Shastry Virudh Shastry (2023) Movie Script

May we march forward
With a common goal
May we be open-minded
And work together
In harmony
May we march forward
With a common goal
May we be open-minded
And work together
In harmony
May our prayers be one
As a society
May we have the same mind
And heart
And belong to the same brotherhood
May we march forward
With a common goal
May we be open-minded
And work together
In harmony
May our aspirations
Be harmonious
May our minds be in unison
May we strive to reduce disparity
May we be bound
In strong fellowship & unity
May we march forward
With a common goal
May we be open-minded
And work together
In harmony.
My mother-in-law
must be your age.
She got a knee replacement.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Put her in charge of her grandson.
It will heal all her ailments.
Yaman Shastry?
Yaman, come.
Momoji Come on!
Momoji, come!
No nicknames in school, please!
- Hello. Please have a seat.
- Hello.
English Literature- A+.
Science- A.
Arts- A.
Music- A+!
It's Guruji who nurtured
the entire school's music skills!
Maths B+? Why, Yaman?
Even his dad
regularly flunked Math.
I know, that as grandparents
you two are taking great care
of him.
But there are certain things
only the parents can handle.
Like there are new-age apps
to teach math.
You see, Yaman's parents
are busy these days.
- They rarely come over from Mumbai.
- Oh.
Is this the app
you're talking about?
Yes, Sir.
Just wait and watch, he'll score
an A+ in Math, as well.
- Alright.
- Isn't it?
why don't you make my sketch
just like you made uncle's?
Come here.
Tell your mother
about your report card.
Good evening, Mom!
Welcome to "Momoji Times"!
Let's start the evening
with a good news!
I scored the second position
in my class, Mom!
They gave me an A and an A+
in seven subjects!
And who will tell Mom about Maths?
Well, I scored a bit less in Math.
I got a B+.
But now I want my gift.
- Mom, 16 momos!
- Hey! Only four!
Please, Grandma!
Okay, Mom
- Eight!
- Eight?!
Okay, four.
Mom, four. And yes
I learned a new raga from Guruji.
I'll sing it to you someday.
And I have to play
the video game with Dad!
Okay, Mom?
- Momoji
- Hey Yaman
- Momoji! Momoji!
- Mom, not four! At least, ten.
- Okay, Mom!
- Momoji!
Please give me the phone
Swoops past like a wild wind!
A powerhouse of unique mischiefs!
You better not fall for him!
You won't know what you're in for!
Swoops past like a wild wind!
A powerhouse of unique mischiefs!
You better not fall for him!
You won't know what you're in for!
He's a monkey gone wild!
He's a cute little wonder!
He's a tiny earthquake!
Our naughty boy!
He may be small!
But he's a huge deal!
Our naughty boy!
He may look pocket-sized!
But he can drive you crazy!
He's a thunder packed
In a small packet!
He can change your world
In the blink of an eye!
He's smart
Somewhat adamant too
You'll want to kiss him
He's sweet as sugar
He's a monkey gone wild!
He's a mouse on the run!
He's a cute little wonder!
He's a tiny earthquake!
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
He may be small
But he is a huge deal
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
- Our naughty boy!
Madam forgive us this one time.
A total of 57,414 rupees.
You failed to pay the EMI for four months.
The market is down, Madam.
We're hardly making any money.
- Will you pay with a check or cash?
- I prayed to Lord Ganpati,
"God, send a thief to steal my truck.
Then I can pay Madam the EMI
from its insurance money.
But imagine my luck!
Even my truck won't get stolen!
I give you two weeks.
If you don't pay up the EMI,
instead of a thief,
I'll come and take your truck.
What will you gain from it, Madam?
Listen, madam!
Madam, just a minute
Pallavi, look at the time.
Boss is waiting for you.
Kuhu has been throwing up.
I couldn't leave her alone.
Why, what about your nanny?
Don't even get there!
She is a useless woman!
She sleeps the whole time!
My neighbors go crazy ringing
the bell to wake her up!
Besides, not everyone is as lucky
as you are, babes.
You have the best creche in
the world! Grandparent's daycare!
I'm lucky? Yeah, right.
You can go home to your kid,
hug her, and feel her fragrance.
Forget holding my kid
I don't even get to see him.
I'm just his "WhatsApp Mom".
You published our game without
informing me and my team?!
Congratulations, Malhar!
You saw your game's reviews?
It's super-hit!
- Congrats, bro!
- What about the IPR?
The team's credit?
And the revenue share?
Come aside, bro.
I've given you and your team
a break in this industry!
To hell with your break!
We worked on the game
for five years! Forget about me,
- couldn't you give credit to the interns?
- It's my company.
- The credit too is mine, right?
- We developed it with our money!
- We'll build another game, bro.
- I'm not your bro, you cheat!
Hey, you!
Don't overreact!
You're nothing without my money, got it?
This is your first-ever game review.
What did you make before this?
"Dhichkao, dhichkao,
vroom, vroom"?
You haven't given me a break.
It's you who got a break
by publishing my game!
I'll show you!
Hop on, Panchgani, Satara
Satara! Satara! Get on the bus.
- That's my seat.
- I'll sit here today. My reward.
After so long you had a job
that you preferred, Malhar.
At what cost?
They took away my credit,
IPR, revenue, everything!
Brother, give me one.
Twenty. Chickpeas!
Chickpeas for twenty bucks!
You have some change?
You want it all from one job!
How can you be so impatient?
What was I supposed to do?
Tolerate it silently?
Look at me.
The only woman
among 32 collection agents.
From Buldhana to Ratlam,
to Nagpur for nine years.
- This one?
- Yes. The telescope.
From one highway to another.
Did I quit the job?
Malhar, are you even listening?
It's only you that I ever listen to.
Look, Momoji's prize! Nice?
Now what?
What else
I'll stay at home
and develop the game.
Pay him.
- How much?
- It's 150 rupees.
I think I should become
a house-husband.
- Toy! Toy!
- Yes.
Toys for kids!
Brooming, washing, dusting
I'll do all the chores.
And we'll bring Momoji with us.
Will you be able to convince Guruji?
Look, we have 32 teeth, son.
So, chew 32 times.
Then he'll take three hours
to finish his food Chewing away!
I've only chewed 20 times so far.
Mom, Dad!
My momos are here!
- Shilpi
- Yes, I'm going.
- Yay!
- Hey!
Look, what I got you!
- Momos!
- And your favorite toy!
Come, let's go in!
Hey Hello.
- Momos!
- Momos!
- We'll have momos tonight!
- Not tonight, tomorrow.
Put it in the fridge now.
Mom, please let him have it.
But he's having rice and lentils
tonight. With a lot of ghee.
- Homemade ghee!
- Mom,
he eats that stuff every day.
You could let him have momos tonight.
It's his favorite.
We could have if you had come on time.
He can't go hungry
until you arrive, right?
It's got flour in it, son.
He won't be able to digest it.
Mom, he must get used
to this kind of food, as well.
He's getting too pampered
over here anyway.
Come on, the last four bites.
Last four bites
what has your grandma taught you?
Don't waste food. Come on.
Hey, where are you going?
Oh, no Now I've to follow you around!
Mischievous lad!
Here I come
Is your chest pain better?
And the blood pressure?
You live on your wife's income.
Obviously, you dance to her tunes.
Whatever you have to say,
say it clearly.
We want to
take Momoji to Mumbai.
I've quit my job.
I'll stay home and look after him.
I'll put my son
in the best school in Mumbai.
Best school?
How will you pay for it?
Oh, right.
Your wife will?
Of course.
It's high time
he comes to stay with us.
Or else he'll never grow close
to his parents.
Find a decent job first.
Earn your own money.
Become a capable father.
Then, we'll talk.
Give him time, if you can.
Not bribes.
Come on, Dad! Save your planet!
My player will defeat you!
