'm never the best friend!
Oh, no. No, no. We wanted Boi.
As the girl?
No, as the best friend.
Wait, wait. You wanted Boi
as the best friend of the girl?
Not me as the girl with the best friend?
Oh, Sharpay, I am so sorry
for the confusion.
If you don't want Boi to audition,
I would totally understand.
Sharpay. Sharpay! Hey, stop.
Hey, don't touch the car!
Look, slow down. Even New Yorkers
can't keep up with you.
It's not even me they wanted!
Well, to be fair, the role is for a dog.
If they wanted you,
I could understand you being upset.
Why did I come all this way?
Leave my friends, family,
a dry, self-hydrating climate?
To follow your dream!
Or at least that's what I thought.
Nothing is turning out
the way I planned it!
Plan A. Live in a penthouse
and star on Broadway.
Plan B... Don't have a plan B!
What do I tell my father now?
That you came to a very special city
determined to be someone very special,
which you are.
Oh, I'm not so special.
I'm just like everyone else.
Maybe a little better.
Look at it this way.
Boi is your dog, and he has
an opportunity, so be happy for him.
You're right.
I'm being, you know, what's the word?
When you do something for yourself
even though it's
not so good for other people?
- Selfish?
- No!
Oh, yeah.
Look, Sharpay,
you can't give up. Okay?
And, anyway,
you're officially the star of my film.
I am?
Yeah, you are.
Oh. So now it's all about you?
Only because I need you here.
Fine. I'll star in your movie.
Okay. Good, good!
Okay, change of strategy.
I didn't know you had a strategy,
but I like the way you think.
If Boi becomes a success,
everyone will see me as well.
After all, I am his entourage.
I am the one who's holding his leash.
His fame will ultimately lead to my fame.
That's what I came here for, right?
Still a little selfish,
but heading in the right direction.
We're gonna do this.
It's like I tell the housekeepers.
If you can't see the bright side,
polish the dull side.
Yeah, not quite what I was talking...
They want Boi to audition?
It's Boi they will get!
When a sign of the times
is the times are extremely tough
When you look at the world
and the world that you see is
Yes, rough
When you feel like a long lost pup
And you need some cheering up
Sit back, relax
and watch us do our stuff
Two, three, four
We're gonna sit and shake your hand
That's how it starts
We're gonna nose our nosy way
into your hearts
We'll sing and bark
In two-part harmony
You're gonna love us
That's our guarantee
We'll bow together
on the count of three
Me and my Boi
My Boi and me
We make the perfect pair
We've got that savoir-faire
Me and my Boi
Me and my Boi
Me and my Boi
My Boi and me
That's the best audition I've ever seen!
I'm Gill Samms, the director.
Neal Roberts, writer.
That was amazing!
Chills. Feel my hand...
I won't feel your hand, but I believe you.
I won't feel your hand either,
but I believe you, too.
That is one special dog.
We've done special here.
Special has been done, people!
Boi was meant for Broadway.
We both were.
So, when do we start?
Well, there's one more waiting.
One more!
One more, people!
Could you take a seat
in the front row, please?
Roger Elliston
the third.
And his dog, Countess.
FYI, I'm Roger.
As you can see
by our extensive resume,
hand-printed on carbonless,
environmental-friendly rice paper,
Countess has numerous major
Broadway credits under her paws,
including The Collar Purple,
Three Puppy Opera,
and the original
Broadway cast production
of A Wagging Tail of Two Cities,
a musical opera in German.
Major pedigree.
I'm impressed.
This is us impressed.
Plus, she can bark a high C
with sustained vibrato.
Sure, but only dogs can hear it.
All right.
Let's see what Countess can do.
When a sign of the times
is the times are extremely tough
When you look at the world
and the world that you see is rough
When you feel like a long lost pup
And you need some cheering up
Sit back, relax
and watch us do our stuff
We're gonna sit and shake your hand
That's how it starts
We're gonna nose our nosy way
into your hearts
We'll sing and bark
In two-part harmony
You're gonna love us
That's our guarantee
We'll bow together
on the count of three
Me and my girl
My girl and me
We make the perfect pair
We've got that savoir-faire
Me and my girl
Me and my girl
Me and my girl
My girl and me
That's the best audition I've ever seen!
- Amazing! I weeped!
- Wept.
