She's Back (1989) Movie Script

Reporter: It's 9:45
New York News Time.
There's been a rash
of break-ins and robberies
in the Pine Hill section
of Queens this week.
Houses were
cleaned out and ransacked
while the occupants were away.
Police have no leads
and there are no witnesses
to the robberies.
Negotiations are expected to resume at the nurses' strike
at the Park Hill Hospital
in Queens.
An autopsy is being performed
to determine the cause
of death
of a robbery victim
that died this morning
after he was beaten and robbed
while buying doughnuts.
A man jogging
was beaten and robbed
last night
in the Park Hill
section of Queens.
Police have no leads
and there are no witnesses
to the attack.
Police are investigating
reports of extortion
involving street
gangs and local businesses
in the Park Hill
section of Queens.
Store owners
are alleged to be threatened
into paying protection money
and some were beaten
when they refused.
Victims are reluctant to talk
because of fear of reprisals.
Police have no leads
and there are no witnesses
to the attacks.
On Wall Street,
the Dow Jones is up three
points in active trading.
New York weather says
a mix of clouds and sunshine,
breezy and mild
this afternoon.
Partly cloudy,
brisk, and cold tonight.
Sunny to partly cloudy,
windy for tomorrow.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
watch it with that.
I don't want her chipped.
Be very careful with that.
That was my mother's.
Oh, that goes right near
the kitchen up there.
Anything without a label,
just leave it in the hall.
Honey, those are my cups.
Billy, be careful with that,
all right?
Oh, that--
oh, watch out
with that, please.
Honey, Billy.
Now, come on.
We got to get this done here.
- Man: I'll take that.
- Man #2: Thank you.
- Woman: Yes.
Those are my cups.
- Man: I know, I know.
All right, now just try
to be more careful.
Sweetie, where are we
going to put that--
not that chair,
but the one behind you.
- We want this though, right?
- Yes, it goes with the other
one as a set.
Now, really, seriously,
these are my plates and my--
this is the wedding stuff.
- I know, honey, please.
- That guy over there--
that guy--
he should take
a picture--
he should help
if he's going to watch,
it's not a show.
Wait! Now come on.
This is my stuff.
You care about that.
Now, you--
- Man: I have it, B.
Don't worry.
- Tell them.
Now this shouldn't be
right on there.
Look, what--
could you-- thank you.
Wait, wait, look
how are you holding that.
How are you--
This-- I-- this is
driving me crazy.
Honey, honey. Look,
you've got to make sure
- these guys hold it--
- Oh, I'll take the stereo
equipment, okay?
Please, please.
Just slow it up.
I mean, you're going
to break--
now those are my figurines--
- All right.
I know. I know.
- Now watch out.
Are you sure I can--
I'm sorry, I can't help honey,
- but you know I'm so bloated.
- Don't worry about it.
- B, will you make up
your mind, please?
- This is important.
I don't want to make
any rash decisions.
I know,
it's heavy.
- Oh, try it over against
the side wall.
- Sure.
No, no, no, wait.
Then where would
the lounge chair go?
- Ah--
- What about under the window?
- What do you think?
- Oh!
All right. Okay.
Leave it where it is.
[ groans ]
Hey, Tweeter.
how are you today, huh?
Looking a little pale,
The candy dish
goes to the right.
Boss, new people moved in
on Garden Street today.
They got all
kinds of shit.
Yeah. Hoochie,
told me really
expensive shit, too, man.
They got a wall unit,
black screen TV,
very nice
VCR videos.
They've got
"Gone with the Wind," it's a
classic, man.
It's-- you want me
to stop that, right?
We could fence
this stuff for thousands.
Svatchi said that
he'd give us cash
on the line for it.
The stereo alone
is worth a grand,
I think.
What the fuck
are you doing?
- It's still wrapped.
- It's crunchier that way.
- Your brain is crunchier.
- Where the fuck is
the Tabasco sauce?
You stupid.
We hit 'em tonight.
No, get down.
[ door shuts ]
[ banging ]
Wake up.
Honey, wake up.
There's somebody
- What?
- There's somebody
Why? Who would
be down--
Oh, look,
Jimi Hendrix.
Take 'em.
[ grunts ]
Oh, they're taking
[ grunts ]
Look, call the police.
- I can't.
- Well, just be very quiet.
I can't, the phone's
not hooked up yet.
- What?
- The guy couldn't come today.
But you told me
the phone would
be in today.
He couldn't come
today, he could
come tomorrow.
You mean, we haven't
had a phone all day?
No, we haven't had
a phone all day.
I know this would
I told you to call
the guy last week.
But, no, you said
it was too early.
- Right, so crucify me.
- God, no wonder we haven't
been getting any calls.
- Who are you
expecting a call from?
- What are we going to do?
[ sighs ]
I don't know.
Maybe I could
scare them.
They're probably
just kids.
Don't be stupid.
They may be dangerous.
Well, I could tell them
I've got a gun.
You're not really
the intimidating type.
You're right.
You go.
All right.
I've got a gun.
Now get out of my house
before I use it, okay?
So, uh, show us your gun,
I'm warning you.
He thinks he's fucking
Jimmy Cagney over here.
Come on, guys.
You dirty rat.
- [ screams ]
- Come on.
[ grunts ]
- Get up.
- Hold him up.
Come on.
Your turn.
All right.
- [ grunts ]
- My turn.
[ man laughing ]
- Oh.
- All right.
All right.
Leave him alone
and get out of
the house now.
I called the police.
Oh, Mrs. Cagney,
I presume.
B, get back.
So you called
the cops, huh?
Well, that
upsets me deeply.
But, you know, fellas,
I was wondering
how she could have
called the cops
when their phone lines
aren't hooked up yet.
We checked, baby.
Look at this.
[ groans ]
[ grunting ]
[ screams ]
No. No. No, help!
[ screaming ]
First night here
and they're already
throwing parties?
[ screaming ]
I don't know,
grab some sheets,
use your imagination.
Don't worry,
I'll find something
to tie her down with.
Come here.
[ both screaming ]
[ man howling ]
Hey, what you got
over there,
Lon Chaney?
Keep it down!
[ howling continues ]
I want this party
stopped right now.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
Please, come in.
I'll take care of
it right away.
[ grunts ]
How's that?
Pretty spunky bitch
you got there, pal.
If she gave you
half the trouble
she gave me,
you're better off this way.
Well, I got to go.
Hey, thanks for the stuff.
