She Came to Me (2023) Movie Script

Mr. Lauddem... Mr. Lauddem.
I have the last one.
- Oh, hey!
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Fantastic.
... that put himself
out and down.
- ... I certainly can't.
- I seem to be blacklisted.
Oh, my goodness.
I wonder if I go to
her New Year's party...
Did you hear Sumera's story
about getting caught
on Shelter Island?
Yes, I know,
and it was horrifying
because there are absolutely
no charging stations.
Oh my God. I don't think
anyone really talks about it.
All these stories are coming
from that party.
You're terrible.
You're doing it again.
It relaxes me.
Duftin Haverford is here.
You mean Dustin.
No, Duftin. Duftin Haverford.
He's the head of the board
of the Troika Opera Space.
I think you should say hello.
- I can't
Why? Just tell him
you're making progress.
I wanna go home.
Do you want to keep
the commission?
- Of course, I do.
- Mr. Haverford!
Eye contact.
Hello, so nice to meet you.
I'm Patricia Jessup-Lauddem
I just wanted to introduce
you to my husband.
- Steven Luaddem.
- Hello.
I was hoping
we'd see you here.
It's wonderful to meet you
at last. Duftin Haverford.
I've been a long-time
admirer of your work.
- Thank you.
- Uh, this is Frank Hall.
He's our newest board member.
- So nice to meet you.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Yes, Frank.
How's the new opera
coming along?
- You know, okay.
- It's marvelous.
Pretty good. Great, great.
We had discussed
seeing a first draft
of the score in two weeks.
- Two weeks.
- That still all right?
That should be okay, right?
Is he alright?
He had a total breakdown
after his last opera,
five years ago.
Stopped being able to compose,
deep depression. Very deep.
well, if she was my therapist,
I'd marry her too.
I wonder if we'll look
different after...
I think I was in just
like complete auto pilot.
Oh, I'm doing this all wrong.
What? Bro you could
have called me.
- Ladies.
- Hey, Trey!
- Hi, Mr. Ruffa.
- Hi, Mr. Ruffa.
How was the battle?
It went very well.
Thanks for asking.
Oh, my God.
- Here we go.
- Who won?
Very funny.
You girls should join me
one of these days.
It'd behoove you
to learn some history.
I'll wear a bonnet,
I'm not proud.
They have free pie, right?
I'm not going unless
you give me a musket.
Ugh, the barrels of those
muskets were filthy today.
- Really?
- These new idiots
love to say they'd have been
that way historically...
whereas, in actual fact,
they were cleaned every night.
They're just lazy.
Pass the buns to the right.
Okay, but why?
You always pass
food to the right.
It avoids confusion.
Aren't you chilly in that?
- No.
- Put your sweatshirt on.
It's making me cold
just looking at you.
I need to be at the courthouse
early tomorrow.
Six forty-five AM departure.
That's fine.
Are you working tomorrow, babe?
I'll pack Tereza's
lunch tonight.
- Big case?
- Parental kidnapping.
Woman without custody absconded
with her son to Arkansas
and the... the father
pressed charges.
Looks like she's going down.
How did they find her?
Well... Once a serious
charge is made,
you'd be surprised how fast
we can lock down the roads.
Yes, yes, yes, yes...
and then I think the act break
is right after this scene.
I can't do this.
What do you mean?
I can't get inside it.
You loved this idea.
I wanted to love it.
That tears it.
Steven I have to tell
you something.
I've had another offer.
From who?
- Raef Gundel.
- Rafe...
Raef Gundel!
Do you hate me?
Hey, Doc.
- Mm-hmm.
I know it's Thursday, but...
I was thinking tonight
could be a good night
for sex night. Possibly.
It is an interesting idea.
But you know...
No, turn it back on.
G flat.
- Morning, sweetie.
- Morning.
Has anybody moved this?
No honey, of course not.
It's definitely
closer to the window.
What is that?
Sort of a new take on passive
cooling and heating.
We adopted the idea
from a Sub-Saharan ant.
And they have these little
special hairs
so that they can deflect heat.
Super cool, but I don't
have time to explain.
- Amazing.
- Honey before you go,
I had an idea
about the Harvard essay.
- Oh, I'm not applying there.
- Since when?
I don't like the program.
Well, I...
I think that we should...
- Mom relax.
- I know, but...
I know what I'm doing.
- See you guys.
- What, no breakfast?
- No. I need to get there early.
- Okay.
How is he so decisive?
Well, he's a lot
like his father.
Douglas was decisive?
He was an ocular surgeon.
Okay honey, I have a patient.
- What's this one for?
I'm starting you on fish oil.
It's not gonna get me
fish burps, is it?
It says no fish burps!
Mom! Mom! I heard you.
I'm gonna put the AC unit in.
And it's gonna stay
in this time, okay.
I'm not gonna put it in
and take it out if it gets cold.
Check this again.
Oh... Yeah. You're right.
If you just turn it off
and then when it gets hot,
you turn it back on again.
- See you later!
Bye-bye, Momma.
I know. I love you too.
I gotta go. I gotta go bye.
What you got there?
- Um, science project.
- That's it?
- Oh, no...
We have a Canva presentation,
and we have a model.
If you went
to Saint Athanasius,
you could sleep another hour
every morning,
and walk to school.
You know they wouldn't
let me skip any grades.
Maybe they were right.
You're gonna be
a baby in college now.
I'll be 17!
There's more than one kind
of smart, Tereza.
Book smart is good,
but you need to develop
a little suspicion about people.
I am suspicious.
What, you don't think
I'm suspicious?
Please remember
to check tissue supply
in office closet p--
Ah, God...
- Honey?
- Oh, my God.
Oh honey, what's the matter?
