Sharpe's Peril (2008) Movie Script

TRUMPE You, soldier,
dance with me.
I do not dance.
Do not, sir? Or cannot?
Will not, then. If it please you.
It does not please me.
I am resolved to step a measure
with every man here present.
And have a wager of my friends to do
the same.
What do you say to that?
You lose.
Not lost your touch with the ladies,
What the hell are we doing here
You saw the dispatch. Aye, the
governor requests your presence.
But why? I thought we were headed
home. We are, Pat.
We are, I promise.
Colonel Sharpe?
One moment, sir.
Damn the man, damn him to hell.
God rot all quill suckers, heh?
We sweat and bleed and die upon
their whim.
And for what thanks?
If it's gratitude you're after,
then you've joined the wrong army.
You may well be right at that.
Sharp. Richard Sharpe.
Count Vladimir Alexei Dragomirov,
3rd Native Horse.
You have business with the governor?
Tread lightly.
Sedgefield is a wily, old devil.
Your Excellency, Colonel Sharpe.
His Excellency Viscount Sedgefield.
I'm told you have a nose
for mischief, Colonel Sharpe.
Told, sir?
His Grace, Lord Wellington.
After this late rebellion,
only recently put down,
we find ourselves, alas,
already facing fresh dangers.
Bandits, Sharpe, in the high hills.
Under the thrall of a cutthroat
named Chitu.
Causing no end of havoc
with Company operations.
Villages put to fire and sword.
The harvest disrupted.
Sorry to hear that.
A Company squadron
under Count Dragomirov
has been dispatched
to find this Chitu.
And, so far, without success.
You are requested
upon the highest authority,
to do better.
I am no longer
in the service of His Majesty.
My business in India concluded.
I am for Calcutta and England.
I cannot persuade you?
Perhaps then,
might at least you be prevailed upon
to perform one last duty?
In which, I assure you,
there is no peril to yourself.
If I can.
I have in my care a property.
Like yourself, bound for the north.
May I look to you for its safe
Aye. Very well.
Your word?
What is it, this property?
Ah, Colonel Sharpe,
I have the honour to present
Mademoiselle Marie-Angelique Bonnet.
Who is she?
Damned if I know.
Her fiance is a Company major,
name of Joubert.
Stationed at Kalimgong.
Where, in God's arse, is Kalimgong?
Company hill station,
on the way, Sedgefield says.
Major Tredinnick, sahib.
Marvellous, marvellous.
Who commands this column?
Why, sir, no man.
All men.
We are, you might say, a regular
Captain Copperthorne's crew.
A gentleman asks a civil question,
he expects an answer in kind
and none of your riddles.
What he means to say, sir, after his
fashion, is the matter
would depend on whether you meant
Company troops or king's.
For we number both amongst the
Your officer will do for now.
Very good.
I'd be glad if our mounts could be
fed and watered.
And someone to see to the lady's
comforts also.
Quilter, Deever.
This way, gentlemen.
How is it you come to be travelling
along Company's routes.
I was ordered, sir.
There's bandits hereabouts,
all manner of heathen deviltry.
Sooner than have troops venture
forth in small bands,
we thought it best
to combine all soldiery
samewise bound into one column.
Mind how you tread,
that is elephant shit.
These gentlemen were hoping
to speak with you, sir.
Very good, Colour Wormwood.
Would you want me to remain, sir?
In case there's any questions?
I'm sufficient to the task.
Very good, sir.
You'll forgive Colour Wormwood's
familiarity, gentlemen.
Being not long in India, I find
myself beneath his wing.
Ensign Beauclere, 69th Foot.
Colonel Richard Sharpe,
late of the South Essex.
Sergeant Major Harper.
Your pardon, Colonel... You may
dispense with formalities.
I hold no present commission.
Mr Harper and myself are about
some private business on the
governor's request.
And yourself?
I command a small prisoner escort,
Bound for Calcutta.
I'd hardly call such numbers small,
Mr Beauclere.
What have you in your charge?
Some regicide?
No, sir. You misapprehend me.
For the most part,
what you see here
is the royal train of the Maharani
Padmini Devi of Jhalawar.
A princess?
Her highness travels to Pankot
under protection of Company
With Subedar Pillai commanding.
As for regicide, I fear my prisoner
is in no mean so worthy of note.
So what was the offence?
The murder of an officer, sir,
in furtherance to robbery of the
regimental stores.
The commissariat sets great store
by its spoons, so it does.
Subedar Pillai, then... in charge
of the safety of this column.
Do it.
Do it, man!
Not like that, you'll kill him.
You've got the blade
the wrong way round.
You need to line it up
along the vein, not across it.
Are you a farrier? I know how to
bleed a horse without killing it.
What are you waiting for, then?
Do it.
Hold onto that.
Keep the bugger steady, Pat.
He's fine.
Easy, boy. Take it nice and easy.
Easy now.
Easy, boy.
Just keep him there, Pat,
keep him there.
I reckon you'll live.
We are most grateful, Mr...?
Sharpe. Colonel Sharpe.
Sergeant Major Harper.
For future, a wee bit of ginger
added to his feed might help, ma'am.
Ask what reward you will of Subedar
Pillai for your service.
It shall be met. The beast out of
his misery is reward enough, ma'am.
I'll be glad of some words
with the Subedar.
Yes, Colonel?
was wondering, Subedar,
if you have any sound intelligence
as to the bandits ranging hereabout.
I have a certain cargo in my charge.
And I'm anxious for its safety.
You mean to leave me here
in the company of common soldiers?
Good practice I'd have thought.
You're set to marry one, aren't you?
Major Joubert is a gentleman.
Yeah? Then, God help him.
The Company officer
has given me his word
provision will be made
till you're safely to Kalimgong.
You gave your word to Viscount
If there are bandits in these hills,
then this column affords you far
better safety than us.
The colonel is right, ma'am.
I'm glad of it.
At least I shall no longer be kept
awake by your snoring.
I don't snore.
Like a carthorse.
And since you are set upon your fait
there is nothing further to say.
She took it rather well, I thought.
Colonel Sharpe?
Mrs Tredinnick.
My husband is the major of the
I'm certain he'd wish me to present
his compliments
and an invitation to dine with us
this evening.
That's really kind of you, ma'am,
We'd be delighted.
Mr Harper, ma'am.
Well, until this evening, then.
I was gonna say no.
Are you all right?
Listen, you need to see a surgeon.
I'll do no such thing.
I'll speak to Pillai.
Oh, a Company surgeon?
I'd rather let you loose
with a hammer and fleam.
I'll be all right, Richard.
Truly I will.
I'll fetch us kit.
We're bedding down here.
Who's them strangers walking
Bo Peep, then, Colour?
No business of yours, Quilter.
See the prisoner is fed and watered.
He won't have none.
Nevertheless it must be offered.
King's Regulations are very clear on
this point. So look alive.
Run your vittels.
Do you want 'em or don't you?
Tis a matter of indifference to me.