[ laughing ]
[ strained ]
B. B--
You have no idea
who killed my wife?
Well, there are
no solid leads,
but we are making
some progress.
Well, how can you not
have solid leads?
What about all those
questions I answered
at the hospital
and I gave you
It's been six weeks.
You must have some idea
who did this.
We're checking it out now.
[ coughing ]
What-- you got dust in here.
Look, don't you know,
like, a place
where any of these dangerous
type characters hang out?
We can't book
somebody for being
a dangerous type character
or hanging out.
We're doing the best we can.
No one actually saw
your wife get stabbed.
We don't even know
if she was murdered.
Oh, yeah, right.
She was probably
scratching her back
with a switchblade
and it slipped
and plunged into her
heart four times.
We're exploring
all the possibilities.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ sighs ]
Who is it?
Oh, I'm your neighbor
from across the street.
My name's Sally,
Sally Phillips.
Well, I just wanted
to give you something
and offer my condolences.
Oh, uh,
I'm not accepting
any condolences today.
- Thanks, anyway.
- I understand,
but I just wanted
you to know that--
I am so sorry for the loss
that you have suffered
and if there is anything,
anything at all
that I can do for you...
I just live right
across the street
and you don't hesitate
to call, okay?
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
What's in the bag?
- What?
- The bag?
It's a marshmallow casserole.
I made it myself.
It's my own recipe.
I got it from a book.
- I hope it was a cookbook.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, my.
You really cleaned
up the place
in a hurry
since you've been back.
- Yeah, I wish.
- Listen, I really got
to be getting home.
But if there's anything
that I can do,
you just give a call, okay?
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Yes, thank you.
My body's
not even cold yet.
[ screams ]
No, it's the concussion,
that's all.
It's a concussion,
all right.
The one you're about to get.
Who was that?
I'm just going to
sit here and relax.
I'll be fine.
Honey, answer me
when I ask you
a question.
Who was the blonde?
A neighbor.
I don't want you seeing her
again, is that clear?
[ breathes heavily ]
We're going to need
a lot of Pledge here.
[ breathing heavily ]
Look at you,
would you get a grip?
I've got to get back
to the hospital.
- They said this might
- Hey!
[ screams ]
You're going nowhere.
Now we have work to do.
You're not here.
See, this can't be you.
You're dead!
Now me,
I'm losing my mind.
But I'll be okay,
I just need some rest
and some Valium.
I must get some Valium.
I'm the one
who can't rest.
My soul cannot rest
until those animals
have been dealt with.
What animals?
Are you not listening?
Would you look at me
when I'm talking to you?
- Sure.
- Now, what they did--
[ screams ]
Oh, look at my face.
A wreck.
You, you were down here.
You didn't see what
they were doing to me.
One of them takes
out big knife--
I don't want to hear
the details, please.
Now, look,
I know I'm cracking up,
so I'll just
stay here and do that
and you do whatever
you have to do and then leave.
Please, go back
to your grave.
I'm not going back
to any grave.
Not that I have one
I can lie in comfortably.
What's wrong with it?
What's wrong with it?
A grave sounds to you
like a good place to be?
It's a box, you're dead,
you're in the ground,
there's nothing,
there's no one,
no phone, it's cold.
I thought dying was bad,
but death is--
it's like a nightmare.
Oh, God.
But the actual
coffin, though,
was it okay?
I couldn't look,
you know,
but did they
put that pink satin
all the around the--
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good, good because--
who am I talking to?
There's nobody here.
There's nobody here.
Honey, listen to me.
I'm here.
You're not losing your mind.
I'm no vision.
I don't know how,
but I do know why.
And you are the only one
who can help me.
[ sighs ]
Look at this--
look at this place.
They took everything.
Where's Tweeter
and Howie?
- Gone. They took them.
- Gone. They took them.
You are incredible,
you know that?
You not only let them
come in here and take everything
we own,
but you let them kill me
and take the fish?
I did not let them
kill you, B.
Don't say--
there was nothing
I could do.
Why didn't you
stay in the bedroom
and lock the door?
Oh, well, look,
that is one of the main
differences between you and me.
I cannot stand by
while someone else
is being hurt.
I did not exactly
"stand by."
And hey, look,
this past six weeks
was no vacation, either.
I've been in the hospital,
you know,
while you were out there
being dead or buried or--
Speaking of which,
whatever possessed you
to bury me in the blue dress
with the sequins?
- I look like a hooker.
- No, you didn't.
You always loved that dress.
Yeah, I loved it
at a night club or a party,
but at a funeral,
I was the loudest thing there.
You made a lovely corpse.
Even the funeral director
said you looked good.
And while
we're on the subject,
why did you let him put
the green eye shadow on me?
It totally clashed
with that dress.
No, it didn't.
Green goes with blue.
Green goes with blue,
what, are you colorblind?
Now don't start,
it looked fine.
Then why didn't you
go through my stuff?
You could've found like a--
like a dark blue,
- at least then
I would've matched.
- You did match.
- I did not.
- You did, too.
- Did not.
- Did, too.
- Did not.
- Who cares?
It's over with.
Forget about it.
I can't believe
I'm having this
[ sighs ]
I'm hungry.
What is there to eat?
Eat? You can eat?
You're dead, remember?
I mean, your stomach
doesn't work, right?
Does it? I mean,
does anything work here
except your mouth?
- Excuse me?
- I'm sorry. Forget it.
It's just this--
this is hard, you know.
This whole thing, it--
I've never-- who expected?
I-- there's--
I don't know.
Oh, candy dish
to the right, sure.
Look, now,
things are going to be
different around here, kiddo.
First, we are going
to fix up this house,
the neighborhood.
[ man vocalizing ]
You're not there,
you know what I'm saying?
I've had a couple
of bad hits on the head here.
You know, maybe,
you know, I'm not--
it's nothing personal
about you.
I mean,
I love what...
Well, the guy
must be going loony,
talking to a furniture.
You know what I'm saying,
it's like I could be insane
and you could be
a figment of my imagination.
You know,
it's a worrisome thing.
And, you know,
my medication and everything,
it's just, you know--
is back to normal.
We have a home again.
Now-- now our real
work begins tonight.
I'll see you later.
- Where are you going?
- I can't be here all the time.
- I have stuff to do.
- Like what?
Shopping. And I don't want
you seeing that blonde,
you hear me?
But I thought
now we could talk?
Talk to the dummy.
Don't even think about it.
- Oh, no.
