Shaurya: It Takes Courage to Make Right... Right (2008) Movie Script

lC 89898 Charlie.
Captain Javed Khan.
56 Rajputana Rifles on
deputation with 85 Rashtriya Rifles.
You have been charged
under RPC section 302..
..and Army Act section 69, for
the murder of a fellow officer..
..and willfully
disobeying a direct order.
During a combing
operation on the night..
..of 8th March 2007
at 2100 hours.. opened fire on Major
Virendra Rathore by a 9mm Bretta.
Thereby causing his death.
Captain Javed Khan, do you wish to
enter any plea for your defense?
And as the rope starts to pull,
l can feel the velocity lessening.
lt's lessening, it's lessening.
Finally l am suspended.
l am suspended in mid air..
just, just swinging.
And slowly, slowly..
..the voices fade away.
And l limp..
l'm above the earth at 7.6 G-Force.
And lt's like swimming
in a coma, and then..
Pull back 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8.4 free fall!
lt's like having
copulating with gravity, aunt.
- Yes.
Gravity. l read
about it in Grih Shobha.
You get wrinkles because of that.
So one must eat more white foods,
like milk, clarified butter..
..cottage cheese, banana.
The skin gets taut due to that.
- Okay.
Oh amazing colour!
Thank you.
l bought it at Chauri Bazaar,
from Anarkali.
Son, Akash is calling you.
Oh thanks, aunt.
- Greetings.
l mean, excuse me.
- Yes. - Greetings.
How are you?
- Fine.
He's so brave
- l know!
Should l speak to Mr. Tripathi
of Bareilly regarding Manju?
He is a lawyer in the army.
- Thanks.
Sorry guys.. sorry!
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Where were you?
- l was peeling off wrinkles..
Doesn't matter.
- What?
Ladies & gentlemen,
Akash and Nandini!
Kiss the bride! Kiss the bride!
This is not a Holllywood film.
What do you mean by kiss the bride?
Come on. Kiss the bride!
Seal the moment!
Seal your lousy mouth.
When will you heat the food?
Start the fire, brother.
How long will we wait? Till Diwali?
Come on.
- Where? Straighten this!
The engagement's done. Now come.
Now come, let's go.
Excuse me. This is not
some ordinary party.
This is no ordinary party
where you click pictures.. flowers and leave.
ldiot, this is my engagement party.
l am the host and so are you.
But it's for oldies..
..they are stuck to just
a couple of drinks since 8 pm.
l'm game.
You're not. Are you nuts?
Have you worn flat shoes?
- Yes.
Come, let's change
- Come! - We're not going anywhere!
Shall we leave?
Baby, you get some
photos taken, please. - What?
l mean.. what!
- Your dress looks great.
Where did you get it stitched from?
Nandini had it tailored for me.
Oh, is it? So, where's Nandini?
Excuse me!
Here we go! - Don't
know why my body's trembling.
Don't know why the
thirst dries my lips.
Don't know why dear..
Don't know why my breath is heavy.
Don't know why there's
haze in front of my eyes.
Don't know why dear!
Am l looking gross?
Don't know why dear.
The one you are
searching for is me.
l'm the one you're looking for.
Come near me l'm yours.
l'm yours.
- Don't know why dear.
Don't know why my
body's trembling.
Don't know why the
thirst dries my lips.
Don't know why beloved!
Don't know why dear!
So you were sleeping!
- Of course. Beauty sleep.
lt's one o'clock now. The
Colonel will reach at three.
Here, your mail. Hurry up now!
Respected Siddhant Chaudhary.
ln memory of your revered father,
late Brig. Sushant Chaudhary..
..and in honour of his bravery..
..UP government is opening a
middle-level school in UP's Azamgarh.
You are requested to
grace the occasion.
Yours, Neelkanth Tripathi.
A school here!
Auditorium there! Lousy heroism!
Let it be! Under this pretext,
few kids will get educated.
So open a school, do charity,
who stops them?
l respected him when he was alive.
l don't need to celebrate his death.
Dad tricked me. He departed,
fixing me for good in the army.
You know, when dad died..
..the army found a hero.
l lost a dad.
l feel suffocated.
There's a method to cut
vegetables, Major.
Check if the yogurt's absorbed?
- Were you at 'Elevate' last week?
Hey! Forget Elevate'
and come down to earth.
Seen the score? You are losing.
The papers for postings for
Shrinagar are being processed.
l spoke to Col. Puri.
lt was tough to swing
the posting in your favour.
He's nervous. Major Rathore
was Pratap's blue eyed boy.
You will handle the prosecution.
This case can take you places.
What was the name of the accused?
Captain Javed Khan.
Why? 'Behenji' is a word!
B. E. H. E. N. J. l! - Really?
Why spell it? You always cheat!
Annie, you tell me.. - Why are
you talking to her? Talk to me.
Pratap wants him hanged for sure.
Should l add mustard?
- Yes, just one spoon, that big one.
- That's nice. Seems okay.
Ready to be put on the flame..
..medium heat.
There we go. Quite often, the entire
game is played against oneself.
That's why, one must
plan to win in advance.
Right sir.
And knowing who you have on the other
side is a part of good planning.
What was the old man saying?
- Where did you get that saree from?
He was teaching me the
recipe to marinate chicken.
He's getting his daughter married to
you or making you a chef?! Chicken!
The papers stating future
postings are due - Where?
- Not bad! When are we going?
Not we. Just me
- Meaning?
Should l get married to you!?
That's your problem.
l'm coming with you.
Sid, lt's a sensitive area.
l'm going there on work.
We can't always be posted together.
Oh! Excuse me!
Poona! Who brought the locksmith
at three in the morning? Huh!
The afternoon we played acid rock..
..who saved you from the aunts?
- Right
Chennai. The tap was left open.
The place got flooded. Who saved you?
Who saved? l did.. l saved you.
Okay. Don't be petty.
We were together.
Tell the old man to
fix my transfer as well.
Who will you have
tea with on Sundays?
With that 'chicken'?!
Capt. Javed Khan is not
saying a word in his own defense..
..which makes it an open
and shut case for you.
Charged under Army
Act Sec 69 and RPC 302.
lt happened in Brig.
Pratap's command.
lt's a high profile case.
Go for the maximum.
- Sir.
Staff court of
enquiry has taken place.
Here's the summary of the evidence.
All the statements of
the witnesses are attached.
lt's a very sensitive case.
To make a young officer responsible
for the prosecution is a big risk.
Brig. Pratap's posting will be
announced in three months. For U.N.
That's why you need to be fast!
- Right sir.
The terrorists are glued
to the streets of Kashmir..
..the valleys of Shrinagar, from a
semi conscious to a comatose state..
This century..
..stained with blood are
the white peaks of Kashmir.
What is this?
ls this what l wrote?
Regional News Correspondent..
ls this my life!
Stuck in a 2 feet square room..
..that too, with two persons.
That's true.
And you.. why are you so ugly?
Noor Jehan's tribe!
Mother asks, found a job, child?
Yes, ma. ln Dainik
Bhaskar newspaper.
Aunts in the
neighbourhood ask, child..
..we don't see your name on it.
My name's there aunt, in the..
..under the very last line, in bold.
Sparkling! Regional
News Correspondent.
Aunt, that's me!
Shall we go!
Come on.
He's always after me!
Whose permission did you
take to light that cigarette?
Cigarette's! - Shubendu if
you burn my hair again then..
lt does not happen this way.
You sit on a
Lambretta and find a story?
Leave that son.. - But this
is where you are looking..
..for a story, news correspondent.
lt's army zone.
- l too can read the board!
We'll go to jail
without being charged.
l'm telling you again, if someone
sees us, we'll go to the jail.
