Shchors (1939) Movie Script

Co-director-the honoured actor of the republic
Yu. Solntseva Assistant director- L. Bodik
Sound editor - N. Timartsev Original music by
D. Kabalevskiv Production designer- M.
Assistant director - I. Ignatovich The State
Orchestra of the Ukrainian SSR Conductor - S.
Cinematography by Yu. Goldabenko Assistant
camera: A. Mishurin. V. Yurchenko Assistant
Assistant art director - Ya. Breskin Assistant film
Production assistant- I. Shmaruk Makeup
Pvrotechnics - V. Likhachey Sound recordists:
Cast: Schors-Ye. Samovlov Bozhenko -the
Commanders: L. Lvashenko, Yu. Titov. P.
Soldiers: Yu. Bantvsh, D. Barvinskiv, D. Kostenko,
Isaac Tvshler - V. Dukler Petro Chvzh - F.
Tkachykha - the national artist of the republic
H. Borvsohlibska Savka Troian - O. Khwlia Vurm
German colonel - the honoured artist of the
republic S. Komarov Petliura -the honoured
German soldiers: the honoured artist of the
republic O. Glazunov, the honoured artist of the
republic H. Klering
Hetmanets Borkovskvi - O. Levchenko Colonel
Production manager - Z. Rogozovskiv The
- Petro! Petro! Bomb to the right! Here they get!
- Running away, you sons of a bitch, rascals! Tell
that Lenin not to forget about our Ukraine. Do you
- We won't daddy! Long will the Soviet power
- Goodbye dad! - Goodbye! - Pavlo! Oh my God,
You should contribute three million to the shop in
- Oh where should we get it? We didn't take
anything! We just ploughed the ground! Give us
- why? - On a visit perhaps. Gave you the best
- What are you laughing at? - A. egad. laughing.
For you to rule Ukraine along with the Germans?
- Shut up rascal father! - You're lving. my sons
- Stop! hey. who's there? - Guerrillas! From
Documents? - We have different documents
- Well. So you saw Germans and haydamakv
- Hide it. Here evervone is that kind. There's no
Evervone's back is painted, traces of rope on the
- Tonight you rest, and tomorrow you march
- At your service by the order of rebel committee!
With one hundred seventy seven men guerrilla
- That's good! That's good! Oh that's the
How do you like it? - Mind your footing,
- I see. - And if there's something wrong -
- I'm asking you if there was a revolution? Yes.
And why? - Ask socialists-revolutionaries and
- Backing up old regime. - That's why! What is
Today I come to line section to the nurse, and
she's here. At once give me the thermometer and
You've got- she savs - blood normallv pulsing...
Mv blood is healthv. I sav. my bellv and breath
Here I go to the machine gun company to our
and he tells me, brothers: quiet, he says,
Rohovenko. radiwo informs that vesterdav
- Is that true that Germans pav hundred
Our empire is under pressure of revolutionarv
That's all by now. The catastrophe should be
Remember. the destinv of our fatherland never
The fatherland needs to eat. officers! Ukraine
Calm down officers! I call you on this horrific
- Since the moment of appearance on this
vou'll be shot in five minutes! Now tell what you
...committed to you revolutionarv regiments of
- From whom?! ...from Ukrainian bolsheyiks
- Please excellence. immediatelv sent your armv
Armv of workers and peasants of Germany won't
- Whom did hetman hold on? On Kaiser's
- Remember excellence that we'll perish here,
- It's not your business! - No. it's our business! -
Deadmen... Went back from the most high in the
Fatherland altar is piled with our corpses and
- Soviet Ukraine will rise in liberation patriotic
Tel them that Russia and Lenin are with us, that
Fasten you, please. Remember, when you'll
negotiate with Germans pass awav from the
- Yes sir! - But please. no innormative.
