Sher Dil (2019) Movie Script

Sikandar and Haseeb Heading 090
500 feet
300 Knots
Three Indian Gnats at 12'O'clock
Roger that !
Haseeb has visuals
Heading for home . Stay sharp.
Haseeb - they haven't seen us yet .
Punch your fuel tanks now !
Haseeb ! lets ensure they don't break formation.
Let's close in and wait for my signal .
Two Sabers 6:00 o'clock
Break ! Break ! Break !
Open fire
Reverse the break - Rajesh
I have got the left
Tracking! Tracking
almost there
come on !
Yes !
Great Sir ! But I am tailing two here
Rajesh follow me !We are close to border
Haseeb I am turning to your position now !
I am on your 6.
you are looking good !
Breaking left , Breaking high
I am on him.
Heading for clouds.
Sikandar, I have lost Boggie in clouds
Copy that
I am on Boggie 2
He is heading to the deck
Baby ! This is my sky and my land
Hahaha ... Great!
Do whatever, I'll remain at your tail
Take your time , I'll be here when you come down
Show up, Show up .... yess
Sikandar he is right on my tail.
Wowww !!That was close.
Sikandar I could use some help here
Haseeb lead him towards me . I'll engage him head on .
Roger that !
It will all be over soon .
Great !
Guns jammed !
See you in heaven my friend !
I would rather sacrifice my life for friendship
but would never let my friend suffer slightly.
Madness! Madness !
You will become fighter pilot ( taunting)
Shussshhh ...... stay quiet
What are you doing?
Stay quiet ! Dogs
What dogs.... !
Hey!! Dogs
Run ..... Dogs !
Quick !!
Yeah wowww ! 3 times
Come on !
This a new way of building stamina ? .......
letting the dogs chase ?
you can't build stamina till the time something is not at
stake .
Woww!!!! You didn't even look back . ...
they got really close .
Forget it ..... nothing happened. We are safe !
A lot could have happen !
If you remain so scared you won't clear ISSB
Don't you worry for that
I am fully prepared .
Really !
Hey you made me recall
I am so single these days
Every morning I greet my myself with good morning honey !
And everyone at home are also worried.
Dad is just waiting for selection in PAF
and everyday they discuss a new proposal for my marriage.
Atleast your family is happy about you joining the forces
At my side everyday there is a war on the subject of PAF .
Baba wants that I must join his business .
Dude ! Not a bad idea !
Its better to stay home than undertake military training
enjoy and earn.
Listen !
When I come on this road
I feel as if I am flying in the air
I feel a great sense of pride and honour
because this road is named after my grandfather,
who sacrificed his life for this country
Got to go !
Uncle Haseeb is coming
Ahhh ! Who is Haseeb Uncle?
He is grandfather's friend. Baba has called him for his
I'll see you on swimming right?
Bro ! I guess it's enough for today.
Rest will be tomorrow.
Didn't you hear that
do not leave today's work on tomorrow.
You heard it wrong !
Leave today's work on tomorrow,
maybe you don't have to do it tomorrow.
Oh come on, Mr William Avoid work!
Ohhh ! Dogs
Welcome Haseeb uncle! Welcome.
How are you Mustafa ? Fine?
Thank you for coming on such a short notice.
Sqn Ldr Sikandars son call me and I dont come!
I felt as if I am talking to Sikandar, once we spoke on
That day we lost a precious gem in the sky.
When I hug you, I feel....
Forget it
I owe my life to my dearest friend
but let me tell you one thing
that I do not listen to my wife even that quick
Please come !
How is your business?
Mrs Sikandar - Although Mustafa called me
but I had to come otherwise also to say hi and meet you !
I am happy that
you and the entire Air Force
still considers me as the part of their family.
Uncle as you are here
Please advise as how Haris will change his decision.
Dad, if you can please share my shortcomings to me only ! I
don't have a branch
Good Afternoon Sir
Welcome - boy. Sit here grandson
Thank you
So what are the future plans of my hero?
You know Uncle Haseeb.
I am grandson of Sqn Ldr Sikandar
Of course, No where else but Air Force.
Hmm .... but why only Air Force?
Your father has got a well established Media House.
Someone needs to take care of it.
Ohhh ! I got it !
Get in to business, become a business tycoon.
These rich people are really very weird,
when he is in trouble, hires a lawyer !
Once full with sins, performs pilgrimage to purify himself
But Uncle Haseeb
I want to fly!
Want to experience thrill .
Want to touch the stars
Just like Sqn Ldr Sikandar .
Impressive! My son!
As regard serving your country is concerned,
It is not mandatory to sacrifice your life.
You can contribute while staying alive.
By the way, you won't get this lavish lifestyle in Army.
I know this Baba
A soldier is really amazing.
He hides his complete family in his wallet
and the entire Pakistan in his heart.
This feeling cannot be bought Dad !
You just have to feel it .
And the world is changed by your example
not just by your thoughts.
When you will face ragging
You will then remember your mothers lullabies
and grandma's hand cooked food
You will get back in just two days after sacrificing your
hair and my respect.
you cannot survive without wifi for five minutes
and now heading towards academy to face hardships.
Where is your head and your heart ?
My mind is on the sky
and And as far as heart is concerned ......
it's near the lungs
Want to fly in the air like a bird in the air .
And the moment you land back,
do not forget to bring the medicines of your grandma
and groceries of your mother.
Yes Dad !
Excuse me . Good to see you Sir .
Ok son
He is meant to be a pilot .
Let him go.
Let him spend his life the way he wants to spend.
Ama jee !
I would also like you to say something.