Bailing us out will be impossible.
Come on.
We'll have to, l know.
But wait.. trouble!
Madam, where are you going?
Madam, who are you?
Where are you going?
We're Press. Captain
Javed Khan is here.
We'll ask him two questions and.. a picture. lt
will take five minutes.
Entrance is forbidden.
5 minutes. Just 2 questions.
5 minutes is all it
will take to arrest you.
Arrest.. what?
We're in Kashmir to prepare
a report, not to sight-see.
He's going to arrest me!
Call your superior. Arrest us!
Listen, this is my last
warning before l call my chief.
Listen, brother,
we need two minutes.
But if it's a problem then..
Sir, Mr. Javed is being
brought from Punj, isn't he?
Okay, l'm going.
Come on.
Thank you, sir.
- Why did you thank him?
Let's go.
- l'll tell you.
So, Ms. Reporter, found your story?
You will write a story!
The story will be
published this time!
With a byline! And that
too a front page story.
Oh no!
Damn, your ancestral vehicle!
Always needs a push to get going.
Light a cigarette to forget
and then you remind me again.
He wouldn't be ready, l bet it.
Okay l'll tell him
about this, please..!
That's fine. Chill!
You're here? Where's Nandini?
Well done, Major Kapoor!
- Thank you
Major Siddhant Chaudhary,
Rashtriya riffles, hereby attached.. the Court Martial of Captain
Javed Khan as the defense lawyer
Report to transit camp
with immediate effect
What's this?
Defense Lawyer,
immediate effect? Meaning?
Meaning, next week.
Hello, excuse me!
l spoke to you about a posting.
You've made me a defense lawyer.
And who's this Captain
Javed Khan? l can't defend him.
Please, don't involve me in court
matters l can't push papers.. Here.
Okay, don't go
Getting sentimental, are we?
Come on, buddy.
lt's simple, my friend!
Tell the old man..
Tell him what?
That you're going to Kashmir
for three years for para-gliding.
The posting is fine but this..
Sid, relax!
You don't have to do anything.
lt's an open and shut case.
The accused is silent. You just
have to plead guilty in court.
l will take care of the prosecution.
You just dress up your best.
Go skiing; climb mountains,
back packing..
..when you see a
nice cliff, just jump..
Jump.. into a court case, Akash?
lnto the beautiful valleys
of Kashmir mountains..
..valleys, rivers, lakes..
Just close your eyes and dream
Your worries will disappear.
Trust me
Mountain air! - Good morning,
sir. Welcome to Shrinagar.
Good morning Lans Nayak Rupinder.
Give me the keys. l'll drive.
- l have a Licence
You cannot drive.
You need a special permit.
This is sensitive zone.
Special permit, alright!
High altitude para
jumps & static line..
..jump camp's 15
kilometres from Shrinagar.
But their office is somewhere
in Shrinagar. Where, Rupinder?
l don't know sir.
- You must have an idea.
Give some clue. There are Australian
Camps. l found it on 'google'
You must be knowing something,
come on.
Sorry sir may be.
But l am not very sure.
Sir l can give you
other information though.
Six terrorists were caught
last week and four shot dead..
..near the University.
ls this a Hindi film! Only
terrorists die not Army men.
This is your to and
fro travel ticket,
This is Captain Javed's
mother's home address..
Some water for the journey
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Be seated.
ls that Javed's
Passing Out ceremony?
And this ..
This is Javed's father ..Anwar
However much l clean it,
it gets dirty.
Javed wanted to join the
army since his childhood
The wish was his dad's, though.
He was a Subedar, after all.
Every year on Republic Day
he would take Javed to Delhi
When Javed would return home..
he would carry a little lndian
flag all around the house shouting..
Mother, Jai Hind
Sometimes below the bed, and
then behind the cupboard..
he would keep on shouting.
Now only voices are left.
Did he get an award for best cadet?
He always stood first, that's why,
This medal? He got it
for the best shooter!
Where is Anwar?
We had gone to Dehradoon..
for Javed's Passing-Out ceremony
Anwar saluted, saying. ..
lts okay if we are
short of clothes..
and have our needs..
But this soldier..
..has given his
country another soldier.
Perhaps, he
couldn't contain his joy.
Have you meet Javed?
He is okay.
l will visit you again.
l hope you boys have settled in..
lnformation on the
case is in these files.
lt's been duly signed by
Sector Commander, Brig. Pratap.
Capt. Javed is under house arrest.
You are permitted
to meet the accused.
The date for plea
hearing will be 15th May..
..and the court
martial is on 8th June.
Right, Sir.
Any doubts, queries, questions?
No, Sir
Good! lf you have any
problem contact the Staff Captain.
His office is next door.
Very well, boys, l'll make a move.
By the way. Kashmiri pundits
make 12 types of meat dishes.
Don't miss that.
Have a nice stay, boys
Right, Sir.
Files don't go with my image,
Please. - Jai Hind Sir.
Jai Hind.
Now will you listen to me?
Good morning, sir.
The papers can go to hell.
Go to the accused
and bargain for a plea.
He has only to plead
guilty in court ..
14 years in prison and dishonorable
discharge.. that's it! Matter over.
l am there. Come on.
4 o'clock, Squash.
Sorry, it's
against the rules, right!
So.. Javed Khan
Hmmm. Let's see.
lMA.. Kohima Company? Same here!.
Which course?
lt's here.
Oh, quite junior.
And you shot Major Rathore.
At point blank range.. 9mm Bretta.
l couldn't do it. Meaning,
l don't want to kill anyone.
..not that you wanted to..
There is no circulation here.
lf you want to say something
in your defense, now's the time.
You need more time?
l think, take a little more time..
Take some more time.
How do you feel.. no light,
there is no air.
All closed.. meaning, packed.
He's a soldier. Put
him in a graveyard ..
..he will clean the dust and emerge.
You should have seen him AK.
Not a word.. He was
absolutely still..
..sitting like this. Sir!
Jai Hind, Sir!
Major Siddhant
Chaudhary has a visitor.
Kaavya Shastri. His cousin,
she says.. the gate outside.
Jai Hind, Sir!
You were informed that
this is a non-family posting.
Now, where has this
cousin sprung from?
Cousin, you see..!
She'll be coming down the mountain.
When she comes.
Jai Hind (Glory to lndia)
- Jai Hind.
Jai Hind (Glory to lndia)
- Jai Hind.
Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning.
Squash, is it?
- Yes Sir.
Now you have found time,
where were you, idiot?
Major Siddhant Chaudhary?
You've become a big girl.
Addressing me by designation.
Come on, give me a hug
- No.. meaning.
What's it? Have you changed?
Had a makeover? Yes?
Listen l'm no cousin.
Ok. You're taking advantage
Excuse me!
l'm a journalist. l needed
to get entry to do a story ..
..on Captain Javed Khan..
Story CJK.. interview 2A..
defense lawyer..
Major Siddhant Chaudhary.
Yes, Kavya
Tell me about the combing operation.
You mean search operation..
of course.
You see, when we
cordon off an area..
..we start our
search with a strategy.
This operation was fairly complex.
lt will take me time
to explain it to you.
Describe the scene of crime.
lt's difficult, its tough, because..
..because it is classified.
Then what can you disclose?
What can l say?
Such a noble profession to choose.
Journalists, doctors, teachers.
And you are bright. And attractive.
Sorry, but the
journalists of today ..
Where are you from?
Amlai, Madhya Pradesh.
l knew it! Small town achievers!
You know they have that hunger.
And they always reach the top..
Look, Dheerubhai Ambani ..
Mahendra Singh Dhoni,
Bismillah Khan..
Pratibha Patil!