I wept!
- I wept!
- And not just regular weeping.
Theater weeping!
Amber Lee, what do you think?
Yes. Amber Lee, thoughts?
We are so meant to be BFFs!
Wow! "Wow" is a word, right?
Right. Wow!
I just hope that the palpable chemistry
surging between you and I right now
like nuclear fusion won't in any way
influence your decision
towards our clearly superior audition.
How old are you?
I think I'm good.
And you, also!
Your dog...
Wow! Wow.
I know, right?
He's just saying hi.
Sharpay Evans of
the New Mexico Evans. I'm a mega fan.
Oh, you are not!
So am!
I am gonna tweet about you right now.
Shut up! I follow your tweets.
She did! She tweeted!
Okay, I don't know how
we're gonna decide. You're amazing!
All this and a grade school diploma.
And you, amazing! Wow.
I would be excited to work
with either one of you and your dogs.
And can I just say,
this is the opportunity of a lifetime
for me.
Because Broadway...
Broadway's not like film or television,
because with Broadway,
real people are watching.
- Wow.
- Me, too.
I am just so excited to be performing
on the Great White Way!
Not that I don't love all colors.
Well, I know both these talented dogs
want to work with you.
But only one can be in the show.
- How are we gonna decide?
- Wait.
How about we work with both dogs
during rehearsals?
Wait! How about we work with
both dogs during rehearsals!
That way I could see
which one I work best with.
- That sounds like a solution.
- We have a solution, people!
Can I just say
how totally great I think you are?
You do,
and I'll never wash my ears again.
You know what I think?
Well, of course you don't
because I just thought of it,
but I think they loved you!
I like the way you think!
And you're such a good singer.
And I would know.
- My album went triple platinum.
- Well, I've done quite a bit of theater.
It totally shows.
Listen, I'm gonna have my assistant
give you my phone number.
If there's anything that you need,
you just let me know, okay?
We girls gotta stick together, right?
- Here.
- Wow.
I mean, this is actually your number!
It looks like any ordinary number,
but it's not. It's yours!
- Oh, and, hey, may the best dog win!
- Thanks!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Can you believe it?
You were great!
Boi was great.
This new strategy just might work.
- Amber Lee really likes you, too.
- Is she awesome or what?
She inspires me. There. I said it.
Quelle inspired.
We are so gonna get that part.
- How do you know?
- Easy. I don't do rejection.
I just wanted to wish you both luck.
Oh! That's so nice of you.
And suggest that you give up now,
while you still have your dignity.
Distant though it already might be.
Sorry, which Smurf are you again?
True, you have talent.
But you lack both the experience
and the finesse
to ever achieve
the Holy Grail of possibility.
- Yeah, but Boi is cuter.
- Countess is a theatrical ninja.
I'm sorry. For a minute there
you just bored me to death.
I have a foolproof strategy
of getting what I want.
See it, want it, have a fit, get it.
- Yeah, well, this playdate's over.
- I hope you enjoy rejection.
- We're gonna get that part.
- We're gonna destroy you.
- Bring it on.
- Oh, it's brought.
All right, Boi. This foot. That foot.
Good boy! Yeah!
Okay, let's try our next one. Stay.
Catch your tail. Catch your tail!
Good! Yeah, good.
Sit. Stay.
We are so going to take them on.
I'm not gonna let some hobbit
get in my way.
And, look.
All Boi can do is think about how
horrible that other little mangy dog was.
If you want success so badly,
then you will get it.
All you need is one shot
to make it happen.
Yeah, and this is my shot.
It's like my grandmother says.
"God only got one book published,
"and look how well it did for him."
Doing this is
all I've ever dreamed about,
especially since
I already have everything else.
Well, there's still humility.
What's wrong with being confident?
Confidence is
when you know you're good.
Arrogance is when you think
others know you're good.
Well, I want everyone to know I'm as
good as I think everyone thinks I am
without them knowing
I know they think it.
- And do you have to film everything?
- Yep, 'cause this is my shot.
If my professor loves my film,
he talks about it.
Then there's a buzz,
then it gets in a festival,
then it gets distribution,
then I'm signing a studio deal,
then I'm getting an Oscar.
I always knew I wanted to be an actress
the first time I produced and performed
the entire production of Snow White.
Full dance, musical numbers,
handmade costumes.
