She Came From The Woods (2022) Movie Script

See what I mean?
What I'm saying is, if you
wanna make the audience believe,
you have to make the threat feel real.
Yes, Ben.
Hey, careful. That's my sister's bow.
Remember, guys. Anything
can happen in performance.
We've gotta stay level headed. Got it?
All right. Let's get going.
It's showtime!
Stop it!
Attention, campers.
This is the final call to
convene in the mess hall
for the goodbye ceremony.
And please remember this
is a sacred camp tradition,
and anyone not in attendance
will be banished from
Camp Briarbrook forever.
Peter, come on.
No exceptions under any circumstances.
Oh my god.
So get there quick, or the
wicked witch of the woods
will gut you from the inside out
and hang your disemboweled
corpses from the trees!
See ya!
I think that went well.
I hate you.
You've sure got a
funny way of showing it.
Your mom's totally
gonna kill you, you know.
No, she won't. I'm her second favorite.
Drug habit I don't know about?
Not quite.
Just wait 'til later, my dear.
You're trouble, Peter McCalister.
No way.
That was good!
What the hell was that?
I was just screwing around.
You're not a camper anymore.
Outside. Now.
Let's move! Let's move!
Let's move!
That means you, Tommy.
It's not my fault you weren't
careful on the ropes course.
Lick my balls, dick face.
I'm sure mommy's gonna be real happy
to hear all the new words
you learned at camp.
I have two dads, asshole.
Two dads?
Gonna be back in time
for the fun tonight?
You know, Pete,
somehow getting shit-faced with teenagers
has kind of lost its luster.
No, that's not what I meant.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I saw Mike raiding the
infirmary this morning.
What the hell are you thinking?
Oh, come on.
It's just a little prick.
Just like pushing that
first year in the lake
was just a swimming lesson.
He floated, didn't he?
I can't keep bailing you out, man.
Bailing me out?
Shawn, what's gonna happen?
Yeah. Exactly my point.
You don't know.
The campers are gonna be gone, bro.
Who cares?
Did you tell Mom?
Good boy.
Let it die.
Good afternoon, campers.
Good afternoon, Heather!
While these might be
our final moments together
this summer at Briarbrook,
the fun isn't over yet.
Our drama campers have been
practicing a very special skit
for us all month.
So join me in welcoming
the Deep Woods Players!
- That's us. Go, go, go.
- Move, come on.
What if they laugh at us?
Then your jokes must have landed.
Come on, let's get out there.
Our story begins in 1945,
at the dawn of Camp Briarbrook.
The love of our founders,
the seed from which
these grounds took root.
You're late.
I was helping Shawn with something.
Oh, is that so?
And if I check with him?
Then I'll know my word
means nothing to you,
forever confirming that I am indeed
the black sheep of this family.
Sit, watch, shut up.
The year was 1945.
The year was 1945.
Dan the man!
Hey, guys.
This one looks like a winner.
Yeah, and the Tony goes to...
Kellie's looking pretty cute.
Is tonight the night?
What? Everybody knows.
I haven't decided yet.
Seriously, Danny.
Just make a move already.
This is exhausting.
Thank you for the
unsolicited input, Tommy.
Grow a pair, pussy.
When I say
"ropes," you say "course."
- Ropes!
- Course!
- Ropes!
- Course!
That's the third time he's
looked at you in five minutes.
You're counting?
You're not?
Final night, Kel.
All I'm saying.
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook!
Fire, water, winds, and earth.
These are the forces that make us strong!
These are the forces that make us whole!
- Daylight.
- Moonlight.
- Dusk.
- Yo, Ben.
Ben, boy.
I'm working, Dylan.
You think if I tell Ashley
that this shit stirred my soul,
she'd suck my dick?
My dick, man.
You're such a pig.
Aw, come on.
I thought you wear a little homo?
Aren't you supposed to know all this shit?
Just take another swig, Dylan.
A swig?
I need a swig.
Dylan, could I have a swig, please?
I'm so thirsty.
I haven't had anything
to drink since lunchtime,
so my body chemistry is very
Jesus Christ, Danny.
Yeah. Fine.
It's Bug Juice, right?
Yeah. Sure, Bug Juice.
I love woodwork.
I love swimming.
I love archery.
Dylan, you're pushing 30.
It's time to upgrade the Bug Juice.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
I have to say, you kids
outdo yourselves every year.
I'm looking at you, Martha.
Meryl Streep can eat her heart out.