I want you all to keep me away from this discussion.
You have no logic and reasoning.
You are strange people !
You just have difference of opinion .
No! No! No!
All muslims are not brothers for each other
rather they are nothing but butchers.
Dad is impossible !
Buddy whenever I start my diet and exercise,
he hold parties,
Don't want to mingle .......
Listen !
I will call you back
Hey Sorry !
Get away
Where has that girl gone?
she has left.
I know that but where did she go?
She came by mistake . She had to go somewhere else .
Bro ! You should have asked her name.
Next time I will ask
Ah ! Just leave.
Come here
Yes Dad
Yes Dad
Allow me to introduce Mr Sethi.
He is famous for his Sethi textiles.
Nice to meet you.
How are you? Enjoying the party?
Yes i am
Where have you lost son?
It's nothing Dad.
You were telling me something
Should I get you something?
No Son, I am good
Where is Haris?
I haven't seen him since morning.
I guess he is sleeping.
Present generation is so weird.
For them Sunday means
sleeping wholeday.
You also used to sleep in the same manner. Mustafa
Send some money to the school in village.
I have informed the Headmaster .
Yes Maa !
But I sent the money just three months back.
I have already committed with them.
Perfectly fine.
I shall send them by tomorrow.
You should not be worried.
Hey Baba
What happened? My son seems happy today.
Because what I have always dreamed, has happened.
I can't believe it.
This piece of paper carries my future.
Joining instructions for PAF Academy.
joining instructions? What did I tell you ?
I am so happy today -
please don't spoil this moment for me.
Granny just see !
Why to be stubborn like children. Air Force - Air Force
Do you care for parents aspirations?
You are planning to join academy.
Have you ever undertaken any difficult task in life?
if I'll tell you the truth , you will mind
and if I give any logic , I'll get insulted .
Dont be a poet !
It's not easy,
you won't be able to tolerate the hardships of Academy .
Mama! Bearing todays hardship will become my strength
Come on ... Please !
I think I have to take this path alone
Oh I just remember ! I am not alone , Fawad is also joining
He doesn't care about us. His priorities are different.
A day will come Baba,
when like my grandfather, I'll have medals on my uniform.
and that day you will say, I am proud of you my son.
No! I will not say that
If you will join academy,
don't you ever think anyone will accompany you.
Dear Mother - please say something.
Haris will join Air Force.
Baba should not have reacted like this
My son !
Mustafa was very young
when Sikandar embraced Shahadat.
He badly felt the absence of his father.
All the happiness in the world couldn't fill the vacuum of
our house.
And then!
You were born.
It felt like we all restarted our lives!
But maybe
now he is scared
time might repeat itself.
Grandma , I am joining Air Force.
Am I doing wrong?
My son,
some relations are made by God ,
some by humans
but the relation you are making,
its obligations would be very tough.
I am afraid.
All remains well !
When you have faith in God
Then no one can harm you
But if you were double minded
then why did you support me infront of Mama , Baba ?
I couldn't stop Sikandar to fly in the air,
so how come it was possible for me to stop you?
You wanted to stop him?
I could not have! Even if I wanted to?
I also love this soil
but the wife of every soldier knows that
She is not just married to that man, but with his uniform
This means , Grandpa was very different.
These men in uniform,
though seem ordinary
but at the time of need,
they get ready to sacrifice everything.
Granny !
They say-
it takes four years for a man to become a soldier
but then entire life is insufficient for a soldier to become
an ordinary man again.
I promise I'll never let down, Baba !
And especially You.
O' Great Granny , I salute you !
But make a promise to me that when i will return
you will cook beef pulao for me
Alright I will !
Hari don't dip it in tea otherwise will be wet
Move Ahead
Sorry Bro
Bro, are you here to become PAF officer?
Myself Hari Jeet Singh
from Hassan Abdaal
A PAF officer told me that we will be issued with Jeeps, the
moment we reach!
I guess they are late!
Which Jeeps Sardar Jee We have lost even our car
No problem! You can take our Jeeps
Bro can you help me a bit?
No bro, I have enough of my own luggage
They made a long list !
Let me help you !
So he got impressed!
Sardar Jee , why did you bring this?
Look! Every officer has some kind of briefcase!
At least people get to know Right !
Lets go then
Buddy then on foot?
How long is the way?
The gate is nearby Paa Jee
I have heard they give really tough time
Yes and I have also heard that if you are wearing kohl than
this means more hardships
Are you wearing it?
kohl and slippers Pendo
Here we are !PAF Academy
Who are these clowns accompanied by Haris?
Fawad , Don't say like this
Haris , what's up man?
Why are you roaming with these clowns
Please don't ask
Hi Aunty
Hi! How are you son?
Perfectly fine
Your parents didn't come?
Let go I think
It's call time ! Let's go
Come Come
This is it - we officers are being received infront of Jets
Opps My Brief case
Look at him
Up on your head
Up on your head
Put this up your head !
Sir when will you issue us Jeeps?
We will issue you soon
Put this on your head
Put this on your head
Now !!!!
Right hand
Left or Right
What's going on with the officers?
Your future !
Tight your belt
Close your eyes
And look up
Button Close
You Hero
Look up
And don't move you duffer
Its mine
Go there
Get up right
I said come out
Where we got stuck?
hey you
Sit down