I made my brother play all the dwarfs.
Everyone in that pre-school
worshipped me.
I just want to wake up every morning
and be onstage.
Good morning!
Good morning, everyone.
- And welcome to the first rehearsal...
- Of the new Broadway musical.
A Girl's Best Friend!
And you are all amazing.
- No, you are!
- Him or me?
- You!
- No, you!
Me? Okay!
And heading our superb cast,
we are thrilled to welcome
one of the biggest stars around,
Amber Lee Adams!
Oh, stop!
- Yes!
- Guys, come on.
Can I just say that this,
this is the opportunity of a lifetime
for me.
Broadway's not like film or television,
because with Broadway, people can see
if you write your lines on your hands!
All right. Let's rehearse.
I want everybody downstairs with piano,
rehearsing the music
for the opening number.
Amber Lee and Judith,
I want you onstage
so we can block that first scene.
- Let's go!
- Let's go, people!
All right. Let's start with Boi.
Let's go!
What a perfect goodbye party.
Thank you, Mom!
I can't believe my little girl
is going out into the world on her own
for the first time.
I have to, Mom. And who knows,
maybe I'll find fame and fortune!
Actually, reverse that.
- Why is that funny?
- Well...
Because you'd rather have the...
I'll explain later. Just keep going.
There's only one thing
that breaks my heart.
Leaving Shelby behind.
Pick it up! Go, go!
A star is about to be born!
What's in this envelope?
This very wet envelope.
- Again, I don't get that.
- Keep going.
Actually, that's a stage direction.
You gasp, you don't say "gasp."
Simple mistake. Keep going.
Shelby! Trying to run away
with my boarding pass
won't change the fact
that I'm leaving at 8:00 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
Oh, Shelby.
This is the first time we'll be apart.
I wish I could just pack you up
in a widdle doggie bag.
Okay. Let's get Countess in there
and continue.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
Shelby and I will both be here
when you get back.
You're killing me.
That is adorable!
You're right, Shelby!
Why not go with me?
Any place that doesn't want you,
I don't wanna be.
Let's see what New York
has in store for us together!
Let's talk about the scene a bit,
and we'll do it again.
And both dogs, great work!
Shelby! Trying to run away
with my boarding pass
won't change the fact
that I'm leaving at 8:00 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
What's going on? The dog.
What is this?
Somebody, please.
The dog is licking me.
All right, all right. Get me the other dog!
Sorry. What can you do?
There's only one thing
that breaks my heart.
Leaving Shelby behind.
Okay, go, go!
- Why is she twirling?
- What is she doing?
- Gill?
- Roger!
Figure out what's going on with the dog.
It's not helping me.
- Not helping, people!
- Meanwhile, get the other dog!
Sorry. What can you do?
There's only one thing
that breaks my heart.
Leaving Shelby behind.
Okay, go!
Oh, hey!
How is this helping? Really.
Am I the only one bothered by this?
Okay, everybody, that's 10!
I'll admit you're good. But we're better.
Give up!
Give up?
Not until there's a Broadway marquee
with a picture of my dog so big
you can walk by
and smell his puppy breath!
I have to take the dogs for a nap.
Union rules.
Thank you.
- You break first.
- No, you break first.
- Pretty cute, huh?
- Yeah! Yes, they are!
I just wanted to tell you something.
This is my show.
I'm America's sweetheart.
They're paying to see me,
not you two over-bred fur balls.
So, until I can figure out a way
to get rid of you,
you better watch your step,
otherwise you'll find out
the real meaning
of going home in a doggie bag.
This film
is cutting together really well.
Do I look amazing?
- The camera loves you.
- I know!
Oh, no! My dad's video-chatting me.
He thinks I live in a penthouse.
I can't let him see that I live
in a tiny studio in a filthy tenement.
With a boy in my room!
A boy, by the way, that has no money,
and lives in a tinier studio,
and who, apparently, has never heard
of the word "maid-service"! No offense.
What of that could possibly offend me?
Oh, my! Oh, my!
I don't know. Hyperventilating!
- What do I do? What do I do?
- Come on.
Come on. Hurry!
- All right, scoot over. Okay, go, go.
- Okay, I gotta get this. Stop!
Hi, Daddy!
Hey, princess! How's my little girl?
