Sherlock Toms (2017) Movie Script

'Bhanumathi Vilasam
High School.'
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Good morning, Teacher.
- Good morning.
'P. Bhanumathi, Headmistress.'
Today is pay day.
So, I'll have to go
to the treasury.
We need to buy
the stationeries as well.
Take that boy along.
- Okay.
'How did you find out
that he is smart?'
'Holmes put on his hat.'
'My dear doctor.'
'This is the time for observation
and not talking.'
'We are spies..'
- P. L. Thomas.
Come, we need to go out.
- Okay.
Toms will get to eat
a Masala Dosa today.
"Masala Dosa.. Sherlock Toms
will get to eat a Masala Dosa."
"In the snow.." - Why do you waste
time reading such novels?
You are in tenth grade.
Sherlock Holmes
won't help you pass your exams.
I'm going to become
a detective, sir.
Wait for me here
once you finish eating, okay?
'Radha Textiles.'
'Bharath Coffee House, Alangad.'
Shall we leave?
'Sub Treasury, Ernakulam.'
Give it to me.
- Yes.
Where did you keep it?
- In this bag.
Then where is it?
I feel dizzy.
Enough with this!
Where's the money?
I have to pay them the salary.
- I know. - Sir.
Are you sure you had kept
the money in this bag? - Yes.
It's not torn.
Which means it wasn't stolen.
Let's call the police.
Had you given this bag
to someone else?
When I was driving, Thomas
was holding it. - Yes, Thomas!
That's it!
He is the one who stole it!
He is from a slum, after all.
Hey, catch him before he escapes
with the money!
Would he have done it?
I don't care that it's a school!
You'll get it from me!
So, you are the Sherlock Toms
of this school.
Do you read such novels
to commit the perfect crime?
Tell me.
The money..
Rs. 34,500, to be precise.
Where did you hide it?
Tell me!
I haven't taken it, sir.
He is a scatterbrain.
He hadn't kept the money
in this bag.
Then where did he keep it?
Did you see? - No. - Then?
Sir, didn't you go to a shop
while I was having
the Masala Dosa?
When you returned, you'd
a packet in your hand.
What? - You came out
of Radha Textiles.
They only sell women's clothing.
- R-Really?
Oh, no! - Why did you go
to a textile store?
- Tell me!
Go on.
He didn't give me that packet.
He looked nervous.
- Nervous? No.
He didn't give me
that packet filled with secrets.
Don't make it sound dramatic.
It's my observation, sir!
- Oh, God.
To solve this case..
- I'm here to do that!
Hey, where's that packet?
- Such a packet doesn't exist!
He is just making up stories.
You've stolen that money!
It was you!
Such a packet does exist, sir.
Once we got back here, he went
straight to the staffroom.
P. L. Thomas!
It's only been half an hour.
If the packet isn't here, we'll
definitely find it there. - No.
Sir, this is the packet.
Hold this!
Give it to me!
'Happy Birthday,
Dear Sushma.'
Oh, no! - Sir!
- Hold him!
He is innocent, sir.
He just forgets things.
I understood.
Sir! - What? - Can you get me
a floral boxers?
To hell with it!
Not one..
I'll get you two of those.
One for you
and one for your father.
It had spoiled my life!
Just shut up!
- What you did was cruel! Brute!
Wait here.
- These coins..
Why are they falling down?
There it goes again.
Coins.. - Here.
- Leave it. I'll get it myself.
Come. Get up.
- Hold me.
Your dhoti.. - Whose dhoti
is this? - Give it to me.
Wear your dhoti, sir.
- Should I?
That's enough..
You! Were you the one
who helped me?
Don't ever help me!
You've spoiled the life
of your teacher. Brute!
I lost my job!
My family abandoned me!
Bloody detective!
A grief-stricken teacher
is cursing you.
You will never prosper in life!
It's the truth!
Did you hear that?
It will happen..
You will become a bigger
drunkard than me.
We've a math test on Monday.
It's Mr. Sugunan's subject.
For what you did,
you'll definitely get cursed.
And what about what he did?
I'm being blamed
for exposing him.
If I hadn't told the truth,
I would've been jailed.
A teacher's curse!
Even if I fail in other subjects,
I'll never fail in math.
Why are you wearing
a sunglass?
I have conjunctivitis, ma'am.
Get up.
Remove your glasses.
My eyes are completely
infected, ma'am.
I've heard that dialogue before.
Just remove your glasses!
Didn't you say you've
What's happening there?
What are you up to?
- Nothing, ma'am.
Come with me.
That's enough!
Thulasi, if you can't open it
with these
we'll have to break it open.
Hey.. - Yes?
- Will our hard work go in vain?
There will be something
valuable inside.
Chauro! - Oh, Jesus!
Will it be the police?
Was it you, Mr. Lassar?
Chauro, thanks a lot.
- Welcome!
But why are you thanking me?
Actually, since morning, I've been
trying to remember
my name. - Oh, no!
Lassar, right?
- Yes.. It's Lassar.
I can't remember anything.
- Really?
I keep forgetting things.
I need to consult a good doctor.
By the way, I came here
to ask for a favour.
Mr. Lassar, just tell me
what it is.
Tell me. - My son
was expelled from school.
You might have heard about it.
Of course!
He was the smart boy who caught
Mr. Sugunan red-handed.
But you were caught copying,
right? - Yes.
I want him to have a hands-on
experience. - That's good!
I want you to employ him here.
- What?
He is really smart.
Mr. Lassar, smartness is not needed
to run a lathe!
Find him some other job.
You can leave.
Come on.
We'll search somewhere else.
Carry on, Dad.
Let me try to convince him.
How will you convince me?
What happened to the original keys
of that safe inside?
Which safe are you talking about?
The Godrej safe that the fat boy
is trying to pry open.
I lost the keys.
Did you lose all the three keys?
Actually, I'd kept
the other two keys
locked in a box.
But I lost that key as well!
So, it's a stolen safe! - Yes.
No.. I mean, it's an iron safe.
Got you!
Did you hear, Mr. Lassar?
- What?
Dr. Soman was robbed.
- Oh, no.
What is it?
His safe was stolen.
Okay. Let's go there.
- Hop on.
Even though I know you, I forgot
your name. - Pushkaran.
- Will you hire me or not?
I hired you an hour before!
- Good.
I'll start the job from tomorrow.
- All right.
By the way,
forget that safe for now.
It's not that difficult to open.
- Really?
I know a trick to open it.
We'll try it. - Sure.
Hey, where did you learn
all this from?
I learnt it
from science exhibitions.
You are a genius!
You would've reached
great heights
if you hadn't been expelled
from school.
Here. Spend it lavishly.
- No, sir.
I will become a police officer.
'That was the motivation
that kept him going.'
'He progressed in life
by working during day hours'
'and studying at night.'
'To work towards
Sherlock's victory'
'a group of people'
'came together with prayers
and encouragement.'
'Mr. Chauro.'
'Officer Gangu.'
'Maadan Thulasi.'
'Kuruvi Thaatha.'
'Chauro's son, Uvvachu.'
'And Fr. Kunnummel
was there to guide him.'
'After he passed his degree
with flying colours'
'he started preparing
for the SI test.'
'That was when Fr. Kunnummel
diverged his path.'
'Civil Service, IPS..'
'Sherlock was blinded
by the status of those positions.'
'It took him three years
and three attempts'
'to finally clear
the Civil Service exam.'
'Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.'
There comes the Father.
Have you lost your senses
He lost his senses
while grieving, Father.
For what?
He was crying till now.
He is on the bottom
of the rank list, it seems.
His investigation dreams
are shattered.
He says he won't
become an IPS officer.
He will probably end up
in the revenue section.
Something like IRS..
What does it stand for, Father?
- Indian Revenue Service. - I see.
Did you understand?
- No.
He is going to drop this plan
and try the SI test.
We shouldn't allow that!
He'll get four times more salary
in the revenue department. - Oh!
It's all right.
I'll convince him.
Take him home now.
His demented father is alone
at home. - Yes.
'October 3, 2016.
On the day of a strike.'
- Yes, sir?
Sir. - Yes?
- Please, sir.
My name is Fakrudeen.
When you shorten my name
it sounds like a curse.
You should've thought
of that before.
But sir, my dad named me.
- What's your father's name?
Nut Koya. - What?
- His actual name is Naseem Koya.
But since he has a nut business,
everyone calls him Nut Koya.
And some other people shorten
his name.. - Enough! I got it.
WhatsApp me those photos you
clicked on your phone. - Yes, sir.
'Without caring for his safety
on the day of a strike'
'SI Shinto provided protection
for a marriage.'
Sir, I've sent it.
Didn't you get it?
These photos lack clarity.
It would be some cheap phone
made in China!
Which is your phone, sir?
- It's a brand new phone.
It's worth Rs. 25,000.
This is an iPhone 7 Plus.
I just got it yesterday.
Do you know its cost? It costs
Rs. 68,500. Look at this.
Do you see the difference
between these two photos?
Isn't it crystal clear?
- Yes..
From where did you get this phone?
It costs more than
your two months' salary.
My brother-in-law got this from
the Gulf yesterday, pal! - What?
Sorry, sir.
Go and get that LP Warrant file.
Go on.
Move that from the desk.
Did you mean this file?
- No, your paunch!
Look at a policeman's belly!
You look like a pregnant lady
with your belt on! Shucks!
A jumper suits you better
than a shirt.
A man's body must look
proportionate. Take a look.
Did you see? - Sir.
- What?
If I break my iPhone
will my body become proportionate?
- Get lost!
He thinks he has a perfect body!
People call him 'Winnie the Pooh.'
Oh, no..
- Stop crying, dear.
Let's take her to the hospital.
- I can't walk, Kannan.
I'll carry you. - I'll help. - No!
- No, I'll carry her myself.
It's the result of twelve years
of hard work.
Let him carry her alone.
Be careful.
Help him. - No need!
I can handle this myself.
Oh, God..
Kannan! - Move aside.
Oh, God! Hey..
Carry him as well.
I've sprained my back. - Don't
bite off more than you can chew.
Take him..
- Move aside.. - Oh, God!
Ask them to move!
Hey.. Don't worry. - Kannan!
- Don't worry. I'm all right.
This too.
Dear! - Oh, no! - Just look at this
before you leave.
Stop it, Dad!
It's a strike today,
and I expect some hot news.
You have time to kill.
Let's go.
I want the full list of the stocks
by today evening.
Sir, what about me?
- Go ahead, Salam.
I'll give you the goods.
But on one condition.
Seventy per cent of it
is black money.
Will I get trapped?
- You should take care of that!
That's business!
The gold that we buy
with the black money
is what brings us profit.
We legalise the rest of the money.
Have they ever caught me?
- Lucky you!
It's not luck, but smartness!
Hey, Thulasi, calm down!
- Calm down!
Leave me! - I'll beat you.
Hey, calm down!
Calm down!
Hail the revolution.. - Oh, God!
The protestors are here.
Don't get frightened.
Are you scared? - A tad bit.
No wonder you lost your
job as a policeman!
We won't step back..
- Nilaav! - What is it?
I want their blood!
At least one peg of their blood!
Run them over!
Stop the vehicle! - Hey, what's
this? What are you doing?
Don't you know that it's
a strike today? - Yes!
We know that it's a
bloody strike today!
We know that very well!
- Pull him out!
Come out, rascal! - We'll beat you
black and blue! - Hey..
We are taking him
to the mental asylum. - Let go.
Don't you see his hands?