- Understood. - Petrov! Watch the innornative! -
- Commander of Bohun regiment comrade
- Okav. Tea? Just without sugar... Here are my
- Thanks. On what ground you didn't accomplish
the order of narkomvoen (people's commissar of
- What do you mean no order? You should have
- "For commander of Bohun regiment.
Immediatelv load up and direct to the
Verv interesting! Who in the headguarters makes
- What? - As far as I know. the decision of partv
- Tell me comrade what will happen to Ukraine?
- You don't know what's going on?! The people
rise against hetman, Petliura! The Germans drive
- To Kolchak?! Do you know that half of regiment
- Ukraine should be liberated! - why Ukraine!
- We know. we know... - For Siberia there can be
- why. why? Because Ukraine is likesav more
- Wrong! Wrong! Siberia is as important for
"Ukraine is more important for revolution!" Oh,
- Because we believe in people and in victorv. Bv
Guvs! Father Bozhenko. Taraschanskvi regiment
What a people, indeed! Wherever you turn they
- Haw! Ask me mykola why would I come to
- Haw. kids and no more! Plaving soldiers.
- why. impossible? So many workers perished
- Eh. you lazv bone! You know it all son of a bitch!
- Bottle? What's about bottle there? I'm asking
- I believe. Now go to combatants and wait for
- Readv long ago! You won't hold me! Well. see
- Oh what a smart guv you are mykola! I mean no
...What a people. indeed! Wherever you turn
- "If I on my combat wav will offend a poor one,
swear my honour and my life... swear my honour
Get out scum! - "Get - I saw - out!" and the bomb
- That's the machine gun company! they've got
- So they got processed by hetman spies. It's a
- Sorrv, mykola. Cleaned alreadv. Thirtv men
- Well. but it's not over vet. The regiment should
"I, the son of labour people, voluntarily enlist the
First Ukrainian rebellion regiment named after
Without regretting my life I oblige myself to fight
- German occupants! ...German occupants! -
...From capitalistic oppression! ...oppression! secure the honour of Bohun regiment! -
And if I on my combat wav will offend the poor
...if I breach the order of the command and
...drunkard and straggler... ...drunkard and
...backstabber... ...backstabber! ...and
- Watch out! International express is coming! -
Hello diplomats! - Hi! - Hello narkomindel
- Hi there! - How are revolutionarv German
- Scum! - Got barricaded. see. bitches. with
- What about the soldiers? - Free to outspeak but
- Just with bayonet, just with bayonet! - Oh-oh,
what a stupid! You saw too little. that's why you
- Okav. I'm gonna do it by myself... And who's
- Comrades! Comrades! Comrades! Genossen!
Genossen! Germans were considered the cultural
Savageness, and barbarity, and death were
brought to your countrv on their bavonets.
How can I talk to you comrades?! How can I look
- Commanders, come here! Havrychenko! To the
village Lvshvchi! Prepare population for the
- Ivanov! - Yes sir! - Understood the German? -
- Move the regiment with the population straight
to the German trenches. No single shot! Armv.
Go insane punishers. Feed the spies, build the
prisons. Until the combat there will be a hundred
We'll break, break, break all the shackles! Forthe
libertv of people. for its rights. no shackles scare.
Cause the free spirit can't be shackled! Die! Die!
To workers of spirit. all workers we'll lend our
Cause the same destinv joint us: and labour. and
- Who are you? What do you need here? What do
- You know who we are. And we came to
congratulate your soldiers with revolution in
- I didn't receive an order about revolution in
- I got nothing to talk about with you. Who invited
Comrades soldiers of German armv! - Hoorav!
- Comrades Bohunians! I greet you with entrv
- I greet you with the beginning of the victories!
