She Never Died (2019) Movie Script

Excuse me, miss?
You dropped this cash.
Oh, no, I didn't.
Well, you did.
I saw you drop it.
No, it's not mine.
You can have it.
It's not mine either.
Can you just
please leave me alone?
Hey. Hey.
Hey, hey.
No, no, no. It's okay.
It's okay. No, no, no. Listen!
- Let go of me!
- Listen, it's okay.
- Let go of me! Let go!
- Shh...
You should go.
Help me!
Aww, damn it.
Come on, you old bitch.
12 missing people
in the last two months.
Now, half a dozen
dismembered bodies,
their fingers
conspicuously absent.
No closer to solving the case.
No closer to getting any sleep.
Morning, Godfrey. Thanks.
is Stamp still in the tank?
Still babbling away.
Morning, Vaughn.
You gonna be around for
this morning's briefing?
I'll see where my case is at.
They're mandatory.
I'll see where my case is at.
Try to make it!
It's here!
The white one's here!
Hey. You still battling the
Four Horseman of the Apocalypse?
I'm not crazy.
No, of course not.
Now, put these damn pants on
before I start
thinking otherwise.
Yes, sir.
Any activity in
the Factory District?
I'm gonna step out real quick.
Uh, Captain Vaughn is...
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Is that what I should tell him?
Tell him whatever you like
because I'll be back
before it's an issue.
Okay. Sounds good.
Evil prick.
Hey, Lacey.
You wanted me to wake you when
the guy with the ring showed up.
The guy with
the ring showed up.
Whoo! Huh?!
Yeah, that's three!
That's three, Tommy Boy!
Hey, Tommy...
Now, it's time for your
close-up, baby boy. Yeah!
Yeah, don't move.
Stay right there.
"Hi, Mom."
Aw, don't be so
fucking serious. Come on.
I need you to...
Fuck, Tommy! Hey!
You pull
the trigger or I do!
Come on, you got this.
Ooh, yeah.
Hey, Tommy, there's a lot of
fucking stalling going on here.
Hurry the fuck up!
Yeah, I know. Okay.
Oh, you motherfucker!
You motherfucker!
I can't. I can't.
You're a lucky son of a bitch,
so I'm gonna let
you get away with that.
Yeah, we got a lot
of people watching.
Let's go.
That's a lot of
money around his neck.
All you gotta do
is pull the trigger.
The odds are good.
I know.
You got
no problem killing people.
What's one lousy dog?
Let's go!
You got this!
I know!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Yo, y'all see this
fucking crazy bitch?!
Go. Get out of here.
You can't stay
with me.
Help me!
Oh. Jerry, I'm working.
I need help!
I need... I need help!
Shut the fuck up.
I'm talking.
Don't be rude.
As you can see, occupied.
Yeah. No, I know.
Um, Tom's dead.
Okay, well, I mean makes sense.
50-50 chance of that, right?
Yeah, no, no. But I mean, like,
he didn't kill himself.
Some lady just came in
and just fucking, like...
I don't know. Just...
I need... I need help!
I need help.
What did I just say?
Fucking guy...
It's an art what you do.
No, but seriously, boss,
you gotta come see this.
It's fucking nuts.
I don't know, man.
Maybe middle-aged, gruff.
I don't know how to
describe her, man. Maybe a bum.
She doesn't rattle off anything
in your head? Not a client?
- Not a product?
- Oh, no, no.
She definitely
had a look I'd remember.
What's with all this
headshot malarkey?
See, I don't know what
I saw anymore, homie.
We'll shoot her again.
Three-stooged Tom, huh?
Yeah, it was fucked up.
Hello, hello.
That's kind of different.
What? What?
What's so different?
Holy mother of fuck!
Hey, you got a...
What the hell?
No! please!
Yeah. What? Yeah?
Get whatever's
on this off this.
Get it to me when you do.
I wanna see that video.
So, uh, this woman did this.
