Shava Ni Girdhari Lal (2022) Movie Script

"One day you will come
to my house to light a fire."
"One day you will come
to my house to light a fire."
"I will throw a light at you
and cool your burning heart."
"I will cool your burning heart."
Don't look at bachelors.
They can swallow girls with their eyes.
Aaso, Aaso, you old woman.
You scoundrel, I may
be slightly older than you.
Do I look like an old woman to you?
No, no, you are quite young.
Shall I take off my shoe?
Oh, if you take off your
shoe your feet will burn.
Then I will have to
pick you up in a truck.
If I pick you up then people will say
that I have picked up a
midget woman for God's sake.
You fool, don't you have any shame?
You talk about shame
and your heart is as bright as a
sunflower because of what I said.
The girl who is with you is
the one who is feeling shy.
-Who is she?
-She is my niece, Bhaago.
Bhaago! She is an absolute delight.
You can't even compare
to her feet, old woman.
Shameless fool, don't cast
your evil upon my niece.
The crazy one is staring
at the girl like an eagle.
-Look at the way this fool is behaving.
-What did you say?
Nothing, you fool. Your mother
gave birth to an idiot and died.
Take all this nonsense of
yours and get lost to the village.
You got angry, Girdhari.
I was just joking, silly boy.
Say whatever you want to say to
me. Don't say anything about my mom.
This damn fool! Hold
this and put it on my head.
To hell with him.
Mom, Aunt Aaso's brain is
full of garbage.
Don't feel bad about what she said.
Where are you going, Girdhari?
I am going to marry
your sister's sister-in-law.
That day will never come
when you get married.
It's alright. You may
say all that you want to.
One day I will get
so many marriage proposal's
that I will be confused about
whom to marry and whom to reject.
They don't call me
Girdhari Lal for nothing.
Silly boy.
"The world runs because of
innocence of pure-hearted people."
"The world runs because of
innocence of pure-hearted people."
"The earth is asking the sky what
a big mistake have you made?"
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"The world mocks him and he
teaches the flowers how to be fragrant."
"The world mocks him and he
teaches the flowers how to be fragrant."
"He keeps roaming the streets,
singing, dancing and preening."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal.
Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"God sits with such pure
souls and applauds his work."
"God sits with such pure
souls and applauds his work."
"He walks around with the grace of
God looking too amazing to behold."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Look at the beauty of those hearts that
spread happiness everywhere."
"Look at the beauty of those hearts that
spread happiness everywhere."
"Though he is a little scared but he
hits the nail on the head when he talks."
Oh, my God. How pretty do you look!
Do you want to kill your lover?
Shame on you, you leper. She is married.
Forgive me, sister-in-law.
But you are very beautiful.
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal.
Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Innocent people are royal."
"They are kings at heart."
"Innocent people are royal.
They are kings at heart."
"Look at how blessings rain upon
him and how he rules everything."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal.
Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
What did you ask God for?
-Nothing, mom.
Everyone says that God is omniscient
then what is the point of
asking for anything?
And I already asked him so
many times to return my mom.
People say that the
ones who die never return.
Then why do you keep
looking for me, son?
Mom, these living ones
really trouble me a lot.
I don't feel like living without you.
But, son, I am not in this world.
Mom, you are in my heart,
my brain, you are everywhere.
Mom, you have started calling
me Girdhari too?
I am your Maggar, Maggar Singh Sandhu.
What mantras were you chanting?
God has given me the
duty to serve the Gurdwara.
Go home and do some work.
God has given all the
duties to only you, Jethu,
service, wife, kids.
Bow your head before you leave.
I asked him to bow to God
and he bowed to a cycle.
God, bless our crazy one with wisdom.
Satnam Waheguru!
Dad, where are you
coming from looking so entertained?
You talk about entertainment,
I have brought home a basket of
peoples' complaints against you.
Really? Where is the basket?
On my head.
Listen, you are trying to woo
the daughters-in-law of our village.
Dad, whenever I see a girl or a
woman I feel a spark inside me.
What is inside my heart starts
coming out of my mouth.
Whatever is inside you wants marriage.
-Is that so?
-Be sensible when you say such things.
When you get married,
everything will be fine.
Dad, get me married then.
My son, you used to get
the best marriage proposals.
But you never committed.
I have such a big family
and my bed is still outside.
Your bed is here, dad,
and mine is on the roof.
If you don't get married, you will
neither have a bed here nor on the roof.
Dad, I can't sleep in the fields.
The dogs will come and lick my face.
Uncle, is your axe available?
Oh, innocent one,
the ones like you who have a clean
heart are often maligned by people.
Then what should we do about that, dad?
Focus on yourself.
You keep roaming unnecessarily
after self-centred people.
-Yes, Nindo. I am coming.
-Look, what's written here.
Uncle and Aunt.
Uncle, what should we
write with bachelor Uncle?
Write a fortunate
one with bachelor Uncle.
-Is that so?
Bachelors are beloveds of God.
The one that this bachelor will get
will be the most fortunate one, isn't it?
Give me your blessings, brother-in-law.
Look, dad, Jeeto is mocking me.
It's alright. She is younger than you.
Give Jeeto your blessings
that her son and daughter should
be a part of your wedding procession.
I have already decided
that if I have a son,
I will get his sister-in-law
married to my elder brother.
You should be eternally grateful to him.
Had he not refused to marry Jeeto,
no one would have
married an addict like you.
What were you saying, brother?
Bachelors have the time of their lives.
This is just a way of
consoling yourself, Girdhari Lal.
Bachelors will woo a donkey and ask her
what should I get for you, beloved?
Bangles or hair accessories?
-Come on, sit down.
Jaggar, a bachelor's curse is terrible.
If I look towards the sky and say,
God turn all the alcohol
of the world into water,
you will climb on the rooftops and wail.
Maggar Singh, you must curse him then.
You drank all your life
until you got old,
-and you are saying that about me.
You start talking all
this early in the morning.
You should remember God sometimes too.
You didn't go to the fields?
I was leaving, brother. I just
came home to change my clothes.
This family talks so much.
Look at this Romeo, he
came to change his clothes.
Go straight to the fields.
Don't mess with the
villagers on the way.
This muslin is from Dhaka
and this is a pashmina shawl.
This muslin is from Dhaka
and this is a pashmina shawl.
Serve other's wives.
Don't get yourself a wife.
Should I kidnap someone forcibly?
I will get you married.
But you must play a game with me.
What nonsense! Do you
want me to get into trouble?
I am carrying your son
and your luggage just for today.
After today, I will not do any
thing for self-centred people.
You are a bachelor
and you will die one.
Bachelors are no less than anyone.
You are so silly, sister-in-law.
Here, take this.
Come down.
Girdhari, drop off this
wheat sack for Charno.
No. I refuse. Am I your servant?
And you are mean to me after
you get all the work done from me.
Who says nice things to you, by the way?
My dad does, my mom does.
And so will my wife.
Go and drop it off. Good
boys don't refuse like this.
Then ask your Toti to do it.
My son's name is Gurmail not Toti.
Toti's mom! Toti...
What is all this? Did a snake bite Toti?
-Yes, Toti was bitten by a snake!
-Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, he is jinxed!
Oh, my God! We are ruined!
-Hurry up and come.
-Let's go.
-It was an insect...
-No, it wasn't.
I saw it myself. It was a snake.
Stop talking nonsense.
I know it was a snake but
you mustn't say things like that.
A person may die out of fear.
-It was an insect.
-Wasn't it a snake?
How can a snake bite a snake?
Thank God, I am alive.
I feel like I am dead.
I don't know if it was the bad
odour coming from Toti's body
or a snake's poison.
A bamboo is planted not left around.
Why did they call me a bamboo?
Son, people are mad.
They think that a bamboo is
hollow and cheap in quality.
Someone should tell them that a
flute is made out of a bamboo too.
Dad, I want to become a flute
and play music for my wife.
Instead of music you
have created nonsense.
Because of your
tantrums, the girl that you
could have married was
married to Ruda instead.
People will make stories now
that there must be something wrong with
the elder one that he is still single.
There is still time. You should
fall at sisters-in-law's feet.
They are the ones who
can help you get married.
-Get me married.
-Get me married.
-Do my wedding rituals.
Your brother-in-law is requesting
you to find him a beautiful fairy.
-Put wedding kohl in my eyes.
Sister-in-law, find me a beautiful
girl from your maternal home.
Get me married, please.
Real men don't request women.
Take my gun and kidnap
someone's daughter.
You won't get married at this
age but you might get a fever.
Why? Have I done something bad to God?
