She Who Must Burn (2015) Movie Script

Can I help you?
Do you have an appointment?
Doctor, there's somebody here who doesn't
have an appointment. It's a man.
Hi, can I help you?
- Dr. Anderson?
The path of the righteous
man is beset from all sides.
The inequities of the selfish,
the tyranny of evil.
OK, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.
But you... you will know
that I am the Lord
when I lay my vengeance
down upon you.
And this is the vengeance
of the Lord, say I.
Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost,
but now am found.
Was blind,
but now I see.
Who is it?
Don't get it.
I gotta get it.
I gotta get it.
No, you don't!
No, you don't!
Yes, I do!
You don't.
Oh, morning, Sheriff.
Uh, I was... uh,
I was just leaving.
Oh, OK, yeah, I'll be right in.
OK, OK, bye.
All right.
The Sheriff says hi.
So have you, uh,
made any decisions yet?
Yeah, the state pulled out,
but I'm not leaving.
Why didn't you tell me?
They cut the funding?
All of it.
They're not driving me out.
Yeah, those women need you.
What'd the Sheriff want?
Uh, there's a storm coming.
He just wants to make
sure we're prepared.
Well, you better get a move on.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, you're the only
one with a job now.
Oh, a sugar daddy.
Beat it, sugar.
Thou shall not kill the unborn!
Killer! Killer!
Don't touch that!
Get off the lawn.
Your judgment day is coming!
Thou shall not kill the unborn!
Killer! Killer!
Thou shall not kill the unborn!
- Abortion is murder!
Thou shall not kill the unborn!
Thou shall not kill the unborn!
Your wife is a killer!
Your wife is a killer!
You're a killer!
- Baby killer!
You're all killers! Murderers!
Murderers! Murderers!
Uh, yeah, it's fresh.
How's the storm doing?
It's a mean one.
It'll be on top of
us in a day or too.
You make a decision?
Angela wants to stay,
so we're gonna stay.
Is that so?
That's so.
Well, that's the wrong decision.
I don't think you appreciate the minds of
the people that you're dealing with here.
How many protesters did
you have on your front lawn
the other day?
Three or four?
Well, next week it's
going to be 30 or 40.
What are you gonna do then?
Abraham Baarker
is in jail for murder.
That's not a joke.
I know.
His victims were two doctors that worked at
clinics like the one that Angela works at.
Angela is not a doctor.
She's just counseling
these people, helping them.
Get out of my chair.
Come on, up.
The church and
the mining company
are in bed with the state.
You realize that, right?
How do you think
the funding got cut?
You and Angela
live out of wedlock,
flaunting your relationship
in front of everybody.
Angela hands out birth control
pills from your house.
How much longer do
you think these people
are gonna play nice?
Sheriff, it's a free country.
- Where?
- Here.
You don't know these people.
You don't know Angela.
You're an idiot if you think
that they're gonna let some...
nurse sass them.
Am I missing something here?
We're the law, not them.
You're not that stupid.
You can't win, Mac.
We're not leaving.
How long has it been there?
I noticed it a couple weeks ago.
And has it changed in
shape or size at all?
Joan, it's OK.
They've gone for the day.
Does it hurt?
Yeah, a little.
I really think you
need to see a doctor.
Because you need to go somewhere
where they can run the proper tests.
Well, aren't you a doctor?
I'm not a doctor, Joan.
I'm a counselor.
Well, I... I can't.
I don't have insurance.
I gotta work.
Well, there's a clinic
in Shelby.
That's a half-day's drive away.
My car won't make it.
You need to go.
I... I can't.
Do you hear me? What... what?
Are you gonna lend me the money?
- Listen.
I... I can't.
I can't... I can't
leave Annie by herself.
Joan, I'm gonna arrange a ride
for you and somewhere for you
to stay overnight
with your daughter.
Annie can go with you.
The tests are going to
take a couple of days,
and the clinic will
cover all of your costs.
I need you to trust me.
It's not worth dying over.
Do you understand that
our child will die at birth,
and I will lose Mary?
God will decide.
The doctor says...
God will decide.
Do you believe in God?
Do you?
Do you love Jesus?
I love Jesus, and I will follow
Him wherever He leads me.
What about our girls?
The Lord is my Shepherd.
He lies my down
in fields of green.
He leads me along quiet waters.
He replenishes my soul.
He guides me along the right
path for His names' sake.