- Oh, God! Are you mad?
Can't he go crazy
on the day of a strike?
The 1st of every month's a dry day.
Yesterday was 'Gandhi Jayanti'!
Will any pub be open
on these days?
And today is a bloody strike!
That's why he has gone crazy!
- I'll sabotage this strike!
I'll open at least ten shops!
- Hey, Thulasi.. - Hey! - Thulasi..
Hey, Thulasi.. - Hey! - What is he
doing? - I'll kill you all!
Move! - Thulasi!
- Hey, stop it!
Hey, Thulasi! - Move aside!
I'll kill you all!
Move aside! - Thulasi!
- Hey!
I'll destroy everything!
- Hey, no! - Thulasi! Listen to me!
- Listen!
I'm not scared of anyone!
Yes, Your Honour!
I'll hang you to death! - Hey!
"Let's ride a cycle.
Let's ride a scooter." - Hey!
- Hello?
I'll kill you!
- Police station? - Get lost!
I'll destroy everything!
Hey, don't break the locks!
Hey, don't break it!
- Hey.. - Hold him!
I'll break into a soldier's home
and get you liquor.
Calm down!
Sir, the police will come soon!
Make it fast!
I don't care about the police!
- Get him inside! Fast!
Come on..
- I want to be electrocuted.
I want a shock treatment.
Or else, I'll destroy everything!
Get lost, protestors!
Sir. - Yes?
- This was done by some locals.
How do you know that?
- They have broken all the locks.
Just shut up.
Sir, it's a robbery.
Sir, shall we search the soda
company nearby? - Why?
They can't drink it without soda.
What if they drank it dry?
Then they must be here somewhere,
passed out.
Sir, this won't get us
into trouble, right?
Of course, it won't!
Having no other choice,
we took four bottles.
If they try to frame it
as a theft
we'll pay them for four bottles.
Or we'll pay double the amount.
Even if it was just four bottles
it's a case of robbery.
- Shut up!
To hell with it!
You were just too much!
- Your performance today.
I'll do one thing.
I'll ask for some lessons
from Mammootty.
Hey, did you already finish
the fish fry I prepared?
We finished that long back.
Make an omelette
for me, Kuruvi Thaatha.
Only two eggs are left. I'm not
wasting them for an omelette!
Hey, borrow two eggs
from our neighbour, Sarala.
Sarala is the reason
my wife left me.
You might not have asked her
for eggs then! - Gangu..
Should we break into a grocery shop
for eggs?
Hey, Thulasi,
call the commissioner.
His crazy wife
might answer the call.
- Ma'am.
Can I speak to the commissioner?
Aren't you Maadan Thulasi,
you scoundrel?
That must be your father!
Just give him the phone.
Bastard! How dare you
curse my father!
Is it for me?
Who is it?
Is it Comrade Varghese
or Kunnikkal Narayanan?
It's your wife
from the netherworld!
Tell her I'm not home.
- Just shut up!
Why do you need Sherlock
on the day of a strike, rascal?
I want to give him something.
The thing you never give him.
Peace of mind.
Damn! Bastard! Do you want
to know what I've not given him?
Tell me! Do you want
to hear it?
Give it to me..
- Long live the revolution!
Fight on, Comrade.
Yes, Maadan?
What is it?
Oh, God! I'm tired
of his demented father!
What? - Move, oldie!
- That must be your father!
Did you get it? How did you manage
to get it today?
I'm coming.
- Hey!
Take this library along with you.
Did you marry me to guard
this demented comrade?
I pleaded before you so many times.
Did you give it to me?
You are refusing to give it.
Give it to me!
Divorce me!
Adv. Sambashivan has been waiting
with the papers for two years!
You spoiled my life!
- Very good. - I won't let you
enjoy your life by divorcing you.
That's all I can do!
I'll never let you live peacefully
in this house! - Get lost..
Get lost! - So irritating!
What are you looking at?
Why don't you go with him?
- What is it, Dad?
When your mother passed away
handing over the burden
of the revolution to me,
you were just five years old.
You've been repeating this
for the last sixteen years.
Your mother was in agreement
with the Calcutta Thesis.
This is something new.
Dad, learn this book by heart.
- Okay.
Should I say anything
to Che Guevara?
Tell him to buy some
iron balls. - What for?
We need to make some strong
decisions. - Awesome!
"The priest's damsel
is a real devil."
"She succeeded in making
my life a living hell."
"She has a tongue as long
as that of a chameleon"
"which she uses to insult me
every day."
"A woman entered my life
as my companion."
"My peace of mind left me
that very moment."
"Red hibiscus flowers
as red as the vermillion"
"would've to be placed on my ears
as I am going crazy."
"A woman is a lamp
of the house."
"I was such a fool
to believe that"
"and I committed the greatest
mistake of my life"
"by marrying her."
"She has turned my life
upside down!"
"The priest's damsel
is a real devil."
"She succeeded in making
my life a living hell."
One, two, three."
"She has a tongue as long
as that of a chameleon"
"which she uses to insult me
every day."
Two rickshaws are parked
at Palarivattom junction.
The place is within Mulavukad
station limits.
Call the station and ask them
to assign a PC to us.
Should we go there then?
Just listen to me!
Hey, look at him.
Why is he sitting like a torn,
old 500-rupee note?
Hey! - What?
If things doesn't happen
as you wish
then just let it go.
- That's life. - Yes.
That is life. - Get lost.
You don't know about me.
My wife left me when she was
pregnant with our child.
For the next ten years, she and my
son stayed with her father.
After her father passed away,
she left my son
and eloped with some other guy.
But I didn't let that affect me.
Hey! That's not how
Sherlock's life is!
Hey, stop it!
After getting drunk,
every rascal including you
starts showing sympathy!
He's indirectly calling you
a rascal. - Hey.
Does anyone love their job
in this world?
Does anyone live peacefully
with his wife? Pour me a drink!
"My waves are more
like a cellular phone."
"I hate snakes like Indiana Jones."
- Hey!
Where are you going?
I'm just going out.
Waste your life like this!
You are a good-for-nothing
Instead of fathering you..
Don't get me started on that!
I am short.
I have a dark complexion.
My hair doesn't stay put.
And here you are, regretting
fathering me!
You deserved it!
Stop near that Father.
Hey, stop the vehicle!
Greetings, Father.
- Greetings.
Can you show me the way
to Eagle Workshop?
Thaatha, don't drink too much!
It's a strike today.
We won't even get a coffin!
What's the need of a coffin?
She'll fit in a soap box!
Damn you, bastards!
It's Fr. Kunnummel. - Isn't he
your wife's uncle? Answer it.
That rascal is the one
who got her married to me!
What is it?
Is that so?
All right.
What happened?
Did your wife commit suicide?
No.. It's something important.
Hey, what's wrong?
Any problem at home?
Nothing. You can be bailed out
only if someone is free.
I didn't understand.
You'll understand in a while.
- Okay.
He is coming back again!
- What's wrong with him?
Keep it there.
Come with me!
Hey.. - Shut up!
- Hey, what is it?
Where are you taking me?
- To the parlour
for a facial!
Look, there comes a police jeep.
Nobody should run.
Now, I understood.
I've told you several times
not to befriend such hooligans.
I'll only drink one-fourth
of the liquor they drink!
I've told you many times
that we can drink together.
After all, am I not an advocate?
Why aren't you bothered
about your status?
And you'll come to me
with their petty cases.
It's not free, is it?
Don't I pay you the fees?
As if you are neck deep in cases!
Hey, don't get furious.
Cool, man!
Tell me a way out.
Even though it's only four
bottles, it's a case of robbery.
I know that!
We should strike a deal
with the police
before they file a case.
I'd have handled it
if it was Mulavukad station.
I know the SI.
Then settle it without much delay.
I'll be right outside the station.
And by the way,
let her be here until then.
What? - Had I left her there,
they would've taken her as well.
Hey, bastard!
Pour me one more drink.
Four empty glasses.
One full bottle.
One half bottle.
Half of an omelette..
Is this a chicken egg
or a duck egg? - Leghorn.
Leghorn. - Leghorn?
Leghorn. - He is BEVCO's manager.
- Four pieces.
I spoke to him
the moment you called.
If nobody knew this,
he would've co-operated.
Then what's the problem?
- Look at that.
'The robbery was carried out
under the pretext'
'of taking a lunatic
to a mental asylum.'
'According to the reports,
alcohol worth'
'Rs. 2 lakhs has gone missing.'
Rs. 2 lakhs?
- Did you hear that?
'We'll get the complete details
only after the inventory check.'
Liquor worth Rs. 2 lakhs..
- Shut up!
They'll hear us. - We'll take
them to court tomorrow.
Do what you have to do there.
I won't be putting them
in the lock-up.
I can buy them anything
other than alcohol.
Can I get a glass of water
mixed with some alcohol?
I'm very thirsty.
Couldn't you've waited for a day?
A gang of liquor thieves!
Now, stay in the sub jail
without alcohol!
Got it! Did you understand?
- Fakru! - Sorry, sir.
Who is this?
Damn it!
What happened?
Any progress? - No way!
It's become a news now.
The police are helpless.
Damn! The people from the media
are such a nuisance!
Did they say that everything
was robbed?
Not everything, but alcohol
worth Rs. 2 lakhs.
Thank God!
That's nice of them!
Let's try our luck at the court
tomorrow. Let's see.
Just a minute.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Sure, sir.
What is it?
I've got a happy news.
- What is it?
I got transferred to enforcement
department on deputation.
I have to join at the
Cochin office tomorrow.
Do you know for how long
I have been trying for this?
Money laundering, Dollar trade
and gold smuggling..
Oh, it's going to be a lot
of investigation!
This is going to suit you well,
Your good time has finally arrived.
Do your best!
I will meet you in the court
before going to office tomorrow.
- All right then.
That's great!
Now we will see
what Sherlock Toms is capable of.
We should have celebrated today.
It's okay. We will make it grand
tonight if the bail is granted.
Just go. Don't be late.
I will take care of this.
- Go on.
Your Honour.
After all, it's a matter
of four bottles of brandy
worth Rs. 2,000.
A lenient view may be taken
in this case.
They are very poor,
illiterate people.
I think the prosecutor
has no strong objection against it.
Bail may be granted.
- Are you done?
I hope you are well aware
of what they did.
It's robbery.
Did the policemen hit you?
Oh, no. They were so nice.
- Yes.
The accused shall remain
in the sub jail for 14 days.
I am Thomas.
I am here to join.. - Oh.
Yes, I know.
- Here, sir.
Come on. Have a seat.
- Thank you.
You have been trying to get
deputed in the enforcement
for quite a while. Why?
Were you bored of taxation?
It's filled with paperwork, sir.
There is no thrill in it.
As you know, unlike taxation
there are some dangers
involved in this. - Yes.
It would be interesting
as well as thrilling.
For the first few days,
you'll be handling paperwork.
There was a report
from the intelligence
regarding a few black money sources
and chit funds.
The reports are there
in the computer.
You can refer to it.
- Okay. - Okay.
Everyone is here.
- Welcome to Cochin office, sir.
Thank you.
What's your name?
- Vinod.
Sir, may I?
- Please. - Thank you.
Tell me, Mr. Advocate.
Didn't you get the bail?
Yes, I just got into my cabin.
All right.
He looks studious.
He's just showing off.
He is pretending to be
a workaholic.
Is he another piece of furniture
like Mr. Sundaram?
Sir, your lunch.
Is it lunch time already?