Anton just texted me
he's really gone. I'm finished.
Oh, I'm...
Ground floor
Please come in.
I'll be right down.
Do you know what you need?
- A librettist.
You need to take a walk.
C'mon, Doc,
I walked I walked Levi
15 minutes ago.
- I don't mean around the block,
you need to get lost, Steven.
- I hate getting lost.
- Okay, I don't mean get lost.
I mean meander.
You need to jolt your brain out
of its little rat pattern.
Interact with a stranger.
- I don't like strangers.
C'mon. C'mon, boy.
I know what I'm doing.
Well, how 'bout I wait,
then you can come with me?
Good boy. Oh, if I come,
I'll make all the decisions.
Good boy.
If you feel like turning left,
you can turn left.
If you feel like turning right,
you turn right.
I will be here with my phone on
in case of an emergency.
It's good. You need this.
Have fun.
- He doesn't...
- He want's to go. Go on. Go on.
Good Boy. Good boy.
There you go. Okay.
We going that way?
I bet every one
of these people
has a story for
an opera in them, Levi.
So, our project is gonna be
on the Saharan silver ants.
And how we can use biomimicry
to improve solar panel design.
These ants have evolved
this very cool way
to be day foragers.
The ants use their
triangular shaped hairs
to reflect the heat
in multiple directions.
Using biomimicry,
we would have
this hyper reflective
material overlayed
which would decrease our need
for external cooling
like air conditioning.
I'm gonna love you
for the rest of my life.
Ugh... Okay, Levi,
I have to pee.
We can't all just go
wherever we want, you know.
You stay here. Be a good boy.
Five minutes. Five minutes.
Hi. Uh. Whiskey water.
What kind? I got Jamesons,
Ballantine, Wild Turkey...
Uh, Ballantine. Uh...
It's warmer out.
Cold still, but it's...
I like the cold weather, though.
It keeps the mind sharp.
I eat more, though.
In the cold weather.
I eat more all year.
Oh yeah, what do you normally
have for breakfast?
I just read you can get
Hepatitis from that.
Communal nuts.
I... I didn't
see you there.
Well, here I am.
You off work?
Yeah, kind of.
Yeah you?
Yeah, got the day off.
so kickin' back.
That's good.
What do you do?
I operate a tugboat.
You operate a tugboat?
You thought they just putted
around by themselves?
Oh, no. I just didn't...
I wasn't expecting that.
Where do you live?
On the boat.
Based in Baton Rouge
at the moment,
but I'm everywhere.
What brings you to Brooklyn?
Just towed a barge
from Jackson.
Oh, yeah?
What was on the barge?
Salt. Grit.
Airplane parts,
shower curtains.
Pretty much anything
you can point a finger at
has been on a barge
at one point or another.
And now I can relax
and take a day.
What are you gonna do?
After this beer,
I'm going straight out
to buy some luxury shampoo.
What about you?
What are you doing in a bar
at 11 o'clock in the morning?
Oh, umm I'm...
I'm trying to break
some patterns.
It's a long story.
- I'm breaking patterns too.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, trying to.
- That's good.
- What do you do?
- Composer.
A composter?
No, composer.
Oh. What kind of music?
Oh, you mean like... Ahh...
I'm suffering from a temporary
blockage at the moment, though.
That's too bad.
Ever since I was a little kid,
I wasn't good
at anything but music,
and now, I'm not even
good for that. So...
I teach composition too.
But I'm taking the semester off
while I... write.
How long you been a tug captain?
A long time.
Whad'ya gotta do
to become a tug captain?
My family was in tugs
growing up and then, um...
After my illness, I...
What? What... illness?
- Want to see my boat?
- No, thanks.
That's crazy. I can't do that.
Yeah, okay.
Here she is!
You gotta put this on.
I got him.
I got you.
I got you.
You want the royal treatment?
I grew up on this tug.
My dad rebuilt it.
Growing up, I was a deck hand,
... hated living on the boat.
All I wanted to do
was live on dry land
and not smell like diesel.
Then my dad had an accident.
See this axe?
This is cut the line
in case of an emergency.
Axes all over the boat.
Little good it did him.
- Sorry.
- Can I show you around?
This is the galley.
Alright, we have to be
kind of quiet.
'Cause the crew's asleep.
How many people in your crew?
Ah... three to six, depending.
Right now there's the engineer,
that's Pete.
He was in jail for a stretch.
For what?
Murder, but you'd
never know it.
He's the best.
And then there's Dess,
and there's Rory.
The mate and the... deckhand.
Shh! Shh! My God.
That's Aunt Moxie's.
That's my father's sister.
She cooks and all.
Isn't she a bombshell?
Want to see the wheel house?
You better tie up Levi.
Come here, bud.
Sorry, buddy.
It's right up here.
How long are the shifts?
Six hours on, six hours off.
Switch off with the mate.
But since I live here...
always doing something.
And you run
this whole thing, huh?
That's a responsibility.
Yeah... Yeah, you gotta
be on your game.
In the wrong hands,
this tug is a deadly weapon.
It's 80 tons of steel.
Life or death.
I'm an owner-operator.
Katrina is not part
of a big corporation.
Let's say you need to get
some scrap metal to Texas.
You can't fly it,
you can't truck it.
You need a tug.
Sometimes I work
for the navy
hauling scrap.
My sister and me
shared this bunk.
But, um... it's double sized.
Three more berths for the crew.
If need be,
I could sleep up to 12.
I love vanilla.
It certainly is pungent.
I have to remember to rest.
And what exactly
are you recovering from?
If you don't mind my asking.
I'm addicted to romance.
Well, isn't everybody?
It's a recognized syndrome.
But isn't it considered
healthy these days
for women to rut like men?