- [ gasps ]
- No, no, no, no.
- B.
You're not wearing
that shirt with
those pants.
- Huh?
- Come on now.
Take off the shirt.
I like this shirt.
Why? Because it doesn't
go with those pants,
that's why.
- Wear the blue shirt.
- The blue? Come on,
I hate that shirt.
- It makes me itch.
- I cannot let you
leave the house
- wearing a green shirt
with blue pants.
- Why not?
Because people will
think you're a hippie,
that's why not.
- You're doing it.
- What?
Yup, you are
just like your mother.
You leave my mother
out of this.
No. You remember?
When you--
when you told me to tell you?
- Well, I'm telling you.
- Change the shirt.
Look, where do you
think I'm going, B?
A garden party?
I want to be comfortable.
I'm wearing this shirt.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am!
B, I'm wearing this shirt
and that's that.
Damn shirt.
Hey, neighbor,
there's a better way
than that.
- Huh, what?
- That trash.
That's a terrible
waste of space.
You ought to look
into the Garbotron
1192 Trash Compactor.
- Oh.
- It comes equipped
with a deodorizing unit
that perfumes each bag.
- Uh-huh.
- And you could put
the same amount of trash
into a bag
one-tenth that size.
- Okay.
- Keep this under your hat,
this information
has not been released yet.
The Garbotron 1192
is going to be equipped
with a mulching/
shredding device
that fits
right on the top.
A friend of mine who works
at the company told me.
Well, gee, thanks.
I won't tell a soul.
- Make sure you ask
for the 1192.
- Okay.
Hi, honey.
for a half and half.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No. No.
Look, maybe
some other time.
No, but say, could you
tell me where I'd find,
like, a real nasty--
- Beatrice: What are you asking her for?- I'm talking here. Do you mind?
- What?
- Yes, I do mind.
You have no time
- to talk to hookers.
- Give me a break.
I'm sorry. No sliding scale.
The first time is--
- No.
- --the price is the price.
Yeah, sure.
I wasn't
talking to you.
She can't see me.
Can we go?
- What's the rush?
- Who's rushing?
- I'll go slow as you like.
- No, I don't mean you.
- I mean her.
- I got a name.
No offense, honey.
Hey, Meat. Meat!
Loony here.
- What's the matter?
- Can we go now?
- We got work to do.
- Get off my case!
- I'm doing my best, okay?
- He's having a conversation
with himself.
You got a problem, pal?
- Excuse me?
- Look what we started
now here.
- I didn't start anything.
- He's bugging me, Meat.
- I was just talking
to her, I swear.
- I know what you're after.
- You're not
fooling anybody here.
- I'm not after anything!
You're scaring
Look, it's not me,
it's her.
- Who?
- My wife?
It will cost you extra
if your wife watches.
No, I don't want
to buy anything.
Oh, now he expects it
for free.
- I expect nothing. Believe me.
- Good, 'cause that's exactly--
Will you
stay out of this?
You know, I want more money
if I got to sleep with lunatics.
Look, pal.
I've had about enough
of this, okay?
- No--
- Why don't you just
take it down the street?
- Okay.
- Talk to the fire hydrant
or something.
- Okay? Okay?
- Yes. Yes.
I'm sorry.
Yes, yes.
Good idea.
Are you happy now?
They think I'm crazy.
And they're not
completely wrong,
- God damn shirt.
- Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
Here are some
These guys?
I don't know, B.
This whole thing is wrong.
I can't do it, I'm telling you.
Would you let me
worry about what's
right and wrong?
Yes, it's them.
That's one of them
right there.
- What, you recognize him?
- Yes.
Well, how do you know
it's him?
Do think that
I could forget them?
- Come on.
- Well--
- Well?
- I just don't know
about this, B.
- Oh.
- Wait.
I can't do this.
Take out
your wallet.
Oh, shit, man.
I just remembered.
I got to stop off at
Pickle Digs for a minute.
Hey, listen,
you take this,
all right?
I'll meet you back
at the house later,
all right?
No. Look,
I don't want to do it.
- [ screams ]
- Good. Good.
- Now, pull him back in.
Get him off the sidewalk.
- Okay, okay.
Come on, honey.
- Go. Go. Go. Go.
- Oh, God, he's heavy.
- Okay. Now we can go home.
- No. Home? What are you
talking about?
- We're not finished.
- Well, what do you
want me to do?
- Kill him.
- Kill him?
- What do you
mean kill him?
- With your hands.
Wrap them around
his throat and kill
the son of a bitch.
Wrap him--
you kill him.
Don't you think
I would if I could?
But B, I can't kill him.
He's defenseless.
So was I when they
were killing me.
Look, B, look,
he's unarmed.
- He's unconscious.
- He's not unarmed.
Look at this.
- Look, he's-- now, kill him.
- No. B, no.
What do you
want me to do?
You want me to lift him up
and lunge him at you?
- Will that help?
- No, it won't.
Well, what do you
want me to do?
- I want to go home.
- Oh, you, you, you.
You know, that's
all I hear about.
Mr. Selfish.
What you want.
What about me, huh?
All I'm asking you to do
is one little thing.
It's not one
little thing, B.
It's murder.
Don't use that tone
with me.
There is no need
to get ugly about this.
You're the one who wants
to strangle this man.
You know something?
I have never seen
this side of you before
and frankly, I don't like it.
- Fine.
- No.
We are both
civilized adults here,
and if we can't
talk to one another
in civilized adult tones,
then perhaps
we shouldn't talk at all.
B, I will not
kill this person.
Is that civilized
enough for you?
[ screaming ]
Go again! Go again!
Give him a shot for me!
[ grunting ]
Oh, my God.
Is he dead?
Oh, deader than I am.
Look, his skull
is all smooshed in.
Look, what are
we going to do?
We can't leave him here.
Well, go.
You go get the car
and I'll wait here with him.
No, but what are
we gonna do?
Oh, let me worry
about that.
- Will you get the car?
Someone might come.
- Okay.
The Acme Landfill?
B, this is a public dump.
Trust me.
[ man humming ]
Officer at location,
Sherman Bloom.
[ vocalizing ]
[ splash ]
[ bell dings ]
Late with trash
and without appointment.
Why doesn't he get himself
a Garbotron 1192?
Hey, I know that car.
That's the guy
from next door.
Are you happy?
We've got our justice.
Thank God it's over.
- Over?
- [ gasps ]
Nothing's over.
You think one is going
to make a difference?