Oh, I'm intrigued.
You, uh,
tell Meredith about this?
Uh-uh. Nope.
Good lad. Don't.
Right. Well,
I'm back upstairs.
All right.
You don't wanna stay?
Clean it up!
Man, what did she do
with the fingers?
Like, is this, like,
a message or something?
"Clean it up, Jerry."
Fucking disgusting.
No sense in reporting this.
Who'd believe me?
Top off?
That was tea.
You read the specials?
I just want oatmeal.
I've got eight ounce chopped
steak smothered in gravy -
Half rack baby back ribs -
Is good.
No. Oatmeal.
Will do.
Get your feet off my desk.
I have got something here
you've got to take a gander at.
I'm fine.
I trust your product. Desk.
I consider
it an art.
As long as there's
a market for it.
Seriously, look at this.
Don't worry.
It doesn't star me.
Remember Tom?
Yeah. Did he bite it
with your dog idea?
Love it.
Love your choice of words.
No. He did manage to shoot
a random lady in the face,
only to have his eyes
gouged out
and eaten by
said random lady.
What are you talking about?
Terence, you sound ridiculous.
Just here. Look.
That's my eighth time viewing.
But look here.
The rest of the world
is way past eight.
So, you don't have a name.
Not yet.
Put out some feelers.
Well, let me know
when you get one.
Well, I've been booting ideas
of what to do with her all day.
Tom, is he disposed of
and a new lock put in?
Yeah, taken care of.
So, what do you think?
Like, PCP?
Well, PCP's not gonna let you
walk off a hole in the head.
That is so interesting.
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
Terence, this can't happen.
I'll let Jerry know.
All right.
Anything else?
Oh, yeah. Would it kill you to
call Mom every once and awhile?
We're gonna go see her
at the cabin this weekend.
Yeah, but she's throwing
your guilt my way.
I'll call her tonight.
Not tonight.
You'll wake her up.
Fine. In the morning.
See that you do.
Lacey, you look great.
Did you find the guy
you were looking for?
I made do.
Thanks, Lacey.
You sleep, Lacey.
You sleep tight.
I'll keep an eye out
for the guy with the rings.
I got your back.
Hey, buddy.
You got a minute to talk?
No. Hey. No, hey, hey.
Sir, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You're not in trouble.
I just wanna...
Holy Christ,
it's you.
Leave me alone.
Hey, you're, uh...
Look, uh, I know that
you don't wanna talk, but...
I don't.
I know, you know, you don't,
but you know I don't...
What is it?
Money? Food?
A place to live?
How 'bout some more fingers,
you fuckin' maniac?
I don't even know
what that means, okay?
I just wanna talk.
Yesterday, I watched you go
into that building alone.
You came out with a head wound.
And now, you're looking
fully healed.
I mean, I can't do that.
So, I assumed
you're the one that...
Yeah, I killed that guy.
I wanted to eat him.
parts of him.
Parts of him?
I gotta ask.
Why the fingers?
They're easier to carry and I
need the bone marrow.
Bone marrow.
I-I had it roasted on toast,
but that was from a cow.
That's why I could
use a fridge.
For people?
You two ready?
I thought you'd gravitate
towards protein.
I don't
technically eat meat.
What can I get you?
Uh, yeah,
whatever she's having.
Yeah, oatmeal.
Oatmeal's fine.
Two oatmeal coming up.
Look, I'm not gonna dance
around the subject here.
You... admitted
murder to a cop.
I wanna know why
you killed that guy.
He wasn't my first choice.
Who was your first choice?
The man with rings.
A big guy who
always dresses in black,
he's got rings on
all his fingers?
Terrance Remander.
You were gonna eat
Terrance Remander? Why him?
I saw him throw a plastic
bag over a woman's head
and drag her into a van.
Plus, he has long femurs.
Long femurs.
More, um, marrow.
Is there a point to all this?
