She Done Him Wrong (1933) Movie Script

You saw the fight last night?
I was reading about it. Says it was great.
- It was rotten.
- What was the matter with it?
I expected a fight to the finish. But in
the 77th round the guy got yellow and quit.
That certainly is a bird of a picture.
So help me,
I never saw a woman more beautiful.
It's just come this morning.
Gus didn't wait for his breakfast
before he had it stuck up there.
A guy don't need any breakfast
when he can look at her.
She is beautiful.
I wish she'd take a shine to me.
You better not let Gus Jordan
hear you say that...
or you'll be picking lead out of your pants.
When did that crawl in here?
Hit him on the back
before he chokes to death.
This ought to learn you
that free lunch is meant to be ate.
And not stored for the winter.
Hello, where've you been?
Ain't seen you
since Sweeney Carson croaked your girl.
Been away on important business.
I'll be around a lot from now on.
How are you, boys?
Hi, boys, drinks are on me.
- Been waiting long?
- About 15 minutes.
When did the painting go up there?
This morning.
I think I got the dope
on how to get Jordan this time...
and get him right.
Gus seems to be sitting as tight as ever, Dan.
Don't you believe it.
Just because he's running for sheriff
and stands in good with the higher-ups...
don't mean he can't be showed up.
Pretty soon, I'll be standing in his shoes
as boss of this here district. And then...
And you figure she goes
along with that honour, Dan?
I always thought you were warm for her.
Yes, I got to admit it.
This is my first big chance.
Jordan's playing a crooked game.
So far he's kept under cover.
But once I get hold of something I can take
to the district attorney...
Gus'll be out and I'll be in.
Then it'll all be over but the celebrating.
She ain't no easy gal to handle, Flynn.
I know that. She's a pretty slick article.
When Chick was sent up the river,
she blowed into Jordan's arms...
just for protection,
and he's too blind to see it.
Sure, he's all puffed up over himself.
Do you believe it?
He actually thinks she's in love with him.
Ever since I sang that song,
it's been haunting me.
It should haunt you. You murdered it.
- You play that like it'll hurt you.
- It does.
No, I'm moody that way, see.
Say, boss, I got a brand new tune, just out.
Yeah? What is it?
It's called After The Ball Is Over.
Play it.
Kelly, that'll be a great song for Lou.
She's getting famous.
Tony Pastor himself offered to sign her up
for his music hall.
You don't mean Tony Pastor
way uptown on 14th Street?
Yes, that's the one.
Pastor says that Lou's got it
all over Della Fox.
Hello, Mrs. Meg.
- Mrs. Flaherty, I'm disappointed in you.
- Disappointed in me?
Just because I come here with me little can.
Sure, a pint of beer will hurt nobody no time.
It's not only that. I'm disappointed
at not seeing you at the mission.
At the mission?
See here, Cummings.
What is it, Jordan?
I thought you'd given up the idea
of trying to reform my place.
- No, I'm still hopeful.
- Hopeful?
I'm not going to have you people
interfering in my business.
Before you started that mission next door,
we never had any trouble around here.
I've heard differently.
But if what you say is true,
I'd only be too glad to be mistaken.
Now, see here, Cummings,
I'm telling you again.
I'm not going to have my customers
driven away.
Why, I wouldn't think
of doing such a thing, Jordan.
Hey, Jordan.
How are you, Gus?
Hello, Flynn.
How are you?
- Have a drink?
- Sure.
Set up over there.
Right, boss.
Haven't seen you here for more
than a month. Where have you been?
Here, there, and everywhere.
City's getting so big,
it takes time to get around it.
One of these days, we'll be walking
across a bridge to Long Island City.
Walking? We'll be riding over
in one of them horseless buggies.
I'm thinking of buying one of them
for me and Lou.
- By the way, Gus, how is she?
- She's in demand, I tell you, Flynn.
The Bowery Savings Bank
and Rupert's Brewery...
are fighting to use her pictures exclusive
on their New Year's calendars.
She sure is a handsome girl, Gus.
I wonder you don't get jealous,
all the men are so crazy about her.
I do get kind of mad at the attention
some of them show her.
But it ain't bad,
having a girl that all the men are after.
Shows I must be pretty good, eh, Flynn?
Take a look at that.
Just bought it for her. Ain't that a pip?
Big as a nickel.
What would you do if somebody tried
to take her away from you?
Probably, nothing...
to her.
Say, the flies here are terrible.
You pick out the ones you don't like
and I'll kill them for you.
- Someone wants to talk to you in the office.
- All right, Spider.
Excuse me, Dan.
Lou is the swellest girl
that ever came down the Bowery.
You fellas don't know nothing about Lou.
But I do.
Just before the battle, Mother
- When did you get in, Rita?
- Two days ago.
But I did not come here direct,
you understand.