Well, everyone, this has truly been
one of the most memorable summers to date.
From the archery range, to the mess hall,
to the depths of Brewster Lake,
you have all upheld the
sacred tenets of Briarbrook.
The same promises, by the way,
that my Evelyn and I shared
on the day that we exchanged these rings.
Devotion, loyalty, eternity.
This may seem a little silly,
but I haven't taken this off
my neck for 42 years now,
ever since that first
summer, ever since she...
It's a reminder of where we have come from
and what we must continue to strive for.
Remember. United we stand!
Divided we fall!
Divided we fall. Exactly.
And now, Steven, if you would, please.
We have a squirrel who plays the bugle.
Thank you.
And now, we'll see you
next summer, everyone!
Yeah. Go home.
You're an alto, not a soprano.
Contact lenses.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me.
Get inside.
- Heads down.
- Don't be mean.
Your shorts don't match.
All right, Miss Martha.
I'm expecting a letter from
you once a week, you hear me?
Yes, Benny.
You were fearless out there today.
I'm so proud of you.
I'll never forget you.
Do, re, mi, fa,
boom, boom, bang, ah!
Great job.
I didn't know that.
I'll teach it to you next summer.
Hey, Ash.
Make sure Danny doesn't wimp out tonight.
He's been looking like a
little bitch all summer.
Language, hey!
I'll do my best.
How are we looking?
Last bus home ready
for departure, Chief.
Why don't you two start
breaking down the bunks?
You got it.
Ready to go?
Engine's still overheating,
but I think the old girl's
got a few miles left in her.
Uh, I thought Pete helped you fix that?
He's gotta grow up, Mom.
Look, he's finding his way.
Yeah, yeah.
That's what the first gap year was for.
I'm just saying.
And I appreciate it.
But you're his brother, not his dad.
He's got people depending on him, Mom.
Me, you.
Lauren now, I guess
that's getting serious.
Look, he's just 21.
So what?
With Grandpa retiring,
if we want Briarbrook to survive.
Wait, what?
If we want this place to survive.
The other part.
You're leaving?
You are darned tooting.
I haven't had a good
night's sleep all summer.
Civilization is calling my name.
I mean for good.
- Listen-
- You told Shawn,
but not me.
- Heather-
- Your grandson,
but not your daughter?
I told him I was thinking about it.
What happened to
"Bury me at Briarbrook"?
That doesn't mean I have to die here.
You're abandoning us.
Heather, come on.
I have to pass the baton
on sooner or later.
This place is always gonna be
the richest chapter in my life.
I just don't want it to be the only story.
I have to move on.
Besides, you've got help.
Have a great fall, Mr. McCalister.
You too.
She's good for him, isn't she?
I hope he doesn't fuck it up.
Yo, suck a dick, Mike.
I win again.
Hey, V.
Happy 18th, right?
Be a babe and take a photo
of me over by the treeline?
Happy to, V.
Happy to.
I'm not normally one for nostalgia,
but I kinda wanna remember my
last summer here, you know?
Whoa, slow down.
Last summer?
The real world calls.
What, this place isn't real?
Only when you're here.
I guess we have to
make tonight count, then.
This is stupid.
You're stupid.
Are you sure about this?
Oh my god. Not you too!
I'm just saying.
You sound like Shawn.
- Peter-
- Exactly.
No, no, exactly like Shawn.
Why is everyone so over
having a good time?
We don't have many summers left to...
Hey, where are you guys going?
We forgot to close up the
bunks on the south side.
So we don't want your
mom blowing a gasket
when she gets back.
What's she gonna do? Fire you?
We're not all McCalisters, Peter.
Careful. It's dark out there.
No worries, sis.
I travel smart!
Give me that.
Give me that back.
Hey, listen. Pizza's on the way.
He's gonna honk three times
so you know he's here.
Great. Fine.
You're just gonna miss.
Oh my god.
His stupid ass...
Agatha. Happy?
Yo, Ash.
Whoa, bitch.
Man. That skit today stirred my soul.
That's great, Dylan.
How's that make you feel?
Your art stirred my soul.
Well, Ben wrote it, so...
Ew. He's disgusting.
- Oh, you know what?
- What?
Attention, Camp Briarbrook!
Before we continue with the debauchery,
we have a very important
tradition to honor this evening.
Now we all know the story.
42 years ago, Nurse Agatha
gets kicked out of Camp Briarbrook
after her homeopathic remedies
get a little too witchy.
