She Freak (1967) Movie Script

I now direct your attention
to the platform to your immediate right
where Madam Sonya, the foremost hypnotic
hypnotologist of our time will demonstrate
her utter control of nature's deadliest
and most lonesome creatures, snakes alive!
That's all you got in here?
Ain't you got no geek or nothin'?
No, the law won't allow it.
We've got something better in there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you're about to behold a sight
so strange, so horrifying,
so utterly monstrous,
that I urge those of you who
are easily frightened or upset,
who suffer from the nervous disorders,
weak hearts or queasy stomachs,
who experience nightmares,
and any children under the age of 16 years
to forego witnessing this exhibit.
There are only two kinds of
freaks, ladies and gentlemen.
Those created by God
and those made by man.
The creature in this pit is a
living, breathing human being
that once was, but that's another story
that happened a long time
ago, a long way from here.
Look, if you must.
Give me my check, Jade.
More coffee?
No, I've had enough, thanks.
Say, Jade?
I was thinkin'.
Maybe you'd like to go
to a movie or somethin'?
Some night after you get off work?
Some other time, maybe.
Well, I guess I'd better get goin'.
I got the right change.
Yes, sir. Thank you kindly.
You sure don't give those
rednecks the time of day, do you?
Now, don't get me wrong,
Jade. I like that in my gals.
Not messing around with
the paying customers.
You know...
I had this one pig.
Betty June.
She used to take on every mother's son
that come through the door.
Yeah, you told me about her 25 times.
Well, then Betty June,
you know, God bless her.
Some weeks she took in as much as I did.
- Much as all that, huh?
- Yeah.
Why now, that's enough to
tempt a girl into a life of sin.
Lucile went up to Coleman
to visit her mother.
What do you say you and me, we
go over to Lee County tonight
for a couple of beers, huh?
Gee, Greasy.
That sounds groovy.
But I'm afraid I don't have
anything classy enough to wear
for such a grand occasion.
Don't you get so damn snotty!
Who the hell do you think you are anyway?
I know who I am.
I'm nobody.
Just like you.
And I know somethin' else, too.
If I'm ever gonna be somebody,
I'm wasting my time in this filth pit.
And that goes for anybody
who comes in here!
And that includes the married owner.
You're talking yourself
right out of a job, girl.
You know that?
Fire me.
Who else round here would work for you?
Especially for what you pay.
Well, you get to keep
all the tips, don't ya?
Oh, big deal!
I'll retire next week on them tips!
Well, what do you want, Jade?
Do you know yourself?
But I know what I don't want.
I don't wanna wind up like my momma did.
My daddy used to say that she was
the prettiest girl in West Texas.
A tired old woman now.
42 years old and she's a tired old woman!
They've been married 25 years,
and you know what she's
got to show for it?
Nine kids. None of us
even been to high school.
160 acres of mortgaged
dust, a $5 wedding band,
and $100 burial policy.
No, sir.
Oh, there's gotta be
somethin' better than that.
I don't know what or where it is,
but when Ifind it, I'm gonna get it.
Even if I have to lie or beg
or cheat or steal for it,
I'm gonna get it.
For Jade Cochran.
You keep talking like that, girl,
you're gonna get in trouble.
Where you goin'?
Not as far as I'd like to.
Customer comin'.
Yes, sir. Come right on in.
Hey, I don't need a reservation, do I?
You wanna see a menu?
Don't need it, darlin'.
Just give me a grilled
cheese, a cup of black coffee,
and a piece of pie.
- Sandwich coming right up.
- Thanks, darlin'.
You come far today?
All the way from Jonesborough.
- Here you are, my friend.
- Another grilled great one.
Hey, that looks good!
Let's see if that can pass the acid test.
Not bad.
Are you the boss?
Proprietor, general
manager and chief chef.
Well, look, I'm an advance
man for a carnival show
coming in and it's being
sponsored by your legion.
Would you do me a favor?
Would you mind putting this
card up somewhere in here?
Look, it's for the legion!
Well, I guess that's the
least I can do for a customer.
And for the legion.
- Hey, how about that?
- I sure appreciate it.
More coffee?
