Sheba and the Gladiator (1959) Movie Script

-Who are you?
-A legionary of the Emperor.
-What do you want?
-I have a plea.
You must avenge all those
who tell in Syria
because of
Quenn Zenobia's treason.
Quenn Zenobia, who rose
to the throne of Syria
following the death
of King Odenathus.
her spouse and our
most loyal ally.
began showing signs
of intolerance towards Rome.
With the help
of the Assyrians
she served the sacred bonds
which tied her to the Empire.
Our garrisons were taken
by surprise and annihilated.
Their banners dragged
along the desert sand.
That woman's crazed ambition
must be suppressed.
Perhaps we should entrust
the fate of that far province
to negotiations rather than
to military force.
Negotiations would serve
no purpose.
Zenobia rebelled
when she realised
our troops wouldn't be moved
from the northern borders.
Revolt is rife
in Gaul and Germany.
Withdrawing one single legion
could spell disaster.
What about the disasters
which could be caused
by that arrogant queen?
We've confronted
that arrogance
with the bravery
of one of our best generals.
Marcus Valerius.
Marcus Valerius is a man,
not a god.
No matter how courageous,
his cohorts are insufficient
to hold back those hordes.
Marcus Valerius, commander
of the Roman troops.
He's here at your feet,
alive as you wished.
On your knees.
Kneel before our Queen,
you Roman dog.
Don't Romans kneel?
Not before a queen
guilty of treason.
The treaty with Rome
was oppressive for my people.
Isn't someone who refuses
to sbmit to Rome a traitor?
And what is someone refusing
to kneel before Zenobia?
-An enemy.
-Conquered enemies should die.
-Kill me.
-Dying is too easy.
Slavery is more offensive
to a Roman's pride.
You developed your muscles
in Rome's gymnasia.
I'll send you to a place
whe yo can exercise them.
Work, you scum!
Come on, move.
Hold it.
If you kill him,
you'll take his place.
Go on, keep working
or I'll break your bones.
Stand back.
Pull back the stone.
Help me get him out.
All back to work.
-What's going on?
-His arm is crushed.
-He'll bleed to death.
-Don't waste your time.
He's useless for work, anyway.
I'll finish him off.
Don't move or I'll kill him.
Look after him.
Take him outside.
Even with one arm
he'll be good for something.
Thank you.
He was one of my soldiers.
In battle you'd be
too scared to look at him.
Now you can take
your anger out on me.
Get him.
I could slay you like a dog.
But that would be too little
for what you've just done.
Tie him to the cross.
In the sun!
You'll die of thirst.
Your skin will parch.
Your blood will dry up
while you await death.
But that will be slow to come.
Take him away.
Hey, you!
Forbid our men
to enter any taverns.
or to approach women.
Our lives are at stake.
One word and we're lost.
May I be damned
if that isn't our ally.
It is she!
It would be child's play
to kill her now.
But it would cost you
your life.
One step towards her
and you're dead.
Who will give us
the information we need?
Someone I'm meeting tonight.
Stand back.
Go away.
-Is that the Roman consul?
-Yes, my Queen.
What's his crime?
to start a mutiny.
Bring him here.
That man does not deserve
your sympathy.
In your place
I would not be so lenient.
I didn't ask
for your advice, Semantius.
What makes you think
I'm so merciful?
So this is a symbol
of the Roman Empire.
He could be knocked over
with a single blow.
I was told you dared
to revolt against my men.
It doesn't surprise me
that such inhuman tortures
were ordered by you.
Your cruelty is well known.
You're talking to
the Queen of Palmyra.
A traitor to the Empire.
You're too insolent.
True. But wait for her order
before you kill me.
It's useless
to attempt to provoke me.
I won't give you
the gift of death.
You must live, Consul Valerius.
That is your punishment.
You'll live to witness
the end of Rome.
You'll live to see
its Empire crumble.
I thank you, Queen.
You're wishing me a long life.
It would take longer
than both our lifetimes.
You're wrong, Consul.
The flight of Rome's eagles
is over.