Overpaying for everything
and yelling at total strangers.
You're practically a native.
Hey, where are you?
That view is spectacular.
Well, there's hardly a penthouse
in the city
that doesn't have a spectacular view!
So, you the toast of Broadway?
Daddy, you know how I feel
about carb references.
Just a little concerned, sweetie.
The last time no one's heard from you
for this long
was when you found out your gold card
wasn't actually made of gold.
Well, I've been busy with rehearsals.
Outstanding! You got into the show?
Well, it doesn't quite work like that.
It's complicated.
But I know it's gonna work out.
Sharpay, is there something
you're not telling me?
You remember the deal, right?
If things aren't working out...
I know, I know. I have one month
to get in the show, and then...
Two weeks, sweetie.
You have two weeks left.
You're sure everything's okay?
It's fine, Daddy.
Well, okay. We miss you, angel.
Miss you, too.
I love you!
Boi has to get that role. I can't go home.
Not as a failure.
I need some sort of subtle,
visibly crushing advantage over Roger.
Look, why not just trust Boi is talented,
that you've trained him well,
- and let fate take it from there.
- Fate?
Fate gave a girl in my graduating class
one long eyebrow.
I can't trust fate.
Some matters you just have to
take into your own hands.
What do you mean
you forgot my bottled water?
Well, I was going to get
those magazines
that you said you wanted
from across town,
and I got hit by a bike messenger.
So I went to the hospital for, like,
just one second to get these stitches.
And meanwhile, I had no water!
I will get it for you right now.
Now I've had to drink tap!
- I am so sorry.
- "I am so sorry."
- I will do better.
- Forget it, okay?
Aside from catching some shade
from the shadow cast
by your madam's apple,
you're of no use to me.
You're... fired!
Amber Lee?
Oh, wow! You look so cute, Sharpie!
- Sharpay.
- You changed it.
I like that even better.
So, tell me, what's on your mind?
I just saw your assistant leave in tears.
She's not my assistant. She quit.
No wonder she was crying.
Yeah, I don't think
she even really cared.
Next time I should probably
just hire a best friend instead.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
What are you thinking
that I should be thinking?
I could help you out
until you replace her.
That is what I was thinking
about thinking.
Of course this can't, in any way,
affect your decision
of which dog gets the starring role.
Oh, it won't.
I couldn't live with myself
if I thought I did anything unfair.
You have my word. Hey, I know!
How about dinner?
- That sounds awesome!
- Right?
Get me a reservation for two
at someplace fantastic.
Then call my agent, have her meet me.
Right. Sure.
Oh. I won't forget this. And I promise,
it won't be because you're helping me
if I happen to take a little extra liking
to Girl.
- Boi.
- You changed it.
I like that even better.
Oh, and can you take my mic down
to the sound guy
- and tell him the wire hurts my scalp.
- Okay.
You're the best.
Amber Lee says
the wire is hurting her scalp.
I think she's using the wrong shampoo,
but she's the star, and you know,
I don't wanna say anything.
You're hot.
Excuse me?
You're hot.
Okay. Even though theater lighting
highlights my natural skin tones,
thank you for noticing,
that's a little rude, don't you think?
No. Your mic's hot.
It means it's on.
You see that little switch.
When it's flipped over like that,
it means it's on
and it's going through the entire theater.
Well, you could have led
with that part, thank you.
Amber Lee's got a great scalp!
You're hot.
Then she asked me to help her out
after her assistant quit.
And after I suggested it.
Are you sure this is wise?
I'm sorry. Let me re-phrase that.
This isn't wise.
It's perfect. Amber Lee will see
that she and I are exactly alike,
we'll become BFFs,
she'll make sure Boi gets the role,
then his fame becomes my fame!
I mean, this is the advantage
I've been waiting for!
Isn't it more like taking advantage?
And my father thought
I couldn't do this in a month.
It's turning out better than I imagined.
Sure. Be right over.
Oh, thank goodness. In here, quickly.
I just... I can't reach that.
Can't reach it?
Okay, it was a little bit of a test.
Only a true friend would come
all the way down here at this hour
and help me with something like that.
- So, I passed?
- Yes.
- But, seriously, the purse.
- Okay.
Thank you.
All right, here's your bag.
Here's your other bag.
Oh, and don't forget your photo shoot.