Please, young lady.
I guess you get to see a
whole lot of the country.
Well, traveling with the shows, I mean.
Yeah, that's the one
say you can say about it.
You get to see the country.
Have you been a showman long?
For as long as I can remember, honey.
Even longer, I think.
Jade, don't
forget to give him his pie.
Excuse me, I'll get your pie.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Is there any jobs for
girls around the show?
Oh, I can't sing or
dance or anything like that,
but if there's work, I'm used to it.
Boyfriend problem?
- Family, Mom and Dad?
- No.
- It's a rugged life.
- What ain't?
The show will get in late Sunday evening.
Monday, go to the office wagon.
Ask for Al Babcock.
Now, you tell him Ben Thomas sent you.
Ben Thomas.
Everything all right, old buddy?
My compliments to the chef.
Would you let me have
the tab, please, honey?
You all come back soon now, hear?
Thanks very much for
putting that poster up.
Mr. Thomas?
It is Mr. Babcock?
Al Babcock.
Thanks very much, Mr. Thomas.
Please, don't thank me!
I didn't even know if there's anything
open on the show, honey.
And I surely don't know why
a pretty young girl like you
wants to get with it.
But it's your life.
Look, if that's what you
want, then be with it. For it.
I'll see ya.
You're gonna run off and
join that lousy carnival, huh?
Too good to work for me here, huh?
What the hell you going to
do on the carnival, Jade?
You gonna dance the hoochie coochie?
Show the farm boys what you got?
Maybe you're gonna have
your own concession, hm?
Take on the roister boys every night?
You get outta here, you carnival tramp.
I don't want you givin'
my customers no disease.
You know where you're going, girl?
You're going down.
You're going all the way down.
You're going to hell.
From here, it's all the way up.
And get yours right over here.
Country fried and mashed
potato's today's special.
Where else can a poor
working girl get a hot lunch?
On this show, they've got
you by the hunger pangs.
When'd you come on?
- What?
- How long you been with it?
First time out, eh?
When did you join our happy
carefree gypsy caravan?
Well, honey, I don't know
what you did before, but
you've got the roughest gofers
around one of these things.
Listen, it's no worse
than the last place,
and the customers are a lot nicer.
I'm Pat Mullins. My
friends call me Moon.
You call me Moon.
Moon, moon. Wasn't
he in the funny papers?
Ain't it awful?
You got a moniker?
Me moon, you?
Jade Cochran.
You know, I guess I never will understand
all this crazy talk.
Honey, in two weeks
you'll be cracking carny
with the best of 'em.
Stay with them for the route
and you'll never speak English again.
What do you do in the show, Moon?
My girl, I'll have you
know you are now serving the
feature attraction of the
fabulous Broadway Hollywood Revue.
Direct to you from the Lido
Beach Club in Sarasota, Florida.
The inevitable Miss Ginger Hale.
The little lady who puts
it on, takes it off,
rolls it out and wraps it up
and throws it right at ya.
You mean you strip in
front of a bunch of guys?
As much as the law allows.
Well, I guess whether
it's in front of one or 100,
it's all the same.
Hey, how about some service over here?
Big shot ride foreman,
god's gift to women.
Yeah, well, I'll get to him. Excuse me.
I didn't see you waiting. Sorry.
Forgive me for interrupting
the meeting of the ladies'
AIDS society but I only got
30 minutes to grab a meal.
I said I was sorry!
How's the special today?
I hear it's good.
You want anything else, Moon?
Couldn't take it.
Can't take that roughie, either.
The Ferris wheel man?
He doesn't seem like such a bad guy,
once you get to know him.
What's his name?
Blackie Fleming and
if you want some advice,
don't get to know him.
Showtime, gotta cut.
Say, Jade, where are you staying?
I make a motel every spot.
If you wanna split the privilege,
you're more than welcome.
It sure beats sleeping
in the back of a truck.
Gee, thanks. Sounds swell.
Meet me at the girls show. See ya.
Well, Max, you finally
a waitress who's with it.
Best broad I've had in three
season. Sure hope she stays.
Treat her right and she will stay.
I treat 'em all right.
