SheChotic (2018) Movie Script

- Please don't!
Stop, stop!
- What I told
you about that shit, huh?
- I'm sorry!
- Tell me you're "Daddy's little girl."
- I'm "Daddy's little girl."
- Hello?
- You have
a call from an inmate
at a correctional facility.
Will you accept the charges?
- Yes.
- Thank you, you are connected.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey, I should
be asking you that.
You haven't been to see me in a while.
Is everything good?
- Yes.
Everything's fine.
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure, now would
you stop worrying about me?
- Hey, I'm your
brother, it's my job to.
- Anyways, do you need anything?
- Naw.
My books are always full... Thanks to you.
- It's the least I could do.
After everything you've done for me.
- Hey, let's
not talk about that.
I just called to just make sure
that everything was one hundred.
And to make sure you get down here
to see me real soon.
I miss you.
- I miss you, too.
And I will.
"Pyro" by Tiona Deniece
I'm fully loaded got my
matches and my gasoline
'Bout to be a massacre and
you gonna hear the scream
I'm burnin, bout to hit the scene
Baby, take caution, if
you ain't no it's TNT
I'm not an artist I'm
an arsonist I told ya
If you don't wanna get burned
then baby don't move no closer
Oh, but if you choose to move closer
This is it the type of shit
That you don't wanna get exposed ta
Woo, I'm burnin', I'm burnin', baby
Woo, I'm burnin', I'm burnin', baby
Woo, I'm burnin' up, I'm burnin' up
Keep risin' baby gonna turn it up
Pyro, pyro, let it out
When you walk through
what you like now
I'm burnin' now, burnin' low
The sirens goin' off
have to let you go
Can you save me I've been hanging on
Pyro, let it blow,
let it blow, let it blow
Woo, fire now's burnin' up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burnin' up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burnin' up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burnin' up
All black smoke, and
that's just for confetti
Get the monster ready,
yeah you know I'm ready
I'm tellin', yeah, baby, I'm deadly
If you ask anybody, baby,
they can tell you 'bout me
Oh, I'm burnin', I'm burnin' burnin'
- Maxine, come on in.
- Thanks for seeing
me on such short notice.
- It's not a problem, I had
a last minute cancellation.
Please, have a seat.
So, what brings you by?
- I'm having the dreams, again.
- OK, and how do they make you feel?
- You know how they make
me feel, they terrify me.
They're starting to
affect my personal life.
And they make me feel so unclean.
- Well, Maxine, you definitely don't have
anything to worry about.
And you don't wanna go
around feeling unclean.
Your step-father abused you.
He was the one who was wrong.
And we both know he's dead,
your brother killed him.
- Yeah.
- Hey, instead of focusing
on the negative past,
let's focus on the here and now.
How are you and Lance?
- We're great, couldn't be happier.
When I'm with him, all my
problems seem so unimportant.
So far away.
- You should see your face
when you tell that story.
You glow.
- Hello?
- Hey, what's up, babe?
- Hey yourself, when are you coming over?
- That's actually
why I was calling.
I'm not gonna be able to
make it, something came up.
- Is anything wrong?
- Oh, no, everything is good.
Just a little quick fix.
How was that visit with Curtis?
- It went well.
- Cool, cool, cool.
Listen, I gotta get back to work.
I'ma hit you back later, alright?
- OK, I'll be waiting.
- Alright.
- Yo, it's your boy Lance.
You know what to do.
- Hey, babe, call me back.
- So, have you told Maxine about us yet?
- No.
- And why not?
- You just don't pop up
and say it all of a sudden.
It's gotta be the right time.
- Right time, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Look, there's
never a right time
to tell somebody you found somebody else.
Especially if you already screwin' 'em.
- What?
- Wow, I'm starting to
feel like you don't wanna
break it off with her.
Maybe you like having two women around?
- Shit, you might be right.
- Oh, really?
Well, newsflash, I'm not about to
keep playin' the other woman.
So I'ma need you to make a decision.
And fast.
But just so you choose right,
let me show you what you'll
be missin' if you don't.
- Damn.
- Yeah, mmm, oh!
- Hey!
- Sup, baby?
Hey, um,
we need to talk.
- About what?
- Us.
- What about us?
We're good, right?
- Yeah, we're good.
- Good, 'cause I have great news.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- What is it?
- I'm pregnant!
Well, are you gonna say something?
- Listen, I'm sorry, I just,
it's unexpected.
Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
This isn't the reaction I was hoping for.
I thought you'd be more happy.
We've always talked about having children.
You still want that, right?
- Yeah, I mean, I do, but,
there's just so much going on right now.
And this happened quicker than I thought.
- What?
You got her pregnant, man?
- Damn!
- Yeah, bro.
- Oh, man, that ain't
gonna fly right with Lana.
Man, I'm tryin' to tell you.
For nothing.
- Hell naw,
not no black woman.
- Listen, man, I appreciate
y'all stating the obvious,
but don't you think I know that already?
- Hey, don't shoot the messenger.
I'm just keepin' it real with you, man.
I know thickness.
- Real rap, bro....
I know it may sound funny,
but I'm not even upset
about the news at all.
- What?
- What's runnin'
through your mind?
- So, you tryin' to be with Maxine now?
- I don't know, dog, I mean,
shit, I like em' both.
But um,
I don't know....Lana man....
She gave me some compelling reasons
to choose her last night.