You've got your revenge,
didn't you?
Look, I'm not a killer, B.
I'm an electrician.
People who kill people
have regular jobs, too.
You think everyone just
starts out as a killer?
That's not gonna work, B.
You know,
ever since you died,
you've been pretty miserable,
let me tell you.
Well, you're no day
at the beach yourself.
And I didn't die,
I was killed.
And until my killers
have been punished,
we're not finished
with anything.
I can't do it, B.
I won't.
Look, I'm not what
you want me to be here,
I'm sorry.
If you don't do
this one thing for me,
- I'm going to have
to haunt you.
- Wha--
Now, I don't want to argue,
but I swear to you,
you will never know
a moment's peace.
And when you're old
and you pass away,
I'll just have
to haunt you
for all eternity.
Now, I want you
to think about that
for a moment.
No. I won't do it.
I won't.
Forget it.
So haunt away.
So be it.
B? Beatrice.
[ overlapping chatter ]
B? I'm sorry.
I guess,
I didn't realize
how much
this means to you.
I'll-- I'll do it.
I'll kill-- I'll try.
I'll really try.
Listen, you want
to play some Gin?
[ bells jingling ]
Hey, Bob.
Hey, Paulie.
- How are you doing,
- So, so.
Yeah. I wasn't
expecting you in
for a while yet.
I told you to take
a couple of months off
and I meant it.
Look, your job is here
whenever you're ready.
- No.
- There's no rush.
I'm fine, though.
I'd rather work.
It'll give me
something to do.
Is that all right?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You sure you're okay?
Okay. All right.
Your desk is ready.
Just-- you're going to do
whatever you want
and take your time.
Hey, I'm not
a mental case, okay?
So please don't
treat me any different.
I'm fine
or I wouldn't be here.
So, what do you
want done?
All right.
We got two CB's,
a stereo, and a TV.
Think you can have them
done by 4:00?
No, by 3:00.
- All right. Go for it.
- Great.
Forty-eight degrees
in midtown.
Getting cold tonight
with an expected
drop to the teens.
Wind chill
is nine percent.
Now, for the local news.
An unidentified body was
found washed up on shore
at the Acme Landfill
in Park Hill, Queens
this morning.
The body, wrapped
in a large trash bag,
was reportedly
a homicide victim.
Bob, where's the solder?
It's in the upper
left drawer,
the parts cabinet.
- Beatrice:
Take it.
- Jesus, B!
Take it.
It's what we need.
No, that's stealing.
Then just borrow it
for a while.
What do you want to do,
bludgeon all of these guys?
[ exhales ]
All units, all units,
please respond to a riot.
[ knocking ]
Who could that be?
Look, you better
get in the closet.
Who's there?
It's me,
Detective Brophy.
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
Go ahead.
Can you open
the door first?
Can I come in?
Oh, yeah.
Did you find
the killers?
Where were you
last night?
Me? Well,
I was here. Home.
You were home?
Alone, I presume, right?
No. I was
with my wife.
[ chuckles ]
What's this about,
A gang member
from the neighborhood
was bludgeoned to death
last night,
and an eyewitness
to the attack
describes someone
who resembles you
at the scene.
Me? Well,
that's impossible.
I was here.
Home, all night.
Yeah. I know,
so you said.
Listen, I'm warning you,
if you're involved
in this somehow,
I'm going to come
down hard on you.
- Don't take that from him.
- Who does he think
he is anyway?
- Just be quiet.
- What?
Tell him to shut up.
You can't be bullied.
You've made your point,
now be quiet.
I will not be quiet
and I'm not gonna have you--
No, no, no.
I didn't mean--
never mind.
Tell him you're the victim
and not the criminal.
Hey, you know,
I'm the victim here,
not the criminal.
And he should
spend his energy
trying to find the guys
that killed me.
And you should
spend your energies
trying to find the guy
that killed me.
- What?
- I mean her. My wife.
Now, throw the bum out.
Now, throw the bum--
will you cut it out?
Listen. I don't know
what the hell
is going on around here,
but I'm warning you,
I'll be watching.
Hey, Brophy.
Any leads on the incident
last night?
Are you questioning
any suspects about that?
Oh, maybe we shouldn't
go out tonight.
Oh, why do you want
to ruin the moment for?
You're finally act
like a man.
Now, you want to slither
off into your hole--
- All right.
- like a giant sea slug.
All right. I'll go.
Can I just finish
my dinner first?
[ knocking ]
Look, get back
in the closet.
Why? No one
could see me.
Oh, right.
Well, just get
back in the closet.
You distract me.
I noticed that
you was down dumping
some garbo last night.
Yeah, I saw your car
down by the landfill.
I don't know--
what are you
talking about?
That was your car,
wasn't it?
No, not at all.
I wasn't anywhere
near there.
Oh, that's funny.
It certainly
looked like your car.
It was a blue Subaru?
Are you sure
that wasn't you?
I was home last night.
All night,
watching TV.
All alone. Now, see,
my dinner's
getting cold, so I--
[ chuckles ]
- If you don't mind.
- Okay.
What is there,
a neon sign on the roof?
How can we go out now?
We've got the cops,
the next door snoop.
Who's next?
Geraldo Rivera?
Oh, would you relax?
We got a weapon,
it'll go much
smoother tonight.
- You'll see.
- We got a weapon.
- Man:
Please leave me alone.
- Wait.
I recognize
one of these guys.
Yes. It's him.
That's one of them.
Are you sure?
- Positive.
- How can you be sure?
Okay. Just don't
look at me like that.
[ screaming ]
I don't have anything.
Please, please
leave me alone.
I don't have
anything more.
- Please.
- Fuck you.
Anything I find,
I keep.
Thought you didn't
have anything, Abdul?
I'm gonna fuck you up
the next time
you don't give me
what you've got.
Hey, guys, I think you
should pay for those goods.
What are you looking at,
fuck face?
No. Really.
I mean, it.
I-- you should
probably just give
that money back, too.
You know,
you stole that.
I think this guy needs
to be taught a lesson.
Waste him.
Say goodbye to life.
No! Wait till
they get closer.
- Huh?
- Shit. He's got
a gun.
Hey, guys. No, no, no!
Come back. Come back.
- Shoot!
- Which one?
That one. That's
definitely him.
- [ screaming ]
- [ gunshot ]
Oh, my God.
If you just waited,
we could have gotten
all of them.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm new at this, okay?
I've never
actually shot a man
in the back before.