But I must fetch 'em here
and here as I am bid, no matter.
it isn't worth taking on.
When we get back to the lines,
Colour will speak on your part.
That being done,
seems to me you'll either hang or
you won't. And there's an end on it.
What a comfort you are.
What's your name, then, Corporal?
Bloody hell. I thought Dick were bad.
A Bible name, in't it?
I had it off a priest at the
Scottish Mission.
Oh, aye, foundling.
No shame in that.
Half the world were got without
Not always the worst half either.
Deserve it, did he,
the officer you killed?
I've known many that have.
But robbery, mind...
regimental stores.
I'd sooner an honest murderer
than a man as thieves off his mates.
But I expect you'll tell me you're
I've never met a guilty man.
Colonel Sharpe.
Mr Harper.
You honour our table.
Thank you, Major.
Now, if I may, Reverend Watkin.
Ensign Beauclere you know.
My wife, of course. Miss Bonnet...
And I are already acquainted.
Oh, of course.
Well, we wait only upon...
Ah, there he is.
Good evening, Subedar.
My apologies, I was detained...
Take cover!
King's men to me! 69th to me!
Colour Wormwood, defend the camp!
Chitu's men?
Like as not.
What's the bill, Mr Beauclere?
Her Highness and the commonality
are all accounted for, sir.
Of Company troops, four are numbered
dead, including the surgeon.
Six are wounded,
of which two, including Subedar
Pillai, are like to die.
And your own section?
Not a man come to harm, sir.
Colour Wormwood confides they gave
good account of themselves.
Though I confess,
with all that befell...
I'm hard pressed to order events.
The fire and the fighting.
The horses an' all.
Your first action?
Yes, sir.
You did well.
I would hope so, sir.
I was, you see, born to a soldier.
Perhaps you met him. You will have
heard of him almost certainly.
He was the man brevetted major
at Vittoria
for capturing Marshal Jourdan's
I don't believe I know him.
You would have taken to him, sir.
For he was very brave.
Much admired by his men.
"Was", Mr Beauclere?
He fell, sir,
at Roncesvalles.
When I was a boy.
And there was I thinking
it was you and me
that came across the marshal's baton
at Vittoria,
abandoned in the baggage train along
with King Joe's royal Jakes pot.
'Appen your memory is off, Pat?
A common effect
of advancing years, I understand.
I posted pickets but...
..their throats were cut.
I should have done more.
You did all that could be expected.
I must beg of you a service,
Will you stay with the column?
At least as far as Kalimgong.
It's a lot to ask, I know, but...
it's only two days march.
I should rest a lot easier,
..a senior officer were among us.
You have Major Tredinnick.
An engineer, Colonel,
he is not a soldier.
Subedar Pillai is correct, Colonel.
Better by far, the men have someone
of both rank and martial reputation
to look to at such a time.
You may depend on my support.
In every particular.
I'm grateful. Gentlemen.
Colour Wormwood.
Make ready the column to move out.
Mr Beauclere?
Whatever instruction you receive off
Colonel Sharpe,
you may take
as if the order were my own.
If you say so, sir.
Within the hour! Colour Wormwood.
What could I say?
Do you hear me complaining?
Just so far as this hill station.
Two days,
then we're away.
So, who is he, then, Paddy?
Your Colonel Sharpe?
That would be "Mr Harper"
or "Sergeant Major Harper",
when addressing me, Private Croop.
Who is he, though? He put Colour
Wormwood in a brown study.
You'd know, Dan, you'd know.
For of all studies, I swear, there's
none as brown as yours.
He's no proper officer,
that much is plain.
He's more of an officer than you'll
ever meet, Croop.
He don't talk like no officer.
He may not have
the holiday and lady terms
that some of your peacocks so easily
but when your back
is against the wall,
he's the one man you want beside
How is the Subedar?
Very weak, ma'am.
He has lost much blood.
Though he suffers me to touch him,
he will take of me no water.
Even this I am only able to do
when he sleeps.
Dustoor hai. It's the custom,
a stricture of his birth.
But if he does not let me help him,
he will die.
Perhaps, but...
Subedar Pillai would sooner death
than to break his caste.
Colour Wormwood.
Volunteers for a forage party.
Your section will serve.
Begging your pardon, sir,
but that's coolie work.
Can't have King's men cutting corn,
not while Company troops are sat on
their arses.
Company troops are needed here,
To protect the column.
And if the bandits should return,
Company troops made a pretty poor
show of it last evening.
And Mr Beauclere is only a lad.
A mount of pluck is worth a ton of
shit and that lad has got pluck.
So would you
with a name to live up to.
'Appen his father
were a brevet major.
Captured Marshal Jourdan's
baton at Vittoria.
Begging your pardon, again, sir,
but I wouldn't put much money
into that tale.
There's only one Beauclere I know of
at Vittoria.
And he was no brevet major.
Bewrayed his breeches at the first
volley and turned tail.
Provosts found him after the battle,
at an inn, drunk as a judge
and in such a condition,
put a rope to his neck.
You are mistaken, Colour Wormwood.
There was another Captain Beauclere
upon the field that day.
Indeed, sir.
And was there?
I do not know the particulars of
this other fellow,
but I assure you
it was my father who captured
Jourdan's baton.
Stay with the column, then,
if that is your will.
Thank you, sir.
Something you wanted of us,
Mr Beauclere?
It's Miss Bonnet, sir.
She's taken a horse.
I tried to stop her, sir, but...
she said she would only be some
short while.
What the hell
do you think you're about?
I wanted to ride.
I can see that. Perhaps you've
But only last night we were attacked
by Chitu's bandits.
They will be far behind us by now.
I wouldn't be so sure.
If I can track you, so can they.
I will return presently.
Now, Madam!
At once!
God knows I didn't look for this
But for better or worse,
I'm responsible for your safety.
Unhand me.
You are rude, sir.
You are rude and ignorant
and an uncouth brute!
And you, madam, are a spoiled,
petulant and selfish young fool.
If you will not take thoughts of your
own well-being,
then at least consider
your fellow travellers.
I'm seeing the column safe to
We aren't chasing you
up and down the country.
Now, get on your mount
and follow me back!
Or will you have me carry you?
You would not dare.
I was done with my ride anyway.
Do your duty now, boy.
You flow like the River Liffey.
Sir. Major sahib.
We're being attacked,
Your Highness.
Can you fight?
Stay here and keep out of sight.
I'll do no such thing.
For once in your life, do as you're
damn well told!
Fall back! Fall back!
King's men and Company to me!
I told you to stay put!
I could use a rifle.
Not a bloody chance.
We need every man we can get.
TRUMPE Count Dragomirov.
Colonel Sharpe.
By God,
I were never so glad to see a
May I impose then upon your
hospitality for some short while?
At least until our mounts are
and we may continue the pursuit?
Aye. And welcome.
Colour Wormwood will see you
I must take count of our losses.
Colour Wormwood!
I want that prisoner secured now.
This instant.
You heard him. Take him away.
Oh, I see the hand of God is upon
you still...