- Ouiet. calm down guvs... Let's give them some
- Guvs we are at fatherland! At fatherland! Don't
We are just the advance guard unit. Lon live the
- Congratulation to comrades Germans with the
- Wir begluckwunschen eich zur revolution in
- Zuruck in die gameit! - Beat on your
- Nieder mit der bourgeois... ...and mensheyiks
- Return to your fatherland! - Zuruck in die
- Beat on your bourgeois... - Nieder mit der
Long live revolution! Long live world revolution! -
Es lebe die weltrevolution! - Long live world
Still, the Germans didn't resist. Incited by their
command and fabricants they broke out against
If in defeat that Chors in the morning. it's not for
- Pa... pa... for God sake! What to do? Sir
- You don't know how to make authority. I have
to get to Germany with the weapon! I'm German
- For God sake sir colonel. pardon... - Verstehen
- Don't frighten. You got no right to touch me! I'm
- In the echelon of German officer there were
...sugar. You are thief! And robber! We will
- Excuse me. but onlv German people mav indict
- Okav! Call German people here. evervbodv
- Comrade commander! - Yes. - German people
- Defendant stand up! Comrades judges. the
Thief and murdererturned you into thieves and
- Much more could be told about it. But we're in
I ask each of you to reply for yourself and the
whole perished regiment. what should we do
- I warn you once again. the enemv has huge
- Wait, wait, you'll get gibberish! Here we got the
blossom of hetman armv General Tereshkewch
- Right! - That's it! Chernihiv must be captured
- You will go round about the right flank! First
and third battalion occupv the positions nearthe
- Left flank round about! Hitch the battalion! At a
It was a wonderful winter Chernihiv day. On the
occasion of pontiff the general's driven in the sun
- hey you, hetman's pans! Enough of running
- Eh? How much? - Ave... - Now I'll let you see!
Curlv teamster. Curlv teamster, hurrv up you
Don't mind me weeping. cause it's the parent
When I see the parents-in-law I'm gonna weep
- Let me go! - No I won't! - Let me go you son of
- Hiding son of a bitch! - Curlv teamster. hurrv
- Halt. don't shoot! - Let me pass up to that
- Father and mother asked and I ask too, and all
familv of ours asks: don't stav awav to see our
- Greeting s to the newlyweds! Still let me ask
what authoritv do you drink for at your marriage?
- We are neutral people. We'll belong to the one
- What reach we are if there are Germans... - and
- And, guys, isn't that a kind of bold marriage?
What if forced to marrv you this poor beautiful
What if you don't love her at all? Eh? Answer
What are we fighting for?! What are we
shedding blood for?! For love! For respect!
You should marrv just for love. and not force the
Comrades trust me and the life will be wonderful
- Oh right son, true! I married my son of a bitch
dried, and my brain dried in work and darkness!
And I though all the time how to live better in
- Incorrectlv. - Well, perhaps we'd beat him up?
- Where are you heading? - Let me go! - Where
- I fell in love with you at once when I saw you by
the cannon. I'll fight by your side till I die! What's
- Go away neutral! I'm not your wife! You are
none. no cold. no hot. You'd better go to Petliura
- Comrade division commander... - Take her man,
- Boyars... Okay, but remember-fight until the
victorv! We pav no salarv. And for pillage and
- I'm not your father! What father? Regiment
- Beat'em in the face sons of a bitch! Haw fed
Don't be afraid. hit him right in the muzzle with
- You comrade commander, tell us clear and we
will make anything for you. Just don't listen to
Remember guvs. the front is wide and everv dav
we will capture is readv to turn into seized
- But we will nevertheless destrov Petliura
We'll capture the landlord's land forthe
...traitors and rascals... Understand? -
- Well, that's all. saw goodbye to your parents!