Look, I'm not gonna arrest you,
if that's what you mean.
Uh, I'm off the clock.
There's not gonna be any
judgement, legal or moral.
This is an ongoing
Since we're both interested
in the same party...
...maybe we can make a trade.
Like what?
How 'bout we upgrade
you to a fridge?
Have you been awake
the whole 24 hours here?
Dude, I can't
get over this lady.
I've been digging for
dirt all day long - nothing.
I despise it when
you call me "dude."
"Dude", it's a word I use
when I'm jubilant.
Enough of a fucking
vocabulary for ya?
I prefer "exuberant."
Of course you do, cunt.
Oh, that's nice. Classy.
Hey, wait up.
How's your Friday looking?
What happens if we
cross pollinate a bit?
Invite my clientele if -
and this is a massive if -
we find her.
What would be
the benefit of that?
Well, my people want product,
your people have it.
We exchange business cards.
Why does Girl X even matter?
"Girl X."
I like it.
It's apt.
Well, she could
be a special guest.
Have her do a red room
or participate in one.
Maybe she's cool.
If she's not,
fuck it, we ship her off to
whoever pays the most. Huh?
There's little to no demand
for middle-aged women.
Oh, my dear sister,
I get it.
But she's a celebrity.
She'll have appeal.
Give me some time
to think about it.
How's your tooth?
Killing me.
But you're eating sugar
encased in sugar.
My goal is implants,
all of 'em.
Well, I guess implants
wouldn't get cavities.
You gonna be awake enough
for the shipment this morning?
Of course.
I, uh...
I got this place
before I was married.
I considered
moving in myself,
you know, after my divorce,
but never happened.
I know it's a dump,
but, uh...
it's better than
the alley, huh?
I can't believe we've
gotten this far without names.
I'm, uh...
I'm Godfrey.
And your name is...?
Okay, Lacey.
This is also for you.
Uh, okay, look,
when you open it -
and I hope that's
gonna be soon -
there's a couple
of photographs in here.
Uh, one of them you know -
The, uh, second photo -
first name Paul,
a known associate.
I want him...
look, I don't know what's
usually on your menu,
but I want him gone.
Do you understand what
I'm offering here?
You want me to kill him.
Yeah. Yeah,
I want you to kill him. Yeah.
I want you to kill him.
Can I eat him?
Ye... yeah, sure.
You can.
You can eat him.
Can I help you?
Who are you?
Do you wear glasses?
Reading glasses.
Um, I don't know
what the hell you...
Oh, good.
I'm sorry.
Yo! No! Stay away!
Oh, hey. Sir?
Hey, Janice.
How you doing?
Not bad. I'm just
heading out for the night.
I don't know if Vaughn
got a hold of you,
but he wanted you to
come in early tomorrow.
How are you?
Yes, sir.
Do you think it takes some time
to realize you've done
the worst thing in your life?
Or should you have
known immediately?
You know, I think you
just need some sleep.
Godfrey? It's Lacey.
How's it going?
Jesus. It's late.
Paul's dead.
Jesus, that was fast.
You, uh... you took
care of everything?
Any complications?
Yeah. Well, no.
There was a girl
in his apartment.
What did you do?
Oh. What did she do?
Did she call the cops?
Where is she?
She's handcuffed to a bed.
You... you handcuffed
her to a bed?
No. That's how I found her.
Paul and the other guy...
There was another guy?
But he's also dead.
First of all,
we can't leave a girl
handcuffed to the bed, okay?
Second of all,
this is supposed to be an off
the record endeavour.
I mean, she's
witness to a crime
that wasn't supposed to exist.
So, we somehow gotta
get her on the same page.
That doesn't sound possible.
Well, look,
we've got to cover our asses
if we within get away with this.
You want me to un-cuff her?
Yeah. Un-cuff her and stay
with her and get back to me.
Oh, fuck.
No! No!
Get the fuck back, you fucking
zombie, robot motherfucker!