- Yes.
Where are the others?
- They are in the dining area.
Then I will sit there.
- Okay.
He hasn't looked away
from the computer till now.
He is just showing off.
Show off?
That too, me?
What's your name?
- Sherly.
Is Sherly the only one
who felt so or..
Sherly is the only one.
Sir, if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
Go ahead, Sherly.
Leave something out
for tomorrow as well.
Is your name really Sherlock?
- I see..
There is a secret..
- P. L. Thomas, be silent!
Hey, what is happening here?
Oh, Thomas, were you here?
Carry on.
I shall take your leave.
- Okay.
- What is it, sir?
Can you do me a favour
when you go out?
Tell me, sir.
- Buy me a bottle of brandy.
Is it okay?
- Absolutely, sir.
He is going to be great!
'District jail, Ernakulam.'
Here it is!
Thaatha's special!
Don't finish it
before he gets here.
Thomas is here.
If he crosses his arms behind,
he would look like Sethurama Iyer.
Looks like everyone
is out of their senses.
Here is your Scotch.
- Give it to me. - Drink up!
Were you here, Mr. Advocate?
- Yes.
Do you want to hear something?
Only last week did he tell me
to distance myself from you. - Hey!
Did you say that?
What is this?
I wasn't bullied like this
even in law college.
They told me that they were
taking me to my office.
Instead, they brought me here.
Do you know why?
We wanted an educated man
to give us company
in your absence.
- Let it be.
How was your stay
in the prison?
You are talking as if I am going
there for the first time.
Leave it.
How many cases did you solve
in the last two weeks?
It isn't a piece of cake.
I am learning the ropes
of this department.
I hope you catch the big fish
when the time is finally here.
Catching petty thieves
will only taint your reputation.
Oh, why isn't he picking up
the phone?
Who is it?
It's her.
- Who? Rekha?
Pour me a drink.
Thomas, did you
stumble on something?
Will we be lucky enough to see you
on TV or papers?
You should become famous!
Not just us, the entire population
must say this in unison.
Sherlock Toms!
I have got a few reports.
A lot of small-scale
chit companies
are involved in black money deals.
Something must be done.
Yes. - I had almost
forgotten something. - What?
We had a friend in prison.
He worked at a chit fund company.
- Which one is it?
What was the name?
- Mannanam.
Mannanam Chit Funds!
- It's a big company. - Yes.
What is his name?
- Marcose.
What did he do there?
He was the security guard
at their Ravipuram branch.
I will..
Do you think its owner
will spend time in prison?
What is wrong with her?
Thomas, it is interesting.
He has a bulky physique.
- I don't want to hear it.
Listen to me.
He was on night duty.
He had a few drinks
and slept off.
And then, the manager came
at 3 a.m. with three iron boxes.
- At 3 a.m.?
Yes, he cussed Marcose
for sleeping during his shift.
And when he was certain
that he would be fired
Marcose thrashed the manager.
He broke his arm.
That's why he was arrested.
Is he still in prison?
- No, he was released yesterday.
What is it?
How big were those boxes?
The boxes were this big..
- Hey.. - Let it be there.
It's been going on..
- He didn't talk about it.
Where is he from?
Do you want to meet him?
There is a way.
- What is it?
This could be the big fish.
- Really?
Then we will get hold of Marcose
tomorrow morning.
Give me that pomfret..
- Calm down, Gangu.
Can you get me a copy
of the FIR of Marcose's case
from South police station?
Who is going to stop me?
- Why is she doing this?
What is it?
Why don't you stop?
I called to share a news with you.
Your father is defecating
in the courtyard. - Oh, God.
Now do what you have to.
Are you leaving?
- I have to go.
I think I'll kill his dad
very soon.
Thomas, what's wrong?
It's nothing.
- Should I come with you?
Would you need my help?
I think so.
- Yes. - Hop on.
I haven't helped anyone
in a long time.
Let's go!
One, two, one..
One, two, one, two..
- Marcose!
What a surprise!
What brings you here?
Thought I would pay you a visit
as I was nearby. - Oh, come on.
You came here to meet me.
- Oh, you read my mind.
I have something to discuss
with you.
Let's step aside.
20 squats after this, okay?
- Okay. - Come on.
You told us about the three boxes
which were delivered. - Yes.
Do you have more details?
- I will give you the details.
What is my share in this?
You know how risky it is, Marcose.
I am not sure how big
the catch is going to be.
Then how can I fix your share?
Give me a percentage
assuming it will work out.
Let me tell you.
Ten percentage.
After all, you are going to do it.
- Okay, I agree.
See you then.
- Okay.
Here. The FIR copy
of Marcose's case.
Look at this.
- Yes.
Marcose thrashed the manager
when he came at 3 a.m. - Yes.
But in the FIR, it is written
as 3 p.m. - Really?
And nothing is mentioned
in this about the boxes.
Why so? It's simple.
It is black money.
This cements the fact
that it is black money.
A lizard hissed. It's true then!
- Cut it out!
Since it's black money, it would be
in bundles of 1,000-rupee notes
to reduce the storage area.
- Correct.
A bundle of 10-rupee notes
would be 14 centimetres thick.
If we go by the dimensions
given by Marcose
the three boxes
must contain Rs. 300 crores
in total. - What? - Oh, God.
Rs. 300 crores!
- Oh, dear.
Will you get a commission
if you find it?
The informer
will get 20 percentage.
So, that would amount to..
Rs. 60 crores!
Go and get the money
tomorrow itself. - Come on.
It isn't that easy.
- Why?
We need to get the Joint Director's
permission for it.
To hell with him!
Go and get the money!
What is wrong with this guy?
- Why?
We have to convince
the Joint Director first.
Only then will he issue
a search order.
There is another problem
as well. - What is it?
Mannanam Chit Funds is owned
by a relative
of ex-finance minister, Mr. Kora.
- Oh.
A silly mistake will cost me a lot.
First, let me pay a visit
to their Ravipuram branch.
I have to study what is going on
in there. - Yes.
Don't they provide gold loans?
- Obviously.
I had borrowed money from there
using Sarala's waist chain.
Oh, does she have a waist chain?
- Sir!
- I will return it tomorrow.
How much does it weigh?
- Four sovereigns.
It's been one month and three days.
- So what?
We will charge you an additional
interest for 15 days.
Would you have reduced the interest
if I'd taken it three days back?
No. This is a rule that
we follow here. - What rule?
You are looting us
with such petty rules.
What is the problem, ma'am?
I didn't expect to meet
someone so polite in here.
Where is your home?
No, I didn't come with her.
- What is it?
What? - Here, take it!
Give it to me.
Give me five minutes, ma'am.
Please wait.
Sir, may I help you?
I want to pawn a necklace.
Where is the counter?
- That's the counter. - Okay.
That's the one.
Help him out.
What is it, sir?
- It weighs four sovereigns.
How much will I get?
- Around Rs. 52,000.
That's not enough.
I am looking for Rs. 60,000.
Rs. 52,000 is the best we can do.
- Rekha Thomas! - What?
Is it okay if I give you
Rs. 60,000?
Why are you here?
- Did you convert?
Answer me.
Whose necklace is that?
Shut up. Go for now.
I will explain it later.
I won't leave!
I want to know what is going on!
Rekha Thomas.
- He called your name.
Stop yelling! I will come.
Let me sort this out first!
Whose necklace is it?
Answer me!
- It's a financial institution.
Get lost!
He is my husband!
He is not an ordinary guy.
He is an IRS officer.
He is the Enforcement Director!
Who are you trying to fool
with this funny attire?
You crook!
- Shut up.
Give me the necklace. - Why should
I shut up? What's this game?
You better give me an answer.
- Let go..
Stop, I won't let you go.
- Leave me..
I will see you at home,
you shameless crook!
Oh, no! What did you do?
- Sorry, I will pay you.
Can't you see?
- Sorry, mister. Keep it..
'The number you have called
is busy..' - Damn.
His phone is engaged.
- Yes, sir?
Is Mr. Sundaram at office?
- Let me check.
Yes, sir. He is on a call.
- I will be there soon.
A lightning raid is on the cards.
Get ready. - Okay, sir.
Hello.. - Sir. - Vinod,
come to Mr. Sundaram's cabin.
He went out. It's been two minutes.
- What the hell!
I wanted him to issue
a search order immediately!
'The number you are trying to reach
is currently..'
Damn! It's switched off.
I had told him about
the lightning raid.
He thought you were rushing
into it.
Vinod, around Rs. 300 crores
worth black money
is stashed
at Mannanam Chit Funds.
They have already got a clue
about the raid.
They will clear the place
if we delay it.
We have to raid the place,
or else..
Is the information genuine?
Are you sure about it?
I am damn sure about it!
Sir, then we will write
a search memo and proceed.
We will get it certified
by Mr. Sundaram after the raid.
That's right.
Prepare a search memo, Vinod.
Let me change.
Also, call South police station
and ask for police assistance.
Don't disclose the company
or its location. - Okay.
Inspector, close the door.
It's a raid. Any inconvenience
is deeply regretted.
Please co-operate.
- Please step outside.
Please co-operate.. - Who are you?
What do you want?
We are from the enforcement.
I am the Deputy Director.
Vinod, collect their mobile phones.
- Sir.
Who is the accounts manager?
- It's me.
Bring me the copies of the cash
register and the strong room
stock register
for the last two months.
Okay, sir.
- What happened to your hand?
I fell down from a swing.
- Oh..
Give me your mobile phones.
Vinod, how did the media
know about this?
I don't know, sir. - Damn!
- Here are the statements, sir.
Where is the strong room?
- It's inside.
This is it.
- Open it.
I don't have the keys.
- What?
The key is in the custody
of our zonal manager.
Where is he?
- He went for a funeral.
Call him.
- His phone is unreachable.
Call him!
'The mobile number you have dialled
is switched off.'
It's switched off.
Sir. - We will break it open then.
- Yes, sir.
There has to be another box
as well.
I didn't get you.
- I will make it clear for you.
Vinod. - Sir.
- Open the box.
Take the files out and check.
Hey, where are the three boxes
that were delivered here
at 3 a.m. on the 4th?
Sir, the information you got
is wrong.
These are the two boxes
which were delivered
at 3 p.m. on the 4th.
Come on.
- But sir..
At least write a report
even though you seized nothing.
You have ruined the strong room
system worth 25 lakhs.
Let the SI sign on it as well.
Isn't that the right way?
Vinod, prepare the report
and get it signed. - Okay, sir.
- Please.
Please, sir.
Just a second.
Sir, did you find
any unaccounted money?
We got an information that
a huge sum of unaccounted money
was hidden here.
As the information was convincing,
we organised a search.
Unfortunately, we didn't find it.
- Is there a conspiracy behind it?
Please, sir.
- Sir, one more question..
- 'Mannanam Chit Funds raid.'
'An act of revenge by Enforcement
Deputy Director P.L. Thomas.'
'He misused his position
to exact revenge'
'and caused a loss
of Rs. 25 lakh.'
'Even though the manager
was ready to give him'
'the keys to the strong room..'
- Oh, dear.
Was he in disguise
for an investigation? Idiot!
He will soon be back with his head
hanging down in shame.
The great detective!
'CCTV footage supporting the claims
were given to the channels.'
Damn. - 'At around 10:30 a.m.,
Mr. Thomas and his wife came'
'to collect the necklace
they had pawned.'
'He was the one
who paid the money.'
'But as the necklace was pawned
under his wife's name'
'we gave it to her.
