She's Just a Shadow (2019) Movie Script

- Just stick out your
tongue and say ah,
like you at the doctor.
Oh no.
- There's
no real good word
for what me and my mom do.
You could say that
we're lady pimps,
abadessas, or madams.
My mom says that we're just as
important as the government.
Without us the whole
city wouldn't function.
The economy would collapse
and the streets
would run with blood.
- Can you grab my phone
and take some pictures?
It'll be cool to post
this later.
- Night clubbing again.
Fuck, I'm just night
clubbing again.
When I was sober I
wanted to be drunk.
Now that I'm drinking,
all I want is to be sober.
- Blue Sky.
- But there's four of
them and only two of us.
We're stocked to Karate.
- Karate got run over by a
truck last month remember?
- I'm sorry man.
- Leaves no choice.
- I'll attack first,
you clean up the mess.
Hey Joey, making money tonight?
- Don't touch my beer.
- Oh my god, fuck!
- Hey stop.
- What the fuck
have you guys did?
- What the fuck are you
doing man, just leave that.
- Did you see that?
A violent streak
And restless sleep
Your wicked wiles
And funeral smile
Even if it froze
All alone
I feel
Everything under
The red sun
The red sun
Hey Mr. Grim
And flows too straight
Hey your new life
Nine to five
Even if it's froze
All alone, all alone
I wanna feel, I wanna feel
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Knockout.
- Who's this?
- Show him what we got.
- I see that
bitch on the corner
with that fat old white dude
who was walking in here?
- Yeah, I saw her.
- Dog, I never seen
so much plastic on one bitch.
I mean fake titties,
fake this is one thang.
- I'm leaving next month.
- Build that bitch
up from scratch.
- You wanna hit one?
- Yeah.
- Which one's he?
- I don't think so.
- Thanks Karate.
- Karate's dead dude.
- Fuck, sorry man.
- My boy's Knockout.
- That girl was
pretty crazy looking.
She was like a plastic
sexy freak show.
- I see what's going on here.
You guys are kind of coveting
that old man's fake wife.
If you all like plastic so much,
it will save you money if
you just stuck your dicks
in some rubber cement.
- That's a good one Ma,
that's a good one, she funny.
- Old rich, old
white motherfuckers
building their 60s
freak show girls
from a scratch aside.
I'm just a little upset
about Karate though.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's not your fault.
It's just that everyone
keeps asking me
where Dr. Karate is
and I have to explain
like five times a day that
he got run over by a truck.
- That's pretty fucking real.
- All right, definitely.
- Thank you.
- So.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- It's good to see you
man, it's good seeing you.
- Yeah.
- Jimmy.
- Thanks friend.
- Thank you for coming.
- Hey,
I'll see you out.
- Hey what's wrong?
- What?
- What, are you
mad or something?
- No, I'm just tired.
- Hey.
- What?
- Can I talk to
you for a minute?
- It was kind of
confusing how I wound up
taking over the black market
and sex trade of the whole city.
I don't know if I
was lucky or smart
or if my mom did it for me.
- Ooh shit.
- The now notorious serial
killer has struck again.
The remains of a
young lady were found
yesterday morning on
these very tracks.
Police have little information
as to who they're looking for.
The consistencies are
that all his victims
have been woman in
their early 20s.
Police don't know if this is one
killer or multiple killers.
What they do have evidence
of is that the same man
is involved in the murders
because traces of his semen
have been found on
multiple victims.
Social media is
buzzing with nicknames
for these now internationally
known horrific crimes.
One of the many reasons this
is becoming such a panic
is because this serial killer
is actually posting videos
of the murders online.
- What are you trying
to do Knockout?
- The Train
Track Ripper obviously--
- Scare the girls to death?
- Shit my bad, I just
turned on the TV.
- What's on your mind?
- The briefcase.
- I haven't forgot
about the bag man.
I was just so glad we
took those guys out.
- I just feel weird
about that briefcase.
- Do you want half of
whatever's inside of it?
- I don't want anything
that's inside of it.
I just think we
should get rid of it.
What's in it?
- I don't know,
probably gold, diamonds.
I don't know, you sure
you don't want half.
Let's check.
Yep, it's coke.
- I don't think it's coke
man, it gives bad energy.
- Nope, it's definitely
good white flake.
Not bad energy,
sometimes gold is white.
- Hey mister, can you
spare some change?
- Here's
a coin, there you go.
- I wish I was big
and strong like you.
- Cute dog man.
- I'm running low on coke.
- Ah.
- Each time I opened my eyes,
the sun was blotted
out a little more.
- Hey man, how it's going?
- Red Hot, I don't think
I can keep partying man.
I'm getting too
old or something.
- Too old for what?
Don't start pussying
out on me now.
