She Will (2021) Movie Script

[water splashes]
[woman] It's become my ritual.
Putting the layers on.
Every mask has a function.
The eyes.
The cheeks.
The lips.
This mask
is about preservation.
[ticking speeds up]
[ticking speeds up further]
[ticking stops]
[train rattles]
[indistinct chatter]
[door shuts]
[woman] It's a solitary retreat.
[children chatter]
[woman] I expect premium service
from my medical insurance
and you're giving me
substandard care.
Well, is she even qualified?
If I'm found dead in my bed,
you'll know who's to blame.
[young woman tuts]
Seriously, this woman.
I'd rather be in cold Scotland
than tabloid bait in London.
-Mrs Ghent?
-What is it?
How are you feeling?
[sighs] Hello? Hello?
[young woman] Have you eaten?
You need to have food
before you have pills.
I'll skip the food.
Will you all please stop
telling me what to do?
Breakfast of movie stars.
Forgotten ones, obviously.
[train horn]
[train horn]
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right, Veronica.
[breathes heavily]
It's too soon for you
to be wearing prosthetics.
What would you know?
[distant sound of train]
[baby coos]
[young woman] Is it a hotel?
[Veronica] No, it's a retreat.
A solitary retreat.
[young woman]
Solitary, as in no one?
[Veronica] That is
the accepted definition, yes.
[young woman]
You should be resting at home.
I signed a waiver. Don't worry.
You're off the hook.
[young woman]
Why are we going so far away?
because it is so far away.
I like to be left alone, really.
Tell me if you have
any pain or discomfort.
Do I look like an infant?
-You've just had...
-A mastectomy.
Not a lobotomy.
All I need from you are bandages
and the occasional bath.
Of course.
[brakes squeak]
[door creaks]
[doorbell rings]
You missed
the housekeeping tour,
but there's
still some champagne.
The other guests
are in the gallery.
Other guests? I don't do groups.
I'm afraid the solo retreats
only run in the summer.
They alternate with silent yoga.
[man] Oh, my gosh.
[man 2]
Friends, friends, friends.
Let us welcome La Dama.
Is that an actress?
[man 2] Last but not least.
Navajo Frontier.
And you are?
This is Tirador, the artist.
I'm Arturo Tirador.
I prefer to think of myself
as a teacher.
[snaps fingers]
My homeopath told me
this was a women's retreat.
Don't be fooled by the flowers.
[whispers] I'm a feminist.
-[camera clicks]
-For our website.
Art purifies the soul.
Frees the body,
not just the mind.
It's such an honour
to meet you.
-Navajo Frontier was...
-I was just trying to remember.
The authenticity. The pathos.
I have so many questions
I need to ask you.
Oh, God! This is a nightmare.
Keep these people away from me.
[young woman] Please. Mrs Ghent
has a headache, please.
There's nothing to stop people
having good manners.
Tell the chauffeur
we're leaving.
[distant siren wails]
[reporter] As film legend,
Eric Hathbourne,
was due to receive a knighthood
for his services
to film and TV,
he comments,
"I always look to the future
and right now, for me,
that's the remake
of 'Navajo Frontier'."
The 1969 film famously starred
iconic 13-year-old
Veronica Ghent.
The retired
and controversial star,
who recently underwent
a successful operation
was not available for comment.
Sources close to her indicate
she will be spending some time
in an undisclosed retreat
to recover.
The question now is who
will be able to fill her shoes?
The nationwide search
for young actresses
between ten and 14
is well underway,
as hundreds of hopefuls
line up in front of the studio.
[man] Couldn't my daughter
easily play that role?
[reporter] More this Thursday
with Podrick Lochran.
This is a black spot.
Offer you a landline,
but the poles have blown down.
I need to... We need to leave.
My patient, Mrs Ghent,
isn't feeling well.
She might feel better
by morning.
The pyramid is life.
We begin on all fours
and rise to a single point.
I take the energy into myself.
I give it to you. Take it.
