She Was So Pretty (2016) Movie Script

Sorry, I didn't know anyone was in there.
Oh, god it's mine, I left it here.
Have a nice day.
Sure, thank you.
What a shithole.
Oh, fuck!
Where is she?
Hey it's Kennedy, where's Valerie?
Well, can you get her?
Hey, what are you doing girl?
That sounds fun.
Er, get your shit and get
packed, we're going to the cabin.
Why? Why not?
I already called El and Davis;
they're they're on their way.
You need to get away.
We all need to get away and
this is the perfect weekend.
So get your shit, shut up.
I'll pick you up, 11.
That's not gonna work for you?
Well it's gonna work,
so just make it happen.
I don't, I don't care
what they have planned.
This is more important.
Tell 'em to fuck off and
we'll be good.
All right, 11.
All right, all right, I'll see you then.
- Oh good.
- Yeah.
If you push me down,
you're fucking dead.
I'll push you from behind.
What are you laughing
at, I can get you too.
I'll bomb you off this damn cliff.
- After bowling.
- Oh yeah.
I know.
Let's just stay here,
it won't be a problem.
- Oh.
- Great.
Hah, are you the king of silver mount?
This is so cool guys,
then why don't we stop here?
Well, we wouldn't stop here
if hitting the green slammed that tumble.
Look at this, it's redneck one shot.
Tell you what,
15 bucks you land it on
that cushion down there.
Right, sell that for 17.50, that's a deal.
Why are you breaking my balls, man?
I'm doing nothing, keep it.
15 bucks is a good deal.
15 is a good deal,
17.50 is a better deal.
What are you gonna do with 50 cents?
You can't even buy a popple.
That's $2 and 50 cents
where I come from, boys.
Well, I guess you could
hit something there.
Oh, what a beautiful shithole.
It's pretty gorgeous, nice and rustic.
Nothing rustic about
it, it's a giant shithole.
There's a broken couch.
People come here and
dump their trash here.
Why are we here?
Well, we could set it on fire.
Probably dump more than trash here.
There's bullets everywhere.
Like, what are we doing?
You almost hit the bucket, what, uh-oh.
You going again?
Yeah, I'm going again.
Uh right, I nicked it, I nicked it.
If you didn't nick that bucket,
tonight you'll be nicking a few beers
and everything at the
party trumps all of this.
- It better.
- Debbie, don't.
Have I let you down before?
Do you really want me to answer that?
Well, not this year, but...
Where the hell's Theresa at?
Her grandma, for the weekend.
I dunno, probably just needed a break.
The year's been weird.
Man, what are you doing?
I thought it was you, that ain't me.
What's so weird about it?
I don't, I don't know.
I just feel like every,
every second someone's
two steps behind me.
Like, I feel crazy.
Like, I feel like somebody's watching me.
Is it Rockwell stuff?
Women's shower?
I'm afraid to wash my hair!
- Really guys?
- Oh, come on.
- I'm being serious.
- I know, you know,
you know the old form, we're just playing.
Well, maybe when you've had a few beers,
you'll take my story seriously.
Oh, there's gonna be a few beers.
Gonna be a few tears
coming from the beers.
And our beards, and
your beard, it's possible.
Fuck off!
- Oh, shit.
- Oh.
Nice day for a trespass, ain't it.
- The cops.
- Us?
Yeah, sure.
We're just hanging out, sir.
My guess is you haven't heard the story
of little Sallie Mae Cortez;
came up to the quarry on
a day about like this,
nice sunny day.
Playing down here with her
tin cans, ball of foil.
Her dad was a popular crop duster,
ain't money to crop dusting, boys.
She's down here by herself,
no one around to hear her scream.
She slipped, heard a rattlesnake, fell.
Say all that was left
of her, the bears got.
If you think it's fun to come down here
and fiddle and fuck around,
you think about little Sallie Mae.
- Whatever.
- He's crazy.
Oh, wow.
Are you serious?
That's not a joke?
Guess the hell if it is, I
don't see what's so damn funny.
Something, something funny
around here, Chris Elliott,
you got some jokes to make?
Man, I just...
What about you, cock Nick?
We're up here at the
quarry, having a good time.
Here you come.
What the fuck's your name? Summer's Eve?
That's funny to you?
You're funny man.
- What.
- That's funny.
You wanna know how to shut the fuck up?
You want to know what else is funny?
This right here.
That mean anything to you?
Seen a badge before.
Well, it means a hell
of a lot to the state.
So does trespassing.
There's no signs up here.
Son, I will fucking bite your tongue
right out of your mouth.
Guys, wait time's over,
the time for fucking off
is right now, I can arrest all
three of you, fucking dicks.