He tried to snatch it from her.'
'And a fight ensued between them.'
'Then, he got hold of me
and demanded the money back.'
'He was enraged and shouted
that he would shows us'
'what he is capable of
and darted out.'
'Only when he came back
after an hour'
'with the police did we realise
that he was a dignified officer.'
'Look at this.
It's the key to the strong room.'
'I asked him to open
the safe with it.'
'But he broke the door open.'
'He had come with a gas cutter
and other equipments.'
'As we see in the movies,
I even demanded a search order.'
'His reaction to that
was quite appalling!'
Of course. Such is the culture
ingrained in you.
Nothing of that sort
happened there. - Stop it!
Who all went for the raid?
Did you know the fuss he
and his wife created there?
No, sir.
- He didn't say that either.
Did he disclose the informer's
name or its source?
Has he mentioned it anywhere?
- No, sir.
Don't you know the rule
that a raid should not
be conducted without
a search warrant?
Well, sir.. There is another way
where we can conduct
the raid first
and then get it certified.
Was the raid conducted immediately
to feed his pride?
A fax is here. Get it.
- Yes, sir.
'A case has been charged against
Mr. Thomas and his associates'
'for misusing his authority,
intrusion and causing a loss'
'of Rs. 25 lakhs by the CI
of South police station'
'as directed by
the city police Commissioner.'
Once the FIR is filed,
all of you may sit at home.
- Here is your suspension.
I won't delay it.
Sir, I didn't expect this from you.
You got us trapped as well!
Was the information genuine?
No, we didn't take him
into custody.
The FIR was registered
today evening.
What happened?
He left office
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
His phone is ringing,
but he isn't answering it.
When I saw the news,
I thought he would..
I was planning
to summon him tomorrow.
Give me his number.
This is the sixth time
we are circling Ernakulam.
At least tell me where you want
to get down.
Not yet.
Let's go ahead.
I will tell you when we get there.
Please answer the call.
It's the umpteenth time.
What shall I tell them?
There is nothing.
Such a headache.
What did I do to deserve this?
I will deal with it.
Hello. - I am Manoj Babu,
CI at South station.
Is it Thomas? - No, sir.
I am Chukkamani, the taxi driver.
Sir, it's the circle inspector.
- I am the CI of South station.
Yes, tell me. - A case has been
registered against you.
You must come to the police station
at 10 a.m. tomorrow.
What if I don't?
- What?
What if I don't come?
If that's the case,
I will find you somehow.
I don't think so.
You are not man enough.
Is that so?
Then I will find you for sure.
We will see.
Hope your wish gets granted.
Where are you now?
- I won't tell you.
Find my whereabouts
using my cell phone signal.
It's your job!
So, do it..
- What a man!
He is out of his senses.
He is in a taxi.
Nothing to worry about.
Buy me another bottle.
- Liquor? - Yes.
I will get it right away.
Don't worry, we found him.
A taxi driver had called me.
We are going there.
She ruined everything.
Sir, I am going to kill her today.
I will kill her
and not a soul would know.
How is that possible?
We know about it now.
Don't do anything stupid.
You know about it because
I told you.
Would you have known it
if I hadn't told you? - No.
I am going to say it again.
I will kill her today.
We won't allow that!
- Oh.
There is a church..
I want to have a word
with Him! Stop.. - Stop.
Don't you know how
to apply brakes?
You don't have to come.
- I don't even visit on Sundays.
Please wait for me.
Thomas. - Let him get rid
of his sorrows somewhere.
Yes, he will be relieved.
I spared you
only because you are a priest.
Otherwise, I would
have thrashed you! Did you get it?
You are the one who got me
married to that moron.
She made a fool out of me today.
I got posted there
after a lot of effort.
Leave it.
I am not here to confess
my sins. - Then?
I am here to confess something
that I am about to do.
I am going to kill her today.
- What? - Okay.
Oh, Lord.
Oh, no..
- Not again!
Control yourself.
- Yes, okay.
You may leave. - Go inside.
We will leave after that.
Oh, then you guys may go in.
I will leave.
Come on, go inside.
- Go on.
Get some sleep.
Sir, don't overdo it.
Don't kill me with love!
Okay.. - Get in. Let's leave.
- We will leave.
Go on.
- God help him!
Look at all the affection!
All right then, goodnight!
- Okay.
Will he kill her?
Oh, there you are.
Did your daughter-in-law
go to bed? - No, I didn't.
I am waiting for you to kill me.
So the priest did call you.
What if he had? - I am going to..
- Comrade.
What is it?
I will show you what I can do.
Take this!
- Oh, God. - Come running.
There is some mishap!
- Oh, God..
Come.. - I will thrash you today.
- Leave me.
Help.. Come running.
- Move aside!
Thomas, don't do anything stupid.
Listen to me. - Oh, no..
Go and check through the window.
- Go on..
Where is he going
at this time of the night?
Move aside!
- Thomas. - Thomas! Listen!
Catch him. - Thomas..
- Move! Stop! - Listen to us.
Thomas! - Listen to us!
There is no use running away!
Hello. Police station..
Let's go to the workshop.
What is he doing?
- Hey! - Thomas, no!
Those are her clothes.
Her saris! - Thomas..
- Don't stop him!
Let his anger subside somehow.
To hell with it!
If I had a baby,
I'd have thrown it in as well.
It's time to repent..
Why didn't you have a baby?
You had no time for such things.
That would make me happy
and you won't like it, right?
Move aside!
Step aside!
I see!
See it for yourself.
Who said that he is demented!
Dear, where is your wedding sari?
I will smash your head.
Go inside, oldie!
Don't you remember where it is?
- Get out of my face!
Move aside..
Oh, my God!
I have been beaten to a pulp!
There is no point in living
such a life.
He beat me up brutally!
Get in the jeep.
- What is the problem, sir?
Domestic violence.
- Pardon?
Assaulting your spouse!
- It's a minor family issue.
He is an Enforcement officer.
- I know.
But she called us saying
that he was going to kill her.
I can't move!
I can't move an inch.
Aren't you the one who called?
Come on. Let's go to a hospital.
- I think I'm okay.
That isn't enough.
We need a wound certificate
to proceed.
Or else, you'll have to
withdraw your complaint.
She will do that.
Dear, please withdraw it.
Go to hell! I have a complaint.
I will come with you.
Get him into the vehicle.
- Get in.
Sir, shall I serve him
a glass of tea? - Yes, go on.
We will take him
to court tomorrow.
That's the only solution.
Bring him some clothes
to change.
Sir, shall I serve him tea
in between? - That's fine.
Do you want some fried beef
to go with it? - No.
Your Honour.
After all, it was a petty
family issue.
Isn't it common
to every household?
What about your house?
- No.
Not at my house either.
Both of them are injured.
He might have got injured
while his wife defended herself.
He has sustained more injuries.
- So?
Should I congratulate his wife?
Your Honour, there is a custody
application for the accused
at South police station.
What is the case about?
The case involving
Mannanam Chit Fund raid.
The accused is
the Enforcement Deputy Director.
Yes, that's me.
There is another..
Sorry, Your Honour.
May I make a submission?
- Yes.
Tomorrow, the women welfare
committee will take this up.
Day after tomorrow, it would be
the human rights commission.
Then it would be the media.
After that, it would be
my suicide attempt. - What?
I'll have to bother about it
only if it isn't successful.
So, please pass a verdict
which gives them all a reason
to celebrate.
Hail India!
Your Honour.
- Mr. Advocate.
Stop blabbering!
Just sit down.
Sorry, Your Honour.
He is too dumb at times.
Mr. Council.. - Yes.
- Mr. Prosecutor. Please come.
I think he isn't normal now.
He exhibits suicidal tendencies.
I won't remand him.
I will refer him
to a clinical psychiatrist.
Let's get an opinion.
Do you object, Prosecutor?
No, Your Honour.
I'll get it.
Oh, it's you, Advocate.
What is up with the pen and paper?
He's doodling on the paper.
He's not saying anything.
This isn't right, Advocate.
This was all that's left.
Now, they framed him a madman.
My foot!
Don't make me kick you!
If we get the papers set,
he'll get bail tomorrow.
Where were you, Thaatha?
I went to feed his dad
straight from the harbour.
I left Uvvachu with him.
- What about Rekha?
She went home from the hospital.
I'd rather she be
under the sod!
What's he drawing?
Can you draw me?
He'll go completely crazy
after he sees it. - Get lost!
What's this? A family gathering?
Everyone, out.
We should've taken some apples.
I'm starving. - Mr. Thomas?
'The raid at Mannanam
Chit Funds..' - Chauro.
Did they give him a shock?
No, there was a power outage here.
There's no water in the dam, right?
The doctor said we should wait
till the monsoon. - Oh, thank God!
You stink of fish..
- Move away.. - Shut up.
Let me listen.
'He was admitted to a mental
hospital as per court's order.'
'According to the sources
from the court'
'the suicidal tendencies
exhibited by Thomas'
'were the reason
behind this order.'
What is wrong with her?
What? - My dear, I was talking
about the lady on the TV.
The doctor is here.
You should keep an eye
on him after the discharge.
He's made up his mind
to not live.
It's a temporary derangement.
Don't let him be alone.
Try to keep him happy.
That's all we can do now.
"You spin like God's spinning top."
"Dreams have given rise to pain."
"Life gets spoiled.."
Put all the weapons away.
Don't even spare the kitchen knife.
Whose wedding is it?
Yours, Mr. Lassar! - Mine?
- Why? Don't you want to?
No temples or churches. We'll
conduct it at the party office.
Bring a red garland as well.
"With each step.."
Sir! Sir, are you faking madness
to get bail?
Shall I display my madness?
Will you be able to handle it?
Go home, girl!
- Walk. Hey, walk.
'Shall I display my madness?'
All because of unnecessary antics.
Sherlock Toms!
Oh, Jesus, forgiver of sins,
forgive this man for his sins
and make him pure like a crystal.
Bless him, Jesus.
The dish..
Chauro, stop staring
and get that dish from Lassar.
Bless him, Jesus.
Oh, God.
"The fire of destiny.."
- Did you see my charger, Dad?
You might as well look in the well.
"Your wings are clipped
and your eyes are wet."
Thomas.. - Don't jump! - What the..
- I'm looking for my charger!
"I am treading unknown paths."
"Happiness is a delicate bubble."
Is it that serious, Chauro?
We can't do anything after
something happens, can we?
Not everything happens
for the good, you know?
Everyone should be on the lookout.
Mrs. Samuel.. - Yes, got it. - Hey!
What happened to the wedding?
Which wedding?
- My female comrade. - Oh!
You have no memory lapse
when it comes to this, right?
Who is that?
- Are you from the bride's side?
Is she my golden sickle?
- No, the hammer!
Who are you? - Well, we're
Mr. Thomas's subordinates.
We came to see him..
Oh, 'Sabatis'!
- Subordinates. - Yes, the same.
You see, you can't meet Toms
right now.
He's in treatment. - Does he
become violent? - Of course!
Can I see him?
- No!
He might become too violent!
"The past is coming back
to haunt me"
"disguised as a scary figure
in the dark." - Oh, God!
Who are you?
- It's us.
Go to sleep!
"Pain and suffering
are following me like a shadow."
"Like a candle lit on both sides"
"you're melting down."
- You!
Get lost!
- How dare you!
Oh, my!
Hurry up!
- Stop there!
I'll not spare..
- Let's go..
Get lost, you dog!
- Get lost, you bitch!
It was for me!