This isn't just sleeping
around. And...
It's pretty bad.
I've been arrested
for stalking.
Had to go to rehab.
And, uh...
I'm not supposed
to be doing this.
Going to a bar,
taking a guy back to the boat
is a real no no.
But I just really
couldn't help myself
because you're very handsome.
So you went to the bar today
specifically so you could...
- Meet someone.
- ... meet someone.
Well. It's been
a real revelation
meeting you today, Katrina. I...
- Oh...
- I should get out more often.
- That's what this--
- Why don't I make you
a cup of tea?
It's just one cup of tea.
- Ah...
- Ah...
And then off with you.
Back to the opera
that you're not writing.
Sure, okay.
Okay, stay right there.
I'll bring it in.
Uh, I usually have
a salami sandwich, by the way.
If you're interested.
- What?
For breakfast.
I heard you ask
the bartender.
Oh, thank you.
What is that?
It's fennel.
Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm.
I love this cabin.
Sometimes I look around and I...
can't believe how lucky
I am to have this life.
You haven't looked at me yet.
- Yes, I have.
- Not in the eyes.
Well, let's go back
to what we know.
Bruna got very upset
with me this morning.
She said I... hung up
my towel too crumpled.
How did that make you feel?
I... I keep imagining
you naked.
I thought that was going
to go away eventually.
Transference comes and goes.
Is it... like,
if I'm seeing you naked
in an indoor setting versus
an outdoor setting in my mind.
I don't know if you want
to hear more details about...
these images.
- No.
- Okay.
That's fair.
- Thank you.
I'll just give it a minute.
Okay, it passed.
You could stay with me on
the tug next time I dock here.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
What do you mean?
This is unrealistic.
If you're gonna get better,
I think you need to see things
as they really are.
- Oh yeah?
You know how you feel about me.
You just can't
admit it to yourself.
- Hello.
- That's my dog.
I can't believe that
actually happened, Levi!
I mean, she seduced me, right?
She's a witch!
Oh, my God!
I have to remember to rest
And what is your illness
I'm addicted to romance
I go to different cities
In my little boat
Okay, I... stop!
I know, I know, I know...
I know. Sorry.
Can we just take it back
from my little boat
and this time can you sing it
a bit more staccato?
Like my lit-le bo-oh-oh-oat!
Thank you.
In my lit-le bo-oh-oat
Oh, she's smudging
the syncopation.
I am not smudging
the syncopation!
Steven, if you could let her
get through the scene.
I know. I know.
It's just a part of me.
She isn't like that.
- Who isn't?
- Sandy. Your character.
She exists?
No, of course not,
I made her up.
Okay, so am I allowed
to interpret her?
But you're playing her
far too obviously dangerous
when in fact, she has a sunny,
deadpan way of talking.
- Sunny but dead-pan.
- Yes, kind of sour.
But underneath, she's humorous.
She sees the world as absurd.
But she appreciates
the little things.
I thought she was
a crazed murderess
who lures men
into her tugboat
and kills them and eats them.
she is a crazed murderess.
Absolutely. But she's also
all these other things.
She has a way
of seeing things that...
It's just not real.
But if you ever met her,
you'd just think
she was just a normal woman.
Okay, so why don't we
take it from bar 26?
Thanks, Steven. Thank you.
I go to different cities
In my lit-le bo-oh-oat
No! No! God, see...
No! No!
Ah... No. No boat.
Alright, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna sit. I'm gonna sit.
It's just...
When she hits that F,
it just needs to be
filled with longing.
Not like she's cleaning
a counter with germ killer!
- Susan.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- I can't sing with him here.
- I know.
He's a very fragile person.
- I'm fragile too.
- I know.
I know and I'm gonna take
care of it. I promise.
Get some tea.
Steven, you have
to give her the room--
- I know.
- find her way.
I know, I just...
I see so clearly
how it needs to sound.
And she's not getting it.
She's not hitting it.
Okay. Okay.
Listen, Steven, come with me.
Come with me.
Guys... everyone, take a break.
Listen, it's kind of amazing
we even got her for this.
I know. I know that.
Okay, you have to trust her, Steven.
And you have to trust me.
I do trust you.
What makes you think that
I don't trust you, Susan?
Here's the deal.
You have to stop coming
to rehearsals, Steven.
You wrote a brilliant opera.
Now let us put it on.
I know it hasn't been
very long but uh...
I just wanted
to let you know how happy
I am with how things are going.
Oh, uh... I'm giving away
everything in those
bags over there.
So, if you see anything
you like, feel free to take it.
Thank you Dr. Jessup-Lauddem,
I will look after work.
Please call me Patricia.
Oh, yes! Sorry. Patricia.
You are young
to have a son this age.
Uh, yeah.
Yes, he was a surprise
in my second year in med school.
But you didn't
leave the studies.
No, I just stopped sleeping
for a couple years.
But, you know...
We were lucky.
My parents didn't want, um...
Anyway, it doesn't matter now.
My grandmother was wonderful
and she took us in.
Me, Julian
and Julian's dad. And...
We um... got to...
She left me this house, actually.
- You were raised Catholic?
- Yes
Yeah, I was admiring
your madonna pendant.
It's sentimental.
My aunt, she gave me that.
I'm not so religious.
But I suppose when
you are raised Catholic,
it doesn't go away so easy.
My mother was Catholic,
my father was Jewish. And I...
I mean I was confirmed
and I-I went
to Catholic boarding school.
I used to love peeking
into the sisters' cells.
Talk about no clutter.
You know...
It's kind of funny.
For me,
the whole no clutter thing.
It's more than just...
neatness, it's like...
It's like a spiritual cleanliness.
Cleanliness is close
to Godliness!