I'm not going back to jail, man.
You'll go back, if I say you'll go back.
Look sir, we'll leave okay.
No trouble.
We'll leave, okay.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
That's great, that's great.
I can't wait for you to get-
- Actually guys, we should,
yeah, let's just go.
Actually guys, you
should yeah, you should go.
Come on.
We don't want any trouble.
Okay, let's go, come on.
You don't want trouble? Too late.
Go and put some eyeliner on some more.
Back there.
Come on.
Come on.
It's my quarry.
I would like you to take
the word of God, please,
and turn with me in the Old Testament,
to the book of Isaiah, the 45th chapter.
I'll begin reading at
verse one in Isaiah 45:1.
- $13.80
- All right.
All the
miracles that He performed.
They heard Him say, "Take
up your bed and walk,"
then the lame man walked.
Thank you.
They experienced the blind man
to be able to see.
Then Jesus looked at His
disciples and He said,
"Man, there ain't nothing
you can do more than that."
Hit me, just
a minute for me, okay.
Than to say,
"Take up your bed and walk."
I've given you the power to alter...
"I have holden, subdued nations before Him"
and I will loose the loins of kings
to open before him the two leaved gates
and the gates shall not be shut.
I will go before thee and make
the crooked places straight.
I will break in pieces,
"the gates of brass and cut
in sunder the bars of iron."
"Thou mayest know that I, the Lord,
which call thee by thy name..."
"For Jacob my servant's sake,
and Israel mine elect ..."
Everything all right here, citizens.
Yeah, we-
- I wasn't talking to you!
Everything all right here?
Yes sir.
Keep that away.
Okay, having a good time here...
Have a good day.
Look, we can't do
anything in this stupid town
without being caught.
It's, it's just luck.
Yeah, he's everywhere, he's
the only thing they've got.
Let me give you some advice.
What have you got?
You all be careful out there.
All right.
Go on, run.
Then verse 21.
"Tell ye, and bring them near;"
yea, let them take counsel together:
who hath declared this from ancient time?
Who hath told it from that time?
Have not I the Lord?
And there is no God else beside Me;
a just God and a Savior;
there is none beside Me.
Look unto me, and be ye saved,
all the ends of the earth:
"for I am God, and there is none else."
Booze is here!
I'm sure you alerted
all those ball bears.
Well, ball bears don't go
kicking cans in the quarry.
Hey, we're here, boys!
Did I hear someone say, "Booze"?
Been a long time since
we hanged out like this.
- Well overdue, boys.
- Got out of the city.
I'm just glad to be away
from the kids for a little bit.
Ain't that the truth, not much.
Huh, right, like you have a kid.
Well, never will.
To take care of.
That was your first and last mistake.
Well, it's not a mistake that I made,
I'm not sure about the first.
Well, I think we've got
bigger things to worry about
like bald fish.
Well, ball bearing
kids kicking the cans.
What was that?
Was that guy for real?
He's real, he's real.
Like, what if all the cops
around here are like that?
That's what happens; you grow up a dick,
you gotta be a dick to be a cop,
so you can be a bigger dick,
push around the little people.
It just seemed like
he didn't give a shit.
- Well.
- Oh, he didn't give a shit.
- Well.
- Think we're on twos.
Not only being here, finally getting out,
away from the kids, away from the store,
away from job.
I'm gonna toast throwing
that fuck cop in the quarry.
Hell, fucking hell.
Here's to not getting arrested.
And not getting arrested.
- Amen.
- And not getting arrested.
That we've
Started to find
Our calling
In the half-light
We close our eyes
Letting everything slide
Daylight's much too golden
Let me melt into your
Starry eyes
We're both
Lonely little dreamers
We could hold each other for tonight
Soft and gentle the letter she wrote
The day she pulled away
Soft and gentle she spoke, I love you
Just not this way
It's not you
It is I
It's not me
Fools don't lie
The day we married,
walked the high wall
The sweat did pour
But our eyes were dry
Our ships didn't know it
One day they got it
Soft and gentle the letter she wrote
The day she pulled away
Soft and gentle the letter she wrote
The softest
Of her distress
But I wouldn't take the day back
No, no, not I
But I won't
Take the day back
Distinctive cry
For in her, some knew the story
The story of her loss
The day we do away with her
I hope they cry
I hope they cry
Would you ever get married
When you cry
Now put your arms around me
like a circle round the sun
You know I love you, Papa,
when my easy ride is done
If you don't believe I love you
Look what a fool I've been
If you don't believe I'm sinking
Look what a hole I'm in
Stealin', stealin'
Pretty momma don't you tell on me
'Cause I'm stealin' back
My same old used-to-be
Some man I'm a-lovin'
He's about-a my height
I'm a married woman so
you know I treat him right
If you don't believe I love you
Look what a fool I've been
If you don't believe I'm sinking
Look what a hole I'm in
Stealin', stealin'
Pretty Papa don't tell on me
'Cause I'm stealin' back to my
Same old used-to-be
You really are my favorite duck.