Get the fuck back!
Back the fuck up!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
You can go.
I guess.
Are... are you okay?
I guess.
I still have it... I will.
I used their storage bins.
They're in there.
It's only ever men,
coke addicted men.
Without a question,
I can taste the difference.
I'm also foggy
in the morning.
I don't know.
I didn't ask her.
You have options.
You can forget this ever
happened and not tell anyone.
Kinda hard to forget.
You could call Detective
Godfrey on this number.
And what would that do?
I didn't get that far.
Wait. We're done?
I am.
Yeah, but...
you saved me.
Ahh... fuck.
There you are.
Where are your boys?
I'm trying Jerry
for, like, the 20th time,
but he's not calling.
You're useless.
It's like a block away.
Go over there.
"Go over there."
As you wish.
Wait. Hot tea.
Hot tea.
Take a seat anywhere.
You got it.
So, what are you?
Like... are you just a jacked up
lady blitzed out of her mind?
Or a government
experiment on the lam? Or...
Please leave.
- Robot?
- No.
- Zombie?
- No.
- Vampire?
- I'm not a vampire.
You sound like a vampire.
- Why do I have to be a thing?
- You drink blood, right?
- It sounds like you drink blood.
- I don't.
Why aren't you somewhere else,
being traumatized?
Well, for starters,
that's old hat.
And, if you must know, I get
taken advantage of most days.
So, to see a person,
a woman,
a woman like you
twist those guys in half
is, uh...
I don't know.
I don't know, but it's good.
I eat people.
It's not the same.
Holy shit!
Please keep your voice down.
What do you expect
me to do?
You show up and
straight up merc the dipshits
who were gonna ship me off in
crate, all the while,
not even flinching during a
fucking shivving.
Like, sorry, if you spark
some curiosity.
Mmm... Dipshits...
Sure thing.
I'm getting something.
Yeah. How 'bout you?
Do you eat... food?
I don't like you.
I'll be back in a minute.
So... you're super.
I wouldn't say I'm super.
Oh, come on.
If you're not, what's with
the zipped up jacket?
Show me your wounds.
You heal fast.
Jesus Christ!
Don't I know you?
Sam Spade.
Stay right where you are!
Please stop that.
You just kind of
shatter my world.
Like, everything
is different now.
- It's not.
- How is it not?
You... you defy everything
I know about anything.
- I don't.
- How?
It's all the same.
It never stops.
Whoa. That is a
depressing bumper sticker.
I wouldn't worry, though.
The end is nigh.
It's not.
Are you sure? Nonstop wars
and crazy climate shit
not an indicator?
Every generation says that,
but every generation is wrong.
What are we doing here?
So, sounds like you've
been around a while.
Holy fuck!
Yeah, you have.
Of course you have.
I'm not having
this conversation.
Copy that.
Sensitive issue.
At least your
scars heal, though.
Do you find it helpful?
The cutting?
I don't know.
I mean, in the moment, maybe.
There's not one I don't regret.
They're not all me, though.
About a third were me.
The other third,
I was paid to let some sadist
get their rocks off.
And the last third,
just some
run of the mill assholes.
I still have scars
that will never heal.
You do?
Two. I forget they're there
sometimes, but they're there.
Did you get them before you
changed or something?
I never changed.
They're just there.
you live around here?
Please feel free to
say no to this, but...
Do I have a choice? you have a bathroom?
Wait. Because I really wouldn't
mind freshening up,
and you could totally
use a shower, too.
But I'm gonna guess
it wasn't by choice.
Uh... Oh,
is that the bathroom?
Cool, cool.
Yep, it is.
You seem like you're pretty
lonely, you know?
You could maybe use a friend.
So, you wanna
watch a movie tonight?
Okay, so, here's the thing -
I'm really good
at making breakfast.
Your couch looks
really comfortable. I mean...
I'm a really good cook, and I'm actually,
like, a pro at making breakfast.
