Shershaah (2021) Movie Script

"Durge Mata Ki..."
Where's this coming from, sir?
- Move back! Move back!
- Move back, now!
Go back!
Move back!
Go back!
Duck, now!
Screw you!
Attacking by stealth,
sneaky bastards!
Just one more bunker, boys.
One last bunker,
and we'll recapture Point 4875.
We won't get a clear shot, sir.
There's no option other
than a Frontal attack.
We won't survive, sir!
We won't survive.
To hell with them!
Oh shit.
The way Mithun Dada danced...
What the hell!
Man, we won't get the ball back now!
Damn it, Vikram!
Told you so many times
not to hit big shots!
How'll we get the ball
from them now?
Don't be a wimp.
Hold the bat. I'll get it.
Hey, stop!
Don't pick a fight, Vikram.
Just wait.
He's going to get thrashed.
Give me the ball, please.
Do one thing.
Get on all fours and beg,
and you might get it back.
Please give it.
Get on all fours, or get lost.
It belongs to me,
I'm not going without it.
Really? Then take it.
Please give the ball.
Go ahead, take it!
Get on all fours!
Please give the ball.
Give it to me.
Give my ball back!
Mahinder! Give him the ball..
Leave him!
Mahinder! Give him the ball..
Mahinder! Give him the ball..
Give it back.
Brother, leave him.
Vikram, stop!
- Vikram!
- Brother, let him go.
Come Vishal, we're done here.
Vikram was always like this.
Never afraid of standing up for himself.
Not even in front of our father.
Speak up!
No one can snatch my things
from me, Papa.
Stop arguing!
Fighting all the time...
Who do you think you are?
Have you seen your size?
They're a decade older than you!
They could've beaten you to a pulp.
But they couldn't, Papa.
This boy will bring us shame.
He's getting out of hand!
Hey! Do you want to be a goon?
I know what I want to be.
What did you say?
You might remember
that in the late 80's.
There was a television show
called 'Param Vir Chakra'.
But we didn't have a TV at home.
So we watched it at
our neighbours' house.
"They fought for the British Army"
"against the Japanese forces in Burma."
"Major Somnath Sharma from Palampur"
"and his Orderly Bahadur Singh
showed exceptional bravery-."
Hey Vishal!
I'm going to be a soldier.
Wait and watch!
Whether it was Independence
Day or Republic Day.
All the kids came wearing
the school uniform.
Except for Vikram.
Be it any function, Vikram would
go wearing the same Army uniform.
It became embarrassing at times.
What does one dream of
in one's early twenties?
Tons of money...
A luxurious life,
big properties and a fat bank balance.
But Vikram didn't care
about those things.
He grew up nursing just one passion,
one obsession, one dream.
To be a soldier.
To protect his country...
Come what may.
After dreaming for 21 long years
and a year and a half
of training at the IMA...
Finally, Vikram proudly wore two stars
on his shoulders.
It took him over 23 years
to achieve his dream.
And finally, he was in Sopore.
Starting his journey as a Lieutenant
in 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles.
Jai Hind, sir.
Lieutenant Vikram Batra reporting, sir.
Jai Hind.
Captain Rajeev Kapoor.
Adjutant of 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles.
Welcome to the folds of 13 JAK RIF,
Thank you, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Naib Subedaar Bansi Lal, sir.
Jai Hind.
Ever been to Kashmir before?
No, sir. First time.
And it's my first posting as well, sir.
This is our headquarters,
It used to be a school once.
The JKLF terrorists
forced everyone out of here.
This is our base now.
And listen, you've been allotted
the Delta company.
This is your commanding
officer, Major Mukherjee.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Welcome Lieutenant.
Thank you, sir.
Subedar Raghunath Singh.
Jai Durge, sir.
Meet Lieutenant Sanjeev Jamwal.
And this is Lieutenant Vikram Batra.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
And meet Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Soldier, welcome to 13 JAK RIF.
Thank you, sir.
And youngster, the army's
main task here
is to keep a watch
on surrendered terrorists
and neutralize active militants.
One more thing.
We have informers everywhere.
They give us tips regularly.
As soon as we receive a tip,
we swing into action.
We must act fast.
Remember, if questioned,
be ready with the answers.
And if you counter-question,
be ready for the answers.
Got it, sir.
What's your name?
Aarif, sir.
Where do you live?
Sanku, sir.
And where are you going now?
Going to Baramulla.
Show me your ID.
Focus on the traffic, Raghu Saab.
There are many wolves
in sheep's clothing here.
One small slip can sink a ship.
- Hello Aunty Fareeda!
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Good.
Are these apples from your garden?
And how's Uncle Afzal?
He's good.
Puffing on his hookah at home.
- Do give him my regards!
- Yes. Will do.
Brother Gafoor...
Ah, Batra Sir.
Get Batra Sir some hot Kahwa!
He likes an extra dash
of cinnamon in it.
So, how is business coming along?
Not quite like the
good ol' days, sir...
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
God willing!
- Abbu, Kahwa.
- Give it to sir.
Hello Arslaan.
Seeing you after a while!
Where have you been lately?
Just away with some friends.
I see!
You know how the young
and restless are, sir.
He's always roaming around.
Careful, Brother Gafoor...
This valley's full of slippery slopes.
Those who slip in Kashmir,
somehow end up in Pakistan.
Seems like Sopore has
become your hometown.
Everyone has become
your Aunty or Uncle...
Sir has a knack for mixing
with people very quickly...
Poison mixes with Kahwa
very quickly too, Raghu Saab.
Enlighten him.
Right, sir.
Are you here on duty,
or to make friends and relatives?
Sir, to discharge our duties here
one must keep close ties
with the locals, right?
Also true, sir.
I'm aware.
But not so close that you
get strangled some day.
This isn't a civil posting.
Maintain some distance.
With the locals...
as well as your seniors.
And if your senior happens
to be your neighbour, sir?
- As in?
- As in, you're from Mallan...
And I'm from Palampur.
We are neighbours, sir!
Mallan and Palampur
are just 20 kms apart.
Then maintain a 20 meter distance
with me as well.
Bansi, go to Gulahabad check post.
Mukherjee Sir has received
a tip about weapons.
Yes, sir.
Buddy, forget a cache of weapons,
haven't even found a pellet so far.
Wrong intel, brother.
Mukherjee Sir's intel never goes wrong.
Here. Open the boot, please.
Well, looks like today
wasn't Mukherjee Sir's day.
Take it from me.
We've been digging for three hours.
What did we find?
What if the bullet's
already gone past,
and we're just staring
at empty shells?
Salaam-walaikum, Uncle. ID?
What is this checking for?
You see a terrorist in every
Kashmiri, don't you?