- Word?
- It's real.
- Damn, whoa.
- Bro, whip his motherfuckin' ass, bro.
For real!
- World star!
- Be cool, man.
There you go, dog...
- Maxine, what's new?
- Lance.
I think he's seein' another woman.
- And what makes you think that?
- It's just a gut feelin'.
He came over yesterday and
said we needed to talk.
I don't know, he was just
actin' really strange.
- And what did he say?
- Nothing, I didn't give him
a chance to say anything.
- I think you should probably wait
to see what Lance has to say
before you jump to assuming the worst.
What's wrong, why the long face?
- I lied.
I told him I was pregnant.
- You know you can't trick
a man into staying with you?
If he really wants to leave
you need to accept it and move on.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- Because, he's everything to me.
He's my peace in an insane world.
And when I feel as though
I'm about to lose it,
I just close my eyes and think of him.
And everything seems to get better.
I don't think I can live
without him, Dr. Curtis.
- You can, that's not true,
you're stronger than you think.
And don't lose sight of that.
I mean, you survived a lot this past year
and whatever happens, don't
lose control of your life.
- I can help you, you know.
- Go away.
I don't need your help.
- Really?
Is that why you're home alone
wondering what your
boyfriend is out doing?
Oh, I'm sorry, who he's doing.
- Shut up!
- I can fix this.
The same way I fixed Milo.
- No.
I won't let you hurt Lance.
- I can't believe this.
You're the same pathetic little whiner
you were in high school.
- No.
I'm not.
- Lance promised you the world.
He told you he wanted
to father your children.
And now he wants to
throw you away like you're trash.
- He's not cheating on me.
- I don't know, who
knows, maybe you're right.
And if he's not then
everything's all good.
- And if he is?
- I make him hurt.
The way he hurt you.
Then some.
- No!
- Think about it.
If you take those,
I can't help you.
And you will never know the truth.
- Well, are you gonna say something?
- Yeah.
As soon as I can without
knocking the shit out of you.
- Look, you need to be cool.
I know this comes as a surprise.
- You think?
Are you sure she's pregnant?
- What?
- I mean,
she coulda found out that you were tryin'
to leave her or something.
Or, this could be her way of
trying to keep a hold on you.
Man, women do this shit all the time.
This ain't nothin' new.
- Listen,
she's not lyin'.
- But are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Listen, I've been with
Maxine over two years now.
Lyin' isn't in her,
that's not even her style.
If she says she's pregnant, then she is.
- Oh, really?
- Hello?
- Hey, girl.
- Oh, hey, Brenda.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing, just sittin' here
waiting on Lance to come home.
- Is everything okay?
You sound a bit out of it.
- Mm, I think
Lance is having an affair.
Are you still there?
- Yeah, I'm still here.
Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but I think you're right.
I overheard Mike talking to him
on the phone the other week.
- And?
- Well, it looks like
he's been hooking up with Lana.
- Lana?
Who's Lana?
Wait, Lana the video bitch?
- That would be the one.
- I don't believe this.
You're supposed to be my friend.
Why didn't you tell me this sooner?
- Like I said, I overheard
Mike talking to him
the other week, plus I
only heard bits and pieces.
I didn't wanna come at you with this
and not be sure about it.
- Well, thanks for telling me.
I guess it's good not
being to talk about things.
- Okay.
- Who was that?
- It was Max.
- How is she doin'?
- She's doin' pretty good.
- Cool, well, goodnight, babe.
- Babe, are you in the mood
for a little pillow talk?
- Not tonight, babe.
Got a headache.
- So, your precious
little Lance is just like
all the other guys, after all.
Screwin' any bimbo who will open her legs.
- Please, just stop!
- And to top it all off,
he left you for a video groupie.
- Don't.
- Stop being weak, Maxine.
Give in, let me do what needs to be done.
That's it,
give in.
- Hello, handsome.
You look nice.
- Appreciate it, you do too.
This is a different look for you, though.
What you got going on?
- Well, I figured, you only live once.
What's the point of living
if you don't feel alive?
- What are you doing?
How much have you had?
You shouldn't be drinking
in your condition.
- Not nearly enough.
Now, come give me a kiss.
Oh, come on!
You call that a kiss?
- Your drunk, give me that shit.
I'm goin' to sleep.
Oh, shit!
Do you know who you're fuckin' with?
Got my own money
You ain't gotta like
me or some honey shit
Bitch I'll take your nigga
Nigga I'll take your bitch too
Ain't got to give it
up for a check hell naw
That's what ya'll bitches do
Bitch, do you know who
you're fuckin' with?
You got the right one
I'm bout my money, bout dat check
- Oh, God.
Tell me you didn't?
- I would,
but I'd be lying.
- He's never gonna forgive me for this.
- Forgive you?
He's the one that needs forgiveness.
- You think this is a game?
This is kidnapping.
A mandatory life sentence.
- Relax!
That only happens if we get caught.
- What do you think he's gonna
do when he gets out of here?
- And who says he's getting out of here?
Alive anyways.
- Yo!
What the fuck is going on?
Somebody help!
- What up, this
Sean, leave a message.
- Sean, why aren't you answering?
I've called you three times
and I really need to talk to you.
Look, just stop by when you get a chance.
I'll be home all day.
Hey, dad, thanks for coming.
- No problem, baby girl.
What's the problem? It seemed important..