Oh... I love cleaning.
Sometimes when my patients
are talking,
I imagine getting inside
their heads with a really big
bottle of disinfectant
and just scrubbing them down.
Can I leave these here for you?
- Yes.
Alright, I have a patient.
So, help yourself
to anything in the fridge.
Oh! She had to cancel.
Let's clean together.
Hi, sweetheart.
Magdalena this is Tereza,
Julian's girlfriend.
Okay, well there is loads
of fruit cut up in the fridge.
And Tereza, I found your
favorite rice pudding.
Patricia, that's my mom.
Yes, she's my daughter.
Mom, this is Julian.
Would anybody like some tea?
How does she know you so well?
She knows your favorite snack?
You call her Patricia?
And I don't even know
that you have a boyfriend?!
I was afraid to tell you.
I wonder why.
- Are you sleeping with
him already?
I didn't say that!
- I have to quit this job.
- No, you don't.
- I can't, we need the money.
- Trey has a job.
I will never become dependent
on a man again.
So tell me, how do I clean
this woman's toilet
when my daughter
is the girlfriend of her son?
Mom, I'm sorry.
I love Julian.
You don't know what you feel.
You are a child.
You can't tell me what I feel!
You're 16.
You think you are in love?
You're not doing
the same mistake I made.
I was the mistake you made.
You weren't the mistake, Tereza.
The mistake was that
I left my studies.
You cannot let anything
distract you from your work.
I'm not.
Is Julian sending you
to the college?
He is a decent boy I guess,
but his parents will pay
for his education.
You need a scholarship, Tereza.
Please. Don't be
so serious with him.
I was so much like you.
When you are young you think
all your promise is your right.
When you are talented,
the world will give you
what you deserve.
But it's not like that.
It's so easy that everything
gets taken away from you.
You have no idea.
Not too long till you guys
hear out about colleges.
You nervous?
I think I burned
out my anxiety coil.
I'm just waiting.
What are you going
to major in, do you know?
Environmental engineering.
Julian and I
are gonna be futurists.
How's that?
We just...
Aim to collaborate on projects
that solve basic human problems,
like renewable sources
of energy.
Or engine design.
There will be a lot of jobs
of this kind of thing.
Maybe, maybe not.
There better be or else
the whole world will burn down.
I, uh, I never went
to college myself
and I make more
than most guys I know who did.
What do you do?
Here, today's paper.
I haven't looked at it
Read that as fast as you can.
- Mm-hmm.
Set the timer.
Go on. Fast as you can.
Looks like the fire department
is going to teach--
- Faster.
- ...a new dog some old tricks.
The FDNY announced on Monday
that they will add--
- Faster.
- ...three new robotic dogs
to search and rescue services.
The dogs created by
engineering firm PCL Dynamics
are controlled remotely
by a live operator.
They'll be implemented into
the force in the coming weeks.
The robotic K9's will also
be able to detect potential.
gas leaks and determine
structural integrity
of buildings during fires
or collapse.
So you're a stenographer?
Court reporter.
Same difference.
Aye, aye, aye.
- No mistakes.
- Wow.
How can we tell that
you haven't made
any mistakes, though?
We don't understand short hand.
I never lie.
That's how you tell.
I've never seen anyone
move their fingers that fast.
And I know just
about enough legaleze
to represent myself in court,
should the need arise.
Sometimes when
I'm typing in court,
it's all I can do
to stop myself
from saying to one
of the lawyers,
don't you want to object here?
You must see some
really interesting cases.
Some dark facts have
passed through these ears.
And I don't forget anything, unfortunately.
This cake is delicious.
- Have more.
- Sure.
We shouldn't have done
this on a school night, huh?
Now you'll have homework
deep into the night.
Guess I better get going. Um...
Can I help you with the dishes?
- No, no.
Okay, well, thank you.
It was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Thank you for having me.
- Thank you, bye.
This way?
Need help with dinner?
I don't feel like cooking.
Pizza. Sandwiches.
I am not hungry.
What? What happened?
Maybe I shouldn't be
so upset, but...
I can't help it.
Am I being stupid?
How old is Julian?
Eighteen. He just
had his birthday.
I wish you hadn't have
shown me these, Magdalena.
I know it's hard
to see her like this.
We think of her
as a little girl.
You know what this is?
This could be probable cause.
What is "probable cause?"
Reasonable grounds
for pressing a charge.
A charge?
The definition
for statutory rape is,
"penetration, however slight".
But Tereza consented
to this sex.
A minor can't legally consent.
I showed you this
as a partner.
This is a family problem.
And you expect me to stand by
and let a crime
be perpetrated
on my own daughter by that guy?
What does it mean, "that guy"?
You know what I mean.
She is not your daughter.
Oh, okay, so she's not
my daughter now.
I legally adopted her,
remember that little detail?
We may not be married,
but I am her father.
Come on, Trey.
Just pretend you didn't
see the photos.
Promise me.
They would never prosecute
such a case anyway.
It's boyfriend and girlfriend.
I recorded a case
just like this
three years ago
and the boy went to jail.
I have to remember to rest
And what is your illness
I'm addicted
To romance
I go to different cities
In my little bo-oh-oh-oat
And sometimes
I can't help myself
I go to bars and find men
and then bring them home
I thought I was cured
But you
You are irresistible
I must go
I have a family
Let me go
You are so lovely
Don't let me scare you
Just one cup of tea
Have a little cup of tea
The music! Oh, the music!
It's a female Sweeney Todd.
This is my wife, Maxine.
The demented tugboat captain
who lures men into her tugboat
and kills them and eats them!
I fucking loved it.
She hates everything.
And she is a sex
and love addict?
From Baton Rouge?
How did you come up with that?