Oh, you're a lifesaver.
You must be at that photo shoot
to make sure I look as fabulous
as you always do.
- Are you serious?
- Serious? You're now also my stylist.
You have to tell me all your secrets.
Okay, gotta go.
"Life is so strange.
"Shelby and I travel halfway across
the country to find fame and fortune,
"and instead, we find love."
Hey! How about dinner?
Split some egg rolls at Wok This Way?
Can't. I have to highlight script changes
for Amber Lee,
then highlight her hair.
Highlight of my night!
But I miss spending time with you.
And you did promise to shoot
some more stuff for my film.
You know,
what I'm doing is important, too.
For a minute there,
you sounded like Amber Lee.
"Good to see you. Good to see
you. Good to see you. Good to see you."
Bad news. My maid quit.
So, here's a list of chores.
And I want to talk to you about Boi.
But you have to promise
it'll stay between us.
I think I'm going to ask the director
to give Boi the part.
- Are you serious?
- Almost positive!
You won't be sorry.
Trust me. I know.
Oh, no.
There are some changes for
the blocking in the dog scene,
top of act two.
Countess can learn these in no time.
She's got a memory
like a digital hard drive.
- No bark and all mega-bite.
- Funny.
I need to find Sharpay
and make sure she gets them.
Boi is doing
the first run-through tomorrow.
I'd be more than happy
to deliver them to her.
- Great.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
That's unfortunate.
And I've been here ever since.
Life is so strange.
Shelby and I travel halfway across
the country to find fame and fortune,
and instead, we find love.
Lenore, I have something to ask you.
We have something to ask you.
He's supposed to come from the other
side of the stage with the ring box!
Yeah, sorry. We changed that blocking.
What happened?
What is wrong with this dog?
And is he okay? It's not his fault.
He's just a little dog! He's just so sweet.
Okay, everybody.
Let's break for a few.
That's 10, people.
I'm aware. I know.
I don't know
what happened.
We sent out the script changes,
but Boi didn't do them.
But I didn't get any new script change.
I looked everywhere last night
to give them to you.
I guess working for Amber Lee
has its drawbacks.
- You did this on purpose.
- That's a complete...
You're threatened because you know
Amber Lee is gonna choose Boi.
Not after today she won't.
Okay. Countess doesn't have
half the personality that Boi has.
And Boi doesn't have half the talent
that Countess has.
Isn't that right, girl?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Has anyone seen Boi?
- No, sorry.
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Anyone seen Countess?
- Nope.
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Countess?
- Boi?
- Hello?
- Boi and Countess are gone!
Gone! What?
We have to find them!
Wait, where are you now?
Leaving the theater.
We're gonna look around here.
Can you look near the apartment
in case they come back?
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Just keep me posted,
and I'll call you if they show up.
Okay. What if they were dog-napped?
Do you think
we pushed them too hard?
- I don't know.
- Countess is ber-sensitive.
She cries
watching dog food commercials!
I just hope they're not huddled
in a corner somewhere.
Afraid, lost, at each other's throats!
You know you love me
I know you care
Just shout whenever
And I'll be there
You are my love
You are my heart
And we will never, ever, ever be apart
Are we an item?
Girl, quit playin'
"We're just friends,"
What are you sayin'?
Said, "There's another"
And looked right in my eyes
My first love broke my heart
for the first time
And I was like
I thought you'd always be mine, mine
Baby, baby, baby, oh
Like baby, baby, baby, no
Like baby, baby, baby, oh
I thought you'd always be mine
I'm goin' down, down, down
And I just can't believe
my first love won't be around
And I'm like baby, baby, baby, oh
Like baby, baby...
What if
we never see them again?
They're smart dogs.
Smarter than we are. They'll be okay.
Oh, no. It's my dad. I just...
I can't deal with him right now.
- Countess!
- Boi!
I missed you!
You're back!
It's amazing.
They came back to the apartment.
Thanks, Peyton.
Oh, and Sharpay, it's still on.
Bring it.
You're back! Yeah!
You bad, bad boy, Boi.
I'm just glad you're okay.
He and Countess had an adventure.
She probably coaxed him into
joining a doggy gang or something.
We'd better check him over for tattoos.
Are you so lost in what you're doing
that you haven't noticed?
Noticed what?
Boi and Countess are in love.