Pratibha Patil. You know..
..they are from the cow
belt of Amlai, aren't they?
How many were there at
the scene of the crime?
That's a bright question..
lt's a bright question..
but its quite a
Mass Movement kind of question.
Forgive me but.. try
looking at the bigger picture.
The bigger picture right now,
l think.. Shakespeare.
Have you read Shakespeare?
Of course
l think, Shakespeare and l think..
Javed, Major Rathod..
ambition, deceit..
..and in the middle, Brig. Pratap.
Now whether he was on
the scene of crime or not.
To be or not to be?
You're saying.. Brig Pratap
was at the scene of the crime?
lt's classified.
- Of course.
What's not
classified is 1 st of March.
The incident took
place on March 1 st.
See the subtext behind it..
Some post modern
thought will strike you.
Major Siddhanth Chaudhary.
l think you are faffing.
You don't know crap about the case.
And your crutch is Shakespeare.
To put the facts right..
..the incident took place
not on March 1 but March 8.
As defense lawyer, if you don't
know the basic facts of your case.. will you defend
your client in court.
This certainly is
postmodern tragedy.
Wake up!
This is for the coffee.
This is the tip.
Good morning to you too!
8.15. Colonel Adam's office.
Yet another soldier's
death on the border.
On the direction
of Brigadier Pratap.
News reporter Kaavya Shastri.
No! Oh no!
- Kaavya, Siddhant.
Good morning, Siddhant.
Good morning for you.
For me, it's good night.
Why? What happened?
- What do you mean?
You could have asked
before publishing.
l am in deep shit.
l mean, your paper's
circulation must have risen today.
But what l told you
was off the record!
Jai Hind sir! - For me, it's
a story and will remain so.
So it was printed.
And a piece of advice,
Major Siddhant Chaudhary.
See to your work first.
Get your facts right.
That's none of your business, okay?
That's none of my business?
Siddhant, have you
done any research on this?
Jai Hind, sir. - Did you go to the
crime scene? Did you meet his family?
Where was he posted?
What kind of a man was he?
Meaning, have you even tried?
l mean, if he's accused, why?
ls he innocent or not?
Bull shit, man!
Do your work man!
There's an 'A' after 'K'.
Kaavya Shastri.
There were four officers.
This incident happened under
Brigadier Pratap's command.
Obviously, the army's brave ones
are being crushed by their own.
Brigadier Pratap's
promotion could be at risk.
Sir, this is a fabrication.
l admit l met her.
We talked about
the search operation.
But honestly sir..
..l never knew it would
become such a big issue.
lt has, Major Siddhant!
And you are responsible for it!
Do you even realize the
seriousness of this matter?
Yes sir.
This article, by pointing a finger.. an officer like
Brigadier Pratap..
..has accused the
entire lndian army!
Do you realize that you may be
severely reprimanded for this?
Let me make one thing very clear.
You're not here to indulge in
gossip or entertain the press.
You are in an honorable profession.
l hope l don't need to
remind you of that again!
What's the progress? Has the
defense submitted his case as yet?
No, sir.
lt's a simple case, Major.
Why is it taking so long?
Or are you too busy
giving press conferences?
No, sir.
- Then what's the matter?
- Yes, l'm listening.
Sir, to study the case..
Yes, what? To study the case, what?
- Speak up, Major. Tell me!
Scene of crime, sir.
l'd like to tour the scene of crime.
Scene of crime!
For what?
To investigate, sir.
Do the needful.
- Sir.
The court-martial will be
convened on the 8th of June.
l made a mistake. She said..
Who said?
Everything is not a joke, Sid.
Okay, she came, we had coffee,
we talked for half an hour..
..but l told her
nothing about the case
Exactly! That's what she wrote.
Defense was
clueless about the case!
Clueless! Excuse me!
l'm not clueless. She..
l got you here, Sid!
l had to bend backwards for
you before Nandini's father!
You felt stifled there, right?
Then why did you have
to go and screw it up?
You had to do nothing.
Sid, just talk to the client and
square up this deal. That's it.
Loud and clear.
Be the messenger boy.
Square the deal.
You will leave the
from here in five years.
But this is no
bag-packing trip for me, Sid.
This is my future we
are talking about.
Grow up.
Sorry, AK, but this case..
l didn't l want it. l mean..
Yes. Exactly.
You want it all on a platter,
don't you?
No case, but you want the post!
Stop thinking only about yourself.
That's what you're
doing all the time.
This is an open and shut case
Scene of crime!
Where the hell did that come from?
Do you have any concept?
Scene of crime!
Wear your helmet the next time!
Bloody enemies!
Mane, get the ball.
Any doubts?
- No, sir.
He's heading here.
Sir, Major Siddhant
Chaudhary is here.
He's Captain Javed's defense lawyer.
He wants to tour the
scene of the crime.
Sir, what should l do?
lnvite him to breakfast.
Sir, would it be
right to entertain him?
Come back.
Yes, sir.
Studied Metallurgy, Malhotra?
Know difference between brass,
wood, gold, coal?
Yes, sir.
Then call him.
Ok, sir.
None of my soldiers'
lives depend on a golf ball.
Don't ever doubt my orders.
Hey Bruno!
Good morning, sir.
Major Siddhant Chaudhary.
So, you love to be famous?
Have a seat.
Thank you sir.
What will you have, tea, coffee?
Coffee, please sir.
You know, Malhotra..
..these days there are
different ways to get fame.
Some really get it
by killing tigers.
Some cut the tail of a dead tiger..
..and get their picture published.
They become famous.
Two spoons, sir.
Sir, l am sorry about that.
l said something else
and it got fabricated.
Oops! lt's alright.
Enjoy your coffee.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, l'm here on an
investigative tour, for the case.
Show me your wallet.
Your wallet.
Davidoff Cool Water.
You go around with
four credit cards!
You know when life
revolves around credit..
..reality goes a bit out of focus.
You know, reality
goes a bit out of focus.
Thank you, sir.
You're quite handsome, Major.
You should've been a model.
Why are stuck here?
Some breakfast?
No sir, thank you.
Whose saying is it? Max Mueller.
lf you seek heaven.. is here, it is here,
it is here..
But l say, heaven and hell both
exist here and it's your choice.
ln this uniform, Major,
the sky looks different.
Either God resides
here or Brigadier Pratap.
That's what these people say.
l tell them, not to exaggerate.
Here, l'm both God
and Brigadier Pratap!
From across that border..
..the enemy's bullet can
reach here in 5 seconds.
Forget my bullet.
Even my golf ball
gets there in 4 seconds.
l am always one
second ahead. Always.
Democracy. leftist,
rightist, socialist, communist..
..human rights, moral science..
..all these things
remain 100 kilometers..
within the LOC (Line of Control),
far behind you.
That's why from there to here..
..there is either Brigadier Pratap..
or.. Brigadier Pratap.
..the issue are
like that barbed wire.
What will you investigate?
Nice meeting you, sir.
May l take your leave?
No, Major.
Sit down. Sit down.
27 tons of fuel.
A three hour flight.
Hard work by 200 men.
This is what it takes.. reach a cup of
coffee here at 9,000 feet.
l don't really care if you
don't respect the coffee.
But the effort behind it all..
..deserves the utmost respect.
So finish your coffee.
This is the village where
the accident took place.
All yours, Major.
What's your name?
Would you like to
have some chewing gum?
No. You're an army man.
All done, Major.
- Yes.
Capt. Javed Khan was a good officer.
But he shouldn't
have taken this posting.
lt's hard to fire a
bullet on your own people.
Let's go, Major.
Let's get back to the base.
Shelling often takes
place here in the evenings.
l went to the scene of crime
and l also met Brig. Pratap.