Corporal Hakeswill.
What did you call him?
Corporal Hakeswill.
The luckiest soldier I ever met.
God all bloody mighty.
Take it easy, please!
Enough now! Come on!
Hakeswill, where did you get your
name, then, eh?
HARPER: Stand off, Richard.
A fine gesture is that.
Stand off, please!
Hakeswill! Hakeswill!
And you give him a rifle?
What's the matter, you bastard?
Cat got your tongue?
I'm talking to you.
Where did you get your name?
From a man like you.
Aye. Recoat was he?
Sergeant? I know he was.
Ah! I thought as much.
Thief. Murderer. Rapist.
That were your father, Barabbas.
Well, I'll not leave it to a court
martial and the provosts.
I'll make an end of you here and now.
What's this man's father to you?
He killed my wife.
Killed her.
And left our daughter motherless.
Now be content.
For all that, sir,
this is not right.
Look to your business, Major.
If any man...
comes between me and that bastard,
I'll kill 'em.
Out of the way, Pat.
I can't let you do it.
Stand aside, damn you!
You'll have to put me down first.
I regret I cannot spare
any of my men to your escort.
But you may depend,
with my squadron in pursuit,
these devils will trouble you no
So, from here,
where will you go?
The Company garrison.
You should be safe there.
You should step down from the wagon,
Miss Bonnet.
Take the air a while.
How is he?
He's failing.
I do not know how much longer he can
last without proper care.
I'm sure you're doing
all that can be done.
We shall make Kalimgong tomorrow.
The Subedar shall have a surgeon.
And you, your Major Joubert.
I am obliged to you for your action
during the attack.
I am reluctant to be in your debt.
Having been the daughter of a
I care little for the profession.
Then upon one thing at least, we are
in agreement.
As for any obligation,
I did my duty, ma'am.
Nothing more.
Have you not had enough excitement
for one day?
He's bad blood, Pat.
And that's an end on it.
God knows, Richard, I've never taken
another man's side against you
and I'm not gonna start now,
but you are wrong.
Am I though?
In this, yeah, you are.
Just keep him from my view.
One more day, Pat.
One more day and then I'm rid of 'em.
Miss Bonnet, Hakeswill,
the whole damn lot.
Why do we delay?
Is there difficulty?
Merely a precautionary measure,
Mr Harper and myself will reconnoitre
the way ahead. Reconnoitre?
But...this is a Company hill
station, is it not?
Aye, ma'am. And as such,
I would expect to see some men.
At least upon the battlements.
Major Tredinnick, you have command.
Yes, sir.
Wormwood, bring your section.
Skirmish order.
Skirmish order, lads.
Secure the fort.
You heard the colonel, gentlemen.
Look to it.
Safe bloody harbour is this.
That Chitu bastard
must have some strength
to take a fort fully garrisoned.
An escalade maybe.
Under cover of dark.
Could have been
over the walls and among them
before the alarm were raised.
Here, sir, we've got a live 'un.
Christ God almighty.
Do you know him, sir?
Aye, Croop.
I know him.
HARPER: Deever.
There's an infirmary
under the north rampart.
Take the wounded there.
Water. Water.
I must have water.
Give him some.
Not too much now.
Just enough to wet his lips
or else he'll split his guts.
God bless you, sir, God bless you.
Praise God, sweet Jesus, for mercy.
Do you know, Simmerson?
Do you not know me?
Aye, sir.
Thou art my redeemer, sir.
Dick Sharpe, Sir Henry.
Richard Sharpe.
The sweetest name in all the world,
Come press your cheek
against my lips, sir.
That I may kiss my blessed saviour.
The sun...
We must save the harvest.
He's raving.
It might be a kindness
to ease his suffering, sir.
I served once in a company
almost wiped out by his orders.
He's a stupid, malicious bastard.
For he's my stupid, malicious
If anybody has earned the right to do
for him, it's me.
And I say he lives.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no. It won't do.
Am I to understand that gentlemen
and ladies are to billet together?
It is too much.
For shame, Mr Watkins, can not you
show some fellow feeling?
Miss Bonnet has suffered
a great shock.
What shock?
She's come here to meet her fiance.
And as to our quarters,
well, surely, between us
we can improve on our situation.
Why here even, a broom.
Might almost have been waiting upon
us for use.
Perhaps, Reverend, fetch me some
and see if there is some scrubbing
soap to be had.
Colour Wormwood.
The garrison must be put in the
Will you organise a burial party?
These hereabout lying dead is
Company troops, Mr Harper.
What of it?
You'll find the heathen
is most particular
about his funeral observances.
Is that a fact?
You see...
some is for burning,
some for setting adrift
along this holy river.
Whilst yet more has a fancy to have
their insides pecked out by birds.
It is a...
Yet their wishes must be considered,
lest we...affront the living.
Just seem them in the ground,
will you, Wormwood?
And leave the rest to the Almighty,
You heard him, lads.
Get on with it.
To soldier I signed up for,
I'm not a bloody grave digger.
It's my fancy we'll dig a church
yard full
before that long-legged jackanape is
done with us.
Just make sure it ain't our own
we're digging, Danny.
Oh, I means to, I means to.
The raiders have left us little of
use, Colonel.
No food.
And the well is spoiled
with the dead.
I had thought among the flotsam
to find some hint of the garrison's
A bandit attack.
I doubt the writer would have had
time to make note of such
before being himself overcome.
Yet someone has been here before me.
Unless these bandits are men of
I can't reason their interest
in books and parchment bonds.
Happen they've a taste for lists.
The army is fond of lists.
If you come upon any mention of Miss
Bonnet's fiance,
you'll let me know of it.
He's not among the dead? The only
white man accounted for is Simmerson.
It's possible this Major Joubert
is out on patrol.
I'll be glad to give her some hope.
My wife is offering such comfort and
assurance as she can.
Aye. You've a good 'un there, Major.
If you'll allow.
Indeed, Colonel.
I hold myself the luckiest of men.
Yet also, I fear, a selfish one.
There's a score of years and more
between us, sir.
I wonder sometimes if she would have
been happier with a younger man.
The choice was hers to make, Major.
To my mind, she chose wisely.
Aye, sir, aye.
As you say,
fortune favours me beyond my
You'll catch 50 lashes if Colour
Wormwood finds you.
Now then.
Now then...
What have you?
As fine a pair
this soul ever laid eyes on.
Don't tell me there's some bevvy hid
there still.
God bless officers. Soldiers share!
But not here, eh?
Let's find ourselves a bit of peace
and quiet so we can enjoy it proper.
Should you be here, ma'am?
I can send someone to relieve you.
My time is better occupied.
How fares the general?
His thoughts come and go.
And the boy?
If you embrace Christ with all your
even at this late hour,
all your sins will be washed as
white as snow. Come, sir.
I thought we'd cleared this place of
You must leave the sick to their
rest, Mr Watkin.
As Madame tends to the physical,
so I look to tend the immortal soul.
As maybe, sir.
Yet you must come away.
Now, sir.