Then your skies will be
crowded with vultures.
A sad change, indeed.
Many corpses are needed
to satisfy them.
Tie him to the cross again.
I thought
I'd never see you again.
The gods protected me.
My dear....
I'm so happy.
But how could you
be so careless?
There's a reward for any
Roman captured in town.
I had to see you.
I would give my life
for your safety.
Do not fear.
I know how to defend myself.
Do you have any news
of Consul Valerius?
Have they killed him?
Worse. He's a slave
at the mills.
I must save him.
I have resolute men with me.
If they catch you,
they'll show no mercy.
Can any of the guards
be trusted?
Perhaps one.
His name is Lator.
He's a strong man
who pretends to be cruel.
He believes in a strange god.
He's loyal to me.
He'll help you.
How will he recognise me?
Give this to him
and say the words
"For the love of God".
He says that all the time.
Why are you sad?
Once Valerius is freed
I'll lose you.
I'll be back, Bathseba.
Together with
the Roman legions.
Zenobia will pay
for her treason.
As will
your brother's assassins.
Poor Odenathus.
I hope you don't think
the Romans killed him.
I'm sure they didn't.
Why would they?
Odenathus was loyal to Rome.
His assassins
are right here in Palmyra.
It's dawn.
-I must go.
-Yes, or you'll be found out.
I'll be back soon.
Then you'll no longer be
the vestal virgin.
You'll simply be Bathsheba,
the spouse of Julian.
Are you asleep?
-Are you relieving me?
-Yes. I'll do better than you.
I'll keep my eyes wide open.
Come on, hurry.
Come on, move.
This way.
Bring water!
Valerius, at last.
Quickly, let's go.
Thank you, Lator.
Go up there and keep guard.
I'll take care of this.
You, at least, didn't forget me.
It is Rome which does not
forget its favourite sons.
A conquered son.
In Rome, the Senate
and the Emperor know
that you were overwhelmed
by a far larger army.
They also know it was
an honourable defeat.
Our friendship makes you
forget reality.
In Rome I will face demotion.
Worry not. Marcius Valerius.
Rome needs you.
I have an idea.
A brillant idea.
What idea?
I'll go back to Palmyra.
Has slavery driven you crazy?
I must return to Palmyra
at all costs.
For what purpose?
Our revenge.
But how can we achieve it?
I have a plan which could turn
the situation in our favour.
What happened last night
is unforgivable.
I can't trust anyone any more.
If it isn't treason
it's gross negligence.
It's incredible.
Despite guards everywhere
a slave in chains
managed to escape.
Had we killed him
as I suggested...
I alredady told you
a Roman doesn't see death
as punishment.
Marcus Valerius is too
dangerous to be free.
We can't just
sit back and wait.
Don't worry.
Marcus Valerius will not
remain free for long.
And remember...
I want him alive.
Don't give her words
too much importance.
That Roman dog!
How could he?
Don't worry about it.
Your men will recapture him.
An envoy of King Shapur
has arrived from Persia.
-Where is he?
-In my quarters.
Do not fear.
I'm not going to kill you.
It's my only weapon.
How did you get in here?
That doesn't matter.
Just listen to me.
You'll pay dearly
for your audacity.
-I will play fair.
-What do you want?
I want to be your ally.
Those who helped me escape
would have dragged me to Rome.
Rome doesn't forgive
those who fail.
All this sounds amusing.
It's not hard to choose
between an inglorious death
and a new life.
I'm ready to place my sword
at your service.
The sword of a traitor.
I've shed my blood for Rome
on many a battlefield.
If i go back I'll receive
the most atrocious insult.
that a soldier could expect.
Do you think I'm so naive
as to believe you?
I can help you accomplish
your dreams of power.
-You're a dangerous nemey.
-Listen to me, Zenobia.
It's a priceless gift.
Worthy of such
a powerful king.
Extend my thanks
to your magnificent lord.
Tell him
I confirm our agreement.
King Shapur himself
will lead his army.
Victory won't escape him.
Give him a singal
and he'll attack Palmyra.