All the roads are flooded.
We can't go yet.
You wanna see
how you feel tomorrow?
[sighs] Christ.
[whispers] What are they doing?
You might have noticed
it's raining.
You're gonna need boots.
If you've not got boots,
there's boots by the door.
This is the Highlands.
Go wandering in the mountains
alone at your own risk.
It's a dark field.
The water supply
comes from a spring,
so don't be surprised
if there's peat in it.
You're gonna
be drinking it anyway.
-[man] How revolting.
-[man] Enjoy?
Just need the famine,
the pestilence.
We'll have
our very own apocalypse.
Did she say "dark field"?
[Tirador] Friends, friends,
friends, friends.
The gods are honouring us
with a once-in-a-hundred-year
The stars are aligned.
[wind gusts]
[woman] Gie dreich.
Stoating's stopped.
So, is everyone else staying
in the main house?
Aye. It's just youse out here.
What's that?
[woman] Nighean's Wall.
Commemorating the burnt.
Aye, there's about 3,000
tried in these parts.
[Veronica] It's not creepy.
It's tragic.
[woman] It was the year
of the last burning.
Two man-eating women
lived in this place.
Mother and daughter.
[door creaks]
Real cosy.
Here. Goodnight.
[door slams]
[Veronica] Charming.
Scout camp.
With a touch of Guantnamo.
No point.
It's a dark field, remember?
We really are
in the middle of nowhere.
Like the beginning
of one of those horror movies.
The young ingnue, you,
is brought somewhere remote
to be sacrificed
in an horrendous way.
To feed an aging community
that refuses to die.
That sounds a lot like
Homerton Hospital on a Monday.
-Can I help you?
Are you sure? I'm here to help.
[Veronica] Just leave me...
Okey-dokey. You just give me
a holler if you need anything.
-[water stops running]
-Oh, don't wet your bandages.
[Veronica exhales]
[exhales deeply]
[wind whistles]
[indistinct voice]
Would you do anything?
You really scared me there.
I don't know. It just...
It hit me. This feeling.
I'm just glad you're all right.
I'm gonna get my medical bag.
[exhales deeply]
[sighs deeply]
[wind whistles]
Oh. Gross.
You gotta be kidding me.
[water runs]
How are you feeling?
God, there was mud everywhere
when I woke up this morning.
I had a strange dream.
It was so real.
[young woman]
Did you take the Ambien?
No. No need.
[young woman]
It is very common for people
to have anxiety
around sleep in recovery.
You wanna tell me
a little bit about your dream?
I'd like a coffee instead.
Shall I help you do your hair?
I like your necklace.
It's my mother's.
[young woman]
Painting this morning.
"En plein air."
"Technique advocated
by the French Impressionists."
Fresh air will be good for you.
-It might even be a bit of fun.
-Wouldn't be fun at all.
God forbid.
How do you take it?
One sugar.
[teaspoon clinks]
You should go.
You came all this way.
-For God's sake.
-What else are you gonna do?
I am not going to do
the wretched group activity.
what do they call that haircut?
Anarchist with a day job?
I don't think this is a day job.
This place feels familiar.
As if I recognise it.
As if I've been here before.
[young woman] I told you
it would be good for you.
Sometimes I feel
Like a motherless child
A long way from my home
[Veronica] What are you singing?
[young woman] Don't know.
Just popped into my head.
You're pretty talented.
[young woman chuckles] I'm not.
[Veronica] You could
do something with that.
[young woman] No, I couldn't.
[Veronica] Look at you.
You could be anything.
[young woman] No, I couldn't.
[birds squawking]
Buenos dias.
-Good morning.
Oh, can you get my glasses?
I'm literally
drawing blind here.
[Tirador] Now, remember,
don't draw the landscape.
Let the landscape draw you.
Fire. Fuego.
Fire is the blood of the earth.
And this, this charcoal
comes from this land. Use it.
Feel this view with your heart,
with your whole body.