I will marry a girl who
is absolutely flawless.
I will stare at her while I
wear my stylish turban.
You will watch, Jethu.
Look, how an old bull wants
a young pigeon on his horns.
I feel like doing a lot
of things, sister-in-law.
I am made of flesh and blood too.
Get me married to a butterball.
I too want a wife.
You are pining for a
wife all day and night.
Of course, he will, Parsinniye.
It is said that when God made a woman,
he gave blood from his heart
and kneaded mud with his head.
That is precisely why a woman goes
straight to one's head via one's heart.
And then she doesn't come out.
Jeeto, I can't see my elder
brother suffering like this.
We will find you a bride
and get you married then.
-Though try to survive if you can.
-How can I survive, sister-in-law?
When I hear the sound
of anklets in the courtyard,
a tornado rises inside me.
Jeeto, stop wearing anklets.
If you hadn't refused to marry me,
I would have been
Ruda's sister-in-law right now.
What kind of a girl do you want?
Dark or fair?
Tall or short?
I will tell you. She should be
a girl and she should be alive.
And you can tell them the rest yourself.
The one who wears mirrors in her braid...
And the reflection of those mirrors
should fall upon my face.
And she would say to me...
Silly man, look away. This
reflection will ruin your face.
Her arms should be
full of colourful bangles.
And I should make a multi-coloured
swing for her that matches her bangles.
And she should sit with me
on that swing.
We should both have the
time of our lives.
When she stands on
the roof to dry her hair,
the droplets falling from her
hair should cool the sun down.
I would ask her to marry me.
And she would say let's not
get married, let's elope instead.
When she walks it should seem
like a canal of water is flowing.
Her scarf should touch the earth
and caress it with every touch.
She should feed me with her own hands.
And a piece of food from her
hand should feel like a dessert to me.
She should be fairer than milk and
when you see her you should feel
that the stories about fairies and
angels must have begin because of her.
She should smile sweetly
and say to me, Girdhari...
How are you?
Nothing much but the
girl should be educated...
and she should look like a movie star.
And she should say
affectionately to me in English,
Girdhari, I love you. Meaning,
Girdhari, I love you.
People, write down whatever
he is saying on a piece of paper.
My son has many demands.
That is why this gullible
boy is still unmarried.
Were you describing a girl
or a multi-coloured swing?
He kept going on and on
about what his bride should be like...
Not just anything. When I get married,
I will feed her with sparrow's milk.
Those are just tall claims.
Marriage seems appealing only
when you see it from afar.
When you experience it
closely, it is nothing but dust.
No, no. Marriage is a responsibility
that every man should fulfil with
sense, sensibility and sincerity.
Jethu Singh, please keep
your preachings to yourself.
Brother, but marriage
is very enjoyable for a man.
-I will tell you.
When it gets dark and a
tired man comes home...
Oh, dad, have some milk with
jaggery. Your throat will feel better.
So what happens when it gets dark?
Then a man comes home
tired, he lays down on the bed
and his wife gives him a
foot massage. What else?
No, no, the story hasn't even begun yet.
The wife doesn't just
give him a massage...
Dad, it seems like
your throat is quite sore.
Have some hot syrup.
My throat is absolutely fine, you fool.
I am telling you stop
talking such obnoxious things!
Are we talking obnoxious things?
Let it be. Tell me what
happens after the foot massage?
What will happen? The man gets a massage
and gets off from the
right side of the bed.
Shame on you, foolish men!
Dad, go to sleep now. We
are having a heated discussion.
Why does the man get down from the bed?
The man can't get out of the
bed from above his wife.
-Listen carefully.
When a man gets married...
Will you shut up or
should I get my cane?
You are all alike! The ones telling and
the story and the one listening to it!
You are all lost causes! The whole
world knows what happens when...
Dad, the whole world
knows but they don't know.
They are getting off from
the right side of the bed.
By the way, dad, what do you
think happens after marriage?
Rotten offspring like you
happens after marriage!
Oh, my God! We will be born!
But how, dad?
-What are you babbling?
-Stop it.
Shut up now.
He wants to know what happens.
Tell me what you were saying.
I am sleeping!
I am sleeping.
All he does is talk nonsense.
Grandad, I...
Uncle, my maternal Uncle is
how many years younger to you?
He is a few fingers shorter than me.
I am asking about your age, Uncle.
Oh, alright. When you dad got married,
he was as tall as my knees back then.
Look, his maternal
Uncle has beaten you too.
He will get married before you.
-You should forget about marriage, Uncle.
You will never get married.
I will definitely get married.
You will only get married
if you come to my
maternal house tomorrow.
Yes, so many of my
sisters-in-law will be present there.
There will be someone whom you
might like. You should try your luck.
But their families will be there too.
What if a girl's brother beats me up?
That depends on your behaviour whether
you get a proposal or a thrashing.
Who will thrash him?
I will beat everyone up.
A son in law's brother deserves
the same respect as a son-in-law.
Don't feel nervous.
Just point at the one you like,
Jaggar is with you.
Alright then. Get ready to celebrate!
My wife and I will sleep on the roof.
Look at him getting so excited.
Brothers, are you asleep?
Jethu? Ruda?
I will beat you!
What bit you now?
Nothing bit us, dad,
this fool is getting on our nerves.
You misunderstood me, brother.
Dad, nothing happened. Go to sleep.
Brother, though it is said that
you shouldn't plan things at night
but I am going to your
in-law's house in the morning.
I feel there will be
many girl present there.
How will I know which one I like?
Your heart will tell you. You
should listen to your heart.
I will listen to my heart
but what I say to the girl?
Tell her that she is the
one that you have chosen
and she is the one that you will marry.
But what if her brother is there too?
Then he will beat you up.
How can he beat him?
What is this gun for?
I will put a hole through him.
Yes, he will get married
and you will get hanged.
Will you go to sleep
or should I come up?
Mom, I will celebrate your
grandson's birth this winter.
And also, God,
either get me married now
or get all these married ones divorced.
-What did you say?
-What did you say?
I mean everyone except you guys.
What did you say!
Brother, no!
My cane is right next to me!
-Hit him!
-Hit him!
Girdhari, you are still snoring.
Are you coming with us
or should I go with Ruda?
No, don't be so harsh.
I will be right there.
Come, mom, lets go to
Taaro's maternal house.
Your Girdhari's wife will
be from the same village.
Mom, when your
daughter-in-law lifts her veil
everyone will die of jealousy.
Let them be jealous.
Such people always get jealous.
Mom, how do you like
your daughter-in-law?
Son, your wife is like a swan.
-She is prettier than fairies.
Just look after her.
Mom, I will treat her like
a precious piece of art.
Don't worry.
Girdhari! Hey, Girdhari!
Where are you lost, you fool?
This is the way to my village.
It seems that you have lost your mind.
I was lost in my conversation with mom.
Lost in conversation...
-Lets go.
-Lets go.
Stay with us now.
Hey, Girdhari, eat something.
You are sitting so quietly.
Listen, Kuddu, you are
Jaggar's brother-in-law. Act like it.
I am elder than you.
My name is Maggar Singh Sandhu.
Whatever you must serve
to me, do it right here.
Kuddu, don't leave any stone
unturned while serving him.
My brother-in-law is
no less than any king.
Sister, did you find a
girl for this king or not?
The one who wears
mirrors in her braid...
And the reflection of those
mirrors should fall upon my face.
I have heard that bachelors
are worse than ghosts.
Ghosts live in the trees.
You look like a green tree too.
If you allow it then may
this ghost seize you?
Will you seize me?
You cant even get up and eat sweets
and you are asking to be served.
He is throwing tantrums at
his brother's wife's house.
Her arms should be
full of colourful bangles
and I should make a multi-coloured
swing for her that matches her bangles.
Now the in-laws and sisters-in-law
are past tense for him.
You sweet-dish,
you are saying such bitter things?
I will turn the wheel of time for you.
Have some shame, son.
Uncle, the ones who feel shy in youth,
do such obnoxious things in old age
that old women mock them.
-Go away.
-Control yourself.
I don't think you'll return
home in one piece.
Look at him getting so over-excited.
I won't fly alone now.
I will take one of you with me.
What did you say?
I like both of you.
I swear I have never seen a fair,
beautiful maiden like you.
And this one,
she is an absolute butterball.
Sister-in-law, do
something. Get me hitched.
Hey, look here.
Who looks at explosives
at a village fair?
By the way, who are you?
They call me Naajar.
I am Surjit's brother.
And this is Barsha, Jinder's brother.
who are these Jinder and Surjit?
And what have I done to them?