- With what?
- Each other.
No way!
You're right. He's dilated.
He's got puppy dog eyes.
How could I have not noticed
puppy love?
Well, there's a lot you haven't noticed.
Like lately, you've had no time for me.
You know, I was counting on you
to help me finish my film.
I said I would, and I will.
Things have become complicated.
It's not that complicated.
Amber Lee is using you,
and you're letting her.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
- I don't?
- No!
Where's the Sharpay that was
determined not to go back home
because she didn't want to work
for anyone?
Why don't you tell me?
Working for someone, that's where.
- So at least be honest as to why.
- I know what I'm doing.
You've sold your soul
to get Boi in that show,
rather than trust in the dog
that you raised.
Even worse, you've stopped trusting
that your own talents
would get you where you need to go.
And maybe you're jealous because I'm
on my way up with a new famous friend,
and you're just a student making a film
about someone else's life
instead of your own.
You don't have to be
in my movie anymore.
I get it.
You have more important things to do.
One question?
What happened to that hot pink
whirlwind of confidence and ambition
I saw through my lens
that first day you got here?
I mean, that girl knew she was special.
That girl knew she didn't have to do
any of this to succeed.
What happened to her, huh?
Oh, and Sharpay, can you remember to
invite as many people from my fan club
as possible
to opening-night dress rehearsal?
I want the theater filled with people
who love me as much as you do!
You know what would be great
after all this work?
A long, luxurious spa bath.
Sounds amazing!
Thank you.
Run one for me, will you?
And then you can finish these.
You're the best!
- This is a big change.
- Huge change!
I don't think you're hearing me!
New Jersey can hear you!
The name of the show is
A Girl's Best Friend.
I didn't tell you to change the title.
But you want the best friend written out!
Oh. Right. Change the title!
How are we supposed to get rid of
one of our main characters
a day before our dress rehearsal
in front of an audience?
The audience is coming to see me.
You change that dog's part to a bark
and play dead, or I don't go on.
Let's be reasonable here.
I'm a star. I don't have to be reasonable!
Look, those mangy mutts
are bothering me
almost as much as
their disposable owners.
I actually had to have one of them
clean my toilet just to keep her away.
She thinks she's an actress.
She acts all right.
She acts just like
every other obsessed fan.
Everything you said... You were...
Thank you.
You must think I'm a total fool.
No. Not total.
Maybe my dad was right.
Maybe I'm not ready for this.
Maybe I should just go home
and... work for him.
I mean, did I really think
I was just gonna come to Broadway
and be a star?
Because that's exactly how you think.
It's perfect.
Perfect is so hard.
And it doesn't prepare you
for disappointment.
Well, if it helps, you still look adorable,
even when you're disappointed.
Yeah, that doesn't help.
Look, Sharpay.
There is not a marquee big enough
or lights bright enough
to contain the fame you're gonna have.
Yeah, but not the way I've been doing it.
Like you said,
the Sharpay you know
isn't the Sharpay that has become
the Sharpay that is this Sharpay.
Did all the Sharpays follow that?
I sacrificed integrity for opportunity.
I let someone insecure distract me.
I cleaned a bathroom!
But worst of all,
I disappointed someone I care about.
I forgot what was really important to me.
I lost track of what I want.
And other than maid service and
a canopy bed, what is it that you want?
A fair fight. A lifetime in the spotlight.
And maybe you'll still let me be
in your movie.
I guess.
Okay, I can't say I approve of dating
beneath your station in life,
but fine. Go.
Hey, I got your text.
What's C-Q-M-T-W-I-L-G-T mean?
"Come quick. Major trouble.
Wow, I look great today." Duh.
I really should have gotten that.
Listen, Amber Lee Adams
isn't what you think.
A self absorbed, two-faced panther
who would eat her young alive
on a reality show rather than allow
anyone to steal her spotlight?
Okay, she's what you think.
Listen, I don't care if her parents
had to tie beef jerky around her neck
just to get the family dog
to play with her,
as long as Countess is at her side
on that stage.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
She wants the part of the dog
written out completely!
- That's not fair!
- Too far.
Well, I am 12, remember?
Roger, we've been fighting
the wrong battle, each other.
We need to form an alliance
and work against a common enemy.
- Zits?
- Amber Lee.
Trust me,
the zit battle is one you won't win.