Wow, boy! Move aside.
Seems like you will win the game!
- Momoji, it's late!
- Mom, move!
Come on, you have school tomorrow.
No! I want to sleep here!
With Mom and Dad!
You have school tomorrow, dear.
You won't be able to wake up.
And what's the timetable
Guruji set for your sleep?
It's 10:00 p.m.
Yes. And look at the time now.
It's 11:15 p.m. Let's go to sleep.
Or Guruji will be angry!
Big Boss wants
Grandma to leave right now!
She doesn't let me sleep
with my mom and dad.
That's not nice.
Where did you learn that?
He keeps watching the TV
with Shilpi.
But there's only one Big Boss
in this house.
That's Guruji.
Now, come!
If we sleep early,
we can wake up early.
And we can go to school early!
Every single time she does this.
Why can't she let him sleep
with us for one night?
Why does she forget
that I am Momoji's mom?
Not her.
Is this an appropriate time to call?
No phone calls now.
I'll come and talk to you
at Kolhapur tomorrow. Now hang up!
It's okay, baby.
You go.
And you?
I'll be here.
Chintu has come down from the USA.
I'll be meeting him tomorrow.
Did you talk about Momoji?
Am I worthless?
Tell me!
He thinks I'm worthless.
Do you think so, as well?
And what has he done?
Spent his life in a century-old
ancestral home.
And he thinks I'm the one
who is worthless?
I have decided!
I'll go to his school
and talk to his principal tomorrow.
I'll take Momoji along no matter what!
I'm not leaving my son behind
over here!
Sadashiv Bapat passed away
after four days of fever.
Asad Hussain.
15,000 platelet count!
He died, as well!
Umesh Kulkarni
from Shanivar Peth.
Even he died after four days in a coma.
Dengue is very common these days.
It's spreading everywhere.
You should return soon.
Okay? You two must return
as soon as possible.
By morning, okay?
Oh my God!
Wake up, Son.
You're getting late for school.
Come on.
Just five more minutes.
There are 300 seconds
in five minutes.
You shouldn't waste
even a second. Come on.
Let the kid wake up properly.
Then you can teach him.
Come on, my dear prince!
We have to go to school now!
Three times forward.
Open your mouth.
Three times backward.
- Three times above, three times below.
- Very good. Come.
Come on!
Good morning, Mom!
Good morning, Son.
- Tea.
- Coming!
- Yes?
- bring his tiffin.
- Yes, I'll bring it.
- Shilpi auntie Shoes!
- Mom, should I help with it?
- Yes, the tie
Shilpi, tea, Shilpi, tiffin,
Shilpi, shoes
Shilpi, Shilpi, Shilpi!
- Stop grumbling.
- Why doesn't this shut?!
What will happen if I'm not here?
- Madam, I'll bring you tea.
- Oh, no, Mom! It's too tight!
- I am sorry, dear.
- I'll fix it.
Momos! Momos!
Grandma, pack all of them!
Will your tiny stomach
be able to fit them all?
I have a huge stomach, Grandma!
Mom, why did you slice the apple?
Grandma gives me the whole of it.
A sliced apple turns black after
some time, that's why he's complaining.
You don't bother. I'll give him
an entire apple.
Momoji's momo party!
Good morning, Dad-boss!
- Good morning, Momoji!
- Bye!
Come on, you're late!
Come on, fast.
- From school, get your
- Come, or else you'll get a late slip.
I won't bring it.
Otherwise, we won't be able
to finish the project.
I'll complain to the Big Boss.
Mischievous lad!
Say bye to everyone!
Bye, Grandma. Bye, Mom.
Bye, Shilpi auntie.
Bye, home.
Bye, garden. Bye, gate.
- Bye, bird.
- Bye, caterpillar.
Bye, trees.
Bye, car.
Say Bye, trees!
Guruji, when Freddie Mercury was only 12,
he started his band in Panchgani!
- Is it?
- You know who he is?
World's biggest rockstar!
I see!
Shivaputra Siddharamayya
What was he named
when he was five?
- Kumar Gandharva.
- Very good!
Son, India has given the world
some of the greatest singers.
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi,
Vidushi Kishori Amonkar,
tabla maestro, Alla Rakha,
sitar player, Vilayat Khan
Many eminent musicians of our land
made this place their home.
It's not wrong to know
about Freddie Mercury.
But first, get to know
your roots. Got it?
That's how one can achieve
one's place in this world!
- I got it, Guruji!
- Right!
After completing
chores of several houses,
I have to come
and make their laddoos!
Is there some festival
to prepare laddoos?!
It's the same demand every day!
I'll get your tea.
Very annoying!
I won't accept it this time.
Keep it, Mom.
It's for Momoji.
There's enough for Momoji.
Whatever you gave
in the last eight years,
we put it all in the savings.
Besides, our pensions,
Guruji's music tuitions
It's enough for us.
You keep it.
Malhar doesn't have a job.
Mom, I earn enough for both of us
to live comfortably.
Please keep it.
What will we do
with so much money?
Everything is for Momoji.
But I couldn't do anything
for my son.
Tightly hugging him to sleep,
staying up with him,
bathing him,
school, breakfast, tiffin
making sweets for him like this
Pallavi, Ayesha, Tara
All of them are working mothers, Mom.
Pallavi is a single mom, yet she
manages to take care of her kid.
All by herself.
- I can do it, as well.
- Twelve hours of office.
Whatever is left of your life,
is wasted in traffic.
How will you do it?
Momoji was only three months old.
Remember how sick he was?
Malhar called me up,
and I rushed to your place
without letting Guruji know!
That was the first time I saw him!
You two had tightly wrapped him in
a quilt because he had a high fever!
You came and immediately
put him in ice water.
I was so scared!
Did you two know
how to handle a baby?
But now he has grown up.
Let him come with us, please?
I'll hire a nanny,
Malhar will work from home
We'll manage.
I miss him a lot.
Taste it and tell me how it is.
This is the historic ground of
Panchgani's Shastry Mansion!
And I'm Sunil Doshi!
And this is Prakash James Wilson!
Team Oldies are being led by,
Mr. Manohar Shastry!
And facing him as a bowler
- is Mr. Pinku!
- Hey, hey!
Take my name with respect!
- Okay, Pinku Mehta!
- Better.
And suddenly Mr. Malhar Shastry
has joined the Kids' team.
You come here. I'll hit on that side.
Why are you taking orders from him?
You're on my team!
My driver takes my orders.
Park right there.
And even before the match begins,
- sledging starts!
- Forget it, bro.
What's going on?
What is this?
- Momo is running away from the field!
- Hey, Momoji!
Where's he going?
Momoji is simply running.
- He's running and he's running,
- Running
- and he is running!
- Mom! Mom!
- Be good to Grandma and Guruji, okay?
- We are a team.
Don't worry, Mom.
What a touching moment!
Momoji kisses his mother,
she kisses him back.
Momoji getting a grasp
over his emotions,
prancing back into the field!
It reminds me of an incident in 1996
Shane Warne's mother,
Brigitte Warne
had entered the cricket field!
She too placed a kiss
on Shane Warne's forehead.
- Very good, Momo!
- Very good!
Get back to the game!
Come on, Momoji! Come on!
And now, we get back
to the game with all valor!
What a shot! And it is a six!
- Six!
- Wonderful!
Okay, Grandma.
I have no respite.
The day will go by
but my work won't finish.
I'll miss my TV soap.
I won't be able to watch it anyway!
It's just too much!
The tiles are ancestral, brother.
It's time you changed them, sir.
Your medicine.
This is what your son is doing here.
Where's he?
He went to Chintu's place.
It's his mom's death anniversary.
He'll be celebrating mine any day!
What rubbish!
Why did you let Yaman go with him?
- Well, he is his father.
- Father, my foot!
Where are you off to?
To bring the kid.