Good girl, Rita. Take no chances.
We are very discreet, Serge and me.
Gus, you must like Serge.
He's been a most valuable assistant.
- Sure you can trust him?
- You know Rita.
We've got to be especially careful.
I can't take chances of having headquarters
watching around this way.
- They will find nothing.
- No, not if we stay awake.
But don't forget. No talking to anyone.
Rita never talks.
- But are you sure about Lou?
- She doesn't know a thing.
Say, she's out of this. Understand? Out of it.
Of course, Gus, if you say so.
Serge, we were talking
about Gus' friend, Lou.
Yes, I have heard of her.
She's very beautiful, yes?
More beautiful than these?
She makes them look
like a bunch of dishwashers.
Hello, Mickey.
Lady Lou, you're a fine girl, a fine woman.
One of the finest women
ever walked the streets.
- How are the giris today?
- Just fine, Miss Lou.
- Hello, Rita.
- Why, Lou, I'm so very happy to see you.
Glad to see you back.
Lou, this is Serge Stanieff.
Pleased to meet you.
Take a look at this, Gus,
and learn something.
I am delighted.
I have heard so much about you.
Yeah, but you can't prove it.
Serge is my new assistant, Lou.
Day or night work, Rita?
He should be a big help.
- You got the pictures, Lou?
- Yeah, I had them taken with all my rocks.
Wait till you take a look at these.
- I kind of like that one.
- Yes, this one is beautiful.
- And this gives me a lot of style and dignity.
- Sure is a pip, Lou.
Wait till you see this.
For the bedroom. A little bit spicy,
but not too raw, you know what I mean?
- Want to see the pictures?
- Yes, I would like very much to see them.
Don't be backward. I'm not.
They're wonderful. But I like best
that marvellous painting of you in the bar.
Yeah, I got to admit that is a flash,
but I do wish Gus hadn't hung it up...
over the free lunch.
Mike, you sure took long enough.
What've you been doing up there?
I was looking at all the beautiful things.
Looks like heaven.
That's why you gotta climb stairs
to get there.
- Is that all, Miss Lou?
- You can go.
Thank you.
Mike and his horses
are as famous as this dance hall.
The only difference, the horses are sober.
Yeah, you're sure a pip, Lou.
I suppose I'll be seeing you around, Rita?
Oh, yes.
And you Mr...
Come, Rita, let's get this business over with.
Spider, see that I'm not disturbed
by anyone. Come, Rita.
All right, boss.
Serge, come.
Here I come.
Come on, honey.
- I just loves to work for you, Miss Lou.
- Yeah?
You buy such pretty things.
And all them diamonds.
- You're so rich.
- Yes. I wasn't always rich.
There was a time I didn't know
where my next husband was coming from.
Yeah, but I means is you ain't never been
in the circumstances...
where the wolf came to your door.
The wolf at my door?
Why, I remember when he came
right into my room and had pups.
A pint, Kelly.
- Did you fix it like I told you, Mrs. Cassidy?
- No.
Always take a bit of butter
and rub it at the bottom of the can.
- That kills the suds.
- Is that so?
I never thought of that at all.
Why didn't you
tell me that before?
I don't know.
Yeah, what's the matter?
Look at that.
I got it. Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.
Give her some air, will you?
What's the trouble?
This girl tried to croak herself,
but they stopped her before she could.
All right, Spider, bring her up.
Bill, fix up something for her.
Right away, Lou.
Think of trying to bump herself off in here,
of all places.
She come to the right place, all right.
What do I do with the kid, Lou?
Put her right over here, Spider.
Where's Gus?
He's down in his office. He left word
not to be disturbed for anything.
Thanks. You go downstairs
and shut that crowd up, will you?
You can go, Spider. I'll look after her.
Poor kid looks like she is all in.
She must have been up against it
to want to croak herself.
Come on, take this. Here.
Come on. This will fix you up.
- What's the matter? Committed murder?
- No, not that. I never will.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
At least the guy is alive.
How did you know there was a man?
There always is.
It takes two to get one in trouble.
You know everything about me.
I wouldn't say that, but I am observant.
Come on, move over here.
Sit down there.
What was he? Married?
Yes, but I didn't know.
Makes no difference to me
whether you did or not.
Men's all alike, married or single.
It's their game.
I happen to be smart enough
to play it their way.
You'll come to it.
Where've you been?
Just when I need you most of all,
you ain't around.
I ain't been no place, Miss Lou.
You ain't been no place,
you've just been lost.
Get my little friend here fixed up
with some new clothes.
Get these rags off her.
What's your name, dear?
Sally, what?
Sally Glynn.
Always remember to smile.
You'll never have anything to worry about.
Forget about this guy.
See that you get a good one the next time.
Who'd want me after what I've done?