It's not like that, Uncle.
We're here to protect you.
No need to shoot up
your BP unnecessarily.
You guys have made our lives miserable.
In the name of peacekeeping,
you've turned this paradise into hell.
Go ahead, Uncle.
Move, move, move, move!
Cover! Cover fire!
Quick, quick. Move!
Batra, stop firing!
It's too crowded,
someone could get shot!
Batra! Ceasefire, dammit!
Move, move, move!
Get out of here!
Move, move, move!
Batra, hold on.
You bloody Charlie!
Are you from the IMA
or some drama school?
Are you commanding the unit or me?
You, sir!
Then why the hell did you
not follow my direct command?
If you're so keen to be a casualty,
find some place else.
Not on my watch.
Sir... But someone
had to take a risk, right?
Your heroics could have
left civilians dead.
Do you even realize that?
- Sir, there were no casualties-
- Just shut up!
This is the army.
Shut your trap and listen.
This impatience of yours will
cost you dearly some day.
I've spent a lifetime
seeing all this, sir.
When bullets fly,
no training comes to your rescue.
Before you know it,
you've pissed your pants already.
Very true, sir.
But what happened today...
I've never witnessed
anything like it before.
Frontal fire coming straight at us
and Batra Sir jumps right in!
Totally fearless!
Were you really not scared, sir?
I wasn't thinking, Bansi.
It came like second nature.
Look, guys. I have a simple rule.
If someone attacks you,
hit back twice as hard.
Very true, sir.
Whenever you command a Unit,
it will be amazing.
Please take me with you.
Me too.
Me too, sir.
- Hey boys.
- Sir.
At ease.
- Hey Naveen.
- Hi.
No, sir. Thank you.
I'm not asking you.
It's a bloody command.
What's going on?
Nothing, sir.
Are you fattening the lamb
before slaughter?
- You guys can relax.
- Yes, sir.
With me.
You broke command. That was wrong.
But I'm still alive.
So thank you for that.
You're welcome, sir!
You didn't just save me,
but the Regiment's reputation too.
You're like family, sir.
If your neighbour won't save you,
who will?
And by the way, sir...
We were 20 meters apart even there.
Don't call me 'sir' from now on.
I'm giving you that liberty, okay?
I'm only 6 months senior
and your neighbour too.
From now on, you can call me Ji-
Done, Jimmy!
Sorry sir. I mean Jimmy.
Bloody Charlie!
Hey! All okay?
You never remember to write to me.
And you never call either!
Don't you ever feel like asking
this girl in Chandigarh what she's up to?
You used to make tall claims of love.
But you turned out to be an
'out of sight, out of mind' kinda guy.
And listen, I'm sending
something you like.
I really miss you a lot.
How long before I see your face?
By the way,
it's 11th February today.
Do you even remember
what happened on this day?
Hey Sardarni, I remember everything.
How can I forget?
We'd been hanging out
in the same group for a month.
How hard I was trying to
get you to look at me just once.
But you didn't even notice.
You're a master at looking through people.
But I never gave up.
And after an entire month,
On 11th February 1995,
you finally threw me a glance.
You knocked me off my feet...
and I haven't recovered since.
Now tell me, do I remember or not?
This was certainly
a reason to celebrate...
So I called Sunny to join me
and down a bottle or two.
Sat Sri Akaal, Uncle.
- Sat Sri Akaal.
- How much for this?
Keep those back where
you picked them up from.
And get out of here.
We want to raise a toast
like soldiers today, uncle.
- We got the money...
- Your money won't cut it here.
This is for Soldiers only.
Precisely, uncle!
I'll be a soldier in no time.
Sunny, tell him!
- His exams...
- So first become a soldier!
Get your Army ID
and buy whatever you want.
Now get lost!
Listen Uncle...
you're getting mad pointlessly.
Let's settle it with
10-20 extra bucks.
Hold on, let me call the cops.
- It's just a request, uncle...
- What request!
Oh let it be, Sunny.
Let it go.
Uncle, remember this face.
You're throwing us out today,
but soon I'll walk in through your door,
as an army-officer.
And you'll salute me.
And I'll come with him too.
That's right!
Until then, I swear not to touch alcohol.
Mark my words.
Hell no, what did you just say?
Take that back now!
- What have you done, Uncle?
- Come on, let's go.
Man, we won't survive without booze.
We can find booze elsewhere.
What is it?
I can barely sleep nowadays.
Give me a hint at least?
Vicky, I can't do this anymore.
Why don't you just go
speak to Dimple directly!
Mona darling, please don't get mad.
Say something!
You think there's any chemistry between us?
What's brewing between
you and Dimple...
It's not chemistry, it's biology!
Chemistry sparks when
you make conversation. Got it?
Stop reading. Help me out!
Okay listen.
Do something.
The next time we go out together,
grab your chance.
Ask her out.
"I'm all yours,
take me somewhere far away..."
- Which movie is this?
- Mona Darling!
Your love saga!
Will you stop it?
He calls you 'darling',
and you say he's crushing on me!
Go stand there.
Excuse me.
For the most gorgeous flower
in this garden...
Here's a small matching flower.
Thank you!
- Okay listen.
- Yeah.
Dimple here wants to know
why you call me 'darling'.
Hey! Isn't she your darling?
Yes, of course!
So why not mine?
Do you have a problem?
Tell me if you do.
Answer him!
You shut up and hold this.
Listen. We need to clear a few things.
Let's take a walk.
So, what do you want to discuss?
We walked over a mile.
Will you say something now?
These guys think something's
on between us.
Which guys?
All of them.
The whole class. And Mona too.
Who cares?
Let them think as they wish.
So? Is there nothing between us?
You tell me.
I'm asking you!
And I'm asking you.
There's nothing!
Great, then!
End of discussion.
Enjoy the picnic and go home.
Hey, wait!
I asked you to wait.
Where are you off to?
We're not done talking.
Come and sit here.
Do you like me?
A lot.
Then why did you
give that flower to Mona?
If I hadn't, I'd have spent all year
chasing after you.
And you'd never bother asking
if I like you or not.
Look Dimple, I don't want to be
just "friends".
So tell me now,
do you like me or not?
I'm a simple lad from Palampur.
Or are you into those big city jocks
from Chandigarh?
Tell me quickly...
because I'm losing sleep over this.
Give me your hand.
What's this supposed to mean?
It means you're permanently booked.
You're off the market.
But I don't have your
complete bio-data yet.
Yeah, what if you're a guy who
fools around with girls and disappears?
I'd like to know
you a little better.
Sure, but for that
we'll have to meet everyday.
Did I say we can't?
So then 4 pm, tomorrow?
I'm free.
You and I are the talk of the town
Let your eyes follow me around
Where are you off to?