But, he's gone with his dad
Sir, clutch.
It will be a loss for me if you drive
the car with your foot on the clutch.
- I'll deduct it from your pay!
- Take your medicine first.
Dad, look! Fireflies!
So, tell me,
why do fireflies glitter?
They signal their blind friends
with the light.
But tell me,
where does their light come from?
It's the luciferin chemicals
inside them.
Luciferin chemicals?
You're quite wise!
Guruji taught me!
You're a firefly, a star
My nights are moonless
When your eyes sparkle
My sadness vanishes
Why are you this lovely?
Your laughter is infectious!
When I go away from you
My eyes well up
Your tiny palms
Their touch give me hope
Your nascent fingers
Give meaning to my life
You're a spring of joy
You're a sweet mischief
You're a spring of joy
You're a sweet mischief
Your sweet, witty words
Teach me something new every day
Please remain just as you are
My sparkling firefly!
May life's struggles
Never perturb you
May you never grow up
My thoughts scare me
A star, awake through the night
My friend through dark times
Your naive chatters
Are lullaby to my ears
You're a firefly, a star
My nights are moonless
When your eyes sparkle
My sadness vanishes
Uncle, I am here for a month
to sort out the property papers.
Let me know if you need any help.
After all, we were neighbors
for 42 years.
Of course.
Mom, he wants chicken!
Come inside.
Auntie couldn't spend enough time
with Niki and Vicky.
Yes, Son
I have a cough
and a bit of a breathing issue.
No, I'm okay.
Mom's okay, Son.
she fell down in the bathroom
ten days ago,
the orthopedic surgeon said
she needs a hip replacement.
It's alright, any way you're coming.
We'll get it done
when you are here.
And the toilet needs repairing.
We'll start with it once you come.
For now
we're using the servant's toilet.
He hung up! Disconnected!
Man, you're such a good liar!
The thing with these NRIs is
the moment they find out there is
some issue with the toilet,
they take a U-turn right away!
Kids these days are like that!
At least your son
still bothers to call you up.
That useless son of mine?
He doesn't even call!
Does he have a kid?
Let him have a kid.
He'll fly you and your wife there
in business class!
I'm not lying!
He will show you the glam life
of America,
the nightlife of Las Vegas,
and even the Statue of Liberty.
And then, he will destroy
any liberty you two have.
Where in the USA will they find cheap
and emotional caretakers like us?
You know, Doshi
Caretakers in the USA
What are they called? Nanny!
- Nanny.
- Do you know how much they charge?
Hundred dollars a week.
Hundred dollars for an hour.
- What?!
- Yes!
And if the kid cries for more than
ten minutes, 25 dollars extra.
- What?!
- Yes!
So, they teach the kids not to cry
for more than ten minutes!
- Really?
- Yes!
But why don't you let your son come?
What's the use?
I raised him, got him married,
and gave him property. All's done now.
What's left now?
Tell me one thing.
You do all the duties for your grandson.
Taking him to school,
helping with his homework,
- why do you do it?
- Why?
If you refuse,
you'll be sent
to an old age home.
Whatever you're doing, it's basically
a tax payment for your old age.
Old age tax.
Has Yaman returned?
He isn't back yet.
Not yet?
Look at him, a dedicated nanny.
You remember the talent hunt fest?
Of course.
Your first web design.
And your first business deal.
Not just a business deal!
For those times,
a turnover of 20,000!
Cheers to that!
Honestly, bro,
half of Panchgani
is still using our websites.
So, have you finally learned
to handle business negotiations?
Sir, it's you who went
to Stanford, not me.
You know how I had to make it
from Panchgani to Mumbai.
After my elder brother Lalit died,
I just fled, bro.
Fled from this situation.
And then I met Mallika.
But I didn't tell my folks
about marrying her.
I knew they wouldn't understand.
Now, my life revolves just around
my son and my wife.
That's why you dumped your
kid with your parents.
- Hey, you!
- I'm just messing with you.
My mom forcibly took him
and brought him here.
He was just three months old.
We weren't being able
to take care of him.
And Mallika's job was very
To be honest,
I was still struggling.
Let me tell you something.
When your kid lives with you,
he grows up seeing our struggles
and sacrifices.
Bro, dad's shirt drenched in sweat,
mom serving food, making pasta
even after a hard day of work,
dad chopping veggies while he's
on a conference call, like this.
Mom drops him to school,
then goes to her office.
Dad is struggling and yet he finds time
for the kid.
Mom, dad, son, all that struggle!
All that chaos and adjustment!
That is family!
That is life, buddy!
It's beautiful!
Why do we go to our grandparents?
To get pampered.
But I must tell you that pampering
can spoil the kids.
To grow into a self-reliant being,
the kid needs his parents.
That's our job.
Cheers to parenthood!
Bro, I'll just check on Momoji.
I'll be back.
Hey! Shit!
Don't worry, sweetheart!
Nothing has--
Nothing has happened Nothing's wrong!
It's all good
Why did you leave me alone?
What happened?
Mom, we were playing "Game of War."
- What!
- He was the tyrant.
Don't worry. You will be fine.
- I'll get some medicine.
- No, just ice, please.
- It's nothing!
- Why did you leave me alone?
No, I was right here.
I was here, Son. I was right here.
That's a lie. You were not here.
I kept calling out to you
so many times!
But you didn't come!
They were beating me up.
Hey, this isn't beating up.
It's just a game, Son.
I've fallen down so many times,
I have hurt myself, as well!
That's how we become strong!
I don't want to be strong!
I want to go home!
To Grandma and Guruji!
Look, honey, these things happen.
We fall down, we get wounded.
No need to get your grandparents
worried by telling them, okay?
This is our secret, okay?
you'll remember, won't you?
Hey! Momo!
- Grandma, Guruji!
- Momo!
- Momo!
- Hey, Momoji!
What happened?
Why are you crying?
- Yaman?
- He's crying.
What happened, Son?
- What happened?
- What's wrong with the kid?
- All the kids
- What did you do to the kid?
All the other kids made me
the tyrant in the game,
and they hit me a lot!
They hit me hard!
I was bleeding!
- Oh, no!
- It's noth--
- Son, don't lie! Nothing serious, Mom!
- Let me have a look, Son.
What's wrong with you?!
Why'd the poor kid lie?
But it's no big deal.
The kids were playing,
he must have got hurt.
What were they playing?
A video game?
It's alright.
Is it hurting? Yeah?
It's swollen up?
It's okay, I'll put medicine.
It's alright, you will be fine.
He won't ever be fine.
You know what his problem is?
He never plays with kids his age!
He's always with you people!
He has no friends!
He doesn't know how to make friends!
He has already grown old!
- He's behaving like
- Like? Like who?
Like who?!
Mom, remember how many times
I've hurt myself?
Bruised knees, elbows,
I still have marks!
Wounds are a part
of growing up, Mom!
Where were you
when he got wounded?
Where were you?!
You couldn't take care of him
for one evening!
And you want to take him to Mumbai?!
You think the kid's a mobile game?
You'll be alright, dear.
I gave you medicine, right?
It will heal.
Son Son
Why did you do this?
- You look tired, why so?
- There's repair work going on at home.
I see.
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- There he is!
- Guruji!
There he comes!
- Guruji!
- Here he comes!
Hello, Doshi Grandpa!
Son, just call me grandpa! Come.
- What did you do in school today?
- I had fun!
- Really? Now, let's go.
- Great!
I'm a good monitor, Guruji.
My voice has power now.
Class! Be quiet!
Stand in line!
Am I not a good monitor?
You are!
I'll check everyone's homework daily.
I won't let them waste their tiffin.
And you know, Guruji in my class
Guruji? Guruji!
Get up, talk to me! Are you hurt?
Please get up, Guruji!
Guruji! Guruji
Want to strike a partnership again?
Stop being cryptic, Chintu.