Even though I walk
through the Valley of Death,
I fear no evil
for Thou is with me.
Thy rod and thy staff
protect me.
You prepare a table for me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil.
My cup runs over.
Surely, Your goodness
and Your love
will follow me all of my days,
and I will live forever
in the House of the Lord.
I've been a religious man
my whole life.
Jeremiah, this isn't that.
Will you do anything
to save your Immortal soul?
You OK?
You're OK.
OK, push. OK, push.
OK, OK, almost there.
OK, OK, almost there.
He's coming. Oh.
Caleb, give me my baby.
Give me my baby!
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
Children, go as I send thee.
How shall I send thee?
I shall send thee
three by three.
How is Rebecca?
God is with her.
What are you doing?
Not much,
just folding some laundry.
Oh, no, leave... leave it.
I'll do it.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I don't think I say that enough.
That's not true.
Well, you are.
Thank you.
I received a sign tonight.
The Lord wants us
to have a child.
I don't know.
You don't know what?
I just... I...
I don't know if I want to.
Not tonight.
Margaret, come on.
I just don't want to.
I don't care.
How are you?
I love you.
I'm a lucky man to have you.
We did what
we had to do tonight.
We made a child.
There isn't gonna be a child.
I'm on the pill.
Why'd you make me do this?
Oh, why'd you make me do this?
So I've got services
in Hazleton and Mayville today.
Have I told you about
the people in Hazleton?
They're just the most steadfast,
devout parish
I think I've ever been to.
Salt of the earth.
I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, my God, Margaret,
are you all right?
Have a seat.
I'm leaving him.
Can you help me?
Yes, I can.
They'll take you somewhere safe.
He's gonna find me.
You'll be safe. I promise.
I'm so scared.
They'll take you somewhere
where he won't find you.
That's all we need
to worry about right now.
We'll think about
everything else later.
You just have to leave, OK?
Thank you.
I need you to come
over right now.
Have you seen Margaret?
No, why?
Because I came home,
and she's not here.
I don't know where she is.
Well, where could she be?
I don't know. I don't know.
I went to church yesterday.
I came back, and she's not here.
She's just gone!
Everything in the house is gone.
Her clothes are gone.
I don't know.
She's been acting
very strange lately.
What do you know, Caleb?
What are you hiding?
She's been
acting very different.
Something's changed in her, and I
intend to find out what it is.
Caleb, you're hiding something!
She hasn't been praying lately.
She hasn't been praying with me.
She hasn't been going to church.
What, Caleb?
Caleb, what are you hiding?
I don't...
Talk. Talk!
I saw her. I saw her.
- What?
- What?
At the clinic.
She was, uh, in a van with
one of the old clinic workers.
I see.
And that woman
was there too, from the clinic,
that Angela.
So what did you do?
I didn't do anything.
I... I was walking,
and they were in the van.
You coward.
You talk big, Caleb,
but you can act.
No, I... I can't...
I wonder if you
have what it takes?
You just let her leave?
What do you want me to do?
I couldn't do anything.
What did you want me to do?
Stop them!
You should have stood
in front of the car,
and let them run you over.
No, you weren't there.
You're no Christian.
You're a coward.
A Baarker wouldn't
let that happen.
I can be better.
Then why didn't you do anything?
You're no soldier of God.
I am.
Then why didn't
you say anything?
I'll be better.
You make me sick!
Don't you know that those
who stand by and watch
sin being committed are worse
than the ones committing it?
Do you?
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I need you
to be stronger, Caleb.
We're gonna be tested.
You cannot fail again.
Let's pray.
Dear God, please forgive us
for the sins we've committed.
Morning, Sheriff.
Morning, Errol.
Just finish the night shift?
How'd you make out?
Five loads.
Wanted more, but the water
pressure on the drill quit on us.
One of the lines froze over.
Five is all right.
Yeah, boss man don't think so.
Cough sounds like
it's getting worse.
You guys shutting
down for the storm?
What do you mean?
They want us to work through.
No coal, no pay.
All right.
My brother's up in Allendale.
He works the line up there.
They got hit by this storm.
Three men died.
Yeah, I heard.
Terry says this
is the worst storm
we've seen since we were kids.
Yeah, '76.
That's the one.
Bad as that.
Yeah, says they were
setting some pillars.
Water softened the ground.
They couldn't get anything in.
Roof comes down on top of them.
- It's terrible.
- Yeah.
You best stay out
'til it passes, Errol.