- This whole life
thing man, I can't handle it.
I'm not good at it.
- Dude, you just
sound hung over.
Drink your fucking beer,
do your fucking blow,
brush your fucking
teeth, take a shower,
and shut the hell up.
I'm bringing Beth and
Tanya to party with you.
- Those are the
two girls that I'm with.
- They were literally
snort halos of white powder
around your sweaty
miserable face.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- Dude, you got to get
your head on straight.
They're both Korea prostitutes.
- They're still
girls with feelings.
- Yeah, kinda.
- I just don't know if
I can keep partying man.
- Do you wanna go to
heaven or hell tonight man.
- Did you
see that perv man?
If he worked here,
he'd be going nuts.
- The train track
ripper has struck again.
It is now thought that he's
murdered at least 10 women.
All these victims
are young women
and the uniqueness of
these horrible crimes
is that they have all been
bound to train tracks,
apparently by a skilled
Kinbaku practitioner.
Having them run over by trains
is his method of killing.
Now there's currently a massive
manhunt spanning the city.
Obviously focused
largely on train tracks
and law enforcement agencies
are trying to track him online
because he won't
stop posting videos
of these gruesome murders.
So far he continues to do this
without leaving a trace
of his whereabouts.
This is Zach Eagmon reporting.
- Why can't they catch
this sick fuck already?
- Police can't do
anything right.
- Red Hot, he had an
endless appetite for more.
There could never
be enough money,
he could never have enough power
and I was never good enough.
- Why are these roses here?
- Some weird client
sends them to me every
few months, I don't know.
You girls can take
it if you want.
- Red roses, how cliche.
- I've been drunk and high for
months now, getting weaker.
I've always gotten
everything that I wanted.
I wanted a beautiful girl,
and for my damnation my
old friend gave my two.
- Would you rather be
really fucking high
or sober right now?
- High.
- Me too.
- So, why don't you
guys just stay drunk
or high all the time,
because you're gonna
die either way right?
- Well that makes about as
much sense as anything else.
- I pick him, hello.
Oh my God, be careful.
- I wanted to be a model and
wound up being a prostitute.
- Oh.
- Man might go out and rob
someone or kill someone,
we do this, this is better.
We make people feel
good, for them.
- Hello, hi.
- Someone's about to get
some cash and chlamydia.
- Hey, I want to
bring two of you girls
to the hotel across the street.
- They kept finding
mangled remains of women
on the train tracks
outside of town.
That sicko was pushing his luck.
- There she is, this
is some darkness.
I'm going to follow you
right back to your nest.
- He's okay.
- He's good right?
No, he's more than okay.
- I'm going to fuck her so hard,
I'm going to keep her in
my basement for so long
that she'll be pregnant
by the time she dies.
- Come on, he's fucking
too much or something,
but you know.
It's great, he's cool.
James Diamond, what are you
doing on my side of town?
- Red Hot, we know what you did.
Blue Sky is not happy.
You stole his shit.
- Do I look happy to
you right now James.
Look me dead in the eyes
and tell me that I
look fucking happy.
- Hey, Blue Sky told me to
tell you that he misses you.
He says the two of you were
close when you were kids.
- You and Blue Sky are gonna
stay on your own side of town.
Or I'm gonna have my security
Knockout fuck your fat wife.
How's that sound?
- Other, he got hit by a truck.
- That was my old
security Dr. Karate dude.
I wanted to protect one
He doesn't see her gold one
I want to bless our blood
I want our blood to be one
- With the mask on, I could
do anything, be anyone.
He couldn't see
her true blood
I want to
- With the mask off, I'm
Gaven, an ordinary human being.
With the mask on, I can
break any rule, say anything.
With the mask off, those
rules will break me.
- Gaven, you're crazy man.
- With the mask on, you
will do anything I say.
With the mask off, I wouldn't
know what to tell you to do.
Stand up.
I wanted to protect one
He doesn't see
her gold blood
I want to
- Now take off your wig.
I want the world to feel you
- Take off your dress.
I want you to protect one
He couldn't see
her true blood
- Take off your socks.
I want our blood to be one
- Take off your bra.
take off your panties.
Now lay down on the couch
and spread your legs.
- Wait.
- What, I really thought
I had you hypnotized.
- You did, but are you
hypnotizing Tanya too?
- There's no one here
besides me and you.
- I know that, but you
only come see me these days
when Tanya's out
working and I'm not.
- This shit in my
brain pops up so high.
It's like I need 10,000 virgin
angels to carry me above it.
You hungry?
- Yeah, that looks good.
There's two kinds of love.
Strawberry love
and Twinkie love.
A Twinkie can sit
there for decades
and it'll still be
creamy and sweet.