I got confused.
Oh, my God. Look.
Help with the body here.
What, now you got qualms?
You get me to shoot this guy
in cold blood in the back
and now you got qualms
about helping with the body?
I have low impact,
Do you know how much
energy it takes just
for me to be visible?
Oh, great. Well, you're fine
in the audible department,
let me tell you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you,
Mr. Smarty Pants.
It is very difficult
for me
to be audible and visual
when I'm dead. Do you--
how many dead people
do you know
that are audible and--
B, I'll move the body.
- Oh, God.
- What's all this "say
goodbye to life" stuff?
You know, you got
to have something to say
before you shoot them.
It's a-- it's a thing.
You know, Clint Eastwood.
Oh, it's good.
Keep it. It's good.
But look, I just--
Oh, look.
Do you think you could--
Forget it.
I know just how you feel.
[ radio playing ]
[ water splashes ]
[ car accelerates ]
Damn it.
I knew it.
Howdy, neighbor.
[ chuckles ]
You know,
unexpected garbo
turned up last night.
Everything's been
taken care off
quite efficiently,
if you get my meaning.
Great. Thanks.
You've got
something for me?
Get my TV, yeah?
Hey, Paulie,
that set ready yet?
No, about 15 minutes.
Hurry it up,
will you?
A little 15 minutes--
You're a little
light here.
Yeah. Well, I--
Come on, spit it out.
Look, I just didn't
make enough this week.
You got to give me
a break.
I mean, I-- I can't
even pay my bills here.
Is that all?
I mean, is that all?
I mean, why didn't
you tell me?
'Cause, you know,
I can understand
I mean, it's certainly
no problem at all.
What I'll do
is I'll go back
and I'll tell
Mr. Svatchi,
"Hey, he don't
have the money."
And I'm sure he's
going to understand.
- Oh, you can do that?
- Oh, oh, yeah.
Oh, man,
that'd be great.
- Really, I appreciate that.
- Yeah, yeah, you're right.
That would be great.
- Stop it. Come on.
- Look at this.
Do something.
[ thud ]
Hey, I'm getting
the cops.
[ grunts ]
[ grunting ]
You little weasel.
If it wasn't for Svatchi,
you wouldn't
have a business.
Now, I want
the rest of that money
by tomorrow morning
or there just
might be a little
barbecue around here--
a human barbecue.
Oh, yeah.
My set better be ready.
[ thud ]
Are you all right?
Oh, animals.
Svatchi's going
to ruin my life.
Listen, Bob, is there
anything I can do?
Do you want me
to take a cut in pay
or something?
No, no.
That wouldn't make
any difference.
Look, don't worry
about it.
I'll make
a few phone calls.
I'll raise the money,
all right?
Maybe there's a better way.
Some psycho
is killing our guys.
The cops
don't give a damn.
To hell with them.
We're not gonna let
our guys disappear
without a war.
We're dealing
with a sick,
sick individual.
We got to take this guy out.
Svatchi says if we let him
get away with this stuff,
we're going to start
to lose our turf.
I say we shake up
the Packman.
He must know him.
And we got to get
some guns, man.
This guy has got
a tank on him.
Svatchi says he can get us
some guns, big ones.
And when
we find this guy,
when I find him,
I am personally
going to remove
his duodenal intestine.
[ grunting ]
Who was it?
You know who it was.
He was there
to protect you.
[ grunts ]
- Who?
- No, please.
I don't know anything.
I swear I never saw him
before in my life.
[ music plays on TV ]
Isn't there any hope
for him, Doc?
I'm afraid not.
He's just too weak.
And now the news.
Good evening,
ladies and gentleman.
because of your
lack of enthusiasm,
we are preempting
this show
to bring you
this crime update.
This isn't
gonna work, B.
Two nights in a row
is enough.
What are you doing
in there anyway?
Take a look.
Maybe next time
you'll listen to me.
Our lead story
for the night.
No. Look, B, don't.
[ thumping ]
Come on.
Stop, come on, stop.
[ grunts ]
Don't do this.
Stop it.
Yes, ladies and gentleman,
this could've been avoided
but someone refused
to go out tonight.
He wanted the day off.
Just another example
of the indifference
and apathy
in our society today.
[ exhaling ]
B, damn you!
Take it off!
Look, this isn't
my fault, you know.
You're the one
who made me go there
in the first place.
All I wanted
was his money.
They never
would've done this
except for you.
Damn you, B!
Damn you.
It's not my fault.
I said turn it off!
[ glass breaks ]
Your show has just been
We now return you
to our regularly
scheduled program.
That's not fair, B.
That's just not fair.
Police are investigating
the brutal torture murder
of a store owner
last night.
I found a problem
with that guy's TV.
Two of the boards,
you know,
they're going to need
a lot of work.
- It'll take a while.
- Oh, boy.
- He's gonna be here
in 30 minutes.
- Yeah.
There's no way
that it'll hold up?
No. If he picks it up
and takes it home,
you know, and they blow,
they'll be back right?
Yeah, okay. All right.
- But I need it
by 4:00, all right?
- I'll try.
Now, you're showing
a little initiative.
Don't worry,
I'm here.
[ sighs ]
So this is more
your style, huh?
You know,
so long as it gets
the job done.
It's not about style, B.
Do you think
I was a violinist?
How are you
working this?
Well, I got it fixed
so that the set shorts out,
you know,
when he turns it on.
And then 15 seconds later,
this boost will activate.
See, and it sends
like 2000 extra amps
through the channel selector.
It should be a pretty
electrifying show.
You think you can put this
on the air tonight?
Well, I just want
to see if it works.
[ drumming the counter ]
I'll see if it's ready.
I'll be right back.
There you go.
Well, where
there's a will,
there's a way.
[ chuckles ]
Look, you got to speak
to Svatchi for me.
It can't go on
like this.
I mean, I'm gonna be
run out of business.
It's Mr. Svatchi
to you.
And save your song
and dance for a musical.
- Where's my set?
- Phil: Good as new.
This is the best
repair man I've ever had.
All right. Let me
check it out.
Plug it in.
- Huh?
- Plug it in.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
You, you know, this--
back to work.
He's a little eccentric,
you know,
but that's the price
you pay for talent.
- Yeah.
- Hey, what happened?
Uh, circuit breaker,
I guess.
Be careful back there.
Come on.
All right. All right.
Just give me the set.
Give me the set
and I'll tell you
it better work.
- Hi, honey.