- Get lost! - Let go of me!
"My heart is being pricked
by thorns."
'Official sources say
the Prime Minister will address'
'the country tonight.'
This is good.
- "You spin like a top.."
"Dreams have given rise to pain."
Give it to me!
There's a limit to Alzheimer's!
This.. What is this?
Tell me, Father. - This?
It's a candle.
"You are all alone despite
having everyone by your side."
Bring it here.. - Come on..
- Give me the fried beef.
Taste it,
it's awesome!
Give me some.
Over here.
- Here..
Give me some! - What do you want?
- Where is it?
All I asked was for some beef.
You couldn't..
'My dear people.'
'We've decided'
'that the 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee
currency notes'
'will no longer be legal tender'
'from midnight tonight.'
'Starting 12 tonight'
'the 500-rupee notes'
'and 1,000-rupee notes
that are used at present'
'will no longer be legal tender.'
- Sir..
- 'This step..'
What you plotted against
Mannanam didn't work out.
Now, God himself has intervened.
To whiten all the black money
he has
he'll have to whitewash it!
Take them with you
and get out.
What? - Get out of my house
with these good-for-nothings!
What is this?
- How many times should I tell you?
Come here! - What are you doing?
- Let go of him.. - What..
What's with you? - Toms!
- What happened?
You ruined my life
and you're enjoying?
Get out! - What?
- I said get out!
Did you hear? 500s and 1,000s
have been banned.
You guys were my 500s and 1,000s.
You are useless now.
Useless notes to me.
The mistake I made
was befriending useless beggars
like you, forgetting my status.
- Shut up!
I should've kicked you all
out of my life long back!
If I had, I wouldn't have been
in this situation now.
Oh, it's just that I haven't
told you guys.
My wife refused to bear a child
unless I have a house
and a 7-digit bank balance.
How would I have that?
I spend whatever I earn
on your sister's wedding
and to fight the petty
cases you guys get into!
The mess that she created
was her reaction to the things
I did with you.
Though it's killing me
the only reason I haven't
had a drink
is so that I can say all
of this to your face! Got it?
Don't you dare show up
even at my funeral!
Hey, Sherlock Toms!
We hadn't thought about your
status till you mentioned it.
You're right. We're useless beggars
who don't belong with you.
Go and kiss a rich man's arse!
- Sir.. - Scoundrel!
Let go!
You mentioned the money you spent
on them. Keep those accounts ready.
I, Chauro, will pay you back!
I will send you a money order.
I won't even come before you
to pay it back.
You shouldn't.
Come on.
What are you staring at?
- Come.
Oh, Jesus. Be with him.
At about 9:30 p.m., he kicked
everyone out of the house.
I thought he was planning
to start a new life.
Were you the first one
to reach here, Father? - Yes, sir.
This is the letter that he wrote.
- Oh.
'Don't come looking for me.'
'Fr. Kunnummel
will look after my dad'
'as an act of atonement
for the cruelty done to me.'
'Sherlock Toms was never born
and he never died.'
'He only visited Mulavukad between
1976 and 2016. That's all.'
What is up with the final lines?
It's the epitaph on
Osho Rajneesh's tombstone.
In other words,
he's planning to die.
Father. - Yes. - The media
must be informed. - Yes.
If someone finds him before
he does something extreme
he can be saved.
Record his testimony and
file a man missing FIR. - Yes, sir.
We'll look into it, Father.
- Okay.
Aren't you dad's precious?
There we go.
"Bathed in milk.."
What is it, Babu?
We don't have to hurry then.
All right.
Okay. Dad's boy!
My little prince. - Kannan.
Come on, tell me.
What will you name him?
First, my son and Lord Krishna
will get to hear it.
Didn't I tell you?
Right now, two crores.
If you whiten it,
the next will be ten.
You'll only get a 60 per cent
after this week. Okay?
Okay. - The police
and enforcement are active.
I'll be in Hotel Suryan.
- Okay.
Call me once you reach there.
- Okay.
- Yes? - It's Hotel Surya.
You'll get it from me!
I am so tense that even my stomach
is upset. Step on it.
I can't help but laugh thinking
about the rich. - 'Tea stall.'
This would be the first day
where I am happy to be broke.
Thanks, Mr. Modi. - Can I get
a Gold Flake?
Do you have change?
- Yes.
Do you have a lighter?
- It's prohibited. Look at this.
Should I have this as a snack
with tea? - Your wish.
He'll be arrested
if he gives you a lighter.
Hey, not the stove!
What the..
Is he trying to put us in trouble?
What is he staring at?
One, two, three, four..
Five floors.
Amru? - Yes?
- I think he's here to buy it.
Just for today.
Yeah, right!
Yes, room no. 510.
Don't delay it.
My stomach is growling.
Don't ring the bell.
Just knock on the door three times.
That'll be my signal.
S-Swami, can I get a beer?
- Hey, it's you!
Make it strong.
Hey, when did you return?
- There you go. One chilled beer.
The bill.. - Was he abroad?
- He has come on a leave
from the de-addiction centre.
After finishing this beer,
he'll go to the liquor shop.
Then he'll booze for a few days.
Then, he'll get himself admitted
to the de-addiction centre.
His ex-wife sends him money every
month. That's how he survives.
- Sir?
Was I your teacher?
- Yes.
Oh! Then, you'd also know
the reason for my dismissal. - Yes.
Nuisances! Even in the bar
they won't let me sit in peace.
What do you want?
Nothing, sir.
I am Thomas.
Isn't he the one who raided
Mannanam Chit Fund? - Yes.
You shouldn't have
cursed me, sir.
After all, it was you
who made the mistake.
What curse are you talking about?
Did my curse affect you
in anyway?
Didn't you study and become
a famous IRS officer?
I'd heard about you.
Fearing that my curse
would affect you
you worked hard
and reached great heights.
If I hadn't cursed you
you would've spoilt your life
in that slum as I'd wanted!
Table 6. - One beer!
- Yes.
Is it an offering to your teacher?
Or is it out of sympathy?
I've lost everything, sir.
My IRS post, my job, my family,
my wife..
In the end, everyone made me
a lunatic.
I've lost everything.
My life and reputation are ruined.
It's more than
what you would've wanted.
Are you satisfied now, sir?
Yes, I am satisfied.
I am glad
I could meet you before I die.
I am content now.
Hey, do you know something?
I had been drinking until now
thinking that I wouldn't be
able to witness this plight
of yours.
Hey, listen!
Tonight, I am going to
quit drinking.
I will booze tonight
and stop it forever!
Look! Do you know him?
He is the person
who ruined my life.
Sherlock Toms!
He is a famous IRS officer.
But now..
- Shut up!
Hey, I am your teacher..
- Rubbish!
To hell with a teacher's curse!
Aren't you a great man
who cheated on his wife!
For that reason, his wife divorced
him and dismissed him from his job!
And he's blaming me now!
- Thomas..
If you repeat this again,
I'll smash your skull! Got it?
P. L. Thomas!
Silence! - Shut your mouth!
You can't fight in here!
'Enforcement Deputy Director,
P. L. Thomas is missing.'
'After being discharged
from the mental asylum'
'the court had granted him bail.'
'Last night, he left home after
leaving behind a suicide note.'
'The Mulavukad SI has instructed
the public to contact'
'the nearest police station
if he is spotted.'
Hey, I doubt if he has
poisoned this beer.
Give it to me! - Yes..
Catch him.. Don't give it to him!
- Go! - He'll die if he drinks it.
Take it away from him!
- Let go!
- Move aside!
Don't let him go!
Catch him!
If something happens to him,
we'll have to shut this bar.
Where did he go? - He ran
upstairs. - Don't let him go..
Hello? Police station?
Such a nuisance!
Don't run!
Hey.. Stop!
Stop there!
Hey, this way!
- Move aside!
That's him! Don't let him go.
Catch him! - Oh, no!
Don't let him go!
He is in room no. 510.
Don't let him escape!
Hey.. Open the door!
Open it!
Open it!
Hey, open the door!
- Open it fast!
Hey, open the door! - Open it!
- Sir, he has locked himself in.
Hey, start the vehicle!
Come on! - What's wrong, sir?
I knew something was wrong
with him. - Is he going to jump?
No, he is examining the ground!
He'll surely jump.
- No..
Is that a bet? - What?
- No?
Manage the shop.
Upendra, manage the shop!
Okay. - Are you coming with me?
- Why is everyone looking up?
Oh, no!
Hey, Thomas! Hey!
What's wrong with him?
Let me try calling him from a place
with good network coverage.
I'm waiting for a guy to jump off
a building. I'll come in a while.
He and his bloody phone!
Hey, where is he?
- On the fifth floor, sir.
How can I see him?
You might see him if you lay flat
on your back. Shall we?
He is so damn heavy!
Can you see?
- Isn't that Toms? - Yes.
Is he giving birth? - Let's go
to the fifth floor. - Yes, sir.
Stop.. - Put me down.
- Sorry, sir.
Come on!
All the rascals are here.
My cutie.
- "Bathed in milk.."
- What is it, dear?
Sir, I've taken a leave today.
I'm going to Guruvayur for my
child's grain initiation ceremony.
Sir, it's not a rescue mission.
If a bastard decides to commit
suicide, what can I do about that?
Sorry, sir.
Okay, sir.
What happened? - Some maniac
is going to jump off a building!
Stop the vehicle!
You can leave.
I'll push him down the building
and reach there on time. Go.
He has bolted the door
from inside. - Okay.
The next door window
can give you a good view.
But he'll jump if someone
goes near that window.
This is the door.
What are these then?
He is in this room.
- Can't you open this?
We'll have to break it open.
He'll jump down if we do that, sir.
Let them break the door.
We can wait downstairs.
Why? - Then we can arrest
him fast. - Fakru!
Can't you open that door?
- Yes, sir.
Are all the windows open
in that room? - Yes, sir.
Why, sir? - To communicate with
him. - Can't we just phone him up?
Open it!
- Yes, sir.
Oh, my God!
What is it, sir? - Dears, are there
no barbers at your place?
Who are they? - 'The Thorans.'
- Do such humans exist?
They are 'The Kaalans.'
It's a music band.
They are composing music.
Sir, if we catch them now,
we can seize enough cannabis.
If anyone makes a decision,
it will be me.
What's wrong with me doing it?
Sorry, sir.
Who stays in the next room?
- It's vacant, sir.
I want that room.
Who is this? - Mr. Unnikrishnan
is our regular guest.
510 was my room. He threw me
out before barging in.
Even my underpants are inside.
- Haven't you worn it?
No.. - Don't show it to me..
Take him outside.
Has the fire brigade arrived?
- Yes, sir.
Be careful.
Hold me.
"Death will arrive someday."
"Do keep this in mind."
Don't worry.
The ambulance is ready.
"As a habit of life.."
- Get lost!
"Do good for others"
"without hesitation."
You don't have to respect me.
Now, I'm nothing but.. - Got it.
I got it.
Thomas, there is no problem
which cannot be solved.
Yes, this is the solution
to all my problems, you stiff neck!
Thomas, just look down.
You've created a traffic block
and you're troubling everyone.
Let them take the trouble
for a day.
It's nowhere near
the troubles I had to face.
Hey, bastard! - What?
I am waiting for this beer
to get over.
Oh, no.
I've not paid for this beer.
Ask them for the bill!
- Okay.
- I'm not intoxicated enough!
When I break my skull,
I shouldn't feel the pain.
So, get me another beer.
Get me the bill for that as well.