- It's Lance.
- Oh, Lance, the rapper boyfriend.
- Dad, he is not a rapper,
he shoots music videos.
- Anyway, so what's this about?
- Well, he's missing.
- Missing, what do you mean missing?
- Just that, nobody has
seen or heard from him
in over a week.
- Have you called the police?
- Of course I have, but because
of who he is and what he do,
man, you know they ain't
taking the thing serious.
- Well, honey, can you blame them?
Everyone knows these rapper types.
They live wild and crazy lifestyles.
I mean, it's nothing for them to pick up
with their entourage and
disappear for a weekend.
And it's also nothing for
them to get what they want
from a good girl and disappear.
- Dad, Lance loves me, he didn't leave me.
- OK, maybe so.
Baby girl, you gotta admit
that that's a possibility.
Now look, while I'm here, what can I do?
- Well,
I need you to do something about it.
- OK, something as in?
- You're a ex-police officer.
And you still have connections
with the department.
So I need you to make sure
they take this thing serious.
Alright, look,
man, I'll see what I can do,
but I can't make any promises, OK?
- Alright, thanks, dad.
- Alright.
- But, I gotta go make a run, so,
'bout to go take a shower,
freshen up a little bit.
- Alright, I'll see you later.
- Alright daddy.
And don't be talking about my boyfriend.
- Here, I brought you some food.
- I'm not hungry.
- Suit yourself, but you're gonna
have to eat sooner or later.
Unless you wanna starve to death?
- Why are you doing this?
- You were going to leave me.
- No I wasn't.
- You can't tell me the
truth to save your life.
Tell me you wasn't screwin'
that video bitch Lana?
I thought so.
- Look, you're right.
I was seein' her, but I
wasn't going anywhere.
Yeah, I thought about it, shit, sure.
But when I found out
that you was pregnant,
all I could think about was our family.
- I don't believe you.
- It's true, Max.
Just think about our family,
you still want that, right?
- It's not that easy now.
- Why not?
- She's involved.
- She who?
- Yeah, Max, she who?
- Max, what the hell are you lookin' at?
Someone else here?
- Yes.
- What's she sayin'?
- She wants you to suffer.
- Don't listen to her, baby, fight her.
You hear me?
- I can't.
- Yes you can, Max.
Just think about the baby.
Do you really want her to
harm the father of your baby?
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK, sweetheart.
Just undo these cuffs so
we can get outta here.
- You actually think it's
gonna be that simple?
Enjoy your meal.
- Wait!
Who are you?
- The last woman you
ever wanted to fuck with.
- Oh, hey, Sean.
- Hey, Sean?
You ain't got to sound so disappointed.
- I'm sorry.
I just thought you might be Lance.
- So what's up?
I got the voicemail, it sounded urgent.
- It is, have you seen Lance?
- Naw, not for about a week.
I mean, he didn't even show
up for the last two sessions
to wrap up the final
takes of the new video.
- And you don't find that strange?
- No, not for Lance.
- Honestly, I think something
has happened to him for real.
Like, he hasn't called, he hasn't come by.
And every time I call him it
goes straight to voicemail.
- Ain't nothing happen to him.
He just on another one of his benders.
- God, you sound like the police.
- The police?
You called the cops?
- Uh, yeah.
And you sound even less
concerned than they do.
They said he might be in Vegas
with some new girlfriend or something.
- And they probably right.
- Sean, that's not funny.
- I mean, I ain't tryin to be.
But, I told you how he was before
you left me for him.
- Sean, I've told you a million times,
I didn't leave you for Lance.
I don't understand what you don't get.
Me and you was already broke up two months
before me and Lance
had our first date.
- Yeah, yeah, whatever.
So, what's up, what you
call me over here for?
What you wanna see me for?
- Look, I need you to ask around.
See if anybody done heard from him,
seen him, or something.
Can you do that?
- What, you want me to
go lookin' for this nigga'?
- Uh, yes, please, Sean.
- No, no, I can't do it.
I mean, shoot, as far as I'm concerned,
you're getting what you deserve.
- What?
- Word?
- This mother fucker.
- Hey, mom, how are you?
- I'm good, how about you?
How's the city?
- I'm good, and Atlanta's great.
It's a lot faster than Macon.
But, I'm adapting.
So, what's new?
- Well, I met someone.
- What?
My mother is seeing someone?
Who is he?
- His name is Bobby,
and I met him at church.
He's a dentist, he's divorced,
he doesn't have kids.
Oh, I don't know what else to say except
he makes me feel alive, you know?
- Aw, he sounds like a dream,
can't wait to meet him.
- Hey, dad, it's me.
Did you talk to the police?
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Alright, dad.
Whatta you want?
- I think you might be right.
- What are you talking about?
Right about what?
- I did some asking around.
I mean, nobody's seen Lance, nobody.
- You did that for me?
- Of course I did.
You know you're the only
woman I can love and hate
at the same time.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
But no, for real, I
mean, nobody has any clue
where he can be.
- I have one.
- I'm listening.
- I think she has something to do with it.
- She who?
- Maxine.
- You can't be serious.
- Oh, I'm dead-ass serious.
- Come on, Lana,
you are way in left field with this.
I mean, Maxine is a straight square.
I mean, she's a good looking square,
but she's still a square, all the same.
She wouldn't do nothin' to
Lance, she.. she adores Lance.