Look at him denying everything.
The ones whom you were
calling fair maidens and butterballs,
they are Surjit and Jinder.
Oh, them...
I was just praising them.
Your sisters are very beautiful.
Look at him barking.
I will poke your eyes out if you
even dare to look at my sister.
And if you take a
step towards my sister,
I will cut off your leg.
Come on.
Do you understand?
Look at his audacity.
They seem full of false bravado.
Had they been dangerous like Jaggar,
they would have cut me into pieces.
So you are Surjit?
Yes, Taaro's maternal Uncle's daughter.
You look like a bumblebee
in your yellow dress.
Oh, really?
If you don't believe me
then bite me and see.
You crazy fellow.
You speak so sweetly.
I think the sugarcane gets
it's sweetness from you.
Don't talk nonsense.
No, no, I am not talking nonsense.
I think no one has
recognized you until now.
You seem arrogant on the outside,
but you are soft like wax on the inside.
I swear to God,
no one can be compared
to you in this wedding.
Are you fooling me with false praise?
I will feed you the tastiest of snacks.
What else will you do for me?
I will hold you in
my arms and cradle you.
"The boy cradles the beautiful girl."
I was feeling shy that is
why I said cradle.
I was going to say something else.
Let it be. I will tell
you after the wedding.
I will just say
that if I place a coal on your palm,
it will turn into a lump of gold.
Slow down. Barsha is my brother.
He will kill you.
How will he kill me?
Your eyes have already murdered me.
Will he get an elephant as a reward
from the king of Patiala
after killing a dead body?
Oh, my God.
She made the dung-cakes smell fragrant.
She is not a girl, she is
a bottle of perfume.
"I won't go to my in-law's house, dad."
"I won't go to my in-law's house, dad."
"Why won't you go, daughter?"
"My in-laws are poor, dad.
They have nothing, dad."
Your brother-in-law is trying to woo me.
Our Girdhari is quite simple
but keep in mind, he
does own a lot of land.
I don't know about land,
but he does have a clear conscience.
"They have nothing, dad, I
won't to to my in-law's house."
"They have nothing, dad, I
won't to to my in-law's house."
"I won't go to my in-law's house, dad."
Jinder, what do you
think about Girdhari?
He is alright.
There's nothing too special about him.
But your eyes suggest that
our Girdhari is very special.
Lovers talk in circles
but your Girdhari talks in
such a straightforward manner
that one feels very impressed.
Yes, our Girdhari is quite simple.
"Why won't you go
to your in-law's house?"
He isn't that simple.
He knows all the obnoxious things.
Look at him.
"I won't go to my in-law's house, dad."
Mom, I like them both.
Tell me which one to choose.
"Maybe I don't have trucks
that travel to Bombay."
"My house is made of mud and
the roof is made of wooden beams."
"The roof is made of wooden beams."
"Maybe I don't know how to earn money."
"I know how to fall in love."
"You will have the time of
your life, oh, beautiful one,"
"make me your lover."
"You will have the time of
your life, oh, beautiful one,"
"make me your lover."
"You can just play with
the birds in the courtyard."
"I will cook all the food myself."
"You can just play with
the birds in the courtyard."
"I will cook all the food myself."
"We hail from the same race as Ranjha,"
"the one who grazed
buffaloes for his lover."
"You will have the time of
your life, oh, beautiful one,"
"make me your lover."
"You will have the time of
your life, oh, beautiful one,"
"make me your lover."
"Our bond is like that of
two statues with one life."
"I will make you forget your
maternal village within a moment."
"Our bond is like that of
two statues with one life."
"I will make you forget your
maternal village within a moment."
"We will both stay warm together."
"Just watch the fire burn."
"You will have the time of
your life, oh, beautiful one,"
"make me your lover."
[Regional folk song]
So what's going on?
[Regional folk song]
Mom, though it was just a dream,
but the one who marries your son
will have the time of her life.
-How is this one?
-This one is beautiful.
I think I should wear this one.
-Yes, the embroidery is beautiful.
-It really is.
Oh, my God.
The clothes are luckier than me since
you are holding them to close to you.
Oh, my God.
I am crazy about you.
Don't you feel any shame?
I won't ruin my life because
of shame now, will I?
Just open the door.
I will take your measurements
and get beautiful
dresses stitched for
your from the tailor.
And I will buy you
embroidered shoes with that.
You will get beaten with the
same shoes if you say anything else.
Not shoes, now we will get rings.
Get one of their fingers measured.
I will get them a gold ring with
a beautiful blue sapphire in it.
Sister-in-law, if you shut windows
like this then how will woo any girl?
I will be ruined!
Move along. I am busy
wooing my future wife.
I was just joking, Uncle.
He has come to his
brother's in-law's house.
He will laugh and joke around a little.
-Don't be scared, Girdhari.
I will see who bothers you.
It is not about bothering, son-in-law.
He is talking obnoxious things
and asking for a thrashing.
He is immature, Uncle.
He doesn't mean those things.
No, no, Jethu. I mean
exactly those things.
They are not girls, they are magnets.
I am automatically pulled towards them.
Bravo! So who is more magnetic?
We will talk to her family
and get you hitched.
Ruda, don't talk nonsense.
Why shouldn't he?
He is talking in favour
of his elder brother.
-You shouldn't speak at all.
-But I will speak.
I will see who bothers my brother.
I will cut them all into pieces.
You always get drunk at weddings.
How will you cut us into
pieces, brother-in-law?
Chop Girdhari into pieces. He is
the one teasing our unmarried girls.
I am not married either.
I am unmarried too.
You are a bachelor.
Don't bachelors have hearts?
And I didn't tease any girls.
I am going to get married.
I like Surjit and Jinder both.
Get me married to whoever
agrees out of the two.
I will bury you right here.
Won't I bury you into the earth
like an earthworm before that?
Behave properly.
Should we start his wedding rituals?
That's great. Do that right now.
But let me decide first
which one I want to marry.
-How dare you!
-How dare you!
I will put a bullet though all of you!
Oh, my God.
Calm down, Jaggar!
Girdhari, behave yourself
and go back home.
So should I consider it
a no from both the girls?
Just leave!
At least ask the girls once.
Mom, they were nice girls...
Surjit and Jinder.
I had written their names on my heart.
But I think they were
not made for your son.
Dad, do you have a rope?
-Do you want to hang yourself?
-No, no.
I have to make a swing for my wife.
Look, he is making
swings. And look at you!
Dad, he is only making swings.
But someone else is riding the swing.
I will slap you! You
are barking such things.
Fool, is this how you should talk?
Take all this away. I don't want it.
Eat it, dad. It is
delicious. Have your fill.
The one whose heart is bleeding,
will only have his fill with poison.
How will you know if your
stomach is full with poison or not?
Won't you be dead
after having the poison?
Shut up, you fool.
Wait, sister-in-law. Dad,
tell me, how is your heart bleeding?
You are sitting here hail and hearty.
The way you have been
insulted by Taaro's relatives,
dad is unhappy because of that.
-Is that so?
We have become the laughing stock of our
village because of what you did there.
How will I face my relatives?
Is it such a big deal, dad?
Yes. Jeet Kaur,
you are going to your maternal home
so take him with you.
He will drop you there
and it will save us the
embarrassment here.
Oh, dad, I have already made
plans with sister-in-law about that.
I will definitely go with her.
Sister-in-law, lets have
some dessert to celebrate that
along with this food.
You have already eaten eight.
Why are you lying?
I have merely eaten nine yet.
You silly one, eight is less than nine.
-He has no sense at all.
But I am your mate, dad.
You will always stay silly, Girdhari.
Sat Sri Akal, Aunt Salimo.
May God bless you
with happiness, daughter.
Come, Jeeto. Get some
grain for your husband.
He is not my husband, Aunt.
He is my elder brother-in-law.
Alright. So this is the fool
who rejected your marriage proposal.
I am the same guy. Her
husband is that addict.
I am a simpleton.
If you want to marry me
then do it. I won't refuse now.
Look at him making such obnoxious
jokes at his brother's in-law's village.
He is slightly slow, Aunt.
I could make that out
by the way he is talking.
Now get ready to feed us sweets.
-You are going to have a boy.
-How do you know?
God has given me the gift of sight.
I always know what
will happen in the future.
Really? Then tell me when
and where will I get married?
Why don't you move? Are you
going to keep standing here?
Answer him, old woman.
I don't know when and where.
He will get such a girl that people
will stop just to get a glimpse of her
to know where did he find
such a beautiful fairy from?
Damn, I hope he doesn't
grab a girl from our village.