The man is dying.
Will you not let him go in peace?
I am on God's work, Colonel.
God's work!
You're a bloody hypocrite.
For shame, sir. For shame.
At least Simmerson
has cause for his madness.
You? You're the worst kind of
About your business, sir, and try
me no further.
Go, sir, sing,
cry hallelujah and give amen to the
top of your lungs, but not here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hello, missy.
How might a kiss be?
Hold her, Ned,
that I may have a kiss off her.
Leave her be.
All right?
A pretty pickle and no mistake.
600 miles between here and home.
I don't think we can rely
on Dragomirov's troopers to deliver
us again.
We've done what we said.
We brought them safely here.
We have.
Ain't our business to do owt else.
I won't argue with that.
We should just...
just leave them, then, eh?
We should.
But you won't.
Major, there's been some trouble,
Please, sir, come with me.
Just when it seemed
to be going so well.
Keep to all as I foretold, girl,
or the worst of it will come to you.
What the hell is going on here,
My men come along your sapper there,
looking to take his pleasure of the
maid, he was, sir, by force.
Naturally, being concerned of her
they come to her defence.
You can ask the girl, sir.
Sir, I did not.
Their word against his, sir.
That's the very nub of it.
I can't believe a fine officer such
as yourself
would want to take sides with one of
them. Against your own.
Not only are you a liar, Wormwood,
but a bloody fool also.
Liar, sir?
That's a very serious charge, sir.
Very serious.
Not at all the sort of accusation
an officer would make against an
enlisted man
without such proofs as would be
necessary to back it up.
Proofs? Cases where the honour of an
enlisted man have been impugned,
sir, KRs are very clear about such
proofs, sir.
A barrack room lawyer, too, eh?
King's Regulations is like
the good book itself to such as I.
Then you'll know what the punishment
for running an indisciplined section.
These men are unfit for duty
through drink.
They are on drunk, sir, I grant,
but on duty, sir? No, sir.
There we differs.
Do we, Colour?
We does, sir.
I was raised up from the ranks,
You know what that means?
It means you've done a feat, sir.
It also means I know every dirty
soldier's trick in the book.
Is that so, sir?
It is so.
And I'll tell you something more.
Rape is a hanging offence.
Even attempted.
Rape's a hanging, drunk's a flogging.
And you in charge of all.
I could break you for this.
Push you down to private.
I've seen some piss-poor sections in
my time, by God I have,
But yours is a bloody disgrace.
Work-shy, gutless,
but that is gonna change.
From now on, they are on picket.
And every spare second,
you're gonna be on drill.
I want them sober and on the
firestep within the hour.
Right, you sons of whores,
you heard the officer.
Double, double, double!
Aye, I know Robert.
Believe me.
If things were else, I'd hang 'em and
have done with it.
But we've 600 mile of hostile country
before us.
And I need every man I've got.
He will not be long now.
I'll stay by him.
There is no word of Philippe?
No, ma'am, not yet.
But that he was not found amongst the
rest...'s possible Major Joubert
The devil. The filthy devil.
Lie still, sir.
You are not yourself.
The harvest. We must save the
Stop him!
Stop him...
He's not in his right mind, ma'am.
I promise.
He'll be calling for my head.
I think he's gone, sir.
Aye, he's that.
Sharpe means to lead us on to
Says who?
Colour had it off his own lips.
Then we're dead men.
Someone should do something.
What though, boys?
There's the rub.
And who to do it?
Any volunteers?
A soldier's solution, then.
We shall be like unto the Roman,
when the parted his raiment into
yet would not rend his vesture,
but rather cast lots for it.
He that plucks the shortest measure
from Deever's shut fist...
shall stand assassin.
That's murder, Colour.
It's him or us, boys.
Him or us.
Keep 'em back, Pat.
Tell 'em to keep back.
How many?
Too many. 60, 70.
Whole families, Richard.
Young and old.
Men, women, children,
for the love of God.
This Chitu is as wicked a dog
as I've ever known.
But it's a strange kind of rebel
that slaughters his own.
Do you not think?
These people were farmers, Pat.
No threat to any.
Where's the profit in it?
You've set your finger on the nub of
the matter, Colonel.
There's more to this than simple
I'm told you had some time this
in conversation with Major
Tredinnick, General.
We spoke of the attack upon
Kalimgong, General.
You remember?
Of course I remember.
Damned hard to forget.
Perhaps you'll be so good as to tell
these gentlemen what befell.
Company half squadron arrived
to collect the early harvest.
And this would have been the 70
mentioned in the Company writer's
It would, sir.
I gave the task
to my second-in-command.
First mistake.
Not my usual aide-de-camp.
But a damned Frenchman
on temporary attachment.
Papers in order.
But I thought it a rum go over
all the same.
Cavalryman, you see?
Never trust a damned Frenchman.
Go on, sir.
The devil had my sepoys
load his wagons.
Then once the job was done,
damn my eyes if the major didn't
mount up the cavalry
and turn them upon us.
Entire garrison slaughtered
to a man.
Only I was spared.
Who was he?
I've told you.
Damn Frenchman.
Major Joubert,
the 3rd Native Cavalry.
But we agreed, sir, you were
confused upon the point.
Joubert is the fiance
to the young lady
who has been tending you in your
I think I might remember the name of
the devil
who staked me out under the sun to
die, sir.
Major Philippe Joubert.
Philippe is dead. The general is
mistaken. You said yourself.
Yet we did not find him.
It's not possible.
You think I would marry such a man?
What the hell was in those chests
that was so important anyway?
Opium, Pat.
Grown under licence from the Company
and destined for China.
Same as they were raising
in this village.
Colonel Sharpe is right, gentlemen.
The Company has these last years
imported from China
ever greater quantities of tea.
Tea must be bought with something.
It helped them to balance the books.
By selling China the one thing she
You have not one whit of proof to
support so scandalous an allegation.
I expect he does.
I had occasion myself to examine the
writer's office.
There are some certain ledgers
and accounting books missing.
The contents of which I intend
upon my return to England,
and to the everlasting shame of His
Majesty's government,
to make known.
It would seem this Joubert, then,
has resolved to enter into the trade
Not just him, Mr Beauclere.
The half squadron of cavalry that
came to Kalimgong
was of the 3rd Native Horse.
It's Dragomirov.
Stealing the harvest.
And blame it on this rebel Chitu.
If such a man even exists.
There's something out there, sir.
In those trees and bushes.
Skirmish order.
Halt! Who goes there?
Advance and be recognised.
What was it? A tiger? What?
Yeah, a tiger, all right.
But only a littl'un.
The lass say owt?
Men on horses, sir.
Or "bad men" she says.
And one of them, their "chief" she
called him, was white.
Why did Dragomirov let us carry on
to the hill station?
Happen he'd no notion then.
The fort had already fallen.
To Joubert.
Nor reason to care over much.
For we should have taken such
to be the work of Chitu and his
More, sir, we should have returned
to the lines
bearing tales which served to
further his deception.