A strawberry's juicy
and also sweet,
but if you leave it out it'll
rot in just a couple of days.
- Only a prostitute
would say that.
- Quiet now, caution, danger
is approaching us as I speak.
- Mom, what's happening.
Are we about to
see something ugly?
- You don't have to worry.
- Any of you boys
got any firearms?
Look, if you hand them
to me now, discreetly,
we'll let you leave
and you can go back
to your side of town.
- Give all your weapons
to him, no count.
Give up your guns.
Give up your weapons.
Give me your guns.
- Give him your guns.
- Give him your guns.
- Gaven, grab my backpack,
we'll zip tie these fools
and take 'em back
to the penthouse.
- Is this what you guys
were trying to find?
- Click, click,
click, click Red Hot.
We'll stay on our side of town,
just let me reach my phone
so I can make a call,
and then we'll be out of here.
I mean we understand, it's
tough getting fucked up.
Between you and Blue Sky is
not what I wanna deal with.
We're happy on the
other side of town.
- Do you have a
girlfriend, wife?
I'll take that as yes.
- Whoa ladies, that look
way too good for them.
Let me get a little
taste of that.
- Thank you.
- Die in peace.
Die in peace.
- Hmm, this is tasty.
- Die, die, die in peace.
- My mom
said that The Ripper
was too bad for the
food that kills.
She wanted to hurt him
even worse than that.
Mom, Uncle.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have a question.
- Yes.
- Is it true that Grandma
always put poison in everything?
- I didn't know you
remembered that.
Our mom went crazy
towards the end.
- She actually
poisoned our brother.
- You mean I had two uncles?
- Yeah, I had another brother.
But your grandma went
mad and poisoned him.
- And some other
family and friends.
She was just making up
all kinds of poisoned food
and candies, beautiful desserts.
And soups and everything
and just inviting
everyone over for
dinner all the time.
- What's the secret family
recipe for the food that kills?
- It's better if you
don't know that yet.
- Just tell me Mom,
it's just a recipe.
- It's a secret recipe.
- How did Grandma really die?
- Snakes aren't immune
to their own venom.
- Grandma poisoned herself?
- A snake eats its own tail.
- Fuck.
- Hey mister.
- I know, I know, you
want another coin.
What are you, a token for pity?
I give you a coin every
day on my way to work,
why don't you go
to another block?
- Can I just have a coin
for some food mister?
- I've told
you like 10 times,
my name is Knockout, yet
you still call me mister.
There's five coins, now
I'm gonna strongly suggest
you go to another block
because I'm getting real tired
of passing through
your totem for pity
every day on my way to work.
- Frankie, what's that.
Right there, give me one more.
Give me some tittie,
give my some breasteses,
breasteses right there.
Give me one more,
give me right here.
Bam there it is, all right next,
reel 'em in, reel
'em in, reel 'em in.
Next come on.
Ride the broom, ride the
broom, ride the broom,
there it is, ride the broom.
Show the broom some
love, show 'em some love.
Show 'em, there it
is, there it is.
Show the broom some love,
give it to the broom.
Next, reel 'em in.
Who we got, who we
got, who we got?
That's hot, that's
hot right there.
Show, love your pose.
Papa didn't love you,
he didn't love you,
he didn't love you, right
there, work it, uh-huh.
Yeah, it's samba time.
It's samba time, there it is.
Give me this, there
it is, go like this.
Give me that, right here.
Let me have some
more, here we go.
All right love the bear, I
need you to love the bear.
Love the bear, give
it to the bear.
I want you to give
it to the bear.
There you go, oh yeah.
That's so mysterious.
All right get big, get big.
Do it, do it, yeah.
Do it naughty pig, yeah
you're a naughty pig.
You love it don't
you pig, yes you do.
Next, reel 'em in.
Here we go, here we go,
ladies, ladies, ladies,
what we got, who next,
who next, who next?
Ladies, who next?
- Lil fuckers!
Oh yeah.
- Hey man.
Do you think I'm a good pimp?
- You're a great pimp.
- I feel like there's
more cops on this money,
there's more competition
and less to win.
- That's because
you already won.
We started out with
nothing, remember?
You built all this,
you fucking won.
- Maybe you're right,
I'm just having a moment.
- I'm so fucking tired,
I just wanna leave town.
- That's a good idea.
- I have about a half a
million dollars saved.
Do you wanna just split with me?
Leave the country and
have a fresh start?
- Why are you teasing me?
'Cause that would be
a really mean trick
if you're teasing me.
- Is that a yes?
- It's definitely a yes.
Please take me away from
this horrible life and place.
- Let's leave next week.
- That sounds perfect.
- Like she
said, life was short.
Both Jesus and the garbage
man wanted a little more time
when they were carrying
their heavy loads
up their separate hills.