Tholu, keep an eye on your sister.
Shut up!
Bring the curd so I can bathe.
I am getting it.
Let me take that.
Here you go.
-Here you go, brother.
-Give it to me.
When she stands on
the roof to dry her hair,
the droplets falling from her
hair should cool the sun down.
"The kohl in your yes
in sharper than arrows."
"Where did you learn to walk like that?"
"The kohl in your yes
in sharper than arrows."
"Where did you learn to walk like that?"
"Cover your eyes, they
will cause destruction."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"You tread so lightly on the ground."
"You have killed many with your smile."
"Your waist is narrower
than wand, sweetheart."
"Your nose-pin suits your sharp nose."
"The tailors measure
you up with their eyes."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"My sorrow vanishes when I look at you."
"Your braid stings my heart."
"Your lips have turned red like a rose."
"You face is like a fresh
morning in the hills."
"God too has become a lover
of your long neck."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
"Please, give me an answer
to my greetings."
What are you doing?
I am coming.
Go and feed the cattle.
Kammo. She is so beautiful.
Mom, Surjit and Jinder can't
even compare to her feet.
You have seen me
properly for the first time
and you like me already?
I always decided my likes
and dislikes immediately.
If I like someone at first
sight then I like them,
whether it's clothes, humans or animals.
I don't bother giving
anything a second glance.
Is that so? What do you like about me?
You are a chappati
from a roadside cafe...
A soft maiden.
Shameless! Like a dog!
Look at the things you are saying.
Look at how you act so shy.
-Crazy one!
-Cunning one!
If I knew how to do magic,
I would have become
kohl and entered your eyes.
And I would have turned you into an
amulet and worn you around my neck.
Oh, you are just talking
endless nonsense.
what is going on here?
We are talking about love and affection.
He is my
brother-in-laws brother-in-laws brother.
Yes, Maggar Singh Sandhu.
This is Balli from the
neighbouring village.
I have studied from Lahore.
Lahore is right next door.
He is talking as if he studied in Delhi.
Balli, what are you doing here?
My cycle got punctured.
I thought you might have a pump.
Do you have a cycle?
How will we have a pump?
My brother-in-law doesn't have a cycle.
Why do you need a pump?
I will fill air with my
mouth into the cycle.
The tyres seem full of air.
Look like the fool was mistaken.
Anyway, let me take a ride.
I have got a marriage
proposal from Patiala.
So won't you marry me?
I will.
I am from a Brahmin family
and you are a Jatt.
No one will let us get married.
My brother-in-law won't agree either.
If my parents were alive...
they may have said yes.
No you will run chores for
Kammo all your life, Maggar Singh,
that too as Girdhari Lal.
When Kammo will go
to reap the harvest...
"Girdhari Lal will walk
every step with you."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
Listen to me,
we will have to do this.
It is up to you.
If you can do this...
then I am with you.
We must do this
if we want to spend our life together.
Alright then.
I will make Kammo sit on this seat
and our son will sit
on this bar right here.
We will leave early in the morning
and return in the evening
after roaming everywhere.
"Girdhari Lal."
Thank God, I was alone.
If Kammo would have been here it
would have been quite embarrassing.
The poor girl could have
broken her arm or leg.
Then I would have had to cook food.
Don't ask. Just keep them coming.
I can eat from hands day and
night without even counting.
Speak softly.
Men should talk about such things
in whispers.
Is that so?
Then do one thing, put some
butter on them and grill them properly.
-Hungry fool.
-Oh, my satisfied one!
It is an absolute yes from me.
How do you feel?
Ever since I saw you,
I have been dancing
around without anklets.
After hearing this the bite
dived right inside my stomach.
We will discuss the rest later.
Come to the animal shed.
Mom, she is asking your son to
come alone to the animal shed.
What if something unusual happens?
What was Girdhari saying?
He asked me to look after you
and to take very good care of you.
How did this fool say such wise things?
How would I know?
You and your younger brother-in-law
should know this.
He is her elder brother-in-law.
Kammo, give me one more chappati.
What did you say? Speak up.
Why are you talking in
such a strange manner?
Look at my sister-in-law.
She is unnecessarily
interfering between a man and his woman.
Give me another chappati!
-Go and give it to him.
-Go and give it to him.
May I come close to you?
How much more close do you want to come?
You have made a home inside my heart.
Don't say that.
I feel strange inside.
You are in such a
hurry to get close to me.
Now talk properly.
Enough whispering.
I feel like pulling you close
to me and embracing you.
And I want to drink
you little by little.
Where did you learn to talk like this?
Everyone talks like this,
especially the old men.
Oh, my God.
Really. They check a
woman out with their eyes.
I swear to God.
-Okay, tell me something.
Do you really like me?
I am really impressed by you.
I am going to talk to your brother-in-law
tomorrow about our marriage.
May I kiss you?
Shameless! Will you kiss
me before our wedding?
If you talk to my brother-in-law
then we will never get married.
Let's elope if you want to marry me.
Why should we elope?
I will talk to your brother-in-law
about our wedding directly.
Then we won't be able to get married.
My brother-in-law
doesn't like you one bit
because you had refused to marry Jeeto.
Alright. I will tell him
that you won't let me marry Kammo
so I am going to run away with her.
Sometimes I feel that God
didn't put a brain in your head.
Whatever it is,
I will tell him and run away with you.
No, swear on your mom.
Oh, you made me swear on my mom.
I can never deny anything in mom's name.
Otherwise, my dead mom won't visit me.
Alright then.
Be prepared tomorrow night.
Do not go back upon your word.
Jatt will die
but he will never go back upon his word.
Mom, your son is gone.
He cannot be saved now.
Girdhari, tea?
Keep staring. You will
cry your eyes out tomorrow.
What did you say?
I think she said something else...
She is crazy in my love.
Do you like Kammo?
-Have some shame. She is still very young.
She is not young or anything.
She is even more cunning than you.
I am young inside too.
Should I talk to my brother
about your marriage then?
You, sly fellow.
Won't you marry her?
She is still very young.
She is still very young.
She isn't that young too.
She is at a marriageable age.
Your behaviour is not
appropriate for marriage.
We won't be bale to get married
now. I said no to sister-in-law.
I am yours.
We will run away tonight.
Why must we elope?
Jeeto is ready for our wedding.
Oh, God.
I told you, didn't I?
My brother-in-law
doesn't like you at all.
I think we must elope then.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Speak softly.
Be like Romeo now and take me with you.
Come on. Get up.
We'll go in the morning.
Let me sleep now.
You have your whole life to sleep.
Come on, wake up now.
We won't be sleeping
from tomorrow onwards.
Oh, please, get up.
What? Did you say something?
No, I didn't. Come quietly.
Let me announce loudly once that
Jatt is taking the girl and eloping.
"He took the girl and eloped."
I feel like what we
are doing is not right.
Everything is fine. Hurry up.
This is so much fun though.
You and I are alone in
the middle of the night.
Now if we see a tree,
I will rest my head on
your thigh and sleep.
And I will break your bones.
What are you doing here?
Did you come to bid
farewell to the girl?
Tell him.
Thank you, brother, for
escorting me from home.
Now run back to the village.
I don't understand.
Bravo, Girdhari Lal.
You still don't understand?
She is mine.
She will go with me.
If she is yours then why
did she come with me?
So that no one should suspect me
and her brother-in-law will
definitely break your bones now.
Does that mean everything
you said was a lie?
That is unfair, isn't it?
But now that you have come with me
you must leave with me too.
Where? To your village?
She is my brother's
brother-in-laws sister-in-law.
She belongs to that house
and that is where she will go.
What are you going to do?
-Tell me!
Leave him.
He is a little crazy. Lets go.
There is a huge difference between
a simpleton and a crazy guy.
I am a simple.
And nothing untoward can
happen as long as I am around.
What are you going to do?
I am a Jatt's son.
We know how to level the ground too.
You are nothing.
Mom, may I teach
this scoundrel a lesson?
Right now you must be feeling
that my actions were wrong...
But remember one thing,
a guy who doesn't have the
courage to take you from your home,
how will he commit to your love?
A man can collide with death
for a girl like you...
This fool couldn't
even talk to his family.
Goodbye, sister-in-law.
I shall go back to my village.
I have had enough of your village.
Girdhari has behaved
like a true gentleman.
Go, jump into a well and die.
Dad, hey, dad.
Dad, listen.
What were you saying about
your heart last time?
-It was bleeding.
-It was bleeding.
Aren't you feeling proud now?
My son Maggar Singh
has done such a good deed.
What are you giggling about?
People are so bad I tell you,
they exaggerate such small things.