Only, Joubert made a mistake.
He left alive a witness to his
If in ignorance, then, we presented
no threat,
we must assume that when Dragomirov
is reunited with Joubert,
the truth will out.
We leave at first light.
They have been and gone.
I hope, Major Joubert, that your
taste for the dramatic flourish
is not about to cost us dear.
If Simmerson died
before Sharpe's column got here,
all is well.
If he survived, however, to tell of
your perfidy...
The bridge is gone.
I'd say the rains have washed it
Colour Wormwood, take picket.
Sing out if any bugger comes.
Unhitch the wagons,
turn the animals loose.
I understand Mr Nash is upon
fashioning a pavilion
very like your own for the Prince
Regent, Your Highness.
In Brighton.
A small town by the sea. In Sussex.
When complete, I fancy it will be
the gayest place under heaven.
Your Highness,
I must ask you to dismount.
Dismount? Why?
We bear enough provision for
ourselves, ma'am.
The animals must be turned loose here
and left to themselves.
I will not abandon my Chetak.
We've no choice, ma'am.
From here we go on foot.
Only those things essential to our
journey may be carried.
Food, water, ammunition.
Keep that rope nice and tight now,
Nice and tight.
Only those things essential
to our journey, Mr Watkin.
Maybe you did not hear.
But these things are essential,
Colonel Sharpe.
This is essential?
And that, and these?
They are liturgical accoutrements,
Necessary to furnish
my new mission at Banutola.
Once we've reached safe ground,
you can make arrangements to have
your equipment retrieved.
But, Colonel...
Where is she going?
It's my looking glass.
With Colonel Sharpe's haste
to have us abandon all our
belongings, she forgot it.
We've no time for this, ma'am.
I know.
I told her so, Mr Harper, I told
her, but...
she insists.
I looked for you at Kalimgong,
But I only found fresh graves and
the garrison missing.
The fort was attacked
and a company entire put to the
Did none survive?
But I think one perhaps.
And by your lie, I must assume
he has told you of his misfortune.
Leaving the commanding officer alive
was an unnecessary cruelty
on my associate's behalf.
Major Joubert.
I cannot allow your companions to
reach the lines
in receipt of such intelligence
against me.
Are you gonna kill 'em? In any
enterprise there is always spoilage.
But as gentlemen, can we not come to
some reasonable agreement?
You and I?
There is no need for you to suffer
along with the rest.
Nor indeed the good major's fianced
If it is a matter of scruple,
I have always found gold
the sovereign thing on earth for a
troubled conscience.
There's not enough gold in the world
to buy your life back.
My life?
Well, we shall have our time.
Perhaps sooner than you think.
Quick, get him across.
Colonel, sahib.
Come on, lass.
GUNSHO Major! Get up, sir.
Get up.
I want them alive!
Come on, Richard. Up you come.
Come on.
Where the hell are you going?
Can't leave her to 'em, Pat.
You go across that river,
you're a dead man.
What good are you to her then?
Damn it to hell!
Stand by, you bastard!
Colonel Sharpe.
Come on, lass. It's time
we were gone from this place.
I wish you an uncomfortable night.
Take cover!
Defend the camp!
I must beg of you a service,
Will you stay with the column?
At least as far as Kalimgong.
And you, madam, are a spoiled,
wilful, petulant
and selfish young fool.
Count Vladimir Alexei Dragomirov.
What's this man's father to you?
He killed my wife!
It's Dragomirov
stealing the opium harvest.
And blaming it on this rebel Chitu.
I want them alive!
If you go across that river,
you're a dead man.
Fall back.
Fall back, damn it!
They're retreating!
You'll have to take 'em on, Pat.
Me? Hold on a minute.
No argument.
Dragomirov will be looking for
another place to cross.
You keep to Tredinnick's map.
I'll rejoin you as I may.
Richard, what are you doing?
She came back for me, Pat.
She came back for me.
I cannot reach the ball, sir.
It is too deeply lodged.
Can he be moved? If you wish him to
bleed afresh with every step.
Indeed, Mr Harper...I can.
I will.
If Lance-Naik Singh
will lend me his shoulder.
I can travel.
With consideration, Mr Harper,
I've come to the opinion
the general is mad, sir.
Have you ever met one that wasn't?
Come on, Mr Beauclere,
pick up the pace!
That's the way, sir!
Damn forlorn hope, I calls it.
Staunch griping, Quilter,
I will not hear it.
There is always hope. While Colonel
Sharpe was with us, sir.
Not now.
It's a bitter blow, I grant you.
But all is not lost.
We must trust to Mr Harper
and support him in all things.
He's no rank, sir.
No, he has not.
Yet he will, I think, get us through.
Pray God you're right, sir.
Pray God you're right.
Stand by, you bastard!
Stand back.
Ah, the English colonel, huh?
Colonel Sharpe, is it not?
No doubt, Count Dragomirov will
reward me
for bringing such a useful prisoner.
Soldat! A moi!
Your men are dead, Joubert.
Just you and me now.
Only me.
It's all right, lass.
From now on you're safe.
I've given him as decent a burying
as I can.
better than any he had a right to.
You're bleeding.
It's nowt.
Let me see.
If I do not staunch your bleeding,
how far do you imagine we will get?
See? It's nowt.
Nonetheless, it must be
cleaned and dressed.
Your shirt?
If you please.
Bloody hell.
From my wife's mum.
The one you spoke of?
Teresa, aye.
You had a daughter, you said?
That's her likeness.
Pretty girl.
Happen she took after her mother.
And where is she now?
With Teresa's family.
I can't hope to look for her.
Not in the army.
Army is no place to raise a child.
The light is failing.
We'll make no more ground today.
Wormwood, pitch camp.
Pitch camp!
you take first picket,
two hours on, two hours off.
You have been all my happiness.
And a joy...
far beyond my deserving.
Hsst now.
You'll start my eyes watering with
all your flattering.
Stout heart, my girl.
Stout heart.
You've not ate owt, ma'am.
I'm not hungry.
You should eat all the same.
Keep your strength up.
Things will look brighter,
come morning.
I will forget I killed my fiance,
do you mean?
Here now, here, come on.
It were either him or me.
And I'm glad it weren't me.
If it's any comfort, he got no more
or less than he's deserving.
But have you killed many men?
Did they deserve it?
But most were just poor soldiers
who happened to wear a different
uniform from me.
But in a just cause?
I'm not sure I ever heard of one.
War is the business of kings, miss.
Kings and governments.
And however they dress it,
in the end,
the whys and the wherefores come down
to one thing.
Loot, booty, treasure.
Us soldiers...
..we just do the dying for 'em.
So nobody saw him go?
Well, I saw a fellow head off,
that took him on some post-culinary
Mr Beauclere,
you will take the company on.
Mr Harper.
You will forgive me, sir, but the
column needs you here.
Major Tredinnick is my officer.
I will find him.
You may kill me, Count,
but if by God's good grace,
Colonel Sharpe still lives,
..upon his steel shall you answer for
your offences.