No, we must be cautious.
What will Rome do
after the defeat?
If it sent its troops
now stationed in Gaul
the Persian army
could be overcome.
Go and reassure King Shapur.
We'be both decided
to make Persia.
the most powerful kingdom
in the East.
You'll be the most powerful
man at King Shapur's court.
That's what I want.
Promise you'll always
keep me at your side.
How could you
doubt it, Erika?
Provided what you're saying
is true.
of what use could
you be to me?
I'm an expert
in modern military art.
My people don't need you.
Their enthusiasm is enough.
Enthusiasm can be
easily dampened.
I can train your hordes
to be great legions.
Under my guidance they could
set out to conquer the world.
Empty words!
Rome will send
a powerful army against you.
Your forces will be exhausted
and unable to cope.
They must be subjected
to strict discipline.
and trained in effective
combat methods.
Rome's defeat will double
its thirst for revenge.
Your plans of expansion
will drown in blood.
How can I believe you?
What proof of loyalty
can you give me?
As much proof as you wish.
How about this one?
In the oasis of Jatabu...
-Does it make any sense?
-No, it's beyond me.
We're supposed to surrender
without a fight...
When will it be, anyway?
We've been sizzling here
for two days.
Make sure you lay down
your arms and surrender.
-Who are you?
-A Roman tired of fighting.
Who's at the oasis?
Fifteen men. Tne only
survivors of my legion.
How did you know
we were coming?
I spotted you from that hill.
We know the Queen has sent
patrols into the desert
to finish off what's left
of the Roman legion.
Twice we managed
to avoid them.
But we've had enough.
We're exhausted.
We can't hold out
without food or water.
We surrender.
If this a trick,
you'll be the first to pay.
Follow me.
Itus should be back by now.
If you have lied, you'll be
fed to the sacred tigers.
The tigers will wait in vain.
Are you disappointed?
Here he is.
-My Queen...
-What news do you bring?
We captured them.
The'll be in the dungeons
in less than an hour.
I've preceded them
to give you the news.
-Are you sure it was them?
Any losses?
None. It was all so simple.
They surrendered
without any resistance.
I hope this is proof
of my loyalty.
I think the Queen will demand
a more convincing proof.
Such as?
Killing the prisoners.
I've always considered myself
a soldier.
But if the Queen wants
to turn me into an assassin
I'm ready to carry out
her orders.
I want the order
to come from you, Zenobia.
My minister decides the fate
of our prisoners.
Did you hear that?
The decision is up to me.
With this
you'll do a good job.
Go. I don't need you.
This should be them.
What happened?
We were attacked by rebels.
They overpowered us
and got away.
What are you saying?
Speak clearly.
Go on, talk!
We were a mile from Palmyra.
We were ambushed
while crossing a forest.
We didn't have the time
to organise a defence.
Almost everyone was killed.
Then try freed the prisoners.
Who were they?
Desert men. We tried...
No excuses.
Who was leading them?
Lator, the chief guard
of the slaves.
Take care of this coward.
Do you know what this means?
That there are traitors
in your ranks.
My suspicions
have been proved.
Take your dagger back.
I'm an expert on weapons.
This is a Persian dagger.
With such a handle
you can't go wrong.
Yes, it's Persian. So what?
My father was a Persian.
-Are you insinuating something?
-What are you saying?
If we are to co-operate
for the future glory
of the Kingdom of Palmyra
we must get to know
each other thoroughly.
Let the High Priest speak.
Let the vestal virgin
be punished.
Don't you think, Roman,
that Bathsheba helped
the prisoners escape?
What do you think?
That Lator
followed her orders.
He's very loyal to her.
Perhaps. What makes you
think so?
A strange coincidence.
The sacred flame was put out
and Bathsheba disappeared
the very night
of the prisoners' outbreak.
Semantius certainly has
a quick mind.
The perennial flame
which burned in the temple.
and was entrusted
to the virgin Bathsheba.
guarded the spirit of love
of our goddess.
The vestal virgin has fled.