Look, you're more interested
in "learning games."
Like that Bangalore-based
gaming company.
That company was sold
for 360 million dollars.
We could do it, as well.
Your games, my investors.
Your ideas, my management.
The revenue sharing
will be 60-40, but
a 50-50 IPR.
And 100% credit!
We can do it, man!
I seriously feel you need
to get out of this place, bro.
Just come to the USA with Mallika
and Yaman, I'll see to the rest.
I'll take care of everything else!
What are you thinking about?
Your own gaming studio!
Your freaking dream, brother!
I'll be there right away!
I have spoken to a hospital in Mumbai.
First, they'll conduct a TMT.
they suspect a blockage
in the treadmill test,
then, an angiogram.
And if the angiogram
comes out to be positive
then we immediately go for
an angioplasty.
Or, a bypass surgery.
Here are the insurance papers.
And keep this money.
It will help with the treatment.
- I'll manage it myself, Mom.
- But how?
You've even quit your job.
These days,
you don't tell me anything.
Mom, come, sit.
There's some good news.
Chintu gave me a business offer.
He wants to start a gaming company
in San Francisco.
He's paying me in advance!
I'll be taking Mallika and Momoji
to the USA! Mom, just imagine,
Momoji will study in the USA!
Did you tell this to Guruji?
- Is it why he had a heart attack?
- No, you're the first to know!
You two can go wherever you want.
Open a gaming parlor or
a food joint, if you will in the USA!
Momoji is not going anywhere!
Momoji is our son, right?
Hope you know that?
- Eventually, he has to stay with us!
- Just shut up!
he will be on the cardio program
for some months.
His medicines, his lifestyle,
and most important thing,
no stress.
If there's chest pain again,
we go for a bypass surgery.
He has to be very careful. Okay?
What should I do?
Stay for three months or go away?
Or wait for the bypass?
Tell me, what do I do?
Give it some time.
Wait and watch.
Vodka mix.
This one?
Whenever something positive
is about to happen in my life,
some problem or the other
springs up!
It's a great offer.
Don't miss it.
You go.
I will manage everything here.
I won't go without you!
I'm only going if you're coming.
And we will take Momoji with us.
And leave Guruji alone
in this condition?
He needs our support.
If Momoji comes to the USA with us,
it will unburden him!
How can they keep up with the kid
at their age?
They're not getting any younger!
It's not that easy.
But we must understand
their situation, as well.
Being a mother, I can understand.
But you don't?
Momoji has lived with them
for seven years.
Seven years!
But you
and your Guruji
Both are adamant.
It's not even seven,
where are you going?
- Home.
- Home?
Go slow.
I'm driving at 60.
That speedometer is not working.
After all, it's your car.
Careful, these are hilly roads.
It's an open highway.
Did you overtake that guy
without giving an indicator?
I had already given an indicator.
Switch to second gear.
What's the hurry?
Actually, why don't you drive? Come on!
We'll get into an accident
if you keep poking me!
Last night, I woke up suddenly.
I was very thirsty.
There was no water in the bottle.
I opened the fridge.
No water in there, as well.
There was a bottle
on the kitchen table.
I took a gulp from that.
My throat, chest, stomach
Everything was burning!
What was in the bottle?
Vodka mix.
In the fridge, in the kitchen,
on the table Vodka mix!
Even in Panchgani, under
the bed, outside the window,
in the garden Vodka mix!
You should be sent to rehab!
Fine! Alcoholic, spineless,
characterless, I am all of that!
But it's my life!
I'll live it however I want!
Do whatever I wish!
You have a problem
with everything I do!
Me, my character, my lifestyle,
you have a problem with it all!
And if you're talking about
my career, well, I'm not worthless!
I'm starting a business!
I'm moving to the USA with my family!
With Momoji!
And I challenge you!
I will take my son with me
to the USA!
Let's see if you can stop me!
Guruji, what are you doing?!
Guruji! Hey, shut the door! Hey!
What the heck, Guruji?! Hey!
Gur-- Guruji!
Guruji! Stop!
Guruji, what are you doing?
Guruji, please! I'm sorry!
Please, Guruji! What are you doing?
Please sit in the car!
Guruji, please! Don't make
a scene on the road, please!
Guruji, please!
Where is Guruji?
On the highway, he got out of the car.
What do you mean?
And you let him?
In this condition?
Mom, I begged,
I pleaded, I fell at his feet.
But does he ever listen to me?
I knew it.
Something is bound to go wrong
when you two are together.
Momoji, don't run around.
You'll hurt yourself.
Mom, pack Momoji's clothes.
I'm taking him to Mumbai today.
His vacation is just a week away.
You can take him then.
No, Mom. I can't wait anymore.
He's very naughty when
you both are around.
How will you handle him?
- Momoji, go, eat.
- Come. Open your mouth.
You shouldn't have left Guruji alone.
God knows where he is
- Oh, God, protect him
- Momoji, go there right now.
Does he ever listen to me?
- Momoji!
- Momoji,
look what you did! Can't you hear?
You just won't behave!
Hey, come here!
- Son!
- One tight slap and--
Stop right there!
Lower your hand!
Leave the kid!
How dare you!
You have no right to beat him!
No one else does either.
You challenged me, right?
That you'll take him to the USA?
Malhar Shastry,
I accept your challenge!
Now, we shall only talk in court.
The plaintiff.
Mr. Jitesh Mehta.
Your opening statement, please.
Your Honor,
to quote Dale Carnegie.
When dealing with people,
let's remember,
we're not dealing
with creatures of logic.
We're dealing with creatures
of emotions.
And Your Honor, I know
that inside a courtroom,
there is no place for emotions.
So, I do not wish to talk about my client
Manohar Shastry's emotions today.
I'll only talk
about his legal rights.
Your Honor,
according to the 1890 Guardians
and Wards Act, Section 19-
A guardian can claim
the legal guardianship of the kid
if the father is deemed unfit
to be a good guardian.
And most importantly,
the Honorable Supreme Court
highlights one point repeatedly,
regarding child custody.
There is no legal right bigger than
the child's happiness,
interest, and welfare.
Not even the power
and the rights of the parents
under any circumstances!
Seven years ago,
since Yaman was only three months old,
he has been living
with his paternal grandparents.
Your Honor,
This here
is a letter from the school records.
Mr. Malhar signed it himself.
He has declared over here,
that in the condition
of his absence,
it's the grandparents
who are the kid's guardians.
No, my Lord.
My client Manohar Shastry doesn't
want the right to be the father.
He just wants the right to be
Master Yaman Shastry's guardian.
So, here a vital question arises.
Who is the legal guardian?
The kid's parents?
Who have only visited him every
two weeks for the last seven years?
Or the grandparents?
Who, for those seven years,
responsibly raised the kid,
and sheltered him with affection.
With all their love!
And now, when that kid is seven years old,
the father comes claiming
that he'll take the kid to America! Why?!
Who gave this father that right?
Your Honor,
who are the real guardians?
The kid's biological parents
who never cared?!
Or the care-giving grandparents
of the kid?
Who is the guardian?
Devaki or Yashoda?
That's all, your Honor.
Ms. Shalini Patwardhan.
Thank you, my Lord.
Your Honor, my humble question is,
is this even a case?
"Who is the rightful guardian?"
If the court begins
to entertain such cases,
parents will be scared to leave
their kids with their grandparents.
It will set a bad precedent,
your Honor.
In today's times, grandparents
must support their kids,
who are working parents
instead of obstructing them
from advancing in life.
Your Honor, this case wants to rob a child
of his rightful share of parental love!
The case is against advancement
and against the child, as well!
It's the most regressive appeal
I've ever heard!
If I have your permission,
I'd like to present an example.
Thank you, my Lord.
Many people from Mumbai
buy homes at places like Karjat,
Lonavala, and Panchgani.
Weekend homes.