Sharpe is dead.
All your hope is in vain.
However, tell me where the rest of
your party can be found.
I may yet spare your life.
Betrayal is your creed.
Not mine.
You're a brave man.
You see, ma'am?
I told you all would look better
by morning.
We've come up on the track.
A few hours riding should see us back
to the column.
Major, sahib!
Major, sahib...
You must tell...
Mr Harper, tell him...
..Colonel Sharpe is dead.
I heard the news off Dragomirov.
Look to my wife.
See her...
safe through.
Safe through...
No harm will touch her
while I breathe.
I swear.
Those were the major's words.
I'm sorry to bear no better tidings,
Speak me no speeches,
Lance-Naik Singh.
By and by, I will hear
all that there is to be heard,
but just...just grant me a few
private moments,
just to gather myself.
I beg you.
Philippe was garrisoned for a short
while upon the Ile-de-France.
My father liked to gamble
and when he could not cover his
Won you at cards?
An unusual way to find a husband, I
grant, but...
I wasn't going to do any better.
A shrewish reputation does not
eligible suitors to a woman's door.
Headstrong maybe.
But shrewish? Nah.
I would not call you that.
You called me worse.
Spoiled, petulant, selfish...
And yet you came after me.
I made a promise with Viscount
Do you always keep your...
Colonel Sharpe. Mademoiselle Bonnet.
Unless I'm mistaken,
with Major Joubert's horse.
No foolish heroism, please.
Lay down your arms and you'll be
treated fairly.
Our field headquarters.
A finer billet than any other
Company barracks, is it not?
Take her to her quarters.
I will stay with Colonel Sharpe.
You will do as you are bid.
There are some matters which lie
between the colonel and myself we
must resolve.
The ladies of the palace
will see you have all you require.
It's all right, ma'am,
you'll be safe enough.
A fine piece.
But I think a little headstrong,
is she not?
She knows her own mind.
A habit,
in my experience, as unwelcome in a
woman as it is in a horse.
Will you take a dish of tea, Mr
When low on spirits, my Robert,
he always took a dish to be
I will, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.
We've made some good progress this
Have we not?
We've done as well as we may, ma'am.
But enough...
would you think?
To put us beyond the reach of...
of that man?
I hope so, ma'am.
I really hope so.
So, here you see my manufactory.
This is where the raw juice of the
poppy is prepared.
and shaped into these cakes.
The work does not take great skill.
But it requires some attention
on the part of the worker.
Purity is all.
A moment's inattention and the whole
batch may be ruined past saving.
This fellow here for example.
His daydreaming has already cost me
Do you know how much opium China
imports, Colonel Sharpe?
Some 20,000 to 30,000 chests a year.
A year!
I have from this season alone
already 1,100 chests.
And the raw material
for some 800 or 900 more.
35 a chest.
With so much at stake,
do you truly suppose that I intend
to allow your friends to make
Yet, I will strike a bargain with
Save me the inconvenience of hunting
them down
and I will spare them.
They will be my guests here
until what business I have in India
is concluded.
they will be set free.
You have my word.
I've heard benefit of your word
I advise you to spend the rest of
the day in consideration.
With or without your help... assured, Colonel,
I shall find the rest of your
Mr Harper, the men are of the
we should parlay with Count
What measure of mercy are the men
hoping to receive?
The same as we got off Dragomirov at
the river?
The same as Major Tredinnick?
We're for Calcutta.
You go back to your section
and you tell them so.
This is a fool's errand.
And damned fools be we for following
That'd be Colonel Sharpe to you,
Colonel or no, he's gone.
You'll not see him again.
For all his high cockalorum,
good riddance to the bastard.
You keep your tongue behind your
As you were, you sons of whores.
Attend me now!
If there is any man here
who wants to turn back
and seek quarter with Dragomirov,
then he should step forward.
And I will gladly argue the same
point with him.
So get this into your thick skulls.
We, all of us,
know far too much about Dragomirov
to be allowed to live.
Now get him on his feet.
And let's go to... Argh!
Mr Harper.
Sergeant Harper, what's wrong?
Stones, inside, stones.
It must be cut from him.
No, no cutting.
There's another way.
Ah, Mademoiselle Bonnet.
What a picture you are.
You all right, lass?
You will take wine?
A sherbet water perhaps, then?
When I leave this country, Colonel,
I will do as a rich man.
You could do the same.
In Major Joubert,
you have robbed me of a useful ally.
And I must find a replacement.
Why not?
You have served the best years of
your life
in the service of a mad, old king
and a country which knows you not.
To what reward?
The grudgeful tolerations of your
Ah, now this fellow you should
For which he will require the
assistance of a beautiful woman.
Mademoiselle, if you would be so
He wishes for you to stand upon him,
my dear.
Wine...will revive her.
I'm quite sincere, Colonel.
A soldier of your resourcefulness
and renown
would be an asset to my enterprise.
I'm a soldier.
Not a murderer.
And what is soldiering, Colonel?
But legal murder.
I can see you are still reluctant
to tell me where I might find your
I can understand you might be
stubborn enough
to allow yourself to suffer.
But Miss Bonnet?
Believe me,
in her present state,
she will do exactly as they please.
The sherbet water, Colonel,
was laced with opium.
All right.
All right, damn you.
Where are they?
I'll take you to 'em.
Just tell me where they are to be
You must let me negotiate terms.
Patrick Harper won't surrender
to anybody but me.
All right, all right.
Let him rest a while.
Take your ease, sahib.
You're killing him.
It is the stone that is killing him.
It must be passed or he will die.
It'll burst his heart.
Yet it must be tried.
Mr Harper, sahib,
once more if you will.
What good do you think I'll do you
Ach, you'll be safe enough.
Provided you don't give the serpents
cause to strike.
I wish you an uncomfortable night.
Enough music now.
Leave off your goddamn caterwauling.
See her to her quarters.
Yes, sahib.
Ma'am. Ma'am!
Come on.
Come on, lass.
It's time we were gone from this
Water, sahib?
How are you this day?
I must say you look much improved
for your labours.
How did I get here?
I've no recollection of the journey.
We carried you, sahib.
As you have carried us all so far.
And in such discomfort.
Is it gone?
You are rid of the stone, sahib.
Thank you.
All by your own effort.
No cutting was necessary.
My grandfather was once taken
of the stones, sahib.
A wise man in the village cured him
and imparted to me the secret
by which he was delivered.
Indian magic.
No, sahib. Indian medicine.
Really, sahib, the Europeans
are a very superstitious people.
I suppose.
Do you hear that?
Stand to!
Stand to.
I weren't expecting flags,
but I thought to find a warmer
welcome than this.
Colonel Sharpe.
Alive. By God, sir,
we had took you to be lost.
I don't understand, sir.
Lance-Naik Singh had it off Major
Tredinnick that you were dead.
And why should Major Tredinnick think
Where is the major?
I'm grieved to learn of your loss,
You are restored to us
as my husband would have wished.
In that there is comfort.
And not some little hope.