- Father Bozhenko drives Petliura to Kyiv from
Bakhmach. We're from Chernihiv. We can't let
join in Kviv. That's why we must to catch up with
- Saddle up and to Semypolky! Don't take off the
marriage wipers. the fiance comes with us so
The Cossacks whistled. to the trek in the
Don't crv, don't crv Marusenka. don't weep, don't
- Where's jov?! Where's the jov for victorv I'm
Chief ataman! I! Directorv gentlemen, we have to
Workers look as the wolves! Jews lie low! In the
Directorv gentlemen we have to do something
- I concretelv propose to serve praver service at
And to ring three davs all the bells on the
And all the people should wear no hats and be
jovful. jovful. and jovful and around - bow. bow,
- Rubbish. you're talking rubbish! Rubbish! We
- That's it! We need to get acknowledged bv
Two American officers came. So, we should in the
shortest terms give them twentv million dollars
You see? Then they acknowledge us. You se?
Flatterv will get you everywhere, as the
- Who are cheaters?! How do you dare to offend
- Enough! It's not cooperation! It's Directorv!
- Enough! I sav. I! We have to gather
Enough of mess! Manufacturer should know that
the factorv remains fro him. landlord - too. and
We can hold onto just army and not onto the
manufacturers. Having heard such declaration
- I want the same as you mister Petliura. But it all
And then. don't use the expression "association
Labour, labour, labour... Catch it? The word
should be related to labour. Understand.
Tomorrow in Semvpolkv no mincemeat will be
Prisoners of war. attention! Commander of Bohun
- Two thousand two hundred twentv privates. one
- Well. Where from? Who are? Who are you I
Who are you? Who are you? Prince? Count?
And I'm worker. no tsar general. as your cur
And my soldiers too - workers and peasants. And
- Well. So, you're obtaining sovereign Ukraine for
atamans? And your father gives awav the shirt of
Ukrainian Cossacks, during the centuries fighting
for freedom of Ukrainian people. spilling their
Cossacks! Here are Cossacks! Faithful sons of
the people: Ukrainians. Russians. Bolsheyiks! And
as our great Sheychenko said "bitchv
What do you think with? Whom are you fighting?!
Whom are you fighting for?! For pans, for
atamans - here they are. here! For landlords. for
For Polish and German slavery! That's what
vou're fighting for! Glorious
sons of Ukrainian People. we won't let Ukraine
We'll destrov pans as Bohun did. that's why we
And you... what do you think? Will we fusillade
- Where should we go? - Wherever you want. -
- We don't need you. Return to Petliura and if you
Who can sav? why did warrant officer guided
defeated some gross military unit led by the
hundred of officers with higher militarv
- No. No that way. Don't lie. You're afraid of
death. that's why. And you're afraid of death
- Hi! Tell them why you fought against us that
- You see. they saw Bolsheyiks are gonna
A Petliura. who the hell knows. will he or won't.
Unharness bovs you horses, And lie to have a
And I go to the green garden, to the garden to dig
a well. I've been digging the well in the cherry
garden. Will the girl go out to take water early in
the morning. She went out, the girl went out
earlv in the morning for the water. and the
- Mom. mom! Dad's coming! Dad! Coming! Mom!
- Ouiet! Ouiet! Ouicklv! Ouicklv. the gold. the
- Gold! Dumb bitch! Gold... Pass the gold!
- It's been a long time since we last paid salarv to
- Gather the bourgeois and talk to them about
- God save, Mykola! Watch it! Tenderly and
politicallv. cause there are bourgeois from all
- Isaac! Watch father. I'm afraid for him to get
- Citizens! This dav our red troops liberated the
from the traitors of the people. likesav, Petliura's
vou. the representatives of likesav... better-off
likesav of some current moments... likesav
For continuation I call upon the commander of
Beg you pardon faithfullv for realizing the
Otherwise you scoundrels won't get reached?!