Welcome to PAF Academy

Asghar Khan

Are you here with your own choice?
"Yes Sir"
JJ: Good



Love of country
These are three essential things that you will learn here

There will be moments

that you will be saying to yourself What am i doing here?
The place where you are standing today,
you have to undergo most difficult tests of your life here
Do you know that
the price of this test could be your life even?
Cadets : Yes Sir

Is this voice of your heart?
Yes Sir
Which other profession
demands you to sacrifice your life?
None sir
I can't hear you
None Sir

carve this thing on your heart
Pakistan Air Force has
no place for cowards and traitors
I would like to salute your parents
Because of whom your hearts are filled with this passion

So ! Today marks the first day in uniform for you

I will take the same oath on the day of your passing out

Dont forget this morning

May ALLAH give you strength
Painda bad
Flt Hault
Left Turn
One, two, three, one
These angels of death have seen us
You thought Day is over
It has just begun
What were you thinking
that Air Force will be the house of your aunt
You have exactly 2 minutes
Change into PT kit and get fallen infront of my room
and if anyone will get late by one second
so you will be here for complete night
Run now
Right Sir
PT Kit
Everyone is going wearing something white stuff
One tape
Yes Sir
Forget about sleep
and be ready for a life changing journey
You !
Hey you !
Come out
What's your name?
Irfan Sir
Irfan Sir Irfan
From where you have come goofy?
Sir Irfan from Head Marala
Oh Head Mirala
How did you reach here?
Second Position in Sargodah division
From today your name will be gift
So Mr Gift,
what did I tell you to wear?
Sir underwear and Vest
Underwear and Vest
Did I say underwear?
No Sir !
Sir was I suppose to come without underwear?
Your condition is still like the same
Come here and stand infront
Look what others are wearing
These are called Shorts
You have 30 seconds
Go and return after you gift wrap your gift!
Idiot !
Cut your smile
Down for push ups
A day will come Baba
And you will say that you are proud of me
No Never
I will not say that
Oye Irfan
Wowwww!!! Hot babe !!!!
hello! what nonsense is going on here?
Must be some stupidity
You guys won't ever change
Do you have any clue what great plan we are working on?
A new movie is being screened at Prince Cenima!
First movie and then Sumptuous dinner wow!!
If you guys think that I will join you in your venture?
Well ! you are absolutely right I am in
There must be some adventure in life Buddies
Show me !
What do we call it in Punjabi ,
"No pains no gains"
In Punjabi?
Friends I will not be a part of your stupid plans
It's been just a while that restrictions got over
You have no choice You have to come with us Get up !
Oh Haris ! You are not doing a good thing
No excuses ! Boys at 7:00 p m Right
Friends, I would still recommend to get back , otherwise ,
we will be in great trouble
Nothing will happen Susssh! My plan is safe
Watch it ! A car is coming from behind
They have seen us
No ! Let's Go
Oh ! Ho! Turn left, turn left
There is guard here
You were saying, your plan is fool proof
What are you doing?
Oye ! Move back
Ohhh cycle - keep quiet Shhhh
Lets' Run
When we have to come here , why not straight path then?
There was camera installed
Move ! Come on
Run ! Run
Let's Climb
Now you climb and run
Hurry ! Hurry !
Hurry up ! I'm stuck here , it's not coming out
Get Down
Guard is coming
Hurry up! Jump
Come, Come
Jump Jump
What have you done??
What should i do about this?
let's go, guard is coming
When that hot scene will come
Old Lady: which one?
Oh Wierdo , goofy - open the seat
Oh , I was also thinking they made very small seat
We have less time
Need to rush back How long is this picture
Stay quiet you loser
Don't make me bored Just enjoy movie
When that hot dance scene will come?
After Interval
After Interval
Can't you stay quiet? Didn't you know I'm watching movie?
Not just dance but on our way back it's going to be a
complete show !
We will live and die together
Will go back after hot dance
I spit on such dance that makes you this much scared
Hari Jeet, why are you scared !!!! Be a man
Weekend is closed! No body would doubt
The angel of death is here also!
You losers , you would all die and would drag me as well
What would happen now?
Don't get inside , get out of here
I guess I saw that one tape
Bro ! Move fast
if we would be able to catch them today
We will give them really good lesson
Bro" , Which perfume are you wearing?
Haris you are trying to joke around this time and we are
dying out of fear
This is short cut This way bro ! Take turn Fast ! Fast !
My dear bro , please hurry !
Our respect and ragging for next countless night is in your
Please Move fast !
why did I come with them ?
Wai Guru Jee please save me !
My heart is beating so fast
Ok you drive
Run run
Where did they go?
Drive it fast!
Turn here
Forget about it ! Let's go back to academy Take left
Just stop here ! Stop here ! Just be quick !
Lets get off!
Irfan : So die then !
Let's Change First
Close the door
Get aside
I am in big trouble
Where is my Belt
O Hari, remember! dont confess!
Bloody well get up!
Change into track suit and come out!
All of you , why you leave the academy premises?
You think we are fools? Bloody Fool !
Should I make you dance like that woman in that film?
Tell me - Why you go?
Speak , Speak , Speak!
Sir, we were not there
So that was your ghost eating popcorn in the cinema
And What is this smell?
Sir I slipped in the washroom
Bathroom ! Wah - Tohfa - Wah,
What way sleeping New way invent sleep
I am Sanwal from Rashidabad Cadet College You dodger !
Sir my trousers got wet
Shut Up
Trousers got wet !
Now let me get you fully wet
Just jump in the pool !
Yes Sir
Go !
You also go with them
Yes Sir
One arm distance both of you
Hands behind your beck
One Two Three One
Enjoying, enjoying cold water
Move fast and get down for ten push-ups
Its because of you the life is worst than that of dogs!
but accountability will be like that of human
You were so found of dance?
Here is that dance move!
You were all there na
No Sir
Hari Jeet just tell and go
Why are you looking at him?
No Sir
Take my belt away, away, away
Take my breath away bro
Finally Guys its holidays - from one week ragging
I'll go for riding
That you can do here as well
Oh Sardar, the horses belong to here
consider the rider as a donkey
If given complete charge, he would salute officer
and kicks out cadet
Forget this buddies, just think how much Sir Ali would miss
You remember the bunk day, how much sure he was?
sure? ( means noise)
but why?
Sure means being confident that we were the ones
Oh alright!
Take my breath away
Alright then
See you in Islamabad
Yes Sir
Where is my horse ?
Madam took that
which Madam
There she is going
Didn't you tell her that it's not tamed.
It's Completely wild
yasir bring the other horse.
I had this fear
Calm down., calm down
Calm down , calm down . Easy , easy !
Are you okay?
Oh my God !
Really thankful that you came
and May Allah ask this horse.
He should only run as much as he can!
Wouldn't you say anything?
What should I say ?
Okay , Formalities afterwards.
Right now I need to look for my scarf and my cellphone
I am really thankful to you.
You have literally saved my life.
No need for thanks! Just saw you in trouble so ....
Hmmm ! Everybody wants to become a hero when finds a girl in
trouble .
By the way , Sabrina is my name
I am a student of Archeology
What about you?
My name is Haris . Haris Mustafa !
Mustafa is little busy
Children have come back from riding.
Welcome Son
Nice to meet you
How are you?
Hi Aunty !
Hi dear ! How are you?
I am okay
Please have seat
Thank you
Uncle Waseem was your Dads class-fellow in college.
He is in Foreign services
Nice meeting you uncle
My pleasure
It seems you two had prior introduction.
Aunty I had a detailed meeting
both with Haris and his horse
Oh yes Haris , just remembered
You are going for trekking tomorrow
Why don't you take Sabrina along with you?
Yes sure, I have plan with some friends.
Would you like to join us?
Alright ! I'll come .
Friends ! It's not easy to become a soldier.
After twelve months I am out to enjoy.
Our weekend ends before it starts.
Hey ! Shall we start?
Hmmm !!! Come I'm waiting .
Just Shutup and go
Let's go guys.
Hello everyone !
Oh ! This is Sabrina.
You know her ?
I know everyone.
Waseem uncle is our Old Family Friend.
well i am the only only one who doesn't know
Look she is here .
So you are also present here.
Hurry up guys !