So, if you
just let me stay the night,
I could make you breakfast.
Friends hang out sometimes.
I need a friend,
you need a friend.
We need to be friends.
Why don't we just
hang out tonight?
What are you doing tonight?
What are you doing tonight?
So, what are you doing tonight?
You should go.
Oh, shit.
You're in good shape
for a man your age.
Lotta good it did me.
It's what you don't see. Resting
heartrate, intestinal health, blood sugar.
Try to keep up with the fibre,
do the occasional sit-up.
That must help in your field.
You're a homicide
detective, right?
Yes, I am.
Charlie Godfrey.
Do you know who I am?
I haven't seen you
before in my life.
But you know who Terrance is.
By proxy.
And how's that,
He's a potential suspect
in a pending
criminal investigation.
A potential suspect.
And what criminal offence
would Terrance be a potential suspect
of that would justify surveillance?
I have reason to believe he's
part of a human trafficking ring.
That's cute.
What's cute about it?
So, it would be safe to assume
that when my brother found you,
you were acting
of your own accord.
Your brother?
Yes, sir.
Because from what I've seen,
there's no record of interest of a Terrance
Remander in this district's police department,
nor of a Paul Hoover,
despite his history.
So, can you tell me what you were doing
in his apartment without a warrant?
- What makes you think the department...
- 'Cause 34 percent of our annual revenue goes to law enforcement.
Who did you say you were again?
Meredith Remander and that
should concern you.
Why's that, Meredith?
That someone such as me is being this lax
with information to a police detective.
I have no illusions
about my safety.
So, then, is this
about your daughter?
- What?
- Chelsea Godfrey.
She went missing in 2000
with no trace.
That's right.
And so, you thought us.
We have a pretty substantial
accounting of our records.
I couldn't find her.
All signs pointed to that
she, I don't know,
just fucked off because
of troubles at home.
Now, as for Terrance and I,
we do work together,
but the trafficking is more
my side of the spectrum.
He's in fetish and snuff.
Now, as for your daughter,
I'm sorry,
I have nothing to offer you.
There was a time I considered
something like you.
But for a few years now,
I've known where
my daughter Chelsea is.
She's fine.
With her own family.
It's only a sense of guilt
and not knowing what to say to
her that's keeping us apart.
do I really need a reason
to want people like you dead?
Well, that's not very nice.
Why don't you go fuck yourself?
Hmm. Well,
this has been interesting.
That's my cue.
I'm done.
Anything juicy?
He eats fibre.
Good luck.
I'll be in my office.
Now, you're going to tell me
everything I need
to know about her.
Looks like it's just
you and me now.
You wanna go first?
Don't mind if I do.
Please stop.
Do it.
Do it.
Yo, Lacey.
I hear you've been
looking for me.
Well, I've been
looking for you, too.
Here we go.
Well, hello,
pretty lady.
You can take a hit.
Again, dipshit.
Say what now?
Hit me again.
Okay. Sure.
Holy shit!
Oh my God, oh my God.
Are you Trevor?
Is this a part of the
kidnapping or something?
That's the idea, yeah.
Why don't I just go with you?
Can I take another swing?
My retina got detached.
So, you know,
if you hit me again,
then my eye, I'll lose it, and
eyes take awhile to grow back.
Wait. What?
I just wanna avoid that.
All right, well,
I'm parked right here.
What the fuck was that?
Dude, that was
fucking insane.
Oh, fuck.
Three, two, one.
What does she eat?
Oh my God.
Wait, wait, wait.
Put her down.
You little B.
Lift with your legs.
Lift with your legs. Okay.
Let me get that door.
Hello, ma'am.
How can I help you?
I'm looking for
a Detective Godfrey?
Uh, Godfrey's not at
the department at the moment.
Is it an emergency?
Kind of, yeah.
But, uh, this is more
of a Godfrey thing.
Okay. Do you want to
leave a statement
and I could forward
it to his office?
