Sherlock Holmes (2009) Movie Script

Head caught to the left.
Partial deafness in ear.
First point of attack.
Two, throat. Paralyze the
vocal cords, stop screaming.
Three, got to be a heavy drinker.
Punch the rib to the liver.
Four, finally, drag the
left leg. Punch in the kneecap.
Summary prognosis
Exactly 90 seconds
Complete recovery of the colleges
- I like the hat.
- I just picked it up.
You remember your revolver?
I knew I'd forgotten something.
- I thought I'd left the stove on.
- You did.
I think that's quite enough.
You're a doctor, after all.
Always nice to see you,
Where is the inspector?
He's getting his troops lined up.
That could be all day.
Sherlock Holmes.
And his loyal dog.
Tell me, doctor
As a medical man, have
you enjoyed my work?
Let me show you
how much I've enjoyed it.
Watson! Don't!
How did you see that?
Because I was looking for it.
Lord Blackwood!
You seem surprised.
I would say that the girl deserves
our attention more than he.
Oh, I'd leave that alone
if I were you, boyo.
Good lad.
Impeccable timing,
We've one for the doctor,
and one for the rope.
- Clarky?
- Sir.
This woman needs
a hospital immediately.
- Put her in the back of the maraya.
- Right lads, that's it.
If you don't mind.
Get him out of my sights.
And you were supposed
to wait for my orders.
If I had, you'd be
clearing up a corpse.
and chasing a rumor.
Besides, the girl's parents
hired me, not the Yard.
Why they thought you'd require
any assistance is beyond me?
- Well, London will breathe a sigh of relief.
- Indeed.
- Congratulations, Lestrade.
- Bravo, Inspector.
Have a cigar.
Very good.
My nerves have been
the best in years, thanks to you.
Oh, tell me something:
Your new premises,
when you moving in?
I should be moving
within the week.
Cavendish Place.
And there will be a
womens touch too.
- That's marvelous.
- Indeed.
Good god!
- This was gunfire!
- No, no, no, no.
Hammer and nail, wasn't it?
My colleagues, probably just...
putting up a painting.
I'll go and check.
- Your colleague?
- Yes
He wont be moving
with you, will he?
No, he wont.
Mrs. Hudson...
I wont go in there by myself.
No one has got a gun in this house.
You will not need to go in there
at all. Give me the paper.
What will I do when
you leave, Doctor?
He'll have the whole house down!
He just needs
another case, that's all.
Couldn't you have
a longer engagement?
I smell gunpowder. It's not right you know!
Not in a domestic environment.
Thank you, Captain Phillip.
Perhaps a nice
cup of tea...
Same time next week.
Come on, Captain.
It's quieter downstairs.
Mrs. Hudson? Bring
something to cheer him up.
Permission to enter the armoury.
Watson, I am in the process
of inventing a device
that depresses the
sound of a gunshot.
It's not working.
Oh, may I see that?
You know it's been three
months, since your last case?
Gently. Gently, Watson.
Be gentle with me.
Don't you think it's time
you found another one.
I can't but, agree.
My mind rebels techniques
give me problems, give me work.
The sooner the better.
- Paper.
- Thank you.
Let's see then.
There's a letter here.
Mrs. Ramsey, of Queenspark.
Her husband's disappeared.
He's in Belgium, with the scurry maid.
Is it November?
Yes, Holmes.
Lady Rathford reports...
her emerald bracelet
has disappeared.
An insurance swindle.
Lord Rathford like's fast
women and slow ponies.
I see you're the attending
physician, at blacwood's hanging.
It was our last case together
and I wanted to see it
through to the end.
A Mr. Louis...
There's only one case, that
intrigues me at present.
The Curious Case of Mrs. Hudson
The absentee landlady.
I've been studying her
comings and goings
- and they appear most... sinister.
- Tea, Mr. Holmes?
Is it poisoned, "Nanny"?
There's enough of
that in you already.
Don't touch. Everything
is in it's proper place.
As per usual, "Nanny".
Oh, his killed the dog... again.
What have you done
to, Gladston now?
I was simply testing
a new anesthetic.
He doesn't mind.
as your doctor...
He'll be good in no time.
As your friend...
You've been in this room for two weeks.
I insist, you have to get out.
There's nothing of interest,
for me, out there on Earth.
- So, you're free this evening?
- Absolutely.
- Dinner?
- Wonderfull.
- The Royal?
- My favourite.
Mary's coming.
- It's not fair.
- You're meeting her, Holmes!
Have you proposed yet?
No, I haven't found the right ring.
Oh, then it's not official.
It's happening, whether
you like it or not.
- Where a jacket.
- You wear a jacket.
You're early.
Miss Mary Morsten.
Oh my goodness. What a pleasure.
For the life of me, I don't know why it's
taken him so long to introduce us properly.
The pleasure is mine.
It really is quite a thrill
meeting you, Mr. Holmes.
I've heard so much about you.
I have a pile of detective
novels at home... Collins, Poe.
It's true.
It can seem a little
far fetched though, at times. Making these
grand assumptions out of tiny details.
That's not quite right is it?
In fact, the little details are
by far, the most important.
- Take Watson...
- I intend to.
You see this walking stick, a
rare African snake wood.
hiding a blade
Few were rewarded to the
veterans of the afgan war,
so I can assume, he's
a decorated soldier.
Strong, brave, born
to be an adventurer.
and neat, like
all military men.
Now, I check his pockets.
Ah, a stamp from a boxing match.
Now, I can assume
he's a bit of a gambler.
I'd keep an eye on
that dowry, if I were you.
- Those days are behind me.
- Right, behind you.
It's cost us the rent,
more than once.
Well with all due respect, Mr. Holmes,
You know John very well.
What about a complete stranger?
What can you tell about me?
- You?
- I don't think that's...
- I don't know if that's...
- Not at dinner.
- Perhaps another time.
- I insist.
- You insist?
- You remember tht we discussed this.