Listen, when women go wrong,
men go right after them.
You want to put more petticoats on her?
No, she's got enough on.
Wouldn't need any of them if they didn't stuff
this furniture with horsehair.
If you was to go out
and something were to happen...
I wouldn't want no policeman to catch me
without no petticoat.
No policeman? How about a nice fireman?
That's the spirit, sister.
Lou, I'm just bringing the folks in.
All right.
Such a gorgeous place, Gus.
I didn't think such a room existed
in this house.
Everything here imported special from Paris.
Hello, Rita.
Hello, Lou.
I didn't expect to see you so soon.
You're here, too? How nice.
What's become of the girl
who caused the excitement downstairs?
She's inside. Pearl's fixing her up.
She'll be all right.
You gotta do something about people
using your joint for a morgue.
- What about this poor creature, Lou?
- Some guy done her wrong.
The story's so old
it should have been set to music long ago.
I would like to see this girl, Lou.
I think, perhaps,
I could do something for her.
That'll be great. I'll send her in.
- You look after her, Gus. I gotta dress.
- All right.
- I think she would be very useful to us.
- Don't mention it.
How charming. How lovely.
Come, sit over here with us.
What a sweet, innocent face.
Can't you do something for her, Rita?
Can you sing and dance, perhaps?
Not very well, I'm afraid.
- But you'd be willing to learn?
- Yes, I guess so.
Then, I think I can find you
a very nice position.
Have you heard, perhaps,
of the Barbary Coast?
No, I don't think so.
But it wouldn't make any difference.
Your people? Your parents?
I don't want them to know
anything about me.
I don't want them to know where I am.
You just leave everything to your friend, Rita.
There you are. Come with us now, little girl.
We'll take good care of you.
Thank you so much.
Lou, we're going to help this little girl.
All right, Gus. She's a nice kid.
- Are you busy?
- Yeah, I'm a little late getting dressed.
Come, Serge.
See you later.
All right, Lou.
Come up again, any time.
I shall. Then I hope you will be alone.
So do I.
Warm, dark, and handsome.
- Your bath is ready, Miss Lou.
- You take it. I'm indisposed.
Serge, come.
All right, Spider, just a minute. Here you are.
You go with Rita,
she'll take good care of you.
Sally, you come with me, dear.
I will take very good care of you.
I is coming.
Yeah, you is coming,
your head is bending low.
Now, get here before winter.
- Here I is.
- Here you is.
Eight Ball, what're you doing?
Working for me or sleeping for me?
I ain't sleeping so much that I don't see
what's going on around here.
What've you been seeing?
That fellow from the mission.
Mr... What's his name?
Y'all know what's his name, Miss Lou.
I'm surprised at you, with all
your experience, casting eyes on a preacher.
Now, Pearl, you know I've never been
interested in a man's job.
Besides, he ain't a preacher.
Anyhow, he ain't like the other men
you done made history of.
No, that's what makes him
kind of interesting.
Wouldn't hurt me any to have a new kind
of man added to my record, would it?
Goodness me, Miss Lou.
You ain't thinking of reforming, is you?
You know,
preachers don't give away no diamonds.
I told you he ain't a preacher,
he just runs the mission next door.
I hear he ain't gonna run that long.
I hear they're gonna take the mission
away from him.
Fella named Jacobson
that owns the building...
I hear they can't pay the rent.
Seems to me you've been hearing things.
Who's that?
Spider Kane.
In a minute, Spider.
Miss Lou'll be here in a minute.
Thanks, Pearl.
Come in, Spider, sit down.
What's on your mind?
I want to talk to you about something.
- Nothing serious, I hope.
- Not exactly, Lou.
Well, yeah, maybe in a way, it is.
Spill it. I ain't afraid. My conscience is clear.
Leastwise, I think it is.
What I've got to say
is about Chick Clark.
Chick Clark?
I'm wondering if you ain't sort of forgetting
about him.
I've gotta admit it's been a long time
since I've seen Chick...
but I ain't never completely forgot about him.
He's been in a year now, Lou.
Yeah, I know.
You know how he took his rap, quiet like.
Same as we all would.
It was tough he got caught,
but it wasn't my fault.
I ain't the sentimental kind, Spider.
Sure, but remember,
you said you'd be, well...
waiting around for him whenever he gets out.
Gets out? That's gonna be a long time.
What I want to say is...
supposing he found out
you ain't exactly been waiting.
I gotta do something while I'm waiting,
don't I?
Chick wouldn't figure it that way.
Suppose he found out about Jordan?
- What are you trying to tell me?
- Go up and see him, Lou.
What for? And antagonise Gus?
If I start going up there,
Gus'll think I'm still caring for Chick.
Not that I don't like him a lot.
I ain't got no complaint.
- Chick was a good man. In his way.
- He's in love with you, Lou.
