Shattered (1991) Movie Script

How do you feel?
I'm Dr. Berkus,
Marin County Hospital...
and you are one
very lucky woman, Mrs. Merrick.
I wish I could say the same
for your husband.
We're doing everything we can,
but you have to understand...
he went all the way down
in that car.
He's in a deep coma.
it's me, darling.
It's Judith.
It's me...
We call that
psychogenic amnesia.
The patient doesn't know
his name, his family...
his personal history.
Everything else, he remembers...
the year, who's president.
He can drive a car.
He can function professionally.
But anything personal
is out of reach.
For how long?
Could be... a week.
I'm going to have to be honest.
It could also be permanent.
Mexico. Cabo San Lucas...
Our vacation with Jeb
and Jenny last year.
Oh, darling, don't.
I'm so afraid.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
You're alive.
And you're not alone.
I'll always be with you.
Do you know who they are?
Sure. You told me.
That's Jeb and Jenny Scott.
She's kind of attractive.
Oh, yeah. She also writes
horoscopes and reads palms.
I take it she's not an active
part of the business.
Her contribution
to Merrick-Scott development...
is to spend Jeb's money so fast
it keeps him hustling.
He's a real killer.
Remember, I told you...
It hurts. It hurts!
You know the therapist said
you have to do this.
They had this on the jukebox...
in that funky little bar
in Mexico.
You put it on so many times...
some drunk offered us
10,000 pesos to give it a rest.
Did we accept?
10,000 pesos is only $5.00.
We were insulted.
Dan, should I tell you...
what I want more than anything?
When we're through here...
I want to go back to Mexico.
Jeb can ride out
the marina development.
That's his baby anyway.
And besides, he owes you, Dan.
We need time together.
Sounds OK to me.
After I get back
to San Francisco...
find out where I live,
where I work.
Shall I tell you
what we used to do there...
on that beach at night?
Shall I tell you?
Shall I?
Yes. Yes, I do.
That's the Transamerica
building, right?
Right, and on the 36th floor...
Merrick-Scott Development.
Oh, wow.
Hey, I know this place.
You really remember?
Well, I don't know...
but I could swear
I've been here before.
Don't say anything.
Oh, hi, Jeb.
No. We just got back.
Oh, he's fine.
He's a little tired.
thanks, Jeb, but you know...
we just want to lie low
for the first few days.
That would be great.
No. I promise.
Well, maybe next weekend.
Love to Jenny. Bye.
Stop! No! Dan!
Darling, I'm here to help.
We were warned
this might happen.
Remember, we're a team.
We'll face this together.
There's something
about this room.
These mirrors
just make me crazy.
I'm so sorry.
If something here upsets you,
let's just go away.
We'll leave tonight
if you want to.
I don't want to go.
Whatever you want.
Where'd you get thrown out?
I don't know.
Up there somewhere.
I was pretty smashed, huh?
Well, Jeb's idea of playing host
is soak the guests.
He did everything
but pour it over our heads.
happy New Year.
You know what I like
about amnesia?
Well, after seven years
of marriage...
I get to fall in love with you
all over again.
Oh, Dan.
I mean it.
Hey, was I always
this sentimental?
No, but don't stop.
- Hi.
- Oh, Jenny.
Is something wrong?
No. I was just running
for the phone.
- How's Dan? Is he OK?
- Yes.
Everything's fine?
Yes. Dan's getting back
to his old routines.
That's great, great news.
Back in shape?
Yes, he is.
Yes, he does, Jenny.
He looks great.
He sounds sexier than ever.
So here you are.
Jenny tried to bully us...
into going over there
for dinner tonight...
but I said you weren't
quite ready for it.
Is something the matter?
We can go over there
if you want to.
I just thought...
I'd like to go.
Hell of a thing, pal,
when you think about it, huh?
Start a new life,
see everything with a fresh eye.
Kind of like being a kid again.
It definitely has its upside.
Boy, when I think of some of
the things I'd like to forget.
Like the time when I was 15...
I took Mary Louise McBirney...
to Lou Ann's Diner on a date.
I came up two bucks short.
She called her father
to come and bail us out.
He called me
"a pathetic little pissant!"