You must treat the
Board of Health right.
Kid, you're really with it.
Take an hour break. We feed again at five.
Thanks, Max.
What's the matter, honey?
Honey, what's the matter? You look shook.
I just saw 'em.
Who, the crowd?
The freaks?
They're so horrible.
Honey, God made 'em the way they are.
They're better off around
here than most places.
Why do they have to be anywhere?
Hey, Moon, you're on!
Just wait here. I'll
be back in a minute.
Bring your stuff and I'll
meet you back at the hotel
after the show slows.
Gee, Moon, I sure appreciate
you letting me room with you.
Man, this is nice.
You know, I've never been in a real motel
or hotel room before.
You know, I knowed it.
I knowed it all along.
Knew what, honey?
That there had to be something
better than what I had.
Or could look forward to.
Rough, huh?
Carnies don't pry in anybody's past.
You're with it, you belong.
Why you're here or what you did before,
that's your business.
- Moon.
- Huh?
I ain't prying, but-
- But you were wondering about
me, being a stripper, right?
Well, sort of.
Well, no big deal.
When the frost is on the pumpkin,
I'm grinding away on the Brody circuit.
Then come summertime, I get itchy feet
and go out and carny it up.
I'm a veteran now. Three seasons.
Hey, Moon, you ever think
about getting married?
- I've thought about it.
- Matter of fact, I did it once.
It worked?
Almost a whole year.
A musician.
Young, wild, good lookin'.
Drank everything, smoked everything.
I didn't bring back memories, Moon?
- No memories, honey.
- I've almost forgotten his name.
Yeah, honey?
You don't think very
much of Blackie Fleming.
He's a nothing guy.
Oh, he's not bad looking
and he knows it, but what's
the percentage of getting
involved with a ride boy?
All you'll get from him is
something you don't want or need.
Are there any nice fellas around the show?
Not married.
You're turning already?
Aww, Moon, don't make fun of me.
I'm not making fun of
you, Jade. I'm with you.
A girl'd be a fool not to
keep eyes and ears open.
Well, which ones of 'em is prosperous?
Hey, you are getting with it.
Well, let's take stock.
The concessionaires do pretty good.
They don't look like
the marrying kind, though.
Nothing wrong with your perception.
Well, Mr. Babcock, he's loaded.
But been married 100 years.
The old man in the wagon
and he's a bachelor,
but he's been that way too
long to start retraining him.
None of the roughies have
anything or ever will.
Pete Murray, my boss.
Ah, he's a lush.
Steve St. John.
- Steve St. John.
- He owns the 10 in 1.
The what?
The 10 in 1! The freak show.
Oh, I ain't met him yet.
Brightest guy in the show.
In his 40s and nice lookin'.
Owns a home in Tampa, wife
died four or five years ago.
No children. Drives a big car.
Travels all over when
the show's off the road.
Well, I wanna meet
this Mr. Steve St. John.
Yeah, surely do.
When I find it, I'm gonna get it.
Even if I have to lie or beg
or cheat or steal for it,
I'm gonna get it.
For Jade Cochran.
You oughta see the way ol
Blackie livin' in DC today.
Listen, I don't take nothin' off nobody.
On this rag bag or any other.
Hell, Old Man Freeman
over in United Shows?
He's been after me all season to come on.
Yeah, be his ride superintendent.
In charge of the whole lot.
And that's 12 rides.
So how come you ain't
there instead of here?
Or do you think Babcock can
run his show without you?
You know what I said
to Babcock the other day?
Oh, yeah.
"Yes, sir, Mr. Babcock!"
Now you got 32 teeth,
you wanna try for 16?
Sure you're big enough, Fleming?
One of these days, Pretty-Boy,
it's gonna be you and me!
That your best hope, Fleming?
Oh, simmer it down,
Blackie! He was only jokin'!
Hey, don't start him, Pretty-Boy!
Break it up, fellas, break it up.
Hey, you guys eye the new broad
waiting table in the grab joint?
Yeah, how about that?
I just might have to stake out
that little country girl
for myself.
Oh, she's already been
staked out, Pretty-Boy.
So you better go find
yourself another location.