This is the staff court of
enquiry and summary of evidence.
The search operation
took place on March 8..
..With the orders of Brig. Pratap.
You have been charged with murder..
..under RPC sec. 302
and Army Act Sec. 69.
At the scene of crime you
sided with the terrorists.
Your senior, Rajputana
Rifle's Major Rathore..
..during his search operation..
..questioned you..
As a result, you shot him.
There are recorded statements from
2 officers, 3 JCO and 8 soldiers.
They stand witness to this case.
Am l right?
Javed, is this right?
Are you asking or telling me, sir?
The Court Martial starts 8
June and by July 8 will be over.
Whatever transpires in
between will be treachery.
You're wasting your time.
Sir, a repeat for you?
Make it a double.
Yes sir.
And one pint of
chilled beer, Please. Thanks.
So how about a cocktail?
Why, l don't fit into
this small town morality?
- So?
How have you been?
My last coffee left
a very bitter taste.
What will you print this time?
You've turned out to
be a shaky soldier.
You didn't phone me after that?
Thank you. - Sir, any last order?
lt's time to close.
One more double..
..and another beer, please.
Yes sir.
- Thank you.
How come you are
here in an army mess?
Oh my God! l forgot
to introduce myself.
l am Major Siddhant
Chaudhary's cousin, Kaavya Shastri.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
l was 14-15 years old.
My dad took me rock
climbing for the first time.
We started climbing.
There was a stream nearby.
Dad reached the top
l was a little behind.
Suddenly, l slipped and was hanging
by one arm. l was terrified.
Dad was calm, saying, Siddhanth
don't panic. Look up, not down.
As he said it, l looked down.
There was a deep pit below.
lt was endless.
And suddenly..
..everything became still.
l kept looking at the pit.
God! lt was so beautiful.
And l suddenly began to feel alive.
l was awake. l was strong.
Today, there's no
sign of that damn pit.
You are still
hanging mid-way aren't you?
The difference is there is
someone else with you now.
Take care not to fall.
l am Javed's mother.
- Greetings!
Why are you sitting in this cold?
Come inside please.
- No, son.
l came to ask for my son's death.
lt's difficult to accept.
lf he has done wrong then he
must certainly be punished.
There are no excuses for crime.
lt's not Allah.. but my
husband l am worried about.
That it does not shame him.
May Allah keep you happy.
May God be with you.
'Be the messenger boy.'
'Square the deal. Period!'
'Whatever transpires in
between will be false.'
'Why is he accused?'
'ls he innocent or not?'
'lt's hard to fire a
bullet on your own kind.'
'You're wasting your time.'
'lf he has done wrong then he
must certainly be punished.'
'Today, there's no
sign of that damn pit.'
All rise.
Court Martial No.17.
Capt. Javed Khan, lC 89898
of 56 Rajputana Rifles..
..attached to 85 Rashtriya Rifles.
You have been charged
under RPC sec. 302..
..and Army Act sec. 69..
..for the murder of fellow officer
Major Virender Singh Rathore..
..on the night of March 8th,
2007. During a search operation.. Punj village, 15
kilometers from Pulwana.
Does defense wish to enter the plea?
Yes, sir.
Not guilty.
Court is adjourned and..
..will reassemble on
8th June 2007 at 0900 hours.
All rise.
Do you know what you are doing?
Do you realize what the
consequences could be?
So, major Siddhanth Chaudhary,
are you able to see the pit?
Slightly. l just made the leap.
Nice architecture!
There is a song of desire..
..but it is soft. But it is soft.
You are coming into my life.
But gradually.
But gradually.
The desires have been aroused.
As if fairies are
dancing in every moment.
The gentle wind..
..whispers into your ears.
A tale of love..
But slowly. But slowly.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
There is a song of desire..
..but it is soft. But it is soft.
But it is soft.
This clouds is a bit anemic.
See, the one that
looks like an elephant.
lt will either eat
that up or join it.
There must be a commandant
or chief for each one, right?
Every day a new charade.
Commandant sir, l've taken the case.
What do l do now?
There's no answer?
All lines in this route are busy.
Please try again later.
Looks like it has rained.
lf you like you can
have chewing gum here.
No one will say anything.
No, thank you
ln my cupboard, under the paper,
there are four railway tickets.
Jammu to Delhi, return.
Eight years old.
When we used to go for the
January 26th Republic Day Parade.. father had put me
in charge of the tickets.
Will you post them to my mother?
l know that you are looking
at this case with all honesty.
But l should also tell
you my share of truth.
l did shoot Major Rathore.
One Ashoka Chakra,
10 Keerti Chakra..
..53 Shaurya Chakra,
300 Sena medals.
This is Rashtriya Rifles.
Rashtriya Rifles stands for
integrity, honesty, honor.
And when one of it's
officers gets killed..
..that's a loss of honor.
And when one officer of Rashtriya
Rifles murders a fellow officer..
..that's a loss of integrity.
And this case is about
the loss of integrity.
The incident occurred in Pulwana
village in Kashmir's Punj district..
..on the March 8,
2007 at 2100 hours.
One bullet was fired.
One officer died
l would request permission
to call the first witness..
..Lance Nayak Bhairav Singh..
Court NCO, 56 RR
The night it happened,
you were on Court NCO duty.
Yes, sir.
You issued this weapon?
Yes, sir.
- Registration number?
21456-L, sir.
ln whose name?
Captain Javed Khan, sir.
Major Rathore's cause of death?
Hemorrhage, due to
damage of internal organs.
What caused the
internal damage, Major Shah?
One bullet, fired from close range.
According to the forensic report..
..the bullet was fired from 9 mm
Bretta, registration number 21456-L.
And from which range
was the bullet fired?
Between 6 to 10 feet.
l would request permission to call..
..witnesses from the scene of crime.
Subedar Rajan, were
you present there?
l ran there the minute l
heard the sound of the bullet.
Major Rathore was
bleeding from the head.
Captain Passbola and Capt.
R.P. Singh..
..were on guard with their guns.
We were sitting with
Major Rathore in the garden.
Then we some
movement behind the houses.
A shadow emerged.
When we moved towards the darkness..
..another shadow came forward.
That was Captain Javed Khan.
When Major Rathore challenged them..
..Captain Javed Khan fired at him.
He shot him dead.
We arrested Captain Javed Khan.
That will be all, your honor.
Nandini sent it.
She had gone to Singapore
You know, chronograph,
altimeter, depth meter, scuba..
No way!
lt is not too late even now.
For what?
Bargain. l can still swing it..
- Can you?
Can you hear this?
There's a pulse beat
after every 2 seconds.
Listen, thank
Nandini and give her a hug.
l'll call her.
Thanks, AK.
He tended to be serious,
aloof ..didn't mix with others.
How was Captain Javed Khan
during his training period?
Observant, calculative, intelligent.
But quite reserved.
10 tins of cheese, 5 of butter.
4 bottles of jam..
..and about ten of Roohafza.
Some locals would come over.
Who were they?
Perhaps from his village,
l don't know.
Since when were you in
charge of the canteen?
About three years, sir.
And in these three years,
you did not see these people?
No, sir. Never.
Did you also mix with the villagers?
lt was a sensitive area
so we had to be careful.
Did Captain Javed Khan also
go at times to his village?
Almost four times a week.
lf fact we officers
often joked that..
..his Officer's Mess
was in the village.
On duty, l must've talked
with Captain Javed Khan..
..hardly 4 or 5 times.
Okay, but you must've
interacted with him socially.
He frequented the mess
but l never talked to him.
At some party or event, festival?
No, sir.
So in three years you had
no conversation with him?
No, sir, not at all.