They hire a caretaker,
to submit the electricity, water,
and cable bills on time.
The caretaker takes a good salary
for doing this.
Now, say, the owner
wants to sell this house.
And the caretaker says,
No! Take my permission first.
I've been taking care of this house
for seven years, so, even I own it.
Would you deem him correct
in claiming so?
Your Honor, this case must be
dismissed immediately
because it's just a ruthless
effort of an adamant father
to destroy his son's life.
Your Honor, this case is a testimony
of a parent's cruelty
against their own child.
Objection, my Lord!
Miss Shalini Patwardhan
is forgetting a point here.
There's a vast difference
between a caretaker and a grandparent.
A caretaker charges money
to take care of the house.
We're talking about
blood ties here!
And for your kind information,
my client has never charged
a penny to take care of the kid.
- Objection, your Honor.
- Of course, they have.
His client did take money.
We made an FD out of it for the kid!
- Statement
- Just a minute.
In spite of being a senior,
my learned senior looks like
you haven't done
your homework well.
Your Honor,
my client gave Mr. Shastry's wife
a monthly sum for the kid's upkeep.
I see a clear give-and-take story
in these blood ties.
It's sad, but that's the bitter truth
of this case, your Honor.
- Shalini madam.
- Yes?
I have in fact done my homework
Your Honor, this here
is the bank statement.
She says that her client paid
my client for the kid's upkeep.
Yet my client never
even touched a penny from that.
Every bit of it was put aside
as the kid's savings and FDs.
Your Honor, my capable opponent
has come up with great proof!
It's like, a bribe was surely
put on the table.
But then the receiver says,
I never touched it!
After all, the money is lying
in his client's account!
So, what are we talking about?
Your Honor,
no matter how kind you are,
all you get in return are brickbats.
That is what happened
with my client in this case.
That's all for now, Your Honor.
In our present society,
this case is very important.
Because it is about
the future of a child.
And I think
we should discuss this
with utmost responsibility.
Hence, the next hearing of this case
will be on the 5th.
The court is adjourned for the day.
Hey! Stop the truck!
Get him out of the vehicle!
Enough of chasing you! Get off!
Seize his truck. Get off!
- Hello.
- Get down!
- Come on!
- Get down!
- Yes, Malhar?
- Get down!
- Come on!
- What happened at the court?
- Get down!
- Did the judge dismiss the case?
No, this will go on for a while.
But he must've said something, right?
The next date is on the 5th.
I I'll call you back.
Your wife is a frequent visitor here.
That's how we became friends.
Her job is such, after all.
I know.
Hospital and court visits
I don't even wish it on my foes.
Make two cups of tea.
- Yes.
- With lots of sugar and cream.
It must be very hard for you.
After all, he is your father.
And these days legal battles
have become a joke.
"The crow was fed by him
and it shat on my roof.
Sue the neighbor."
"The rain took down the roof.
Sue the plumber."
Your dad's the same.
The suing kind.
There will be a cross-examination
next week.
Will you manage?
I hope he won't be humiliated.
The father files a case
against the son,
and their dirty laundry won't be
washed in public
How is that possible?
For the first time, Manohar Shastry
was insulted publicly in court.
Because of you.
I forbade you, yet you continued
to take money from daughter-in-law.
Now, everyone will think we took
money to raise Yaman!
Your Honor,
allow me to call Mr. Manohar Shastry
to the witness box.
- You're allowed.
- Guruji.
You were a music teacher?
For 42 years.
But you got a four-year extension
even after retirement.
- Yes.
- Why?
Maybe they liked my work.
Or, maybe it was difficult
for the school management
to find a good music teacher after me.
Who is there in your family?
My wife, who was an art teacher
at the same school.
I have two sons.
Both were born in Satara
and grew up in Panchgani.
What about the other son?
He passed away.
Twelve years ago.
Please tell the court
about how you spend your day.
I wake up at 06:00 a.m.
Then, my wife Urmila gets Yaman
ready for school.
Then I take him to school at 08:00 a.m.
The school is nearby,
so we walk there.
Then I return home, have my breakfast,
and rehearse music.
Then, at 02:00 p.m., we bring Yaman
back from the school.
Then we feed him
and put him to sleep.
At that time, I do some reading
and writing on my own.
When Yaman wakes up,
I take him out to play.
Then, after we're back,
we get to music sessions.
The other students come over.
The classes are at home.
And then, homework, dinner
Then we sleep at 10:00 p.m.
So, from morning to night,
it's all about Yaman!
Your Honor, at his age
people suffer from breathing issues.
But every breath of this man
is only Yaman.
Tell me.
Did you ever take your wife on a trip?
We once went to Varanasi.
And Yaman went with us.
So, how did Yaman
come to stay with you two?
Well, he was born in Mumbai.
His parents live there.
When he was three months old,
we received a call that he was very sick.
So, my wife rushed there.
And she saw that they were
unable to handle the sick kid.
My daughter-in-law was busy,
she's a working woman.
And my son wasn't yet settled
in his career.
So, we thought it wasn't right
to leave an unwell kid there.
And then, we all decided
We all decided together,
that it was better for Yaman
to stay with us.
So, you were supposed
to enjoy the retirement days
but now you have to tend to the kid.
Didn't this make you angry?
Well, I won't lie.
Initially, I would get irritated.
We couldn't sleep properly at night.
The baby would cry.
Giving him medicines on time,
and promptly changing his diapers.
I had to completely stop
my music practices.
But as he grew up,
we started enjoying it.
I taught him something new every day.
A new word, or tune, or raga
It was lovely.
Earlier, I used to think of what I'd
do with my time when I retired.
What if I go mad?
But God had already
taken care of that.
And Yaman's parents?
They come over on the weekends.
But I won't blame them.
It's their time to work, to earn.
They are busy. It's alright.
In spite of knowing this, you want
Yaman's legal guardianship.
Yaman is a sharp kid.
He is the class monitor.
He scores the highest in class.
And he loves nature.
Besides, he is studying
in the best school in the country.
Anyway, our Panchgani is known
for education.
Taking him away
from this environment
is like uprooting a sapling.
If you change the soil
all of a sudden,
- the sapling will fail to flourish.
- Why do you think so?
My son is going to the USA.
To start his own business.
And business has its own risks.
Besides, a new country
and environment.
Along with new expenses.
My daughter-in-law
will have to take a job.
So, who will take care of Yaman
in this situation?
Unless we get a proper guarantee
that Yaman will be taken care of,
we would like to keep the kid with us.
Your Honor,
he has stated why he wants
the right to legal guardianship.
Your Honor, it's a common thing now
that grandparents play the role
of parents.
In America, 30 million kids
live with their grandparents.
Your Honor
Please, have a look at this.
And look at page number 33 of my petition.
These are instances from China,
which are way more confirming.
In fact, schools in our country
celebrate "Grandparents' Day", as well.
Because 80 percent of grandparents
either do co-parenting
or full-time parenting.
My client, Manohar Shastry
is no unique case.
He is just representing
today's truth.
So, I request the court,
as a teacher
of thousands of kids,
as the father of two sons,
my client Mr. Shastry be honored
with the legal guardianship
of Master Yaman Shastry.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Shalini Patwardhan.
Oh, finally.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I thought I'd never get the chance
to speak today.
Why, even in class
I never stopped you from speaking!
The history of grand-parenting,
the geography of Panchgani,
data from all over the world
Your classes were no different.
Beating around the bush.
Prescription please.
So, sorry, Mr. Manohar Shastry,
you have been made to stand this long
at your age, but
what can we do?
By the way, how old did you say you are?
If you don't mind me asking,
at what age did your mother die?
At 59.
- And, your father?
- At 65.
At what age did the rest
of your family members pass?
Somewhere around 60 to 65.
Wow. Even life has given you
an extension period.
Seventy and batting.
And batting so well!