And, get me two boiled
duck eggs as well.
Shouldn't I have stamina
to jump?
I'll bring you as many beers
as you want.
But please go inside.
Sitting inside the AC room
you can booze and eat
as much as you want
and then jump off leisurely.
Who the hell hired you
in the police force?
Your bloody father!
How dare you abuse my father!
At least consider the protocol.
I am an IRS officer.
An IRS officer!
Do you know its expansion?
Of course.
It's Indian Radio Service.
You filth!
Go and buy me eggs and beers.
- Sir!
Were you trying to kill him?
This officer is such
a pain in the neck!
He's not insane. A few punches
would put some sense into him.
Get him a beer and a few eggs.
That will buy us some time.
Okay. - Don't peel the eggs.
That'll buy us more time.
- Yes.
Wait for ten minutes.
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
Thank you. - He's self-righteous.
He'll definitely pay the bill.
So delay the billing process.
Why don't we withhold the bill?
What if that drives him
over the edge?
Sir.. Sir, I've taught Thomas
in school.
Let me talk to him.
He'll listen to me.
Are you really a teacher?
- I was one.
My name is Sugunan.
- Sunan?
It's Sugunan.
The news was shown on TV
when they were in the bar. - Yes.
Okay. Try to keep
the discussion pleasant.
Okay. - Try talking
about his childhood antics.
Remind him of the great times
when he was a violent pervert.
Such pleasant memories
may change his mind. - Correct.
Leave that to me, sir.
Move your paunch.
Don't forget his humiliating
moments! - Will you get me a beer?
Give us a minute.
We are getting it.
Get three beers.
Make sure they're chilled. Run!
This guy can suck the life
out of people.
Sir, can I suggest an idea?
- No. - Please let me.
Why don't we use
a tranquilliser gun?
Let me talk to the firemen.
About using tranquillisers?
- Shut up! - Sorry, sir.
Stay here. Let nobody
enter this floor. - Yes, sir.
Why don't we use a chopper?
- Talk to the hand.
Come here.
Hey, I need room number 509.
I'll arrange a room on the
next floor. - I want this room.
But, sir..
- What the heck!
A lot of my valuables
are in there. I can't move out.
But he is inside..
Man, I need to wipe my ass!
Here's the key, sir.
Sir, please remain silent.
Get lost! I couldn't even
wipe my ass.
There.. - Through the other side..
- Sir, why..
Why don't we spread a life net?
- A life net..
Are we catching fish here?
When did this nuisance get here?
- Here.
What's with the evil laugh?
Your plans won't work out.
I will never live
a disgraceful life.
Don't forget that
I am your teacher.
Yeah, right!
I blamed you for my mistakes
to clear my conscience.
I haven't cursed you.
Trust me.
A series of disturbing events
are being played out here.
A man's legacy will turn to dust
once the tragedy strikes.
Please try to keep kids
away from the TV.
Considering the limits
of the emergency rescue team
we better get ready to deal with
the gruesome death of Mr. Thomas.
Pan the camera.
I blurted out something
as I was drunk.
Then what about the bar?
Oh, no! Did you take it seriously?
Of course. - I got drunk when I
heard you'd become an IRS officer.
But I swear that it was because
I was happy.
Do you know that?
You are going to ruin
all your hard work
in the blink of an eye.
Do you know that?
Don't make me emotional now, sir.
Thomas P. L. - Yes, sir?
- Take a sip of that beer.
That will cool you down.
- Really? - Yes.
- Cheers! Oh, no!
That was a close one.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Shall we get you a view?
- Come on.
We should've brought a bed.
- Why? - To make this easy.
You should get a coffin too.
Can we stuff cotton
in your nose? - Get lost! - Hey!
Place him back.
- Enough.
Get lost!
Sir, why don't we fire a few rounds
into the air?
- To disperse the crowd.
Those bullets might kill him.
You want to see me behind bars,
don't you?
Tell me when you run out of beers.
What the..
- Hello?
Look here.
Move the men standing below.
Don't cause more casualties.
Who are you
to give me commands?
A fire and rescue officer.
This is my scene.
Looks like he ran out on a bride.
Great. A bouquet and garland
would've completed the look.
If he had the courage,
he would've jumped earlier.
Cut it out!
He'll definitely jump.
People delay suicide right
before death. It's psychology.
Stop it, Mr. Paanchi.
Psychology, my foot!
Would you bet
your salary on this?
Is it a bet?
- It is.
You are right.
He'll definitely jump. - He won't.
Will you bet Rs. 2,500 on it?
Come on, bet.
Kannan, we are nearing
the temple.
I just got here. I'll join you
once this is done.
How is our son? I see.
Get him on the phone. - Okay.
Son, it's your dad.
- Dad's boy!
My little prince. Dad is at work.
I'll be there in a second, okay?
This guy is wasting my time!
Billions of bilious blue
blistering barnacles!
Seriously? You really had to lay
out the brand new airbag!
It's the commissioner.
What's going on there?
The media and the firemen
are already here.
I can see it on TV.
The constables and I are
at the bottom of the building.
Are you planning to catch him?
Have the firemen got there?
An extravagant man had come here.
He claims to be an officer.
What is Thomas doing?
What mood is he in?
T-Thomas is still standing
on the ledge.
Give me a commentary
on his actions.
He's eating a boiled duck egg.
Sir, he is pigging out
on a boiled egg.
His teacher, Mr. Sugunan,
is annoying him, sir.
Thomas's teacher
is trying to talk him out of it.
Mr. Thomas has
a smile on his face now.
I find his smile very mysterious.
I didn't say that.
- That's my addition.
He's now sipping a chilled beer.
He's lucky!
He's now sipping
a chilled beer, sir.
Lucky, isn't he?
- What?
He's all right as he's got
his hands on a beer, sir.
I've instructed AC Shaji Bhaskar
to report there. - Sir!
How did this guy become a cop!
Mr. Sugunan is still irritating
Mr. Thomas.
I wonder if he'd jump
taking Mr. Sugunan with him.
Mr. Sugunan is still
getting on Thomas's nerve.
Did you hang up the call?
You should have told me.
Thomas, I will help you
with your problems. - Hey!
Who is that?
- His teacher.
Thomas. - Yes?
- Do you want Masala Dosas?
The Dosas we used to eat
at Bharath Coffee House.
Want that?
- Sir.
We will get the police
to buy it for us.
- Okay.
Officer, two Masala Dosas.
Buy them from
Bharath Coffee House, okay?
Buy them from somewhere
cheap, okay?
Dear, shall I get two more
beers to cheer you up?
Why not? - I'll get
the officers to buy them.
Officer, four beers.
Get them chilled.
Won't two be enough?
Two for me, your teacher.
Why are you still here?
Go and get them.
Bloody uniform.
- This moron..
Hold him. - No.
- Get him inside.
Hey, you can take
your share of the beers.
If you get him drunk,
he may fall off the ledge.
I'll beat the life out of you.
- Don't! I may puke beer.
Hey, get rid of this filth.
- Come here.
I'll go on my own, sir.
- Come. - But don't let him die.
Sir, don't let him die.
He shouldn't die.
- He won't. - He should live.
He should suffer.
His life should go down the drain.
He should live his life
on the streets before he dies.
Don't let him die now.
Where are you taking me,
you baldy?
- Move aside.
Let's go there.
Oh, God!
Where is he?
Did he already jump off?
Oh, the firemen are here.
Here to save me?
- Here to try.
How many people
have you saved from suicide?
I couldn't save anyone
until now.
And what can I do
if someone is determined to die?
That's the spirit.
I appreciate it.
You are determined to die.
Then why put on a show?
My death is a protest.
Why don't you do it at home?
Die however you wish to.
Why do you trouble
the public?
You are an idiot.
People conduct hunger strikes
at secretariats.
Why can't they do it
at their homes?
Only if a procession
and its reaction turn violent
will they make headlines.
That will force the concerned
to take action.
I can teach you more about politics
for a fee. Got it?
So is this a protest?
- Yes, it is.
People usually protest
to achieve a goal.
Do you have any such demands?
I wouldn't call them demands.
But I have a goal.
You can have a goal in life,
but not in death.
I achieved no goals in life.
So I thought I'd do it with death.
This is the stage where the drama
is played out
between the cops, media, firemen
and the eager onlookers.
And when I jump, my head
will blow to smithereens.
It'll reach your living rooms
through your TVs.
YouTube will spread it
all around the globe.
It will garner a lot of interest
in the social media.
How is that for a plan?
Oh, God!
Dear, come down.
Please come down, dear.
Oh, God!
Hey! - Dear!
- Don't cry.
Let fate take its course.
Where are they?
They took to the bottle
as they couldn't watch him die.
Oh, God!
Come down, dear.
The firemen can try and fail
to save you.
The news will spice up
with that detail.
You're using the situation
to your advantage. Correct.
I can try, can't I?
- Is it a challenge?
Yes. - I'll give you half an hour's
time. Try your best.
Your time starts now.
It's 11:10 a.m.
- Come on.
Yes? - AC Shaji Bhaskar.
- Sir!
The commissioner has instructions.
- Come.
Tell me, sir.
Toms's past..
- "Bathed in milk.."
Excuse me.
- "Bathed in holy water.."
Hello? - Kannan, our son
is crying his heart out.
Get him on the phone.
Dad's boy!
My little prince.
My precious!
Don't you cry!
I'll be there in a jiffy!
Dad will be there
in a jiffy, okay?
Yes, go on.
- Mr. Toms isn't a nobody.
He is an IRS officer
accused of a scandal.
This emotional outburst of his
could be proof of his innocence.
I hope you know the consequences
if it is proven posthumously.
Sir, he's here.
I'll get him on the phone.
It's the commissioner.
Only a mentally deranged man
will turn his death
into a public spectacle.
This is such a case.
Sir, I'm planning
a strategic operation.
I can climb down
from the sixth floor using a rope
and push him into the room.
But for that to succeed
he has to forget about suicide
for a while. - Sir, please.
For that, we need a negotiator
with soothing.. - Sir, please.
Sir, try to understand.
Thomas might want to open up
to the public before he dies.
I found her! - Five minutes.
- A lady reporter. - Please.
We're running out of time.
I've got to engage her. - Okay.
Let that girl in.
Just her.
- You can go inside.
Don't create a ruckus! Stop!
We need your help.
Hey, old man!
What are you up to! - No!
These nuisances!
Oh, God!
Hey, sir.
Hey. - Who's that?
- To your left.
Sir, here.
- Who are you?
That's my room.
Room number 510.
It's mine now, or at least
until I jump off.
We can't operate from this floor.
He might notice our movements.
If he notices us, he will move
or he will jump off the ledge.
So let's go to the terrace.
- Okay.
My dress and bag are inside.
Get it for me, and I'll leave.
Where will you go?
- To Thrissur.
I came to meet someone.
A meeting that lasts a whole day!
That's suspicious!
Are you whoring around?
- No, no way!
Can't you do it anymore?
- No, I am fine.
Then it must be a business deal.
What's the deal?
I work in a bank.
You expect me to believe that?
- Yes.
Gold ornaments shine
all over your body
and you are as fat as a pig.
Tell me the truth.
Either you are a loan shark..
No. - ...or you are a gold dealer
who knows black magic.
Is that correct?
- I..
I have to talk to him.
Jesus Christ!
Go away!
He is throwing something away.
Don't hang up.
He has got one leg
inside the room.
We can kick the door open
and pull him inside.
Come on.