Uh, the character...
she came to me...
when I was taking a walk.
- What an imagination you have.
- Holy shit, Steven.
- What a mind.
- Amazing!
You remember Raef Gundel?
- Oh, hello Raef.
- When you threw Anton out,
we all thought
you'd lost it again.
What? Threw him out.
I did not throw you out, exactly.
Oh, you most certainly did!
But, you snake, you fuckin'
conquered it all by yourself.
You're hard core. Chapeau.
- What?
- I can't believe it.
I was really...
angry at you
for leaving like that.
And now it turns out
I'm your muse?! I... just...
Oh, Steven,
I'll never leave you.
I mean, I know
you're a vulnerable person,
I know you're scared.
I am going to be
so gentle with you.
I know we have to go slow.
I'm based here now.
You're... you what?
I'm based in Brooklyn.
We can see each other
all the time.
Oh, God, okay.
Will you excuse me
for one moment?
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm just so happy for him.
Mom, you have dirt
on your forehead.
Oh, no, no, no. Uh...
It's Ash Wednesday,
I went to church.
You went to church?
Yeah, I was just... impulse. You know?
I used to go every year
when I was in Catholic school.
We would give up chocolate
for Lent,
and then we would just
gorge ourselves at Easter.
What'd you give up this year,
shopping for black
pencil skirts?
No, I should have
thought of that.
What? You don't eat sugar,
so it can't be chocolate.
How much do you even lie?
Oh... Um...
Do you see Steven?
Okay, um...
Ah! Ha!
We never talked about how
you feel that Tereza's mother
is the new cleaning lady.
It's fine.
Why is everything "fine"
with you these days?
- I don't know.
- You know you don't have
to hide your feelings from me.
We used to talk
about everything.
Okay. It's...
and embarrassing
that Tereza's mother
is our cleaning lady.
- What should I do?
- Nothing.
Two opposite things can be true
at the same time, Mom.
I mean, yes, it's weird,
but it's also fine,
because it's not gonna change
anything between me and Tereza.
I like Tereza, so much but...
But your frontal lobe
doesn't fully develop
until you are 25.
That's the decision-making
part of your brain.
Just cause you messed up
your first love,
doesn't mean I'm going to.
I didn't mess it up,
Daddy died.
He moved out, then he died.
I think we would
have reconciled.
We had a very intense
physical relationship.
- Mom!
- Well, it's the truth.
Hi, honey.
Call me, okay?
I need to make sure you're okay.
It was a total triumph
and you ran away.
No standing ovation though.
It would have been nice
to blow 'em away.
Oh, honey, you did.
Well, I thought
it was beautiful.
- You did?
- Yeah, man, it was crazy good.
You should be really proud.
Night, guys.
Night, honey.
I just want you to get
some pleasure
out of your life, Steven.
You only have one, you know.
I know.
I had an anxiety attack.
Oh, honey.
Oh, honey.
Why didn't you just
come and get me?
What's going on?
Did something happen?
I'm not sure.
You're not sure
if something happened?
Um, well...
Did someone say
something to upset you?
Okay. Here's what
we're gonna...
Damn it!
- Sorry, Doc!
- Steven!
- I'm sorry!
- C'mon!
- I...
Just c'mon!
It's the one thing. One thing!
- I'm sorry.
What's the matter?
I was thinking...
When Julian graduates...
We could give away the house.
Wait, why you want
to sell the house?
We could donate it
to the church. It could...
It could be a home
for mothers and children.
What? Where would...
Where would we live?
Some nice empty apartment.
Oh, hello. Hi.
- Oh, hello, Patricia.
Um, I have some more
things to donate.
Oh. Okay.
Thank you so much.
- They look new.
Here, you can put them
down right here.
Of course, thank you.
Alright... anything else?
Can I help?
Why sure. Yeah, come help us
with the snacks. Okay.
What would you like?
How did you get those?
Your mother found them.
And she was shocked.
Yeah, we... Julian and I,
we have sex.
So what? It's not a big deal.
It's fine.
We use protection.
What more do you want?
You people are so weird.
You can go to your room now.
What was that?
Are you recording me?
- Too late.
- What the...
- The law is the law.
- What?
Same rules for everyone.
You're 16, he's 18.
- Right.
That's sexual misconduct.
Class A misdemeanor.
Case closed.
Are you trying
to get him arrested?
He made a big mistake.
Get out of my room.
I have nothing to say
to you right now.
I showed him the pictures...
because I was frightened
for you, and...
and angry, that you
had made such a step
without telling me.
My jewel.
You know, you love
to call me your jewel.
As if I'm some thing.
Like I'm some performing robot.
Who just gets A's
to make you feel better
about your wasted life.
I would never imagine
Trey would do this.
I guess you don't know him
very well then, either.
It will be over soon.
He will drop this.
No, he won't!
He's never admitted
he's been wrong about anything
in his entire life.
He's a pompous
little racist dictator,
and you're his deputy.
Don't speak to me like this!
Do you understand
that if this happens,
Julian will have to walk around
in every neighborhood
he lives in
for the rest of his life
explaining that
he's a child molester?
You'll have fucking ruined him.
I will make this right, Tereza.
Get out.
But could I still
be arrested?
I don't think
they'll make an arrest.
unless the girl comes in
and makes a victim statement.
Tereza would never do that.
But I don't like that
the step father
has probable cause
with that phone video recording
and the images.
They could keep the case open
for months if he knows people.
I can't believe it.
Your whole life,
we worry about the police,
and then you get framed
by a stenographer.
Well, technically,
he wasn't framed, he was caught.
Are we sure the step father
won't just drop it?
- No.
Harry, this is not a strategy.
Julian is about
to go to college.