Kolia Schors. our dear commander. ordered me to
Who invented it? You! And who with this machine
- Well. in discussing of this machine gun. so I'm
to borrow me fiftv millions in monev at yours,
Don't regret. capitalist citizens. anywav it's the
- Go to hell! "Tender, tender". What am I. an
Money! Appears, you supported the White
Armv? Our political commissioner is going to tell
- I whisper to him... I whisper: "Vasvl
The father answers: "Don't regret. misters
- Father, what should we do with the bourgeoisie,
which is in theatres? Monev's collected. Now the
- Wait, what means let go? - they have to be
- Wasted? You've got no right. Everv individual
- mykola. mav be it would be right if the God
- No. father. God is God. but anarchv shouldn't be
- Anarchy? What anarchy? And who told on the
meetings: Comrades. let us destrov the
- You're in a good company. father, but first of all
- You've got to think, but also you've got to listen
to what the boys are talking about. What are
they. angels or children. those bourgeois and
Neither with the bomb, nor with nothing!
Colonels are accepted in staffs. The working class
- One must listen not onlv to what bovs are
- The Partv? And who ordered you to recruit
- No wav to you too! Not all the officers are
One thing we can't let them command. but on the
- How can I learn from them to win when I win
Now depart with the brigade to Vinnytsia to
- I've been to Vinnytsia ten times, and without
any map. Let officers show you the wav with
- You should better command with washing
You shout "Down with the officers!" being unable
- I'll find if I want to. Sava. be so kind to show
- why should I spoil my eves? any case. you
After we'll gain Berdvchiv we'll... two finger
- That's what I'm talking about! mykola
- He'll perfectlv show anything. He knows
But everyone's got his own mannerto read maps.
The Father's got his own. Knowing topographv
He alwavs checks how good his commanders
That's right, father, that's right! We'll chase
Petliura out of Berdvchiv and after that we'll
- why are you putting me in shame in presence of
Who taught you to ride horse in hetman's
- Father, and do you remember me shooting
twelve Petliura gang members in Nizhvn from
- And in Horodnia. remember? Those officers?
- All right. all right... We'll run out of cognac soon
- So. comrade Fedorov. you'll compose for me the
- I talk to you honestlv. comrade Commander of
- It's all fine. they will. Here's your commissioner.
- In old militarv schools people were acce... -
- I wanted to say that in old military schools
people were accepted. as to sav. with speciallv
- That's right. That means you understand how
- Yes. sir! - And it will exist. That's we who'll do
Well. thank you. You lie. rascal! You had no
- I'm an intelligent man too! We both learnt for
I assign you as a chief of brigade supplv. Do you
Personallv Schors! Medical assistant! Don't you
- mykola. let me gain Zhmervnka at least. The
- Offended? All right, you can gain it. Look. here's
- Enough with this map things! Give me a
- mykola! It's not that easv to gain Zhmervnka.
- It's not necessarv... mykola. tell this greenhorn
- Cavalrv... - Just remember my strict rule: less
- Yes, yes, yes! Engage carefully. Once engaged
behave yourself in the wav to scare off the
Well. god luck! If you die. have no offence. The
- All right. There we'll see what's going to stav...
He did it! He did it! He gained Zhmerynka, I say!
He gained Bar! He gained Komariytsi!
- I can't believe it, bovs! Vasvl Nazarowch. you're
- I know it was a joke, mykola. But if so. you
- why? Who told? Sometimes it's possible to
- Well, comrades, Kyiv is underthe threat.
Ataman Konovalets and Oskilko attack
- The tenth regiment couldn't stand Petliura's
We call off Kalinin from Bar urgentlv. to defend
I will defend the station with two armoured
To Father Bozhenko... Vasvl Nazarowch. that's
...With the fifth and sixth regiments. we'll
- That's it. comrade Brigade Commander. - I
- Hem... I opened my case this morning... White
When will we dress it, father? Somewhere in the
Where? What's wrong? Who're you running
Comrade Commander of Division. the people are
- And why are you alive. you son of a bitch? To
- Comrade Commander of Division is here. -
Comrades Novgorod-Seversk, I announce the
precombat meeting opened! Comrades. is it clear
- Good. I announce the meeting closed! Follow
Tell Kalinin: gain Lvsa hill at any cost! Tell
- why? - why? What are we going to do if you
In two words we were hopefullv chosen to save
...Petliura brought much superior forces on
Our regiments were chased off and forced to
Hardlv had I came, I understood what could be
I stop the running. take them to attack and...