And no one appreciates
when you do something good.
Uncle, is your available?
Forget the axe. Tell me,
is your mom available?
Why? What do you need from her?
I want her to massage my dad's legs.
-Anything else?
-Anything else?
These fools are ready to
borrow things around the clock.
Dad, you keep staring at her anyway!
I will die.
I am surrounded by ghosts.
You are surrounded by the
angels of death, not ghosts.
You are so high and on top
of that you are eating sweets.
Lick a lime or something.
These sweets are from your in-laws.
That buffalo has come from there too.
Tomorrow you will say that
you want to catch her too.
What nonsense!
either leave the world
crying or while laughing.
Jethu, whatever I did at
Jaggar's in-laws house,
it happened automatically.
It must have happened automatically
at Ruda's in-laws place too, isn't it?
That's the point, brother.
I cant differentiate
between right and wrong.
If a man does both good and evil
then why doesn't he only do good deeds?
The demi-gods and goddesses
are the ones who do good.
Then what is the need
to create human beings?
God should only create
demi-gods and goddesses.
Well, you are becoming wiser by the day.
It seems that we will have
to get you married now.
I will turn my words into actions.
Well then, go ahead and reap
some good deeds, sister-in-law.
Get me a girl like a bottle from Nabha.
Consider it done.
The girl is actually from Nabha.
My sister-in-laws younger sister,
Kuljeeto... I will call her
What are you thinking, son?
Something very special
about Kuljeet and this world.
The time will tell about Kuljeet.
You tell me about the world.
This world is strange, mom.
How is that?
The world is not as it should be.
Everything is upside down here.
We should make ourselves
the way we want others
to become and behave.
Mothers tell their children
such wise things, mom.
I don't know why God
still takes them away?
I was wronged...
God took you.
If you were alive, mom...
I wouldn't have been like this.
lets go to your maternal village.
You can call your
sister-in-law there from Nabha.
You are in so much hurry.
We'll go soon.
The day that I go there,
I wear a stylish attire,
and a fancy turban
and stand in the courtyard
-and say...
We are ruined!
Parsinniye, we are ruined!
Your grandad, my Uncle
has left us and passed away!
Who will we talk to
when we go to our maternal homes?
This calls for a visit to
sister-in-laws maternal home.
We are ruined!
People, my grandad
left me alone
and passed away!
Get ready on time.
We must go around two-three o'clock.
I must inform Sant's family.
It is his maternal home too.
Though Uncle lived a long life,
elders are such a big
support for their families.
Who did you leave us here with?
Why are you so happy?
My grandad is dead.
Sister-in-law, to participate
in this sorrowful event,
-the girl from Nabha will come.
-You are a lost cause.
Change your clothes. We
need to go for grandad's funeral.
God, sometimes I feel like you
are sitting right on my shoulder.
You heard my plea so quickly.
Maggar Singh, change your clothes.
I am going to meet the girl from Nabha.
Are you coming or not?
I am the one who must
go. I will be right there.
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
Are you going for the old
man's funeral or his wedding?
Look at how he is sparkling.
We are grieving here and you
are desperate to get married.
Come on, let's go.
Let him die here. Leper!
No, no, sister-in-law,
don't leave me behind.
I will change my clothes right now.
You must swear in God's
name and wait for me.
Well, is there a remedy for this?
Oh, we are all respected
because of elders, grandad!
Where did you go leaving my
sister-in-laws family so desolate?
Shall we leave?
"The world runs because of
innocence of pure-hearted people."
"The world runs because of
innocence of pure-hearted people."
"The earth is asking the sky"
"what a big mistake have you made?"
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal.
Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
Was this your age to go, grandad?
You could have waited
for my wedding at least.
Sister-in-law, where
is the girl from Nabha?
The one who is standing
under the stairs.
Wait here for a moment.
-It's alright...
Be strong.
Sister, stop crying. What
will you get by crying?
Grandad lived a beautiful long life.
No, no. Let the girl from Nabha cry.
You can keep crying.
Why are you trying to kill her
by making her cry so badly?
Sister, brother-in-law is
sitting right there staring at you.
and you are standing here
embracing this stranger.
-Wasn't she the girl from Nabha?
-What do you mean? That girl is here.
-Is she married.
-She is here
because she is married.
This is her in-laws house.
How do you know her?
What are you talking about?
I am her younger sister
Kuljeet from Nabha.
I am the girl from Nabha too.
Oh, Kuljeet, let's hold
each other and cry.
Get lost. The old man
died at the age of ninety.
They are arranging a big
ceremony and you are crying here.
A girl should be such that
when she walks it should seem
like a canal of water is flowing.
Her scarf should touch the earth
and caress it with every touch.
"A band will play at our wedding."
"A band will play at our wedding."
"You lover will play the drums,
"You are such a beautiful
daughter of your parents."
"You are such a beautiful
daughter of your parents."
"Your lover is dead, Kuljeete!"
"I will sow your dreams
on this entire earth."
"You will bring food for me
and I will fulfil all your wishes."
"I have transferred the
documents of my heart"
"I have transferred the
documents of my heart to your name,"
"A band will play at our wedding."
"You lover will play the drums,
"You are like Diwali for Girdhari Lal."
"Your lover has forty court
cases because of you."
"Your lover stood around
the corner of your village"
"Your lover stood around the corner
of your village and fired shots..."
"Your lover stood around the
corner of your village and fired shots,"
"It's been days since I have slept.
I have stopped feeling pain too."
"I had not been wooed since years and
you wooed me with your lowered eyes."
"Until today I have never"
"Until today I have never"
"acted like such a
stubborn lover, Kuljeete!"
"A band will play at our wedding."
"You lover will play the drums,
Satnam Waheguru.
-Satnam Waheguru.
Brother, the women haven't come yet.
You have already started the procession.
Women don't go to the
crematorium. Their hearts are fragile.
Really? Then I have come unnecessarily.
My heart is so fragile too.
Satnam Waheguru.
Satnam Waheguru.
Shall we go home? You
can stay here tonight.
Didn't you go with them?
-Here, give it to me, son.
You know why, sister-in-law.
Come on.
Come along.
Don't let me trip over you, grandma.
Come here.
What is it, sister-in-law?
You fool, you cant
sit with women like that.
You will have to act wise
to get a girl like Kuljeet.
You stare at her as if you
are ready to swallow her.
Sister-in-law, she is so pretty.
I feel like this is a House where
a wedding is going to happen.
She better not leave. Do ask
her to stay back, sister-in-law.
She will stay here until the last prayers.
You shouldn't return home either.
Attract her towards
yourself by doing good things.
And find out about
her likes and dislikes.
What whom should I ask?
I will tell you.
I like sweets, tamarind,
sleeping soundly, playing
with marbles and the swing.
Really? I like playing with
marbles, playing tipcat,
flavoured flatbread
and talking to my mom.
I don't like gossiping.
I don't being mean and rude.
I don't like men who wink at all.
I cant stand characterless women at all.
I feel like taking a
bath daily is a disease.
Well! I bathe once a month.
You, liar.
I swear. You can smell me if you'd like.
Why should I smell you? Am I your wife?
We will do our wedding rituals
along with grandad's final prayer.
He is babbling nonsense...
I was just joking.
Speak up now.
Dad, I swear by mom,
I didn't know that I cant
say such things out loud.
Why do you always try to embarrass us
everywhere? Don't you have any shame?
Well, Jethu, what is there
to be embarrassed about?
I like Kuljeete.
My sister's name is Kuljeet Kaur Gill.
Oh, really? All the girls
that I have met until today,
none of them can even
compare to Kuljeet Kaur Gill's feet.
Don't cast your evil eye upon me.
Listen, you have gotten
completely out of control.
What are you saying about my daughter?
I would never get my daughter
married to an idiot like you.
Our grandad is dead
and he is in throes of love.
apologize to everyone. And go
back home early in the morning.
No need for an apology.
Let's grab him right now.
Jethu, why should I apologize?
What have I done?
I have not said anything indecent.
Be quiet, loser.
Shall I shut you up?
I am quiet because of my brother-in-law.
You are all too much.
Look at how you are all
pouncing at the poor guy.
What has he done wrong?
Shut up, Kuljeete!
Kuljeet Kaur Gill.
I will slap you across your face.
Cant you be quiet?
Why? Are you the only one
who can talk? He expressed how he felt.
Its not like I am going to
marry him and go with him.
Take one step.
Watch how I cut you into pieces.
Really? Well then, son,
you won't survive either.
I will peel off that man's skin who
dares to touch Kuljeet Kaur Gill.