And being in the clink a year without the girl
what makes you feel that way...
ain't no picnic.
I wish he'd forget me,
but the guy is a memory expert.
Go up to pacify him, Lou.
Make him think everything is all right.
Chick is pretty bad when he wants to be.
You don't want him feeding you bullets.
I don't exactly want to be dodging around
in tin corsets.
How's about it us going up
to see him tomorrow?
Why tomorrow?
Me laundry will be back then.
- Make it Sunday. It'll be nice and quiet.
- That's fine, Lou.
It'll be a swell trip.
We can take the boat up the Hudson.
I'll take the train. Water and me don't agree.
All right.
- Wait a minute.
- Please don't tell them I'm here, Captain.
- Captain, will you help me?
- What's the matter, Pete?
There was a window broken
down at Flaherty's drug store.
I didn't mean to do it.
Where is he?
Which way did he go?
That's Doheney.
- Don't let him get me, Captain.
- Get up there and stay quiet.
- Where is he?
- Who?
Don't try to fool me. I know you're
always trying to help these dirty crooks.
Now where did he go?
Where did you put him?
- Who do you mean?
- Pete the Duke, you know who I mean.
You must be mistaken.
Pete's been helping me all afternoon.
- Who says so?
- I do.
Two against one, Doheney,
so flap your heels.
What's the matter here?
You're in again?
Listen, Jordan, I'm after Pete the Duke,
I saw him come in the door...
Just a minute, Doheney. I thought I told you
you weren't welcome here.
What's the use of stalling me?
I saw him come in the door...
Ain't having much luck, are you?
I'd have a great deal more
if Doheney and the others would cooperate.
Ain't none of them worth saving.
If you hang around them long enough,
you'll get that way yourself.
Thanks for the kind interest.
I always did like a man in a uniform.
That one fits you grand.
Why don't you come up sometime
and see me?
- I'm home every evening.
- Yeah, but I'm busy every evening.
Busy? Say, what are you trying to do,
insult me?
Why, no, not at all. I'm just busy, that's all.
You see, we're holding meetings
in Jacobson's hall every evening.
When you have a moment to spare, drop in.
You're more than welcome.
I heard you. But you ain't kidding me any.
You know, I met your kind before.
Why don't you come up sometime?
Well, I...
- Don't be afraid. I won't tell.
- But...
Come up. I'll tell your fortune.
You can be had.
Remember, Lou.
Chick's probably pretty sore.
I'll make him think he's on a vacation.
- Yeah, he'll listen to you.
- Who won't?
Once I get them, they're branded.
Hello, Shorty, what are you doing here?
Five years.
What for?
I forgot what me mother told me.
Should have tied a string around your finger.
Hello, Lou.
Bobo, I didn't expect to see you here.
If you hadn't turned me down
I'd have never landed in here.
Say, Lou, how about giving me
another chance when I get out?
When do you get out?
15 years.
That's a date.
Hello, Lou.
Cherry sisters.
Lou, you gotta help me
get out of this.
- Who, me?
- You've gotta. I've been framed.
You got a lot of pull. You can get me out,
It's a frame, I tell you.
You're the right picture for it.
One of the fastest guys in the business,
but he's taking his time now.
Hello, Lou.
What is this? Old Home Week?
Why didn't you come to see me sooner?
- 'Cause you were glad to get rid of me?
- Chick.
You know what I mean and you know me.
What am I in here for?
You know why I copped them stones?
Sure, and you know who's got them now.
You'd sell your heart and lungs
for a handful of diamonds.
And I'm doing a stretch with rats and bugs
so you can have them.
It's all right.
As long as you're on the level.
But if you ain't, I can find out.
Don't forget that. I can find out.
And I can get out.
If you've been double-crossing me,
you'll pay for it.
Every day, every minute
of this stretch, you're gonna pay for.
Don't talk like that, Chick. I've been working.
Working? Working who?
Singing at Gus Jordan's.
- Gus Jordan's?
- It ain't what you think.
You haven't been seeing
anything of Dan Flynn, have you?
No, why do you ask about him?
Nothing. Just got a score...
to settle up with him when I get out.
What I want to know is are you
playing me on the square or ain't you...
- because if you ain't...
- There'll be a death in my family?
Is that it?
Then I'll be back in here again.
But you won't be coming around to see me.
What's the use of making
a lot of trouble for yourself, Chick?
If I can wait a year, you can wait a year.
You mean that you'll wait for me?
Why, that ain't nothing
when you got willpower like me.
- Time's up.
- Have a heart.
They ain't seen each other in a year.
Give them time.
What for? Ready?
Goodbye, Chick.
It's been good to see you again.
I can't let you go, Lou.
I hate to leave you.
Don't worry. I'll be true to you.
I trust you. I trust you because I love you.