- Naw, see, my intuition is telling me
something different, though.
- Alright.
I mean, if it makes you feel any better,
I'll go around there,
see what I can find out.
- Naw, you know what?
Hold that thought, I'll go.
- Why?
- Because, if you go then she's gonna know
his disappearance is being looked into.
But if I go, I'm just another jilted lover
coming over there to see
if he went back to her.
- What the fuck?
- Good afternoon.
How'd you sleep?
I know these floors can
kinda be hard on the back.
- You know you can't keep me here forever.
Somebody will find me.
- I hate to burst your overinflated ego,
but as of now, no one's
even lookin' for you.
- You lyin'.
- Believe what you must.
- Can you at least tell
me why you're doin' this?
Better yet, what you gonna do with me?
- I don't know,
I haven't decided yet.
Do you have any suggestions.
- You're fucking psychotic.
- Sticks and stones.
- Help!
Somebody help!
- Yell all you want; the
basement is soundproof.
Why do you think I
installed bells down here?
- Shit!
- What the hell you want?
- To talk.
- What is there to talk about?
- Um, have you seen Lance lately?
- Nope, haven't seem him
in like, a week or two.
- Right, and
you didn't think to call?
Find out if something
mighta happened to him?
Make a police report, anything?
- Nope, I assumed he been with you.
- You assumed wrong.
- I guess there's some pleasure in knowing
that he played you, too.
- He didn't play me.
- That's what I
kept telling myself, too,
until reality stepped in.
- That's just it, you standing
here like you don't care
that I'm telling you that he missing.
You think it's a game, right?
- Why should I?
He left me for you.
A skanky little video model.
- At least I know how
to satisfy him.
- Obviously not as good
as you thought or he
would be with you now.
And you wouldn't be here
boring the hell outta me.
I'm so glad you did that.
- Bitch, get the fuck off me!
GET Off me!
Dumb bitch!
- No, no, wait!
Wait, wait, wait!
- Hey.
What happened to your eye?
- You don't even want to know.
- Yes I do, that's why I'm asking.
What happened to your eye?
- Me and Maxine got into it.
- Maxine, who the hell is Maxine?
- She's Lances ex-girlfriend.
- Lance's ex-girlfriend?
How ex, is this ex-girlfriend?
- Hmm, we were seeing each
other behind her back.
- Dammit, Lana!
- Look, I know, that's
why I went over there
to see if she has something
to do with his disappearance.
- Unbelievable!
- Do you think this would be
something of interest to
your friend on the force?
- Yes, yes I do.
But I'm not gonna tell
him and neither are you.
- Why not?
- Because this love triangle
that you've got yourself into,
Or, if something happened to
Lance, God forbid he's dead.
You're gonna be just as
much of a suspect as she is.
Let me investigate this woman myself
before we jump the gun, OK?
- OK.
- Dammit, Lana!
- Dad!
And they like who do
you think you are?
And they like who do
you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they say
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they like
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they like
Who do you think you are?
Hey I got the word
I got the word, bitch hey hey
I got the word yeah yeah
- Okay, that's it!!!
- What are you doing?
- Just 'cause that bitch
whooped your ass doesn't
mean you gotta sit here
like some fucking fairy.
- I didn't get my ass beat.
- Oh yeah?
What's up with that eye, then?
- I'm still bad, though.
- Yeah, I know.
So get your badass up and let's go.
- Look, I appreciate what
y'all tryin' to do but,
I ain't really in the mood for socializing.
- Oh, yes you are, bitch,
you just don't know it yet.
Now, come on, get that ass up
let's go.
- Ya'll ain't even got no clothes.
- Yes we do, they in the car.
Now get dressed.
- Who just got clothes in the car?
- Us!
- Now come on, get up, let's go.
Do I gotta be that psycho bitch?
And this time, take
a track or two with me?
Oh I gotta be that psycho bitch?
Do I gotta be that psycho bitch?
You like this psycho bitch?
- You're so crazy.
- Get you ass up them stair.
I got a bitch in a bando
She a badass bitch
If you get a truckload
She gonna bag that shit
We gonna blast that shit
Got a bitch in a bando
I got a beauty in a band oh
She a badass bitch
If we get a truckload
She gonna bag that shit
Straps like Rambo
We gonna blast that shit
- Watch this. Look at that? Look at that.
Look at that, see it, it bounce.
You don't see it?
Well that's OK, cause he see it
with his cute self.
-Hey boo.
Him. He so fine.
- Uh uh... No he is not, you play too much.
- No, see, you're lookin' at his friend.
His friend ugly as hell. He gotta
a mushroom too.
Hold up... Is that a smile I see?
It is a smile.
- OK.
OK, I'm smiling, so what?
- So?
Didn't I tell you, all you need was one night out with me?
- One, one, just one.
- Hi!
- Kelly!!
- Mm, come here!
Yeah, the dead has arise.
-See bitch.. That's why I don't fuck with you.
-Yes you do with your fine ass.
Sit down and gimme that dress.
- What's goin' on?
- Nothin' much, I'm good.
- You are?
You're good?
- I'm good.
Stop fighting it.
- I see you haven't lost your appetite.
I'm curious, is there any other appetites
that need fulfilling?
- You're sick.
- So you're telling me
you're not the least bit interested?
If not for me, then who?
The video bitch Lana?
The one that stopped by earlier?
Yeah, that's right, she came by.