There has to be
something we can do
to nip this thing in the bud,
once and for all.
Nip this in the bud?
Mom, this is not a rose bush.
This is the United States
Legal system
and now I'm in it.
- I wish you'd never met her.
- Stop it!
It's not Tereza's fault.
You told me
to tell you when I'm not fine!
This is what
not fine looks like!
What if they got married?
Steven. What the...
Would that help?
Well, the crime would still
have been committed
before the marriage, but...
sure, in theory,
it would make it
much less likely to go to trial.
- Ah...
- But it's moot.
A 16-year-old girl
cannot legally marry
in the state of New York.
Wait, uh...
news and chart
of all the states
Marriage age is different
in different states.
Yeah, I see it.
New Hampshire. Fourteen.
Look. You have to be pregnant.
Fourteen, wow...
New Hampshire.
Who knew?
Look. Delaware.
You can get married in Delaware
at 16 with parental consent.
How am I supposed
to get parental consent?
I'm under house arrest.
But let's say
we worked it out somehow.
Would you want to?
Would you?
I mean,
statistically speaking,
we don't have much
of a chance of making it.
But, statistically,
someone who gets married
at our age has to make it,
Might as well be us.
If we're normal, and wait,
we'll probably break up.
Then meet new people,
and marry them,
when we're like
thirties or something.
Yeah, that's what happens.
But even if my wife
is really nice...
Yeah, I hate your nice wife.
She's such a fake.
Even... if I marry
someone else...
All my life, no matter
what I'm doing, I...
I don't think I'll ever
stop wondering where you are.
W-What are you doing?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
It looks like
you're following me.
I-I wish you wouldn't.
I have an important meeting.
Well, I wouldn't follow you
if you just calm down
and act like
a person for a change.
Art can come
from many different places.
And it can even
come from a mistake.
And that's, I'm sorry to say,
all we had together.
I made a mistake.
You are not my muse.
You alarm me.
Well, what about your show?
Would that have even been
possible without me?
- No.
- So why aren't I your muse?
Okay, you're my muse!
Oh! I knew I was your muse!
But it was just that one time,
it's nothing personal.
Nothing personal?
Katrina, Katrina, Katrina...
Yes, our time together
was an inspiration.
You gave me the character
I based my opera on.
But my imagination
came up with the story.
My talent wrote the music.
I mean, you don't kill men
and eat them, do you?
Well, I haven't yet.
Why can't you just admit
that I had a magic
affect on you?
Or that we had a magic
effect on each other.
I mean, what was that
if it wasn't magic?
I turned you from
a crusty composer...
with a blockage
to a virile artist
back on the rise.
Okay, you had affect on me.
But I think you need help.
You think I need help.
I think, yeah.
You know what? Your're right.
Ground floor.
Uh, first door on the right,
please come in.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Did you have trouble
finding the place?
No. Not at all. I... I...
I got... I gave myself
plenty of time.
I got here early.
I've just been...
circling the block.
Oh, you really wanted
to get here.
I sure did.
You're so pretty, huh...
Uh... Th-Thank you.
Well, why don't we
sit down and talk?
Why don't you tell me
why you're here?
I was in rehab for sex
and love addiction
and it didn't work.
How do you know it didn't work?
I'm in love.
Love isn't always a disease.
Sometimes it's really just...
Well... I mean, I'm obsessive.
I've been known
to stalk a little.
I'm not so interested
in past diagnoses.
I don't want to pre-judge.
Oh, that's so nice.
Tell me about your childhood.
Well, I grew up on a...
a very, uh...
confined space.
- Mmm.
- And...
I watched a lot
of romantic movies
where the man would come in
and sweep the woman
right off her feet.
One day, a movie was being shot
in a town that I was based in.
- Exciting.
- And the lead...
was someone I had seen
in a lot of these movies.
So, I thought it was my destiny
to be married to him.
one day,
I snuck into his trailer
and took off all my clothes
and waited for him
and he came in,
and he turned around
and he walked right back out
and he called the cops,
and I got arrested,
and the court said
that I had to go into rehab
for sex and love addiction.
And I did.
I went into treatment.
And the councilor said
that I shouldn't watch
romantic movies for a year.
Which I didn't.
I thought I was cured.
And then I came
to New York for work.
Um, what do you do?
I'm a tug captain.
Doc-ah, Doc-ah, Doc...
I got the commission.
That's nice.
They want something
about aliens. No Gravity!
And Anton is going
to write the story.
What the...?
What do you need?
I don't know.
Where's the kettle?
I'm giving it away.
- Why?
- I'm going to become a nun.
- A nun?
- Yes.
I've been curious
for a very long time
and I recently received
a vocation.
Your tugboat captain
came to see me.
She's in love with you.
No. Not really.
I think she is, actually.
I think maybe I'll give up
on myself
as a human being and...
just go live in a room
somewhere and write music.
Could you also
remove your piano?
Oh! Hi, Carl.
I let myself in.
You were so late,
and the door was open.
Uh-huh. Good.
I'm upset that you're late.
Reminds me of my mother.
My mother was late
for everything.
And so is Bruna.
Have I ever told you
the story of the kreplach?
What's the kreplach?
It's a sort of Jewish dumpling
with a little bit meat inside.
But it's in the shape
of a triangle.
Uh, okay, um...
no, you haven't.
No? Okay.
So there's this little boy,
and he is terrified of kreplach.
He only has
to see one at Shabat,
and he runs screaming
from the room.
So, his mother takes him
to a psychiatrist.
And she says
"Doctor, what am I gonna do?
What am I...
he's terrified of kreplach."
And the shrink says,
"It's very simple.
It's very simple.
You just show him
each and every step
to making a kreplach...