Where are you off to?
Where are you off to?
This heart knows it and you do too
There's no you without me,
and no me without you
Where are you off to?
Where are you off to?
Cause my heart's set on you
How must I survive these lonely nights?
Can't bear a moment
without you by my side
May these nights so long and slow
Be spent basking in your glow
May these nights so long and slow
Be spent basking in your glow
You want to join the army?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because... you didn't seem
like the kind of girl
who'd dump a boy who
wants to join the army?
No. I'm not that kind of girl.
But if the boy keeps secrets from me,
I could dump him in a heartbeat.
Got it?
The stars in the sky shimmer and swoon
You light up my heart
like the radiant moon
What would my life be without you?
Stand by me as my one love true
How must I survive these lonely nights?
Can't bear a moment
without you by my side
May these nights so long and slow
Be spent basking in your glow
May these nights so long and slow
Be spent basking in your glow
You and I are the talk of the town
Let your eyes follow me around
I follow in your steps
I follow in your steps
I follow you...
This heart knows it and you do too
There's no you without me,
and no me without you
Where are you off to?
Where are you off to?
Where are you off to?
How must I survive these lonely nights?
Can't bear a moment
without you by my side
May these nights so long and slow
Be spent basking in your glow
Drop me off here. Away from my house.
Here is good.
Okay, then. Bye.
Enough of dating.
Let's get married.
Is that how you propose to a girl?
You're so so unromantic, really!
- Stop fooling around.
- Hold on.
I'd never fool around
with you, Dimple.
Hey Buddy! What's the matter?
Run along! Lollipop, scoot!
Stop the drama.
So many people around, can't you see?
I can't see anything...
other than the life I want
to spend with you.
You know everything about me by now.
Whatever I am.
I really love you.
Look Dimple,
I'm a simple lad from Palampur.
Please say yes?
Quick, there's a stone
digging into my knee!
Yes, I'll marry you.
I knew it.
I was pointlessly stressed.
You said I'm booked, right?
Thought I'll check once.
Sweetheart, why don't you wait inside?
What's your name, son?
Vikram, Uncle.
There must be something
after Vikram, right?
Of course. Batra. Vikram Batra.
So you're a Punjabi Khatri, then?
We're Sikhs.
Yes sir, I know.
I'm glad you know, son.
Just don't ever forget it.
With a smile, Uncle put a
full-stop to their love story.
Vikram was getting impatient.
But knowing him,
he always had a Plan B ready.
Merchant Navy?
Didn't you want
to join the Army, son?
Papa, where will
I get a better salary?
My life will be settled.
Anyway, Vishal is still
studying in Shimla...
I thought it's a good job,
why not take it up?
I'll be able to support
both our family and myself.
Who's the girl?
Girl? Papa?
I'm your father.
I can predict every move of yours,
even in your dreams!
Is she from your college?
Yes Papa.
Her name's Dimple.
And... we want to get married.
Yes, coming! What happened?
He wants to get married.
He's found a girl too.
I don't know whether to
scream with joy or slap you hard!
Things have gotten this far,
and we haven't even seen the girl's face!
Don't you have a photo of her?
Even a passport-size will do!
Seema Didi!
I only have a
passport-size photo, Ma.
It's always with me.
Wow, what a pretty girl!
Where did you find her?
Secret loverboy!
I'll tell you later.
I have only one.
Please give it back.
What do you need the photo for now?
Come on, I only have one.
Yeah sure.
We'll return it right away!
Listen. Is she Punjabi?
No Ma, she's a Sikh.
So what?
We don't have any problem. Right?
Yes, but her father does.
Sat Sri Akaal!
Sat Sri Akaal.
Yes, Papa.
That boy who came to see you before,
Bedi's son,
you'll be marrying him.
Call and ask them to
finalize the wedding date.
It's a yes from us.
Did I say yes?
Don't I have a say here?
Tell me, Papa?
Why must I be expected to
sacrifice my happiness?
She has a point, you know...
Mummy, let me speak now.
Papa, Vikram's going to
join the Merchant Navy.
He'll earn a higher salary than you.
Don't worry about how
he'll take care of me.
He'll manage.
And Mummy, no more discussion
on this topic from now.
I'll only marry Vikram.
And you come along.
And if I don't let you, then?
Then Papa,
If I can't marry Vikram...
I won't marry anyone, ever.
You're making a big mistake,
let me tell you.
I've known you since the time
we used to skinny dip in this river.
No one knows you better than I do.
Neither your family,
nor your Chandigarh gal!
- I've told you so many times...
- Look, man.
Dimple's a nice girl,
don't get me wrong.
But wasn't this your dream?
Didn't you always say,
"I'll join the army!"
What happened now?
Off to the Merchant Navy...
You'll look like a joker!
Hey! I look smart in any uniform.
And I'll still be serving
the country, right?
That was a dream,
this is real life.
This isn't facing reality,
you're making a compromise.
Why don't you get it?
Sacrificing your dreams
for love will cost you dearly.
If someone else shatters your dreams,
you can get back on track.
It's no big deal.
But if you kill your own dreams,
you'll die from within.
Got it?
And a man who has died within,
can neither be happy...
nor can he keep anybody else happy.
Mark my words.
You're going to terribly regret this.
You're joking, right?
Why are you torturing me?
Do you know what a ruckus
this caused back home yesterday?
Don't fool around with me Vikram.
I'd never fool around with you, Dimple.
I'm telling you the truth.
I've made this decision
for both our happiness.
You planned to join the Merchant Navy
for our happiness, right?
That's what I told my family too.
And now suddenly you're dropping
your plan for our happiness?
What do you really want?
You're just taking me for granted!
At least say something!
Fine, Vikram.
Do whatever you want.
Take as long as you please.
I'll keep waiting for you,
I'll keep loving you...
I'll keep fighting my parents...
That's what you want to hear, right?
Yeah fine, I'll do it.
But what will I say to Papa now?
Why are you mum now?
Have nothing to say?
Just one last thing.
Stick to your word now.
For your own sake,
if not for mine.
Get focused.
Till you don't get into the army,
don't try to call or meet me.
What the hell, Vicky?
You buggers!
Do you even realize who you've captured?
Did we catch the wrong guy?
A very wrong guy.
You caught one of Haider's men.
- What?
- His name is Attaullah.
The massacre that took
place in Champanari village...
This bastard helped Haider carry it out.
He was with Haider during the
Prankote and Wandhama attacks too.
You boys have done a great job.
And I'm proud of you, Jimmy.
Thank you sir... but frankly,
the full credit should go to Vicky.
No sir! Team work, sir.
What a surprise!
Since when did you
two become bedfellows?
Yesterday was our
wedding night, sir.