Like I said, Sheriff,
no work, no pay.
I got 10 guys in behind me
wanting to take my shift.
Got a mortgage and kids.
You know they cut
our benefits in half.
I got no choice.
Too old to do
something else, Sheriff.
Yeah, me too, Errol.
You have a good day, Sheriff.
Get that cough looked at.
You payin'?
Have a seat.
I'll just, uh...
I'm, uh, fine standing.
Is Mary with you?
No, she's not.
How is everything?
I don't know what to do.
She, uh... she's getting worse.
She won't change her mind.
What's happening?
Her, uh... she's pale.
Her appetite is gone.
I, um... I found
blood in the toilet.
She needs to seek medical
attention immediately.
Yeah, I know
Is she willing to die over this?
Because that's what's
going to happen here.
Isn't there anything you can do?
I can talk to her,
and I can council her
to get the procedure, but...
How about the law?
This is a decision that
she has to make for herself.
You know, maybe you can...
you can write something up
saying she's unstable.
Maybe we
get the courts involved.
Force her to get care!
I'm afraid that is
not how this works.
Well, I've tried everything.
I've talked to her over and
over, and she won't listen.
She... she... she thinks she's
going against... I don't know.
She, uh... she says
she's willing to die.
I can't lose her,
you know, I can't.
I'm sorry.
No, you don't have to apologize.
I don't know what to do.
This is my family,
and I'm, uh... powerless.
And the church has no
flexibility on their stance?
No, none.
Daryl... you can't give up.
You need to keep talking to her.
You need her to
understand what this is
gonna do to your family.
I was religious all my life.
Been raised that way
since I can remember,
and I know that this isn't
sinning in the eyes of God.
I don't care what any book
or any man says.
This isn't that.
You need to leave this place.
You need to think
about your children.
You need to go somewhere else.
You can get another job.
Something isn't right here.
Get outta here!
Get off my property!
It's illegal for you to
come on this property.
I'm gonna say it one last
time... get off my property!
You're not allowed to be here.
I'm gonna say it one last time...
get off my property!
I'm gonna say it one last time.
You wanna play,
you piece of shit?
You throw that, and I
will bash his head in.
Whoa, whoa, enough.
We're not a violent people.
You tell them that.
Please, Angela.
They're breaking the law
by being on my property.
You get them off of my lawn.
OK, everyone, that's enough.
You can go.
There we go, OK?
What do you want?
I just want to come
in and talk to you.
Angela, please.
They're gone.
It's just me and you.
We can settle this inside.
It'll take no time at all.
You have five minutes.
Your people are breaking
the law by being on my lawn.
Not only that, but
they're throwing shit
at me and my house.
What the fuck do you want?
I think you know.
I want my wife back.
Where is she?
I want the address
where you sent her.
I think this would be a lot
better for everyone involved
if we just settled this
right now.
I think it's time for you to go.
You have no right to come
between a man and his family.
Your wife came to see me.
Where is she?
You beat her.
I would never do that.
I saw her face.
She told me everything.
What happens between my wife
and I is none of your business.
Like rape?
I have every right to
perform my conjugal duties.
Rape is rape no matter
what you want to call it.
We're here to procreate.
What happens here, the sins
committed in this place,
that's why our children
are dying.
The shit that the mine
is pumping into the water
is what is hurting
the children, not me.
You're just a woman.
You couldn't possibly
understand the church's views
on marital union.
And when did the church
say that it's OK for a man
to beat his wife for
using birth control?
Premier objective of the
union is to procreate.
It's a man's divine right
to fulfill this objective.
- Says you.
- Says God.
A woman has the right to do
what she chooses
with her own body.
Our bodies belong
to the one who gave us life.
I don't believe this shit.
Where is she?
I'm not telling you anything.
I think you will.
I think it's time for you
to get out of my house now.
You know my sister Rebecca
and her husband Caleb?
Rebecca recently
lost another child.
I heard.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You should be.
God is punishing us for the sins
committed in this land,
sins that you are committing
in this house.
It's time for you to go.
All of you get out of my house.
Take her outside!
Now... I'm gonna give
you one more chance.
Where's my wife?
It will be a cold day in hell
before I tell you anything.
You're gonna burn
in a lake of fire.
And you're going to see that
the hell you're going to...
is far from frozen.
Hey, Mom.
Um, when are we going?
Oh, we're just
waiting for the van.
What? What's up? What happened?