One thing you have
to agree with me
And that is for sure
And that is for sure
Nobody can live forever
And everybody is the same
There we go
How we doing man,
what's happening
All right, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Sooner or later,
sooner or later
You're going to understand
that, there we go
Nobody can live forever
Nobody will know how I feel
Nobody can give
you the answers
Nobody can play but for real
Nobody can live forever
Nobody will know how I feel
Nobody can give
you the answers
Nobody can play but for real
There's no God,
there's no heaven
- My mom said it
wasn't a crime to be a criminal
as long as you were good at it.
There's no God,
there's no heaven yeah
There's no devil,
there's no hell
Don't you worry,
don't you worry
Don't you worry,
don't you worry
Don't you worry,
don't you worry
Play your music,
play your music
Play your music,
play your music
Play your music,
play your music
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Play your music
- Tanya we need
you, bring your ass girl.
Bring your titties
too, we need 'em both.
Come on girl, where you at?
Tanya, Tanya, Tanya!
Let's get it.
- You have
enough to drink babe?
- I'm good, I just miss you.
I can't stop thinking about you.
- You shouldn't care about me.
- But I do.
- We used to go over
to my grandma's house
all the time when I was a kid.
We just didn't eat dinner ever.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- It does make sense.
My grandma was crazy, so
all the food was poisoned.
All the water, all
the saki, everything.
I wasn't even allowed
to eat candy over there.
So we would go over
there for dinner,
we just wouldn't eat dinner.
- So you would just
sit there and talk
and stare at your food.
- That's all I've been trying
to tell you for the past hour.
My mom and I would go
over there for dinner,
we just never had dinner.
- But you can see how
this sounds confusing.
You went over there for dinner,
but you didn't go
over there for dinner.
- You ready to go home babe?
- Yeah.
- You got to help me
figure this out first.
She's saying that
she and her mom
used to go over to her
grandma's house for dinner,
but never had dinner
at her grandma's house.
- God Red Hot, she's just
saying that they couldn't eat
any of the food at
her grandma's house
because it was all poisoned,
but they still visit
her and not eat.
- Now that makes a
little more sense.
But is that shit crazy?
- Call me in the morning man.
I gotta get some rest.
- So you did or you didn't
have dinner with the grandma?
'Cause it's kind of like not
going over there for dinner.
- I don't understand what
you don't understand.
My grandma is trying to
poison her own family!
- What are you saying?
You gonna poison me?
- That was weird.
- You okay sweetheart?
- Yeah, he's
just wasted, that's all.
Just go, Jesus.
- Are you all right?
- Just go!
My dad was put in jail
before I was born.
He was let out less than a
week before my 10th birthday.
By the time my birthday came,
he had already been
shot and killed.
One bullet in each eye.
- I'm holding this
whole thing together.
You're out there fucking
a bunch of other guys.
- You've got enough money
for us to leave town on.
If you really want
me to stop working
and quit doing drugs, why don't
we just leave the country.
- If I make just a
little bit more money,
we can live however we
want wherever we want.
- If you're not gonna take me
away from this horrible life
that we both admittingly hate,
will you at least
take me to dinner?
- Of course baby, come on.
- The question for you is,
not how I live my life.
The question for you is,
what kind of love do
you want in yours?
- Tanya, is that you?
- Yeah.
- I'm feeling better now.
Women, no matter how human
they seem, they are not.
They're just shadows.
But on the other
hand, aren't we all?
- Thank you ladies.
- Thank.
- Bye-bye.
- Hey Knockout, how
you doing Knockout?
How was your day Knockout?
- What happens?
- Oh no, no, no.
Hey, hey, give it
back, everybody.
- That's not the point.
- Okay.
- You have
to be rich right?
- Everything is away in the end.
Love normally goes
away in the middle.
- Love is a thing with feathers.
- What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?
A thing with feathers?
- Hello.
- You girls look good,
wanna go for a ride honey?
- Of course.
You gotta steal in something
- Oh, God what the, oh.
- I have to pee.
- Oh, come on.
Is that what you want me to do?
- No, no.
- Well if you fall
down in the bathroom
and crack your head on
the sink or something
you can seriously get hurt.
Given, and live my time
- You're gonna have to crawl
into the bathroom carefully
and make your way
onto the toilet
'cause I don't think you
can walk straight right now.
- Okay, but can I
have some coke after?
- If you safely make it
to the bathroom and back,
you can have anything you want.
Just stay close to the ground
so you don't fall down.
Everybody sees
that, everybody
- Don't
stand up in there,
I don't want you to hit your
head on the sink or something.
All right come on,
okay, okay, hurry.
There you go, oh.
Everybody stand
in front of you
Foolishly going around
- I want my coke.