Do you know where he is
or how I can contact him?
I've tried both of his numbers
and I'm not getting anything.
Well, if you can't
reach him, then...
Why is Detective Godfrey
so pertinent to
your statement, miss?
Um, he helped me out
with something
and I want to thank him.
Detective Godfrey is no longer
affiliated with this department.
His services are in the
process of termination.
If you want to contact him,
it'll be best for you to
pursue him personally.
if you don't have an emergency,
I'd like to ask you to
please exit the premises.
Do you know how I can
contact him personally?
Not my responsibility, miss.
Why are you
looking for him?
I'm not actually sure.
I'm gonna need
more than that.
I don't know what I'm
allowed to say.
I just know he's important.
Okay. Do you see that
hallway behind me?
Get to the last
door on the left,
go in that office,
close the door behind you
and I'll meet
you there shortly.
Like now.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah.
That was nuts.
I feel like a spy.
Okay, first things first -
I can't get a hold
of Godfrey either.
I haven't seen him
since last night.
- No one here seems to care.
- Okay. Scary.
Okay, I just need you
to be candid with me.
Why are you looking for him?
Look, I just wanna
make sure he's okay.
I hope he's better than
who I'm looking for.
Well, that's different.
I know right?
So, this is it.
And you're telling me
that its head was not in this
shape when you brought it in.
You can see brains.
How is that even possible.
Either way,
I'd keep my distance.
Wow. Charming!
So, what do you think?
I think it's an absurd
amount of restraints.
Well, I'm sure Paul thought
the lock on his
door was enough, too,
but now, his head's
facing the other way.
Guess how much she weighs.
I'd say somewhere
between 132 and 135.
Close. 247 on the dot.
That makes no sense, Terrance.
Swear to God.
Imagine our surprise
when we were trying to
hoist her into the van.
She's one dense little bird.
So, you want a red room.
For reals?
How you gonna transport it?
Well, she's gonna need
to be unconscious and secured.
I will need someone to help
carry her, though.
Fine. We'll do a live one at
tonight's reception,
and if it goes well,
then I'll auction it off.
Thank you.
Do it soon.
What was that, Lacey?
Leave me here.
Why would we do that?
I lost it.
Lose what?
Seriously, what you got?
Your mind? Your edge?
Your bowels? Hmm?
What is it?
Back to test pattern.
Fine. I'll start making calls.
You make sure you don't
overindulge, okay?
Take a nap.
You look like shit.
Speaking of bowels
and shit, Lacey,
what's gonna be in yours
with your diet, hmm?
Your teeth.
Fuckin' thing is killing me.
Yup, that's him.
You're sure?
Well, he never stood
like that for me, but yeah,
looks like him.
Detective Godfrey's been staking
him out in the Factory District.
Brought him in a few years back
on a human trafficking link,
but nothing ever came of it.
I can guarantee you
this dude's into that.
That guy.
I, uh, used to do
some work for him
and he dabbled
into shit like that.
What kind of work?
Okay, but if something
were to come of this,
would you be willing to testify?
Yeah, no. Not at all.
Why not?
Because I know where this
guy is right now
and I know people like me
talking to people like you
end up where this guy is.
Well, where you going?
I don't know, but thank you.
This was enlightening.
Got your card.
I keep catching you staring off
into the distance.
What are you looking at?
Every once and awhile,
I can see someone that
no one else can see.
Were they talking to you?
They don't say anything.
Well, that sounds like
schizophrenia to me. Hmm?
Here we go.
- Dan?
- Yeah.
Fuck off.
Good God.
That ain't yours.
That ain't your stuff.
I know 'cause I'm watching it.
Okay. But who's...
who's is it?
It ain't yours!
Yeah, I got that.
That's Lacey's.
That's Lacey's space,
and she's a real scary
person that Lacey.
Her name is Lacey?
Hey, you need some
help with that? Here.