Feel the energy of the earth
pass through your feet,
through your toes, up your legs,
your sexual organs.
All that baggage, throw it away.
-[woman laughs]
-[Tirador] Shh, shh.
[Veronica] Ah, the shrill mating
call of the female divorcee.
an otherwise tranquil vista.
The tranquillity
is an illusion, dear lady.
One hundred years ago,
this whole area
was a hive of industry.
Charcoal mounds on every hill.
Smoke, sweat and fire.
[woman] You'd never guess.
It's so, er...
I was going
to say peaceful.
And then of course,
there were the women
who used to come here
for... therapeutic purposes.
[woman] Why?
[Tirador] The earth was thought
to have healing properties
due to the very high proportion
of human ashes
from the women
who were burned as witches.
[Tirador] Continue!
[man] Actually, cremated remains
are not without
their nutritional value.
Calcium phosphates, sodium
and potassium nitrates, carbon.
Depends on the original
body composition.
[woman] Can we please
stop talking about this?
It's not very conducive.
You can't take the man
out of the classroom...
-Is everything all right?
-Won't she ever stop talking?
[door opens]
[metal clanking]
-You work here?
-What's your excuse?
You should have knocked.
My mistake.
How do you like the cabin?
Not a lot of people use it.
I didn't imagine
it was very popular,
with the mud leakages.
along with everything else.
You know, the, er...
[sighs] The rumours.
-Old wives' tales.
-Love those.
Yeah, I know.
It's a pretty ridiculous weapon.
-Owen, by the way.
-Right. Desi.
You find yourself
at the pub later, I'm buying.
-Which pub?
-Which pub? [chuckles]
Good one.
I'll see ya.
[indistinct chatter]
It's important to leave
your mark on the land.
[Desi] Here are your glasses.
I don't know
what to make of it either.
[Desi] It's different.
[man] Sorry. Time to go.
One of youse needs a lift?
I'll walk.
[birds chirp]
Would you go back and relive
your childhood if you could?
[Desi] Not even if you paid me.
Would you?
I'll walk back to the cabin
on my own.
-[birds' wings flap]
[bird's wings flutter]
[bird chirps]
[indistinct chatter
in the distance]
[girl] I know.
Let's play blind man!
Turn east, turn west, turn
around three times and catch me.
-[branches snap]
-[breathes heavily]
[girl whispers] Here I am.
Do you think I'm pretty?
[whispering voices]
[whispers] Let's play blind man.
Turn east, turn west,
turn around three times
and try to catch me.
I want to cry.
[Desi] Mrs Ghent.
Are you OK?
[sniffs] Come on.
Come on. This way.
Any pain?
Every pain.
I'm having
dark thoughts, though.
It's normal. Everyone has them.
I mean, really dark thoughts.
You need to rest.
This time, take these.
They'll help you sleep better.
Come on.
I'll see you in the morning.
[wind whistles]
[wind whistles]
[faint voice]
Thank you.
[woman] Going live
in five, four, three, two...
[announcer] He's made
every film you've ever loved.
We are delighted to welcome
to "Late Night Live
With Podrick Lochran"
the incomparable
Eric Hathbourne.
So, Sir Eric,
you've had a busy...
Ah-ah, no.
Not Sir Eric, just yet.
-[audience laughs]
You are a busy man.
We're delighted
to have you on the show.
Thank you, I'm delighted to
be here. And, yes, you're right.
It's been quite a busy time.
[Podrick] Yes, casting's started
for the sequel
to Navajo Frontier.
And then of course
there's your knighthood.
Yes, well, that was
totally unexpected
and a complete surprise.
I mean,
I was thrilled, actually.
You're often
at the centre of the debate.
Would you say
you thrive on controversy?
Oh, yes, actually, that's
probably a good description.
I like to rattle the cage.
-Challenge the status quo.
-Hmm, quite.
And with
the additional perspective
on your career now,
do you ever feel
that you went too far?
Oh, erm, no.