You both go inside
and record the rascal's confession.
Get everything out of him.
Subbu, let me go.
Let it be Jassi.
One pat on the back from you
will knock his breath out.
Sir, I wanted to ask you a question.
Who gave you the tip
for today's operation, sir?
Good question.
Why don't you go
get a bottle of Old Monk...
And I'll tell you everything
over drinks tonight.
Done, sir! Jimmy you-
Have you bloody lost your mind,
Sources are only to be nurtured.
None of us should know
about the other's informer...
Or have the gall to ask anyone.
Do you understand me?
No 'sir'. It doesn't end here.
You'll go on the night round.
Your punishment
for crossing the line.
Sir, I have night round duty
tomorrow anyway, sir.
You'll go tomorrow also.
As well as today.
Any doubts?
No, sir!
Any more questions?
Jimmy Sir?
- No sir.
- Stupid oaf!
These four scoundrels...
They were double-crossing us.
Remove their blindfolds.
Let the fear of Haider
remain in the hearts of those
whose sympathies lie
with the Indian Army.
Send their dead
bodies to their homes.
Sir, these four are ready
to go the other side.
Which battalion caught
hold of our man?
13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles!
Then kill 13 of their soldiers
as payback for Attaullah's capture.
Or people will think the Indian Army
rules this place, not us.
O God, what should I do now?
My only child is gone!
Amongst the four dead bodies
that Haider hung yesterday
was one of our men too.
I know, sir.
Not to worry sir,
we'll take care of his family.
Jai Hind, sir.
Lieutenant, meet Major Y.K. Joshi.
And Lieutenant Vikram Batra, sir.
At ease.
What you and Jimmy did
was quite commendable.
Thank you sir.
That's our duty, sir.
I like your spirit.
I'll be back.
Do you smoke?
No sir.
Giving someone respect
doesn't mean that you lie to them.
In fact lying means you are
disrespecting that person.
I smoke occasionally, sir.
Thank you sir.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Where are you from?
Palampur, Himachal, sir.
Ah, then you must also be from
an army family, like Jimmy.
No sir.
My parents are teachers.
That's interesting.
This kind of bravery
is usually seen in army families.
I beg your pardon, sir...
But the son of a teacher can also
become a brave Army Officer, sir.
A soldier is a soldier.
He can be born anywhere.
Any brothers or sisters?
Two elder sisters
and a brother, sir.
Your brother didn't join the army?
No, sir.
It would have been
great if we had two of you.
Two daredevils, brave Batra Brothers
serving the country.
Godspeed, young man.
Sir, I've named my daughter Durga.
Oh, wow!
Nice name, right?
It's really beautiful.
And it happens to be our
Battalion's slogan too.
"Durge Mata ki Jai!"
That's why the name, sir.
Shall I show you her photo?
Yes yes, show me.
Oh, man! She's so cute, man.
Like a little cupcake.
Yes, sir.
Good she didn't take after you!
She's 6 months now, sir.
When I go home next week,
I'll hold her in my arms
for the first time.
Just waiting for my leave.
Have you thought about Durga's education?
Sending her to a good
school, then college...
It's really expensive!
You must start planning from now.
Yes, sir.
I should open a F.D. for her.
Okay, done.
I'll open the first F.D for her.
Sir, why would you...
Oh shut up! You're my brother.
She's my niece!
- Don't worry about it.
- Sir.
Okay sir.
Whatever you feel is right.
She's so adorable, man.
Can't believe she's born to you.
Sir, by the grace of Durge Maa.
Stop the vehicle.
Batra Sir,
I was just coming to meet you.
Brother Gafoor, so late at night?
Is everything okay?
Sir, please come with me.
But Brother Gafoor...
Where are we going?
Sir, Arslaan is in deep trouble.
You go ahead, I'll come.
Sir. You can't trust these guys.
I'll come along.
Gafoor is a Kashmiri.
He's not from the other side.
He's from our country.
Sir, why take unnecessary risks?
If we don't trust them,
they won't trust us either.
You wait here, I'll be back.
Come, sir.
Please come.
Step out, son.
Sir, he's gotten into bad company.
He's been hanging out
with the militants.
But now he wants to get out.
Please help us, sir.
Brother Gafoor, you'll have to
speak to my senior officer for this.
No sir.
I trust no one but you.
If you don't help us,
I'll have to flee
Kashmir with my son.
Why are you quiet, son?
Tell sir whatever you told me.
Speak up!
Those guys... they want to
send me across the border.
For training.
Which guys?
Haider's men.
They preach about faith and morality
but their war is only for money.
I want out.
You haven't told them about this, right?
Not yet.
Good. Keep it that way.
Arslaan, stay where you are.
Sir, you want my son
to become an informer?
No Brother Gafoor.
I'm only trying to help.
Please trust me.
Arslaan, stay with them
for a few days.
Pretend to be one of them.
And I'll come to meet you.
You don't come.
Alright. Come on, son.
So much ammo, sir?
Looks like the rascals
were onto something...
And we derailed their plan.
Right, Subbu?
We must reward our informer.
He led us to a treasure.
The most crucial thing is input.
Human Intelligence.
If human intel is correct,
the operation is successful.
So It. Batra, I hear a lot
about a certain Dimple of late.
Is it just raging hormones
or heart and soul?
What was that song, Jimmy?
Jassi Sir, it goes:
"I gave you my heart and soul"
"I could even die for you, my love!"
Yes sir, it's all heart and soul.
I want to marry her.
Way to go, tiger!
Hey, ragamuffin!
Get your herd out of the way!
Move, quick!
Why don't you get your ass
out of Kashmir, midget!
You son of a...
Wait, I'll teach you a lesson!
Ambush! Ambush! Ambush!
Take cover!
Everybody out! Out!
Take cover!
Take cover! Take cover!
Cover! Cover!
Vicky, take cover!
Move! Move! I'll cover you.
Bansi, there's big fire
coming from that side.
- Give cover.
- Sir!
Go go go...
Bansi, cover me.
I'll blast them off.
- Go Bansi, go!
- Yes sir!
- Come Bansi!
- Yes sir.
She's 6 months now, sir.
When I go home next week,
I'll hold her in my arms for the first time.
Haider took revenge
for Attaullah from us.
This has to stop.
We have to get back at them,
or the Kashmiris will
lose faith in our army.
He died my death, Jimmy.
That bullet was meant for me,
and he took it.
It was meant for me.
That bullet had Bansi's
name on it, Vicky.
The ones that carry our names...
will find their way to us.
From from this day on,
no one in my company will die.
If there's any casualty other
than the enemy, it will be me.
No one will die on my watch again.
Brother Gafoor, I want to meet Arslaan.