But what can we do?
Tonight is the dress rehearsal.
The audience will be filled
with members
of Amber Lee Adams' fan club.
I know, I saw the tweet.
Fine. Yes, I follow her, too.
Okay, we need to show people
exactly who Amber Lee really is.
It's time someone taught her
how to behave in the theater.
I like the way you think.
It's manipulative, but for a good cause.
Tell me what you need me to do.
- Hey, Amber Lee, I...
- Where have you been?
I have been trying to reach you all day.
Oh. Sorry, my phone
must have been turned off.
Without asking me first?
I just wanted to say good luck.
You know, I know you chose Countess
for this performance tonight,
and I'm fine with that.
Well, it was nothing personal,
but your phone was shut off,
so I couldn't talk to you about it.
I guess that won't happen again, will it?
We're good.
Hug? Okay.
Hello, everyone. I'm Gill, the director.
And I'm Neal,
the under-appreciated writer.
And we are thrilled that you're here
for our first performance
in front of an audience.
Does everyone here
know how to applaud?
Okay, how about the balcony up there?
- Okay, now.
- Can you hear us? You're good!
Will somebody please control
these wannabe werewolves?
Hello? People?
See, this is exactly why I didn't want to
do a show with dogs!
I'm the star, not them! Stage people?
Could somebody please put these rats
with rabies out of my misery? Anyone!
Finally, you idiot! What took so long?
Now, hurry up and get these flea-bitten
fur bags out of here!
- There are people waiting to see me!
- Okay, go now.
You think all those boring freaks
with no lives
came to worship two no-name mutts?
I don't think so! I'm the one they love!
Me! They came to see...
I knew I forgot to tell you something.
Careful, your mic's on.
You did this to me. You ruined me!
News flash! You ruined you!
Oh, what do you know?
You're a nobody!
The only reason you even wanted to be
my friend is so I'd choose your dog!
No, no. At first, I idolized you,
even more than myself,
which isn't easy.
But you're not at all
what I thought you were.
You and I are exactly alike.
Except I don't enjoy
letting people down.
I don't use people to feel better
about myself.
And I definitely don't wear yellow
and orange in the same week,
let alone the same outfit, okay?
Maybe I did think you and I were alike,
but not anymore.
In fact, I'd be embarrassed
if someone thought I was like you.
Well, I quit!
And without me, there's no show.
Now neither one
of your furry little friends
will have their shot and neither will you.
Blame her!
I'm sorry. Someone had to say it.
I'll go talk some sense into her.
You, out of this theater right now.
Wait, Sharpay.
If you go, then I'll go, too.
No. You wanted this as badly as I did.
This mess was my idea.
You win.
That's not what it feels like.
- Hey. Can I come in?
- Sure.
- So, you're really leaving, huh?
- Yeah.
I'm packing my carry-on stuff first.
- I wish you weren't going.
- Me, too.
Have you thought about
what you're gonna do now?
Move home where there's enough room
for my pores to open,
spend months in the spa getting
this layer of New York grime off my skin,
and mostly...
...miss you.
Look, I know exactly how to help that.
Don't go.
I already talked to my dad.
I guess I'm gonna start...
- You don't have to say it.
- Thank you.
What about your dream of being a star?
It's still there.
It's just a little bit more of a dream
than a reality.
- You know what today is?
- What?
I got here exactly one month ago.
My time was up tonight anyway.
Well, so then you still have eight hours.
This isn't how
my movie's supposed to end.
I guess it is.
This is Sharpay.
Sure. No, no. I'll be there.
That was the stage manager.
They want me to come to the theater
and clear out Boi's things.
I can go with you if you want.
I want.
And, so, Amber Lee has quit.
- Gone.
- Kaput.
The producers feel,
without a star, we can't open.
The time it would take to find someone
who could learn the role and do it well
might take weeks, and it would cost
too much to keep the production going.
But we want you all to know,
it was great almost working with you.
- I'm gonna meet you outside.
- All right.
Thank you for your hard work.
We are so, so sorry, people.
Wait! Wait, it's not over. It's not over.
Look, it doesn't have to be.
Look, there is someone who knows
the part by heart and who is amazing.
All right, maybe she's not a star yet,
but she will be.
This show will make her one.
Just watch.
Boi, keep your voice down.