Touchwood! This prescription
Is it yours?
Please tell the court
what kind of a prescription it is.
It is a cardio health program.
And some tests.
My heart is a bit weak.
And what if the tests reveal
it's way weaker?
Then, angioplasty, bypass.
Will you be allowed to go home
right after the bypass surgery?
- No.
- No?
How long will they keep you?
- Ten days.
- So, you're in the hospital.
Your son and his wife are abroad.
Who is going to take care
of the kid?
Urmila My
- My wife.
- How?
Doesn't she have osteoarthritis?
Surely her joints give her
a tough time.
Can she run around with the kid?
Unfair to expect it, right?
The ECG.
Here Is this ECG yours?
Is it yours?
- Mr. Shastry?
- Yes.
When was it done?
Your Honor.
Mr. Shastry, I'm feeling concerned,
why did you have to do an ECG?
Please tell the court.
fainted on the road, so
And how did you reach home?
- In a taxi.
- So, the onlookers must've helped.
- God bless them.
- No. Yaman.
- What?
- My grandson,
Help! Help! Help
I have prepared my grandson
to be strong in such situations--
Your Honor, a seven-year-old
saved his 70-year-old grandpa!
You think you've made him strong?
You're really something!
A man who is fighting
for his grandson's guardianship,
so that he can care for the kid
Look at the state he is in!
It's clear
who is taking care of whom here.
Like you said, How will I
spend my time after retiring?
Is that why you need a grandson?
You don't really love him.
You need a support system
for your old age.
And your grandson is just that!
Now, think about that child!
Helplessly trying to hail a cab
on the road!
Can you imagine?
Have you thought about this, Mr. Shastry?
Grandpa, please do think about
your grandson sometimes.
I've never seen a more adamant
and selfish man than you.
Your son and his wife want
to go abroad to flourish in life!
You're stopping them?
Okay, last question, Mr. Shastry.
You just said that you had two sons.
One of them passed away.
I'm really sorry.
What happened to him?
How did he die?
Tell us, Mr. Shastry.
Objection, Your Honor.
This incident has nothing to do
with this case.
- Of course, it has.
- It's totally irrelevant.
Your Honor,
I'm not used to orating like him.
I just want the court
to see some facts.
- Allow me, please!
- Objection, Your Honor.
Your Honor, two more minutes.
I'll prove
why this tragedy
is relevant to this case!
Objection overruled.
- You may proceed.
- Grateful, Your Honor.
Tell me, Mr. Shastry.
How did your son die?
Alright, I understand your sorrow.
I'll say it myself.
This is the death certificate.
Whose is it?
Excuse me, Madam?
Whose is it?
Shalini Shalini, please.
I am sorry, Your Honor.
Can I please step out for a
- moment
- Well, you may.
Shalini, please don't ask
him such questions--
Malhar Shastry.
I'm not here for a friendly match
with your Pinku uncle.
This is my playground
and I decide my strategy.
If you don't like it, just leave!
But do not interrupt again!
Sorry. If you may permit,
may I proceed?
Please continue.
Tell us, Mr. Shastry,
how did your son die?
Cardiac arrest.
How could he have a cardiac arrest
at 24?
Overdose of
- drugs.
- Drugs?
What kind of drugs did he do?
Was he an addict?
No idea.
- No idea?
- No.
You didn't know
what was going on with your kid?
And this one?
Do you know this?
Your son's status update
on social media.
Posted a few hours before death.
Looks familiar?
What does it say?
Please read it out
for the court.
Guruji, I--
- I didn't hear you, sorry.
- I
Your Honor cannot hear you.
So, please louder.
Guruji, I am sorry.
I could not.
I could not?
Why was your son saying sorry
to you hours before dying,
Mr. Manohar Shastry?
Objection, Your Honor.
This is a very sensitive matter.
By using this tragedy,
Ms. Shalini wants to break
my client, Manohar Shastry.
That must be your style.
I just want to throw light
on some facts.
Your Honor, please tell my able
opponent lawyer to stop interjecting me!
Objection overruled.
You may continue.
Grateful, Your Honor.
Tell us, Mr. Shastry.
Why was your son saying sorry
to you hours before his death?
What was his pain that you failed
to fathom, even as his father?
Say something, Mr. Shastry.
He has nothing to say!
- You recognize this?
- Yes.
Your Honor.
The outburst of a 24-year-old young man.
His depressed heart calls out.
Lalit's diary.
"Oh, Father
Submerge your dreams
In my tears
Oh, Father
Submerge your dreams in my tears
Burdened by the weight
Of your heart
I die every moment"
My present time is lost
How do I put it in the past?
Oh, Father, your pride
I shall gulp down its poison and leave
Oh, Father, your pride
I shall gulp down its poison and leave
Mr. Shastry?
What were these dreams of yours
that became poison for him?
Lalit was a very bright kid.
My most talented pupil.
Music was his dream.
Poetry gave him hope.
Indian and Western classical music
he was very good at both.
Such artists are rare.
All I wanted was
for him to set up
a music academy in Panchgani
so that a great talent like him
could flourish in this very town.
That's all
That's all!
Set up an academy in Panchgani.
So he can stay back with me.
That is why you tied him
to his roots.
This is why he choked
to death, Mr. Shastry.
He too had the option to go away.
Mumbai, London, Berkeley,
he could've gone anywhere.
Just as Malhar now wants
to go to the USA.
But had Lalit tried to step out,
you'd have filed a case on him, as well!
Mr. Shastry, say the truth.
Did you also insult your elder son,
like you humiliate the younger one?
Living off your wife's money!
Mr. Manohar Shastry,
the cardiac arrest didn't kill
your son, your adamance did!
This is a suicide note,
not a death certificate!
You already lost one kid,
and will soon lose another.
What will you do
with the third's custody then?!
That is all, Your Honor.
Do you know about planchette?
They call dead people.
They say Tagore did it
for his son who passed away.
I want to do it, as well.
I want to ask Lalit
if I was the reason for his
Do you think
that I am responsible
for Lalit's death?
Can I say something?
Give the kid back to his father.
Don't be so desirous.
We have done all that we could.
Return him now.
Lalit's diary
and death certificate
You had given them to Malhar,
If you give up your son,
then you'll definitely
lose him forever.
You know what,
when I brought Kuhu home
from my mom,
she stopped talking to me.
Can you believe it?
My own mother wouldn't talk to me!
But I was adamant
that I want my kid to be here, with me!
Yes, after that
things have never been easy.
I mean, managing the office, home,
and Kuhu simultaneously.
But trust me,
being with your kid
is the best feeling in the world.
I'll come back soon, Mom.
I've to take Momoji to Mumbai
for his passport.
Keep him ready.
Will you be able
to take care of him?
Why not?
Anyway, I have no work
apart from the court visits.
Enough for today. Okay?
Talk to Guruji.
What do I tell him, Mom?
Know this,
he is going to lose this case.
It's better that you
learn to live without Momoji, as well.
His sudden departure
may bother you.
Sing with an open voice, Son.
Concentrate on the tune.
Continue, Son.
What did he say?
Malhar wants to take Momoji to Mumbai.
- Why?
- For his passport.
We should let him go.
Have you gone mad?
I should send him with the man
I'm fighting against?
His lawyer will brainwash my kid!
I know his plan! Passport, my foot!
Why do you bring court discussions home?
It will affect the kid!
- What's the word you said?
- Shit.
Where did you learn it?
From Dad.
Heard him?
Not our son,
but we will take the kid to Mumbai.
Four fingers.
Very good.
Give me both your thumbs.
Wow! Nice!
Will you get me the world's longest train?
I'll take the world's best mom
around the world in it!
Buttering me up?
Where did you learn that from?
Mallika, Chintu has transferred
five lakh rupees.
- Already?
- Yes!
Money transferred.
Passport work done.