You guys have no importance of time.
Let's go.
I'll help you .
That's how you guys will remain behind time .
Sabrina, you have started taking with lot of wisdom!
Yes Off Course
Sometimes you cannot understand!
To understand me .....
You got to be wise!
By the way the standard of our intellect is based on the
that if we call him animal, he gets annoyed
and if we call a person Lion, he gets happy
Wowww! Superb!
What a philosophical comment !
Share something else as well.
No that's enough !
Its really slippery here
Oh ! By the way Sabrina
Nice shoes Where did you get them .
Yeah thanks
Ouchhhhh !!!!
Can you please leave me ?
ops sorry
Oh , hope you are not hurt ?
She is not of your type .
What do you mean by this ?
No no ! You may try
You won't be able to make it
Okay ! So much confidence.
I can bet
she will reject you in just one date.
It's fine. You carry on
No no ! Just stop for a while. Lets bet on it.
May the best man win
but you let her decide.
And remember!
No girl will come between our friendship.
Yeaayyyyy ! This is purely like a gentleman.
Get ready
Since beginning my life has been lost in your thoughts.
But even then I have a feeling that my love was not enough
My life is for you , my love
Even the distances between us may remain there!
You can look in to her eyes and
tell her that you love her
Hey bro ! How are you?
Hey man ! How are you?
Ah ! So how's life
Sleep buddy
I'm sleeping for the past two days
You tell Aviation Cadet?
Let's go party
I'm really tired buddy
It has been a year that I have not slept enough
I'll sleep today
Haris Sir
Your grandmother is calling you
Ok ! Coming
Are you going to sit here
Of course !
I mean you sit here. I'm just coming
Bring juice for Fawad
Fawad Sir
are you also going out with Haris Sir?
When? Today?
No he has a plan to sleep
You leave
Now I see !
Dating Tips
Working hard even in holidays
So this is the story going on
Fine !
Now let's plan your perfect date
Are you preparing this car for Haris?
Yes, it's for Sir Haris
Go inside and check if he is ready?
Here you go
with your Michael Bolton and Sonu Nighams love songs
Sir Fawad, Sir Haris is calling you inside
Calling me inside?
Yes please
I'm really tired
tell him I'm going to sleep
So you like old songs
No no !
Today I will tell you that this pilot
is very tasteful.
I do understand the kind of music pretty girls like you
I have especially kept one CD for you .
Please play
Okay ! Let's see
Show me some money so that I get excited
Don't knock the door , just get inside
I guess I must turn on radio
3. Come closer! Closer , closer!
Forget about radio.
You speak. I like it when you speak.
alright ! Just forget everything Mr Tasteful,
forget everything
I really like meeting your family .
Especially your Granny
Thank you
And what about me ?
You seem to be a gentleman
Yes I'm a gentleman but
at times I do get naughty .
Yeah !
I had an idea while listening to that music.
Look there ! Corn man
Do you like corns ?
Do you need it .
Yes !
Thank you Mr Khan
Here you go
Your corn
Thank you
You won't have it ?
No I don't take any distractions while driving or flying
Focus! Miss, Focus
Means the food is also a distraction for you?
A focused pilot never compromises his mission .
Mission ?
Yes Mission !
You are also a mission for me!
Uncle , give me some corns . Hurry up !
You seems to be quite a responsible person!
Ohhh Yes ! Responsible
That's my middle name
For your safety
Otherwise your makeup will be printed here .
Soooo !
Seatbelt check !
Rare view mirror check !
Side view mirror check !
And start !
Ahhh ! And start !
And startttt
It seems your car is not that responsible
Although got it serviced just yesterday!
Anyways we take the jet to the highest peaks.
It's just a car.
Let me check
Just a minute
It seems perfectly fine
Can you tell me when will this car be fixed?
I have to go early .
Somebody must be coming .
Haris , you are sleeping here ?
Oh Fawad
What are you doing here ?
I came here for some work.
Now going down
Right, doesn't matter.
Listen I'm getting late
can you provide me lift?
Sure !
No problem at all, Just up on
Hope you wouldn't mind?
Why would I mind?
Can you pleas help me?
Let's go
Guys what about me ?
You take care of car
and I'll take care of Sabrina .
Shall we go Sabrina Jee
Let's go . See you later .
We are going down, so hold me tightly .
Mr Khan : Bro
Mr Khan :Look there
Who did it
Good Evening Sir
Thank you for coming again
Thank you
Your favorite table
Thank you
I guess they recognize you
Everyone knows me but I haven't come here before .
Thank you
Thank you
Ready to order
Yes for sure
What are you having ?
Ahhhh ! I ll have soup of the day
Soup of the day - Two soup of the day please .
Thank You
So .... Aaaah Sabrina !
Lately I have been thinking
about many things. I mean
Soup .... Soup ..... Soup !
Thank You
Thank You
So what were you saying?
I was saying that .....
Sir , I hope soup is alright .
Last time,
Madam complaint that soup is not hot.
Which last time bro ?
I have come here for the first time .
Yes you should !
Enjoy your food
I don't know what went wrong.
I guess they are relating me with someone.
Ahh !Candle light ! Wowwww!
You are looking even more prettier in candle light.
ok Sabrina
I was thinking that
Life is only once
And it should be spent
with a pretty lady.
but with only one lady .
Off course Sabrina
Sir ! Madam forgot umbrella last time .
I guess
you selected a wrong place.
Oh Sabrina ... No , no, no ......
I can explain. Probably there is some misunderstanding.
Should I bring the last time's main course.
No !!!
My main course is going on just go from here
Listen! Listen to me
Sabrina .....
Sabrina please wait !
This is your tip. Thank you
Beautiful Restaurant
Flight Stop
Left Turn
Your face should be seen in the shine of these shoes
Yes Staff
Staff do you ever smile?
A soldier neither laugh nor talk without permission
Understand !
And I'm that one person who doesn't laugh even on Eid Day
Don't smile
Sorry staff ! I wasn't feeling well
I can excuse on bad health
but not to those who are insane
Oh God ! What he is taking out?
What is this?
If its here, then what are you wearing underneath!
Are you going to go like this in the battlefield?
Sorry Staff
I have no idea from where it has come?
This servant puts two underwear together
Don't Smile
Till the time there is life in our breathe
How come we can stop ourselves
The steps that have to move ahead
Cannot be stopped my friend
How we will be defeated
We are like storms
We win from defeat
That much fire is still within us
Have courage / Dare you to look in to our eyes
Come on ! Come on !
Make yourself Mad
Fill yourself with passion
Take a close look at the enemy
That his morale gets down
How come we will be defeated ?
We are like storms
We win from defeat
This much fire is still within us.
Have courage / Dare you to look in to our eyes
Come on ! Come on !
Hurry up buddy! We are getting late
Hurry up Buddy
Let's leave
You leave, I'm coming
How badly these cruel people have treated you Fawad
I never wanted to live this kind of life
Enough now !
Today is going to be your last day in this cage
and then party
Wish you bad luck soldier!
Gentleman I hope I don't have to remind you
that cheaters have no place in PAF
You know next stop is outside this Academy
Gentleman now you may start your paper
You think you can make me fool?
What is this?
Chits Sir
What Chits?
Chit Sir
Chit Sir
Chit Sir
Sorry Sir
Sir !
Is this all ?
Stop it !
Do you what does it mean?
Termination Sir
Come out
Aviation Cadet Haris
After all your hard work
This is a gift for you from PAF
Sir flying?
This sky
This sky is now yours
Your first friend
And also your first enemy
And in coming Years
This sky will also be your partner
A pilot should be quick
And agile always
Being a pilot
cool posture
and aggression inside
Victory will be yours
Understood Sir
For life
Since you have made it here
Let me offer you flying
How can we forget that flying in the air is like blood in
the veins
How come we forget that fighting like lions and attacking is
in our veins
The heart only knows to move forward
Even if there is fire in the way
We can sacrifice our life happily
Holding death in our arms
With all my honesty
With all my honesty
Making Allah Almighty the witness
Making Allah Almighty the witness
Take this Oath
Taking this Oath
That I with all good intentions
I will be Pakistan's Support
And remain loyal
And that I
While remaining in Pakistan Air Force
Will serve Pakistan
Will serve Pakistan
with all honesty
With all honesty
and faithfulness