He spoke like that.
Anyway, he scared
the shit out of me.
I couldn't get it up
again for two years.
I was a virgin
until I was seventeen.
Dan, it's so good
to have you home.
I can't even imagine how ghastly
this has been for you.
We really wanted
to visit you...
in the hospital,
but Judith just insisted...
Oh, lord. It wasn't me, Jenny.
It was the doctors.
The psychiatrist
vetoed all visits...
till the surgery was over.
I thought Dan needed...
all the memory stimulation
he could get...
but the doctors
left it all to me.
It's been very strange
and very wonderful.
Like being shipwrecked
on a desert island...
having to rediscover
each other again.
All right. Let's get serious.
When do you think you might
want to, you know...
start phasing your way
back into the office?
Look, I didn't mean
to rush you, pal.
I gotta back and forth
to L.A. All week.
Well, l...
No. No. I don't...
you probably forgot...
Forget it.
No, but I feel the sooner
I start, the better.
Find out what kind
of player I am...
or if I'm just dead weight.
I did your chart today, Dan.
Every sign is positive for you.
Do you really think
you're ready for this?
Don't you think I am?
Listen, why don't you
come back in tomorrow morning?
We'll find out.
But right now, come on, pal...
let's us boys go do a brandy
and business, huh?
Honey, why don't you
show Judith...
whatever it is
that you bought today?
In this unreliable
old world, about the...
about the only thing
I can count on for sure...
is that Jenny has been out
hitting the stores.
Well, Jenny,
you buy anything gorgeous?
Who gives a shit?
Wait until you see
what we're doing...
with the marina development.
We're gonna clear five big ones
on the first phase alone.
I think I finessed Miller
down at City Hall...
so all we have to do
to get past go...
is be a little creative
on our teamster deal.
- I need to ask you a question.
- Shoot.
Before the accident,
was I having trouble...
with Judith, with my marriage?
We all have trouble
with our marriage.
What we've gotta address...
is how to avoid trouble
with the teamsters.
Jeb, I need to talk,
really talk.
You mentioned divorce
a couple of times...
but you were drinking.
So what?
Jenny threatens divorce
once a month.
I mentioned divorce?
Yeah, that night at the party.
Aw, come on, pal.
You were juiced.
We were all juiced.
Listen, Dan,
you must know that, uh...
you know,
I feel kind of guilty.
I mean...
how was it between Judith
and me that night?
What does it matter now?
Were we arguing?
No, you were not arguing.
You were fucking screaming
at each other!
Judith was having
an affair, right?
How the hell should I know?
But I'll tell you this much.
If she was,
who could blame her?
What does that mean?
It means you treated her like
a piece of goddamn furniture.
Down in Cabo San Lucas...
it was fuckin' embarrassing.
In Mexico?
Jeb, can't business wait?
When do I get to talk to Dan?
He's all yours, babe.
I'm not a fool.
I can tell how uneasy you are.
Let me help you.
I don't know.
I need somebody...
to tell me the truth
about a few things...
about my life.
Well, Jeb says...
What did Jeb tell you?
What a shit I was to Judith.
What you were to her?
Did he tell you about Mexico?
- About Stanton?
- Who?
Jack Stanton.
You met him in Cabo.
Claimed to be
a fellow architect.
We all smelled a rat...
except Judith.
She never let him
out of her sight.
She even had him follow her
back here to San Francisco.
What the hell
are you getting at?
You wanted the truth.
I'm telling you the truth.
I saw them...
up at the Hacienda.
The day before the accident.
- Where?
- The Hacienda...
the hotel up in Ross.
I saw Stanton's red Porsche
out front...
right next
to the white Mercedes.
Wait a minute.
You're saying this guy
is the only person in
Marin County with a red Porsche?
Judith's the only one
with a white Mercedes?
Hey, do me a favor, OK?
You came this close
to being killed.
She didn't even
sprain her ankle.
You think about that.
She was thrown clear.
Was she falling...
or jumping?
May I help you?
Why, it's Mr. Merrick,
isn't it?
Rudy Costa, assistant manager.
It's so wonderful
to have you back, Mr. Merrick.
You look great!
You lost some weight...
but none the worse
for the accident.