- Did you hurt her?
- No, but it wasn't for
the lack of trying.
Who knew the bitch could fight?
back to the question at hand.
- It's not gonna happen.
- Oh, it's gonna happen.
You promised Maxine a baby,
and I'm here to make sure she collects.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, what?
I thought Maxine was already pregnant?
- I'm afraid not.
- Are you sure she's pregnant?
- You got her pregnant, man?
- If she says she's pregnant,
then she is.
I don't believe this shit!!
- Don't worry, she will be soon enough.
- You actually think I'm gonna
have sex with your crazy ass?
- I'm quite sure of it, I
laced your water with Viagra.
You don't even have to be conscious.
See, your mouth says no
while your body says yes.
- Good morning!
- What's so good about it?
I'm never drinkin' again.
- Yeah, OK, that's
what you said last time.
You want some breakfast?
- Yes, starving.
- What now?
- Hi,
- Yes?
Who are you?
- I'm Roy Stevens, I'm Lana's father.
- Are you kidding me?
She ran to you 'cause we
exchanged a few blows?
Look, it it makes you feel any better,
she gave as good as she got.
- No, no, wait please!
Now, I'm not here for that.
Can I come in?
- Whatever.
So, if it's not about the
fight, then what's it about?
- Well, I was wondering if I
could ask you a few questions
about Lance?
- What are you, a cop?
- Well... I used to be-... I'm actually retired.
- And the plot thickens.
- Ah, can we have a seat?
- Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- So, what did you want
to know about Lance?
- Um.
When was the last time you seen Lance?
- Um,
about two weeks ago.
- OK.
And, what was the nature
of your conversation?
If you don't mind me asking?
- He's fishing.
He thinks you're involved.
Play it cool, take him off his game.
I'm thinking you might have
to put out on this one.
Nothing puts an older man off his game
like a hot piece of young ass.
- He said he was seein' someone else.
That he was gonna break it
off after I forgave him.
He left to do just that, and
I haven't seen him since.
- Well, after he didn't return,
did you call him?
- No.
- Why not?
- I figured he was with your daughter.
And why chase a man that
obviously doesn't want me?
- But didn't you want
some sort of closure?
- This isn't my
first breakup, Mr. Stevens.
It hurt, but in these
situations I've learned
it's best to make a clean break.
Rather than to drive yourself crazy
wondering what you
coulda done differently.
- I see.
- You know, I remember
everything about that day.
Even what he had on.
- Which was?
- Jeans,
a white tee,
designer watch set up on him.
I had it inscribed, forever yours.
So, an ex-police officer.
I bet you have all kinds
of stories to tell?
- I have a few.
- Have you ever shot anyone?
- Unfortunately, yes.
- I wanna hear all about it.
But first, let me get a drink.
Would you like anything?
- No thank you, I'm fine.
- So now,
where were we?
- Uh,
um, I think I should be going.
- Why?
Things were just getting interesting.
- And that's why I need to be going.
- You don't find me attractive?
- Yes, I find you very attractive.
But I'm old enough to be your father.
- Now be honest....
Does that scare you or turn you on?
Put Molly all in his wine glass...
And he ain't even know it.
- We could kill her right now.
And no one would ever know.
We even have her dad as an alibi.
I know you want to.
I can feel the hatred flowing within you.
But wait,
that's not all I'm sensing.
I get it.
She is a tender young thing.
She lives for now.
- Get it together, Lana!
- Where are you going?
- Home.
- Why?
Is someone there waiting?
- No.
- Then come back to bed.
- Lord.
I shoulda never let this happen.
I'm old enough to be your father.
- Why is it that a man's
regrets always comes
after he gets what he wants?
I hope to see you again.
It was nice.
I had a good time.
- Stay the hell away from me.
- Relax, I come in peace.
I always wanted to say that.
But I have good news.
- If it doesn't start
with, I'm free to go,
I'm not interested.
- No, but I'm pregnant.
- Yeah right.
- Didn't you hear me?
I'm pregnant; you're gonna be a father.
- Yeah, I heard you.
- You know what, you're putting
a real damper on this mood.
I'm about to go take a run.
- Crazy bitch.
- Lance?
- Sean!
What you doin' here, man?
Where's Maxine?
- Damn, bro!
Man, she just left, man, she just left.
- Listen, she's gone crazy, bro.
You better get outta here
before she gets back.
- No, I should leave you down here
for even messin' with my
ex in the first place.
- Man, come on all that.
Man, get me out these cuffs.
- I got you.
This ain't workin', man.
- Listen, listen, listen.
You gotta get something
to cut these chains, man.
Go get a rod.
- I'll be right back.
You know the only reason you
got her in the first place
is 'cause of your money, right?
- Man, come on,
man, shit, man, come on!
- Maxine!
- Sean, you find anything?
- Yes, an intruder.
- Where's Sean?
- Upstairs.
- What the fuck you do?
- What I had to.
- You better hope I don't get outta here.
- And you better hope I
don't lose my patience.
- Oh, my God.
This can't be happening.
You killed him.
Can't believe you did this.
Where are you?
Show yourself.
- I'm over here.
That's it.
You're getting closer.
Over here.
Stop your whining.
He was gonna ruin everything.
It had to be done.
Now, pull yourself together.
'Cause there's work that has to be done.
have to get rid of the body.
- No, I can't.
I don't know how!