He's not home. Please leave.
Let us be.
Don't be scared, Brother Gafoor.
Nothing will happen to Arslaan.
It's my responsibility to protect you.
You can't protect yourselves,
how will you protect us?
Look, I need to meet Arsalan
to find out Haider's location.
- Arslaan can't meet you.
- Abbu!
- Arslaan. Arslaan.
- Arslaan, go inside!
Son, I don't want to see
your corpse hanging in the streets.
- Arslaan...
- Batra Sir...
if you really care about us
then please leave us alone.
this is the only chance we have.
You won't say anything, Arslaan!
You want to get out
of this mess, right?
You must know something?
- No, Arslaan.
- Where can I find Haider?
Don't say anything, Arslaan.
Now's the time,
tell me what you know.
There's no need to say anything!
There is, Abbu! I need to do this.
I'd rather die helping the army
than die helping terrorists.
I know where you'll find Haider.
Roger. Over and out.
Sir, I just verified
the info with M.I.
Haider is surely on the move,
but they can't confirm his exact location.
What should we do, sir?
Subbu, what do you think?
We should take this chance, sir.
If it's a false tip,
we'll deal with it.
But if it's correct...
Why give Haider a chance to escape?
If your tip is wrong,
you know the consequences, right?
I'll give up the stars
on my shoulder, sir.
You trust your source this much?
Who is it? Any name?
Sorry sir, can't do that.
I learnt that from you.
Neither ask anyone about
their sources, nor reveal your own.
Okay. Go for it.
Roger, sir!
- Jimmy and I...
- No.
Not Jimmy.
You'll go solo.
Given the risk involved,
I can't send both my best officers
on the same mission.
Vicky this is your intel.
You command this operation.
Pick your own team
and I want you out of there
before daybreak.
Got that, sir.
Armed terrorists
are confirmed, sir.
Not sure about Haider.
Victor Bravo reporting, sir.
The house is covered.
Target is inside.
Request permission to move in, sir.
Have you seen the target yet?
No sir.
Till Haider isn't seen inside
the house, you're not going in.
I don't want any
civilian casualties.
First visually ID the target
and then only attack.
And then get back to me.
Over and out.
'ID the target...'
But to ID the target,
we need to go inside!
You're commanding the unit.
You have to take the decision.
You have my full support,
but keep in mind...
This would be like
walking on a landmine.
How many of them are inside the house
and where exactly, we have no idea.
Casualties are inevitable on both sides.
Now you decide your course of action.
Jassi Sir, Haider is inside.
I'm sure of that.
Sir, we don't have orders.
Think again.
- Without a command, how can we...
- Boys, come with me.
- Are you going out?
- Yes, I'll take a round and come.
I'm not one of them...
Please don't shoot me.
Get them out! Get them out!
Out! Out!
Follow me.
Hush, don't scream.
Killing one Haider
won't win you this war.
Death will rain upon you
from the skies.
You have no idea
what's in store for you.
The Indian army knows how to bite
the bullet and take the enemy down.
You think you are
making a great example -
He blabbers too much.
You're a star, Vicky!
Has any other 24 year old
in the army pulled such a feat?
He's brought glory
to the entire regiment.
Proud of you, bud!
Thank you Jassi Sir.
I'm beginning to worry about you.
He's incorrigible, Raghu Saab.
Worry about those
who'll listen to you.
Oh man!
Listen boys.
If you're a soldier,
then you live by chance,
love by choice...
And kill by profession.
That's my simple philosophy.
Hey Vicky!
On your way back,
elope with Dimple and get her here.
We'll get you two
married right here!
- Oh brother! You...
- Lieutenant.
At ease.
By the time you're back,
I'll be gone on my next posting.
Come back soon, bugger!
You're needed more over here.
Thank you sir.
Will miss you, sir.
Me too.
Haider's death was
about to lead to a big war.
The echo of his last words
had reached across the border.
While Vikram was getting
ready to go home...
Our enemy had set out to the mountains,
ready to infiltrate our country.
We're ready, sir.
It's better if we don't do it, sir.
We've already violated the Geneva Treaty
by taking their soldiers captive...
And according to the Shimla agreement,
both the countries should refrain from
and withdraw from encroaching
upon the LOC during peak winters.
Which means...
we've violated that too.
Don't take the Geneva or Shimla treaties
so seriously, Tariq Parvez Sir.
Getting Kashmir under Pakistan's
control is more important.
If we capture the highway
from Srinagar to Leh,
then Kashmir is ours.
When should we launch
the offensive, General?
As soon as the snow melts,
our guns should fire.
And kill the Indian soldiers
with such brute force
that no one can even
bear to see their corpses.
I just dodged a break-up
with such difficulty.
Why are you pissed with me now?
What's on your mind?
Ever since I've arrived,
it's just been me talking.
Say something?
Why are you in such a bad mood?
Tell me or I'm not going inside.
You were going to
stay for 3 days, right?
Tell me?
In 4 years, have we spent
even 40 days together?
I write eight letters
and get one reply!
Now shut up and come with me.
Oh man, wait.
What are we doing?
Just follow me.
It's hard to follow you, I...
Alright, let's go.
The night is forlorn
And so is the heart
Everything feels scattered
And ready to fall apart
The lovers have fallen silent
Neither is able to say
Stay with me, don't go away
Neither is able to say
Neither is able to say
Neither can make the other stay
Congratulations, Mrs Batra.
You just got married...
to Lieutenant Vikram Batra.
You held on to my stole
while we took the four rounds?
Yeah! Which means we're married now.
Go tell your father.
Why did you do it?
You're crazy, Vikram!
Relax, darling.
Weren't you cribbing that
I've not even spent 40 days with you?
We'll spend 40 years together now.
Guess I'm stuck with you now.
My beloved hasn't returned
My beloved hasn't returned
My beloved hasn't returned
My beloved hasn't returned
Strange are the ways of God
Setting up new scenes each day
Insisting nothing's changed
They lie and get away
Strange are the ways of god
Setting up new scenes each day
Insisting nothing's changed
They lie and get away
The lovers have fallen silent
Neither is able to say
Stay with me, don't go away
Neither is able to say
Neither is able to say
Neither can make the other stay
Pining in my love for you
Tormented by my own self
Pining in my love for you
Tormented by my own self
I sit lonely in a crowd
Nursing the wound that you gave
You insist on indifference
I won't be the one to sway
I sit lonely in a crowd
Nursing the wound that you gave
You insist on indifference
I won't be the one to sway
The lovers have fallen silent
Neither is able to say
Stay with me, don't go away
Neither is able to say
Listen, I'm going to Palampur.
I'll meet you before
I return to my posting.
According to the latest reports,
the Jammu and Kashmir conflict
has taken a new turn.