- Yo, grandma.
I don't want to miss
Cosby, pickle-dick.
Will you just relax,
I'll turn it on
in a minute, okay?
[ television clicks on ]
[ static ]
Oh, dear, how am I
going to watch this?
I'm not sure
I want to watch this.
Oh, come on, it's
going to be great.
No, no, no, don't touch.
Grandma! Leave it alone.
You don't know
what you're doing.
- [ sighs ]
- [ exhales ]
- [ electric buzz ]
- [ screaming ]
With a positive attitude,
you can do anything.
[ sighs ]
- You ready?
- Ready for what?
- To go out.
- Out?
Are you--
did you see that?
I'm not going anywhere.
- Honey
- Now, don't try
that either.
- What?
- Sex.
- What?
- And that won't
work either.
- What?
- That, right there.
What are you
talking about?
You know what
I'm talking about.
I'm not going.
- Yes, you are.
- No, we aren't.
I've been
dreading this moment
since it began
Over my shoulder,
I hear you closing in
It ain't easy--
Honey, where
are you getting
all these outfits?
There's this mall
for people in limbo.
A mall?
You know, where you can
get outfits.
Huh? What?
For roaming the earth in.
It's the only advantage
to this thing, believe me.
Are you kidding me?
[ woman screaming ]
Come on,
it's from over there.
[ screaming ]
Help me!
Help me!
All right. All right.
This is them.
Let's do it.
Oh, I don't know.
There's too many
of them.
It's too dangerous.
God damn it!
Now, honey,
you got an excuse
for everything.
Now, just take out
your gun and use it.
Hey, guys, you want
to say goodbye to life?
[ gunshot ]
- Come on.
- Get them.
Get them. Get them.
[ guns firing ]
Get them. Get them.
Go, now!
Stop. Stop. All right.
Now, you fucking
Now you're gonna
curse the day
your mother
gave you birth.
B. Beatrice,
where are you?
- Honey, what can I do?
- B.
Just shut your eyes
and think of happier times.
That's what I did.
Oh, thanks!
Great advice!
Man, who the fuck
are you talking to?
[ guns firing ]
[ screaming ]
Come on, hop in.
Let's get the hell
out of here.
[ guns firing ]
Hey hey, hey!
That's what I call
collecting trash.
- Thanks for nothing.
- What?
I just saved
your life.
Oh, no, no.
Not you.
Yes, of course,
thank you.
Thank you
so much.
You're welcome.
You can't keep dumping
bodies in the water.
That's how the cops
found the other one.
It washed
right up on shore
with the tide.
I retrieved
the last one
and I disposed of 'em
in the proper fashion.
- Proper fashion?
- Yeah.
This is a landfill.
We have a dozen ways
to dispose of trash
and that is what
we are talking about,
really, isn't it?
Why, trash is my life.
This is
my promised landfill.
Look, over here
is where we make
re-fabricated bricks.
Now, instead
of destroying
the neighborhood,
he could help
rebuild it.
Do you know
that Jimmy Hoffa
is holding up a condo
in Cleveland?
Efficient trash disposal
is-- it's the American way.
You know, honey,
he may have a point.
What? You mean we
should-- oh, my God.
Look at-- how weird.
He's got
two different colored eyes,
a blue one
and a brown one.
- What?
- I didn't say nothing.
I want them.
Honey, take him for me.
- Are you out of your mind?
- No.
It's the only
logical way to do it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I just want a souvenir.
- I'll buy you a pendant.
- I don't want a pendant.
No, look-- I'm not going
to start mutilating bodies
for your entertainment.
Who said anything
about mutilating bodies?
Couldn't you just
poke them out?
- No, I won't.
- Then what are you
gonna do?
You're going to dump
him in the water?
The cops are
gonna find him.
Look, again, I'm not
talking to you.
- Honey.
- No.
- Why not?
- Please?
Look, you're right.
Absolute-- you just go
and do it.
- Yes, yes.
- How about the eyes.
- No.
- Yes?
No. No, no, no, no.
Just sit back, relax,
and let the good 'ol
US of A technology
do the rest.
See, no body, no crime,
no fuss, no muss.
I did the same thing
with the last one.
He's right over there.
[ chuckles ]
Don't worry about that.
It'll never show up.
We have been dumping
all kinds of shit
into that river
for years.
The fish are beginning
to grow wings.
How do you
stand the smell?
What smell?
What's going on here?
He was calling
right over here.
He started
talking to himself.
He was calling
for someone
but there was
no one there.
And he was getting
awful upset,
and then
out of nowhere--
Talking to himself.
You got an extra
cigarette, pal?
Garbotron 1192,
you can't go wrong.
Yeah, I hear it
deodorizes the bags.
Listen, I was thinking
about last night,
that gun business,
that ain't gonna work.
That's too dangerous.
You can't rely on that stuff.
You work for
a repair shop, right?
- Huh? Huh?
- Yeah.
I mean, you're good
with your hands, right?
You fix gadgets,
you mend doodads
and things?
- Sure.
- Huh? Well,
I was thinking--
[ whispering ]
You're going
to like this, B.
[ laughs ]
All right.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What do you think?
Sheesh! You'll get
a close shave.
- Put that on.
- Yeah.
Slip onto the back,
open and close.
- [ squeaking ]
- Oh, so you just
reach for that, okay.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
[ whirring ]
Put two up whatever
goes, you know, pass--
Certainly, puts it up and
it regurgitates it right out.
- Sure.
- Into the vac.
- So I need to fit
it in here?
- Into the vac.
- [ sizzling ]
- Beatrice: Hey!
What do you think
you're doing?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Jeez, I was just
testing it out.
- Relax.
- I am relaxed.
An incident occurred
which was destined to startle
the civilized world.
[ knocking ]
- Uh, yes?
- Woman: Oh, excuse me.
Oh, I am-- I'm so sorry
to bother you
but I was wondering,
you see,
the lights have gone out
in my house
and I know that you happen
to work in a repair shop.
- Right.
- And so I was wondering--
well, could you come
take a look at my fuse box?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- I'll just get a jacket.
- Okay. Good.
B? I'm just gonna
check out her fuse box,
all right?
I'll be right back.
- Can you get--
- Oh, here, let me-- sure.
Thank you.
Oh, there's
your problem.
- The main circuit is blown.
- Uh-huh.
Do you have
any spare fuses?
Oh, I don't know.
My husband used to keep
everything in here.