I'm scared.
Don't be frightened.
Are you gonna die?
I promise, I promise
I'm gonna be all right.
I promise you.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I told you to come here today
because I won't have another
chance to see you again.
I'm being transferred
to Pelican Bay.
I don't know if I
can live without you.
God will show you the way.
How come you can't
be here anymore?
I've been declared
a dangerous criminal.
I'm to be put in isolation,
allowed no visitors.
Well, how will we
get in touch with you?
Don't worry.
I've taken care of everything.
Caleb... why didn't you
stop that car?
You never do anything
you have to do.
Why haven't you done
anything about that clinic
that continues to
murder unborn babies?
I'm sorry.
You've never done anything.
You've never
accomplished anything.
And you have strayed
from our message.
Your preachings have
suffered for it.
I see the seed of doubt in you.
When did you receive the spirit?
The spirit comes to those
who do His bidding...
and it last touched me
when I pulled the trigger.
It flowed over me
like warm honey.
I feel it too.
I am moved by it.
Do you understand?
Yes... yes, you see it.
I see it.
What do you see?
Joan Lincoln has taken
her 13-year-old daughter
across state lines
to get an abortion...
on the advice of the woman
who took your wife from you.
crew, having a check point now.
What are you prepared to do?
Through this world
of toil and snare...
if I falter,
Lord, who cares?
Who with me my burden
my burden shares?
None but Thee, dear Lord,
none but Thee.
Just a closer...
He wants us to burn her.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm glad you're home.
Had a rough morning
at the clinic.
What happened?
The protesters were
back in full force.
They were throwing shit
and yelling at me.
Jeremiah was in here
threatening me after his sister,
or whatever she is,
tried to bash me with her cane.
They were in the house?
Yeah, in the office.
What are you doing?
What do you think I'm doing?
I'm gonna go talk
to those bastards.
Babe, I just want you
to stay here with me.
I'll be back.
Hey, Sheriff,
it's Angela calling.
Um, yeah, no,
Mac just ran out of here.
He's going to find Jeremiah
Baarker, and he's really upset.
No, I... I don't know.
I just thought
maybe you could...
OK... thank you.
Mac... Mac, where are you?
Mac, don't do anything stupid.
Let's go.
Get up.
You got a lot of nerve
threatening a woman like that.
Just... just calm down, Officer.
I... I just want
to find my wife.
Your wife?
She's left you.
And... and... and I intend
to get her back.
Let me make something
perfectly clear.
If you ever go near Angela
again, I will kill you.
I understand that you're upset,
but I would be very careful about
what you're saying right now.
Fuck you!
You're threatening a pastor.
You could lose your badge
for that.
If you go near Angela
again, I will kill you.
She's gonna
get what's coming to her,
and there's nothing that you or
anyone else can do to stop me, OK?
What the hell are you doing?
Are you insane?
Get in your car... now.
Thank you, Sheriff.
I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I think he's just...
I don't know what the hell is going on
with you two, but it's gotta cool down...
all right?
Of course, yeah,
he's clearly upset.
Sheriff, thank you.
All right, here,
I'll give you a lift home.
No, the beach.
Isn't it beautiful?
Can I help you?
I don't think so.
I want you get off my property.
Mom, what's going on?
It's OK, honey.
Please just leave.
We have to talk to you first.
I don't think so.
You're going to pay
for what you've done.
Just go.
Run! Run, run!
We know what you did, Joan.
We know you took her
to have her baby killed.
Both of you are sinners.
The mother of God weeps
for the baby you murdered.
What are you talking about?
How would you feel if
we killed your daughter?
- No! No, no, no! No!
- No! No! No!
- No! No!
- No, no, no!
Why? Why'd you do it, Joan?
You killed one.
Why not another?
- No, no! No! No! No, no, no!
- No! No! No!
Why'd you do it?
Why'd you take her to
have her baby killed?
No! I... No!
I just went there because
I had a lump in my breast.
She's lying!
No, I'm not.
I thought I had cancer.
You've gotta believe me!
No, you gotta believe me!
I thought I had cancer!
There was no abortion.
For God's sake, let her go!
- It's a sin!
- Leave her alone!
What you did is a sin.
Mommy, no!
I believe.
I believe in God.
I believe in the church.
Oh, my God, what'd I do?
What's wrong with you people?
Oh, my God, no!
Are you a soldier of God?!
Do it!
- Mommy!
- Do it!