Five soldiers of the 4 Jaat Regiment
have reportedly been captured.
Well-placed sources reveal that
after reports of Pakistani infiltration
in Kargil's Kaksar Langpa region.
Lieutenant Saurabh Kalia was sent
to inspect the area...
Isn't he from Palampur?
Mr Kalia's son?
Yes, Papa.
Man, there are strong rumours
that war's on the horizon?
Well, the buggers are going to
face your brother this time.
Yeah okay... But make sure
you kill them all and return.
In one piece. Okay?
Don't worry, bro!
I'll either hoist our flag there...
Or come back wrapped in it.
But I'll come back for sure!
Wait a minute.
Shambu Uncle, what killer momos
you've made today!
- I want one more.
- Sure, son!
You should come with me to the base.
God bless you.
Thank you son!
Listen. I think I'll leave tomorrow.
I'll meet Dimple
and head straight to base.
Why, bro? Weren't you staying
for a few more days?
Did you get a call from higher ups?
The call came from within.
What's wrong?
I'm not sure.
I feel like ever since
you've joined the army...
You want to get away from me.
Not at all.
I'm not that brave.
The next time you come back,
I want you all to myself.
Look, Mrs. Batra.
We got married according to
Sikh tradition...
But I want a Hindu ceremony too.
If only you'd ask
I'd melt and give in
You're so dramatic!
At your beck and call
I'll be ready to return
Well you're stuck with me now.
I swear.
On every step of the way
I'll be there for you
If you ever miss me
Just open your eyes and see
You'll find me right before you
And if not then let me know
If ever I am delayed
Okay... I'm getting late.
Just stop the clock for me
You'll find me where we left
And if not then punish me
If you ever miss me
Just know it in your heart
You'll find me where we left
So come by my way
Latest reports say that India is
ready for war against Pakistan.
The bodies of It. Saurabh Kalia
and the 5 Indian soldiers
who were captured by
the Pakistani Army
were handed over to
the Indian Army today.
The post-mortem reports reveal
a shocking degree of torture...
He was my junior in school.
Look what they did to him.
And what are we doing here?
Defense Minister George Fernandes
and the Chiefs of the Armed Forces
have finally made a decision.
The world knows that India wants peace.
And now the the world shall witness
how in order to safeguard peace.
We can display our might
if the situation calls for it.
Every soldier dreams of getting
the chance to go to war at least once.
For Vikram, this was it.
Every regiment and battalion of the Indian
Army was present at the Ghumri Base.
Vikram had faced the enemy forces before...
But this was something else.
They had no idea how difficult
it was going to be.
13 JAK RIF was just a reserve force.
Their job was to acclimatise
and wait for further orders.
One tiny corn, and Dr Rajesh says
I'm unfit for war.
Jassi sir, what will we do
without you at the battlefield?
Yeah. We thought we'll make you
our shield and hide behind you.
I can hide behind your leg!
Don't worry. I'm ready,
let them bring it on.
I'll finish every last one of them.
That's the spirit, Jassi!
We all know...
You can take down an
entire battalion by yourself!
Shelling! Shelling!
Take cover!
Come on! Come on!
Take cover.
Move. Move.
Take cover!
I tried really hard
but couldn't save him.
The shelling has stopped.
Never mind.
Let's save the other injured men.
Come on.
I can't get up, man.
Come on Jassi.
Don't be ridiculous. Come!
At the back.
What happened to our shield?
Jassi Sir! Jassi Sir, you...
Call Dr. Rajesh immediately.
Rajesh Sir. Rajesh Sir!
- Look at Jassi Sir.
- Let me check.
- Turn, turn.
- Jassi Sir...
His spine is injured.
Shrapnel has gone inside.
Call the ambulance immediately.
Let's go.
Meher Singh!
Don't worry, Jassi Sir.
Nothing will happen to you.
Jassi Sir!
I know you'll be back...
to destroy the enemy.
What happened to him?
- And this time, we'll be your shield.
- Doctor!
Jassi Sir.
Vicky, I...
Don't worry, Jassi Sir.
Jassi Sir!
Jassi Sir...
- Jassi Sir...
- Sir?
Jassi Sir?
Jassi Sir?
Jassi Sir!
Couldn't even give
Jassi Sir a proper hug.
War's a bitch, man.
Doesn't even let you say goodbye
to your loved ones properly.
Don't know if we'll even
be able to return home.
Don't think of home now.
Come on boys...
The war's not over yet.
The latest clash between
Indian and Pakistani forces
resulted in many casualties among
soldiers of the 2nd Rajputana Rifles.
However, in the 3rd week
of this war
India has recaptured
the Tololing Pass from Pakistan.
While Pakistan remains in
a strong position currently,
The Indian Army's strong response
has pushed them on the defensive.
At ease, boys.
13 JAK RIF is no longer
a Reserve Force.
We've taken over from 2nd Raj Rif.
Which means, we're going to war.
First, I'll be assigning
you code names
which will be used in
radio communication.
- Major Rajeev Kapoor.
- Yes sir.
- You're Maharana Pratap.
- Sir!
- Captain Rajesh Adhau, you're Charak.
- Sir!
My code name is Chanakya.
- Captain Sanjeev Jamwal.
- Sir!
- Your code name is Sangram.
- Sir!
- And Lieutenant Vikram Batra.
- Sir!
- Your code name is Shershaah.
- Sir!
We've been given the task
to recapture Pt. 5140.
This is Pt. 5140.
Till we don't expel the
Pakistanis from here...
our men will keep getting killed.
Boys, the shelling that
took Major Jasrotia's life...
came from this Pt. 5140.
This is our peak
which they have captured.
Thanks to Major Bhaskar
and Major Vohra...
13 JAK RIF has recaptured
Rocky Knob and the Hump area too.
From now onwards,
this will be our forward base.
Now listen up boys.
Plenty of wars have been
fought on mountains,
But this is going to be the
toughest mountain warfare ever.
The reason being, Pt. 5140
is at an altitude of 17000 feet.
Oxygen levels are extremely low.
As you climb higher,
you'll get more short of breath.
But I know you boys.
You both have the strength and
the spirit to accomplish this task.
But boys, it's not going to be easy.
You'll need every ounce of your stamina
to recapture this peak for us.
This point is hard
to capture in the day
because the enemy is
in a dominating position
and can watch us.
You'll have to leave at last light
and strike assault at first light.
- Jimmy.
- Sir.
Your Bravo company
will approach this peak
from the Eastern side
and destroy the bunkers.
And Vicky, your Delta company
will approach this feature
from the South and
destroy the bunkers there.
It's a challenging climb
of 70 to 80 degrees.