- Come on, move! - Move!
- Go!
Hey, you have ten seconds
to lock the room and hand
the keys over to me.
And your time starts now.
Please let me get my bag.
- Come here!
We already have enough trouble!
- Sir, keys.
Sir, I'm Shiny Mattummel.
I know. You must be here
for an interview.
No, sir. They..
Oh, the negotiator!
Do you have what it takes?
You are dead meat!
Don't roam around
without your underwear.
If this cloth comes off,
you'll be on live TV. - No!
You forgot to wear briefs
but not gold.
A pair of golden briefs
might help.
Get lost, fatty!
As I've reported
all of your issues.. - Okay..
Forget what they told you.
I will give you a better job.
- You see that moron?
Yes. - He's trying
to launder this black money.
I want this to be
the last case I solve.
You need to assure that
I get the credit. - Sure, sir.
I need to see his arrest
and subsequent police statement
on the TV right here.
- I will make sure of that.
Secretly inform the cops.
He must not escape.
Okay, sir.
Give me a second.
Keep an eye on him. - Sure.
Thank you, sir.
I'll be grateful forever.
Give it here
before someone sees us.
Don't you need your clothes?
I don't want to trouble you.
That bag is all I want now.
Give it to me, sir.
Come on! Come on, sir!
Give it to me, sir!
Give it to me, man!
Oh, God!
You're holding the paper
upside down.
What matters is the news.
Sir, we've locked him.
Call Shiny. I'll give it to her.
- Shiny, please.
Don't you remember the terms?
- Yes, sir. - Here.
Open the bag.
Why should I?
- Because I asked you to.
Why should I open
someone else's bag, sir?
Couldn't he buy briefs
with all this money?
Get up!
Why should I?
Get up, you moron!
Care to share it fifty-fifty?
These notes are demonetised.
Come on!
This guy..
Hold this. - Oh, God!
- Move!
That moron knows black magic.
He makes evidence out of thin air.
I'll pay a bounty
to the man who pushes him down.
Hold him properly.
- You will rot in hell!
Move! - Move!
- You'll have a wretched life.
Enough. Get in.
- You twat! Scum!
Get in.
- You'll never prosper in life!
Come on.
- Get in!
- You douchebag!
Hey, revenue officer!
Though he's suspended
we must admit that Toms
is proficient at solving cases.
When the whole country
is after black money
Toms has solved this case
in the most unorthodox of ways.
Sir, was this
just a coincidence?
No! - Do you think
it was a meticulously planned raid?
Like O. Henry's stories,
twists of fate
happen coincidentally.
Isn't this a plot twist
in your tale?
Sherlock Toms achieves success.
Can't you back out
of this attempt now?
Is this what you call success?
It's the last gift from heavens
before I meet my maker.
That's all.
That idiot has wasted
the half an hour I'd given him.
Our incompetent firemen can be
given some more time, right?
Do you know that you are
a pea-brained journalist?
You better find your man
and get married to him.
Sir, that reeks of misogyny.
Hope the feminists don't hear you.
- I'm a male chauvinist.
But I hate just one woman.
Was your wife that horrible?
She wasn't just that.
She was horribly horrible.
I would any day choose
a tsunami over that bitch.
Sir, don't you want to see her
for one last time?
Oh, God! It'll be death by abuse
for me.
Hear me out, sir.
You'll get to abuse her in public.
This situation will stop her
from responding.
I'll present this as your demand.
The cops will bring her here.
That's great.
But on one condition.
She should stay down there,
and I'll talk to her from here.
I hope my abuses will be audible
down there.
The music band in the next room
can help you with that.
They have mics and speakers.
You are not a pea-brain
after all.
Anyway, we are
putting forth a demand.
Then we better not stop
at this silly one.
Here's a tougher one.
It'll take her at least one hour
to get here.
That one hour will be your window
to revoke my suspension
and produce the proof.
My obituary will carry the words
'Died with unblemished records'.
pass on the information.
Ask them to set up the speaker
and get me the mic.
Make it fast.
- Okay.
"Hey, priest's damsel."
"You are a real devil."
Don't you have
better things to do?
He has some demands!
- Really?
Shiny, to kick him inside, we need
him by the middle of the window.
You must utilise your time
to somehow move him there.
Okay, sir.
- Okay.
Advocate, he is..
Why should I sign now? He won't be
alive to attend the next sitting.
His death will make me a widow.
His property in Malippuram
won't have any heirs.
Don't expect me to come there!
He is crazy!
Are you really his wife?
Keep your tricks to yourself.
I will drag you here.
Make sure that you get here
in the next 45 minutes.
Jeez! I've had enough with him!
I believe this hour is enough
to make this operation a success.
If the operation becomes a success
we won't hand him
the revoking order.
But to assure his safety,
we need the order.
It needs to be confirmed
at the regional office.
You have to convince them.
But without completing
the disciplinary proceedings..
I'm aware of the
procedural irregularities.
But an officer's life
is much more important. - Okay.
Jeez! I mistook his hair
for a beehive.
Hey, do you guys
really sing songs?
Or do you just scream
and bang your heads?
We do sing, sir.
- Let's see.
Sir, move a bit here.
That's safer.
- I feel safe here.
Give it to me.
Hello, checking.
- Yes, we can hear you.
Dears.. - Yes..
- Continue.
I'm sorry that there's a delay
in the schedule.
We are waiting for someone
important. My wife, to be precise.
So the programmes will be
delayed by one hour.
Busy bees can leave.
Others can stay. Okay?
Fine, we'll wait.
All the best.
One hour..
- It could be boring.
Look, they'll get bored.
Why don't you sing for them?
I won't.
- You won't?
It's either your song
or my death.
Come on, sing!
Hey, didn't you hear the man?
He is in charge here.
Do whatever he says.
What if their song
pushes him over the edge?
Oh, God!
- A rape is enough. - Rape?
I mean rap!
"The scythe-wielding Grim Reaper
is here."
"His pitch-black cloak
is spreading fear."
"To drag you through raging fire"
"the death incarnate himself
is here."
"Oh, Grim Reaper,
wait for your turn."
"The inferno can hang fire
and burn."
"Slick is the life out here."
"Slack is the mood out there."
"Existence will be tough
at times."
"Happiness may be
out of bounds."
"A raw deal could be
what awaits us."
"But the life here has its perks."
"All we have
is a bittersweet life."
"Why don't we fight until the end
and refuse to bite the dust?"
"Oh, Grim Reaper,
wait for your turn."
"The inferno can hang fire
and burn."
"Slick is the life out here."
"Slack is the mood out there."
Good that they've played a song.
He loves music.
He used to sing in a church choir.
"All we have
is a bittersweet life."
"Why don't we fight until the end
and refuse to bite the dust?"
Make sure that you keep your
mouth shut no matter what he says.
Hear him out and leave.
This is the umpteenth time!
Do you take me for a fool?
"What if the archangel offers us"
"a place in the Promised Land?"
"Convincing him
that we'll catch up"
"we will make a run for it."
"If Satan comes
to usher us to hell"
"we will give him a tour
of Hell's Kitchen."
"Back he will go
letting us off the hook."
"All we have
is a bittersweet life."
"Why don't we fight until the end
and refuse to bite the dust?"
For.. Syamanthakan, 5,000.
Omar, 2,500.
Against.. Rajeev, 3,000.
Thomas, 2,000.
I'll lose money if he doesn't jump.
Will he trick me?
"With a bottle of wine by my side"
"I'd any day prefer this world
over the next."
"Death will anyway come knocking
at our doors."
"Until then, sweep our worries
under the rug."
"This fever dream of a life
is here to stay."
"So revel in that dream
until fate calls it a day"
"and laugh in its face!"
"All we have
is a bittersweet life."
"Why don't we fight until the end
and refuse to bite the dust?"
"Oh, Grim Reaper,
wait for your turn."
"The inferno can hang fire
and burn."
"Slick is the life out here."
"Slack is the mood out there."
"Existence will be tough
at times."
"Happiness may be
out of bounds."
"A raw deal could be
what awaits us."
"But the life here has its perks."
"All we have
is a bittersweet life."
"Why don't we fight until the end
and refuse to bite the dust?"
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
Here's Johnny!
Another step,
and you'll die with me.
What do you say about this?
I'm here to hear him out.
I wanted to make sure
he jumps. Move!
Look, the mob chose a girl
over the suicidal man.
- The advocate is here too.
Give them a way.
- Move!
Move away!
Oh, my God!
Dears, I present to you
my ever-loving wife.
She's here with Father Kunnummel
to pray for the dying.
Is Jesus Christ at peace?
May peace be upon..
Start the prayer.
Don't delay it any further.
What is he saying?
- He's mad. Just say the prayer.
Saying prayers
for a suicidal man
is against the church's doctrine.
I can't. - It is to buy time.
We are planning a rescue operation.
Will you say it or not?
Fulfil his death wish.
Will you say it or not?
Thomas, don't force me to act
against the church.
I'll be ousted from the church!
Then you should work hard
for your living.
Thomas, the only things I can do
are conducting the mass
and playing basketball.
Will you say the prayers?
I will jump on the count of three.
Okay, I will say it.
- Now we are talking!
A request to my Christian audience.
While he is saying the prayers,
you guys should say 'amen'.
- Okay.
This guy will
definitely end up dead.
Please move. I think the reverend
will say the prayers.
No, he won't.
- Place a bet!
Stop it, Mr. Paanchi.
- I'll bet against myself.
Excuse me.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
May thy kingdom come.
Oh, Christ's dear being.
- It's fine.
I pray for you
in the name of Lord Almighty
and in the name of Christ
who gave himself for our sins.
You may leave this world of mortals
and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
- Amen..
"Rain brings out new shoots
of life." - It's nothing.
"The sound.."
- Enough, Father. I'm bored.
No one has ever stopped
me from saying prayers. - Why?
I usually say prayers
to the dead. - So sad!
Hello, will your plan
work out?
You've been wasting time
with ropes and pulleys.
Why don't you try saving him?
You're a pain in the neck!
I should've stayed there.
She doesn't need a mic!
Her sound is so loud
that it can bring the roof down.
That's a good one.
Shouting against your dirty tricks,
my sound became loud. - What?
Cool down, dear.
- No! Why should I, Uncle?
Hey, just answer him.
I became dirty
only after I married you.
I was just trying to be
your perfect match.
But he didn't succeed.
Well said, dear.
Hey, look here.
Have we ever been intimate
other than in our wedding photos?
I'd told you to meet
a few conditions to be intimate.
But you couldn't.
Guys, you need to hear this.
She wanted a humongous bungalow
a huge bank balance,
a luxury car
and a bloody..
And the prize for meeting
those demands was this loser.
Good God!
That's a good one.
- Hey, look here!
I could have achieved them
if I had accepted bribes.
Yeah, right!
Even your salary was enough.
You spent all your salary
to entertain your friends!
Those friends made me
the revenue officer you wanted!
You married me so that I'd
look after your father.
Don't get me started
on what you did to him.
You considered him
to be a real pest.
What was I supposed to do
with an Alzheimer's patient
who took dumps
in the courtyard? Enlighten me.
Don't laugh! If your dad were
a patient, he'd do the same.
I didn't laugh!
- You lie through your teeth.
No wonder you became a journalist!
Kannan, tell me our son's name.
My father will name him.
Get the kid on the phone.
I'll name him myself.
Urnanabhan Nair.
What's his name, dear?
- Urnanabhan Nair.
Hang up!
Get lost, you swine.