The lady insists
- You're a governess.
- Well done.
Yes, well done. Shall we... Waiter!
Your student...
It's a boy of eight.
Charlie is seven, actually.
So he's tall for his age.
He flicked you with ink today.
- Is there ink on my face?
- There is nothing wrong with your face.
There are two drops
on your ear infact.
India blue is near
impossible to wash off.
Anyway, rather
impetuous of that boy,
but you're to experienced to
react rashly, which is why
the lady for whom you work
lent you that necklace.
Pearls, diamonds, flawless rubies.
Hardly the gems of a governess .
However, the jewls you
are not wearing, tell us rather more.
- Holmes!
- You were engaged.
The ring has gone, but
the lighter skin suggests
that you spent some
time abroard proudly
that is until you were
informed that it's true
and then you broke of the engagement
and returned to, England
for better prospects.
A doctor perhaps?
You're right on all accounts
Mr. Holmes, apart from one.
I didn't leave him.
He died.
Well done, old boy.
Get up and fight!
Come on!
Come on!
That's it. We're done.
You won. Congratulations.
Oy, we aint done yet.
This must not register
on an emotional level.
First, distract target.
Then block his blind jab.
Counter with cross
to the left cheek.
Dazed, he'll attempt a wild hit.
employ the elbow block.
And body shot.
block next left.
weaken right jaw.
Now fracture.
Break right ribs.
Traumamatize, solar plexus.
dislocate jaw entirely.
Kick in the diaphragm.
In summary:
jaw fractured, three
ribs cracked four broken,
diaphragm haemorrhaging.
Physical recovery: 6 weeks.
For psychological recovery: 6 months.
Capacity to spit tobacco:
Where did that come from?
What the hell's going on here, Charley?
Lord Blackwood's put him
on some kind of spell, sir.
It's like he's burning
from the inside out!
Shut up!
Charley. Charley!
Take this man to the infirmary!
What's this all about then, Blackwood?
There's someone I want to see.
- Watson?
- Right.
Let's go.
What started as
a mere experiment
has brought me to the
threshold of monumental discovery
Now if I play, chromatic scale
there's no measurable response.
You do know, what you're
drinking is meant for eye surgery.
But... now,
and this is remarkable
if I change to
eight tone clusters
They fly in counter-clockwise,
synchronized in circles.
Watson this is exceptional.
I, using musical theory,
have created order out from chaos.
How did you lure them in?
Excellent question.
Individually, I've been
at it for six hours.
And what happens if I do this?
Clean yourself up.
You are Blackwood's last request.
Look at those towering structures.
It's the first combination of a
suspension bridge ever attempted.
Most innovative.
What an industrious empire!
Oh, I have your
winnings from last night.
You weren't there, so I
made your customery bet.
You're right. I'll keep
it with your checkbook,
locked safely away in my draw.
Did you know the opera house
is featuring "Don Giovanni"?
I could easily procure
a couple of tickets
If you had any cultural
inclinations this evening.
You have a grand gift of silence,
Watson, it makes you quite
invaluable as a companion.
I knew she'd been engaged.
She told me.
So that's, no to the opera then.
That was my waistcoat.
I thought we agreed
it's too small for you.
- I'd like it back.
- I thought we agreed.
I want it back.
This way, Mr. Holmes.
Blackwood seems to have got the
crowd into some what of a fear frenzy.
I'm sure it will disperse
once his feet stop twitching.
Care to come along?
No, you're on your own, old cock.
I have no business with him
whilst he's alive.
Suit yourself, "mother hen".
It seems you still have
lots of rooms to let.
We had to move the prisoners, sir.
Otherwise we're gonna
have a riot on our hands.
He has a peculiar effect on the inmates.
As though, he can get inside their heads.
I'm sure I can find my own way
if you have other duties to perform.
Much obliged, sir.
Thank you.
... and the dragon of the sea.
And I saw the beast out of bodies of water / i
... had ten horns and seven heads,
with ten crowns on his horns, / i
and each head had a blasphemous name. / i
And people have glorified ...
dragon which he gave the beast / i
to e are glorified and the beast, saying, / i
"What is like the beast?" / i
beast which I saw
has the body of a leopard, / i
but had feet of a bear
and was the lion's mouth. / i
The dragon gave power unto the beast,
his throne and great authority .../ i
I love what you done to the place.
So glad you can accept my invitation.
I just have a small point of concern.
How can I help?
I've already followed the
murders with some intrest.
and although my heart went out primarily
to the families of the victims
I couldn't but notice
a criminal mastery.
And the stroke of your brush.
You're too kind.
However, by comparison,
your work in the crypt
looks more like a finger painting.
So now you're curious
if there's a larger game afoot?
Either that or, um...
shortly my friend, you'll
be pronounced dead
and I thought I might
keep him company.
Your mistake is to
imagine that anything
that is earthly has
led us to this moment.
Your error of judgment is to assume
that I'm holding the brush.
I'm merely a channel.
My only wish is that
I could have caught you sooner.
You see? Five lives
might have been spared.
Those lives were a necessity.
Five other wise meaningless creatures
called to serve a greater purpose.
I wonder if they'll let me and
Watson dissect your brain.
After you hang, of course.
I'd wager, there is some deformity
that would be scientifically significant.
Then you too, could serve
a greater purpose.
Holmes, you must
widen your gaze.
I'm concerned, you underestimate
the gravity of coming events.
You and I are bound together on a journey
that would twist the very fabric of nature.
But beneath your mask of logic
I sense a frailty...
That worries me.
Steal your mind, Holmes.
I need you.
I'd say, you've come a long way
down from a house of Lords.
- I will rise again.
- "Bon voyage".
Pay attention!
Three more will die and there is nothing
you can do to save them.
You must accept that this
is beyond your control.
by the time you realise
you made all of this possible
it will be the last sane
thought in your head.
What did he want?
I'm not sure.
But I don't think you
need to follow. Not this one.