She resurfaces a few years later
when a counselor finds her
giving secret midnight medicine classes
to campers in the woods.
She's confronted.
The kids go ape shit.
Agatha takes off, trips,
splits her head open
on a rock, bleeds out.
Ding dong, the bitch is dead.
So gross.
But then this eerie calm
takes over the forest.
All at once, the campers gather
around Agatha, grab hands,
and begin to recite an
incantation until sunrise.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Come on, say it with me!
Immortal life!
That's right!
Now I know we've all been trying
to bring this hag back for years,
late nights in the bathroom,
the bunks, the woods,
chanting for her like she
was Bloody Mary or something,
but, guys, it's time to forget
the cute little limericks.
If you'll please direct your
attention to Mondo Mike.
Boo, no one likes you, Mike.
You'll notice
that he's distributing
medical grade needles to each of you.
You see, I've uncovered
the secret ingredient
- in our mission.
- Thank you.
We need to hurt ourselves.
Not a lot, just enough so
that Agatha has something
to come back and heal.
Yeah, no. I don't know.
It'll be fun. Trust me.
Yeah, but I mean, like.
It's not gonna hurt. I promise.
Now, on the count of
three, we prick our finger,
hold it up to the sky,
and scream her name.
Peter, are these needles clean?
I mean, as fun as this whole
blood brothers thing sounds,
I'm not looking to end the
summer with some grodie disease.
Excellent question, Kellie.
Yes. These needles are
sterile and ritual-ready.
The question is, are you?
I am.
Thank you, Danny!
That's the spirit Danny boy! Yes, sir!
Then let's do it.
Three, two, one.
Wow, Dylan. Real original.
It fucking worked, didn't it?
Didn't it?!
Fuck you all.
Fucking idiots.
All right. Let's go to the beach.
Come on.
Come on!
Come on, you son of a bitch! Pete!
Excuse me, Shawn. How much longer?
I'm trying to calculate
when I should eat my snack
so my blood sugar stays stable.
I don't know, Dennis.
Hey, do me a favor?
Do you think you can get your friends
to play the quiet game
for like five minutes?
You and I both know
that's not gonna happen.
I'm also a bit afraid of sharks.
Yeah, especially hammerhead sharks.
Those are my
favorite kind of shark!
Good, yeah.
All right.
Quiet game.
Good job, guys.
All right.
All right, guys.
It looks like we're gonna be here for...
What the fuck?
He can see me.
- Briarbrook.
- Shit!
This is excruciating.
The shot clock's winding down.
Please, make a move now.
What's happening?
Can I help?
I should've known better than to practice
where everyone could see me.
Yeah, I'm not gonna judge.
I promise.
Well, I hope not, Danny.
It's just skipping stones.
Okay, Kellie Parker.
Do you want my help or not?
Well, Danny Patterson, I
think it was you who offered.
You're using the wrong rocks.
May I?
Um, okay.
Well, there's this common misconception
that your thumb is
supposed to go on the side,
but it's actually supposed
to be on the top, like that.
And then you move your
body in this position,
and you angle, like that.
And move your arm back, and release.
A valiant effort.
Can I have my hand back, please?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Danny, uh, listen.
I have this guy back at school.
No, you don't.
Excuse me?
I would've...
Someone would have told me.
Kellie, come on.
Come on, what?
Kellie, it doesn't have to be forever,
just let me.
Let you?
- Jesus, Danny!
- Kellie, please.
You know what, going along
with this whole late night,
let me show you how it's
done thing, that's on me.
I'm sorry, but...
Pay up.
Thank you.
Finders keepers.
Hey! No.
Give that back.
Come on, what's it worth to you?
- You jackass!
- Come on, earn it!
Are you
fucking serious right now?
Give it back to me.
- Dylan, what the actual fuck?
- Come on, you can get it.
- No, stop!
- Aren't you fast?
- I thought you ran track?
- Stupid idiot.
No, I can't, I can't.
I can't.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
It's just, there's this
guy back at Dartmouth.
It's not totally official.
Oh. I don't think you've
mentioned him before.
No, no, I just,
he's been writing me letters all summer
telling me how rad he thinks I am,
and I've written a couple back.
Do you like him?
Who, Danny?
Uh, I don't know.
The Dartmouth guy, uh,
he's there, you know?
Oh, Danny, I.
- Back up!
- Danny!
Back up!
Danny, what the fuck!
Danny, what the fuck?!