Well, now, Mr. Fleming.
We all know you're a real
big wheel around this show.
But if I decide to take
a shot at that little
hash-slinging yokel, I ain't
gonna bother asking you.
And I just decided!
- Everything quiet, Red Eye?
- All quiet, Mr. Babcock.
See that broad?
If I was Babcock, I'd run her off faster
than the joint guy swallows a scrag.
Yeah, why?
'Cause she's trouble, that's why.
What's she done? She
only come on this week.
You saw what happened last night
with Blackie and Pretty-Boy.
I don't know what she
had to do with that.
She wasn't even there.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That's Steve St. John just
came in with Mr. Babcock.
Excuse me. I've got to
wait on those gentlemen.
Good morning, Mr. Babcock.
Morning, Mr. St. John.
- Good morning, Jade.
- You've met Steve St. John?
What can I get you gentlemen?
- Just coffee, black.
- Same.
Yes, sir.
Where'd she come from, Al?
Oh just a little country gal
looking for something better.
Big game hunting?
More cat and mouse.
I didn't know we had company.
Hi, honey. Come in and
meet my friend Jane Moore.
Otherwise known as the
Mysterious Madam Olga.
Olga has the mid-camp.
The mid-camp?
Come, let Madam Olga tell your past,
your present and your future.
The palm of your own hand
reveals all.
I'm sure pleased to meet ya.
I've seen your fortune
telling tent on the midway.
I was going in myself.
Yeah, Olga makes her
fortune telling others theirs.
Now, Moon, you know I'm just
a hard-working widow woman
trying to make a small score
in this cold, hard world.
Oh, sure!
Did you have a nice time tonight?
Things are progressin'.
Steve St. John?
Olga, we may just be in the presence
of the greatest carny of them all!
One week with it and... Jade,
you really are a worker.
I project a great future for
this little country girl.
Now, Moon, you lay off the predictions,
and I'll stop doing the cooch.
Don't listen to these quacks, Jade.
Let an expert advise you.
Give me your mitt.
Your hand!
It won't cost you. You're with the show.
A very strong head line.
This little girl knows what she wants.
And is going to get it.
I never saw anything like that.
What is it, Olga?
What do you see?
Your life line.
What do you mean?
It stops, suddenly.
And then it starts all over again.
And then it goes on, almost forever.
Well, that's not hard to figure.
No, ma'am!
No, I'm starting a whole new life.
And I ain't gonna remember the old one.
You're welcome.
What're you gonna be doing later?
I really couldn't say. I
have several invitations-
- Okay, I'll see you later.
Come on in, I'll pour us a drink.
In where?
In my joint.
I got it all to myself.
It's warm.
And cozy.
Sounds charming.
Oh, this is delightful.
Utterly delightful!
Well, now who do you think you are?
You come from any better?
But my sights are set a lot higher.
Listen, chick, you
think I'm another gazoony?
You think I ain't got
something going for me?
You think I ain't got
some stash swallowed, huh?
Oh, I don't know, but that
don't look like no Caddy to me
that you were drivin'.
You're gonna take that sucker St. John
down the line with Maggie Cline, huh?
You're kidding!
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Good mornin', Mrs. St. John.
Good mornin', Mr. St. John.
Just what is tickling the
bride on the first mornin'?
I knowed it.
I knowed it all along.
You knew what?
That's my secret.
Secrets from your husband already, huh?
Oh, wow. Enough of this
mad love-making, witch.
I gotta get out to the lot!
Or this week's gonna be a red one.
But if you'll get out of the
Kip, I'll order up breakfast
for two and we'll make the
chef deal out the plates.
Room service, please.
Oh, sorry.
This is Mr. St. John, room 365.
Two orange juices and, uh...
Two scrambled eggs.
And bacon.
And, uh...
And uh, uh...
Lots of coffee.
No hurry.
I'll take three.
- Charlie?
- I'll pass.
One to the dealer.
Okay, Al.
I call.
Your dub and one more.
How's it going?
Fabulous, but I think it'll get better.
Will you be much longer, honey?
You getting sleepy?
Al little.
Well, baby, take the car,
drive on back to the
motel and get some sleep.