Do it, Caleb!
Oh, my God!
No, please, no!
No! No!
Angela! Angela!
Annie, what happened?
What's wrong?
She's dead.
They killed her.
Who's dead? Who?
Mom! Mom!
They killed her.
Mom! They...
Come here.
Calm down.
No! No! They killed her!
I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you.
I need you to calm down for me. I'm going
to help you, OK? We can call the sheriff.
No, you have to
help me right now!
I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you.
You need to tell me what happened.
Just take a deep breath.
Just take a deep breath.
- No, you need...
I'm gonna help. Shh.
I'm gonna call the sheriff, OK?
- No! You...
Right now! No!
I'm gonna call Mac.
I'm gonna call Mac, OK?
Mac is going to
come and help us.
I can't do anything. You need
to tell me what happened.
Where are they?
- They cut her throat.
- Who did?
- The three of them!
Sheriff's Department.
Slow down.
Where is she now?
OK, just stay there, OK?
Stay there.
- What's going on?
- It was Angela.
She's got Annie
Lincoln at the clinic.
She says she saw Caleb
Baarker kill her mother.
- What?
- Yeah.
Annie saw this?
- Yeah, I guess.
- Where?
I don't know.
At the house.
I'll check the barn.
She's probably at
work or something.
She's not here.
Can we get to the clinic now?
All right.
Hey, hey, get away
from the door!
Am I doing something wrong?
Mac, give me the gun!
Get back.
You, get over by the car.
OK, Sheriff.
Get over by the car.
Let's go!
- Absolutely.
God bless.
You two, over there.
God bless you, Sheriff.
Real nice, Sheriff.
I'll check on the girls.
Angela, it's me!
I'm coming in.
Is she OK?
No... she just saw
her mother killed.
Sheriff is talking to
the Baarker's right now.
I don't care what he's doing.
We need to get her
somewhere safe.
We have to go.
- OK, hold on.
Mac, I'm serious.
They've been trying to get in here.
We need to go.
We need to bring her somewhere.
Sweetie, hey, Annie,
sweetie, Mac's here.
He's gonna take us to the car.
We're gonna go somewhere safe.
- No.
- Sweetie, you're OK.
Sheriff, we just
came by to see how she was...
Enough's enough.
Enough trouble for one day, OK?
Go home.
It's OK.
Don't even look at them.
Let's go.
- Come on.
Don't look at them.
It's OK.
Get away. Get away!
Just keep your head down.
Put your head down.
It's OK. It's OK.
I'm getting in with you.
We're OK.
Caleb, step away from
the front of the car.
There's a major storm coming.
It's already killed seven
people in Sussex County.
I want everyone to go home now.
Everyone, let's go.
Very happy with you.
What are you doing?
Just relax.
They're just going to go home
and ride out the storm.
They're not going anywhere.
We've got eyewitness
testimony here.
Come here.
I told you this would happen.
I told you.
I warned you.
What do you want me to do now?
Take Angela and the girl,
and get out of here.
Get ahead of the storm,
but you gotta go now!
When we get back, we're doing
a full investigation.
Mac, take this.
- Shit. Fuck.
- What is it?
Just keep your head down.
Stop the car.
Shit, Mac.
Stay here.
Just stay down.
We just want the girl.
You're not getting her.
Officer, put the gun down.
Like hell.
Look out!
Get out of the car.
Annie, get out of the car.
Come on, come on.
They're running!
They're coming!
Quick, quick, quick, quick!
Mac, you awake?
Sit up.
Look at me.
- What happened?
- Look at me.
Oh, my head.
- Shh.
She's taken care of.
Don't try to get up.
It's OK.
Where is she?
You'll see her soon enough.
I need to see her.
She'll be waiting for you.
In hell!
Keep running!
You're OK. You're OK.
Please don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
Please don't leave.
Please don't.
I don't feel it anymore.
Good, good.
It's OK.
That's good. That's good.
I'm cold.
You're OK.
You're OK.
You're OK.
Hey, you're OK.
I feel so...
You're OK.
Get away from me!
Don't touch me!
Wish I didn't have to do this.
Wish I didn't have
to do any of this.
But you gotta understand
that's it's not up to me.
This is God's will.
We all have to pay for our sins.
Just a closer walk with Thee...
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea.
Daily walking close to Thee.
Let it be, dear Lord, let it be.
- Get away from me, Caleb.
- Sheriff, please!
Get away from me.