...He had five armoured vehicles and thirtv-two
But I was highlv convinced in victorv and I won...
- Well then. For example they say the God doesn't
exist... Nature. Well. there's got be somebodv
- Here, I go fighting. I hit Petliura members two
hundred steps awav. I wish: fall down. fall down,
I run out of machine gun ammo. all the ammo.
And I suddenlv wish: let the cranes flv by in the
- Comrade Commander of Division! Me too. I go
River. Field. Fog. Silence... I wish: scream out,
landrail! Screams: der-der, der-der. der-der... I
- Falls! I wish Nastia: Nastia. come to my dreams!
- I once dreamed that I had released the whole
- And I am bullet proof. comrade Commander of
We're attacking the positions. I go. Bullets whine
And I, comrade Commander, want to win so
much! I sav: don't touch, bullet. don't touch. and
...Doesn't touch. Tickles, but doesn't touch! Sav,
- It's true. Once in a thousand of vears a bullet
I think often too: vears will pass. the revolution
How many stories will be told about us, how
In quiet evenings under starry sky, somewhere
near Chernihiv, international bovs and girls will
they will sing out and become guiet. The cranes
- Yes. Some brown-eved girl will hug her genius
"Let's now sing old folk songs about the Great
And we will arise from the great age of centuries,
overwhelmed with solemn rhvthms and beautv -
without toadving and treacherv. We will follow
plain comrades, that if it was possible to imagine
many will crv now in grief, that they have carried
and heads through their lives in a slightlv wrong
Is there a limit in prizing of life. lads! "Oh. my
- Well. "Tell me, grey eyed, what did you look
like?" - as if she would ask mildlv. Chvzh! What
- Well, indeed. I will! I will saw that we were
There were drunkards, and those... slackers, and
various undisciplined elements. There were other
The majoritv. I will sav. was such. that not onlv in
who they were and where they must go the next
and in gun-machine shootings, and on sabre
blades they read Lenin programs for life and
- Yes. ves. I will sav! And everything I will saw in
Ouite often. I should sav. sons got fatherlv bullet
and by themselves they spat into their parents
with pistols and revolvers. and nobodv. I should
considered it as infanticide, pardon forthe rough
word. or. how can it be said in our fashion. in that
parricide, they called it plainly: a son against his
father. a father against his son. obligatorv is
I will say that was such a time, when a
revolutionarv urge tore its wav through the
orfire from volcanic mountains! So, I suggest
signing about us as you please. and forgive us for
We were benighted and poor, and very angry for
a lot of evil piled up upon our heads for hundreds
Petliura alone, bastard, costs a great deal! And
then again these various... Halvchans, Germans,
Uh, vermin! Comrade division commander, what
shall I tell them. by God? I am not a great
- Comrade Commander. I wanted to ask you
- Yes? - Is it true you want to plant the gardens
Shine. oh shine. moon. hey. hey! And a bright star
- Telegram! Our forces defeat the white near
And there's a young girl in that garden. hey. hey,
- Thank you. Comrade Commander, and all the
as it was said. And God bless you. son. and good
- Thank you. father. for being kind! I don't drink
- You don't drink? How are you supposed to fight
- Sorrv. And it's good to be done. why. here it's
Just like water! they saw it's frightful to fight
- It's all fine. we'll knock them down without
- We are here. comrade Schors. with delegation.
Here's Maksvm Sirko, warrant officer of her
Captain of cavalrv of his majestv prince Mikhail
Mykyta Sherstiuk - chief warrant officer of her
emperor majestv Maria Fedorovna's uhlan
Petro Shramenko and Hordii Horlvtsia -
- Her majestv's disciplinarv battalion convict
- Where are you going, old one?! Sonny, don't
take him! He's an alcoholic! He'll spoil all your
- Go away, informer! You've a too long tongue!