The major was as fine an officer as
I've met, ma'am.
Thank you, Colonel.
For his part, I know,
he held you in like esteem.
By all reports,
it would seem that you have struck a
blow for our cause.
In that there is some justice.
In truth, ma'am,
what justice he had
were of Miss Bonnet's doing.
Well, I will give her my thanks.
God, Richard, you gave us a rare
Best get moving.
An hour, would you say?
Watch it, lads. Look out.
Look out.
How much powder have we got?
When I draw my blade.
You don't have to tell me twice.
Not before. Understood?
On your way, then.
you have found your friends.
It was thoughtful of you to lead me
to them.
I told you, I should hunt you down,
Colonel Sharpe.
And here we are.
Turn your men about, Dragomirov!
Go back!
While you've still got a chance.
I offered you friendship,
a share of the spoils.
What do you think you can achieve?
One sword against 50.
Aye, one sword,
but warranted never to fail.
Come on, then, you yellow bastards.
What are you waiting for?
I've shit 'em.
It's too easy.
Wait, you fools, rein in.
Rein in!
Clear the way, Goddamn you, clear
the way.
Get it cleared!
Send out a scouting party,
see if there is another way around.
Praise God.
Praise God.
Lance-Naik Singh.
Take a couple of Company troops
and find the head man.
Have him understand we intend him no
We wish only to resupply.
All and any goods to be paid for.
Take what rest you can.
We must be on our way again shortly.
Our way, Colonel?
But this is my mission.
If Dragomirov finds you here,
he'll kill you.
He must do what he must do.
As shall I.
You'll do as you're damn well told.
My child.
My child is coming.
Come on.
Colour Wormwood!
Secure the village.
You heard him. Get on with it.
Deever, lost your monkey.
The child is good with me, Colour.
It's against King's Regulations.
I ain't leaving her!
You'll do as I damn well say!
Or you'll find yourself on a charge!
It's all right, Private Deever.
She can bide with me.
I'll find some women of the village
to look to her.
See she's took care of.
I will.
I'm...I'm anxious to know how soon we
might be on our way, ma'am.
How soon? Richard,
the child is the wrong way about.
Ah, but you can help?
I don't know. I have helped deliver
a child before,
but not like this.
It may turn of its own will.
What if it doesn't?
It will be a difficult time.
In either case, she cannot be moved.
# Bake me a cake as quick as you can
Let's do it again.
# Pat a cake...
Is she sure?
Well, that's that, then.
Come on. Let's have
a turn about the place.
It isn't much, Pat, but it will have
to serve.
We can hardly press on now.
It'd be a real pity to falter at the
You do know the next garrison
is only a two-day hard march?
We haven't got two days.
Like as not, Dragomirov
will be upon us tomorrow.
It's here or nowhere.
It's as fine a place as any.
But I had hoped to see Ramona again.
And shall, Pat. And shall.
I suppose we've soldiered long
enough and hard enough
for you to not start lying to me
But Dragomirov's troopers are well
And what's more,
they outnumber us six to one.
Good riflemen's odds.
Except we've got no bloody riflemen.
HARPER: What's happening?
It's all right, lass.
It's all right, come on.
What in the name of God is going on?
You're safe.
Dragomirov's. Scouting party.
Bring him down!
What's he say?
My Bengali is not so good, sir.
He thinks you were trying to harm
the girl. Me?
No, mate, you've got it wrong,
it were these buggers.
He is her father, sir, I think.
Lower your rifles.
Put them down.
What did you ask him?
His name, sir.
My name is Chitu.
And you're right,
your Bengali is terrible.
Why would he come here?
My village grows no opium.
It's us he's after.
Then go.
Leave us alone.
You're not welcome here.
You're bringing trouble to my
We can't go.
There is a good amount of powder and
Some canister also.
Whether the powder is still good...
Bugger the powder.
The thing has only got one wheel.
Lance-Naik Singh,
see what you can do.
How many are you?
CHITU: All that you see.
Will they fight?
They are farmers.
So were I once.
The day comes a man has to decide.
Whether he stands to protect what he
holds dear...
..or bows himself
under another's will.
Musket at half cock.
Close the pan.
Ram the cartridge.
And...present arms.
WORMWOOD: Look at him, eh.
Look. Bloody fool.
Anyone with sense would leave the
bastard to it, eh, lads?
Desertion is a hanging, Colour.
You think anyone will survive the
morrow to peach?
Who's gonna stop us, eh?
I reckon we'll take our chances
alongside Colonel Sharpe.
Is that what it is like, lads?
Ah, well.
Maybe you're right.
It was an idle thought.
An unworthy one.
Think no more of it.
God knows, Silas Wormwood...
wouldn't leave his boys unfriended,
I keep thinking there's summat I
I think maybe there is one thing.
I've been told I've done you some
At least it would appear so.
I cannot speak to those things
of which you're charged.
But for my...misjudgement...
..and the treatment you've had of me
by it,
I offer apology.
You've no cause
to like the name of Hakeswill.
No. That's true.
But as a man,
you've done me no wrong.
Tomorrow, there is gonna be a battle.
I need every man able to face
Will you fight?
Free me.
Give me a rifle.
You shall see
whether I can fight or not.
I cannot free you.
You're in the army's charge
and I dare not interfere.
Yet you shall have a rifle.
Fine night.
Rain come morning. On the wind.
Aye. It's that.
Been long a soldier, Private Deever?
Nine years, sir.
What did you do before that?
Nothing, sir.
The army is all I know.
See, my Grampus fought for the
British at Lexington.
I'll be damned.
How my family come to England, sir.
And there's been a Deever in service
to His Majesty ever since.
For the child, sir.
It ain't much, but it's all I own.
I'll fight easier knowing she's took
care of.
I'll just hold onto it for you, Dan.
Till after the battle.
What's to do, Colour?
To do?
To do...
You must flee, man,
that's what to do.
Sharpe wants to kill you.
That can't be.
I just heard him talking with that
slack-bellied Irishman.
I'm not taking any chances, says he.
Ye are to hang before the battle,
says he.
I don't understand.
What is to understand?
I'll not have murder done.
Not to my brave boy.
Not while you are in my charge, no.
By God, I'd sooner swing for it.
But where shall I go?
I've set you a mount.
Behind the byre yonder.
Get as far away as you can, lad.
And don't stop riding.
And don't never come near no
redcoats no more.
Else the army will have your neck.
Go now.
All quiet?
All quiet, sir.
It's a bloody miracle you worked
with this cannon, Lance-Naik.
I was taught of a great engineer,
From him I learned there is no
however so great it first appears,
to which the answer cannot be found.
You liked him?
He was my officer, sir.
It's gonna be hot work tomorrow.
No doubt, sir.
Your position must hold.
Yes, sir.
If I may ask.
How fares the memsahib?
She's in the best of care.
Miss Bonnet is doing all she can.
I made the major sahib a promise.
That no harm would befall her.
You'll best serve her by holding
your post.
GUNSHO Guards! Guards!