And what if I'm caught?
- You won't be caught.
Wait until nightfall, drive the
body to an isolated location
and torch the car.
- Well, it's about time you stopped by.
I've been trying to get in
touch with you for two days.
- Baby, I'm sorry,
I've just been busy.
- Busy?
You're a retired police officer.
What's more important than your daughter?
I've been going crazy out of my mind
trying to get in touch with you.
- Well, I'm here now, and
as you can see, I'm fine.
- OK, well, you were
supposed to go see Maxine.
So, did you?
- Yeah, I did.
- And what did she say?
- She said that,
she said that Lance admitted
to the affair between you two.
- Right.
- Then she said that he was
on his way here to break up with you,
and that's the last time she saw 'em.
- She's lying.
- See, you're saying that because that's
what you wanna believe.
- Don't tell me you believe her, dad?
- Look, honey, I've been an officer for
many years.
- OK.
- And if she's,
she's either a damn good
liar, or she has no clue
about what happened to Lance.
- I can't believe this.
- This is Lance's watch.
- It is Lance's watch.
- She said he was wearing that watch
the last time she saw 'em.
When he was supposed to
come break it off with you.
- What are you trying to say?
You think I had something to
do with his disappearance?
- Did you?
- Really, dad?
I can't believe you just asked me that.
- I mean,
I'm sorry but I have to.
I mean, look, this looks bad.
- I don't give a fuck
what this looks like, I
didn't do shit to Lance!
She did this.
- Who?
- Maxine.
No, really, two days ago
I was layin' in the bed
and I felt like somebody was
standing over me, staring at me
and I walked around the house
and I couldn't find nobody.
But you know what?
I know she did this.
- It couldn't have been her.
- And what makes you so sure?
- Because two days ago
I was questioning her.
- Okay?
And that was well after 12 o'clock so,
how can you account for her whereabouts?
Tell me you didn't?
- Honey, look, alright
just relax, 'cause--
- How could you, you fucked her?
- Just calm--
Baby I'm sorry.
- You know what?
No, get the fuck out!
Get out, go!
- In local news,
Saint Clemonsfield's own
promoted officer Richard Dickit
has been reported missing.
Dickit was last seen at
the Saint Clemonsfield--
- Oh, good morning.
- Yes.
- Don't forget, Morgan's comin'
by to stay a couple of days
with us while she's getting
work done on her house.
- Hmm, you'd look good with that.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- So, you're like, checkin' me out?
- For sure.
- Don't start nothin' you can't finish.
You know, with your headache and all.
- Headache's
all gone.
We might wanna take
advantage of this time,
since your girl gonna be
around for the next few days.
You know what I mean?
- Hmm, bye.
- Police
believe it to be bath salts,
remanufactured and put
out in a town up north.
- I know one thing,
If you have me late for this
appointment, I'ma kill you.
Yo fuck that makeup
Pass me the grinder I got
the lighter let's get higher
And cook anything we think of
Open my guitar
and you watch me sing
You're so beautiful I
fuck you on the sink
You're like my type. And I'm gone wife that
But I will see you tonight
I wanna nightcap (kiss me down)
Wake me up when it's over
when I'm high and hungover
Kiss me baby roll over
sex, breakfast and mimosas
Oh oh oh
Ah ah ah
Wake me up when it's over
when I'm high and hungover
- Hey.
Completely useless after sex.
- Hello?
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, Morgan, what's up?
- Nothing much, just making
sure you haven't forgotten
I'm coming in today.
- No, I haven't forgotten.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
- Me, too, it's been too long.
We got a lot of catching up to do.
- Yeah, I'm still here.
Look, if I'm not here by
the time you get here,
let yourself in, the key
will be under the mat.
I have to meet with a homegirl
later on this afternoon.
Got some things I really need to clear up.
- Mm, that sounds
serious, is everything OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine, it's just
something that's long overdue.
- OK, well, I'll see you later.
- OK.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Can I come in?
Or are you just gonna keep
standing there gawking at me?
- Yeah, come on, I'm sorry.
You just caught me by surprise.
What brings you by?
- Well, I just wanted to
come and check on you.
I know I dropped the
bomb a couple days ago
when I told you about Lana and Lance.
And with him being missing,
I just thought you could
use a friend.
- Thanks, come on.
- I was worried about you.
- Thanks, but I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, he was seein'
another woman, why should
I be concerned about him?
- You gotta be feeling something, Max?
- I mean, yeah, I'll admit, in
the beginning, I was a wreck.
Hell, it still hurts now.
I'm getting over it, though.
How's Mike?
- He's doin' good.
He's out of town right now, though.
- Ah, that explains it.
- Explains what?
- Why you'd rather be here
with me on a beautiful day
like today rather than him.
- Even if he was in town,
I would still be right here
checking up on you.
- Oh, hey, Mike.
- Hey.
You know that Brenda will
probably be really upset
seeing you walking around here like that.
You know that, right?
- You're probably right, she has
always been jealous of me.
But what about you, Mike?
Are you upset?
- No.
- What now, Mike?
Beat up
Your feet up and your hair fucked up
Girl I beat it up
Girl we ain't done
with our late night fun
I see this tear from your eyes
Climb on top of me
You're satisfied
I give you what you need
he can beat it down like me
He can beat it down
like me oh down like me
He can beat it down like me
Oh, Mike!
- Brenda, what is it?