Lord Henry Blackwood,
you are sentenced to death
for the practice of black magic
the unholy murder of
five innocent young women
and an attempted
murder of a sixth.
Do you have any final words?
Death... is only the beginning.
That is the end of
Lord Blackwood.
London's so bleak
this time of year.
Not that I'm pining
for New Jersey,
but much prefer to travel in winter.
Here, I bought you these.
All the way from Syria.
I found these exquisite dates in Jordan.
and your favorite...
Olives from the Cyclades.
I thought we might
have a little tea party.
and while I was setting
the table, I found this.
A file with my name on it.
"The theft of the Velasquez portrait
King of Spain.
Missing naval documents lead to
resignation of Bulgarian prime minister
scandalous affair
ends engagement of... "
"Prince Romanov. "of Austria and
I'm simply studying your methods.
Should the authorities ask me
to hunt you down.
But I don't see my name
in any of these articles.
But your signature was clear.
Is that the Maharaja's missing diamond?
Or just another souvenir?
Let's not dwell
on the past.
Shall we?
Now, by the looks of things,
I'd say you were between jobs.
And you between husbands.
How much did
you get for the ring?
He was boring and jealous
and he snored.
I'm Irene Adler, again.
Thank you.
I need your help.
I need you to find someone.
Why are you always so suspicious.
Should I answer chronologically
or alphabetically?
Careful not to cut yourself
on this lethal envelope.
I think you'll find
all the information inside.
Who are you working for?
So I'll have to find
out the hard way.
Keep your money,
I didn't say I'll take the case.
Consider it a wager
that you will.
You remember the Grandl?
They gave me our old room.
Hold the door.
Thank's, doctor.
- He'll do it.
- Well done, Miss Adler.
That's precisely why
I hired you.
I'll wager, he'll have our man
in the next 24 hours.
He'd better.
Reordan is the key to what
Blackwood was doing.
He's essential to my plan.
Damn! What are you doing?
Can't you see where you're going?
Get of my way!
A little ride, I've come along way, sir.
God save the queen!
God save the Queen, sir.
Get off out of it!
Look at you?
Why is the only woman
you've ever cared about
a world class criminal?
Are you a masochist?
Allow me to explain...
Allow me!
She's the only adversary,
who ever out smarted you. Twice.
Made a proper idiot out of you.
Right, you've had your fun.
- What she after, anyway?
- It's time to press on.
What could she possibly need?
It doesn't matter.
An alibi, a beard. A human canoe.
She can sit on your back
and paddle you up the Thames.
That's no consequence
to you really, is it Watson?
We've done our, last case together.
I've already read it.
Missing person.
Luke Reordan.
Case solved.
You're obviously not her type.
She likes gingered dwarfs.
- So, you agree.
- No, I don't agree.
It's more than a technicality, you see.
You are misrepresenting the
dimensions of short peoples.
I've said too much.
I can tell, I've upset you.
No, I'm just simply
stating, that one has...
What were you doing?
- Will you allow me to explain?
- I wish you would.
- Holmes? What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Are you wearing a...
- A false nose? No.
Tell me, that was...
Holmes! Where are you going?
Help! Watson!
Got some flowers for you, sweetheart.
Cut you a deal, cos you're so pretty.
Oh, my lucky day!
Hello gorgeous, you
got something for me.
Don't move!
Now, what have we got here?
Thank you.
That's the Irene I know.
This man Intrigues me, Watson,
His got her on the edge.
And she's no mean feet.
She's intimidated,
she's scared of him.
Yet she work's for him.
It is nothing to do with me, but I
advise you to leave the case alone.
I may not always have a choice.
After all, I may be paying the rent
on my own soon. Thanks to you.
Get that out of my face.
It's not "in your face"
it's in my hand.
Get whatever's in your
hand out of my face.
- Mr. Holmes!
- Clarky!
Sorry. Inspector Lestrade asks
you come with me at once.
What's he done now,
lost his way to Scotland Yard?
Watson drop a compass, he needs us.
No, you means you.
It's Lord Blackwood,
sir. He...
Well... it appears he's come
back from the grave, sir.
- Most engaging.
- Very clever.
I pronounced the man dead myself.
What are the facts?
Groundkeeper, claims he saw him walking
through the graveyard just this morning, sir.
I'll leave this in your capable hands.
I have an appointment with, Mary.
It's not my reputation at stake here.
- Don't try that.
- Has the newspaper
- got wind of it yet.
- Well that's what we're trying to avoid, sir.
- What's the major concern?
- Panic. Sheer bloody panic, sir.
You're not taking this seriously, Holmes?
Yes, as you should.
It's a matter of
professional integrity.
No girl wants to
marry a doctor
who can't tell
If a man's dead or not.
Who do you think won the match,
- Sir?
- The rugby match.
Your boys have done a magnificent
job of obliterating any potential evidence.
Yes, but atleats they
never miss an opportunity...
to miss an opportunity.
You took your time, Holmes.
And on the third day...
These slabs are sand stone,
they half a ton each
and they were smashed
open from the inside .
Lestrade. What of the coffin?
We are in the process of
bringing it up now.
Hmm... Right.
At what stage of the process?
And how is our witness?
He's over there.
And apparently he's got ca...
ca... ca...
Catatonic, sir.
- He's not feeling very well.
- Yes
If you lot don't stop behaving like a bunch
of quivering milk maids, you're on double time.
Now you get down there, and
you bring that coffin up, now!
Good day, sir!
It's alright.
I'm a doctor.
The man's in shock.
- He may need a few moments
- The witness states that
he saw, lord Blackwood,
rise from the grave.
- Well?
- Well?
You pronounced him dead.
He had no pulse.
Good lord.
That's not Blackwood.
Well, now we have a
firm grasp, of the obvious.
Time of death?
which would put the time of death
at between 10-12 hours ago.
May I borrow your pen?
- Headless dwarf.
- Midget.
I know what I saw!
It was Blackwood!
As clear as I see you.