But the fire will burn again
in honour of the goddess.
A major sacrifice
is called for.
The virgin's blood will
cleanse the profaned altar.
-Anything suspicious?
-Where's Simon?
-Grazing his flock.
He's a good man.
He follows
the Master's word.
-How is Bathsheba?
-Well. But she misses you.
Only with you beside me
do I feel safe.
What will happen to us?
The odds are against us.
We're together now.
Let's try to be happy.
Death could be lurking
behind this happiness.
Death is not what we should
feel around us.
But hope, rather.
Your heart is pure.
The gods will protect you.
Drink this, Julian.
Thank you.
The sand of the desert
dries your throat.
Let me have some more.
What help do you expect
from your God
if He let His prophet
die on on the cross?
Doesn't Bathsheba's grief
make her more dear to you?
Isn't her suffering
proof of her love?
Likewise. Christ's sacrifice
proves to us the value
of His merciful words.
I've sighted Roman troops
marching west in the valley.
At last.
May good fortune be with you.
You're my good fortune.
Look after her, Lator.
Who are you?
Roman soldiers. We must talk
to Consul Marcellus.
Go through.
Keep going.
Stop there.
Aren't you Decurion Julian?
I've fought many a battle
alongside you, Marcellus.
-How are things?
-Optimism prevails in Palmyra.
Even at the palace?
Zenobia is convinced
that Rome is panicking.
And she's acting accordingly.
Rome might not be panicking.
But it is concerned.
In a few days I'll have
two legions available.
It's the most Rome
could allocate to me.
A third of Zenobia's troops.
But Zenobia doesn't have
weapons like ours.
-The catapults?
-And I have other surprises.
However. Rome relies heavily
on Marcus Valerius.
I must see him
as soon as possible.
I'll contact him.
The Queen awaits you.
I'm going.
All that shouting annoys me.
Consul Mrcus Valerius
is outside.
Call Semantius at once.
You seem at ease
in that attire.
Because it's similar
to what I'm used to wearing.
To me, slave's rags
are the exception.
I'll be more useful like this
than if I were in chains.
I hope captivity didn't quell
your fighting spirit.
Are you wishing me safety?
No, it's a promise.
Even my army has ranks
worthy of a Roman consul.
Then I'll achieve those ranks.
Did you send for me?
I have news for you.
Come forward.
What's all the noise outside?
Speak up.
Batsheba's escape,
the sacred flame's extinction
and the poor harvest
could forebode famine.
So the people raided
the supply carts.
I thought I had
sufficient reserves.
But they are needed for war
in case of a strong
counter-attack by Rome.
You haven't yet established
new bonds with Persia.
The bonds with Persia would be
as onerous as those with Rome.
I'm fighting
a difficult battle.
Rome was a burden as an ally
and is even more so
as an enemy.
I'm relying on you, Valerius.
At your orders.
Before betraying us
Lator spoke in secret
about a Jew
who multiplied
bread and fishes.
I wonder whether
you can do likewise.
As for the bread and
the fishes, I don't know.
But I will succeed
in multiplying our troops.
That's all we need.
My people want indepedence
but they're not prepared to make
any sacrifices.
The harvest was poor and
I have a war think about.
I'll promise a reward
for the capture of the virgin.
Her sacrifice
will placate the people.
This food is a sign
of the elegance of my court.
You're generous to your guests.
My cooks' talents
are unsurpassed.
They can create
most delicious dishes.
There's nothing they can't do.
Do you think
they could turn...
a Roman into a Syrian?
I wish you weren't a Roman.
I wish I could touch the moon
by stretching an arm.
You're the only man I know
who has a taste for life.
Maybe because I've come
so close to death.
I'm so fond of life.
It's your right to enjoy it.
You're young, beautiful,
And lonely.
Men would be happy
to fall at your feet.
Of course.
But being able to choose...
is nothing
compared to being chosen.
I wish I'd never been
your enemy.
That Roman
is a poisonous snake.
Don't worry, Erika.
I'll crush him.
What are you waiting for?