Find a better job for yourself.
Is he trying to bungee jump?
I hope these are all the faults
you could find.
You were the one
who put me in this spot.
You were the one who blew my cover
at Mannanam Finance.
That's why they moved
the black money.
How would I've known
that you were undercover?
What should I have done when I saw
you in a totally different avatar?
I thought you had an affair.
Why didn't you come out
with the truth
when they tried
to malign me?
I-I just wanted to see you
humiliated. Deal with it!
Oh, God!
- Shucks!
If I were him, I would've gutted
her like a fish! Sorry, sir.
Haven't you punished me enough?
You should have some dignity.
I prepared the divorce petition
two years ago.
You should've had
the dignity to sign it. But you..
Yes, you should have dignity!
Don't create a fuss.
Move, you old hag!
Such a nuisance!
'With the truth..'
- See.
Mannanam group took advantage
of their family issue.
I registered the case against him
as there was political pressure.
Drat! He's a genuine officer.
Toms, I swear that the reverend
and Ms. Rekha were with me
when the police phoned
and summoned us.
They had come
to sign the divorce petition.
Then we saw your circus on TV.
Then she refused to sign.
She did. - Did she give you
a reason? - Well..
Enough, I will say the reason.
There is no reason behind it.
You see that?
See how she snatched
the mic from him!
All of you must hear this.
My death will benefit her
more than me being alive.
I will tell you
what she must have said.
I have a plot of land
at Malippuram in my name.
It would go to my widow.
And a job as well
in the central services.
Right, Mr. Advocate?
Thomas, don't speak nonsense.
She didn't say anything
about the job.
She only talked
about the plot of land.
Where is the divorce petition?
Give it to me.
I will give it to her.
- Don't, dear.
Enough, Uncle. - We must not severe
the ties that God created.
Let him die in peace.
- The last page as well.
Mr. Advocate, ensure that
it isn't a fake signature.
It's original!
Here, I have signed!
Don't postpone your suicide
for this!
Come on, jump!
No, sir.. Please don't..
- Come on, jump..
Sir, please..
- Jump!
Father, take her away.
- Jump!
Be a man of your word.
Now jump! - Come..
Jump.. - Give me the papers.
- Come on..
Uncle, I want to see him jump!
- Come. - Let go of the papers..
Jump! Come on, be a man!
- Dear!
Be a man of your word!
- Dear, come..
I am on the way.
Suspension withdrawal
is just a futile deed.
I don't think he will back out.
What about the strategic operation?
He is cautious of the operation.
Oh, really?
Be there on the fifth floor,
and Thomas shouldn't spot you.
Okay, sure..
How was it?
- After all, she is a woman.
In front of this crowd..
- Oh, really?
You brought her here
so that I could rebuke her.
What happened now?
Lord, what got into You
while creating women?
What about the order
withdrawing my suspension?
It will be here soon.
- No, I don't think so.
I was only trying
to pressurise them. - Oh, no.
- Yes?
Bring him as close to the window as
possible while giving the papers.
Will he come?
- Give it a try.
Also, a few words
about his service
or something else.
Be prepared.
Okay. Good luck.
- Okay.
Come on, fast..
Isn't your cameraman down there?
- Yes.
Here is a favour for you.
Call him up and ask him
to focus his camera on me.
The exclusive shots of me
jumping down will be yours.
Sir, please. Wait..
The order is almost here.
Move back.
You won't like this sight.
- Move back.
Sir, please..
- Move!
- It's you!
Don't jump. - What?
- Here.
This is the order
withdrawing your suspension.
It must have been an inconvenience.
No, Thomas. Wait a minute.
Listen to me.
It's a request.
Go on, sir.
Come closer.
It's a secret.
It would affect my life
if anyone else knows about it.
Get ready.
Or else, the guilt would kill me.
That's why. Please.
I am the one responsible
for all this.
I stayed away deliberately
to prevent the search order
from being issued.
- I knew it that day itself.
Thomas, I'm not done yet.
Listen to me. - You may leave.
Thomas, please. Listen to me.
- You may leave.
Let me say it.
Give me a chance. Please.
I understood, sir.
Oh, no!
Damn! What is this?
- Strategic operation.
Why me?
I think I broke my back!
That scoundrel dodged me.
Son of a bitch!
Leave me!
Let go!
Let go.
Leave me!
Did you always have a back pain?
- Get lost!
Leave me.
Your entry was great!
But you missed me by an inch.
- Take him away.
"Bathed in holy water.."
What is it?
- Our son is crying.
What shall I do?
- Throw him down the well!
- Sorry, sir.
Move aside..
- Please forgive me. Sorry.
Sorry for disappointing
all of you. - Move!
Hey. - I am really happy today.
I have quit drinking.
Get him out of the way!
Give some room for the vehicle.
Go on..
Go on.
Why are you creating a ruckus?
Let them leave.
Let them pass.
Where is the wager?
I had bet my wage. - Cut it..
That won't work.
I want my money!
Who kept these cartons here?
Oh, my back!
Oh, dear.
Oh, no!
The lock!
Oh, no!
I am done for.
Oh, no.
Dear Lord!
Oh, God!
Then it was a robbery.
Not a robbery,
it was a raid, sir.
I just facilitated
an environment for that.
But how could you do that?
At least tell me where you want
to get down.
Not yet.
Let's go ahead.
What is it, sir?
Go and buy me a bottle
of liquor.
What are you looking for?
Nothing. We have to go
to Mamangalam. - Okay, sir.
I will get it right away.
Mr. Che Guevara?
Oh, it's Mr. Chauro.
Hey, buy me a bottle of liquor.
The same brand.
Where would I get it
at this time of the night?
What is it?
I lost the screw of the earring
that I wanted to pawn.
- Yes.
Sir, it is there
at the Mamangalam branch.
Do you think your idea of using
footprints will work out?
Sherlock Holmes himself has proved
many a case using them.
So, was this all a farce?
She threatens me to call
the police all the time.
An impression of a ruined life
was needed for this farce to work.
Let it be.
Look at this.
This is Hotel Surya,
and this is Mannanam Chit Funds.
The security is tight in the night.
We must do it in the morning.
- Morning?
I will explain it later.
But we have to do it this Sunday.
- Come..
Oh, it's you, Advocate.
What is up with the pen and paper?
'We have decided..'
We must do it tomorrow.
They will try to launder the money.
I am going to create a scene now.
Argue with me and walk out.
You must get the necessary items
today itself.
Do I really need to act?
It is okay if you are not good
at acting.
I will act well.
Just follow my lead.
Do you think I can't act?
I was awarded for my acting skills
by the President!
Which President? - The Panchayath
President of Chengamanadu.
In the year 1969.
Don't you dare show up
even at my funeral!
Hey, Sherlock Toms!
Go and kiss a rich man's arse!
Oh, God!
Someone is going to
jump off the ledge.
Go and bring me beer
and some eggs!
I don't think he'll jump
anytime soon.
Let me sit for a while.
- What?
The security guard is the one
who spotted him first.
He might know things.
Come on.
- Quick..
Are you the one who saw it first?
Did he tell you something?
- What? Yes.
Take your own time.
But make it fast.
Oh, God!
Look who's here.
Why are you here?
- I didn't get you.
It's okay.
But I know who you are.
Do you? - Didn't you act
in the movie 'Baahubali'?
No. Why?
- Are you sure?
But your physique
is that of a movie star!
Then where would I have seen you?
Let him die in peace.
Where do you stay?
- Thammanam.
Are you related to Sarala?
What does she do?
She runs a butchery.
Hello. - Sir, the security guard
is with you, isn't he?
Of course.
- Okay.
How could a suspended officer
conduct a raid?
My suspension was withdrawn.
I conducted the raid
after it was withdrawn.
Here is the order.
Their complaint states that
Rs. 30 lakhs was robbed, right?
But it's not Rs. 30 lakhs.
It's Rs. 300 crores
of unaccounted money.
Rs. 300 crores
of banned currency.
But where is it?
- I will show it to you.
But only in the presence
of the media.
Let the people come to know
of it through channels.
Sir, is there a conspiracy
behind this?
I will tell you..
Just wait.
Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
Rs. 300 crores.
Give me the hard disk.
Here you go.
It has the CCTV visuals
of what happened in the bank.
Should we prepare the report, or..
- We will do that.
The chairman, board members
and managers of Mannanam Chit Fund
especially the manager at Cochin,
must be taken into custody.
- But Thomas..
The ones who broke in
are not in service.
What about the legal complications?
Sir, an officer can ask for help
from non-officials
in case of an emergency.
It's stated in CRPC.
- Sir, what is CRPC?
Criminal Procedure Code.
- What is it?
The code to be maintained
while dealing with criminals.
I knew it.
I was just testing you.
Sir, shall I leave?
I will take them with me.
Call me if there are any procedures
to be completed.
I will be here.
- Okay.
I am not facing the media now.
You may address them.
Sir, any unaccounted money?
- Sir..
I have nothing to add.
He will explain it.
Are there any other big shots
involved in this?
Will there be more arrests?
Just a minute.
Just one question.
What is it?
What was your inspiration for
such an adventurous act?
Well.. I was inspired
by a Hollywood movie.
All right, then.
Not just him, now all of us
are Sherlocks!
It was a dangerous game.
That too, you were drunk.
It was just beers.
It's nothing for him, right?
Dear, look at this.
- Here we go.
It isn't what you think, dear.
Just look at this.
Isn't he the officer who tried
to commit suicide?
'A devout Roman Catholic,
divorced by mutual consent'
'IRS officer, 40 years old.'
Yes, that's him.
Dad, let's apply for that.
Dear, he is a divorcee.
It's okay.
He is a rare piece.
Hello, wait for two minutes.
the phone is just awesome.
I don't need anything else.
Send me a curved LED TV and
camel meat if you are insisting.
My brother-in-law insists a lot.
Don't you have any brothers-in-law?
I have a few.
What is happening here?
What are they protesting against?
We are at Jallianwala Bagh.
Please move.
Where are you going?
He is the father of that guy.
- Is he?
Oh, Jesus.
Talk him out of it somehow.
He is perfect for that job.
- Hold this.
He will come down in no time.
Long live the revolution!
The police are not worth
a dime.. - I'll show you..
Please, sir.
He is not well.
What is wrong with him?
- He has a memory disorder
like Mohanlal in that movie.
It must be Alzheimer's.
- Exactly!
He is an old comrade.
He had participated
in the Cherthala uprising.
Isn't it the Punnapra uprising?
That's where he meant to go,
but he got down at Cherthala.
He still managed to protest there.
- 'Long live the revolution.'
Hey, aren't you Mr. Lassar?
- Am I? - Oh, God!
Don't you recognise me?
- Why wouldn't I?
Aren't you Carl Marx?
Red salute, comrade!
You looked better with the beard.
- What?
I'm not Carl Marx.
I was Thomas's teacher.
Who is Thomas?
- Mr. Lassar, your son!
Who is Lassar?
- Damn..
What disease have you got
to forget that as well?
Bhanumathi Vilasam School.
I used to ride a scooter.
- Don't you remember me now?
The one who was dismissed
for buying floral undergarments!
Why did he have to remember that
out of everything?
Hey. - Yes.
- Are you new to this job?
Yes, sir.
- What's your name?
Dulfiquer Ali Mohammad Basheer
Zulfiquer Basheer.
Ali will do. - Yes, sir..
- I'll call you that.
Go and get the harness.
- Yes.
Hi, dear.
Dad's sweetheart!