And when the dead walk...
the living will fill
these coffins.
Right, put the lid on
and clean this up.
You really believe he was resurrected?
The question is not "if" but "how."
The games afoot.
Follow your spirit and
upon this charge cried
god for Harry,
England and St. George.
Here you are. Why that
certain fish and chips store
- I don't understand
- Well there's a particular pier
they use out in the back,
northern stout, to be exact.
You know, Holmes
I've seen things in war
I don't understand.
In India, I once met a man
who predicted his own death
right down to the number and placement
of the bullets that killed him.
You have to admit, Holmes
that a supernatural explanation
to this case, is theoretically possible.
But, it is a huge mistake to
theorize before one has data.
Inevitably, one begins to twist facts to
shoot theories, instead of theories to shoot facts
That said I believe
our midget is the key to this.
Right. Scratches around the
key hole where the watch is wound.
What does that tell you?
The man was most likely
a drunk.
Every time he wound the watch,
his hand slipped, hence the scratches.
Very good, Watson.
You have developed considerable
deductive powers of your own.
Let's see now. There are several
sets of initials.
- Porn brokers marks.
- Excellent.
Most recent of which are:
"M.H. M.H. M.H...
- M.H is for...
- "Maddison and Haig.
They should be able
to give us an address.
What a coincidence.
There's one thing you failed to
deduce from the watch, Holmes.
I think not.
The time.
I have to get back, Holmes.
Taking tea with the in-laws..
- Can I predict your future, sir?
- Absolutely not.
No thank you, ma'am.
You need to hear what
I have to tell you.
We have no need of your
lucky heather Gypsy women.
Even if it's to do with Mary.
I see two men.
Brothers. Not in
blood, but in boned.
What of Mary?
M for Mary, for marriage.
Oh, you will be married.
Go on.
I see patterned table
cloths and china figurines.
and lace doilies...
Lace doilies...
doilies... Holmes.
- Does your depravity know, no bounds?
- No.
Oh she turns fat and has a beard...
And what of the warts?
- She is covered in warts...
- Enough, enough.
- Are they extensive?
- Please, enough!
It's the most apt prediction,
Flora's made in ages.
And precisely the reason you
can't find a suitable ring.
Do you have my money?
You are terrified of a life
without the thrill of a macabre.
Do you have my cut?
- Admit it, admit it!
- Give me my money!
Oh I see.
Thank you.
Well you've got your ring, and I've got
the address for my ginger midget.
Should be just there.
I think she'll really like this.
And I have some change in my pocket.
- Should I look after it for you?
- No, no.
- Don't give it away here.
- No!
I have to go see Mary.
Give them my best.
And the family as well.
It does make a considerable difference
to me, having someone with me
on whom I can throughly rely.
Well, you can rely on me
for exactly 10 minutes.
He clearly fely something
was coming to get him.
Or something did.
Irene was here,
either that or the ginger midget
wore the same Parisian perfume.
Ah, putrefaction.
Ammonium sulphate,
among other aromas.
It looks like he was
attempting to combine
some kind of sorcery
and scientific formula.
More importantly...
What he was trying to dispose of.
Potassium and magnesium.
sulfuric acid.
Why the iron went out of the ink
as long as it's not to burnt
Hydrated rhododendron.
Look at the crest.
Reordan was working with, Blackwood.
Of course he was.
Question is, to what end.
Whatever he was working
on, clearly suceeded.
How so?
Otherwise, he'd still alive.
Which is why Miss Adler is
so desperate to find him.
There's something I can't
quite put my finger on.
Is it candy floss?
Maple syrup. Ah, barley sugar.
Toffee apple.
Let me guess.
Judging by your arsonist tool kit
You're here to burn down the building
and estinguish all the evidence therein
Just one minute boys..
Oh, Draga!
Is there a problem?
or potatoes?
My 10 minutes are up.
You alright?
What is that?
What have you done?
I haven't slept all night.
Not a whink.
Why I ever believed...
that I would get to have
tea with Mary's parents? is beyond me
having been talked
into going with you.
We were set upon man,
it was self-defense.
I've been reviewing my notes, of our
exploits over the last seven months.
would you like to know my conclusion?
I am psychologically disturbed.
How so?
Why else would I be
continually led into situations
where you delibrately, withhold
your plans from me?
Why else?
You never complained
about my methods before.
- I'm not complaining.
- You're not?
- What do you call this?
- How...
How am I complaining? I
never complain, when do I
ever complain about you practicing
the violin at three in the morning.
or your mess,
your general lack of hygiene
or the fact that you
steal all my clothes.
We have a barter system.
When do I complain about
you setting fire to my room?
- Our rooms.
- The rooms,
When do I ever complain that
you experiment on my dog?
- Our dog! It's our dog.
- On the... the dog!
But I do take issue, is your campaign
to sabatage my relationship to Mary.
I understand.
- You do?
- I do.
- I don't think you do.
- You're overly tired.
- Yes.
- You're feeling a bit sensitive.
I'm not sensitive.
What you need is to rest.
My brother, Mycroft,
has a small estate near Chichester.
Beautifull grounds...
- We could throw a land on the spit...
- We?
Holmes, if I were to go to the country
it would be with my future wife.
Well certainly, if you must...
No not you, Mary and I.
- You are not...
- What? Invited?
Why would I be not invited to my
own brothers country home, Watson?
- Now you are not making any sense!
- You're not human!
- John Watson?
- Yes.
You bail has been posted.
Just Watson.
I hope you get bail by breakfast,
because my boys, are getting hungry.
Back off! Back off!
To which the barman says:
"may I push in your stool?".
Right you, you're out..
- Until next time.
- It's always a pleasure, Mr. Holmes.
Thank God you're here, Lestrade
I'd almost ran out of jokes.
In another life, you'd have
made an excellent criminal.
Yes, sir and you an
excellent policemen.
Tomsky! Thank you.
Now please tell me you have answers.
All in good time, Lestrade.