Why, thank you.
Is there anything
I can do for you?
I'm looking for a woman...
who I think used to come here.
You know her?
Sure. But Mr. Merrick...
we are very discreet here,
as you know.
Mr. uh...
- Costa.
- Costa...
this is a very sensitive
situation for me.
I lost track of her when
I was in the hospital...
and I...
well, I'm sure you understand.
But, uh, still...
for a while,
she used to come in every day.
Always in the afternoon,
as I recall...
and always
with the same gentleman.
But then it stopped.
What was the gentleman's name?
His name?
Yes, what was his name?
You know, I can't quite remem...
Wait a minute. It, uh...
it was Stanley something.
No... no...
it was Stanton.
Yes, that was it...
Good-looking guy,
kind of close-mouthed.
if you know what I mean.
He and the lady would always
arrive separately.
Mr. Merrick,
can I offer you a drink?
Thank you, Mr. Costa.
Thank you, Mr. Merrick...
and be sure to give
my kind regards to your wife.
My wife?
Here we are...
our new marina complex.
That's the Merrick-Scott Tower.
We got most of it rented off
at 42 bucks a square foot...
but the top five floors
are all ours.
That's great.
Yeah, you bet.
Very impressive, Jeb.
Well, it was your design, pal.
Aw, I didn't...
Don't you remember at first?
You had the E.P.A. guy...
so far up your ass,
you had heartburn.
Boy, the way
you handled that...
sheer poetry.
Your ticket, Jeb.
What did I do?
Homework. You found out
about the pretty young boy...
he was spending
his nights with...
when his wife thought
he was off working the files.
You had a friendly
little chat with him...
no more heartburn.
I was a real prince, huh?
Oh, prince of princes.
Now, Dan...
I'd like you to meet
your secretary Nancy Mercer.
Welcome back... Dan.
Thank you.
I really mean it.
It's ten after.
I'm gonna miss my plane.
Now, if there's anything
you need...
Nancy'll handle it.
Welcome back, pal.
Thanks, Jeb.
Klein's Animal House.
if this is a breather...
can you wait
while I get a cigarette?
Sorry, wrong number.
Here we go.
Black with Sweet 'N' Low.
That's the way
you used to take it.
Thank you, Nancy.
Is something wrong?
Oh, no.
Tell me something...
last Christmas...
did I buy anybody pets?
Well, not that I recall.
Mostly it was gift certificates
to Neiman's.
Personal touch, huh?
Nancy, tell me something.
Does this name... Klein...
Does that mean anything to you?
Oh, yeah. That guy.
Mr. Klein called several times
back in January...
an outstanding invoice.
But since he wouldn't say
what it was for...
I didn't pay him.
I have it on file
if you'd like it.
- Yeah, I would, thanks.
- OK.
Nancy? Have you ever heard
of a place called the Hacienda?
Yes, I have.
Well, I'm just wondering.
Just wondering.
Did we ever spend
any time there together...
you and I?
Just the two of us?
You and I?
At the Hacienda?
- Yeah.
- No.
Oh. OK.
It's all right.
Can't you read? We're closed.
I know, but I need to speak
to Mr. Klein about this.
Oh, all right.
You guaranteed me that once
this bird got to know me...
it would talk!
I've had it for six months...
and it hasn't
even opened its beak!
I said that Clementine
could talk.
I didn't say that she would!
OK, I'm sorry. No problem.
Sorry about your inconvenience.
Silly old bitch!
Yeah! You see?
- Silly old bitch!
- What can I do for you?
According to this invoice...
I bought enough animals
to fill a zoo.
$7,000... that's ridiculous.
Oh, Mr. Merrick!
I didn't recognize you there.
I had this bad car accident.
Yeah, yeah. So I heard.
- Sadie!
- Yeah?
Close up the shop!
Oh! And take another look around
for Betty June.
Come with me.
Welcome home, sweetheart.
Welcome home!
Silly old bitch!
There you go, honey.
Poor old Twigs.
He got hit by a car.
He's lost control.
So, what did I buy
for seven grand? A gorilla?
You don't remember?
Oh, amnesia.
I blacked out on everything
before the accident.