- Oh, she was half a ghost
already, one foot in the grave.
But at the same time,
she was more alive
than anyone I'd ever known.
- You fuckant.
You didn't ever fuck me!
You fuckant.
- You're completely helpless.
- You're gonna die you
fuckant, even if I die today.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, they can be at
your place in half an hour.
Yeah, great, thank
you honey, no problem.
I love you too.
Beth, Debbie, get ready.
- Once again the notorious
train track ripper has murdered
a young woman using these
very tracks as his weapon.
Police are baffled.
He appears to be a master in
the binding art of Kinbaku
and continues to post videos
of his grisly murders online,
Still leaving law enforcement
with no leads to his
whereabouts or identity.
I'm saying he, but technically
investigators don't know
if this is one man or a group.
Some think it could be a
cult with computer hackers
and Kinbaku masters involved.
The most recent victim
has been identified
as Mandy Ericson, a 21
year old female escort.
Police believe she
was probably picked up
off the street in
the Temple District.
- She just said Mandy Ericson?
My God, I saw her
get into his car.
- You saw The Ripper?
- Fuck, Mandy's dead.
- Did you get a
good look on him?
- Mandy's dead.
- Did you see him?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Fuck, I'm gonna have
to watch this shit
to make sure it's Mandy.
None of you girls watch
this sicko's post.
- It's her.
- Put daddy in the house.
Make him as big as any
birds, tiny as a dot.
Put daddy on the ceiling,
put daddy on the floor.
Turn him red, turn him purple.
- What's Uncle doing to Betsy?
- She can't stop having
nightmares about The Ripper.
So, he's making her dreams stop.
- She's right to be scared.
Fuck her dreams stopping mom?
And let's make The
Ripper's heart stop.
- I recognize that fire.
You have your father's eyes.
- Before or after he
got a bullet in each?
- Hey, hey, hey,
don't get glitter
in the drugs or my drink.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, Mandy just texted me.
What are you up to sweetie, hey.
- What,
that's mind boggling.
- See.
- I see, that's Mandy.
- Wait a second,
let me see that.
- Ooh shit.
- My God.
- I wanna see that too.
- Holy shit.
- That can't be
right, Mandy's dead.
- Give it back, hey.
- Hey, hey,
- I wanna see it.
- Also they're
posting pictures, see?
- Yeah, this is Mandy.
- It's Mandy.
- No really?
- She just texted me too.
She's saying she
wants to hang out.
She wants me to come meet
her at Club Waterfall,
but I mean it's not
really Mandy, is it?
- It can't be.
- Well I guess those
videos of the murders
could be digital
effect or something.
- Isn't everything a
digital effect these days?
- Do you guys believe in God?
- Of course, what are
you talking about?
- And the devil?
She wants me to meet her
at Club Waterfall tonight,
on the dance floor,
just to the left of
the waterfall at nine.
Well, maybe it really is Mandy.
Maybe she's not dead.
Maybe she's trapped
somewhere and needs our help.
- I can sneak into Club
Waterfall and check.
It's crowded,
nobody will see me.
- Hello?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I haven't eaten
since Mandy died.
I've just been drinking
whiskey and coffee
and now I'm doing whippits.
- You can't just stoop eating.
- I don't care anymore.
Bring me a Philly
cheesesteak with no steak.
- A Philly cheesesteak
with no steak?
What kind of sandwich is that?
But I'll have one delivered
to the studio for you.
- If I was Tanya you'd
bring it yourself
and you wouldn't say
that it was strange.
You just love her and
you don't love me.
- Of course I love you.
If I didn't love you I
wouldn't even answer the phone.
I'm just hanging out here
with Red Hot and Irene,
getting some rest.
- Well Tanya's out working,
you'd rather spend
time with them than me?
You won't even
bring me a sandwich
when I haven't eaten in days
because my best friend
might have gotten murdered
and I might be next.
- Wait a minute, did you say
might have gotten murdered?
I know it's hard to accept.
Hey look baby, I'm
gonna hang up the phone
and order your sandwich.
- Fucking Philly
cheesesteak with no steak.
- That shit is fucked up.
- Let's go to bed, I'm tired.
- Yeah, of course.
Good night.
- Can you guys make a Philly
cheesesteak with no steak?
- I just got my Philly
cheesesteak with no steak,
but it's completely uncooked.
- I'm sorry babe.
Well I told you it
was a strange order.
I guess the cheesesteak
people just got confused
making a cheesesteak
with no steak.
You got to eat something.
- This sandwich is cold
and raw and so are you.
- Dust off the love, pretty boy.
Before you start
growing feathers.
- Sometimes I feel
like Tanya and Beth
are trying to rip me apart
like two starving dogs.
- Gaven, you just seem like
you're having some
attachment issues.