But the advantage is the enemy
won't expect you from this route.
Now boys, to engage the enemy
on both your routes
I'll have continued firing
from the artillery base.
When you both are 200 meters
from the enemy position,
just send me a signal.
I'll stop the artillery fire.
Did you guys get it?
- Got it, sir.
- Got it, sir.
Now boys,
what will your victory signal be?
Sir, "Oh yeah yeah!"
And Vicky, yours?
"Yeh Dil Maange More"!
Why "Yeh Dil Maange More", Vicky?
Sir I'm not going
to stop after Pt. 5140.
I want to get these
bastards out of here.
All the best boys.
Here are our neighbours.
Sangram for Shershaah.
Sangram for Shershaah. Over.
Sangram for Shershaah. Over.
Sangram for Shershaah.
Sangram for Shershaah. Come in.
He's mentioning
some 'Shershaah', sir.
Catch the frequency. Quick.
Shershaah for Sangram.
Pass message. Over.
I'm 300 meters away
from the objective.
Report your location. Over.
Did you go riding
on a horse? Over.
You ass, quickly tell
me your location. Over.
I'm also 200 meters away. Over.
Did you arrive on a rocket?
Your horse is faster than my rocket.
It'll take me time.
It's an incline
of 85 degrees ahead.
You go for it buddy.
Good luck Sangram. Over.
Good luck.
Over and out.
It's the frequency of the enemy, sir.
Give it to me.
Sir, radio.
Who's Shershaah?
Sir. This isn't one of our men.
Who's this Shershaah over there?
Why is your voice quivering?
I'm Shershaah. Speak.
Calling yourself 'Shershaah'
doesn't make you a tiger.
Got it, you jackal?
And listen carefully.
Don't come up here,
or you'll never return.
Bloody son of an infidel!
I'm going to shove that spit
right up your ass, son of a bitch!
Don't move. Stay right there.
Just do me a favour.
Keep your graves dug and ready,
because we're getting
the funeral cloth along.
Oh yeah?
We'll see who goes to the grave. Come!
Bugger off!
Castrated goat.
Now it's going to get fun!
Stop the mortar.
Fire the illumination.
You too, fire!
Down! Down! Down!
Sangram for Chanakya.
Sangram for Chanakya. Come in.
Sir, Sangram.
Chanakya for Sangram.
Pass message. Over.
Stop artillery fire immediately sir.
It's hitting us.
We are very close
to the enemy position, sir.
Faujdaar, stop artillery fire immediately.
I say again,
stop artillery fire immediately.
Go check the cable.
Yes sir.
I swear to God, you're finished!
RL, take your position.
Cover! Cover!
Bastards! Kill them!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Kill him!
Kill the son of a bitch!
Hit him more!
Kill him!
"Durge Mata ki..."
The enemy's finished!
Section at ease!
Sangram for Chanakya.
Sangram for Chanakya. Come in.
Chanakya for Sangram.
Pass message, over.
Oh yeah yeah, sir. We did it.
Shershaah for Chanakya.
Shershaah for Chanakya. Over.
Chanakya for Shershaah.
Pass message, over.
Yeh Dil Maange More, sir.
Yeh Dil Maange More!
Great job, Sangram and Shershaah.
I'm proud of you, my boys.
But don't lose height yet.
Stay on the feature.
I'll see you guys soon.
We'll have tea together.
"Durge mata ki..."
For your exemplary devotion to duty
and successful completion
of the assigned task
which resulted in a
commendable achievement...
13 JAK RIF Battalion is adding
one more star to your rank.
You're no longer a Lieutenant.
You're a Captain
with immediate effect.
And your name is also being
recommended for the Maha Veer Chakra
alongside Major Jamwal's.
Captain Vikram Batra.
Thank you sir.
Congratulations, Captain Batra.
My man! Come here.
Congrats buddy.
Thanks man.
Captain Vikram Batra!
Raghu Saab.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
- Okay roll.
- Yes. We can start.
So Captain Vikram Batra,
tell us about your victory.
Our CO, Colonel Joshi
had briefed us about point 5140.
Before advancing for attack,
we had decided our success signal.
Look, he's grown a beard!
Bravo Company's success signal
led by Major Jamwal was "Oh Yeah Yeah."
Hey! Increase the volume!
- And after that we captured some more bunkers.
- Sir, Vikram's on TV.
- Our boy from Palampur!
- Then whomsoever he was...
called me by my codename 'Shershaah'.
They've named my brother 'Shershaah'!
Saying, "O Shershaah,
you better not come up..."
"Otherwise you'll
have a tough time."
And that is that time
they gave us a challenge...
And my boys went wild!
That how can a Pakistani troop
challenge us?
The Pakistan army has refused
to take the dead bodies.
Hence, as a humanitarian gesture
the Indian Army decided to
respectfully bury the bodies
in accordance with holy Islamic rites.
Thanks to you, our battalion has
also been assigned the task
of recapturing the toughest peak
in this war.
Pt 4875, sir?
If we recapture this peak,
the war is over.
When do we have to go, sir?
No. Your companies won't go.
We have other companies in our
battalion, they'll go to Pt 4875.
You guys are on rest
and recoup as of now.
I beg your pardon, sir...
But I don't want to rest and recoup.
We want to go to Pt 4875
and end this war.
Sir, you must give me this chance.
"Yeh Dil Maange More"?
Right, sir!
Alright, I'm making you 2ic
to Major Vohra.
You are going to Pt 4875.
Get your company ready.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Hi, Gaurav.
Excuse me, can I use
your satellite phone please?
It's important.
Thank you.
Can I...
Can I speak to Dimple please?
Who's speaking?
Captain Vikram Batra, sir.
Yes Papa.
There's a call for you.
Hey! Mrs. Batra!
Have you forgotten me?
Yeah, hello.
Did you watch the TV news?
Everyone did. So did I.
You turned out to be
a real hero, Batra!
I'm impressed.
I've been promoted.
I'm a Captain now.
And they've recommended me
for the Maha Veer Chakra too.
Why would I lie?
You mean your picture
will be in the papers?
Of course.
Okay, when will you be back?
After I'm done with
this one last mission.
Get your wedding outfit ready.
And a suit for you too?
Of course.
I've decided on a colour too.
Hey, listen...
I love you.
I love you.
Okay bye. I'll hang up now.
I'm not going to give you a
loud lecture on patriotism.
You're patriots,
that's why you're here.
No one can defeat a man
who doesn't fear death.
And I know you guys
have lost that fear long back.
Honestly, I feel we guys from
Delta Company are really lucky
that we've been given the task
to eliminate the enemy from Pt. 4875.
Because whoever captures this peak
can control 70 km
of Indian territory.
The Pakistanis are squatting
up there right now.
