She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown (1980) Movie Script

[melancholy pop music playing]
Well, Coach, what do you think?
There's no one harder to please
than a skating coach.
Wake up, sir.
I can't lift my head, Marcie.
Give me a little push.
Don't call on me for a while, ma'am.
I'm here,
but my nose is in the recovery room.
[teacher] Patty, do you have
the answer to problem six?
Problem number six?
"How many gallons of cream
containing 25% butterfat
and milk containing 3.5% butterfat
must be mixed
to obtain 50 gallons of cream
containing 12.5% butterfat?"
Ma'am, would you settle for 20 push-ups?
[teacher] Patty!
Oops. Sorry, ma'am.
I guess I dozed off for a second.
I dreamt I had just been given
a scholarship to Vassar.
Patricia, please try and stay awake.
Well, back to reality.
You look terrible, sir.
I can't stay awake, Marcie.
If you see me doze off,
do something to wake me.
[teacher] Patricia.
Patricia, you're asleep again.
I'm awake. I'm awake.
[teacher] Patricia, are you aware
of what's happening?
No, ma'am, I don't know what's going on.
But I'm awake.
I think you should try eating
a couple of eggs for breakfast, sir.
You think that might help me stay awake,
Never seen a chicken fall asleep in class,
have you?
That was a joke, sir.
I've been thinking
about your problem, sir.
Maybe you fall asleep in class
because of uncorrected astigmatism.
Oh, sure. You'd love to see me
wearing glasses, wouldn't you, Marcie?
Some of us think we look kinda cute
with our glasses, sir.
You've got it all wrong, Marcie.
The reason I'm falling asleep in class
is simple.
I've been getting up every morning
at 4:30 to practice skating.
That's crazy, sir.
No one should have to get up at 4:30.
Even the ice is still asleep at 4:30.
See you tomorrow, sir.
[door closes]
[alarm rings]
[door opens, closes]
Hi, Chuck. It's me.
Just want to let you know I'm here
to wake up my skating coach.
Go back to sleep, Chuck.
Okay, Coach. Rise and shine.
Come on, Coach.
I don't see how you can walk
while you're sleeping.
You'll run into a tree or something.
[cassette rewinds]
["O mio babbino caro" playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
Well, what do you think of my routine,
-[music ends]
Are all skating coaches as crabby as you?
Okay, beautiful. Get off the ice.
We're gonna play hockey.
Hockey? Get lost, neckhead.
I was here first.
Wouldn't like to get hit
with a hockey stick, would ya?
How would you like to be force-fed
a pair of goalie pads?
Listen, beautiful, get your stupid
tippy-toe skates off the ice.
We wanna play hockey, see?
We have ten hockey sticks here
telling you to get off the ice.
Oh, yeah? Come on and try something.
Me and my coach will take you all on.
[hockey players grunting]
[hockey players shouting, grunting]
That'll teach 'em.
They can't futz around
with my coach and yours truly.
Boy, great show, Coach.
You think we could take a break
after that victorious ruckus?
The only thing that keeps me going
are the encouraging words of my coach.
["O mio babbino caro" playing]
Not good, eh?
How about this, Coach?
I sure admire
you being able to skate like that, sir.
What are you practicing for now, sir?
I'm working on my third test figures,
There's a big competition coming up.
I'm gonna compete in the regionals.
It's my first big competition.
How many skating tests are there, sir?
Eight, Marcie.
And they get harder and harder.
You should try ice-skating, Marcie.
I have weak ankles, sir.
There isn't such a thing, Marcie.
It's just a matter of having skates
that fit properly.
Maybe my skating pro could give you
a few lessons.
He's crabby, but he's a good teacher.
I've never practiced so hard
at anything in my life, Marcie.
Doing well in this competition
really means a lot to me.
Come on in.
Maybe have some hot chocolate and cookies.
[door opens]
Marcie, you have a sewing machine.
It's not mine, sir. It's my mother's.
Why don't you make me a skating outfit?
I don't know how to sew, sir.
I wanna look beautiful
for the skating competition.
How about a red skating dress?
That's it! You can make me
a red outfit with lots of sequins.
You're not much for listening,
are you, sir?