The prisoner has escaped.
Corporal Hakeswill has gone, sir.
Turned loose all the horses
and left not a one behind.
And you said I had him wrong?
I knew the bastard
weren't to be trusted. Sir...
I don't want to hear it, Pat.
For all we know, he'll find
Dragomirov and sell us to him.
We might get him back, sir.
Colour Wormwood
has rode out after him.
Rode out?
And how's that?
When Corporal Hakeswill has turned
all the horses loose?
I don't know, sir, but he did.
All right, Deever.
Back to your post.
Will you hear us confession,
He can't take confession, Croop.
No, Private Quilter, you are
Confession is sanctioned
in The Order for the Visitation of
the Sick.
What did you want to tell me about?
We is bad men, sir.
Go on.
Very bad men, sir.
Is that all?
No, sir.
It's the...
Tell him.
The crime of which Corporal Hakeswill
stands accused, sir...
He never done it, sir.
It was Colour Wormwood, sir.
How do you know this?
Because we helped him do it, sir.
Not the killing, sir.
That was his alone.
But the robbing, sir, that we did.
Now the bastard has run off
and left us to it, sir.
If we is bound for glory...
..and anyone else survives,
they could speak on our part at the
court martial, sir.
Else we thought you could take
a deposition of us, sir.
That we could put our mark to.
Who in God's name, are you?
Colour Wormwood, sir.
At your service.
My service?
You're searching for Colonel Sharpe,
are you not?
I'll tell you all you needs to know,
How his forces are deployed.
Where his defence is weakest.
And what would you have in return
for this service?
Wormwood. Bastard!
We're well shot of him.
Aye, but with Barabbas gone,
we're two men short before we've
even started.
Richard bloody Sharpe.
Well, make your damn report,
if you please.
Well? I'm waiting.
Everything is as you disposed, sir.
You will recall that you have elected
to defend the western flank of the
Sir Henry.
If you are ready, we should get to
our post.
Sir Henry? Sir Henry?
And who are you, sir, to address me
in such familiar terms?
This is the Field Marshal Lord Chitu,
Field marshal, eh?
Your servant, my Lord, of course.
By Jesus, this is some army we've
put together.
Shirkers and bedlamites.
The halt and the mad.
Do we begin, sir?
All in good time, Colour Wormwood.
Let them see us first.
And despair.
I must speak with you.
Can it not wait, Mr Beauclere?
Very well, but make it quick.
Come away, then.
I have not yet been assigned a
My men have their orders.
Lance-Naik Singh has his orders.
Even General Simmerson...
Mr Beauclere...
I must know, sir.
Is it because of my father?
I thought you must have...
He did not fall as I have said.
He did not storm the breach.
Nor capture the marshal's baton.
But rather...
..he died as Colour Wormwood
You are not your father.
No, sir.
But I look very alike.
At least my mother says.
How a man counts upon the eye, Mr
Beauclere, means less than nothing.
It's what's in his heart that
Which is why the most important job
of all
I kept for you.
For me, sir?
Who else would I entrust
to defend the mission,
and give protection to the ladies?
Get to it now.
Aye, sir.
A few words from yourself
wouldn't go amiss.
Maybe steady the lads' nerves.
Company! Take heed.
I know the buggers look smart.
But take it from me,
that's all they are, strutting
At the Battle of Waterloo,
the South Essex Regiment stood all
They beat off two brigades of
and Bonaparte's Imperial Guard.
All you have to do is stand.
Stand! Let the cavalry come on.
Stand. Hold fire...
until the horses are within ten
and the day will be ours.
# Trust in the...
Colonel Sharpe, sir!
# Ever more painful
# Ever more sure
Watkin! Get out of there!
Brothers, brothers,
lay down your arms.
Today is the Sabbath.
To spill blood this day
would be impious.
The Sabbath, you say?
Aye, sir. Aye.
Then you of any should know God
does not work upon a Sunday.
Take cover!
Get them barricades back!
Stand, you buggers. Stand.
Oh, my.
Oh, my...
I believe I am killed, ma'am.
Fall back!
I do my duty.
Duty? The officer gave orders
that I must hold my position.
Well, then...
I guess if you can do it, I can.
Just my f...
Another round. Quickly.
That's the last of it!
The position is lost.
Go back to the mission.
They will have need of you.
I shall hold the east
as long as I may.
To me! Fall back!
Fall back!
Into 'em! Get into 'em!
By God, man, you cut that fine. Two
days of riding in one night, sir.
No sight were ever more welcome.
Private Quilter.
You just did a poor fool, Wormwood.
But now you'll have to deal
with a man.
You bastard!
You've lost, Dragomirov.
For all your bloody squadron.
You've lost.
If I'm for hell, Sharpe,
then you are coming with me.
One blade, Dragomirov.
Warranted never to fail.
How stands the day, sir?
The day is ours.
Did I...
do my duty, sir?
And more besides.
Will you write my mother ,sir?
I would have her know our name was
not dismayed.
You will write and tell her so
when you are able.
Miss Bonnet tells me I shall mend.
But blood demands soldiers deal
Am I to die, sir?
Might I then...
..presume upon your hand, sir...
..till the moment is passed.
It's been
the greatest honour of my life
to serve beside you.
The honour is mine.
Easy. Easy, lad.
You might give him a kiss, ma'am.
Here's 40 shillings on the drum...
..for those
who'll volunteer to come... list and fight the foe today...
..over the hills...and far away.
He saved us.
When they came.
A girl.
A child of the storm.
A dozen he killed, a dozen.
Your Grace, Sharpe, Your Grace.
Damn your eyes, sir.
Have you no etiquette?
You address a peer of the realm.
Remember your place, sir.
With you restored to your place, Sir
how could a man forget it?
You did it, Colonel Sharpe.
We did it.
I hope you're not intending
to go without saying goodbye.
A soldier is born to farewells,
It's to be sergeant, sir.
All charges dropped and a promotion.
My compliments, Sergeant Hakeswill.
That's enough, Sergeant.
You must come back to your bed now.
When a princess says she wants you
back in bed,
you'd best step to, Sergeant.
Are you ready, then?
Just give me a minute.
What will you do?
Go home.
And you?
I have a farm in Normandy.
In Normandy?
It's funny.
I was raised from a child to hate
all of you rosbif.
But you...
are a good man,
Colonel Sharpe.
For all you would have
the world think otherwise.
If you say so, ma'am.
one day I shall visit you.
I should like that.
Until then... revoir.
Leaving us, Sharpe?
The opium has been recovered.
The land restored to peace.
Job's done.
It would appear I owe you my life.
We all make mistakes, Sir Henry.
Quite so, quite so.
God speed you safe home...
Well, I have now seen it all.
Simmerson calling you "Richard"
and shaking you by the hand.
I think I'd sooner the bastard he
Aye, but if Simmerson can change
like that, there's hope for us all.
Buggered if I'm changing.
There's nowt wrong with me.
Amen to that.
Amen to that. Are we for home?
And maybe this time we'll get there.