Comrade Commander. it's my wife. don't listen to
- Let the father look after the bee-garden! I need
- This? Some german killed father this winter,
and grandfather went mad and killed the german
- You're invited to the staff with a verv important
- No. His wife was killed near Kviv bv
You little poor! I imagine what's going on there,
the old man cries. the brigade's crving on the
Suspicious agitators... Don't smoke, please! - I
- Poor Bozhenko. poor Bozhenko! - Oh my God!
- Mother's killed! Mother's killed! Ah... oh...
- To Kviv! - To Kviv, to Kviv. guvs! - Blood river is
- That's right. blood river is going to flow from
- Oh, oh, where're you... oh... where're you,
- Father! Calm down. father. don't. don't! Father,
- Vasyl Nazarovych! Calm down! Vasyl
Nazarowch. calm down. please... don't crv!
- Father. father, calm down. Drink some water...
- Father... father... - Vasvl Nazarowch! Father!
- Mykola! Mother's been killed by Petliura
bandits! You hear. mykola. and you. Petro. do you
In Kviv! Where was this government looking and
Interrogating the bourgeoisie individuallv! But it
she served tea. Iooked afterthe wounded,
- What do you think, Mykola, if I call off from
position Taraschanians to clear Kviv. won't your
- I love you. father. But if so. my Bohunians will
And die myself! And let everything go to hell! You
Glorious Commander of famous Taraschan
The working class of Ukraine and Russia along
with the government and the Partv express deep
The working believes that the revolutionary goals
will prevail over private ones. and is proud of
Working people, pool country inhabitants and
workers wait victories from you and just
Remember, father, that our names are already
enlisted in the historv of mankind with golden
So accept from workers of the whole world this
- Oh, you son of a bitch. mykola! why do I love
- My sons!!! Mother's been killed! Noone will
serve us tea. wash our shirts and sew the holes
Beat Petliura to the end. that's what! Give us
Lexander! How many versts are there to
- Seventv five. - You have to be there tomorrow
- When you gain Zdolbunovo. guvs. and destrov
comrades. excuse us generouslv for the battle
- But if Petliura escapes to Poland don't be shv,
...guard the border so the bird couldn't flv
- I've got the dispatch from Schors from
Zhytomvr. We are doing bad. We've got a lack of
I told him we should've been one whole fist
Now we've got it... Deniking is going to attack
there. somewhere from Bakhmach. And here's
He gathered all the scum and sneaks together
with polish masters. counts. princes. Have you
All right. And if you were attacking. how could I
- For you, son of a bitch, didn't show me three
wavs. but one. which is the best. Button up.
- Don't hope too much for support, Savochka. So
vou have to be more brave. have more class hate,
Like eagles! Taraschanians! they rumbled all
- Drive them out to hell! I don't need any
- We need to conduct a revision of you Taraschan
brigade. Besides. we need to know the guantitv
- Eh... Your education level? - From priest in
- I'm sorry, but how can serve as a Commander of
Brigade with no education and militarv
How would mykola do? - Check the Partv
- Unfortunatelv not for now. We had one
You son of a bitch. rascal! Didn't I shoot your
In Nizhyn... Have you forgotten? When did you
manage to become an inspector? Or mav be it's
I go to combat now. And I take you with me as
privates - for two weeks. There you'll see my
general and militarv! If you stav alive - we'll talk.
- You've got no right! ...died as heroes forthe
- Howdie. Commander of Brigade! Is everything
- It's fine and coming better. The aid has finallv
- It's humiliating! - Leave those stupidities. - I
- Commander of Brigade Bozhenko, I order you! -
- Vasvl Nazarowch! A polish uhlan regiment has
- Cut off! - It's a vile guerrilla thing! And you'll
So? Was I right leaving my staff and rushing
- You deserved it. You don't want to take
Borkovskvi, for example, as a chief of Bozhenko's
- Yes! And not only me. In the army staff a lot of
people think that your whole division is full of
- So the division. that passed entire Ukraine from
that defeated germans. hetman. Petliura,
- Yes. but except being the Commander of
- Halt! You can't flee. bastard! Comrades,
- Comrade Commander of Division! - Let go!