You're mine.
I'm telling you again,
if you ever double-cross me...
if you ever let another man
come between us...
I'll kill you.
Goodbye, Chick.
I'll remember to be good for you.
I can't wait.
I wonder what Chick's got
against Dan Flynn?
I ain't never told you, Lou...
but Flynn is the main guy
what helped send Chick up here.
I ain't never had no use
for that mug ever since.
- So Flynn did that?
- Yeah.
Darling, I am growing old
Silver threads
among the gold
Shine upon my brow today
Life is fading fast away
Not in your beer, dearie. Not in your beer.
But, my darling
you will always be
Always young and fair
to me
Yes, my darling
you will be
Always young and fair
to me
Darling, I am growing old
growing old
Silver threads
among the gold
Shine upon my brow today
Life is fading
fast away
- You took long enough.
- I couldn't help it.
Jacobson wasn't at the mission,
so I had to go to the hock shop.
What about it?
He'll be right over.
- Was that Cummings guy there?
- I didn't see him.
- Say, Lou, you falling for that bloke?
- It ain't nothing serious...
there was something
just wonderful about him.
That's the way it always starts.
He wouldn't look at me.
Only out of curiosity. He's different.
You've got it bad.
Say, Lou, you sent for a guy
named lke Jacobson?
Yeah, send him in.
I want to see this guy alone, Francs.
All right, then.
- Hello, Lou.
- Hello, Jacobson.
What can I do for you?
- Sit down.
- Thanks.
I hear the rescue mission
rents your building.
Rents, that's right.
But they ain't got no money.
- So, how can I keep them there?
- You ain't gonna put them out?
Put them out, me? No.
- I'll just tell them they'll have to move.
- But Mr. Cummings is in charge.
Yes. Nice, smartish-looking fellow.
Why did you send for me, Lou?
You want me to buy
some of your famous diamonds or...
No. What do you want for that building?
You mean, how much if I'm selling,
or how much if I'm paying taxes?
I mean how much for cash?
Now stop multiplying.
I don't want to buy the Bowery.
I was going to ask $25,000 for that building.
My own brother couldn't buy it for $20,000.
- But for you, I'll make it $15,000.
- Well, I'll give you $12,000.
Oy, gevalt!
$12,000. Never.
All right.
All right.
Wait. Is that all cash?
No mortgage goes with it?
Here's your $12,000.
How do I know it is?
Because I say so. You never heard of me
cheating anyone, did you?
No. Not about money.
Now, listen, that sounds like a slam.
But coming from you, I'll let it pass.
Handle them with care.
They're only my heart.
And what a heart you've got, Miss Lou.
I'll tell you what I want you to do.
Come and make up the papers.
And make it appear like the mission
bought the building themselves.
I don't want to be mixed up in it.
We want Lou!
Hurry up, the place is jammed
with all the society folks.
I hope they tuned that piano.
Our Lady Lou is here
Ever since Miss Susan Johnson
She lost her jockey, Lee
There's been much excitement
and more to be
You can hear her moaning from early morn
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
If he was here he'd win the race
If not first he'd get a place
I never saw that jockey
trailing anyone before
I'm losing all my money
that's why I'm blue
If that boy was here
he'd sure know what to do
I'd put all my junk in pawn
To bet on any horse that jockey's on
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
He went and put my brand new bunch
in pawn
I see him coming round that turn
What a trail that man can burn
He's gotta win
because my dough is on the nose
Just watch my jockey easy ride in style
He'll hit that home stretch winner by a mile
I want him to win this spree
And keep on going till he comes to me
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
I wonder where my Easy Rider's gone
You were great, Lou.
I'd like to have a word with you
when it's convenient.
I've been saving a little time for you.
Come up in a few minutes.
What are you doing here, Flynn?
- Just getting used to the place.
- Yeah?
- You're thinking about moving in?
- Yeah, I thought I might.
When Gus moves out.
- Flynn, you're an optimist.
- No.
You may as well know it.
Gus is in the hole. And you'd be, too,
if it wasn't for me.
So, you're gonna protect me? From what?
There's a new dick in town called the Hawk.
He's been tipped off to Gus,
and he's got the goods on him.
Gus ain't done anything.
What's he got on him?
Don't be so innocent, Lou.
You're talking to a man who knows you...
and is willing to protect you
if you play along with him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know anything
about that Sally girl?
What Sally?
The one you roped in
and turned over to Gus.
Why, he only got the poor kid a job.
Depends on what kind of a job.
That's where Gus put his foot in it.
Where do you think he gets the money
to buy you them rocks?
From this place here? Don't be a fool.
If Gus goes up the river,
you'll go along with him.
I'm tipping you off privately.
What are you trying to do, scare me, Dan?
When I need protection, I'll write you a letter.
That ain't no way to talk to me, Lou.