Fucking psycho!
Back up!
Back up!
We gotta...
We gotta get to the mess hall.
We gotta call the cops, okay?
We gotta call the cops.
- Hey, it's okay. Look at me.
- Yeah? It's okay, Lauren?
This is okay to you?
All right, everybody
just calm the fuck down.
It's okay, it's okay.
This just happened.
I don't know why, but it did,
and the longer we wait to do something,
the worse it's gonna get.
Yeah, Mike, it's gonna get worse.
It's gonna get worse than this?!
Dylan, I swear to fucking God,
now's not the time!
What? Are you fucking kidding me, man?
You just stabbed a guy!
She's dead!
You're gonna
stab more fucking people?!
Fuck you!
One at a time!
Something happened
at the lake with Danny.
Is he hurt?
He killed Kellie, and I killed him.
Dude just fucking snapped.
Danny wouldn't do that.
Well, he fucking did.
I'm gonna call the police.
- I wanna go now.
- It's gonna be okay.
Hey, we're gonna figure
this out, all right?
It's gonna be okay.
Ben and Ashley, they
weren't at the beach.
They went remember?
She's right.
- What?
- They're still down there.
Oh, shit!
Oh! Damn it!
Oh, shit!
What the hell? We need to find someone.
Your grandfather took the truck.
He's not due back 'til tomorrow.
Guys, what are we supposed to do?
Shawn, he's coming back in an hour.
I'll go to the infirmary.
I'll get something to help.
I have gauze, just find antiseptic.
It should be in the attic.
Ben and Ashley, you said...
Breaking down the bunks.
South side. They forgot some.
- You've gotta bring 'em back.
- We've gotta go find them.
The threat is gone.
Is it?
How do we know for sure Danny's dead?
Mike stuck him like a fucking pig!
Two stabs off to the side.
I don't know if he's dead either.
I'll go to the intercom.
Pete, those speakers have
been faulty all summer.
That last storm knocked
out like half of 'em.
It's worth a shot.
Hey. I'm gonna go look for them.
Not alone.
No one alone.
Dylan, go with him.
Fuck that!
You want the buddy system, you go.
I'm not asking.
You're not my boss anymore.
You know, Dylan.
For someone who thinks the threat is gone,
you sure sound a lot like a pussy.
We doing this, bro?
You want to do this now?
If you hadn't fucking stabbed people!
First, we check the
beach, just to make sure.
Then we find them. Okay?
Lead the way.
I'm coming.
Hey, it's after nine.
- This had better-
- Grandpa.
I don't know what happened.
Pete did the fucking ritual!
I'm on my way.
He's definitely dead.
Hey, hey.
I got you, V.
They went south side, right?
Ben and Ashley?
Yeah, but they could be anywhere by now.
Maybe we should split up, hm?
Me and V. Could go off this way,
and you can go fuck off into the woods
and jerk off using your own tears as lube.
We're not doing that, Dylan.
Oh, yeah?
And who put you in charge?
I'm the oldest counselor.
Yeah, no shit.
Watch it!
Look, it's what Heather
said. No one alone.
Let's go find them.
Come on.
Don't look.
All right, Benny Ben.
You take the bunks on the right,
and I'll take the ones on the left.
The twins slept in there.
- It's gross.
- Come on.
I'll do it.
You owe me.
Dirtiest bunk in the entire world.
This disgusting place.
If this sock's been on someone's foot,
I'm gonna kill myself.
We don't have any
stowaways in here, do we?
What? Whoa, calm down.
Did you see that?
See what?
The door. It just, like, slammed shut.
Okay, Ben.
I'm serious, Ash.
It was probably just the wind.
The wind?
Is that a ghost too?
Just bad wiring.
Ben? Ashley?
If you're there, please.
Oh my god.
Ben? Ashley?
Probably just trying to
get us to pay for the pizza.
We gotta finish. Come on.
Ben! Ashley!
You good?
Yeah. Sorry.
You're so cute.
You scared?
Yeah, totally.
You want to, uh, fool around or something?
You know, just get
our minds off all this.
What the fuck?
Yo, relax.
My best friend is dead!
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
You wanna fuck me to
get my mind off of it?
What the hell, V?!
You bitch!
Fuck. Dylan!
Veronica! Come back!
Jesus, what is wrong with you?
- Me?
- Yeah, you, asshole!
You know, I've been letting
you slide all summer, Mike.
Yeah, you heard me right!
I don't even know where to begin.