and faithfulness
Will perform
Will perform
And despite threats to my life
And dangers
And dangers
Will serve without any fears
May Allah be my protector and support
Oh My Love
Your and mine friendship
Let the magic of love provoke
Slowly and gradually I tell you my feelings of love
Slowly! you also tell me the same!
We have always shown love being far apart
Gradually, I want you come near me!
Oh My Love
Your and mine friendship
Lets just get infected with love
With tearful eyes make up with you
Taking you in my arms making you mine
Through gentle words make you agree with me
Ask you in kowtowing, pray for you
I'm attached with you like soul with breath
The way light with eyes and flowers with stem
Whosoever is infront but I take your name and just hold my
Oh My Love
Your and mine friendship
Let the magic of love provoke
Come , come this is the need of my dreams
Come come this is the wish of my determination
Come ........ come
Oh my love!
Your and mine friendship
Can you believe Haris, that four years have gone
This new base and Mess are matchless !
Your time for shot
I won
Listen I'm going to washroom
YesGo it's a new washroom
You will be the first one to use it
Finally your semester is over
Thank you
So what are your future plans now?
Well !
I want to become an archeologist
Archeologist !
Sir your order?
Buddy I'm coming here for the past five years
You should have remember the order now
I come here only for Soup
By the way
if you like something, you really get after that
Flight Lieutenant
Focus Miss Focus !
One must have clear choices in life
And what is your choice?
At times
words don't support you
My heart is for you
my love !
You are my choice Sabrina
I hope you know about my opinion regarding forces
I mean
I know that
one day everyone has to depart
but the feeling of losing someone all the time
It's not my cup of tea
Don't get me wrong
Men in uniform look fascinating
I want you to change your profession
Your dad also want this
Then why this stubbornness?
If you can spend a comfortable life then why this tough
Well Sabrina this is who I am!
Air Force is in my existence, its part of my blood
I do understand your passion
but not at the cost of my peace of mind
Sabrina, I have dreamed since my childhood, the reality I am
living in today!
I have faced the anger of my own people
Sabrina I really love you
but please
don't push me to leave Air Force
because of which
I am what I am!
Change is always good
but no body likes the changed dear ones
I have not changed
Sabrina: But I have changed
In return of your love, you are
asking me to give up my passion
You live with your passion
God be with you
I am not feeling well today
And your check up is also due
You see your doctor today with me
It's been quite long that Haris didn't even come
Today I'll talk to him
Mustafa is also not on talking terms with him
Indian army opened heavy firing and attacked with grenades
at the line of control
This nonstop firing continued from 2:00 amin the morning
till 6:00 pm
This unprovoked incident took place in Bhimber, Lipa and
Kail sectors
ISPR in this sudden attack
Has confirmed the martyrdom of one officer and two men
Pakistan Army also attacked with the same force
and destroyed three Indian posts
Pakistan Army and Air Force are in standby position
Red flags have been hung at the Line of Control
and people living in the nearby villages are expected to
vacate the area
Mustafa hurry up, hurry up
Maa jee
Look what has happened to Amma Jee
Amma Jee ! what happen?
Anwer, call the ambulance
Yes Haris
you have called multiple times since morning
Talk to Amma Jee
Hi Granny
I have applied for leave Grandma
will be there the moment I'll get it
What are you doing in office on Sunday?
Its nothingJust operational situation is bit heated
In my entire life
I have been listening to these operational commitments from
Today listening the same words from my grandson
Feeling great !
Can I ask you something?
Sure Granny
Your leave
is not more important than this work
If you can
just withdraw your request
But Granny
Now put the phone down
I have to ask God something for my grandson
May God give you long life
May God be with you
Hot scramble hot scramble !
Two JF17's initial vectors 170
Ghazi control
2 Indian Mirage 2000, inside Pakistani territory
Copy Scramble, Scramble, Scramble
HS 120 initial vector 100
Sherdil and Fan climbing
Heading 090
Proceed to Target Area
Roger that
Sherdil I can't see them on Radars but you should be able to
see them
They wont be spared!
I have radar contacts095 at flight level 100
I have visuals
Heading away from us! 10 O Clock
Tally Ho 2 Indian Mirages
Engaging target! ThreeTwo One
Going for radar lock
Good luck, going for guns !
Sherdil at Mirage 2
I am at Mirage 1!
Going guns
and firing !
Switching to IR Missile
Lock !
Now accept my gift !
Good hit !
I am in his debris cloud !
Engine RPM dropping ! Dropping !
Haris this is not right !
O My God !
Haris I'm flameout !
Stay calm Fan
I will guide you through CAP actions
If automatic air restart unsuccessful
Perform Manual air restart
I am on Mirage 2
30,000 feet
And Climbing
Fan are you still there buddy?
Aircraft falling
Attempting manual restart
Hopefully this works!
Initiating restart
Yesss !!!!!
Turning and burning !
Okay Now
RPM looks stable !
Sherdil, send me your position
You pushed your limits ...... save your aircraft
Fan is returning to base
Just a few more seconds and you are history
At 40,000 feet
Still climbing
You want to push it
Yes push it
You messed with the wrong guy buddy!
I am trainee of Air Cdre Junaid
Base to bomber - Abort Mission Return to Base
Come On
Come On
Mirage 2 is returning for home
Sherdil in Pursuit?
Sherdil Pyramid! Shoot...... why arent you shooting?
I am too close. I will hit his debris cloud.
He is heading for valley
I have to finish him in a low run
Right where I want you!
Sherdil you are approaching the Indian border
Come on
Just a few more seconds
Good move
But not good enough
Now you are mine
Sherdil - Sherdil you are about to hit
God is great
Allah o Akbar
Come on Stay with me
May Day May Day
Sherdil Retun to base
Copy that
He must be over the border by now
Sherdil! Returning home
Good morning Dad
Good morning
Why are you sitting alone?
The entire house seems to be empty
after Amma Jee's death
All happiness have gone with her
Miss her a lot
I could not even meet her
This will always fill my heart with sadness
No that's perfectly fine
You were busy in something important?
Heaven would have fallen ..... if you did not do that
That's why what you did was right !
Dad, I went with her permission
It was her dream to see me in uniform like grandpa
After going there, it was all so sudden that I couldn't even
When a person finally understands something,
Only then he says, why didt I understand earlier!
Neither my mother is there now, nor her dreams
Its perfectly fine
If tomorrow during your training, your mother and father
pass away
so it does not matter
But dreams should be fulfilled
so carry on
That is not possible!
I cannot recommend any such pilot to represent PAF
He needs some more time before going on such an important
so he can overcome his unguarded attitude
I know that
Haris misjudged the last second maneuver
of the adversary but he completed his mission without any
Air Commmodore Junaid
Do you realise that he would have made us face a huge loss!
Sir it was pure luck
otherwise we would have been using past tense for Flt Lt
Ma'am he remained safe
and made our adversary realized the agility of JF-17?
I simply can't understand
that why are we stopping him from attending exercise
Just for the lesson Junaid!
Just for the lesson ! What else?
Sir he needs to understand
that there are some consequences of our actions
You know that our pilots are our biggest asset!
but these jets are equally valuable for us
Sir they say, "Fortune favors the brave"
Haris possess both sharpness and focus
All he needs is composure and control
Which he will learn from this exercise!
I am sure he will bring pride and honor to the country
Give me a break Junaid
I have gone through his entire flight pattern
I am wondering has he used all your lessons to the best of
his ability?
Off course !
Haris is a hardcore fighter pilot
You know Sir, every flight is different than other
probably that was not his day
He is an ace in the making
I would love to have him as my wingman .
A country needs nothing more than a devoted soldier
But still we need to work together to cultivate his
Junaid, else I will post him at your base
Sure Sir !