You said you liked me once.
When I said I was crazy about you,
I didn't say how crazy.
I never gave up and I never will.
You can't expect to go around
getting men all on fire...
and think they're gonna forget all about it.
Now, Gus has had you long enough.
He's going away.
I'll see about that.
And you're coming to me or nobody else.
You love me that much
that you'd frame Gus to get me?
To get you
I'd even frame my own mother.
And I believe you.
I'm beginning to understand you, Flynn.
Tell me.
Who is this here guy they call the Hawk?
He's the slickest bird in the business.
Even the men from headquarters
wouldn't know him if they fell over him.
You know, I never did appreciate you before.
But I do, now.
- You mean that, Lou?
- Why, of course I do.
I'll see about that little matter another time.
All right.
- Lou, it looks like Chick's done it.
- Done what?
I ain't sure, but word's around he broke jail.
- Made a getaway?
- I'm just telling you. I'll be standing by.
Thanks, Spider. Keep your eyes open
and don't tell anyone.
I won't, Lou.
Come in.
I came to inquire about Sally Glynn.
I'm told she came here
after she left the mission that day.
- Where is she?
- How should I know?
You know where she is. I want you to tell me.
So you've come to me
to find another woman.
I don't know and I wouldn't tell you if I did.
You see, her father's over at the mission
looking for her.
- That's the only reason you want to know?
- Yeah.
Gus and his friends got her a job.
You don't know where?
No. I got other things to think about.
Would you give me your word
that you know nothing more?
- Would you believe me if I did?
- Yes, of course.
- That's all I know.
- I'm glad to hear that.
Say it like you mean it.
I do. I'm anxious not to see you
mixed up in it.
But I guess I'm taking your time.
What do you suppose my time's for?
Sit down.
That's it, loosen up.
Unbend. You'll feel better.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks. I don't smoke.
Yes, I guess smoking is gonna make a man
look effeminate before long.
So, all this is your famous collection?
No. This is just my summer jewellery.
You ought to see my winter stuff.
I see.
It was a tossup whether I'd go in
for diamonds or sing in the choir.
The choir lost.
They're wonderful.
But they always seem so cold to me.
They have no warmth, no soul.
I'm sorry you think more of your diamonds
than you do of your soul.
I'm sorry you think more of my soul
than you do of my diamonds.
Maybe I ain't got no soul.
Yes, you have,
but you keep it hidden under a mask.
You'll wake up and find it some time.
Haven't you met a man
that could make you happy?
Sure, lots of times.
You can't go out in this.
I gotta be getting back to the mission.
Sally's father is waiting for me.
That ought to be interesting.
Yeah, but it's one of the things
I have to do.
Good night.
Good night.
Come up again. Any time.
Thanks, I will.
It won't be long now.
Now, this is all we have
on hand at present.
One of the plates got busted
and sort of held us up.
These are beautiful, Gus.
One way to get rich is to make
one's own money, isn't it, Jordan?
Now, you have your instructions.
I won't say anything more.
You know what to do.
Get rid of them quickly but safely.
Not a word, Gus.
They say money talks,
but this can only whisper.
Stow these on you.
I'll take care of the rest.
Soon we will be very rich, eh?
I hope so.
I need money.
Don't we all?
One thing more...
Who's there?
Just a minute, Doheney.
Come in, Doheney.
- What's up?
- Excuse me for butting in, Mr. Jordan...
- but have you seen anyone around here?
- No. Who?
- Chick Clark.
- Chick Clark?
- You'll find him up the river.
- He made a getaway. I thought you knew.
Collins here says he spotted him out back.
I'm sure it was him.
He was headed this way.
What would he come here for?
No telling, sir.
Maybe looking for trouble.
Better take a look. Excuse us, will you?
On life's stormy path,
Do not scorn her with words
fierce and bitter
Do not laugh
at her shame and downfall
For a moment, just stop
and consider
Wait a minute.
that a man was the cause
Sir, he might have gone that...
of it all
You can go home now, Pearl.
I won't need you anymore.
- You sure you won't, Miss Lou?
- No, you can go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Just a minute.
- Chick, what do you want?
- I want you to pack up and come with me.
You don't suppose I'd be fool enough
to go anyplace with you.
Listen. I had to croak a guard to get out.
I'm here, now you're going with me.
I ain't going, Chick, I'm staying here.
- Don't you love me anymore?
- Anymore?
You mean to say you never loved me?
Why, you...
What? All I gotta do is call Gus,
and your trip will be back up the river.
- You'll never live to see me go.
- None of them cheap threats.
You ought to know me better.
I tell you, Chick, you're through. Get out.
You've got a nerve to stand there
and tell me to get out.
Me jumping freights
and crawling through the mud to get to you.
- Why, you...
- Chick!