Now I have a real friend.
I'm gonna call you er, Geoffrey.
Brings his very life,
of always whatever he'd like to be called.
Gee whizz.
Baby duck.
Guys, wake up!
Yo, wake up.
Wake up!
Did you all see Valerie?
- No.
- She wait for something?
- Valerie!
- What about her?
She's gone, she's missing.
Well, out in the woods, probably.
Did she go with him?
Yes, my name is Jake Thompson.
I'm up here at the Old Heath cabin.
Er, my car got stolen.
Yeah, we're, I'm up here with some friends
and er, well we er, well, we had some fun
and now my car is gone
and we have no way of
getting back to civilization.
Yeah, it...
All right, thank you.
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
All those things I used to be
The feelings I heard on
before are well known
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
It's an empty space,
it's damned weight
Like I've grown a new head
In the old one's place
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
All those things I used to be
Your feelings I had
before are well known
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
A different person, a
And mine ain't what
they all used to be
Don't put me in an uncrowded room
Oh death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
All those things I used to be
The feelings I had
before are well known
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
Not so innocent, not so sweet
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
Death has taken its toll on me
She's gotta be out here somewhere guys.
You know her, it's not like she...
I know.
You all been out in the woods?
Little fucking around for a long time.
I had myself a little
moksie around the old cabin,
I think I got a couple arrests to make.
See, here's the problem.
If you want to make calls
into the police on a Sunday,
that's my day a-rest.
On the seventh day, God rested
on the eighth they fuck off.
Here's the deal, I need
IDs, I need 'em right now.
Sir, Valerie is the girl
who took us to the quarry,
she's missing, okay.
Wait a minute.
You're the boxcar I cussed
out the quarry, aren't you?
I suppose so.
I bet you didn't think
you'd see me again, would ya?
You're apparently known as Falcon IV.
Can I give you some friendly advice?
- Yeah.
- Check your fucking tones.
De, de, de, de, de.
Come on, you actually put your hands.
We're not trying to start anything.
We just need help.
Sir, our friend is missing, okay,
we need your help.
Okay, let's he's a hothead,
this is, please...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we got a missing person here?
All right, description
of the person, please.
You know,
she's about yay tall,
with brown hair.
How far is yay tall?
- Five foot five, six-ish.
- Five foot, five.
Brown hair.
When was the last time you saw her?
- Last night.
- Last night.
What time?
- Ten.
- Eleven.
Right, I think I have
everything I need here.
What I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna take this,
and I'm gonna file it
in the proper location.
You're not doing anything with that.
I'm not doing anything with this?
Was that doing something?
Hey, hey!
Hey, you want to stand up on me,
I'm an officer of the law.
I don't give a shit.
Tell you what, tell you what.
I'm gonna go back to the office,
I'm gonna file some paperwork,
I'm gonna file it in duplicate.
Yeah, you do that, thanks.
Have fun fucking off.
I gotta be
Luckiest girl around
Tonight is of meaning
I don't speak to you
It will almost coming on time
Can such beauty
Come out of it so rarely
Someone took me and left me
In a heavier grave
Two more verses
Extreme conflict
But you are in confidence in me
Don't wear powder
Nothing me heart tingling
My burning cost her
You and you and me
It is today and these are mere tokens
What I'd want to give to you
Though I wish I could work on you
Form concentrated oiling
Of my life
Clear and concerned
It's grand reality to revere
The most wonderful
Love I know
What wouldn't I do to
have a woman like you
There's nobody here to
hold my heart like you do
And if it were up to me, I'd
take the next early train
To come back over and see you again
And what wouldn't I
do to have you back
Along for another few
miles down the track
And to curl up beside when
the night's dreary and dark
To hold me close and
mend my weary heart
What wouldn't I do to get to know you
Another letter, then I already do
And to follow that
road to whatever end
An eternity or round the next bend
Yeah, what wouldn't I do
to catch your sweet lips
And smell your skin I surely miss
And that squint of your
eye when you offer a smile
It could carry me through
any ordeal or trial
Oh, what wouldn't I
do to forget about you
Well, it'd sure be
easier if I hadn't a clue
They honor somewhere
is a love that I lost
And that I would have
kept, no matter the cost
Well, what wouldn't I
do for that sweet bliss
And that is not known
when it isn't meant
And to each the Lord
bears down on my stride
Say notice my darling,
I've surely tried
My chamber is empty
and hollow and dark
My mind is a mess
and broke is my heart
As I wait and I whisper
a song about her
Imagine the wind that
blows with her curls
And I'll tell you that
story of how I came to be
Well we walked alongside,
for a while, she and me
And what wouldn't I do to ride again
So I could change the way that it ends
So I could change the way that it ends
Excuse me?