Wow. That can be a tough one.
I'm afraid all you bought
was a lot of my time.
Some of my photographic art.
I guess "gorilla"
wasn't too far off the mark.
There was a guy named...
Jack Stanton.
He was doing a little
chimney sweeping with your wife.
You hired me to stake him out
last Christmas.
Holiday surcharge
and no lunch breaks...
it all adds up.
I sent you the contact strips
New Year's Eve...
then I waited for my money.
Just as I was beginning to
figure that I'd been stiffed...
and I was gonna have
to use a little muscle...
who shows up but Mrs. Merrick?
- Mrs. Merrick?
- Yeah. Your wife.
She paid your bill.
She's a nice lady.
I got paid,
the animals got fed.
You are a private investigator?
Yeah, yeah.
I paid my dues for thirty years.
You spend that long
peeping through keyholes...
you kind of lose confidence
in the human species.
Plus the hours and the food
and the bad vibes...
kind of took a toll
on my health.
Now I only do it to pay the rent
and feed the animals.
Are you satisfied?
Case closed?
Let me put it this way,
Mr. Klein...
don't you find it
a little odd...
that on the same day
you gave me those pictures...
my wife and I had
a terrible accident?
She gets thrown out
with hardly a scratch...
I wind up looking
like hamburger.
What, you think
she planned it? Come on!
Unless your wife
was into serious acrobatics...
I'd say that your imagination
is working overtime.
You want my advice? Forget it.
OK, so she had an affair.
You've never had an affair,
Mr. Merrick?
Yeah. As a matter
of fact, I did...
but I can't remember who with.
That could keep a guy
on his toes.
Look, Mr. Klein...
I'd like to hire you again
to find out...
a little bit more
about this Jack Stanton.
And I'd be glad to take
your money, but...
as I don't believe
in exploiting animals...
I get a little soft...
and extend that code
to human beings.
Look, the way I see it,
you both had an affair...
and now you love each other.
Great! Save your money.
Forget the guy.
Kind of pretty, ain't he?
He's not my type.
Mr. Klein...
don't move.
There's a snake
right behind you.
Oh, yeah... Betty June!
I've been looking for you!
Where you been, honey?
Ain't she pretty?
- Sadie!
- Yeah?
- I found Betty June!
- Oh, good!
Yeah. She was
in the filing cabinet.
Maybe I should continue
the sessions with the shrink.
Maybe Jeb's right...
just put a lid on the past.
But what you said
about the accident...
I can't let it go.
It doesn't add up.
I feel there's...
something wrong here.
Trust your feelings.
Do you love Judith?
I guess I do.
She's sick.
You do know that, don't you?
She's the one who needs
a psychiatrist, not you.
She's a pathological liar.
She lies for the sake of lying.
In seven years...
she's never told me
the simple truth about anything.
God, Dan,
it used to drive you crazy...
especially when
you'd catch her in it...
and she'd just coolly
start spinning another one.
She thinks everybody's stupid.
She can do anything
and get away with it.
She's sick.
What happened in Mexico
with Stanton?
She's like a drug addict...
completely hooked on him.
And he's still around...
believe me.
Problem is, so are you.
Dan, do you know
how much you're worth?
You can't really see
how beautiful it is...
with the lights on.
Isn't that amazing?
If only life could be
that perfect...
that still.
Oh, Dan...
Oh, Jenny, no.
Don't. Don't do this.
We were lovers, Dan.
The Hacienda?
You remember.
We were gonna get married.
We were just waiting
for the right time.
Jeb's not back till tomorrow.
Make love to me now...
just like we used to.
I said... I said stop it.
I don't remember.
Can't you understand?
Get out.
Jenny, please...
Get out!
Hi, Jeb.
Oh, Dan.
Copying my homework?
No, no. Just taking a look...
at what you've been doing
while I've been gone...
and it looks pretty good,
Considering you have no idea
of what the fuck you're doing.
I'm just not so sure...
That I can handle it?
No, I just think we have
some serious thinking to do...
about what the next step is.
That's precisely
what I've been doing...
the last couple of days,
thinking about that.
if you're ready
to buy out your partner...
then he's ready to sell.
Assuming we could
come up with a deal.