I can't. I can't do it.
God, I can't.
Don't you know what I feel for you?
Ain't you got a heart left in you for me?
I gotta have you.
Chick, I never knew anything like that.
Just a minute.
I'll meet you tonight, at Callahan's.
Right after my turn.
You'll come to me?
I swear.
I'll be waiting for you.
Thought it was Gus.
I could not stay away.
I was kind of expecting that.
- Hello, Rita.
- Hello, Flynn.
- Looking for your assistant?
- Yes.
Last time I saw him, he was headed that way.
- So...
- That's her. She's the one.
She's the woman that done it.
That woman there.
- Sit down.
- That was the one I told you about...
She can't get away
with anything like that again...
Let me alone! That woman...
- Is she talking about you, Rita?
- Me?
I never saw the woman before.
I've never been so insulted in all my life.
She must be mad, that woman.
Now, I'll talk to her.
I bring you a gift.
Diamonds. I know you love them so.
Ain't it grand.
See, they make your eyes sparkle,
and your teeth gleam like pearis.
You are beautiful. I love you so.
The men of my country go wild
about women with yellow hair.
I'm glad you told me.
I want to keep straight on my geography.
I love you. You were made for love.
And for love only should you care.
And now, surely,
you have enough diamonds.
Diamonds is my career.
I swear I shall make you happy.
I shall die to make you happy.
But you wouldn't be much use to me dead.
So, this is where I find you.
Hello, Rita.
Don't you "hello" me.
So, the minute my back is turned,
I find you making love to another woman.
What did you expect? A boy
with a gift like that should be working at it.
What have you to say for yourself?
I have nothing to say.
You saw. What can I say?
How dare you so insult me when I gave you
the very clothes on your back.
- He's gotta have more than clothes.
- I'll attend to you later.
Have you no apology? Are you not sorry?
Do you not wish me to forgive you?
- I love you, I swear it.
- You love her?
She loves only money and diamonds.
And let me tell you more about her. She...
Just a minute. You get out of here
and leave her to me.
My pin! What do you mean by taking my pin?
- I didn't take your pin, he gave it to me.
- I want it back, right now.
You try and get it.
I wouldn't give you
this here thing now for spite.
If you asked me for it the right way,
you could have had it.
I get all the rocks I want...
but I'll keep this here thing now
to remember you by.
You're so very clever, Lou. So wise.
And so very smart.
But in my country,
we know how to deal with you wise ones.
Sneaky, underhanded...
I'll kill you, you hear me?
Open that hand. Give me that knife.
You think you're clever?
Give me that knife.
Here. I don't want your pin.
He must've come over that shed.
Lou, did you see anyone
out on the shed?
No, there's nobody there.
Sorry to have bothered you.
All right, Doheney.
I want to have
a little talk with you afterwards, Lou.
- Better hurry, they're waiting for you.
- I'll be right down.
I'm just doing a job I never did before.
Lou, I found...
Don't bother me.
- Are you nervous, Lou?
- No.
- You are nervous, ain't you, Lou?
- No, I ain't nervous.
'Cause if you're nervous I got...
I ain't nervous,
but if you keep asking me, I will be.
A guy what takes his time
I'll go for any time
I'm a fast-moving girl
That likes them slow
Got no use for fancy driving
Wanna see a guy arrive a little low
There isn't any fun
In getting something done
If you're rushed
when you have to make the grade
I can spot an amateur
appreciate a connoisseur
at his trade
Who would qualify, no alibi
to be the guy
what takes his time
Since I've been in office,
I've never heard anything so appalling.
Every word of it is true.
- Is that all?
- Yes, sir, that's all.
What this young lady says
is a serious accusation...
and means the end of that gang,
and coincides with Dan Flynn's report.
Let me hear the next witness.
That's all, Miss.
Come, Sally.
Now, Sally, tell the District Attorney
exactly what you told me.
Lou, what did Cummings want?
I seen him go upstairs to your room.
He wanted to know about that Sally girl
you sent to the coast.
He did? Wonder what for.
The father was over at the mission
and wanted them to find her.
All I told him was that you got her a job.
I'm sorry I ever bothered with that girl.
Why are you so funny-acting, Gus?
Funny-acting? What do you mean?
You're acting kind of funny.
Have I done anything you don't like?
No. Not exactly.
I tell you, Lou. I don't like this bird Stanieff
always hanging around you.
He's too sleek, too slippery.
Too polite to suit me.
So that's what's biting you.
Why, he don't mean nothing to me.
He's Rita's friend.
I wanted to make him feel at home.
Yeah? All right.
I guess I'm a jealous old fool.
They are valuable, ain't they, Gus?
Worth pretty nearly half a million.
Gonna get you a lot more of them soon.
He said they had no soul.
Who said?
That guy, Cummings.