Ladies and Gentleman

Good morning

we welcome our Allied Partners

to 47th Top Flying Wing Exercise

here at the international flying school

I am Sarah Francis and I will be the aid to Instructor
I will be observing your progress

I now have the honours of introducing the Group Capt

Riki Butland from USA.

Thank you Sara

Nations have poured in from around the world

Chinese with their J11s

and turkish with F 16's

and the Pakistan with their JF 17's.

Make no mistakes ladies and gentlemen
These exercises are about combat and you will be tested .


Knowing is what to do and wisdom is when to do it

and no matter what you fly
F 16 F 86
an F86 sabre or an F 16,

it will always come down to the one pilot

who will make it home

Ok ! Before we

Discuss the basic dogfight maneuvers and related sequences,

I would like to hear your experiences.



Flt Lt Haris from Pakistan.

Yes Mr Haris

I was going through a risky maneuver in an attempt

to turn the table against our adversary -


who had crossed over into our air space.

The boggie entered a tight valley

He trailed in as I was on his tail.

May I add the other side of the story!

This is Flt Lt Virani

Arun Veerani from - India

If I remember correctly,

this pursuit continued for 2 minutes.

The best chase you could ever imagine.

He was desperately involved in the chase

That he forgot the lay of his own area.

I could have continued further

but inverted and fled under his watch.

By the way,

If I had taken one more second

you would have not been here.


You belong to an elite group of men and women who fly alone.

You do not have a second pilot to tell you what to do.

You cannot make an ATC call and

ask for help with your emergencies.

You should start the engine and till you shut it down,

you are on your own .

The only other pilot you have in the air with you

is your adversary.

o learn respecting one another .

Ladies and gentleman

tomorrow is flying day.

Take early breakfast
to join us on Tarmac at 630 AM.

So! It was you?

Yes.....It was me

But Flt Lt Haris

Every day is not Sunday

Sunday ... or
the will of God?
God or Bhagwan !
Both saved you
Otherwise Flt Lt Virani
never spare anyone.
Well , it's proven then
Saviour is more powerful than the killer .
My saviour , Thank you
If you wouldn't have pulled one second earlier,
you wouldn't have been present here .
So - Thank that bloody Second .
But I did pull a second earlier ....
So l will not consider it a Bloody Second."
Hello - Hey
It won't happen next time Haris.
Next time May God enable your Bhagwan to save you.
"Ohhh , I see
people usually die due to carelessness .
But you know what , people are also born due to carelessness
See you
Hey you mister ! Standup
Yes Sir

Would you mind rolling down your sleeves .

This is an International Flying School .

We follow discipline here .

You need to come up to its level

Is it clear?

Aham ! Flight Lieutenant Haris Mustafa

Yes Mam

What are you doing here ?

Why are you not in the class ?
Ahhh !

I am waiting for Arun

And what is Arun doing?

He is not supposed to be there .
Well ! Well ! Well !

I think

this class yet has to taste the feel of a flying school .

How about

if I could have you guys tomorrow on assault course
at 5:30 am.


These are sacred benches
People come here to learn and feel privileged being here

I will not have that kind of behavior from you ,

do I make myself clear ?

Yes Sir

I want you on the Obstacle course in the morning at 5 AM.

The best timings are 4 minutes

and until you beat that record

you will stay there .

Flight Lieutenant Haris

Is that funny to you ?

Yes Sir


You too, 0500 hours in the morning, join the track

Sarah will keep time . Alright

Class dismissed


I must say, I have never seen such behavior

at this Flying School before

I will see you guys tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. sharp .

I am sorry Flight Lieutenant Haris
By the way you Pakistani's have great laugh

You think you are better than me

We Indians are always the best, you know

Thats what you think

Good morning officers

Good Morning

Good Morning

As you are both aware

You have been requested to complete the assault course in

4 mins and 5 seconds

So Please make no mistakes

As you say Madam
To make you happy
Let me complete it in 4 minutes and win your heart

4 Minutes what?

I mean I'll see you in 4 minutes

Any special technique or tip?
Dont apply what you did last time .....

Flt lt for miss sararh we must put our best
What you say?

Indeed, Flt Lt Arun Veerani because

If you two donot take it seriously

You will be expected to come here every single morning


Officer Dan will keep the time


Let's go
Flight Lieutenant,
Don't you want to impress someone?

Thank you

You owe me for this !

Very good officers !

You have completed it in time .

I will be informing Group Captain Rikki

about your achievement

and Flight Lieutenant Arun Veerani

Let's do something of this smile

Whole class invites on dinner .

Farsha Beach !


Hi Arun

I'm glad you came .

It's very nice to see you

but where are the rest of the of the officers?

Please come

okay !

Miss Sarah don't be mad.

I have so much to say but you know

Flying school .

Rules of the flying

I see

Please have seat

What do you want to say Arun ?

Thank you so much
Sarah actually.
Where have you got stuck ?

Arun you know

I have grown up watching Bollywood films.
So I can understand this much Hindi.
You know Hindi
But little bit

So Miss Sarah I was saying
from the time I have seen you

I can't say.

I think

I understand what you are saying.

It's very sweet .

But you know Arun,

you remind me of Shahrukh Khan movie

You should come to India sometime,

you will love the people too .
Yeah !


Arun !
Maybe .....