Girls like Kuljeet should
be there in every family.
Girls like her are like
shining lamps in darkness.
-Wait, you scoundrel...
-Come on then!
-Come on!
-Come on!
-I will kill you.
-I will tear you to bits!
-Hit him!
-Let him go!
-Come on!
-Get lost!
You must have realized by now
that love and crime are both alike.
They make a man their
own and leave him useless.
Dad, I think... your heart must
be bleeding again this time.
I think you have been deeply
traumatized by my actions.
No, no. You have all the
qualities of a true gentleman.
Really? Then should I
elope with Kuljeet like Mirza?
You, fool, those people murdered Mirza.
Is that right?
Marriages happen with agreements. You
can only seize land by force, not love.
True words, dad.
Now I am feeling convinced
that you won't die a bachelor.
Kartar will make your union.
-Who is Kartar?
-God almighty.
Is that so?
-Aunt is here!
You can only see Aunt not your Uncle.
-What did you bring for us?
-Take this inside.
Greetings, dad.
Bravo! My daughter is here.
I am here too by the way.
Greetings, son-in-law.
You should greet me too. Or
have you lost your manners?
-Greetings, brother-in-law.
-What brings you here today?
Well, in that case we will go back.
Stop it now.
Dad, give me your blessings.
May God bless you, sister. May
your husband live a long, healthy life.
I will give you my blessings
since I am elder than you.
Is that so?
Will you pay the
horse-cart guy or should I?
Oh, yes.
Who is it?
It's our brother-in-law.
I'll have to drink again today.
Everything happened so suddenly.
Everything was completely
You must all come for
my sister-in-laws wedding.
No, they will come with
us tomorrow morning itself.
What if they don't attend the wedding
and say they weren't prepared?
Come on, brother-in-law. Let us
get new clothes stitched at least.
We have enough clothes.
We will all go with you.
Girdhari, you can wear my clothes
the one that I got
stitched for Baisakhi.
No, you mustn't bring
him for the wedding.
He has vowed to embarrass
us everywhere he goes.
I don't want any trouble
at my sister's wedding.
Alright. We'll do as you say.
Here, drink this milk.
Oh, you are stuffing alcohol.
Don't you have any manners?
What does stuffing mean?
Jethu, you are the one who says
that milk is for drinking
and alcohol is for stuffing one's face.
Are you trying to taunt my drinking?
Its not like you offered me
mutton along with my drink.
Melo, lets go.
Brother-in-law, you just got here.
I won't let you leave.
Come on.
I was talking about going inside.
Look, either I'll go in
or ask him to leave.
Fine. I'll leave.
It's not like I pinched you.
I anyway have to
go and feed the pigeons.
Come, Sardaro.
He's asking his sister's
husband to stuff his face
and then he's talking about pinching me.
And he is calling his pigeon, Sardaro.
Now you must never
bring him to the wedding.
I won't come anyway.
Dad and I will look after the house.
Isn't that right, dad?
No, we'll take dad with us.
Is that so?
But I feel scared if I am home alone.
You can summon mom.
Both mother and son can
have a hearty conversation.
Is that so?
So, mom, that is a good idea too.
-Yes, dad?
What are you doing here?
I am making brother-in-laws bed.
He said he doesn't
want to sleep on the roof.
Listen, you didn't feel bad about
what he said, did you?
-About what?
-You know,
that he forbade you from
coming to the wedding.
Oh, well, what's wrong with that, dad?
I behave strangely.
Wherever I go, I create problems.
No, no, no.
Whatever my son says
is absolutely right.
These over-intelligent people
cant understand what you say.
Dad, you have started saying
such wise things just like mom.
Go and sleep. I have nothing on my mind.
Why would I feel bad
or something like that?
When I get married,
I will invite everyone who is related
to me closely or otherwise.
I'll even invite then
ones who don't talk to me.
I'll ask them to attend
Girdhari's wedding.
It will happen someday.
Brother-in-law, come.
Come from this side.
If you hadn't done such evil deeds
then you would have
been on that cart with them.
Someone wise needs to stay
back home and guard the house.
Who will feed the cattle?
Go on, get lost.
You get lost.
Here you go, Aunt.
May God bless you with a
bride. May you get married soon.
You have made me
so happy by saying that.
May you live a long life.
Listen brother-in-law,
come, lets play a game.
No, I am tired of your games.
I know everything. You take men inside
and talk vulgar things with them.
I'll slap you.
You can slap me all you want
but I won't play any games with you.
Should we play cards?
No, we'll play with each other.
Alright, sister-in-law. As you say.
Here you go.
Your turn.
How are you, Girdhari?
Will you keep roaming
in the streets now?
Get married.
You better worry about yourself.
Your wife was asking
me to play games with her.
I will kill you, Girdhari.
Its not like I played with her.
Go and kill the one who is
playing with her inside your house.
Don't abuse.
We live in one village. Everyone's
sister and daughter should be respected.
Wife belongs to her husband.
Go and handle her.
And if you don't know how to
play the games that she likes,
then play a different game.
Girdhari has given a wise suggestion.
What will happen now, Jeeta?
What will happen, Uncle?
Tori won't go home. He
will go straight to his fields.
And the teacher who doesn't
know how to teach,
he doesn't hit kids.
"There is neither fire in the earthen
stove nor water in the vessel."
"Bachelors have a sorry life."
"Bachelors have a sorry life."
Come on, light up quickly.
Making a fire is similar
to summoning God.
Who knows what will happen
when I have to make chappatis?
I have brought food for you.
I knew you wouldn't be able to make it.
Really? Don't say that.
I am feeling giddy.
I brought daal and
fried potatoes for you.
Give to me then.
Sit here. Sit quickly.
Oh, my God.
Be careful. Don't eat me.
I am hungry not crazy.
-Eat with me.
-No, no. You eat it.
I will feel full just watching you eat.
That is not how
hunger is satiated, silly.
How else does is it satiated then?
With love, like this.
God lived right under my nose
and I unnecessarily kept
looking for him everywhere.
You are such a nice man.
You have no idea
when you past me,
I start shining like a lamp.
Oh, you didn't tell me until today.
You shouldn't keep such things a secret.
The way I feel satiated with this bite,
I have never felt that way.
Oh, my God. Really?
Here, take another bite.
May you rot in hell!
-I cannot believe this.
You are feeding this girl with
your hands and leading her astray!
-Leave me...
I will beat him with this shoe!
Why do you want to hit
me? I have merely fed her!
Aunt, listen to me!
I came here of my own accord
and I ate because I wanted to.
You don't know
such men are very clever!
I know everything!
Mr Sandhu, please eat your food.
-You come with me.
-Mr Sandhu?
Come with me!
Mr Sandhu...
-Yes, dad?
Daughter... who is this girl?
She is Shyamo from the neighbourhood.
She is decent and will
take care of all household chores.
But she is unlucky.
She got engaged to an
army man a few years ago.
But he became a martyr
in the war against Germany.
No one sent a proposal
to her after that.
And now if someone
sends a marriage proposal,
people keep gossiping.
Get her married to our Maggar.
That never occurred to me.
I will talk to Shyamo's dad.
You have come for my sister's wedding
or to seize opportunities for yourself?
You should have some consideration.
He is just babbling.
I'll talk to Shaymo's dad.
Ruda, you are high already
and creating such ruckus?
We are at our sister's in-laws house.
Jatt has been blessed with a son!
I will celebrate all I want!
I have become Jethu Uncle!
Listen to me, come to our village.
We will celebrate the birth of my son!
Congratulations, brother.
-To you as well.
-We will get drunk today!
Jaggar, you are already
stuffing your face with alcohol!
I want to drink today
just like the Englishmen.
Give me my gun.
I will fire shots today!
Thank God he doesn't have his gun today.
Shyamo, will you be my sister-in-law?
It's alright. I'll talk to your dad.
What are you doing
roaming around like this?
I have been looking for you for so long.
Jaggar, did you do something crazy?
I think that brother-in-law
has sent you back too.
I didn't do anything crazy. You
have grabbed the sun, you fool.
We have fixed you wedding.
Jaggar, did you get drunk
in the morning to mock me?
I am not drunk yet.
I will finish the whole
barrel by noon today.
Go and get dressed.
We are starting your
wedding rituals today.
-Is that true?
Please, God, get him hitched for real
this time. He has started kissing me now.
Have some mango
pickle. You'll feel better.
Look, my brother is getting
engaged like a city boy.
The animal that struggles too
much needs to be kept in restraints.
-Sister, will she come and sit here?
What is her name?
Here she comes.