For him to conquer power
in addition to her heart?
She's lost her head
over him.
Let her satisfy this whim.
One day, upon waking up
beside Valerius
she'll find Persian soldiers
surrounding her love-nest.
Take the road
that leads to the river.
Here is the situation.
The Queen has set up an army
to confront the Romans.
There will be
a battle in the desert.
The Palmyrians will win it
but will be so exhausted
that they will not stand
a second onslaught.
That's when King Shapur
will attack Palmyra.
You generals
will have an easy task.
What if the Romans
are not defeated?
-We'd be facing two armies.
With my plan they'll be
attacked from all sides.
-The'll have no way out.
-I see.
All the waterholes
have been filled in.
To survive the desert
the Roman legions
will have to march non stop
towards the river.
They'll get there exhausted
and find our troops
waiting for them.
You'll score a memorable victory
in the history of Palmyra.
What's your opinion
Marcus Valerius?
Marcus Valerius
is no longer an enemy.
A very clever plan
but for one flaw.
It's too simple.
You've anticipated everything.
Even your opponents' naivety.
I overlooked the ingenuity
of Roman leaders.
we've defeated them before.
He's right, Zenobia.
Indeed I was defeated
but I only had six cohorts.
This time it's diffrent.
You'll have no room
in which to maoeuvre.
That will be an advantage
for the Romans.
Your plan poses
too many risks, Semantius.
So it would seem.
And that's exactly,
what I rely on.
The Roman consul
will have the same impression
and will take
victory for granted.
But he'll be confronted
by only part of our army.
The bulk of the troops
will be hiding...
Here, behind
the Jaffa Gorge.
And once the Romans
are engaged in battle
our cavalry will surprise them
from behind.
It'll be a massacre.
And this time
no one will be spared.
Do you still find
my plan naive, Valerius?
I see you've learnt a lot
by fighting the Romans.
Only a miracle can deprive
your troops of victory.
You mean "our" troops.
You'll be in charge
of the Royal Guard.
We'll fight side by side.
-What do you want?
-We've found you, at last!
Is the sun in Rome as strong?
Rome's climate is like
an eternal spring.
-Would you like to return?
Rome is dominated
by lust and intrigue.
But i would go back
to my villa in the hills
where the pinetrees
reflect into a clear lake.
The desert also
has its charm.
Sometimes my days seem
empty and meaningless.
Only my love for Palmyra
make me feel alive.
I know that Rome
is strong and civilised.
I rebeled only because
my land was languishing.
Humbled and subded.
Can you understand that?
Yes, Zenobia.
I can understand.
My aim
is my people's well-being.
Not only of those
living in towns and villages.
But of all the desert tribes
who live in extreme poverty.
Will you help me
to fulfil my dreams?
-Of course.
-Don't abandon me, Valerius.
How can I reassure you?
What is it, Zenobia?
At sunset the dunes
look like gold.
In this place, time
is a word without meaning.
The ruins of ancient cities
crumble into dust.
Piece by piece.
-Whose tombs are these?
-The ancient kings of Palmyra.
They also loved
life and the sun.
But their passions also
subsided in a tomb.
By thinking more about death
they'd have enjoyed life better.
Had they enjoyed
life too much
we'd have no relics
of their glory.
And now Palmyra
would not be striving
for a better future.
Didn't you say everything
eventually turns into dust?
The power of kingdoms
and the pride of kings.
True, Valerius.
I'll turn into dust
but my remains will be sacred.
Provided my country
is great.
A queen's loneliness
does not affect
her people's fate.
What's that?
A desert nightingale.
Its sound always foretells
a happy event.
What happy event?
Happiness for the one
who hears it.
Even the desert
grows pretty flowers.
It's said they contain
the spirit of loved woman.
Is there a queen
among such women?
In that one.
It's the prettiest.
Let me try.
A flower for the Queen.
No, a flower for the woman.
Be not afraid.
I was their target.
A Roman arrow...
-A memento of this day.
-Let's go. It's not safe here.
-Greetings, Lator.
-Greeting, Marcus Valerius.