- I know you been
fucking the girls.
Because you can't
even get it up.
- I haven't been
fucking the girls.
I'm just totally wasted.
I'm been drinking and
doing blow for days.
- Really, that's almost as bad.
Your sweat smells
like rotting liquor.
And kissing you is like
doing a line of coke.
- Sometimes I think
about you and Blue Sky.
How close were you
when you were kids?
- We went to the same school
you know that, I just knew him.
He was just a kid in my class.
What did you do?
You didn't stick it
in the right hole.
That's what it takes
to turn you on.
Really, we loved each other.
I just wished he
would die sometimes,
but I heard that was
normal for lovers, die.
Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh call him up
And tell him what you want
Oh if you want religion
Tell him what you want
Oh if you want religion
Tell him what you want
If you want religion
Tell him what you want
Oh call him up and
tell him what you want
Oh I've never been there
Tell what you want
Oh I've never been there
Tell him what you want
- The man in black, he's
the train track killer.
- You sure?
- I'm completely sure.
I'll never forget the
motherfuckers face.
He was close enough for
me to smell his breath
when Mandy got into this car.
- He lives over there.
You want me to go over there
and fuck him up real
quick and leave?
- If he invites you to go in
there right now and kill him.
- Not so fast, let's go inside
and watch him for awhile.
- What's that
motherfucker doing?
- Erica and Mandy
wants to meet us.
- Wow, there you go with
this Mandy stuff again.
She's gone.
- No, she's texting us
and here's some pictures.
And Erica went to
meet her last night.
- No, she didn't.
- Yes, she did.
- No she fucking didn't.
- What's happening girls?
You have to tell
me what's going on?
- Mandy never stopped
posting pictures
and messaging us, so Erica
went to meet her last night
and they're together now
and they wanna meet up.
- You girls are really not
that fucking stupid are you?
Why don't you throw
yourself off the roof
and see if you can fly.
- Everyone chill out.
Betsy, girls, sit down.
We're gonna stick together,
we're gonna get through this.
The Ripper is a hacker,
the girls are dead.
He has their phones so
he knows your contacts
and who knows what else.
So, if you girls want to stay
alive, give me your phones,
all of you, right now.
- The smart one figures it out,
too late.
- You guys too.
- Dirty bitch.
- We all
partied every day
like the world was
coming to an end.
But I threw the parties,
I was the party.
None of us could stop
breaking the law.
Somehow everyone else
ended up paying my price.
- Knockout.
- Hmm?
- Let's build a gym
in my living room.
- I'm down for that,
I love working out.
- If you wanna workout together,
just go to the gym
like normal faggots.
- All we really need is a
few basic wench and things.
- That's true, and then
we can do blow and alcohol
while we lift weights.
Just mixing everything
together feels best.
- That sounds like a
recipe for a heart attack.
- See, I used to think
it was a bad idea,
mixing drugs and exercise,
then I thought about it.
Think about all the
thousands of people
in the city right now,
dancing in the club,
getting all sweaty,
they on alcohol
and God knows what else.
And dancing ain't
nothing but exercise.
- Everyone was
supposed to be here.
They're not answering
their phones.
They probably just got high
and went back to the penthouse.
- Kill me, please just kill me.
- It's just alcohol
and ecstasy withdrawal.
- Just kill me, kill me please.
- You look beautiful.
Drinking would help
you a little bit.
If you got drunk you could
probably eat something.
- Just kill me, kill
me please, please.
- I thought you wanted
me to take you away.
Now you just want me
to kill you instead.
- Just do one or the
other as soon as possible.
- We should leave
tomorrow by sundown.
- You planned it and
you didn't tell me?
- No, I planned it
and I'm telling you.
Try drinking some champagne.
- There's no, there's no,
is this my blood?
- There's something
that we can do.
- Dude, you really shouldn't
fuck with my bullet wound.
- Sorry man, just
get their phones.
- Red told me to get your phone.
Can you get your girl's
phone too, I got shot.
- Stop, aww.
There's so much blood.
- There.
- I'm sorry I can't save her.
- Fuck, just do your best
to help the others, Jenny.
- They killed me, the doctor
just said they killed me.
Did they?
- Just draw it out for us.
- How?
- I don't care, just shoot them.
- Are you serious?
Like with a gun?
Shoot a gun in here?
- Just take the barry out
and fucking step on
them or something.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
- Can you move your left arm?
- Fucking hurts
doc, am I gonna die?
- No bones broken,
you're pretty lucky here.
- Betsy and Lisa
didn't get lucky.
They got their whole
fucking heads blown in half.
- Kiss me, I'm dying.
- Am I totally fucked?
- Here comes the bullet.
Mom tie it, you
guys are hurting me.