Maybe one day you can take me there .
What ?
I am just thinking I should have brought Sarah along!
anyways called her
She will join us in a while.
I must say that this country is very lively .
if I wouldn't have come with you. It would have been a great
By the way you look so innocent from face.
Watching pretty girls doesn't harm innocence
Hey look at her!
Yeayyyyy ! you will enjoy like this in my company .
Oh God! These Desi girls !
face American and feet African .
Come on ! Come on ! Come Here ! Come Here
You pay my rent on time
You know, you don't pay
You die
You must do that
Can you?
This is my place my friend.
So you better don't tell me that.
Let's Go
Yes Sabrina
Ohhhh so Ma'am is here !
When did you guys come ?
Today !
You texted Sabrina and she told me.
Original plan was of Egypt .
but then Sabrina told me that you have come here,
so I came here
Well ! Since you friends are all here
Why don't I take you around the city?
Yeah !
Why not guys . This evening .
Hey Listen !
One or two intelligence people are posted here bro .
Don't harm yourself in innocence.
Off course this foreigner is understandable but be careful
Okay guys !
Take care
Are you going to come or .....
Just stay happy !
Hunh ! People say to stay happy but
they don't let you stay happy.
Let's all get crazy crazy today
Let's go and get stars from the sky
Why are you roaming around lazy lazy my friend
What are the dreams you have in your eye ?
Go away moth, where are you lost!
This night is beautiful and it will fade away
One , Two , Three
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Lets just get it on our head.........and dont get sad
Friends tonight we will just talk about love
Lets just get it on our head.........and dont get sad
I have written a song for you
Shall I sing that
For you I have gotten a Guitar
If you say, shall I play
My heart has the depths of sea
I'm just dancing today like a carefree person
We are mad and we will dance like crazy
Lets all get to the dance floor!
Let our feet the beat!
Let our heart and mind slip ........ in the beat
In the beat
In the beat .....
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Lets just get it on our head.........and dont get sad
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Lets just get it on our head.........and dont get sad
Let's get in to these mighty clouds
We are birds that fly over seven seas
My status is still single if you say yes
What will happen to you if again she refuses
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Let's just get it on our head ,don't just ignore
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Let's just get it on our head ,don't just ignore
Buddies tonight we will just talk about love
Where is he?
He is always late,
even in the sky.
Who is he?
Tie them up
I know you're here,
come out! Show yourself.
Get him.
Kill him
You're a dead man.
You owe me for this.
Guys !!!
Welcome buddy
Nice Place
I thought enough of Flafal,
let's have today our own food .
By the way
Essam had already made arrangements for our last food .
When I heard my own language, thought to take order myself.
I am Jeeva from Dhaka and this is my Dhabba Sir .
What would you like to have ?
Please bring ladyfinger,
Potatoes, Spinach with cheese
and whisky.
Thank you
And for me this Beef ....
Alright bring the same for me as well
but for me Lassi not whisky .
You would love the taste of our food.
I'm using my grandmother's recipes .
Thank you
Thank you
I am thinking about one thing
his grandmother must be like our grandmother.
Although we live in different countries but we are one.
What did we get by drawing lines?
Just think , if we would have lived together,
we would have been a super power,
would have taught lesson to China .
Who do you want to teach lesson to Chinese bro ?
Jai Hind
Do you know who wrote this Anthem ?
Abudul Kalam Azad
Dr Allama Iqbal
in 1904
What difference does it make ?
It was Dr Allama Iqbal who saw the dream of Pakistan
You liked his Anthem but
not his dream of Pakistan .
No you tell me one thing,
when we could have lived together
then what was the need?
What did you get by going across the barbed wire?
It was not that bad to go across border
and its only hatred that made it thorny .
It's been 70 years that we have parted our ways,
now there is no question that we dont exist
We exist
and we will remain there.
What's the question of nonexistence
You are matchless !
We have learnt to fly in the skies like birds
and swim in the ocean like fish but
we have not learnt to live on this land like friends .
Even today we are ready to shake hands !
Well !This is the luxury I can't afford
even if I want to .
You won't understand this thing now.
When you will face more damage
at that time you will understand.
When friend remain honest on your face,
so instead of getting angry,
Must think if the Rascal is actually telling the truth.
Were you a rascal since childhood?
or have done especial course afterwards?
Let's forget about it .
Lassi is one of the best blessing of God,
you don't lose heaven and yet remain intoxicated all day .
Ohhhhh !
What did you do ?
Adding traditional drink in your western drink !
Making it equal !
Alright !
Let's start !
Have this
What did you order bro?
Ladyfinger ....
Its looking tasty
Please have first
You have first
You have first
You have first