Course I don't. No,
I don't think I went too far.
I think there are no limits
to the exploration
of the human soul.
[Podrick] Let me rephrase that.
In the course of your career,
were you ever brought to do
things that were unlawful?
[chuckles] Absolutely not.
I mean...
No. And by the way,
I know what you're doing here.
-Move on!
-Hold on.
Veronica Ghent was 13 when she
made Navajo Frontier with you.
Yes, that's right.
Absolutely. She was just...
I mean...
Look, I...
I made her into something.
[Podrick] Your relationship
with her has been described...
Now, please, don't make
assumptions about that.
It was
a completely different era.
No, what I'm saying is...
we were very close.
We had a sp...
[young Veronica and Eric]
A special bond.
[Podrick] A special bond.
[whispering voices]
It will torture you.
[Podrick] Are you OK?
-Oh, God!
[birds chirp]
[rain pours]
[running water]
[speaks Japanese]
Ah, now this is
what I was hoping for!
Bit of drama!
Dear lady... [sighs]
Talk us through your process.
It's not so much a process as...
[woman] What do the words mean?
I've no idea.
Gaelic. Inon.
In Scottish
that word means "daughter".
-Do you have children?
-I hate children.
[chuckles] Great, great, great.
Now this is creating
some very lively discussion.
Now, we must explore...
explore each other's energies.
Erm, sorry, what's with all
the, erm, phallic references?
-[man] It means penis.
-All right!
-Foucault wrote of the male gaze
that the act of seeing is
neither transparent nor neutral.
But an imposition of power.
Millennia of patriarchy
dictate how we see.
Oh, God! Here we go.
Do you have something to say?
The patriarchy. [chuckles]
The war cry of hysterical women.
Biting the hand that feeds them.
Oh, my God!
-Did that hurt?
-Of course that fucking hurt!
My hand was on fire!
I'll get my medical bag.
We must all keep
terribly, terribly calm.
There was clearly white spirit
on his sleeve.
That farm woman said there was
gallons of it in the Jeep.
-At least I think she's a woman.
-What are you looking for?
Some form of beverage
with alcohol content.
That's not advisable.
Desi, if you think you're gonna
survive this shit-storm
called life
by doing what's advisable,
you are seriously mistaken.
You have to be all teeth. Claws.
Trust me.
The bastards will stop
at nothing to grind you down.
Come on.
Let's take your blood pressure.
Shall I?
how androgyny
is so attractive in the young.
So repugnant to the old.
[wind whistles]
Have you noticed how the wind
here sounds like whispers?
Yeah, it does, actually.
This place is beautiful.
Dark, though.
Even the daylight's dark.
No, not dark.
I like that.
Maybe you could stay.
I feel as if it's giving me
a second chance.
-Do you think that's possible?
-Of course.
You will get better.
Imagine that.
To be able to love
without ghosts in your bed.
Look in the mirror.
Feel hopeful.
Clean the bastards out of you.
[Desi] When my mom died...
I thought...
I could just forget
about the blacking out,
hospital visits...
the screaming,
the collapsing.
Thought I could just pretend
that it wasn't real.
Pretend I was loved.
I tried that route.
Did it work for you?
[Desi] What's this in your eyes?
[Veronica] I feel fine.
Would it be all right if
I went to the pub in the village
to use the WiFi?
I'm going
to have an early night.
I won't be late.
Be as late as you like.
[indistinct chatter in pub]
["Goodbye Horses"
by Q Lazzarus]
Found it then, huh?
What'll you have?
I put you down
as a gin-and-tonic kind of girl.
You're kind of pretty
when you smile. You know that?
Gin and tonic it is.
Hey, Tom. Can I get
a gin and tonic and a beer?
Cheers, mate.
Pay next time, yeah?
-Here we go.
-[Desi] Thanks.
[TV] The female,
having held out for so long...
-Do you want another one?
-No. I gotta go.
-So soon?
-I gotta work.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
-Will you stay?
It's disco night.