He won't be afraid it anymore.
So she takes
the little boy home.
She mixes up the dough with him.
She rolls out the dough.
She says,
"See? I'm rolling
out the dough. Okay?"
The boy says "No problem, Mama."
Then she cuts the dough
into a triangle shape.
Says, "Okay?"
He's fine with it.
She puts in the little
knob of meat.
"See?" She says, little meat
I'm putting in. Okay?"
The boy says, "Fine."
she folds over
the first corner of dough.
"Okay." Another corner.
Everything fine.
She folds over
the last corner of the dough
to complete the dumpling,
and the boy...
Sister, thank you for coming.
Pat is anxious to see you.
Of course.
She's had a hard day.
Let's go in the other room.
I didn't know how much
pressure she'd been under.
But she'll be okay.
She'll be okay.
I talked to her psychiatrist.
And, uh... he thinks
that she needs treatment
and rest for a few weeks,
and then she'll be fine.
And you know, of course,
I'll do everything I can
to help you.
But I'm sorry to say this...
I don't think your mom and I
are going to make it.
You're leaving?
No... No.
I just, I can't blame Pat
for throwing me out.
You know?
It's all wrong, son.
Wow... it's good timing.
I'm sorry.
Sorry I haven't been more
of a step father for you.
What do you mean?
You were good.
No... Was I?
Yeah, man. Sweet.
All those piano lessons.
- Ah.
You hated those.
- I did.
But now I'm glad I had them.
And... you taught me
how to fail.
- Oh, great.
- I mean,
I mean, you taught me perseverance.
Oh, okay.
I like that.
I always felt like
some sort of silent partner
when it came to you,
compared to your mother.
Silence can be pretty loud.
Tthen we have lunch,
we go back to work.
Got vespers at five o'clock,
we have our dinner and--
- Please excuse me.
How do you feel?
I feel so much love
for everyone.
It's wonderful.
I know that...
I know that my having
a nervous breakdown
might make it seem like
I don't have a vocation.
But once I get better,
I-I'm sure I'll still want
to join the sisters.
See how you feel in a year.
Oh, Magdalena,
thank you. Would you...
Would you please sit down
for a moment?
Thank you so much.
What is going to happen
with Julian?
You meant it that you
would help any way at all?
Yes. Yes.
Me too. Whatever you need,
I will do it.
We're allowed to get married
in Delaware,
if one of Tereza's
parent signs in person.
I will sign.
I'm just sorry
I'm not going to be there.
I'll drive you.
Right now, all of you.
I'll drive you right now.
- I'm...
I am worried about driving
out of state with Tereza.
- Why?
- Trey...
he has become obsessed
with Julian, and the situation.
I think he would do anything
to catch us.
He has a lot of friends
in the police.
I am not citizen yet.
Is Katrina on board?
She took the afternoon off.
- Can I talk to you for--
- Oh, you stalking me now?
Can I talk to you
for a moment?
- Helmut.
- Helmut. Steven.
Please, I just need
to talk to you in private.
Just tell me what it is.
Stay right there.
I'll be right back.
What is it?
Who is that guy?
What difference does it make?
Don't look at me like--
- Katrina,
please, I wouldn't ask,
but it's about my son.
I need your help.
He's in... He's in real danger.
Time to get in the car,
young lady.
No, it's fine, I'm gonna
go meet my friends
on the subway anyway. No!
- Get in the car.
Tereza, get in the car!
Welcome to the new regime.
From here on in,
you get picked up from school,
you get dropped off at school,
and everything in between,
you're grounded.
You went off the deep end,
Tereza, and I blame myself.
Mom. What are you wearing?
Oh my God, you guys have got
to be kidding me right now.
You're about to have a whole
new kind of fun, young lady!
This is a two day event.
Today is the Incident
at Bushy Glen,
just a skirmish, really.
They'll be setting up.
Tomorrow is the big battle.
Don't worry,
I brought your toothbrush.
Nothing like living history
to teach you about discipline.
But it's a lot more
than that, it's fun.
I've never let either of you
in on this,
I guess I've felt
kind of shy...
but what you go for
in the hobby,
the reason why
we're all so addictive to it
is something called
a "period rush".
It's the feeling of...
actually going back in time.
We'll stop on
the way so you can change.
Cell phones in the lock box.
I didn't bring mine.
So you're a confederate now?
Cody Herlbutt is retiring,
and I have been asked
to personify Colonel Picket
in his place.
I don whichever uniform
is needed on the day.
My commitment is to history.
This is not about ego here.
Colonel Picket!
Colonel Desmond.
Congratulations, Pard.
The camp is ready
for your inspection.
- Elodie.
- Colonel Picket.
You recollect Elodie,
she's going to take you
over to the mess tent.
- Hello again.
- Great to see you.
Off to your feet.
Prepare for inspection!
- Looking good soldier.
- This is of course
what the men have to do.
But you wouldn't believe
the wonderful time...
- Boots.
- ...that we have here
in the mess tent.
Of course, your husband
is incredibly
well respected, but on our own,
we have quite a party.
- Tent is a mess,
but I hear you play
a good fiddle.
Hopefully, that'll
make up for it.
Cup a noodles?!
Really? Cup a noodles?!
- Really shameful.
This is Colonel Picket's
It's their first time.
She can help you.
Oh, wonderful.
If you're good
with vegetables...
Let's see what we have
planned for today.
So, my skirmishers...
are going to come down the road,
driving your forces
until we capture the crossroads.
- Excellent.
And then I will maneuver my men
and we will get ready to push
you back here
to fish pond field.
But I thought I...
I thought the action
started at the crossroads.
No. No. No, the O.R.
say that the action...
Jodie brings the party
for when the day
goes on a bit long
if you'd like to there.