So, you met a man who wouldn't fall for you?
Who wants him to fall?
Why, he'd be the kind
a woman'd have to marry to get rid of.
That sounds more like Dan Flynn.
You ain't heard anything about this copper
they call the Hawk, have you?
Just talk, why?
Flynn says he's spotting the place
day and night.
Flynn said that? What does he know?
I hope you ain't sending them giris
to the coast...
to become classy dips and burglars,
like Flynn thinks.
He can't knife me and get away with it.
Lou, I wanted to tell you...
You do that, Spider?
Something I had to do,
and didn't have the time to do it...
and Spider did it for me.
Boss, there's a guy out here named McNeil,
he wants to cash a cheque.
McNeil? I don't know him.
By the way, have you seen Rita around?
Rita? Why, no.
I guess she'll come in later.
- I want to thank you Spider. It was great.
- I know.
- Lou, I'd do anything for you...
- I went through enough tonight.
- I gotta tell you...
- I gotta do my number.
Chick Clark is in the alley.
- Chick Clark?
- Yeah.
What do you want me to do with him, Lou?
Take him up the back way to my room.
I don't want the cops to get him.
- All right, Lou.
- I'll figure something out later.
All right, Lou.
Frankie and Johnny
were sweethearts
Oh, how they could love
Swore they'd be true to each other
True as the stars up above
He was her man
And he was doing her wrong
Frankie went down to the corner
To get a bucket of beer
Said to the man called the bartender
Have you seen my Johnny here?
He's my man
And he's doing me wrong
Ain't gonna tell you no stories
Ain't gonna tell you no lies
Saw your man Johnny leave
about an hour ago
With that girl named Nellie Bly
He's your man and he's doing you wrong
Frankie went round to that hot spot
Brought along a great big.44
She went inside and then she smiled
At Johnny on the floor
He was her man
And he was doing...
Stay back, you hear?
I'll plug the first one that moves.
Come on, men.
Come on, Lou. We've got to get out of here.
No time to talk now, come on.
You get off me!
Go on!
Through the tunnel.
Wait a minute.
- You.
- Why, what'd you...
Hold it!
I've waited a long time for this moment,
Jordan, and now I got you good.
- I am boss of this district.
- You're smart, but not smart enough.
That's the trouble with ward heelers like you.
Get a little political power,
you think you're king.
With bribes, petty favours
you think you're above the law.
It's not the mission talking now,
it's the U.S. Government.
- So, you're the Hawk.
- Yeah, that's what they call me.
Making and passing counterfeit money
is a federal offence.
Yeah, you and your crowd are due
for about 20 years in Atlanta.
Go on, boys, take him out of here.
I thought something...
Come on.
Lay off me.
Come on.
Wait a minute.
Say, what's going to happen to her?
Never mind, she'll be well taken care of.
Come on.
You, the Hawk.
A night bird working in the dark.
Stealing the confidence of people.
- The lowest kind of a thief.
- I'm sorry you think so.
Chief, I've got that other fellow out here,
you wanna look at him?
Come here.
- Is that the man?
- Yes, that's the man.
Thank you.
- Take him to headquarters.
- Come on.
Take care of the young lady till I get back.
- Where is she?
- Went out that way, sir.
Why did you let her?
- You double-crossed me.
- What do you mean?
- You planted me up here...
- You got me wrong.
...and sent that rat, Flynn, to get me,
but I got him first.
Now I'm gonna get you.
Say your prayers, if you know any.
I'll meet you in...
Come on, get him out of here.
Those absolutely necessary?
You know, I wasn't born with them.
No, a lot of men would have been safer
if you had.
I don't know, hands ain't everything.
All right. Come on.
My wrap.
If you wanna help me, pick up my train.
Come on, get back.
Keep back.
Here she comes now.
Get back. Come on.
Sure, they got me, but they got you, too.
Chief, we got them all.
Yeah, all but the brass band.
Wait a minute, you forgot me.
Break it up, come on.
Clear out. Move along.
I think I'd have liked the wagon better.
I suppose you'd rather have the company
of your friends, such as they are.
You ain't exactly a pal.
Surely you don't mind my holding your hand.
It ain't heavy. I can hold it myself.
This is a dirty trick. I could get real sore.
If I didn't have a lot of self-control.
So have I, but I'm beginning to lose it.
You know, you remind me
of a glittering palace of ice.
I ain't ice.
I didn't say you were.
But your diamonds are all going
to the storehouse.
You said I had a soul.
I looked for it, but I didn't find it.
- You will.
- Where, in jail?
- No, that's not the place for you.
- You got me, ain't you?
Yeah, I got you. You're my prisoner.
And I'm gonna be your jailor for a long time.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
And you can start doing that stretch
right now.
Where did you get that...
dark and handsome?
You bad girl.
You'll find out.