[switch clicks]
[wind whistles]
[disco music]
[Owen] They only grow here.
They're peat, nice and special.
You should try.
Come on.
-[bottles clink]
-Down the hatch.
[chuckles] It's good, right?
-Oh. Gross.
[both chuckle]
[disco music continues]
[disco music continues]
[water gurgles]
[thunder rumbles]
[breathes heavily]
-Hey, watch it.
-You all right?
It's all right.
It's witch feathers.
[Desi sighs]
From the charcoal burning.
I don't feel too well.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
-Come here.
-Don't leave.
I'm sick.
[Owen] Here, follow me.
[Desi] I know the way.
It's fine.
[Owen] Hey.
Don't be like that.
Here, come here.
-Give me a kiss.
-You're hurting me.
-Give me a kiss.
You're pretty when you're angry.
You know that?
-I said stop it!
-Hey! [gasps]
Fucking bitch. Fucking bitch!
[Desi gasps]
[Owen pants]
Who the fuck was that?
Help! Help!
[leaves rustle]
-[bird caws]
[knocking at door]
Mrs Ghent?
[distant birdsong]
[bird squawks]
Mrs Ghent?
What are you doing outside?
Did you sleep out here?
Pain's all gone.
The pain's all gone.
[Desi sighs]
[Veronica] I feel different.
Like it's something
in the earth.
[Desi] Oh.
I started having
strange dreams, too.
I don't even remember
coming back last night.
It's like...
Like I'm losing touch
with reality.
Let's get you inside.
[door closes]
-[knocking at door]
-[door opens]
-[Desi] How are you feeling?
Let me get you to a doctor.
We need to leave.
Desi, I want to stay.
-Sit here for a minute.
What are you doing?
It's for you.
I don't know. It's a common
ritual human beings have.
They give each other things.
Generally a sign of affection.
Oh, no, I... I can't.
It was your mom's.
Let me put it on you.
Now you have to leave.
-And not come back.
Now go. I said go.
[rain pours]
[engine rumbles]
Hey! Wait!
Can you drive me to the station?
I'll run you
as far as the foot of the brae.
The estate car is always there.
The keys are inside.
[Desi] Thank you.
[saw whirs]
[car engine starts]
[engine revs]
[Tirador] Today
we celebrate Ullachaidhean.
The burning of the witch.
The victory of reason
against the demonic.
Against the dark Lilith.
[match strikes]
[flames roar]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[woman] How could anybody
allow that to happen?
We all allowed it to happen.
- Oh, my God!
-Fucking bitch!
-[turns TV off]
[fire crackles]
[Eric] Hello?
Anybody around?
Oh, fuck, Jesus. Oh, God.
[sighs deeply] Christ.
What do you want?
What a night. Do you remember?
You're a sick woman, Nica.
I'm sick.
No one's better placed
to know why.
All I wanted was good for you.
You've changed everything
in hindsight.
Do you know what I want?
I want the truth.
[whispering voices]
-[whispering voices]
I want to wash you out.
I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.
You were always
such a special girl.
My special girl.
I trusted you, you know.
You knew exactly what you were
doing, you ungrateful bitch!
[whispering voices]
Oh, shit!
[Eric screams]
[engine revs]
[Desi] Veronica?
[bangs on window]
Oh, come on! Come on! Wake up.
Come on! [gasps]
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on!
[Desi gasps]
[Desi gasps]
[Veronica] What is reality?
Where is it?
Perhaps it's only ever...
a longing.
I'm glad.
Glad... that you came back.
[phone chimes]
[Desi sighs]
Under blue moon, I saw you
So soon you'll take me
Up in your arms,
too late to beg you
Cancel, though
I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine
Fate, up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him
In starlight nights,
I saw you
So cruelly you kiss me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon
Fate, up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him
Fate, up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him
Under blue moon, I saw you
So soon you'll take me
Up in your arms,
too late to beg you
Cancel, though
I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine
Unwillingly mine
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