You've been cock blocking me
every fucking chance you get, man.
Jesus, how thick are you?
I bet V. Would say I'm
pretty fucking thick.
Dylan, she's not gonna sleep with you!
Nobody is!
Ah! Motherfucker!
What are you...
Get off me!
If you can hear me, please
meet in the mess hall.
Ben, Ashley, something
fucking horrible has happened.
Please, meet in the mess
hall right now! We need you!
Ben, Ashley, please come
to the mess hall now.
I'm gonna try again in a few minutes.
No, I...
I found something.
Lauren, what is this?
Old medical records, I think.
Your mom, she...
Wasn't this around the
same time as that story?
Don't. Don't.
Peter, I'm serious.
I am too.
Do you think maybe the ritual
thing might have caused...
No, of course not!
It's just some bullshit legend.
I saw his eyes. That wasn't Danny.
Lauren, how well do we
really know these people?
We see them, what, two
months every summer?
Every summer for the past 10 years.
Your brother was right,
we shouldn't have messed with this stuff.
Lauren, she's not real, okay?
Just some bullshit story
the counselors made up
to keep the kids from
leaving their bunks at night.
That's it.
There is no Agatha.
What did you say?
You first, pussy.
You ever seen this before?
Oh, shit!
Oh my god, V!
What the fuck happened?
V, what the fuck?!
My dad told me he burned this.
I tried to forget.
She was supposed to disappear.
Mom, she can't be
Peter, let her speak.
It had been going on all summer long.
Little things.
Cuts, scrapes, bruises.
Dad thought I was just clumsy, but...
I never told anyone.
I thought it was just me.
She said I was special,
strong enough to withstand
her experimental treatments.
That night was different, though.
Something drew us into the woods,
all of us, as one.
And then the sunrise came,
and it all seemed to melt away,
like a dream.
So that's what we let it become.
Any fragmented memory we had
became part of a shared nightmare,
fueled by the shadows we all see
when we walk in the woods at night,
an urban legend.
A stupid campfire story.
Jerry, thank God.
What's going on?
Dispatch tried calling back,
but no one picked up.
Well, the phone short
circuited 20 minutes ago.
Took my ear with it.
Oh, Jesus.
Why didn't you try another phone?
It's the only one here.
There's been a murder.
And a couple of counselors
are still unaccounted for.
Okay, hang tight.
I'll call for backup.
Ragsdale, this is Matthews
requesting immediate
assistance at Briarbrook.
Danny Patterson.
Christ, he's like, what, 20?
Why would he do something like this?
- I don't know.
- Well, is he still out there?
- Hey!
- Heather!
- Heather, help!
- Help!
Hey, hang on, hang on!
- Hey, hey!
- Oh my god!
What the hell happened?
She's dead!
She's fucking dead!
We found her all cut up.
Her fucking tongue is gone.
Ever since we did that goddam ritual!
I'm sorry?
We brought her back.
I mean, that's the only
explanation, right?
We asked her to come back,
- and she did.
- Lauren, stop.
How else do you explain it, Peter?
Even if she was real, why now?
Why tonight of all nights?
Why would she-
It's like you said.
She had something to heal.
Just like she did 42 years ago.
What did you do?
- What do we do?
- No.
- Jerry.
- No.
No, I can't.
I can't let her get me again.
- Jerry.
- I tried.
I tried to forget. I tried.
I fucking tried.
I tried, I tried.
- I know.
- I tried!
I did too.
- I tried, I tried.
- I know. I know, Jerry.
Don't fucking touch me!
How do we stop her?
You don't.
- Hey!
- Hey, guy!
- Help!
- Help!
- Hey!
- Help, help!
Hey, it's Pizza Time!
What's up?
Keep the car running.
Keep the car running.
You can just give me a 20.
- We'll be cool.
- We have a situation.
People are dead, you fucking idiot!
- Dylan, relax!
- Whoa!
- Get out of the car!
- Back off my car,
- you asshole!
- You wanna be next?
- Help!
- Open up, please!
Get out of the fucking car,
- you piece of shit!
- Bro, chill out!
Dude, back off my poppa's wagon, man!
The time's over, motherfucker!
Whoa, hey, hey!
I am well within my rights
to deny you this pizza!
Get out of the car, please.
Whoa, dude.
Like I said, it's only
$17.32, but if you want it.
I said don't fucking touch me.
- Hey!
- Shut up.
Listen, dude, anywhere
you wanna go, man,
- I'll take you.