Al can bring me by when we break up.
- Right, All?
- Sure, Steve.
You won't be too late, will ya?
Oh, no, no. Another
hour or two at the most.
Well, goodnight, gentlemen.
I hope you all win.
Goodnight, Jade.
Goodnight, darlin'. I
won't be late, I promise.
You've got yourself a great
little broad there, Steve.
- You gotta get lucky somewhere.
- This sure ain't my game.
Hey, where you goin'?
I asked you where you're going.
None of your business
where I'm going, Blackie.
Why don't you flake off?
You know, if I had a
good looking wife like you,
she wouldn't be wandering around
the lot at night by herself.
Of course, you could be
lookin' for somethin'.
Somethin' special.
Somethin' you probably
can't get nowhere else.
- Well, now, Shorty.
- What're you doing back here?
You're supposed to be inside
looking after my interests.
Mr. St. John, I gotta talk to you.
I gotta tell you something.
Good mornin', darlin'.
Good mornin' to you, Shorty.
Hi, sweetheart.
I didn't wake you up last
night when I came in, did I?
I'll talk you later, Mr. St. John.
You know, he doesn't like me.
Oh, Jade, you're imagining
things. Shorty likes everybody.
He gives me the creeps!
They all do.
Oh, honey, they're my friends.
They're human beings,
just like you and me.
They're not like me, they're not!
I'm no freak!
Okay, you're no freak.
But just remember I make
my living exhibiting them.
I'd rather you ran an insane asylum.
It's the kindest home
any of them ever had
being on the show.
Some come from parents
who were cruel or ashamed
of having produced a child unlike others.
Here, they have an opportunity
to be self-supporting
in a world which has rejected them,
simply because physically
they're abnormal.
And they're with others
just like themselves.
Oh, you just feel sorry for them.
That's one thing they don't want, or need.
Yeah, had a kid come on once.
No arms and no legs.
So full of self-pity, it
oozed out of his ears.
You know what I said to him?
"Look, fella.
You think you're the only
handicapped person in the world?
Well, stop sitting there
feeling sorry for yourself.
I'm a man and you're a man,
and we both gotta make a livin'.
Now get up on that platform
and do your stuff."
He did it.
And he's still with it
and for it and doin' okay.
Your story's touched my heart.
I told you,
Jade, they're my friends.
They're disgusting.
Okay, Shorty. Okay, I'll
be with you in a minute.
Excuse me a second, Al.
Shorty's got something important
to tell me that won't wait.
Sure, Steve. Go ahead.
Okay, short stuff, this
better be important. What is it?
Shorty, wait.
What do you want?
The same thing
you do, Mrs. St. John.
We grabbed
him trying to hitch a ride
near the county line and
brought him back last night.
Prints are all over the
knife. He's already confessed.
It's all wrapped up.
You'll have to appear at
a trial, Mrs. St. John.
Mr. Babcock has already
given us your route, so,
we'll notify you.
Thank you very much for your cooperation,
and my deepest sympathies.
Miss Mullins.
Now, if you ladies will excuse me,
I'll arrange for your
transportation back to the motel.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Did Steve have any other
relatives that should be notified?
Look, honey, why don't
you take off for a week?
If you like, I'll go with you.
I'm sure Pete will let me have the time.
We could go down to Tampa. Steve has...
You have a house there, you know.
You've never even seen it.
You could rest up, get straightened out.
It'd do you a world of good.
And who's gonna run my show?
Come around back.
I wanna talk to you.
Wait, Jane. I just heard something.
News sure travels fast
around this lot, doesn't it?
Look, it's none of my business,
but did you have to run him off?
He's been with Steve for 12 years!
This is the only home he has.
Like you said...
None of your business.
You know, I'm beginning
to be sorry I ever met you.
Look, cooch.
I don't need you or anybody else
to tell me how to run my business.
Why don't you screw on
back to the girly show
and shake it for the payin' customers?
I'm glad Steve never knew
what a real Larry broad you are.
There are
only two kinds of freaks,
ladies and gentlemen.
Those created by God
and those made by men.
I guess both of them had a
hand in what you see here.