The best element is the bond

of friendship & respect

Amongst all the participants of this course

These Fighter Pilots today

Will be the leaders of Air Forces of tomorrow

This year that i have spent some

very tough competition
From two

Very excellents

And exceptional candidates

Flight Lieutenant

Haris Mustafa from Pakistan

And Flight Lieutenant

Arun Veerani from India

Ladies and Gentlemen i must also add

That these 2 countries India and Pakistan

Are known to produce

Some of the world best soldiers

We are now going to play

The national anthem

For the winners country

To honour the courage and bravery of its men

Our top

Fighter Pilot for the 47th

Top flying wing 2019

Is Flt Lt
Haris Mustafa from Pakistan
Flt Lt Arun Veerani.
Enjoying the weather?
Yes ! mate
May I join?
You are going back today bro .
Did you prepare any sentimental speech for me or not ?
Yes Yes
Prepared the speech but
But you will add the sentimental part in it
We have always been enemy,
so if enemy gets emotional
then how they will execute enmity.
You are fond of making enemies bro?
Flt Lt - The place where we are standing in our lives,
there are certain things about which we are
denied the right to decide or even to think .
Dear! Thinking keeps on changing
Rather, it can be changed
If in 4 days your thoughts change
Mr Sherdil -
Is not your thought, but emotions
Hmmm, both Indians and Pakistanis
are emotional people.
You helped me alot Haris..
Thanks for that.
You almost got me killed.
Thanks for that too!
Oh ! Hope you
are not scared, for thinking about the sky of that day
Fear, terror, cowardice
Is not in my blood
I am immune to fear.
Let's shake hand
and get lost.
Take care Flt Lt Haris...
My pleasure Flt Lt Arun..
Better than all the world, is our India
Dr Allama Iqbal
Must remember .
Welcome back to Pakistan best pilot.
What happened?
Why have you called me in emergency.
Is all fine ?
You know this very well that I share all my secrets with you
first .
And you have so many secrets !
What have you done now ?
Marriage !
It's marriage.
Want to propose right now.
I wanted you to be at my side so she can trust
that I'm serious .
Hmmmm ! So finally you have decided to get serious .
Well ! Congratulations!
No formalities.
Let's get inside. We are getting late .
Dont get nervous
Haris Mustafa
Meet the love of my life.
Zara !
Zara ?
Zara ?
And I'm Fawad
What a quick introduction.Isn't it ?
Haris !
Oh sorry !
Nice to meet you Zara
Haris I'm so glad you are here.
You are the best person to talk to aunty and uncle .
Yes I was a match maker before joining Air force.
No but seriously for this marriage ....
Excuse me !
Hi Sana what's up. How are you?
Buddy! She is someone else .
What about Sabrina?
What Sabrina?
I thought you and Sabrina are interested in marriage
Not all all !
Sabrina and I were just good buddies.
Zara knows everything.
Nothing important!
Where is the book?
Bibi jan
Bibi Jan, have you seen my book?
I guess jinni lives in this room
No idea about Jinni but yes a witch lives here
Oh Haris! When did you come?
Felt great that you have come.
Have seat.
Thank You
I guess there is something special in the book you are
Its a love story ......
a complicated one .
Soldiers can't understand,
reached till climax and
the book is lost.
It always happens with me.
And what's that?
Ammm - Nothing
Why did you come ?
Why did I come ?
So accept direct answer of this direct question.
Mmmmmm - I want to get married .
What's your plan ?
-About marriage?
Ahhh Haan
Yes talked to Marriage bureau.
They charge heavy fee.....
If you want I can give your name as well
Sabrina when will you get serious
I got serious once but
I wanted him to run away ...
from Air Force!
But he did not
And if now
The boy ask you to run away with him
but on one condition.....
the horse will be the same .
Horse ..... which one ?
that riding club one ?
Yes - the same- untamed
Perfect !
So should I come on a horseback or???
on JF 17
I hope that you are accepting me along with my profession?
Yes Haris.
promise me one thing......
Haris Mustufa
you will never part your ways with me ?
I promise
The earring of the girl
The dance move of that girl
When Sweety puts Hina on her palms
While keeping aside her looks, says hi from far
Gets a tight suit from trailor
That's why she shows attitude
When Sweety put Hina on her palms
While keeping aside her locks , says Hi from far
Gets a tight suit from Trailor
That's why she shows attitude
Why are you so naughty just tell me this
Dont move your hair in style
When you chill this way
All boys lose control on their hearts
The earring of the girl
The dance move of that girl
Will stole our hearts away
The dance move of that girl
The earring of the girl
The dance move of that girl
Will steal our hearts away
Just to hide the beauty from the lovers
My beloved has covered the door with curtain
She puts highlighter on her fair skin
She makes even friends fight for her
She gives stunning smile and shows her dimple
The killing beauty runs a complete film
Your eyes are like whirlpool and your beauty shines
Sweety even moves with her own style in disco
She whistles !
Sweety makes eye contact
She call you closer and say bye bye
When you chill this way
All boys lose control on their hearts
The earring of the girl
The dance move of that girl
Will stole our hearts away
Where are you going on honeymoon my son .
Mama Egypt .
Sobia : Wow ! Great !
Are you going to Sharm-ul -Sheikh ?
It's a beautiful place.
we also went there .
This dress is looking very nice.
It has suited you well.
Especially light colours suits you.
My daughter-in-law is pretty anyways.
I have got similar colours for you.
They will look good
You have to wear every dress
It's time to teach lesson to Pakistan.
Pakistan can consider this as a message of war from India.
This statement has been given few hours back
By the Chief of Indian Staff, General Arjun Kumar
in a press conference.
Conference was accompanied by Indian
Home Minister, Defence Minister & Top Military Commanders
We would like to send a clear message
to Pakistan that we mean business now.
Pakistani Propaganda has been casting a shadow of doubt
on our claim of Surgical Strikes conducted last Summers
Pakistan will get to know that
Indian Government is far superior than them.
Now we would not go for mythical but actual surgical strikes
and people would get their traces as well.
We will light up Pakistan's position
along the line of control and soften targets
using the Indian Air Force.
God must show mercy.
What would happen now?
It will be a big blow For Pakistan
We need to convince our strategic partners
and leaders of the world about our stance .
Army Chief has also instructed to counter any serious
The nation is with their Armed Forces in this time of need.
After the open threat of Indian Chief,
PAF Chief has met Air Force commanders
Can you please talk to me?
I dont want to say something difficult to you.
I am Man of my words
You know that!
I know you very well
and I can't see you in this pain.
But what you are wanting ....
even that very thought shakes my soul .
At the day of Passing out, we take an oath
that in order to save our country, if we have to sacrifice
our lives,
we will not back out from this
I will never be able to see my face in mirror again.
I have no idea how will I face myself rest of my life
Some promises are made outside the parade ground .
Please - Please leave me alone.
I love you more than anyone in this world
but I also know that
your grandmother
must have loved you more than me.
When she
When she did not stop you from going on a mission,
then how come I .....
I love you
Do my pilots remember their promise?
Yes Sir!
We have been called once again
If we fail to defeat our enemy here
the morale of the enemy will be very high
That would result in surgical strikes
that had been their dream till now
This land is like our mother
and to safeguard its respect and honour
we will sacrifice our lives.
Sir. We are ready
Let me remind you about Sqn ldr Sikendar
Whose guns got jammed
And he banged his jet into the enemy aircraft
Who so ever is ready to embrace martyrdom,
It's impossible to defeat him
Flt Lt Haris
In honour of Sqn Ldr Sikandar
I would like you to lead the first sortie of Pakistan!
Sir! Its going to be an absolute honour for me
to take forward the legacy of Sqn Ldr Sikandar
God willing ! I will make my nation proud.
And if I dont return
Tell my father that I loved him
And also tell him Sir
martyrs never die .
Go and must remind the enemy
that we know how to take stand to safeguard our pride and
God be your protector!
All quite on the border , sir
Returning to the base
Hey Fan,
never get tired of being up here
Roger that buddy
Nothing is better than this
Hey fan would you believe it?
Sir Ali is on Stand By for us - ha ha
Fan can I ask you something?
Ive got a missle lock
on the scope, 6 oclock
I can see it. Sherdil is tracking you
Break Break Break
using Flares
It is still on me
Here it comes
Wow that was close
Coming around
Need to lose speed
Heading for the deck
Punching Fuel Tanks
Yes - it worked
I have two on my tail
I have you on link, dead ahead
coming to you
What? Not again
I have another Misle closing on my six
I have another idea
Stay on the current heading
I will bring in the missile
You know the manoeuvre we practiced
What - Thats the plan
Trust me Fan
Copy that Sherdil
These Guys are right behind me
In visual
Ha ha bulls-eye
Indian gifts , returned back
Nice SHot
Sherdil - single bandit - 6'o' clock - one mile
Roger that
Fan, I have a bandit of my own here
What - two bogies - Here they come
Standby Sherdil
We are sending scrambles
This will be over before they get here
Lets see if you can handle some Gs
Sir Junaid made me friends with the sky
Sherdil the mirage is turning around
Roger That
Coming around
Switching to the guns
Come on
Yes - Good hit on the Mirage
Hes out of the fight
If he is lucky, he will make it home
Boggie approaching you from your 12
Copy that - Sherdil has visual
Arun ?
Mr Sherdil,
Good to see you in the sky
Never wanted 360 versus 360 , Man
The sky is mine,
what are you doing here Arun?
I told you some decisions are not in our hands
What would do ,if you were at my position
I would have done instead asking
what are you waiting for
Sorry Arun,
I never wanted this
Haris I need you down here now,
got one at my six
I have you on link
On my way, Fan
Go home Arun
Fan hold your course
I am Moving in behind
Sherdil dont fire,
you can hit me
No Fan is hit Fan is hit
You havent been watching at your six Haris
but there is no way where you can run
I told you,
Flight Lieutenant Arun Virani doesnt spare anybody
Sorry My friend
where are you Haris?
Haris, Shoot him down
What are you waiting for?
Oh no !
Sorry My friend
Sherdil, returning to the base
Requesting emergency landing
In case you lose control
Repeat Eject
Coming in hard
Come on
Having trouble
Holding it level
Stay Level
Come on
Sherdil , welcome home
God is greatest .
Long Live Pakistan
Pakistan Air Force !
Long live
Pakistan Air Force !
Long Live
Thank God you are safe !
I'm proud of you my son.
Proud of you !