-Consul Valerius...
-Greetings, Julian.
A clever way to announce
the arrival of Marcellus.
He's over there.
-Greetings, my friend.
-Greetings, Marcellus.
Your Palmyrian attire would
draw a few laughs in Rome.
Not to mention
your oriental perfume.
Perfect weapons
for a love campaign.
-Has the Queen surrended?
-There is no time to joke.
How many troops do you have?
Despite my attire. I remain
a Roman soldier.
I never doubted that.
I'm asking you to lead
my two legions.
Thank you, Marcellus.
Two legions...
Palmyra can rely
on twice as many.
I know.
But our courage and discipline
will make up for that.
We have select troops
ready to face any hardship.
Even thirst, I hope.
I was forced to reduce
all water rations.
Those bastards filled in
all the waterholes.
But not even that
will be enough
to prevent us
reaching the river.
Where the enemy
will be waiting for you.
The sight of water
will spur on our legions.
They'll overcome any obstacle.
That's what
Plamyra's generals rely on.
While your troops
are engaged by the river
the bulk of their army
will attack you from behind.
-That's their plan.
-Are you sure?
Yes. Their tents are set up
by the river now.
As I expected. They'll fall
straight into our trap.
I'll owe my victory
to this precious information.
I'm happy to have done it
for Rome.
This will partly soothe
my conscience.
Your conscience?
What do you mean?
This information
was given to me
by the woman I love.
That's right, Marcellus.
I love Zenobia.
Why did I survive my defeat?
You see, Valerius...
We soldiers are fully devoted
to our duty.
We must be ready to sacrifice
all that belongs to us.
Perhaps Rome could have
victory without a bloodbath.
What do you mean?
I think...
I'm sure
I can convince Zenobia
to give up her absurd
dreams of power.
She's an impetuous woman
but I can convice her
to come to an agreement.
-It'll tale too long.
-Just give me time.
Our legions
are running out of water.
I can no longer wait.
Tommorow I'll attack.
I understand, Marcellus.
It's you duty.
This victory will be yours.
You've paid
a high price for it.
Too high, in fact.
-Farewell, Marcellus.
-See you soon.
I must talk to you
about Batsheba.
She's being held captive
in the dungeons of the temple.
We love each other.
You must free her
from the High Priest.
I'll do my best.
For the love of God
save Batsheba's life.
What is the matter, Valerius?
Tonight's heat is making me
nervous and impatient.
Tell me what is wrong.
I'm worried.
The imminent battle...
Semantius' plan is not
as safe as I thought....
-What are you saying?
-You needn't be alarmed.
will work out perfectly.
It's only shadows
drifting across my mind.
Your smile is enough
to drive them away.
Stay here with me.
Dawn is still far away.
A queen shouldn't
distract her generals
on the eve of a battle.
But the Queen loves you.
I love you too.
You're so beautiful.
You look worried.
I can detect...
Don't turn away from me.
Look at me.
What's bothering you?
Shadows, just shadows.
I'll go for a walk
through the camp.
I want to make sure
everything's in order.
As for you
rest and don't worry.
Hear that?
The sentries are changing over.
I should be there.
I'll reach Palmyra
before dawn.
I'll try to win over
the few elders
who still hesistate
to support me.
Otherwise. I'll have to adopt
other strategies.
You know, my lord,
how deadly my sword is.
That's why you must stay here.
-That Roman dog...
-That's your task.
-And a pleasant one, indeed.
Valerius is the only threat
to my plans.
Once we get rid of him.
irrespective of the outcome
of the battle,
Persia will draw
the greatest benefits.
King Shapur is powerful.
His army is ready.
Upon my signal,
he'll occupy Palmyra.
He'll find the city
totally undefended.
His triumph will also be mine.
Make sure you remember
your most faithful servant.
Carry out the mission
I've entrusted you with
and you'll experience
my generosity.
The Roman will not live
to see tomorrow.
Now go.
Not a word.
-What does this mean?
-Here's one of your subjects.
You'd better listen to him.