I warn you, pal...
I'll suck your blood.
Well, like you say, Jeb...
in an unreliable world...
it's nice to have somebody
who's consistent.
The men from the security
service are here.
Some Greenpeace freaks
are trying to stop us...
from shifting an old boat
off the marina site.
Time to go knock
a few heads together.
We'll talk.
I'm really sorry, Dan.
It's just that Jeb insisted,
and there was really nothing...
No sweat.
What do you want?
Caffeine and no calls.
Wait a minute,
you can't just come...
Nancy, it's OK.
I guess I owe you an apology.
Oh, forget it.
Maybe I was wrong.
Maybe you was right.
Oh, that's refreshing.
After you left the store
the other night...
I gave the whole business
another thought...
and the more I ran it by,
the more I began figuring...
maybe you wasn't
so far off base.
You're a day late
and a few dollars short...
Mr. Klein.
You were right...
Forget the guy.
Oh, boy... am I in a fix.
What is the problem?
The guy!
Look, I did a bit
of research on him.
Let's start with the accident.
Now, you was driving
your car, right?
- Right.
- Wrong.
I checked with the hospital.
There's no way...
that you could have received
these head injuries...
if you were sitting behind
the wheel of a car.
Next question...
Was your wife even in the car
when it went over the edge...
or could she have been
on terra firma...
and given it a little nudge?
Come on, Klein.
She's not Superman.
Yeah, but how about
her and Stanton?
How would you like your coffee?
Oh. Two sugars...
real sugar.
And cream,
preferably from a cow.
Oh, by the way...
the typeface on your IBM...
it wouldn't happen to be
Prestige Elite...
by any chance, would it?
Everybody's into
Courier 10 these days...
but I still use...
How'd you know that?
You got Prestige Elite
written all over you.
I tracked Stanton down
to the architect firm...
he used to work for in L.A.
They don't know where he is,
but I do.
At least, I know where he was.
Right here in this office...
exactly 51/2 hours
after the accident.
A copy of a fax
he sent to his boss.
"Dear Paul...
"I've finally decided
to take the plunge...
"and go for that job in Tokyo.
"I'm shipping out tonight...
"so don't expect
to hear from me for a while.
"Happy New Year."
Sent from...
"Merrick/Scott No.04."
That's your personal
fax machine... number 4.
Time sent...
8:04 A. M...
January 1.
Typeface... Prestige Elite.
I take it your wife...
had a set of keys
to this office, huh?
But she was in a hospital,
for Christ's sake!
No, she was not.
Judith Merrick
discharged herself...
from Marin County Hospital
at 6:18 A. M...
January 1...
31/2 hours after
she was admitted.
It gets worse.
Japanese immigration
has got no record...
of a Jack Stanton
entering Japan.
OK, he could be anywhere...
but I'll bet you
dollars to doughnuts...
the boy never left town.
You're worth an awful lot
of money, Mr. Merrick.
They tried to kill you once.
Why not try it again, huh?
Mr. Merrick's taking a nap.
Any calls, Lydia?
Yeah, just one.
Said they'd call back later.
Stan someone.
Let's see...
Jack Stanton.
Did he...
leave a number?
No. Just that he's in town.
Mrs. Merrick?
Are you all right?
Yes, Lydia.
I'm fine.
May I speak
to Gus Klein, please?
Nah, he's delivering puppies.
When will he be back?
He's right here.
Let me talk to him.
I told you,
he's delivering puppies!
God damn it,
this is important.
Tell him Jack Stanton's in town,
he called my wife, and...
Did you get all that?
Yeah. The bitch just got him.
The dog just bit Gus.
Yeah, yeah, I'll tell him.
Lydia, can I borrow your car
for a little while?
My battery's dead.
Sure, Mr. Merrick.
The keys are under the seat.
Merrick residence?
Hi, this is Laura
at Demo's Pharmacy.
Just wanted to let you know that
Mr. Merrick's prescription...
is ready to be picked up.
That's not for us, Twigs.
Patience, honey. Patience.
Can't keep Firemouth
with Green Terror...
when they're spawning.
The rival females
try to kill each other.
Oh, yeah...