- Turn around.
I just, I...
Have you ever been here before?
No, no, man.
Have any of you ever
seen this man before?
I asked you a fucking question!
Listen, dude. I don't
care about any of this.
I don't care, man.
It's just, it's my dad's car, dude.
I'd really appreciate it
if you'd shut your fucking mouth.
Get in the back seat.
- Whatever, man.
- Jerry.
You're gonna find somebody, right?
You're gonna send someone to help us?
You know I can't bring
anyone else into this.
It has to die.
He understands how to talk to people.
He's so stupid.
Sounds like Mike snuck in
those fireworks after all.
I hope Heather nails him
before he gets any more off.
What was that?
What was what?
This isn't "The Burning," Ben.
You've really got cool with
the Briarbrook boogieman stuff.
Okay, that one, I saw.
Holy shit.
What the hell is this?
Martha, what are you doing?
- What?
- We gotta go. We gotta go.
I'm not just leaving them here.
We'll come back.
We can't stay here and figure this out
- on our own.
- Watch me.
Martha Roberts, you listen to me right.
We've gotta go. Come on!
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ashley, they did the
ritual again. All of them.
- Yeah, but it's bullshit.
- It's always bullshit.
Then how do you explain any of this?
Ex vitam immortalem.
- Ex vitam immortalem.
- Ben, it can't be real.
Because if it's real...
Ex vitam immortalem.
Oh my god.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
What, Ash? What do you see?
Jesus Christ, Ashley. What do you see?
Ex vitam immortalem.
Ex vitam immortalem.
It's her.
Ashley, come on!
Ben, wait!
Hurry, Ashley!
No, no, no, no, no!
Tommy, you freaking weirdo!
You're why people hate redheads!
Die! Die!
Martha, I thought that you
were gonna be on Broadway!
- Ben?
- Ben?
Ben, what the fuck?
- Where have you been?
- Where were you?
I'm gonna get you!
Let go!
Let go!
Get off her!
They killed her!
- They killed Ashley!
- What do you mean?
I don't know, they were,
like, possessed or something!
- What the hell do we do?
- She saw her!
Ashley, she.
Saw who?
- Aga-
- Don't say her name!
I was looking, too!
- Ben!
- I couldn't see her,
- but Ashley-
- Ben!
Did you do it?
Her eyes, she was there!
The ritual,
did you say her name?
No, no, no, just Ashley!
They're not letting up, Mom!
Mom, they're not gonna let up!
So let's fucking take 'em on!
Yeah, kill a dozen ten-year-olds, Dylan.
Great fucking idea!
Fair game, bitch!
They're still kids.
They're still in there, just like I was.
Great, Heather.
So what does the bitch want,
huh? A virgin sacrifice?
Hey, Ben. Come on.
Time to step up-
Fuck you, Dylan!
You could actually
be fucking helpful, come on.
Is this seriously happening right now?
Or maybe it's you.
Unfinished business from 1945.
If she wanted to kill
me, she would have done it.
I was eight years old.
Then what does she want?!
To live!
Ex vitam immortalem.
Immortal life.
She's not gonna stop until anyone
who can send her back to Hell is dead.
Guys, we've really gotta
get rid of these fucking kids.
What if we make a run for it?
Everyone just goes
straight for the entrance?
They're just gonna
follow us wherever we go.
So let them.
I'll run out back,
lead them around the building,
down through the loading dock,
and into the basement.
- You just wanna let them in?
- It's a trap, Pete.
We have to contain them.
As soon as I come back upstairs,
we can barricade them through this door.
Mike, you're not gonna be
able to get those doors open.
Not with them on your tail.
You got a better idea?
I'll go too.
Run around the other direction.
Someone has to lock them in
once you're through anyway.
He's right.
It's okay. I'll do it.
Let's go.
- I thought you said you-
- Just in case.
All right.
On my count, as soon as I'm through,
Lauren, slam it shut.
When it's clear, Pete, you run for it.
I'll go the long way,
and I'll shout when I
come around the bend.
If the doors aren't open yet.
They'll be open.
If they aren't, I'll run another lap.
The mob can't split.
We have to keep them together.
One target.
Got it.
Got it.
All right.
All right.
Hey! Over here!
- All right, coast is clear.
- You sure?
All right, screw it. Let's go.
Come on, guys.
- Let's move these benches.
- Come on, hurry up!
I got it.
Hey, Mike!