He-- since he left,
I don't know
where anything is
You know,
it's so difficult
not having a man
around the house.
Were any of these
any good?
This one's fine.
- [ laughs ]
- Okay.
- [ electricity whirring ]
- There you go.
[ laughs ]
- Thank you so much.
- No problem.
You-- I don't know
what I would've done
- if you weren't around.
- Please--
Can I make you
something to eat?
I'd like to.
Let me make you a steak.
It only takes a minute.
I really should be
getting home.
Don't bother.
Please. It's no bother.
I'd like to.
Been so long since
I've cooked for someone
other than myself.
You've been so helpful
with the lights.
Come on, come and join me.
Please stay with me
Hold me till the morning
comes and I won't ever--
Get your hands off me.
Now, I know you're insane.
That's become
an obsession with you.
Still young enough
to have a fighting chance.
Did you enjoy
your little date?
It wasn't a date.
She needed help,
I fixed her fuse.
- That's all.
- You fixed her fuse.
I know
what you're doing.
You think you can just
drop me like that?
- You bigamist.
- Really!
B, it was nothing.
I swear--
I've never seen you
this jealous before,
even when you were alive.
- And I don't like
this Bloom character.
- Why? What's wrong with him?
He's troubled.
He's-- he's taken
over everything.
- Who made him
the boss all of a sudden?
- He's not the boss.
It's just, you know,
he's got some good ideas
and I'll feel better
with a partner
out on the street.
I'm your partner.
What about me?
Yes, you're my partner
but I need someone
who can actually
help me, you know,
not just give advice
"Close your eyes
and think
of happier times."
Honey, that's not
what I'd call help.
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- What--
- No, nothing, hon.
You think it's easy
keeping yourself
together, huh?
I know I'm
falling apart, I know.
You look great,
Maybe I could use like
a really strong moisturizer.
This just in--
fire fighters are battling
a raging fire
in Bob's TV repair shop
on Maple Street.
So far the fire
has been confined to the shop
which is surrounded
by stores on each side.
The owner of the shop
Bob, was reported
trapped inside
and fire fighters
were unable to save him
because of the flames
and heat.
Police suspect arson
is the cause of the fire.
Fire commissioners reported
a kerosene odor
coming from the shop.
Police are questioning
neighbors and residents
but right now there are
no leads and no witnesses.
Did you hear the news?
Let's get rolling,
All right. See you.
Let's find the bastard.
All right.
Let's split up.
I'll take the three,
you follow these two.
We'll meet back later,
dispose of the trash.
B? Beatrice?
Where are you?
B? You're not
still mad about that--
look, honey, I will never
see her again, okay?
Never. B?
Look, you got
to stick with me
on this thing, okay?
It's your idea, remember?
Oh, no, where did they go?
I was fixing her fuse.
I swear, there was
nothing going on.
Look, I'm doing this
for you.
You can't just leave.
Not now. B?
- [ gasps ]
- Hey, look, it's him.
No, no, it's not.
It's not him.
You're coming with us,
pal. Svatchi wants
to have a chat.
- B? Beatrice!
- Shut up.
Look at this.
A water pistol.
[ screaming ]
[ whirring ]
[ screaming ]
All right.
Yo, trash!
What the--
[ gunshots ]
[ screaming ]
[ gunshot ]
[ screaming ]
[ gunshots ]
Please, B.
Look at you.
You can't just leave me.
Look, I'm doing
what you want me
to do, aren't I?
B, don't be mad.
I need you.
Why don't you get
your girlfriend
to help you?
[ screaming ]
Why did you do that?
I don't ever want you
seeing her again.
I told you I wouldn't
and I won't.
Keep it that way.
I just don't want
to lose you.
You're not going
to lose me.
How could you
even think that?
But you got to be
a little less
neurotic, honey.
You didn't take the body
to the landfill.
- Bloom will be disappointed.
- Are you kidding?
You're lucky I didn't
have a heart attack.
Don't ever do that again.
Welcome home, Mr. Bailey.
Look, "It's
a Wonderful Life."
Mary, Mary,
where did you-- what?
I love you truly
- Truly, dear
- Truly, dear
Police are investigating
a bizarre murder
in the Park Hill section
of Queens last night.
A reported headless body
was found
in the warehouse district
by a night watchman
who came upon it
while inspecting
the alarm system.
There has been
no identification
and police have
no leads or witnesses
to the attack.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What, are you
trying to kill me?
- What happened?
Nothing worked.
I was almost insinuated
by my own weapons.
Oh, God. I guess
I haven't worked out
all the bugs yet.
So how did it go
for you?
I had some
trouble, too.
[ scoffs ] Look,
this ain't going to work.
I mean, stalking them
on the streets.
We get them
in one position
- and we dispose of 'em
at the same time.
- Yeah.
All units, all units,
please respond to a 5-14--
Oh, damn.
Oh, it's Brophy.
- What does he want?
- I don't know.
But we're going to have
to be more careful
from now on.
You should go out
through the back.
I'll see you tonight.
The only way I know
[ door closes ]
What can I do to make--
[ door open chiming ]
It will all work tonight.
I guarantee it.
I hope so.
[ knocks at door ]
It's Brophy.
What am I gonna tell him?
Well, let's see.
Tell him you're
enlarging the kitchen.
I always want to add
another room anyway.
All right.
That's good.
- What is?
- You stay out of sight.
I know what's been
going on.
Hello, Detective Brophy.
Come right in.
What can I do for you?
What the hell
happened here?
Oh, the mess.
I have to apologize
for that.
I'm adding a new room
under the kitchen
and I kind of got
carried away.
Well, you know,
with my wife gone,
it's so hard
to keep things clean.
Oh, I'd say
you got carried away
with a lot of things.
- Oh?
- I know it's you.
I know what
you've been doing.
What do you think?
Because you've been victimized
you can get away
with anything?
You're wrong.
It's just a matter of time.
Believe me.
I'll see you again.
Hey, Brophy.
I'm surprised that
you still have a job
with all the crap
that's been going on.
- Isn't it obvious--
- Why is he provoking him?
He can't help himself.
It's fun.
That way, you can help
the trash.
[ tapping on window ]
I still don't see how
going to a topless bar
fits into this strategy.
Don't worry. I just hope
Bloom is ready.
I got a plan.
[ door slamming ]
Hey, hey, hey.
We're closed.
- Get out of here.
- I'll have a beer
and a scotch and
soda for my wife.
- Do you know
where you are?