Obviously, Captain Javed is a bit
of an introvert, somewhat unsocial..
..but his silence could be
a cover for his loyalty.
Loyalty to Rashtriya
Rifles or the terrorists?
Loyalty to the lndian army or.. a terrorist organization?
Crime can be proved with evidence..
..but motives and
intentions need to be judged.
Perhaps Major Rathore
understood his intentions..
..and that's why he shot Major
Rathore at point blank range.
The prosecution rests its case.
Which Javed Khan are you?
Academy Gold Medalist Javed?
Or the militant Javed?
You also believed that
l was with those people?
Why shouldn't l?
Today, may l tell you another truth?
My name is.. Javed Khan.
l'm paying for being who l am.
What payment?
What payment?
Because you are a Muslim?
You're the Muslim victim?
Want to be hanged?
You'll play the martyr?
ls that it?
And l?
Listen, if you
want to die, go ahead.
But l will not let you be a martyr.
Get that clear.
You will not die a martyr.
The defense may begin.
Gold medal from NDA Academy.
Battalion senior under
officer in lMA..
..Captain Javed Khan got
his first choice of regiment.
He was the youngest
officer to be recommended..
..for an army chief
commendation card.
His track record is not
only of a dedicated officer ..
..but an exceptional one.
Objection, Your Honor.
lf the prosecution wants
to list credentials..
..then Captain Javed falls
far behind Major Rathore.
We're not here to count medals.
Judgment is based on facts.
Just facts. Always.
Do you want to lead any
evidence in your defense?
The defense requests for
more time, Your Honor.
Court-martial is adjourned..
..and will reassemble on
Monday 12th June, 2007.. 0900 hours.
All Rise!
56 Rajputana Rifles'
Major Virendra Rathore's.. has been suggested
for a posthumous medal..
..for meritorious service.
Today, in a gathering of
his unit in his honor..
..his unit commander announced this.
Significantly, no member..
..of his family was
present at the assembly.
Let us tell viewers,
that his junior officer..
..Captain Javed Khan shot
and killed Major Rathore.
A court martial is
in progress against..
..Captain Javed Khan.
Take the route to the highway.
Why are we going there?
l mean, are you sure?
She didn't even attend
her husband's honoring..
..ceremony. l mean..
l don't know how
much she'll cooperate.
l don't understand this business.
We're going now, right?
How much time will it take?
One hour.
A few call me useless and
a few say l'm a spoilt brat.
A few call me useless and
a few say l'm a spoilt brat.
This is my friend.
l call her Chiplie..
..because she always hides.
And what is Chiplie's
friend's name?
Changez Khan. And yours?
Lee. Bruce Lee.
At the ceremony, you..?
Kshitij is not well.
There was a PTA meeting.
l had a fever of 103 degrees.
Since morning, there were
as many excuses as the calls.
Which one do you want to hear?
The wall is full of his bravery.
Now there will be no more medals.
lt will be bare.
Kshitij will have a
chance to draw his cartoons.
The meaning of Changez is brave.
And the meaning of brave?
- Papa.
And papa means?
Papa means..
Uniform, gun..
..special round sweets,
lots of games.
When papa is home on leave,
he'll be Senior Changez Khan..
..and l'll be Junior Changez Khan.
And mama?
Mummy stays in the hospital.
Grandpa is sick, you see?
Major Rathore would place
his guns in Kshitij's hands.
And that too, loaded.
l would shake with fear.
Others' fear gave him a high.
And maybe his valor too.
Stains of blood on his uniform.
A strange smell
would emanate from him.
Sometimes it was so repulsive..
..that l'd scrub my
hands again and again.
As if the blood on his
hands had set on my palms.
There are many
stories behind every medal.
l hear them every day.
lt seems that l too
have become a medal.
l am so sorry.
Why? This had to happen one day.
l was 19 when l married.
l knew nothing about the world.
Seven years later, l feel l've..
..seen too much of it.
The word Papa is a strange one.
- Papa.
Pa, pa, pa, pa.
- Pa, pa, pa, pa.
Papa, papa.
Have you met Brigadier Pratap?
- No.
When this little hand reaches 12,
and the big one is on 3..
..that means it's
quarter past twelve.
Has he troubled you too much?
No. Not at all.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
So will it take
three hours to get back?
No four. While returning,
there's heavy traffic.
Brigadier Pratap's will be
posted to the UN next month.
There was a call.
He will shift to Delhi.
Captain Javed is under
house arrest, isn't he?
She hates him
She hates him?
From how she talked, it was clear..
..that she was disgusted by him.
Mention Rathore's name and
something happens to her.
She won't come to court, right?
lt seems as though she is now free.
Meaning.. such
hatred day after day..
For the eight years
she lived with him.
Anyone would..
lf it happened to me,
l would have shot him.
Finish it off, once and for all.
Watch it! Careful.
What are you doing?
Come on. Let's get out
Come on. Get out, Kaavya.
What are you doing?
Hang on! Come come here
Okay.. you are Rathore. l am Javed.
What are you doing?
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5.
l have a Bretta in my
hand Shot.. l'm Pass bola..
..P. Singh was nearby, right.
Here is the question
Why did Javed shoot only Rathore?
Because Rathore was
standing in front of him.
Yes Kaavya, come on think.
The Report says
one bullet was fired.
lt's a 9mm Bretta,
which means 12 bullets
Meaning 1 1 bullets
left in the chamber.
He could have shot anyone..
He could have shot
anyone and run away .
- So.
Why did he shoot only Rathore?
Why did he start and
stop with Rathore?
Right. You're right.
Capt Passbola, how many
years have you been in RR?
One year.
ln how many operations.
Twenty cordon and search,
eleven ambush and five raids.
That night, how
many shots were fired.
One bullet was fired.
From which direction?
From the north direction.
All details are in the report.
At what time was
the crime committed.
2100 hours, sir
The details are in the report, sir.
Thank you Captain Passbola.
That'll be all for now.
Captain R.P. Singh, was it you
who arrested Capt. Javed Khan?
How many bullets were
in the seized weapon?
- Eleven.
This means that only one
bullet was fired. - Right..
And it's a 9mm Bretta, right?
Yes, sir.
What is the range of that weapon?
30 meter..
30 meter.
Any how far were you.
l was 25 meters away, on alert.
Then why did the bullet not hit you?
Meaning, why did the
bullet hit only Major Rathore.
No, if you were 25 meters away and
Captain Javed Khan fired a shot..
..anyone could have been the target?
Even you? Why only Major Rathore?
Sir, we've put this in the report.
l know but l want to
hear it, in your words.
Why did Capt. Javed
Khan not shoot all of you.
Objection! Defense is
intimidating the witness.
Objection overruled.
lf he's a dangerous criminal,
a lethal murderer..
..then he could have shot you too.
There would be a casualty?
Answer me.
Do you also have links
with a terrorist organization?
No, sir.
What's the truth then, answer me.
What's the truth?
l was there but..
- Yes?
l don't remember.
Don't remember meaning?
We didn't arrest him.
You didn't arrest him.
Don't be silly Capt. R.P. Singh.
Capt Passbola has stated that
all the details are in the report.
And the report states that you..
..and Capt. Passbola
arrested Capt. Javed Khan.
lt is possible.
- lt is possible.
l don't get this. Meaning?
Capt. R.P. Singh, did you
read and sign this report..
..or did you just sign it?
Sir, l..
Did you read and sign this report,
or did you just sign it?
l would request the
court to grant me.. extension of one hour, please.
Objection. The prosecution
is not agreeable to this.
Court is adjourned..
..and will reassemble on
Monday at 09.00 hours.
All rise.