I did a little checking
on that old shipwreck.
It seems you guys are gonna have
quite a battle to get rid of it.
Yeah. So, did you get
any phone calls?
Sure. I had a great morning.
I reread all of "Animal Farm."
Did you ever read "Animal Farm,"
Mr. Merrick?
Yeah, sure. George Orwell.
Mr. Orwell's simple tale
of animals rising up...
against their human oppressors.
Boy, would I sing
to see that really happen.
Take your ship, for instance.
Do know what your guys
are gonna do with it?
They're gonna tow it
a mile out of U.S. waters...
and sink the sucker!
The fact that it's full
of toxic waste...
doesn't seem to bother anybody,
except, of course, the fish.
But fish don't buy condos,
so who gives a shit?
Is this Judith Merrick
of 114 Summit Way?
This is Western Union
in San Rafael.
We have a telegram for you
from a Jack Stanton.
Do you want me to read it,
or should l...
Yes, read it.
"Unable to reach you
on the phone...
"without interference.
"lmperative I see you today.
"Send telegram...
"care of General Delivery,
San Francisco."
Signed, "Jack."
I have to talk to you.
There's something
I have to find out.
Is Stanton in town?
Yeah. He's been trying
to reach Judith.
I knew it.
Judith came over to see me
on some pretext...
or rather, doing her
"best friend" routine.
She's trying to find out
how much I know.
She's ready
to make her move, Dan.
She's got you right where
she wants you, like a child...
no memory, no history.
Jenny, please.
My God, this is so crazy.
Well, she won't
get away with it.
- Oh, jeez.
- Did you get my fax from L. A?
Oh, yeah.
Listen, tomorrow night,
soon as I get back into town...
we sit down, dinner,
we hammer out a deal.
OK, but what are we doing
with this shipwreck?
Done! We dump it tomorrow.
Oh, do me a favor.
Keep your hands off
the office machines, huh?
Dan, it's Mr. Klein on line 2.
Hello, Mr. Merrick?
It's Gus Klein.
Be outside in two minutes.
Get ready for some action.
Why? What happened?
Aw... sorry.
Nancy, do me a favor
and get a hold of...
down in site clearance?
- Abe?
- Abe, yeah.
Give him a call and tell him...
to hold off moving
that old shipwreck tomorrow.
You drive. I got to work.
What's up?
This. Come on.
Let's get this machine
on the road.
Golden Gate.
Jack Stanton...
care of General Delivery...
San Francisco.
And the message?
"Dear Jack...
"I was surprised
to hear from you.
"If you're in some kind
of trouble...
"I'll try and help.
"But please understand...
"my husband and I
are together again.
"I'll meet you today, 5 P. M...
"at our hotel."
"At our hotel..."
The Hacienda, right?
My guess is,
whatever they're up to...
they're up to in the bedroom.
I'll follow them
and plant this outside...
so we can monitor them
from the car.
What the fuck am I doing?
I'm looking through a lens.
OK, so now where's Romeo?
That's what he looked like
nine months ago.
Same location.
The same lens.
I was there, too, Dan.
A long time ago.
You were married?
Yeah, right.
When it ended,
I was walking around...
feeling like I was a package
of broken glass.
Nice car.
Yeah, yeah.
1968 Dodge Coronet.
212-thousand miles.
Its original engine.
All right.
Yep, that's our boy.
OK, you stay here.
He's coming back out.
Start her up, Dan.
Roll it.
You gonna open it?
Not unless you got the key...
it's padlocked.
Well, how the hell
did he get through?
I don't know.
You OK?
Look what that son of a bitch
has done to my car!
Take it easy!
This car's an antique!
You're telling me...
it drives like one!
You're gonna break her
to pieces!
Oh, no! Slow down, will you?
Well, get out of his way!
OK, you bastard,
you want it, you'll get it!
For Christ's sake, Dan!
Aw, fuck him!
Oh, my God, we're done!
Oh, look.
Look at this.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm really sorry, Gus.
I'll make it up to you.
Time for the cops, huh?
But first I want to talk
to Judith on my own.
You understand.
I just hope she does.
No, no,
I'm not talking revenge.
I'm talking about the woman
who nursed me back to health.