You look like you have
the weight of the world
on your shoulders.
- I have a confession to make.
- Okay?
- I'm actually glad it's over
with between you and Lance.
- And why is that?
- Because you're too kind
and generous of a person
for someone who could
never fully appreciate you.
- Thanks!
- I wouldn't be too quick to thank me,
because there's more, and
you're not gonna like it.
- What is it, you're starting to scare me.
- You remember last year when
Mike and I were having problems?
- How could I forget, you was a wreck.
- Yeah, well, with all that was going on,
I felt incredibly lonely
and needed comfort.
And Lance provided
me with that comfort.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You tellin' me you and
Lance slept together?
- Yes.
- I cannot believe this.
- I know.
I can't believe this either.
I was just in such a bad place.
If I wasn't, I don't believe
I woulda ever betrayed you.
Do you think you can ever forgive me?
- Of course I can.
- Thank you.
- Who else knows you're here?
I'm glad we had this talk.
How 'bout you?
How many bitches did you cheat on me with?
- Will do everything they can
to keep their distance from me.
Who've been through the pain
of losing someone they loved to cancer.
I don't wanna be reminded of it so.
They avoid me.
Just like you're doing.
I understand.
- Evening, Roy.
- Hey.
- So why the hell did you
drag me all the way out here
at this time of night?
- Hey, I need a favor.
Hey, how far are you along in that
Lance Mills case?
- To be honest with you, not far at all.
Why do you ask?
- Good, I need it to stay unsolved.
- You want me to burry the case, why?
Aw, God.
You think Lana's involved, don't you?
Well, look, Roy, I don't
know what to tell you.
I'm done with all that shit,
you shoulda known that before
you called me out here.
So I don't know what you--
- Paul, let me!
Look, see, I done helped your ass out
when I was on the force, I
kept you outta the office.
This is my baby girl, man!
I just need one favor
from you, man, one solid!
- Alright, Roy.
I'll do this one last time for you.
After that, lose my fucking number.
- Daddy, stop it, no!
- Maxine!
- Round two?
- No, I come in peace.
I'm sorry, I always wanted to say that.
It's an old SCI FI classic.
- I know, it's one of my favorite flicks.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Well, can I come in.
- Yeah, come on.
- Thank you.
- Have a seat.
So, if this ain't to throw hands,
what you doin' here?
- Honestly, I don't know.
I mean, I was driving around
thinking about Lance and,
I guess I found myself here.
Or, maybe I wanted to apologize.
- For what?
- For coming in between you
and Lance's relationship.
Or, blaming you for the disappearance.
Either way, take your pick,
but I am sorry.
- Wow, I know it hurts to say.
- Girl!
You don't even know.
But, there is something
I wanna ask you, though.
- What's that?
- Are you really pregnant?
- Yes.
- OK.
Well, in your defense, last
time I talked to Lance,
he told me if you said you was pregnant
then it was the truth.
I really miss him.
- I'm sorry.
- Nah, don't worry about it.
- No, I shouldn't have done that.
- Well, why did you?
- I don't know, maybe it's
because you're the only one
that can understand the
loss that I'm feeling.
Or, maybe because, other than
this child that I'm carrying,
you're the only real
connection that I have
to the man that we both loved.
Or maybe, I just find you incredibly hot.
What's wrong?
- I've never done this before.
- Relax.
I'll be gentle.
You want me to stop?
- Fuck no!
Hey, what just happened?
- We made love.
- This was a mistake.
- No, it wasn't.
It was beautiful.
I counted two orgasms.
There were probably others,
but you kept quiet so I
wouldn't get a big head.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- There were others.
- What the hell you lookin' at?
- An asshole.
I don't get it.
Why would Maxine wanna
waste two years of her life
with a piece of shit like you?
- Sticks and stones.
- Touche'.
Just so you know, Lana still misses you.
- You spoke with Lana?
- Yeah.
- When?
- She spent the night.
- Why would Lana come here?
Especially since the first
time didn't go too well.
- That's the funny thing.
She came by apologizing for suspecting me
to have something to do
with your disappearance.
Ironic, isn't it?
We made love.
- Yeah right!
- I can see why you like her,
she's as sweet as a peach.
I can see that that bothers you.
But I can't help but wonder,
is it the thought of her leaving?
Or is it the thought
of me making her scream
more than you ever could?
- You bitch!
- Good bye, Lance.
It seems that you've
outlived your usefulness.
- So, you just gonna kill me?
- Yeah.
- You're not gonna get away with this.
- Don't underestimate the
criminally insane, Lance.
We're quite brilliant.
We only get caught if it's
our intention to get caught.
If it makes you feel any better,
Maxine is real conflicted
about killing you.
Unfortunately, for you, I'm not.
- Relax, baby girl..
Every girl gotta go anal sometime, right?
- Kill him, Max!
- Max, what did you do?
- It's done.
Time for me to go.
- Wait!
There's something else
that needs to be done.
- Nah, I can't help you with that.
You're dealin' with too
many regrets from your past.
I don't do regrets.
I'll see you around.
- Maxine, you've been
sitting there for 15 minutes
and you haven't said a word.
You know I can't help you
if you don't tell me what's going on.
- Even though you're bound by
doctor/client confidentiality
there's still things you have to report
to the authorities, correct?
- Yes.
- Well, I'm gonna give you
a hypothetical situation,
just to see what you think.