All in good time? what is this some parlour
game where we have to guess what you're thinking.
I've got a public in
frenzy out there
and if you don't fill me in, I'll have you in there
playing Victoria and Albert quicker than a bookies runner
Now, clean up and
make yourself presentable.
For whom?
Friends in high places.
They're the ones
who bailed you out.
I'm terribly sorry to
inconvene you, sir.
But I'm going to have
to put this on you.
Mr. Holmes, apologies for
summoning you like this.
I'm sure it's quite a mystery as to
where you are and who I am?
As to where I am...
I was admitedly lost for a moment,
between Charing Cross and Holborn,
but I was saved by the Bread
shop on Southford Hill.
The only baker to use
the certain french glaze on a sage
after that the carriage
fought left and right
until bump the Fleet conduit
And as to who you are? that
took every ounce of my not
inconsiderable experience.
The letters on your desk were
addressed to a Sir Thomas Rodrum.
Lord Chief Justice. That
would be the official title
Who you really are... is of
course another matter entirely.
Judging by the sacred
ox on your ring.
you're the secret head of the
Temple of the Four Orders
in who's headquarters we now sit.
Located, north-west corner
St. James square I think
That's the mystery, the only mystery is to
why you bothered to blind fold me at all.
Yes... well, standard
procedure I suppose.
I dare say we have the
right man, gentlemen.
Sherlock Holmes.
U.S. Ambassador Standish
and Lord Coward, the home secetary.
I suppose you already have some
notion as to the practices of our order.
Yes. They are practically intresting.
Be as sceptical as you like.
but our secret system has steered
the world to good for centuries.
There danger is they can also be
used for more nefarious purposes.
What some call the dark arts
or practical magic.
We know you don't believe
in magic Mr. Holmes
We don't expect you
to share our faith
merely our fears.
fear is the most
infectious condition.
In this instance.
fear of your own child.
Blackwood is your son
You have the same irises, a rare dark
green, the diamond shaped hazel flex
together with the identical outer ears or pinner, which
are only past down through direct blood line
which makes by
necessity either brothers
or in this case, more
likely father and son.
Very few people have
paraded that information.
And we'd want to
keep it that way.
He was concieved
during one of our rituals.
His mother wasn't my wife.
But she shared our beliefs.
She was a powerfull practitioner.
though not enough to
survive giving birth to him.
Death followed him
where ever he went.
Those five girls were not
the first to be butchered.
He killed many more to use
them to enhance his powers.
No one could prove anything
of course, but we already knew.
The boy was a curse.
We'd done our best to
stop him ourselves, but its not enough.
His power grows daily.
His resurection is evidence of that.
But what he does next
will be far more dangerous.
The secret lies in the book of spells.
This is the source of his power.
His going to raise a force that will
alter the very course of the world.
I want you to find him and
stop him before he does.
We'll give you any
assisatnce that we can.
As home secretary, I have a
considerable influence over the police.
- Oh, yes
- So...
Name your price?
Well a great benefit to the social deficit.
I, can pick and choose my clients.
Consider it done, I'll stop him.
But not for you. And
certainly not for a price.
I do have a parting
query sir, Thomas.
What is that?
We the rest of his family dead...
how long do you expect to survive?
Food for thought.
Well perhaps you'll have
better luck opening that.
Margot '58.
comet vintage.
How fascinating that a astronomical
event can effect the quality...
How is it going with our
case that you refused to take.
Or I've hit a dead end. Literally.
I found your man. He's
buried in Blackwood's tomb.
If you still need him.
Oh dear...
I hope my client doesnt
come looking for a refund.
He's a professor, isn't he?
I couldn't see his face, but I spotted
a bit of chalk on his tappan.
I've never known a professor to carry a
gun, and on such a clever contraption.
Eyepatch. Nice touch...
So... case closed.
Which makes this a social visit.
No. It's you're in over
your head Irene, visit.
Who ever killed, Reardon they
were covering their tracks,
which means that you're the next
loose end that needs to be snipped.
Let it breathe.
I've never been in over my head.
Leave now, dissapear.
You're good at that.
Or stay. And volunteer
for protective custody.
If I'm in danger,
so are you.
Come with me.
What if we trusted each other.
You're not listening. I'm taking
you, to either a railway station
or the policestation.
What is it to be?
You decide, which will it be?
I told you to let it breathe.
Can you taste the comet?
Why couldn't you
just come away with me?
Madam, I need you to remain calm.
Trust me, I'm a professional.
but underneath this pillow
lies the key to my release.
Of course, she misinterpreted
my intention entirely.
- Naturally sir.
- Thats why I find this modern religious fellow so troubling.
There's no latitude
for misunderstandings.
It runs right over reason, sir.
And chambermaids were
once such a liberal breed.
My wife's a chambermaid, sir.
Anyhow, its a good thing she was a friend,
otherwise we may never have found you.
The inspector's been over at Baker
Street himself this morning, sir.
Just joking about the wife, sir.
We've checked everything.
There's no sign of a break in
and the butler didn't hear a thing.
So body in the bath tub,
his eyes were wide open
and the only thing missing was...
His ring, sir.
Why did you drain the water?
Out of common decency.
Crime is common.
Logic, is rare.
The decent thing to do is catch the killer,
not to provide conflict to the cause.
What is that?
Jasmine bath salt, sir.
Super. Probably comes
from a larger container.
It would either be in the pantry.
High up where it's warm and dry.
Or in a linen cupboard with a vent.
Oh and constable, you could
do worse than to check the
ground under the rear window
for any signs of footprints
data, data, data. I can not
make bricks without clay.
Was it in the cupboard or the pantry.
It was in the pantry, sir.
I don't know what to make of this.
Wxcellent work.
What's the meaning of this, Coward?
Why have you called this meeting?
Sir Thomas is dead.
I nominate Lord Blackwood
as head of the Order.
Have you lost your mind?
You know damn well
what his capable of.
Of course he does.
That's why we're here.
That's why, we're all here.