- Yeah.
Earth, isn't it?
Unless, I made
a wrong turn some--
Listen, hey,
do you have a beer?
- Yeah. We have beer.
- Oh, good.
'Cause I'd really,
really like one.
Yeah. Fine.
Coming up.
- There you go.
- Yeah. Here.
And a scotch and soda.
For my wife, remember?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Did you tell him
we were closed?
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
Hi, guys.
Say, do you mind?
You're standing in front
of my beautiful wife.
He's a fucking nutcase.
Yo, shit for brains,
get the fuck out of here.
Sure, fellas.
As soon as I finish
my beer here.
Is that okay
with you, honey?
What's going on out here?
Dumb fucking nut don't
want to leave, Svatch.
Well, throw the fucker out.
Are you Svatchi?
Jeez. I never expected
you to be such a fat,
disgusting pig.
- This guy is enormous.
- Get him out of here!
- And is that his real hair?
- And kick this fucking ass!
What happened?
You were doing so good
there for a while.
Look, it's part
of my strategy.
See, now,
I got their attention.
Well, what is your plan?
You go in there,
get beat up
and thrown out.
- Right.
- And now what?
You go back in again?
Well, yeah. I mean,
when you put it like that,
it loses some of its,
you know,
its majesty,
but just, look, come on.
Hi, guys.
Hi, guys. Remember me?
It's him.
The guy from the house.
After them!
All units, all units,
please respond
to a 5-14 in progress.
Officer needs assistance.
It's at 321 Clinton Avenue.
321 Clinton Avenue.
All units in the vicinity,
[ gunshots ]
[ shouting ]
Okay. Go.
Break it in!
- [ guns firing ]
- [ laughing ]
Hey! Try this.
[ tires screeching ]
You fucking moron!
Damn! That was crystal.
You can always move
the pieces to the right.
Now I'm never going
to get this place clean.
I've been hit...
by a fork.
[ grunting ]
The hell with this,
let's beat it out
of here.
Come back here,
you fucking cowards!
Come back!
We have to make
one final assault
and go out in a blaze
of disposable glory.
Let's go.
You know, for so long,
my life had been empty.
No meaning.
No purpose.
These last few days
have been the greatest
time of my life,
even greater than
the Korean police action.
It's like a dj vu
all over again.
I see it, Paulie.
I see it.
They got a trash problem
up in heaven
and they're calling me
to straighten that out.
I've been saving these
since Panmunjom.
I always knew
they'd come in handy.
[ thumping and clattering ]
Okay. You go upstairs
while you still got time.
I'll hold them here
as long as I can.
No. That's crazy.
It's not over yet.
Hey, come on.
There's so many of them.
Now, you go on up there
while you still got time.
No, Sherm, I can't do that.
You should come too.
[ thumping ]
you get your butt
up those stairs
and take
the howitzer now.
That's an order.
I guess I misjudged the man.
I'm sorry.
[ thumping ]
[ explosion ]
[ engine starting ]
Svatchi, you are the biggest
fucking coward of 'em all!
Could you watch
your language?
There are children
in this neighborhood.
[ gunshot ]
I'm not gonna let
this fuck go.
Yeah, hello, operator.
I'm having trouble
getting 911.
Could you connect me
with the police?
[ door slams ]
You barbarian!
[ whispers ]
It's pretty quiet.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Maybe I should
take a look.
[ gun firing ]
So much for that idea.
- Let me see.
- [ winces ]
Oh, it went
straight through.
You'll be all right.
I can feel you.
[ Razorface grunts ]
Oh, get back.
This is him.
This is the one
who killed me.
I don't want you
to go down without
a fight, you hear me?
Don't worry. I won't.
This is it, though, right?
I mean, this is the one
that when he's gone,
it's over, right?
- Then I can
rest in peace.
- [ grunts ]
You know, none of this
would have happened
if we just got
that beach house.
Yeah. But I could have
been happy here.
This place had
a lot of potential.
Well, you take care
of yourself then, okay?
Get a good rest
and I'll see you
in about 40 or 50 years.
Oh, you better take care
of the matter at hand
- or you'll be seeing me
a lot sooner.
- Right.
I appreciate your concern,
but don't worry.
I'm going to get
a very good rest.
In the meantime,
I need to borrow
something from you
for a friend of mine.
You see, he needs
a pair of eyes
because some psycho
cut them out his--
right out of
his freaking head.
You know what I mean?
You freaking scuzzface
pus-headed slime ball.
- He seems upset.
- Yeah.
I'd say he's pretty upset.
Shut up, you psycho!
- Your craziness will make me
enjoy this even more.
- [ screaming ]
No, no, honey!
Don't let him do that.
[ screaming ]
[ thud ]
[ sneers ]
What, are you gonna wash up
before I carve out your face?
Maybe do some dishes,
you wussy piece
of maggot crud.
Now, come to papa.
- [ whirring ]
- What the--
[ screaming ]
[ panting ]
Now, get out of here,
Calling car 11, car 11,
please proceed to a B&E
at the Concord Diner,
552 Roy Street.
That's 552 Roy Street.
What the hell?
Still no leads in
the psycho killing spree
that police were
so close to breaking
at one point.
And this report
from last night,
police are investigating
a bizarre murder
on the South Jersey Shore.
The remains of small time
Vito Svatchi's body
were found--
Hey, neighbor,
still plenty of trash
just waiting to be
disposed of.
Well, we'll get right
to work, the both of us,
cleaning up every neighborhood
and city in the country.
Invent all new ways
of doing it, too.
All right.
Have you seen
that new trash line 4500
automatic mulching device?
That is a beaut.
Why, with a little alteration,
we could get that machine
running this way, that way,
all around the town,
eating out of
the palms of our hands
if we want to, Paulie.
[ jazz music playing ]
[ rock music playing ]
Oh, yeah
I can't believe
what I'm seeing
I must be losing my mind
They say that seeing
is believing
But baby, not this time
She was on the train
bound for heaven
But somewhere, somehow,
it slipped off the tracks
- And now, she's back
- Well, she's back
- And now, she's back
- Well, she's back
- And now, she's back
- Well, she's back
- And now, she's back
- Ooh
I can't believe
what I'm doing
She made a killer of me
The life of crime
I'm pursuing
Now it just don't agree
She was on the train
bound for heaven
But somewhere, somehow
it slipped off the tracks
- And now, she's back
- Well, she's back
- And now, she's back
- Well, she's back
And now, she's back.