She is not Shyamo,
she is the blazing noon.
"Your fair complexion is visible
from a distance, oh fortunate one."
"Your fair complexion is visible
from a distance, oh fortunate one."
"It seems that nature is like you."
"Jatt is be-smitten by your
first look, I swear by you."
"Your lips are like the
famous barfi from Moga."
"Your eyes have taken my life."
"These eyes are a blessing from God."
"Sisters love their brothers
more than brothers do."
"Your rising youth is making
me shiver in the hot summer."
Whoever I have met until today,
none of them can even be
compared to your feet.
You shouldn't open your mouth
too wide. A fly might go inside it.
Don't break your marriage
before you get hitched.
-No, no...
-Go ahead and start your rituals.
We should do other work after all this.
The wedding procession
will be here in the morning.
Come, Uncle.
Come and bless your daughter.
Make our boy yours.
Men his age are ready
to get their sons married.
She is calling him a boy.
Stop it now. It's enough.
Why are you interfering?
You think you are
such a great matchmaker.
I haven't stepped
on the crazy guy's toe.
I am not crazy, brother-in-law.
No, no. You are not crazy at all.
You are a prince.
Go ahead. Feed them the sweets.
Feed him carefully. He tends to bite
those who try to feed him.
His previous engagement
broke because of that very reason.
You are too much.
You are talking without thinking.
Should I get up and slap you?
Look at her talking nonsense.
You are the one who is
talking nonsense, brother-in-law.
Melo didn't even say anything.
It seems that you have
eaten something bitter today.
You are calling me nonsense?
You are my brother-in-law and
you are being arrogant towards me?
I am your brother-in-law,
not your slave.
You can say whatever you want to me.
Why are you saying
all this to my sister?
She is my wife. I will beat her in
front of the entire village gathering.
What will you do? Stop interfering.
She is my sister first.
Then take your sister along with you.
Don't leave her here now.
You should keep quiet now.
Go ahead with the rituals.
Yes, go ahead.
Let the celebrations begin.
I will call the drummer
too. Let's play the drums.
Your son-in-law has been
insulted but how does that matter?
Saahu, look, I apologize on his behalf.
What apology, dad?
I didn't hit him with a stick.
You will hit me with
a stick, you scoundrel?
I will punch you in the face.
Don't make me break your face.
Uncle, I can't understand you.
What kind of a man have
you chosen for your daughter?
A man who doesn't
respect his brother-in-law,
how will he respect your daughter?
You have lost all self-respect.
If I were in your place,
I would have taken my daughter away!
Shyamo, let's go home.
He doesn't have the manners
to talk to his brother-in-law.
How will he give any
respect to your daughter?
-You are just too much.
Go and follow her now.
your relationship has been broken off.
Don't ruin your sister's marriage.
Apologize to your brother-in-law.
Didn't you hear what your dad said?
Fools break relationships,
wise people make relationships.
You didn't do anything bad, son,
but think about your sister.
She wished well for you, right?
No one becomes small by apologizing.
The whole world knows
who is right and who is wrong.
Be wise, my son.
I can beg anyone for my sister, mom.
Embrace him.
Forgive all that is said and done.
He is younger than you.
You just got in the way, crazy fellow.
I have an on-going
land dispute with Uncle.
He didn't sell us the neighbouring land.
Now if Uncle's daughter gets
married while we are sitting here...
Jatt will die of shame, won't he?
Alright then.
I forgive this child.
He is younger than me.
bring some hot jalebis
and feed the guests.
Make them all eat sweets.
Go and sleep with your Uncle Girdhari.
Is your heart broken now?
You are inside my heart now.
To keep you safe,
I must keep it intact.
You are such a nice man.
You are like a puff of weed too.
You shouldn't say such things.
If you want to praise a
girl then you should say
that you are very beautiful.
I just blurt out whatever
comes into my mind.
But you are a very beautiful bomb.
Bombs and dynamites have ruined my life.
Everyone says that I am
the unfortunate one...
who killed her fiance.
Your fiance died as a martyr in a war.
People are unnecessarily
talking nonsense.
When I put you on my shoulders
and take you around the village,
people will say," Look,
how fortunate this girl is.
"She doesn't need
to walk on the ground."
You are very nice
but my family won't let me marry you.
And I can't even say that...
take me away from here.
No, no. We won't talk about such things.
Kammo almost got me
into trouble earlier.
Marry me if you want to...
Marriage seems complicated for us.
Are you attracted to me?
Are you?
Yes, yes...
-Can you see that old woman?
When you are old and grey like her...
I will still be attracted
to you the same way.
I will never leave you alone and go.
I will sit with you and make vermicelli.
And I will say,
have some shame, old man.
We are old now.
Stand up to your dad and tell him
that I want to marry
Maggar Singh Sandhu.
I will die if I must,
but I won't go back on my word.
Dad won't agree.
He says the boy is not good.
He was saying very
mean things about you.
Let him speak.
Everyone speaks ill about me.
It is very rare to find...
a man like you.
Don't say that.
I will break this wall and grab you.
Don't you feel scared?
People don't even feel scared
while murdering someone.
Should I be scared of falling in love?
I feel that you should keep talking...
and I should keep agreeing with you.
I feel the same.
But my brother-in-law
will leave my sister.
-Damn brother-in-law...
Don't abuse.
I can't run away with you.
I can't abuse. Then what should I do?
It won't seem appropriate
if I cry in front of you either.
The wedding must be finished by now.
If I don't give my blessings,
my brother-in-law will get angry.
I should go. Goodbye.
Will you write to me when you go back?
I don't know how to
write anything at all.
Love teaches everything.
I will wait for your letter.
"My beloved!"
"My beloved!"
Dad, the world enjoys
making happy people cry.
The one who cries and walks away
commits a sin upon himself.
I don't know about myself, dad,
but your son has never betrayed anyone.
Look, son...
There is only one way
to lead a meaningful life.
Yes, I know that, dad.
Keep apologizing
for no fault of yours...
and make anyone suffer to seek revenge.
How are you, brother?
Why are you lying
around like a forlorn lover?
Come on, get up.
Why are you committing the sin of
killing the happy-go-lucky Girdhari?
As if you reap great benefits
after consuming cannabis, don't you?
Earlier, there wasn't a
capable worker like you, Ruda.
Now you can't even kill a fly.
I ended up getting addicted
to cannabis as a joke.
I fell in love the same way.
Love destroys men.
-Is that so?
Like cannabis makes men immortal.
You either laugh or
cry the whole day, Ruda.
If you are that concerned
about your brother,
then I quit cannabis from today.
Not like this...
Give me your word
that you won't give an
addict father to my nephew.
But then I too need my brother to be
like he used to be. Happy and full of joy.
Given. Do one thing. Tell me,
is there any educated
person in our neighbourhood?
-Yes, there is one.
I have put him in my eyes.
Come on. Get up.
Tell me what should I write, guys?
respected Surjit Kaur,
-I bow down to touch your feet.
-Look at him...
You don't touch your girlfriend's feet.
Then where should
one touch his girlfriend?
Just write about hugging etc.
It would only seem appropriate
if he actually hugs her.
It would sound vulgar in writing.
Is that so? Then write down...
-respected Surjit Kaur,
Whenever I think about you,
I hug a firm Acacia tree tightly
and it starts smelling
like sandalwood to me.
And I can swear on my
mom and tell you one thing,
you could not have forgotten me.
I wanted to colour the earth
multi-coloured like your bangles
but I couldn't do it.
Because the hail usually rains upon
the Jatt's crops.
And God didn't put a brain in my head
and that is why I
acted stubborn that day
and beat your fake lover.
Do not think that I did it because
of some personal vendetta.
No, I just realized that the one
who can't have any courage,
how would he keep you?
All the good things that
God has made until now,
you are one of them.
You are not an unopened
bottle from Nabha,
you are that kite that
flies high in the skies
whose string Girdhari could not catch.
And when I could not light
a fire in my earthen stove,
you lit up my insides.
I saw the soft chappati of love
being cooked right in
front of my eyes that day.
And when I saw your eyes
shining bright like a lamp,
I found the world beautiful
for the very first time.
If that day our engagement
had not been broken off
and if that wall
had not been between us,
and if this if wasn't present
then we would have been long married
by now playing our own little games.
Anyway, whatever God wills...
So, the news is
I have a newborn nephew.
And we are celebrating
his birth
and if your anklet participates
in this celebration,
Jatt will be so delighted as if twelve
Diwalis have come on the same day.
That's it. This much is enough.
What should I sign
underneath this letter?
Write down that your
lover is dying to meet you...