- OK
- Hypothetically,
what if a patient of yours
killed her stepfather
for sexually abusing her for years?
And what if her brother
is now on death row
because he took the blame for that murder?
All because he felt guilty for not seeing
what was going on right
underneath his nose
and doing something about it.
What do you think would happen to her?
And what do you think would
happen to her brother?
- Well, if she admitted to the murder,
and her brother were to confirm the story,
I'm sure that courts would reopen the case
and he'd be released.
- And what about the patient?
- Well, if that patient
were a patient of mine
I'm sure I could testify
to the effects that
the abuse had on her
mentally and emotionally.
Also, my husband being the
D.A., I'm sure we could get her
committed to a psychiatric hospital
so that she can get the help she needs
instead of serving a
lengthy jail sentence.
And I'm also pretty sure
that I can get her released
from that mental hospital before her baby
has the chance to call anyone else mommy.
Hypothetically speaking.
- How did you know I was pregnant?
- Maxine, is there
anything you wanna tell me?
- wanna confess to
the murder of my stepfather,
Milo Greene.
It's like lights camera action
I got a pocket pull of rubbers
And the quickest tounge
take you pass anything
Your mind can imagine
That's right, girl,
I get a cracking
I make it magic you ain't never
what what I make it happen
All day with da passion
I just wanna get you naked
And to get your body
shaking like the in between
Your legs when I'm smashing
Damn camera pan to the
left beat her from the back
One hand on the breast
- Wow, you weren't lyin'.
You did just get outta prison.
You're like a madman possessed.
- You complainin'?
- Hell naw.
Told you I liked it rough.
- Where you goin'?
- Just to get a drink.
I'll be back.
- Why did you come here?
What is it that you're expecting?
- I'm not expecting anything.
I just wanna know my mother.
- Don't call me that;
I am not your mother.
- Yes you are.
How could you sit there
and say that to me?
What about me being
here makes you so angry?
- Because every time I
look at you I think of him.
- Who, my father?
- Yes.
- Who is he?
What did he do to make
you so angry with him?
- He raped me.
- Oh... Oh my God.
- That's right, your father, he raped me.
And every time I look at you,
it brings back all these painful memories.
I've tried so hard to forget.
Please, go.
- I'm sorry, but I'm not my father.
Please don't push me away, I
just want to get to know you.
- I can't give you what you want, Reese.
As far as I'm concerned,
I only have two kids.
Nicholas and Maxine.
Please go and don't come back.
- If you hated me so much.
Why bother even having me?
- If it were up to me, I would've gotten
an abortion as soon as I
found out I was pregnant.
But my parents are devout Christians and,
an abortion was out of the question.
- Hell, girl,
what's taking you so long?
- Coming, brother.
"Pyro" by Tiona Deniece
I'm fully loaded got my
matches and my gasoline
Bout to be a massacre and
you're gonna hear the screams
I'm big bout to hit the
scene baby take caution
If you ain't know what's TNT
I'm not an artist I'm
an arsonist I told ya
If you don't wanna get burned
Then baby don't move no closer
Oh, but if you chose to move closer
This the type of shit that
you don't wanna get exposed to
Woo, I'm burnin', I'm burnin', baby
Oh, I'm burnin', I'm burin', baby
Oh, I'm burnin' now, I'm burnin' now
Keep risin' baby gonna turn it up
Get higher now get it loud
Will you walk through
with the light out
I'm body glow overload
Sirens goin' off I'm bout to let it go
Can you see me happy baby
Higher now let it out let blow
Let it blow oh roof on
fire now it's burin up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burin' up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burin' up
She set the roof on
fire now it's burin' up
All black smoke and
that's just for confetti
Get the monster ready
yeah you know I'm ready
I'm deadly yeah baby I'm deadly
If you ask anybody baby
they can tell you for me
Oh I'm burin' I'm burnin' baby
Oh I'm burin' I'm burnin baby
Oh I'm burnin' now I'm burnin' now
Keep risin' baby gonna turn it up
Get higher now let it blow
Will you walk through
with the lights out
I'm burin' now overload
Sirens goin' off I'm
bout to let it blow
Let it go can you see
me now behind them
Make a run to Cali
I'm the bomb when I land it's kamikaze
I can bag your baby mama anybody
Diamonds flashin' on me paparazzi
Cocaine on ice like it's hot
30 on my clip got a stock
Got a little buzz can't stop me
And they like who do
you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they say
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they like
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are and they like
Who do you think you are?
Hey, I got the word
I got the word, preach
I got the word, yeah
I got the word, preach
When it's over when
I'm high and hungover
Kiss me, baby all over
Expect this here of Moses
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Wake me up when it's over
I got a pocket full of
rubbers and the quickest hunt
That can pass anything
your mind can imagine
That's right, girl I get to
crackin', I make it magic
You ain't never what
what I make it happen
All day with a passion
I just want to get you naked
and get your body shakin'
Like the in between your
legs when I'm smashin'
Damn camera pans to the left
Beat her from the back
one hand on the breast
I ain't got much to say man
I've been workin' like a caveman
So can I get an amen?
I've been workin, yeah
All that spring
Ever sent
Get drop the beat I get turned up
Blunt after blunt gettin' burnt up
I'm a truth in the booth of journal
I got drive they gotta learn us
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
I'm gonna fuck the night up
Let's just keep it real