The case has to be
done with now
This man is always
my life!
- Sorry.
- Let's go to sleep.
We're done!
Momoji, go, finish your painting.
I need to
Actually, I need to talk to all of you.
What is with this court case?
It's an ego battle
between the father and son.
But you two never even
thought about me?
Guruji, I am quitting my job for Malhar.
Because it's the first time,
he's got a chance to fulfill his dream.
You should be your son's strength,
why are you pulling him down?
But I'll stand by him.
Because I believe
in holding my family together.
Going to the USA, adjusting
to the new environment,
and finding myself a new job,
won't be easy for me.
But I'm trying to face it.
You all know they wanted
to promote me, but I refused.
Had I taken it up, I'd have to stay
away from my family and Momoji.
So, I stayed back!
Let me talk, Malhar.
You kept Momoji with you.
I never said anything.
Because I knew, he's getting
a lot of love there.
No one knows this, Mom.
But you do, right?
When Momoji was separated from me
I had to stop my breast milk--
I had to take injections to stop
my breast milk, it was very painful!
But I endured it.
If I, as his mother,
could make that sacrifice,
then why can't you, Guruji?
Why can't Momoji stay with his mom?
What's my fault?
No one has ever questioned
my efficiency at my workplace
but at home,
you're continuously doing it!
Why are you questioning
my ability to be his mother?
Guruji, I want an answer today.
You have something to say, as well?
Have you ever let me say anything
that you'd hear me out today?
Look, what I have made!
This is Guruji, Grandma, me,
Dad and Mom.
He's painted all of us as elephants.
But why is Grandma's face pitch black?
And is this you?
I know what Momoji means to you.
Your unfinished composition
So, the same music sessions
Yaman and Kalyan ragas
The same cricket,
the same timetable.
The same prayer songs.
You see my brother Lalit in Momoji.
Please don't stop him from leaving.
You didn't let brother go either.
That was his frustration,
and you know that!
You had the opportunity
to go to Delhi.
You would've been famous, as well.
You could have had an institute
of your own.
Why didn't you go?
Do you know who was most
affected by your decision?
My brother.
My brother!
Your favorite student.
Favorite son.
And I?
You must think that
instead of Lalit
why didn't I leave this world?
I still don't understand one thing.
Why do you hate me so much?
Because I'm average?
I am. I am average.
An average son.
An average father.
But what can I do?
I couldn't be like my brother.
I couldn't be like you either, Guruji.
My desires are minute
Why doesn't the world understand them?
Why do they steer me away
From the danger of my heart?
What a lovely name!
Did you name him?
It's my father's favorite raga.
You love your father a lot?
What do you do?
I'm a Game Designer.
I make new games. Learning games.
Why did you resign?
- They were cheating me.
- Oh!
They took away my credit,
IPR, and revenue!
My father taught me that one
must never tolerate injustice.
Point to be noted, Your Honor.
He quit his job due to his ideals,
not for being useless.
- So, you're going to the US?
- Yes.
I got a business offer
to set up a game studio of my own.
What will be your routine there?
Waking up at around 6:30 a.m.
- Right.
- Then getting ready.
Then taking the kid to school.
Working for seven to eight hours.
That's the norm there.
- Yes.
- Then daycare after school.
My wife and I will find one
according to our budget.
Mr. Shastry was worried about
how they would take care
of his grandson.
My wife and I will set up
our work timings in such a way
that one of us is always
with the kid, giving him time.
Time, Your Honor.
Now, you tell me.
What is more important?
Quality time, or quantity time?
In this era of rising expenses,
both parents must make money.
It's a rat race.
The house EMI, the car EMI
the kid's education
investments for their future
savings for their
old parents' health
How can they manage ten-twelve hours
like Manohar Shastry does?
Your Honor, in the USA,
a working parent,
can give their kids 55 to 125
minutes of time every day.
And on average, 90 minutes
of quality time.
Parents and kids, both know
the time's limited.
So, they want to make it the
most beautiful time of their day.
According to psychologist
Judy Bartkowiak,
"Focused quality time with parents
is better than ten to eleven hours
of full-time but controlled parenting."
I'm a parent myself.
And I fully agree with this,
Your Honor.
Today's fight
is between
Mr. Malhar Shastry's 90 minutes
and Mr. Manohar Shastry's
ten to eleven hours.
He has time,
so he can allocate it.
He can even use it
to fight a court case.
But please consider
my client's situation, Your Honor.
He wants to go to the USA.
To grow, and build his own future.
But what is he doing here?
He is tangled in this
pointless case with his father.
I have requested before
that this case must be
dismissed immediately.
Because this case
is a gigantic waste
of the court's precious time,
the most regressive
appeal I've ever heard.
This case should be dismissed
right here, Your Honor.
So that my client can be free.
That is all, Your Honor.
Mr. Jitesh Mehta,
go ahead.
Mr. Malhar,
how many times
have you changed jobs?
Six to seven times
What were they?
First, I was an Art Teacher,
then a Graphic Designer.
Then, a Cartoonist, Radio Jockey
Even did some Modeling,
then a Game Designer.
You're a jack of all trades!
So, what job will you do
in America?
Gaming startup.
So, modeling is done with?
Your Honor
maybe this new car will start
It might get punctured midway
It can meet with an accident, as well.
Anything can happen.
Can the car of this new startup
reach the finishing line?
I mean, do you have
any business experience?
- No.
- Oh.
So, must have done some course,
like an MBA?
Will Miss Shalini answer this?
I was a humanities student in college.
I have a background in Art.
I'm a professional artist.
Do you drink?
- What?
- You drink?
Two to three pegs at the most.
Does your father know?
But I don't drink in front of him.
- Alcohol is a personal matter.
- Good.
Very progressive answer.
I mean, you drink and don't
hesitate to admit it publicly.
- I don't hide anything.
- You shouldn't.
So, you are an alcoholic.
What?! No, I am a social drinker.
Tell me, did you ever
hit your son after getting drunk?
- No.
- Oh.
I never hit my kid
after drinking.
You mean you hit him before drinking?
I went to hit him, out of anger.
He was being naughty
and not listening to us.
By then your father came, caught
your hand, and the kid was saved.
I wasn't going to hit him,
I was just scaring him.
Mr. Malhar
if this incident had happened in America,
then the Social Welfare
people would have put you in jail.
Who is Chintan Kulkarni?
A friend.
On 22nd February, was there
a gathering at his house?
Okay, you must've forgotten,
I'll remind you.
It was Chintu's mother's
death anniversary at his place. Right?
Please explain to the court
what a death anniversary is.
A ritual conducted
a year after someone's demise.
People visit and read the Gita.
- Sing hymns and all
- Wow!
What else happens?
What about food?
There's vegetarian food for all.
So, vegetarian food is for the guests.
And for you, there's non-veg.
There was King fish fry
Auntie's favorite.
And what was auntie's
favorite whiskey?
I mean, what was her
favorite whiskey brand?
No, you are getting it wrong.
After the rituals ended
we were sitting outside by ourselves.
Oh, okay, he was drinking out of sorrow.
After Chintu's mother's death
Chintu was grieving.
Hence, he was drinking his mother's
favorite whiskey with his friend.
Where was your son at that time?
He was
He was around.
There was a playroom.
The kids were playing together.
Correct. After how long
did you go visit the kid?
- In some time
- What did you see there?
What did you see?
All the kids
were beating up Momoji.
Your Honor,
all the kids were
beating a seven-year-old kid!
No, they were playing
"Game of War."
- Okay.
- It's a game.
The game is called "Game of War!"
After that?
Then I got him out of there
and took him home.
Oh, come on
You just mentioned,
that you don't hide anything.
Don't do this.
That part that you deleted
please tell us that bit.
He was bleeding
a bit from his mouth.
Mouth or nose?
- He was bleeding a bit from his nose,
- From his nose!