Can I have your attention please?
Detective Baldwin, local police,
got a few questions for yer.
We got a little bit of a situation.
You got some kids finger fucking
around, down at the quarry,
fiddle-farting around in a cabin
they shouldn't have been in
and we got a missing girl here, now.
She's got a brown hair or something.
Her name's Mallory or Valerie, cunt face,
real, real shitty looking
face the whole time.
Have you seen her?
That's all you've got for me, uh-uh?
Well shake your head, no.
You can't speak up?
You got an officer of
the law, standing here,
looking at your dead fuck in the eyes
and you can't even
mutter a sentence to me?
Are you some kind of arsehole, sir?
You retarded, boy?
You see this?
Do you recognize this?
This cost more than that shit weasel car
you're driving around right now, boy.
I work for the city and the state.
You think I want to be here
fucking around with you?
Where the fuck do you think you're going?
Going inside, just gonna walk away
from an officer of the law?
You think you're just,
you're just going inside?
What the fuck am I
supposed to do with this?
You wash your hands?
Listen, let me ask you something.
Who takes care of you?
Surely you don't wipe your arse yourself.
Right down there.
You live in there?
'70s vinyl.
'70s vinyl?
You telling me about '70s vinyl?
Right, '70s vinyl.
Son, you must be some kind of retard.
You live down there?
You want me to come take
a look at your vinyl?
Back that way.
Tell you what, I'd like
to see how a retard lives,
let's take a look.
It might be, it might be
worth a laugh if nothing else.
Lead the way there, paunch.
'70s vinyl.
Is this it?
Is this where you live?
What are you, the people
under the fucking stairs?
Excuse me.
Well dog my cats.
Huh, it's awesome.
Son, I underestimated you,
you got a whole set up here.
Well, holy shit,
Summer's Eve.
I bet you didn't think
you'd see me again, did you?
Where'd you find this one?
What's that?
Are you gonna smart off to me now?
You got a lot to say, now?
You had a big mouth when
your friends were around.
Can I tell you a secret, I'm
gonna tell you something.
Your fuckin' friends are dead.
I'm gonna show you their insides.
Fuckin' throw them in that
quarry, that's my quarry.
God damn
Copernicus, look at these wraps.
Fuckin' teach yourself
in here or something?
You want some?
You don't feed 'em too much do you, here.
Have some.
- Uh-uh.
- Uh-uh?
Uh-hu there, eat it!
Eat it, oh that's good.
That one?
I outta teach you how to speak.
Well, this one's about half zombified.
Gonna gangrene if she has.
That's fine, we'll just
stick that one there
until she er, takes care of herself.
God damn.
This is awesome.
This is awesome!
I would dream about
having a place like this,
I never knew, I never knew how to do it.
And you got the whole
set up, I mean, you know,
it's a little grandma in
here, but we could fix that.
Get a fucking "Hot Rod" poster up there.
God damn, listen, here's your deal.
I got this fuckin' badge, man.
Hah, we can do whatever we want,
we can start a fucking empire.
We could do this for a living.
You know what, guys would come
and pay to come down here.
They'd pay to come down here
and fuck with these bitches.
We could do it, we could
do it big, for real.
Mm-hm, does that...
Listen, if we're gonna do this,
if we're going to be
partners in this thing,
I'm gonna need you to talk a little bit.
- Uh-huh.
- All right.
That a deal?
Listen, can I tell you a secret?
I never liked these
fucking things until today.
Think they look good?
Don't wanna talk about it now.
God damn it.
Shit, hold on.
Fuck your bud, I got the
badge, don't worry about it.
Bring her back, we'll take
down those missing signs.
One side,
Whoo, whoa, halt!
Give us that badge, yeah.
Hold it right there.
Na, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh no, that's trespass you know.
Detective Baldwin, I'm with the police,
this just can't go here,
you've gotta move along.
It's just a missing girl.
Yeah, well I'd like to have you missing
from the premises, ma'am.
Go on, get out of here,
that's litter actually.
I'm very sorry.
Yeah, yeah, you are very sorry.
O lover,
I fought the darkness and it won
I went about
But now they are looking for me
I can't say he wouldn't
and I don't know how
'Cause I lost a friend
in the night honest hour
My friend in the
storm of death brewing
Yet steal
All I had like you
I'll wrap up your wings
Saw you,
Stay with me