No, no. That would sound inappropriate.
Just write,
yours, Maggar Singh Sandhu.
No, no... Write down...
Girdhari Lal.
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Love makes you"
"lose sleep."
"And you start dreaming"
"strange things."
"Such wise and"
"intelligent people"
"end up losing their minds."
Take it away.
Sweets and snacks.
Let's see how they taste.
Who kept these snacks
-made from cannabis here?
-Aunt is here!
I am not Ruda, the addict now.
I am Rud Singh Sandhu.
Where is the chef?
Greetings, everyone.
Where is Girdhari?
-Greet us too, daughter.
-He isn't sleeping, is he?
Aunt, Uncle is sleeping on the roof.
Girdhari, are you still asleep?
Don't you have any shame, you old man?
Greetings, sister.
- Greetings.
-You are here already?
Where is brother-in-law...
I have taught your
brother-in-law a strict lesson.
I told him that I am going
and he should stay back alone.
Watch how he follows me now.
And the dispute related
to Uncle's land is sorted too
so he will bring Shyamo along as well.
How did you muster up the
courage to invite Shyamo?
I haven't invited Shyamo alone.
I have invited all of them.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
What was the need to get up yet?
Look, son,
your Uncle has woken up now.
Nephew, don't let anyone mislead you.
Your Uncle will be back in a jiffy.
Elder Uncle
and that too a bachelor.
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds."
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds"
"an eye of yours, my beloved,"
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds."
"Your first glance made me lose my senses.
I became silent when you looked at me."
"You have ruined this boy. He has
such a huge wound on his heart."
"It doesn't work on this stylish boy..."
"It doesn't work on this stylish boy,
you can keep staring, my beloved."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds."
"Your voluptuous body has killed
me and so has your sleek hair-do."
"Your voluptuous body has killed
me and so has your sleek hair-do."
"My Heer fed me stolen churi and
now I am neither hungry nor thirsty."
"Are a witness to our
love, my beloved..."
"The leaves of the plants in my fields
are a witness to our love, my beloved."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds."
"We are staring at
the blazing afternoon."
"Is a blue-coloured canal
ever shy of water?"
"We are staring at
the blazing afternoon."
"Is a blue-coloured canal
ever shy of water?"
"Keep look at me from your window. I will
keep coming to your city, sweetheart."
"Your people have started suspecting us"
"Your people have started suspecting
us because of my daily visits."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"I have nothing left since
I have looked at you properly."
"It is more expensive
than lacs of diamonds."
Someone wise said
that if you are wearing
a skirt made of grass
then don't make friend with a goat.
I made the same mistake.
My dad said to me
you keep running around
doing other people's chores,
focus of yourself.
Get married.
A man has no life without marriage.
You have so much land.
Who will refuse to wed
their daughter with you?
I too thought that he is right.
I will treat my wife like a princess.
I will hire four servants for her.
But I forgot, that I own land
and a loving heart too
but I do not have the brain
to compete with the world.
I hail from the clan of Ranjha.
I can graze the buffaloes,
but I cant con people.
But still, these girls have honoured me
so much by coming here at my invitation.
They have stepped
into my mom's courtyard.
This courtyard has been honoured.
I am your culprit in some sense.
I have somehow got you into
trouble knowingly or unknowingly.
I apologize for that.
Let that be. One things is certain
that no girl on this earth
can even be compared to your feet.
That I why I love you that too truly.
Now don't ask me how
that can be possible.
If I can love all three of my brothers,
I can love my sisters-in-law,
I can love my mom and dad,
I can love my nephews and nieces,
I can love Tom, Dick and Harry then...
why cant I love these girls?
"I didn't imprison anyone in a cage."
"I didn't beat or hurt anyone."
"Whatever I did,
I did it from my heart,"
"I didn't con or manipulate
anyone unnecessarily."
"I ate the sugar of love,"
"I have distributed love."
"You may take the
evidence that you need,"
"but I didn't suck anyone's life out."
"So what if I did it repeatedly?"
"I have just fallen in love."
"I haven't committed a crime."
"I have just fallen in love."
But I swear by God Almighty,
I have no ill-will for
these girls in my heart.
A man who loves
is made with love from head to toe.
He looks at love
with eyes full of love.
And I am just that Girdhari Lal
who will always walk with you.
Whenever you call me,
I will appear.
Thank you so much, everyone,
for coming here.
Stay happy and blessed.
And yeas, sometimes, just like me,
live for someone other than yourself.
You will really enjoy it.
Did you like what I said?
Sweeter than jaggery, my son.
See? I used my brain and
announced that I have land too
and I also told everyone
how I will treat my wife.
I thought who knows when
someone might change their mind?
You did well, son.
Mom, by the way, I will find the
one who is made for me, right?
Go to sleep, my son.
is there someone in my destiny or not?
Mom, there is no hurry.
You can think and answer.
I will go to sleep.
Good night.
Brother! My, elder brother!
Girdhari, wake up, brother. Stop
dreaming. Wake up now.
-What happened?
-What happened?
The dreams that you had
dreamt about those girls
have all come true!
Marriage proposals have
come from all six of them.
I suggest that you say yes immediately.
Oh, my God,
this is such auspicious news!
The sound of anklets everywhere!
I will find some excuse or
the other to touch their feet.
Hers and then hers,
this one and that one...
I have touched your too.
Wake up now, brother.
Here he comes.
Girdhari, the birds of your love have
all spread their wings in our courtyard.
Now you must decide, son
who do you want to start
the flight of your life with?
It has already been decided.
Our Shyamo is tormented by his love
day and night like a love-bird.
Can he refuse his brother-in-law?
Embrace me, my tiger. Go on. Do it.
They say that when God
bestows you, He doesn't hold back.
It seems that God put a hole
through our society for our Girdhari
so that he can enjoy God's abundance.
His treasure is with me.
Look, Girdhari, you
should never love, marry or worship
if anyone else asks you to do it.
And one should rush either.
Look, son, you have only
listened to your heart until now.
You must listen to
your heart today too. Go.
Make an excuse and take
a walk around the village.
Think about it then
come back and tell me.
Go on, my tiger.
Girdhari is just going
to the end of the street.
He will be back and then
he will tell us everything.
Until then, have some sweets and milk.
Lets see which fortunate
one will come into this house?
"The mud that couldn't grow grass"
"has grown exotic flowers today."
"The one who never got invited,"
"his house is full of guests today."
Hello there.
I didn't recognize you. I don't
think I have seen you before.
I am Mannat... I have come from Lahore.
-Is that so?
Can you show me the way to the school?
I swear, I have seen so many girls
but none of them can
even compare to your feet.
I asked you the way to the school.
If there will be teachers like you,
I swear the whole
world will be educated.
I feel like getting myself
admitting into school too.
Very funny.
I will ask someone else.
You may keep enjoying your tactics.
Are you married?
If you are not then please tell me
what kind of a guy do you want?
One who walks with me...
Like that Girdhari
Lal who sings couplets.
There were six already.
She is the seventh one.
Mom, I cant believe this!
What will become of your son?
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
Girdhari may have questioned me
that mom, whom should I choose?
But only God can give
him an answer to this now.
As you know
that Girdhari likes all of them,
One who is good
and clear-hearted,
who is clean and straightforward,
he doesn't find anyone wrong or bad.
But Girdhari is not the king of Patiala,
that he will wed all of them.
He will marry only one of them, right?
I am certain that God will
definitely make our Girdhari
capable of walking with only one woman.
"I like the fragrance of
colourful flowers."
"The ones who knows our heart,
tell me that they like my soul."
"Where the girls go to fill water"
"God, I like those wells of yours."
"I will not break any girl's heart,"
"I will tell all of them
that I like you."
"I will tell all of
them that I like you."
Listen, brother, where is Jora's house?
I have met many girls
but none of them can
compare to your feet.
"Bravo, Girdhari Lal."
"Kudos, Girdhari Lal."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."
"I got them coloured, I asked
my lover to get me these."
"They make so much noise
and keep me up at nights."
"I got them coloured, I asked
my lover to get me these."
"They make so much noise
and keep me up at nights."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."
"I cant tolerate being away
from you, it torments me,"
"I feel scared of living
alone without you."
"Come and meet me urgently."
"I need to talk to you, my love.
Come, don't make false excuses."
"I am wearing them and
they are punishing me."
"They are making noise near my lover."
"I am wearing them and
they are punishing me."
"They are making noise near my lover."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"This fair maiden's anklets
are calling out for you."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."
"I spend the entire
night counting stars."
"This noise is making
me a little restless."