Come on, Marcie. We gotta get
some great material for my costume.
Yes, ma'am. We wanna buy
some materials for a skating dress.
My friend has volunteered
to make me a skating outfit
for a competition I'm gonna be in.
And before I forget,
we'll need about a million sequins.
When I'm out there doing my number,
I wanna really sparkle.
Aren't you excited, Marcie?
My stomach hurts clear down to my toes.
Like to see some polyester double knits?
Polyester double knits?
That's too expensive, ma'am.
How about denim?
I bet my little friend here could make me
a neat skating dress out of denim.
She's a great sewer.
-[woman] Sure denim will stretch enough?
-Don't worry about stretching.
We'll just throw in a few gussets.
How's your gussets, Marcie?
Here's the denim, Marcie.
Here's the sequins.
And here's the thread.
See you tonight, Marcie.
Work hard on my costume.
[door opens, closes]
Hiya, Marcie. How's the sewing coming?
You're working on my dress, aren't you?
Oh, yes. I'm working on it.
In fact,
you should try it on and see if it fits.
Marcie, you finished it!
You finished my skating dress!
I did the best I could, sir.
I just hope you like it.
How can I help but like it?
Just think, my own special skating dress.
Wow. Oh, boy.
Maybe it'll look better
after I get the sequins sewed on, sir.
Marcie! This is the worst skating dress
I've ever seen.
It doesn't even have any sleeves in it.
How can I skate in a dress like this?
I'll be the laughingstock
of the whole competition.
If you will recall, sir,
I told you I didn't know how to sew.
I think I'm gonna cry.
I can feel the tears forming
in my stomach.
[door opens, closes]
Woe is me. How can I face my coach?
Coach, look at this skating dress.
That stupid Marcie has ruined everything.
What am I going to do?
When a skater is feeling low, she should
be able to cry on a pro's shoulder.
I can't even do that!
You don't have any shoulders.
[door opens]
Hey, Coach, this looks very promising.
Turn your head while I change.
Okay, Coach, turn around and look.
How do I look?
You look beautiful, sir.
There's only one thing wrong. My hair.
How can I look beautiful
when I have hair that is mousy-blah?
If I'm gonna look nice
for the skating competition,
you'll have to help me with my hair.
Snoopy, you brought me a gift.
Oh, boy!
Come, Marcie.
[organ music playing]
[all cheering, shouting]
[male announcer] Clear the ice, please.
Will all competitors please clear the ice?
[organ music continues]
There are three things in life
people like to stare at.
A flowing stream, a crackling fire,
and a Zamboni clearing the ice.
Contestants for the freestyle competition,
please report to gate number two.
First skater, Miss Sandy.
[crowd cheering, whistling]
["Danse des Mirlitons" playing]
-[organ flourish plays]
-[crowd applauding]
[announcer] Next contestant, Miss Mora.
[crowd cheering, whistling]
[Beethoven's Symphony no. 5
in C Minor playing]
Whoa! [grunts]
-[organ flourish plays]
-[crowd applauding]
[announcer] Next contestant, Evelyn.
-[crowd cheering]
-[child] Way to go! Right on!
["Lohengrin: Prelude to Act III" playing]
[crowd cheering, whistling]
-[organ flourish plays]
-[crowd applauds]
Next contestant, Miss Peppermint Patty.
[all cheering, shouting]
[crowd chattering]
Oh, no. That's her music.
Will she be disqualified?
Yes, if she doesn't have a spare tape.
She's doomed!
Without music, she'll be disqualified.
[Snoopy grumbling]
She's doomed!
Relax, sir. Relax till they fix the music.
[Snoopy grumbling]
[crowd murmuring]
[whistling "O mio babbino caro"]
[whistling continues]
[whistling continues]
[whistling continues]
[whistling continues]
[inhales sharply]
[whistling ends]
-[organ flourish plays]
-[cheering, shouting]
[organ music continues]
[cheering, shouting]
-[child 1] Patty! All right, Patty!
-[child 2] Patty, go!
Well, Coach, how did you like sit spin?
That bad, eh?
Well, how did you like my double axel?
Don't you have anything good to say?
[kisses loudly]
That good, eh?
[Woodstock whistling "O mio babbino caro"]