- We're not the ones
who hurt you sweetie,
we're just taking care of you.
Now hold still.
- I think you have
a minor fracture.
You might get it x-rayed,
but there's nothing much
to do but let it heal.
- I can't feel my leg, I can't
drink, give me some drugs.
- It doesn't hurt anymore.
I looked like I'll
let 'em die now.
- That's good, that's good.
Just let it go, just let it go.
- There was nothing
left to let go of.
There's never any
reason to hold on.
I guess, I'm just going to
grow feathers and fly away.
- Do you see God?
- No.
- What do you see?
- I don't know, the pain.
I don't see anything.
It doesn't feel bad.
- You're almost dead, are
you already in heaven?
- I don't know, I
don't see anything.
Kiss me again.
- You must see God or something.
- No, only, only shadows.
Just kiss me.
- Jenny.
- They died young.
Their lives and
bodies were wasted.
The blood of my girls
mixed in the gutters,
at least they were
finally sisters.
For weeks, I wished
that I would fall asleep
and wake up in
some far away land.
But of course I always
woke up in my bed.
- You know we are being watched
by the Train Track Ripper.
If you're a good pimp, The
Ripper would be dead right now.
- You'll be dead
within 24 hours.
The tax collectors
and the prostitutes
will get into heaven before you.
You'll be lucky if
you get there at all.
- You basically are a
prostitute and a tax collector.
You always have to
collect from people.
And you are a man
whore, a prostidude.
- If someone owes me money,
I go over to their house,
kick down their door,
punch them in the face,
and take their computer
and their jacket.
- We're hot, we just got shot
twice, put the knife away.
If you're having sex
with a prostitute,
you become a prostitute.
Because sex makes
two bodies one flesh.
- Did you ever fuck Blue Sky?
Are you and him one body?
Are you and him one flesh?
- Red Hot, you're going crazy.
I just knew him in grade school.
I didn't have sex with
anybody back then.
- You know I would
stab you in the leg
in between the bullet
points and no one would know
because you are limping already.
- Why are you
threatening to stab me?
I'm just laying here.
- You don't understand why,
because you're an idiot
just like everybody else.
But these perfect
valid, scientific,
fully acceptable reason
to shove my knife
right into your thigh and
leave it there for a while.
And watch you cry and bleed.
- Can't you just fuck
me and we go to sleep?
- Of course sweetheart.
- I thought you were joking!
- Red Hot don't joke.
- Red Hot was starting
to have dreams and
He would think that there
was someone at the door
when no one was there.
Sometimes he would
see me and other women
flying over him in his
sleep with feathers
and flowing white robes,
caressing his face
and chest with out fingertips.
A lot of times he
would take cold showers
in the middle of the night.
Sometimes he would cry in
the shower or even vomit.
Finally it felt like
we had built a palace
of loneliness and lies
for ourselves to live in.
The only things that
I felt sad about
were the times my girls
got hurt or killed.
When that would happen
I would turn to Red Hot
and he would comfort me.
But nothing could really
make me feel better.
- These are useless
now aren't they?
- These are first class tickets.
I just switched them
to a week later.
It even ended up costing less.
- Well maybe it cost less money,
but now it could
cost us our lives.
Isn't all that
warm now isn't it?
- That's for sure.
- What's gonna happen now?
- We're gonna have
to kill Blue Sky.
I wouldn't blame you if you
wanted me to help you disappear
until this blows over.
It's not gonna be
pretty for awhile.
- Ice cream used
to make me throw up
because it reminds
me of my childhood.
My dad was such a crazy drunk
that he spent all his money
on alcohol until one
day he couldn't afford
to buy me an ice cream cone.
- That's nice, but--
- It wasn't nice because
when his dad died
he inherited enough money
to drink himself to death.
The first time I had sex, it
might have even been with him.
It was just like being
fucked by a cold shadow.
I just remember lying in the
snow and one leg of my jeans
was still on and I was
grabbing the stinking
muscular guy on top of me.
I don't know who he was.
After my dad died, my
mom OD'd on methadone
on Valentine's Day, so I
became a ward of the state.
And at some point I
got sick of that shit,
so I ran away, onto the
streets like a stray cat.
- That's intense.
- I'm not going into hiding
while you guys kill Blue Sky,
but do you think
that if you really
wanted to run away with me,
now would be a good time?
- I just can't
disappear on Red Hot,
without making sure
he's okay first.
- Red Hot's not okay,
he's going crazy.
And Blue Sky's more
dangerous than we thought.
Will you lick the ice
cream off my face?
- Hey mister, mister.
- I'm getting real fucking
tired of your pity.
And fuck your dog.
- Sometimes I wish the
whole city would get nuked.
- Where's Knockout?
- I don't know, he
didn't come in today
like he usually does.