I just don't understand...
I don't know...
Spare yourself the pain.
I spent years trying
to figure out what went wrong.
Got me nowhere.
I still need
to talk to her, Gus.
Just in case.
Don't move.
There is no Stanton.
You shot him.
You were drunk, Dan.
At the Scotts' party,
we had a fight.
I made you take me home.
Then you went really crazy.
I ran upstairs
and locked myself in...
and called Stanton for help.
He came over, and you...
we got rid of the body.
Then we had the accident.
No, I don't believe it.
Dan, I tried
to keep it from you...
but you hired
that damn detective again!
I had to play Stanton...
to convince him
that Stanton's still alive.
You tried to kill me today!
The shots I fired at you two
were only meant to scare you.
Don't you see? We had
to get Klein off the trail.
What, am I going crazy here?
I saw both of you
go in that hotel.
You saw me go in.
I got changed, and then
I went out the back door...
where I had the Porsche parked.
You dressed up like Stanton,
and you almost killed me.
Now you're telling me
that I killed Stanton.
Wait a minute.
"Before the accident."
That's what you said?
You fucking liar!
Jack Stanton was alive and well
and in my office...
sending a fax
five hours after the accident!
That was me! I sent the fax...
to make believe
Stanton was still alive.
Why did you think I checked out
of the hospital so goddamn fast?
To start covering for you.
The first morning...
paying Stanton's bill
at the Hacienda...
sending the fax...
hiding his Porsche
in the garage...
and not knowing
if you were dead or alive...
but praying and, God,
to protect you
if you were alive.
I love you, Dan.
Haven't you learned
that much by now?
There's nothing
I wouldn't do for you.
But then
you brought back Klein.
Don't you see?
You hired someone to find out
that you're a murderer.
You hired somebody to send you
to the gas chamber.
why didn't you tell me
any of this before?
In the hospital?
"Hi, Dan,
I brought you some roses.
"Oh, and by the way,
you're a murderer."
Dan, I was trying
to protect you...
to protect you
from your own memory.
I wanted a new start,
for both of us.
I wish to God
I'd died in that accident.
Oh, don't say that.
We're in this together.
We have to get
out of here... tonight.
Somebody out there
knows that Stanton's dead.
The phone call,
the first telegram...
that wasn't me.
That was somebody else.
- Somebody who...
- Who?
I don't know.
But whoever it is...
they're trying to play
a rotten game with us.
Oh, I started to panic.
I went down to the wreck
where you...
Well, there's
not much left now.
Oh, thank God...
tomorrow they're finally dumping
that wreck and what's in it.
I put a hold on that ship.
I told them not to move it.
How the hell was I supposed
to know what was in it?
Jesus Christ!
OK, we have to move now.
You throw whatever we need
into a suitcase.
We can arrange for money to be
sent to us when we get there.
I'll get the Porsche back to the
garage and pick up the Mercedes.
- No, I'm coming with you.
- Dan, we don't have time.
When I get back,
we have to be ready to leave.
You do the packing
and write a note to Lydia.
It can't look
as if we're running.
This is Jenny.
I want you to come over.
There's something
you have to know.
I can't tell you
over the phone.
It has to be one on one.
- I can't.
if you don't come over
right now...
I'm calling the police.
Jenny, it's me, Dan!
open the goddamn door!
I got a call from Jenny.
She told me to come over.
I found her like this.
Yeah, I monitored the call.
Sit down.
You're not going anywhere.
I had a little talk...
with the valet parking man
at the Hacienda.
He told me...
the guy in the Porsche...
wasn't a guy at all.
What do you mean?
Where is she?
Oh, come on.
I don't know. She left.
In Stanton's Porsche.
I was watching.
So where does that leave
Mr. Stanton?
How the hell should I know?
Your guess is as good as mine.
for what it's worth...
my guess is...
whatever's left of him...
is rotting
in that old shipwreck.
You see, Mr. Merrick...
my guess is
that you killed him...
the night
I sent you the pictures...
the night
you had the accident.
My guess is...
your wife's been covering up
for you all along.
And my guess is...
Jenny Scott somehow
put the pieces together...
and was threatening
to go to the cops.