My powers and my assets were
given to me for one purpose.
Magnificent was a simple purpose.
To create a new future.
A future ruled... by us.
Tomorrow at noon, we take the first step
towards a new chapter in our history.
Magic will lead the way.
Once the people of England
see our new found power
they'll bow down in fear.
Across the Atlantic, lies a
colony that was once ours.
It will be again.
The civil war has
made them weak.
Their government is as corrupt
and ineffective as ours.
So we'll take it back.
We will remake the world.
Create the future.
These men are with me,
But... are you?
No, sir. I am not.
These powers that
you're playing with...
no man, can control.
Well gentlemen... Someone
has to stop them
even if you won't.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Gentlemen... don't be afraid.
As you can see,
we are protected.
Come... drink your allegience here.
You control the
police, now use them.
I didn't know you were here.
Since this room is no longer yours,
do you mind if I utilise it?
Be my guest.
- In here chaps.
- Where shall we put him, sir?
Anywhere's fine.
Who is he?
His the one who tried to kill
you at Reardon's lodgings.
I suppose his neck didn't survive the
impact of Draga landing on him.
Yes... Thanks for that by the way.
But there is still some consolation in the knowledge
that he can still be of service to his fellow man.
Elbow is now stained with blood.
But it's older than his own injuries.
Not if it's not human. There's
an odd butcher. Let me see...
Yellow Flame. Green bursts.
An industrial worker.
Coal. Hint of silt.
And the stains on his trousers,
should put him squarely in...
Nine Elms.
Sorry what?
The area you're looking
for is, Nine Elms.
Do you remember where I put the
Lord's registerer of members intrests?
On the step ladder.
Blackwood was involved in everything
that's corrosive to the spirit.
Woolidge Arsenal.
Limehouse Chemical Works.
Probably be a factory
by the river.
What's that?
Never mind.
You don't know where
my rugby ball went do you?
No, not a clue.
Queensithe slaughterhouse
Nine Elms.
A factory by the river.
Well done, Watson. That should
lead us right to Blackwood.
Dead or Alive.
Not us.
Just a figure of speech, old boy.
He's left it there on purpose.
More coal doctor.
That's a good one.
Glad to see you two
are working hard then.
And I thought you were
trying to be discrete.
You would not last
one day in the navy.
Holmes, are you
sure that there is no
alternative means of
water transportaion, than that.
I guarantee you nobody knows
London's waterways better.
Tanners practically a fish himself.
At least he certainly drinks like one.
Oh you've found your
sense of humour, doctor.
If only just a sense.
I better take over.
A bit tricky down here.
Come on...
- Look familiar?
- Yep.
All that's missing is a ginger midget.
They cleared something away from here.
Not minutes ago.
Like what?
I'm not sure. Something mechanical.
Holmes, look at this.
- 1:18
- Chapter and verse.
Revelations. 1:18.
"I am here liveth
- and was dead."
- And behold of the life for ever more.
I warned you, Holmes to accept
that this was beyond your control.
beyond what your rational
mind could comprehend
What if this, is the after
life that you're having.
I want you to bear witness.
Tomorrow, at midday, the
world as you know it, will end.
Show me your face and it will
be the end of your qorld right now.
Save the bullets, Watson.
A gift for you.
What was that about saving bullets?
She followed you here, Holmes.
You reared your lamb to slaughter.
This game was designed to hurt.
It's warm in here, Watson!
In over your head yet, darling?
- Hold on there!
- I can't.
Let me take your weight.
Hold the leg up, old boy.
These jamming locks always
give me trouble.
To bad a saw.
No matter. We have plenty of time.
- It's not working.
- Keep calm.
Holmes! Hurry up.
You're not getting excited...
Turn of that valve.
And we bounce in... Three
Thank you.
I'm gonna get after, Blackwood.
Thank you.
We should go help the doctor.
Lord. Coward has issued
a warrant for your arrest.
Watson's alive.
Just get out of here, sir. Go.
Will the train be departing on time?
The train's been delayed, madam.
Shouldn't be long now though.
The train will depart
when I tell it too.
And you will leave my
employment, when I allow you too.
I fulfilled my contract.
I found Reorden.
He's in Scotland Yard's mortuary.
So that's me finished.
Your job was to munipulate,
Holmes' feelings for you.
Not succomb to them.
You have fulfilled nothing.
I want what, Reardon
was making for Blackwood.
finish the job, or the next dead
body will be of Sherlock Holmes.
The surgeon should
be along shortly.
He should be
able to rest now.
Excuse me.
Is that the best you can do?
Yes for now.
I must attend to
my other patients.
I know that you care
for him as much as I do.
This is not your responsibility,
It was his choice.
He'd say it was worth the wounds.
Solve this.
Whatever it takes.
It's Lord Blackwood, sir.
I've never been in over my head.
It's nothing to do with me, but I'd
advise you to leave the case alone.
You're not taking this
seriously are you, Holmes.
I told you to accept, his
was belond your control
Tomorrow at mid-day, the world will end.
You and I, are bound on a journey
that will twist the very fabric of nature.
Steal your mind, "Holmes.
He will raise a force that will
change the very course of the world.
His power grows.
This is the source of his power.
I need you.
The secret lies in the book of spells.
Three more will die...
and there's nothing
you can do to save them.
We know you don't believe in magic.
Reardon was working with Blackwood.
The only thing missing
was his ring.
Give up, Holmes.
This is a riddle you can not solve.
Good morning.
Now, you need to work.
Familliar artwork?
You look gorgeous.
Some how, I knew you wouldn't leave.
You made the front page.
Only a name, and no picture?
So it looks like, you'll be needing
to work outside the law now,
and that's my area of expertise.
I feel safer already.
You seem to be making a rapid recoverey.
I took this shrapnel out myself.
Mary said I had a lousy doctor.
Well I'm... I'm just so...
very glad that you're
um... well, with us.
Now that youre sitting
comfortably, I shall begin.