And R P Singh has stated
that he has not read the Report.
l was so close..
l told the judge to please
give me some more time. No!
No whereabouts of the Report..
..and no clue of
those two men's identity.
Were they terrorists?
Were they running off somewhere?
Exactly, Kaavya!
- Meaning, are these all lies?
Listen, officially
l can't do anything.
You will have to do something.
Yes l'll work on it.
Anyway, update on the research.
Rathore was Pratap's ally.
Every operation, Assam, Kargil,
Tripura, they served together.
And these are
Rathore's posting details.
And then.. Pratap?
- Jai Hind, sir.
Will you listen to
all that l have to say?
Sorry, go on
ln 1993, Pratap's entire
family was killed in an incident.
After that, Pratap took up
postings only in forward areas.
All he saw was work.
He made anti-insurgency
operations his specialty.
During his posting in
Siachin he met Rathore.
After that, after Siachin..
Both were together in every
operation, Every posting.
Pratap gave Rathore
increasing powers.
They shared a strong
bond between them.
You know what, Sid..? l think..
Maybe, Rathore was the only
person he had. l mean, after all..
Okay, listen..
You will be doing the research.
l'm got to go across..
Why did you come here.
l thought l'll give you a surprise.
l don't like surprises.
lts Nandini! -Don't be angry.
You should've checked.
- What do you mean checked
You go home. l'm just coming
Just keep the papers.
l'll keep the papers.
- Bye.
The sun has shone in Kashmir..
Oops! Sorry!
Suddenly things have changed.
Since when did this happen?
Dark clouds since Saturday
and l don't know anything.
Shut up!
You quarrel with him and..
..l have to bear the expenses.
Day and night in this case..
..he's just stop listening.
The wedding too is postponed.
l just..
l don't know what to do?
Want to cry?
No, you can cry. l have got tissues.
You know what Sid..
All of Pratap's files
can be found, except one.
His annual Confidential Report.
Kaavya, know of a
priest in Shrinagar?
Who can it be at
this time of the night?
Don't know. l'll see.
ls this Shri Akash Kapoor's home?
l'm here for his wedding. The
address is correct. He said ..
'Mr. Akash Kapoor weds Miss
Nandini'. And be there urgently.
And who said that?
Can one ever define Friendship?
Friendship is the soothing shade
when life seems like the unkind Sun..
lt is etched deep in our hearts,
& not easy to wipe out..
..his eyes spell the words,
when a friend sits silent.
Even he realizes l
miss his presence..
..when he is not around.
Can one ever define friendship?
Friendship is the soothing shade
when life seems like the unkind Sun..
ln court, in a uniform,
you look handsome.
True, a little bit.. not just
a little.. l am extra jealous.
You joking?
The score is 10-love.
ln war, on orders to shoot,
when, where, how is known.
But why..
A soldier is not told. Nor
has he have the right to ask.
lt's an order.. shoot!
lt's your duty.
This case is also a duty for me.
A duty towards the army.
A duty towards myself..
But you are free falling again..
No scoring.
l wish..
Yes! Tell me, Captain! What?
Shrinagar Airport,
Railway station, bus terminus..
You must have
information from somewhere..
l mean he must have called someone.
Shall we have the phone
records at the base checked?
Check if anyone saw him leave.
Capt. R P Singh..
absent without leave.
How's that possible sir. He must
have contacted his family, right.
Some clues may be found from Capt.
R P Singh's records.
He could be with some friend,
a local acquaintance.
lf the army wants to
it can trace anyone.
l am not his commanding officer.
l'm sorry, sir! l am very sorry.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
What, Shubendu?
You wait here. l'll just come.
What do l say, sir?
Outside the house..
Look.. look l..
..can't do anything. Sir will
do what he has to. - What's up?
Sir, last night my cow was stolen.
What was its name?
- Why Kaavya Shastri in the lock-up?
Why is Miss Kaavya
Shastri in the lock-up?
We got orders to
arrest her. So have.
lf you wish to you can meet the DSP.
- Hello. Yes.
l was saying..
Why has Kaavya
Shastri been arrested?
l will talk to you later, ok?
Please have a seat.
- No, thanks.
She is accused of violating
section 3 and 9 of OS Act..
..with section 120
- B of the lPC.
What's the offence?
We found sensitive
information on her person.
And she was inside the army base..
..collecting documents for defense.
She was also making notes.
That's good enough.
And the rest we will find
out during interrogation.
lnterrogation? You can't be serious!
Look. She is a
responsible journalist.
She was researching her story.
l am sorry. l cannot do anything.
l am an army lawyer.
This army law that you
talk of is a 1923 law.
ln 2007 it's useless.
lt's not my job to
understand law or explain law.
l just have to follow it.
You got it? You go and
look after the border.
All are one another's mouthpieces!
lt's all a conspiracy, right?
lt's all a bloody conspiracy!
So there's nothing you can do?
Negi she is a journalist.
She's just a journalist!
Thank you.
Come with me. Don't look back!
Exactly at 7.30 in the evening..
..we were given orders to assemble.
Major Rathore said there is a
search operation in Pulwaana.
Our company left from its base.
Subedar Wahi's group,
with Subedar Khosa..
..from the north direction.
Subedar Lamba, you will move
from the east with the soldiers.
Singh and Passbola, with me
Now move!
Javed, you. - Yes sir.
Collect all the people
from the houses. - But, sir!
You don't say 'but' here.
There are only orders. Move!
All of you come down. Down.
All. Stand in a line below.
Come on.
Come on out! Out
You too. Come down!
Come on. Out!
You cannot clean the place?
Come here! Come here!
You goat!
What's your name?
Sir, Mushtaq.
- Mushtaq!
The name was given by your
father or the God-father?
My dad.
Speak loudly. l cannot hear!
My dad. - Come tell me
where your hideouts are.
Speak! Your hideouts! Move!
Tell me about your hideouts?
Where do you hide the weapons!
ln your house or elsewhere?
He will not open his mouth.
Someone, call his family members!
Sir, no! Then say.. say,
'in my house.'
ln my house..
- 'there are.' - There are..
..'15 AK 47 s'.
- 15 AK 47 s. - Speak!
Tell me who's your Commander?
Tell me! Tell me
who're your accomplices?
Sir, you are
putting pressure on him.
So! Shall l deck him with flowers?
Shall l deck him
with flowers? Tell me.
No, no.
- Tell me.
- Will you teach me how people are?
You check his house once.
l think this is not the procedure.
Will you teach me the procedure?
l've grown old teaching procedures!
You will teach me the procedure?
Here! Your procedure.
Here's.. your procedure! Tell me!
No sir. No!
l know your entire community.
- No sir.
You eat in this country,
pray for the other country.
You'll teach me procedure!
- Geet. - Let it be.
Sir, you've misunderstood.
Just once.. - Quiet!
Sir, if you won't
follow the procedure..
..l can relieve you of your command.
l can also complain to the
commanding officer, sir!
You'll relieve me!
You know who is above me?
You will report me! Me! Take this.
Now report!
Now report!
You feel the pain?
Hey! Shut her mouth.
Keep quiet. Hey! Shut her mouth.
l said shut up! Or.. quiet!
Or you too.. quiet!
lf you don't keep quiet,
l'll kill you! Quiet!
Won't you listen? Quiet!
The sound of that one gun
shot silenced even nature.
Who were we to arrest him?
We were ashamed of ourselves.
Javed could escape in
the darkness of the night.
There was no one to stop him.
Not even our dead conscience.
But even there he did what
this uniform has taught us.
Follow the rules.
l don't know what
will happen in future.
l have become weak.
l see it repeatedly sir.
Those voices. Javed's face.
Even sleeping
pills do not help, sir.
l am a broken man sir.