- I didn't kill Jenny.
- What about Stanton?
Maybe I did.
Maybe that's the block...
the doctors are talking about.
Maybe I'm a raving psychopath,
but I can't remember!
I can't turn
a blind eye to murder.
I'm not asking you to.
I'm just asking you
to give me a chance...
to let me remember
what happened.
Let me go inside
that ship... please.
- Sheriff's department?
- Give me Lieutenant Lacey.
Oh, for God's sake, Gus.
If I did it, I'll pay for it.
I'm not gonna run.
You can put me away.
Put me in a straitjacket,
the gas chamber...
but at least
give me a chance...
to remember what the fuck
it is I've done!
Yeah, this is Lacey.
Send a car to 1134
Lagunda Coast Highway.
Who is this?
There's been a murder.
Who's calling?
Let's go.
We're gonna get a disease.
Come on.
Anything there?
It's Stanton.
It's me.
Dan Merrick.
It's Dan Merrick.
Oh, God!
This is insane.
You must be...
Jack Stanton.
Jack Stanton.
I'm Jack Stanton.
What happened?
You must try
and remember what happened.
Don't back off.
Come on. Come on.
What happened?
Try and remember.
Oh, Jack.
I love you.
I love you.
Who killed Dan Merrick?
You've got to remember.
Come on!
Who killed him?
She called me...
she called me
at the Hacienda.
For God's sake, Jack,
come quick.
Dan's crazy.
He's drunk.
Help me.
Jack, help me.
Help me.
Move it.
You must remember.
Who killed Dan Merrick?
Who killed him?
I said open the door now!
- No!
- Judith!
No! Get out!
You little whore.
You were fucking that bastard.
I love him!
You'll never see him again,
you little slut!
Get away from me.
I'm going to kill you!
You're gonna pay
for what you've done to me!
Judith, don't!
Oh, God.
We gotta do something.
Call the police.
- Oh, no, Jack.
- Listen to me...
No, you got to help me, please.
They'll lock me up,
throw me in jail.
Without you, I'll die.
It was Judith.
Thank God.
You were right.
She was driving.
I'd been drinking that night.
I'd left my wallet
in the hotel.
She drove.
Whose idea was the ship?
Dan had told her about it.
She figured the chemicals
would dissolve the body.
Bad guess.
It's formaldehyde.
It's the best preservative
known to man.
Then the accident...
We head for Mexico now, tonight.
- Judith, what do you mean "we"?
- Of course we.
We're in this together.
We can't go loping off
into the sunset.
Now you listen to me.
I'm not going to spend
the rest of my life...
With me? Jack, you have to.
You're part of this now.
You planned it this way
from the beginning...
No, Jack, I didn't plan it...
but it happened.
Now you have no choice.
I do! I'll let the cops
sort this out.
- I'll take my chances.
- No!
I am out of your life.
Do you understand me?
Oh, Jack, don't say that.
You can't just
throw me away like that!
Jesus Christ, Judith!
What the fuck are you doing?
You OK?
I guess I gotta
call you Jack now, huh?
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
So now you know.
You're insane!
- I had to do it.
- Gus!
He and Jenny
were the only ones who knew.
He's gone!
Oh! Gus!
Come with me.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
We got to get him some help.
Judith, for Christ's sake!
He's dying down there.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Let's go, Jack.
It's a long ride.
Judith. Judith!
Jenny blew it.
She soon found out
you weren't Dan.
Your smell, your hands...
the lines on your palms.
She was going to the police.
I had to kill her.
After the accident...
when the doctors told me...
"Your husband
is in a deep coma..."
I knew it was crazy...
but I really had no choice.
Oh, my God.
What I went through
to make all this come true.
When we first met...
it was as if
I'd always known you.
Yes, I remember.
This is the California
Highway Patrol.
Pull to the side...
OK, Judith,
it's all over now.
- Stop the car!
- Because of a gun?
Pull over to the shoulder!
I said stop the car!
Pull to the shoulder!
I repeat...
Forget Mexico.
I've got a better idea.
You all right?
How the hell did you...
I got my own tank.
You want a shot?
You all right, Mr. Merrick?
Let's go, Dan.
Come on.