My initial approach
was far to narrow.
When Blackwood invited
me to Pentonville prison
he suggested I widen my gaze.
and at minimum, I have done just that.
In fact, I may well have reconciled thousand's
of years of theological disparities.
But that's for another time.
Blackwood's method is based
on a ritualistic mystical system
that's been employed by the Temple
of the Four Order for centuries.
To fully understand the
system, to get inside it,
I recreated the ceremony
we interuppted at the crypt,
with a few enhancements of my own.
my journey took me further down
the rabbit hole than I intended
and though I dont need
my fluffy white tail.
I have emerged, enlightened.
The fraternity who
decidedly control the empire
who share the belief of kings,
pharaohs and emperors of old
that the Sphinx was a door
to another dimension.
A gateway to immeasurable power.
It's made up of four parts.
The foot of a lion, the tail of
an ox, the wings of an eagle
and the head of a man.
In sir Thomass secret chamber,
I found a bone of an ox
the tooth of a lion, the feather
of an eagle and a hair of a man.
The points of the stars represent
the the five murdered girls
but the cross is what
were now intrested in.
Its a wildly held belief, that within
the architecture of the great cities
are coded references to the system
Since he rose from the grave,
Blackwood's killed three men.
Each murder was committed at a location that
has a direct connection with the temple
therefore a system .
Reardon, the ginger midget.
represents man. We found his body here.
Sir Thomas... master of the
temple, wore the ox ring.
He died here.
Standish, the ambassador to the U.S..
Where the eagle has been a national
emblem over a hundred years .
The headquarters of the Temple of the
Four Order is where he died,
this here.
Corresponded, the map will tell
us the location of Blackwood's final act
So we have man, the ox,
eagle, only the lion remaining.
Right here.
Alright you four stay here and
the rest of you come with me.
Right this way.
Ladies first.
Follow these instructions.
Hello, hello, hello...
Did the devil turn up?
Well never mind.
You've got the next best thing.
Beg your pardon my lord,
I know its unorthodox
But Mr. Holmes here has been making
some serious accusations about you
and The Order.
I see.
At least this solves the great mystery
of how you became inspector.
Excuse me, my lord.
But I've been wanting
to that for a long time.
Well inspector, have five minutes
before my next engagement.
So why dont you engrail me
with your stories of conspiracy
Thank you Lestrade.
My lord...
I'm curious, Coward. Did you help
Blackwood in all his murders.
or just the one I prevented?
Very distinctive, those hand
made shoes of yours.
But the price of quality is often
the leaking print they leave
Nonetheless I confess to being
completely outmatched.
I could deduce very little
from my investigation.
Fortunately theres nothing
more stimulating than a
case where everything
goes against you.
How many members of parliament do
you intend to murder at noon today.
Man, ox, eagle, lion. The
lion's parliament isn't it?
Very clever.
But it's not murder,
Mr. Holmes.
It's mercy.
We are giving the weak
masses a strong Shepard.
Don't you see,
it's for their own...
No. But I don't care
much what you think.
I just simply wanted to know the
location of Blackwoods final ceremony.
And now you've given it to me.
I've told you nothing.
But your clothes say infinitely more
than you could ever hope.
The mud smeared on your boots
from where youve been walking.
A touch of red brick dust on your knee
from where youve been kneeling.
A small bandage on your thumb
from where youve been vowing.
A faint aroma of excrement from
where youve been standing.
You and Blackwood laid the final
toches to your ceremony in the sewers
beneath parliament
less than an hour ago.
Both houses meet today.
The whole government will be present.
It's a shame you made an
enemy out of Blackwood, Holmes.
You would have
made a valuable ally.
How terrible is wisdom.
when it brings no
profit to the wise.
We take power at noon.
Then isn't anytime to waste then.
Guess not?
told you hed be coming out of
that top window soldier boy.
There isn't any way hed be
coming out of that terrace.
Technically that isnt the
top window, is it Sailor boy.
- Where was he?
- It's the middle window.
Anyway, youd be pleased to know
that Lustrate played in his role perfectly
Actually, I think
I rather enjoyed it.
I hope you know what
you're doing, Holmes.
Here's the key.
You got what you
needed from, Coward?
Yes, I smoked him out
of the room with ease.
- Taylor?
- Yes?
If you would captain,
take us onto the bridge
Port side. proximately 100 yards beyond that you
will find a tunnel, that leads us to the sewers.
Alright, sir.
Blackwoods come back from hell
and laid a curse upon this land
Behold, Blackwood's magic revealed.
What does it do?
It's a chemical weapon.
The first of its kind.
You deduced that, how?
From my pocket.
I snipped this of a rather common
rat at the slaughterhouse.
Notice the bluish discolouration.
The faint smell of almonds,
and traces of cyanide.
Now we know what the
ginger midget was working on.
- It will revolutionise warfare.
- Yes killing a lot of people.
Now, there's 7 minutes until
noon. What are we gonna do?
She loves an entrance, your muse.
Shoot him! Now please!
My lords! My lords.
Time has come for any of
those who believe, to remain.
Behold... Lord Blackwood.
You seem surprised.
I have returned from beyond the
grave to fulfil Englands destiny.
and extend the boundaries
of this great empire.
Listen to the rabble outside.
to the fear.
I will use that as a
weapon to control them...
and then the world.
I've never seen anything
like it. Look at this.
Its specifically designed to
prevent us from disarming it.
These components seem to be specifically
designed to receive some sort of signal.
Electromagnetic waves?
When triggered, the electrodes
will send a charge
converting the chemial into gas.
and the gas will travel up that shaft
and filter through the ventilation
system that leads directly to parliament.
Within seconds, the administration the most
powerfull men in the world will be choking to death
Blackwood must have
some sort of transmitter
that connects them remotely.
Three minutes and ten seconds.
I will create an empire that
will endure for a millennia
Indestructible and eternal.
Move it! Move it!
We don't have to actually disarm the device,
we just have to remove the cylinders.