Peyton, start shooting the rehearsal.
Boi, go mark. Go mark. Good!
Okay, stay. Stay.
I love when you use that accent, but...
We're not supposed to be in here.
Okay, now let's do the scene
where the character Lenore
thinks she's lost everything
and you come over to console her.
Come on.
Shelby, what is going on?
I feel invisible here.
Nothing is working out the way
I planned it.
I got something inside of me
Something that needs to be heard
Deep down a voice is guiding me
Hidden emotions have stirred
Why have I let others lead the way
When all along I know what it is
I want to say
Whatever it is
I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want
Stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret
I thought I had a perfect plan
Where I would wind up on top
One day I'm thinking, "Yes I can"
Next thing you know, I'm a flop
Why did I ever play this silly game?
I got to shake up the rules
And stake my claim
Whatever it is
I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want
Stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret
What if I missed my window?
What if I blew my shot?
What if the only chance
I was going to get
I already got?
I'm not ready to turn the page
Until I'm on stage in a show
No, nobody move
I've got something to prove
Don't you know?
Whatever it is
I'll do it
I'm the answer to your prayers
Whatever you want
Stop looking
Nobody else compares
Whatever you've seen before
I'll give you so much more
You'll be totally impressed
I'm New York's best kept secret
Well, did I tell you?
- Amazing!
- Amazing! You're amazing!
You have more depth, range and tone
in one note
than Amber Lee had in her
entire surgically reshaped body.
We'll promote you as
"The girl who we're promoting."
The producers will love it.
Wait, wait. What are you saying?
We need you to save the show.
- Seriously?
- We know it's a risk.
- A gamble.
- A risk. Did I do "risk" already?
You did. And, true, we did fire you.
- He fired you.
- But now I'm un-firing you.
- Can we do that?
- Just did.
- Good for us!
- We need you.
What do you say?
Um... I guess we could
take the costumes in a few sizes
and get everyone used to hearing
the songs sung on key,
but there's one condition.
Boi and Countess split the role
of Shelby the dog equally.
We've a lot of work to do, people!
- Are we crazy?
- Crazy for theater!
- Let's rehearse!
- Let's rehearse, people!
Where are those wonderful dogs?
- Thank you.
- This is it.
The chance you've been waiting for.
- What if I'm not ready for this?
- Oh, you're ready.
"Ready" isn't as ready as you are.
- What if I'm horrible?
- Won't happen.
- What if I forget my lines?
- Impossible.
- What if I...
- Everything in your life so far
has been leading you to this moment.
Your moment. Embrace it.
I'm scared.
Let's rehearse, people!
Over here!
Mr. Pinto, Mr. Pinto,
over here. Mr. Pinto, look this way.
I've got a feeling inside of me
Running all through my veins
It's like electrical energy
A world about to change
It's an open road
So here I go
The rest of my life
Is starting tonight
Feels like I'm finally on my way
I'm looking ahead
Can't tell where it ends
But I'm gonna take a leap of faith
And I'm gonna hold on tight
And ride this ride
The rest of my life
I'm gonna go for it all out
I know there's no guarantee
But I've been given a chance and now
What's next is up to me
I'm gonna set my sights
So light those lights
The rest of my life
Is starting tonight
Feels like I'm finally on my way
I'm looking ahead
Can't tell where it ends
But I'm gonna take a leap of faith
And I'm gonna hold on tight
And ride this ride
The rest of my life
If all the world's a stage
I'm here to take my place
I know I'll always find a way to shine
The rest of my life
Is starting tonight
Feels like I'm finally on my way
I'm looking ahead
Can't tell where it ends
But I'm gonna take a leap of faith
The rest of my life
Is starting tonight
Feels like I'm finally on my way
It starts with a dream
Of who I could be
Wherever it takes me I can't wait
So I'm gonna hold on tight
And ride this ride
The rest of my life
The rest of my life
The rest of my life
I want fabulous
That is my simple request
All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best
I need something inspiring
to help me get along
I need a little fabulous
Is that so wrong?
Fetch me my Jimmy Choo flip-flops
Where is my pink Prada tote?
A summer like never before
I want more!
She wants fabulous
That is her simple request
All things fabulous
Bigger and better and best
She needs something inspiring
to help her get along
She needs a little fabulous
Is that so wrong?