- Are you sure you don't
want me to come with you man?
- I finally found a way to
move all this shit at once
and I can do it tonight.
- It'll really
make me feel better
if you waited for Knockout.
Hey, hey.
Just watch your back.
- Of course.
Say what you want
You can say what you will
I'm gonna keep on riding
Till the moment I heal
In my dream for
the meeting ground
Got my load,
gonna put it down
Gonna put it down
- Freeze, if you flinch,
I'll put the bullet
through your spine.
- Fuck.
- I'm gonna
fuck you so hard.
- Great, let's just
get on with it then.
- Keep walking, nice and slow.
Say what you want
You can say what you will
I'm gonna keep on riding
Till the moment I heal
In my dreams
- Sit down.
For the meeting ground
Got my load, I'm
gonna put it down
I'm gonna put it down
I'm gonna put it down
I'm gonna put it down
I'm gonna put it down
I'm gonna put it down
That road ahead
- Are you gonna tie me to a
train track, you sick fuck?
- No, that's for girls.
I'm gonna see my mother
I'm gonna lay right down
- I've got something
even better planned for you.
In a starry gown
In a starry gown
- Roll up the sleeve,
while I torture you to death.
In a starry gown
In a starry gown
In a starry gown
In a starry gown
- Holy fuck.
- Oh fuck.
I always knew I was gonna
die like this anyway.
- See those Twinkies,
they'll never go bad.
- Why, they look good.
- 'Cause anything that
doesn't go bad is bad already.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- So there's a really, real
looking fake gun in my purse.
- That's cool.
- Take it out and
point it at me.
- Why?
- I don't know, we can
take some cool pictures
and put them up
online or something.
It'll be funny.
- Wow, this does look real.
- Check it out.
I've got an old film camera,
no psychos can track
us through this thing.
Why don't we try it
in our underwear?
- Why don't we do it naked?
- Now point the gun
right at my temple,
like you're gonna shoot me.
That's gonna look
I can get a nice
wide shot from here.
Point the gun right at the lens.
That's perfect.
Now, just put it in your mouth.
And get back a bit, I wanna
get your tits in the shot.
So gently squeeze the trigger
and I'll catch a picture
just as it looks like you're
about to blow your brains out.
So be beautiful.
No film inside, means suicide.
I'd rather see
her cold blood
I want to bless our blood
I want our blood to be one
I wanted to be that one
He couldn't see
her true blood
I want to kiss her blood
I want our blood to be one
I wanted to
- God.
That's the stupidest
fucking thing
I've ever seen in my life.
- All my friends are dead.
My boyfriend is dead.
Now Blue Sky's gonna
run the whole city.
- Exactly, he runs the
whole city already.
You know Blue Sky, he's
not gonna hurt you.
- You have two choices now.
Dinner with us or Blue Sky.
- I can't decide,
I can't decide.
- Then why haven't
you touched your food?
- Mom I can't, I can't.
All my friends died
and now you're saying
that my only choice is to be
with the man who killed them.
- Your choice is simple,
it's life or death.
You and Blue Sky used
to like each other once.
- What's the secret recipe for
the food that kills people?
- There is no secret,
you just make food
and put the poison in it.
Go to Blue Sky.
- Okay, I'll go
back to Blue Sky.
I loved you both, goodbye.
Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
- Die, die.
Oh call him up and
tell him what you want
- You're
not under arrest.
You're not under arrest.
Hold still, you're
just being detained.
- This isn't detention,
what are you doing to me?
- Hold still.
- What are
you doing to me?
- You already know,
I'm killing you.
Oh call him up and tell him
- Could I have a spicy
beef ramen please?
- Coming right up.
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you what
Oh if you want religion
Tell him what you want
Oh if you want religion
Tell him what you want
Oh call him up and
tell him what you want
- Fuck.
You're Irene.
- That's right, and you
just ate your last meal.
Oh call him up and tell him
- Die.
What you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh Jesus is on the mainline
Tell him what you want
Oh call him up and
tell him what you want
- Everyone
was dead, except me.
I had no choice but
to go on living.
By that point I didn't even care
about being in control
of the city anymore.
But for some reason, I just was.
There's blue waves
and there's blue waves
There's blue waves under me
- I'm here to see Blue Sky.
Take the spell from me
- I never stopped dreaming
about a far away land
with no law and no
violence or consequences.
A place where things freely
were they way they should be.
My big red car
Kiss me baby
In my big red car
Keep on driving baby
Till we don't
know where we are
Till we don't
know where we are
Till we made around
Till we feel all right
Kiss me baby
Make me feel all right
We're just two strangers
Standing here tonight
Standing here tonight
As blue as I can be
As blue as I can be
Talk to me baby
Take this spell from me
Take this spell from me