Where are you at?!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
- Mike! Come on!
- Mike, come on!
Come on!
Give me your hand, you idiot!
Close the door!
Mike, come on!
Please, you can do this, Mike!
Mike, throw an elbow, goddam it!
- Do something!
- Kick 'em, Mike!
- Come on!
- Fuck, he's not gonna
- make it.
- Help him!
Mike, hurry!
Come on, hurry up! Let's go!
He's not gonna make it!
Dylan, what the fuck is wrong you?!
- What the fuck?!
- You're welcome!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, brook, brook!
Briarbrook, Briarbrook!
Stop it!
What the fuck it wrong with you?!
Stop it, you idiot!
Move the benches!
Move the fucking benches!
Who the fuck is that?
Lauren, she touched me!
She's real, Lauren!
Dear, God.
She's here.
It's her. She's back.
- How many are dead?
- Five.
Jesus Christ.
They did the ritual.
I know. Shawn told me.
Lauren! Get back in the mess hall now.
I need to talk to Peter.
I saw her.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Do you have the faintest
idea what you've done?
I think I get the fucking picture!
Why didn't you tell me she was real?
A question for all of you, actually.
Why the hell wasn't I informed
about this big family secret?
You clearly knew.
Not that she could come back.
But you knew the story.
You knew Mom and Grandpa
were a part of it.
Then why the fuck didn't you tell me,
- Shawn?!
- I did, Pete!
Let it die! Remember?
That's horseshit, and you know it.
Or maybe you're just
not mentally equipped
to handle these things.
Just stop.
I should have said something.
I just didn't think you were ready.
What, do you think I would
have been screwing around
like this if I knew the truth?
They're dead.
They're dead, and it's my fault.
It's not your fault.
I thought it was safer this way.
I don't know what to do.
What do we do, Mom?
I never thought it would come to this.
It was our first summer here.
Evelyn was ill.
Nobody knew what it was.
Doctor after doctor,
one just as helpless as the next.
And then one day, she came.
She answered an ad we had put
in the paper for a camp nurse.
When she saw how Evelyn was suffering,
she promised she would do
everything that she could.
But your mother kept fading.
She withered,
and little by little, her
face was no longer hers.
And as I lost my grip on your mother,
I began to lose my grip on myself.
In a moment of unspeakable weakness,
Agatha and I...
Evelyn passed just hours
after that, at dawn.
And that's when I started to realize
that those treatments,
they weren't treatments.
It wasn't medicine.
I threw her out.
I banished her!
In the weeks and months that followed,
I thought the healing would begin.
But she never left.
She took shelter in the woods,
just outside the boundaries of Briarbrook.
She would lure the children
from their bunks by night,
healing them, collecting
their blood in jars
that she hung from the trees.
When I found you there that
night, out there in the woods,
I lost it.
I chased her down.
I hunted her, because I was
desperate to end this thing
once and for all.
End her. And I did.
When I looked down at her dying,
I saw she had your mother's ring,
her wedding ring, on her finger.
She'd stolen it from the corpse.
It was one final, sick act of duplicity.
I buried her.
I buried her at the lowest
point in Briarbrook,
just as close to Hell as I could.
I thought, "Well, that will
be the end of the story."
Of course, it wasn't.
I let her in.
And I brought her back.
Dad, how could you?
Please, forgive me.
Where are Ben and Dylan?
Dylan! Stop, please!
I said shut up!
Shut up!
She's gonna hear you.
Please, Dylan.
Benny boy, hey.
Hey, this is nothing personal, okay?
I've just got big plans,
and they don't include dying
in these fucking woods tonight!
I don't understand.
I've seen a lot of horror
flicks in my day, man.
But this bitch?
This bitch? This shit's
next fucking level.
Please, please, Dylan.
Don't, Dylan.
We need each other.
Yeah, I do need you.
I need you right here.
Why are you doing this?
I told you to be quiet!
I told you to be quiet!
I told you to be quiet.
Say her name.
Say her name.
I'm not gonna.
I'm not gonna.
Say it!
Say it!
Say it!
- Agatha!
- Louder!
That wasn't so fucking hard, was it?
He's all yours!
Mr. McCalister?
Lauren, if you don't start
calling me Gilbert now,
you may not get another chance.
We decided not to go look for them.
Splitting up didn't really
go well for us last time, so.
Well, that seems wise.
You, um, you heard what I said in there.
I am so sorry.
We know.
How's he doing?
The same.
He made a mistake.