Confess what Semantius
is scheming against her.
Have mercy on me.
I'll confess.
But I was only obeying orders.
Go on. We know that.
King Shapur is ready to attack.
His armies are drawn up by the river.
They're waiting for
Semantius' order to attack
once your troops are exhausted.
A traitor...
And that's not all.
There's something else
you should know.
Who killed King Odenathus?
The arrow was Roman
but it was you who shot it.
Obeying Semantius' orders.
Have mercy...
I only obeyed orders.
Have mercy.
Aren't you going to kill him?
Take this wretch away.
He must die before dawn.
I always suspected Semantius
was betraying you.
Have Semantius arrested.
On many occasions
King Shapur of Persia
has sent diplomatic envoys
to try to re-establish
the old bonds of friendship.
But Zenobia
has always rejected them.
King Shapur hates the Romans
as much as we do.
And has a formidable army.
Only he and his army
can save our country.
provided they get here
on time.
We can't allow that!
We must decide now.
Before two days are over
the Romans can arrive
at our undefended walls.
Surely the Queen
cannot betray her own people.
Why should I
wish to deceive you?
I've always served
my country faithfully.
Let those who think
my advice is honest
raise their hands.
As for those
who think otherwise...
may the gods forgive
their blindness.
Noble friends...
I never doubted your wisdom.
But before my departure...
in order to ensure
Palmyra's ultimate security
I wish to submit
to your enlightened judgment
another grave issue.
I'm referring to Batsheba.
The sacrilegious virgin.
The virgin whose sacrilege
has drawn upon us
the anger of the goddess.
Marcus Valerius has convinced
Zenobia to spare her.
But until Bathsheba
pays for her crime
the spectre
of a disastrous defeat
will drift
with its terrible omen
over our country.
Semantius is right.
Death to Bathsheba.
So, Nazirk?
Consul Marcus Valerius
has left camp.
Gather all the commanders
and lift camp.
It will soon be dawn.
I want to take
the Romans by surprise.
Come away.
Queen, you are conquered.
It would have been fatal
to anyone else.
He's a man
of exceptional strength.
-He's in a lot of pain.
-Just fever. The worst is over.
-Can he travel?
-If it's really necessary.
Forgive me, Zenobia.
I have to disturb you.
Why apologise?
You're in charge here now.
I'm only a prisoner.
What rights do I have left?
The respect due to a woman.
But I have serious reasons
for disturbing your isolation.
I've received the order
to take you to Rome.
We leave tommorow at dawn.
There I'll be the subject
of your triumph.
It's a harsh custom.
But Rome demands it.
However. I'll accept the triumph
only if I can share it
with the man who deserves
the credit for our victory.
Consul Marcus Valerius.
How can your people
honour a traitor?
It saddens me to hear you
call Marcus Valerius a traitor.
From the outset
he tried to convice me
to negotiate peace with you.
He did it
because he loved you.
When he uncovered
Semantius' plot
he left the camp
only to save you.
Upon to the last moment
he tried to spare you
the horror
of a fatal defeat.
I was the one who forced him
to give up his generous plan.
We didn't want this war.
Under King Odenathus' rule
Palmyra enjoyed many years
of peace and prosperity.
After the death of our ally
Palmyra plunged into
violence and poverty.
But Rome does not renege
on its old alliances.
I entrust you, Bathsheba.
with pursuing the policies
of your wise brother.
Go and guide your people
towards prosperity.
with the blessing of Rome.
I know that Palmyra's fate
is linked to that of Rome.
But let my reign begin
under the auspices
of your leniency.
I've come before you Aurelian,
and the Roman Senate
to speak
in favour of Zenobia.
What do you mean?
Zenobia would never
have rebelled
if it weren't
for her treacherous minister.
And it was I
who uncovered Semantius.
a puppet
of the King of Persia.
I, a Roman Consul.
In exchange for the services
I have rendered to Rome
I ask you to spare
Zenobia's life.
If this conquered queen
deserves your clemency
deliver your verdict
Let her live.
Let her live.
Let her live.