- Thank you. But can I try this?
- Oh, yes.
- This is bread?
Oh yes that's Mary Ann's
personal recipe.
It is time period appropriate,
it has molasses in there.
- Well...
I actually took the liberty
of starting the action
at the crossroads.
Why would you do that?
It's incredibly nourishing.
There's some mutton
and rosemary in there.
You need more firewood.
- Oh.
- Can I bring you more?
That would be wonderful,
thank you.
We've got firewood over there.
- Okay. Thank you.
Yeah. Thank you.
Tereza, come with me...
Fire wood!
- Let's not fight two wars here.
We are here for the tindall
preservation of it all.
We are going
to follow the plan.
Something that I've worked
hand in glove
with the Bushy Glen Foundation.
Mom, what is going on?
If I have to choose between
you and him, I choose you.
There you are.
Let's go. C'mon.
Des, throw the lines off.
Stow them away.
Yes, cap.
Two females, blonde,
one 16, one 36.
both of them wearing
19th century garb.
Yes, both of them.
I don't know
what kind of vehicle,
he must have picked them up.
John, you need
to put out a roadblock!
This is my daughter
we're talking about here.
Welcome, welcome.
Okay. Hello.
- Hello. Here's a towel.
- Thank you.
Moxie. I'm Katrina.
- Magdalena, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Okay. Kids and Magdalena,
you are straight ahead.
- Hi, honey, here's a towel.
You're bunk is straight ahead.
Julian already
brought your luggage.
- Thank you.
- How are you?
- There you go.
Good to see ya.
Uh, you're upstairs with Des.
Great. Thank you.
Uh, yep.
Vessel Katrina leaving
New York harbor,
heading for the narrows.
Light tug.
Thank you, Moxie,
for doing all of this.
Are you sure
I cannot help you? I--
Yeah, you have
Katrina to thank.
You know there is no limit
to her goodness.
Some asshole could come in here
like a virus and wipe
her right out.
Really think
she's that fragile?
She's just a genuinely
good person.
And I don't want to see
her be hurt
any more than she
already has been.
Shit in a Dixie cup.
- Alright, I'm going...
- You go.
- Seven red. You?
- Uh, 17 black.
No, no.
- Always red. Always red.
- Alright.
who's driving the boat?
If you're with us?
Des is at it. He's up there.
My mate.
- Rule 17
Just came to get
a little something to eat.
So are we gonna
go by Atlantic City?
We're going to go
down the Jersey coast,
around Cape May,
up the Delaware,
right to the Port of Wilmington.
You'll be there tomorrow.
Depends on the current.
Aren't boat captains
allowed to marry people?
Only in the movies.
I have to be ordained.
My mom had a friend who was
ordained in like 24 hours.
Yeah, you can do it online.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Sign me up.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
Oh, Universal Life Church.
- Oh... Oh boy
- It only takes 24 hours.
Uh, what's your last name?
Excuse me... Trento.
- That's what I thought.
We still need you
to sign in Delaware
at family court.
Don't worry, I'll sign.
- I know that one.
- Really?
- Yup.
- Alright.
Of course, I do.
You know that song?
- Yeah
- That's amazing.
There's a dark
and a troubled side of life
There's a bright
and a sunny side, too
Though we meet
with the darkness
The sunny side
we also may view
Keep on the sunny side
Always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny
side of life
- Hows it going?
- Hey, Cap, quiet night.
- We've got no oncoming traffic.
- Okay
Just got the weather.
We're all clear for Delaware.
- Okay, good night.
- Good night, Cap.
Keep on the sunny
side of life
Keep on the sunny side
Always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny
side of life
It will help us every day
It will brighten all the way
If we keep on
the sunny side of life
I'm a little scared.
We don't have to do this, Rez.
No, that's not what I mean.
I'm scared we'll grow up,
and forget who we are now.
Then we'll just have to keep
reminding each other.
We're in Delaware!
I... brought you some coffee.
Moxie said you like
a lot of creamer.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, you can
just put it over there.
It's... it's...
beautiful what you're doing.
No. I was going down
the river anyway.
And you know I can't
resist a romantic story.
Even if I'm not in it.
Sorry about everything.
No. Don't worry about it.
Do you mind if I hide
up here for a minute?
Uh... Okay.
Steve on the one whistle.
Roger, Captain.
Thanks, Cap.
You are a mighty woman.
Not really.
I was an idiot.
And I was cruel. I see that now.
I just couldn't...
I don't know. I wasn't prepared.
You came out of nowhere.
I shouldn't have bothered you.
No. No, no.
No. This was really
a-a big mistake.
I see it now.
I see I jumped on a married man
and then... And...
now your wife...
She's in a place.
What happened to Pat
is not your fault.
You were right the first time,
I need help.
I can't trust my own feelings.
So I don't want
to hurt anybody.
I don't wanna feel
like this myself.
So I would just want to say
let's have bygones be bygones.
It's not bygone for me.
It's not gone. It's here.
And it's real.
For the first time in my life,
I've found true happiness.
I've found it.
And I'm going to act on it.
Two lovers
Who were not supposed
to fall in love
Have done so
From different planets
do they hail
And who does like it
None so
Hurry, hurry, marry, marry
The alien's father
will be here soon
Hurry, hurry, marry, marry
The alien's father
holds her dear
Clareza and Julio
Beings from enemy planets
I risk my life
to bind you now
Do you dare take this vow
We do
Marry us quickly
Yes we do
You are married now
Like a fish thrown
back into the universe
Space will swallow you whole
What's done is undone
What's done is not undone
My love
My love, my love
My child, my child
You will recover
I must bring you home
To your mother
Yay! Okay, okay.
We got it!