Except that they're welded in. What
we need is a controlled expolsion.
We need a container to direct the blast
my clay pipe should service that ambition
I rather wish you hadn't done that, Irene.
On the twelfth chime, I will
summon the dark powers.
All of those who are with
me shall be protected.
All others will perish.
I need your pipe.
Nut him!
A new order... begins now.
What are you waiting for?
- Can you manage?
- Of course I can.
Relax. I'm a doctor.
Did you take a wrong turning somewhere?
We're safe now.
Interesting assessment .
Run off.
I won't be chasing you anymore.
Fair thee well.
I don't want to run anymore.
I'll tell you everything.
I wish you would.
There was never any magic.
Only conjuring tricks.
The simplest involves
paying people off.
Like the prison guard who pretended
to be possessed outside you cell.
Your reputation and the
inmates fear did the rest.
Others required more
elaborate preparations.
It was sand storm slab
that covered your tomb.
you had it broken before your burial
then put back together
using a mild adhesive.
An ancient Egyptian recipe, I believe.
A mixture of egg and honey, that
was to be washed away by the rain.
Arranging for your father to
drown in his own bathtub
required more modern science.
Very clever of, Reordan
to find a paralytic
that was activated by the
combination of copper and water.
and therefore was undetectable
once the bath water was drained.
It would have been
quite a challenge for me,
had he not also tested it on
some unfortunate amphibian.
The death of Standish
was a real mystery
until you used the same
compound, to blow up the wharf.
An odorless, tasteless flammable liquid
yet it burned with
an unusual pink tissue.
Did Standish mistake it for rain
as he entered the temple.
All it took was a spark.
A simple rigged
bullet in his gun.
Like all great performers, you saved
your pierce do rsistance for the end.
A chemical weapon,
distilled from cyanide.
and refined in the bellies of swine.
Had it worked, your followers in
parliament would have watched unharmed
as their colleagues were
dying around them.
They didn't know that you'd
given them the antidote.
Instead they would have
believed it was magic.
and that you'd harnessed
the ultimate power.
and the world would have followed in
fear, in the most powerfull weapon of all.
You'd better hope it's
nothing more than superstition,
as you performed all
the rituals perfectly.
The devil's missing
its soul, I'd say.
For god's sake,
Holmes cut me loose!
First, the world will see
you for what you are.
A fraud.
Then you will be hanged
properly this time.
It's a long journey
from here to the rope.
I've never woken up
in handcuffs before.
I have.
A storm is coming.
Well... we've still got a moment.
- Moriarty...
- What?
That's his name.
And he is a professor.
Everyone has a weak spot.
And he found mine.
What was it precisely?
Please don't underestimate him.
He's just as brilliant as you are.
and infinitely more devious.
We'll see about that.
You'll miss me, Sherlock?
Sadly... yes.
- Afternoon, sir. I put the notebook in this one, sir.
- Thank you.
What's in these, John?
- Scribbles.
- Scribbles?
- Notes.
- The're your adventures!
I'd like to read them.
Come on, what's wrong?
I think his finally come
to terms of you leaving?
Mary, look at the
ring his given us.
Now 5 minutes here,
and we'll go home.
Our home.
Carefull on the stairs.
Don't worry, dear.
Suicide is not in his repertoire. He's
far to fond of himself for that.
Good afternoon.
I was trying to deduce in which the
manner Blackwood survived his execution.
Clearing your good
name as it were.
But it had a surprising
suffocating effect on, and
I was carried off in
the hands off, Morpheus
like a caterpillar in a cocoon.
Good afternoon, dear.
Get on with it, Holmes.
Cleverly concealed in the
hang-mans knot, was a hook
Oh dear, I think my legs have fallen
asleep I should probably come down.
John, shouldn't we
help him down?
No, no, I hate to
cut him off midstream.
Carry on.
Well the executioner
attached it to a harness.
Thus lowering the weight
contributed around the waist and
the neck to remain intact.
Oh my lord, I can't feel my cheeks.
Might we continue
this at ground level?
How did you manage it, Holmes?
I managed it with braces,
belts and a coat hook.
Please, Watson, my tongue is going,
I would be of no use to you at all.
- Worse things could happen.
- John.
None of this, explains
Blackwood's lack of pulse
Now the medical mystery.
We must restore your reputation,Watson.
There is a toxin refined from the
nectar of rhododendron ponticum.
It's quite infamous in the region of Turkey,
near the Black Sea, for it's
ability to induce an
apparently mortal paralysis.
Even for a logical and well trained mind,
even one as tenacious as your own.
It's known locally as...
What's wrong with Gladston?
Mad honey's diesease.
His demonstrating the very
effects that I just described.
He doesn't mind.
Mary don't worry.
he's seen far worse.
Mr. Holmes?
Doctor, Miss Mary...
Sorry. Inspector Lestrade asks
you come with me right away.
What is it this time, Clarky?
Its one of our sergeants, sir.
He went missing in the sewers the
day, you stopped Lord Blackwood.
Im afraid the sewage workers
found his body just this morning, sir
We believe the sergeant,
was the first man at the scene...
Can I help you, offcer?
Shot in the head.
Was it a small caliber bullet?
Was there powdered
burns on his eyebrows?
Indeed, sir.
Point blank range.
Professor Moriarty.
There's a good boy!
Everything's gonna be fine.
Where is Blackwood's device now?
Secret Service have it, sir.
They've taken over the case.
I bet there's a piece missing.
So Moriarty was after
a piece of the machine.
Not the poison.
Theres nothing more elusive
than an obvious fact.
The wire free invention
was the goal all along.
And Addler was just the diversion.
He knew I'd chase after her,
there by leaving the machine accessible.
The technology of that kind can
be worth, an untold fortune.
Imagine being able to control a radio device
simply by sending a command via radio waves.
It's the future, Watson.
I've loaded the last
of your boxes, sir.
- Well...
- Well...
Stop him before he
gets to the front door.
Case reopened.
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