We'll get rid of each one of them
and recapture Pt. 4875.
Do you know what that means?
It means that if we get Pt. 4875,
the Kargil war will be over.
And brothers,
Delta company will end this war.
Each soldier in our
company will fight to ensure
that the enemy is
removed from our land.
If you win this war for India,
you'll become immortal.
Whether you remain alive
or whether you die,
you'll live on forever.
Ready you all?
Ready us all!
Kill them all?
Kill them all!
- Each one of us...
- Kills four in brawl.
- Victory unto us...
- While enemies fall!
Say it loud!
"Durge Mata Ki..."
"Durge Mata Ki..."
"Durge Mata Ki..."
Batra Sir.
Seeing you here
has given us strength.
What am I now, a booster shot?
Give me a lowdown
of the enemy position.
There are 2 bunkers
at this elevation.
A and B.
Alpha Bunker.
Bravo Bunker. Roger!
Alpha bunker has at least
3-5 Pakistani soldiers.
And there's constant fire from the front.
What kind of fire?
Burst Fire, sir.
We'll launch a three-pronged attack,
according to plan.
The bunker bursting drill will be used.
Yashpal and Mehar,
you'll attack from the south.
Three of you, along with Krishna...
attack from the north.
Yes sir.
Raghu Saab and I will keep
the enemy in check from the front.
Got it?
Yes sir!
Any doubt?
No sir!
Stand-by, stand-by, go!
Will you eat, sir?
Just one.
You eat the rest.
You've been fighting since morning!
Stop attacking like
stealthy cowards!
Hey. Give us Madhuri Dixit...
I swear to Allah,
we'll retreat immediately!
Do you hear me?
Madhuri Dixit's busy with
the other type of shooting!
Take this for now, fucker!
"Durge Mata Ki..."
Here, son...
With love from Madhuri Dixit!
Sir, Grenade!
Naveen, sir.
Raghu Saab, you get Thambi here.
He's alive.
We have to evacuate him.
- To hell with them!
- Wait Raghu Saab.
You have young kids.
I'll go.
- No, I'll...
- Raghu Saab, it's an order!
Don't worry. You give me cover.
Fire. Cover fire!
I won't let you go, buddy.
Don't worry.
Don't worry Bud, you'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Batra Sir.
Batra Sir,
don't send me to the base.
I'll fight, sir!
I'll fight, sir!
You've done enough, buddy.
We thought you're an engineer,
but you turned out to be a warrior!
Take him out, take him out.
You'll be fine buddy.
Yes sir.
- Inform Chanakya.
- Yes sir.
- Move back!
- Move back, dammit!
Move back!
Move back!
Move back!
Screw you!
Attacking by stealth,
sneaky bastards!
Just one more bunker, boys.
One last bunker,
and we'll recapture Point 4875.
We won't get a clear shot, sir!
There's no option other
than a Frontal attack.
We won't survive, sir!
To hell with them!
Let's go!
Give cover!
Let's get them!
What are you made of, sir?
What have you done?
Has all of Pakistan landed up here?
No clue, sir!
Can't see the bloody rascals!
Chanakya for Shershaah.
Chanakya for Shershaah. Come in.
Pass over.
Where is Shershaah?
Wait out.
Take cover.
It's the CO, sir.
Shershaah for Chanakya. Over.
Report status, Shershaah.
Four enemy bunkers captured, sir.
So is it all clear? Over.
We thought so, sir.
But the rascals have
made another enemy bunker.
Completely camouflaged. Over.
Listen Shershaah.
We have intel that they have
reinforcements on the way.
If they get more weapons,
you'll be in big trouble
and we won't be able
to recapture 4875.
Copy that.
In 15, sir.
Boys, position.
RL DET, go around from below
and take position on my right.
As soon as you get a clear shot,
destroy the bunker.
Yes sir!
There's an RPG lying down there.
Take their RPG and shoot it at them.
Yes, sir. I'll destroy them.
Position yourself to my left
and blast them off.
Yes sir.
Listen! Be careful.
Yes sir.
All right guys. Move it!
Rot in hell!
Raghu Saab,
there's a sniper lodged somewhere.
Don't know where he's firing from.
Raghu Saab,
I'm going to get Yashpal.
Give me cover.
This is madness, sir!
He won't survive.
If we don't save him,
he definitely won't.
Give cover! Cover!
Come what may...
We will hoist our flag.
"Ready us all..."
"Kill them all..."
"Each one of us."
RL! Leave the bunker!
Shoot the sniper first!
"Victory unto us..."
"Durge Mata Ki..."
"Durge Mata Ki..."
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
"Long live Vikram Batra!"
You're ready to leave
Your mind's changed, I can see
Feels like you're done with me
Your words are deceit
Feels like you're done with me
Make sure you kill them all
and return.
In one piece. Okay?
Don't worry bro!
Either I'll hoist the flag and return...
Or I'll return wrapped in it.
But I'll come back for sure.
Your mind's changed, I can see
You're ready to leave
Your words are deceit
Doubting me at every step
Not a shred of trust left
In your eyes I don't see
A shred of love for me
You are all I have
But you'll find someone
You're ready to leave
Your words are deceit
Hey Vicky!
You've got to come to my wedding.
My buddy, I'll definitely come.
We'll dance all the way,
from your house to the bride's.
Don't worry, I'll see you.
I wish it could be so
That God would grant my plea
In your place, love
Death would take me
If you are not to be mine
Then what is left to be
God would be a lie
In a place of such cruelty
God snatches the one
The one dearest to us
You're ready to leave
Your words are deceit
Congratulations Mrs. Batra!
You just got married.
To Lieutenant Vikram Batra.
You know all too well
I'd never be able to leave you
And so you lead me on
Make me dance to your tune
You know all too well
I'd never be able to leave you
And so you lead me on
Make me dance to your tune
In our next lives
May it so be
That I'm born as you
And you'll be me
But we live only once
We'll never again meet
You're ready to leave
Your words are deceit
Feels like you're done with me
My brother was one in a million.
Life should be measured in deeds,
not years.
When I think of Captain Vikram Batra's
life of 25 years, I realise...
There's no greater honour
than being a soldier...
No greater pride than
wearing a soldier's uniform...
And no religion greater
than one's country.
On our radio set...
Pakistani soldier or officer,
whosoever it was,
He said to me -
My code name was Shershaah.
O Shershaah, you've come!
Don't try to come up
or you'll have a tough time.
And that was the time
they gave us a challenge.
And my guys, they went wild!
How dare a Pakistani troop challenge us?
My company's success signal was
'Yeh Dil Maange More!'
The guys were so highly charged up,
They wanted more bunkers
to be there...
so we would have got more chaps!