We all did.
He's lucky to have you.
Let's try not to die tonight.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, you motherfucker!
What the fuck?!
You little fucking shit!
Help me!
Dennis, put it out!
Oh my god!
Oh, shit!
God damn it!
Get back here!
I'll kill you, you little shit!
I'll fucking kill you!
God damn it!
Help me!
Kill me.
Kill me. Please.
Where's Ben?
I saved you.
I saved all of you!
Dylan, where is my brother?
- Lauren!
- Oh my god.
What now?
I'm telling you, we hunt the hag.
It's five versus one.
Outnumbering her hasn't really
done us much good tonight.
She touched Peter, right?
So she's corporeal now.
What does that mean?
That means, she's flesh and blood.
Whatever's left of it.
Then why couldn't Ben see her?
He didn't do the ritual.
Maybe that's it.
Maybe you can only see her,
interact with her, if you do.
But Mr. McCalister, you
tried to shoot her just now.
You didn't.
No, I was trying to scare the boy.
I didn't see anybody else.
So, why don't we just leave?
It's a seven-mile hike
with no street lights.
She'd pick us off one by one in the dark.
No, no, no, this story ends here,
right here, tonight.
The ring.
You said she had it that night.
I don't know, maybe she
cursed it. Maybe she needs it.
It's possible.
What do you always say
about it, Mr. McCalister?
The seed from which Briarbrook took root?
She stole it from Evelyn,
and I stole it back from her.
If we can lure her out with it.
That's risky.
If I'm right, she'll be
coming for it either way.
It's just you and me right now, Lauren.
Mom didn't prick her fingers.
Same with Shawn.
Same with Grandpa.
She's not coming for
them, she's coming for us.
you weren't alone.
Mom, no.
It's bold.
It could work.
Mom, you can't.
Please, please don't do this.
Please, Mom, you can't.
Knapsack, Peter.
It's decided, Lauren.
- But what if-
- No ifs.
We're family here.
All of us.
I have a date.
Are you sure this is the spot?
It's the best line of sight.
You could be
exposed in every direction.
I need her to
think that I'm vulnerable.
Dad, you don't have to do this.
Oh, Jesus.
Yes, I do.
All right.
Another hundred yards past maintenance,
then we form the perimeter.
Got it.
Make sure you stay close
enough so they can see us.
Lauren, if we, uh,
if we don't make it tonight,
I want you to know that
I closed that up earlier.
You saw me.
She's been here.
Oh my god.
Somebody help me, please!
Oh my god!
Didn't Dylan say he was dead?
- Dylan said he saved us.
- It could be a trick.
I mean, can't witches do
that, like, steal your voice?
He's right.
Maybe it's bait.
Peter! Can you hear me?
But maybe it's not.
Help me, please!
Somebody help me! Right here!
She's right in front of me!
- Peter!
- Pete!
It was coming from over here.
Help me!
- Peter, save me!
- Peter!
- I'm around the corner!
- Slow down!
I'm by the tree!
Come closer!
- I see you!
- Peter, stop it!
I'm right here!
It's okay, bro.
We're good.
Nothing. You?
Not yet.
Hey, weren't the kids supposed
to make that bird call
so we'd know they were close?
All right. You win.
We're good. Let her go.
No, let her go. Let her go.
Look at me. Look right here.
Look at me.
Let her go.
No, let her go.
Okay. This is what you want, isn't it?
This is what you want.
I'm right about this.
Look, we can work this out.
I can see you're angry.
Dad, don't do it.
No, I made this mistake.
I have to fix it.
Agatha, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Come on.
There we go.
Bury me at Briarbrook.
Bring our friends back. All of them.
Do a hex, a ritual, whatever.
Just bring them back.
What do we do with her now?
Tie her to some rocks.
Throw her in the lake.
We've gotta chop her up first.
We can't chance her popping up next summer
like that kid at the end of "Friday."
Where's Peter?
We need to get you some help.
Excuse me.
Oh my god, Ben.
We got a call from
this young man over here
about a, uh...
What'd you say? A homeless
woman on the property?
An Alice Cooper lookalike?
- A wet gremlin?
- Witch.
I said witch.
I thought the phones were
I fixed the wiring.
Okay, does anyone
need medical attention?
Right. I'll radio.
Oh, also, we had an
officer drop by last night.
He should have resolved everything,
but his car's still out front.
Did he end up partying
with you guys, or...
Oh, god.
What the hell happened here?