I wiped it off.
Then what did you tell Yaman?
What did you say?
To not tell my parents.
Guruji would get stressed--
So you were teaching your son to lie.
Is this what your father has taught you?
- Or was it the alcohol?
- Enough, Pinku uncle!
You're well aware
that I'm not an alcoholic!
I can even drive properly
after two to three drinks!
Heard that, Your Honor?
This is today's progressive father
who teaches his kid to lie!
He knew that his son's with him,
but he chose to drink and drive!
Hits his kid after getting drunk.
Can't even last in one job.
And goes to such parties
where he and his kid are separated!
Because they are progressive!
Your Honor, today's
parents don't even know
what kind of parties
their children go to.
What happens in those parties?
- Drugs and alcohol!
- You're talking rubbish!
Your Honor, seven-year-old Yaman
is kept in a kid's room, to die!
Is this progressive?
Miss Shalini?
In those 90 minutes,
nor can you raise a kid properly.
Neither can you
make a good human being out of him!
And that is why,
we "regressives" are better!
I rest my case here.
Thank you very much.
He wanted to prove in court
what a bad father I am!
And that bloody Pinku uncle!
That bloody moron just kept hitting me!
Your mother.
Yes, Mom.
He's back.
Park rides don't just
break down every day.
His tooth broke.
He isn't hurting.
Mom, Momoji is my kid!
Yes, his tooth broke!
Yes, it's broken!
I'll break all his teeth!
What do you two want?
Can't you let me live in peace?
Yaman, what are you doing?!
No, it's okay, Mom is here!
It's okay!
Have you lost your mind?
- It's okay
- I'm so sorry!
See, Dad is sorry!
He is so sorry
Dad is so sorry
He's so sorry!
- Everything's alright, dear
- I am so sorry.
Nothing's wrong, Son.
Hey, hi!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Kids!
Kids, come over!
Come, we will go play
in the toy room!
Very nice!
The party's going to be fun!
Momoji! Momoji!
Look ahead!
We will all stay together
from now on when we party!
But what will we do?
Come! Come!
When you gleefully smile
My heart blooms in joy
In the silly things you say
Believe me, I find God
Whenever you are not around
I miss you a lot
I never seem to get tired
Of the hundred questions you ask
Darling, all the mischief you make
You create a world
Of dream and imagination
You're listening to your heart
With all your naiveness!
You're listening to your heart
Oh, the whims of the heart!
They are the apple of my eyes
They are the life in my breath
Every moment of love
That we spend together!
When you come to me
Happiness knocks on my door
You're the sweetest wish I made
Which came true!
Darling, all the mischief you make
You create a world
Of dream and imagination
Oh, the whims of the heart
Oh, these innocent indulges
Oh, the whims of the heart
Oh, these innocent indulges
Okay, alright.
Shalini called.
She was saying
that we need to take Momoji along
for the next hearing.
Regarding Master Yaman's guardianship
we have heard the arguments
of the lawyers from both sides.
one of the most important
pieces of this case
is Master Yaman himself!
We haven't heard him out yet.
Before the two lawyers
can begin to question Master Yaman,
I will talk to Master Yaman in private.
Send Master Yaman
to my chamber.
Is this a regular practice
to call the kid alone?
Come, Son. Come.
Come on
Don't worry,
nothing will happen.
We are all here.
Go. Come on.
- May I come in, sir?
- Come.
Come, son.
- Sit.
- How long will it take?
Thank you.
Tell me something, son
Your parents want you
to stay with them.
They want you to go to the USA with them.
But your grandpa
Your Guruji wants you
to stay with him.
What do you want?
You can't give me what I want.
I'm the District Court Judge.
I can do this much for you.
Whatever you want
that's what I'll do.
Tell me.
What do you want?
I want to stay with all of them.
Can you do that for me?
This court firmly believes
in the welfare of a minor.
Where the kid will stay,
in which atmosphere he'll stay
whether it is suitable
for the kid or not,
taking all these points
into consideration,
the court will state its decision.
I've heard what Master Yaman wants.
But this is a court.
So, what he wants
he has to say it in the court.
Come here.
Come here.
Don't be scared, we're here.
Don't be scared, okay?
Come here.
Come here.
Speak, son.
Do you
want to stay with your mom and dad
or with your grandma and Guruji?
Go on.
Don't be scared, speak.
Sir, I withdraw this case.
Please grant custody
of Yaman to his parents.
Yaman, son
Come here, son.
Come. Come on.
Sorry, son.
I have hurt you a lot.
Please forgive me, sir.
I took so much time
to come to this decision.
But what can I do?
Attachment is a dangerous thing!
And an attachment to your child
is even more dangerous.
I should be free of attachment at my age,
even my wife says the same, but
a father's heart won't listen.
I once heard
that a mother hid her son's passport
so that he couldn't go abroad.
This case too shall become
a similar example.
Do you know
why I am stopping them?
Because I know
that once they leave,
they won't ever return.
And I?
I will never be able to meet
my Yaman again.
This case was my last attempt
to stop them.
That's all.
I have my answer.
But this is a court.
The court will carry out
its responsibility.
Mr. Malhar Shastry?
And Mrs. Mallika Shastry?
This court
grants the full guardianship
of Master Yaman
to you two.
I request you both
that for your son's sake
find as much time as you can.
So that there's no dearth
in his nurture and growth.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
Master Yaman is a really good kid.
I hope that
you all understand what's
in his heart and what he wants.
The case is dismissed
as withdrawn.
You have reasons to smile
You have reasons to shed tears
You have reasons to smile
You have reasons to shed tears
Those that stay
Even they leave
Those that abandon
Even they come to nurture
Oh, life
How vivid your experiences are
You have reasons to smile
You have reasons to shed tears
All the belongings
I used to shelter at home
Now they wander, homeless
All the belongings
I used to shelter at home
Now they wander, homeless
No matter how much I call out
They never lend an ear
Or maybe they do
But they don't look back
These moments
Seem to have disowned the past
Those that once abandoned
They come back to nurture
Oh, life
The vivid experiences you bring
You have reasons to smile
The paths that turned with me
When I walked ahead
Why today
Do they turn away from me?
The paths that turned with me
When I walked ahead
Why today
Do they turn away from me?
I am the protagonist
Of a tragic tale
I am a garden of thorns
These moments
Seem to have disowned the past
Those that once abandoned
Come back to nurture
Oh, life
The vivid experiences you give
You have reasons to smile
You have reasons to shed tears
You have reasons to smile
You have reasons to shed tears
Mom, we'll call you
once we reach the airport.
Yes, I'll send you the details
as soon as I reach the USA.
We have video calls,
we'll talk often.
Okay? Yes, bye.
Mom, pack this one, as well.
Momoji, no more of these.
We'll buy new toys from there, okay?
Please, Mom!
This is my favorite toy!
Where are your socks?
Sit properly.
Mom, I don't feel good.
Momoji, put your feet out or we'll
be late, and we'll miss the flight.
I don't want to leave
Guruji and Grandma!
- Mom!
- We'll talk to them on the phone. Come on.
They are leaving.
No, stay there,
I'll get the trolley.
Where's Momoji?
Have you seen a kid here?
Brother, did you see a kid here?
Have you seen a kid here?
Madam, a little kid
Did you see him?
- Momoji!
- Momoji?
Grandma! Guruji!
Did you miss the flight?
We didn't get on it.
Momoji doesn't want to go.
He was hiding inside somebody's trolley.
When he makes up his mind
we'll take him with us.
But Mallika and I have to leave.
We have a responsibility to fulfill.
Alright. Go on.
Fulfill your duties.
I'll strengthen this plant
and bring him to you.
I've come to return
your Lalit to you
Not Lalit
Malhar, my son.
My son, Malhar
Malhar's son, Yaman.
And our daughter-in-law, Mallika.
Now, this is my family!