If she came back
and saw you rooting
through her stuff,
it wouldn't be good for you.
She went in there?
Oh, jeez...
She went in there earlier today
with the guy with the rings.
In there?
Hey! Thanks!
Be careful.
Five seconds.
Um, I'm here to see
a Paul Hoover.
That's not your name.
I'm Susie Rothblatt.
I'm here. I'm supposed
to meet a Paul Hoover
and a Jerry...
I don't know his last name.
Jerry... Shit.
And, uh, Terrance,
Terrance Reman... Remander.
I'm sorry.
I thought I recognized you.
Get in here.
Thank you.
I guess you're gonna wanna,
you know, pat me down a bit.
Don't worry.
I won't make it weird for you.
Yeah, I've seen your work.
Yeah. I don't know what it is.
The asphyxiation stuff,
you know,
just really does it for me.
You're some kind of good actor
'cause it looks painful.
What can I say?
I'm a pro. Right?
Okay. Down the hall,
first door on the left.
Reception's about
to start soon, man.
Thank you for coming.
Great party.
Oh, hi, Tom.
Enjoy yourself.
- Thank you.
- See ya.
She's ready
to be transported.
Let the games begin.
Oh, I love that.
Smells like bacon in there.
Fucking pig.
Hey! Hey!
I think we're ready
for our debut. Don't you?
Do I know you?
Fuck. Yes. Okay,
I'm a friend of Lacey's.
I'm gonna need
more details than that.
Okay, listen to me.
Lacey is in the next room,
getting fucked up by Terrance.
Who are you?
I have this key thing and I
think I can get you outta here,
but fuck, I can't.
Yeah, Janice...
You know, Janice,
the nice lady you worked with?
She helped me find you.
Janice from the department?
Yeah. And you're also fired.
Yeah, I know, but let's
just focus on living.
Fuck yes! Partial freedom.
We gotta get outta here.
What's your name?
- I'm Godfrey.
- Okay.
Lacey, you look
True art takes courage.
- Lacey!
- Hey!
You keep an eye on her.
Oh, lady, it is so
rude to interrupt people
when they're working,
you know that?
Terrance, she's squirming.
I'll kill you!
Terrance! Terrance! Terrance!
Come back, Terrance!
Ahh! Terrance!
Holy shit!
No! I... Terrance!
You've been such a loyal
customer to us,
that when I bring it in,
I'm gonna give you a nice spot,
right at the front.
Get her!
Okay. We need help.
We need help.
Get away from me!
Pick up.
Pick up.
You smell good.
I'll give you anything you want.
You eat well.
No drugs, no drinking.
You take care of yourself.
It's a damn shame.
Are you okay?
We should go.
I think these are mine.
You following me?
Could ask you the same thing.
You look...
Forced retirement's
been good to me.
It's time for me to travel,
visit my daughter.
What are you doing for
sustenance these days?
I'm stocked
for the time being.
See what a fridge
will get you?
Beats snatching
people off the streets.
You sure burned
through my list.
Burned through my list.
My heart bleeds, Godfrey.
My friends call me Charlie.
My real name is Lilith.
I'll see you around, Lilith.
I don't know what
you want with me.
I don't even know
if you exist.
But I can't waste time
trying to guess.
It's not the endless life...
...or the need to devour it...'s what I do to life -
I kill it.
Ahoy there.
You do all these?
Who are you?
How'd you get in here?
Stay right where you are.
Don't move.
You and I need to
have a little chat.
I'm made to destroy it.
That's why I can't have one of my own...
Refill for your coffee?
- No thanks.
- Okay.
...even if I tried.
The apocalypse is coming.
And I need your help
to find somebody.
I'm sorry for
what I did so long ago.
I had a child once - a son.
I'd like to miss him,
but I can't picture his face.
I can't.
So, I'm curious -
when will you be done with me?
Come on...
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No. Just...
Food? Do you like food? Hey?
Come on.
Let's see what I have.