- No, sir, don't come forward sir.
l have said what l wanted to.
l cannot come to the court.
- RP, listen.. - No sir.
Sir, you stay where you are.
l will shoot you.
Don't say anything!
l cannot come to the court.
The court-martial
would still take place.
l had fired a bullet.
l preferred to stay silent
of my own will, because.. a soldier it's my duty not
only to protect my country's border..
..but also to respect my uniform.
And it is also my aim.
This was my opportunity, Siddhanth.
The truth of that night would've
weakened the belief of a community.
The distance between us
would've become wider.
l don't wish that some Javed
Khan's exists only by his name.
l don't want the future generation.. depend on some
Pratap or Rathore's viewpoint.
l am a small part of this creation.
What is wrong if my silence helps?
lf Brigadier
Pratap had had his way..
..he would've
turned the entire army..
..into Major Rathore.
And, perhaps, me too.
Why? You have also become
silent on learning the truth.
What difference did it make?
Major Virendras Rathore's
murder case has taken a new turn.
The defense lawyer Siddhant
Chaudhary has decided to summon..
Brigadier Pratap,
recipient of Shaurya Chakra.. the court.
lt may be noted that Brigadier
Pratap is a highly decorated officer.
Even eminent officers like Pratap
Singh are involved in this case.
New faces are coming
in the witness box.
l think there's a soldier by
the name of R P Singh, sir.
What can you learn from the corpse?
- Sir, it's a suicide case.
How many policemen around?
Sir. There are three policemen.
No, sir
Wrong. Last chance. Say.
ls it country liquor?
No, you've lost, sir?
Scotch! Genuine stuff from the
canteen. You're doing a lot of duty.
How much time..
- Brigadier Pratap?
Sid! What were you
thinking when you called him?
That he would sit
in the witness box..
..and announce to the world
that he is a mass murderer?
l mean what were you thinking?
- What should l do?
Bring R P Singh's
corpse into the witness box?
Or Javed, who is hell
bent on becoming a martyr?
Or Neerja Rathore. Will she agree?
l know l don't have any proof.
But what do l do? Shall l just sit?
lt's very easy for you to
give a lecture from there.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry
l just hope you know
what you're doing.
Of course not!
l don't know anything.
lf you make one wrong move,
your army career is finished.
They'll throw you in some
jungle in Bihar or Assam.
All l can say is
someone has to pay for this.
Oh my brave-heart!
Sir, Major Siddhanth Chaudhary has
accepted your dinner invitation.
Good boy!
What's on your face?
Sir. Nothing sir.
Just sweating, sir!
Only pigs sweat,
Malhotra. Men perspire.
Drink a glass of cold water.
- Yes, sir
Send my dhrupad music CD and
with my vintage single malt.
The boy deserves the best.
- Sir.
so what will you have, Major?
Anything, sir.
This 'anything'
generation is very dangerous.
Have you ever been to Scotland?
No sir.
Oh! Then you should
smell this. That's Scotland!
The flowers of that place,
seaweed, peat. Air. Everything, pure.
No adulteration. No corruption.
That's your drink.
- Thank you, sir.
How is it, Major?
lt's nice, sir!
Just nice?
ln life only two personal
experiences are pure Major.
One is single malt
and the other is valor.
The daily chores in life,
religion, all these things go on.
What do you see in this?
The insignia of
Rashtriya Rifles, sir.
7000 terrorists were killed.
5000 weapons were confiscated.
A budget of 6000 million.
ln bravery, that's the
single malt of Rashtriya Rifle.
The same purity, no adulteration,
no corruption.
So it's not just an insignia, Major!
lt's hard for your rum-and-coke
generation to understand this.
l love what's written on this.
Read it. What does it say?
- Spirit.
The hint of smoke that
emanates from this drink..
..the word 'spirit
'is born from that.
Spirit! As soldiers, our
spirits mustn't be wandering.
We take so many bullets.
lt must be sitting
quietly in one corner.
How many bullets hit
Brigadier Chaudhary, your father?
30, no 32. Hands, legs, ears, nose.
The face was unrecognizable.
lt took 3 officers,
ten hours to bind..
..and stitch each part
of his body together.
You saw his body, right?
ls it true that his small
finger and one toe were not found?
Major, no high is greater than..
..dying at the border.
32 bullets ripped your dad..
..Brigadier Chaudhary's, body apart.
But his spirit did not die.
Not his spirit.
That's valor.
Do not lose your dad's
valor in the heat of one case.
That'd not be..
What's the word you use?
That'd not be nice, Major.
Cheers,. sir!
How many bullets hit dad?
- Sid.
Where are you huh?
Why did you go there? Tell me?
The toe on the left leg was missing.
32 bullets hit him. He fought till
the last bullet on the warfront.
He died the death he dreamed of.
He was a hero!
Lousy Single Malt!
Whatever others thought of him..
..why look at your dad
from their point of view.
There were many people on that day..
..saluting, seeing him as a hero.
Today there is no one.
'Major Siddhanth Chaudhary.'
'Thank you. Kshitij got the
plastic lizard you sent him.'
'Your address was on the
back of the envelope.'
'l'm sending you a letter.'
'Virendra's father
expired last week.'
'We are returning to Lucknow
to Kshitij's grandparents.'
'The papers said that you have
called Brig. Pratap to court.'
'While packing my things,
l found this file of Virendra.'
'Perhaps this file
will help your case.'
'The walls are covered with
Virendra's medals and shields.'
'Even today when Kshitij sees them..
..he feels proud of
his father's courage.'
'Perhaps if l leave them here..
..his illusion will
also go away one day.'
'Nobody will be able
to tell him the truth.'
'Not even me. Perhaps you will.. able to explain to him that
courage lies not just on killing.'
'Courage does not stand
for for saluting someone.'
'Courage is deep within us..
an enthusiasm, a strength.'
'Now my name will always
be linked to Virendra.'
'One cannot divorce
someone who is dead.'
'l took too long.'
'l hope that you get
this file on time.'
'Please tell Kaavya
that l'm thinking of her.'
'Regards, Neerja.'
Court-martial resumes.
Defense may begin!
Your favourite colours? Name three.
Black. Black. Black
Favorite animals?
Rabbit. Ant. Leopard.
Major Rathore was your
rabbit or your leopard?
He was a brave officer. And
please do not insult his bravery.
Human rights reports see his bravery
as culpable homicide or genocide.
When a 30-storeyed
building collapses.. affects the
adjacent 10-storeyed one too.
This is termed as collateral damage.
So, these reports are all rubbish?
They'd know who worry about table,
chair and air-conditioned comfort.
For me, my duty is all.
Fantastic 'spirit.'
Objection your honour. Defense
is ridiculing a decorated officer.
Objection sustained.
The disappearance of Captain RP
Singh and his body being found..
..what could be the cause?
Husband-wife quarrel, kitchen fight,
pillow fight, suicide, murder.
These are possibilities.
l've no PhD on such matters.
lt's sad.
l will send flowers to his family.
lf you're done with your
suspense-filled questions..
..may l leave?
Any more questions for Brig. Pratap?
Now what would you
like to ask, Major?
The power of my glasses?
Why not!
- lt's necessary to know.
Whether the glasses are for
long rang range or short range.
Because sometimes reality
gets a bit out of focus.
Objection. Defense is
digressing from the issue..
Objection sustained.
lf my questions are
not to your liking..
..let's play a game.
Let's play a memory game.
With your permission, sir.
My memory is exactly like me..
..right on target, sharp! Ask away.
When were you commissioned?
December 16, 1971 .
First medal?
Six months later.
Veer Chakra, 1972, July 16.
First car.
Beetle, 1978.