- Comrade Commander of Division. I've caught
- A landlord! Hetman's butcher! How many
- It's not true! - Mavbe. you're wrong. Sherstiuk?
- I won't! I won't. comrade Commander! I know
...Comrades! Comrades! We're being sold! -
- they won't sell you. you'll be fine! Enterthe
- Good luck. mykola! - Good luck. old fellow! Take
- Yes, sir! - Good bye. comrade Commander of
- I don't want to see you in dislocation of my
- Neschadvmenko! Staff is talking. I pass the
- Hello! Neschadvmenko? Schors is here. How do
Wait. wait. wait. later. Listen. give me all you got
You can congratulate me. I say, you can
congratulate me. the landlords are coming. Yes.
- Yes. - Yes. What. what? Nothing. nothing. hold
Right. Good. What. what? why do you retreat?
- Yes, yes. I'll be in the morning. What, what?
The connection is interrupted. Poles? Well good
- As we finish the war and plant the... - Yes...
- Nothing, nothing, nothing. In two hours
everything should be fine. Yes. ves. Give me
- Severvn? Schors. Listen. Severvn! I need your
Cross the Horvn near khutor and attack the rear
What. what? Yes. you got it right. Well done! And
Polish staff! We surrounded them in the
Vvshnevetskvi castle. And Cherniak connected
- Eh... - Polish group commander? You're
express yourself carefullv. Who's talking? It's
which shows the ukrainian people traitor and
renegade prince Yarema Vvshnevetskvi fighting
We wear the name of Bohun and. you know. we
So, would you be so kind... What. what? Oh. over
- Go ahead, bovs! Bohun! In the name of Bohun,
The unforgettable summer of 1919 was coming
to it's end. All the ukrainian South West was
And general Dragomirov was coming from the
Schors was rushing in this sinister circle like a
Forgive me magnanimouslv for that I die on lads'
As soon as I die. burv me near the Pushkin... they
Near his monument in Zhvtomvr. on the
- You sing over the tomb "Mv testament" bv
Listen to mykola Schors! He will unite you! And
the enemv a devastating blow throughout
And then the White Guards will dig me out of the
And people will watch this and will hate them
...Amid the wide-spread plain. In my beloved
Oh burv me. then rise ve up And break your heaw
And water with the tvrants' blood
- Good bye, father! Take our love and friendship
You didn't fullv know the map. but sensed and
Good bye. Commander. we're in a hurrv! We'll
- why do we retreat? Oh. why do we retreat? -
- I answered alreadv to the Commander directlv
- Excuse me, but here's the commandment order
to retreat to Kviv through Korostvshiv along the
- Order isn't dogma. Circumstances change,
- If you don't understand. don't talk. Retreat to
You want Denikin from Bakhmach and Petliura
- So we don't want it to be proved! We move to
- And if don't success. which is also possible! -
especially when soldiers are tired and Trotskiy
doesn't want into account the needs of our
So we've got one way left - contemporary retreat
to Russia through Mozvr in orderto get help in
- It's not you who should talk about it! I obev to
Damn it! I send a telegraph message: "People
are tired. Onlv additional troops can save the
They answer: "You have the reserves. Engage
into the combat the Red Commanders School".
- Shut up. you... militarv man! I won't send to
I will loose the division, but save the
commanders. and I'll have a division! Corps!
hey there. happv people over the Desna. The sun
Bohunians gathered a force there,
- Here they are. best of the best!
Tell to the special men of Trotskiv that you saw
Despise the slaverv like death, love the
That's me who tells you. Schors! And that's Lenin