First Golf Tournament?
1979, lntercommoned
Army golf championship.
Brig. Nair came second.
First honour?
Atee Vishist Seva Medal,
not once but twice.
1988 and 1992.
Mental block! Some matters are not
easy to recall. l'll give you a clue.
December 1993.
9th December, 1993?
l don't want you to lose this game,
so l'll give you one last clue.
9th December, 1993.
At 4.25, evening.
Fog, according to the
weather report. Then the sun shone.
Do you remember?
D/52 Mayur Vihar.
9th December, 1993.
At 4.25 in the evening.
What happened, Brig. Pratap?
What happened is in my annual
confidential report. Read it.
Annual confidential report!
Oh yes of course, let's see.
Here it is.
During communal clashes. Mayur
Vihar, Flat No. D 52. at 4.25 pm..
..two women and one girl child
were murdered in a brutal way.
Then their flat was set on fire.
Three people died.
Mrs Aradhana Pratap Singh,
age 36. Your wife.
Mrs. Shardha Pratap Singh,
age 70. Your mother.
Tanvi Pratap Singh,
age 8. Your daughter.
You said correctly, it is all
documented in the ACR report.
What a tragedy. Sorry. Sad.
lt's not only sad.. it's cruel.
How was it done?
With something sharp? Knife?
With a kitchen knife! 35 times.
Before killing them, they
even raped your daughter.
Wife's postmortem report states..
..damage of intestine.
Your mother was alive.
She died of burns, in agony.
lt's all in the report.
One name is not in the report.
He was known as Babu.
He was ten years old when he
first came to you from an orphanage.
He was the most loved
servant ln your household.
Then, 9 December he
killed your entire family.
Your Babu, your Jameel.
His name was Jameel, right?
He was a killer, l know.
What l don't know is why the
name Jameel is not in this ACR.
Could it be that Brig. Pratap
Singh is scared of something?
You don't have to answer, Brigadier.
You may choose to step
out of the witness box.
To be weak is not in Brig.
Pratap's nature.
So, l'll answer that question.
You understand only as much
as you can tolerate. No more.
You won't be able to bear it.
You don't have strength
enough to accept the entire truth.
This is what is true of you!
lt is also true that you
are in my witness box.
And even if l don't have the
strength l will find out the truth.
You are talking nonsense.
All this is like your
word 'nice.. convenience.
Truth is, it is because
of me that you are here.
My finger's on the trigger that's
why you can breath this fresh air.
The truth is that at 7000 feet
it is l who must bear the cold.
This is why you are able to
speak like sensible human beings.
To be free of pain.
To go to discos, be in love..
..celebrate festivals, to live..
The truth is that
you and every lndian..
..from the time you
wake up in the morning.. want every street
and drain to be clean.
Ask whose hand gets
dirty in keeping them clean?
This is the truth.
Mine, yours, and all those here.
But my question is.. Jameel.
lmran, Naseer, Fatima.. see Jameel in all of them?
They're killers!
All of them.. right?
The enemy is not just on
that side of the border.
They can also be in your home,
like dirt and white ants.
My aim is Vir, Bhogya Vasundhara.
lt's my responsibility to
protect my country outside, inside..
..from every type of enemy.
lf not, Major, every day not one
but a hundred Jameels will surface.
You've been searching for
Jameel for 13 years, right?
You saw Javed Khan..
..but you actually
saw Jameel in him.
Speak up
- You did, didn't you?
Who are you trying to protect? Him?
This Javed?
Know what it signifies?
lndications of identity,
from the time of their birth.
lts there deep within
this Javed, ln his veins .
His blood is
steeped in his religion.
His loyalty is towards his blood.
Unfortunately.. his
community is filled with poison.
Accounting for them,
we will be wiped out.
Many more Rathore's will be killed..
..but nothing will change.
This is not yours, mine,
or any talk show matter.
lt pertains to the whole world.
That's why, the head that you have..
..hidden ostrich-like,
under the earth..
..bring it out and look!
Apply your wisdom?
You'll understand.
Who's the enemy?
The whole community?
Every date carries the stamp
of their religion, their terror.
And, Major, l know how
to cleanse those dates.
That's what l am doing..
cleaning up.
Cleaning up.. by giving shoot at
sight orders on innocent children.
lnnocent.. roaming
about with AK 57.. their hands, like a lollipop.
But a six year old child.
They are not children,
They are time-bombs.
They are pawns of the terrorists.
Those whom you consider innocent..
..are a matter of discipline for me!
Discipline is a military necessity.
Don't teach me right from wrong.
You are not capable.
lf l want to, l can produce an
army of hundreds of Rathore's.
And l will do it.
l will finish these people.
l will sift out each and
every white ant and kill it.
So that one more Jameel is not born.
There will not be
another fire in Mayur Vihar.
And one more Tanu is not raped.
She was shrieking.
Morning, evening, day, night..
..l hear her screams.
That's why l told
Rathore to shoot them.
To finish off these idiots.
The old and the young, kill them!
Otherwise they will finish us.
They will finish off
hundreds of houses in Mayur Vihar.
lf you want to do something,
finish off this community.
That's what we want.
Lousy democracy!
Lousy democracy!
Thank you.
That will be all, your honour!
The defense rests this case.
lt is over?
l cannot waste more time.
Thank you,
gentlemen! lt was a pleasure.
Brigadier Rudra Pratap Singh,
you have been relieved..
..of your duty
with immediate effect.
And a court of enquiry
will be ordered against you.
Nair, what's going on?
ls this the lndian
Army or a Jumbo circus!
The prosecutor, Major Akash Kapoor,
will now read the charges.
Against Brig. Rudra Pratap Singh.
Brig Pratap, under lPC section
304 and Army Act section 69.. are charged
with culpable homicide.
You are to be taken
into immediate custody.
Have you lost your mind?
Look at this uniform.
Decorated with national honours.
National honours?
This uniform, this trial, is
not just about nationalism.
lt is also in the name of democracy.
lt's saved you a great deal,
this lousy democracy.
Or you would be hanging
upside-down some place.
What did you say..
poison in their veins?
Finish off the community?
You said right.
Finish them off.
Finish the community
that killed Mahatma Gandhi.
The community that
killed Martin Luther King.
Finish them, kill them all.
That's your solution! Right!
And his?
ls to save a six year
old girl. That's all.
No religion, no community.
The lndian Army's courage is
hidden in Javed Khan's humanity.
But you won't understand.
You won't understand.
Take him away.
ln the light of new evidence
presented by the defense council..
..and the confessional
statement of Brig. Pratap..
..this court martial finds Capt.
Javed Khan not guilty..
..under RPC section
302 and army act 69.
The court honorably
acquits Capt. Javed Khan and.. his
full rank and honour.
The court also order a parallel
court of enquiry to be set up..
..against Brig. Pratap
Courage Chakra, AVSM.
Court martial dismissed.
What is courage?
The earth shattering
noise of the army.
The noise of the guns
which blazes through the sky.
What is courage?
Some stars of metal
shining on an uniform
Or some unwritten lines
which could easily be erased.
What is courage?
To kill a silent bird
who's flying far away?
Or to fire bullets and bombs
and silent an entire city?
Courage.. the blood that dries up on
its own in the heat of the battle.
Or to wait for every
moment in an unknown place.
What is courage in the
hazy sky made of gunfire?
What is courage in the valleys..
..which are finding it difficult
to cope with deaths?
Courage.. maybe the will power,
maybe the spirit to fight.
The ability to go against all
religions and accept some one.
The courage to resist the
gun fire by our silence.
ln the age of war, the resilience
to withstand humanity by courage.
To save our present
from the unknown future.
What is courage?